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Original vs. Inspiration
Original(?) (Burnelli 1951), and Inspiration/Original (Boeing and NASA X-48/Skyray 48 Blended-Wing-Body (BWB) design with X-45 UCAVs)
Burnelli vs. McDonnell DouglasBoeing and NASA BWB X-48 with X-45 UCAVs
© Aircrash.org, Boeing, and NASA

Question of the Day
Isn't this universe funny? :D

As we said in 1997, showed on the 21. of January 2008 (please see the news at the 06.02.2008 Pictures Reloaded), and again said on the 17. of February 2008:

Artificial photosynthesis with integration of the Green Freedom™- Technology at the OntoLab™ in the New Energies™: Phase II Group, the New Materials Group, Style of Speed™, the Penn State University in the Mallouk Group, the Sandia National Laboratories, and the Los Alamos National Laboratories.
©³ ©° No.1 in New Energy™ GreenHeart™ Π Ψ Φ Green and Clean™ Grün und Rein™ Neue Energie™ Overloader™

Comment of the Day
If you want to know what informations, and pictures are on our hard-disk, and what kind of projects we were/are doing at Ontonics, and in the OntoLab, then go to the MoMA and visit the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition.
We really would like to know, who did take it.

OntoLinux Website update
We made an addition to the Formal Modeling section of the Links to Software-webpage:
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Glenn Research Center, William Henry Jones:

  • Project Integration Architecture: Architectural Overview
  • Project Integration Architecture: Formulation of Semantic Parameters

For the while
For the while one of the missing inspirations for OntoLinux: Exhibit Research: Mark W. Tilden: Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics and Mechanics (BEAM) Robotics
And please keep in mind that what works with microtechnology does work with nano-, and quantumtechnology. We, at OntoLinux, do it in mathematics/informatics/software as well.
Functional Geometry™ RDFSoar™ OWLSoar™

Comment of the Day
The master became the pupil.

Original vs. Inspiration
Original (Walt Disney Tron Lightcycle), original/inspiration (SOS sTRONg 2003), and inspiration (Sbarro Pendelauto 2008)
SOS sTRONgSbarro Pendelauto
© Walt Disney Company, Style of Speed, and Espara Sbarro

Original vs. Inspiration
Original (Walt Disney WALL-E 2008), original (HIT Entertainment Bob the builder 1999), and original/inspiration (Lego Bob the builder→Benny 2001)
Disney WALL-EBob the builderLego Bob Benny
© Walt Disney Company, HIT Entertainment Limited and Keith Chapman, Lego, Amazon, and Roboticle
B¦™ Let's load it™ We load it™

Innovation, Innovation, Innovation
SALL•E, GAR•E, NANC•E, and WEND•E from Buy n Large→Robotics.

Ontonics Website update
We have updated the website of Ontonics, and added to the Innovation-Pipeline-webpage:

  • Wall•E, Load•E, Digg•E, and Lift•E Kompaktlader/Compact (Utility) Loader.

Comment of the Day
We don't believe, that the actual Germany's next Topmodel asked Misses Schavan to become the representative of the Year of Mathematics in Germany.

Microsoft® is still not respecting the laws, and further stealing intellectual properties from us, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH. After our solutions in the areas of:

  • Software-Technology,
  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • Robotics,
  • Multimedia→Automobile (Microsoft together with Ford, and FIAT),
  • Multimedia→Tangible Interface (Surface-technology), and
  • Health Care,
the newest case is the invention of our OriKami™-technology, the flexible plastic electronics-based, Origami-based/foldable, and writeable 2D/3D display technology. (See the opening keynote of Steve Ballmer at the exhibition CeBIT 2008.)

Now, since 7 years Microsoft® is slavishly imitating our business in a 1:1 style. If the management of Microsoft® is unable to understand what is wrong, and what is right, then their corporations have to be closed by the governments.

The same holds for the Bayerische Motorenwerke, and the Deutsche Telekom corporations, with the little detail, that the Deutsche Telekom is now slavishly imitating our corporation since 11 years!

