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Images of the Day
Audrey Kathleen Hepburn-Ruston
Karin Inger Monica Nilsson
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  • Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, B.R.D. government, ArchiMeDes, BASF, and partners: A second time a science train was inaugurated, this time called "Expedition Zukunft" and 333 meters long, that shows high technology made in the B.R.D.. We would like to mention: Most of the concepts were taken from our company, but are shown without referencing us. We have documented this circumstance.

    Take a look at the always convicting double E made out of three strips, which is in this illustration suggesting speed. Our Style of Speed aspiration must have some kind of magic.
  • Verlag für Fachpublizistik: After analyzing the behaviour of that company, especially by looking thoroughly at its magazin Bauele- mente Bau, we came to the conclusion that it is not anymore suspicious or bold.
  • Adams Media: See Verlag für Fachpublizistik

    Investigations::AI and Knowledge management

  • Radar Networks: We are watching at that company since several years and the rating was one of the easiest ever done by us: Convicted!!!™
    Btw.: We don't know how Nova Spivack came to EarthWeb, but everything we saw by him in the last 7 years was not invented by that dude, really visionary is the person who owns The Lab of Visions. Furthermore, we do know since years, that he together with Kurzweil, Wolfram, and some other persons are also responsible for the mess happing in the area of Ontologic Systems like OntoLinux. And keep in mind ontology-based/oriented systems doesn't solve the real problems, this direction of development makes every mistake we have seen before in the area of object-oriented development (eg. there exist now more than 45.000 ontologies).
    Ontologics' Cube
    The idea with the Rubik's cube as well as the grouping of the items, which are written on the cube, came from us. Example given, to set the concepts trust and proof in conjuction with the XML formats OWL and RDF, but also with the Web 3.0 and 4.0 is our invention.

    Investigations::Car #104

  • GTA Motors: We do one of our best known quotes: "[...] dream come true [...]", "[...] 30 [...]", "[...] foundation [...]", "[...] applied innovations [...] technical solutions [...]", "[...] ecological [...]", "[...] pioneering [...]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] aeronautical aluminum [...]", "[...] large glazed surface [...] strong quality [...]", "[...] LCD screen, which can be personalized according to the customer´s [...]", "[...] steering wheel is made out of carbon [...]", and "[...] LCD screen which is perfectly located on the dash- board [...]". At last we have to ask: Were is the very different design?

    Comment of the Day

    Ontonics Website update
    We added to the webpage Innovation-Pipeline on the Ontonics website the item:

  • eVSG.

    Furthermore, we added to the description of the e-door™@Home unit the integration of a wide-angle camera as an example.


  • Croquet Consortium and Open Cobalt: The result of this investiga- tion was one of our saddest. Two open source projects by renowned persons did something unbelievable by showing a totally annoying behaviour. Firstly, we quote from the Croquet project webpage: "[...] collaborative multi-user online applications on multiple operat- ing systems and devices [...]", "[...] supports communication, col- laboration, resource sharing, and synchronous computation between multiple users on multiple devices [...]", "[...] create and link power- ful and highly collaborative cross-platform multi-user 2D and 3D applications and simulations [...]". Secondly, we cite contents from the Open Cobalt website: "[...] hyperlinked multi-user virtual environments [...]", "[...] provides participants with a shared, consistently replicated, real time, computationally dynamic set of multi-participant virtual workspaces and eliminates the need for virtual world servers [...]", "[...] multi-user virtual workspaces, game-based learning and training environments, or even just a place to share and meet with friends [...]", "[...] community [...]", "[...] transformational Internet Operating System in support of deeply collaborative co-presence, and simulation-based discovery.", "[...] vision [...]" , "[...] resources may include human experts, data repositories, computational processes, sensors, web resources and media, along with collaboration services and applications scripted within the workspace or projected into the workspace.", "Foundat- ional Technology", "Fully customizable (for advanced simulation development/deployment)", "Integrated text chat", "In-world voice/ video chat", "In-world web browsing (access to FireFox and other browsers via VNC)", "Access to remote applications (via VNC)", "Distributed Shared Computation", "[...] synchronize simulations across a distributed set of machines [...]", "At the heart [...]", "[...] 3D architecture represents the scene graph using a straightforward component hierarchy [...]", "[...] visions [...]", "[...] creative power [...]", "[...] transform the way we use computers [...]", and "[...] officially started [...]".
    Don't be fooled, even not by the "big names" (eg. Alan C. Kay or Hewlett-Packard). We also have "heavy" witnesses of our most innovative and best technology OntoLinux.

