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Comment of the Day
Graphene fuel cell™
Graphene accu™
Graphene motor™

We have found an electric sports car that has "twin [Direct Current (]DC[)] motors, each mounted to single-speed[/ratio] aluminum gearboxes that transmit power to the rear wheels via equal-length driveshafts". "It's electronic control system coordinates all power-related functions and provides regenerative braking and traction control[, also known as Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR) at that time].", [A car manufacturer, press release, 1997]. "Electronic controls regulate the torque on the rear-wheels, eliminating the need for a convent- ional differential [..., that was not meant in conjunction with torque vectoring, but only with the working of a common differential.].", [Chicago Tribune, report "Electric [Sports Car] Turns Heads, Hearts", 1997]. What we added to such an electric drivetrain configuration with the development of our Active Differential #2 are further drive assistance systems like an Electronic Stability Program (ESP), a Torque Vectoring System (TVS), an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), and also the interplay of all these systems together with an energy recovery system, as well as the All-Wheel Drive (AWD) configuration best represented by the electric quattro®©.

Website update
We have deleted the trademark electric supercar and updated the website accordingly.
Also, we have to update the website due to the recently found historical facts about a specific electric drivetrain that is strongly related with our Active Differential #2 by Style of Speed (see the Clarification above).

Ontonics Website update
We added the features of incremental checking and repairing to the description of our SASOS4Fun.

Also, we have started some new projects that are the:

  • Graphene Fuel Cell,
  • Graphene Accumulator, and
  • Graphene (Electric) Motor,

    which are based on the application of the two-dimensional material graphene and exploit the specific characteristics of this special carbon composition, like its one-atom thickness, strength, very light weight, excellent electric controlability and conductivity of up to 1,000 times higher in comparison to other materials commonly used in electronics, as well as very low thermal conductivity.

    Ontonics and intelliTablet Further steps
    We have developed a new extension for tablet computers that is a pouch made out of different materials like protective plastic or grippy silicone and has integrated push buttons for the control of the device or/and the user interface. The pouch can also be used with mobile phones, ebooks, and other mobile devices.

    intelliTablet Further steps One Tablet Per Child (OTPC) and One Pad Per Child (OPPC/OP²C) #9
    We are pleased to set the first price on the XOX Tablet (see also the Further steps OTPC and OP²C #8 of the 14.January.2013), that features 7" display with a resolution of 800×480 native and 1024×786 full, and multi-touch, 1.0 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, 4 GB internal flash memory, web cam, lithium-ion polymer accu with 3,700 mAh, WLAN, slots for Mini HDMI, Mini USB, and MicroSD Card up to 32GB, earphone jack, and a removable grippy silicone pouch without or with our new integrated push buttons, of 100 euro/132 U.S. dollar. We are sure that we can bring down the price by around 5% for a bulk discount of 1,000 mobile devices.

    OntoLinux Further steps
    While looking around on the website of Blender we thought about an integration of it with the Sugar learning environment called Sugar Blend, Spun Sugar, or Cotton Candy (see the similar projects listed in the Collaborative Virtual Environment of the webpage Links to Software).

    Comment of the Day
    Graphene battery™
    Graphene batterie™
    Graphene cap™
    Graphene fiber™
    Graphene fibre™
    Graphene plastic™
    Graphene wood™
    Graphene hemp™
    Graphene bamboo™
    Graphene coconut™

    Ontonics Website update
    We added the new project:

  • Auxetics NG 2:22 CET an
  • NanoAuxetics 2:32 CET

    to the Innovation-Piopeline.

    We also added the new subsection Graphene Fiber and the related projects:

  • Graphene Wood,
  • Graphene Hemp,
  • Graphene Bamboo, and
  • Graphene Coconut.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    It is sketch time at SOS with the BS R, RS, or Cup.

    Volkswagen BlueSport Concept ∧ Porsche Boxster → SOS Bowster BS RS SketchVolkswagen BlueSport Concept ∧ Porsche Boxster → SOS Boxster BS R Sketch
    © Volkswagen and Style of Speed


  • BlackBerry: For sure and not expected otherwise, that company formerly known as Research in Motion has stolen intellectual properties owned by us for its new operating system that was presented recently. In detail, it has stolen the feature of learning the habits of a user of our OntoLinux system, specifically the point "simplifing the interface to machines by giving the user helpful recommendations" listed on the webpage Ontologic Applications, and the essential feature of our new approach of the Votography, which was described by us as follows: "[...] in a specified situation a movie/video for an individually adjusted time period, that is limited by the size of the storage media. With the shutter release button only the time or the time frame is marked when a single image or a series of images has been captured that is of interest." While in relation with the said operating system by that criminal company the first feature is actually related with the virtual keyboard of one smartphone that gives learned words as recommendations while the user is typing, the second feature is exactly what we described and explained in the media in such a way that a timeframe is saved before and after the shutter release button of the camera is pushed, so that later a user can chose a single photo.

    We demand the worldwide media not to report about the features of learning the habits of a user and grabbing photos made by the camera in a time frame of the operating system by the company Black Berry, because it has deliberately infringed our copyright related with our OntoLinux system and our approach of the Votography.
    Wir fordern die weltweiten Medien auf nicht über die Eigenschaften des Lernens von Gewohnheiten einer/eines BenutzerIn und des Aufnehmens von Fotos durch die Kamera in einem Zeitfensters des Betriebssystems des Unternehmens Black Berry zu berichten, da es vorsätzlich unser Urheberrecht in Zusammenhang mit unserem OntoLinux-System und unserem Ansatz der Votografie verletzt hat.

    We demand the prosecutors in the U.S.A. and the European Union to take decisive actions against the company Black Berry due to deliberately conducted copyright infringements, charging license fees for our intellectual properties from third parties, and market manipulations.
    We demand the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to seize the related webpages of the company Black Berry in the internet immediately that are related with our solutions named above.
    Wir fordern die Staatsanwaltschaft in der B.R.D. auf entschlossene Maßnahmen gegen das Unternehmen Black Berry wegen vorsätzlich begangener Urheberrechtsverletzungen, Erhebung von Lizenzgebühren für unser geistiges Eigentum von Dritten und Marktmanipulationen zu ergreifen.
    Wir fordern auch Web-Seiten des Unternehmen Black Berry im Internetz sofort zu beschlagnahmen, die mit unseren oben genannten Lösungen in Zusammenhang stehen.

  • British Broadcasting Corporation: For sure and not expected otherwise, that serious criminal media company reported once again about a company that has stolen intellectual properties owened by us in a deliberately way as it could be proved by the attempt to describe our Votography approach in slightly different way that is in the exact wording "learning the users input done with the virtual keyboard" and "pictures are saved before and after the shutter release button of the camera is pushed" (see the case of the company Black Berry above).

    Said this, it is proved again that that media company supports criminal entities, especially those that are stealing our intellectual properties, and that the prosecutors in the U.K. are not acting, so that further criminal activities are predetermined.

    Comment of the Day
    Storage in the Cloud™
    Meta cloud
    Brokered cloud™
    Brokered network™
    Meta peer-to-peer™
    Brokered peer-to-peer™
    Managed peer-to-peer™
    Meta storage™
    Peer-to-Peer storage™
    Peer-to-Peer cloud storage™
    Peer-to-Peer data storage™
    Meta P2P™
    Brokered P2P™
    Managed P2P™
    P2P storage™
    P2P cloud storage™
    P2P data storage™

    Ontonics Website update
    We added the old project:

  • Brokered Network,

    and the new projects:

  • Storage in the Cloud and
  • Managed Peer-to-Peer (MP2P).

    intelliTablet Further steps One Tablet Per Child (OTPC) and One Pad Per Child (OPPC/OP²C) #10
    As we said already on the 12th of January 2013, we do not want to have brain washing advertisements, pupils as perfected advertising pillars, and stolen learning environments/systems in the school, as well as learning environments/systems that are controlled by the usual large companies. So for sure, we will not install the original interface between the Sugar Journal of the Sugar Learning Environ- ment and several well known on-line services, like a social network and a cloud storage service by two of the largest companies that are only interested in the advertisement market and "selling advert- ising space", which are implemented now. Instead, we will replace the internet addresses to better alternatives as part of our original School in the Cloud concept, so that we can do what the others have given up and protect the children against marketing activities, because otherwise they are only handed over helplessly without a free choice and possibility of avoidance.


  • Sugar Labs: We have seen in e-mails that the basic components of our School in the Cloud approach, which is based on epistemology and cloud computing, should be implemented for its learning environment (follow the links to Grid Computing Info Centre (GRID Infoware) and OpenStack on the webpage Links to Software to find the references; see also the intelliTablet Further steps One Tablet Per Child (OTPC) and One Pad Per Child (OPPC/OP²C) above).

