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Comment of the Day #1
NanSolo™ Chefkoch™ Head Cook™ Chef™ Chef•E™ Cookery Course™ Cook!Phone™
Welcome to the 21. century™
Words. Works. Worths™

Comment of the Day #2
"Words. Works. Worths." [after Hillary C., 2008]

In opposition to a report in a television magazin by the paper Rheinische Post we would like to clarify, that our icarpet technology together with our 0 Gravity 2.0 solution yields in a flying carpet.
And to avoid further misunderstandings, the NanoFab™ is like the Star Trek Replicator.
Welcome to the 21. century™.

Ontonics Website update
We have updated the Innovation-Pipeline-webpage on the website of Ontonics by adding:

  • NanSolo and
  • Cook!Phone.


  • Google, Microsoft, International Business Machines, all shareholders of the Deutsche Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz & others: Isn't it suspicious, that everywhere we encounter criminals, that the founders of or some persons which stay in strong contact with the named companies are around? Convicted, Convicted, Convicted!!!™


  • Bertelsmann: Finally we convicted the Bertelsmann corporation. The first time that company arose our attentions was by the overtaking of the television license for the Formula 1 sports event. Today, we, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, are more than glad, that through thoroughly investigations by OntomaX we were able to convict that company. In a report about the usage of Steviol glycoside (in german Honigkraut) it was reported, that one person is harvesting the plant and that a U.S.A. based company would like to produce limonade with ingredients based on Steviol glycoside. The Bertelsmann company has given activly misleading informations to the viewers as it did since more then 10 years. By doing this, that company has forefeited the rights to be a journaling company. The television license has to be withdrawn.
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: See Bertelsmann
  • ARD/ZDF: See ProSiebenSat.1 Media. Und es ist mehr als unglaublich, dass das ZDF immer noch mit zweifelhaften Mitteln finanzierte Sammlungen als Aushängeschild der deutschen Kultur hofiert.


  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): S O Y!!!™

    International Open Bikeshed Colouring Contest started
    We are pleased to announce the start of the official International Open Bikeshed Colouring Contest.
    The first contestants are:

  • Christian Maximilian Stroetmann, actually representing the StroetmannLand and later the Moon: Red, with white or black dots
  • Matthew Wilcox, Intel Team: Teal, stippled with cornsilk

    Everybody is qualified. Simply drop an e-mail to stroetmann@ontolab.com.

    Style of Speed Announcement
    We canceled the Volkswagen Scirocco and Eos based R and BB models by Style of Speed. We really do apologize our announcements, but they were necessary.
    The i! and j! are still running, so there is no need to be afraid.

    Comment of the Day
    Clean•E™ Clean-E™ A!™ A•E™


  • InMach: The company has stolen/copied our HTML-code. Furthermore, there is a reference to Linux OS, but that was it.
  • Interactive Wear: We are watching this company since the days it was a division of Infineon. It's funny to read about its trial with the zipper producer and the explanation about their P100 solution when washing the textiles. It sounds like some informations, that we have given on our iZipper™ and Zipputer™ website. Besides this, the ap- plication scenarios are some kind of familiar to us, but the real point is, that we haven't publicated them on iRaiment™! Oh, do we have caught some of the spies?
  • Future-Shape: The reader can guess why that company is talking about a simpler user interface, that it is developing, or let's say it correctly trying to steal, together with InMach.
    Would you call these three companies convicted?
  • beQueen:

    Investigations::Car #62

  • Porsche→Volkswagen:
  • Porsche→Volkswagen→Audi: Suddenly Audi presented a small electric vehicle.
  • Agiplan. The company is distributing actively misleading informations in newspapers. Especially in the subject of electric and hybrid driven vehicles it withholds, that governments like the german are hindering the real pioneers, or lone fighters as the company calls them.

    Comment of the Day
    E:Drive™ Sugv-E™ Sugv•E™ iguardrail™

    Ontonics Website update
    We have updated the Innovation-Pipeline-webpage on the website of Ontonics by adding:

  • iguardrail.

    Also, we have added the Wireless Resonant Energy Link (WREL) technology feature to the descriptions of our Hous•E::RobotFloor™/ Robot Ground™ and iparquet™ solutions.


