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Comment of the Day #1
MaxJet™ C2-Jet™
Quality is the best Technology™ Qualität ist die beste Technologie™ Quality is the best Code™
Crawl•E™ Hand•E™

Comment of the Day #2
It's nice to see, that we one more time have inspired the Lego Group, despite the fact, that they've not understood our concept.

Innovations, Innovations, Innovations
Made in Eureka

Original vs. Inspiration
Spider-manLego Spider-man
Franquin Gaston Remote ValiseYeadon FidoRoboticle Franquin Gaston Luggage cart
Carnegie Mellon Universtiy Palm Pilot RobotEureka Crawly Remote ControlDARPA irobot LANdroid
MediaLab Printed CircuitFujitsuEureka xMac Rollup Computer
TachiLab Optical Camouflage Invisibility CloakEureka Chameleon-shirt
Eureka Climbing CarOshkosh Joint Light Terrain Vehicle (JLTV)
© Sony™ Pictures Digital Incorporated, Lego®, Milllionaire Playboy™, André Franquin, Peter Yeadon, Carnegie Mellon University, iRobot® Corporation, NBC Universal Television, Fujitsu, Tachi Lab, Oshkosh Trucks, and others

Comment of the Day #1
New Power Management™ Power Management NG™
ProPath™ ProTrail™
Liquid Diamond™ Liquid C™ Fluid Diamond™
OptiPulse™ FullPulse™ FuelPulse™ PowerPulse™ PulseMax™
Quality at Heart™ Quality at ♥™ Security at
Arts of Excellence™ The Master's Tech™

Comment of the Day #2
"T5 is opening up Heathrow to a new passenger-oriented experience." [Nick Gaines, 31st July 2007]

Investigation::Car #15
Oshkosk: Mit ihrem ProPulse-Konzept unterstreicht die Oshkosk Truck Corporation unsere Innovationskraft.

Comment of the Day #1

Comment of the Day #2
The Olympic Games have started with the first competition: Capture the flag flame!

Real experts have seen/can see it: Ontologics OntoLinux (with O#, Onto#, OntoBot, and OntoScope) solves even those problems and mistakes, that were not seen or understood by E. M. Clarke, E. A. Emerson, and J. Sifakis.

Original vs. Inspiration
Walt Disney Little HelperWalt Disney Donald Duck Test Hopper
Roboticle Crawlers
HelicarHovertech HelicarHelitrike
ZorglumobileF1 speederMB
Moller SkycarSkyrider
© Walt Disney Company, Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln (WDR), Hovertech, Dupuis, André Franquin, Moller International, Lucasfilm Ltd., Roboticle, Style of Speed, Daimler→Mercedes-Benz R&D North America, and others

Comment of the Day
ProBeat™ OntoFS™

Original vs. Inspiration
RR Hybrid
Yves Rossy Jet-Man
ShadoWing GliderMicroweight GliderModR Paraglider
University of Western Australia BallybotRoboticle Roller, and CrawlerUniversity Massachusetts uBot5
Burning Safari
© Michel Aroutcheff, Yves Rossy, University of Western Australia, Roboticle, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Burning Safari, and others

We, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, are pleased to announce of becoming the official commercial supporter of the ReiserFS V4/Reiser4 file system. The first steps are:

  • Giving the child the new name OntoFS™, which stands for Ontologics File System, or alternatively Ontological File System;
  • Mirroring the sources from Edward Shishkin's website and
  • Starting other needed processes.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We added a new webpage with the name OntoFS, and updated the whole website accordingly.

    We also added the following link to the webpage Links to Software:

  • Oracle Project: Btrfs - A Checksumming Copy on Write Filesystem

    Comment of the Day
    Stem cell regulation has fallen down in B.R.D..

    OntoLinux Further steps
    We are looking at the SystemRescueCd project, because it uses a kernel based on Linux with Reiser4 (Gentoo Catalyst-2.0).

