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Comment of the Day
"... und wer da suchet, der findet ..." [Lukas 11]
Have fun thereby.

Investigations::Car #148

  • Mahle Powetrain: That company massively has taken contents from our websites, most to mention the website of Style of Speed, and is not willing to respect our trademarks. We have to quote: "[...] driving force [...] [No, correct is Driving Force™ by us.]", "[...] integrated innovative creativity, precision, perfection [...]", "[...] unique system competence in the area [...]", "[...] 3 [...]", "[...] Management Systems [...]", "[...] Management Systems [...]", "[...] 30 [...]", "[...] 3,000 [...]", "[...] competence [...]", "[...] ever more complex systems [...]", "[...] synergies [...]", "[...] interdisciplinary knowledge management [...]", "[...] unsurpassed component [...]", "[...] customers can achieve their objectives faster and more econo- mically [...]", "Driven by performance", "[...] analyzed and validated [...]", "[...] embedded electronic control systems [...] to manage the powertrain in conjunction with the vehicle network [...]", "[...] pro- active [(]project[)] management [...]", "[...] divisions [...]", "[...] management systems [...]", "[...] Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) business philosophy [...]", "[...] reduce cycle time [...]", "[...] collaboration [...]", "[...] philosophy [...]", "[...] uniformly high qua- lity standards [...]", "[...] zero error strategy [...]", "[...] significant [...]", "[...] modeling techniques [...]", "[...] component models [...]", "[...] complex [...]", "[...] controlled differentials [...]", "[...] more complex systems [...]", "Statistical and intelligent [...] tech- niques [...]", "[...] complexity [...]", "[...] vehicle's 'DNA' [...]", "[...] modeling techniques [...]", "[...] complex vehicle control systems require creative [...]", "[...] hardware, software, system architecture and design, vehicle integration [...]", "[...] mix [...]", "[...] complex [...]", "System modeling and auto-generated software", "[...] model and architecture level down to individual components in hardware or software [...]", "Algorithm Modeling and Autocoding", "Simulation", "Model Translation of [...] Functions", "Validation of models", "Auto-coding from models", "Scripting and automation [...]", "[...] software including real-time operating systems [...]", "[...] C, C++, and as- sembly languages or at the modeling level [...] [But its software is based on the programming language Java!?]", "Rapid Prototyping", "[...] high-level System and Architecture design [...]", "[...] com- plexity [...]", "[...] complexity [...]", "[...] collect significant data for compiling [...]", "[...] Closed loop quality [...] processes [...] [This is convicting!]". That company is also a partner of the company SAP. Convicted!!!™
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: Due to the criminal and panic behaviour by that car booth, and that it has even stolen contents from the first documentation in our Investigations::Car #146 at the 30th of August, we have to quote a second time out of a press release: "[...] Pleasure in harmony with trendsetting [...]", "[...] highly emo- tional [...]", "[...] modern [...]", "[...] unique sports car [...]", "[...] good balance [...]", "[...] revolutionary vehicle concept developed all in one [(]from the ground up[)] [...] [No, that's a lie.]", "[...] unique driving experience [...]", "[...] goes far beyond the sum total of the individual features and components [...]", "[...] unique potential [...]", "[...] great innovative thrust [...]", "[...] particularly efficient concept of Brake Energy Regeneration [...]", "[...] unprecedented driving experience [...]", "[...] particularly efficient concept of Brake Energy Regeneration [...]", "[...] gullwing doors [...] [No, these are called butterfly doors. Another clear sign of its incompetence.]", "[...] elementary part [...]", "[...] clearly [...]", "[...] unique car is able [...]", "[...] components, their combination with an extremely econo- mical combustion engine, and the outstanding aerodynamic qualities [...]", "[...] borne