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SOS Raptor RSR: The SOS Raptor RSR is the top version of our SOS Raptor. With a further optimizied chassis, a chopped roof, tilted pillars, as well as a cleaned exterior, it defines what we call Hot Rodding of the Next Generation.
Gib's zu, darauf fährst Du voll ab.
The High-Tech Competence beats them all - Easily in style and performance.

SOS 333 ST (Street/Strada) Barchetta: We come back with our concept from around the year 2002 of combining customized motorbikes (custombikes) with high-tech racecars.
SOS 333 ST
The 333 ST is more than hot!!!™

Comment of the Day
We do say !non! to the blue blanket!!!™
Paranoid racing team
© Remi Humbert

SOS 333 ST (Street/Strada) Closed Version

Ferrari Design StudyFerrari Design Study
© :(
The design slightly is subject to change, but reservations can be done by sending an e-mail to 333@styleofspeed.com.

In opposition to informations seen on other websites, we have to clarify the following cases:

  • 1. The Semantic Web is not a.k.a. Web 3.0.
  • 2. With OntoLinux and Ontolix there is no other technology needed for semantic-oriented works, processes, or what else has to do with it. That means for example, that you don't need an RDF-store on top of the OntoFS file system.

    Deutsche Kapitalinstitute sind angehalten ihre Investment-Angebote an die E-Mail-Addresse info@stroetmann.ch einzureichen. Peanuts-Offerten werden konsequent zurückgewiesen.

    Ferrari 333 SP No. 32
    © Michael Sheehan's ferraris-online.com
    The concept (massiv sensor system) and design slightly are subjects to change, but reservations can be done by sending an e-mail to 333@styleofspeed.com.
    And if you are still unsure, then ask your honey.

    We would like to remind every corporation, that they have to deliver the Linux®-based source code with their products.
    For more informations, please read: Open Source Initiative→Open Source Licenses.

    Joke of the Year
    2008 TIME 100 :D

    Investigations::Car #20

  • Motive Industries and Keage Concepts: Sklavische Imitation und Missachtung des Urheberrechtsschutzes in Perfektion.

    Comment of the Day
    Competence at Work™
    StylePassion™ SpeedPassion™
    Spirit of Style™ Spirit of Speed™

    Die Standpunkt Kommunikation GmbH hat sich wie die Boros GmbH auch eindeutig zu erkennen gegeben.
    Falls Sie auf der Suche nach einer ganzheitlichen integrierten Kommunikationslösung sind, dann kommen Sie zu dem kreativsten und innovativsten Unternehmen weltweit, zu uns, der Christian Stroetmann GmbH.
    Es kann nur ein Original geben™ - There can only be one Original™

    Ferrari 333 SP in wind tunnel
    © Old Dominion UniversityLangley Full-Scale Tunnel (LFST)
    Where Hightech has its Home™ - Where Highspeed has its Home™

    Comment of the Day
    Hubraum ist durch nichts zu ersetzen, ausser durch (noch) mehr Hubraum, einem Stroetmann-Kompressor und/oder einer Stroetmann-Turbine.
    Was sonst(, etwa Chip-Tuning)?
    Capacity is to be replaced by anything except by (even) more dis- placement, a Stroetmann-Compressor and/or a Stroetmann-Turbine.
    What else(, some chip-tuning)?

    Announcement #1 4:30 pm
    SOS Eos R: The Style of Speed Eos R is a VW Eos with VW Scirocco R exterior. And yes, as such it is a convertible.

    Announcement #2 4:30 pm
    SOS Eos BB (aka. Lambo-Shock): Totally re- and overworked VW Eos by the Speedgeek™ with our breath-taking W12 mid-mounted full-blown Hightech-Bi-Turbo 6.66-liter engine, and many more well known features by Style of Speed.
    Leidenschaft, Kreativität, Innovativität, Leistung und Qualität sind keine Schande. Deshalb stellen wir sie auch zur Schau.

    Thank you, Redmond!!!™
    With their Worldwide Telescope, a software that:

    • lets users view the night sky through data gathered by NASA's Hubble Space telescope and other telescopes throughout the globe,
    • uses web-based astronomy databases, and
    • can be adapted for many other subjects, such as genomics, or the science of genes,

    Microsoft, as Google and plenty of other corporations, underlines our technological leadership (again).

    Announcement 9:00 pm
    SOS 962 ST (Street/Strasse): The Style of Speed 962 ST is the eagerly awaited revival of the well known Porsche 962. Based on the experiences made with the Dauer 962 on one side, and with the 333 SP on the other side, the SOS 962 ST represents the ultimative leading super sports car, the HP-crown of the breed of hypercars. With a weigth of 1030 KG, 1800 PS/1324 KW, 1,720ft-lbs, Vmax > 425 km/h/264 MPH, intelligent 4WD, and even more gimmicks, it blows away every other car, that was engineered with standard FEM- and CFD-software-algorithms. For the insiders: It shares the same plattform with our SOS 333 ST.
    Objects in the rear-view mirror are faster than you think.

    Investigations::Car #21

  • Evisol: With its concept car ThoRR the Envisol corporation is next in trying to slavishly imitating our products and marketing.

