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Comment of the Day
"Ich, Ich" [Svjato Kossakovsky, 2005]

Original Sketch/Sneak Preview
Another sneak preview of our SOS J! showing a slightly different exterior version and rims.
© Geralf Gude, and Car Design News

OntoLinux Further steps
We are looking at the interesting project Coccinelle - a Framework for Linux Device Driver Evolution

  • 4th Workshop on Programming Languages and Operating Systems, Henrik Stuart, René Rydhof Hansen, Julia L. Lawall, Jesper Andersen, Yoann Padioleau, and Gilles Muller: Towards Easing the Diagnosis of Bugs in OS Code
  • Ecole des Mines de Nantes, Julia L. Lawall, Julien Brunel, René Rydhof Hansen, Henrik Stuart, and Gilles Muller: WYSIWIB: A Declarative Approach to Finding Protocols and Bugs in Linux Code
  • Ecole des Mines de Nantes, Julien Brunel, Damien Doliguez, René Rydhof Hansen, Julia Lawall, and Gilles Muller: A Foundation for Flow-Based Program Matching Using Temporal Logic and Model Checking
  • the other documents.

    Don (2008)

    Don (2008)
    Empty Set
    © C.S.
    Just playing around with Power Set Design, Don, and a funny effect.

    Picture of the Day
    © Royal Philips Electronics

    Comment of the Day
    "Many of the cars available here are extremely limited production, so much so, we really hope some of these make it past the initial prototype phase." [Supercars.net, 2008]

    Original vs. Inspiration
    Czerka Racing Swoop(Czerka) Racing SwoopMission Vao Swoop
    © Star Wars® Artists' Guild, and :(


  • Lego:The Bionicle series has now models with Swoop bikes. The Racers series shows a set named Brickstreet Customs.


  • Microsoft: Mobile Professional
  • Google: Users of the Chrome internet browser get unique ID-number.
  • Nokia: Steals and does marketing with our concepts.

    Investigations::Car #44a

  • Microsoft: ViFi (Vehicle WiFi) This concept is stolen from us. Compare it with the feature list of our HOS OntoLinux and the other messages of the investigations::car series.
  • Volkswagen→Audi and Futuremark: Have teamed up and stolen our e-dashboard concept. In this connection we have to mention the MMI 3G system by Harman→Harman/Becker Automotive Systems for the Audi Q5.
  • Volkswagen→Audi: The R8 Spider as well as the R8 LMS have exterior elements earlier shown on this website. The shown R8 Spider has a design line of the side air inlet we showed for our SOS J!. The R8 LMS looks also like a RSQ design concept, that was drawn long before the decision to build the Audi R8 was made, and its rear is taken from the NiTRoX01 design of the SOS Raptor. The design concept of the RSQ was first shown in conjunction with our SOS J! to provoke Volkswagen→Audi to start the direct competition with Gumpert, what they really did with the Audi R8 LMS, but now the whole J! project got so much substance, that we'll in fact realize the car.
  • GM→Chevrolet: Following Volkswagen→Seat the company showed the design concept Chevy Beat also using our design language first called Diamond Design and now called Arrow Design.
  • Porsche: Developed a power/energy management center for their hybrid cars. Earlier, this was described by us as part of the ECAN/EnergyCAN/PowerCAN/Energy-Bus concept.
  • Aeon Sportscars: Jumped with their new Aeon GT3 Spyder design on our SOS Raptor Speedster bandwagon (look at the new head lamps and the interior). For insiders, as the Gumpert Apollo and the KTM X-bow (and the FortuneSport Rt.), the Aeon GT3 Spyder has an engine by Volkswagen, you know, what we mean ;).

    In einigen Club-Magazinen wird der Film Wall-E mit der Zeichenfolge WallE™ beworben. Wir möchten an dieser Stelle darauf hinweisen, dass die Zeichenfolge WallE™ von uns entwickelt wurde, auf der Website von Walt Disney war seinerzeit nur die Schreibweise Wall-E zu finden. Aus diesem Grund wird der Begriff Wall-E von uns auch nicht als Handelsmarke geführt.


