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OntoLinux Website update
We have added to the OntoFS webpage of our Hightech Operating System OntoLinux a paragraph that gives some informations about data integrity.


  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland→tagesschau.de: Just after we cleared the homepages of three websites, 3 news messages were uploaded in a row by that working pool of the broadcasting corpor- ations of the Federal Republic of Germany.
    Besides this, that bold group complained by refering to the german constitution and the freedom of the press, that some other groups don't want to let take part anymore its journalists in meetings. We already have proved that that working pool isn't following the germ- an constitution nor doing its task, so that there is no reason to complain.
  • Rheinische Post: That nazi paper hasn't given up to include in its reports the 3 Theme.
  • Bertelsmann→RTL: As a prize for a game a Mobile Device was promoted that comes from a company which copied a part of the BitPirat™ story. That was arranged.

  • Boston Consulting: The company has started an ad campaign with a poster that shows the spaceship Enterprise of the Star Trek saga as a ship in a bottle.
    Btw.: The idea of the spaceship Enterprise in a bottle is some years old.

  • McDonald's: That company jumped on the 3 Theme and the Star Theme with a commercial that is centered around something like "3 Sterne==3 stars".
  • L'Oréal: For a marque of that company the term style is exhaust- ively used. Furthermore, we do quote out of a commercial of another product: "3 Minuten==3 minutes", "5 Probleme==5 problems", "1 Lö- sung==1 solution" and some more. That makes now 500 millions USD.

  • Adidas: Again, that company has stolen contents from our web- sites. This time it has copied the webpage of the spaceship TIE R/ LightSwift™ by translating the key phrases into german and replac- ing the images of the spaceship with an image of a soccer shoe with luminous cleads in the style of the spaceship side wings. The related text is: "Lichtgeschwindigkeit==lightspeed", "Leichteste und Schnellste==Lightest and Swiftest [Got it? If not: It's derived from LightSwift!]" and "Rakete==rocket" besides the label "[]zero". That makes 500 millions USD.
    Also, we can see a product with an "Italian colorway".
  • PPR→Puma: For a sports shoe vendor the slogan "[...] Styled for [...]" was used.
    Furthermore, a fragrance is named [...]magical and announced with "Get Wild" (compare with the model names of the #:>™ (Wild Fun)™ and #;>™ (Wild Riot)™ by Style of Speed™)
  • Foot Locker: We quote some terms and phrases from its webpage: "way of life", "re-invented", "revolution", "styled", "enthusiast", "strik- ing", "'Sleek' version", "red, white and black", "contemporary street style [SuperTrileGotcha!!!™]", "equipment" and for sure much more.

    The industrial companies proved again that innovations aren't devel- oped by them, even if it seems likely at the first views.


  • International Business Machines: In a television commercial that company jumped on the bandwagon of applying data analysis to find patterns (see the innovation field Ontonics, Pattern==Muster). It is then no surprise that the shown examples of real world problems came from the fields traffic, energy and health care. How cheap and reactive only.
  • Asustek Computer: Like the other plagiarists of our intelliTablet (iTablet)™ that company presented at a large exhibition as well a clone of the intelliTablet (iTablet)™ in the slate style. Besides this Mobile Device™ a so called e-reader with stylus support for note- taking is shown, which directly points to the booklet series of inte- lliTablet (iTablet)™. It is so familiar, isn't it?
  • LG: That company has taken contents, concepts and technologies from our websites. For one product in the field of Pure 3D™ terms like magisch==magic and "neuer, faszinierender Qualität==newer, fascinating quality" were used, while in an advertisement for another product we found the slogan "Echt Smart. Das Mini.==True Smart. That Mini.".
  • Mozilla Foundation: Since several years, the open source project has massively stolen contents and concepts from our websites. That isn't really a surprise, if a person has the knowledge that the project collaborates with the working pool of the broadcasting corporations of the Federal Republic of Germany and the company Deutsche Tele- kom. The project also promotes knowingly fraudsters that have stol- en contents, concepts and technologies as well from our websites with the goal to damage our company.
  • Mozilla Foundation and Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-recht- lichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland→tages- schau.de: The news feed of that criminal working pool of german broadcasters is the pre-configured news feed of the german version of the foundation's web browser.
  • Mozilla Foundation and Deutsche Telekom: The certification syst- em by that criminal company is part of the related feature of the web browser by that open source project.

    On our Culture webpage we had to document further the nonsense that is actually called culture by making some notes again about that Ruhr European Capital of (Non-)Culture 2010 event and the whatever dude Terence Koh, as well as a general note.


  • Citibank: In an internet advertisement a red paper plane is shown. If the reader takes a look at the webpage Hypersoar by Style of Speed™ and an image of the Hot Spot of Innovations™, then she/he understands easily why.

    Investigations::Car #263

  • Ford→Volvo: In a commercial we saw 3 cars driving in a row all the time, which is a clear sign of a jump on the bandwagon of the 3 Theme, and a statement that contains the term "Fahrspaß==driving fun". The originals can be found on the webpages of the models Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™) and :D™ (Big Fun™) by Style of Speed™.
  • Daimler→Mercedes-Benz: That criminal company tried the gematria system by showing in a commercial a car with the number plate that has the number 350.


  • Cable News Network: In a report about clones of our intelliTablet (iTablet)™ and P@d™ it came out that an U.S.American product, that was hyped by the media, is even a clone of a clone from China. Interesting is also how unbelievable difficult it is to accept the truth by some groups in the U.S.A..

    OntoLinux Website update
    We have added to the OntoFS webpage of our Hightech Operating System OntoLinux a paragraph that describes how OntoFS overlaps with OntoVE. Moreover, the text of the webpage was harmonized without touching the meaning of its contents.

    Investigations::Multimedia Linux Security and Integrity Special

  • General: Directly after we described the seamless support by our OntoFS file system of the SELinux approach by the National Security Agency and data integrity, several companies reacted by opening new threads in the mailing list of the developers of Linux® file syst- ems.
  • Canonical: A developer of that company opened a thread about a problem. After the problem was discussed long enough for a first software patch, he sent several days long his patch which doesn't solved the problem as discussed. Due to the fact that the problem exists since so many years we can see by this acting only a market- ing related diversion from our activities.
  • Another company: A further company that develops and maintains a security related approach for Linux® opened a new thread like the company Canonical.
  • And another company: see Another company
  • And just another company: see And another company
  • International Business Machines: That company came up as well with the opening of a new thread in the mailing list of Linux® file system developers that is concerned with security and virtual mach- ines.
  • Oracle: For sure, that company is also talking about how the file system acts as a conduit for integrity metadata from user space, which means in this context from the Virtual File System (VFS) layer.
  • Google: That company suddenly explained that since January 2010 it is ditching the operating system Windows by the company Micro- soft for security.

    We made a general notes about the Stroetmanneums and the international media, and a note about the museum Maxxi in Rome, Italy, on our Culture webpage.


  • Microsoft: For a commercial in the World Wide Web the company has stolen contents from our websites to imitate us and our activi- ties, especially around our OntoLinux™ operating system, again and as always. This time it has stolen our OntomaX slogan "We'll get the job done™" with the slogan "Get the job done.". In the same comm- ercial it made the slogan "More mobility. More security. More pro- ductivity.", which leads directly to the webpage of our OntoFS file system of the Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™. After the company Google ditched the Windows operating system it is no wonder that the company Microsoft advertised it for small business- es. As if small businesses have no need for more security.
    Btw.: That company doesn't want to pay its bill of around 3 billions USD for C# and related technologies, as well as other technologies, like multi-touch focused hardware systems.
  • Telefónica→Telefónica O2 Germany: Like two large IT-companies before (see Investigations::Multimedia of the 2nd and 13th of April 2010), that company showed in a commercial on television a Mobile Device™ that is running our Glassy™ application. Again that compa- ny is: Convicted!!!™
  • Google: That company begged for pardon in a video blog of the german television for scanning illegally data. Excuses by that criminal company are worthless as long as it has no credit, does not under- stand the points we mentioned at the 18th and 27th of May 2009, and hasn't payed the bills of the Christian Stroetmann GmbH. Furthermore, the statements that claimed that the company doesn't create user profiles and sell gained informations about users are bold lies. We know that that criminal company has done this many times in the past, and that some years ago the informations were already of much higher detail than most of the users are able to imagine and are stored as long as its hard disks are spinning. And it says itself that it gives such data to the secret services and the police of a state, so these data must be relatable to a person or otherwise it would make no sense for governmental organizations. By the way, the legality of the latter case is even not discussed and a giant mess.

    For persons and groups of persons who resist to follow laws or rules the communities have terms: terrorists and putschists.