    Original vs. Inspiration
    Vasnetsov Samolet Magic Carpet

    Boeing Flying Car
    Red Firebat
    Speeder Concepts
    FutureBikeHeavymetal AirbikeHi Flyer Speeder Bike
    Arakyd Slashrat Speeder BikeBlood Furry Speeder
    Night Raider Speeder BikeNightfalconZK-50M Speeder
    Rebellion Speeder BikeSpeeder BikeSwoop Bike
    Paolo Martin AerodineOutreachspeederF Speeder
    Podracer SketchPodracer sketchStar Wars Boonta-Eve-Classic Race
    © Boeing, Allied Aerotechnics Incorporated, Star Wars® Artists' Guild, Sony™ Pictures Digital Incorporated, RPGGamer.org, Lucasfilm Ltd., Gerard Gillan, Paolo Martin, Worth 1000, Roboticle, and many others

    Comment of the Day
    Power Set Design™

    Original vs. Inspiration

    © MythBusters, Andy Tyler, and Bruce Simpson

    Power Set Design
    Empty Set

    OntoLinux Website update
    We added to the Links to Organization webpage the links:

  • The University of Hawaii, Institute for Astronomy (IfA): The Mauna Kea Observatories
  • The W. M. Keck Foundation: The W. M. Keck Observatory

    Original vs. Inspiration
    Soylent Green
    OTEC HawaiiAl Khufrah OasisRectenna of Powersat Receiving Station
    Chris Jacobs Vertical Farm
    © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Incorporated, NASA Earth Observa- tory, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Space-based Solar Power, and Chris Jacobs

    Comment of the Day
    The desktop is dead. Long live the desktop.

    Investigations::AI, and Knowledge management
    living-e AG: Produkte und Marketing sind in weiten Teilen Imitationen von Produkten und Geschäftseinheiten der Christian Stroetmann GmbH. Denkt wirklich jemand in der Welt, dass SAP-Leute etwas selber machen?

    OntoLinux Website update
    We added to the Links to Software webpage the link:

  • SystemRescueCd

    Question of the Day
    Is Podracing still prohibited?

    Investigation::Car #16
    Ford: With its encouragement in nanotechnology, the Ford corporation shows a fifth time in 18 months, that it is not interested in following the laws.
    Proton→Lotus: With its new sportscar chassis and model (codename Project Eagle), Proton is trying to catch (intellectual) properties from the worldwide most creative and innovative corporation, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH.

    Telerob: Das Unternehmen für Fernhantierungstechnik hat nicht nur erste Anstrengungen in der Entwicklung von autonomen Robotern unternommen, sondern auch Räder an seine Maschinen montiert (Stichwort Stroetmann-Wheels und SRacer).

    Investigations::Avioncs, and Aerospace
    Talis Enterprise: Urplötzlich soll in Sachsen-Anhalt ein Weltraumbahnhof mit Shuttle-Service (Project Enterprise) entstehen. Hier liegt zum wiederholtesten Male eine totale sklavische Imitation unsere Konzepte vor (siehe unser News-Archiv).

    Investigation::Car #17
    Evonik (ehemals Degussa): Wir beobachten Degussa, jetzt Evonik, schon seit einigen Jahren. Nachdem wir uns gewundert haben, dass Degussa einen Vertrag mit einem amerikanischen Hersteller für elektronisches Papier geschlossen hatte (bis jetzt wurde aber kein Produkt angeboten) und dann auch noch der Name in Evonik geändert wurde (Stichwörter Ontonik, Bionik, Ontonics, Softbionics, ...) hat das Unternehmen erneut sklavische Imitation zugegeben: Sie sorgen dafür, dass Autos mit Strom fahren.

    Original vs. Inspiration
    Walt Disney Mickey and BeelzebubStar Wars JN-66Star Wars Guri
    © Walt Disney Company, Lucasfilm Ltd., and Wookieepedia

    Feature-list of the world wide leading High-technology Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux #1

    • 'MinCore' not bigger than 25 MByte, a memory footprint of 40 MByte, component-based/ module-based, and with consolidated dependencies (see L4, and Linux on L4)
    • Virtualization (see Linux on L4)
    • Multiprocessing (see Linux)
    • Parallel operating of graphic cards, and other multimedia cards from different manufacturers
    • Multimedia processing pipeline (see LARRI, AGENDA, RavenClaw/Olympus, and an upcoming document)
    • Touch-functionality
    • Sound enhancement
    • Shell enhancement (see open source shells)
    • 'Full Scripting' of the operating system functions (see e.g. Open Source Poplog™)
    • File system of the next generation with 'Data Flow', and boolean operators (not, and, or) for filtering while looking for data (see OntoFS)
    • Integration of a partition manager
    • 'Quick View' of the contents of files
    • Full customization of the taskbar with pop-out icons, now called 'Infoboard'
    • Wireles network awareness with improved connection tools and detections (see IEEE 802.11s, 802.11k, 802.11r, and 802.11w)
    • 'MultiWLAN', and 'Full Wi-Fi'
    • Sensor system
    • Integration of the Global Positioning System (GPS)
    • Backup system enhancement, and recovery system 'Time Engine'
    • Health Management System (HMS)
    • Thorough integration of Web 1.0 technology and content
    • Integration of Web 2.0 content like maps
    • Integration of gadgets into the internet browser
    • Integration of functions from the Mozilla Firefox® browser and the Mozilla Thunderbird® email, news and chat client
    • Visual analyzation of the performance and reliability of the High- technology Operating System
    • Integration of anti virus software
    • User centric migration of applications and data from one computing machine to another, even from a personal computer to a cell phone, or an automotive media center
    • User account control enhancement
    • Font manager, and XAML-fonts
    • Built-in spell checker
    • Animation of desktop icons
    • Gaming enhancement, and video game console integration
    • Cluster functionality

