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Comment of the Day #1
Bionic Boat™ Bionic Ship™

Comment of the Day #2
"It's good to see how the other companies are damaging their may be never existend credibility." [C.S., Today]

Style of Speed Website update
We have renamed the E450™ and E450™ Spider following the naming of the base car to E458™ and E458™ Spider respectively and created a new webpage for the:

  • E458.

    We also wrote three new webpages to make it clear once and for- ever who has really invented and contributed to all of these modern high technologies:

  • Energy Regeneration,
  • Quickcharger, and
  • irail.


  • Rheinische Post: And the next round: That tab just again used contents of our websites for the descriptions of other persons and companies. We document 2 examples: "[...] Elektrolabor [...] and "[...] der Visionen". What do you think: Sounds like "Labor der Visionen™"?!
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: That company is still using our website contents for its broadcasts.
  • ARD, ZDF, ORF, and SRG SSR→3sat: Once again, in a focused broadcast about nanotechnology the group reported about our whole nanotechnology oriented contents and concepts from our websites including our trademark and technology Nanofab™ without asking or naming us. Also, the term Nanobionic was used and a philosopher of technology was a member of a discussion.

    Investigations::Car #133

  • Fiat→Ferrari: It's up to the reader for giving the answer to the question: Why has the new model 3 exhaust pipes?
  • IAV GmbH Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr: That company has stolen and presented on an exhibition in April 2009 under the term "Vision Elektromobilität 2050 - elektrisch Fahren ohne Kompro- misse" our iguardrail/irail™ concept and a concept in the field of thermoelectric generators that points into the direction of our Stro- etmann-Compressor™. And on its websites we even found much more, naturally, like items that aren't from us as the Ontorix™ test framework for the MOST automotive system. The latter case shows clearly that these criminals really do know our websites. That com- pany has infringed our copyrights in the B.R.D. and beyond, but also lied to the public about its competencies. Convicted!!!
    Btw.: Now the automotive companies know why suddenly their inno- vations are also delivered by the competitors.
  • Motor Presse Stuttgart→auto motor und sport: Well knowing that the wireless/contactless transfer of energy system for Pure Electric vehicles that works while driving and in standing position, our iguard- rail/irail™, is not from an engineering company in Berlin, B.R.D., that publisher reported as if it is the invention of these thieves. And also convicting is the remark about the management of the temperature of accumulators, which simply reflects our description of the optional Murcielago like intakes for the cooling system of our Apollo Speed-E. Nasty and criminal as usual it has even used contents of our web- sites.
    Btw.: We ever thought, that the copyright is a very important and high good especially for media companies.

    Comment of the Day
    Leaf on Wheels™

    Investigations::Car #134

  • Nissan: That company presented an all-electric car named Leaf™ (we wrote Leaf starting with a capital letter first in the news of the 25th of June 2008 to accentuate it as a special word, better known as trademark). This is now the second company after Fiat that comes up with a "Leaf™ with Wheels"™.
    Btw.: It stepped into the trap, we especially made for that com- pany, because of trying to steal like the many other companies before.

    Comment of the Day
    New Leaf™ Next Leaf™ Leaf NG™
    Leaf New Generation™ Leaf Next Generation™
    New Bionics™ Next Bionics™ Bionics NG™
    Bionics 2.0™ Bionics 3.0™
    Bionics New Generation™ Bionics Next Generation™
    Time has Changed™ Times have Changed™
    Learning by Doing™ Learning by Driving™ Learning by Flying™
    Vision with Passion™

    It's Unbelievable™ but true: The television channel Bayerischer Rundfunk has unmasked in its broadcast Unkraut one of the many typical thefts in the science community which are also related to our business. The case is a classical bionic six leg bug-(ro)bot for fire fighting. The broadcaster has found out itself that the claims by its false inventors and other media companies, who declared that the solution is existent, was wrong. True are the following facts: The concept is purely inspired by the "Lab of Visions™" OntoLab, Onto- nics™, Softbionics™, and ROBOTICLE™. Also, we are able to make this our own technologies complementing solution a reality in the near future, which means less than 3 years.
    We of the Christian Stroetmann GmbH have spent 29 years until today to build up our competencies, starting with the innovation of the skateboard, Bicycle Motor Cross (BMX), TUUK blades, as well as our inventions like a mountain bike and the first trial bicycle with a frame made out of chrome molybdenum steel, and we don't call us just for fun "The Hightech Competence™". And we were better all this time. So never do expect that some international strolling smart guys can come along and do our businesses. What is easy for us is for nearly all of the others an insurmountable hurdle. At the end, marketing is not all, but the less important business process.

    Mountain (Today)
    © C.S.
    The images show some sketches of mountains as C.S. painted them around the age of 14 years or 27 years ago. So, now you know why we are not amused about the plagiarist with his copies like "D.R." from 2005.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have publicated a new webpage for our high performant Active Trac™ stability control system.


  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media→N24: Very well knowing that a japanese com- pany has taken our trademark Leaf™ for a new product it reports about that company as if it has had the idea of name and concept.
  • Cable News Network: see ProSiebenSat.1 Media

    Investigations::Car #135

  • Fiat→Ferrari: We found two interesting stories with contents from our websites, so we have to document this case by quoting. At first a new story about an old car: "[...] street-legal car [...]", "[...] ma- gically [...]", "[...] beauty with [...] performance [...]", "[...] beside [...]", "[...] writ large in [...] history [...]", "[...] [...]", "[...] desired [...]", "[...] golden era [...]", "[...] twin turbocharged [...]", "[...] modern [...]", "[...] supercar [...]", "[...] blend [...] control and dy- namic [...]", "[...] most exciting [...]", "[...] styling [...] evolution [...] masterworks [...]", "[...] pure street machines [...]", "[...] it was shorter, with a longer wheelbase, and considerably wider - the traits of a racing car.", "[...] cleaner and more aggressive design [...] [see eg. our Apollo Speed-E™]", "[...] smoother [...] [see again our Apollo Speed-E™]", "[...] lines [...]", "[...] nacelles [...] [Starship Enterprise ;)]", "[...] highly aggressive [...]", "[...] extremely high speed [...]", "[...] aerodynamics were designed to be in street-legal [...]", "[...] velocity [...]", "[...] comprised [...]", "[...] contemporary racing design [...]", "[...] augment [...]", "[...] strong, and light [...]", "[...] section [...]", "[...] drivetrain [...]", "Rigid and strong but light [...]", "[...] platform [...]", "[...] drivetrain [...]", "[...] differen- tial, drive [...]", "[...] interior schemes [...]", "[...]-reflective material covering the dashboard [...]", "[...] dashboard [...]", "[...] dashboard [...]", "[...] familiar [...] gate [...]", "[...] storage [...]", and "[...] high-performance sports car in the truest sense. [May be, but now the "Times have Changed™".]".
    And secondly one of the stories about the new model: "[...] evolu- tion [...]", "[...] model range [...]", "Furthermore, [...] an elegant new interior.", "[...] [...]", "[...] innovative by definition [...]", "[...] massive leap [...]", "[...] model is a synthesis of style, creative [...] passion and [...]-edge technology, characteristics [...]", "[...] speed and precision [...]", "[...] pure technological transfer [...]", "[...] emotional level [...]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] symbiotic relationship between driver and car [...]", "[...] innovative driving [...]", "[...] new kind of steering wheel and dashboard [...] [see eg. at our range of Steering wheels and the instrument section of the D!™ which is by Ford's GT 90]", "[...] evidence [...]", "[...] aerodynamic [...]", "[...] concepts of simplicity, efficiency and lightness that inspired the project [...]", "[...] styling [...] for aerodynamic efficiency [...]", "[...] new model [...]", "[...] aerodynamic sections [...]", "[...] speed [...]", "[...] coolant [...]", "[...] outstanding power [...]", "[...] sets a new benchmark [...]", "[...] truly extraordinary [...]", "[...] exhaust’s three rear tailpipes [...]", "[...] sportier [...]", "[...] maximum speed [...]", "[...] major leap [...]", "[...] endeavours [...]", "[...] excep- tional performance [...]", "[...] maximum speed [...]", "[...] advanced alloys along with aerospace industry-derived manufacturing [...]", "[...] vehicle dynamics [...]", "[...] superior ride [...]", "[...] integra- tion of the E-Diff and F1-Trac [...]", "[...] evolution of the control logic [...]", "[...] high-performance [...]", "[...] logic [...]", "[...] interior is another area [...]", "[...] revolutionary ergonomic interface where the main controls are all clustered on the steering wheel [...] [Yes, and Style of Speed has started the revolution once again with its pallet of Steering wheels and the e-dashboard™.]", "[...] race- derived DNA [...]", and "[...] exceptionally sporty and fun to drive [...]". Really, it's a pity to see, that Fiat is wrecking this company with its long tradition. We are sure, that Francesco Baracca would have taken away again his emblem with the prancing horse. Ferrari R.I.P.
    Btw.: Do we have to say that it's a honor to be acknowledged as a real rival by that company? No, after we found out that that company has spied out our company since more than 6 years and after watching its bold and criminal behaviour of the last 3 years, we already new that we are much better. And also nice to see its fear about our Pure Electric Supercars™.
  • Volkswagen→Bentley: We quote in our now traditional style: "[...] 3-litre [...]", "[...] iconic [...] cars [...]", "[...] spirit [...]", "[...] driving, exclusivity [...] desired by the real [...] enthusiast [...]", "[...] elegant design [...] and technological innovation [...]", "[...] driving experience [...]", "[...] pure Bentley [...]", and "[...] drive [...]".