  • Lego: Das Unternehmen ist uns zuerst mit seiner Bionicle Serie aufgefallen. Spätestens mit den Racer Ferrari Baukästen wurde für uns erkennbar, dass hier gewisse Unstimmigkeiten aufgetreten waren. Die bereits erwähnten Auffälligkeiten werden aber an Frechheit durch den Creator Transportfähre Baukasten noch übertroffen.
    Lego 4997
    Das Bild zeigt exakt ein Konzept von C.S., das er im Rahmen eines Lego-Bauwettbewerbs abgegeben hat (Autofähre gleichen Typs, Grösse und teilweise Farbe mit SUV und Anhänger). Der Kommentar der Jury: Die meisten Kinder haben nur Häuser, ... und Schiffe gebaut. Wirklich kreativ war ... [A.d.R. Schrott]. Warum verkauft dann Lego nach über 30 Jahren ein ihrer Meinung nach langweiliges und unkreatives Modell?
  • Wonder-Wall Design: Suspicious are 2 patterns and different relations to convicted persons. This convicted persons are staying in touch with other convicted persons. More and more the network gets for everybody an easy to understand structure.

    Investigations::Car #44b

  • Gumpert: Since we'd showed the first images of the SOS J! design concepts, Gumpert doesn't talk anymore of only having the customer's option for choosing the air duct at the top of the roof, but to also have the option for changing all air inlets of the roof. What he wants to do is to take the roof design of the first version of the SOS J!. He also isn't talking about a more edgy and aggressive design anymore, but about a round design of the Apollo.

    Investigations::Car #45

  • Chrysler→Jeep: Das Original

    Comment of the Day
    Massiv Sensor™ MSS™

    Investigations::Car #46

  • Fiat→Ferrari: A test mule of the upcoming Enzo successor (aka. FX70) shows different suspicious elements. Most to mention are the decisions we have made in connection with our announced cars (eg. 333 ST, 962 ST, SOS Raptor, Just4Fun, and Big Fun), like: engine with twin turbo, huge central exhaust, (bigger) 5 flat-spoke rims (not FXX), the eventually longer wheelbase, the steering wheel with more/nearly all driver controls, and lightweight chassis and bodywork. By doing this Ferrari is loosing its identity and exclusivity.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We're giving our car product portfolio the last polish. This involves some model, concept, and engine updates on the one side and harmonizations on the other side.


  • Hewlett-Packard: We are watching at this corporation nearly as long as we watched at Microsoft. First they behaved smarter, now we only do quote the last e-mail advertisement: "Discover the next generation of [...]", "[...] fuses style and durability [...]", "Discover the stylish and innovative new [...] that help boost [...]", " Balanced Mobility [...]", "Ultra-light [...]", "Green to Gold", and so on.

    Pattern (since around 1983) (Work in progress)
    © C.S.
    Like the Rolling Stones tongue, this kind of pattern was drawn if the school was boring.


    Comment of the Day
    Animated Cubism, Stroetmannization of information(s), data, and knowledge, Programmed Abstractions, Algorithmic Art, Algorithmic Synesthesia/Synesthetics, as well as ...

    OntoLinux and Ontonics Further steps
    As all the years, we are looking at interesting hardware projects like:

  • Fab@Home
  • RepRap
  • NASA: Advanced Automation for Space Missions
  • Von Neumann Probe

    Roboticle Further steps
    While looking at some cybernetic objects, we thought again about our project of a Mosaic (Tile) Making Robot, that was started some years ago.

    Comment of the Day
    Das Finden geht weiter™ The finding continues™


  • Coca Cola: Coca Cola missbraucht weiterhin Inhalte unsere Websites, vor allem unsere Geschäftseinheit Style of Speed, für die Vermarktung ihres Produktes Coca Cola Zero. So gibt es z.B. in einem Computerspiel einen Geheimcode der ein spezielles Fahrzeug freischaltet. In einer weiteren Marketing-Phase wurde wiederum von unseren Web-Auftritten kopiert/gestohlen.
    Stolen concept and dragon
  • Swatch Group→Omega: Hour Vision, and much more
  • International Contemporary Furniture Fair: We quote: "[...] worldwide wonder for [...]", "[...] singular showcase [...] design truth and design trends [...] most inspired models of design on the forefront, as well as thought-provoking programs [...]", "[...] most selective scope of the globe's finest, most creative individual, and original avant-garde [...]", "[...] mind expanding exhibition of cutting-edge materials and innovation production processes [...]"