Ontonics Website update
We have updated the website of Ontonics, and added to the Innovation-Pipeline-webpage:

  • Multimediale/Intelligente Architektur
  • OruKami@Home,
  • Haus•E/Hous•E,
  • Rob•E,
  • Transuspension,
  • TransWiper/HyperWiper,
  • Car•E, and Craft•E, as well as
  • Bik•E.

Intel, ASUS, and many other corporations are also doing more and more slavish imitation since more than 2 years.

Question of the Day
Warum darf Lidl eigentlich Computer verkaufen?

Before we get into trouble about the question, who has had in the first place the crazy idea of a vehicle (especially a car), that cleans the air:

Question of the Day
May be le Stig is la Stig?

Sneak preview
If the Lightining Car company claims for 700+ bhp (four 120kw motors), then we have the first 1400+ bhp for THE ABSOLUTE SPEEDHAMMER™. So that means, we need another 620 bhp, but after their claim we should better highten our level of the Car•E™ to, let's say, 2420 bhp.

Investigation::Car revived #10
Due to the fact, that we found out, that the usual players are still stealing, we have restarted again our Investigations::Car/Auto- motive. The new trend is now to also take the little design details, that gives a design its authenticity:

  • Volkswagen→Bugatti: The special model of the Veyron from Hermes got two little openings beside the front grill. (Compare it with the front of the Ford GT 90, and put the right opening to the left and the left to the right).
  • Morgan: Announced were 4 electric wheel/hub motors for the LIFECar. Now these have disappeared. Guess why, and keep in mind, that they have had a partnership with the Bayerische Motorenwerke AG, and that we have made a little sketch of a different solution in our office, which now is shown at the Geneva salon.
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke→Rolls Royce: Compare the LED-lights of the Phantom Drophead Coupe with the LED-lights of the Ford GT 90.
  • Porsche: The new versions of the Cayenne GTS, and Turbo have it both from the Ford GT 90, the mentioned openings and the LED-light-bands.
  • Volkswagen→Audi: The R8 V12 TDI is now painted in red color.
  • Lightining Car: The Lightining Car company is slavishly imitating our business-divison Style of Speed::Automotive.

Let's see, if they are taking our TransWiper/HyperWiper solution, that makes a seamless design of a vehicle possible.

Question of the Day
Who really wants a small car?

Comment of the Day #1
Innovations without Compromise™
Making Dreams Possible™
For that you know™
(Un)endlich wissen™

Comment of the Day #2
To imitate is a sign of weakness.

OntoLinux Website update
We made an addition to the Multimedia section of the Links to Hardware-webpage:

  • Christa Sommerer, and Laurent Mignonneau: A-Volve (Prix Ars Electronica 1994, Category Interactive Art)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Media Lab, International Business Machine, Almaden Research Center, Ted Selker, Ernesto Arroyo, and Winslow Burleson: Context-aware computing: Chameleon Tables - Using Context Information on Everyday Objects

We also did make an addition to the Formal Modeling section of the Links to Software-webpage:

  • Elmar J. Sinz: Structured Entity Relationship Model (SERM)

Ontonics Website update
We have updated the website of Ontonics, and added to the Innovation-Pipeline-webpage:

  • Bod•E, and
  • HyperBearing/SuperBearing.

And for those, who still haven't understood OntoLinux: This is that, what since 50 years is called Artificial Intelligence - geometrical, not syntactical or semantical at the base. The functionality emerges out of the form/layout on the hard-disk, or other kind of memory.

Comment of the Day
Gam•E™ Cook•E Wow•E™ Hawk•E™ @++™ @#™ #@™ @ Green@™ @Green™ @dvantage™ @dvertise™ MediLED™ MoonCopter™/MoonChopper™ LunarCopter™/LunarChopper™ MarsCopter™/MarsChopper™
2 steps ahead™

Investigation::Artificial Intelligence, and Knowledge
Usual players are still stealing:

Earlier, or later, they all will come to the solution we are offering with OntoLinux.