    We, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, have nothing to do with the mess of Oerlikon Contraves (english, deutsch). But we're watching at the corporation group since 2 years and it could be, that they have stolen our solution, and made mistakes while using it.

    There are also no connections with iRobot®, Metal Storm, or their iRobot® Warrior X700. We're the good ones you can trust in, and most important, our technology is much more superior and if needed even antimagnetic (see the Picture of the Day).

    Picture of the Day
    Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003)
    Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, T-X or Terminatrix, Gynoid#
    © Warner Bros. Entertainment

    The gynoid T-X or Terminatrix

  • is the main antagonist of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003),
  • is a composite based on the
    • endoskeleton of the T-800, the main antagonist of The Terminator (1984), and
    • "mimetic polyalloy" respectively onboard nanotechnology of the T-1000, the main antagonist of Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), with the ability to shapeshift similar to that of the T-1000, but only the cover of its endoskeleton,


  • features a built-in supply of more advanced nanobots in its fingers, which it can inject into other machines giving it remote control even over a less-advanced android.

    The image shows the T-X with its index finger morphed into an injection probe and pointing up.

    Comment of the Day
    We aren't certified for any kind of quality standards (eg. (DIN EN) ISO 9001, or AQAP 110/150), we are certifing, because:

    • As the world wide only corporation we reinvented Total Quality Management (TQM) and brought it on a totally new level;
    • In this context a certification would drive it ad absurdum; and
    • No corporation is able to deliver software or hardware with that kind of high-quality as we do.

    OntoLinux Website update
    In the Links to Software webpage we rearranged the section Visualization to another position.

    Original vs. Inspiration
    WalkerStar Wars AT-AT WalkerStar Wars MT-AT Walker
    Chris HolmesShakespeare
    © Walt Disney Company, Lucasfilm Ltd., Wookieepedia, Chris Holmes, and Jonathan Shakespeare
    The High-Tech Competence™

    OntoLinux Website update
    In the Links to Software webpage we added a new section called Mixed Reality.
    Into this new section we put the following links:

    • Hirokazu Kato, University of Washington, Human Interface Technology Laboratory (HIT Lab), University of Canterbury HIT Lab NZ, and ARToolworks: ARToolKit
    • AMIRE project: AMIRE - authoring mixed reality

    Feature-list of the world wide leading High-technology Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux #2

    • World wide first-of-its-kind operating system, that sets and establishes the new standards Web 3.0, Web 4.0, and Web 5.0 (every user gets an id, that starts with onto#)
    • Personal World Wide Web-based infrastructure, network, and virtual drive, that supports the user centric migration 'Max-Mig'™, synchronization 'Max-Sync'™ of applications and data, and communication (see NoMachine: NX)
    • Adaptive processing for reflecting the network quality and device capability
    • Proactive user support, that predicts the future by autonomous agent systems (see Ontobot)
    • Multimodal Multimedia User-Interface 'M2UI'™ (see Ontoscope, especially the integration of the desktop with Tulip)
    • 'AITouch'™ for intelligent screening devices
    • 'IPNav'™ (based on Galileo), 'IPGPS'™ (based on Global Positioning System), and 'IQNav'™ for mobile devices inside
    • Integration of functions from the WebKit
    • Advanced manager for devices
    • Advanced manager for applications
    • Dual licensed: OntoLinux is made available freely for non-commercial use under the GNU General Public License. [(This statement was only an announcement of an intention, that has been withdrawn with the OntoLix and OntoLinux Announcement of the 22nd of February 2013. Furthermore, this license would have covered only software source code that, as a matter of fact, has never been publicated by us.)] Commercial licenses of OntoLinux, then named OntoLix, are available for users who need another kind of license, require a higher level of support, or require customization. The commercial licenses are administered by the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, actually Moers, Germany.
    Webify™ your life, and Maximize the Mixing™.