  • General Electric: The company showed a software called Ecodashboard, sounds like our e-dashboard™, and some other software concepts based on in-home displays that could be run on tablet personal computers or cell/mobile phones with touch screens. The latter is a part of our HouseTouch™/TouchinHouse™ solution.
  • International Business Machines: Once again that company jumped on our bandwagon. We quote: "Die Entwicklung komplexer Systeme muss nicht komplex sein.", "Ganzheitlicher Ansatz", "E-Kit" and so on.
  • Better Place: This company is founded by the typical bandwagon jumpers. Not more, only less. An easy indication to convict such companies is the usage of the terms vision and philosophy in a company's profile or executive summary. This combination is from us, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, and created while it was said to be esotericism. OntoLab - The Lab of Visions™
  • Virgin & Google: Virgle's goal is simple: the establishment of a permanent human settlement on Mars. Now we have the fact: These guys definitely are uncreative and take others ideas for their businesses. And btw.: Since the Virgin Galactic, Tesla Motors, and Android OS mess we don't believe them no word.


  • Google: In the July of 2008 that company started the 3D chat named Lively. This kind of software was linked by us on the Links to Software webpage of the OntoLinux website (eg. the Yag2002 project: VRC - Virtual Reality Chat). The Lively website will be shut down at the end of December 2008.

    Investigations::Car #63

  • Daimler & Enel: The companies have started the e-mobility Italy project.
  • Daimler & Karlsruher Institut für Technologie: The company and the institute have stolen our approach of integrating the different needed parts for electrical driven vehicles under one roof (project name Projekthaus e-drive). In opposition to their assertion, it is only the second bundling of these technologies. The first was done by us, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, and documented on the Innovation-Pipeline-webpage on the website of Ontonics, OntomaX, OntoLab, and on others of our websites. Furthermore, the declaration of a leadership by daimler in this technology area is wrong. Or why is that company in need of everything, for example like batteries from Tesla Motors? The fact is, it has nothing, maybe even not an own fuel cell. This case is something for the prosecu- tors.

    Comment of the Day #1
    !Net™ !Boy™ !Phone™ !Box™ !Pod™ !°™ °!™ Sweep•E™ Sweep-E™
    Jolly Kitty™

    Jolly Kitty (Today) Others have only jolly dogs.
    Jolly KittyJolly KittyJolly Kitty
    Jolly KittyJolly KittyJolly Kitty
    © C.S.
    Like with our BitPirate-logos and the Chris Fries , t-shirts with print are available in white, black, and many other colors.

    Ontonics Website update
    We have updated the Innovation-Pipeline-webpage on the website of Ontonics by adding:

  • Clean•E and Sweep•E.

    Original Sketches
    More minifigure like exterior (macrofig) for our Roboticle™ robots. The images show sketches of Clean-E and Sweep-E from the announced minifigure Classics series in the plastic version. The images do show the concepts, which need not to reinvent the vaccum cleaner, but not the real scales between the Clean-E robot and the vaccum cleaner.
    Roboticle Robot Clean-ERoboticle Robot Clean-ERoboticle Robot Sweep-E
    © Lego®, The Brothers Brick, and Moko

    Sneak Preview
    Our Roboticle robots of the minifigure Classics series learn faster than any other robot platform by using the power of the community and the revolutionary features of the Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux. All learned skills of these robots can be exchanged via Bluetooth™, Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), or cell/mobile phone based internet connectivity automatically, or manually by the user/owner. This feature is based on standard Web 2.0 technology, like Blogs, Wikis, YouTube, or Flickr, and the upcoming facilities of the Web 3.0.
    No other hardware or software manufacturer is able to deliver this leading high-technology but the Christian Stroetmann GmbH with its business divisions.


