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Comment of the Day
Style of Fun™

Comment of the Day
Green Speedster™ Blue Speedster™
Green Carrera™ Blue Carrera™
:)11 :D11
Drive the Revolution™

Picture of the Day
Linus Torvalds not buying nonsense in Japan
© Chris
See also the Question of the Day #1 of 22nd of October 2009.

Style of Speed Website update
As expected we complemented the 9EE range with the new models:

  • 9EE RSR, and
  • 9EE Speedster aka. Blue or Green Speedster.

    A new webpage was added for the 9EE model and the old webpage of the 9EE GTE model has become the new webpage of the 9EE RSR model.
    Like the new Classic Sport version, the before shown 9EE GTE model is available now as an exterior version for both 9EE and 9EE RSR models.


  • Bertelsmann→RTL→RTL 2: The company showed in its own inter- est in a television commercial the already documented jump on the so called "It's Fun" bandwagon by building this slogan with Lego bricks.
  • University of Applied Science Zwickau→Instituz für Management und Information: To teach a Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software by a well known large producer in the B.R.D. a facility build with Lego bricks and RFID chips are used. It is argued that by this way students could descriptively understand processes of logistics.
    Btw.: Why isn't the university called Universität für angewandte Wissenschaften Zwickau?
  • Burger King and Microsoft: The companies are selling an exclusive Windows 7 Whopper in Japan. That only stealing company Microsoft also has opened a Windows Cafe in Paris. This sounds like our Space Burger™ and Moon Rock Cafe™. Once again that company is con- victed of not respecting the copyrights of other persons and com- panies.

    Investigations::Car #186

  • Ford: That company show at an exhibition a pickup in the Mattel →Hot Wheels Style. This reminds us of the Investigations::Car #185 Themed Car Style Special with the Combat Aircraft Style but also of a pickup called Raptor. Again that company is: Convicted!!!™
  • Fiat: We see: "Multiair" and "Drive the Evolution".
  • Ruf: Despite that the media still is reporting about a Porsche Targa as the basis for its electric vehicle, that company showed, as we've expected, a coupé at a car exhibition, which reminds us of our 9EE GTE by Style of Speed.
  • Haidlmair: And guess what, we have the next standard fraudster in the field of Electric Sports Car™ toddling along with its car named HAI E3, yes indeed E3 like the Karmann E3, which should stand for "Effizienz + Emotion + Energiebewusstsein==Efficiency + Emotion + Energy Consciousness", with 3-phase permanent magnet motor and a storage capacity of 30 kWh. All of these informations sound fami- liar.

    Comment of the Day
    Rock E™ Rock-E™ Rock•E™
    Dump E™ Dump-E™ Dump•E™
    Tipp E™ Tipp-E™ Tipp•E™
    Carrera E™ Carrera-E™ Carrera•E™
    Linux Cafe™

    Moon Rock Cafe Further steps
    It seems to be, that the rock star Alice Cooper is keen on becoming the maître d'hôtel at our Moon Rock Cafe.
    And because it isn't planned to build a stairway to heaven but an elevator to space, the members of the rock band Led Zeppelin may- be would like to become the liftboys.

    Nuclear energy is neither clean nor green.


  • Metro Group→Media-Saturn-Holding: Like a large software manu- facturer before, that discounter for consumer electronics has copied our Moon Rock Cafe™ concept for a series of television commercials and taken further contents of our websites. In the commercials a well know rock star works as a waiter in a bar on an asteroid rock flying in space with extraterrestrial guests watching a football game in television and a space walker having a problem with his red co- loured drink (compare with the Original images at the 10th of Febru- ary 2008, Picture of the Day at the 7th of June 2008, Picture of the Day at the 8th of June 2008, Pictures of the Day at the 15th of June 2008, and Pictures of the Day at the 20th and 21st of July 2009).


  • TAG Heuer Group: That company has stolen some contents and concepts from our websites. We do quote: "[That company] has re- volutionized first timekeeping and now luxury mobile phone industry by finding technological inspiration in professional motor sports and Grand Tourism cars. [No, it has read our websites. So we do say: Dream on!!!™]", "[...] black titanium carbide [...]", "[...] advanced components in the watchmaking and automotive worlds [...]", "[...] inspiring and framing its diversification, combining technology and design [...]". Convicted!!!™


  • Mattel→Matchbox: A toy dumper named Rocky is advertised, which can do some robotical moves and speaks many programmed phrases. That's nothing else than parts of our series of Car-E™, Craft-E™, and Transuspension™ technology.

    Golden Arrows FIRST Lego League Team Logo (Today)
    Golden Arrows FIRST Lego League Robotics Team Logo
    © C.S. and Roboticle
    The Golden Arrows FIRST Lego League robotics team from Beaver County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., asked us for the allowance to use the image Minifigure 0f0f as the basis for the logo of the team, but we from Roboticle thought that this image would fit better.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "In 5 years no one will talk anymore about MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, aka. MP3, and in 10 years it'll be forgotten." [C.S., 2009]

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Wir sind GM==We are GM"


  • Mc Donald's: "Hier beginnt der Spaß.==The fun begins here."
  • Samsung: The company jumped on the colour, style and designed cover bandwagons. Here the said slogans of a commercial for mobile phones are: "What colour is your life?" and "Mit 3 Wechsel-Covern für deinen Style==With 3 removable covers for your style".
  • Henkel→Schwarzkopf: We can see: "Brillant-Color-Glanz", "Brilliant-Glanz-Booster==Brilliant-Glance-Booster" and much more.
  • Procter & Gamble→Pampers: "Goldener Schlaf==Golden Sleep"
  • Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller→Molkerei Alois Müller→Müller- milch: As a limited series images by Roy Lichtenstein are shown on some of their cups for milk products (see also our Investigations of the 24th of October 2009).
  • Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e. V.: On the title page of its actual club magazine an image in the Roy Lichtenstein style is shown (read also the case of Müllermilch above).

    Comment of the Day

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have slightly updated the webpage of our Raptor Speedster by deleting the history oriented contents in the description and reorga- nizing the rest of it, adding an own paragraph for the exterior ver- sions, and presenting a new image.

    We also updated the webpage of our 9EE Speedster by adding a new image that shows the for Style of Speed typical shorter over- hangs, which were introduced with our Raptors.

    Moreover, the Green Flash version for our Electric Muscle CarsCamaro-E, Mustang-E, and Challenger-E was added.

