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Comment of the Day

For sure, our OpenStreetView project (see the OntoLinux Further steps of the 26th of November 2010) can also use the data made by cameras that are installed in the interior or/and the exterior of veh- icles, like eg. the cameras mounted at the rear view mirrors inside and outside of a vehicle and the integration of our Active Cameras into our Active Lights, in real-time in the same way as it is done with navigation systems and other mobile devices in the field of travelling and traffic to support traffic control and avoidance of traffic conge- stion/jam, route planning and other useful actings. In this way al- ways up to date images and videos in 2D and 3D are delivered for all devices that are powered by OntoLinux as well as for all applicat- ions, like for example our OntoMaps and OntoGlobes.
In the same way it is also logic that the OpenStreetView functions as well with our Multi Global Positioning System (MultiGPS), so that a long explanation is not needed.

This is a serious Anti Copyright Infringement Warning!!!

Ontonics Website update
Today we added in our Innovation-Pipeline the new software project:

  • ImageP2PS.

    Besides this, we added to the description of our software platform for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Search engines (P2PS) the feature to add further search and find functions, and to the description of our On- tology-based or/and Ontologic Peer-to-Peer Find engine (OntoP2PF) the note about the application of query languages.

    Comment of the Day

    An autogyro/gyrocopter is not to 90% a helicopter as a manufact- urer of such aircrafts claimed as part of his marketing. In fact, such a claim is not only misleading the public it is also only nonsense, be- cause a helicopter is a Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) air- craft, can hover in the air, and fly up and down, back and forth as well as to the sides. In this respect we see an autogyro as a plane with a rotating wing. Furthermore, it is often mentioned that an au- togyro only needs a short runway for take-off, but this is only due to the fact that the shown autogyros are Very Light/Ultralight Air- crafts. Accordingly, a large gyrocopter would need a much longer runway in the same way as a large plane.

    Ontonics Website update 6:30 CET
    Today we added in our Innovation-Pipeline the new software projects:

  • VideoP2PS,
  • DocP2PS,
  • MusicP2PS and
  • BlogP2PS.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We added in the section Semantic (World Wide) Web of the web- page Links to Software our:

  • OntoP2PF - Ontological Peer-to-Peer Find engine.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We updated the website with the new subsection Supplement to the section Water and in addition to the known contents we also added a webpage for our isail technology in this new section.

    Furthermore, as announced on the 31st of March 2011 we have added the new subsection Sports to the section Water.


  • ARD, ZDF and France Télévisions→ARTE: In a report about the fight against Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) an anim- ation was shown. But why the website of a video sharing platform was shown explicitly before and after the animation as well, which in fact is an illegal placement of service, cannot be answered.

    Comment of the Day

    Picture of the Day
    Nestlamp (1996/1997)

    C.S. Nestlamp (1996/1997)
    © C.S.
    The original Nest Lamp has been shown before as an Original on the 08.08.08 and also mentioned in the case of the company Arup in the Investigation of the 23th of April 2010.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added the websites Active Rotor and Active Wing to the sub- section Active Component of the section Water.

    Ontonics Website update
    We have updated our Innovation-Pipeline with the description of our project:

  • Nuclear Energy 2.0,

    because companies like General Electric and Siemens were not able to realize the utilization of nuclear energy in the needed way. In the end the price for electric power is the only argument, as always, and not what all the bandwagon jumpers are babbling now about altern- ative energy sources. :P

    Comment of the Day
    Lucky Dragon™

    A given explanation in a broadcast of a music television channel about the difference between a Bicycle MotoCross (BMX) bike and mountain bike was not right, because in the field of BMX exists also the class of the cruisers, which have as well rims that are larger than 20-inch.
    Besides this, the cousin of C.S. and C.S. did some kind of Bicycle Trial (BT) with a small chopper bike that had 16-inch rims before Ot Pi was able to ride a tricycle ;D, while dreaming of a bike like George /Georgina of the children's book series "Famous Five" by Enid Blyton has had. The latter led to the transformation and usage of a 24-inch race bike by C.S. in such a way that in fact it had become a mount- ain bike. After the first BMX bikes were available C.S.' cousin has done out- and indoor BT (e.g. several times at the exhibition Motor- show Essen), and C.S. focused on Freestyle BMX (flatland, trails and vert) and as one of the very few BT riders outside of Spain and Sou- thern France a little bit on BT. The focus on BT led, as far as we do know, to the development of the first modern BT bicycle that feat- ures a Pro-Neck National Pro Long chrome-moly frame with a self- made underbody protection, a brandnew Montesa Trialsin Montesita/ Monty T-17 fork (the first in the B.R.D.), which was bought by C.S.' cousin from Ot Pi out of his spare parts depot at an European BT championship (around 1983) and was planned two years later to be replaced by a cruiser 24-inch chrome- moly fork with Magura hydraulic caliper brakes and a lower handlebar (and then with a disc brakes), chrome-moly handlebar, aluminium rims, aluminium sprocket with 24 teeth, and the large Magura motorbike-like brake handles, which were nearly not know, because the classes of the BT bicycle and mountain bike were not know at that time by the broader public. At the same time the BMX cruiser frames were taken for BT bikes as well.
    And since many years C.S. offers bikes made out of the carbon fibre composites Pure Carbon and the own developed Carbon Hemp, which was made official now under the Style of Sports for Style of Speed.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added to the webpage of our Spacecrafter two images, which we have presented the first time on the 15th of June 2008, that show the exterior of the laboratory module and a possible configur- ation as a Centrifgual Accomendation Module (CAM) for the Inter- national Space Station (ISS) of the year 2005.


  • General: As a further reaction to our objective critics about illegal placements of products and services the privately hold broadcasters but also the organizers of sports events have masssively strength- ened these illegal placements even further. For example, in the cases of sports events we could see that now a second row of perimeter advertising boards is placed around the fields at soccer games and images of a product has been placed under the ice at the men's world championship in curling.
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: In addition to the usual illegal placement of compact discs of music albums one compact disc was hold into the cameras for an extra long period of time.
  • Cable News Network: Even an own broadcast was held about a micro blogging platform as part of the illegal placement of services (see also the cases before above) in such a way, that the viewers should get the impression that this acting is legal and good. No, these kinds of web services are not good, if they are owned by one company.
  • Viacom→Viva: In one broadcast the illegal placement of products has reached a level that the studio looked like a junk market (see also the general comment above).


  • Google: In conjunction with an auction of a patent portfolio by a bankrupt telecom equipment maker, officials of that only stealing company stated the following: "The patent system should reward those who create the most useful innovations for society, not those who stake bogus claims or file dubious lawsuit" and "If successful, we hope this portfolio will not only create a disincentive for others to sue Google, but also help us, our partners and the open source community - which is integrally involved in projects like Android and Chrome - continue to innovate". To the first statement we would like to mention that most of the sues against that company are no bog- us claims, as our many claims and proofs about its permanent copy- right infringements or the claim by the company Oracle in conjunct- ion with the infringement of patents (read for example the two clar- ifications Clarification #2 of the 2nd of September 2010 and 7th of November 2010), and also add at its end "or that only stealing com- pany Google and its partners". To the second statement we can only say that the open source community has evolved out of the goals to develop soft- and hardware which are not proprietary, and to do not support software patents. In this conjunction, it is in fact that only stealing company Google that doesn't understand this philosophy of the open source community and even doesn't want to be part of it (see the Clarification of the 25th of February 2011, the Investigat- ions::Multimedia Ontoscope and intelliTablet Special of the 23rd of March 2011 and the Investigations::Multimedia 30th of March 2011, for example), and that together with its also only stealing partners has become one of the major reasons why innovation efforts are reduced more and more, or even have been stopped completely. But those very bold and serious criminal Confidence WoMen still try to play the nice gals and guys despite that the gang is already busted and convicted. Also, these statements tell us that we are right, be- cause they are a reaction to our statements and proofs about the many illegal actings by that only stealing company Google. But even much more bold is the fact that on the one hand that company has stolen intellectual properties and infringed the rights of other entities to make money at first, and now on the other hand wants to buy intellectual properties like patents with this money and expect from the other entities to respect their intellectual properties. If someone is watched while robbing a bank, then she/he can't pay the police with the stolen money to protect the stolen money. Like a child, the managers and many other responsible persons of Google are unable or, if this is not the case, are not willing to understand the laws, so there is no other way than the divestiture of the company.

    At least in the European Union we will see in the near future sever- al judgements which prove that the company has acted many times against many laws (see only for example the Investigations::Multi- media of the 23rd of March 2011). If compared with the case of the integration of a web browser into an operating system by another IT-company, then this can only lead in the cases of the distortion of competition and the abuse of market power due to its search engine by the company Google to the direction by the courts that there is no integration of an operating system (eg. its Linux® based operat- ing system) and its search engine with all connected services (for example Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Street View, its data sharing platforms and services, and so on) allowed. Instead alternat- ives have to be presented explicitly so that the user can decide which search engine service and connected services she/he wants to use.
    Furthermore, due to the fact that this alone won't solve the issue a further direction has also to be given that says that the company Google has to open all of its data servers that store the results of its World Wide Web crawling to third entities without any strings attached in relation to the usage and the analyzation of the behav- iour of the third entities. In this relation, we do ask the questions who gave companies like Google the right to take the informations given on the other websites and to secretly analyze/snoop the be- haviour of internet users for selling the results to third parties?

    Besides this, its search engine services, sharing platforms and serv- ices that are not acting against the infringement of copyrights have to be closed. Moreover, all of the infringements of copyrights have to be punished.

    Ontonics Website update
    In February and March we started a version system for and presented new versions of our e-dashboard, which in general was not exactly what we wanted. Now after a closer examination we found out that some features were indeed already described before with the first version. Said this, we decided to take away the different versions again and to add the additional features to the already existing description. The news messages have been updated accordingly. For sure, this was done without changing the chronology and semantic of the contents.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We have updated the webpage of the OntoFS to reflect the new development:

  • The new file system patch for the Linux® kernel 2.6.38 was up- loaded at the OntoFS webpage.

    Moreover, we renamed the COVE component to OntoCOVE on the 6th of April, reflected the change on the webpage of our OntoFS and in the section Ontoscope of the Components webpage, and also have started with the overwork of the description on its webpage to give a better explanation including the mention of the holographic mode.

    Besides this, we have also begun with the revision of the Links to Software webpage to keep it uptodate. Sadly to say, at least four further research institutes have taken their webpages off line, but that doesn't matter, because we will upload our local copies.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We finally gave our Spacecrafter its name Space Dragon.

    Furthermore, we uploaded the first version of the webpage of our new spaceship model XR-3/Lucky Dragon.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added to the webpage of our new spaceship model XR-3/Lucky Dragon the concept of the Microwave Lightcraft (see the Sneak pre- view #5a of the 25th of October 2008).