    *** Proof-reading and Translation mode ***
    Investigations::Multimedia and Car #377

  • Allgemeine Deutsche Automobil-Club e. V.: Despite our very clearly formulated demand not to report about the illegally copied concepts of our Active Cam(era) and our Active Sensor based on our Ontoscope architecture, as well as their interplay as Active Components by the Active Control Management System based on the OntoLinux architecture, done by the marque Daimler→Mercedes-Benz (see the case of the marque Mercedes-Benz in den Investigations::Multimedia and Car #371 of the 2nd of January 2013), the automobile club has reported about it in its actual issue of its club magazine and hence once again imputed our innovations to another company, as expected by us (see also its case in the Investigations::Multimedia and Car #371 of the 2nd of January 2013), the public misleaded, and caused great harm to our corporation as well as C.S.' reputation. For this, the taking of innovation by the vehicle manufacturer was even honored by an award of the society for innovation and environment, and the related report with the copyright infringement documented here captioned "Die Besten Konzepte==The best concepts" after our slogans like "It's Best" and Drive Best" as well as the slogan "Das Beste oder Nichts==The Best or Nothing" derived from us by the marque. Additionally, the whole thing was camouflaged in a brake assistance system copied from our Active Component concept, so that it can't be recognized only by this acting and the following formulations quoted out of the related report that indeed it is about our component and application concepts, but also that it has been acted methodically and hence with intention, and even in revenge. We quote: [The translation of the quotes and comments follows but most of the links point to english documentations, so that it should be easy to understand the whole case easily even without them.]
    Trotz unserer klaren Aufforderung nicht über die von der Marke Daimler→Mercedes-Benz illegal kopierten Konzepte unserer aktiven Kamera==Active Cam(era) und unseren aktiven Sensoren==Active Sensor, die auf unserer Ontoskoparchitektur basieren, sowie deren Zusammenspiel als intelligente, (kognitive,) aktive Komponenten==Active Components durch das akjive Kontrollmanagementsystem==Active Control Management System auf der Grundlage unserer OntoLinux-Architektur zu berichten (siehe den Fall der Marke in den Investigations::Multimedia and Car #371 vom 2. Januar 2013), hat der Automobilclub doch in seiner aktuellen Ausgabe seines Clubmagazins darüber berichtet und somit schon wieder einem anderen Unternehmen unsere Innovationen angedichtet, wie von uns erwartet (siehe seinen Fall auch in den Investigations::Multimedia and Car #371 vom 2. Januar 2013), die Öffentlichkeit in die Irre geführt und unserem Unternehmen als auch der Reputation von C.S. einen großen Schaden zugefügt. Dazu wurde der Innovationsdiebstahl des Fahrzeugherstellers auch noch mit einem Preis des Vereins für Innovation und Umwelt honoriert und der zugehörige Bericht mit der hier dokumentierte Urheberrechtsverletzung gemäß unseren Werbesprüchen wie "Ist Bestens" und Drive Best" sowie dem von uns abgeleiteten Slogan "Das Beste oder Nichts" der Marke und mit "Die Besten Konzepte" betitelt. Das ganze hat man zudem in ein von unserem aktiven Komponentenkonzept kopierten Bremsassistenzsystem getarnt, sodass man anhand der Vorgehensweise und der folgenden Formulierung nicht nur erkennen kann, dass es sich in der Tat um unsere Komponenten- und Anwendungskonzepte handelt, sondern dass auch methodisch und somit mit Vorsatz und sogar aus Rache gehandelt wurde. Wir zitieren: "[...] Bremsassistent BAS Plus mit Kreuzungsassistent [...]", "Der vorausschauende Bremsassistent BAS Plus nutzt zusätzliche Radartechnik und errechnet [...] um eine Kollision zu vermeiden. [Hier haben wir die proaktive Eigenschaft unseres OntoLinux-Systems und unserer aktiven Komponenten. Wir haben es seinerzeit in den Beschreibungen des Ontologic-Systemeigenschaftspakets/-programms AutoSemantic::Car mit dem Punkt "proaktive Fahrt/sagt Zukunft voraus", Active Cam(era) "With this technology land vehicles are getting the skills of seeing like many different animals combined in one unit. And in the interplay with a brain like system powered by OntoLinux and the Ontologic System feature package AutoSemantic::Car the results are undescribable.", was zudem auch die Anwendung eines Bremsassistenten umfasst, denn zum einen wird ein intelligentes System dieser Art immer versuchen durch vorausschauendes Handeln Gefahren wie Kollisionen zu vermeiden und zum anderen ist es mehr als klar, dass das Active Control Management System auch die bereits vorhandenen und deshalb nicht explizit aufgeführten Fahrhilfssysteme, wie das Anti-BlockierSystem (ABS), innerhalb eines Gesamtsystems steuert, und aktive Traktion==Active Trac "system is designed to process also data gained with the other Active Sensors like the Active Camera while moving a vehicle in a proactive way" versteckt, die selbstverständlich im Zusammenhang mit dem ganzheitlichen Konzept unserer aktiven Komponente zu verstehen sind, also mit der zugehörigen allgemeinen Beschreibung "ground laying and trend setting features and functions [...] integrated intelligent controls, and foundational functionality for creating much greater and complexer integrated active systems out of the single Active Units". Fachleute aus dem Bereich der Informatik und dem Ingineurswesen aber auch von Fachmagazinen verstehen dies ohne Probleme.]", "In der neuen [Fahrzeugmodelllinie], die Mitte 2013 vorgestellt wurde, geht [die Marke] noch einen Schritt weiter: Eine neuartige Stereokamera hinter der Windschutzscheibe erkennt mit einer ausgeklügelten Bildverarbeitung sogar querrende Fahrzeuge. Zusammen mit einem System aus Nah-, Mittel- und Fernberreichsradar analysiert die Technik die Verkehrssituation [...] [Wie schon gesagt, haben wir den Fall der Marke Daimler→Mercedes-Benz in den Investigations::Multimedia and Car #371 vom 2. Januar 2013 dokumentiert aus dem klar erkennbar ist, dass nicht Mercedes-Benz, sondern wir diesen Innovationsschritt getan haben. Mit dieser Formulierung wird auch eindeutig, dass es sich um ein neuartiges System und nicht um die Stanley-Konfiguration handelt (siehe die Clarification vom 24. November 2012 und vom 7. Januar 2013) und somit nur unser Ontoskop beziehungsweise unsere aktive Kamera sein kann, die selbstverständlich auch dynamische Prozesse erfassen können, wie man leicht auf der die Web-Seite unseres Calibers/Calibres/ feststellten kann, da wir hier nicht nur den Bezug zum Raum, sondern auch zur Zeit hergestellt haben, zudem dass man unsere Ausführungen bezüglich der verschiedenen Frequenzbereich aus den vorher genannten Klarstellungen vom 24. November 2012 und vom 7. Januar 2013, den Investigations::Multimedia, Robotics and Car #372 Special vom 8. Januar 2013 und den Fall des Unternehmens TRW Automotive (siehe die Investigations::Car #375 vom 25. Januar 2013) hat einfließen lassen, als auch nebenbei auf unsere Werbesprüche "Wir halten Fortschritt" und "2 Steps Ahead" angespielt und zudem erkennbar ist, dass man hier zwar nicht explizit sagt, dass das System von dem Automobilhersteller entwickelt wurde, aber man gibt ganz klar den Eindruch und wir wurden auch nicht referenziert. Somit haben wir ein weitere Indizien für die Urheberrechtsverletzung, die Irreführung des öffentlichen Publikums und den destruktiven und schädlichen Eingriff in den Markt.]" und "[...] könnten [...] zwölf Prozent aller Kreuzungsunfälle mit Personenschaden vermieden oder in ihrer Schwere gemindert werden [...] jährlich 10.000 Unfällle [Offensichtlich gibt es einen kleinen Unterschied zwischen dem System von Daimler und unserem: Während es bei dem kopierten System immer noch zu Unfällen kommen kann, haben wir von Anfang selbst diesen Teil unseres originalen intelligenten, kognitiven und aktiven Komponentensystem so entworfen, dass es praktisch keine Kollisionen geben wird. Das wären dann eben einmal 83.333 vermiedene Unfälle, was selbstverständlich bei bei der schlechteren als auch der originalen Variante ausschließlich für unsere einzigartige Kompetenz spricht. Anscheinend hat man nicht das beste Konzept weder seinem Vehikel auf der einen Seite noch auf der anderen Seitebei der Preisverleihung prämiert.]".
    In einem weiteren Fall wurde einem Hersteller das sogenannte Downsizing angedichtet, was so nicht ganz richtig ist, denn es wurde in der Tat ein Dieselmotor mit Kompressor und Turbolader entwickelt, aber das Verkleinern des Hubraums, insbesonder von Benzinmotoren, war nicht das eigentlich Ziel des Herstellers, sondern das Steigern der Sparsamkeit der Motoren. Trends in diesem Bereich haben unter anderem wir von Style of Speed mit Benzin-, Bioethanol- und Biogasmotoren mit Turbolader und Kompressor wieder einmal gesetzt und zwar unter anderem mit unserem Stroetmann-Kompressor, der modularen Architektur zusammengesetzter Aufladungssysteme==Modular Architecture of Compound Forced Induction Systems für Turbolader und Kompressoren, sowie der intelligenten Integration solcher Aufladungssysteme mit Energierückgewinnungssysteme auf der Grundlage unseres ECAN/EnergyCAN/PowerCAN/Energiebus (siehe auch den Fall des Herstellers Volkswagen in den Investigations::Car #375 vom 25. Januar 2013).

    Wir fordern den ADAC auf sofort Gegendarstellungen zu veröffentlichen, den Preis von dem Hersteller Daimler wieder einzuziehen und sämtliche illegalen Publikationen zu vernichten.

    Des Weiteren müssen wir die Staatsanwaltschaft München ein weiteres Mal auffordern gegen den Allgemeine Deutsche Automobil-Club e. V. als auch eventuellen Partnerunternehmen aus dem Automobilbau aber auch der Finanz- und Versicherungsbranchen umfassende Untersuchungen einzuleiten.

  • Tesla Motors: The manufacture integrated a large tablet computer into the center console, which so far is not the problem. But it has stolen our concept of a freely programmable user interface for such a solution that in our case is called Car-X Window System™ and derived from the same-named X Window System of the X.Org Foundation and the freedesktop.org community. But what we directly saw, when the company presented a picture of the prototyp the first time some years ago, is the problem that a large tablet or pad computer does not fit at this position, which led to the development of our e-dashboard.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Channel computing™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Eat more money."

    Comment of the Day #3
    "Ich hatte immer Recht, Ich fordere mein Recht und Ich bekomme mein Recht!!!"
    So oder So.

    Ontonics Website update
    We added the quite new project:

  • Channel Computing.

    Ontonics and OntoLinux Further steps
    We are looking once again at open source software in the field of social networking and came the website of Friendica that is (L)AMP based, has an interesting collection of support features for federation and communication protocols, and would fit very well with our Managed Peer-to-Peer (MP2P) approach, which adds cloud computing, inclusive the Castle in the Cloud approach.


  • Zweites Deutsches Fernsehn: Das ZDF bildet wieder einmal Inhalte unserer Web-Auftritte methodisch ab, sodass das Interesse der Öffentlichkeit an unserem Unternehmen vorbei geleitet werden soll, unserer innovativen Handlungen anderen Entitäten angedichtet werden und selbstverständlich mit Vorsatz unserem Unternehmen und der Reputation von C.S. Schaden zugefügt. Diesmal wurde im Morgenmagazin eine "revolutionäre Serie" über das "3D-Drucken" im eigenen Heim==3D Print/Fab@Home begonnen und als neue Technik mit "visionären" Anwendungen und Auswirkungen ausgestrahlt und dazu selbstverständlich ein Wissenschaftler des Fraunhofer Instituts sowie ein paar Kellerkinder die eine offene 3D-Druckerplattform aus wiedergewonnen Resten versuchen herzustellen, die im Gegensatz zu uns erst in den letzten Jahren auf den fahrenden Zug der mittlerweile über 10 Jahre alten Technologiebewegung aufgesprungen sind. Hier werden nicht nur exakt unsere Sprachakte kopiert, sondern auch die Serie über einige unserer revolutionären Innovationen (siehe zum Beispiel Wer hat's erfunden? vom 30. Dezember 2012, insbesondere den Punkt #22 vom 18. Dezember 2012), sowie der Abschnitt Rapid Prototyping Machine von der Web-Seite Links to Hardware. Wir weisen außerdem noch einmal auf die Klarstellung vom ... hin, in der wir explizit festgehalten haben das 3D Kameras, inklusive der Module in mobilen Geräten, und 3D-Drucken bereits von uns im Jahr 2007 mit dem Web-Auftritt von OntoLinux vorgestellt wurden und in diesem Zusammenhang auch Techniken wie zum Beispiel die bildbasierte Synthese==Image-Based Rendering (IBR) genannt wurden.

    Comment of the Day
    "Für die schämen wir uns überhaupt nicht.", [C.S., Heute]
    "We do not feel ashamed for her at all.", [C.S., Today]
    Meant was the minister of education and research of the government of the B.R.D.