  • Lidl: The company is using contents from our websites for its advertisements. But especially bold is the declaration of its products as hightech. We quote: "Hightech zum Fest". This is misleading and by that not allowed for that company, it has only the rights to sell consumer goods.
  • Stadlbauer Marketing + Vertrieb→Stadlbauer Spiel- und Freizeitartikel→Carrera: We quote: "Speed Kings", "Styleguide", "Mehr Community", and "Sicherheit & Qualität". The latter is sounding like our trademark "Sicherheit durch Qualität" and "Qualität. Vertrauen. Sicherheit".
  • Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe: The contents of the company's website sounds unbelievable familiar. We quote and laugh: "[...], while observing the highest standards of [...] ethics at all times."
  • PepsiCo→Mountain Dew: Green Label Art, Design Lab, and so on. Example given, there is shown are dragon with three claws. Another behaviour would have been a wonder.
  • Morgans Hotel Group: We quote: "[...] is pioneering revolutionary, world-class design for a new generation of style-conscious travelers."

    Comment of the Day

    Investigations::Car #64

  • Porsche→Volkswagen: Once again the company tries to steel our identity. The new method is now to take signs from our websites and work them into some special made cars. Was it the last time the japanese and dragon oriented style referring to our Style of Speed logo, as described in the Investigations::Car #63, is it this time the Don painting with 3 colours (green, blue and red on white), and the orientation to the italian automotive design by Style of Speed. The story by Volkswagen, "An homage to Italy: the tri-colors of the motor show host country are repre- sented by green, white and red elements of both the exterior and interior." is a lie for blurring the real source of inspiration. To say it clearly: The company isn't interested in culture, it only wants to sell cars as much as possible.
  • Rinspeed: We are watching that company since some years with more and more intensity. After the custom car of the year 2007 we did know, that we have found another corporation, which tries to jump on our bandwagon. The actually showcar is named iChange, a 1-2-3-seater concept with "striking [...] design", shape-shifting, "low weight", and an electric motor, that should ignite "thought-provoking impulses". We quote further: "[...] above all we need to accommodate the ecological aspects.". The partner list is also clarifying the case. It shows a watch maker, diamond processor, and a digital factory developer, beside other companies.

    We would like to thank very much the Rinspeed company to show who was first, and is the real #1™. Btw.: We already have the ™!!!™

    Comment of the Day
    *<:o)™ !8™ 8!™ i8™

    Question of the Day
    Question by a geography teacher of C.S.: "Where have you spent your holidays?" Answer: "In Easttyrol." Reply: "Easttyrol doesn't exist." And in that year C.S. got a 5 in geography.
    Question of the Day: Who was the idiot?


  • MTV Viva: 123skins

    Investigations Easttyrol Special

  • Lienz: We quote: "Sonnenstadt Lienz", and "Modell[(region)] Schöner Leben". Furthermore, there were sparked activities around the artist Albin Egger-Lienz and others.
  • St. Jakob i. Def.: We quote: "Da wo die Sonne lacht".
  • Hotel Zedernklang i. Def.: The hotel was known before as "Drei Zedern(/Lärchen?)"
  • Gross Glockner Resort: We quote: "Resort", "More [...], more [...], more [...]", and "Die neue Dimension [...]." Btw.: It should claim for 111 kilometers of piste.

    Investigations::Car #65

  • Daimler & Evonik: The companies are pushing a subsidiary of Evonik that produces lithium-ion batteries.


  • Microsoft: The company tries to set a highly proprietary health (care) IT system. This sounds familiar, especially under the fact, that C.S. has worked on such a project 11 years ago.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Speed Competence™

    Comment of the Day #2
    Which devil has ridden a british broadcasting station to distribute messages by Microsoft? We all do know, that that company will never deliver correct software. It's not its business. So why should we bother about patches?

    Jolly Bunnies: Jolly Bugs, Jolly Miffy, and Jolly Mimihopps (Today)
    Jolly Bugs BunnyJolly MiffyJolly Mimihopps
    Jolly Bugs BunnyJolly MiffyJolly Mimihopps

    And more of Jolly Miffy (Today)
    Jolly MiffyJolly MiffyJolly Miffy

    And even more from the Bikini Bottom: Jolly Spongebob, Jolly Patrick, and Jolly Gary (Today)
    Jolly SpongebobJolly PatrickJolly Gary
    Jolly SpongebobJolly PatrickJolly Gary
    © C.S.