    Comment of the Day

    Ontonics Website update
    After we found out that the same company that cloned the clone of our P@d 2.0 has taken illegally the contents of one of our webpages again, in this case it was the webpage of our Innovation-Pipeline, for patenting a Pad Computer with haptic display in the year 2009 we have described in more detail our P@d 5.0.

    Besides this, we added to the description of our haptic screen the possibility to combine it with the haptic speaker technology.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We are looking at the Swingbo again, which is a skateboard for the snow that has two small tilting carving skis instead of wheels, for a further development that comprises the elimination of the weight problem by applying carbon fibre, and the ride problem by taking a new mechanism, which is based on push rods and was developed as a child, and by adding a suspension, which even could be active.

    Comment of the Day
    "50 years of Kraut killing."

    Comment of the Day
    "Pojechali!", [Juri Gagarin, 12th of April 1961]
    "Let's go!"

    There exist two different nuclear chain reactions to use nuclear power, that are fusion, which lets the sun shine, and its reverse process fission. Fission is nonsense, but fusion using lithium from sea water would last 60 million years, and only deuterium from sea water would have fuel for 150 billion years with short lived radioactivity, which is really no problem to handle even by humans and can be reduced to zero by our Nuclear Energy 2.0 technologies, and low carbon emissions.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have added a new image on the webpage of our motorcycle model #;O (Feral Riot) that shows a new Girder fork designed by the company Confederate Motors and overworked by Igor Chak.


  • General: Most of the media companies have illegally placed more products and services since we document their actings.
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media→N24: Neben den üblichen Vergehen gegen die Vorgaben des Rundfunkgesetzes werden auch gesponserte Sen- dungen genutzt um Produkte und Dienste illegal zu bewerben. So wurde heute zum Beispiel auf einen Flug des Sponsors des Wetterbe- richtes samt Angabe des Flugscheinpreises während der Wettervor- hersage hingewiesen.
  • Bertelsmann: In einer besonderen Sendung über Mobiltelefone und deren Dienste wurde fast die ganze Zeit das Mobiltelefon eines be- stimmten Herstellers gezeigt. Hier hätte man problemlos 10 verschie- dene Geräte von unterschiedlichen Herstellern nehmen oder aber das Logo des einen Herstellers entfernen können und sogar müssen.
    Außerdem wurde bei der Anmoderation einer anderen Reportage ex- plizit erwähnt, dass die gezeigten Personen angeblich eine bekannte Mikro-Blogging-Platform von ihren Mobiltelefonen genutzt hätten. Mit der Reportage an sich, die seit bestimmt zehn Jahren in der gleichen Art und Weise gezeigt wird, als auch ihrem Inhalt hatte das überhaupt nichts gemeinsam.

    Investigation::Multimedia, AI and Knowledge management
    *** Work in progress ***

  • Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen, Steve Wei-Lung Leim: We found a doctor thesis from the year 2008 about a special hospital information system with connections to objekt-orientiert==object-oriented, Unified Modeling Language (UML), Ontology, semantische Modellierung==semantic Modeling, knowledge, Polygon(al) data base model (see the section Semantic File/Storage System of the webpage Links to Software), Natural Language Processing (NLP) (see section Natural Language Processing of the webpage Links to Software). The Polygon(al) data base model and NLP were used but this approach makes no sense at all for the subject of thesis, so it was done as an act of stealing and perverting the fact that C.S. opened this way of the object-oriented and ontology-oriented paradigms even with NLP, reflection, operating system and much more, and in this way a whole bunch of new approaches in the fields of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) like software and its engineering, artificial intelligence, as well as hardware and its engineering, software and hardware architectures, robotics and so on.
    By quoting "..." of Ludwig Wittgenstein a link to philosophy and NLP is made as well, which also reflects our actings.
    project group Prometheus software technology, Object-Oriented Software Engineering (OOSE) approach which is with Structured Analysis (SA) and some other techniques forerunner of the UML approach (see also the section Formal Modeling of the webpage Links to Software)
    Qualitätssicherung==quality assurance, one of C.S.' special fields in the project group Prometheus besides testing, and as it can be seen easily with OntoLinux
    Werkzeug Automat Material (WAM)==Tool-Automata-Material software development methode in project group Prometheus uses "Szenarien==scenarios"
    The overlapping with the works done by C.S., especially in relation with our Ontologic System OntoLinux, is much too high and much too strange that we have here an illegal acting, for sure. The doctor thesis also has the same footprint, which is to plagarize/steal the works by C.S., like the master work in relation with our Ontoscope software component (see the case of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen in the Investigation::AI and Knowledge management of the 10th of August 2008 and also all cases in the Investigation::AI and Knowledge management of the 18th of November 2008), the OntoBot software component (see the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management of the 27th of May 2009 and the Clarification #4 of the 24th of July 2009, which by the way is about the minister Schavan and the scientist Whalster, as well as the research center for artificial intelligence Deutsches Forschungsinstitut für Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH, but also the case of the University of Pisa and Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich of the 13th of August 2009) and the giant scandal around our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™ (see all cases in the Investigation::AI and Knowledge management, and Robotics of the 24th of September 2010 that are related with a robotic operating system, and the case of the company Bense in conjunction with the Technical University Munich in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management of the 30th of August 2010). All evidences are pointing to Schavan, and in many cases to Whalster and the owners of the company Deutsches Forschungsinstitut für Künstliche Intelligenz (e.g. Volkswagen, SAP, Deutsche Telekom), as well the Fraunhofer Institutes at the end (see also the Investigations of the ...).
  • International Business Machines: A scientist of that company is imitating C.S. for more than 10 years now (see the case of G.J. Chaitin below).
  • G.J. Chaitin:
    first philosophy, which is already conspicuous for us. Then he presented on this platform summaries of the work by C.S. like "Epsitemology as Information Theory: From Leibniz to Omega", which doubtlessly is another headline for The Proposal and could also be "Epistemology as Information Theory: From Piaget to Omega", or more precisely "Biology as Information Theory: From Darwin to Omega" or "Physics as Information Theory: From Newton/Einstein to Omega", that also contains a section about "Computational Ontology", which again undoubtedly points directly to Ontologics, Ontonics, OntoLab and OntomaX. This is at least plagiarism, because both was known to be done in the years 1998 to 2000 and later by C.S.. But most probably the content of The Proposal was stolen by espionage, because we haven't publicated the document before the year 2006 and also don't think that The Proposal was discussed by W. Banzhaf or one of his few scientists with G.J. Chaitin, and this also definitely not in the relation to ontology, computational ontology and ontologics. Furthermore, it is not surprising and proves our arguments as facts that his focus changed again, this time to mathematical theory of evolution and biological creativity, because he found out later that arts are also part of C.S.' actings, which indeed is now a convicting stealing from the Clarification of the 8th of October 2009, the Clarification of the 2nd of December 2010, and the Investigations of the 3rd of December 2010; see also the Investigations::Multimedia, and Avionics and Aerospace of the 20th of February of this year 2011; see also the section Algorithmic/Generative/Evolutionary/Organic ... Art/Science of the webpage Links to Software.
    Now Metabiology

    What he does is nothing else then what a criminal confidence man does, because he sells the actings and works by C.S. as his own.
    the crime is that he never referenced our works, especially after the autumn of the year 2006, but instead attempts to dislude his criminal actings and distract attention away from C.S. by for example referencing the already busted Cheif Executive Officer (CEO) of the company Wolfram Research (for this case see the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management of the 28th of April 2009 and the Clarification of the 20th of May 2009, and also the whole Investigations::Multimedia of the 11th of August 2010), and someone who said something about digital philosophy.

    *** Work in progress ***
    Investigation::Car #317

  • Volkswagen: Two advertisements were publicated. One says "21st Century Beetle", while the other jumps on the bandwagon of the movie saga "Star Wars", which both directly point to our webpage Terms of the 21st Century of the website of our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™. Together with the case of its marque Audi (see below) we have here the next clear evidences that the company Volkswagen is copying our business division Style of Speed™.
  • Volkswagen→Porsche: Suddenly, the model 918 is in production. In this conjunction see also our Style of Speed™ models Boxster GT and BBB™.
  • Volkswagen→Audi: In a commercial the term "Hybrid bauweise==hybrid constructive form" was said, which has to be seen in relation with our section Hybrid in the air vehicles section Plane of Style of Speed™.
  • PSA Peugeot Citroén: In a commercial for one of its model a former member of the band The Beatles was shown saying something about Rock 'n' Roll.
  • Daimler→Mercedes: For a world tour three fuel cell powered cars painted in lightning green (see also its case in the Investigations::Car #xyz of the ...) shoud drive with three occupants over 30,000 kilometers around the world (see also the case of the criminal club ADAC below).
  • ADAC: In a report about a world tour of a fuel cell powered car we found terms lime "Drei==Three", "30000 kilometers", "300 Tagen==300days", "drei Exemplare==three specimens", "30 Jahre==30 years", "drei Personen==three persons" and "300 kilometers". The at least that now that club jumped on the bandwagon of our 3 Theme as well and in this way proves once again that the publisher does know our website. In this respect it is the typical nasty behaviour by the club that in the report it is mentioned that the fuel cell powered car is in general an electric vehicle, but it is also said that it doesn't get its electric power out of an accumulator, by the larger range of this energy storage system an advantage exists in the race about alternative drivetrains, and a infrastructure for refueling doesn't exist, which doubtlessly reflects the content and our description of this technology and directly points to our Fuel Cell technologies, especially our Looped Fuel Cells that are both a fuel cell and an accumulator/battery and can be fueled with common propellants as well, and the Stroetmann-Cycle (see also its cases in the Investigations #xyz of the ... and ...).
  • Bertelsmann→N-TV: That criminal media company showed a report in its news broadcast that was only made to be contrary to the facts we gave in our Clarification of the 8th of March 2011 by presenting incompetent persons. While one of these persons still told the fairy tale about the food for fuel issue, which in fact doesn't exists, another person even claimed that using grass land for growing plants that are used in the production of biofuels would heightend the CO2 emission, which for sure is an absolut nonsense due to at least two facts presented by us (see also the Investigations::Car #314 of the 4th of March 2011). This misleading of and lying to the public by that media company must be declared as a crime against the humanity, too.

    Investigations::Motorbike #13

  • Ducati: Some weeks ago a new model was presented. Not only the general concept was taken from our motorbike series #5, especially the model #;O (Feral Riot), but also many design elements. This can be seen best with the short seat and its integrated LED rear light, the headlight, which was taken from the design concept we showed on the webpage of the #;> (Wild Riot) and turned by 90°, and the wide rear wheel, as well as the air intakes at each side of the tank and the exhaust pipes of the Yamaha MT-01 MT-OS concept motor- cycle and some other design details we showed on the webpage of the model #;O (Feral Riot). Moreover, there exists also a carbon fibre Exterior Theme™. Besides this, the LED lights under the air intakes were taken from the forks of a motorcycle with Girder fork by a U.S. American company and a concept motorcycle by another Italian ma- nufacturer, which features a Hossack fork like the related models Feral Roar and Wild Roar.