    Investigations::Car #47

  • Harman→Harman/Becker Automotive: Realtime integration of videopictures and navigation system images. Beside that it sounds familiar, it is an old idea and not made by this corporation even in an automotive context.

    Comment of the Day
    NanoLite™ NanoFab™ NanoRep™ NanoMax™ NanoPro™ Nano-Projektor™ Nano-Projector™

    Announcement Ontonics Website update
    We'll update the website of Ontonics, and add to the Innovation-Pipeline-webpage:

  • NanoLite,
  • NanoFab, and
  • NanoProjector.


  • Adobe: We quote: "MAX is an experience unlike any other - an opportunity to connect with thousands of designers, developers, partners, executives, and Adobe staff for education, inspiration, and community." And much more.
  • Computer Associates: IceBreaker, "Transforming IT-Management", and much more

    Comment of the Day
    Mobil-E™ MobilE™

    Lego® minifigures:

  • 1. As USB-memory-stick, and
  • 2. With RFID-chip inside.
    Memory Stick
    © :(
    The image above shows a prototyp in Exo-Force™ style.

    Picture of the Day
    Tintin Moon
    © :(


  • Volkswagen & Walt Disney: Nachhaltigkeit, Umwelt, Zukunft und Innovation - der Fokus des Films [Wall-E] - überzeugte Volkswagen, sich im Rahmen der Premiere zu engagieren. Volkswagen ist schamlos wie immer. Des Weiteren weisen wir noch einmal darauf hin, dass die Zeichenkette "WallE"©&TM von uns, der Christian Stroetmann GmbH, entwickelt wurde.
    Wall-E Logo
    © Walt Disney
    Dieses Logo ist nur als Grafik aber nicht z.B. als HTML-Kode verwendbar. Aus diesem Grund haben sämtliche Webseiten seiner Zeit die Zeichenfolge "Wall-E" benutzt. Die von uns entwickelte Zeichenfolge "WallE"©&TM hat offensichtlich das Problem gelöst.
  • Symantec→Norton: Our comment: Good morning. Schön geschlafen?

    Investigations::Car #48

  • Renault & Samsung: Legten Volkswagen und deren Partner den Fokus bei ihrem Versuch unsere e-dashboard™-Lösung zu kopieren auf eine bestimmte Software-Schnittstelle (OpenGL) und einige Beschreibungen potentieller multimedialer Anwendungsfälle, zeigt Renault mit ihrem Ondelios Konzept die anderen Vorzüge dieses genialen und hoch innovativen Systems der Christian Stroetmann GmbH. So wird auf der einen Seite ein Armaturenbrett mit integrierter Benutzerschnittstelle gezeigt und auf der anderen Seite wird die Personalisierbarkeit betont.
  • Nissan: Zuerst wurde für die Vermarktung eines SUVs die Metapher der Roboter und Transformer benutzt, was man durchaus als zufällig hätte hinnehmen können. Doch dann wurde in einer weiteren Werbung die Replikatormetapher gewählt. Hier liegt also in beiden Fällen kein Zufall vor.

    Allgemein betrachtet ist die Benutzung des Begriffs Innovation in Zusammenhang mit der Industrie fehlleitend. Wirkliche Innovationen kann nur eine Unternehmung wie die Christian Stroetmann GmbH leisten, die Industrie ist gelinde gesagt hierzu unfähig.

    Comment of the Day
    Solid IT™


  • Teamix: Convicted. Btw.: One bigger part is from us, another part is from McKinsey, and the last part is from the german Industrie- und Handelskammer. Also, claiming that their website is copyright protected since 2000 and not since 2007 or 2008 is a very serious case, which has to be investigated further by the state prosecutor. We have more than 20 websites archived, which are from the year 2007 and have nearly the same structure and content. Oh, how silly, if someone is only writing off!!!™

    Comment of the Day
    Solid Biz™ Solid Management™

    Investigations/Inspired by Us™

  • Orange County Choppers: The Hewlett-Packard motorbike episode of a tv series opened us the eyes.
  • Hewlett-Packard: see above at Orange County Choppers
  • Walz Hardcore Cycles: Kann auch gut abschreiben und lügen.
  • Ferrero: Bonus für Lego
  • International Business Machines: Jumped on the green bandwagon some times ago.