    Comment of the Day
    Active Feather™
    What an eMotion™
    Flyingscope™ Flyscope™
    Quadroscope™ Hoverscope™ Balloonscope™
    Flying Eyes™ Fliegende Augen™

    Ontonics Website update
    We added on the webpage Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics the not so new projects:

  • Flyingscope, and
  • Balloonscope.


  • Rheinische Post: The newspaper reported about a sculptor who made his first artistic steps with 14 years, a Legoland Discovery Centre, and once again of an artist from an academy of a known town who suddenly shows her works in a known area.

    Investigations::Car #136

  • B.R.D. government: In the governmental and by Volkswagen→Audi initiated project ePerformance all of our technologies should be ta- ken by its members and usual players like Volkswagen→Audi, Robert Bosch, Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen, or the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering. We already have listed all of the named persons and groups many times before.
  • Volkswagen→Audi: Now it is even with the design and name of the rumored R8 ePerformance closer to our R-E and R-E RSR. In fact, it's now the second time after the R8 LMS that that company takes the design of a faked RSQ R8 for a product.
  • Daimler: From a report in the internet we got the following infor- mations about concepts and contents that company partly has taken from us: "[...] drei aktiv klimatisierten Batterien [...]", "[...] röhre [...]" und "Eine für jedes Rad individuelle Drehmomentverteil- ung, der Allradantrieb und eine spezielle Steuerung der Bremsener- gie-Rückgewinnung sollen in der Summe eine Fahrdynamik ermöglich- en [...]". Translate into English: "[...] three active temperature-con- trolled batteries [...]", "[...] tube [...]", and "One for every wheel individual torque distribution, the all wheel drive and a special control system of the brake energy recovery should enable in the sum driv- ing dynamics [...]".
  • Schulte Design: The designer has taken revanche with a faked R-E (R8-Elektro). But it's a good result of our investigations, because someone must have given a reward for his service.

    General: Our Ontologic Systems can easily be adapted to function like an internet search engine. And after watching how many in- formation is stolen by persons and companies it seems to be time to install it.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We have cleaned up the first parts of the website of OntoLinux. This comprised the restoration of linked informations which have disappeared.

    We also have removed on the Components webpage in the OntoBot section the following link, because the domain is now otherwise used:

  • University of Sussex: Open Source Poplog.

    Investigations::Robotics and more

  • Festo: At the end we catch every criminals. More than 10 years ago, that company together, as well as other companies like Daimler, caught our attention by its bionical projects. And today we can document the stealing of concepts and contents from our websites. We found penguin like robots with some kind of very familiar control system. Especially the aerial penguin robot which was 3 times build has some highly convicting similarity to our Airships (simply take a look at our Little Swarm). We also see a morphing cube roboter with a name pointing into the direction of molecules, a rapid prototyping device, an interactive wall, and what a surprise a blimp. The attempt with the quite nice Harmonices Mundi to jump on the bandwagon of our unbelievable ingenious caliber represented by the architecture of OntoLinux is not enough and shows once again that the whole con- cept of OntoLinux OntoBot and Ontoscope was not understood. Now, the result is really easy: Convicted and documented!!!™
    Btw.: If you are in need for such solutions just give us a call or look for air muscle.
  • Evologics: We start our investigations by quoting form irts website: "[...] high-tech enterprise [...]", "[...] interdisciplinary [...]", "[...] driving force [...] [The company no respect about our trademark Driving Force™.]", "[...] most efficient design [...]", "[...] superior and also environmentally safe [...]", "[...] labs [...]", and for sure much more.

    Comment of the Day
    Green Gene™

    OntoLinux Website update
    Since yesterday, we further have cleaned up and updated the website of OntoLinux. This comprised:
    We restorated more linked informations which have disappeared.

    We added on the Components webpage in the Ontoscope section and accordingly on the Links to Software webpage in the section Visualization the new component:

  • Kitware: VTKEdge.

    Moreover, on the Project Status webpage we updated the status informations and added a Hint.

    Due to the foul play by First International Computer all the years, like Intel did before, we finally had to remove the following links from the Links to Hardware webpage in the section Smart-phone, Pocket-computer:

  • First International Computer (FIC): Openmoko
  • First International Computer (FIC): Openmoko.org

    On the same webpage we added a link to a picture of the outdated Qt® Greenphone™, the Ontoscope pictures, and the placeholder:

  • Ontologics: Ontoscope


  • New York Times: Since some times, that magazine tries to become a simple tab, especially in the technological fields like Computing.


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: By reacting on our news (see our Flyingscope and compare the formulations quadrotor/quad- rocopter vs. quadrotor helicopter), taking many formulations of our websites, and some concepts, we saw for example an agile and autonomous forklift with speech interface (see also our Lift•E), the institute once again acknowledged our High-Tech Competencies™ and High Creativity™. It seems to be, that we have a leading role now.

    OntoLinux Website update
    The cleaning and updating of the website of OntoLinux continued.

    Due to the foul play, having taken a skrewed and nasty direction, as well as the attempt to redefine the term BEAM to reflect our works and to fool the public of the real source of inventions by a scientist in the field of robotics all the years, we finally had to remove the following link from the Documents webpage:

  • Exhibit Research: Mark W. Tilden: BEAM

    After that we made the link to an own webpage which describes the Philosophy of BEAM Robotics.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Robi™ Robbi™ Rob I™ Rob-I™ Rob•I™
    Snake-E™ Snake E™ Snake•E™
    E-Snake™ E Snake™ E•Snake™
    Electric Snake™ Green Snake™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Gimme more input!"

    OntoLinux Website update
    The cleaning and updating of the website of OntoLinux continued.

    On the webpage Links to Hardware we splitted the section Robotics/ Prosthetics into two seperate sections called Robotics and Prosthet- ics, as you already have guessed.

    On the same webpage we updated and added in the section Robotics links and placeholders to:

  • Roboticle: Autobot,
  • Roboticle: Open ROBI Maxifig/Macrofig Platform,
  • Miyachi Systems ((formerly Fujitsu Automation) and Fujitsu Laboratories): HOAP-1 - Humanoid for Open Architecture Platform,
    • Fujitsu Automation: HOAP-1 Catalog [PDF],
    • Fujitsu Introduces Miniature Humanoid Robot, HOAP-1,
  • Miyachi Systems (formerly Fujitsu Automation): HOAP-2,
    • Fujitsu Automation: HOAP-2 Catalog [PDF],
    • Fujitsu Robot Project: HOAP Series,
  • Roboticle: Rob-E Maxifig/Macrofig, and
  • a picture of the outdated robot project Priscilla.

    Style of Speed Website update
    Some persons eagerly have waited for our new E-Muscle Car™ the Mustang-E™ based model:

  • Wheeljack.

    Moreover, if they still not had them, we got with the Snow White and Black Beauty versions two new Speedstyles™ for the following E-Muscle Cars™:

  • Mustang-E,
  • Camaro-E, and
  • Challenger-E.

    Roboticle Website update
    The website of Roboticle is short of being opened.

    Comment of the Day
    Perfection not Optimum™ Perfection not Maximum™
    High-Tech Enthusiast™

    OntoLinux Website update
    The cleaning and updating of the website of OntoLinux continued with the Links to Software.

    On the same webpage we removed not more needed or outdated Linux® distributions from the section Operating System the links:

  • Sabayon Liunx, and
  • Kanotix.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have set up a new webpage for our #2™ motorbike.


  • Lego and McDonald's: In the kids menu are Lego racer or other sets.
  • Lego and Walt Disney→Pixar: One of the first result of their new joint venture is what? Yes, a Toy Story set.

    Investigations::Car #137

  • Walt Disney Pictures: For the new Lightcycles and the motorbike concept in the upcoming movie Tron Legacy several elements were taken from our design concepts especially the hubless wheels of the sTRONg, the shape and the front wheel element of the Motorbike #2, as well as a similar form of our hubless rear wheel element (see also the Original vs. Inspiration images of the 06.02.2008 and the Originals 2003-2004 images of the 28th of April 2008). Also the Lightcar has some similarities to the by C.S. slightly changed con- cept car of Volkswagen, especially the hubless wheels and the rear suspension of the 9ii.
    1. row: Originals (Walt Disney Tron Lightcycle and SOS sTRONg 2003-2004)
    2. row: Original (SOS Motorbike #2 2003-2004) and clone (Walt Disney Tron Legacy Lightcycle 2009)
    3. row: Original (SOS Motorbike #5 Tron's First Lightcycle 2003- 2004) and clone (Walt Disney Tron Legacy Motorbike Concept 2009)
    4. row: Original (SOS and Volkswagen 2028 Concept 2003-2008, and SOS 9ii 2009) and clone (Walt Disney Tron Legacy Lightcar 2009)

    Walt Disney Tron Lightcycle and SOS sTRONg 2003-2004Walt Disney Tron Lightcycle and SOS sTRONg 2003- 2004
    SOS Motorbike #5 Tron's First Lightcycle 2003- 2004Walt Disney Tron Legacy Motorbike Concept Clone 2009
    SOS Motorbike #2 2003-2004Walt Disney Tron Legacy Lightcycle Clone 2009
    SOS and Volkswagen 2028 Concept 2003-2008, and SOS 9ii 2009Walt Disney Tron Legacy Lightcar Clone 2009
    © Style of Speed™, Volkswagen, and Walt Disney