    Investigations::Car #187

  • General: The automotive industry specified a WLAN standard (compare this attempt with our Sneak preview of the 13th of March 2008).
  • Studiotorino: As expected that company has taken contents of our website. A little bit late, but not too late, we do quote from its website to document our uncomparable and unbelievable history as the source of inspirations and innovations: "[...] tri-dimensional ex- pression of their dreams and emotions [...]", "[...] collectors [...]", "[...] passion [...]", "[...] fine [...]", "[...] sponsors [...]", "[...] core [...]", "[...] value-added [...]", "[...] stylized [...]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] three [...]", "[...] inspire [...]", "[...] creative cycle [...]", "[...] evolution [...]", "[...] artistic personalisation inspired by [...] comic strips [...]", "[...] symbolic [...]", "[...] inspired by the iconic [...] spider [...]", "[...] driving pleasure [...]", "[...] pure pleasure [...] [No, no, no. Attenzione: Pure Pleasure™]", "Speed is relative [...]", "[...] aggressive in a minimalist manner [...]", "[...] haute-couture [...]", "[...] very high torque [...]", "[...] speed [...]", "[...] compo- nents [...]", "[...] including the bumpers [...]", "[...] fundamental [...]", "[...] light reflection effects [...]", "[...] aesthetic philosophy [...]", "Three "jewels" [...]", "[...] singularity [...] [Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] rims [...]", "[...] heart [...]", "[...] clear design style in mind: simplicity and pureness of lines [...]", "[...] sketches his vision [...]", "[...] aesthetic and functional philosophy [...]", "[...] integrated [...]", "[...] harmonious [...]", "[...] vision of understated simplicity [...]", "[...] quality and emotions [...]", "[...] Style research [...]", "[...] including the bumpers [...]", "[...] significant [...]", "[...] in conjunction [...]", "[...] spirit of the classic cars of the past through the lens of the future [...]", "[...] is proud to have [...]", "[...] breathtaking [...]", and more. It started slow but then it went wild: Convicted!!!™
  • Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e. V.: The magazine pre- sented the Ford subsidiary Volvo with the concept of the accident free driving by motorized vehicles as if it's its innovation. As far as we do know we from Style of Speed laid out the foundation of this concept, which was later stolen by a scientist of the university in Karlsruhe. Due to the fact, that many persons and companies are taking other's properties without giving something back, we had to scatter the informations about our concept on our websites, but a good start for interested persons is to read the website of OntoLinux together with the Sneak preview of the 13th of March 2008. At that time it already was clear to integrate the Active Components, like the Active Sensor, Active Cam and Active Actuator technologies as well, so we didn't listed them again in this Sneak Preview.
  • Volkswagen→Audi: A more responsible designer of the company claimed that he hardly can think about the charging process of Pure Electric™ vehicles by wire (see our worldwide unique innovation of the irail). Also we quote out of a television commercial for its A3 mo- del, which shows a clear (Rubik's) magic cube filled with automotive components, the phrase "Intelligent kombiniert==Intelligently combi- nated".

    Comment of the Day
    Active Clang™ Active Tone™
    Active Colour™ Active Pattern™
    Active Coat™ Active Coating™ Active Lacquer™ Active Paint™ Active Finish™
    As ever™

    It seems to be that another manufacturer had developed a techno- logy under the term Active Sound, so we renamed our Active Sound system into Active Clang™. We really do apologize any inconveni- ences.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have publicated the new webpage of our Active Colour™ tech- nology, which is already mentioned on the webpage of the j!.


  • The Rogers Group: We do quote: "[...] strong [...]", "[...] values [...]", "[...] diverse [...]", "[...] and/or [...]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] community [...]", "[...] are clear [...]", "[...] to be held accountable for [all] we do [...]", "Quality can never be compromised.", "Passion is our driving force. [Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] 30+ [...]", "[...] driving for- ce [...]", "[...] clarity philosophy [...]", "[...] massive [...]", "[...] core [...]", "[...] ever more complex and confusing world [...]", "[...] new dimension of thinking to the problem-solving process [...]", "[...] clear, real world, streetwise, creative solutions [...]", "[...] holistic [...] [Ooops]", "[...] multicultural mosaic [...]", "Integrating [...]", and a little bit more.