    Comment of the Day

    Ontonics Website update
    We added a new project in the section Multimedia of our Innovation-Pipeline called:

  • MultiLego.

    Ontonics Website update
    We have added the new project:

  • OntoSpace

    to the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We added three new webpages Roboverse, M.U.P.P.E.T.S. and Underware, because they were removed from the web, and commented them.

    Furthermore, we added to the webpage Overview some long awaited explanations about the Caliber.

    We also updated the webpage Links to Software by adding into the section Space Simulation our:

  • OntoSpace.

    In the same way

  • OntoFS

    was added to the section Semantic File/Storage System and:

  • OntoCOVE

    to the section Collaborative Virtual Environment.

    Moreover, we moved the simulation:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Media Lab, Commonsense Computing Initiative: Roboverse

    from the section Robot Simulation into the section Human Simulation/Holomer.

    OntoLinux Further steps
    Most potentially, we will add an own webpage for the Caliber.

    Moreover, we are also in the process to overwork the section Onto- logic Applications by adding a new webpage called Ontoverse, which is based on the software component Ontoscope, as well as OntoGlobe/OntoEarth, and OntoSpace, for sure.

    *** Fine tuning™ mode ***
    Investigation::Car #318

  • AutoMoto: In relation with our models Boxster GT and Cayman GT the automotive magazine reported that an official person of the marque Volkswagen→Porsche claimed: "We’re looking to extend the range. We’ve got an idea to do another mid-engined model. We’re thinking above the 911 but below the 918 Spyder." (see also the case of the magazine Automobile in the Investigations::Car #298 of the 17th of November 2010, but also the other cases of the magazines Auto Zeitung, Motor-Talk and Teamspeed.com in the same investigation, as well as the case of the magazine Motor Presse Stuttgart→auto motor und sport in the Investigations::Car #306 of the 10th of January 2011).
    Besides this that magazine is stealing contents from our Style of Speed website for its reports.
  • PPI Automotive Design: Again that company has stolen a concept from our website (see also the case about it in the Investigations::Car #251 of the 26th of April 2010), which is the Audi V8 engine with two bi-centrifugal superchargers. The engine is linked to this quad-supercharger configuration on the webpages of our Boxster GT, Boxster BB, Cayman GT and Cayman BB. Extra nasty the system was named B-CS in relation two our model B!, our BB series and the initials C.S. as they can be seen in the logo of Style of Speed™. The latter proves our explanations in this case. The original GT conversion of the Volkswagen→Audi R8 with this engine is delivered by Style of Speed™ only and not by this fraudster who doesn't respect the copyright.
  • Bertelsmann→N-TV: That media company reported again about a small manufacturer that we have convicted of stealing contents, concepts and technologies of our business division Style of Speed™ (see the case Maiworm→e-Wolf in the Investigations::Car #162 of the 21st of September 2009, #168 of the 2nd of October 2009 and #247 of the 13th of April 2010). The report itself was again about a car that we already could expose of being only an illegal clone of our Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™). Furthermore, a report about carbon fibre was added to nearly the same report shown around 2 years ago with a special mentioning about the production of carbon fibre mats by an institute for textile and plastic research, and wheels made out of this material of the reported car, which undoubtedly was done in conjunction with our rims made out of carbon fibre Pure Carbon™ or our material Carbon Hemp™, aka. Carbon Hemp Plastic. Nothing has changed at the reported company in the last 2 years with the only exception that an engineer explained now that its car has just only a range of 250 kilometers, which proves that it is only a criminal harassment by the companies Evonik and Daimler and that the company definitely not "[...] Maßstabe setzt==set benchmarks [...]". Besides this, it is a further case of pushing defrauding or even faked companies by that criminal media company, which indeed makes it another case for the prosecutors in relation with that media company.

    Comment of the Day
    Visual Ontologic™
    Integrated Ontologic Development Environment™
    Form is Function™

    *** Fine tuning™ mode ***
    Investigations::Motorbike #14

  • Confederate Motors: That company has stolen essential contents from our website of Style of Speed™. We document the case: "[...] Philosophy [...] [We think this is more than clear.]", "Minimalist [Minimalistic Modern™]", "Existentialist [With the point philosophy we have a clear stealing of the ontology story by our corporation.]", "C3 [This is points to the C.S. in the logo of Style of Speed™ and the 3 Theme.]", "[...] superior [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] massive [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] core architectural elements [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] absolute transparency [...]", "[...] fundamentally [...] [speech act stealing]", "One doesn’t have to look far to find companies whose brand identity is largely a component of some conjured, cheaply derived coverage system. [One doesn't have to look far to find companies whose brand identity is largely a composition of some conjured, cheaply derived websites and technologies.]", "[...] elegant [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] form is dictated by function [...] [Form is Function™]", "[...] contextually [...]", "[...] street legal [...] [speech act stealing due to the naming of our section Motorbike Street Legal]", "[...] honest machine expresses authenticity [...] [Sadly to say, authenticity is gone now from that company as it can be seen by this investigation.]", "[...] passion, real romance, unconditional love, and genuine emotion [...] [This was cheaply derived from our webpage Disclaimer and has as well relations to our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™]", "[...] essence [...]", "[...] iconic and sustainable[...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] inspiration [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] Zeros [...] [Zero Ontology™]", "[...] artists, Caravaggism, Realism, and Constructivism, fueling Bauhaus School purity [...] [This is a lie and was only said to steal the story of C.S., who is acting in this field. At that company only design can be find.]", "[...] illuminates [...]", "[...] universally [...]", "[...] Fuel Cell [...] [Oh, what a cheap trick. The reader might guess what is meant here. Yes indeed, only the tank. This should mislead the public, because we offer our motorcycles as well with our Looped Fuel Cells™.]", "[...] persuasive [...] [So now its time for: SuperGotcha!!!™]", "[...] golden triangular square[...] [This sounds familiar, beause it points directly to the Golden Rule.]", "[...] spirit into the infinite [...]", "Existential truth is informed [This is a again the jump on the bandwagon of philosophy and its field of ontology.]", "[...] existence [...]", "[...] Vision [OntoLab™ - The Lab of Visions™]", "Purity. Honesty. Kindness. Fairness. Openness. Toughness. Simplicity. Discipline. Strength. Sustainability. [Thank you very much for summarizing our enterprise values.]", "[...] pure, functional, honest [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] philosophical and ideological foundation [...] [Again we have here the stolen story in conjunction with philosophy, which this time was mixed with Ontologics.]", "Transparent. Honest. Minimalist. Pure. Strong. Tough. Powerful. Classless. Fun. [copyright infringement and Strong™]", "[...] logo system [...] [This was said in relation to the contents of our disclaimer.]", "[...] bold C [...]", "[...] universe of infinite [...] [This sounds familiar and points to the logo of Ontologics.]", "Philosophical inspired design work in action [...] [This statement needs no comment.]", "[...] balanced [...]" and "[...] automotive style [...]".
    Besides this, its new logo has some similarites with the logo of iRaiment™ and its website has some elements of the logo of Ontologics. To be honest, gentlemanly, polite and kind is definitely different. The result: Confederate Convicted!!!™
  • Renard: That company copied the concept of our models #1™ and #2™ by jumping on the bandwagon of our models of the #5 series in the Girder fork version by by Style of Speed. Furthermore, we found the following very familiar contents on its website: "[...] functionality, quality and stylish [...]", "Essentially [...]", "[...] DNA [...] is engineering intelligence[...]", "[...] carbon-fiber monocoque [...]", "[...] adjustable in three dimensions, and tuned to perfection[...]", "[...] strong [...] [Strong™]", "[...] vision [...]", "[...] modern [...]" and "[...] strong individuality, intelligent design [...]".
    Besides the already mentioned relations to our models #1™, #2™ and #5™, its first model is already also declared to copy the model B120 Wraith by the company Confederate Motors, which indeed is only true in conjunction with the Girder fork and the wheels. That was really easy: Convicted!!!™

    Style of Speed Website update
    Today, we have published finally the webpage of one of our first conversion, the:

  • R8 BB - The original R8 GT.

    Also, we presented the first sketch of the 2012 model of our RE in the quattro® version Evo X.


  • General: It seems to be that Google and other large companies have infiltrated the Wikipedia by making marketing, for example the document by Robert W. Bussard: Should [an internet search service provider] Go Nuclear? Clean, cheap, nuclear power (no, really), which explains nothing on all the webpages of the Wikipedia where we found it so far, and was placed there while we updated the web- page of our TIE R/LightSwift by Style of Speed, as well as copying contents of websites owned by others into it without referencing them (eg. the content of the OntoLinux website like the sections Intelligent/Cognitive Agent and Intelligent/Cognitive Interface of the Links to Software webpage or waste heat recovery by the Stroet- mann Compressor an so on).

    *** Fine tuning™ mode ***

  • A general note, which mentions the members Erste und BR of the working group ARD and the media company Bertelsmann, and social networks and blogs, as well as a note about the association Digitale Gesellschaft e. V. was added to our webpage Culture.

    Comment of the Day
    Bonnet Diffusor™ Hood Diffusor™

    Style of Speed Website update
    We uploaded an image on the webpage of our motorbike model #2 that shows a prototyp, which is not done, but conceptualized and overworked by us.

    Furthermore, we completed the image shown on the webpage of our motorcycle model #;O (Feral Riot) on the 12th this month with three additional ones.

    *** Fine tuning™ mode ***

  • General: For sure, showing broadcasts with the (best) international commercials are illegal advertisings. In this conjunction, it doesn't matter if the shown products and services are actually available in the country where these broadcasts are shown or not.
    Advertisement is advertisement and in this way just only business, and there exists no other view on it. Besides this, there is no arts, but just only business.
    Selbstverständlich ist das Ausstrahlen von Fernsehsendungen mit den (besten) internationalen Fernsehwerbungen illegale Werbung und es spielt keine Rolle ob die gezeigten Produkte und Dienste in dem Land erhältlich sind indem diese Sendungen gezeigt werden. Die Sendungen sind als Dauerwerbesendung zu markieren und dementsprechend zu bilanzieren.
    Werbung ist Werbung und es existiert keine andere Ansicht darauf. Keine Kunst, nur Geschäft.
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: Die Methoden der illegalen Plazierung von Produkten und Dienstleistungen werden immer weiter getrieben. So wurden in einer wissensorientierten Sendung die faszinierendsten Bilder mit dem schon an Lächerlichkeit grenzenden Ergebnis vorgestellt, dass das 6 Meter breite Bild von New York, U.S.A., aus der Vogelperspektive eines Autisten, der es in sieben Tagen nach einem nur 20 minütigen Rundfluges zeichnete, auf den dritten Platz kam, aber eine Computer generierte Visualisierung die die Verbindungen von gerade einmal 10 Millionen BenutzerInnen eines vor allem in den U.S.A. und in Mitteleuropa genutzten gesellschaftlichen Netzwerkes zeigt wurde auf den ersten Platz gesetzt. Da solche Visualisierungen seit mindestens zehn Jahren nicht mehr neu sind, die benutzte Software lediglich von einer vorhandenen abgeleitet wurde und die Aussagen bezüglich des Netzwerkes sowieso keinen Erkenntnisgewinn hervorbrachten, bleibt als Grund hierfür nur die illegale Dienstplazierung übrig.
  • Tele 5: Im Zusammenhang mit Werbung im Kino wurden ausschließlich die Interviews von DarstellerInnen auf dem so genannten roten Teppich zwischen den einzelnen präsentierten Werbekurzfilmen gezeigt, die für Werbung im Kino und durch DarstellerInnen sind. Wie billig (siehe auch den Punkt General oben).