  • Daimler: That company is not willing to stop its marketing for all-electric cars by using our concepts that were introduced with our Just 4 :) (Just For Fun) on the 16th of May 2008 and our Apollo Speed-E on the 23rd of March 2009. Furthermore, the made speci- fications by that company are all reflecting our before made speci- fications and descriptions, like the liquid cooled accumulators and motors, which sounds like our "Optionally liquid cooled [...] Pure Electric Drivetrain". Also, we quote some remarks given in german news: "[...] es war unser erklärtes Ziel, einen E-Drive in einem Supersportwagen zu bringen [...] [Seit wann? Wir haben nie etwas davon gehört!]", "[...] extreme Fahrfreude [...]", "[...] Faszination und [...] Performance [...]", and "[...] mit Torque Vectoring und schaltähnlicher Rekuperation beim Bremsen werden die bisherigen Erwartungen an ein elektrisch angetriebenes Fahrzeug auf den Kopf gestellt." The translation into English is: "[...] it was our declared goal, to put an E-Drive in a super sports car [...] [Since when? We never have heard something about this!]", "[...] extreme driving pleasure [...]", "[...] fascination and [...] performance [...]", and "[...] with torque vectoring and quasi-shift recuperation while brak- ing the previous expectations for electric driven vehicles are turned upside down.". Yes indeed, these are definitley the inventions and intentions by Style of Speed and no others. This time we have written automotive history.
    Btw.: The translation of our websites from English into German is a usage and even for german companies only allowed, if they follow our Disclaimer! Also, it is for sure not allowed to translate our con- tents from English into German in a first step and in a second step to translate the german text back into English. Said that, Daimler has stolen contents and concepts from our websites.
  • Nissan: We quote out of a commercial in the television: "Das grüne Finale". In English: "The green final".
  • B.R.D. government: After what happened in more than the last 12 years, we aren't sure if the following announcement by the govern- ment is a good or bad sign. The government of the B.R.D. wants to support the introduction of vehicles with Pure Electric™ :Drivetrains by subventions. This point is a part of the so called "Nationaler Ent- wicklungsplan Elektromobilität" ("National Developmentplan Electro- mobility").
    Btw.: This is after the internet, nanotechnology, Ontologic Systems, and creativity economy a further jump on our bandwagon by the B.R.D. government.

    OntoLinux Website update
    Due to foul play all the years, we finally had to remove from the Links to Software webpage Linux® distributions from the section Operating System the links:

  • Ubuntu Community and Canonical: Ubuntu
    • Kubuntu
    • Edubuntu

    Due to the same incidence, we also deleted on the same webpage from the section Semantic (World Wide) Web the link:

  • SemanticDesktop.org.

    But on the same webpage in the Operating System section we added the links:

  • Ryan Hope, Brandon Berhent, James Toy, and others: Zen-Sources, and
  • National Security Agency, Central Security Service: SELinux.

    And we also added on the Links to Software webpage in the section Semantic File/Storage System the link:

  • Stony Brook University, Computer Science Department and International Business Machines, T.J. Watson Research Center, Richard P. Spillane, Sachin Gaikwad, Manjunath Chinni, Erez Zadok, and Charles P. Wright: Valor - Enabling Transactional File Access via Lightweight Kernel Extensions.

    In the section Natural Language Processing we refined the links:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Spoken Language Systems (SLS): Mercury,
  • Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Sphinx Group: Olympus, and
  • University of Colorado, Boulder, Center for Spoken Language Research (CSLR): Phoenix semantic parser - now offline.
    • Please use our local copies: phoenix_v0.tar.gz
    • Phoenix Parser User Manual [PDF].

    Moreover, we added links to the listed documents, if they weren't present before.


  • National Security Agency, Central Security Service: We do quote from its website: "Mission, Vision, Values".


  • NoMachine, Internationl Business Machines, and Novell: The companies made a very nasty foul. Deep orange card.

    Investigations::Car #138

  • Brusa Elektronik: That company has taken massively contents, like everything in relation with "high-tech" and "component", and also concepts from our websites. Besides some concepts in the fields of electric motors and energy management, like the convicting incre- ment in 50 steps and the nearly same efficiency range, we also see the cloning of whole concepts of applications invented by us, for example our invented and optionally liquid cooled Pure Electric™ :Drivetrain™ concept with torque vectoring and brake energy re- covering powered by 1, 2, 4, or more electric motors. We also would like to name two already convicted partners of that now convicted company: Daimler and Magna.
  • Protoscar: That company has stolen contents and concepts from our websites. Its business partners are for example: Daimler and Brusa.
  • Fraunhofer Institut and Protoscar: In a presentation about a network of innovation of future cars and the change in the automo- tive sector an U.S. american project of an all-electric sports car by an already several times convicted company and which was first announced for the beginning of the year 2009, later for the autumn of 2009, and now for the year 2011 was listed, but not the projects of Style of Speed, despite the fact that the network is also payed with our tax money. Guess why and ask yourself about the real competences and trustworthiness of both partly criminal players.

    OntoLinux Website update
    The cleaning and updating of the Links to Software webpage continued.

    We also created the new section Geography on this webpage and filled it up with the first links to:

  • Artem Pavlenko and Mapnik Team: Mapnik, and
  • OpenStreetMap Foundation and friends: OpenStreetMap.

    In the section Semantic (World Wide) Web this link was added:

  • Simon Reinhardt: OpenStreetMap Wrapper.

    Investigations::Car #139

  • Continental: That company has taken massively the contents of our websites, especially of the headquarter Christian Stroetmann GmbH and of its divisions Ontonics and Style of Speed, and also used them as a stencil for its website. Furthermore that company is not willing to respect our trademarks. We do quote first in German: "[...] Ehrlichkeit sowie Gesetzestreue im Verhaltenskodex [...] [Nein, es hat Sachen von uns genommen, wie jeder jetzt sehen kann.]", "[...] Divisionen im Überblick [...]", "[...] [...]", "Unser Vision", "[...] Fahrspaß [...]", "[...] nachhaltigen [...]", "[...] Qualität ohne Kom- promisse [...]", "[...] Wert schaffen [...]", "[...] schaffen wir Werte [...]", "Im Mittelpunkt - Wert steigern", "[...] Fokus [...]", "[...] Höchstleistungen inspiriert [...]", "[...] Produkte und Dienstleistungen [...]", "[...] Wissensmanagement [...]", "[...] Wertschaffung [...]", "[...] ganzheitliches [...]", "[...] Vision [...]", "[...] Regeneratives Bremssystem [...]", "[...] Fahrspaß [...]", "[...] Electric Vehicle [...]", "[...] komplexe [...]", "[...] High-Tech Kompetenzen [...] [High-Tech Kompetenz™ ist eine unserer ersten Handelsmarken überhaupt.]", "!!! [!!!™ als Handelsmarke gilt auch für dieses Unternehmen.]" und na- türlich noch vielmehr. The quotes translated into English are as follows: "[...] honesty as well as legality in the code of behaviour [...] [No, it has taken items from us, as everybody can see now.]", "[...] divisions in the overview [...]", "[...] [...]", "Our Vision", "[...] fun of driving [...]", "[...] sustainably [...]", "[...] quality without compromises [...]", "[...] create value [...]", "[...] we create values [...]", "In the center - Increase value", "[...] focus [...]", "[...] maxi- mum capacity inspired [...]", "[...] Products and Services [...]", "[...] Knowledge[-M]anagement [...]", "[...] creation of value [...]", "[...] ho- listic [...]", "[...] vision [...]", "[...] Regenerative Brakesystem [...]", "[...] driving fun [...]", "[...] Electric Vehicle [...]", "[...] complex [...]", "[...] High-Tech Competencies [...] [Hightech Competence™ is one of our first trademarks ever.]", "!!! [!!!™ is valid as a trade- mark for that company, too.]", and naturally much more. The result of this investigation is easy: Convicted!!!™
    Btw.: Other companies aren't self service shops.

    Comment of the Day
    "The only thing more dangerous than trying too hard and failing ... is not trying hard enough and succeeding!" [Michelangelo, 1503]

    OntoLinux Website update and Further steps
    The cleaning and updating of the Links to Software webpage continued.

    The following links were added into the section Software Develop- ment Tool:

    Besides, we finally put the link to the simulator project OpenSim by David Jung from the section Machine Simulation into the section Robot Simulation. We put it into the other section first, because it has basic features for the simulation of many different machines.