out in the very emotional design of this unique concept car [...]", "[...] an unprecedented sports car offering fascinating [...] [No, the overall concept is only a copy of the first version of the b! by Style of Speed.]", "[...] outstanding competen- ce [in stealing of foreign properties] [...]", "[...] intelligent combina- tion of these three power units and the energy they develop, toge- ther with precisely controlled energy management [...]", "[...] three power units allows all-wheel drive also available in the all-electric mode [...]", "[...] turbocharger features variable intake geometry [...]", "[...] supplemented [...] [This is a highly convicting key- word.]", "[...] range [...]", "[...] when applying the brakes the elec- tric motor acts as a generator feeding electric power to the lithium-polymer battery [...]", "[...] higher and significantly more efficient level [...]", "[...] the two electric motors may be used both for accelerating and for regenerating energy when applying the brakes [...]", "[...] high level of efficient energy management [...]", "[...] significant reduction [...]", "[...] superior [...]", "[...] three power units [...]", "[...] balance [...]", "[...] performance far superior to anything provided so far by any hybrid vehicle [...] [Once again: No, the overall concept is only a copy of the first version of the b! by Style of Speed.]", "[...] drive cycle [...]", "[...] qualities reflecting [...] know-how gained in Formula 1 [...]", "[...] clearly expressing the unique combination of supreme efficiency and the sporting per- formance [...] [And once again: No, the overall concept is only a copy of the first version of the b! by Style of Speed.]", "[...] clearly proves [...]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] brand-new, innovative [...]", "[...] active [...]", "[...] active air intake [...]", "[...] smooth [...]", "[...] blade profile integrated in the rims serves furthermore to re- duce the negative effect of the turning wheels on the overall aero- dynamics [...]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] intelligent [...]", "[...] clearly as a strong [...]", "[...] 4.60 metres in length [...]", "[...] 1.90 metres in width [...]", "[...] high-performance [...]", "[...] great commitment to outstanding efficiency [...]", "[...] far superior [...]", "Emotional design through sculptural shapes and layering technolo- gy.", "[...] Reflecting the innovative drive concept of this unique car [...]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] fully integrated design philosophy [...]", "[...] harmonised [...]", "[...] Sculptural design [...]", "[...] funda- mental [...]", "[...] surfaces optimised for a smooth [...]", "[...] sym- biosis of function and stylish shapes [...]", "[...] clearly [...]", "[...] Clearly [...]", "[...] light colours on the seat upholstery and all inter- ior linings underline the light [...]", "[...] fundamental [...]", "[...] unique symbiosis [...]", "[...] trendsetting [...]", "[...] dual round headlights characteristic of a BMW [...] [No, these are the rear lights of the Volkswagen→Audi R8 and TT (RS).]", "[...] rear lights are integrated also in their function into the design of the entire rear section [...] [The rear lights are the front lights of the Volkswagen 2028 Ego concept inserted into the form of the rear lights of the same concept by Volkswagen, which by the way really has gullwing doors.]", "[...] several layers of materials on top of one another [...]", "[...] strong [...]", and "[...] interplay of the three layers [...]". Contents, concept, and technologies are only a mix of stolen elements already shown largely and in parts years ago by Style of Speed and other companies. There clearly nearly is nothing develop- ed by that company. What a giant fraud.
    Btw.: Gullwing doors are fastened at the roof and butterfly doors at the A-pillar, like Porsche did it with the 962 and Ferrari with the Enzo. The arrangement of the drivetrain with three engines is of the Toyota CS&S Hybrid concept and the rear fenders somehow remind us of the Ferrari Fiorano concept. Don't be fooled by that company, other companies, and the media.

