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Comment of the Day
Therefor Linux®™ That's why Linux®™
Made at the Limit™ Am Limit gemacht™
Made for the Limit™ Für das Limit gemacht™

Original Sketch
Skyscraper #1 (2007): A fraction of one of our design concepts for the eVolo skyscraper competition 2009
C.S. Skyscraper
© and design :(, architectural concept C.S.


  • Arup: And once again, there are more of our little special designers, but this time from the architecture area.

    Sneak Preview
    We have uploaded our old website of Zipputer again.

    Comment of the Day
    "Clear the way, [...] I'm the master of your destiny :) :D" [Queen, 1986]

    Comment of the Day
    "[...] das Schweigen der Künstler [...]" [Marcel Odenbach, 2004]

    Investigation::Car #40

  • Microsoft: Their Live Search for Devices is a system, that will allow drivers to search for nearby businesses using information gathered from their vehicle’s satellite navigation system. This sounds familiar.

    Investigation::Car #41

  • Porsche Design: Designed ship, and building.
  • VAG: VAG→Audi shows travolution system. The point we want to mention here is their choice of the Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) system as the basis.
  • FortuneSport VES: We only quote: "Inspired by Group C prototypes, the chassis of this road and track car will feature an aluminum semi-monocoque with a mid-mounted V8 and a pushrod suspension. Key weight-saving features are full composite bodywork [...]", "takes its influence from former Group C prototypes", "Specializing in composites and aerospace-derived technology, FortuneSport’s new car was designed around an obsession for low weight.", "Especially given the green movement, the best way to engage the driver was to reduce vehicle mass.", "obsession with lightweight", "techniques passed down from aerospace", "a beast to boot", "The Rt.S on steroids", and "this will work well if we are open with our clients".
    The engine is from Audi (our guess) and the concept with marketing is stolen from us (SOS Raptor and SOS 962 ST, announced in April and May). Btw.: Without FXX (minimally 3 Computers and Sensors to the maximum) there is no supercar status anymore. We have it, you and the others not.
    Design conceptDesign conceptDesign concept
    © Well done E.H.. So, the teaser, as said by the Motor UnAuthority, is not new, and it is not designed and also not engineered by FortuneSport.
    We thought, that Gumpert would take this design for the Apollo 2.0.

    Original Sketch #1
    SOS SUV S! is coming
    Design conceptDesign conceptDesign concept
    Design conceptDesign conceptDesign concept
    © GM™, Paul, Sperling, and :(

    Original Sketch #2/Sneak Preview
    More sneak previews of our SOS Raptor and SOS Speedster
    Design conceptDesign conceptDesign concept
    © Tommy Forsgren, and Strosek

    Commenet of the Day


  • : Heart Robot
    Compare it with our news from January 2008
    Roboticle PinoOntoLab Concept - Gingy, Vodoo Love and Marvin the MartianLego OntoLab-Mini-figure
    © Brothers Brick, Lego®, DreamWorks LLC., Warner Bros. Entertainment, Swatch, and OntoLab

    Comment of the Day
    The final ranking in the first olympic disciplin 'Capture the flame':
    1. place Gold: France
    2. place Silver: Great Britain
    3. place Bronze: Australia, and Japan
    Every attendee gave it all, and there were only very tiny differences.

    Nestlamp (1996/1997): Inspired by the Nature, Chaos Theory, Glassy Metal, and more.
    C.S. Nestlamp
    © C.S.
    There are rumors that a Great Britain based architecture office has built a nest like building somewhere in Asia. Maybe it was in China.

    OntoLinux Further steps
    We are looking at the free space simulation/planetarium software Celestia together with its related sites Celestial Matters, and Celestia Motherlode. Looks very good.

    Comment of the Day #1
    HyperRAID HyperPlus HyperFibre RapidCore RapidPlus RapidFibre RapidRAID FlexRAID
    Robot Customizer™ Bot Customizer™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Let the Wookiee win!"