    Because of the no longer existing webpage we had to remove the link from the section Human Simulation/Holomer:

  • U.S. Medicine, Richard M. Satava: Federal Responsibility For The Future: The Holographic Medical Electronic Record (HOLOMER)

    But as a replacement we added the additional link of an already linked website:

  • Holomer - HOLO-graphic M-edical E-lectronic R-epresentation

    Moreover, we are looking at:

  • Frederico T. Fonsenca and Max J. Egenhofer: Ontology-driven Geographic Information System

  • Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Computer Science Department, Specification and Verification Center, Model Checking Group:
    • SMV - Symbolic Model Checker/Verifier for CTL
    • SyMP - Symbolic Model Prover
    • MAGIC - Modular Analysis of proGrams in C
  • Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, Daniel Kroening, and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Computer Science Department, Edmund Clarke:
    • CBMC - Bounded Model Checking for ANSI-C and C++
    • SATABS - Predicate Abstaction using SAT for ANSI-C and C++
    • DDverify - Extraction Tool of Linux® Device Drivers
  • Byron Cook, Daniel Kroening, and Natasha Sharygina: Boppo - Model Checker for Boolean Programs
  • Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, Daniel Kroening and Gerard Basler: Boom - Model Checker for Concurrent Boolean Programs
  • Chalmers University, Formal Methods, Niklas Eén and Niklas Sörensson: MiniSat - Minimalistic SAT Solver
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, Hossein Sheini: ARIO - SATisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) Solver
  • Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, Technisch-Naturwissenschaft- liche Fakultät, Informatik, Institute for Formal Models and Verification: Quantor
  • Coq team: Coq Proof Assistant
  • University of California, Berkeley, Electrical Engineering and Com- puter Sciences, Berkeley Logic Synthesis and Verification Group:
    • Alan Mishchenko: ABC - A System for Sequential Synthesis and Verification
    • Thomas A. Henzinger, Ranjit Jhala, Rupak Majumdar, and Gregoire Sutre: BLAST Version 1 - Berkeley Lazy Abstraction Software Verification Tool
    • Armando Solar-Lezama: SKETCH - Software Synthesis Tool
  • EPFL, Tom Henzinger, University of California, San Diego, Ranjit Jhala, University of California, Los Angeles, Simon Fraser University, Dirk Beyer, and many others: BLAST Version 2
  • University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science, Inexpensive Program Analysis Group: Splint - Secure Programming Lint for Statically Checking C
  • University of York, Department of Computer Science, Jan Tobias Mühlberg and Gerald Lüttgen: BLASTing Linux Code

  • The Gemini Project Partners: Gemini Observatory
  • The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC), the Instituto de Astronomía de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (IA-UNAM), the Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica (INAOE), and the University of Florida (UFL): Gran Telescopio CANARIAS

    Comment of the Day
    "Über Kunst kann man sich streiten, genauso wie über Müll."
    [C.S., Today]


  • Microsoft and Novell: With the activities by Novell in the area of virtualization and making a virtualization package by Microsoft avail- able under an open source license, the companies are trying to copy our strategy and concepts of other open source projects we've referenced. By taking a closer look it becomes clear, that their vir- tualization software systems are only realizing a further way for the approach of Linux on L4 with its underlying L4 based microkernel DROPS. The L4Linux concept already is a foundational infrastructure to gain a more direct path to system resources. This substantially reduces latency and increases throughput, while providing a vehicle to create a closer relationship between guest and host state for parameters such as real-time priority state. Also, by using the L4 based operating system DROPS we have a running system and can guarantee total quality and security today.
  • Novell: There is a discussion about making the KDE package the standard desktop around its Linux® distribution. A further time ma- king the same decision like we did isn't suspicious but convicting.
  • Canonical: After watching that company and sometimes wondering about how to evaluate its activities, we've to tell that at the end it became easy to give a result. What we see here is a nasty behavi- our: That company simply took and is still taking the work of the Debian® and other open source communities and made or is making products out of it. In relation to our OntoLinux we could see the assimilation of concepts, like a mobile version, the convicting version of a distribution for multimedia artists (see also our section Algorith- mic/Generative/Evolutionary/Organic ... Art/Science), and the fast booting feature.
  • University of Pisa, Robert Bruni, Alberto Llunch Lafuente, and Ugo Montanari, and Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich, Matthias Hölzl, Nora Koch, Philip Mayer, and Andreas Schroede: The scientists and clerk of a company thought it would be very clever to take parts of the concept, components, and other informations described on the websites of OntomaX, Ontonics, OntoLinux, and Style of Speed for a scientific paper. We do quote with some links to the webpages being involved: "[...] UML [...]", "[...] style-based design [...]", "[...] reconfiguration [...]", "[...] architectural [...]", "[...] formal [...]", "[...] Architectural Design Rewriting [...]", "[...] formal analysis of the UML specification [...]", "[...] analyse and verify [...]", "[...] autonomous [...] entities [...]", "[...] dynamically assembled for developing massively distributed, [...], evolvable systems and applications [...]", "[...] foundations [...]", "[...] trusted interoperability, predictable compositionality, and for guaranteeing security, correctness, and appropriate resource usage [...]", "[...] integrated [...]", "[...] engineering [...]", "[...] foundational theories, techniques and methods are full integrated into pragmatic software engineering processes [...]", "[...] mathematical foundations and mathematically well-founded engineering techniques [...] constitutes [...]", "[...] high-level modelling languages with strong formal support [...]", "[...] formal semantics [...]", "[...] simple example taken form the automotive domain [...]", "[...] scenarios [...]", "[...] object-oriented software analysis and design [...]", "[...] modelling struc- tural and behavioural aspects [...]", "[...] architectural styles and dynamic reconfiguration [...]", "[...] formal semantics [...]", "[...] Architectural Design Rewriting, a graph-based approach for style- based design and reconfiguration of software architectures [...]", "[...] term rewriting [...]", "[...] Maude [...]", "[...] road assistance group of service support car drivers activities [...]", "[...] cars ac- cess wireless services [...]", "[...] cell, which is dynamically reconfi- gurable [...]", "[...] cellular networks [...]", "[...] cell chains [...]", "[...] automated generation [...] through model transformation [...]", "[...] transformation mechanisms from [...] models to various lang- uages [...]", "[...] orchestration [...]", "[...] on-the-fly [...]", "[...] topologies of [...] applications [...]", "[...] constrain the possible evolutions [...]", "[...] architectural styles [...]", "Modelling Architec- tural Styles", "[...] engineer is forced [...]", "[...] architectural style [...]", "[...] styles [...]", "[...] architectural style patterns [...]", "[...] basic building blocks [...]", "[...] architectural style [...]", "[...] patterns of the architectural style [...]", "[...] transform [...]", "[...] transformation [...]", "[...] scope [...]", "[...] left hand [...] and right hand [...]", "[...] complex [...]", "[...] conditional rewrite frameworks [...]", "[...] scope [...]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] architectural styles, productions rules that define an architectural style [...]", "[...] cre- ate system configurations [...]", "[...] declarative rule-based frame- work that allows to model complex reconfigurations of system confi- gurations [...]", "[...] proof of validity (e.g. style conformance) [...]", "[...] term rewriting rules [...]", "[...] style preserving [...]", "[...] hierarchical graphs [...]", "[...] architectural styles and model- ling languages [...]", "[...] business-level service modelling language [...]", "[...] semantics [...]", "[...] formal semantics [...]", "[...] transformation [...]", "[...] style-consistent design-by-refinement and style-preserving, conditional reconfigurations [...]", "[...] trans- formations are represented by [...] rewrite rules [...]", "[This quote is for all unconvinced persons:] [...] SOS style [...]", "[...] SOS style [...]", "[...] collection of cars [...]", "[...] evidence of the potential [...]", "[...] graph logic [...]", "[...] reason about [...]", "Checking Style [...]", "[...] cosmetics [...]", "[...] Model finding [...]", "[...] computer-aided design process [...]", "[...] one to generate a state of models and one to explore it [XSB + Smodels and GnT - Generate 'n'Test] [...]", "[...] use various mechanisms of Maude [...]", "[...] temporal logics are supported by Maude's built-in LTL model checker [...]", and "[...] inspired [...]". You will find most of the contents in a minimalistic form on the webpages Overview, Components, and Links to Software of the OntoLinux website. We would also like to mention that more than obvious it was worked here with an nearly unbeliev- able intensity to clone something.
    Another question is, why the scientific paper is misused for the ad- vertising of a german company. Everytime we analysed in the past that company and its parent company both were convicted of taking contents and as you can see concepts of our websites. Also remark- able: The company is a business partner of the SAP corporation.

    Investigations::Car #140

  • Rheinische Post: Yesterday, the newspaper reported on one page about the medical application of titanium and a thermoelectric tech- nology to harvest wasted energy in form of heat produced by en- gines and transform it into electrical power. We are knowing and analyzing this basic technology since more than a decade in con- junction with iRaiment and sensor networks. With our Stroetmann-Compressor we also have developed a system for exactly the same reported problem, but we have chosen a low-tech solution, because its application is much easier and much more cost effective, beside the fact that thermoelectrical elements for transforming heat into electric power make no sense for vehicles with Pure Electric™ drivetrains.


  • We added a little comment about the artist Isa Genzken.

    Comment of the Day
    Sky is not the limit™

    Picture of the Day
    CS Forever
    © lego_nabii
    CS Forever

    The sky is not the limit™.

    OntoLinux Website update
    The cleaning and updating of the Links to Software webpage continued.

    Into the section Semantic (World Wide) Web of the Links to Soft- ware webpage we added the link:

  • University of Maine, Department of Spatial Information Science and Engineering, Frederico T. Fonseca and Max J. Egenhofer: Ontology-driven Geographic Information System.

    Investigations::Car #141

  • Toyota: That company is also Inspired by Us™, but it took some weeks before it got the point: "Wegweisend [Leading the ...Way]".
  • Volkswagen: Several times in the past we could observe that speech acts based on the contents of our websites were used by its CEO in the public.
  • Qatar government→Qatar Investment Authority: We are investiga- ting that sovereign wealth fund since some time. What we can see here is an attempt to simply copy large parts of the business strate- gy developed by Ontonics for Style of Speed. For example it is said to build up an high-technology oriented automotive industry of com- ponents. With the entrance into the Volkswagen→Porsche business and the documented activities by Volkswagen this means that our technology is transfered to Qatar, which also implies a giant contra- diciton in the decision making by the B.R.D. government.
    Btw.: Other countries are no self service shops. We are investing much work to become independent of oil and gas with the result to be depend on the money we paid for the oil and gas to an absolute monarchy. We don't want the oil money, but the Democratical Republic of Qatar.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We have updated the links in the Algorithmic/Generative/Evolu- tionary/Organic ... Art/Science section of the Links to Software webpage.