  • Redhat→Edward Shishkin: As it came to light, the maintainer of the R4 file system is now a principal software engineer of that com- pany and does work around the Btrfs file system. This explains now the Btrfs GNU GRUB case (see Investigations::Multimedia of the 12th of December 2009).
  • Oracle: After the anaylsis of the Btrfs file system new facts came to the surface: The file system implements only the parts/design ideas of the R4 file system, a B-tree data structure (which gave it its name) with some tools, that were accepted by a small group of kernel developers of Linux® to pull away the interest from the R4 file system and push the attention into the direction of the activities around the file system by that company. Due to the fact that the B-tree data structure or related variants are used in most of the databases as the foundational data structure, it is clear that the largest manufacturer of database management systems and related software was against an integration of this kind of data structure into file systems, especially as it was done in a very high quality by the company Namesys. Now the results of the analysis of the Btrfs file system by the R4 maintainer proved clearly that the Btrfs project is indeed a marketing hoax/vaporware for protecting its database management systems and the technologies that are based on these systems, because only a basic B-tree data structure is implemented with the Btrfs file system, which is totally unsuited for file systems. Also, this integration of file system and database technologies was even done totally wrong from the conceptual point of view, the de- sign of the file system and its implementation. There are definitely no doubts, that that criminal company Oracle knows these facts, for sure. In this way it could build up its marketing strategy and create in this mad manner a file system in the hope that other concepts of other file systems will be copied into the Btrfs file system by its de- velopers, like example given the combination of B*-tree and dancing tree data structures from the R4 file system. On the other hand the latter of that bold strategy sadly works already, for example the idea to directly support the Securtiy-Enhanced Linux® by the Btrfs file system was already stolen from the website of our ontologic and op- erating system OntoLinux™ by a developer of Hewlett-Packard to- gether with the Oracle developer, but again on the lowest level, as usual. Now that company is: Busted and convicted!!!™.
    Btw.: For everybody who still hasn't understood the situation: Data- base management systems, the Java and C# programming languag- es, and web browsers are obsolete since the start of OntoLinux™ with its OntoFS and Ontosocpe components.
  • Linux Foundation: Some developers of the kernel and file systems of Linux® claimed some months ago that the Btrfs file system would be a potential candidate for the next generation standard file system of Linux® based distributions besides the Ext4 file system and that developers shouldn't spend their time anymore with the development of other file systems. But the result of the analysis of the Btrfs file system by the maintainer of the R4 file system shows clearly that the Btrfs file system never was, is or will be a potential candidate for the next generation standard file system of Linux®, and should be thrown out of the development mainline again due to its conceptual and technological deficits, and experimental status in favor of our OntoFS file system. The plugin system of its basic R4 file system was never a problem for mainline inclusion as it was claimed by File System (FS) and Virtual File System (VFS) developers, because backup software for example is bypassing the VFS layer. The FS and VFS maintainers knew this fact all the time. Besides this, the HFS+ file system is in the development mainline despite its also well known hardlink problem. This makes another heavily attacked feature of the R4 file system a little tolerable issue, which isn't enough to refuse the mainline inclusion, or otherwise an argument to throw the file systems HFS and HFS+ out of the development mainline as well. Furthermore, if all would have worked together, then the other little problem with the R4 file system could have been solved easily in the last 6 years. We do re- quest the kernel, FS and VFS developers to clarify the case, espec- ially with the file system Btrfs.

    Besides this, it came out as well that all the years no file system or virtual file system developer has reviewed the code of the Security-Enhanced Linux® and found the serious security holes that arise in conjunction with standard functions of the operating system which have access to data structures in the VFS layer. We are perplexed.


  • Apple: That only stealing criminal company which has cloned the Chinese clone of our intelliTablet (iTablet)™ and P@d™ advertised its clone in a commercial with contents that was stolen from our websites, like "macht das Internet greifbar==makes the internet tangible [see the section Multimedia on the webpage Links to Hard- ware of the OntoLinux™]" "magisch=magic", "Revolution [compare with the intelliTablet Further steps of the 6th of January 2010]" and "[... Revolution] hat gerade erst begonnen==[... revolution] has just begun", for example [see also for example the Investigations::Multi- media of the 27th of January and 17th of February 2010]. Why the information is given that there are 200,000 so called apps, which all are not for free, is some how odd and pure nonsense as well, be- cause with our Super Revolutionary™ Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™ a user has millions of (mini) app(lication)s at free dis- posal.
    Btw.: That company doesn't want to pay its bill of around 3 billions USD for operating system features as well as other technologies, like multi-touch focused hardware systems.

    We started the revolution™ and definitely not these fraudsters.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    At this point we would like to give the reader the information that the 962 ST by Style of Speed™ is already designed since more than 6 years to be much more comfortable for the driver and the pass- enger than the original Porsche Dauer 962 Le Mans. Actually, we've some other problems, like: To decide if we should stay with the original butterfly doors or instead take gullwing doors.


  • McDonald's: That company jumped on the bandwagon of the Hot Wheels and "stylische==stylish" Hello Kitty Themes (compare with the webpage of the motorcycle model #2, and the webpages of the Bug!™ and Black Snow™ in the section Car Hot Rod by Style of Speed™, the image "Jolly Kitty #0003" and the Clarification of the 14th of November 2009)