    Comment of the Day
    e-VSG™ VSG-E™ VSG E™ VSG•E™
    Inventive Power™ Constructive Power™


  • JELD-WEN: That company has taken contents from our website.
    Jeld-Wen Wirus Schiek Plagiarization
    It seems to be, that S. Schiek wants to end his career as artist. Or has no one told him, that C.S. painted in this style 24 years ago?

    Comment of the Day #1
    HighGreenTech™ GreenHighTech™
    Greentech Competence™ Greentech Kompetenz™
    HighBlueTech™ BlueHighTech™
    Bluetech Competence™ Bluetech Kompetenz™
    Keeping Progress™
    Let us invent™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "To boldly go where no man has gone before" [Star Trek]

    Image of the Day
    Universe Highways
    © Carnegie Mellon University

    Comment of the Day
    "The total mass in the Universe is estimated of being about 6e52 to 1e54 kg and the number of atoms about 4e79 to 1e81. Moreover, it is estimated that there are about 1e9 times as many photons and neutrinos as atoms in the Universe. So, let us calculate and keep in mind: There is no beginning and there is no ending."
    [C.S. and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz]

    Image of the Day
    Lego Periodical Table of Chemical Elements
    © Lego®


  • Siemens: Green Power Edition
  • Constantin Medien→DSF and Motorvision: In a report for a auto- mobile magazin (246) a white Porsche RSR with a smiley on the front hood, that has no crown, but a certain yellow colour hue, which took us days to choose, a repetition of the smiley three times on the front bumper, and a driver with the forname Chris was shown.

    Please, follow the rules of our disclaimer.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Ontos™ One to Three™

    Comment of the Day #2 and Clarification
    If you want to use semantic technologies like an ontology-based system with a database or a semantic desktop with an underlying database, then there is a great chance that you will get problems with the patents for the OntoBroker by Ontoprise. The solution is our copyrighted Hightech Operating System™ (HOS™) OntoLinux™ toge- ther with our world wide unique innovation model and its cyclic quali- ty management system. And some of the best features of this Onto- logic System™ are: You can use ontologies, but you haven't to do this, and you can omit one to three extremly complex abstraction layers.

    Investigations::AI and Knowledge management

  • Bertelsmann→Arvato→inmediaONE→wissenmedia: In December 2008, that company bought Brockhaus.
  • ARD and Bayerischer Rundfunk: In the third part of the documen- tation called "Top Secret" a product by Ontos was shown on the 11th of October 2007.
  • Ontos: That company has stolen informations and concepts from our websites. That company is highly suspicious or even more.
  • Ontos and SAP: Ontos became a partner of SAP.

    Comment of the Day
    Electric SuperCars 'R' Us™


  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: "Mehr Spaß", "[...] 3 cm [...]", "[...] 30 Kilogramm [...]", and "[...] 300 Kilogramm [...]".

    Investigations::Car #105

  • Shelby SuperCars: As expected, that company has taken contents from our website Style of Speed once again. In this conjunction we do quote: "[...] revolutionary All-Electric [...] Powertrain [...]", "[...] Green powertrain [...]", "[...] revolutionary Green powertrain [...]", "[...] Charge on the Run [...]", "[...] 3-speed [...]", "[...] liquid cooled [...]", "[...] Green division [...]", "[...] 500 horsepower for light trucks and SUVs [...] heavy-duty equipment, buses and military vehicles [...]", and "[...] quick recharge [...]". And about its claim for the titel of the "World's Fastest Production Electric Car" we can only laugh and give the reader the links to our 962 ST, 333 ST, B!, D!, i!, M!, Belly Tank Lakester, Raptor RSR, and Apollo Speed-E.