    Original Sketch #1
    More new minifigure like exterior (macrofig) for our Roboticle™→Star Wars®→Lego® robot product line
    Roboticle Robot Exterior Design
    © Lucasfilm Ltd., Lego®, and Gentle Giant Collectors
    Conceptually all other Lego® minifigures are possible, like the classics, Mars Mission, or Batman™. Said that, we are building up a Roboticle™→Lego® robot customizer™, so you can compose your own macrofig exterior. Actually two different materials are offered, one is based on synthetic material and the other is a soft fabric material.

    Original Sketch #2
    More new exterior for our Roboticle™→Star Wars® robot product line
    Roboticle Robot Exterior Design Pit Droid
    © Lucasfilm Ltd.

    Picture of the Day
    Star Wars Owen Lars Swoop Bike
    © Lucasfilm Ltd.

    Podracing is coming to your planet, too
    So, we think it is time to start with the establishment of the first (real not virtual) Pod and Swoop Racing League. If you have the spirit of/and the speed, then send an e-mail to Phoebos, Gustab Wenbus, or us.
    Star Wars Pit Droids
    © Lucasfilm Ltd.
    "They laughed about my sneakers, Nike shoes, BMX bikes, snowboards, Oakleys, tuned car, Informatics study, and the rest. But at the end everybody did what I did. :P"

    Investigations::Car #42

  • Daimler: There is a new picture on the titelpage of a car magazin showing a prototyp of a red AMG Gullwing (SLC, W197, ...) with headlamps that we are sketching since 4 or 5 years. We looked at this special case since we saw the headlamps of the new SL (see also our pictures of the Powerset Design).
    Design Concept
    © :(

    Comment of the Day

    Picture of the Day
    © R2-KT

    Announcement Ontoscope™ 2.0
    Besides our Ontoscope™ software, the Ontoscope™ also comes as hardware again in form of a cell phone with integrated 3-D/stereo camera.
    © La collection d'appareils photo anciens par Sylvain Halgand

    Announcement 8:00 am
    SOS J!: The SOS J!, aka. Avus, RS, or RSQ, is based on our SOS Raptor platform but with a different transmission. The car will be built after the immense requests by our fans.

    Original Sketch/Sneak Preview
    Sneak previews of our upcoming SOS J!
    VAG Audi AvusRSQJ!
    © VAG, SOS, and :(
    The design slightly is subject to change, but reservations can be done by sending an e-mail to J@styleofspeed.com.

    Investigations::AI, and Knowledge management

  • Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Remko Ricanek: Wir zitieren aus einer Masterarbeit: "Das Wort OntoScope setzt sich aus dem Präfix Onto- als Kurzform von Ontologie und dem Suffix -Scope aus dem Englischen für ein Instrument zum Beobachten zusammen. Das englische -scope leitet sich wiederum vom griechischen skopein (=betrachten) ab." Die Arbeit enthält Informationen, die unter ande- rem die Funktionalität der Anwendung ProViz exakt widerspiegeln. ProViz basiert auf der von OntoLinux verwendeten Tulip Software-Bibliothek und sollte auch deshalb im Rahmen dieser Masterarbeit bekannt sein. Zudem wurden nicht alle Quellen genannt, wie zum Beispiel OntoLinux, und unser Markenschutz vorsätzlich missachtet.
  • Ontology-Partners: The corporation tries to do the well-known Wild West business strategy. The described technology was not developed by this corporation. Also, the corporation has our trademark Ontoscope™ registered in the United Kingdom despite the fact, that we are using it since years. With this note, we are disagreeing the registration.

    Original vs. Inspiration
    BitPirate-logo (1999 - 2001)
    Bitpirate Logo 3 Skulls
    © C.S.
    T-shirts with print are available in white, black, and many other colors.

    Original Sketch
    New robot for our Roboticle™→Star Wars® robot product line
    Roboticle Robot Exterior Design IG-227 Hailfire Droid
    © Lucasfilm Ltd.

