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Simply godly™ Simply divinely™

Question of the Day
"What's the problem with stopping a war which can't be won?"


  • Elégance: We do quote: "[...] unique [...] style [...]", "[...] these are the foundations on which we create [...]", "[...] dynamic [...] clear customer focus and insistence on the highest quality [...]", "[...] design team creates superb [...] collections [...]", "[...] top- flight [...]", "[...] road to international [...]", "[...] foundation [...]", "[...] subsidiaries [...]", "[...] launched [...]", "[...] brand image [...]", "[...] creative [...] theme is the unique conjunction [...] [Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] collection is characterised by [...] materials, supreme [...] craftsmanship [...]", "[...] effective use of colours [...]", "[...] Quality [...]", "[...] implement [...] [Ah, so so.]", "[...] trends [...]", "[...] perfectly [...]", "[...] customers [...]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] style characteristic [...]", "[...] modern [...]", "[...] company name makes clear [...]", and "[...] elegant [...]". It feels our breath.
  • Viacom→MTV: In the latest past we could see the jump on an artistical bandwagon created by C.S. which encompasses new di- rections in the flux of abstract and pop art. Especially the images with filtered color spectrums arose the attempt of copying.
  • Dell: see MTV

    It can be seen how our concepts, machines, and fame rise and rise and rise. Simply Godly™

    Investigations::Car #167

  • B.R.D. government, ARD, ZDF, ORF, and SRG SSR→3sat, Univer- sity Karlsruhe, Technical University Munich, Volkswagen, and Daim- ler: In a report about our cognitive automotive system Autobrain™, interacting Active Components™, and Autobot it clearly could be seen, how all gears are engaging with each other. Tax money and directives were given by the responsible persons of the B.R.D. go- vernment to steal our technologies by the universities for the com- panies Volkswagen and Daimler, and make a manipulating report with wrong explanations and interviews of fraudsters all full of contents of our websites. For example something was said several times to be "komplex==complex" and is following logical rules like the traffic rules. The described technical system of the before already stolen general concept of the project suddenly has parts like lasers, several cameras with different spectrums, for sure a rotatable stereoscopic camera, and a GPS module to build up a 3D model of the environ- ment. Also, a model car with a smaller system was shown driving in a hall, which looks like the Robocar of ZMP and the Autobot of our subsidiary Roboticle. And at last convicting was the question after the "Fahrspaß==driving fun". But the most evil fact is that the lead- ing scientist of that project tried to tell the spectators the fairy tale of being the do-gooder who will save with our cloned technologies 40.000 of lives each year. No, by stealing and defrauding C.S. as well as following their calculation, all members of the whole gang are second-degree murders in more than 400.000 cases in the last 10 years alone in relation with road traffic. And this number will be more heigh- tened by around 1.200.000 million humans, because they announced to need "30" years to get the system running, which by the way shows another time that those persons are stealling concepts and technologies they don't understand and are hoping for further stealing the rest from us. These are the facts.
    We have the solutions and the only thing we want is justice and a compensation for everything that happened in the last 12 years. That's fair, really.

    Because of their statements we see it as our duty to document them by making notes on our Culture webpage about the persons Jürgen Rüttgers, moped rider and election liar Guido Westerwelle, and small talkers Peter Sloterdijk and Thomas Gottschalk. We also comment attempts by the we don't know why artist and Carnival Prince Markus Lüpertz together with Karl-Heinz Petzinka.

    Comment of the Day
    Electric Sports Cars 'R' Us™ Electric Sports Cars are Us™
    BlueQuality™ BlueFusion™ BluePulse™ BlueBeat™ BlueMomentum™ BlueSwift™ BlueSpeed™ BlueDynamics™ BlueAdvantage™
    Blue SuperCar™ Blue Racer™ Blue Snake™ Blue Value™
    Blue Beauty™
    Blue@™ @Blue™
    Blau und Rein™ Blue and Clean™ Clean and Blue™
    Natürlich Blau™ Naturally Blue™
    Bluetech 'R' Us™ Bluetech are Us™
    ∃tron™ ∃-tron™ ∃ tron™ ∃•tron™
    ≡tron™ ≡-tron™ ≡ tron™ ≡•tron™
    ∃performance™ ∃-performance™ ∃ performance™ ∃•performance™
    ≡performance™ ≡-performance™ ≡ performance™ ≡•performance™
    S∃™ S≡™
    Δ Λ Σ
    Ψ Φ Π ©³ ©° @ Δ ε Λ Ξ Σ
    Ψ Φ Π ©³ ©° @ Δ ε Λ Ξ Σ
    Lightwall™ Lichtmauer™

    We, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, and all of our subsidiaries have no economical relations with the institute Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the company Novamente. With the compa- ny Google there exist only a relation by a usual and common service.


  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: The company has stolen our concept to report about hightechnologies having relations to or are objects out of the movie series Star Wars. In the shown broadcasts it is only reported about such technologies we already have reported in con- junction with our own concepts and technologies. The contents of the reports also are illegally reflecting the contents of our websites by using terms like "[...] Weltraumcowboys [...]", "[...] Speeder [...]", "[...] Fliegender Teppich [...]", "[...] neues emotionales Gefühl [...]", "[...] schneller machen [...]", "[...] wie ein Sprung durch die Lichtmauer [...]", "[...] 3D-Display [...]", and "[...] 300000 Jahre [...]", which are translated into English as "[...] space cowboys [...]", "[...] speeder [...]", "[...] magic carpet [...]", "[...] new emo- tional feeling [...]", "[...] making faster [...]", "[...] like a jump through the lightwall [...] [Please, take a look yourself at TIE R/ LightSwift.]", "[...] 3D-display [...]", and "[...] 300.000 years [...]", and describing applications of the shown technologies which can be found as well on our websites. A good example is the application of 3D displays in the medical field of cancer treatment despite the many other fields.

    Investigations::Car #168

  • Maiworm→e-Wolf: We do quote to document the criminal acting of that company: "The new technology leader has created a new auto- mobile category: extreme electric sports cars. [No, it's only a copy of the category we have invented and coined a year before with the much better label Electric SuperCar (ESC).]", "[...] differentiates itself in the market by virtue of its consistent use of lightweight construction elements in addition to its 100% electrical drive system [...] [It does not matter if someone has stolen all or only a part of Style of Speed. A thief is a thief is a thief.]", "[...] dynamic vehicle performance that is sure to be very impressive [...]", "[...] innova- tive 4-wheel drive vehicle will be powered by 4 high-performance el- ectric motors with direct coupling [...] [This clearly is our technology we have shown for example with the :D™/Big Fun, Apollo Speed-E, and RE.]", "[...] technologies, components [...]", "Revolutionary bat- tery technology", "[...] unrivalled [...]", "[...] state-of-the-art devel- opment [...]", "[...] being able to incorporate the cutting edge of research in the design [...]", and "[...] going with the trend in this respect [...]". Incorporate and going with the trend means for that company and its partners stealing from us by Style of Speed and no- thing else. Until today we haven't seen something really innovative, no technology was devleoped by that company in opposition to us, and the person behind that fraud is a compact disc producer. And our different accumulator technologies are even better and have a more favorable price than that solution by Evonik→Litarion, Daimler, its join venture Deutsche Accumotive, and Evonik→Li-Tec.
    Btw.: The publications of that company and its partners in English are evidences of breaking our copyrights.
  • Volkswagen: We do quote out of a press release of the L1 con- cept car which in fact was restarted after we publicated our con- cept of the Belly Tank Lakester by Style of Speed to revive both the first version of the 1 Liter Car by the company Volkswagen and the Belly Tank Lakester by the companies General Motors and SO-CAL Speed Shop. The quotes: "[...] Breakthrough [...]", "[...] Concept is driven by new high-tech TDI and E-motor [...]", "Maximum speed [...]", "[...] breakthrough [...]", "[...] it was also clear [...]", "[...] already prophesised that [...] [After the claim of getting twelve mar- ques this is the second attempt by the company to try to make out of its CEO Piëch a Jesus.]", "[...] clear statement [...]", "[...] inge- nious [...]", "[...] step forward into the future with completely new technology and a new design; revolutionary [...]", "[...] significant achievement in car design [...]", "[...] car’s aerodynamically opti- mised [...]", "[...] philosophy - defining a new type of automobile [...] [No, to claim this is totally stupied. The L1 only is a copy of the Messerschmitt Kabinenlroller FMR TG 500.]", "[...] logical answer: extremely aerodynamic and lightweight [...]", "[...] uncompromising aerodynamic form of a glider: One seat behind the other [...] [And again: This is the concept of the Messerschmitt Kabinenlroller FMR TG 500 and the Belly Tank Lakester by Style of Speed.]", "[...] Formula-1 racing and airplane construction [...]", and "[...] future dream to become a reality [...]". Coming now with this fairy tale is too late by Volkswagen. Too late is too late is too late. Take also a look at the Fend F2000 of the year 2001. The first version of the 1 Liter Car was only an attempt to copy the concept by Fend and the second version of the 1 Liter Car is only an attempt to copy our for- mer concept of the SOS Belly Tank Lakester, which is from today on a product.
  • Volkswagen→Audi: For the concentration of its environmental friendly activities that company set up one of these tax money saving foundations. As always, we, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, already have bundled all of our eco-friendly activities under the labels Green Heart™, Green and Clean, and , as well as Blue Heart™, Blue and Clean™, , and many other related terms, signs, and slogans.

    It's Unbelievable™, but still Simply Godly™.

    Investigations::AI and Knowledge management

  • Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Novamente, and Google→OpenCog: The developers of Nasty/Unfriendly AI are even trying to fool the internet search engines by the creation of a C++ source code file named ontomax.cc.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Structure by Energy™ Form by Energy™
    Energy as Structure™ Energy as Form™
    Structure by Power™ Form by Power™
    Power as Structure™ Power as Form™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "We called it Ontonics: Utilize knowledge of the Ontology for the Technics."