    Investigations::Car #188

  • LA Auto Show→Design LA: The organizer of the design contest "Youthmobile 2030" used contents of our websites to describe the theme of the competition with phrases like "[...] communication technology is changing how we connect, interact and express our- selves [...]" and "[...] cell phones, web cams and online communities emotionally connect [...]". The attendants showed results that are less concerned with transportation than with what we call "Style and Fun - Style of Fun™", "More Style - More Speed - More Fun™", "Just For Fun™", "Big Fun™", "Driven by fun™" but also "Form follows fun™", and are all somehow related with our Style of Speed, SRacer, OntoLinux™ and its Links to Software and Links to Hardware, as well as much more contents of our websites.
    Audi showed, simply said, copies of our SRacer in form of 2 cars: "[...] vehicles will provide autonomy far beyond today’s vision [What is meant is far beyond Audi's vision.]", "[...] autonomous driving will provide safety, efficiency, and convenience [...]", "[...] true to its [...] philosophy [...]", "Aspiration", "The dream, and living the dream [...]", "[...] ultimate technological tour-de-force [...]", "[...] uncom- promised form [...]", "[...] [concept car] functions as an extension of your body and its senses [...]", "[...] next generation vehicle con- trol logic, the [concept vehicle] takes even the smallest body move- ments and gestures of the driver into consideration to provide an unsurpassed command of the drive [...] [This sounds like OntoLinux with the AutoSemantic::Car extension.]", "The most direct, fluid form of vehicle control is only thoughts away.", "[...] representation of freedom [...]", "[...] control logic [...]", "[...] downhill skier, the [concept car] carves the roadscape with precision [...] [For the SRacer we took the metapher of skating because it explains much better the precision, which by skiing and even carving, can't be real- ized.]", and "[...] adapting to the driver’s movements and intentions, the [concept car] and its driver move harmoniously as one with un- rivaled dexterity [...]". We see also ball joint like suspensions of the hubless wheels as it can be seen with hip joints of legs.
    General Motors presented a concept and described it with "[...] navi app on your smart phone [...]", "[...] "transmorphable" architecture [...]", "[...] P2P [Peer-to-Peer] apps [...]", "[...] running with the bulls [...]", and "[...] black diamond [...]".
    Toyota has had developed a concept and gave informations we do quote as follows: "[...] intelligent and proactive [...]", "[...] electro fiber technology, "LINK SKINZ" can be downloaded to digitally trans- form the vehicle's shape into a personalized exterior design [...]", "[...] converts friction into energy, recharging the batteries and sa- tisfying the driver's high standards of a maximized eco-friendly vehi- cle [...]". Besides other things we ask us: If friction is converted to energy, what kind of force the concept vehicle does apply for stay- ing on the track?
    Nissan's concept is focused on our irail™ technology and a resulting grid based on it: "[...] electrification of the nation's highways leads to the creation of a new ultra-efficient, high speed network called the 'GRID' [...]", "[...] dynamic styling and quality construction [...]", "[...] GRID access plans (similar to mobile phone plans) [...]", "[...] spirit [...]", "[...] user friendly EV architecture [...]", "[...] newly created vehicle segment [...]", and "The [...] is born.".
    Mazda has focused on the collaborative virtual environment, rapid prototyping and iRaiment approaches. We have to make the follow- ing quotes: "[...] personal brands and products on desktop 3D manu- facturing software [...]", "[...] virtual reality website that acts as a design playground for young people, allowing them to experiment, build, and share their automotive dreams [...]", "[...] Max's design is rapidly manufactured [...]", "[...] sustainable Direct Digital Manufac- turing plants [...]", "[...] minimal, lightweight sports coupe with ex- perimental shapes, ornate detailing, and a dramatically proportioned exterior [...]", "Most digital communication and information devices are now integrated into fashion apparel, eliminating the need to in- clude these systems into Max's vehicle. As a result, his vehicle con- trols are purely driver focused. [see again SRacer]".
    Honda's concept is also developed around contents and concepts that are described or shown on our websites. We repeat the follow- ing phrases: "[...] genetic integration and advanced adaptive poly- mers [...]", "Advanced adaptive polymers, capable of shifting shape, color or even material properties, when coupled with the user's ge- netic code (DNA), will allow a vehicle to not just function as trans- portation, but rather be an extension of the user, evolving in parallel with the user [...] [This combination of contents, concepts as well as technologies, most of which can be found on our websites, is in parts new.]", "[...] ultimately form a unique singular bond between both human and machine DNA [...] [The company read our websites and made its homework. This kind of technology gives a professional cyborg a big smile. :D]", "[...] 3 major, distinct conformations [...]", "[...] chaotic traffic patterns [...]", "[...] high speed travel [...]", "[...] flexible and transforming multi-functioning parts, the [vehicle] adapts and reacts to specific environments and traffic patterns [...]", "Bio-receptors allow the vehicle to micro-adjust even further to meet the exact demands of the user and the environment.", and "[...] insight gained from the human genome, biotechnology, and en- vironmental forecasting, the [concept car] will actively and dynam- ically conform to the user's needs [...]". Now comes the next home- work: How is its evolution of its society?
    Daimler and Bayerische Motorenwerke: Interesting that concepts of these and other companies have not been shown this time.
  • Rheinische Post: The newspaper reported about colour and sound/ tone/clang design.


  • HTC: Under the slogan "quitely brilliant" that criminal company is producing mobile phones with covers having special designs.
  • Microsoft: That company uses methods of psychological terror for the marketing of the new version of its old low-tech operating system, other software products and services.
  • Rheinische Post: As if it is a possibility to lower our fame that newspaper publicated 2 times nearly equal articles about the old concept of remotely controlled vehicles by Mobile Devices™, like a cell phone, as it already was shown for example in the James Bond movie "Tomorrow Never Dies" years ago and is done in military and aeronautical missions. We weren't interested in the application of this technology in the private sector, because it absolutely makes no sense. By the way: This special case is a marketing hoax by an university in Berlin and some companies. It also reported about the case of the Investigations::Multimedia at the 3rd of November 2009.

    OntoLinux 3. Birthday
    Today, we are celebrating the 3. birthday of OntoLinux.
    Uncomparable - Unsurpassable - Unbelievable

    Roboticle Further steps
    Pino is very excited about the birthday present for OntoLinux: New mechatronics and the GreenHeart™ , BlueHeart™ and Red- Heart™ features.
    Roboticle GreenHeart™ BlueHeart™ RedHeart™
    © Sony


  • Rod Johnson and Jürgen Höller: A or some not so smart dude(s) publicated under the pseudonym robbio33 a software package for reflective object-oriented genetic programming. Instead of taking a look at the software source code by this or these bandwagonjum- per(s) it is much better to read The Proposal and you'll get all the answers for your whys and whats. How cheap.

    Comment of the Day
    Makes you smile™
    This is fun™ Das ist Spass™
    Makes life easy™

    Golden Arrows FIRST Lego League Team Logo (Today)
    Golden Arrows FIRST Lego League Robotics Team Logo
    © C.S. and Roboticle
    This is a slightly updated image.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added 2 new sketches of robotical exteriors on the Interior Robot™ webpage.


  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: The media company jumped on the "Wir sind ...==We are ..." bandwagon, too.
  • Evonik: It did it again (see Investigations::Car #183 at the 26th of October 2009).


  • Microsoft: And once again: Now that company jumped on the fun bandwagon. The related slogan is "Der Spaß für zu Hause==The fun for home" and used in an advertisement for its hoaXbox (or so) game console.

    Comment of the Day #1
    simpler.than.other™ easier.than.other™
    greener.than.other™ bluer.than.other™
    Sport-E™ Sport E™ Sport•E™
    E-Sport™ E Sport™ E•Sport™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Robert Rotor was good. But naive." [C.S., Today]

    Comment of the Day #3
    "We didn't new that so many publications are copied and used in Cambridge and elsewhere." [C.S., Today]

    Golden Arrows FIRST Lego League Team Logo (Yesterday)
    Golden Arrows FIRST Lego League Robotics Team Logo
    © C.S., Roboticle and FLL Team #4223 The Golden Arrows
    This is the final image.
    Btw.: All other positive religions are welcomed as well (also new ones like the Jedis of U.K.).

    OntoLinux Website update
    We wrote the announced webpage with some comments about The Proposal.

    Comment of the Day
    SuperDNA™ HyperDNA™
    Neural Net Central Processing Unit™
    Neural Net CPU™
    Cube™ SuperCube™ HyperCube™

    Comment of the Day
    "Have you seen how many websites have an overview now?"

    OntoLinux Website update
    We wrote our own and independently created version of the Terms of the 21st century. Actually some applications of OntoLinux are also included in this webpage but we'll change this by sorting out and restructuring.