  • Dell: We can see more and more stealing by that company, which in the last past were in the fields of infrastructure for Problem Solv- ing Environments (PSEs) and security services, which in the latter case was even done by getting personal, and now in the field of health care. All these fields are taken from our webpages like Links to Software and Innovation-Pipeline. In this relation, a commercial was shown that presented our solution Medi!Tablet™ (see also the image of the application of a tablet computer as medical patient record in health care by the company Intel that we have shown as an Original on the 13th of February 2008), As experts in the field of hospital information systems we can clarify that the said arguments are absolutely naive and that company absolutely incompetent to solve the problems of other companies if they are not related with computer boxes. Don't fall into their marketing trap.
  • LG Electronics: "Speed"
  • Bertelsmann: In a broadcast of a television magazine about serv- ices given by smartphones our Cook!Mobile solution was presented by naming the copier, but not us (see also the note on the Culture webpage about the person J. Oliver of today).


  • A general note, and notes about the persons J. Oliver and Karl L. or so again, the pop character Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson and the artist Sigmar Polke have been added to our famous Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day
    Air wiper™ Turbo wiper™
    OntoMR™ Onto Mixed Reality™
    Ontology Mixed Reality™
    Ontologic Mixed Reality™

    Ontonics Website update 2:22 CET
    Today, we have added to our Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics the not so new project:

  • Air Wiper.

    Furthermore, we added the feature of MultiLego to our L@goTables.

    And while already updating this website, we simply developed the new concept of the multimedia table:

  • PowerTable.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have added the option for Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) to the lists of features of our hyperjets F-15FE Fire Eagle, F-22SR Super Raptor and HCV-1/WhiteSwift.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We will add informations about the technologies Active Wiper and Active Bonnet Diffusor to the relevant webpages.


  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: The working group of the german broadcasters reported again about a failed 3D environment in the World Wide Web that was stolen by a U.S.American company from us by espionage (see also the case of the company International Business Machines of today below). On the one hand it is reported in a destructive way about the platform of the defrauding company, but on the other hand the reproter claimed that the platform would have become productive for the sciences and for innovative compa- nies. Said in this way this points to our business units Ontologic Systems®™, OntoLab™ and Ontonics™ as well, but which don't use that other platform at all due to our much superior Hightech Operat- ing System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™.
    This is criminal due to the fact that despite knowing in this case it is attempted a second time to take away attention from our OntoLinux and its Ontoverse™, because we are actually presenting it (see the OntoLinux™ Website update and Further steps of the 14th of April 2011). For us this also proves that all the time we've had the origin- al virtual environment, which is indeed an Ontologic Virtual Environ- ment (OntoVE) that extends the mixed reality to a reality-virtuali- ty-continuum.
    Besides this, that report does not only make illegal advertising for a virtual environment in this way, but also for a well-known social net- work, which is also only the same phenomena in the U.S.A. and Cen- tral Europe, and a connected 3D game.
  • International Business Machines: At first we have wondered why a company in the U.S.A. presented our concept of a 3D environment in the World Wide Web, but also a related virtual currency and banking system, which, to be honest, C.S. was looking for due to other reas- ons at that time. Then the supported company was renamed to La la la Lab immitating us with the naming of our OntoLab™ - The Lab of Visions™, then both companies claimed to develop together an uni- versal agent, which in fact is another part of our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™, and also to build up a special hardware infrastructure. Also, we saw that the other company was pushed/ hyped by information technology and media companies in a suspici- ouse intense way. Today we do know that the company International Business Machines did espionage and supported those other thieves (see the cases about it in the Investigations of the 10th of October 2009, and about it and G.J. Chaitin in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 12th of April this year, as well as its cases in the Investigation ::Artificial Intelligence, and Knowledge of the 12th of March 2008 and the 9th of July 2008, especially in relation to this case here, fur- thermore the Investigations::Multimedia of the 3rd of July 2008, and the Investigations::Multimedia Linux Security and Integrity Special of the 3rd of June 2010).

    Style of Speed Website update
    As announced yesterday, we added a new webpage for our Active Wiper and gave informations about the Active Bonnet Diffusor in the new section Flexible Application of the webpage Active Diffusor.


  • Samsung: That only stealing company has already seen that the hype around a Linux® based operating system by an internet search service provider is over and so attempts to push its Mobile Devices by pointing in its advertisements and commercials to that obsolete operating system and the services of the internet company. In this conjunction, the image "Robot-Arm with 3D Display", which we have shown as an Original on the 20th of March 2008 and on the 19th of December 2009, was stolen with related informations given on our OntomaX website for a commercial in the german television, which showed four of them in four colours and arranged in such a way that the logo of a giant software manufacturer was reflected.
  • Google: Due to the fact that its services are advertised by anoth- er company we think that it is correct to say that it works with the other company together (see the case of the manufacturer Samsung above).
  • Apple: That stealing company sued the company Samsung for do- ing product piracy in relation with its smartphone and its clone of a clone of our P@ds™, the original Pad Computers (see also the case of the company Samsung above), and in fact we've only waited for exactly this acting done in this way by that company. While in the case of its smartphone we can follow its argumentation in parts, be- cause the size of a smartphone does not matter as long it is portab- le and useable as a mobile phone on a wide-range communication network, and the user interface and other issues are indeed very similar, but the point with the design is not so obvious (after german law), we don't follow it in the case of the tablet computer in the slate and pad styles/Pad Computer™ that basically features multi- touch functionality, and only short-range communication, Local Area Network (LAN) or/and Wireless LAN (WLAN) connectivities as opt- ions, or said with other words, at least smartphones and multimedia tables with multi-touch feature are different classes of devices than our P@ds™ without a wide-range communication functionality, which in this context should be ordered in between both of the other two classes. Also interesting in this conjunction is that the public has already decided that the size or usage does matter to differentiate these both and other device classes. Furthermore, it doesn't matter if the company Apple manufactured or upgraded later another class of devices, eg. its portable media player, by applying one of its pat- ented technologies, if the case is about the copyright that protects the description/idea of another class of devices, eg. P@ds™/tablet computers with multi-touch functionality in the different versions (see also the Clarification of the 16th of February 2011 and the case of the company Bertelsmann below).

    How long should the societies still tolerate these charades by those only stealing companies?

  • Bertelsmann: Despite it hasn't stopped its illegal advertising of a clone of a clone of our intelliTablet (iTablet), the original Pad Comp- uter™, in their news ticker (see the Investigations of the 24th of March this year), the media company showed once again on their channels in one television magazine a device, which in this case was the clone of a clone of our intelliTablet (iTablet) in the slate style, that not has had anything to do with the content of the report (see also the Investigations of the 12th of April 2011). The report itself was about celebrities in the U.K. and before an image of one special person was shown and discussed the thickness of the device was shown at first, which was done only in relation to the image of the thinnest devices we have shown as Original vs. Inspiration on the 17th of January 2008 and our range of intelliTablets, and how it is functioning by using two fingers, which is the multi-touch feature that was stolen by the manufacturer of the shown Pad Computer™, as well as by all other manfacturers that are producing and selling such devices, and is protected by our copyright (see the description of our P@ds™), and only after this the image of the person was shown in large. This all could have be done without showing a Pad Computer™ at all. Due to the fact that no company does this with- out a reason or for free, we have to conclude that this was an illegal placement of a product, which even is marketed by an infringement of our copyright.

  • Cable News Network: The media company gave the defrauding Chief Executive Officier (CEO) of an IT company in a planned inter- view the opportunity to present our business fields following closely the contents of the case of the company Dell in the Investigations:: Multimedia of the 17th of April 2011. This was not the first time (see for example its cases in the Investigations::Multimedia 21st of April 2010 and the Investigations 21st of February 2011). We also think that the mentioning of the term "boxes" several times was done in relation to the contents of our Culture webpage.
    In the same broadcast the issue with Apple vs. Samsung was dis- cussed following closely our comment again (see the cases above).

    We mean business™ and not the presented fraudsters, who mean only crime.

    Comment of the Day
    Wir machen Sonnenenergie™
    We make sun energy™
    We make sun power™
    Ich liebe Sonnenenergie™
    Du liebst Sonnenenergie™
    Wir lieben Sonnenenergie™
    I love sun energy™
    You love sun energy™
    We love sun energy™
    I ♥ sun energy™
    You ♥ sun energy™
    We ♥ sun energy™
    I love sun power™
    You love sun power™
    We love sun power™
    I ♥ sun power™
    You ♥ sun power™
    We ♥ sun power™