    Investigations::Car #264

  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: For a special version of a race car, art- istic elements together with contents and concepts have been stol- en from our websites. We have to document this case by quoting: "[...] spirit [...]", "[...] rolling pieces [...] [Don't confuse this phrase with the Rolling Stones.]", "[...] the artist collected images of race cars, related graphics, vibrant colors, speed and explosions [...] [Oh, how creatively copied the actings by C.S..]", "[...] bright colors [...]", "[...] transcend with the car [...] [The pseudo artist should become more transcend with his psychologist.]", "[...] collaboration [...]", "[...] conduct in-depth explorations of materials and applicat- ion options that will prove [...] [Do that criminal company and that pseudo artist still need explorations in these fields? How unbelievable incompetent.]", "[...] 3-D computer-aided design (CAD) models [...] [How boring.]", "[...] simulate [...]", "[...] inspire [...]", "[...] super- vision [...] [This term has here the meaning of superblind.]", "[...] interfere [...]", "[...] onto [...]", "[...] 3D into 2D [...]", "[...] onto [...] [Two times the cheap onto trick is applied in one sentence? SuperGotcha!!!™]", "[...] bright contrasting colors to communicate the aesthetics of power [...]", "[...] transformed [...]", "[...] two graphic rings on the rear of the [vehicle] represent supersonic acc- eleration [...] [Okay, the reader knows now what's again going on here, especially after she/he took a look at the image of our X-3033/ MagicStar™.]", "[...] fall in love [...]", "[...] laying the foundation [...]", "Derived [...]", "[...] racing-caliber [...]", "[...] lightweight [...]", "[...] labeled with the logos [...] [Oh, oh, oh: How stupid is that statement in relation with a race car?]", "[...] cultural programs have been an integral part of the company’s contributions to society [...] [Like only stealing?! We're more than sure that the society giv- es a damn on such a commitment if it's financed by crimes only.]" and "[...] key components [...]". And we've also a little grip into the toilet by that company: On one hand it tells us that an artist was in an intense collaboration with a company's team for months, but su- ddenly timing was also an issue, as there was only a two month win- dow between the first design sketches and the world premiere, and even later we got the information that the collaboration between that company and an artist began already in 2003. So what now and what's that for a project management?
  • Tata→Jaguar: That criminal company has again stolen contents and concepts from our websites, like Style of Speed™. We quote out of a commercial that was shown in the german television: "neu definierenden==new defining", "sportlicher Luxus==sporty luxury", "faszinierendes Desgin==fascinating design", "inspiriert durch die Raumfahrt==inspired by the space flight [That's a criminal lie.]" and much more. We would wait for the short Panamera, the rumoured successor of the model 928, with 2+2 seats configuration. Then you'll get fun.
  • Brabus: If someone thinks that company is so unbelievable comp- etent and innovative, then we can only say: Sorry, but as a true Daimler tuner it's only stealing, for sure. We do quote to document the next case: "[...] RS [...] [Even the labels are now copied in the sense: We must do only what the others do.]", "[...] Top Speed of More Than 330 [...] [Speed and 3 Themes]", "[...] more powerful, faster, more [...]", "[That criminal company] can! [That's stolen from the webpage of the Can™ by Style of Speed™.]", "Equipped [...]", "[...] high-performance model delivers even more power [...] [The repeated phrase "more power" comes from the webpage of the Eos BB. The phrase was there since many years unused.]", "[...] elegant combination [...]", "[...] matte black [...] [Stealth Black™]", "[...] striking [...]", "[...] customization to customers' individual specificat- ions [...] [This is related to the webpages of our motorcyle models #4™ and #5™, but also to the webpage of the Black Snow™ hot rod by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] true [...]", "[...] logos on the illuminat- ed [...]", "[...] high-tech twin [...]", "[...] integrated [...]", "[...] high-performance [...]", "[...] carbon-fiber hood scoop [...]", "[...] high-performance components [...]" and "[...] high-tech lubricants [...]". Without any doubts, for the shown car design elements were stolen from the webpages of the 911 BB and Panamera BB by Style of Speed™. The explanation that the car was designed after the desire of a longtime customer is simply said a bold lie for us. Has someone really expected something else?
    Btw.: That criminal company also is a partner of the subsidiary Aral by the so environmental friendly (not really) company BP in the field of lubrication.
  • Alpina: While at first sight the description of a new model looks as being correct, the shown car with the number plate "[...]-BB 3" clearly proves where the story came from. We do quote before third parties begin to tell nonsense: "Innovative [...]", "[...] excellent [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] logical [...]", "[...] harmonious and multi-faceted [...]", "[...] explosive performance with a high lev- el [...]", "[...] cleanly [...]", "[...] massive thrust [...]", "[...] sporty, dynamic and economic driving been so enjoyable [...]", "[...] out- standing [...]", "[...] combined [...]", "[...] modern [...]", "[...] max- imum boost [...]", "[...] specific output [...] [Don't confuse this term with the measuring unit specific impulse.]", "[...] high-performance cooling system with an additional cooling [...] [For all readers who still haven't recognized the themes: Green Hightech™ and Rocket science.]", "[...] more performance, better economy [...]", "Despite superior performance [...]", "[...] enables especially efficient combu- stion [...] [And here is the third theme: Combined Combustion En- gine™.]", "[...] modern highperformance [...]", "[...] true sporting qualities [...]", "[...] beautifully united [...]", "[...] elegant, fine lines [...]", "[...] high performance cooling system [...]", "[...] fresh, evo- lutionary design [...] [SuperDoubleGotcha!!!™]", "[...] three-dimens- ional [...]", "[...] equipment [...]", "[...] sports steering [wheel ...] touch [...] [Gotcha]", "[...] additional [...]", "[...] digital speed [...]", "[...] light-weight [...]" and "[...] reduce unsprung mass [...] [Super- Gotcha!!!™ How boring.]".
  • Spano: We've to make some quotes again: "[...] symbol of light which represents the qualities of strength and courage [...]", "[...] masterpieces [...] [The Masterpiece™]", "[...] aeronautical techno- logy [...] [Oh, come on. That's boring.]", "[...] equipped [...]", "[...] dream come true; build a super sports car that combines all the automobile technology with perfect, sportsmanship, elegance and exclusivity [...] [And then Little Red Riding Hood said to the wolf: Blablabla.]", "[...] 30 [...]", "[...] development of applied innovations [...] [That phrase shows creativity, but means nonsense only.]", "[...] revolutionary [...] [SuperGotcha!!!™]", "[...] launching point [...] [Rocket science story]", "[...] pioneeering [...]", "[...] boasts the most advanced technology, innovative aesthetics, studied ae- rodynamics and a good number of solutions for the future [...]", "[...] extraordinay [...]", "[...] does not resemble other cars in any way [...] [But the Spanish Gumpert has even now the rear lights and wing of the Gumpert car.]", "[...] different style [...]", "[...] original [...]", "As in all true sports cars, the doors have not doorframes. [And some persons of that company indeed have not brains.]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] strong quality [...]", "[...] panoramic glass roof [...] [That's copied from the webpage of the model Pan by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] enhances the sense [...] [That comes from the paragraph Human Enhancement and Cyborgs of the webpage Terms of the 21st Century of the OntoLinux™ website.]", "[...] luminosity [...]", "[...] elegant [...]", "[...] impression of luxury [...]", "[...] in- strument panel is an LCD screen, which can be personalised accord- ing to the customer's requiremens and provides the driver with all the necessary information [...] [That's stolen from the webpages of the unrivaled B!™, 9!™ and M!™ - The Masterpiece™, as well as the Cup!™ by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] totally [...]", "One of [the com- pany's] innovations is that there is no central rear-view mirror; in- stead there is a rear camera that projects onto the LCD screen which is aptly located on the dashboard. [Besides the stolen speech act, this statement is a criminal lie as well. Indeed, such a video system was and still is a requirement by the german Technical Con- trol Board for giving the Dauer 962 Le Mans (962 ST) its street legal status.", "[...] state-of-the-art [...]", "Equipment", "[...] active sus- pension control system [...] [Don't confuse that lowtech system with our hightech Active Suspension system, which is several levels better.]", "Self-regulation rear wing [...]", "[...] enhance the com- pressor [...]", "These figures place it directly among the five fastest cars commercialized in the world. [Again a criminal lie. There exist more than 30 commercialized automobiles, which top that car.]", "[...] three options [...]", "[...] one of the few cars in the world with aeronautical components [...] [So? These statements are so stupid that we've no words anymore to comment them.]", "[...] equipment [...]", "[...] potential [...]", "[...] self-adjusting shock absorbers [...]", "[...] maximum quality [...]", "[...] components [...]" and "[...] collaborating [...]". We really thought that the bold actings and fairy tales by the company Gumpert couldn't be topped, but that compa- ny gives it all. Also, we are sure that the most of its patents are worthless, so don't be fooled even more.
  • TopCar: As always that company showed some weeks ago its true Russian nature. For sure, we do quote out of a press release to give interested persons the opportunity to distinguish that copies here from the originals: "[...] astonishing [...]", "[...] impression of valu- able sophisticated pattern [...]", "[...] supplemented [...] [Okay, let's do it: Gotcha!!!™.]", "[...] combined with the retractable origin- al [...]", "[...] fantastic [...]", "[...] advantage [...]", "[...] charact- eristics [...]", "[...] lightweight [...]", "[...] original [...]", "In addition [...]", "[...] namely [...] [That's a nice example for a stolen speech act.]" and "[...] style [...]".
  • Project Kahn: Many a little makes a mickle. We make our quotes: "[...] signature [...]", "[...] smart styling [...]", "[...] inspiration [...]", "[...] king of aesthetic conversions [...] [He isn't a king, because he has no style.]" and "[...] matt black signature bonnet stripe [...] [A familar style element like this was already shown with a special vers- ion of a Volkswagen→Porsche Cayman. As we said, that king isn't one.]".
  • Prior Design: Again, many a little makes a mickle. We have often looked at that little and only copying company, and knew all the time that we'll document a case: "[...] creation [...]", "[...] more perfect [...]", "[...] inspiration very clearly was the super sports car [...] [By knowing as well its conversions of the Volkswagen model Scirocco we do know that our website of Style of Speed™ was the true source of inspiration.]", "[...] excite every car enthusiast [...]", "[...] massive [...]", "[...] harmonious line [...]", "[...] futuristic [...]", "[...] high-performance [...]", "[...] reminiscent [...] [That's not the common language in its village.]", "[...] harmoniously [...]" and "[...] equipped with a diffuser based on racing technology [...] [see Active Diffusor™]".
  • Caterham Cars: The company jumped on the bandwagon of the Exterior Themes™. To document this fact, we have some related quotes: "[...] iconic [...]", "[...] theme [...]", "[...] matching colour scheme [...]", "[...] stylish [...]", "[...] pure [...]", "[...] philosophies [...]" and "[...] collaboration so exciting [...]". The style of the car looks more and more dull.
  • Supercars.net: Again the good website that has gone bad, has taken contents from our websites. We do quote this case: "[...] Driving force [...] [No, no, no: Driving Force™.]", "[...] singularity [...]", "[...] actively [...]", "[...] assistance [...]", "[...] unique sing- ularity [...]", "[...] uncompromising [...]", "[...] difference [...]", "[...] radical [...]", "[...] reflect [...]", "[...] pedigree [...]", "[...] Golden Era [...]", "[...] 30 [...]", "[...] BB-[...]" and "[...] components [...]". We don't know for what the related story is worth, because it's even in some details wrong. In this conjunction we would like to point once again to the true ultimate Strassenversion/street-legal version of a Porsche race car, the 962 ST by Style of Speed™.

    Sparkasse: That criminal institution made a report about the relation of the internet and the intellect in its club magazine and quoted only annoying persons, like carnival attendant T. Koh, but for sure not the pioneers of the next generations of the internet and the World Wide Web (see OntoLinux™).
    Besides this, a clone of the Chinese clone of our intelliTablet (iTab- let)™ and P@d™, which was the innovation project P@d™ 2.0, is promoted in conjunction with a trivia game by making absolute non- sense statements to mislead the public.
    Btw.: This is again a very well example that the bailout of the germ- an banks was a giant social mistake. It shows as well, that nearly the whole budget of the german ministry of education and research can be cut, because other institutions that have a direct connection to the government are blocking and mobbing the true top performers of the nation, if their technologies were not already given to other nations like China, India, Singapore, the U.A.E. and even to some of the states of the U.S.A..

    Comment of the Day
    "Pure economical Darwinism", [A blogger, Today]

    OntoLinux Website update
    In the section Operating System of the webpage Links to Software on the website of OntoLinux we added the links:

  • SELinux Project Wiki,
  • Debian® GNU/Linux® Wiki SELinux and
  • Gentoo Linux®™ Projects SELinux.