    Investigations::Car #169

  • General: The ontonical approach by C.S. in the fields like arts, design, architecture, reseaching, engineering, computing, as well as socializing has founded something new which is not comparable with a simple labeling like Bauhaus 2.0. And the design of automobiles is only one but are very good one example to show the impact of Ontonics.
  • Pforzheim University: We started the investigation of this case yesterday with the concept LOVOS but could not finish it. So we do it today. Again we have to document that massively contents, con- cepts, and technologies publicated on our websites like the website of Style of Speed have been taken, and to be honest, in some cases we even have to say stolen, by the sponsors, teachers, and perhaps students of that institute. We do quote out of reports in the inter- net about its degree show: "[...] holistic [...]", "It's not about spe- ed, but the experience. [But speed is an experience!]", "[...] high quality of performance experience during active [...]", "[...] E-Rockit [...]", "Eco-freindly", "Regenerative", "Active", "Surprising", "[...] e-pulse [...]", "[...] regenerative energy [...]", "[...] e-formula [...]", "Modern Abstract", "Balancing elements of sportiness and elegance to create an active [...]", "[...] simplicity [...]", "Automotive Evolu- tion", "[...] simple, organic concept with purity [...]", "[...] Icons on the center console can be moved and assigned different functions depending on the user's choice [...]", "The body, comprised of a multitude of panels, allows the car to transform into different sha- pes, changing the character lines of the vehicle [...] [This not only sounds like Volkswagen→Audi has taken our Active Actuator tech- nology, because it is.]", "Wearable City Vehicle", "Lamborghini Mas- terpiece [How bold it is. We brought both terms together with the investigation about the newest model by Volkswagen→Audi→Lam- borghini (Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce) in the Investigations:: Car #83 at the 3rd of March 2009.]", "Vision VW [...] the concept was inspired by the principle of a wet shaver - you keep the handle and receive a new product just by changing the blade. By employing a platform that integrated all of the vehicle's core functions - safe- ty, mechanicals, electrics - users are free to change the exterior shell of the car [...] [Here we can see that Volkswagen has stolen our concept of the Chassis Module System™.]", "[...] active elastic body, which consists of an active-memory material stretched over a nanostructure [...] [This concept isn't of Bayerische Motorenwerke but potentially from Owen Ready as we already showed at the 19th of June 2008.]", "Volkswagen Slipstream [Again a concept based on swarm intelligence as we showed with one of our airship concepts years before.]", "[...] radical and emotional, which is fun to drive [...]", and "Multi Rider". One concept even features some kind of a skateboard.
    Also scandalous and typical like it is for Volkswagen was a concept sponsored, realized, and shown by Bayerische Motorenwerke and Anne Forschner that needs a thorough investigation. The company and the designer thought to be clever by simply taking the descript- ion of the Active Actuator™ together with the descriptions of the Active Wing™, Active Exterior™, Active Scale™, and Energy Gen- eration technologies of us from Style of Speed as the master temp- late and made a concept car based on it. Also, more of our contents and concepts earlier publicated on our websites were taken for the description of the concept that is said to be based on a philosophi- cal background and asks critical questions about life, the architec- ture of a vehicle and designer's habits in creating a car. Through experiments concentrated on a 'surface' theme, the design called LOVOS, which should mean after the designer Lifestyle Of Voluntary Simplicity, but we think it also is related with our slogan "We LOVe it" as well as the hightech Operating System (OS) OntoLinux™ and its logo of OntoLinux, becomes a new sculptural interpretation of a vehicle exterior, breaking traditional rules and providing a wide spec- trum of new ideas and solutions for the future. Contrast (see the logo of Softbionics), provocation and emotion (take a look at the OntoLinux website and the description of the Emotion Machine Archi- tecture) are the main themes in the design - movable individual pie- ces and the resulting high contrast let the viewer stop and rethink established systems in the car industry within an increasingly com- plex world. The concept car's exterior is theoretically constructed from one fully exchangeable part, aka. scale (or better our Active Scale), that recurs 260 times and looks flapped down as a fishskin. Solar photovoltaic cells cover each exterior fin (or better again our Active Fin) like piece, which can hinge on a substructure underneath to follow the sun or act as individual airbrake. Furthermore, the wheels are formed as turbines.
    We would like to mention once again that with the Active Actuator and Active Wing technologies by us form Style of Speed the new concept already was described earlier as well as the other parts but also the description of the shown design car. That our technologies like the Active Scale, Active Exterior, or other Active Elements are described for nautical vehicles doesn't matter, because they were used to realize the Active Actuator and Active Wing technologies for land vehicles. Please don't make the same mistake at these points as that criminal company and the highly suspicious student did. And keep in mind that the shown model easily could have been made in a handful of days with the resources by Bayerische Motorenwerke, which is important if incompetent and nasty critcs of us make the short time of crafting a point of the discussion.
  • Royal College of Design: Beside the usual blunders we can see by the concept names "Media Activity Vehicle" (a concept supported by Volkswagen, for sure), "Exo-line", "Genome X 2.0", "MiniLux", and "Investigating Sustainable Aesthetics" which directions the related concepts take and more important that we mainly were once again the source of inspiration, contents of concept descriptions, and technological solutions. We do quote for documenting facts and heightening our fame: "[...] sustainability [...]", "[...] fine art [...]", "[...] modular concept that was a good reflection [...]", "[...] solu- tion is a sustainable design that takes the form of numerous person- alized pieces which come together like Lego bricks [...] [In fact it is another attempt by Volkswagen to copy our concept of the Chassis Module System™.]", "[...] new language of green; there are no cos- metics in the minimalist vehicle [...] [This only isn't sounding like our concepts. ...]", "[...] tangibility of virtuality [...]", "[...] architectural function [...]", "Inspired by autistic author [...], children's imaginat- ions and Pokemon [...]", "[...] 'Magic 8' ball tells children where they [a]re going and the time remaining along the journey.", "[...] inspi- ration from premium Art Deco-inspired vehicles of the 1930s [...]", "[...] 5300 mm [...]", "[...] Fibonacci sequence that exists in nature [...] [We think now everything even becomes more clear. If not, then a look into A Prototyp of the The Proposal and at the Originals of the 22nd September 2009 will give the last answers.]", "[...] de- sign is informed by mathematically coded surfaces - along the lines of producing artificial life [...]", "[...] in a state of duality [...]", "[...] electro-polymers, which not only protects the two-seat interior but also provides easy ss. The intelligent surfaces continue inside, where gesture-based user surfaces [...]", "[...] aesthetics [...]", "[...] Exo-line is a new vision [...]", "Inspired by skateboards and gravity racing cars, the concept features exoskeleton technology and geometric lines [...] to emphasize balance.", "[...] three core themes: technology, expressed in the form of a robotic system; aes- thetics, which is informed by art; and human power, which is exem- plified in the minimalist design [...] [Thank you very much.]", "[...] synchronized system [...]", "[...] lightweight DNA [...]", "[...] light- weight, automated electric vehicle [...]", "[...] minimalist [...]", "[...] turbine at the rear, which recharges the battery pack, the concept also features a roof that is wrapped in solar fabric [...] [Fabric is meant to be here a structure and not a textile as are our Solar Fa- brics™.]", "[...] relationship between a car and its user. As the ve- hicle's owner approaches, a system within the car senses the indivi- dual's heartbeat [...]", "[...] owner's heartbeat is sensed through the steering wheel [...] [We mentioned a computer mouse with this fea- ture out of a lab by another company.]", "[...] made from a rubber- metal material with nanotechnology at its core - materials currently being explored in aviation for use on airplane wings. This artificial muscle enables the car's surfacing to stretch by 300 percent, while also being three times lighter and stronger than metal [...]", "[...] new interpretation for a solar-powered electric urban vehicle [...]", and "[...] sustainable aesthetics [...]".
  • University of Applied Sciences Munich: It was a little surprise for us that only the concepts supported by Volkswagen show the nasty and not normal attempt to steal everything from Style of Speed by that company and hopefully not by the students. Especially the truck designs with a cement mixer truck on, let us call it, Colani ni- veau show fine home-brewed works. We do quote some statements out of an internet report: "[...] reflects the impressions and visual loudness [...]", "[...] based on formal and theoretical research [...]", "[...] unique design-concept [...]", "[...] formal theme, inspired by the grasshopper [...]", "[...] synthesis of both gives the concept its strong character [...]", "[...] inspired by a scorpion [...]", "Energy in Motion", "[...] Synergy [...]", "[...] combine ecological values and emotional design [...]", "[...] united in a harmonic symbiosis [...]", "[...] inspired by nature's design principle of all higher developed creatures [...]", "[...] bionic spaceframe [...]", "Designing an Icon", "[...] combines sustainability and [...] brand values: progressive, sporting and premium [...]", "[...] 'Power-Box' system, which uses every kind of generator or storage battery, users will no longer need to depend on a single source of energy [...]", "[...] silhouette of the TT [...] interpreted in a new geometrical and streamlined shape [...] [We see a design that mixes the Big Fun and B!.]", "Transform Acti- vity Sports Car", "[...] multiplied by intelligent control systems [...]", "[...] Electric GT [...]", "[...] pure, uncompromised high-end sports coupé [...]", and "[...] muscle cars [...]". But besides the already mentioned design concepts supported by Volkswagen, are 4 of the Lamborghini oriented concept cars (Ratón, Muleta, Ankonian, and Timador) unexceptable, because the only goal was once again to steal The Masterpieces™ D!™ and M!™ and by this shows that that company is only interested in stealing everything decided and/or created by us. While the Ratón concept car shows at the rear a D!™ like style, especially of the diffusor, the Ankonian concept car has the basic exterior design elements from the famouse concept car by T. Shamen, which also were taken be the designer of the KTM X- Bow before, in a heavily faceted version following the sketch by C.S. as shown both on the D!™ webpage. The Muleta concept car on the other side has the upper part including the roof and the windows of the design concepts which are shown on the webpage of the M!™. The Timador concept car at the end mixes the automotive designs shown on both webpages. The main lines of the side design of the Timador concept car are directly copied or slightly varied from the design sketch by C.S. on the D!™ webpage and the rear is, like it was made with the Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670 SuperVeloce before, of the M!™ again as well as the design of the front.
  • Umea Institute of Design: While some times ago a show in the field of multimedia was a disaster ignited by the industrial sponsors, the show of transportation design exactly was the opposite. As usual and needed to show the relations with us we do quote some inter- esting statements: "[...] speedster form designed purely for track day use [...]", "[...] car's 'structural skin' - an inventive approach to holistic design [...]", "[...] AeroGel, carbon-Kevlar composite and li- quid metal [...] [The loyal reader of our website does very well know these materials as well as Liquid Diamond™ and Liquid Titan™.]", "Cyborg Sensation Vehicle", "[...] the professional cyborg [...] [This is one of the funniest formulations we have heard in the last three years.]", "[...] new driver interface to allow its cybernetic pilot to control it by thought alone, wirelessly relaying information and com- mands from machine to machine [...]", "[...] inspired by human mus- cle and skeletal structure, employing artificial muscles that connect the main body structure [...]", "[...] vision [...]", "[...] 360-degree viewing canopy for maximum driver enjoyment [...]", "[...] memory shape alloys [...]", "[...] inflatable interior balloon that reshapes [...]", "[...] transform into three distinct shapes and uses [...]", "[...] holistic [...]", "[...] sustainable [...]", "Bridging the gap between the worlds of hip-hop and skate cultur [...]", and "[...] allowing the ow- ner to change the look of their vehicle much as they would their wardrobe [...] [We already showed this direction as one of the fea- tures of our Chassis Module System™.]".
  • Axel Springer→Auto Bild: For sure that automotive oriented maga- zine used the event by a school for transportation design to nastly direct its readers into the wrong directions again. Well knowing that a presented concept was made by C.S. for Style of Speed, it said the following: "BMW gefiel die Idee und unterstützte Studentin [...] mit einem Stipendium." and "Die Münchner Marke schneidert schon seit Längerem futuristische (Blech-)Kleider für Autos von Morgen [...]". These sentences mean in English: "BMW liked the idea and supported the student [...] with a scholarship." and "For quite some time, the marque from Munich tailors futuristic (tin-)clothes for autos of tomorrow [...]". That a referenced project of the year 2008 was already revealed as an imitation of an existing concept (see our Comment and Pictures of the Day of the 19th of June 2008) and that that company Bayerische Motorenwerke once again has stolen from us was not reported.
  • Motor Presse Stuttgart→auto motor und sport: see Auto Bild
  • Ultima Media→Car Design News: see auto motor und sport
  • FTM Studio→Car Body Design: For the case with the stealing of our Active Actuator technology and the concept based on it by the company Bayerische Motorenwerke see the note about Car Design News and the other media above. Furthermore, as a reaction of our investigative report about that website at the 25th of September 2009 it publicated a detailed report about the design of the clone of our Volkswagen→Audi R8 based RE called Audi e-tron.