    Comment and Picture of the Day
    The actual ranking in the first olympic disciplin 'Capture the flame':
    1. place: France
    2. place: Great Britain
    3. place: (Australia, or Japan - We're still waiting for the judges)
    Olympics Mexico 1968 Tommy Smith John Carlos
    © :(

    Investigation::Car 18
    Proton→Lotus: Lotus Engineering has created a new research & development group solely for electric and hybrid vehicles. They also did propose/steal (parts of) our synthetic methanol cycle.
    Rumor: "Power is expected to be sent through a Volkswagen gearbox and Lotus is said to be developing the car's active suspension." [A source, talking about "THE supercar"]

    "Unfortunately, Lego has advised us they do not value the Star Wars collector that buys Star Wars Lego as much as the Lego fan that buys Star Wars Lego." [rebelscum.com]
    Now, we know what kind of game the Lego group plays. Bad luck.

    The Linux Mark Institute confirmed receipt of our sublicense application on Sunday, the 27th of April, 2008, at 00:48:16 UTC.

    Comment of the Day
    SuperPower™ HighPower™ MegaPower™ MasterPower™ HighPowerCloud™ HyperCell™ HyperCloud™ HyperCluster™ HyperDome™ HypERP™ HyperHA™ HyperVM™ HyperScale™ HyperSight™
    Driving Force™ Prime Mover™ Possessing Power™
    Creativity par excellence™ Innovation par excellence™ Hightech par excellence™

    Comment of the Day
    RollinRoo™ HyperRazor™ SuperRazor™
    Speed at Heart™ Genius in Motion™ Mobile Kognition™ Mobile Cognition™
    HighTechtoYou™ HighTech2You™ HighTechforYou™ HighTech4You™

    Mit unseren Divisionen Ontologics® OntoLinux™, Roboticle™ und Softbionics™ konnten wir, die Christian Stroetmann GmbH, praktisch im Durchmarsch und Alleingang die weltweite Führung im Bereich mobiler Roboter übernehmen. So ist es trotz massiver sklavischer Imitation anderen Unternehmen und Forschungsinstituten nicht gelungen einen mobilen kognitiven Roboter zu konstruieren. Wir danken Ihnen für Ihr Vertrauen und garantieren: Das war nur der Prolog zum warm werden!
    Die Hightech-Kompetenz™

    Originals 2003-2004
    SOS Motorrad 0001SOS Motorrad 0002b
    SOS Motorrad 0001-0002-0001SOS Motorrad 0001-0002-00044SOS Motorrad 0001-0002-0006
    SOS Motorrad 0001-Indian001SOS Motorrad 0001-Tron003
    SOS Motorrad 0003SOS Motorrad 0003bSOS Motorrad 0005b
    SOS Motorrad 0004 redblackSOS Motorrad 0004 redblackSOS Motorrad 0004 redblack
    SOS SRacer 0004bSOS SRacer 0004SOS SRacer 0005
    SOS SRacer 0003SOS SRacer 0006SOS SRacer 0007
    SOS SRacer 1111SOS SRacer a1SOS SRacer 0002-0001
    © Style of Speed

    Feature-list of the world wide leading High-technology Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux #3

    • With OntoLinux a robot is able to recognize itself in reflecting surfaces (eg. mirror). :0

    Comment of the Day
    Beauty beast™

    Announcement #1 7:00 am
    SOS Raptor: If you really want a totally re- and overworked Porsche (987 Cayman) Hightech-Bi-Turbo with a weigth of 1300 KG, 1000 HP/735 KW, 1100 Nm, Vmax 410 km/h/255 MPH, and everything, that makes you 'OOOHHH, AAAHHH, YEEES', then simply drop an e-mail to raptor@styleofspeed.com.
    Komm' schon, Du willst es doch auch.

    Announcement #2 7:00 am
    SOS BB (BEAUTY BEAST): Totally re- and overworked VW Scirocco by the Speedgeek™ with an astonishing W12 mid-mounted full-blown Hightech-Bi-Turbo 6.66-liter engine, and many more breath-taking features. (For the insiders: It is the Golf GTI W12-650 as a street legal Scirocco with every luxury, and more top secrets from Style of Speed.)
    Wir können noch härter.

    Investigation::Car #19
    Gumpert: "An Apollo racecar will pair a 630-horsepower twin-turbo 3.3-liter V8, sourced from Audi, with a 134-hp electric motor and a battery pack that will be recharged by regenerative braking." [A source]

    Daimler→Mercedes→AMG: AMG speculates about Hybrid.

    © and/or ® 2008-2012
    Christian Stroetmann GmbH