    Comment of the Day
    Electric Torque Vectoring™ Electronic Torque Vectoring™
    Active Torque Vectoring™ Active Bracket™ Active Mounting™
    Active Engine Bracket™ Active Engine Mounting™
    Magic Style™ Magic Speed™ Magic Dynamic™ Magic Momentum™
    Momentum Maker™
    Synthesis of Passion and Sportivity™ Synthesis of Passion and Style™ Synthesis of Style and Speed™
    Faster than our Shadow™

    Style of Speed Announcement
    With our next worldwide unique innovation after the Active Differ- ential™, the Electric Torque Vectoring™ system for Pure Electric™ drivetrains with 1, 2, or more electric motors, and the pathbreaking Active Motor™ technology, we once again show our unrivaled leader role: The first all-electric powertrain with dynamic/active engine brackets, which is adjusted electronically according to the driving needs.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added to the Active Component™ systems a new webpage for the Active Bracket™ technology.

    Furthermore, worldwide renonwed as being "Faster than our Shadow" and by this also faster than the factories, we set up a webpage for our new model:

  • E458 Spider.

    Investigations::Car #142

  • General: The new magic word we created for the marketing in the automotive field is: blend.
  • Saleen: "[...] reflects over thirty years [...] passion and love [...]" and "Speed, Science and Style [Ontonics, OntoLab, and Style of Speed]".
  • Devon Motorworks: That company exactly behaves as expected, so we do quote as usual and expected: "[...] visionary industrial artist, brought to life [...]", "[...] proven [...]", "[...] inspiration [...]", "[...] race-inspired [...]", "[...] new expression of modern in- dustrial design, blending both classic and futuristic cues [...]", "[...] beauty [...]", "[...] heart-pounding [...]", "[...] boldly blend power, tactility and aesthetics into one singular form [...]", "[...] aircraft-quality [...]", "[...] interior design reflects the company’s progressive design philosophy [...]", "[...] quality and uniqueness [...]", "[...] aggressive [...]", "[...] "can-do" [...]", "[...] Racing Package [...]", "[...] "Our philosophy is to blend [...] standards and in the spirit" [...]", and "[...] singular [...]".
  • Gemballa: Some months ago, that company once again looked at the website of Style of Speed for taking contents and concepts. This time a steering wheel for PDK-equipped Porsche 911s incorpora- ting a full-size airbag and a set of black gearshift paddles positioned behind the wheel was introduced. Not really surprising, the product is called F1 steering wheel and its description contains terms like "[...] steering wheel rim [...]", "[...] sportivity[...]", and so on. Please, take a look at the Steering wheel webpage of Style of Speed and compare yourself. Now that company is second choice.
  • Volkswagen→Porsche: "Intelligent Power", "[...] significantly [...]", "[...] innovations in technology with fine tuning and supreme [...]", "[...] high-performance [...]", "[...] optional three-spoke steering wheel with gearshift paddles [...]", "[...] steering wheel[s] [...] come with integrated displays [...] [Please, take a look yourself at the Steering wheel webpage of Style of Speed.]", "In conjunction [...]", "[...] new [...] Torque Vectoring available as an option [...]", and "[...] driving pleasure [...]". We do know our innovations very well and definitely are in no need to read about them in other companies' press releases, so we really have to ask the question: Where are its innovations?
  • Volkswagen→Bugatti: "[...] unique approach opens a new dimen- sion [...]", "[...] core values [...]", "[...] royal [...]", "[...] design philosophy of this unique model [...]", "[...] inspired [...]", "[...] Diamond [...]", "[...] blends with the intriguing and pure exterior materials creating an elegant and harmonious [...]", "[...] worldwide [...]", "[...] unique [...]", "[...] values and the philosophy [...]", and "[...] unique [...]". Instead of only writing of we'd have used the time to make this vehicle faster.
    Btw.: We're sure to already have seen the material combination of carbon fibre and aluminum with a Super 7 roadster.
  • Speedheads and Reichel CarDesign: Both companies showed an image with a potential design of the Fiat→Ferrari 458 Italia Spider with the sentence "Die offene Synthese aus Stil, Passion und Power" reflecting the announcement for an open E458, naming convention (spider instead of barchetta), trademark "StylePassion", and slogan "La sintesi di passione e sportività" by Style of Speed.

    Comment of the Day
    "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough." [Mario Andretti]

    OntoLinux Further steps
    We're looking at the following projects:

  • University of New Mexico, Department of Computer Science:
    • Otter - Organized Techniques for Theorem Providing and Effective Research, and Mace2
    • Prover9 and Mace4
  • University of Bologna, Computer Science Department: Matita
  • University of Cambridge, National Information and Communications Technology Centre of Excellence Australia (NICTA), and University of Utah: HOL4
  • Lemma 1: ProofPower
  • University of Cambridge and Technical University Munich: Isabelle
  • University of Edinburgh, School of Informatics:
    • LEGO
    • Proof General
  • Stanford University, Stanford Verification Group: SVC- Stanford Validity Checker
  • Stanford University, Stanford Verification Group, New York University, Computer Science Department, and University of Iowa: CVC3 - Cooperating Validity Checker
  • University of Lugano, Informatics Faculty, Formal Verification and Security Group: OpenSMT
  • Cornell University, Faculty of Computing and Information Science, Computer Science: NuPRL
    • MetaPRL

    Comment of the Day
    We are tomorrow™ Wir sind morgen™

    The concept of the soft- and hardware engineering based Architecture of Artificial Intelligence was developed with his Ontologic System OntoLinux by Christian Maximilian Stroetmann and no one else. There were other similiar concepts but not in this way.

    Investigations::Car #143

  • Media: The media is still reporting about our technology of the Apollo Speed-E and R-E without referencing Style of Speed as the real inventor.
  • Volkswagen: There are now more rumors about all-electric vehicles to be shown at an exhibition in September 2009. Besides the R-E there also exists a story about the 1 Liter Car concept, which was already thrown away by the company years ago and revived by us from Style of Speed with our Belly Tank Lakester based on a nice concept by General Motors and the SO-CAL Speed Shop. If the R-E is really shown by Volkswagen on the automotive exhibition, then we have a double lie and the first documented and convicting piece of circumstantial evidence holding in every court of building up a crimi- nal network as we have documented it since years with our Investi- gations::Car.
  • Motor Presse Stuttgart→auto motor und sport: Once again that media reports about a project by us, the Fiat→Ferrari 458 Italia based Spider, without referencing Style of Speed.

    Investigations::AI and Knowledge management

  • Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence: First we found the informations giving by it interesting, but later we had to find out that all of the informations were becoming more and more suspi- cious. After some convicting publications with contents stolen from us, we found out the real nature of that institute. There are rela- tions to Microsoft and its activities are sponsored in parts by Google. That institute and all of its partners and sponsors only are develop- ing Nasty AI, also know as the Skynet from the Terminator movies. The concept of Friendly AI now is only existend with our OntoLinux system. Don't trust that institute, its partners, as well as its spon- sors! This is no joke.
    Btw.: Michael Vassar, Ray Kurzweil, Nick Bostrom, and their partners are very nasty dudes, big liars, and thieves. The government of the U.S.A. better should take away from them, its partners, as well as sponsors the computers and internet connections.
  • Novamente: We watched at that company since years. First we thought that it simply does the same like we do with our OntoLinux by chance. But by the time we were able to convict it for stealing intellectual properties from us and publicating the stolen concepts and technologies. In fact, the founder has no clue.
  • Google: We knew all the time that that criminal company is strol- ling around our OntoLinux with the only goal to steal our intellectual properties.
  • Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Novamente, and Google→OpenCog: We have watched that project and its sponsors since years and are now documenting the stealing of our intellectual properties. That project is nothing else but a clone of our OntoLinux having the goal to steal all of our concepts and technologies.
    We do quote with links to the real source of the concepts and also directly make some comments: "[...] OS-like infrastructure [...]", "[...] components written using C++ [...]", "[...] foundation the [...] Core [...]", "[...] collections [...]", "[...] manipulation and storage of hypergraphs [...]", "[...] Scheduler [...] [Very funny: At all points where the members could not steal from our OntoLinux you can see only some very thin explanations or stupied discussions about terms and concepts already given by us on the website of OntoLinux or on the linked websites. We also can see in conjunction with the sche- duler that an email was quoted, like we did.]", "[...] Meta-optimizing semantic evolutionary search [...]", "[...] representation-building and [...] modeling [...]", "[...] Lisp-like mini-language [...]", "[...] scope [...]", "[...] complex [...]", "[...] kinds of inference such as inten- sional inference, fuzzy inference, and higher-order inference using quantifiers, variables, and combinators, [...] other sorts of inference [...]", "[...] term logic foundation [...]", "[...] CogBot [...]", "[...] interface to OpenSim [...] [What a stealing and cheating: It's not the OpenSim, but the OpenSimulator project. Pure evil.]", "[...] Natural Language Processing [...]", "[...] natural language (NLP) pre-processor [...]", "[...] natural-language generation [...]", "[...] chatbot [...]", "[...] Semantic framing or normalization [...]", "[...] baby-steps [...]", "[...] deductive reasoning [...]", "[...] high-speed [...]", "[...] speed, quality and overall effectiveness [...]", "Embodi- ment is a system based on [the project's] concepts controlling a real or virtual intelligent agent's body. The Embodiment system uses a Proxy to connect to a virtual world where the agent's body lives (or directly to a robot living in the real world) [...] [This concept defi- nitely is not based on that project's work.]", "[...] Multiverse [...]", "[...] Designs for Virtual Worlds suitable for education and develop- ment of [...] artificial general intelligence [...]", "[...] Prolog based scripting language [...]", "WordNet", "[...] "Brain" [....]", "[...] SAT/ SMT [...]", and much more, naturally. We also see a Debian based distribution with many of the linked and quoted components, and an interface for biologists doing biotechnological work with microarray- ers and other tools, despite the goal of the project is to develop something for the field of Artificial Intelligence. Ben Goertzel and his colleges are nothing else than thieves, discussing about foreign con- cepts with the only goal to gain importance by babbling. They are totally incompetent, and have nothing in their hands, so you can't trust them.
    Btw.: Our solution the Ontologic System OntoLinux is uncomparable superior of that cheap clone, because it is years ahead, solves the relevant problems, and is based on worldwide acknowledged, renow- ed and in some parts standardized concepts and technologies and not on stupied and most probably also stolen theories.