    We don't know for what those media should be good, which only are telling nonsense and their conviction has been witnessed by thou- sands of persons worldwide.

    But as we are saying in the latest past: It doesn't matter because it heightens the fame of C.S. more and more and more.
    It's Unbelievable™, but still Simply Godly™.

    Comment of the Day
    Simplistic Design™ Simplistic System™

    Style of Speed Website update
    The webpage of our having history written ontonic, and by this ho- listic, simplistic, and hightechnologic, innovation of the new standard defining Torque Vectoring System (TVS) Active Differential™ for land vehicles with Pure Eletric™ drivetrain was extended with the chapter Simplistic Proof of Simplicity that describes the advantages of this ingenious solution by using as an example the Electric SuperCar (ESC) Apollo Speed-E™.

    On the webpage of our Energy Generation technologies we missed to mention the integrative and combining approach by using our Active Components™, but that was, as all readers already have thought or do know now, and as we meant it all the time, (onto-)logical.

    Furthermore, we added to the description of our Apollo Speed-E™ a paragraph that lists the first-ever records shown with this Electric SuperCar (ESC).

    Investigations::Car #170

  • Continental Company and Pierre-Antoine Botton: That company has once again taken contents and concepts from us and our web- sites. This time it has stolen together with a designer the founda- tional concept our e-dashboard™ technology, but left out nearly all of the already publicated possibilities by the Car-X Window System™ based Graphical User Interface (GUI) of our superior solutions.

    We added a note about the person Reinhard Mohn on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day
    Fine Carbon™ Super Carbon™ High Carbon™ Hyper Carbon™
    Liquid Carbon™

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added new versions to the City SuperVeloce webpage together with a beautiful conversion by AgusDesigns.

    We also revealed the meaning of the name of our Modern Hot Rod Black Snow.

    OntoLinux Website update 6:06
    We have updated the website of OntoFS to reflect the new development:

  • The new file system patch for the Linux® kernel 2.6.31 was uploaded at the OntoFS webpage.


  • Rheinische Post: That newspaper reacted on and used contents of our websites, and as usual wrote again several related, annoying, and the public manipulating reports. In one report it called Richard Mohn a "Unternehmer-Philosoph==businessman-philosopher", which reduced to businessman would hit the right point. About the racial- istic statements by a politician who doesn't belong to the german party Christlich Demokratische Union it tried to be indignant and de- manded his dismissal, but for the statements by Jürgen Rüttgers it claimed for nothing. It also tries to tear the actual president of the U.S.A..
    Beside these, the Rhenish Pest also started another attempt to low- er the ingenious achievements by C.S. with the application of his argumentations and statements about what is characteristic for a genius and/or an artists. By this way it only showed once again how nasty and incompetent it really is. The attempt itself was a report about an artist who painted some spirals, who was named a "Master of the spiral" and his statement "Sinnbild des Weltalls und allen Lebens", which means in English "symbol of the universe and all life", was set into relation with the landing on the moon. Moreover, it was told that the artist made images with a cabbalistic and numerology influenced focus. Without offending the artist we would like to make the remark that the "Father of Geometry" Euclid, Konon von Samos, and Jakob Bernoulli did, as well as Christian Stroetmann did and sometimes still does the spiral theme as well, but on a much higher level, and maybe are by this better qualified to wear the label "Mas- ters of the spiral" besides so many other titles. In contrast to the presented artist, who claimed that a whole human life is nearly suf- ficient to describe the symbol in such a way that it approximate the perfection, C.S. could finish his study about spirals after around 18 months. After this he went further by uniting and then abstracting the spiral theme with cabalism, numerology, symbolism of numbers, as well as numbers and arithmetics themselfes by pure geometry, which were once again abstracted by holistic vibrations, rotations, objects, fractals, and circles leading to somekind of an all uniting geometrical→fractal zero pulse which only is symbolized by the sign O# for being able to talk about and use it.

    Investigations::Car #171

  • Rheinische Post: The newspaper applies further its methode to report about those automotive companies from all over the world, which we have reported of being plagiarists and thieves of our con- tents, concepts, and technologies, by even using contents of our websites. This time it reported about the company Fisker Automoti- ve and its hybrid automobile by calling it a "grünen Sportwagen== green sports car" with a "modernem Elektro-Antrieb==modern elec- tric drivetrain". Also remarks were made about a spirit, zeitgeist, and the exchange rate between U.S. dollar and Euro reflecting our quo- tations on several webpages by Style of Speed like the ones of the Raptor, Apollo Speed-E, and RE. That the owner of that company was already convicted as the typical fraudster by different persons and also by us (see Investigations::Car #162 at the 21st of Sep- tember 2009), and that Style of Speed also has with the Pan a Pure Electric™ driven Electric Sports Coupé™ with 4 seats in its range was not reported, naturally.
    Btw: The actual headquarter of Style of Speed, a subsidiary by the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, which in the last past has written se- veral times history, is only 40 kilometers away from the headquarter of that tab and around 500 meters of a local agency, while the slightly criminal company Fisker Automotive is 9140 kilometers away in California, U.S.A.

    Due to the behaviour and statements of the persons Jürgen Rütt- gers, Thilo Sarrazin, Guido Westerwelle, and Reinhard Mohn we made again notes on our Culture webpage.

    OntoLinux Website update 22:06
    We have updated the patch from yesterday.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We publicated the first projection about the revolutionary high speed of our spaceship X-3^3.


  • Rheinische Post: In the last weeks, that newspaper reported about three writers well knowing that the contents of their novels have somekind of highly suspicious samenesses with our works.

    On the Culture webpage we added notes about the writers and di- rectors Stieg Larsson, Margarethe von Trotta, and Frank Schätzing.

    Also, we made a little note about the sponsor Swedish Academy of Sciences.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Á™ É™ Ó™
    ™ ʙ ԙ
    ͙ Ι ϙ

    Comment of the Day #2
    "My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece." [Claude Monet]

    As the Hightech Competence™ we do know the problems of and re- quirements for modern sports cars very well, for sure, and use chas- sis of our subcontractors like Volkswagen, Fiat, Ford, and General Motors for example as fully tested foundations for our conversions and our Chassis Module Systems™. In this way the integration of all advantages of highly developed cars with uncountable possibilities of customization can be achieved. For special super cars and smaller series we drastically undercut all of the required standards with our own masterpieces of engineering.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added the new version Sleek Silver to the RE webpage together with a beautiful conversion by Hexahelix.

    Investigations::Car #172

  • Paragon→Artega: With its sports car Artega it tried to copy the Volkswagen→Porsche Cayman, Fiat→Ferrari California, and Proton→ Lotus Cars Elise, as well as contents from our websites like Style of Speed for the marketing of the car. We do quote: "[...] hohe Effi- zienz und faszinierende Dynamik [...]", "[...] einmalige Synthese [...]", "[...] 1.116 kg [...]", "[...] dokumentiert [...]", "[...] Rechts- lenker-Version [...]", "[...] dritten [...]", "[...] CAD-Konstruktion, komplexen Simulationsberechnungen, Windkanalmessungen, Klima- tests sowie ausgiebigen Fahrversuchen auf der Straße und Test- und Rennstrecken [...]", "[...] Zusammenspiel [...]", "[...] erste Auto weltweit [...]", "[...] modernste Scheinwerfer [...]", "[...] komplet- tieren [...]", "[...] faszinierende Fahrdynamik [...]", "[...] setzt [...] Maßstäbe [...]", "[...] faszinierenden Projekt [...]", "[...] Enthusias- ten [...]", and "[...] Festival of Speed [...]". The English translation of the quotes are: "[...] high efficiency and fascinating dynamics [...]", "[...] unique synthesis [...]", "[...] 1.116 kg [...]", "[...] do- cument [...]", "[...] right-hand drive version [...]", "[...] third [...]", "[...] CAD-construction, complex calculations of simulation, wind tunnel readings, climatic tests as well as thorough test drives on the street and test- and race tracks [...]", "[...] interplay [...]", "[...] first car worldwide [...]", "[...] most modern headlights [...]", "[...] complement [...]", "[...] fascinating driving dynamics [...]", "[...] set [...] benchmarks [...]", "[...] fascinating project [...]", "[...] enthusi- asts [...]", and "[...] Festival of Speed [...]". Now it''s insolvent and while we're looking for our properties to get them back as well as for those orphaned items of the bankruptcy assets we'll take as the re- ward for stolen contents and concepts from us or simply assimilate, we'll wait also for the company Gumpert to copy the insolvency next year as well, like it did with all the other items and services of other companies before.

    We had to made another note about the person Christa Thoben on our Culture.