    Besides this, we replaced the link

  • Ryan Hope, Brandon Berhent, James Toy, and others: Zen-Sources
  • Miguel Boton, Brandon Berhent, Dominic Duklas, James Toy, and Community: Zen Kernel.

    Also the links

  • Knoppix® GNU/Γ!unx and
  • Morphix
    were replaced by
  • Debian® Live
    due to a not so nice acting by the Knoppers and the coma status of the Morphix project.

    In the same section we deleted also "Salud Libre Community", but not the link to the Grupo BioLinux.


  • National Security Agency→National Information Assurance Resear- ch Laboratory: We would like to document some contents that we have found on its website: "[...] research and design [...]", "[...] sponsor [...]", "[...] information systems of tomorrow [...]", "[...] aren't just inventing products-we're trying to invent a safer future [...]", "[...] foundation [...]", "[...] designing [...]", "[...] Lab's ex- tensive in-house research [...]", "[...] complement [...]", "[...] cre- ative partnerships in high-technology [...]", "[...] masters [...]", "[...] foundation [...]", "[...] transcended the limits of our disciplines to become a community of [...] designers and researchers [...]", "[...] push the limits [...]", "[...] potential [...]", "[...] building blocks to push the state-of-the-art [...]", "[...] now and in the future [...]", "[...] designer of visionary capabilities [...]" and much more. Sounds familiar again? Guess why!


  • Ingres: Since the start of our Ontologic System®™ and Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™ that criminal company thinks that it's allowed to steal contents, concepts and technologies from our websites. No it isn't. After we saw an integration of a database ma- nagement system with the Linux® kernel, which in fact is a concept that the company Oracle developed some years earlier and should not be confused in any case with our much more superior OntoLinux, we found later extensions of its system by a now so called online patching management system (compare with the related section on the OntoFS webpage) and an enterprise oriented artificial intelli- gence technology (business intelligence). And after we publicated new informations about the support of data integrity and the Securi- ty-Enhanced Linux® approach by our file system OntoFS, we su- ddenly have now terms like "Enhanced Security", "Single-click Back- up" and "Flexible Deployment" besides "Scheduling of Administration and Management Tasks", "Single-click Updates" and much more. For sure, that criminal company has already been busted more than 3 years ago due to its strategy of only stealing features of our Onto- Linux™ for the integration into its integrated database system and now it's: Convicted!!!™. By the way: Its approach is a dead-end street like the original by the company Oracle was before.

    Question of the Day
    "How high is the gross domestic product really if a nation makes debts only?"
    Gross Domestic Product (GDP) = private consumption + gross investment + government spending + (exports - imports)
    Somehow this GDP formular is wrong. For example, private con- sumption must be substituted by (private consumption - private credit taking) and government spending by (government spending - government credit taking).


  • Government of B.R.D.→Federal Ministry of Education and Resear- ch: That ministry wants to heightened its budget to 10% of the german gross domestic product from the year 2013 on. But where the money comes from is still not answered.
    By the way: That ministry is obsolete. The field of education has to be part of the ministry of families and research of the federal minist- ry of economics and technology.

  • Praktiker: That bold company has stolen contents, concepts and technologies from our websites of OntoLinux™ and Ontoscope™. For example, we found several text passages with "finden==find". But most important to mention is an augmented-reality (mini) app(licat- ion) for a smartphone. Due to the fact that both issues were found on one website, the term augmented reality is absolutely uncommon for such a company (DIY market) and a related blog was manipul- ated by a statement about "trendsetter", we can give directly the result: Convicted!!!™.

    Investigations::Car #265

  • Honda: For sure, we've watched at that company as well, alone due to the fact that it's a larger manufacturer of automobiles. And we have waited for a case that is very easy to understand by our readers and leaves no space for discussions. In a commercial that was shown in the german television the two concepts behind the "Don 0006e" and "Liberty 0006b" paintings with 3 colours (red, green and blue on white, see the Originals of the 3rd of September 2008 and 1st of March 2009) and the series of paintings with the names "Persons" (includes "Don Pablo 001a", "Don Pablo 001b", "Don Pablo 001c" and "Don Pablo 002c", "Donna Coco" and "Dônna Gracia") and "Space (1st Steps into)" (includes the series "Moonwalk" with "Moon- walk 004", "Moonwalk 012b" and "Moonwalk 013i", "Spaceship" with "Space Shuttle 001a", "Space Shuttle 007b" and another "Space Shuttle", and "Mars Rover" with Mars Pathfinder Rover "Sojourner 001d", "Sojourner 002c" and "Sojourner 006f", and the upcoming Mars Exploration Rovers "Spirit and Opportunity" as well as Mars Science Laboratory "Curiosity") with prismatic colour distortion and red, green and blue colour filtering (see also Investigations::Car #64 of the 14th of December 2008, and the Investigations of the 10th and 18th of October 2009). The latter was related with the terms "Sport" red pictures, "Normal" blue pictures and "Econ" green pictures.
    That makes 1 billion USD for the artistic concepts and 500 millions USD for diverse technologies. The design of the OREE concept has received consideration and is already cleared.
    Btw.: At this point, we would like to direct again the interest of our readers to the note about the international media of the 3rd of June 2010 on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day
    "Indeed, no more commercials by broadcasters or even better by all media companies is the right way."
    Surprisingly, the privately operated broadcasters in germany made this suggestion.


  • In opposition to the working pool of the broadcasting corporations of the Federal Republic of Germany (in german Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (ARD)) and the second channel of german television broadcasting (in german Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)) we have to declare that our technologies for air vehicles with Pure El- ectric™ powertrains are ready for take-off since many months and not realizable sometimes in the future, as it was claimed by these criminals in a report about an aerospace exhibition in B.R.D.. We, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, are not responsible for the unbelievable stupid and criminal idiots in the government, media, research instit- utes and companies.


  • Government of B.R.D.→Federal Ministry of Education and Resear- ch: While investigating some typical german fraudsters in the fields of research and high-technologies who are financed with not existing tax money by the ministry of education and research, we've found a very good example that shows how the tax money is burned. A com- pany was founded with tax money in the field of nanophotonics that has a tax money financed partnership with a german university for stealing concepts, technologies and for sure much more of our Na- noPrint/Neue Gutenberger™. And now the reader can guess what that company actually does: It has changed its focus from nano- photonics to mobile health care and is stealing in a project under a label that contains EmotionA (compare with the label Emotion Mach- ine Architecture) and AL (Artificial Life), and that is financed by tax money with other tax money financed companies and institutes our technologies Med!Phone™ and Bod•E™. What a surprise (not really). What a mess. What a crime.
  • German media: The german media still thinks that it's allowed to copy the contents of our websites. No it wasn't, it isn't and it won't. Moreover, the public is massively misled by reports and messages with preselected, filtered and manipulated contents and messages.
  • Bertelsmann: That criminal media company is still stealing contents from our websites for the production of contents of its television channels. Furthermore, commercials by already convicted companies were shown conspicuously often that also include protected cont- ents of our websites.
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: That criminal media company ist still steal- ing contents from our websites for the production of contents of its television channels. In the past we hadn't documented enough the initial phase of a similar case, but with the very, very, very unco- mmonly used word "obsolet" we could finally convict these criminals once again.

    Investigations::Avionics and Aerospace

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): We do know why the german borgs suddenly wanted a more intensive collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, especially in the fields of robotics, but we don't know fwiw that the NASA collab- orates with such a second class association. What a pity to see in the last years how its fame is dramatically fading away.

    And before someone of those germans thinks he can tell our stories we would like to give our readers the link to the the News - Lunar X PRIZE of the 24th of February 2008.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "We love the Swiss.", [C.S., Today]

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Also doch.", [C.S., Today]

    Comment of the Day #3
    "How wretched.", [C.S., Today]


  • Government of B.R.D.→Federal Ministry of Education and Resear- ch: The minister has become personal against a B.R.D. citizen, C.S., several times in the last 3 years. This means she has to resign.