    OntoLinux Website update
    With an own version we are replacing on the Terms of Discussion webpage the link:

  • George P. Dvorsky: Must-know terms of the 21st Century.


  • We added remarks about the persons Shawn Corey Carter (Jay-Z), Beyoncé Knowles, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, and Britney Spears, as well about the artist and, guess what, pupil of the Carnival Booth in Düs- seldorf Thomas Stricker.

    Original Sketch
    SOS Ettore
    SOS Ettore
    © John Mark Vicente


  • National Information and Communications Technology Centre of Excellence Australia (NICTA): The institute has taken much contents and concepts from our websites, especially of OntoLinux. In a first step we quote out of a news message and than give in a second step a comment: "[...] formal machine-checked proof of a general-purpose operating system kernel, promising safety-critical software of unprecedented levels of reliability [...]", "[...] potential applica- tions [...]", "[...] complex embedded systems [...]", "[...] 7,500 lines of C code in an operating system's kernel is a unique achievement, which should eventually lead to software that meets currently uni- maginable standards of reliability [...]", "[...] many kinds of common attacks will not work on the [...]L4 kernel [...]", "[...] four years' research [...]", "It makes a significant advance toward building fully verified system software with meaningful dependability guarantees.", "[...] rapid prototyping of operating system kernels [...]", "[...] goes beyond [...]", "[...] achieved a landmark result which will change the game for security- and safety-critical software [...]", "It provides conclusive evidence that bug-free software is possible, and in the future nothing less should be considered acceptable where critical assets are at stake.", "[...] original ICT research of this calibre [...]", and "The advances in knowledge made by the team reflect the out- standing talent of its members and the vision and tenacity of its leaders.". While the work done really is hard to achieve we would like to deny some points: The original concept to verify a general-pur- pose operating system was developed and the original research has been started in the OntoLab and this special attempt in the field of microkernels by the institute hasn't started four years ago. Besides, we can see "Our Values", "Our Vision", "Our Mission", "Our Values", "Inspiration", "Collaboration", "Openness", but also "Respect". So why has it cloned our works without following our Disclaimer?
    After many other universities, research institutes, and research and develpment divisions of corporations worldwide, the Australian Centre of Excellence also has acknowledged our leading Hightech Competence™.
  • Open Kernel Labs: That company isn't new to us. But it seems to be that we have to start our investigation by quoting: "[...] 300 [...]", "[...] high-performance [...]", "[...] mobile devices [...] [May- be HyperCell is a trademark of that company, but Mobile Device goes to us.]", "[...] next-generation mobile devices [...]", "[...] busi- ness philosophy integrates creativity, engineering excellence [...]", "[...] superior [...]", "[...] collaboration [...]", "[...] foundation [...]", "[...] vehicle [...]", "[...] strong [...]", and for sure much more. Furthermore, it is very suspicious that nearly all of its partners and sponsors have been convicted by us. We think we've found one of the nasty and strongly cheating information and technology hubs. We make one comment: It feels our breath. :D And we ask one question: If all of these companies really are leaders, why are they all convicted of writing off of our websites?

    Investigations::Car #122

  • General: From time to time we have to document the cloning of concepts but also the inspirational work by C.S.. As such the named designers only are exemplary for many we find not so smart persons.
  • Chris Pollard: The designer thought it would be clever to clone our Leaf™ on Wheels™ concept of our Bionic Vehicle Ape ESP 2.0 toge- ther with other concepts developed by the OntoLab and Style of Speed. "[...] XXI - Bionomic Autonomous [...]", "[...] moving solar panels inspired by humble leaves [...]", "[...] exterior design is in- spired by the idea of living in symbiosis with nature [...]", "[...] body is covered in photovoltaic panels [...]", and "[...] synergy with the leaf in the aesthetic of the vehicle [...]". Because it is totally clear what the real inspiration was, we won't discuss this case further.
  • Swansea Metropolitan University: From the description of the degree show of 2008 we quote the following: "[...] Beauty, Style and Design [...]", "[...] passion for innovation & design [...]", "[...] architectural & philosophical [...]", and "[...] changes & evolution [...]".
    The students of the annual degree show 2009 presented many in- teresting designs, but still the descriptions are not acceptable: "[...] slightly avant-garde to high quality next generation [...]", "[...] phi- losophical direction [...]", "[...] passions and desired future [...] aspirations [...]", "[...] eco-friendly supercars [...]", "[...] electrical motor and twin turbine boosters [...]", "[...] sustainable solution [...]", "[...] no compromises on performance, style or beauty [...]", "[...] language to produce a timeless design with the brands passion, poetic drama and Italian beauty [...]", "[...] 75th anniversary (2022) [...]", "[...] inspired by technical F1 [...]", "[...] organic surfaces, re- presenting the green credentials [...]", "[...] everything is controlled by computers and electronics, a vision based on our current rate of world development of ruling out human input and encasing technolo- gies with facades [...]", "[...] motorcycle as a 'future modern retro' [...]", "[...] early 21st century 'custom choppers' [...] [Modern Cus- toms]", "[...] loaded with functions and becoming like a 'transformer' [...]", "[...] customisable to suit riding style or conditions [...]", "[...] 'algae' as the fuel source [...] [There already exist a design concept of a Hummer with algae fuel technology.]", "[...] emotion in design [...]", "[...] solid [...]", "[...] spirit [...] new emotional way [...]", "[...] passion for innovation and environmental awareness [...]", "[...] powered by electricity and utilizes balance sensor technology [...]", "[...] be more bold and abstract, thinking outside the box to create more ground breaking designs [...]", "[...] modern, urban and contemporary theme [...]", "[...] emotion [...]", "[...] aggression [...]", "[...] potential [...]", "[...] inspired by dynamic architecture, juxtaposed with aggressive armoury [...]", "[...] is reflective [...] de- sire to [...] evolve [...]", "[...] 'Corrida' relating to the 3 stages of a bull fight, reflecting the history [...]", "[...] complex [...]", "[...] star sign [...]", "[...] enthusiasts [...]", "[...] changes the aesthetics and form of a particular race bred car [...]", "[...] transform the looks and feel [...]", and "[...] driver’s emotions [...]".
  • Volkswagen→Audi and Munich University: Very funny that this time nearly all of the shown designs made for a project by the company together with the university were in order, but the promotion of the project by its leaders were stolen from us, simply said. We do quote: "Intelligent Emotion", "[...] modules [...]", "[...] visionary [...]", "[...] hybrid supercar [...] [Many vehicles defining this concept were al- ready announced by Style of Speed in the last years.]", "[...] next generation [...]", "[...] inspired them to find new and creative ap- proaches [...]", "[...] sporty premium brand as well as a pioneer in technology and design [...]", "[...] alternative engine concepts or in- creased efficiency of our vehicles [...]", "We find it fascinating [...]", "[...] Emotion as a driving force [...] [We already have marked Driv- ing Force™.]", "[...] reflect the new ecological, technical and social issues [...]", and "[...] very high creative quality [...] [That is bold and absolutely convicting.]".
  • Volkswagen→Porsche: We quote some points out of the promotion of the new model 911 GT3 RS: "[...] street legal [...]", "[...] ultimate [...]", "[...] wider front and rear tracks [...]", and "[...] active engine mounts [...] [The company has chosen a German term meaning in a translated version dynamic engine mounting and wants now to jump on our Active Components™ bandwagon by not respecting Active Engine Mounting™.]". The last qoute shows clearly that Volkswagen only was, is, and will be interested in our contents, concepts, and technologies.
  • Maxximus Technologies and partner: That company optimized a standard sports car which was a dream by its sponsors, can be bought for 3 million USD, and has 3 gears. Please, klick here.

    It seems to be that OntomaX and Style of Speed have become the required readings.

    Comment of the Day
    Active Mount™

    Comment of the Day
    "In life you have to have three things: Rock 'n' Roll, aptitude, and feeling." [Alicia, 2009]
    Alicia is 6 years old.