    OntoLinux and OntomaX Websites update
    We have cleaned up the OntoLinux website. All news publicated so far at the website of OntoLinux, that doesn't belong to OntoLinux, can be read here at OntomaX.

    Comment of the Day
    Innovations are Us™ Innovations 'R' Us™ Inspirations are Us™ Inspirations 'R' Us™
    Inspiring the World™ Inspiring the Planet™ Inspired by Us™

    Investigations/Inspired by Us™

  • Universität Saarland: Auf der Website des Fachbereichs Informatik befinden sich Weblinks, die unsere mit "Onto" beginnenden Handels- marken verwässern, angreifen oder missbrauchen. Wir haben die Universität aufgefordert, diese Links sofort zu entfernen. Das Referat für Rechtsangelegenheiten hat daraufhin mit einer scheinheiligen Ausrede reagiert.
  • Samsung: Wir zitieren: "Inspiriert duch [...]" Soulb
  • NASA: Luna Philosophy and much more (Sorry)

    Picture of the Day
    Miniature earthmover with remote control (1995)
    IMC NASA Miniaure Earthmover
    © International Machinery Corporation, and NASA

    We, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, are not the Google Lunar X PRIZE (GLXP) Mystery Team. If we'll register, then we'll do it in the public.

    Sneak Preview
    Our project Space Shuttle NG X-3033/MagicStar is still running, and applies a unique coolant system (not by fuel and not by ceramics). If some institution is interested, then simply write us by e-mail.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Modern Method™

    Comment of the Day #2
    The new sketch of the Blackswift hypersonic plane by Lockheed Martin, and the behaviour by Boeing as well as Northrop Grumman show us, that all players have totally no clue what to do. We do!!!™ And this time, we'll out-smart them.

    Comment of the Day #3
    "After the electroscope, endoscope, gyroscope, horoscope, kaleidoscope, microscope, oscilloscope, periscope, spectroscope, stethoscope, telescope, and ... comes the Ontoscope." [Christian Stroetmann, October/November 2006]

    Bullfight III (2008)
    Bullfight 3
    © C.S.
    For us the interesting theme is not only the interplay between light, body/form, and shadow. What else us affects are the cortical mechanisms of sound and form processing in the brain (see for example visual and auditory perception and illusion, and random dot stereogram), and how minimal an abstraction can be (made) to deliver an information.
    An other interesting point in conjunction with this image is the abstraction of star constellations with objects (eg. animals).

    OntoLinux Further steps
    We're looking at some old webpages from November 2006 about O#, Onto#, OntoBot, and Ontoscope.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have started to build up our new SOS website.

    © :(

    Original Sketch/Sneak Preview
    Sneak previews of our SOS 2 :) (To Fun/Double Fun) motorbike
    Design conceptDesign conceptDesign concept
    © Robert Slade and John Mark Vicente
    The design is subject to vary, but as usual reservations can be done by sending an e-mail to 2Fun@styleofspeed.com.

    Comment of the Day
    NanoDent™ Performance Next Generation™ Next Generation Performance™

    Announcement Ontonics Website update
    We'll update the website of Ontonics, and add to the Innovation-Pipeline-webpage:

    • NanoDent.

    Comment of the Day
    Emoticon Light™

    Announcement Ontonics Website update
    We'll update the website of Ontonics, and add to the Innovation-Pipeline-webpage:

    • Emoticon Light.

    Original Sketch/Sneak Preview
    More sneak previews of our upcoming SOS J! with our Emoticon Lights™ for owner/driver definable front and rear look and patterns. The images are showing the black version. Versions with other ground colours also will be available.
    Design concept e-muDesign concept e-muDesign concept e-mu
    © :( (Send an e-mail to info@styleofspeed.com)
    The funny lion will be removed or replaced with the owner's logo, and the Emoticon Lights™ show also some interesting applications of our e-door™@Car solution. As usual, reservations can be done by sending an e-mail to J@styleofspeed.com.