  • Idealab→Evolution Robotics: We have watched at Idealab since years, and to say it in a short sentence: They are thieves. Evolution Robotics is a shameless copy of our business divisions OntoLinux, and Roboticle.

Investigation::Car #11
1. row: Original (SOS 2005)
2. row: Original (SOS 2005)
3. row: No comment
4. row: No comment
SOS D-006
SOS D-0047
VAG Bugatti Lydia
© (⊕⊗)™, Volkswagen, and Epsilon Euskadi
Ist hier eine Seuche ausgebrochen? Did outburst here an epidemic?

Original vs. Inspiration
1. row: Original/Inspiration (Shamen 2003, McLaren Honda MP4/6 1991, and SOS 2007)
2. row: Original/Inspiration (Pininfarina Ferrari FXX/Enzo 1999, Shamen 2003, and SOS 2007)
3. row: Original/Inspiration (Autocar.co.uk Ferrari Super Enzo 25.01.2005, Shamen 2003, and SOS 2007)
4. row: Original/Inspiration (Ford GT 90, Shamen, and SOS 02.12.2007-01.01.2008)

SOS D-2008b
© Shamen, Honda, Ferrari, Pininfarina, Ford Motor Company, Autocar.co.uk, and (⊕⊗)

Sneak preview
Sneak preview #1 of the capabilities of our AutoSemantic::Car solution:

  • WirelessLAN-compatible,
  • Bluetooth®-compatible,
  • Multimodal Multimedia User-Interface (M2UI™ with Max-Sync™),
  • AITouch™,
  • IPNav™/IPGPS™, and IQNav™ inside,
  • proactive-drive/predict the future,
  • able to learn the habits of its drivers,
  • able to sense humans (eg. pedestrians) wearing watches of Swatch (Snowpass, and Access),
  • able to sense humans wearing cellphones,
  • able to sense RFID (IPRFID™),
  • swarm-functionality with other cars, and the infrastructure by our Dedicated (Short Range) Communications (DSRC) system DediCom™,
  • Transuspension™, if offered by the car,
  • compliant with the USA-requirements of the year 2012 today,
  • e-commerce ready (see also the Applications webpage),
  • and much more, that makes cars, and trucks Simply better™, and Really Smart™.

Interior of Hous•E with Rob•E, Cook•E, Wow•E, Hawk•E, and the others (Roboticle 2003)
Cook-E, Wow-E, and Co
© B¦Roboticle

Investigation::Artificial Intelligence, and Knowledge

  • MID: The 2007 version of their product Innovator contains the functionality for architecture decisions operationalization, direct coupling of the meta-model with the model-environ- ment, modular editor extension, function-oriented software- development support, embedded system design, and business intelligence. The holistic/integrated approach from business- process-engineering/modelling to software-testing is simply said stolen from our corporation.
    It was totally clear, that this corporation, like ontoprise, or vector informatics, will steal intellectual properties, because it is the main part of their business-plan, and they do it since years.
  • Agilent:Their OpenLAB operating system contains many parts of our OntoLinux approach.

Ontonics Website update
We have updated the website of Ontonics, and added to the Innovation-Pipeline-webpage:

  • Gam•E
  • Cook•E
  • Wow•E
  • Hawk•E
  • XTbox - The eXtensible Tux box

More of the interior of Hous•E: Self-laying Table - Tischlein deck Dich (Roboticle 2003)
© B¦Roboticle

Comment of the Day
Real Rendering™ Rendered Atom™ @om™
@°™ Life°™ Bit°™ Byte°™ Car°™ Plane°™ Computer°™ Mobile°™ Phone°™ Handy°™ Wear°™ House°™ Robot°™ Style°™
Flatout Computing™ Carassist™ Autoassist™ Cre@ive™
Bit@™ Byte@™ Car@™ Plane@™ Computer@™ Mobile@™ Phone@™ Handy@™ Wear@™ House@™ Robot@™ Style@
@Bit™ @Byte™ @Car™ @Plane™ @Computer™ @Mobile™ @Phone™ @Handy™ @Wear™ @House™ @Robot™ @Style™

"The [Direct methanol fuel cell] DMFC relies upon the oxidation of methanol on a catalyst layer to form carbon dioxide." [Wikipedia]

Investigation::Car #12

  • Automotive industry predicts the stealing of intellectual property.
  • Prodrive: It seems to be, that prodrive has stolen parts of our Transuspension concept, the active transformative suspension-system (Robot-leg), and calls it Active Toe Control.