    Klarstellung (Clarification)
    Man könnte schon sagen, dass es traurig ist, wenn ein sogenannter Experte im Bereich Automobil der Universität Duisburg/Essen, letzte- res sagt eigentlich schon alles gehört doch unter anderem die IMST GmbH, ein Multimediahaus und noch ein paar andere nicht mehr nur fragwürdige Aninstitute zu dieser Hochschule dazu, seit Jahren insbesondere im Bereich Elektromobilität so viel Schwachsinn redet und dadurch seit mindestens fünf Jahren eindrucksvoll beweist, dass nicht er, sondern wir und insbesondere C.S. hier die absolute Kompetenz sind.
    Anstatt über unsere revolutionären technologischen Errungenschaf- ten zu berichten wird entweder Unfug gefaselt, Informationen über unsere Bestrebungen und Entwicklungen der Öffentlichkeit vorenthal- ten oder sogar unverschämterweise Informationen von unseren Web- Seiten einfach ohne Quellenangabe repetiert.
    So behauptet er, dass Verbrennungsmotoren maximal 35% der im Treibstoff enthaltenen Energie in Fortbewegungsenergie umsetzen können. Diese Aussage kann man nicht mehr nur als Lächerlichkeit, sondern man muss sie schon als vorsätzliche Geschäftsschädigung bezeichnen, da er sehr wohl unseren Stroetmann Kompressor kennt, aber dessen Existenz als auch Effizienz wissentlich unterschlägt, um eine falsche Beschreibung der tatsächlichen Situation zu geben. Selbstverständlich steigert der Stroetmann Kompressor die Effizienz von Verbrennungsmotoren deutlich über den Wert von 35% indem ansonsten vergeudete Energie in Form von Abhitze und gleichzeitig durch eine Art Kühleffekt die Verringerung der für die Kühlung eines Verbrennungsmotors benötigte Energie für die Umsetzung in Fortbe- wegungsenergie genutzt werden. Wir schätzen, dass alleine durch den Stroetmann Kompressor eine Effizienzsteigerung von mindestens 10% realisiert wird. Die grundlegenden Verfahren der thermalmecha- nischen und thermalelektrischen Energierückgewinnung sind genauso wissenschaftlich bewiesen (siehe auch zum Beispiel Gas-und-Dampf-Kombikraftwerk), wie auch die Verbrauchsminimierung durch aufgela- dene Verbrennungsmotoren, sodass logischerweise beide Ergebnisse zusammengefasst werden können und sich zum Beispiel auf unseren Motor mit Tricharger übertragen lassen ohne vorher in ein Labor ge- hen zu müssen und sich Monate lang den Finger in die Nase zu stek- ken. Das macht dann mindestens 45%. Des Weiteren haben wir ne- ben dem kombinierten Verbrennungsmotor (Combined Combustion Engine) und unserer Quasiturbine noch mindestens drei weitere Technologien, die auch die Effizienz von Verbrennungsmotoren pro- blemlos steigern, sodass bis zu 60% Energieausbeute für Verbren- nungsmotoren übehaupt nicht so illusorisch sind. Da Strom erst ein- mal produziert werden muss bevor man in verbrauchen kann, bedeu- tet dies auch, dass hier in der Tat eine Alternative zum reinen Elek- troantrieb als auch zum Hybridantrieb existiert. Zudem kann jeder der genau hinsieht erkennen, dass wir schon längst die besten Kombina- tionen ausgewählt haben von denen die anderen (Pseudo)Experten noch gar keine Ahnung haben. Einfach nur reden, lügen und stehlen kann jeder, aber eben nicht das was wir beherrschen.
    Über den Elektromotor wiederholt der oben angeführte Automobilex- perte nur die Informationen, die er woanders aufgeschnappt hat und für sicher hält, dass so sein Ruf keinen Schaden nimmt. Eine dieser Informationen besagt, dass maximal 95% der Energie in Form von Strom durch einen Elektromotor in Fortbewegungsenergie umsetzbar sind. Diese Angabe wird von uns seit Jahren kritisch betrachtet, da 95% schon extrem hoch sind und wohl nur von absoluten Hightech-Elektromotoren im Labor oder in der Raumfahrt realisiert werden. Wer soll diese Motoren zusätzlich zu den Akkumulatoren bezahlen? Das Problem der Finanzierung existierte übrigens schon vor über 35 Jah- ren im Elektrorennbootmodellbau als C.S. als Kind seinen mini Speed E 1000 getunt hat. Zudem haben wir mindestens schon einmal erklärt (siehe den Fall von dem Medienunternehmen Cable News Network in der Investigations::Car #311 vom 1. März 2011), dass diese Angabe von 95% Effizienz Teil einer Milchmädchenrechnung ist, da wir schon oben bemerkten, dass der Strom zuerst produziert werden muss. Dies wird entweder durch die Verbrennung von fossilen Brennstoffen oder durch die Nutzung von alternativen Energiequellen bewerkstel- ligt, sodass die Effizienz eines Gesamtsystems von Stromproduktion, -verteilung, -speicherung und -verbrauch durch einen sehr effizien- ten Elektromotor auch nur der eines Verbrennungsmotor mit Stroet- mann Kompressor entspricht, was bedeutet, dass der gesamte reine Elektroantrieb unterm Strich nicht 95%, sondern knapp über 45% Energieeffizienz realisiert. Vielleicht sind sogar fast 60% Effizienz bei entsprechenden Kosten für die verwendeten Systemkomponenten möglich oder aber eventuell noch höhere Verluste bei der Handha- bung des generierten Stroms anzusetzen, sodass eine direkte Ener- gietransformation im Fahrzeug zum Schluss doch effizienter ist. Letz- tere Überlegungen führten uns zu dem Stroetmann-Kreislauf. Aber dann ist auch hier ein bezahlbares System ausgereizt und die Kosten sind mit dem Nutzen in Einklang zu bringen. Was bringt der schönste Elektroantrieb wenn er von vielen Personen gar nicht bezahlt werden kann? Außerdem erscheint es uns erwähnenswert, dass wir für un- sere Technologien keine Magie benötigen.
    Auch dieser Experte sollte besser seinen Mund halten, da auch er mitverantwortlich ist, dass Automobile so sind wie sie heute sind. Der hat mindestens 20 Jahre lang den Elektroantrieb für Humbug erkärt, dann über batteriebetriebene Elektrofahrzeuge geschwätzt und er- kennt nach dem Unternehmen Daimler plötzlich wie genial wir mit unseren Kreislaufbrennstoffzellen eigentlich sind. Jetzt redet er auf einmal von der Brennstoffzelle und irgendetwas mit nachtanken (sie- he unsere Kreislaufbrennstoffzellen und unsere anderen Varianten von Brennstoffzellen). Doch nachdem wir die Massstäbe gesetzt ha- ben braucht er auf unser Trittbrett auch nicht mehr zu springen. Der soll gefälligst seine Arbeit richtig machen, denn schließlich wird diese durch Steuergelder von allen BürgerInnen finanziert. Dazu sei zu be- merken, dass auch hier die Universität Dusiburg/Essen seit über zehn Jahren ein weiteres Aninstitut besitzt und zwar, man glaubt es kaum, für Brennstoffzellen.
    Und was sich der öffentlich-rechtliche Fernsehsender 3Sat mit seiner Berichterstattung im Bereich der Elektromobilität samt dem nächsten manipulierten Interview (mit Ruf und jetzt erneut mit Dudenhöfer) wieder einmal geleistet hat ist unserer Meinung nach eine durch fal- sche Berichterstattung vorsätzliche herbeigeführte massivste Schä- digung der Gesellschaft.


  • Facebook: The social relation network updated its website with new security functions. But the problems are internal and not ext- ernal ones, and so a secure connection to its website and further measures of this kind won't help to solve them. More important is the fact that a higher protection of the privacy of its users' data won't be realized by that company, because it would be destroying its wrong business strategy, which is related with marketing bsed on the analyzation of the users' data.

    Comment of the Day
    Wir machen Sternenergie™
    We make star energy™
    We make star power™
    Ich liebe Sternenergie™
    Du liebst Sternenergie™
    Wir lieben Sternenergie™
    I love star energy™
    You love star energy™
    We love star energy™
    I ♥ star energy™
    You ♥ star energy™
    We ♥ star energy™
    I love star power™
    You love star power™
    We love star power™
    I ♥ star power™
    You ♥ star power™
    We ♥ star power™

    Clarification #1
    We thought we don't have to clarify this, but some not so nice entities are always jumping out of the box. In the same way as we don't collect data of our website visitors, our Mobile Devices that are powered by our Hightech Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux don't store illegally or/and without noticing its users any data, for sure. We don't think that it is a mistake, because our goals are that our customers have more fun and a better life by our products and services, but as it can be seen nearly every week these are not the goals of our competitors.

    Clarification #2
    In opposition to a report and related interviews done by a well know news network, that in large parts tried to play down this in our opin- ion the next extremely serious issue of damaging the privacy of data by users of a smartphone, we would like to clarify some points. Conceptually, due to the used technology and needed management of a wide-range connection network, the network is divided in many smaller or larger areas, the cells. In this conjunction, the Chief Exec- utive Officier (CEO) of a large telecom company in the B.R.D. ex- plained that only the so called start cell of a connection between a mobile phone and the communcation network is stored and the cell where a phone user is actually. After she/he changed to another position and in this way changed the cell, or after the connection is finished all this data would be directly deleted, if it isn't needed any- more for managing the connection.
    Also, in a poll by a german public broadcaster around 88% of the more than 10,000 voters said that they are concerned about the latest issue with the storage of data by a manufacturer of a smart- phone. Furthermore, it is already known that divorce lawyers are extremely keen to get this data and it's not that problem to get the data from the computer of a smartphone owner, who in the most of the cases has one and do a synchronization between the two dev- ices. It even doesn't matter if the file is encoded or not, because to get the right key is not so difficult as well.

    Clarification #3
    The last infringements of the privacy of data by users of the mobile phones by the company Apple, and websites owned by the internet companies Google and Facebook as well as many others clearly show the problem about that was warned so many times by nearly every- body: "Nineteen Eighty-Four".
    Keep away form that stuff.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have added the small section OntoLinux gives you Speed to the webpage of our spaceship TIE R/LightSwift.


  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: In a report about the chatting in a social relation network by the U.S.American president may be done besides other things for two reasons. On one hand it was thought by the writer of the report that the network could be legally named in this way, which is not the case. In this case it would have been sufficient to simply say that a social relation network was used by the U.S.American president as part of his U.S.American presidential election campaign. On the other hand the publisher and the reporter tried again to take an opposite position in the discussion about that social relation network in such a way that the impression should be suggested that if the U.S.American president uses it, then it must be good for democray as well. No, it isn't. It is quite contrary as we explained several times before in the last past, because of the legal issues and many other social problems. Besides this, it also says something about demoracy, if a politician needs the votes by young persons, who do need more and more psychological support due to the reason that they have not enough (pseudo-)friends on a well-known social relation network. We have the opinion that it would be better to get them on the website of his party or himself, or to in- duce them to do social or even political activities. And last but not least, the owner of the said social relation network is sponsoring the campaign by the actual U.S.American president.

    This also shows how dangerous these social relation networks really could be for democracies, because we have here also many negative processes at work like for example: People have only an opinion, if a group has the opinion, and the others are pushed away. That is the opposite of democracy and in fact a characterizing element of a de- structive political ideology. Privately owned social relation networks are poison for democracies (see also our Clarification of the 6th of March 2011 and our statement that ).


  • General: A secret acting by the company Apple that surfaced these days (see its case below) is the next scandal in relation with the protection of the privacy of user data by a large IT company. In the same way as a large internet search engine provider promised to handle it correctly, what it surely didn't, as well as a large social rel- ation network announced to do, what it surely won't and also can't do without destroying its business strategy of selling user data to other entities (see the case of the company Facebook in the Invest- igations of yesterday), the Chief Executive Officier (CEO) of that IT company promised it as well, and now we see that he also did not hold his promise, as usual. Furthermore, actually no one really does know what is hidden in the operating system and the hardware of its smartphones and its other devices as well, which is a fact that holds for all large IT companies (see also our Clarifications #1, #2 and #3 of today above).

    What the large IT companies put on a show is not only ridiculous, but it is definitely the wrong direction by all of the industries and many other market players and in many cases indeed criminal.