    A new strategy makes its rounds since at least 2 years or even longer for getting out of the duty to request a license from us for the usage of our intellectual properties, that is to describe specific applications of our technologies, as it could be seen with our Active Components, our Space@Car technology, and our electronic (Laminat- ed) SafetyGlass (eLSG) for example. Sadly to say for defrauding entities, we will only give a license to an entity, if the rights for such applications as well as implemented applications, which are presented following this cheap strategy, will be given to us for free as a further compensation of damage done, or otherwise no basic technology and so no application of the technology. For sure, we will investigate each single application, so that we can guarantee that we do act correctly to those entities that worked legally. Not referencing our technology in a description of an application will be ruled as an illegal act in general. Additionally, if a defrauding act has been conducted, then the license will be adjusted to the height of the option that demands no referencing, but then with referencing.
    Moreover, we also said that licensees have to attest our claims, if no evidence to the contrary can be presented, and we will set our license individually and this in such a way that we will get our license fee as well as the penalty on the same level for the attempt to challenge us for our intellectual properties or even to steal them. So or So. Furthermore, we will always set corresponding measures, that guarantee our right and our fair share of the value-added chain, like the before announced ignoring of the 3-years time limit for making a claim for compensation connected with copyright infringements. Also, the cheap attempts of all manufacturers to construct doubtful solutions and loop holes together with universities, other research institutes or whoever led to nowhere, because for sufficiently many solutions the proofs are too evident, so that it becomes clear that indeed they are our solutions, that indeed it has been even acted organized in groups and herstellerübergreifenden networks, and that as a matter of fact we have enough weight and a long enough lever. Hopefully, it has been understood as well, why it is also irrelevant for us if we write our description in English or another language. What is more, the further die weitere Weigerung unserem Recht Geltung zu geben führt zu keinem Ziel, denn wir werden immer ein Unternehmen finden, das bereits ist mit oder für uns zu arbeiten, und spätestens wenn man feststellt, dass unsere Vehikel Alleinstellungsmerkmale aufweisen, werden alle eine Reihe bilden.

    By the way: We do know that besides many other entitites, also the FBI, the DARPA, the NASA, universities and research institutes, as well as small and large IT-companies, and even single software project members have backups of our websites saved in their data archives, which we can compare with our distributed backups to certify that their dates and contents are correct, if needed at all, and to prove that our claims are correct. In general, collaborations are connected to certifications of all of our correct claims.

    Syle of Speed Website update
    We have published the new websites of the recently announced conversions based on the models Boxster and Cayman by the marque Volkswagen→Porsche with technology of the model Golf by the factory:

  • Cayman C2 and C4, and
  • Boxster BS.

    OntoLinux Clarification
    We will not work together with the company Canonical, because it has stolen from our website in the past, like a special distribution for multimedia artists that follows the related sections of our webpages Components and Links to Software, not surprisingly something called Calibre, the connection of Debian and Android hardware drivers, the software architecture that fits for the most of device classes, and surely much more, and we are also sure that he tries to steal our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface of OntoLinux since some months, as we already have the impression by looking at the latest developments around its announced display manager and other technical details (see once again the case of this company in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 3rd of January 2013). In this conjunction, we acknowledge that we have taken note of the arguments by the Debian foundation in this case, but what we missed is the insight that the founder of the company has perverted the facts and the development processes, and in this way created an obsolete dependency that the Debian community does not need to tolerate at all. Said this, we demand the Debian foundation to stop the collaboration with the company Canonical immediately, because the Linux® kernel based distribution always was, still is, and will be a sure-fire success.

    Running Gag of the Decade
    "Wer auch immer, sie oder er genießt mein volles Vertrauen.", [Angela Merkel im Wortlaut, Immer öfters]

    Comment of the Day
    "Currywurst, ich liebe es.™"
    Mit jedem Besuch von McDonald's finanzieren sie den FußballClub (FC) Bayern München, denn man is(s)t ja nicht McDoof.

    Syle of Speed Website update
    We are pleased to present the announced total overworks of the model Aventador by the marque Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini to further ultra speed hammers with the:

  • LP777 and LP999 Beauty Beast (BB)
  • LP1011 Jota, aka. SuperVeloce (SV), and the ultimate
  • LP1311 and LP1611 SuperElemento.

    for celebrating our 15 years of redefinition of the marque Lamborghini and its 50th anniversary.

    We do it first. We do it hardest. We do it best.
    As usual.

    Comment of the Day
    "The true game has just begun only."

    OntoLab and OntoLinux Further steps
    In conjunction with our informations given in the OntoLab and OntoLinux Further steps of the 25th of October 2012 related with our development of a Modern User Interface (Modern UI) and the compositor protocol respectively display server framework Wayland, we would like to clarify the following at first: If we say desktop, then we mean the main window of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that can't be closed and is shown on the display of a device, aka. surface recently, which can be stationary or mobil. Also, with the term desktop environment framework we surely mean something that is related with a toolkit on the one hand and connected to a display or window server, compositor, manager or whatever term fits in this context on the other hand. In this context we would also like to mention the connection of the compositor protocol respectively display server framework Wayland and the toolkit Clutter, though in contrast to our OntoScope software component and the already existing and mentioned connection of Wayland with the Qt toolkit in a 3D environment, the Wayland based Clutter compositor is a 2D environment with a scene graph and the support by the 3D hardware and related 3D software stack. Said this, developers do know our direction now, and we do think that the well ordered software protocol architecture of our overall core compositor or shell design is also pre-designed by the given informations with the focus obviously layed on the basic structure and the available support by the hardware. Also, XML support is mandatory, but not really a very specific markup language.

    Syle of Speed Website update
    And while we were already at this marque, we directly published the new webpage of our:

  • Murciélago III.

    Comment of the Day

    Comment of the Day #1

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Arab Spring 2.0"

    Comment of the Day #3

    OntoLinux Further steps
    In the discussion about the development of a core shell for the display server framework respectively compositor protocol Wayland we would like to mention the following:
    Firstly, you have to look at the wayland core shell from the hardware side and not from the application side, which is the opposite direction.
    Secondly, point 1 shows that there can't be a core that fits for all devices and applications, but a quick look on the different versions of Java shows one way of solution.
    Thirdly, a quick look on other developments like Clutter, webOS, and Tizen shows our direction that utilizes XML for handling the complex specification, configuration, and flexibilization of the different shells as well as of the basic toolkit features used for the different user interface environments of a desktop personal computer, a tablet and pad computer, a television, a phone, or an IVI.
    Once again, the focus must be laid on the structure of the software architecture that follows the interfaces of the hardware (the drivers and supporting libraries) available and the vast possibilities of known and unknown applications.

    Comment of the Day
    Catalyzing forced induction™
    Catalyzing supercharger™
    Catalyzing turbocharger™
    Electrolyzing forced induction™
    Electrolyzing supercharger™
    Electrolyzing turbocharger™

    Ontonics Website update
    We added the different versions of our new technologies of the Catalyzing and Electrolyzing Forced Induction called:

  • Catalyzing Supercharger 7:17 CET,
  • Catalyzing Turbocharger 7:17 CET,
  • Electrolyzing Supercharger 7:17 CET, and
  • Electrolyzing Turbocharger 7:17 CET

    to so the Innovation-Pipeline.

    We also added the description of the

  • NanoCat 22:11 CET.

    We also added to the description of our NanoNG the beautifying sentence about basic solutions and integrated nanostructured systems.

    Investigations::Multimedia, AI and Knowledge management

  • Government of the Eurpean Union: The European Commission has announced two so-called Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) flagships. One of it is the Human Brain Project (see also its cases respectively of the European Comission in the Investigations and Investigations::Robotics of the 28th of May 2010, the OntoLinux Website update of the 10th of May 2011, as well as the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, and Robotics of the same day and 21st of May 2011, and Investigations::Multimedia, Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge management, Robotics, Aviation and Space of the 28th of January 2012, and the Investigations::Multimedia, AI and Knowledge management of the 3rd of October 2012). In terms of computing, knowledge about the brain is expected to result in highly scalable and configurable hardware that mimics neuro-biological architectures by incorporating principles of brain cognition and computation. The researchers expect these new technologies to "turn supercomputers into interactive instruments for data-intensive applications, allow the development of intelligent computing and communications devices, provide new solutions to critical challenges in power consumption, reliability and programmability and drive a paradigm shift for next-generation computing." Obviously, this is once again reflecting our activities and also supporting serious criminal entities to steal our intellectual properties, as it could be seen and as we have documented many times in the last years (see the links given above). In fact, one of our concept is to transfer the basic softbionic principles of Artificial Intelligence and OntoLinux™ to hardware systems, which follow the brain by creating and destructing nodes and connections between them or use techniques that mimics the working of neural networks for example, as we already begun in our hightech business office Ontonics™ our OntoLab™ some years ago with the design of our Neural Net Cores™ and Neural Net CPUs™ without and with HyperCube™ geometry based on multicore chip architectures, and also with the macro brains out of nano brains by our ParionicsNG that are further revolutionary innovations.
    The other flagship is Graphene Project, that is said to be related with electronics, but we found out that also one prominent application is the Brain Computer Interface (BCI), and on the other hand points as well to many highly innovative and creative projects of Ontonics™ and the OntoLab™, like for example again ParionicsNG, specifically ParioWear and ParioBeauty, flying devices, specifically Backpack Wing, Backpack Fancopter, Backpack Exocopter, and Exocopter, Human Enhancement and Cyborgs, like the Brain Computer Interface (BCI) connencted as well with OntoLinux, so that we even have a connection of both FET flagships, Orbis, Orbis 2.0, and Orbis Rendering/Synthesis, Cyber Eye, Cyber Ear, and Cyber Finger.
    In the end, we will catch all of the defrauding entities like corporations that have participated or/and will participate in the related research projects and bring them to the courts. The judgements will be high, because we have here deliberately conducted and organized crimes.

    Comment of the Day

    Ontoscope Further steps
    We are pleased to announce our new Ontoman, aka. OntoPod and MultiPod, which is a multimedia device that comes in many different versions that are based on our Ontoscope, Ontoboy and Ontogirl, Retinascope, and P@d architectures, as well as our display techno- logies, and in different scales (nano, micro, and mini), but has no case anymore that is collapsible/foldable (e.g. butterfly mechanism), as the old version. Especially the 3-dimensional and hapticle pres- entation of multimedia contents, as well as the different possibilities of interaction and also of utilization belong to their outstanding features.

    Ontonics Website update
    Just for complementing the technologies we added the new projects:

  • Catalyzing Exhaust System, and
  • Electrolyzing Exhaust System.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    It's doodle time at SOS with the Boxster BS again. Now, our readers can imagine more of the concept, as the model develops.