    Electric SuperCars 'R' Us™

    Comment of the Day
    Electric SuperCars are Us™ Funmachine™

    Comment of the Day
    Electric Cars 'R' Us™ Electric Cars are Us™
    Electric Autos 'R' Us™ Electric Autos are Us™

    Comment of the Day
    Hightech 'R' Us™ Hightech are Us™
    Greentech 'R' Us™ Greentech are Us™
    Powered by Visions


  • Telekom: That company has once again taken a concept from our websites. This time it also founded a portal named "[...] garden".
  • Akademie der Wissenschaften Nordrhein Westfalen: The academay has founded some kind of a class with artists as members. It is also said, that this house, where researchers are interchanging in an interdisciplinary way, is now by this foundation the first of its kind that has a class of arts. We don't know, but it all sounds very much like our concept of the OntoLab and its now over 20 years long lasting aspiration in the area of Multimedia Arts. In this conjunction, we also quote: "Die Kunst ist auch eine Form der Forschung und eine Annäherung an die Wahrheit".
  • Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e. V. and University Kaiserslautern: The institutes hold a symposium about "Lunar base [...]" building for the living on the moon. Sadly, that they came with that effort more than 10 years to late, as well as with the question: "Will there be beer on the moon?". Furthermore, it's odd that too many known concepts were presented. A quote at the end gives the rest for a rating of this case by the reader: "[...] System[...] mit dem Menschen als Mittelpunkt".

    Investigations::Car #106

  • Toyota: Wahre Qualität zählt, Optimal Drive, and a little quote: "[...] Fahrspaß". How boring and uncreative.
  • Volkswagen: In an advertisement, that company shows three white cars on top of red, blue, and green car wrecks.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Vorsprung durch Kompetenz™ Vorsprung durch Qualität™
    IR-Ray Collector™ IR-Ray Panel™ Multi-Ray™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Wake up, it's time to become famous." [C.S., 3.December.2008]

    Comment of the Day #3
    "Every larger company, community of interests, and political party has spied out everyone else in the last years. Is it really so hard to understand this fact?"

    King Smiley Website update and Further steps
    Firstly, we are deciding about the structure of the new website of King Smiley.
    Secondly, after we saw Cy Twombly with his "The Rose" series, juxtaposed by lines from Rainer Maria Rilke's poem cycle "The Roses", and a neoplagiarist and bandwagon-jumper with his subworks "Dark Days" and "Supreme X", we have now decided about the new height of the adequate remuneration of $6.000.000 for a 880 x 880 pixel image or a t-shirt with print by C.S.. It has to be learned and accepted that the monetary value of a work is not crucially, or that originals are more worth than plagiarizations. Without this learning effect Arts are dead.

    King Smiley and OntomaX Website update
    The BOZZO Counter gets a new home here on the King Smiley website.


  • Google: Some times ago in the summer 2007, that company has taken concepts from OntoLinux and made a similiar logo like the sign of O#. As Microsoft, International Business Machines, Hewlett-Packard, SAP, and many other companies and institutes, Google also tried and for sure is trying to steal our technologies. What about working?

    Investigations::Car #107

  • Volkswagen→Audi: In an advertisement, that company shows a racecar of the DTM series in the negative image style, like this, but with reduced blue and green colour intensity.

    Comment of the Day
    "Everything you can imagine is real" [Pablo Picasso and C.S.]

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have publicated on the website of Style of Speed™ the new webpage for the cj!.

    Investigations::Car #108

  • Volkswagen→Audi:
  • Dunlop: That company has started an art car competition. In this sense: Feel the Road.
  • Axel Springer Auto Verlag→Auto Bild: In several reports, eg. about a tuned Volkswagen→Bugatti Veyron, the magazin is still distributing wrong facts and telling some lies.

    Investigations::AI and Knowledgemanagment

  • Ross D. King: That person from the university of Wales is a plagi- arist. He has stolen everything that is concerned with ontology-bas- ed systems, even the quotes made by other authors before.

    Question of the Day
    All the time everybody in the business is talking about teamwork. What about talking Ethics?

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have publicated on the website of Style of Speed™ the new webpage for Airships to show our airship concepts developed and publicated since 2003.

    King Smiley Further steps
    We have heighten the remuneration for a 880 x 880 pixel image or a t-shirt with print by C.S. to $12.000.000. We think it is more than adequate for the outstanding and totally ahead of his time and space works by C.S., and puts many things nearly back into order.
    And please, don't forget what we said on the 22nd of April 2009: Each masterpiece will be available only once and the acquisitor is free to decide the dimension and the kind of realization. T-shirt owners will have a lifelong reproduction option.

    Comment of the Day
    Now you need more than an iron lady to bring up the UK again. It is so unbelievable down. What a pitty.