    Comment of the Day
    It's High-Voltage™

    To clarify a subject for our readers that is related with two articles publicated side by side in a newspaper about the artist Claude Mo- nét, who used geometrical objects and the Golden Rule for the com- positions of some of his paintings, and the 3 winners of the Nobel Prize in chemistry, who are said to have bridged the gap between the theory of evolution and physiological processes by their research in the field of DNA, RNA, and proteins, we would like to make the fol- lowing remarks in relation to The Proposal and the Hightech Operat- ing System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™: In general the approach by C.S. is universal, because he isn't talking about one alphabet of signs, like A, T, C, and G of the DNA, and related processes controlled by and working on it. He speaks about information theory, its direct connec- tion to arithmetics, which is a part of the language of the by humans understandable parts of the universe (aka. mathematics), evolution, and life in general. Moreover and without offending the achieve- ments of the named persons, the works of Claude Monét taken to- gether with the works of the winners of the Nobel Prize in chemistry are around 30% of the foundational concept that motivated the wri- ting of The Proposal. But C.S. even made it broughter, deeper, and went beyond. In the tradition of philosophers, logicians, mathematic- ians, computer scientists, physicists, biologists, psychologists, cyb- erneticists, bionic and robotic scientists, but also artists, architects, and designers, like Pythagoras, Vitruvius, Euclide, Archimedes, Leo- nardo da Vinci, Leonardo da Pisa, better known as Fibonacci, Gott- fried Wilhelm Leibniz, Leonhard Euler, Albert Einstein, Norbert Wiener, Kurt Gödel, Alan Turing, Claude Elwood Shannon, Andrei Nikolajewit- sch Kolmogorov, Joseph Weizenbaum, Marvin Minsky, Jean Piaget, as well as artists Albrecht Dürer, Claude Monét, Wassily Kandinsky, and many many many more outstanding persons, The Proposal also tried to unite all of the disciplines and many many many more fields into one approach. One result is to geometrically compose/model turing machines and their much larger siblings of operating systems in such a harmonious way which can be found in the nature and in many compositions of works by artists and architects, and by this even bridge the gap between the theory of evolution and psychology with the pier of physiology.
    And what no one has seen before is that OntoLinux also constitutes the best Universal Theory of Everything, because it is the first and still only active theory. All other theories are only static descriptions about mathematical and physical rules.

    Style of Speed Website update
    Finally we could present the first image of our bioethonal powered Eos BB showing the excellent conversion by Speedgeek™ Pifta.

    And also, as the HighTech, GreenTech, and Style and Speed Compe- tence™™™ we from Style of Speed are pleased to announce the further complementation of our invented range of Electric SuperCars (ESCs) by setting up the new webpage of the next exotic supercar with Purely Electric™ :Drivetrain™: The Jota.


  • Rheinische Post: That newspaper publicated two articles side by side which are about how Claude Monét composed his paintings by following geometrical objects like circles and the Golden Ratio, and the 3 Nobel Prize winners in the field of chemistry, who conducted research of the "hochkomplexen [...] Vorgänge==high complex pro- cesses" in the field of DNA, RNA, and proteins, and said to have bridged the gap between the theory of evolution and physiological processes. Sadly for that newspaper to show once again its incom- petences by not understanding our brilliant works and repeating the mistake of not asking us about the actively not publicated Com- ments about the The Proposal and the related More Notes.

    Furthermore, the tab reported about an university and its factory of innovation. But that the Christian Stroetmann GmbH also was a pio- neer in this field with its divisions, most to mention Ontonics and the OntoLab, and that the university is only and massively copying the acting, contents, concepts, and technologies of these divisions since more than 10 years was not mentioned, as usual. By the way, we already have convicted it inofficially of using stolen contents, concepts, and technologies from us, like in the fields of quadro- copters, ontology-based software, and 3D chips.

    Comment of the Day
    Purely Superbly™

    Style of Speed Website update
    We complemented the Jota range with the models:

  • Jota SuperVeloce, and
  • Jota Speedster.

    We also added more informations on the webpage of the Jota.

    Style of Speed Inofficial webpage
    For a planned thorough design report related with the marque Bugat- ti by C.S. on the website Bugatti Revue by J.J., we have set up a temporary webpage with different design concepts. Everybody inter- ested in can take a look at it. The webpage will soon disappear again but the images will reappear with design critics.


  • Rheinische Post: That tab doesn't let out a faux pas and steps into every cowpat. In the last days an artist of the Carnival Booth in Düsseldorf was pushed by attempting to relate his works with the actings and works by C.S., often in a totally misleading way. The newspaper reported about the artist with large articles and used statements made in English by an american philosopher in their ger- man translations. But sadly we have to say, that the contents of these statements were used in a wrong situation. For example the case that the arts of an era informs about its quality and not its discourses, but this is exactly the problem with the artist and his works: The status as an artist and of his works only live by the discourses about them, which implicitly reject the epochal status. Also funny that paintings are classified as pop-art but have only some words in their titels that reminds a person of pop-art. The paintings themselves are purely abstract and could be interpreted as Daisy Duck's wedding or a bullfight in an artist's studio. Also and as usual, better knowing the real facts the newspaper reported about a curator who took elements from the works of C.S. for an exhibition of the focused artist, like one of the 8 rotundas shown in the plan of the plot as a "temple in the temple" shown in the sketches of the house center.

    We thought it would be constructive to comment the acting of the curator Robert Fleck and again of the Carnival Prince Markus Lüpertz on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day
    Smile in the Face™

    Because we had some years ago the impression that in the field of automotive manufacturing the modernity is missing, we from Style of Speed have started in the last years to exactly create with our first ranges of automobiles called Car Street Legal and Car Hot Rod the missing spectra of new and modern automotive design icons. Also, with our Chassis Module System™ a situation changing and problem solving approach was started to define and establish a new standard for the modernisation of industrial automotive design and manufac- ture.

    Style of Speed Website update

    The new version Performance of our Electric SuperCar (ESC) Jota was developed and added to the list of exterior versions.

    Pod and Swoop Racing League Further steps #4
    International teams of highly passionate racers followed their french competitors and conducted thorough testings of the structural and aerodynamical characteristics of their pods. Furthermore, the start was trained and the racing league advertised publicly. Besides these, rumors that leaked out of the paddock suggest that the repulsorlift will be tested as well in the near future.
    International Racers Pod Testing
    © M. Maas


  • ZDF, Bertelsmann→RTL, and ProSiebenSat.1 Media: All of these broadcasters are using now blurred pictures and the yielding effect with the three colors red, blue, and green, like it was shown by paintings of C.S. (Don 0006e and Liberty 0006b), for example.
  • International Business Machines: Once again that criminal compa- ny has stolen contents and concepts from our websites. At first, it has jumped on the Linux® bandwagon after we created Tuxic and also fiddled around with nanotechnology despite the fact of not hav- ing a clue what it should do with it. Then that company surprisingly told us the fairy tales of the grid computing, virtual reality, and, at last, making the Earth smarter, which now has led to the theme of water and the suggestion of the stone-old concept of using nano- technology based filters to desalt water. To say it clearly and with few words: It can't make the Earth smarter, because we of the Christian Stroetmann GmbH have already done this in the last years. That company only is a typical defrauding company that still thinks it is enough to invest some millions for marketing and manipulating the public. Convicted!!!™
    Btw.: That company sold 5 computers to Nazi-Germany for counting Jews, supporting the management of their deportation, and optimiz- ing their annihilation. It is responsible for the Microsoft mess as well.

    Investigations::Car #173

  • Rheinische Post: Nasty and annoying as ever, that tab took our temporary webpage of automotive designs related with the marque Bugatti as the source of inspiration to discuss the by us many times mentioned and documented plagiarism in the area of industrial auto- motive design. Despite that the newspaper knows and uses contents of our website Style of Speed it repeated in the article the opinion of a so called expert in the field of automotive culture, who claims that he is missing the modernity.
    Btw.: The media is very well responsible for this situation.

    Comment of the Day
    "O>-<   *<:o)   _(D)>-<" [C.S.' e-mail signature]

    Pod and Swoop Racing League Further steps #5
    The young generation of racers, who are not allowed by law to get a pod racer or swoop license, asked us to revive the Chopper Bicycle World Championships.


  • Intel: After the jump on the Linux® and the 3D internet bandwa- gon that company is trying more now to jump on the robotics band- wagon as well. In relation to the attempt in the field of robotics a television advertisement was shown with a roboter wet shaving with a sharp knife a man who already had 3 wounds on the right cheek which are arranged like the 3 red circles of the logo by Ontologics. At this time, we would like to give an impression of the costs of the bold attempts by that company: The encouragement in the field of Linux® is only a marketing instrument for its computer chips and will sooner or later stop again, as the history told us, and it also has cost implicitly that company its portion of the whole spectrum of worldwide services and products which are related with the applica- tion of the WREL based technology in the automotive sector.
    How unbelievable unprofessional Intel really is.

    Investigations::Car #174

  • Hella Hueck & Co and european research institutes: That company seems to have integrated concepts shown with our Hightech Oper- ating System™ OntoLinux™ into their assistance systems for auto- mobiles.
  • Axel Springer→Auto Bild: That automotive oriented tab followed their methode of reporting about stolen technologies by criminals well knowing that we from Style of Speed have invented them. More nasty is the fact that contents of our Style of Speed website was taken and translated into german to report about the fraudsters. For example we have remarks about the E-Ape of Piaggio which is said to fulfill three wishes at once ("erfüllt gleich drei Wünsche auf ein- mal"), a stylish and most notably with 313 E-PS mighty strong elec- tric car cloned by Audi, and also the extra shown plagiarizations by e-Wolf. Why it is calling our cars and technologies hot air while it reports since years about other persons and companies who have stolen them seems to be highly contradictory. We also can read statements like "Elektro-Herz==Electric heart".
    Btw.: The owners of the company Brose are from Coburg and not Bamberg.
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke and Anne Forschner: We would like to add a missing little note about that very nasty, scandalous, and cri- minal acting in relation to the LOVOS concept: The design concept has as lights earrings by Swarovski. At last this proves for us that the website by our business division Style of Speed was thoroughly read and that our contents, concepts, as well as technologies were methodically stolen with an extremely high amount of criminal ener- gy.

    Investigations::Avionics and Aerospace

  • ARD, ZDF, ORF, and SRG SSR→3sat: A broadcast about supersonic aircrafts was shown focusing in its reports on 3 projects, which all are conducting that kind of standard stuff that hasn't led to the goals in the last 3 decades. Why our Hypersoar technology by Style of Speed wasn't presented is also no surprise anymore. Also we would like to mention that the development of commercially usable hypersonic planes is lasting longer than the start of the X-30 NASP project.

    Comment of the Day
    "A contradiction: Trend of sustainability." [C.S., Yesterday]

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added to the webpage of our Active Differential technology the paragraph named Active Differential #1.