    Volkswagen BlueSport Concept ∧ Porsche Boxster → SOS Boxster BS
    © Volkswagen and Style of Speed

    ARD and ZDF→3Sat, and ORF: A film has been shown, that the broadcasters have comissioned in the year 2010 and that is related to a project about "Genie und Geometrie==genius and geometry", astrology and astronomy, as well as up to 7000 years old circular enclosures and similar cultic site, and also about many connections to other points, like the pyramids in Egypt, spirals (see the Originals of the 22nd of September 2009), the simultaneous observation and emphasis of the sun and the moon respectively celestial bodies that are visible at day and at night and their cycles, "God as an/the geometer/architect"/builder/craftsman from the frontispiece of the Bible Moralisée "Codex Vindobonensis 2554", which not surprisingly is used as the first color illustration to Benoit B. Mandelbrot's book "The Fractal Geometry of Nature" (see once again the Originals of the 22nd of September 2009, especially the comment and question below the sketches, and also the chapters 3.2 Funktionsweise eines Gehirns, 8.1 Recherche, and 8.2.1 "Bestäubung" der Hardware of The Propsal and the chapters 2.3.4 Interpersionen, its The Prototyp, and the section Algorithmic/Generative/Evolutionary/Organic ... Art/Science of the webpage Links to Software of the website of OntoLinux), and leads directly to the Nebra sky disk, the temple knights (see the Image of the Day of the 29th of May 2009), the subjects of informatics and design, the Lego connecting system, and also the image "Evidence", that we referenced our explanations related with the logo of Ontologics and the control cycle of Ontonics among others or have been mentioned and shown on our website. It is more than obvious, that the logo of Ontologics together with our explanations and further contents of our websites have not been taken by the filmmaker as inspiration and blueprint only, but were also stolen from our websites without any doubt, which surely means that our copyright has been infringed in this way. In this conjunction it is no wonder as well anymore, that the portal of a circular enclosure, which was reconstructed at Heldenberg, Austria, in the year 2005 and discussed fully in the movie ausführlich, has not only depicted 3 suns on the crossbeam, but also on the upright posts each 5 and 6 spirals with opposing orientation, that conceptually and graphically looks exactly like our graphic on the webpage of our spaceship TIE R/LightSwift, and that signs like "::", "<", and ">" were painted on some poles. Self-evidently, this was a further attempt to obfuscate or even delete historical facts related with the actings of us, like it was done thousands years ago with a pharao, who introduce the monotheism, and additionally to keep them away from the public. Said this, we have documented so much facts in the last years that this acting can't be called aconspiracy theoryanymore, and instead has to be called as we did it all the years: The biggest scandal of the B.R.D., the U.K, the F.R., and many other european countries, as well as of the U.S.A., and surely also of other countries like Australia and the P.R.C..

    Comment of the Day
    One Device Per Child™

    Ontonics and OntoLab Further steps
    We are pleased to present our latest mobile device that is a USB stick/flash drive with display, ear phone jack, and other related ports, and is actually called the Ontostick powered by a special version of our OntoLix. The following image shows a rendering of its possible design.
    OntoLab Ontostick Possible Design Rendering
    © :(

    Ontoscope Announcement and Further steps
    Furthermore, we would like to announce the new Ontoscope Jr. that like the new Ontoman has no foldable/collapsible casing anymore and is powered by our famous OntoLinux (see also the Announcement of the 13th of February 2013).
    In this conjunction we would like to show a possible design of the Ontoscope Jr. or the Ontoman, aka. Ontopod.

    Ontoscope Jr. or Ontoman aka. Ontopod Possible Design Rendering
    © Isamu Sanada, OntoLab, and Ontoscope

    OntoLab, Ontoscope, and intelliTablet Further steps One Tablet Per Child (OTPC) and One Pad Per Child (OPPC/OP²C) #11
    We are pleased to announce our four new devices that are the:

  • XOX Stick based on the new Ontostick (see the Ontonics and OntoLab Further steps of today above),
  • XOX Nano based on our Ontoscope Nano as part of our One Nano Per Child (ONPC) project (see the Ontoscope Further steps of 23rd, and 25th, and 28th of December 2011),
  • XOX Mini based on the new Ontoman (see the Ontoscope An- nouncement of the 13th of February 2013), and
  • XOX Phone based on the new Ontoscope Jr..

    Furthermore, we have designed related platforms that are based on the XO-1 and XO-4 convertible laptop and tablet computers by the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project and us, and feature a large display with multi-touch, in the case of the convertibel laptops a keyboard without or with keypad, a large accumulator, and as the most important invention an insertion slot or attachment port for the XOX Stick, XOX Nano, XOX Mini, or/and the XOX Phone depend- ing on the versions of these extensions. In this way, the XOX Stick, XOX Nano, XOX Mini, and the XOX Phone do not only extend our OTPC project but also the OLPC project with the applications of these single devices, that becomes directly clear if mobile applicat- ions like shooting photographies, recording other multimedia contents like light- and sound-fields, or controlling robots. Said this, our activities can now be called the One Device Per Child Revolution.

    At this point we would like to clarify for our readers once again that actually we do not collaborate with the OLPC project and the Sugar Labs due to criminal activities related with the XO-4 Touch, our XOX Tablet, the XO-3, the two different versions of the Sugar Learning Environment, as well as with the fields of constructivism and sem- antic computing, conducted by responsible persons that are directly or indirectly related with both endeavours.

    Ontoscope Further steps
    We would like to show two further possible designs of the Ontoscope Jr., the Ontoman, aka. Ontopod, or the new design of the Ontoscope Nano.

    Ontoscope and intelliTablet Ontoman aka. Ontopod or Nano → XOX Mini with Lego Metaphor Possible Design RenderingOntoscope and intelliTablet Ontoman aka. Ontopod or Nano Possible Design Rendering
    © Apple, Lego, OntoLab, Ontoscope, and intelliTablet

    Ontoscope Jr. or Ontoman aka. Ontopod Possible Design Rendering
    © MpMan, OntoLab, and Ontoscope

    Ontonics Website update 17:47 CET
    We have developed a new User Interface (UI) technology called:

  • Display-Case Control.

    OntoLinux Further steps
    After we have already extended the Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI) with the support for our latest generation of our Multi-Sensor approach after its extension with our button-less Sensor Case and Sensor Frame architectures (see the Ontoscope Further steps of the 13th of August 2012), we have added today the support of our Display-Cace User Interface (DCUI) as well.

    Comment of the Day

    Ontonics Website update 6:00 CET
    We have some new projects called:

  • SteviaPastry,
  • Vita/VivaPastry,
  • SteviaChocolate, and
  • Vita/VivaChocolate.

    Comment of the Day
    Stevia ice cream™
    Vita ice cream™
    Viva ice cream™
    Stevia yoghurt™
    Vita yoghurt™
    Viva yoghurt™

    Ontonics Website update
    We have four additional projects called:

  • Stevia Ice Cream,
  • Vita/Viva Ice Cream,
  • SteviaYoghurt, and
  • Vita/VivaYoghurt.

    But do not ask us why we hit on the idea of the Stevia Ice Cream while having scrambled eggs with a pita and pepper salami (pepperoni sausage).

    OntoLinux Website update
    After OntoLinux learned to think, speak, create, learn, research, watch the sky and the stars, and philosophize, as well as to walk, drive, swim, fly, and race, it is now perfecting it skill to fly as well. Said this, we added to the section Machine Simulation of the Links to Software webpage the:

  • FlightGear project members and contributers: FlightGear Flight Simulator.

    OntoLinux Further steps

    For sure, the world scenery database of the FlightGear Flight Simulator added today to the Links to Software webpage (see the Website update of today above) will be integrated with the software linked in the section Geography.
    Furthermore, we looked at the:

  • CAD/CAM/CAE software development platform respectively kernel OpenCasCade once again, though its license is not exactly what we need,
  • parametric 3D CAD modeler FreeCAD based on OpenCasCade, the well known Coin3D, the Qt toolkit, and the scripting language Python, and
  • 3D point cloud and triangular mesh processing software CloudCompare.

    We have also looked at the project management software packages:

  • ProjectLibre the successor of OpenProj and
  • ]project-open[.

    Ontonics Website update
    We are working on our technology:

  • OntoWiki.