    T-800 Uncle Bob NNCPU
    © Sony™ Pictures Digital Incorporated
    The image shows a prototyp of our new superconductive Neural Net CPU™ with HyperCube™ geometry feature and the code-/nickname "Uncle Bob". The NNCPU™ is designed to be applicable in PCs as well as all other kinds of computer systems. The next versions of our NNCPU™ architecture in the research and development pipeline of our OntoLab are constructed around a concept named as Planck Length Turbo/Compressor. Forget the low-tech by other companies.

    Comment of the Day
    Liquid Mineral™

    Now that we've reached our goal, it is time for C.S. to reveal one of the real attempt behind the image "Jolly Kitty" presented at the 7th of December 2008. The goal of the image "Jolly Kitty" wasn't only to use the character Hello Kitty in the Jolly series of C.S., but also to get an answer to the question if the acting by C.S. will reset the Hello Kitty trend again. And the result is a clear: Yes.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We added the Healing By the Mind concept to the Terms of the 21st century webpage and formulated some sentences in a nicer way.


  • General: Trend conform persons and companies must use the term automatisch==autonomous.
  • L'Oréal→Maybelline Jade: It seems to be that that company has taken contents of our websites for its products. We've to document the case by quoting from its website: "Pulse Perfection", "[...] defin- ing [...]", "Color Sensational", "Kristall-pure Farbpigmente [...] multi- dimensionale [...] faszinierende [...]", "Pure.Mineral", "Pure.Make-Up", "Pure.Cover", "Pure.Blush", "Pure.Powder", "Drei Geheimnisse [...]", "Dream Satin Liquid", "Forever Strong", and "Präzision, Stärke und bis zu 7 Tage Halt.". We only translate the few german quotes into Eng- lish: "Crystal-pure colour pigments [...] multidimensional [...] fasci- nating [...]", "Three secrets [...]", and "Precision, strength and hold up to 7 days.". Pure Beauty™ comes form us and can be found here.
  • Nutricia→Milupa→Aptamil: On the package of a product we can see 3 pieces of a jigsaw in green, red and blue colour.
  • Otto and ProSiebenSat.1 Media: "Styles der Stars==Styles of the stars"

    Investigations::Car #189

  • Impact: And we can present the next defrauding company in the field of Pure Electric™ vehicles, which is stupied and bold in thinking to take on with 4 companies in one strike. That company presented a green painted trike that has Gullwing doors and the name Re-Volt, which combines the 3 already used trademarks by Style of Speed, R-Evo™ and RE™, and of the company General Motors, Volt. The design of the exterior copies the design of some trike concepts by a german company and the plug for the cable to recharge the accu- mulator is under the emblem at the front, which shows a green five- pointed star, like the company Volkswagen made it with its Up! con- cept model.


  • Nintendo: In an advertisement for its game console shown in the television that company again used contents from this website. Compare the slogan "Und habe auch Spaß dabei==And also have fun thereby" with our Comment of the Day publicated at the 1st of September 2009.

    Comment of the Day
    Flyeye™ Skyeye™


  • Bertelsmann: That company still doesn't want to accept that the contents of our websites are protected and copies as much as pos- sible to make its broadcastings.
  • ARD, ZDF, ORF, and SRG SSR→3sat: The television channel is still making reports about criminals who have stolen contents, concepts and technologies from our websites.

    Question of the Day
    "Human culture?"

    Investigations::Car #190

  • Axel Springer→Auto Bild: That automotive oriented tab published a story that again is manipulating its readers by actively giving wrong facts. In the story the Fiat→Ferrari Modulo concept car is compared with the Vision EfficientDynamics concept car by the company Bay- erische Motorenwerke under the headline "Wer hat mehr Zukunft?= =Which has more future?". By this it tries to avoid the naming of the following connected facts:
    1. The Fiat→Maserati Birdcage 75th concept car, which is designed by Pininfarina for the 75th birthday of the marque Maserati and bas- ed on the chassis of the Ferrari Enzo, is well accepted as the Ferrari Modulo successor.
    2. The Maserati Birdcage 75th concept car is offered by Style of Speed under the name B!™ as an optimized street legal car, which was in the first version a vehicle with a hybrid drivetrain and is in its second version a Pure Electric™ driven Electric SuperCar (ESC).
    3. In our Investigations::Car #146 of the 30th of August 2009 we said that it is easy to see that concepts of the B!, j! and 9ii, and the range extending Tricharger™-engine in the diesel version of the Lupo R were stolen for that Vision EfficientDynamics concept car.
    4. After points 1., 2. and 3. the right answer to the question above only can be: The B! by SOS.
    5. The story itself is based on informations given in our Investigat- ions::Car #146 of the 30th of August 2009 and #148 of the 1st of September 2009.
    Furthermore, the media company reported about a concept of a stationay Interior Robot™ well knowing that it used contents of our websites for that.
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: For a study of a street legal version of the Vision EfficientDynamics concept car, which is based on stolen concepts owned by Style of Speed, that company took again ele- ments of front designs, which are shown on our website by Style of Speed, like the headlights of the Performance version of our RE™ this time and made out of them taillights again. Furthrmore, the first rumors were launched in which is said that that automobile will also have other elements already publicated on our websites, like a digital dashboard and a multimedia connectivity. More details are docu- mented in our Investigations::Car #146 of the 30th of August 2009 and #148 of the 1st of September 2009.
  • Volkswagen→Audi U.S.A. and Massachusetts Institute of Techno- logy: Suddenly we can see a navigation system as an integrated combination of an interior and robotical system in form of a torso of an Interior Robot™, which is named the Affective Intelligent Driving Agent (AIDA). The AIDA agent learns the habits of the drivers, reco- gnizes the drivers' emotions and can assess the quality of driving for example. There is no doubt: The technology already is described on the Applications webpage and at the end of chapter 6 of The Pro- posal on the website of our Ontologic System™ and Hightech Oper- ating System™ OntoLinux™, as well as on the webpages of our V! SpeedVan™, Interior Robot™ and Active Interior™ of the website by Style of Speed™. Again that institute shows all of us that it is only doing a standard job. About the subsidiary of Volkswagen we even don't need to make a remark anymore.
  • Volkswagen: We see 2 special versions of 2 models in the car range by the company named "Style" and "BlackOrange".
  • MR Car Design: "Black Rocco"

    We added notes about a group of persons related with arts, the directors James Benning and Wim Wenders, the writer Thomas Met- zinger, and the museums Schloss Moyland and Wolfsburg on our Culture webpage.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We added the concepts Weather Control, Terraforming and iRaiment to the Terms of the 21st century webpage.