  • Rheinische Post: In an article about a writer and his actual book, that tab thought to be very clever with the attempt to tear his book and our work done in the business divisions like Ontonics, Ontologic Systems, Softbionics, and Mithrasoft, and our OntoLab by relating them with esoterics. For example it has written remarks like "very ancient mysteries as most recent scientifical insights", "Out of the connection of occultism and atom physics a new spiritual science- religion should emerge, which opens humanity undreamt-of possibili- ties.", "His holiest mission is America's renewal in the spirit of the Masonic Founding Fathers of the United States [(Only 9 of 56 were Freemasons.)], a pantheism [(which means that God is in everything and synonymical to the universe)] of global edification: The linkage of the best out of the Bible, Kabbalah, Buddhismus, [(Some more ancient religions are missing, eg. polytheisms of Egypt, Rom, and Greece besides Mithraism. The religion Islam is included in the best out of the Bible.)] and natural sciences leads straigth to the apothe- osis of man [(seeing the man like God)].", "meta systems analyst", ""spooky action at a distance" [Einstein]" between quantum physics, near-death experience, apocryphal bible code [(code contained in the text that is not included into the canon of the bible)], magic square, and egyptian pyramids." But the newspaper forgot some contents of its own articles. For example, it said that it was inge- nious by Claude Monét to exactly do this kind of esoterics by using the Golden Ratio for the paintings of water lilies. Furthermore, the newspaper would say the same about Albrecht Dürer and his paint- ings "Self-portrait", which is also composed after the Golden Ratio, and "Melancholie", which shows a magic square and other esoterical items. It even forgot to accept the fact that suddenly it is not eso- terical anymore to have a vision or being a visionary, and that nearly everything we do is stolen or copied by others, which taken togeth- er means that our words and works must be real and of very high value.
    What a dilemma that newspaper now has as the price of being nas- ty, lying, mobbing, as well as not willing to accept the facts and to believe.

    We knew all the time that someone will try this cheap attempt. But again we were smartest. O>-<

    Investigations::Car #175 Drive Assistance Camera Special

  • General: As it turned out now and we also could confirm by ana- lyzing real systems, but also the persons and the companies acting in this field, that all actual camera based systems don't work and following the statements by responsible researchers this situation won't change the next 20 to 50 years. We, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, have chosen a different approach which appears to be su- perior, because it is based on for example our Ontologic System™ OntoLinux™ and other components.
  • Hella Hueck & Co: We mentioned the company 2 days ago, but would like to investigate the case further. We found a document by a subsidiary of the company Hella about camera based sensor tech- nology for drive assistance systems. Somehow mysterious is that this document describes many items we also developed in our Onto- Lab at the same time. We also found more suspicious contents on its website like the application and integration of accoustical sensors and the already mentioned intelligent self-learning control system for camera based sensor technologies as our ontologic solution powered by OntoLinux™.
  • Ford→Volvo: The subsidiary presented a drive assistance camera system based on a dual mode radar system. The system is integra- ted into the interior rearview mirror and should be able to recognize different typs of objects in realtime. Besides that the whole system reminds us of our Active Camera™ technology, other Active Compo- nents™, and parts of our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™, it seems to be a typical marketing hoax.
  • Kostal: Suddenly that company also develops a drive assistance camera system. Also contents of its website have a much to high affinity with the contents of our websites.

    Investigations::Car #176

  • Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr, Vahle, Technical Univer- sity Braunschweig, and B.R.D. government: As it proved to be now, our irail™ technology together with parts of our iguardrail™ techno- logy were stolen by a cooperation of the companies Ingenieurgesell- schaft Auto und Verkehr and Vahle, and the technical university in Braunschweig. There is also an information about a partnership with the company behind the so called eDrive system, the always copying company Daimler. At this point we would like to mention that we've decided to take the inductive Wireless Resonant Energy Link (WREL) technology by the company Intel as a special solution for the health oriented problems that group of criminals only has recognized as such, named some of the intelligent and guarding features of the vi- sible and invisible versions, and also developed a broad spectrum of applications of this technology long before them. Furthermore, all project partners also have stolen contents of our websites without respecting the copyright and our disclaimer. In the meantime a test track of 1 kilometer length with irails™ directly set into the lane is planned and supported by the B.R.D. government.

    On our Culture webpage we made remarks about the writers Lutz Schumacher and Dan Brown.

    Comment of the Day
    "It is real: I am here." [O>-<, Always]

    God is neither one nor many.
    God is neither male nor female.
    God is nothing and all, never and anytime, nowhere and anywhere, and much more :).

    Comment of the Day
    Vitatella™ Vivatella™
    Stevia Gum™ Vita Gum™ Viva Gum™
    Swing thing™
    Beetle-E™ Beetle E™ Beetle•E™
    E-Beetle™ E Beetle™ E•Beetle™
    Bug-E™ Bug E™ Bug•E™
    E-Bug™ E Bug™ E•Bug™
    E Rover™ E•Rover™
    E-Carrera™ E•Carrera™

    Ontonics Website update
    We complemented our webpage Innovation-Pipeline by adding mis- sing and new projects:

  • Vita/Vivatella,
  • Stevia Gum, and
  • Vita/Viva Gum.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We updated the webpage of our Black Snow Hot Rod series with new models.


  • Lego: First the company jumped on the agents theme bandwagon with an own line of James Bond-like secret agent spies. Now we can see 2 new kits under the theme title Agents 2.0, with a helicopter and a mecha that points into the direction of our "ExoTimeSub". And the same happend before in the Racers series: First that company produced kits related with the marque Ferrari and after it saw the yellow Lamborghini Gallardo based Apollo Speed-E by Style of Speed it jumped as well on the Lamborghini theme by producing a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo.
  • McDonald's: Despite that original nachos consist of fried tortilla chips covered with melted cheese and jalapeño peppers the compa- ny called a hamburger Hot Chicken Nacho.
    Don't miss to taste our lines of Space Nachos™ and Moon Nachos™, which all also are made out of tortilla chips like the originals.

    Investigations::Car #177

  • WBT Datensysteme: That company has stolen the invisible version of our irail™ technology with contents of our description but also of an other company, which has also stolen our technology, by repeat- ing the example of the electrical toothbrush. That company hasn't respected the copyright and our disclaimer/Hinweis. It's "Null proble- mo" for us to give a result and the remark to look for a good attorn- ey, because it is: Convicted!!!™
    Btw.: Thieves steal our concept and solution from other thieves who haven stolen it before from us.
  • Motor Presse Stuttgart→auto motor und sport: That automotive magazin reports again about another criminal company that has sto- len our irail™ technology. What makes this case even more funny is that that auto tab once again called it a new idea.


  • Hewlett-Packard: We do quote: "[...] visual collaboration software [...] powered by the intelligent [...] processsor [...]".
  • Sony: That company is running wild now and doesn't follow laws and ethitcal rules anymore.
  • LG Group: A new mobile phone was presented with the name New Chocolate to copy the idea that is behind the logo of OntoLinux, which was meant to be a little fun with the packaging style of the chocolate bar Kinder Riegel by Ferrero, but also a link to sweet emo- tions, the term eye candy used, and a remark about another Kinder chocolate related statement by a well known Graphical User Inter- face (GUI) developer in the Linux® community.


  • Lego: A board game of dice with a pyramid has become the toy innovation of the year 2009 in the B.R.D..
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: Once again thath company has stolen contents and concepts shown on this website. After it jumped on the bandwagon of the fun and colour theme it now shows in trailers images in the style of images by C.S. like the "Moonwalk", "Space Shuttle", "Don Pablo", and "Sojourner". And again: Convicted!!!™
  • Ferrero: Pure Sinnlichkeit

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added to the webpage of our Black Snow a paragraph to reflect our definition of a new typ of Hot Rod, the Race Track Rod, Road Race Rod, or simply Race Rod, and to document automotive history written by us. Also, some images of Hot Rod designs by Hot Wheels have been added.

    Investigations::Car #178

  • Tomas Svenningson: Again we have one of these cars and stories about them that were made with the goal to take as much as pos- sible contents and concepts of our websites like by Style of Speed. We quote some contents out of a report: "all-wheel drive", "Race Rod", "[...] road racing three-window [...]", "[...] sharp-looking [...]", "[...] little black coupe [...]", "[...] three-window coupe is a 3mm- thick fiberglass tub [...]", "[Model] A grille", "pushrod suspension", "[...] triangulated A-arms [...]", "[...] mockup chassis out of techni- cal Legos [...] [Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] titanium lower leg for small kids [...]", "[...] lowest possible overall weight [...]", "[...] 330mm [...] racing discs [...]", "[...] R888s [...]", "[...] Nürburgring [...]", "[...] speed, max speed, and average speed [...]", and much more. Sorry, but we from Style of Speed don't buy this kind of fairy tales anymore and know that the described Hot Rod surely was nothing else than an attempt to copy the underlying concept and parts of our Modern Hot Rod Black Snow with its Mod Rod Chassis System shown with the Bee!. Convicted!!!™
    Btw.: The concept to use the all-wheel drivetrain by a Ford Sierra Cosworth comes from a 20 year old Seven kit car. Maybe it's even only this kind of Seven chassis with a '32 fibreglass body.
  • Hot Rod Magazine: We do know for sure that we have defined and started the theme of Road Race Rod, Race Track Rod, or simply Race Rod with our Modern Hot Rod Black Snow. And we really thought that that magazine would be competent and have style. Shame on you.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have a new car and a related webpage: The Beetle-E.


  • Rheinische Pest: That criminal tab by the gang of the german poli- tical party Christlich Demokratische Union (CDU) publicated some ar- ticles that have to be documented here. In one article the looting of the foundations of the german pension system by other nations from the Near and Middle East, which have nothing done for their future economies in the last decades and will never build up social systems like pension or health care systems, is described positively. This isn't surprising, because politicians and companies of the CDU/CSU gang are supporting this development massively and also use it as a tool for weakening unpleasant persons and corporations, who aren't all form the B.R.D.. From the german point of view it is treason done by all participating persons and companies. And we also have the opin- ion that the all prices for the sold shares were much to low. Another article is nasty on a new level. That newspaper demands to protect customers against criminal wheeler-dealers, who actively are mis- leading and getting around regulations. But who is protecting us against the propaganda of that tab? And it even comes more worst with another article which is concerned with the case of Thilo Sarra- zin (read the related note of the 5th of October 2009 on our Culture webpage). In the last past the newspaper ripped T. Sarrazin in 2 ar- ticles, but is now trying to protect him and his statements by at- tacking his critics together with the before also by that newspaper harshly attacked author Peter Sloterdijk. That tab is nothing worth anymore.