    Investigations::Car #109

  • Royal College of Art: That institute has once again jumped on our bandwagon and tries to put a now no more existing progressivity into the public's mind. After the Royal College of Art/Volkswagen project "Day and Night" and the Royal College of Art/Kia project "Venus 2049", it showed with the latest Royal College of Art/General Motors project "Fast Forward into the Future" more than clearly, that it strategically has stolen massively informations and concepts from our websites. Convicted!!!™
    What we're expecting by teachers and for sure also by students of Arts, Architecture, and Design is creativity and not plagiarism. We also have the impression somehow, that the task was once again to take everything that is found on our websites, and rework it under the label of the Royal College of Art (RCA) and its sponsors. These all lead to nowhere or in a total chaos. May be we have to rename that institute into Royal College of Plagiarism (RCP), Damien Hirst College, or Peter Schreyer College.
  • Volkswagen and Royal College of Art: We do quote from a descrip- tion of the Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV)/Minivan Wigloo concept shown in the context of the "Day and Night" project: "Communica- tion is encouraged through a Penguin-themed robot, which interacts verbally [...]. This Volkswagen personality, named "Wigloo", is the heart of the car and also a direct connection with the home.", "Wig- loo's helpful support [...]", and "Using the latest in ink and material technology, the interior textile designs are bought to life - from a colorful garden by day, to a glowing dynamism by night.". For read- ing the whole story and seeing the original concepts, the website reader can visit our webpage of the SpeedVan at Style of Speed and the Innovation-Pipeline webpage at Ontonics.
  • Kia and Royal College of Art: We only make some qoutes from informations given about the "Venus 2049" project: "[...] three groups - Inside Out, Urban Flow and Automark [...]", "[...] research- ing the nature of beauty and [...] articulate the contemporary inter- pretation of beauty [...]", "[...] illusion and metaphor [...]", "[...] nucleus [...]", "[...] infinitive ways to investigate the object and discover it.", "[...] takes particular inspiration from the structures of nature, and how they dictate external form as well as from the creative forces used in nature [...]", "[...] rules of design and the freedom of art [...]", "[...] inspired by the snow [...]", "[...] aerial level in a tiered living scenario [...]", "[...] artistic interpretation of a speed-form [...]", "[...] beauty of cosmos (an orderly or harmonious system) [...]", "[...] cosmos would not have existed without chaos [...]", "[...] find the beauty that exists within chaos [...]", "[...] concept of "Duality", organic forms of spider webs and the rigid skeletal forms [...]", "[...] full of speed, reflected [...]", "[...] mobility that is green and healthy but does not compromise the joy of journey.", "[...] car [...] communicate with the driver.", as well as "[...] inspiration [...]", and "[...] vision [...]".
  • General Motors→Opel/Vauxhall and Royal College of Art: For simplicity we summarize the informations given in the internet on different websites about the "Fast Forward into the Future" project: "[...] division [...]", "Fast Forward into the Future", "[...] reinvented [...] brand values and aesthetics [...]", "[...] develop a vision [...]", "[...] D49 (or Darwin 2049) concept [...]", "Devoid of wheels, the vehicle hovers 10 cm above the ground by electro-magnetic power [...]", "[...] three turbines, two at the front [...]", ""It's an evolution to another transportation system"", "[...] emotional, pure and clean vision [...]", "[...] reflect the mood and feelings of the user through color [...]", "Personalized images can be displayed on the exterior [...] communicating the user's own style.", "[...] aerodynamic vehicle is powered by MAGLEV technology and has no wheels, running instead on designated tracks [...]", "[...] Modula concept enables future [...] customers to actively take part in the creation of their vehicle. Via a ‘modular editor' online interface, the customer can create a vehicle to suit their individual needs. Users choose from a variety of cabins, which defines the vehicle size and number of passengers.", "[...] offer infinite personalized possibilities [...]", "[...] three interior variations were born [...]", "[...] playground [...]", "Inspired by nature [...]", "Inspired by birds in a flock formation [...] glides through the air like a flute, creating a new sound for electric vehicles.", "[...] inspired by [...]", "[...] inspired by [...]", "Propelled by MAGLEV technology the concept also uses the principles of slipstreaming, which results in a collective aesthetic where every vehicle is seen flowing with each other in pattern formations.", "[...] driven on MAGLEV tracks [...]", "[...] inspired by illumination [...]", "[...] vision of purity and elegance displayed by curves [...]", "[...] composition of lines and layers [...]", "[...] "organic-mechanic" design [...]", "[...] personalize the structure and ergonomics [...]", "Inspired by philosophers [...]", "[...] proposal for different modules [...]", "[...] whole brand of a whole image [...]", "[...] 