    Investigations::Car #191

  • Lumma Design: That company belongs to those companies about which you can assume without an investigation that it takes items of other companies. We do quote out of a description about one of its products: "[...] unique combination of High Tech engineering and an innovative [...]", "[...] true-bred [...]", "[...] commitment to rac- ing [...]", "But also concerning style and luxury the [automobile] goes strong.", "[...] elementary [...]", "[...] maximum speed [...]", "[...] ultra light but extremely compact carbon components [...]", "[...] true racing technology on the street [...]", "[...] three piece crafted, the rim star is [...] dull black [...]", "[...] combination of lightweight, enormous engine power and innovative aerodynamics [...]", "[...] subject to true race [...]", "[...] road-legal [...] [Why hasn't it used the term street legal?]", "[...] the best just isn't good enough [...] [Oh, how stupied this phrase is.]", "[...] unites a pure [...]", "[...] diamond patterns [...]", and "[...] beautified [...]".

    Comment of the Day
    R!™ R3™ R•E™
    Rε™ RΞ™ R∗™ RΣ™ R∈™ R∃™ R≡™

    Investigations::Car #192

  • Volkswagen→Audi U.S.A.: While the company claimed that its con- cept cars for the Design LA contest 2009 was found together with users of its social internetwork, our readers are much better inform- ed (see the Investigations::Car #188 of the 7th of November 2009 above), another information was launched: A roadster named R4 is confirmed by its CEO to reach the showrooms that will share its ar- chitecture of platform with the next generation of the Porsche Cay- man and Boxster, and have a Purely Electric™ drivetrain with 4 el- ectric motors, two on each axle, one at each wheel, and most pro- bably an electromechanically actuated brake. What we see is noth- ing else than our i!™ and cj!™ with its ⊂ ⊃- shaped LED taillights as headlights and the stolen technology of our Electric SuperCar (ESC) RE™, which was shown on a large exhibition as the e-tron concept car. The e-tron case is thoroughly documented in our Investigations ::Car #114, #118 and #122 in the news of June 2009, #132 at the 31st of July 2009, #136 and #143 of August 2009, #156 to #163 all of September 2009 and #187 at the 6th of November 2009. Further- more, the remark with the same chassis platform seems to be only a preparation to argument as we did it on the webpages of our Active Differential™, paragraph Simplistic Proof of Simplicity, and our Audi →Lamborghini Gallardo based Apollo Speed-E™ in the paragraph, which is describing the first-ever records and also by this giving a fresh take on Audi’s quattro four-wheel drive theme as well as hav- ing created a new chapter in Audi’s quattro four-wheel drive history, to also steal our Raptor in the same way the parent company and its other subsidiaries did it before with the exterior of the RE RSR™ as the Grand Touring race car version R8 LMS (R16) and the whole RE™ as the e-tron concept car with our Purely Electric Torque Vector- ing™ System and wireless recharging technology irail™. Concepts, technologies, products and the business strategy were all stolen from our websites.

    Comment of the Day
    Clear Clean™

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added an image of an own cleaned, lifted and supplemented ver- sion Moab of our S!Suvee™ to its webpage.

    We also added two images with the design by Sperling and the con- cept car by Chrysler→Jeep® to the webpage of our X!Suvee™.

    Investigations::Car #193

  • General Motors→Hummer: The company showed on a large auto- motive exhibition a conversion of a model H3 that has the features of the converted model H2 we showed at the 4th of July 2008. Also, content was taken from our website Style of Speed for the market- ing of the special version.
    Moreover, what is known until today about the future plans of the marque is nothing else than what can be seen on our webpages of the S!™ and the X!™, as it already was expected by us.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added a further and missing image with the concept car by Chrysler→Jeep® to the webpage of our X!Suvee™.

    Investigations::Car #194

  • German government: The government of the B.R.D., especially the political parties Christlich Demokratische Union (CDU) and its bavar- ian sibling, will push massively the electric mobility. Why is it making this large step now after we stepped into this field and not after for example the company Tesla Motors was founded? And why are the copying and stealing of all of the concepts and technologies we've developed supported by tax money?
  • Volkswagen: The company is buying the supplier Karmann. In the last weeks there were already the rumors that by this new subsidi- ary of the company Volkswagen a roadster, Volkswagen BlueSport or Audi R4, should be build and that it also is trying to get the award of contract to manufacture the new Porsche Boxster and Cayman. Af- ter also the current CEO of Audi should become a member of its exe- cutive board, we only say: Take a look above at the Investigations:: Car #192 of the 18th of November 2009.
    Btw.: Again the CDU was part of the game.

    Comment of the Day
    HE™ H-E™ H•E™
    Hε™ HΞ™ H∗™ HΣ™ H∈™ H∃™ H≡™

    OntoLinux Website update
    We slightly changed the structure of the OntoLinux website by sort- ing the webpage Terms of 21st Century into the Technology section, removed this item out of the index webpage for the Terms of the 21st Century which was than renamed from Terms into Concepts. Also, the related menu points were updated accordingly.

    King Smiley Further steps
    Due to the fact that again a high potential sponsor was inspired by and even has taken many parts of the works of C.S., but also by the gained reward for a work of art by Andy Warhole, we are thinking about the next adjustment of the reward for his images (48 millions Euro). In this conjunction we would like to repeat the argumentation of the 24th of October 2009: "[... to reflect the before never seen worldwide pervasion of his acting and the breathtaking speed this pervasion only needed. No identity before in history has realized this.".


  • General: Suddenly there is a movement in the quest of the state- run television in the B.R.D. (see our remark of the 3rd of Septem- ber 2009).
    Btw.: It all looks like that the overthrow of government by Ferdinand Karl Piëch, his clique and the german political parties Christlich De- mokratische Union together with its sibling Christlich-Soziale Union and the fallen over Freie Demokratische Partei has failed.