    Investigations::Car #266 24 Heures du Mans Special

  • General: This year, Style of Speed™ as well attends again at this classic endurance race. Sadly, this isn't done officially but only with its material and intangible properties that were stolen by other teams.
  • PSA Peugeot Citroën: The first time we saw the Peugeuot 908 HDi FAP we wondered but also were sure that its basic design is copying the lines of the 333 ST, which were drawn by the company Pininfa- rina. But with the actual design around the front suspension of its race car, which is a step back into the direction of the 962 ST, we have now the proof that it's only copying other companies (see also Investigations::Car #52 of the 2nd of October 2008 and #262 of the 26th of May 2010).
  • Lola and Aston Martin: see Investigations::Car #119 of the 13th of June 2009
  • Volkswagen→Audi: see Investigations::Car #240 of the 26th of March 2010
  • Volkswagen→Porsche: We're sure that some of our technologies are built into all Porsche 911 GT race cars.
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: see Investigations::Car #264 of the 7th of June 2010

    Investigations::Avionics and Aerospace

  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland and Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen →Phoenix: Today, that highly manipulated working pool and the second channel of german television broadcasting reacted on our Clarification and Investigations::Avionics and Aerospace of yester- day and focused accordingly the contents of its special broadcast about an aerospace exhibition. As one result the field of robotics as enabling technology for space exploration and conquest was again one of the main themes. So it was no surprise that a combination of a humanoid roboter with a telepresence control system, which is based on virtual reality technology, for operations in space was pre- sented. That this more than 10 years old robotic system is also ca- lled "Robonaut" by an european space agency is as well not surpris- ing (compare with the section Robotics on the webpage Links to Hardware of the website by OntoLinux™) and maybe should give the public the impression of a strong partnership with the National Aero- nautics and Space Administration. This also proves that in the last decade there was no research, but only a development and optimiz- ation of an already existing system.
    In conjunction to the before mentioned report about a robotic syst- em a chairman of a criminal european space agency was interviewed in the broadcast, who made only the standard nonsense statements in relation with education and research. We instead are following the facts, which prove that the actually favored system of education and research isn't such a system and that it's even not in the least functioning.
    Also highly suspicious were the links to and the reports about the Space Shuttle all the time through that special broadcast. In one documentary report about the Space Shuttle even contents of our websites were used, like the 3 Theme as often as possible as well as relations to heart and two hearts (see image "Lego Figure" and On- toLab™ concept "Gingy, Vodoo Love and Marvin the Martian", for ex- ample), Ronald McDonald (see image Space Shuttle NG X-3033™/ MagicStar™) and so on.
  • European Space Agency: A german chairman of the executive board of that institution claimed that education and research don't have to be split and that the budget shouldn't be decreased (see Investigations of the 10th of June 2010). But he also refused to answer the principal question: Where comes the money from? With respect to the point that he also confound stealing with research, such a statement isn't really surprising, because his wage is payed with tax money. That's a clear example of pure economic and social Darwinism.

    Now we make it simple: Those groups of so unbelievable intelligent persons (not really) who want money for research/stealing should explain where it comes from. If the source isn't new debts by the nation, then they will get more than enough support. Otherwise: No money.
    And that stupid chain of argumentation about how important the research is now and for the future, how the everyday life is influenc- ed by it and so on has burned out: Firstly, the Earth will continue to rotate. Secondly, it's true that the research, especially of the aero- space sector, has had a giant impact on the way we live today. But in the end there are only a handful of examples that really count, like the laser, communication satellite, mobile phone, carbon fibre, software for Finite Element Method (FEM) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and so on, and these technologies would have come even without research in the field of aerospace. And last but not least, there was more stolen than researched in the last 15 years. That what is called research can be best compared with the carnival around pop music and contemporary art: Copying, stealing, jumping on bandwagons, trend surfing and marketing.

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): Yesterday we made a link so that those germans and europeans can't tell our stories (see also the News - Lunar X PRIZE of the 24th of February 2008) and today we found our Style of Speed (SOS) Lunar X Prize concept on one of its Robonaut webpages, that was described in the following way: "Project M is a proposed project to land an oper- ational humanoid robot on the moon in 1000 days (M is the Roman numeral for 1000 [see the description of the webpage Innovation-Pipeline of the Ontonics™ website]). The humanoid will travel to the moon on a small lander fueled by green propellants, liquid methane and liquid oxygen (such a concept and mixtures were mentioned as well on the webpages Active Hypersonic Engine and for example X-3*/LittleStar by Style of Speed™). It will perform a precision, au- tonomous landing, avoiding any hazards or obstacles on the surface. Upon landing the robot will deploy and walk on the surface perform- ing a multitude of tasks [...].". Why aren't we referenced? We don't think that this behaviour and comparable actings of the past are appropriated. Despite this, we would like to thank very much the NASA for certifying again the Hightech Competence™ of us, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH.
    And please, don't believe all of those german and european gossip and lies!
  • General Motors: On the one hand it asked for a bail by the B.R.D. for its german Opel plants, but on the other hand it invests in the Robonaut technology (see Investigations::Car #248 of the 15th of April 2010 and the other cases of this investigation).

    Image of the Day
    SOS Worldwide 1. Hypersoar Catamaran and Worldwide 1. Axisymmetric Inward Turning Hypersoar Catamaran
    © SOS
    Now, our hypersoar design applied as the nose of a race car model has even written automotive history by a hat-trick at and braking a long-standing historic record of the endurance race 24 Heures du Mans.
    No, we weren't neither asked for allowance to take the design nor is our design referenced by the company.
    No, we even haven't got tickets for the race.
    No, the aerodynamic and structural properties of the nose weren't responsible alone for this historic success.
    Yes, it was a part of the three victorious race cars.

    And some media in the field of sports still tell the fairy tale about a big family of race teams.

    Besides this, another race car by another marque of the same manu- facturer has won as well in its class.

    Joke of the Day
    Petition against vuvuzelas

    Image of the Day
    Norwich Schooll Angel blowing trumpet 1450-1500
    © Ross Cowan
    The angels have known that vuvuzelas are good for :D all along.

    OntoLinux Website update and Clarification
    We have updated the webpage of OntoFS to reflect the new devel- opment:

  • The new file system patch for the Linux® kernel 2.6.34 was up- loaded at the OntoFS webpage.

    Maybe it was again a little bit too late, but as far as we do know the maintainer hasn't informed the developers on the mailing list at the 26th of May 2010 or later. That's no surprise, because he develops since December 2009 for the Btrfs file system and is now a clerk of a Linux® focused company where he does Btrfs related work, maybe copying technology from the R4 to the Btrfs file system. Despite that we were asked by the maintainer to go away, we would like to mention our suggestion that now it could be the time to delete the reiserfs-devel mailing list from the kernel.org website.

    Also, the related wiki wasn't updated in the last 6 weeks and by this shows now its real nature: It was only set up for stealing the show of our OntoFS file system of our Hightech Operating System Onto- Linux. And in this conjunction we would like to give the information, that we already demanded the webmaster of the kernel.org website to delete the wiki due to the fact that its maintainer declared him- self that he has copied copyrighted materials of the website of the former company Namesys into it.

    Furthermore, it's sad to inform all persons who are interested in the basic R4 file system that the busy persons around the Zen Kernel are more and more reducing the support of the R4 file system due to performance problems. But we stay with the only commercial Linux® based distribution with basic R4 support, our OntoLinux.


  • Bertelsmann→RTL→RTL 2: The "It's fun" Theme is again extended with the 3 Theme by the slogan "3 wörter.==3 Words" (see the web- page Culture Pop music and the style of the Comment of the Day #2 and #3 of the 12th of this month) and the We love it™ Theme (see also the Investigations of the 29th of June 2009, 2nd of Nov- ember 2009 and 9th of January 2010). Now it can be seen, that it's acting is done by applying a method that, most important, only works as long as that criminal media company can copy contents and concepts from our websites. But we do want that only, if our websites are referenced (see our Disclaimer).

    Question of the Day
    "What, a car manufacturer refused to take a governmental bail?"


  • Sony: In a commercial that company suddenly pushes 3D techno- logy, but as always only so far as other companies do. In this relat- ion it isn't really surprising as well that in the commercial several el- ements are shown that can be found on our websites, like example given a Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini Murciélago/Jota SuperVe- loce.
  • Research in Motion: We are sure that no one is surprised that su- ddenly that company wants to manufacturer as well touch comput- ers with a mobile connectivity feature (see also Investigation of the 22nd of October 2009). Now, the fairy tale that that company is innovative is busted as well.
  • Vojtech Huser and related persons: Again a not so clever group of persons thought some month ago it can simply take intellectual pro- perties without referencing the original sources, like our websites. In detail, a system of workflow technology tools in healthcare was cre- ated which features "an ontology model, a core instance of this on- tology model (an internal ontology) and a browser for terms within this ontology". The web module of "the browser is called OntoBot". Nearly the whole technology was taken from the websites of Onto- Linux™, Ontologics.info®™ and others.
  • Google: Again, we found a software on its code website that is related with our intellectual properties (see also the Investigations of the 9th of November 2009). This time it is a software module with the name OntoBot™. Despite that the stolen label doesn't really fit to the related software component, it is more than only conspicuous that the related archive file has got a higher recall value by the al- gorithm of the search engine than our webpages which contain the term OntoBot™ since many years. This once again proves that that search engine is only a hoax (see the Comment of the 15th of May 2010).