    OntoLinux Website update
    It was time to add the new section Formal Verification on the webpage Links to Software and to sort in it all links of the section Software Development Tool with the exceptions of Sparse and cTools.

    The following new links also were added into the section Formal Verification:

  • University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science, Inexpen- sive Program Analysis Group: Splint - Secure Programming Lint for Statically Checking C

  • Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Tom Henzinger, University of California, San Diego, Ranjit Jhala, University of Califor- nia, Los Angeles, Simon Fraser University, Dirk Beyer, and many others: BLAST - Berkeley Lazy Abstraction Software Verification Tool Version 2
  • Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, Daniel Kroening, and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Computer Science Department, Edmund Clarke: CBMC - Bounded Model Checking for ANSI-C and C++
  • Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, Daniel Kroening and Gerard Basler: Boom - Model Checker for Concurrent Boolean Programs

  • University of New Mexico, Department of Computer Science: Prover9 and Mace4
  • University of Cambridge and Technische Universität München: Isabelle
  • Coq team: Coq Proof Assistant
  • University of Edinburgh, School of Informatics: LEGO
  • Cornell University, Faculty of Computing and Information Science, Computer Science: NuPRL

  • Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, Daniel Kroening, and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Computer Science Depart- ment, Edmund Clarke: SATABS - Predicate Abstaction using SAT for ANSI-C and C++
  • Chalmers University, Formal Methods, Niklas Eén and Niklas Sörensson: MiniSat - Minimalistic SAT Solver
  • Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, Technisch-Naturwissenschaft- liche Fakultät, Informatik, Institute for Formal Models and Verification: Quantor

  • University of Lugano, Informatics Faculty, Formal Verification and Security Group: OpenSMT
  • Stanford University, Stanford Verification Group, New York Univer- sity, Computer Science Department, and University of Iowa: CVC3 - Cooperating Validity Checker

  • University of Edinburgh, School of Informatics: Proof General
  • Cornell University, Faculty of Computing and Information Science, Computer Science: MetaPRL
  • University of California, Berkeley, Electrical Engineering and Com- puter Sciences, Berkeley Logic Synthesis and Verification Group:
    • Alan Mishchenko: ABC - A System for Sequential Synthesis and Verification
    • Armando Solar-Lezama: SKETCH - Software Synthesis Tool

  • Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, Daniel Kroening, and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Computer Science Depart- ment, Edmund Clarke: DDverify - Extraction Tool of Linux Device Drivers
  • University of York, Department of Computer Science, Jan Tobias Mühlberg and Gerald Lüttgen: BLASTing Linux Code

    Investigations::Motorbike #4

  • Aprilia: The company tried with a concept motorbike to mix as much as possible items named or shown on this website. We can see as the base a large trial motorbike made up as a Modern Custom with a smooth one piece tank and seat. Also the headlamps are resembling camera lenses and the rear lamp are some kind of an abstraction of the exhaust pipe of the #1 by Style of Speed with LEDs. This is now the second time we are observing aspirations like this, but now that company failed totally.
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: Naturally, that company tries to take as much as possible conceptual and exterior elements from the #4 and the 2 :) (Double Fun) of Style of Speed for own motorbike con- cepts. What directly can be observed are the same fork with nearly the same brake disc and the shape of the tank and the seat as in the design concepts of Robert Slade, John Mark Vicente, and C.S. which were all shown in conjunction with the motorbikes by Style of Speed. The chosen colour schemes also look familiar. Moreover, it is very interesting to see the same elements shown with another con- cept motorbike by an already convicted custom bike manufacturer and documented by us in the news of the 28th of June 2009. Espe- cially the same theme of a Modern Custom, the nearly same damper with the same swing, the same geometry of the frame directly next to the damper, the sheet at the seat having a smiliar style and form language, the middle part of the tank, and the solution for the pillion (not shown here on the given images) are for us convicting.
    It seems to be that we now have found and documented the con- jectured link between the Bayerische Motorenwerke and SE Service. Compare yourself:
    1. row: Original (Style of Speed #4 2003)
    2. row: Original (Bimota Tesi 1D)
    3. row: Original (John Mark Vicente and Style of Speed 2 :) 2005)
    4. row: Original and Clone (Style of Speed 2003, #:) 2009, and SE Service Harrier 2009)
    5. row: Original (Robert Slade and Style of Speed 2 :) 2004)
    6. row: Clone (BMW LoRider 2009)
    SOS #4
    Bimota Tesi 1D
    SOS 2 :)
    SOS #:)
    SOS 2 :)
    BMW LoRider
  • Amir Glinik: The motorbike concept is envisioned to have a modi- fied V-engine from a Ferrari Enzo, hand controls from a F-16 fighter jet, buttons from a Formula 1 race car steering wheel, and a touch- screen. The designer describes it with contents like: "[...] mix of what I find to be the best [...] lines with the latest technology I could think of in terms of engine, gear and driving management.".
    1. row: Original (SOS Motorbike #1 2003)
    2. row: Original (SOS Motorbike #2 2003-2004)
    3. row: Concept (Amir Glinik 2008)
    SOS Motorbike #1

    SOS Motorbike #2
    Amir Glinik Motorbike Concept
    Also notable is the fact, that some media made a relation to the movie Tron in their descriptions of the concept well knowing that this correlation is an idea from C.S. and Style of Speed.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We updated the link to the Lecture on Directed Model-Checking (HSF-Spin,...) in the Formal Verification section of the webpage Links to Software and added links to the source code and its manual in the following way:

  • Albert Ludwigs Universität Freiburg, Institut für Informatik, Stefan Edelkamp, Stefan Leue et al.: Directed explicit model checking with HSF-Spin [PDF]
    • HSF-Spin [Source]
    • HSF-Spin Manual [PDF]

    Besides, we added to the Links to Organizations webpage new links to the websites of the following observatories and telescopes:

  • The National Optical Astronomy Observatory
    • The Kitt Peak National Observatory (KPNO)
    • The Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory
      • The National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO), the Ministério da Ciencia e Tecnologia of Brazil (MCT), the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), and the Michigan State University (MSU): Southern Astro- physical Research (SOAR) Telescope
  • The Gemini Project Partners: The Gemini Observatory
  • The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC), the Instituto de Astronomía de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (IA- UNAM), the Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica (INAOE), and the University of Florida (UFL): Gran Telescopio CANARIAS

  • The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI): James Webb Space Telescope

    We also deleted a not more needed link:

  • The Dana-Faber Cancer Institute, the Brigham and Women's Hospital, the Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Harvard Medical School: Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center


  • Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center (DF/HCC): The center missed the real goal: Yellow card.
  • American Cancer Society (ACS): There are some descriptive parts on its website we find contradicting to the claims of having "the highest ethics and standards, both in fact and appearance".
  • Cancer Research UK: Hopefully the few items we see won't grow like cancer.

    Comment of the Day
    "We wouldn't sell for such a low price Opel to Magna. Never." [C.S., Today]

    We, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, have superior technologies for the storage of electric power in our research and product portfolio since more than 6 years that surpass the efficiences of all rivals without problems.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We deleted a not more needed link form the Links to Software webpage:

  • Fachhochschule Oberösterreich, Campus Hagenberg: Medientechnik und -design
    • Diplomarbeiten 2002


  • ZDF: In a broadcast which is focused on political events a report was shown about the developments in B.R.D. in the field of all elec- tric vehicles and comparisons to companies in the world were made. Suspicious is the fact that only persons were interviewed who are employees of 2 already convicted research institutes or have taken contents from our websites for their argumentation or initiatives in the area of vehicles with Pure Electric™ Drivetrains™. Now we've documented, that the television channel is using our informations, but also withholding our company and its technologies since 3 years.

    Comment of the Day

    Clarification #1
    The problem of Josef Ackermann's birthday party isn't the handful of peanuts. The scandal is that nearly every guest was by us before investigated, documented, and convicted for taking our concepts and contents alone and/or together using the same methods.

    Clarification #2
    There are 2 stupid concepts in conjuction with Pure Electric™ drive- trains for vehicles. The first one is the change system of accumula- tors. This system only exists, because a company in California led by a former manager of a large business software company in B.R.D. has a different goal than his change system. We think that the Deutsche Telekom together with SAP and Volkswagen want to sell and manage the software needed to account for the electric power. The second concept is the application of all-electric vehicles as a temporary storage system of electric power. Every concept based on this technology is simply said stupid and persons who are advo- cating it are incompetent.

    Clarification #3
    The government of the B.R.D. prefers the company Magna because the strategy is to build up the worldwide leading industry of vehicles with Pure Electric™ drivetrains. But several big mistakes have been done in the last years. One mistake was the attempt to steal our technologies with an illegal network. The second mistake is that by the attempt to steal our technologies countries like Japan, U.S.A., India, and China could take up momentum. And now China has an- nounced to become the leading country in the production of all-electric vehicles. And the next mistake is, that even Volkswagen, a company which is owned to 20% by a state of the B.R.D., is working together with a chinese company and supports this and other compa- nies with stolen technologies like ours.

    Clarification #4
    Our mission to the Moon and beyond isn't a flop. We have only some unexpected bigger problems with the 2 largest political parties in the B.R.D. and their illegal and highly incompetent beaviour.