    Comment of the Day
    Rock, Roll & Sense™ Rock'n'Sense™ Roll'n'Sense™ Ride'n'Sense™ Walk'n'Sense™

    Sneak preview
    Sneak preview #2 of the capabilities of our AutoSemantic::Car solution:

    • Solves the problem of too error-prone hands-free alternatives like speech recognition or cameras that recognise speech, or gestures.

    Feature-list of the world wide leading High-technology Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux #4

    • Capable of making highly complex facts about data and relations visible.

    On the website visualcomplexity you can see a very small fraction of what is possible with our Multimodal Multimedia User-Interface 'M2UI'™ Ontoscope™, especially the integration of the desktop with Tulip.

    Ontonics Website update
    We have updated the website of Ontonics, and added to the Innovation-Pipeline-webpage:

    • MuClock.

    Dauer 962 Le Mans
    © Porsche
    The concept and design slightly are subjects to change, but as usual reservations can be done by sending an e-mail to 962@styleofspeed.com.

    Comment of the Day
    New Device Generation™ New Device Age™ Style to Impress™ Design to Impress™ 4 :)™

    Announcement 1:00 pm
    SOS Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™): The Style of Speed Just 4 :)™ is an open car powered in its base version by an motorbike-engine, or alternatively by an electric motor. What the SOS Just 4 :)™ makes unique is its racecar suspension, and its combination of a novel very lightweight power transmission in conjunction with a high-tech state-of-the-art torque vectoring differential for dynamic track control. The targeted price for the entry model is around 35.000 Euro.
    Just For Fun - Just For eMotions

    Comment of the Day
    (: tnemmoc on ,yllautcA

    Original #1
    Design concept
    © :( Please, send an e-mail to info@styleofspeed.com
    The concept and design are subjects to change, but as usual reservations can be done by sending an e-mail to Just4Fun@styleofspeed.com.

    Original #2
    F1 Steering wheel 2004 replicaMoTeC steering wheelsF1 Steering wheel 2004 replica
    © Almagan Fine Collection, and MoTeC

    Original #3

    • Robert Anderson 1832-1839: First electric carriage

    Investigations::Car #22

  • VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH: Seit mehr als 10 Jahren beobachten wir, die Christian Stroetmann GmbH, wie die Verein der deutschen Ingenieure Technologiezentrum GmbH, Informationen unseres Unternehmens nach aussen kommuniziert. So wurde zum Beispiel in der Studie "Zukunft des Autos" der Abteilung "Zukünftige Technologien Consulting" der VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH die Konzepte:
    • Leistungsfähige Elektronik in Kombination mit entsprechender Sensorik die zu neuen Fahrerassistenzsystemen für Fahrzeuge führen
    • Fahrzeugeigene Kameras mit dreidimensionaler Wahrnehmung und
    • Sicherheitssysteme, die unter anderem auch (kreuzende) Fahrradfahrer erfassen sollen
  • IMST GmbH: Wie von uns vermutet erhielt die Institut für Mobilfunk und Satelliten Technik GmbH den Zuschlag für das Kompetenzzentrum Automobiltechnik (das KAT). Des weiteren wurde eine neue Abteilung "Automotive IMST" gegründet.

    Comment of the Day
    RFIDTable™ RFIDWall™ RFIDTouch™

    OntoLinux Further steps
    Actually we're looking, if and how L4 can be integrated into the BIOS. With such a feature the computer is ready to use seconds after it is turned on, instead of waiting for a full boot (instant-on capability).

    Microsoft Development has contacted the blender foundation. After Trolltech's Qt it is the next open source project Microsoft shows interest in.

    Comment of the Day
    Spirit of Excellence™

    OntoLinux Website update
    We have updated the webpage of OntoFS by doing:

    • Removed obsolete weblinks, and
    • Added actual source code.

    Feature-list of the world wide leading High-technology Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux #5

    • Based on the power of the 'Zero Ontology' O#, it supports all actual and future W3C® standards, every logical paradigm (eg. f-logic), and much more.

    Investigations::AI, and Knowledge management
    Ontoprise: Mit ihrem 'Triple Store OntoBroker RDF' Produkt geht die Stehlerei seitens der Ontoprise GmbH lustig weiter.

    Microsoft on Thursday the 18. of May struck a deal to make its Windows operating system available on OLPC’s low-cost XO laptops.

    Original vs. Inspiration
    Apple→Knowledge Navigator, OntoLab→OruKami™, and OLPC Version 2.0

    Investigations::AI, and Knowledge management
    Steve Reed: Stephen Reed (Austin) is a plagiarist.

    Question of the Day
    Warum macht Lehrpersonal von Universitäten in der B.R.D. auf Web-Seiten der Hochschulen Werbung für Unternehmen (z. B. Universität Koblenz- Landau)?

    Comment of the Day #1
    Zero Ontology™ Null Ontology™ Null-Ontologie™
    Spirit of Competence™

    Comment of the Day #2
    The Wikipedia is a giant mess.

    OntoLinux and O# Websites update
    We have slightly updated the websites of:

    Untersagung des Einsatzes der Ontologics®-Technologie durch Wind River und ihren Partnern.