  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media and Volkswagen→Audi: The two companies have started a joint project. In a related commercial terms like "Shuttle" and "Haus der Kunst==House of Art" were used, which tells us more than enough.
  • Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Telekom and Ferrero: Not really surpris- ing but instead very expressive, the companies have started a joint project.
  • Cable News Network: We don't know what the responsible editors of the media company has motivated, but a several minutes long la- sting comment was shown only around 3 hours later after we claim- ed that our Stroetmann-Cycle™ is cheaper than hydrocarbon fossil fuel and can very quickly and easily replace it without problems and change of the existing processes and infrastructures for distribution and application. The said comment was some kind of an extolment for oil and contained in parts totally wrong and the public obviously manipulating and misleading statements, like for example the claims that hydrocarbon fossil fuel is irreplaceable, has no serious and cost- efficient substitute, and will be even in the next 20 or 30 years the main fuel, especially in the field of transportation and mobility. We see this comment as a more than clear and extremely strong proof that our ingenious Stroetmann-Cycle™ truly is the next extraordina- ry SuperRevolution™. Besides this, with its acting the media compa- ny even objected against the U.S.American president and his call to develop clean energy systems for becoming independent of oil.

    Investigations::Car #267

  • Volkswagen→Audi: We found two press releases related with the Investigations::Car #240 of the 26th of March and #266 of the 12th of June, and the Image of the Day of the 13th of June, all of this year 2010, and would like to document some quotes out of them: "Progressive design [...] [Classic.Progressive.Original™ and We keep Progress™]", "[...] fresh [...]", "[...] pleasure in efficiency [...] [Pure Pleasure™, Dynamic Pleasure™, What a Pleasure™ and Efficiency In Style™]", "[...] created a fresh [...]", "[...] radical new design that features more red [...] [see the Hypersoar by Style of Speed™]", "In addition, [...]", "[...] purist black carbon-fiber look [...] [see the se- ries Black Snow™ with Fine Carbon™ fibre and the Black Snow™ in the Exterior Theme™ Two-tone Carbon™ by Style of Speed™ ]", "[...] we were allowed to give the car such a progressive look [...] [No, not really. In relation to this statement the reader would like to read again our comments to the Image of the Day of the 13th of this month.]", "[...] opened up the bodywork and are exposing the light-weight construction and its uncompromising technical development [...] [see the 333ST - The Original™ designed by the company Pinin- farina]", "[...] with a little rock 'n' roll [...]", "[...] reflects [...]", "[...] can be proud [...]", "[...] 1-2-3 [...]", "[...] fiercest [...] [#:D™ (Fierce Fun)™, Fierce Riot™ and Fierce Roar™]", "[...] proud [...]", "[...] three [...] [In the context of the press text we have here the 3 Theme.]", "[...] mastered in an outstanding manner [...]", "[...] full potential [...] [Total Potential™]", "[...] absolutely on the safe side [...] [Simple Fast Safe™]", "[...] it was clear [...]" and "[...] enabled [...]".
  • Volkswagen→Porsche: We do quote out of a press release about an endurance race: "[...] street legal [...] [see the section Car Str- eet Legal by Style of Speed™]", "[...] environmental [...] Green X [...]", "[...] basis [...]", "[...] due to the fact [...] [This is the classic copying of speech acts.]", "[...] fiercely [...] [Wild/Fierce Theme]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] delighted [...]", "[...] philosophy [...]", "[...] proud as well of [...]" and "[...] were also over the moon with their third [...]".
  • PSA Peugeot Citroën: We have some quotes out of a press release about an endurance race: "[...] momentum [...] [Momentum Mak- er™]", "[...] emotions [...]", "[...] emotion and joy [...] [Again tra- demarks were taken and combined, here Powered by Emotion™ and Joy of Speed™, without referencing our websites.]", "[...] absolutely unique [...]", "[...] passion [...]", "[...] signature [...]", "[...] Motion & Emotion [...] [compare with our trademarks and slogans, like Mod- ernMotion™, ModernEMotion™, "Motion and Emotion™", "Powered by Emotion™", "What an eMotion™" and "That's eMotion™", and see the Investigations::Car #224 of the 6th of February 2010.]", "[...] emot- ion at the heart [...] [SuperDoubleGotcha!!!™]", "[...] three [...] [3 Theme]", "[...] DNA [...] [Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] range [...]", "[...] ess- entially [...]", "[...] combustion [...] friction [...]", "[...] enhancing the flow efficiency of the intake and exhaust systems [...] [This reminds us of the Rocket science Theme and our Active Hypersonic Engine™ by Style of Speed™, for example.]", "[...] essential [...]", "[...] competitive action [...]", "[...] carved [...]", "[...] impression [...]", "[...] sense of pride [...]", "[...] complement [...]" and "[...] three [...]".