  • Google: More and more universities, research institutes and corp- orations do see now that its operating system based on the Linux® kernel is a software technological mess. Nobody should expect that it will clean up its operating system, because this kind of acting is not part of its business strategy and it would destroy one of its goal in this technological field as well, which is to implant its propritary standard into the open source software (see also for example our Clarification of the 27th August 2010).
    In this conjunction we would like to give an example out of the milit- ary history. In former times the ammunition of the standard rifle of Russia could be used in the standard rifle of the NATO, but not the other way round, because the Russian ammunition was shorter. In this way Russian soldiers could use gained weapons of soldiers of the NATO in a potential conflict as well. And this is exactly what Google does with its operating system and the related hardware with its drivers in comparison to other Linux® based operating systems and hardware.
  • Apple: That stealing and defrauding company has built into its Mobile Devices a secret function to store the so called geological data about the position of its user in a hidden file so that a move- ment profile/trace can be made.

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): We are not quite sure if an ontology-based functionality was described on the first version of the webpage of the Virtual Iron Bird software or on the updated version, which was uploaded after we have public- ated the OntoLinux website. Just right from our first reading the story with the spaceship Enterprise of the Star Trek® saga made us already wondering, but now we do know that the whole software and especially the bold claim with the ontology based feature is in- deed based on espionage of our actings.

    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): The ae- rospace agency gave four companies in a second round again money to develop a successor of the spacevehicle Space Shuttle. At least three of these are developing capsules with additional rocket eng- ines arranged around the capsule for launch aborting and in at least two cases also for a claimed vertical landing capability, and maybe an upgraded HL-20 spaceplane atop of a booster rocket (the related webpage was taken down by the owner).
    In this conjunction we would like to clarify once again that besides our own developments, we have only applied the technologies and gained knowledge of projects by the NASA and its partners for our Space Transportation System (STS) with Single-Stage-To-Orbit (SSTO) Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV), the Space Shuttle Mark 3 XSS-3™/BigStar™, and our STS with SSTO RLV of the Next Gener- ation (NG), the Space Shuttle NG X-3033™/ MagicStar™, that no one wanted anymore, have been sorted out, or was deconstructed, recycled, or/and stored at places, which in some cases even were forgotten, like eg. the X-30, X-33, X-34, X-40A, X-42, X-43, Space Express, FALCON Hypersonic Cruise Vehicle (HCV), as well as the Space Shuttle Mark 2, of which the NASA offered kindly detailed in- formations about the wing, and later also the GTX/Trailblazer. We also looked and still are looking on the X-37 project.
  • Space Exploration Technologies: Its Chief Defrauding Operator (CEO) and suddenly Chief Designer as well has made yesterday the bold claim that its space capsule, once fitted with modifications that the company is now developing under a NASA contract again (see the case above), would also be able to land "almost anywhere on Earth or another planet with pinpoint accuracy, overcoming the lim- itation of a winged architecture that works only in Earth’s atmo- sphere. Generally, this statement is nonsense, because it does not matter at all if a spacecraft has wings, a lifting or hybrid body, or is only a round retrograde capsule. For example, our X-3^3s™, the related Spacecrafter™/Space Dragon™, and also our XR-3 /Lucky Dragon™ will have no problems to land on other planets as well, as we already explained on some webpages. Also, this is not that easy as updating several decades old rocket and capsule technologies, and shooting them into the orbit, and for sure not with the claimed precision. Many large institutes and corporations have tried this be- fore, like the company McDonnell Douglas together with the Strateg- ic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO) of the United States De- partment of Defense (DoD) with the Vertical Take-off and Vertical Landing (VTVL) Single-Stage-To-Orbit (SSTO) Delta Clipper-Experi- mental (DC-X) spacecraft and its upgraded version by the NASA called DC-XA (DC-XAdvanced). Furthermore, there are many other problems that have to be solved, if its space capsule is upgraded in this way, which in the end could also lead to the result that it is impossible to be realized. Besides this, we only see it as a reaction by that company on the presentation of our XR-3 /Lucky Dragon™ (see also the Style of Speed Website updates of the 6th, 8th and 9th of this month). If we take all of the presented facts together, then we can see that a claim for success in three years is definitely a criminal marketing lie to attract illegally money again. We also think that this is all only a criminal acting to steal more and more of our technologies in the end. But before we will see this happening, that company will fail with this attempt before and we will present our modern rocket engine only to kick it out of the market.
    Btw.: With Style of Speed we already have smashed successfully the Tesla Motors company. This case will be even easier, because now the whole world can see that the case with Tesla Motors was indeed also a bold act by its only defrauding (co-)founder, who really has thought he could repeat it once again in the field of space tech- nologies.
    Also, the issue with the stolen Dragon™ story has been witnessed by the whole automotive and IT industries, and was only the first mistake by its (co-)founder and CEO, which he can't correct any- more. Own fault. Other issues are our 3^3 story and the 3 Theme, as well as the FALCON story, which all were stolen for the markting of the rocket Falcon 9 with 3×3 engines.

    The actings by that company is also the reason why all of our relat- ed webpages in the section Space on the Style of Speed™ website are actually marked as under construction.

    We made a note about the media company Viacom on our webpage Culture.

    Comment of the Day
    "All or not at all.==Ganz oder gar nicht."
    But definitely not as one anymore.

    We do not command anybody what she/he has to do, but if our items were, are and will be used, then our disclaimer is mandatory for everybody.


  • General: As we said some years before: The only stealing com- panies are stealing everything from other companies and then meet at the courts to battle for intellectual properties that are indeed owned by third entities.

    This situation clearly proves that both the governments and the media have failed to do their controlling tasks. Guess why?

    Another point to mention is, that the media is already diffrentiating a touch-smartphone and a tablet computer in the slate or pad style/ Pad Computer™.

  • Samsung: As a reaction, that only stealing company has now sued that only stealing company Apple due to infringements of patents (see the Investigations::Multimedia of the 19th of April this year). This acting won't help that company in the many cases of infringe- ments of our copyrights.

    If the media would have reported correctly about our technologies, eg. our P@ds™, the original Pad Computers™, then all socities would have had a gain. Now there is only chaos.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Retina projection™
    Retina Projektion™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "What a luck that we have a Castle in the Cloud computing."
    Especially, if only a single cloud that gets down is enough to cork up the head of the amazon. And we heard that they even want to go above the clouds.

    Clarification #1
    The model of only paying for what a customer consumes was not a radical innovation by an internet shop and provider of what is called cloud computing when it launched it in the year 2006, because other companies have had this model of paying several years before, but not enough capital to burn.

    Clarification #2
    In the year 2000 a company in the fields of aerospace updated the old nuclear pulse powered spaceship concept Orion by the NASA to the new concepts MagOrion and Mini-MagOrion by applying a super- conducting ring instead of the damping pusher plate. For tests the at that time actual version of the Z machine of the Sandia National Laboratories was used. In the Sneak Preview #1 of the foundational concepts of our engine for our spaceship TIE R/LightSwift™ (now also for our X-3^3™/Drake™ Class) of the 10th of January 2008 we showed an image of the Linear Transform Driver (LTD) based z-pinch accelerator, which was developed to replace the large capacitors used today in the Z machine and also suggested to be part of the planned Z-Inertial Fusion Energy (Z-IFE) machine. So we have here also the next iteration of the Orion spaceship family that applies in- ertial fusion techniques and in this way is called IOrion.
    Btw.: Its concept is said to achieve a top speed Vmax of 10% of c, the speed of light. We already have more speed, at least around 17% of c, while the other players are only concentrating on stealing our intellectual properties, and raising money by criminal actings for playing and fiddling around with their retrograde rockets. Good night, sleep tight.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We added an image to the webpage Links to Hardware that shows the interpretation of our Retina Projector by a large IT company. But what the image does not show is the fact that our revolutionary Retina Projector can project every visual object and not only trans- lucent ones, as shown.

    OntoLab™ Retina Projector™/Retina Screen™ 2010 Our device can project every visual object and not only translucent ones. Microsoft Interpretation 2011
    © Ontonics, OntoLab and Microsoft

    And with the Retina Projector/Retina Screen 3.0 the user gets even a multimodal interface, that can give her/him the impression of touchable objects, like for example holding a gamepad in the hands.

    Style of Speed Website update
    Finally, we gave our range of spaceships X-3^3 its name Drake class.

    Style of Speed Announcment
    If desired by our customers, then we offer autogyros/gyrocopters made out of Pure Carbon or Carbon Hemp or/and with Pure Electric or Looped Fuel-cell Electric powertrains.


  • Cable News Network: We do know exactly that the media compa- ny has understood our opinion and arguments in the case of illegal placements of products and services of IT companies that manu- facture smartphones and our stolen P@ds™, internet search, com- munication and data sharing service companies, as well as surpris- ingly (not really) only one social relation network and only one micro blogging platform, which all have been named by us before in this context and were all together packed into one of their broadcasts that can be viewed in the B.R.D. as well. But to hide this kind of in- fomercials in reports about social actings in Japan and other areas of disasters is only nasty in this context and won't pervert the fact of illegal acting by the media company. Politics was already done and the results in form of media laws are in force, at least in the B.R.D.. That is democracy. Besides, all the reports about the shown persons could have been done without naming even one company, commerci- al service or product that was used, and without showing the names of companies in the corners of the television picture. Also, we did not find the reported success stories really convincing and important enough to explicitly name the used products and services. We even say that it is somehow fatal if a person needs a smartphone and two app(lication)s for geotagging to reach two other persons in Japan who offer their support, and so we really can't see a true positive development by all this social relation networking (see also the case of the public broadcaster Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-recht- lichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland of yester- day). Sorry, but in the case of advertising not this cheap way.
    Btw.: We find it very sad that people only come and act together by using an anonymous way, which is also a giant disaster.


  • Sony Ericsson: That only stealing joint venture has already seen that the hype around a Linux® based operating system by an inter- net search service provider is over and so attempts to push its dev- ices by pointing in its advertisements and commercials to that obso- lete operating system and the services of the internet company (see also the case of the company Google in the Investigations::Multi- media of the 21st of April of this year above).
  • Microsoft: In conjunction with the presentation of the next vers- ions of its operating system that only stealing company has stolen the concept of our Retina Projector™/Retina Screen™ and showed it in a related video by having used the descriptions of it that we have given on the OntomaX website in the Ontonics Website update and the Image of the Day of the 7th of November 2010, the Ontonics Further steps of the 8th of November 2010, our Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™ and in the documentation of the case of the company British Broadcasting Corporation in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 13th of February 2011. That indeed our Retina Projector™ was presented becomes clear by the facts that the shown Mobile Dev- ice™:
    • has a design that copys the prototyp of our Retina Projector™ even in the colour silver and with an optional mechanism at its back, that can be used as a clip or to position it upright,
    • is also placed in an upright position on a table as our images are suggesting it (see for example the pictures we have shown with the Ontonics Further steps of the 8th of November 2010), that we've especially chosen to convict all of the only stealing companies, which think that it must stand upright, because our Retina Projector™/Retina Screen™ functions normally by lying flat on a surface but also in the upright position standing on a surface or holding in the hand,
    • was shown with a projected keyboard, which indeed reflects the facts that projection is applied, and that the content and given information were stolen from the documentation of the case of the company British Broadcasting Corporation in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 13th of February 2011, like they are given by the text passage "in front of a display that can be viewed from every angle, despite such an impression is given by the description of our NanoProjector™, which in fact is related with an other holographic usage [that is described in our Innovation-Pipeline as "laser-based holographic projection (LHP) of 2D and 3D images" and is related with the holographic laser-based projection (HLP) used to project a virtual keyboard on a surface]", and
    • was shown with a projected (or/and holographic) 2D desktop GUI floating in the air above of the Mobile Device, which is al- ready included in our description "3D desktop GUI or/and holo- graphic", or said in other words, 2D is a subset of 3D in this context.