    Original Sketches
    The images show possibilities for a mix of materials, the interior, and some design elements of the exterior of our 4-wheeled Just 4 :)™ by Style of Speed™.
    Style of Speed 4 :)Style of Speed 4 :)Style of Speed 4 :)
    © Volkswagen, and :(

    Sneak Preview
    The preliminary details of the dimensions for our 4-wheeled Just 4 :)™ by Style of Speed™ have been presented by the Speed Competence™:

  • Power: 250 to 500 PS
  • Weight: 550 kg to more for the electric version
  • Wheelbase: 2400 mm
  • Fronttrack: 1700 mm
  • Length: 3500 mm
  • Width: 1920 mm

    The given informations may be subject to change.

    Investigations::Car #66

  • Microsoft: The company is still taking informations from our websites and use them or give them to other companies in the automotive sector. But this is not the only sector the company is manipulating.
  • Azentek: The company has taken informations from our websites.
  • Shelby SuperCars: The company is still stealing informations from our websites. If it already can't stand the heat, what will it do, if our car will overtake its.

    Comment of the Day #1™
    Super 8™

    Comment of the Day #2
    One goes after 100 years and the other comes with bigger and bigger steps.

    Sneak Preview
    The preliminary dimensions for our :D(Big Fun), 333 ST, 962 ST, B!™, and D(!) have been presented by the Speed Competence™ Style of Speed™:

  • Power: 500 PS to customer choice
  • Weight: 700 kg to more for the electric and the high power versions
  • Wheelbase: 2700 mm
  • Fronttrack: 1640 mm
  • Length: 4000 to 4600 mm
  • Width: 2000 mm

    The given informations are subject to harmonization.

    Suppliers, eg. for automotive parts, can make their offers by contacting our headquarter.

    Comment of the Day
    [o]™ ]o[™ ]0[™

    Investigations::Car #67/Inspired by Us™

  • Supercars.net: We have observed something suspicious on this website in the last year with the following result: The website is manipulated. This is done by exchanging the original stories describing shown vehicles with new stories, which are reflecting contents of our websites (eg. the webpages written by Richard Owen). The case has been convicted by the new stories about the Fiat→Ferrari Enzo and the Fiat→Maserati MC12, as well as the report about a rumor that is claiming a further production of the Dauer Porsche 962s. We've read many automotive oriented magazines, but in the last 7 years we haven't heard anything about the latter statement. What a pity: Good website gone bad.

    Remarkable in this conjuction is, that it looks like the same manipu- lations we have seen and analyzed in many other media, and are concerned with subjects of our business. It heavily smells like the usual players listed in our series of investigations. Also remarkable is the fact, that many of the convicted institutions, companies, and/or persons are deleting the websites or webpages in question to blur the traces and to attack our trustworthiness. We will react on these crimes and will give a message, as soon as the few "things" on our websites are cleaned up.

  • National Alliance for Advanced Transportation Battery Cell Manufacture: A consortium by 14 companies was established "to build a manufacturing facility with an "open foundry" for the participants to pursue the goal of perfecting lithium-ion batteries for cars". What we expect is that that alliance will produce our solution. What we say is wrong, is the assumption, "that whoever makes the batteries will one day make the cars". We are already here and it's time to except it by the industries and media.
  • General Motors: We quote the CEO: "[...] Technology, Quality, and Design [...].". This in fact reflects our statements "High in Tech, Design, and Quality™", "Innovation. Design. Quality.™", and "Technology in Top Shape™". We are very sorry to say, but: This behaviour dramatically and drastically shows, that the managements of the "Big Three" haven't learned anything in the last months. And as we said in the past: The problem is a cultural/ strategical and not a technological or financial.
    This all has not anymore to do with economy. Our honest opinion: Chapter 11.

    We would like to thank very much the General Motors company to show who was first, and is the real #1™. We also like to thank this company for the S!Suvee™ concept as a compensation for our expenses.

    The Christian Stroetmann GmbH - Always ahead™ Competence you can trust in™ Leadership made simple™
    We've got the job done.