3D space [...]", "[...] balanced interior design, which is based on mathematic rules [...]", "[...] inspiration from deconstructivist architectural design for a new type [...]", "[...] jewel-like wedge-shaped [...] gives the impression of strength and engineering precision [...]", "[...] virtual world [...]", "[...] fractal [...]", "[...] exterior is simul- taneously reflecting and revealing [...]", "[...] build and sell dreams.", "[...] inspired by freedom. Highlighting the good and the bad of the highly developed world [...]", "[...] reflections formed by bio-muscle will shift the paradigm of vehicle aesthetics and human beings [...] resemble their users.", "[...] premise [...]", "[...] aerodynamic form of a teardrop [...]", "[...] adaptable surfaces [...]", "[...] wheel-less [...]", "[...] a new breed of vehicle which has no wheels [...]", "[...] run on magnetic levitation [...]", "[...] enjoy racing [...]", "[...] racing vehicle driven by the human brain [...]", "[...] controlled by a human neuro-technology system [...]", "[...] using driving skills motored by the brain [...]", "[...] achieve ideal harmony between vehicle and driver [...]", "[...] anti-gravity power [...]", "Inspired from light coming through an open door, this philosophical concept features four distinct areas at each corner: darkness and desire, eternal sunshine, the road to realization and collision of senses.", "[...] reconciles the traditional with the future, art with design and craftsmanship with high-end technology [...]", and "[...] very forward thinking and really pushed the boundaries in anticipating both practical and emotional needs from mobility [...]". So, here we really need to discuss who is the source, because the facts are clear and the answer is simple: SRacer, j!, Airship, and Speeder at Style of Speed, the Innovation-Pipeline webpage at Ontonics with the 0 Gravity section, and this website.
  • Pforzheim Universität: See Royal College of Art
  • Münchener Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften: See Pforzheim Universtiät
  • Ultima Media→Car Design News: No, that media is not a leader in its area. Real leaders don't hold back informations or pervert facts.
  • Ultima Media→Car Design News→Interior Motives: At the competi- tion 2008 the winning concepts were the Wigloo concept, the My Lounge concept "Inspired by the way people buy products such as clothes and furniture, [...] designed a basic 3-seat frame structure which can be "dressed up" with components produced by different brands, made with different style and materials to reflect the own- ers' taste." and "The car should reflect people’s personality [...]", the Helios concept "[...] is an electric off-road vehicle [...] powered by solar energy. To increase the surface area of the photovoltaic panels when not in motion, the upper surface of the car transform into a large "fan" with four wings to store more energy [...]", and "[...] inspired by natural evolution [...]", the Leaf Touch concept "It is capable of running on electric power as well as on solar energy while turning CO2 into O2 [...] allow to perform the photosynthesis process." and "[...] open-wheels design [...]", and the i-Shoes concept "electric flying board that can float and move at speeds [...] thanks to a system of five fans" and "[...] change direction by moving his center of gravity.". A little bit delicate is also, that the judging panel was made up by 8 Volkswagen clerks out of 12 judges and that many of the winning concepts were stolen concepts from our websites. The judges of Volkswagen did know this fact and judged actively in this way to direct the attention away from our company and our inventions. The website visitor can get an impression on her/his own by looking at the websites and webpages mentioned above, especially by visiting the Ape ESP webpage and this website with its news archive.
  • Daimler: The already convicted company did the following: It founded a new department named, what a surprise, E-Drive & Future Mobility. Furthermore, it bought today nearly 10 % of the heavily struggling Tesla Motors company. In this conjunction we would like to give some funny facts about Tesla Motors: That company needed in October 2008 over $100 millionen and $20 millionen for keeping up the cash-flow. 8 months too late, it has delivered nearly 60 cars in November 2008 of the more than 1200 orders, and is only able to build 10 cars in a week. But the best fact is, that roadster thing is still some kind of a prototyp. Our advice: :Drive with Style™
  • GreenGT: That company claims for building a race car with Pure Electric™ drivetrain. The shown prototyp is equipped with solar panels on the chassis and, after the owners, could take part at the Le Mans Race in 2010. This case is very easy to judge, exactly like the case with Shelby SuperCars, because all informations and concepts were already described before on our websites. Just right from the start: Convicted!!!