    Image of the Day
    William Grey Walter Machina Speculatrix
    © Smithsonian Institution


  • General: What all large companies, but also national institutes, and even the biggest countries don't understand is: If they exist, then there are not enough scientists and researchers to cope with us or even to copy us. What we do is high-complex high-tech of the 21. century. We're Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, as well as the Hightech Competence™.
  • Intel: We knew it all the time. That company thinks it could steal our concepts and technologies by writing around our properties using other words and terms to describe them. Because it is enough we only do quote 2 terms: "Intelligent assistant" and "Universal media- tor".

    Investigations::Robotics and Cybernetics

  • Kevin Warwick: The first time we found a suspicious incident was the publication of a magazine for children and hobbyists with which a copy of a cybernetic tortoise/turtle, the Machina Speculatrix by Will- iam Grey Walter, as an assembly kit was sold. But after we could see other items by him we're not surprised anymore. Especially the inte- gration of a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) with a baseball cap in- vented and sketched by C.S. around 2003, and an experimental en- vironment for three self-learning robots with red, blue, and green LEDs is nothing else than convicting. Convicted!!!™
    Btw.: Real artists and geniuses don't need a chip in the brain to gain access to more dimensions.

    We made some more notes about the Birthday Party Guest List, the media, the person Angela Merkel, and the whatever artist Damien Hirst.

    Comment of the Day
    "Democracy is bull$hit." [Christlich Demokratische Union (CDU)]

    Mars rover Sojourner (23.03.2009 and 26.08.2009 - Today)
    © C.S.

    Clarification #1
    We appreciate the decision by the television channel MDR to not show an interview of a politician before the poll and we can't under- stand the lack of understanding by the affected political party.

    Clarification #2
    The political party Christlich Demokratische Union has in more than the last 10 years actively prevented the creation of thousands of new jobs alone in North Rhine-Westfalia, B.R.D.. We even are able to name the responsible persons and companies with its methods, acti- vities, and goals of the party. Now a local group of that party is trying to suggest of having successfully created 80 jobs in the last years with the funny comment that the related company is also active in the field of nanotechnology. We don't ask if we should laugh. We do laugh loud. :D


  • Unknown: Some months ago, a copy of C.S.' "Jolly Kitty" arrived in London.
    Original Jolly KittyJolly Kitty Copy
  • Rheinische Post: That newspaper gave up the attempt to play the neutral media. Now everybody must see that it simply is a club ma- gazine of the Christlich Demokratische Union. This combination of 2 crows really fits.

    Investigations::Car #145

  • Brose→Brose Baskets: On the website of the german first league basketball club we could find terms beginning with "BB[...]" and "Just4Fun". Also a mobile phone is promoted that also is sold as a supplement of the model Scirocco by the company Volkswagen, which closes the circle and leads back to the Scirocco BB and points to the Just 4 :) (Just 4 Fun or Just For Fun) by Style of Speed.


  • Nokia: That company has once again taken a concept from us and our product website OntoLinux. After the purchase of Trolltech and an own operating system for Mobile Devices™ based on Linux® it tries now to sell a Linux® mobile phone.

    The so called networks of competence mainly seen in Europe are not as the term may suggests competent in the related fields. It only means that the networks are active in those fields in which other persons, groups, and companies are leadng by their competences, and have the goal to steal concepts and informations for spreading them to other persons and companies only to weaken the real leaders. But luckily this nasty and counter-productive strategy by a handful of rich persons and antisocial as well as stupid politicians doesn't work, not in Europe nor in North America, because they are financed by tax money and exactly in the moment when the flow of the tax money stops the activites by all networks of competence stop as well. This leads in the end to a not financeable amount of debts, which also luckily has the effect that the finances of social attempts now are not possible anymore.

    Don Pablo (23.03.2009 and Today)
    Don Pablo
    Don PabloDon PabloDon Pablo
    Don PabloDon PabloDon Pablo
    © C.S.
    Unhappily, C.S. made some little mistakes. The old images were deleted and the updated images will be shown tomorrow.

    We added notes about the persons Annette Schavan and Karl Lagerfeld on our Investigations::Culture webpage.

    Original #1
    Don Pablo (23.03.2009 and 29.08.2009 - Today)
    Don Pablo
    Don PabloDon PabloDon Pablo
    Don PabloDon PabloDon Pablo
    Don PabloDon PabloDon Pablo
    Don PabloDon PabloDon Pablo
    Don Pablo
    Don PabloDon PabloDon Pablo
    Don PabloDon PabloDon Pablo
    Don Pablo
    Don PabloDon PabloDon Pablo
    Don PabloDon PabloDon Pablo
    Don Pablo
    Don PabloDon PabloDon Pablo
    Don PabloDon PabloDon Pablo
    Don Pablo
    © C.S.

    Original #2
    Donna Coco (29.08.2009 - The painting of the image Donna Coco has been stopped until that Karl Lagerfeld is disappeared. His exist- ence at Chanel has too negative influences for this masterpiece.)


  • Rheinische Post: As we reported the club magazine of the (Un)Christlich (Un)Demokratische Union (CDU) reacted once again and publicated an interview with Angela Merkel as a compensation for the not shown interview by the television channel MDR. By behaving this way and based on the many other facts documented in our investigations we have to imply the undeniable fact that someone definitely is leading the industries, media, and the rest of the public.

    Investigations::Car #146

  • We finally have found an image of the Porsche described in our Investigations of the 9th of May 2009 with the copied themes of King Smiley and 3. The case is even more clear and convicting, because it is a Porsche of the type 911 RSR 3.0 liters and the number 52 on the front bonnet is arranged like the crown of King Smiley.
    Smiley Porsche RSR 3.0
    © Dirk de Jaeger for Supercars.net
  • Volkswagen→Porsche: And in the next round the corporation has taken once again contents of our website of Style of Speed for one of its model. This time it can be seen that the "[...] controls for the info display [of the Porsche GT3 Cup model] are now positioned directly on the steering wheel [...]". In conjunction with this kind of cases we always ask the question: Why it is doing this now, after we made the decision? There was more than plenty of time to earlier do it. The other to mention features are the colour Carrara White (marble white see also the Picture of the Day of the 14th of August 2009 above) and a heightened power output by the engine of 30 hp.
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: That company gives a shout again with a model named Vision [...]. Easy to see for us that the concepts of our B!, j!, 9ii, and Lupo R simply were stolen as announced by that company and by us, and mixed into one model. We can for example count 3 motors of which one is a three-cylinder diesel engine with turbocharger, see inserts in the doors made out of polycarbonate that reminds us of our e-door™@Car solution, a 3-dimensional head- up display, seats with a blue line, and very familiar dimensions.
    Btw.: A behaviour like this is not only a crime, but also a clear sign of panic. That company has totally no clue what to do.
  • Lotus: It was sure that that company can't do its job without stealing contents of our websites, so we quote as well again: "[...] components and technologies [...] focused and pure [...]", "[...] brand philosophy of performance [...]", "[...] pure sportscars [...]", "[...] driving style [...]", "[...] 30 [...]", "[...] philosophy [...]", "[...] Combined Cycle [...]", "[...] sharp [...]", "[...] almost telepathic feedback to the driver, this car produces an outrageously fun drive [...]", "[...] philosophy [...]", "[...] customer wish [...]", "[...]style and premium paint colours [...]", "[...] 30 [...]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] driving styles [...]", "[...] perfect partner [...]", and "[...] significant [...]".
  • Manhart Racing: The next cellar kid tries to take contents of our websites like that of Style of Speed. We quote again: "[...] known by nature [...]", "[...] never have enough power at his command [...]", "[...] transplant a brand new, much stronger heart [...]", and "[...] turns dreams into reality [...]". That company claims for 25 years of experience and we claim it took all the years foreign know- ledge, concepts, and items as well.
  • Elvis Tomljenovic: The designer tried to steal our concept of the e-door™@Car and the design concept fluid. He even used for that contents of our websites. His concept is based on a laminate made out of polycarbonate which is the same material also normally used for the Ghost Chairs shown on this website at the 13th of June 2008. The problem of this kind of plagiarisms is that no one can build a whole car with this technology without infringing our copyrights or alternatively such a vehicle must be manufactured without the tech- nology integrated into the doors. Another nasty fact is that many members of an automotive design contest jury, who gave that de- signer a prize for this concept, were employees of automobile manu- facturers which are all convicted and knew our solution before. There is also another concept of that person called ::BEBE::. Convicted!!!™

    We made a note about the artists of the Carnival Booth Joseph Beuys and Keisuke Matsuura.

    Comment of the Day
    Dynamic Pleasure™ Dynamizing Pleasure™
    Dynamic Fun™ Dynamizing Fun™
    Dynamic :)™ Dynamizing :)™ Dynamic :D™ Dynamizing :D™
    Race Cowboy™

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added to the webpage of the Active Camera™ technology by Style of Speed more informations about its functionalities and features.

    Investigations::Car #147

  • Daimler and Fraunhofer Institut: We have found a spin-off of that research institute that develops a special 3d chip used for example and not surprisingly in the field of robotics as well as automobiles. Especially the later application together with the informations about the connections between that institute and both involved companies is highly convicting.
    Btw.: Our Active Camera™ based technology can be composed out of reliability proved standard CMOS chips which easily are integrat- able as one system on the customer's request and directly applicable on the industrial level. By choosing this way our solutions are more than 3 times less expensive and have more than 16 times higher ef- fectivity than solutions based on special chips, today. We really don't know why that spin-off was founded and totally incompetent persons even gave it the first prize in a start-up competition. We also ask the question: How much tax money was burned for this mess?
    © and/or ® 2009-2012
    Christian Stroetmann GmbH