    Investigations::Multimedia, AI and Knowledge management

  • University Leipzig: The university has become highly active in the fields of linked data and ontology-oriented applications, specifically in the fields of the wiki technology. In this conjunction we have to mention that we thought that the OntoWiki was developed by the University Duisburg-Essen in the field of software engineering, but it was a SoftWiki based on the OntoWiki, and after we marked the term OntoWiki as trademark this poster and the related information on its website disappeared and we found an OntoWiki at the University Leipzig that is also used in the Linked Open Data 2 (LOD2) project by the European Comission, which is coordinated by one of its research groups (see the related case of the European Comission in the Investigations::Multimedia, AI and Knowledge management of the 3rd of October 2012 and the other cases of this investigation).
    Btw.: If another company has not registered the trademark before the 15th of February 2008 at least, which seems to be because it focuses on the term semantic wiki as a reaction on our first mentioning of OntoWiki, then we ask again the same question that we already asked the University Duisburg-Essen on the 22nd of March 2010: What about a new label for the semantic wiki? OntoWiki™ by Ontologics!!!™ What we do see here is that once again a university is trying to damage our trademarks that begin with Onto.
  • University Bamberg and Technical University Darmstadt: Another university from the southeast of the B.R.D. has tried to steal the reputation of our OntoLab deliberately. In this case two scientists, who had never something in common with Ontology-Oriented (OO 2) development and applications, have publicated the accessory book of the conference "Modellierung 2012==Modeling 2012", which for sure gave intentionally scientists and companies a platform for presenting intellectual properties that they have stolen from us. We have referenced both scientists, because our OntoLinux is based on their work in the fields of structured relational database modeling with referential integrity and visual programming, but while one of these two scientists is still referenced, the reference to the other was deleted again, because we already had substituted and developed further his visual programming system with our software component OntoBot and OntoScope just right from the start of OntoLinux (see the Clarification #2 of the 10th of September 2012), and also due to defrauding activities by the university where the scientist developed his visual programming system (see for example the case of the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen, Steve Wei-Lung Leim in the Investigation::Multimedia, AI and Knowledge management of the 12th of April 2011). We quote from the scientific program of the event and the index of the related book that collects the presented documents at first: "Grundlagen der Modellierung==Foundations of Modeling", "[...] Modeling the Purposes of Models. [The first document directly points to the feature of reflection of our OntoLinux.]", "[...] Reflecting modeling languages regarding Wand and Weber's Decomposition Model. [This proves that our claim said in the comment of the quote before is correct.]", "[...] Sprachbezogener Abgleich der Fachsemantik in heterogenen Geschäftsprozessmodellen==Language-related/oriented Alignment of the Field Semantics in heterogenous Business Process Models. [And here we have the section Natural Language Processing of the Links to Software, the relation to business process modeling and Total Quality Management, as well as to the section Business-Engineering & Management in our Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics and in our list of ontologies and XML-based languages on the webpage of Ontologics.info.]", "Visualisierung von Modellen==Visualization of Modells [Here we have the section Visualization of the Links to Software as well as the OntoScope software component of OntoLinux.]", "[...] Towards a Tool-Oriented Taxonomy of View-Based Modelling. [Here we have our concept that our visual components are also controlled by a taxonomy or an ontology as part of the all-inclusive architecture of OntoLinux.]", "[...] Towards a Conceptual Framework for Interactive Enterprise Architecture Management Visualizations. [...]", "Modellbasierte Entwicklung==Model-based Development [Here we have at least the section Formal Modeling of the Links to Software of the website of OntoLinux.]", "[...] ModGraph: Graphtransformationen für [...]MF.==Graph Transformations for [... Modeling Framework (...]MF[)]. [Here we have the aspect of graph transformation that is closely related with the said visual programming system by the one scientists and our software components, specifically OntoBot and OntoFS (see again the summary at the beginning of this investigative case). Furthermore, the named modeling framework of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of a company, which is stealing our intellectual properties in the fields of AI and Knowledge management, as well as model-based software development, specifically related with Object-Oriented Software Engineering (OOSE), the Unified Modeling Language (UML), and the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) since over 16 years, has a "structured data model" approach with "validation", "code generation", "model transaction", and "Collaboration" stolen from us, and a "Connected Data Objects Model Repository [that] is a distributed shared model framework for [...] models and meta models [and] also a model runtime environment with a focus on orthogonal aspects like model scalability, transactionality, persistence, distribution, queries and more[, and] has a 3-tier architecture supporting [modeling]-based client applications, featuring a central model repository server and leveraging different types of pluggable data storage back-ends like relational databases, object databases, ["NoSQL databases",] and file systems. For more details see also our OntoLinux Further steps of the 21st of August 2010 and the related webpages of the OntoLinux website, especially the webpage of the Links to Software and of the OntoFS software component.]", "[...] Platform-Independent Specification of Model Transformations @ Runtime Using Higher-Order Transformations. [Here we have again basic features of OntoLinux that are the basic reflectivity and the capability of model transformation of the OntoBot software component based on the higher-order logic of one of its modules.]", "[...] Modellbasierte Entwicklung GPU-unterstützter Applikationen.==Model-based Development of [Graphic Processing Unit (]GPU[)]-supported Applications [Indeed, this point is not so easy to see by our readers, but because we have the component OntoScope we also have the direct access to accelerating hardware for all processes, as it is done in the fields for video gaming and engineering, and we surely use this advantage as well for accelerating modeling and logic reasoning by our component OntoBot. As it is said on the webpage Overview: "[OntoLix and OntoLinux are] based on a whole new system architecture which integrates all in one".]", "Suchen, Wiederverwendung und Wissensgewinnung==Search, Reuse and Knowledge Extraction", "[...] Optimierte Suche von Modellinstanzen für UML/OCL-Beschreibungen in USE. [Here we have a further time the section Formal Modeling of the Links to Software, and also a clear evidence that the contents of our websites has been reflected due to the phonetical similarity of OOSE that is also related with the UML and and USE for confusing the public as well. We also have once again a reference to the other company also mentioned in the comment to the quote related with graph transformation before.]", "[...] Ontologien als ein Mittel zur Wiederverwendung von Domänen-spezifischem Wissen in der Software-Entwicklung.==Ontologies as a Tool for the Reuse of Domain-specific Knowledge in the Software Development. [So, here we have the Ontology-Oriented (OO 2) paradigm finally, and in this way a further evidence that contents of our websites and one fundamental concept of OntoLinux have been stolen for this conference.]", "[...] A Meta-Engineering Approach for Customized Document-centered Knowledge Acquisition. [Meta-Engineering is strongly related with modeling, the Ontology-Oriented (OO 2) paradigm, and with knowledge management in this specific context of the quote.]", "Domänenspezifische Anwendungen==Domain-specific Applications [The term domain-specific is also connected with ontologies and XML-based languages.]", "[...] Domain-Specific Modelling for Coordination Engineering with SCOPE. [Our long-term readers do see directly why this was presented at the event. For all others we would like to give the little hint by saying: OntoScope.]", "[...] Erweiterung einer Geschäftsprozessmodellierungssprache zur Stärkung der strategischen Ausrichtung von Geschäftsprozessen.==Extension of a Business Process Modeling Lanuguage for Strengthening the strategic Direction of Business Processes. [...]", "[...] Ein Ansatz zur Unterstützung des [...]managements [...] auf Basis einer Mustersprache.==An Apporach for Supporting the [...]management on the Foundations of a Mother tongue. [This reflects our Clarification Caliber Special #1a of the 20th and #1b of the 21st of May 2011 for example.]", and "[...] Agility in medical treatment processes - A model-based approach. [Here we have the section http://www.ontolinux.com/community/software.htm#humansimulationholomer"> and related projects of the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics.]".
    The scientific program of the conference also lists workshops that were realized together with the Technical University Darmstadt: "[...] Modellbasierte und Modellgetriebene Softwaremodernisierung (MMSM)==Model-based and Model-driven Software Modernization (MMSM) [...] Qualitätseigenschaften==quality features [...] Komplexität der Systeme==complexity of the systems [...] Die Verwendung von Modellen kann helfen, die Komplexität zu beherrschen.==The utitlization of models can help to keep the complexity under control. [We also found another project financed by the European Comission and called "mancoosi - managing software complexity" that has stolen from our webpage Ontologic Application the application "A Package Manager for open source software can be automized". It also refelcts the innovation field Komplexität und Simplexität==Complexity and Simplexity of Ontonics. Said this, we have here another ontologic application.]", "[...] Dienstleistungsmodellierung==Service Modeling [...] Die Beiträge können alle Lebenszyklusphasen von Dienstleistungen sowie alle "Dimensionen" des Dienstleistungsbegriffs betrachten==The contributions can treat all lifecycle phases of services as well as all "dimensions" of the term of service [...] Brücke zwischen der Betriebswirtschaftslehre (z. B. Produktion, Dienstleistungsmanagement, Marketing), den Ingenieurwissenschaften (z. B. Konstruktionslehre, Produktentwicklung), der Wirtschaftsinformatik (z. B. Modellierung, Informationsdienstleistungen) und der Informatik (z. B. Datenstrukturen, Software Engineering)==bridge between the business administration (e.g. manufacturing, service management, marketing), the engineering (e.g. theory of design/construction, product development), the business informatics (e.g. modeling, information services), and the informatics (e.g. data structures, software engineering) [...] [See again the webpages Overview and Links to Software of the website of OntoLinux and the website Ontologics.info, and keep in mind that these subjects are strongly related with the studies by C.S. at the university and in the OntoLab. The latter is also no happenstance.]", "[...] Modellierung in der Automatisierungstechnik==Modeling in the Automation Engineering [...] modellbasierter Ansätze auch bei der Entwicklung von immer komplexer werdenden Automatisierungssystemen==model-based approaches also [used] for the development of automation systems that become more and more complex [...] Einsatz domänen-spezifischer Sprachen==application of Domain-Specific Languages (DSL) [Keep in mind that DSLs are also strongly related with ontologies and XML-based languages, and see again the webpages Overview and Links to Software, specifically the sections Network Technology and Automation, Machine Simulation, and Robot Simulation.]", "[...] Testmodellierung mit dem UML==Test Modeling with the UML [...] UML Testing Profile[(UTP) ...] to support model-based testing [...] approaches which are seamlessly integrated with the well-established UML [See again the section Formal Modeling and also the section Formal Verification of the Links to Software, and keep in mind that we developed this already around the year 1996. By the way: This came from the Fraunhofer Institute, which should be no surprise at all.]", "[...] Enterprise Architecture Management [...]", "[...] Metamodellierungsplattformen im Einsatz am Beispiel [einer Plattform] & SOM==Meta-modeling platforms in the Use using the Example [of a Platform] & SOM [...] Openmodels [...] Semantische Objektmodell (SOM)==Semantic Object Model (SOM) [This sounds very familiar, especially in conjunction with the explanations given in the OntoLinux Further steps of the 21st of August 2010, which shows the giant problem of the responsible persons that are our Structured Relational Petri net-based Object-oriented Model (SRPOM) based on our Structured Object-oriented Model (SOM) with its Structured Object-Relationship Model (SORM), Structured Object-Role Model (SORoM) and Structured Object-Behaviour Model (SOBM), and Structured Petri net-Entity-Relationship Model (SPERM), and the related structured models, like our Structured Unified Modeling Language (SUML) that taken all together solve the problems of the UML and are parts of our Ontology-Oriented (OO 2) paradigma, which again are based on the Structured Entity-Relationship Model (SERM) of one of the said scientists among some other methods. Obviously, the unsuccessful attempt was to steal it and to confuse the public as well by making exactly this scientist one of the responsible persons. This shows also the overall goal by this conference but also by other activities we have documented in the past, that is to steal further our intellectual properties by closing the gaps in this way, make a giant chaoos in the scientific community, and damage our business.]", and "[...] Lebendige Modelle==Living Models [...] Quality Engineering [...] Lebendige Modelle sind ein Paradigma für das kontinuierliche Qualitätsmanagement vernetzter, kooperativer IT-Systeme. Ziel dieses Konzepts ist die Integration der Sichten und Aufgaben von Verantwortlichen in IT-Management, Software Engineering und Systembetrieb sowie die Realisierung eines übergreifenden änderungsgetriebenen Qualitätsmanagement-Prozesses.==Living models are a paradigma for the continuosly quality management of networked, cooperative IT-systems. The goal of this concept is the integration of the views and tasks in IT-management, software engineering, and system operation, as well as the realization of a an overall change-driven quality management process. [...] Modelle sind dabei miteinander verknüpft und eng mit dem Code gekoppelt.==With this models are linked with each other and closely connected with the code. [...] Bereichen vernetzte Systeme im Gesundheitswesen und betriebliche Informationssysteme==areas of networked systems in the fields of health care and corporate information systems [...] Die Model Evolution Engine ist ein hochentwickeltes Model Repository, das Modelle aus unterschiedlichen Modellierungsumgebungen integriert und einen änderungsgetriebenen Prozess unterstützt.==The Model Evolution Engine is a highly developed model repository, which integrates models of different modeling environments and supports a change-driven process. [We also got the information from the related website that the project is called MoVE that points to CoVE of the OntoScope software component, and that "models have to be kept "alive"", which for sure points to the webpage Terms of the 21st Century, though only in the field of IT-systems, but nobody should expect that this holds in the future. We do not need to discuss this special issue, because it is an extremely nasty attempt to steal our intellectual properties, especially of the concepts behind OntoLinux and its OntoFS software component, that can be seen as well by the point that the "State [of a model] reflects [the] status in its lifecycle" (see also once again the webpage Overview), and proves doubtlessly our claim that indeed other entities are supported with their stealing of our intellectual properties on a much larer scale that goes beyond a national scope, as it can be seen with for example the other workshops as well.]".
    Doubtlessly, the responsible persons have copied the contents of our websites, especially of OntoLinux, without making a reference. Due to the profoundness and broadness of this acting we surely have to claim for a copyright infringement.

    For the prosecutions: The contributions of this conference are often related with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of the company International Business Machines, which for sure tries to steal OntoLinux, as it could be seen with the other three single fields of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) ontology-based applications and the Linux® kernel before the year 2006 and after.

    For die Staatsanwaltschaften: Die Beiträge dieser Fachtagung stehen oft mit einer integrierten Entwicklungsumgebung==Integrated Development Environment (IDE) des Unternehmens International Business Machines in Verbindung, die sicherlich versucht OntoLinux zu stehlen, wie man es vor dem Jahr 2006 und danach mit den anderen drei Einzelbereichen der künstlichen Intelligenz==Artificial Intelligence (AI), den ontologiebasierten Technologien und dem Linux® Betriebssystemkern beobachten konnte.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Linked Data on a Chip™
    Harddata store™
    Triple Chip™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "If we say ingenious, then it means ingenious."
    And if we say open for business, then it does not mean unprotected for stealing.

    Comment of the Day #3
    "In former times we had these script kiddies, now we have those facebook, twitter, and youtube punks and clowns."

    Downscaling or ripping our solutions apart and then to claim for an invention by taking one of the single components are illegal, because the single components of a technology are protected by the description of the overall solution as well. For example, it is absolutely clear that our Votography approach has at least a component that delivers visual data, which is the lens and related modules that deliver the data, a component that records all the time the visual data, the part that we described as a surveilance camera or a black box, and a data store. So, to take only one or two single component, for example the second and third, is illegal as well in the context of grabbing videos and images made in a time frame, which is the more essential concept of our Votography.

    Ontonics Website update
    For being more precise, informative, and beautiful we added to the label of the OntoWiki the version number 2.0 and a descripiton of the technology of the OntoWiki 1.0.