    Comment of the Day
    Bionic Air Vehicle™
    Driven by Competence™ Driven by Intelligence™ Driven by Knowledge™
    Driven by Hightech™ Driven by Fun™
    It's best™

    Question of the Day
    "Have you seen, that they all are doing what I'm doing?" [C.S., Today]

    Wolfram Alpha is not more than OntoWiki™ enriched with some few concepts of Natural Language Processing (NLP) mentioned on our websites like OntoLinux, some advices taken from the website of our upcoming Ontologic Information Systeme Ontologics.info, which could be seen as a find and answer engine, and informations given at this website.

    Ontonics Website update
    As announced on the 14th of March 2009, we have added to the webpage Innovation-Pipeline on the Ontonics website the unit:

  • ADDA,

    as well as the new units:

  • IR-Ray Collector/IR-Ray Panel,
  • UV-Ray Collector/UV-Ray Panel,
  • All-Ray Collector/All-Ray Panel, and
  • Multi-Ray Collector/Multi-Ray Panel.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We renamed the Ape ESP to Ape ESP 2.0 to reflect the update of its description by substituting solar panels with Multi-Ray Panels™.


  • Rheinische Post: With its report about a new kind of search engine, that newspaper showed once again and potentially for all times, that it has totally no clue about (high) technology.
  • Sanrio→Hello Kitty:
    Hello Kitty with Crown


  • Goethe Institut: Please, can someone explain us why that institute is talking about refrigerators with some kind of autonomy, or jackets with MP3 player connectivity and energy generation by the motion of its wearer under the subject visionaries. That's 10 years old or older stuff, and it sounds so unbelievable familiar (see OntoLab or Media Lab).

    Comment of the Day
    3D-Ray Collector™ 3D-Ray Panel™

    Ontonics Website update
    We have added to the webpage Innovation-Pipeline on the Ontonics website:

  • 3D-Multi-Ray Collector/3D-Multi-Ray Panel.

    Also, we lifted the secret of the Lunar Collector/Lunar Panel by adding to its description the alternative names Gamma-Ray Collector/Gamma-Ray Panel and the corresponding informations about its ray spectrum.


  • Wikipedia: We have found once again contents from our websites as well as wrong, misleading, and/or manipulative contents in that internet portal. We can't believe why politicians are supporting that thing.

    Comment of the Day
    Super Sports Cars 'R' Us™ Super Sports Cars are Us™

    Investigations::Car #110

  • Motorentechnik Mayer: Once again that already convicted company took contents from our website Style of Speed. We do quote in our now traditonal style from its press release: "[...] every customer wish [...]", "[...] original GT3 Porsche green colour [...]", "[...] super sports car [...]", "[...] all customer wishes and creates a unique [...]", "[...] striking [...]", "[...] super sports car [...]", "[...] garish green paint [...]", "[...] confirms its love [...]", "[...] ultra-light [...] light alloy wheels measuring 9 x 20 and 11 x 20 [...]", "[...] high-quality [...] technology of the rim [...]", "[...] green [...]", "[...] green [...]", "[...] green [...]", "[...] striking colour [...]", "[...] sty- lishness [...]", "[...] third up to breathtaking [...]", "[...] ceramic-coated end pipes [...]", "[...] gained power [...]", "[...] achieves top speeds on the race [...]", "[...] world-wide renowned automobile manufacturer confirms that there are no limits [...]", and "[...] highest production quality, precisely designed according to the wishes of the customer [...]". Besides, the ceramic-coated end pipes remind us of the ceramic exhaust of the Ford GT 90. And if you really want one of this guaranteed unique R8s come to Style of Speed, we have no contract with that plagiator and will top it for sure with an original.
    Super Sports Cars 'R' Us™
  • Axel Springer Auto Verlag→Auto Bild: On the same day (the 19th of May 2009) we reported about Daimler and its aspiration with Tesla Motors, that media publicated a report in its GreenAuto section about a race done with a roadster by Tesla Motors, an image made by Zero showing a car with the start number 30, and a claim by Tesla Motors for having more than 1000 orders for its Model S auto.

    Comment of the Day #1
    !Girl™ b°!°o°™ !i™ 3!™ !@™ @!™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "I would pay these prizes." [C.S., Today] (in german: "Diese Preise würde ich bezahlen.")

    Comment of the Day
    Green-Tech Avantgarde™ Blue-Tech Avantgarde™

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added the paragraph "Green-Tech Competence" to the Profile webpage on the website of Style of Speed™..

