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News 2007 January

OntoLinux Website update
We added to the list of components of OntoBot:

  • [Maude + Pathway Logic] + Calculus of structures [, and]
  • [XSB + Smodels] + GnT,

    so we could add to the Overview:

  • shallow- and deep-inferencing.

    We added to the list of Links:

  • esep - Evolution Scheduling and Evolving Processes

    OntoLinux Announcement of new webpages
    We have started to write new versions of the webpages Introduction and Applications.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We have to apologize, because we missed to say at the 14.01.2007, that we added the following to the Overview:

  • self-adaptive,
  • self-regenerative,
  • [well-structured] and -formed,
  • validated and [verified], as well as
  • specification- and [proof-carrying.].
    We thought that it would be clear, that we integrate Metadata™, Topic Maps, Ontologies and Ontologics + Proof-carrying-code for the construction of Self-adaptive systems with Specification-carrying- code, but it wasn't.

    OntoLinux More website update
    We added to the list of components of OntoBot:

  • Maude + Pathway Logic, and
  • XSB + Smodels.

    OntoLinux Announcement of new webpage
    We have started to write the History. On the resulting webpage we will make public for the first time our pioneering work in the areas of:

  • Unconventional computing,
  • Altricial-Precocial self-organising information-processing systems, embodied cognitive systems, and robots, as well as
  • Evolvable operating systems.
    And with links to Piaget and Nanotechnology, and comparisons with and quotes out of other works.

    New Year 2007
    The OntomaX team wishs you a happy new year.

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