    We also added to the description of our Votography approach the information that the digital camera could be an external or an internal digital camera system that even has no lens at all, and that a sensor can be used, so that for example the recording is done only when the camera is hold in the hand as an user option for saving energy.

    *** Copy mode ***
    We also have a bunch of new projects that are the:

  • OntoLinux on a Chip (OoC) 17:38 CET,
  • Linked Data on a Chip (LDoC) 17:38 CET,
  • Harddata Store 17:39 CET,
  • GPU-accelerated XML Processing 17:49 CET, and
  • GPU-accelerated Semantic and Ontologic Computing 17:49 CET,
  • Triple Chip,
  • WiSer Chip (WiSerC) 17:38 CET,
  • WiSer on a Chip (WoC), and
  • WiSer in a Package (WiP).

    The OntoLinux on (a) Chip (OoC) denotes a system architecture that has OntoLinux directly implemented in the hardware, like it was already done with the Linux kernel in the past. For this, our Triple Chip can be utilized.
    Der OntoLinux-on-a-Chip (OoC) bezeichnet eine Systemarchitektur, die OntoLinux direkt in der Hardware implementiert hat, wie es in der Vergangenheit bereits mit dem Linux-Kern gemacht wurde. Dazu kannn unser Triple-Chip verwendet werden.

    The Linked Data on (a) Chip (LDoC) denotes a system architecture that is based on the OntoLinux on (a) Chip (OoC) and has a Linked (Open) Data stack directly implemented in the hardware.
    Der Linked-Data-on-a-Chip (LDoC) bezeichnet eine Systemarchitektur, die auf der OntoLinux on (a) Chip (OoC) basiert und einen Linked (Open) Data-Stapel direkt in der Hardware implementiert hat.

    The Harddata Store is a harddisk with controller that has database routines directly implemented in the hardware and in this way can support file, database, and hybrid/universal data storage systems like our OntoFS with common file system and database system tasks, as well as of specific storage systems for e.g. the XML, HTML, RDF, OWL, and other languages.
    Der Hartdatenspeicher==Harddata-Store ist eine Festplatte mit einer Steuereinheit==Control Unit, die Datenbankroutinen direkt in der Hardware implementiert hat und hierdurch Datei-, Datenbank- und hybride/universelle Datenspeichersysteme wie unser OntoFS bei der Handhabung von üblichen Datei- und Datenbanksystemaufgaben, sowie auch von speziellen Speichersystemen für z. B. die XML, HTML, RDF, OWL und andere Sprachen unterstützen kann.

    The GPU-accelerated XML Processing uses the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).
    Die GPU-beschleunigte XML-Verarbeitung==GPU-accelerated XML-Processing nutzt die Graphische Prozessoreinheit==Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

    The GPU-accelerated Semantic and Ontologic Computing applies the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) for the general managing, and reasoning, comparing, and further tasks related with structured and semi-structured models. By using the GPU-accelerated XML Processing formats like the RDF and OWL can be handled very efficiently as well.
    Das GPU-beschleunigte semantische und ontologische Rechnen verwendet die Graphische Prozessoreinheit==Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) für das allgemeinen Handhaben, Schlussfolgern, Vergleichen und weiteren Aufgaben im Zusammenhang mit strukturierten und halbstrukturieren Modellen. Indem die GPU-beschleunigte XML-Verarbeitung genutzt wird können auch Formate wie das RDF und die OWL sehr effizient gehandhabt werden.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    Since the presentation of a concept car in the year 2009 we are thinking about a conversion that can be simply described as the chassis of the model Gallardo by the marque Volkswagen→Audi→ Lamborghini with the basic exterior design of the concept car Converj respectively the model ELR by the marque General Motors→Cadillac.


  • Sony: The company has presented its new game console that has a new stereocamera, which captures movements in 3D among other features. Said this, we have here our XTbox powered by a 3D operating system like our OntoLinux, though we have not mentioned the trivial connection of a game console and a stereocamera explicitly as well as a game controller full of sensors and having a touchpad, because it is common technology of multimedia environments, specifically of systems in the field of Virtual Environments (VEs). But the software component OntoScope and the Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI) of OntoLinux that powers also our Ontoscopes and many other devices, is developed for handling such stereocameras as well as all kinds of sensors, and so its operating system must have these features. We even mentioned that the architecture of OntoLinux is designed in such a way that all of our devices work together as a large distributed computer. So, it is easily possible to lay an Ontoscope on a television or a monitor, or around a projector and then use its stereocamera for the other device in the same way as the company does, and additionally use for example an Ontoscope in the standard version or even better in the Gbox version (see the Ontoscope Announcement of the 23rd of February 2012) as the game controller, because we also have at this point the same combination and functionality of its hardware comprising the game console with a game controller featuring many different sensors and the possibility that a gamer can let another person connect to her/his machine and take control of her/his character, a stereocamera, and a TV for example, and exactly at this point the company's house of cards collapses a further time. Its game console features also the connectivity with smartphones and tablet computers, which in the case of the mobile/cell phone is not a problem, but in general with mobile devices that feature a multi-touch display and the feature that a game can be streamed and played via its mobile handheld console, which is another feature of our OntoLinux software and our hardware architectures, which has been copiied as well, and by the way is also a problem for the companies Microsoft and Nintendo. Also, the system has our Votography technology, which records all the time the last minutes of a game, "like a surveillance camera or a black box". By a push on a (shutter release) button it is possible to watch the last game situation once again, to edit the captured/recorded/grabbbed videos and pictures, and to share them with other persons over the internet. Important to note is that we described the Votography in relation to a digital camera, but the essential point of the description is about the acting in general and for us it does not matter at all, if the digital camera system has a lens or not, or said in other words, if it is an external or an internal visual data recording system, because the main point is that it records before seen visual data in a specific way. The attempt to steal our Votography technology in this way was clever, indeed, but our explanations given before and in the Clarification of today above show that we can argue in exactly the same way and so we are more clever. Most potentially not last the system will also detect the gaming habits of a user and pre-load the console with the sorts of games it thinks the user will like, and if this is the case, then a tap on a button is enough for to buy them. This proves a further time that the company has stolen intellectual properties from the website of OntoLinux, because the latter feature reflects some exemplary scenarios from the webpage Ontologic Application. Said this, we would like to mention directly the following:

    Comment of the Day
    Ontologic engineering™
    Ontological engineering™
    Multilingual Multimodal Multimedia™

    OntoLix and OntoLinux Announcement
    Because defrauding and partly serious criminal entities in the field of open source software and beyond thought to be very clever by not referencing us and instead implementing some or even as many feat- ures as possible of our ontologic system, hightech desktop, mobile, and robotic operating system, and n-dimensional operating system OntoLinux before we do, which seems to be based on their assumpt- ion that after we will publicate OntoLinux under the GNU General Public License (GPL) finally, their applications and software stacks would directly become legal by the inherent transitivity of the GPL and related licenses on the one side, and on the other side would directly get an advantage by their foul plays in this way, we have decided as a consequence to follow two of the largest IT companies and their strategies to use other open source licenses, and to focus on OntoLix that use their licensing models as part of our dual licens- ing model (see the Feature-list of OntoLinux #2 presented on the 24th of April 2008). For doing so, essential components and even basic libraries have been replaced with newly implemented ones in such a way that a line between GPLed and other licensed software is drawn, and that the source code of important basic functions of the operating system and app(lication)s have not to be opened. In our case, this already holds for some parts of the OntoBot software component, and the foundations of both the OntoScope component, inclusive the functionalities related with multilingual multimodal multi- media, and the OntoFS component. The advantages are that we could block the defrauding entities in this way and also protect the assests of the hardware manufacturers and application developers at the same time.
    We made references correctly all the years, and if we are forced since years to take one of the long ways, then we choose this way. Said this, all the open source projects that have as license the GPL or a compatible license and that copied concepts and functionalities of OntoLinux on the one hand, but refused all the years to reference us on the other hand, are hanging in the air now also from the side of the licensing, if seen from the legal point of view, like for example Gnome, KDE, and the Linked Open Data 2 projects, and also applic- ations based on the semantic features of the HTML5 format and of the cloud computing approach. Everybody was informed more or less and the criminal elements were clearly warned in the past, but nobo- dy changed her/his behaviour and obviously her/his mind. Quite the opposite is the case, so that they are even acting in the same way in the public since the official start of OntoLix and OntoLinux in the year 2006, as they did secretly with their spying before.

    Comment of the Day
    Neural Net on a Chip™
    Neural Net in a Package™
    Neural System on a Chip™
    Neural System in a Package™
    Neural Computer on a Chip™
    Neural Computing on a Chip™
    Neural Computer in a Package™
    Neural Computing in a Package™
    Neural Computer System on a Chip™
    Neural Computing System on a Chip™
    Neural Computer System in a Package™
    Neural Computing System in a Package™
    Neural Wiser™
    Neural sensor™
    Neural actuator™
    Neural detector™
    Neural camera™
    Neural microphone™
    Neural charge-coupled device™
    Neuronaler Sensor™
    Neuronaler Aktuator™
    Neuronaler Detektor™
    Neuronale Kamera™
    Neuronales Mikrofon™
    Neuronale ladungsträgergekoppelte Schaltung™
    Neural net sensor™
    Neural net actuator™
    Neural net detector™
    Neural net camera™
    Neural net microphone™
    Neural net charge-coupled device™
    Neuronaler Netzwerksensor™
    Neuronaler Netzwerkaktuator™
    Neuronaler Netzwerkdetektor™
    Neuronale Netzwerkkamera™
    Neuronales Netzwerkmikrofon™
    Neuronales netzwerkbasierte ladungsträgergekoppelte Schaltung™
    Neural light-field™
    Neural ray-field™
    Neural sound-field™
    Neural wave-field™
    Neuronales Lichtfeld™
    Neuronales Strahlenfeld™
    Neuronales Geräuschfeld™
    Neuronales Wellenfeld™

    Ontonics Website update 1:30 to 5:00 CET
    We have developed new kinds of integrated sensors:

  • Neural Net on a Chip (NNoC),
  • Neural Net in a Package (NNiP),
  • Neural 3D System Chip (N3DSC),
  • Neural 3D System on a Chip (N3DSoC),
  • Neural 3D System in a Package (N3DSiP),
  • Neural WiSer Core and Chip/Processor (NWC) 1:30 CET,
  • Neural WiSer on a Chip (NWoC),
  • Neural WiSer in a Package (NWiP),
  • Neural Net Charge-Coupled Device (NNCCD),
  • Neural Detector Core and Processor/Chip (NDC) 1:30 CET,
  • Neural Detector on a Chip (NDoC),
  • Neural Detector in a Package (NDiP),
  • Neural Light-Field Detector 1:30 CET,
  • Neural Ray-Field Detector 1:30 CET,
  • Neural Sound-Field Detector 1:30 CET,
  • Neural Wave-Field Detector 1:30 CET,
  • Neural Light-Field Actuator,
  • Neural Ray-Field Actuator,
  • Neural Sound-Field Actuator, and
  • Neural Wave-Field Actuator.

    And before more of the usual defrauding entities try it again, as it happened in the last months for several times, we added to the description of our XTbox, that it also can make up a large distributed computer system together with all other stationary and mobile devices of us.