    Investigations::Car #179

  • Rheinische Post: The Rhenish Pest reported about a sports car by Volkswagen→Porsche in a conspicuous way, which is in parts dero- gative about our work by Style of Speed and also reflecting con- tents of our websites. We do quote as usual: "[...] Philosophie des modernen Sportwagenbaus [...]", "Abgesehen von ein paar übrig gebliebenen Muscle-Cars [...]", "[...] Effizienz und Perfektion [...]", "[...] Raser [...]", "[...] mechanisches Hinterachsdifferenzial bremst gezielt [...]", "[...] Motor [...] in einem dynamischen Dämpfungssys- tem gelagert [...]", "[...] Dämpfer an den Rädern passen sich milli- sekundengenau [...] an [...]", and "Drei [...] elektro-mechanische Fahrhilfen [...]". Translated into English these quotes mean: "[...] Philosophy of the modern manufacturing of sports cars [...]", "Except for some remaining muscle cars [...]", "[...] Efficiency and perfection [...]", "[...] racer [...]", "[...] mechanical rear axle differential speci- fically brakes [...] [This is called a torque vectoring differential (see also Active Differential™).]", "[...] engine [...] mounted in a dynamic damping system [...] [We call this Active Bracket™ or synonymous Active Mount™]", "[...] dampers at the wheels adjust in milliseconds [...] [Here we can see our Active Suspension technology.]", and "Three [...] electromechanical driving aids [...]". First of all, the re- maining muscle cars with their show effect have been sold surpris- ingly well and led to the consideration by the company Volkswagen to design special models for the U.S.American market after Style of Speed publicated its Electric Muscle Cars™ series. Moreover, the general concept of combining a torque vectoring differential with a dynamic damping engine mounting is our innovation and was a spin- off product while developing the worldwide unique and ingenious ver- sion of this solution for automobiles with all-electric powertrains, as it was already described in our Style of Speed Announcement of the 16th of August 2009, in the Investigations::Car 144 (12^2) at the 21st of August 2009, the Style of Speed webpage of our Active Bracket™, and the paragraph "To be or not to be active" on our webpage Active Suspension. On the same Style of Speed webpages, Active Bracket™ and Active Suspension, the description of the com- bined 3 driving aids, which are described in the article, can be found as well. And to give again the critics a little help by asking our usual question: Why is this kind of technological solution presented now and not a year earlier by Volkswagen or Porsche? We also would like to ask a further question: How should we, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, come to all of these top secret informations about the new technologies and models by one of the largest car manufacturer? The answer to these questions already was given by us: These are our innovations.
    Furthemore, that lying tab presented a reseller of electric scooters as a so called firewall against anglicisms and by doing this massivley cheated its readers.
  • Helmut Niemeyer: That bold and lying company claimed to be like a firewall against anglicisms by giving german names to its 2 electric scooters. Besides that the electric scooters have the same names like persons of the family of C.S., we found by a quick study of its german webpage of the electric scooters the following English terms, as expected: "Camping", "Made in Germany", "Promotion", "gelabelten [Oh, that mix of languages is so unbelievable bad, especially in the context with the claim of doing something against the usage of Eng- lish terms.]", and "Incentives". What a defrauding company it really is.
  • 9ff: It was sure as the coming and going of the times that that booth took the 2010 model of our RE by Style of Speed as the source of inspiration for a converison of the Volkswagen→Porsche Panamera.
  • Mansory: see 9ff
    Besides that the conversions are missing some kind of harmonious lines, you know now why we haven't shown our conversion for the Volkswagen→Porsche Panamera based Pan by Style of Speed.

    It was time to write some words about the person cardinal Karl Leh- mann and again about the writer Peter Sloterdijk on our Culture webpage.


  • Near East governments: Under slogans like "Realizing opportunities" or "Racing thrills, speeding kills" the advertisements by governments form the Near East are becoming more and more aggressive by also stealing more and more contents form our and other's websites. These attempts clearly show 3 points:
    We are right with our opinion about the looting of western economi- cal and social systems.
    We are right with our claims that these nations are only copying concepts, processes, and technologies, which needed decades to be developed and realized by other nations and societies.
    We could work out that justified criticism is not tolerated by those undemocratical governments and that they are in the defensive.
    In this relations we would like to ask some questions: What about realizing social systems? What about doing pioneering work? Do the responsible persons of these nations understand these terms at all?

    Investigations::Car #180

  • Bertelsmann→N-TV: The television channel reported about a re- search vehicle by a german car manufacturer. One focus was laid on the computer system with a natural language processor and an ava- tar (animated comic figure on the display). Until to this point the re- port was correctly made, but what followed must be called an active manipulation of the public: Surprisingly, because it was not normal before we announced our systems, a computer linguist was inter- viewed, who explained that the computer system has to be seen as an assistance and the car should be seen as a robot with which the driver communicates. Due to the relation to the fictional automobile K.I.T.T. of the television series Knight Rider, this metapher was an absolute taboo but after we took position at first it is used now nor- mally by the plagiarists. Furthermore, the television channel and an interviewed incompetent scientist by Daimler babbled something in a derogative way about our Speeders™, like our Airspeeder™, and the different versions of our 0 Gravity™ technologies, which are said to be maglev or hover systems. We can see by this behaviour that the media and the other car manufacturers do know that we have this technology. For example, one manufacturer from Japan is trying to keep contact by calling a concept car Land Glider in respect to our Landspeeder™.

    The Speeder™ - Der Speeder™

    We made a note about the designer Ralph Lauren on our Culture webpage.

    Question of the Day #1
    "Who buys this nonsense?" [C.S. about the low-tech operating system Windows 7, Today]
    A hint: Take Linux® 7, Mozilla, Thunderbird and Open Office.

    Question of the Day #2
    "What comes next: International Business Machines, Google, or Apple?"


  • German government: At first, they politicians together with the industrial partners of their gang put in Kamp Lintfort, B.R.D., the neighbouring town of the town where actually the head office of our company is located, a plant for mobile phones by the company Siemens, a settlement by the company Deutsche Telekom, and the by us often investigated company Institut für Satelliten- und Mobil- funktechnologie (IMST), which is declared by its founder to be a branch of the University Duisburg-Essen. These attempst led to the well known BenQ disaster, the criminal activities by the branch of the University Duisburg-Essen, which now is stealing our concepts and technologies in the automotive field, and the stealing of our in- tellectual properties by nearly all universites and other research and development institutes in North-Rhine Westfalia and beyond. Not only these now heavily criminal processes were and are still financed by virtual tax money, but also the company Nokia was supported, which in the year 2008 closed its plant and its research and devel- opment offices in Bochum, B.R.D., and laid off 4000 employers. Now with the company Research in Motion the next corporation is sup- ported, which does nothing else than stealing technologies from other companies. Its creation of only 140 (or 210) jobs in Bochum is celebrated as a success. Also a rumor about the creation of 500 jobs in total was launched, but which must be declared as a lie if this statement is set into relation with the plant closure by the com- pany Nokia and the business strategy by Research in Motion. More- over, the activities are mostly arranged by the german political par- ties Christlich Demokratische Union (CDU) and Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (SPD). The CDU even is responsible for the for- mations of 2 special of the so called competence clusters (a term that sounds somehow like the Hightech Competence™ is doing clus- ter computing). One cluster was founded around the Siemens, Deut- sche Telekom, and University Duisburg-Essen boothes in the field of mobile communication and the other was established in Dusiburg in the field of open source software and the most advanced operating system Linux®. Interesting is that all the foundations in our area were done after we, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, made the first steps, that one of the founding members is a totally incompetent politician of the CDU, and that all of these foundations were sup- ported by the chamber of commerce and the university in Duisburg.
  • Research in Motion: That company thought to be very clever with its step to take over some of the infrastructures left behind by the company Nokia in Bochum, B.R.D.. What it really wants are several things: It wants to get as much as needed much to cheap sold in- frastructure. It wants to steal the intellectual properties left behind in the University Bochum by the company Nokia. It wants to steal our technologies by using the effect that they are stolen by nearly all of the universities, and research and development institutes in North-Rhine Westfalia. And it also wants to participate on the effect that the german parties CDU and Freie Demokratische Partei (FDP) are stealing and distributing our properties to universities, colleges, and other companies.
    Btw.: We always saw that company as the plagiarist of the Mobile Devices™ by the company Palm. And we don't believe the fairy tale about the creation of 500 jobs in Bochum. If this potential really ex- ists, then the company Nokia wouldn't had to close the plant. Also the case becomes more misterious by the fact that in Canada are some areas where even no taxes have to be paid by research and development institutes and companies.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "What a success of human culture and politics: Socialism, capitalism, and democracy are insolvent."

    Comment of the Day #2
    "The Federal Constitutional Court and many chambers of commerce in the B.R.D. are not political neutral."

    Comment of the Day #3
    "The entrance to the paradise can't be accquired by cheating."


  • German government: The gang around the german parties Christ- lich Demokratische Union (CDU) and Freie Demokratische Partei (FDP) is forcing the support of the anarchistic processes by german uni- versities, and research and development institutes with the decision to give more virtual tax money. A detail of this decision is to spend 10% of the gross domestic product (GDP) for education and science, but the B.R.D. has since decades no income and instead so high debts that we must declare Germany as insolvent. The german go- vernment knows this fact and tried to build up a system of shadow budgets for the more than 30 billions Euro missing to finance social systems like the pensions office, healthcare system, and public un- employment insurance.
    Btw.: We have claimed to take away the money from the responsible ministry and by this to install order again.
  • Deutsche Bank: The company, which is led by one of the organiz- er of The Birthday Party, made unexpected high gains in the last fiscal quarters. How?
  • ARD, ZDF, ORF, and SRG SSR→3sat: The television channels are using contents of our websites for its broadcasts. Alone in the last days we could notice several cases. In one report terms like high- speed instead of hochgeschwindigkeit or fundamental as a substi- tution of the normally used term grundlegend were used. In another report the case of the writer Dan Brown was discussed, which we have investigated in relation with the tab Rheinische Post at the 14th of this month (see above), by surprisingly using some of the same quotes and trying again the highly contradictory, evil, and cri- minal attempt to use on one side as much as possible contents of our websites as well as descriptions of some of our ingenious insights and developments, while on the other side to relate our work with esoterics. By these the proof can be seen that the majority of tele- vision channels, tabs, political parties, companies, scientific institut- ions, and some associations are belonging to one criminal gang, that has no special rights in a real democracy. Another broadcast has had as contents the discussion between the Christian Church and Darwinism, but attempts to refuse the history of creation. And in an- other report books and activities related with the themes of simplify- ing and biblifying were presented, but in the end the writer of the books only tried to present his products by using contents of our websites.

    Investigations::Car #181

  • Nissan: That company showed a concept car that is a combination of concepts and technologies of our SRacer and Belly Tank Lakester by Style of Speed. Its name Land Glider is a combination of illegally taken contents of our website by Style of Speed: The label Land- speeder and the term hang-glider used in the description of our SRacer. Again the right result of this investigation is: Convicted!!!™


  • Microsoft: A new product by that criminal company has as a fea- ture a shorter booting time and an application that looks like a book.
  • Apple: That company is spreading the lie of producing the most advanced operating system.
    For us its CEO is only a thief, who manipulates millions of persons by bold lies in the marketing and in parts criminal processes behind the curtain done by his company.
  • Palm: Activity cards
  • Bertelsmann: That media company again is massively advertising a product by the low-tech booth Microsoft.
    Btw.: It becomes more and more clear that the CDU/CSU gang is greased by the company Microsoft and other companies as well.