    Comment of the Day #1
    Leidenschaft für Exzellenz™

    Comment of the Day #2
    General Motors is insolvent.


  • Sony: "Die Revolution [...]" and Motionflow. Furthermore, in a tv advertisement some kind of a ring made up of red rings is shown.
  • Hitachi: Inspire the Next
  • Bridgestone: "[...] Qualität, Sicherheit, Performance [...]"
  • Forschungszentrum Jülich: The research center got not one but three systems for High-Performance Computing (HPC). We want to know the height of the investment.
  • Microsoft: "[...] eine neue Form von Energie [...]". Btw.: F# is the rest of Mozart/Oz 2.0 developed by the Saarland University for more than the whole sum of 1.200.000 DM (Deutsche Mark) and sold to Microsoft for 50.000 EUR (Euro).
    And we repeat with pleasure: The invention of C# (CSharp) and its multiparadigmatic approach was done by C.S. based on C++ and Mozart/Oz 1.x., OntoLinux is a further development of this approach together with an operating system and, as the competent reader knows, with much much much more.
  • Heise Verlag→IX: Many experts already have known this: The magazin is a Microsoft magazin. But now the manipulation of the public has taken a new quality, which is no longer acceptable.
  • University of Cambridge: That institute is going down more and more. Especially everything that is concerned with Computer Sciences, Robotics, and Microsoft.
  • Red Bull: Cocaine in cola? Aha, that was it and explains all.


  • Intel, Max-Planck-Institut, Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH, and Universität Saarbrücken: The companies and the institute founded the Intel Visual Computing Institute at the Saarland University for researching and developing the next generation of the 3D-internet. The concept, research themes, and goals sound very familiar to the works done by the OntoLab and Ontologics OntoLinux, as well as the C-AT and Visualytics units listed on the Innovation-Pipeline by Ontonics. So claiming for a worldwide unique competence seems to be an audacious lie.

    Investigations::AI and Knowledge management

  • Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie and Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH: An employee by that company become the award winner of the THESEUS competi- tion for young talents with the idea: "ONTOBOT: Ideen und Szen- arien für den Einsatz von Ontologien in Chatbots.". That company and the ministry both know since years that Ontobot™ is a protected trademark by the Christian Stroetmann GmbH.

    Investigations::Car #111/Inspired by Us™

  • Volkswagen and Partners:

    Volkswagen and Partners Scirocco GT24 Compressed Natural Gas

  • Volkswagen: We have once again to quote: "[...] nearly 300 hp [...]", "[...] new generation [...] high [...]", "[...] driving dynamics [...]", "[...] multi [...]", "[...] three [...] reflects [...] achieved [...]", "[...] 330 PS [...]", "[...] car without compromise and a race track [...]", "[...] third [...] generation [...]", and "[...] striking [...]".

    Image of the Day
    Tishman Building, New York City, U.S.A.

    Tishman Building New York 5th Avenue 666
    © :(

    Image of the Day
    Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban, the National Parliament of Bangladesh, Dhaka, People's Republic of Bangladesh, designed by Louis Isadore Kahn

    Louis Isadore Kahn, Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban/Bangladesh National Parliament
    © :(

    Image of the Day
    49th Fighter Wing9th Tactical Fighter Squadron
    © Holloman Air Force Base

    In an actively misleading report by the german television channel ZDF it was said that the company Magna has a high competence in drivetrains for electric vehicles. We disagree to this report: Magna has nearly no clue in this area. The competences come from other companies like the Christian Stroetmann GmbH with its subsidiary Style of Speed or Tesla Motors. Magna is only taking the concepts.