    Furthermore, the last point proves that that only stealing company has also stolen a functionality of our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux again, which is the different modes of the graphics environment "2D (eg. 2D desktop GUI)" and "3D (eg. 3D desktop GUI or/and holographic)" as described on the webpage of our Ontologic Collaborative Ontologic Virtual Environment (OntoCOVE) in the section Virtual Environment.

    Besides this, a P@d™ was shown that worked together with a touch-smartphone by using a wireless short-range communication connection.

    As usual in more than the last 10 years, it was our idea as well.

  • British Broadcasting Corporation: Again that criminal media compa- ny reported about one of our inventions (see also for example its cases in the Investigations of the 24th of November 2010 and 28th of November 2010, 2nd of December 2010, 26th of December 2010 and 21st of February, the Investigations::Multimedia of the 13th of February and 19th of February both of the year 2011, and the Inve- stigations:Car #304 of the 26th of December 2010 and #316 of the 11th of March 2011) which this time was our Retina Projector™/Re- tina Screen™ without naming us and also in such a way that it was suggested to its viewers that a large software and hardware manu- facturer would be the originator of our invention (see also its case in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 13th of February 2011 and the case of the IT company Microsoft above).

    How long should the societies still tolerate these charades by those criminal companies?

    We would like to please all companies, especially the media compa- nies and the broadcasters, not to show the presentation by the company Microsoft or a similar one by another company as long as we, the true inventor of this Retina Projection technology, are not named. Perverting the facts is impossible, because since month our revolutionary invention of the Retina Projector is discussed with oth- er highly competent scientists. Furthermore, in this case exist as well many very weighty witnesses.
    Wir möchten alle Unternehmen bitten, insbesondere die Medienunter- nehmen und die Rundfunkanstalten, die Präsentation des Unterneh- mens Microsoft oder eine ähnliche von einem anderen Unternehmen nicht zu zeigen so lange wir, die wahren Erfinder dieser Retinaprojek- tionstechnologie, nicht genannt werden. Die Fakten zu verdrehen ist unmöglich, da unsere revolutionäre Innovation des Retinaprojektors seit Monaten mit anderen hochkompetenten WissenschaftlerInnen diskutiert wird. Des Weiteren existieren auch in diesem Fall viele sehr gewichtige ZeugInnen.

    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • Boeing: "Incredible, again [Yes, we do know. Thank you very much.]"
  • Orbital Sciences: As a proposed manned Vertical Take-off and Hor- izontal Landing (VTHL) spaceplane concept, the design of the HL-20 Personnel Launch System was upgraded by the company in the late 2010 for a tender by the NASA (see also our Investigations::Aviation and Aerospace of the 21st of this month). The new design comprises other improvements of the HL-20 that were developed before as part of the Orbital Space Plane (OSP) program by the NASA. The main di- fference is that the original HL-20 has a pure lifting body, while the upgrade has a Blended Lifting Body (BLB). For us this acting looks like its Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) X-34, which we use as the foundation for our Two-Stage-to-Orbit (TSTO) spacecraft X-3*™/ LittleStar™, was updated to a hybrid by following our description of for example our X-3033™/MagicStar™.

  • FlyNano: And again we have one of the usual persons who think they can easily copy contents, concepts and technologies from our websites, in this case the website of Style of Speed™ For sure, we do quote out of the text about a small ultra light-weight aircraft that is given on its website to give our readers the opportunity to make up their minds and find ways to differentiate our originals and the copies, as well as to document the case: "FlyNano [Somehow, this sounds so familiar.], "Just you [Just For Fun™]", "[...] fun of flying [...] [compare with Flying Fun™, Flight Fun™, Fly Fun™, Fly for Fun™ and Flight For Fun™]", "[...] hi-tech materials and build methods [...] [Somehow, this sounds so familiar, too.]", "Fly Electric [Electric Planes 'R' Us™]", "[...] going electric with the E Series is cleaner and quieter [...] [The description of these advantages can be found as well on the webpage of our Ultralight Personal Air Vehic- le (UPAV) Flight :)™ (Flight Fun)™, for example, which in fact is the webpage that was illegally copied.]" and "[...] build by flight vision- aries [...] [We can't see visionaries.]".
    Three models are offered reflecting as well our actings. Besides this, the design of its aircraft looks also familiar. We recommend to buy instead an autogyro made out of carbon fibre and with an electric powertrain by Style of Speed™.

    Before critics attack us in the field of spaceships and interstellar flights we would like to make clear that we were with the Sneak Pre- view #1 of the foundational concepts of our engine for our TIE R/ LightSwift™, now also for our X-3^3™/Drake™ Class, on the 10th of January 2008 of at least more than 20 months before a group re- started the interstellar unmanned spacecraft project Daedalus on the 30th of September 2009.
    Besides this, a by-product of the Sneak Preview #1 is the laser-bas- ed spark plug, if it is still used at all, as it can be seen easily.

    OntoLinux Website update
    Due to massive foul play in more than the last four years, which is related with stealing contents, concepts and technologies, like for example copying website contents, implementing functions of Onto- Linux into the browser Firefox or/and its extensions called add-ons, as well as supporting, advertising and directing the users to web- sites of defrauding entities with the goal to damage our activities, we have deleted form the webpage Links to Software the link to:

  • Mozilla Firefox.

    We have already a substitution that will be listed on the same web- page later.


  • Google and Mozilla Fondation: Besides massive foul play done by the responsible persons around its internet browser Firefox, we think that it's possibly also true that a stronger than acceptable connect- ion to the only stealing internet company Google in conjunction with its other operating system exsists.

    As long as they're needed, give other browsers also a chance, espe- cially those which are based on open source software, more light- weight and have support for ECMAScript.

    Comment of the Day
    Retinal projector
    Retinal Projektor™
    Retinal screen™
    Retinal Bildschirm™

    Advertising products by the company Apple with the term "Retina Display" is an illegal deceptive advertising and therefore have to stopped immediately, because the products don't feature a retina display at all (see also our Clarification of the 3rd of November 2010, the Original vs. Inspiration of the 6th of December 2010 as well as our Retina Projector/Retina Screen on the webpage Links to Hard- ware of the website of our Hightech Operating System OntoLinux). Everybody who doesn't want to follow this risks to publish a counter statement ordered by the court.
    Produkte des Unternehmens Apple mit dem Begriff "Retina Display" zu bewerben ist eine illegale irreführende Werbung und deshalb sofort zu unterlassen, weil die Produkte überhaupt kein Retina-Display be- sitzen (siehe auch unsere Klarstellung vom 3. November 2010, unser Original vs. Inspiration vom 6. Dezember 2010 als auch unser Retina- projektor/Retinabildschirm auf der Web-Seite Links to Hardware des Web-Auftritts unseres Hightech-Betriebssystems OntoLinux). Jeder der dem nicht Folge leistet riskiert eine gerichtlich angeordnete Ge- gendarstellung zu veröffentlichen.


  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: In a report about the publication of the balance of a manufacturer of game consoles the criminal working group of german broadcasters named illegally a certain smartphone and the certain clone of a clone of our P@ds™, the original tablet computers in the slate and pad style/Pad Computers™ with multi- touch display feature, by an only stealing IT company due to no other reason than to damage our company, besides the mentioning of our development of the 3D-Palm-Computer that doesn't need special glasses by the multimedia group of our OntoLab - The Lab of Visions™, which we finished in the year 2003, without referencing us.

    How long should the people still tolerate these charades by that broadcasters which are deliberately reporting in a manipulative way.
    Wie lange noch sollen die BürgerInnen der B.R.D. diese Scharaden/ Affenzirkusse dieser absichtlich manipulierend berichtenden Rund- funkanstalten tolerieren?