Question of the Day
Warum darf Metro eigentlich Computer verkaufen?

Comment of the Day #1
P@d™ M@t™ @able™ M@p™
Pad°™ Mat°™ Table°™ Map°™
Pad@™ Mat@™ Table@™ Map@
@Pad™ @Mat™ @Table™ @Map™

Comment of the Day #2
"Jetzt geht die Party richtig los" [Josiane Grizeau aka. Severine]

Ontonics Website update
We have updated the website of Ontonics, and added to the Innovation-Pipeline-webpage:

  • Multimedial Stethoscope

OntoLinux Website update
We made an addition to the Holomer section of the Links to Software-webpage:

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Glenn Research Center: Digital Astronaut

We also did make an addition to the Multmedia section in the Links to Hardware- webpage:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Media Lab: Tangible Media Group
    • Audiopad

Comment of the Day #1
FlyLED™ FlyLight™ FlyLamp™
HouseSatellite™ Haussatellit™ RoomSatellite™ Zimmersatellit™
BotBase™ BotFloor™ RobotFloor™ RobotGround™
iparquet™ icarpet™
S@tellite™ S@ellite™ S@tellit™ S@ellit™

Comment of the Day #2
It's nice to see, that this time we have inspired the NASA, and the Media Lab.

More from Roboticle, and of the interior of Hous•E:
1. row: Sign (Roboticle 2003), Icon (Roboticle 2002), and Sign Industrial Robot-Arm (Roboticle 2003)
2. row: Displays, and FlyLamp (Roboticle 2008), and Robot-Arm with 3D Display (Roboticle 2008)
Roboticle SignRoboticle IconRoboticle Industrial Robot-arm Icon
Industrial Robot-arm with 3D MonitorRobot-arm with 3D Display
© B¦Roboticle

Comment of the Day #1
Heart°™ ♥°™
Heart@™ ♥@
@Heart™ @♥™
°°™ °°°™

Comment of the Day #2
Microsoft holds on its traditional strategy, and as usual is offering a Servie Pack for its actual operating system Windows.

Comment of the Day #3
Oh please, don't let this vision become reality, because it's not a joke anymore. (Btw., you have to replace CarNT with CarVista, AutoVista, or Vista Auto). :D

Who was the driving force behind the EU-funded project HeartCycle?

Investigation::Car #13.1
Saleen: Saleen is next in slavishly imitating SOS. Their new car is called S5S Raptor, and the design of the back is a combination of the backs of the Ford GT 90 and the Shamen design.
1. row: Original (SOS 2005)
2. row: Original/Inspiration (Pininfarina Ferrari FXX/Enzo 1999, Shamen 2003, and SOS 2007)
3. row: Fender lines, and openings from 1. and 2. row
SOS D-0047
SOS D-0047

© (⊕⊗), Shamen, Ferrari, Pininfarina, and Volkswagen

Comment of the Day

Ontonics Website update
We have updated the website of Ontonics, and added to the Innovation-Pipeline-webpage:

  • AutoSemantic::Ship,
  • Hous•E::RobotFloor/RobotGround,
  • iparquet,
  • icarpet,
  • e-dashboard,
  • NanoBearing, and
  • SuperHybrid.

Comment of the Day
Tedd•E™ Flak•E™ Flock•E™ Morph•E™ RobyWear™
L@goTable™ e-door™ Holonicle™ Holographische Möbel™ Holographic furniture™
Total Render™ Custom Advantage™ Custom Dynamic™ Unify your IT™ Unify your Business™

Ontonics Website update
We have updated the website of Ontonics, and added to the Innovation-Pipeline-webpage:

  • AutoSemantic::House,
  • L@goTable,
  • L@goTable 2.0,
  • Holonicle,
  • Holonicle@Home,
  • e-door@Home, and
  • e-door@Car.