    Investigations::Car #195

  • Volkswagen→Audi: The subsidiary of the company Volkswagen presented an autonomous Audi model. We do quote, for sure: "[...] stuff of science fiction [...] is rapidly moving from the realm of sci- ence fiction toward reality [...] [We haven't shown this technology with the other stuff out of the television series "Eureka" at the 1st of April 2008 (images with "...-productpic" in their filenames).]", "[...] driver assistance [...]", "[...] logical potential [...]", "[...] advance- ments in communications, driver assistance and other technologies [...]", "[...] CAN wiring [...]", "[...] nicknamed after [...] [Ah, do we see a nickname story to be trend conform.]", "[...] significant role in Audi Sport racing history [...]", "[...] Active brake booster [...] [Got- cha!!!™]", "[...] a[n UNIX® operating system] based system running a Real-Time [object-oriented interpreted programming language] System that monitors all sensors and actuators in the car and a[n object-oriented interpreted programming language] RTS sub-system [...] [The software stack isn't, let's call it politically correct instead of using the proper bullish term, state of the art.]", and "[...] frame- work [...] that shares many components with other [...] autonomous driving projects [...]. The whole project with its software stack looks more like an attempt to copy the real-time version Ontolix™ of our Ontologic System™ and Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™ with the AutoSemantic::Car™ package for Autobots™.


  • Google: That company presented again its Linux® based distribut- ion that features a desktop which is essentially a World Wide Web browser for cloud computing and a booting time of 7 seconds in comparison to another operating system that needs 30 seconds for booting. Our OntoLinux has this features since the beginning, is de- fining the next generations of the internet and World Wide Web cal- led in the last past the Semantic Web, in the near future Ontologic Web™ and later Ontologic System™, and also already a 3-dimens- ional virtual reality environment interface to the Ontologic Systems™ as a replacement for the old and boring 2-dimensional desktop me- tapher.


  • We made new notes about the sponsor Volkswagen→Audi, the artist Günther Uecker and the person Helge Achenbach on our Culture webpage.

    Investigations::Car #196

  • Volkswagen→Audi: We would like to document a further detail in the case of the copied Electric SuperCar (ESC) RE™ made in the Invest- igations::Car #132 at the 31st of July 2009. The image shown by the publisher Motor Presse Stuttgart in its magazines auto motor und sport and sport auto is not only a combination of a concept for the rumoured R4 model and our RE RSR™, but also shows the headlights of the Audi A5 Sportback concept car. We also would like to mention the point here, that we looked for the rumoured R4 model exactly at the same time and also had created an intranet webpage, which shows one of these headlamps of the concept car Audi A5 Sport- back after a head lamp of the Audi R8. Some times it's really hard for us to think in such a simple way and to keep in mind that our office is observed by the company Volkswagen and others.
  • U.S. Army and Quantum: The military command gave the company the assignment to develop an offroad vehicle like our X!™. This work is redundant, because such kind of technology was already develop- ed in the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) program.
  • Rheinische Post: That tab reported again about plagiarists we've already convicted. One of these is a company which has stolen our trademark Leaf™ for a vehicle with Purely Electric™ drivetrain and another is the group that built a Formula 3 race car out of recycled and/or environmental friendly materials to copy our Just 4 :) Just For Fun with its Green Heart™. In another report a story was repeated, which was published earlier in the magazine by an automobile club about a tuning exhibition and was discussed in the last week in our office due to its contents, like the mythos Ferrari and a motorbike that has some ice and racer based relations to our SRacer by Style of Speed.
    Also, the newspaper wrote that the company Volkswagen will build a new car at the facilities of Karmann.
  • ZDF: The television channel reported that the company Volkswa- gen will build the convertible version of its model Golf at the facilities of Karmann.
  • Bertelsmann→N-TV: The television channel gave the information that the company Volkswagen will build a new roadster at the facil- ities of Karmann.


  • We made some notes on our Culture webpage about the persons Ferdinand Karl Piëch, Martin Winterkorn, Rupert Stadler, Jürgen Groß- mann, Christian Wulff and, it has to be now, Joseph Alois Ratzinger aka. Piccolo Benedetto.

    Comment of the Day
    "Yes, I was scared. I was scared of running out of film."
    [Claude Lelouch about his short movie "C'était un rendez-vous"]


  • We made a note about the Cameron Art Museum on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "The german universities and institutes are doing nonsense with the money by the states of the B.R.D., which are giving enough."
    For example, the university in Dresden doesn't have to copy with other fraudsters our automobile Just 4 :) Just For Fun™ by Style of Speed, but to present our company in their faculty of engineering by big posters. Another example are the formations of new faculties done by many universities in the last past, which are getting new rooms, buildings and infrastructures, but are doing in parts the same as other faculties at the same universities or are simply said only stealing intellectual properties by other persons, companies and/or us.

    Comment of the Day #2
    "I've never understood why ranks exist in the Star Trek saga."

    Question of the Day #1
    "How is the monitor model of one of our dedicated internet compu- ters named?"
    A hint: It is the same name as the clone of our RE has.

    Question of the Day #2
    "When will the the European government abolish the unlegal law that is known as the Volkswagen Act?"

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added the first and missing images to the webpage of our B! Barchetta™.
    Also a new section was added named Car E-SUV™ and the models Amarok-E™ and the S!™ as HE™ were sorted in. This also means that we actually have some kind of rendundance with the S!™ and the HE™, which is caused by the same root of both models and our portfolio development. This irritating situtation will last only until a new model is presented as the new S! or HE.

    Investigations::Car #197

  • Koenigsegg: The attempt to take over the subsidiary Saab from General Motors by that small company is finally bursted. We always saw it as a marketing hoax and lie to bring that company into the media due to the competition with our much better business division Style of Speed.

    Comment of the Day
    :pearl™ :Perle™ :Porsche

    Comment of the Day #1
    :Pan™ :Power™ Power Pan™
    Electric Sports Cabrio™ Electric Sports Convertible™
    The speed™ Der Speed™
    Wir sind Speed™
    Wir lieben Speed™ We love speed™ Wir Speed™ We Speed™
    Drive with Speed™
    SpeedPan™ SportPan™ StealthPan™
    SpeedGT™ SportGT™ StealthGT™
    GT Stealth™
    Speed11™ Sport11™ Stealth11™
    Sport9™ Stealth9™
    9 Speed™ 9 Sport™ 9 Stealth™
    Exterior Theme™ Interior Theme™ Themed™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting."
    [Steve McQueen]

    Comment of the Day #3
    "We've waited long enough for the prophesied and awaited financial breakdown of the emirates."
    It looks like the hoax of Porsche but somehow a little bit larger. ;D

    Style of Speed Website update
    Yesterday, the eagerly awaited Pan Speedster has arrived and com- plemented the Pan range. Today we present the related new web- page of this already announced model:

  • Pan Speedster.

    Besides, we've started the marketing phase of our Pan RSR with a teaser image.