    Comment of the Day


  • Asustek Computer: On a product we found the slogan "Inspiring Innovation. Persistent Perfection". Due to the fact that it is obviously based on contents of our website, eg. our slogans like "Inspirations for Innovations™", "Inspiration and Innovation™", "Inspirations are Us™", "Innovations are Us™", "Inspiring the World™", "Inspiring the Planet™" and "Leading innovations™", the many trademarks and slogans that contain the term perfection, as well as the contents of the website of our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™, and also that it is not the first time, we have here finally the prove of a copyright infringement, because the company is stealing our marketing stories (see also its cases in the Investigation::Hardware of the 6th of March 2008, the Investigations::Multimedia of the 28th of March 2009, 29th of April 2010, 1st of June 2010, 14th of August 2010, 4th of September 2010, and the Clarification #1 of the 2nd of September 2010 as well as the Investigations of the 2nd of December 2010).
    *** Fine tuning™ mode ***
  • Research In Motion: That only stealing company presented a P@d™, the original tablet computer in the slate and pad style/Pad Computer™ with multi-touch display feature. In this relation it has infringed our copyright.
    *** Fine tuning™ mode ***
  • Sony: That only stealing company announced as well to infringe our copyright in conjunction with our invention of the P@ds™, the original tablet computers in the slate and pad style/Pad Computers™ with multi-touch display feature (see also its cases and the cases of the only stealing joint venture Sony Ericsson in the Investigations of the 8th and 9th of July 2008, 27th of May 2009 and of the 8th of December 2009, in the Investigations::Multimedia 24th of July 2009, 16th of October 2009, , in the Investigations Design Special 12th of September 2009, 22th of December 2009, 3rd of January 2010, 7th of January 2010, 17th of June 2010, 7th of December 2010, 8th of January 2011 and 23rd of April this year, but also the case of the only stealing company Apple in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 19th of April this year).
    We took the robot QRIO as a foundation for our robot Qiro™ and as a compensation for the issues of the stolen Green Heart™ (see the Roboticle Further Steps of the 09.11.09) and the espionage done in the years before the November of the year 2006, but still left open the possibility for collaboration that was not considered by that company until today in favor of attacking us further.
    *** Fine tuning™ mode ***
  • Google: Due to the fact that its services are advertised by anoth- er company we think that it is correct to say that it works with the other company together (see the case of the manufacturer Sony above and of Samsung in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 19th of April this year). Now we can clearly see why companies like HTC, Samsung and Sony are pushing its obsolete nonsense operating system Android which is based on a messed up Linux® kernel. Indeed, it is the already failed attempt to get around the ... by the European Union (see the Investigations::Multimedia of the 6th of April this year). That trick won't help, because it is too late and doesn't change the situation. THis proves that we are right with our statements about that only stealing company.
    *** Work in progress ***
  • QNX Software Systems: That stealing company has presented in a concpet car a tablet computer in the slate style/Pad Computer™ with multi-touch display feature that serves as a main interface. It is used for media streaming, for example from a mobile phone, which is nothing else as the Multimedia User Interface listed with our AutoSemantic™::Car solution and the Feature-list #1 of the world wide leading Hightechnology Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™ that we have presented on the 22nd of April 2008 and by an image of the interior of our model j!™ by Style of Speed™, which also provides the connection to the internet, or the access to other services by another smartphone (see also the case of the only stealing company Apple in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 19th of April this year for the reason why the two device classes are separated). Naturally, the tablet computer can also take over funktions of the automobiles, as eg. the control of the air condition (see also the point General about touch computer in a car in the Investigations::Car #316 of the 11th of March 2011, which is now extended and in this way also nearly obsolete, because the concept of Pad Computers™ is protected by the intellectual properties of the company Apple and us, if Apple is clever and makes 50:50 since the start of selling for the copyright- ed description of the idea of this new class of device, the P@ds™, for a very extended periode of time, besides the possibilities of the dual-screen version/booklet style, and all 3D versions with stereo- scopic camera or/and 3D display including the Glassy™ App and the bench style (Mobile Workbench), the other haptic version, the flex- ible version, as well as the Ontoscope™, and for a higher relation (say 65:35) the real Retina Display/Retina Projector/Retina Screen).
    That company wants to develop a user interface protocol, which means a central communication protocol for the interplay of different multimedia devices with the car. No way, we do it with out AutoSemantic™::Car solution (here its the point "Integrated data architecture"), which was stolen in parts by that company, and the automotive industry will take our solution. The user interface should have a lowest possible level of handling and possibly integrate every smartphone, independent of the jeweiligen App or the hardware in an automobile. The last point is a feature that was stolen from the specifications of our intelliTablets.
    Furthermore, a virtual dashboard and the integration of a tablet computer was integrated into the dashboard were presented, which both points directly to our e-dashboard™ and the interior of for example our models B! and 9!. In the case of the integration it is in large parts our e-dashboard™.

  • Bertelsmann→RTL: The criminal media company is broadcasting a game show that has relations to a multimedia cube and a faceless game figure, but definitely not to movies like the "Matrix" saga, and was shown the first time in the year 2009. We would like to point to the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management of the 5th of May 2009 and the webpage of the Roboverse on the website of our High- tech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™.

    We made notes about the government of the People's Republic of China, the museum Lehmbruck, that annoying comedian Michael Haubold and the artist Theo Jansen on our Culture webpage.

    intellitTablet Further steps
    We are pleased to announce our newest creation with the new class of our intelliTablet (iTablet) in the fish tank style, that features a cubic 3D display consisting of five or six small displays, 3D displays or/and haptic displays with optional multi-touch functionality, which are geometrically arranged to a cube or box shaped Mobile Device (excluding the version with five displays that are touchable, but not multi-touchable).

    Comment of the Day
    Fish tank computer™
    Active City Control™
    Active City Drive™
    Active City Motion™
    Active Motion™
    Active Emotion™

    Picture of the Day
    Pearl Roundabout in Manama, Bahrain

    Pearl Roundabout in Manama, Bahrain
    © :(
    Everybody who is responsible for bulldozing this beautiful and famous landmark must really hate her/his country.

    Our XTboxes have a much higher security level than comparable devices of other corporations, because they are not only powered by our Hightech Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux, which is apply- ing the Linux® Security Modules (LSMs) like the Security-Enhanced Linux® (SELinux) by the National Security Agency/Central Security Service, but also protected by further highly progressive concepts. Furthermore, due to the fact that we are not interested in collecting data about our customers (see also our Clarification #1 of the 21st of April 2011) there is no need for an internet connection to use an XTbox and running software applications, eg. games, on it.

    intellitTablet Further steps
    We have to apologize that yesterday we missed to mention the opt- ion of a pen/stylus based interaction by a user with the intelliTablet in the fish tank style, the iTank. Said this, we also have to exclude the version with five standard displays that has stylus functionality.

    Clarification #1
    Our world wide unique and in this way copyrighted Glassy app(licat- ion) combines the augmented reality and semantics technologies. Furthermore, especially by the versions of devices that have also a steroscopic camera or a camera with more than two lenses or/and a 3D display, as it is featured by our Ontoscope and intelliTablets in the different flat styles, this yields in superior functionalities that devices are not able to realize, if they use only one camera lens for this application.

    Clarification #2
    We would like to mention that our proposed application of the con- cept of the Z-IFE machine (see our Clarification #2 of the 23rd of April this year) can also be developed further by using its techniques in concepts of engines that apply the fusion methods Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF) and Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion (IECF), which mustn't be restricted to the field of aerospace. Espe- cially the combination of the IECF and the Z-IFE machine make the aneutronic fusion reaction, that is a nuclear fusion reaction without the creation of radioactivity and nuclear waste, with example given proton and boron-11 (p-11B or p-B11), and much more possible (see our Clarification of the 12th of April 2011).


  • Vodafone: The telecom presented in a commercial, that was made in the style of commercials by the company Apple, a smartphone with one camera lens and running a version of our Glassy™ app con- cept, which is able to read barcodes while showing with the camera and the display the package of a product, and to give informations about the product that the application has recognized, here a food and its nutrition facts. We would not underestimate our Ontoscope™ with our Glassy™ application (see also our Clarification #1 of today above).
  • Google: We haven't directly documented this case, because it was absolutely clear for us that that only defrauding company behaves exactly in this way. In detail, like another company (see also the Clarifications #1, #2 and #3, as well as the cases General and of the company Apple in the Investigations::Multimedia, all of the 21st of April 2011), that company Google has also built a function into its operating system that is based on the Linux® kernel, so that modern mobile phones powered by its nonsense operating system collect the geological data about the position of its users and send them period- ically to the servers of the company for storing and making move- ment profiles/traces. Despite that the company explained that the users are informed about this function and have the option to switch it off, we do not believe that it said the truth by claiming not to co- llect more data. In the past that company collected secretly every available data, stored all of them on its servers, used them for its services and even sold them to third entities (to get inside this issue start with for example its case in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 24th of October 2010). At least in Europe that company has to be switched off now, because there exists actually no viable possibi- lity that can solve this problem of permanent infringments of the privacy of user data.
  • Microsoft: The same that we said about the company Google (see above) holds also for that only stealing company with its operating systems and search engine.
  • TomTom: It was found out that the navigation systems for auto- mobiles by that manufacturer also collect the data of its users, the drivers with their cars in this case, and send them to its servers for storing, making movement profiles/traces and using them for the stollen application concept called by us IQNav™. What has not been known are the facts that they also sold the data to third entities, and that at least one of these third entity gave the data to the Dutch police. The cops acted in a clever way and positioned their speed control cameras at those places where many speedings have been done, as they found out by analyzing the data.

    We would like to direct the reader again to our Clarifications of the 21st of April 2011 and yesterday, the 28th of April 2011.

  • Deutsche Telekom: We found a harddisk recorder that is said to be able to store 3D movies and advertised by that company. Due to the fact that one version of our XTbox™ is such a digital home enter- tainment system as well, which doubtelessly is powered by our own Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™ with its consistent 3D-based system architecture that is even described on the web- page of our Ontologic File System OntoFS™ in the section Ontologic Virtual Reality Environment, we've here indeed a copyright infringe- ment again.

    Comment of the Day
    Pure fusion™ Pseudo fusion™
    Direct fusion™ Indirect fusion™

    Donna Gracia (since the 01.September.2009) (Work in progress)

    Donna Gracia
    © C.S.
    At first, this work belonged to the series "Person(alitie)s" with "Don Pablo" (see the Original of the 29th of August 2009 and the Original #1 of the 30th of August 2009), "Donna Coco" (see the Original #2 of the 30th of August 2009) and "Donna Gracia". But in the year 2009 we also thought about the need to broaden the series by cre- ating several subseries, like the series "Male Artists" with "Don Pa- blo", "Don Salvador" and someone else, most potentially "Don Andy", the fine series "Strong Women" with "Donna Coco" and two other girls, and so on. In this conjunction we think since yesterday about the possibility to make the picture "Donna Gracia" the first or second one of the series "Common Royals (in Bridal Dresses)" with "Donna Gracia" followed by "Donna Catherine" and a further bride who meets all criteria.
    Until today we already have also the series "Space (1st Steps into)" and its subseries "Moonwalk", "Space Shuttle" and "Mars Rovers" with the "Mars Pathfinder Rover Sojourner" and the upcoming "Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity", as well as the "Mars Sci- ence Laboratory Curiosity".

    Clarification #1
    We take hydrogen-1, hydrogen-2/deuterium and lithium-6 in a pseu- do-/indirect aneutronic fusion that applies an additional transmutat- ion step to satisfy the 1% threshold, and lithium-7 and boron-11, if pure/direct aneutronic fusion is needed, but not helium-3 now (see also our Clarification #2 of yesterday). For stationary power plants every kind of fusion reactor is conceivable, while for other cases of application the weight has to be considered as well. Furthermore, we are looking for the possibility if and how a catalytic cycle (for ex- ample Carbon-Nitrogen-Oxygen/CNO (catalytic) cycle that actually uses nitrogen-14) can be applied as well, especially with the aneu- tronic fusion based on H+ and nitrogen-15 (p-15N or p-N15).

    Clarification #2
    Our world wide unique and in this way copyrighted software archi- tecture of our Hightech Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux with its many features, like the integration of the object- and ontology-ori- ented paradigms, the ontologic paradigm, as well as the ubiquitous 3D support besides much more, enables functions and applications that go far beyond what other solutions are able to deliver. Actually, the App Store offers even as the largest one world wide by far only a fraction of all the applications that we are thinking and talking about since more than four years. So we'd like to say 62.5:37.5, which is more than fair and hurts us with full cost sharing for the management of the store. Don't think to long about it and just take it.


  • Telefónica→Telefónica O2 Germany: The provider of services for mobile communication presented in a commercial, which was made in the style of commercials by the company Apple, our Glassy™ applic- ation (see also our Clarification #1 and the case of the telecom Vodafon in the Investigations::Multimedia of yesterday) besides a nice book store feature. To be honest, we wouldn't underestimate our range of possible applications (see also our Clarification #2 of today above).

    No, it seems not to be the case that we get our silence by the pers- on Karl L. or whatsoever, so we made a note again on our Culture webpage.

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