    Comment of the Day
    Sentence with X: G1 also hardly was nix. :D
    Btw.: The technology behind the G1 cell phone and the Android operating system is outdated:

  • 1. The Android operating system uses a proprietary virtual machine, the DalvikVM. Simply said, this virtual machine is like a Java™ VM clone.
  • 2. Modern operating systems like OntoLinux doesn't need any virtual machines, because virtualization is at the heart of these operating systems. This software architecture supports the highest flexibility, security, and speed. After years others are coming now to the same/our conclusion. The usage of a virtual machine or Process- ing as the coding platform for example should be abandon for various reasons, and be adopted by something more powerful - like C. Linux® and Ontologics® OntoLinux™ are written in C/C++.
  • 3. The strategy behind this effort is the so called Cloud Comput- ing paradigm. But Cloud Computing has one very big problem: data security/protection/privacy. With OntoLinux you have full control of everything.
  • 4. The design of the G1 cell phone is boring. Where is the high- technology? An iPhone clone from China is much more elegant.
  • 5. As usual, Google and its partners are not interested in the hard- ware (eg. Tesla Motors, Space Exploration Technologies, or G1 cell phone) or software. Simply explained, this corporation is creating the next economy bubble.
  • 6. Generally, Google is even not interested in following the laws in North America or Europe. For example, the company is not willing to control the contents of their many internet activities and platforms against copyright infringements, as it is cleary required by the laws: The owner of a website is responsible for the content.

    We don't expect, that even one team of the Google Lunar X Prize will reach the Moon, because none of the participants are able to afford the minimal capital investment of 512.000.000 US-Dollar (350.000.000 Euro). The whole thing is a hoax by Google.

    Original vs. Inspiration
    Vision of a Cell Phone
    © :(

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We are sorting out the last favourite concepts, designs, and dimensions for calculating the Space Shuttle NG X-3033/MagicStar.
    Mix of STS OV Space Shuttle, NASP X-30, RLV X-33, X-34 and X-37, and CRV X-38SOS X-3033SOS X-3033
    © Style of Speed, and :(

    Comment of the Day #1
    "We believe in the saying, 'Actions speak louder than words'" [LaSorda, 2008]

    Comment of the Day #2
    The content of the AFOSR-BAA-2008-7 document (National Hypersonic Science Center) shows us something.

    Comment of the Day
    "It's a bit of a coup to find SN 1996cr like we did, and we could never have nailed it without the serendipitous data taken by all of these telescopes. We've truly entered a new era of 'Internet astronomy'." [Franz Bauer, 2008]
    Thank you girls and boys. Hopefully it can be seen now why we referenced so many observatories, which are specialized on different light(-wave) spectra and partly have an internet connected database too (see also the OntoLinux Organization-webpage).


  • Ntt Data Corporation: A standard Global Off Writer
  • Dell: Sells now notebooks with cases that have some kind of pattern on it. It seems to be, that it jumped on the arts bandwagon. This company definitly is one of the sources of disharmony.
  • Samsung: Doesn't understand what its duty is.
  • Seiko: Is selling eyeglasses with the slogan: Precision & Design. How uncreative.

    Investigations::Car #49

  • Fiat: Fiat Professional
  • Chrysler: The company suddenly showed three electric prototypes: a sports car, a suv, and a minivan. The company explained, that it is further ahead on developing electric vehicles than many had thought, though it kept the cars secret until recently. We don't believe it, everybody can claim this.

    Comment of the Day
    RFID inside™

    Investigations/Inspired by Us™

  • Christina A.: Inspire
  • Reckitt Benckiser→Air Wick: "... fand sofort grossen Anklang", "... inspiriert ...", and much more
  • Procter & Gamble→blend-a-med: "Inspiriert ..."
  • Many others

    Investigations::Car #50

  • General: We have investigated an issue in the area of electric driven cars.
    © and/or ® 2008-2012
    Christian Stroetmann GmbH
    © and/or ® 2008-2012
    Christian Stroetmann GmbH