    Investigations::Car #112

  • Porsche:
    Porsche Cayman in Red, Green, and Blue
  • GTA Motor: We do quote the massively stolen contents of a press release by that partly lying company: "[...] time without time [...]", "[...] moon shone high in the sky [...]", "[...] magical [...]", "[...] symbol of light which represents the qualities of strength and courage.", "[...] masterpieces [...]", "[...] born as the fastest and most powerful [...]", "Chassis made out of carbon fibre, titanium and Kevlar", "The only car in the world, built from materials based on aeronautical technology. [That's a stupid and bold lie.]", "[...] Glass roof with its exclusive lighting and opaqueness system [our eVSG solution can do much more]", "[...] bioethanol version [...]", "[...] dream come true [also stolen]", "[...] 30 [...]", "[...] applied innova- tions [...]", "[...] revolutionary technical solutions [...]", "[...] more ecological product than other [...]", "[...] launching [...]", "[...] pioneering [...] [another lie]", "[...] most advanced technology, innovative aesthetics [...]", "[...] extraordinay [...]", "[...] different style [...]", "[...] original [...]", "[...] rendering it [...]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] built in aeronautical mechanised aluminium [...]", "[...] strong quality [...]", "[...] secrets [...]", "The instrument panel is distinguished by an LCD screen, wich can be personalised according to the customer´s requiremen[t]s and provides all the necessary information. [sounds like our e-dashboard]", "One of [...]´s innova- tions is that it has no central rear-view mirror, rather a rear camera that projects on to an LCD screen [...] [No, it's not an invention. Even the Porsche Dauer 962 LM has got it.]", "An active suspension control system[,] w[h]ich electronically self regulates and program- mes the height of the suspension.", "Exclusive digital dashboard [e-dashboard]", "LED Technology", "[...] compressor [...]", "[...] three [...]", "[...] customer´s wishes [...]", "[...] three [...]", "[...] state of the art [...]", "[...] achieving [...]", "[...] section [...]", and "[...] maximum quality [...]". Please, can someone explain these daydreamers where carbon fibre, titanium, and Kevlar came from (e.g. aeronautical components)?
    Btw.: It sounds like a spanish Gumpert :D
  • G-Power: We found "Hurricane CS" and make some quotes: "[...] last but not least [...]", "[...] stronger [...]", "[...] Diamond [...]", "[...] street-legal [...]", "[...] titan [...]", and "[...] for the drive [...]".
  • Unique Sportcars: We do quote from a press release by that company: "[...] Unique Sportcars [...]", "[...] Super Sports Car for the streets.", "[...] Skull [...]", "[...] design implementations [...]", "In touch with modern fashion [...]", "[...] inspiring [...]", "[...] customer`s wishes [...]", "[...] design composition and project engineering [...]", "[...] gimmick [...]", "[...] new generation [...]", "[...] rims [...]", "[...] 3 [...]", "[...] brilliant [...]", "[...] design and modern technology [...]", "[...] heart [...]", and "[...] evolutionary [...]". Convicted!!!™
  • Rinspeed: That company is now convicted of stealing contents, concepts, and informations from our websites. We do quote from an internet report: "Recognizing the intimate link between car design, automotive culture and graphic art, [that company] introduces its Official Fine Graphic Art Collection.", "Car and art enthusiasts can purchase a particular artwork on-line by choosing three different media of reproduction: canvas, art paper and Plexiglas.", "They can also choose the size in which to receive their artwork to fit their interiors. Each artwork is a bespoke creation, tailored to the indivi- dual order.", "[...] artworks are realized in open, limited or unique editions.", "[...] original creations [...]", "[...] beauty of speed.", and "[...] orbit [...]". That's not art, that's cheap marketing. And if it would be art, what it is definitely not, then it would be called plagarism.

    Comment of the Day
    "Arts can't be studied, but made only." "Kunst kann man nicht studieren, sondern nur machen." [C.S., Today]

    Question of the Day
    Are you ready to warp?

    Pod and Swoop Racing League Further steps #3
    Members by a french team started to test structural and aerody- namical characteristics of their first pod version, actually without repulsorlift.
    French Team Pod Testing
    © :(

    Investigations::Car #113

  • Nvidia and icar: The companies have teamed up and are working on a 3D gauge cluster for cars. Once again companies are trying to clone our e-dashboard™ concept.


  • B.R.D. government and Co: Once again and as more than the last 10 years the same happens: Our concepts were taken and passed by cheap tricks to other persons. After the before on this website mentioned extension of the already convicted Institut für Mobilfunk und Satellitentechnik GmbH, which never produced a real economical gain all the years of its existence, the related University Duisburg/ Essen should get an institute for Nano-Energytechnology, which cost 43 million EUR. The argumentation for establishing that new institute is a giant affront to every progressive corporation, espec- ially in the area of Nanotechnology. The following is said in this conjunction: Due to the everywhere mentioned applications of Nanotechnology on one side and the not existing products on the other side the problem must be that there is no center for research and development. But the fact is, that pioneering persons and companies are blocked with criminal methods by the same groups, who decide about the money for founding new competence centers like those mentioned before in this investigation and on this website.
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