  • Bertelsmann: Das Unternehmen hat immer noch nicht seine teilweise sehr nachdenklich stimmenden Geschäftsgebaren eingestellt.
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: Siehe Bertelsmann
  • ARD/ZDF: Siehe ProSiebenSat.1 Media
  • Axel Springer→Bild: Siehe ARD/ZDF
  • Rheinische Post: Siehe Axel Springer

    Unter Anderem kann man einen Teilbereich des Verhaltens als vor- sätzliche Hehlerei von geistigem Eigentum, ein anderer Teilbereich als vorsätzliche Desinformierung bezeichnen. Unserer Meinung nach handelt es sich hier nicht mehr um Kavaliersdelikte, sondern um grobe Eingriffe in demokratische Verhältnisse.

    Investigations::AI, and Knowledge management

  • Bertelsmann→Arvato/wissenmedia: The company buys some things from Brockhaus. We don't believe in a pure chance.

    Investigations::Car #68

  • FINE Mobile: The company has taken informations from our websites to produce its website and by that tried to steal the identity of Style of Speed.
  • Supersport, Daimler→Mercedes-AMG, Swarovski: The companies showed on a motorshow a car with a Style of Speed like dragon made up with crystals.
  • Supersport: The company has taken content from our websites to produce its website and by that tried to steal the identity of our business division Style of Speed.
  • Swarovski: We are observing that company since more than 2 years with the result: The company mainly collaborates with companies, which are standing in some kind of competition with our business divisions, here Style of Speed. In conjunction with other incidents the general behaviour lastly has clearified the natur of that company. This behaviour is criminal, because the partnerships haven't the goals to mix the best of the collaborating partners, but are a methode to attack our businesses.
  • Oz (racing): First, we only watched at that company, but with the statements like "[...] style", "[...] style [...]", "[...] style [...]", and "[...] total look [...]", as well as its Colours project we have seen enough to make the usual judgement: ....

    As always, we would like to thank very much all of the listed companies to show and to make clear for everyone who was first, and is the real #1™.

    Patterns Star, MontB, and Heart (29.November.2008 - Today)
    Pattern Star5Pattern MontBPattern Heart
    © C.S.
    More of: A little bit/an integration of geometry with the Ouchi Motion visual illusion. See also the patterns from the 29.November of 2008.

    Patterns Minifigure Head, and Minifigure (Today)
    Pattern Minifigure HeadPattern Minifigure
    © C.S.

    Comment of the Day
    "Someone reminded us:
    Echo Beach
    Far away in time"

    Pattern Emoticon :) (Today)
    Pattern Emoticon :)
    This is the missing pattern from yesterday.

    Pattern Ying Yang (Today)
    Pattern Ying Yang
    © C.S.
    This pattern was made after request.

    Inofficial Present
    PAV, general aviation, and sustainable mobility
    We could have been much further, but there are so many unbelievable (un)"clever" persons on this planet that like to drive cars instead of a nice speeder (see more in the news of 8. and 11.April.2008).

    Comment of the Day
    Red Bee™ Green Bee™ Blue Bee™ White Bee™ Black Bee™ Silver Bee™
    Hyper Bee™ Bee!™
    Hornet™ Super Hornet™ Hyper Hornet™

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We are looking at a design concept by DaimlerChrysler→Dodge, which fits into our Style of Speed portfolio by its intention and could be a good but only a partly compensation for our expenses.
    © Dodge®, and Shaan Hurley
    The concept has to be overworked by the Speed Competence™ Style of Speed™. For example the middle bar has to be removed and the drivetrain should be extended with a pure electric, a fuel cell, or a hybird of electric and standard engine powered drivetrain.

    Comment of the Day

    Jolly Super Mario, Jolly Mushroom, and Jolly Bomb (Today)
    Jolly Super MarioJolly MushroomJolly Bomb
    Jolly Super MarioJolly MushroomJolly Bomb
    © C.S.

    Original vs. Inspiration
    Style of Speed™ Dragon™Sign/Seadragon (2003).
    Dragon Sign/Seadragon
    © C.S.
    This sketch named Dragon™Sign/Seadragon was made after an idea of an actually unknown company in the surfing area.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Super Dragon™ Hyper Dragon™ SkyDragon™ SpaceDragon™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Don't be fooled."