  • Daimler→Mercedes-Benz→Smart: An old car was reintroduced and, for sure, we do quote out of the text of the related press release that sounds so familiar and often totally stupid. Have fun: "[...] su- ccessful launch in European cities [...] [Until today we haven't seen that car in reality.]", "[...] trendsetter [...] [No, the terms thief and bandwagon jumper are correct.]", "[...] huge demand the initial pro- duction volume has been increased from 1000 to 1500 vehicles [...] [What an incredibly stupid statement.]", "[...] equipped [...]", "[...] innovative and highly efficient lithium-ion battery [...] [We're sure that every high-class smartphone has a better battery than those things from the company Tesla Motors.]", "[...] intelligent two-seat- er vehicle [...] [Oh, those statements begin to hurt: What is here intelligent? Its electric drivetrain technology is on the same level as remote controlled model/toy cars.]", "[...] urban [...]", "[...] made electric drive a practical alternative for mobility [...] [No, definitely not. There are worldwide more than 20 pioneers in this field who achieved this goal long before.]", "[...] environmentally friendly pion- eer [...] [see the comment of the quote before]", "[...] urban areas [...]", "[...] revolutionised urban mobility with the unique [...] vehicle concept [...] [We think that for example the company Piaggio with its Ape and tuk-tuk/auto rickshaw manufacturers in India did it long before. Furthermore, we also would like to remind the reader about the Bayerische Motorenwerke Isetta, Hans Glas Goggomobil, Fiat Nuova 500, and the first Austin Motor Company and Morris Motor Company Mini.]", "[...] pioneering role [...] [That company is not a pioneer in the field of vehicles with Pure Electric™ drivetrain.]", "[...] redefining zero-emission urban mobility [...] [Its babbling becomes boring.]", "We are the first manufacturer to launch a series-produced electric vehicle. [That is a criminal lie.]", "[...] spearheading [...]", "[...] logical step in the evolution [...]", "[...] boasts [...]", "[...] lowest fuel consumption [...] [We thought the described vehicle is driven by electricity? Also, we think that our Stroetmann-Cycle™ is the future technology, because it's superior from every point of view in comparison to the other alternatives. That's how the true #1 de- fines the future.]", "Environmental friendliness [...]", "[...] state-of- the-art functionality [...]", "[...] combined [...]", "[...] sustainable [...]", "In addition [...]", "[...] design is fresh [...] [What? That de- sign of the advertised car is from 1998, as that company itself said just some lines before in the same press release.]", "[...] automotive lifestyle icon [...]", "[...] established a class of its own [...] [That statement is not true. In the case of vehicles with Pure Electric™ drivetrains we would like to name as an example our model Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™) by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] logical [...]", "[...] driving fun [...] [We have here an attempt to steal the Fun Theme and attack our trademarks and slogans, like :Drive™, E:Drive™, Fun to Drive™ and Driven by Fun™.]", "[...] city car [...] [see our range of E-City™ cars]", "[...] better performance [...]", "[...] has become a reality [...]", "[...] driving fun with no compromises [...]", "Electric drives have been part of the [vehicle] concept right from the start. [We think that this is just another criminal lie.]", "[...] integration of the components [...]", "[...] maximum speed for the city [...] [Here it attempted to steal our story behind our range of E-City™ cars by our range of Style of Speed™.]", "Fantastic [...]", "[...] driving fun [...]", "[...] three [...] [In context of the text it is the 3 Theme.]", "[...] management system [...] [see the webpage Overview of the website of OntoLinux™]", "[...] stationary cooling becomes a reality! No other car offers this comfortable option [...] [We don't believe this.]", "[...] equipment [...] [Equipment is all™]", "[...] green [...]" and "[...] intelligent communication [...]".
  • Ford: We do quote out of a press release of a new conversion of one of its models: "[...] inspired [...]", "[...] performance and app- earance upgrades for spirited driving [...] [The reader might easily see the attempt to steal our slogans "Spirit of Performance™" and "Spirit of Driving™".]", "[...] significant [...]", "Context / Background", "[...] vision [...]", "[...] new generation [...]", "[...] car lovers [...] [And a again a relation to one of our slogans, like here "We love cars™".]", "[...] calibration [...]", "[...] tires [with] three-dimensional [...] blocks [...] [What a nonsense statement. How should the pro- file of a tire look other- wise?]", "[...] superior [...]", "[...] unique styling [...] [Are you ready? Then give us a loud: SuperDoubleGot- cha!!!™]", "[...] quality and style [...] [And again, but much louder: SuperDoubleGotcha!!!™. In fact, it's our slogan "Quality and Design" combined the general remark of the Investigations at the 21st of April 2010.]" and "[...] universal [...]".
  • Mansory: A press release had as contents: "[...] fine-tuning [...]", "[...] components [...]", "[...] perfectly harmonise with the new side skirts [...]", "[...] striking [...]", "[...] originally [...]", "[...] originally [...]", "[...] replaces [the original rear wing] with a static wing profile [...] [This concept was stolen from the webpage of our conversion Panamera BB]", "In addition [...]", "[...] powerful performance enhan- cement [...]", "[...] astonishing [...] [Take a look at the webpages of the models Scirocco BB, Eos BB, RE™ - The Original™ and Bee!™ by Style of Speed™, for example.]", "[...] rim [...]", "[...] interior equipment [...]", "[...] elegance [...]", "[...] complex [...]" and "[...] after all a real [the company name ...] [It doesn't seem to be really so true in every point.]". Besides the already mentioned fixed rear wing the air outlets behind the wheels were redesigned in relation to the rear of the Fiat→Ferrari model 599XX that we have shown on the webpages of the fine conversions Pan™ RSR and Panamera BB by Style of Speed™.
  • DeltaWing: Like many other companies before, that small company thought as well that it's allowed to steal our website contents for their marketing. No, it isn't. We document the case by quoting and for demonstrating our Hightech Competence™: "Next Generation [...]", "Radical [...]", "[...] efficiency and sustainability [...]", "[...] future trends in materials, computer modeling, manufacturing tech- niques, occupant safety, fuels and powertrains [...]", "[...] in the search [...] [not of the softron]", "[...] relevance [...]", "[...] fund- amental shift [...]", "[...] game changer [...] [Despite we have here a relation to the Rocket science Theme, the company does no rock- et science.]", "[...] environmentally [...]", "[...] reduced aerodynamic drag and lighter weight [...]", "[...] racer [...]", "[...] futuristic [...]", "[...] innovations to solve [...]", "Revolutionary design [...]", "[...] propelling [...]", "[...] exciting development project [...]", "[...] re- volutionary [...]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] state-of-the-art computer modeling [...]", "[...] creating a platform that moves racing into the new era of information entertainment [...] [Tock, tock, tock. Good morning!]", "[...] evolution [...]", "[...] modern racing cars [...]", "[...] sequential paddle shift actuation [...] [Lalala]", "Differential features full torque vectoring active technology [...] [That phrase was stolen from the webpage of our Active Differentials™ by Style of Speed™. Also, compare it with our trademark Active Torque Vec- toring™. And by the way: This technology is already build into the high-performance versions of the model 911 by the marque Porsche of the company Volkswagen.]", "Modern advanced materials [...]" and "[...] additional [...]". Despite that we aren't quite sure, if we should take serious its design concept that was taken from the ae- rospaceplane Space Express designed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, it is for sure: Convicted!!!™
  • Daniel Garcia Banos: And once again a designer thought to be ve- ry clever by taking the contents of the website by Style of Speed™ as a blueprint. We document the case for heightening our fame: "[...] stylish proposal [...]", "[...] top-end luxury saloons like the Por- sche Panamera [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] partially inspired by the stunning architectural style [...] [Despite that we have here a SuperTripleGotcha it's easy to see that the concept and design was copied from the models B!™, 9ii™, j!™, RE™ and Pan™ by our divis- ion Style of Speed™ as well as the basic design works of the com- panies Pininfarina and Volkswagen.]", "[...] City of Arts and Sciences [...]", "[...] clean flowing lines [...]", "[...] futuristic styling features [...]", "[...] single-piece windscreen and roof [...] [see the B!™]", "[...] nanotechnology material [...]", "[...] features an automatic-system for repairing damage, and it can also be adjusted for color and opacity [...] [The color and opacity adjustment is a basic feat- ure of the 9ii™.]", "[...] features an unique 'electronic painting' system which means the vehicle's color can be changed at the touch of a button [...] [No, it isn't unique. And he is now the 5th or 6th bold person we found in the last two years who claimed for this. Take a look at the originals, our e-dashboard™ and e-door™@Car technologies, as well as our model j!™.]", "[...] proposed drivetrain [...]", "[...] internal combustion engine [...]", "[...] in conjunction [...]" and "[...] four in-wheel electric motors [...] [Surprisingly, on one of the shown images is written "Electric engine on each wheel" and not in each wheel, which leads directly to our Active Differ- ential™ #2 - The SuperArchitecture™ by Style of Speed™.]". Convicted!!!™

    Comment of the Day
    "We decided that the hydrogen-century has begun.", [C.S., Today]

    Comment of the Day
    "A german court judged that it was right to forbid a private individual to enter a german hotel due to the world view."

    OntoLinux Website update
    We have added to the Links to Software webpage of the website of our Hightech Operating System OntoLinux the links:

  • Alexander Peslyak, Dmitry D. Khlebnikov, Alexey V. Vissarionov, Jen Linkova, Andrey V. Stolyarov and others: Openwall GNU/*/Linux®,
  • Brad Spengler and supporters: grsecurity/PaX, and
  • Amon Ott, Guillaume Destuynder, Michal Purzynski, Boldizsár Bencsáth and supporters: RSBAC - Rule Set Based Access Control.


  • Canonical: Our opinion that the annoying actings by one of its developers is only a marketing related diversion from our activities have been proved by him with a patch for the Linux® kernel. That patch contains three functions which somehow seem to be redund- ant, because the cases that are indeed problems are solved by oth- er security related kernel enhancements since years or can be solv- ed with the existing Linux® Security Modules (LSM). The project has also an Asian name that means in English twin and is realted with im- mortality (compare with the "Style of Speed logo #1" and "logo #2" as well as the meaning of the name TIE R/LightSwift™, and see also the related message of the 3rd of this month). Finally we were able to prove that that company is indeed copying since the start of our Ontologic and Hightech Operating System™™ OntoLinux™.

  • Technical University Dortmund: And once again a technology from us was taken without referencing, adapted by a simple reconfigurat- ion and then presented as an own project. This time it were the ca- pabilities "able to sense humans (eg. pedestrians) wearing watches of Swatch (Snowpass and Access)", "able to sense humans wearing cellphones" and "able to sense RFID (IPRFID™)" of our AutoSemantic ::Car solution and OntoLinux™ that we listed as a Sneak preview at the 13th of March 2008. Also, the responsible persons claimed that the project was motivated by the fact that reflectors or other visual warning signals don't help to see children if they are hidden by park- ed cars and gave the project the name "Schutzengel im Strassen- verkehr==Guardian angel in traffic", that without doubt points to the label "Gelber Engel==Yellow angel", which is associated since many years with the Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e. V. (ADAC), and our "Style of Speed logo #2". First of all, guess how we came to our solutions some years earlier? Furthermore, our solution is superi- or, because we also saw the fact that children do not carry all the day long their satchels, but a clock can be simply laid into it. Also, a clock can be worn by all pedestrians all the time. And last but not least, as it can be easily seen our solution is already part of an also superior technology, the AutoSemantic::Car, just right from its start. Once again: Years too late. By the way: We, the Christian Stroet- mann GmbH, are not responsible for all accidents that could have been avoided in the last 3 years by these technologies. Blame the german ministry of education and research together with its supp- orters.

    Ontologics.info Further steps
    We took a look at some OWL files and found lines like:
    Such links to proprietary namespace definitions have to be deleted out of OWL files! We won't list nor use directly OWL files that cont- ain references to specific definitions by proprietary software.

    Comment of the Day
    High in Tech, Style und Qualität™ High in Tech, Style and Quality™
    Style ist Innovation™ Style is Innovation™
    Consistent Style and Engineering™
    Innovation. Style. Qualität.™ Innovation. Style. Quality.™
    Erfindung. Style. Qualität.™ Invention. Style. Quality.™
    Idee. Style. Qualität.™ Idea. Style. Quality.™
    Qualität und Style™ Quality and Style™
    Qualität durch Style™ Quality by Style™
    Hochqualität und Style™ HighQuality and Style™
    Hochqualität durch Style™ HighQuality by Style™

    Ontoscope Further steps
    Once again, we change everything. This time with the new version of our SuperRevolutionary™ Ontoscope™ that has now the same design like our intelliTablets (iTablets)™.
    Ontoscope 2 FrontsideOntoscope 2 3-D Digital Backside


  • Apple: That only stealing company has copied the design of our tablet computers in the slate, booklet and p@d™ style by intelli- Tablet (iTablet)™. Also, the speech act "Wieder einmal==Once again" was stolen.

    Comment of the Day
    Space Shrimp™

    Image of the Day
    Bubba Gump Shrimp Louie
    © Instant Coffee
    It would be very interesting to know how Forrest Gump would run and come out of a disaster again, in this case the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, with an amazing gain.