    Investigations::Multimedia, AI and Knowledge management

  • Google: In the latest version of its web browser the company integrated speech control by the so-called Web-Speech Interface. For sure, this is not the problem. The true problem emerges if its feature to process the HTML5 markup language is taken, because then we have the combination of a web browser, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and the Resource Description Framework (RDF). See the sections Semantic File/Storage System, Semantic (World Wide) Web, and Natural Language Processing of the webpage Links to Software. There is no loophole or gap, so either the company blocks the RDF feature in its browser or it has to get a license from us.

    Comment of the Day #1

    Comment of the Day #2
    "The Open Source revolution has consumed its children."

    Maybe a Web Operating System (WOS) by a foundation of a well known open source web browser has the open alternative, but we with OntoLix and OntoLinux as well as the WOS Platform (WOSP) and the WOS built upon our Boot to Web (B2W) based on OntoLinux are the only legal alternative that unleashes all features of for example the markup language HTML5, specifically by the semantic and our ontology-oriented and ontologic paradigms, as well as our further computing paradigms, our strongly connected architectures of the single software functions, modules, and comp- onents, and of the overall distributed computer, our Multilingual Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M³UI), and much more, even protects the intellect- ual properties/assets of the (web) app(lication) developers, and is also absolutely neutral in relation to manufacturers, operators, and IT-companies at the same time.

    OntoLix and OntoLinux Further steps
    We always do appreciate attempts to solve a problem, but only if the problem should really by solved. Said this, we would like to make our view on the topic of OntoLinux and other open source projects more specific (see the OntoLix and OntoLinux Announcement of the 22nd of February 2013) and present in the discussion our demands for publicating OntoLinux under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • All large open source projects that are directly related with the concept or a feature of OntoLinux, or even have taken something from OntoLinux, like for example the projects Gnome with its desktop search and find features and also the Nepomuk semantic desktop environment, and KDE with its sub-project Plasma Active (see the Investigations::Multimedia of the 25th of October 2012), but also the or- ganization of the HyperText Markup Language 5 (HTML5) standard will reference OntoLinux and make it absolutely clear that the con- cepts are from us or based on our concepts, which surely has to include the features as well, which were spied out before the pres- entation of OntoLinux.
  • Furthermore, the company Google will be thrown out of the Linux Foundation and not supported anymore as long as it does not give the written commitment that its Linux based operating system re- spectively pseudo-distribution Android will be absolutely compatible with all other Linux based distributions, which means in the end to put the complete Andorid with the libraries hold back in the so-called Play Store under the GPL.
  • Also, Linux based distributions of other large companies, like e.g. Intel, Nokia, Samsung, and so on (keywords MeeGo and Tizen), will not be supported anymore by the Linux Foundation.

    Otherwise we will change the focus from OntoLinux to OntoLix and use permissive free software licences (e.g. MIT and BSD) instead of copyleft licences (e.g. GPL) by taking for example libraries like the (non-)standard C library Bionic libc that Google intentionally designed and implemented solely for the two reasons that are to break up the transitive legal effects inherent in the GPL and similar open source licenses by isolating the GPLed Linux kernel from the user space re- spectively the app(lication)s in this way, and to destroy our trade- mark Softbionics and to steal its marketing story in the same way as it has stolen the marketing story of Roboticle for Android before, as it can be easily seen with the logos of Roboticle, specifically its first one, and of Softbionics, and also with a Robotic Operating System that is a bold clone of the related concept of OntoLinux. Definitely, our demands are not ridiculous, but only correct, because they describe the way how it had to be done already since around the years 2005 and 2006. Now, we are a little bit more human.

    Ontonics Website update 1:30 to 5:00 CET
    We have extended our range of our Sm@rtWatch System with the:

  • WrapWatch,
  • LED-Watch for complementing the system,
  • ActiveWatch, and
  • WaveWatch.

    We also added to the description of our 3D W@tch the note that it can feature the further development of our Multi-Layer/Stacked Displays as well.

    Also, the description of our HapticWatch was updated by the link to the WaveTouch technology.

    Furthermore, the description of our TouchWatch was updated by the link to the TouchWave technology and by deleting the redundant information about the feature of the coloured e-paper, because this is already given by the modularity of our SmartW@tch System.

    In addition, the description of our KineticWatch has been updated as well with the information about our MultiKinetic technology, which also comprises our Kinetic-Field technology.

    Moreover, we clarified that the radio technology based feature of our WebWatch includes the technology that are used by mobile phones.


  • British Broadcasting Corporation: As many times in the past that broadcaster has taken our webpage Terms of the 21st Century for a special series of broadcasts that is exactly about the webpage's contents and further contents of our website.

    We demand the prosecutors in the U.K. and and the B.R.D. to start decisive actions against the media company British Broadcasting Corporation and its partners in the B.R.D..


  • Apple: As it came out by media reports, the company Apple has patented a device that we showed in the Original vs. Inspiration, Sketches, and Sneak Preview of the 28th of October 2008 and that features as well an Organic Light-Emitting Display with touch sensitive user interface and mobile phone functionality among others, and obviously wraps itself around the user's wrist. Besides the concept presented by us, we do know of around ten of such devices that were definitely presented before the company filed a related patent, so it seems to be that it is not much or even nothing worth. We can't claim for a copyright infringement, because it is not our concept that we have shown in 2008. But what we have is our general concept of the Sm@rtWatch System, which includes wireless energy transmission and the modularity of our technology system, and for example our CS Watch, MultiW@tch, TouchWatch and HapticWatch, which feature our types of the coloured e-paper even with touch sensitivity and haptic stimulation. So guess why we have no problems at all with the energy consumption and support.

    Investigations::Aeronautics and Space

  • N24: Der Nachrichtensender strahlt immer wieder Sendungen aus, die unsere Web-Inhalte abbilden und unsere Innovationen anderen Personen andichtet. In letzter Zeit war diese eine Sendung über Raumfahrt und Weltraumtourismus, die nicht nur von Hotels und Ansiedlungen auf dem Mond handelte, die in Mondkratern mit einer Schutzhaube liegen, sondern auch von torusförmigen Raumstation und Sportveranstaltungen in der Schwerelosigkeit als auch Aktivitä- ten von Weltraumtouristen und zudem den (traditionellen) Zwischenstop auf dem Mond (in unserem Moon Rock Cafe) erwähnte, die wir auf unserem Web-Auftritt Jahre zuvor gezeigt und angesprochen haben (siehe die entsprechenden Pictures of the Day vom 14. und 15. Juni 2008, dem Original and Picture of the Day vom 8th of November 2011 sowie dem Picture(s) of the Day vom 16. Juli 2012 als auch die Sneak Preview #4a vom 30. August 2008 und die Ontonics Further steps vom 8. November 2011). Das gleiche wurde im Zusammenhang mit einem Plasmaantrieb gemacht indem dem Entwickler nicht nur die Space Shuttle Story angedichtet wurde, sondern auch noch die von uns angegebenen Daten. Es ist zwar richtig in diesem Zusammenhang festzuhalten, dass der Entwickler 7 Mal mit der Space Shuttle geflogen ist, aber er hatte weder seinen Antrieb entwickelt um das letzte an Geschwindigkeit herauszuholen, wie es in Anlehnung an C.S. und unserem Style of Speed natürlich falsch und die Öffentlichkeit manipulierend behauptet wurde, noch hat das im Fall seines Plasmaantriebs irgendetwas mit der Space Shuttle gemeinsam, denn der Antrieb war bereits 1979 für den Einsatz mit Satelitten entwickelt worden als man immer noch mit den Haupttriebwerken der Space Shuttle beschäftigt war, die einige Jahre zuvor der NASA sogar um die Ohren flogen anstatt eine Space Shuttle mit Raketenantrieb zum ersten Mal in die Luft zu bringen und wäre fast schon in Vergessenheit geraten hätte die NASA das Ding nicht wieder aus einer ihrer Ecken herausgekramt in denen die verstaubten Entwicklungen auf ihre Entsorgung auf der Müllhalde oder in einem Museum warten, entstaubt und seine Weiterentwicklung aufgenommen nachdem wir von Plasmaantrieben auf unseren Web-Auftritten gesprochen haben. Auch die in der Sendung angegebene Geschwindigkeit von 200.000 km/h wurde unverschämterweise einfach von der Web-Seite unseres Raumschiffs X-3³/Drake abgeschrieben, denn solch eine Angabe gab es für den vorgestellten Plasmaantrieb überhaupt nicht und wir haben diese Angabe von einem ganz anderen System abgeleitet, das aber mit gestrahlter Energie arbeitet, und außerdem passt der Wert nicht mit der weiteren Angabe, dass dann ein Flug von der Erde zum Mars 39 Tage dauern würde, denn wir haben unsere Reisedauer von 11 Tagen bei einer Reisegeschwindigkeit von 216.000 km/h bestimmt. Auch war uns neu, dass der andere Plasmaantrieb, der übrigens nur im Vakuum funtioniert, auch mit Wasserstoff betrieben wird und nicht mit Argon, obwohl man dies aus technischer Sicht in der Tat machen könnte. Aufgefallen und reingefallen. Auch die Erklärung über einen mit Antimaterie betrieben Antrieb wurden von einem weitern Raumschiff von uns abgeschrieben, nämlich . Hier ist man aufgeflogen weil man eine Grafik zeigte mit Komponenten, die von uns in Wirklichkeit stammen, wie etwa dem Speicher für die Antimaterie und des eigentlichen Antirebs. Aufgeflogen ist man letztendlich hier weil man dann noch das Wort "rasant"==swift sagte.

    Despite the fact that he is not so important, we made a further note about the plagiarist D. Hirst on our webpage Culture for proving it and pointing to the original.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Wireless Wear™
    LED Wear™
    3D Wear™
    CS Wear™
    Power spot™
    Turbo Hydrogen Injection™
    Turbocharged Hydrogen Injection™
    Supercharged Hydrogen Injection™
    Forceinduced Hydrogen Injection™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Danger o>-= Thieves", [A graffiti]

    Ontonics Website update
    We have added some new projects to the section of our intelligent Raiment/wear (iRaiment) with the:

  • Wireless Wear 1:50 CET,
  • WREL/WRPL@Wear 1:44 CET,
  • WrapWear,
  • LED Wear,
  • 3D Wear,
  • BeamWear,
  • EyeRaiment/Wear,
  • ActiveWear,
  • CS Wear,
  • MultiWear,
  • MarkupWear,
  • WebWear,
  • TagWear,
  • VibeWear,
  • HapticWear,
  • TouchWear,
  • KineticWear,
  • WaveWear,
  • MuWear,
  • HeartWear,
  • VitaWear,
  • FitWear, and
  • MeterWear, as well as
  • WaveEyewear, and
  • WaveEarwear.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Forced induction and injection™
    Reforming forced induction™
    Reforming supercharger™
    Reforming turbocharger™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "We democracy."

    Question of the Day #1
    "Who is done?"

    Question of the Day #2
    "Is the moon not made of cheese?"

    Picture of the Day
    Pizza con Patatine Fritte

    Pizza with a heap of Pommes Frites/French Fries
    © :(

    La dolce vita and not only the sun is shining.

    Ontonics Website update 9:19 CET
    We have added the new projects:

  • Reforming Supercharger and
  • Reforming Turbocharger.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have added the webpages for our e-center console, e-door panel, e-back shelf, and e-roof liner.