    Investigations/Inspired by Us™

  • Swatch→Glashütte: The company built up a multimedia based showroom with many technologies and informations mentioned on our websites.
  • Henkel→Schwarzkopf: We quote: "3x mehr Glanz"
  • Beiersdorf→Nivea: We quote: "[...] 3-fach Power [...]"
  • Emporio Armani: Diamonds for Men
  • Intel: The company tries to claim "Inside" as a trademark. We would say, that it comes a little bit to late with this effort, or otherwise ....
  • Nokia:
  • Autodesk:

    Investigations::AI and Knowledge management

  • University of Otago: There is a person now under strong observation!
  • Semantic Desktop Group: The group members have stolen intellectual properties from our websites, especially our approach of the ontology for files/file systems, the description of these concepts (meta-data is data, or here interpretation - containment), and the integration of our concepts into the K Desktop Environment (KDE), named Nepomuk-KDE. Before the publication of our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux, as far as we know, there was nothing of the mentioned ontology, description, and integration into KDE. The group members are still following this criminal intent/thread.

    A very well sign to prove our assertions is the fact, that the convicted persons, companies, institutes, and groups only can steal the items, which are publicated (by us). After that the developments on their side suddenly stops.


  • An unknown person: We don't know why or how the concept of an integrated Brain Computer Interface (BCI) with a baseball cap came to Japan, but you have to accept the fact/reality: It was invented and sketched by C.S. around 2003.
  • Autodesk: The company showed on an exhibition a game engine for architects and augmented reality based technology. But these are both included in OntoLinux. This proves, that that company as taken once again informations from our websites.
  • Microsoft: As one of the biggest criminal entity on this planet, that company took again property from a computer which is not a web server. The Photosyth application, which applies image-based rendering for 3-dimensional modeling/sculpturing, was one of the first software application by the Live Labs that aroused our attention. But by naming an other software application Seadragon and announcing the Entity Extraction solution we could once again convict that corporation.

    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • ESA: The institute tries to steal a second time the idea of looking at Science Fictions arts in a scientific way.
  • Space Exploration Technologies: Suddenly we also have a DragonLab.

    Investigations::Car #69

  • Daimler: The corporation announced to show at an exhibiton its BlueZero models. Besides giving this a name with some kind of "...Zero" we also would like to mention, that it has 3 models, which all are reflecting the Style of Speed decisions. Furthermore, the style of the interior tries to reflect the Pattern #1, and a motor with permanent magnet is described.

    House (Work in progress since 2005)
    House Plan
    © C.S.
    The image is the first publication.

    Inofficial Sketch
    The image below shows a very very rough sketch to give you an impression of a Bee!™ with removed middle bar.
    Style of Speed Bee
    © Dodge®, and Style of Speed

    Comment of the Day
    Chassis Modul System™

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We are looking at a design concept by Ford, which fits into our Style of Speed portfolio by its intention and could be a good but only a partly compensation for our expenses.
    Ford IndigoFord IndigoFord Indigo
    © Ford, and AutosRapidos.com
    The concept has to be overworked by the Speed Competence™ Style of Speed™. For example the front bumper/spoiler has to be removed or lowered for sure, and the concept could be integrated with the :D(Big Fun) and the Bee!™. Other issues are the drivetrain alternatives, but by taking the new and pathbreaking Chassis Modul System™ (CMS) by Style of Speed™ these options come for free.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We have updated the website of OntoFS to reflect the new development and web link:
    1. A new file system patch for the Linux® kernel 2.6.28 was uploaded at the OntoFS webpage.
    2. The link to the webpage describing the compilation and installation of a Gentoo™ based Linux® kernel with the file system has been updated.

    Sneak preview
    With its pathbreaking high-tech high-performance Chassis Modul System™ (CMS) the Speed Competence™ Style of Speed™ gives automotive designers and Speedgeeks™ the opportunity to let their creations come to life as a real car.

    House (Work in progress since 2005)
    House Plan
    © C.S.
    The image shows the version at the end of the year 2005. And yes, it's inspired by Louis I. Kahn's National Assembly Building in Dhaka, Bangladesh, but also by many many other times, architects, artists, and buildings.

    © and/or ® 2008-2012
    Christian Stroetmann GmbH