    Our cars are safe and ready to race while following standards of the us american Grand American Road Racing Association (Grand-Am), the german Deutsche Tourenwagenmeisterschaft (DTM), and other international racing series. Beside this, we drive Goodyear tires on earth roads and on the moon.


  • Aldi Sued: Hat sich für Kinderdrachen die Marke "Just For Fun" registrieren lassen.
  • Strauss Innovation: Wir zitieren: "Style at Strauss". Ausserdem werden Acryl-Stühle in transparent und schwarz-transparent als "Muss für den design-bewussten Haushalt" angeboten.

    Investigations::Car #43

  • General: Rims suddenly have to have 5 spokes.
  • Peugeot: We quote: "Peugeot Style". It is some kind of striking, that many of the 29 finalist of their 5.th design contest have some dependances on our work. There were better design studies presented (eg. the design concept e-mu), which haven't made their way into the finals.
  • VAG→Audi: Kaum haben wir den SOS J! angekündigt, da werden neue Fotos des Audi R8 Spider lanciert. Auffällig hier sind die Lufteinlässe anstatt der R8-kennzeichnenden Seitenschilde (siehe RSQ Bild vom 10. August 2008) und der veränderte Kühlergrill. Um das nicht neue Kühlergrilldesign bekannter zu machen wurde zudem ein S5 Evo Journalisten vorgestellt.
  • Porsche: Erste Fotos eines Boxster RS werden gezeigt. Natürlich hat der Prototyp einen grösseren Heckspoiler und einen neu geformten Diffusor (und ein Hardtop).
  • Tesla Motors: Speculates about a Model S based SUV.

    Comment of the Day
    i!™ Suvee™ SUV•E™ ESUV™ Max•E
    We'll get the job done™

    Announcements 6:30 pm
    SOS i!: The SOS i! is our SOS J! with a progressive multimedia exterior.

    SOS Suvee: The SOS Suvee is our SOS S! with electrical powertrain.

    Comment of the Day
    Make fries not war™

    Pictures of the Day
    Johnny CupcakesMcDonald's French FriesBurger King Iraq
    © Johnny Cupcakes, and :(

    Comment of the Day
    Chris Fries™

    Bullfight I (2008)
    Bullfight 1Bullfight 1Bullfight 1

    Bullfight II (2008)
    Bullfight 2
    Chris Fries (1999 - 2008)
    Chris FriesChris FriesChris Fries
    © C.S.
    Like with our BitPirate-logos, t-shirts with print are available in white, black, and many other colors.
    Somewhere we have other pictures of fries from around 1987/1988 when C.S. was in school. We will publicize them as soon as possible.

    Comment of the Day
    We'll get the fries done™ Give the Wookiee the fries!™
    FriesPirate™ PommesPirat™

    Comment of the Day
    SuperIsp™ HyperIsp™
    Space Conqueror™
    NanoShape™ NanoLight™

    Announcement Ontonics Website update
    We'll update the website of Ontonics, and add to the Innovation-Pipeline-webpage:

    • NanoShape, and
    • NanoLight.

    What rockets need:

    © Michael

    Picture of the Day
    © :(

    Comment of the Day
    Let's conquer space™ Spacehopper™

    Sneak Preview #4a 8:00 am
    Our Space Shuttle NG X-3033/MagicStar is a 3rd (projected to the year 2025) and 4th (projected to the year 2040) generation Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV). We don't do 2rd generation technology research and actually we're looking at MagnetoHydro- Dynamics (MHD) for shock wave handling, MagnetoGasDynamics for power extraction, heat management, and flow conditioning, ElectroDynamics for drag modulation, as well as our own developed Multi Mode In-Atmosphere and In-Space Variable Thrust and Specific Impulse MagnetoPlasma Engines (function without vacuum). The technology will than be further developed and used for our Style of Speed (SOS) 5th generation RLV/Spaceship Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift.
    Generations of Reusable Launch Vehicles
    © NASA

    © and/or ® 2008-2012
    Christian Stroetmann GmbH