    We also added an own webpage for our Active Seat and added the missing feature of our coloured e-paper.


  • British Broadcasting Corporation: That serious criminial media company and the other serious criminal media company Bertelsmann→RTL→N-TV (see its case below) thought to be very clever and creative with a newly developed method for damaging our company and conducting psychological terror. In the case of that media company it is related with a report about digital/smart watches and a related troll patent (see the case of the company Apple in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 24th of February 2013, which at first described exactly one of those devices that we have shown with the Original vs. Inspiration, Sketches, and Sneak Preview of the 28th of October 2008. Then a discussion of the problems with these devices followed that were principally about the accumulator problem, which we solved by using our types of the coloured e-paper. What we do see here is that our website contents were taken in a negated logic/semantic/meaning way by presenting a patent of another company for a devices shown before on our website on the one hand, and to present our problem solutions as still existing problems. Said this, we claim for a copyright infringement in this case as well as for the next intenionally conducted misleading of the public.

    We demand the prosecutors in the U.K. and Scotland Yard to start decisive actions against the media company British Broadcasting Corporation and its partners in the B.R.D..

  • Bertelsmann→RTL→N-TV: We discussed the latest issue with a media company and a broadcaster regulated by public law yesterday in our office (see the case of the serious criminal media company British Broadcasting Corporation of today above) and so we were not really surprised that that serious criminal media company jumped on the same bandwagon and conducted the same infringement of copyright and support of defrauding entities by presenting many of our solutions and applying for example another kind of the method of negated logic/semantic/meaning by taking our solutions that feature an e-paper as dispaly but presenting other's same solutions that feature an LED display, and vice versa. Unfortunately, it even was so incompent and made some mistakes while doing so, so that in the end our copyright has also been infringed directly by simple copying. In its case it was a general report about flexible devices and our mobile devices with flexible display, like the OruKami, the cBook, the Smart Digital Assistant, and specifically the @Book that was shown in the report (see also the Original vs. Inspiration of 17th of January 2008 and the section Mobile Device™ of the webpage Links to Hardware of the OntoLinux webpage, which shows our thinnest notebook, tablet computer, pad computer, mobile/cell phone and smartphone, multimedia player, handheld game console, electronic book, and so on of the World that feature for example multi-touch functionality, the Original of the 13.February.2008, and the Original vs. Inspiration of the 24th of September 2008), that followed also the description of our Ultra Devices. Furthermore, it was said that Organic Light-Emitting Diode based displays are still protected by a layer of glass, which directly points to our electronic Laminated (Safety/Security) Glass. Also, in the report two persons were interviewed that talked about some of our solutions that are as well our digital/smart watches, our intelligent LED Raiment/Wear, and our e-dashboard (see the case of the company Plastic Logic below). Said this, it has again infringed our copyright and deliberately impute other companies with our inventions.

    Wir, die Christian Stroetmann GmbH, fordern ein weiteres Mal das Unternehmen Bertelsmann auf sofort eine Gegendarstellung bezüglich unserer gezeigten und genannten Geräte und technologischen Lösungen mit flexiblen Anzeigen zu veröffentlichen.

    Übrigens: Das Unternehmen Plastic Logic wurde mit Unterstützung der Partei CDU extra zu unserem Nachteil bei der Gründung einer Produktionsstelle in der B.R.D. unterstützt und Bertelsmann zählt zu den Propagandamedien der NSU (CDU und CSU).

  • Plastic Logic: In an interview that was done for a report about flexible devices (see the case of the serious criminal company Bertelsmann→RTL→N-TV of today above) a person for public relations of that company mentioned our e-dashboard without referencing us and in this way infringed our copyright.

    Comment of the Day
    Stretch accu™
    Stretch battery™
    Stretch display™
    Stretch screen ™
    Mixing LCD™
    Mixing LED™

    Ontonics Website update
    We have added the new projects:

  • Stretch Accumulator/Battery 20:22 CET,
  • Stretch Display 21:48 CET, and
  • Stretch Screen 21:48 CET.

    We added to the description of our Ultra Devices the link to our Stretch Battery.

    We also described our coloured e-paper technologies in more detail in the descriptions called correspondingly:

  • Colored E-paper 20:44 CET and
  • Colored E-ink 20:44 CET.

    We also added the new projects of the:

  • Mixing LC Display 21:36 CET, and
  • Mixing LED Display 21:36 CET

    to the Innovation-Pipeline.

    Ontoscope Further steps
    We have updated the rendering of the Ontoscope Gbox that we showed the first time in the Further steps of the 13th of August 2012 by highlighting the component for gesture control and bright- ness responsive features, which was always part of the device but could not seen with the first rendering by the dark top layer, placed the front cameras at the correct positions, enlarged the gamepad (will be done now), and removed the signs that are characteristical for a gamepad of another company, though others have copied it as well in the past, but we want our own signs that will be added in the future.

    Ontoscope Gbox Single- or Multi-touch Display, and Dual Stereo Cameras, Sensors, and Loudspeakers with closed GamepadOntoscope Gbox Single- or Multi-touch Display, and Dual Stereo Cameras, Sensors, and Loudspeakers with closed Gamepad
    Ontoscope Gbox Single- or Multi-touch Display, and Dual Stereo Cameras, Sensors, and Loudspeakers with opened Gamepad
    © :( and Ontoscope

    Besides this, we are thinking about possibilites to use other control elements than a gamepad that surely include our Display-Case Control as well. In the latter case we will have to place the front sensors and loudspeakers at different positions.


  • HTC: That has again copied illegally our mobile devices and stolen intellectual properties (see also its cases in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 1st of March 2009, the Investigations::Multimedia Ontoscope and intelliTablet Special of the 23rd of March 2011, and the Investigations::Multimedia of the 21st of May 2011). This time it took the general shape of the Ontoscope 3, added the front design and the style of the Ontoscope 4 that was derived from the also taken front design of the the Ontoscope Gbox, specifically the part were we substituted the microphone with a loudspeaker and microphone combination, simply mixed them, and rearranged slightly the camera and the component for gesture control and features dependent on the brightness of the ambient light. The smartphone also features many sensores like an image sensor, a gyro sensor, an accelerometer, a proximity sensor, and an ambient light sensor. In this way it has not stolen elements of the design language and basic features of our Ontoscopes, but also functional features that are our MobileKinetic technology with the related connection of the operating system, specifically the Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI), but also our dual stereo front loudspeakers. All our named devices were presented in the Ontoscope Further steps of the 13th of August 2012, and it is important to note once again that most of Ontoscopes feature the functionaility of a smartphone as a sub-module from the hardware and software side, and that we have our Modular Chassis System for our Ontoscopes, so that features like the MobileKinetic components or the dual stereo loudspeakers can be added to other models as well, if they have the same chassis. Furthermore, it has stolen our Modern User Interface concept with desktop environment framework that features for example tiles that are "basically like an application window or a tab of a web browser without frame. The 2D version features multimedia tiles showing also all kinds of typographies, images in motion, and videos", inclusive live streams for sure, that we presented in the OntoLab and OntoLinux Further steps of the 25th of October 2012.
  • Microsoft and Massachusetts Institute of Technology: That only stealing company and that heavily stealing research institute have infringed our copyright in several ways once again with the presentation of a device that is the result of their collaboration and based on our intellectual properties. In detail, the device is a see-through computer with 3D display and called SpaceTop 3D, which is based on our Glassy app(lication) in combination with our Image Display 2.0 approach, which includes gesture and eye movement tracking systems and 3D displays, our tablet and pad computers without or with 3D displays, and our Multilingual Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M³UI) of OntoLinux. In this field, there is no legal loophole, definitely.
  • British Broadcasting Corporation: As usual, that serious criminal media company reported about two devices despite the fact that it is based on our intellectual properties stolen by the related entities who made the devices. In the first case the device is a see-through computer with 3D display and gesture and eye tracking control system (see the case of Microsoft and Massachusetts Institute of Technology of today above). In this conjunction, contents of the description of our Image Display 2.0 were copied, specifically the point about gesture and eye movement tracking and 3D displaying, and our range of Hapticle technologies was mentioned.
    In a second report the device is an imaging system constructed out of a laser scanner that comprises an Infra-Red (IR) laser and a sensor system that captures the rays reflected by a scanned object, an imager that creates a 3D model based on the data delivered by the laser scanner, and a display, which is said to be made portable in the future. The whole system is referenced as IR holography respectively holographic system by the responsible scientist and the journalist of the media company in relation to our holographic devices Holonicle, our Active Display and Active Screen, as well as our Ontoscope technology with its sensors, actuators, and 3D displaying capabilities, that are also featured by our strongly connected Active Cam(era) and our Active Sensor technologies by Style of Speed, and that makes it possible that the sensors like cameras and microphones are not 'blinded' by unwanted information like for example hot flames or big noise.

    We demand the prosecutors in the U.K. and the B.R.D. to start decisive actions against the media company British Broadcasting Corporation and its partners in the B.R.D..

    Comment of the Day #1

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Ooops, a fiscal cliff."

    Question of the Day
    "Are there some tickets left for the clown show in the new circus in Rome?"

    For sure, we will use filed patents as evidences for proving that our intellectual properties were stolen and for calculating the amount of the license fees. For the latter we regard every single patent alone, and for every patent that is based on one or more of our intellectual properties a license is needed for every single property of us that must be used for realizing an invention. If a patent is filed for one of our intellectual properties, then the license fee doubles. For examp- le, in relation to user interfaces and functions of mobile devices that are based on gesture control by tracking the eye movement two lic- enses are needed at least, that are one for our MobileKinetic tech- nology and one for our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI). If in addition a mobile device features gesture control by tracking the fingers as well with our MobileKinetic technology, then also two licenses are needed for the technologies of us at least. For sure, we will give individual negotiated quantity rebates, as we already said in the past, and we also demand to pay the license fees retroactively, even if the limitation period of 3 years has elapsed.
    The determination of the amount of a license follows common pract- ice in the scientific field and as applied by the leading IT-companies, and considers assessment criteria like creativity, uniqueness, poss- ibility of circumvention, market potential respectively importance, and further ones, but not the quantity of the text of a description, so that it might be that a very short description could be worth the same or even more for us than a long and detailed description. In this way, we can imagine that for example the utilization of the Mob- ileKinetic technology description demands a license fee of around 2 euro, while for our M²UI the fee is around 3 euro for each sold mobile device, for 3D LED display is around 3 euro for every sold device, and so on. Another exmaple are the license fees for the semantic part of HTML5 that will be calculated in conjunction with a license fee for another technology of us.

    Ontonics Further step
    In relation to license fees for our many aproaches, concepts, paradigms, and solutions we will begin to add to each description a price that should be taken for the individually conducted negotiations.

    Ontonics Website update
    As announced on the 16th of November 2012, we have added the short descriptions of the projects with the self-explaining names:

  • Light-Field Actuator/Lamp,
  • Ray-Field Actuator/Radiator,
  • Sound-Field Actuator/Resonator, and
  • Wave-Field Actuator/Resonator.

    We also added to the description of the Stevia Pastry and the Vita/Viva Pastry the bun, doughnut, cruller, and pancake as further examples.

    We also added a further way of construction of our colored e-paper and colored e-ink that is based on four layers one for each basic color and one light absorbing layer.

    © and/or ®
    Christian Stroetmann GmbH