  • Nissan: That criminal company showed a flock of robots which is having some kind of low-tech swarm intelligence (see our Sneak Preview of the 13th of March 2008 for example).

    We wrote an additional note about the designer Karl L., also known as Karl "Butthead" Lagerfeld, on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day
    "And I haven't even started my show." [C.S., Today]

    King Smiley Further steps
    Due to the fact that again 3 bestseller writers, 2 renowned artist, and many other persons were inspired by or even have taken parts of the works of C.S. we are thinking about another correction of the reward for his images (24 millions Euro) to reflect the before never seen worldwide pervasion of his acting and the breathtaking speed this pervasion only needed. No identity before in history has realized this. And another amazing fact is, that due to the plagiative and criminal elements of the societies the shown masterpieces must be under- stand as just an artistical/musical interlude, stopgap, or explained otherwise, a minimal fraction of what could be realized by C.S..


  • German universities: We're having a document with the results of the investigations of german universities and colleges, which will be further written and publicated in the future.
  • Karlsruher Institut für Technologie: Some weeks ago it comes to the surface that a new center for material sciences is founded with a financial support of the german government about 37,3 millions Euro. The focus is laid on electrochemical energy storage and ener- gy transformation including new materials for accumulators and -concepts for future vehicles with Pure-Electric™ drivetrains. It all sound as usual and like what we do at Ontonics (see the Innovat- ion-Pipeline) and Style of Speed. We call all of these kinds of pro- cesses by the politics and the public institutes as what they are: crimes.
  • Kao Corporation→Guhl: We quote the slogans "Pure Kraft" and "Von Natur aus stark" with the remark that the german website is using the term Ingredenzien instead of the normally used term In- haltsstoffe.
  • Donna Karen New York: The company uses an image by Roy Lich- tenstein for a cosmetics product (see the Picture of the Day #1 of the 25th of January of 2008). We'll more precisely watch this com- pany.
  • Faber-Castell→Graf von Faber-Castell: That company has taken contents of our websites for its website. We document by only quoting from the website in the English version: "[...] true quality [...]", "[...] remarkable [...]", "[...] timeless design and modern tech- nology [...]", "[...] "Luxury in Simplicity" by combining selected mat- erials, functionality and superb aesthetics [...] [Is there a need to quote more? No, not really.]", "A Stroke that connects a Vision to Reality", "[...] simple yet universal [...]", "[...] both economical and environmentally friendly [...]", "[...] integrated [...]", "Simplicity and Perfection", "Beauty and Precision", "[...] simplicity and elegance [...]", "Lightness and Function", "[...] unique [...]", "[...] multi-part [...]", "[...] modern [...]", "[...] implements [...]", "[...] unusually sporty [...]", "[...] equipped [...]", "[...] outstanding products is high-quality [...]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] visual effect [...]", "[...] ultimative [...]", "[...] unique [...]", "[...] integrated [...]", "[...] per- fect interplay [...]", "Case no. 1", "Pure Intuition", "[...] most effect- ive way [...]", "[...] three [...]", "[...] Brilliant aesthetics [...]", "[...] three diamonds [...] as a hommage to the third millennium [...] [That is a bold lie. We all do know the what and why better.]", "[...] cre- atures have inspired [...]", "[...] the elements [...]", "[...] focuses on the core [...]", "[...] inspiring [...]", "[...] possibilities offered by [...] abstract forms [...]", "[...] chessboard-facted [...]", "[...] transform [...] into jewels [...]", "[...] chessboard-faceted [...]", "[...] hearts [...]", "[...] affinity [...]", "[...] composition [...]", "Outstanding aes- thetics", "[...] superior quality [...]", "[...] fascinating [...]", and maybe more. At the end we also would like to document the follow- ing german slogan: "Pure Eleganz".
  • Keppler & Fremer→Remember: That company took contents form our websites. We do quote out of a catalog of products: "[...] viel Spaß [...]", "Ein Spiel, ein Objekt, [...], eine Skulptur, ein Kunstwerk, eine Architektur, ein Baukasten, eine Kreation, ein Modell, eine Freu- de, ein Spaß, einfach genial.", "[...] massivem [...]", "[...] viel Spaß [...]", "[...] unglaublichsten Objekte [...]", "[...] wie von einem an- deren Stern [...]", "[...] architektonische Gebilde, die einem Kunst- werk gleichen [...]", "Der Spaß ist riesengroß!", "[...] multipler Intel- ligenz und künstlerischer Begabung [...]", "Räumliches Denken und Kreativität [...]", "[...] klassisch [...]", "[...] klassischer [...]", "[...] klassisch [...]", "[...] Spaß [...]", "[...] Spaß [...]", "[...] art Quadrat [...]", "[...] Spaß mit Form und Farbe [...]", "[...] Spaß haben [...]", "PowerBoost", "Mosaic", "Palazzo", "Royal", "Venezia", "Black & White "snow"", "[...] klassischen [...]", "Frühstück^3", "[...] mehr Spaß [...]", "[...] Spaß [...]", "Snowflake", "Black Beauty", "Pure Red", and "Pure Pink". We translate the quotes into English for our beloved in- ternational friends and readers in opposition to the politicians of the governing german political parties like the minister of foreign affairs: "[...] much fun [...]", "A game, an object, [...], a sculpture, an art- work, an architecture, a box of bricks, a creation, a model, a plea- sure, a fun, simply ingenious.", "[...] massive [...]", "[...] much fun [...]", "[...] unbelievable objects [...]", "[...] like from another star [...]", "[...] architectural form, that equals an artwork [...]", "The fun is huge!", "[...] multiple intelligence and artistical talent [...]", "Spatial thinking and creativity [...]", "[...] classic [...]", "[...] classic [...]", "[...] classic [...]", "[...] Spaß [...]", "[...] fun [...]", "[...] art square [...]", "[...] fun with form and colour [...]", "[...] have fun [...]", "PowerBoost", "Mosaic", "Palazzo", "Royal", "Venezia", "Black & White "snow"", "[...] classic [...]", "Breakfast^3", "[...] more fun [...]", "[...] fun [...]", "Snowflake", "Black Beauty", "Pure Red", and "Pure Pink". We have fun without their objects be saying: Convict- ed!!!™ :D
  • MB&F: That small and bold company thought to be clever by tak- ing contents and concepts from our websites, so we do quote: "[...] very simple and fundamental ideal [...]", "[...] radical and original ho- rological masterpiece [...]", "[...] passion and creativity [...]", "[...] a human adventure with just one goal: to create incredible horologi- cal machines [...]", "[...] spirit [...]", "[...] love for high-end horology was strongly imprinted [...]", "[...] transformed [...]", "[...] innova- tive and revolutionary [...]", "[...] not simply pushing the limits of horology but creating a totally different dimension [...] [No, this is what we did. Here we still see wristwatches.]", "[...] hyper-creative [...]", "[...] highly innovative and totally original [...]", "[...] three-dimensionality [...]", "[...] masterpiece of micro-engineering [...]", "[...] incredible passion [...]", "[...] holistically [...]", "[...] three-dim- ensional [...]", "[...] micro-mechanical work of art with [...] compo- nents [...]", "[...] engineered for functional simplicity [...]", "[...] high-tech alloys [...]", "[...] between traditional watchmaking and 21st century micro-engineering [...]", "[...] vibrant vitality [...]", "[...] beautifully [...]", "[...] it reveals harmoniously crafted bridges, rapidly oscillating balance wheel [...]", "[...] highly complex [...]", "[...] comprising more than 300 fine-finished, high-precision compo- nents [...]", "[...] reveals the technical secret [...]", "[...] high-tech ceramic [...]", "[...] Starcruiser [...]", and much more. If a company steals website contents, then we ask after the real sources of the concepts and technologies. We also make a short comment about this fraudster: OntoLinux Caliber and convicted!!!™

    Investigations::Car #182

  • German government and Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hoch- schule Aachen: That university is well known for its arrogant and criminal acting, especially in the field of engineering. With 2 new buildings for the research in the automotive field, which are costing more than 51 millions Euro, that institute and the financing ministry are enhancing further their criminal and anarchistic actings. We al- ready have started to document these cases. The new institute is called "Center for modern propulsion" instead of "Zentrum für moder- ne Antriebe", which is a contradiction to the claims by the governing german political parties to use the german language. Also the main reason for the foundation of that center is to further steal our con- tents, concepts, and technologies, like it was done in the last past (see our Investigations and Investigations::Car #122 of the 29th of June 2009, and Investigations::Car #136 of the 4th of August 2009).
  • RWE: That energy provider wants to build up more electric filling stations. It also collaborates with a company that only had convert- ed a small number of little trucks by the company Fiat.
  • Karmann: It was reported (for example by the tab Rheinische Post) that the first test drive of an all-electric car prototyp will start this month, but it seems to be that next week the company is gone. What should we say? After Magna it is the second company that has not taken the opportunity to produce our Raptor by Style of Speed in favor of stealing our concepts and technologies for an own pro- duct.


  • Microsoft: With the slogan "[Es] war meine idee.==[It] was my idea." in a television commercial that criminal company implicitly confessed to be the source of a giant corruption of governments and markets worldwide.
    Btw.: "C# and related programming languages were my ideas. You had to have seen the stupied faces at Microsoft as I simply have overtaken their development processes by the unbelievable large step with OntoLinux.", [Christian Stroetmann].

    Based on our newest investigations we could made further notes on our Culture webpage about the artists James Turrell and Christoph Bergmann, the writer Mark Alpert, and the person Joschka Fischer.

    Comment of the Day
    Pack the Sun in the tank™™ Pack die Sonne in den Tank™
    Ingeniously inventive™ Ingeniously innovative™


  • General: Now you have to say things like "swift==rasant" to be conform to the trend.
  • German government→Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung→Betriebs- krankenkasse: We quote: "Wir sind hier==We are here" (compare that slogan with the Comment of the Day at the 15th of this month).
  • German government→North-Rhine Westfalia government: With the slogan "#Kröt Couture" a frog with a headgear made of jewels is shown on a flyer for a contest. This is related with our trademark MultiCouture and the frog in the middle of this image.
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (ARD): Now the members of that association are also documenting some things.
  • Mc Donald's: "Genial genüsslich==Ingenious appreciative"
  • Oetker: "Pur Choc"
  • blau.de: The company shows in an advertisement a SIM card with wings.
  • Telefónica O2: The corporation is advertising a service with a heart made by 2 hands.

    Investigations::Car #183

  • Evonik: It's Unbelievable, But True™: That company needed sever- al months to get out the related meaning of our slogans "Sun in the tank™", "Wind in the tank™", and "Water in the tank™", which were created by us in relation to the slogan "Put a Tiger in Your Tank!" and its german translation "Pack den Tiger in den Tank!", by the company Exxon Mobil→Esso. The company Evonik has stolen our idea and made the question in an advertisement in the tab Rheini- sche Post: "Wer befreit [...] den Tiger aus dem Tank?==Who frees [...] the tiger out of the tank?". That company is now convicted again.