    We also added the Classic Sport CS, Snow White, Black Beauty, Stealth, Black Snow, and Street Racer STR exterior versions on the webpage of our 9EE Speedster, which we've forgotten to mention. But our fans already knew about their existence.
    In the same way the 9EE Coupé also is available now in the Exterior Themes™ Snow White, Black Beauty and Stealth as well as the Fine Carbon™ version Black Snow™.

    Furthermore, new rims in the IMSA and Trans-Am design we're added to our Rims webpage in the section Supplement.

    Pod and Swoop Racing League Further steps #6
    An industrial company from India started a massive marketing cam- paign to present "India's most fuel efficient engine", as they claim, and its Swoop factory racing team. To push the psychological game even further they also made the strong announcement that "Some- day there will be a bike for it[, as well].".
    It's also interesting to see the different tactics of development and promotion by the international field of companies, teams and attend- ants. "Hoodibabaa!"
    Swoop Racing Team IndiaSwoop Racing Team IndiaSwoop Racing Team India
    © Bajaj Auto

    Investigations::Car #198

  • Autosar: The consortium has taken contents of our websites, like for example the descriptions about the problem of complexity.
  • Volkswagen→Porsche: Since 2 month it is known that the subsid- iary is also working on an all-Electric Sports Car™. And also the plan to produce the next generation of the Boxster and Cayman models in the facilities of Karmann, as we already said, is becoming more and more a fact.
  • 9ff: Once again the criminal idiot from Dortmund, B.R.D., has taken for his booth contents and concepts of our website Style of Speed. While it took for its conversion of the Volkswagen→Porsche model Panamera the air intake design of the front bumper of the 2010 ver- sions of our RE and i!, we can see now a Speedster based on the 911 model by Volkswagen→Porsche which has the name Speed9, like our Raptor Speedsters and Raptor RSR a chopped A-pillar, like the Raptors and the 9EEs a new design of the front and rear bumpers combined with the above remarked air intake design at the front, and the wheel design like we showed at the 21st of August 2009 with the Ettore by John Mark Vicente. And at the end we also would like to point on a little detail: Even the serial number plate of each car in the interior has 3 digits.
  • Axel Springer→Auto Bild: That automotive oriented tab has again used contents of our websites and is further reporting about fraud- sters and plagiarists. For example, we see reports with contents like Apollo Speed, GT2 Speed, so called "highspeed tuner", "Straßenrake-te==Street rocket", E-Fiat, E-Focus, Greencars and so on.
  • Gumpert: We laughed as we've seen the model Apollo with yellow paintjob like the Apollo Speed-E™ and in a kind of Apollo Speed-E SuperVeloce style by Style of Speed. Also, we found out that the car still is not reaching the maximal velocity of 365 km/h/227 MPH, which was claimed by that company years ago for a prize of around 100.000 EUR.
  • Wimmer Rennsporttechnik: A cheap attempt by that company is to name a product GT2 Speed.

    Comment of the Day
    Ultraspeed™ Superspeed™
    Will-E™ Will E™ Will•E™
    E-Will™ E Will™ E•Will™

    Investigations::Car #199

  • Edwin Conan: Yes, he is the next dude, who thinks to be clever by taking our contents, concepts and technologies described on our websites, especially the so often mentioned website by Style of Speed, for his design of an Electric SuperCar (ESC), or let's better call it an interpretation of our properties and Electric SuperCars (ESC). We do document to heighten our and not his fame: "Audi Avatar [So, like the subsidiary Volkswagen→Audi and the company Bayerische Mo- torenweke, he jumped on our bandwagon. Also, the term avatar is very often used in conjunction with virtual reality. The latter makes this quote a: Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] joy of driving that they had playing racing games when they were kids.", "Inspired by the [...] Type C Streamline racing car [...] [Once again this is only a combination of what has been shown on the website by Style of Speed, like the 962 ST, B! and Belly Tank Lakester.]", "[...] super- charge-ion battery driving 4 powerful in-wheel electric motors [...] [So here something is said like Super Accu™ and 4 electric motors, one in/at each wheel.]", "[...] ultra light aerodynamic body [...]", "[...] top speed of more than 360 km/h [...]", "[...] computer gen- eration can have the car and fun [...] [Yes, we've fun.]", "[...] ex- terior design of the car is inspired by the form of fabric [...]", "[...] inspired by the jet fighters, there are three glass canopies [...] [The main canopy opens like the one of the Pininfarina Maserati Birdcage 75th, which is the base car for our B!.]", "[...] interior of the car is as simple and futuristic as the exterior [...]", "Single sheet transpa- rent LCD dashboard displays all the essential data such as speed [...] [Again this is shown with the B!.]", "[...] screen in the center of the steering wheel displays digital map. [Again: Gotcha!!!]", "[...] information can also be projected on the canopy by a head up dis- play [...] [Again this is the concept of the dashboad of the B!.]", "[...] like flying a fighter jet. [How cheap.]", "[...] interior to feature interchangeable steering module [...] [Here we have the description of an old concept by other designers and companies with familiar terms.]", "[...] car’s four "legs" [...] [Read on our webpages about the Transuspension™, Active Suspension and Bionic Vehicles™.]", "[...] making the car an evolution in Audi’s trademark "Quattro" all time four-wheel-drive system. [At this point, we would like to ment- ion the webpages of our Apollo Speed-E™ and RE™ as well as the the Investigations::Car #190 of the 16th of November 2009 and #192 of the 18th of November 2009.]", "[...] batter[ies] are sepa- rated into [...] packs located in front of as well as behind the cock- pit, creating a perfect [...] weight distribution [...] [This description is taken from the webpage of the Jota™.]", "[...] compact module consists of a powerful electric motor, a disc brake with two brake calipers and two magnetorheological shock absorbers [...] [This is mainly an old concept by the companies Michelin and Venturi. The explanation of our invention can be found on the Active Differential webpage.]", "[...] interior is simply one continuous sheet, starting from the dashboard, then being folded and bended to create floor carpet and seats [...] [And again the concept of the B!.]", " and "[...] "leg" changes it’s shape [...] [Again Transuspension™, Active Suspension and Bionic Vehicles™]. Even in some renderings rare images (image 1 and image 2) of the Pininfarina Maserati Birdcage 75th in the yard of the Hotel Metropole in Monaco were taken and the original concept car of our B! replaced with that plagiarization. This bold and professionally made copy with its description is one of the usual and often mentioned criminal arrangement between a car or motorbike manufacturer (or supplier) and a designer. Also some- how suspicious is the timing of the publication before we presented the conceptual images of the B! Barchetta.
    We are very sorry to say, but: It smells like Volkswagen spirit. And it has the signature of Audi.