    Investigations::Car #268

  • Fiat→Alfa Romeo: In a commercial that company with the standard behaviour used slogans like "Ich bin [...]==I am [...]" but also "Ohne Herz wären wir nur Maschinen==Without heart we would be only ma- chines". The reader has already recognized our different themes: It's Ontonics™ and the Heart Theme (see again the image "Lego Figure", "OntoLinux logo #2" and OntoLab™ concept "Gingy, Vodoo Love and Marvin the Martian", for example).
  • Daimler→Mercedes-Benz: That only stealing company presented a commercial that showed an avatar and a statement with the slogan "The promise of 'Das Beste oder nichts==The best or nothing'". With- out doubt, our trademarks and slogans together with the related story were partly copied and damaged, like "We keep promises™" but also "First and best™", "Drive best™", "Ist bestens™", "It's best™", "Best Thinking™", "Natürlich Bestens™", "Naturally Best™", "Techno- logie in Bestform™", "Technology in Best Form™", "Technology in Best Shape™", "Qualität ist die beste Technologie™", "Quality is the best Technology™", "Good. Well. Best™" as well as "Business made best™". Also, the term nothing points to the concept behind our Zero Ontology™ or Null Ontology™ O#. Besides this, after that company jumped off the bandwagon of the fuel cell technology in favor of the Pure Electric™ drivetrains and we lately claimed that our hydrogen based Stroetmann-Cycle™ is the future technology, it also is trying now to jump on the fuel cell bandwagon again, as it did some years ago in a similar situation. No, no, no: Stick to your smart electric drive.

    Image of the Day
    OntoLab Concept - Gingy, Vodoo Love and Marvin the Martian
    © C.S.
    Take also a look at the note we made today on our Culture web- page.

    We made a note about the person Nicolas Hayek on one of the last webpage that has true Culture.


  • German media: The german media still thinks that it's allowed to copy the contents of our websites. And we repeat: No it wasn't, it isn't and it won't.
  • Bertelsmann: That media company is still stealing contents from our websites for the production of contents of its television chann- els.
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: That media company ist still stealing cont- ents from our websites for the production of contents of its televis- ion channels.
  • Constantin Medien→Sport1: For the production of its broadcasts, especially for automotive related ones, contents from our websites were massively stolen, which is no surprise at all, because the act- ings of and around that media company have always been highly suspicious and criminal. One of the most prominent case in the last past that is related with our intellectual properties was a test re- port about the model 911 (997) GT3 RS by the marque Porsche of the manufacturer Volkswagen that was essentially a bold copy of the 3 Theme by trying to say as much as possible in every sentence something that is related with the number 3. Tock, tock, tock. Good morning. You slept well?
  • Cable News Network: The media company enjoys more and more to take the contents of our websites for its broadcasts.
  • ARD→tagesschau.de: Done in that way it's just obsolete.

    Comment of the Day
    Active Terrain™ Electric Terrain™
    Terrain Assist™ Terrain Performance™
    Hill Climb Assist™
    Active Key™ Active Steering™ Active Blind Spot™ Active Cruise™ Active Shift™ Active Idle™ Active Trailer™ Active Sway™
    My911™ 911 Link™
    Sense of Style™


  • Henkel: For a brand of personal care products a new product line was named 3-D Protection. How cheap, as ever.

    Investigations::Car #269

  • Volkswagen: A new version of one of its model is named Red Rock. Maybe the reader doesn't believe the story behind this acting, but it is as follows: In a skiing resort in France a cafe is called Red Rock Cafe and that company does know by spying that we derived from the Hard Rock Cafe and Red Rock Cafe the name Moon Rock Cafe™. And for sure it also has some relations to the planet Mars.
  • Volkswagen→Seat: In a commercial for a new model that has the label ST, which we showed before is related with the labels of our models 962 ST and 333 ST, a number plate with "F-SE 3000" was taken.
  • Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini: As a very conspicuous act, the company put out a report in a very small paper from Austria that contains contents of our website Style of Speed, but also some re- marks about a model that exhibits stolen design items of our model D!™ (see the Investigations::Car #156 of the 15th of September 2009) and about a future model (take a look at the Sneak preview of the 10th of December 2009, and the Investigations::Car #203 of the 4th of December 2009, #227 of the 12th of February 2010 and #244 5th of April 2010).
  • Ford→Lincoln: As usual we have to quote its marketing texts: "[...] blends [...]", "[...] Active Park Assist [...]", "[...] linear [...] [No, here we don't talk about linear aerospike engines.]", "[...] add- itional equipment [...]", "[...] holistic approach [...] [Holistic Design™ and Holistic System™]", "[...] ultrasonic-based sensing system, as opposed to video camera-reliant competitive offerings [...] [That was stolen from our Active Camera™ webpage.]", "[...] radar monit- ors traffic ahead [...]", "[...] hard drive for map and point-of-interest information storage [...]", "[...] center stack-mounted touch screen [...]", "[...] one-, two- or three- [...]", "Striking [...]", "[...] sculpted [...]", "[...] philosophy [...]", "[...] reflect [...]", "[...] finer [...] ", "[...] spirited driving [...] [And again the attempt to steal our slogan "Spirit of Driving™".]", "[...] additional [...]", "In addition [...]", "[...] supplemented [...]", "In addition [...]", "Active and passive safety innovations", "[...] SOS [...] [SOS™]", "[...] three-row [...]", "[...] signature design [...]", "[...] blend [...]", "[...] reflected [...]", "[...] high-quality [...]", "[...] evident [...]", "Virtual modeling [...]", "[...] signature styling [...]", "[...] artfully [...] [Dream on.]", "[...] its first hybrid [...]", "[...] omnipresent [...]", "[...] can be programmed to sound chimes [...] [That was stolen in large parts from our Active Clang™ webpage.]", "[...] fine-tune [...] [No, no, no: Fine Tuning™. Respect our copyrights, trademarks and slogans or go away. This time it was again too late.]", "[...] sense of elegance [...] ["Sense of Speed™" and "Spirit of Elegance™"]", [...]", "[...] lightweight [...]", "[...] performance and style [...] [If we say no, then it means no. Performance Style™ is already us. Go away!!!™]", "[...] style [...]" and "[...] E85 ethanol fuel blends [...] [This points to Blend Fuel™.]".
  • Fiat→Abarth: The initial structure of our Style of Speed™ web- site into the sections Street Legal and Racing has been copied for its website. Besides this, we can also see a torque transfer control and that the style of one of our City SuperVeloce models, which is a combination of the Exterior Themes™ Little Wide and Nero e Binaco, was stolen for a new version of one of its models. The paintjob opt- ion is called here Bicolor and surprisingly described as "Nero [... e] Bianco [...]".
  • Tata→Land Rover: The reader might think "Oh, again that com- pany?" and we answer "Yes, and here are the quotes out of a press release": "[...] most capable [...] SUV in the world. [Ha, ha, ha.]", "[...] equipment [...]", "[...] Exterior Design Pack [...] [That's our Exterior Theme™ concept.]", "[...] superior [...]", "[...] make it a clear [...] benchmark [...]", "[...] super [...]", "[...] significant [...]", "[...] crown as king [...]", "[...] superior [...]", "[...] massive [...]", "[...] combined cycle [...] [No, that has nothing to do with a ro- cket- or turbine-based combined cycle engine, but is only the att- empt to jump on the bandwagon of the Rocket Theme.]", "[...] rapid response [...] [No, we haven't here a super fast hypersoar for rapid responses by air forces.]" and "[...] reflect [...]".
  • Edo Competition: We do quote out of a press release: "[...] the space [...]", "[...] transformation [...]", "[...] conversion [...]", "[...] additional [...]", "[...] promising pure [...]", "[...] revitalized [...]", "[...] boost [...]", "[...] cosmetic [...]" and "[...] customized [...]".
  • Lumma Design: We have some quotes: "[...] enhanced [...]", "[...] super [...]", "[...] custom body-designer [...]", "[...] visual trans- formation [...]", "[...] massive [...]", "[...] sporty and luxurious [...]", "[...] three [...]", "[...] complete the stunning [...]", "Furthermore, [...] additional [...]", "[...] lightweight [...]", "[...] act as an advant- age [...]", "[...] multipart [...]", "[...] ultra-high performance [...]", "[...] enhancement [...]", "[...] keeps the promise [...] [No, no, no: We keep Promises™.]", "[...] instead [...]", "[...] desired by the customer [...]" and "[...] components [...]". By the way: The related models aren't called SUVs by the factory and have as conversions design elements of some models by Style of Speed™, especially the models of the BB series and the Raptor RSR, as well as the marques Porsche and Audi→Lamborghini by the company Volkswagen.

  • Goodwood Festival of Speed: We derived the name of our division Style of Speed™ from its label and now we can see a 'Style et Luxe' Concours. For sure, that's fair but now also enough with the rest that was taken the years before.

    We added to the webpage Culture a note about the so called artist Thomas Struth.

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