  • Microsoft: It was more than sure that that company had to move into the directions of our Orukami™ technology, which is a concept of flexible plastic electronics-based, Origami-based/foldable, write- able, 2D and 3D displays, maps, and plans for organizer or little book sized Mobile Devices™, and our cBook 2.0™ technology, which is a flexible and coloured electronic book (eBook) with the facility to ex- change data by a mobile internet connection.
    Btw.: One of the first concepts like these was the Knowledge Navi- gator by Apple in 1987.

    Comment of the Day
    Pack the Wind in the tank™™ Pack den Wind in den Tank™
    Pack the Water in the tank™™ Pack das Wasser in den Tank™
    :perfect™ :performance™ :passion™ :pur™ :pink™

    Comment of the Day
    "A real artist is a person who doesn't need to sell the own works of art." [A works of art selling female artist, 2009]

    King Smiley Further steps
    We would like to announce the new height of reward for works by C.S., which have to be sorted into the field of arts, with 24 millions Euro. The new change was needed to reflect the start of the Ren- aissance 2.0, the very deep, never seen before, unbelievable strong, but also swift pervasion, and the given inspirations with all of the actings by C.S., as well as to keep the accepted social, artistical, and economical rules and relations intact. Now by this C.S. has pro- duced and also is owning all of the most valuable masterpieces of contemporary arts. Further informations and details will be given on the already announced new website of King Smiley.


  • General: We have revived another old trend and by this set a new trend: Documenting the zeitgeist. Also, to stay important persons now have to be proud about whatever.
  • Rheinische Post: Besides that that newspaper is also now docu- menting something, it wrote an article about a writer who suddenly is reporting about the internal of the republic of media and by this documenting the present time. It is also written by the tab that the writer is giving a lecture, quoting, and reflecting. Moreover, in rela- tion to our remarks about the ebook technologies by our and other companies a report was done about an exhibition around a precious book of hours. And last but not least, in a local part of that paper a new college is introduced by presenting persons and their works by relating them in a highly conspicuous manner with C.S. and his act- ings. The detailed results of the investigation about the college will be publicated later by us.


  • Rheinische Post: It's suspicious and gives the reader more insights into the network that in the last past that newspaper is quoting out of publications by the media companies Axel Springer and Bertels- mann, which were represented at The Birthday Party, but also the Motor Presse Stuttgart, which has a broadcast of its automotive ori- ented magazine in a television channel owned by the company Ber- telsmann.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Fraunhofer Institut: In th summer of 2008 the institutes started a joint venture in the field of regenrative power generation. Now we see the real nature of both institutes. By not directly talking with us and believing all the lies of all the already convicted parties that technological institute once again shows its low level of intelligence and proves the normal sta- tus as a research institute.
  • Henkel: With its vision and values, as well as activities that com- pany clearly shows one fact: That brand isn't like a friend. Especially the Henkel Smile program shows that ideas and concepts of other persons and companies were stolen and that social projects are fi- nanced by money which for example wasn't payed before to the real owners of intellectual properties. Stealing is a clear sign of social in- competence and by this the mask slipped: Convicted!!!™
  • Ferrero: The winter sorts of its Tic Tac dragées are red, green, and blue.

    Investigations::Car #184

  • Daimler: On the English websites of its Australian and Egyptian subsidiaries we found contents about the intelligent Active Light taken from our website Style of Speed to describe a standard head- light.
  • Ford: For an exhibition several converted models of the company are presented. We quote out of press releases about these special made models: "[...] new generation of Mustang [...] [We did it also with the Electric Muscle Car™ Mustang-E, but before.]", "[...] RTR [...] [SOS and RSR]", "[...] Balancing [...]", "[...] new-generation design [...]", "[...] state-of-the-art technology with first-rate car- bon fiber body [...], "[...] raw performance machine [...]", "[...] constant search for more power [...]", and "[...] transformed [...]".
  • Steeda Autosports: We do quote out of a press release of that company: "[...] reflected [...]", "[...] all in one integrated package [...]", "[...] street/track suspension system [...]", "[...] computer aided design [...] and computer and wind tunnel analysis [...]", "[...] secret [...]", "[...] next evolution [...]", "[...] completely without compromise [...]", "[...] great pride in designing, engineering, and manufacturing [...]", "[...] highest quality, race proven and track tested vehicles/components [...]", "Simply put [...]", "[...] maximum performance, bullet-proof reliability, and class leading race honed styling [...]", "[...] evolution [...]", and "[...] not want to miss it [...]".
  • Nissan: And again that company thinks it is allowed to use con- tents of our websites, especially Ontonics and Style of Speed, which it isn't so. We do quote to doucment its commited crime: "[...] from A to B [...]", "[...] pioneer [...]", "[...] announcement [...] baby bro- ther [...]", "[...] significance [...]", "[...] energetic styling suggest an ability that goes far beyond the city walls [...]", "[...] Styling [...]", "[...] White Titanium [...]", "[...] bold exterior [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] interplay between hard and soft [...]", "[...] centrally mounted screen. As well as doubling as a navigation display, it will deliver vital information relating to [that criminal company's] next generation fully electronic ALL MODE fourwheel drive system with torque vectoring system and other advanced technical processes found on board, including integrated communications systems [...] [Gotcha!!!™: In one sentence 5 stolen concepts and technologies of us from Style of Speed are described.]", and "[...] touch screen in- terface [...]". It is easy to see that that only stealing company has taken our Electric Sports Utility Vehicles™ (E-SUV™) X! Suvee™ and Amarok-E™, combined them with the design of the Beetle-E and the V! SpeedVan™ to a crossover, and included our worldwide unique technologies, like the Electric Torque Vectoring System™ Active Dif- ferential™, OntoLinux™, e-dashboard™, and for sure much more.
    Btw.: We assume that Renault by the joint venture Renault-Nissan is also responsible for the latest crimes. And we can see one of the clear signs of panic, because those companies don't know what to do.

    Investigations::Car #185 Themed Car Style Special

  • General: To better understand this special thread of investigation, we are listing the influences that led to 3 trend-setting themes of car styling, which are named Combat Aircraft, Carbon Fibre, and the combination of both of these styles:
    1. The 9th Fighter Squadron of the U.S. Air Force, nicknamed the Flying Knights, operated the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk aircraft, which is a stealth ground attack aircraft.
    2. C.S. talked with another person about the effect to paint a Fiat →Ferrari in matt black.
    3. The Lockheed Martin/Boeing F-22 Raptor is a fifth-generation fighter aircraft that also uses stealth technology.
    4. The company Volkswagen manufactured the 1 Liter Car concept with a carbon fibre exterior.
    5. We from Style of Speed developed the SRacers based on the pod racers shown in the part Episode 1 of the Star Wars saga.
    6. The company Mattel with its brand Hot Wheels produced a toy car Hot Rod series that includes the model Flying Aces, which is bas- ed on the Ford 1932 model.
    7. The automobile manufacturer Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini commissioned a company to produce the Murciélago R-GT with a carbon fibre exterior that has been finished in high-gloss clear lac- quer.
    8. Based on the points 6. and 7. we from Style of Speed developed the special series of Modern Race Rods named Black Snow.
    9. Based on the point 3. we gave one of our the Electric SuperCars (ESCs) the name Raptor.
    10. The automobile manufacturer Ford produced in the last 2 years 2 special versions of its Mustang model, like the version called Aviator X10.
    11. The U.S. Air Force sponsored the customization of a Ford Mus- tang named Air Force X1.
    12. Based on the points 6., 10., and 11. we created special versions of our Electric Muscle Cars™ with the Combat Aircraft styling theme. Based on the point 7. and 8. we created a special version of our El- ectric Muscle Cars™ with the Carbon Fibre theme. To distinguish between these versions of Modern Muscle Cars and the Black Snow Mod Rod series we named this version STR. Moreover, we offered the combination of both styling themes.
    13. Based on the points 12. we also created special versions of our RE™.
  • Ford: We mentioned before in the Investigations::Car #184 that the special model Mustang RTR-C has a "state-of-the-art techno- logy with first-rate carbon fiber body". We only refer to our clear lacquered STR version of the Mustang-E.
  • Hamann: That company again jumped on a bandwagon and also gives now sports cars the style of combat aircrafts.
  • Proton→Lotus: Again that company has taken contents and con- cepts from our websites, especially Style of Speed, so that again we have to quote contents given in a press release by that methodically stealing company: "[...] Scura, so called due to its dramatic matt black and carbon fibre theme [...]", "[...] 'dark' from Italian [...]", "[...] the name 'Scura' reflects the stealth character [...]", "[...] 'in- dulge your dark side' [...]", "[...] 'Phantom Black' triple stripes [...]", "[...] adrenaline [...]", "[...] carbon fibre is used extensively to com- pliment the exterior theme [...]", "[...] carbon fibre components have been beautifully finished in high-gloss clear lacquer [...]", "[...] driv- ing style [...]", "[...] Combined Cycle [...]", "Lightweight carbon fibre components [...]", "[...] additions [...]", "[...] 30 increments [...]", "[...] inactive [...]", "[...] driving styles [...]", "[...] at the heart of its success [...]", "[...] significant [...] torque [...]", "[...] smooth and linear delivery of power [...]", and "[...] accumulator unit [...]". We also can the the attempt to steal the identity by us from Style of Speed with the specially made Italian and Japanese relations.


  • Bertelsmann→RTL: In a report a school bag was shown with a LED based technology that is called Active Light. What the report missed to say is that this kind of technology is more than 5 years old, it is knowing about our subsidiary iRaiment, which is able to deliver the full spectrum of this kind of technology, and skiing suits for example, which have this technology integrated, were started to be sold last year.
  • Google: Once again that company has taken a concept from our websites OntoLinux and Style of Speed for its Linux® based oper- ating system. This time it is a program for giving driving instructions based on the GPS standard (see our Sneak Preview of the 13th of March 2008 for example). The funny point is: That company has now stepped in one of our traps, because in our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux map oriented applications are based on the Web 2.0 approach around the toolkit Mapnik and The Free Wiki World Map OpenStreetMap. This means that in the next step Google Maps will disappear or the world will see that that company isn't that what it claims to be.
  • Nokia: see Google

    Our Culture webpage will be updated by notes about the sponsor Henkel, the persons Horst Köhler, Wolfgang Schäuble, and again Guido Westerwelle, the collector Gabriele Henkel, but also about the designer Karl "Butthead" Lagerfeld and the writer Rainald Goetz.

    Comment of the Day
    Sun in your tank™ Wind in your tank™ Water in your tank™

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    Christian Stroetmann GmbH