    Comment of the Day
    Street Stunner™ Speed Stunner™

    C.S. is engaged with Brain Machine Interfaces (BMI), especially Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI), and applications of this technology, like controlling machines, example given robots, gaming and using virtual and augmented reality environments as well as being creative (now called neuro-aesthetics), including painting and making music, since more than 12 years as well. Two points of discussion with Prof. Dr. W. Banzhaf in 1999 were for example the optimization of the signal processing by applying genetic programming and the realization of BMIs by using nanotechnology. The project Brain Computer Inter- faces in the innovation pipeline of Ontonics is one of our first hard- and software projects. In the following the project Enhanced Cog- nition was added and the project Brain Computer Interface sorted into the more general field of Human Object Interfaces.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We've added to the webpage of the Speed Stunner™ Pan RSR tea- ser images of the rims, front bonnets and front fender.
    Indeed, this also reveals the new Exterior Theme™ Imsa/Trans-Am for all of our many models.


  • B.R.D. government, universities and research institutes: After we saw in the last month several new research institutes and faculties of universities with new infrastructure the strategy and methode of the rsponsible persons and groups have become clearly visible now: Informations about our integrated concepts, technologies, services and products were and still are taken and divided again. Then the resulting parts are realized as the before mentioned facilities and range from fields like analysis of processes and materials to services and products by us.
  • ARD, ZDF, ORF, and SRG SSR→3sat: For sure, the television chan- nel continues its nasty and partly criminal methode of taking cont- ents of our websites and works of C.S. to make a so called cultural broadcast. In one of the last reports an artistical project in the in- tersection of the fields of painting and brain computer interfaces was presented by using contents of our websites and giving again plagiarists and self-exposer a platform for doing their mess.
  • Arte: The other television channel that is also related with cultural broadcasts showed a reort about the artist James Turrell. In only a handful of sentences the following terms were said: "light", "pyra- mid", "architecture", "dream", "vision, "purity" and so on.

    Investigations::Car #200

  • ENCO Exclusive: The company could not resist and made a Volks- wagen→Audi→Lamborghini Gallardo in the by us around the year 2000 for Ferraris taken Hot Rod Exterior Theme™ "Stealth" that was later combined with the Fine Carbon™ based version "Black Snow".
  • Loma: The company converted a car and made out of the Exterior Theme™ names "Black Beauty", "Black Snow" and "Air Force X1", for example presented on our webpage of the Mustang-E, the label "Black Force One". Do we have to ask: Is it cheap?
  • MEC Design: That company took the radiator grill style of models by Mitsubishi, the GT-R model by Nissan and our RE 2010 Evo X model by Style of Speed for a model by Daimler. By this it only does on the lowest level what Larson did while designing the 2010 model of our RE Evo X model and what we did with taking the risk for mak- ing such a decision about the design of a model.
  • Brabus: That company thought to be clever by taking labels like "SV", "Evolution", "Speed Spads" and so on, as well as designs of our Raptor RSR by Style of Speed. We keep the result of the investigat- ion in this case short: Convicted!!!™
  • speedART: The company took the wheel design of the Volkswagen U.S.A. Golf Rabbit GTI shown on our Rim webpage for a familiar wheel design. Also, elements of the Sport Classic model by Porsche design were taken for the conversion of a model as we did it before with the Classic Sport CS Exterior Theme™. Furthermore, we have the slogan "Classic Tuning" and the funny product label "PS9", which reminds us of the labels "PS3" and "Speed9" by other companies.
  • Rheinische Post: The tab reported about the our concepts Active Interior™ and Interior Robot™ technology which were taken by Audi U.S.A. and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (see this im- age "Robot-Arm with 3D Display" and also read Investigations::Car #190 at the 16th of November 2009). Also interesting is that no more about the North American subsidiary alone but the whole company is spoken.

    Due to the fact that we finally could burst the so called artist Tho- mas Ruff we made a related note on our Culture webpage. Also, more notes were made about person who are related with the same case, like Neo Rauch and Rosa Loy.


  • F2 International: We document by qouting: "No compromises [...]", "High modulus carbon fibers [...]", "[...] Lightcore [...]", "[...] High- speed Nano [...]", "[...] put the focus [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] reducing weight and implementing [...]", "Pure [...] [1. Got- cha!!!™]", "[...] highend [...]", "[...] finest [...]", "[...] high perform- ance [...]", "The [...]ving machine", "[...] creative vision, design innovation [...] [2. Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] pure Formula 1 style [...] [3. Gotcha!!!™]", "Designed for sportive carvers, who love [...]", "Pure fun[...] [4. Gotcha and Pure fun!!!™™]", "[...] translated [...]", "[...] joyful fun[...]ving machine [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] warp speeds [...] [5. Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] true revolution [...] [6. Got- cha!!!™]", "[...] new [...] generation and speedcarving [...] [This quote has somehow something of the SRacer.]", "[...] fun [...]", "[...] speeding [...]", "[...] Philosophy [...]", "[...] revolutionary and technologically innovative [...]", "[...] warp speeds [...]", "We be- lieve, the realization of technological innovations and constant ma- nufacturing quality can only be achieved by craftsmanship on high- est level [...]". And we believe that that company is: Convicted!!!™

    Investigations::Car #201

  • ECOS: The company wants to manufacture the worst copy of the Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini Murciélago based Jota™ Speedster by us from Style of Speed.
  • Motor Presse Stuttgart→auto motor und sport: In its german broadcast of that automotive tab that media company declared a convicted criminal the "Topspeedkönig==Topspeedking" in relation to our divisions Style of Speed and King Smiley and gave in a report again a platform for that self-exposer. Furthermore, in a summary of that same report it is said something about the attempt to reach the first time the 400 km/h/248,6 MPH mark by a street legal car well knowing that our street legal Volkswagen→Porsche Dauer 962 LM based 962 ST has in November 1998 on the Volkswagen test track at Ehra-Lessien even reached officially clocked 404.6 km/h/251.4 MPH, a performance which was later topped by the Volkswagen→Bu- gatti Veyron. Also a Volkswagen Scirocco in a Green Flash Exterior Theme™ like version was shown with several extra views by the camera on a sticker by another company, which had the term "Style" on it. What a fraud again by that company.
  • Some Daimler tuners: The first tuners were sighted who jumped on the bandwagon of the IMSA/Trans-Am Exterior Theme™ by taking the Carrera Panamericana racing event as the source of inspiration.
    © and/or ® 2009-2012
    Christian Stroetmann GmbH