    Meka Robotics: With Meka Robotics we have a new corporation, which is trying to jump on our train. Hee Hee Hee

    Investigations::Car #23

  • BMW und Robert Bosch: Die Bayerischen Motorenwerke und Robert Bosch haben gemeinsam mit Intel und Wind River Systems eine Partnerschaft im Bereich Linux-basierter Software gegründet. Damit realisieren BMW und Robert Bosch den bereits von uns mehrfach vorhergesagten Diebstahl geistigen Eigentums sowie die Missachtung des Urheberrechtsschutzes.

    Picture of the Day
    Muppets Robot Politician
    © Walt Disney Company

    Comment of the Day
    Have Control™ Grip Control™ Track Control™ TrackTouch™ Dynamic Touch™ Double Fun™ To Fun™ Two Fun™
    H3™ H8™ 2 :)™ :)2™ :)#(:™ 3*™ 8*™ :D™
    Freude am Siegen™ Spirit of Driving™ Spirit of Performance™

    Investigations::Car #24

  • BMW: Die Bayerischen Motorenwerke stehlen weitere Informationen und Konzepte von unseren Web-Seiten (z. B. Teile von unserem HyperStirling™/Stroetmann Solar Energy System Konzept).

    Announcement 11:00 am
    SOS 2 :)™ (To Fun/Double Fun): The Style of Speed 2 :)™ is our first step into the motorbike market. Actually we are looking at some engines.
    Double Fun™

    Original #1
    F1 Steering wheel 2004 replica
    © Almagan Fine Collection

    Original #2
    Autronic DashboardAIM MXL Display and Data Acquisition SystemMoTeC ADL2 Display and Data Acquisition System
    © Autronic, AIM, and MoTeC

    Ontonics Website update
    We have updated the website of Ontonics, and added to the Innovation-Pipeline-webpage:

    • Tedd•E, and Flak•E/Flock•E,
    • Morph•E,
    • P@d,
    • RobyWear,
    • RFIDTable,
    • RFIDWall,
    • ECAN/EnergyCAN/PowerCAN/Energy-Bus (0:10 pm), and
    • Stroetmann-Compressor/Stroetmann Kompressor (0:10 pm).

    As we said: Always ahead™ - Always better™

    Comment of the Day
    Fun to drive™

    Announcement 0:00 am
    SOS :D (Big Fun): The Style of Speed :D is an open car, the big sister of our Just 4 :)™ racer. As the SOS Just 4 :)™ the :D has a racecar suspension, and a combination of a novel very lightweight power transmission in conjunction with a high-tech state-of-the-art torque vectoring differential. The difference between the two concepts mainly is the engine; the SOS Big Fun has a big aggregate.
    Big Fun for a Big Smile

    Design concept Please, don't touch!
    © :( Please, send an e-mail to info@styleofspeed.com
    The concept and design are subjects to change, but as usual reservations can be done by sending an e-mail to BigFun@styleofspeed.com.
    Nur gucken - Nicht anfassen! Only looking - Not touching! :D

    Breaking News 2:05 am
    First picture send from Phoenix Mars Lander

    © :(
    Also, the first acoustic message was received: "Where are my fries?"

    Comment of the Day
    AISense™ IQSense™

    OntoLinux Further steps
    At the 23rd of May we have sent an e-mail to a developer of the Reiser4 file system, but got no answer until now.

    Comment of the Day
    Speed Racer, Podracer, SRacer, and now Cave Racer

    © Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), and NASA

    Comment of the Day #1
    Echte Typen™ Real Types™ Visualytics™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Right now we’ve got vehicles that by future standards are under-powered. The future ones - you’re going to blink and they are gone." [Leik Myrabo, 2003]

    A Contradiction
    "Some serious problems on the horizon for HPC [High Performance Computing] - including the fact that multicore has introduced a whole new set of challenges for achieving efficient code parallelization." [Michael Wolfe, 2008] "All that multicore is doing is dragging us backwards. It's inhibiting our growth and competitiveness because it's forcing us to throw way too many resources at implementation, programming, optimization, support. Multicore will be on the tombstones of many companies!" [Someone, 2008] "Complexity simplified" [Intel, 2008]

    OntoLinux Further steps
    We've looked at the Lustre file system.

    Comment of the Day
    Black Raptor™ SeaRaptor™ SuperRaptor™ HyperHawk™ Hawk 333™

    Comment of the Day
    Perfect Power™ Powered by Emotion™ Joy of Perfection™ Joy of Speed™ KingSport™
    FK-Style™ Speed-Style™ Race-Style™ SR-Style™ RSR-Style™ Cup-Style™ Evo-Style™
    FK-Look™ Hyper-Look™ Wing-Look™ Cult-Look™ Cup-Look™ Evo-Look™

    Design conceptDesign conceptDesign concept
    © :( Please, send an e-mail to info@styleofspeed.com
    For those who can not read the description: Fuel cell tank, Fuel cell stack, Electric Motor Housing, ...

    © and/or ® 2008-2012
    Christian Stroetmann GmbH