Investigation::Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge management

  • Ontoprise: Kaum haben wir, die Christian Stroetmann GmbH, das Wort OntoWiki benutzt, schon bietet Ontoprise seine SemantikWiki samt Business-Services an. (Btw.: It was a trap.)
    Soweit wir informiert sind, hat die Ontoprise GmbH illegaler Weise Handelsmarken registrieren lassen, um unsere mit "Onto" beginnenden Handelsmarken zu verwässern, und diese dann auch gegen Verwässerung Dritter verteidigt (z. B. Ontographics und Ontorix). Auffällig ist aber, dass die Handelsmarke Ontoware von Dritten (Universität Karlsruhe) benutzt wird, ohne dass die Ontoprise GmbH dagegen vorgeht.
  • Sirma Group: Hat als Akt der sklavischen Imitation zuerst Ontotext und anschliessend das Ontotext Lab gegründet. Uns ist aufgefallen, dass das Ontotext Lab immer an Forschungs- projekten beteiligt war und höchstwahrscheinlich auch noch ist, an dem auch die DFKI GmbH mitwirkt oder federführend ist. Des Weiteren ist auffällig, dass die die Universität Karlsruhe, die DFKI GmbH, die Ontoprise GmbH und die SAP AG (Anteilhaber an der DFKI GmbH) als Partner des Ontotext Labs angeführt werden.
    The company has at first funded Ontotext and then the Ontotext Lab, as an act of servile imitation. We have noticed that the Ontotext Lab has always taken part in research projects und most potentially also still is, in which also the DFKI GmbH is contributing and leading. Furthermorek, it is conspicuous that the university of Karlsruhe, the DFKI GmbH, the Ontoprise GmbH, and the SAP AG (allottee of the DFKI GmbH) are listed as partners.
  • DFKI GmbH: Eine Durchsicht der Geschäftsmodelle der Spin-offs die durch die DFKI GmbH gegründet/ausgegliedert wurden ergab, dass nach einer groben Schätzung ca. 50% auf Geschäftsmodellen von mittelständischen Unternehmen beruht.

Original (Walt Disney Mary Poppins 1964), and original (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 1968)
Mary PoppinsChitty Chitty Bang Bang
© Walt Disney Company, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Incorporated, and Pierre Picton

Comment of the Day
The digitalization and archiving of x-ray images is a science in itself.

Original vs. Inspiration
ZorglumobileToy Story Spaceship Cruiser
Daniel Düsentrieb
Daniel DüsentriebDaniel Düsentrieb
Ratchet and Clank
Gaston Westland
Daniel DüsentriebDaniel DüsentriebDaniel Düsentrieb
© Dupuis, Michel Aroutcheff, Walt Disney Company, André Franquin, Insomniac Games Incorporated, Westland Helicopters Limited, and Roboticle

Investigation::Car #14
SunRed: We have found the SunRed SR08.
1. row: Original (SOS 2005)
2. row: No comment
SOS D-0047
Sunred SR08
© (⊕⊗), and Sunred

Comment of the Day
Total Focus™ Superface™ Enhanced Cognition™ NanoBlock™ 0Gravity™

Question of the Day
Did you found your luggage?

Comment of the Day #1
HyperTransform™ HyperPipe™ HyperChannnel™ N@no™
Nano°™ Bio°™
@Nano™ @Bio™
Nano@™ Bio@
#©™ #Bit™ #Byte™ #Tech™ #Technoloy™ #Light™ #Lab™ #Nano™ #Bio™ #Car™ #Plane™ #Computer™ #Mobile™ #Phone™ #Handy™ #Wear™ #House™ #Robot™ #Style™

© and/or ® 2008-2012
Christian Stroetmann GmbH