    We added a note about the person Jens Baganz, Daniel Dettling, the many years chased fraud Matthias Horx, and additional informations about Christian Boros to our webpage Investigations:Culture.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    New projects have been set up for further pursuit by us from Style of Speed: The RS version is a more lightweight and sporty version of the cj! and the nearly equal BlueSport by the company Volkswagen. This Roadster RS could be used as a cup version for its own racing league. Moreover, Superlight versions of these roadsters are target- ed as well.

    Investigations::Car #149

  • Volkswagen: The company has updated its 2028 concept by taking informations of our website Style of Speed and from another source. For example these are the new informations given in con- junction with our Active Camera™ system, like the application of laser and ultrasonic technology, but also the path of development yielding in a carport with solar panels.
  • Ernesto Rodriguez: With a design concept he thought of being clever while copying our concepts of the Chassis Module System™ together with the interchangeable exterior elements, which are especially represented by the i!, j!, and cj!.
  • Mayeul Walser: It seems to be, that that designer also thinks it is easier to take our concepts developed by Style of Speed.
  • Jamie Martin: see Mayeul Walser
  • Daniel Garcia: see Jamie Martin
  • Mark Przeslawski and Hanan Qattan: The two designers thought it would be clever to name its design Electric SuperCar (ESC). We also quote to convict them further: "[...] ESC is silent, pure and sculpturally embodies the driver [...]", "[...] bionic [...]", and "[...] of speed". Convicted!!!™
  • Jeff Darling: The designers above were all found on his website together with a concept of a roadster with all-electric drivetrain that also shows concepts, like some kind of foldable solar panels, taken from our website Style of Speed. We make it short: Con- victed!!!™
    Sincerely, C.S.

    Comment of the Day
    Airview™ AirLAN™ AirLANbot™ AirLANdroid™
    FlyingLAN™ FlyingLANbot™ FlyingLANdroid™
    FlyLAN™ FlyLANbot™ FlyLANdroid™
    Festival of Innovation™ Firework of Innovation™

    Ontonics Website update
    We continued our Festival of Innovations™ by adding on the web- page Innovation-Pipeline the new technological solution:

  • FlyingLAN.

    We also are looking at octocopters as the next step in the direction to the flying carpet enabling 0 Gravity™ technology.

    Style of Speed Website update
    As worldwide unique supplements for land vehicles, like our highly versatile E-SUVs™ S! and X!, we added as optional navigation, communication, and task aids our Flyingscope™ and FlyingLAN™ robotic systems.
    © Simon Jardine


  • General: For us the results of all of our investigations look like, that in the B.R.D. all large media are controlled or have strong relations to only one political party.
  • ARD and ZDF→Phoenix: That documentation and politics oriented television channel of the many times convicted television channels ARD and ZDF claims for neutral reports, but is now convicted for being, we call as it is, criminal. Especially two reports shown in the last days were more than suspicious. The first report was about an artificial tree that was said to enable the realization of the artificial photosynthesis methode. But the fact is, that the report only used contents given in the description of our solution applied in our con- cept of the bionic vehicle Ape ESP 2.0 for example, and also has hold back that in reality the presented technology only is a carbon dioxide filtering system, which has as a product a chemical subst- ance that is even more toxical. This filtered waste has to be pumped later under the bottom of the ocean. The second report was about an already convicted Porsche tuner in the state Bavaria of the B.R.D.. This time the channel actively led an interview about all-el- ectric cars in such a way that the chairman of that company could repeat contents of our websites, especially this website and the website by Style of Speed. While this interview was done two Raptor RSR like cars were shown by the side of the interviewed person and the interviewer. At last, we are more than glad to finally and cleary make the judgement: Convicted again and now documented!!!™

    Investigations::Car #150

  • Ruf: Once again that company took contents from our website to irritate the public. A new example of this was given in a television interview consisting of around 10 sentences out of which we do quote in german at first: "[...] Sterne [greifen] [...]", "[...] Emotion [...]", "[...] Spaß [...]", "[...] Revolution [...]", "[...] 300 km Reich- weite [...]", "[...] Jet [...]", and something like "[... Geräusche eines Turboladers ...]". Translated into English this means: "[...] [grab at the] stars [...]", "[...] emotion [...]", "[...] fun [...]", "[...] revolution [...]", "[...] 300 km range [...]", "[...] jet [...]", and something like "[... sounds of a turbo charger ...]". We know its chairman now since 25 years and he is always cheating. A real fraudster.
    Btw.: The name Greenster comes from the movie Highschool Musical 3, the technology of its Greenster is stone old as well as a very cheap marketing hoax by the company Siemens, and the Raptor and the 9EE GTE by us from Style of Speed definitely are much better and by this uncomparable. Take a look at the prizes for example.
  • Axel Springer→Auto Bild: That automotive focused tabloid reported about the company Tesla Motors based in California, U.S.A.. Despite that we have given easy to understand facts in our Investigations ::Car #109 at the 19th of May 2009, it said that Tesla Motors has reached after only 18 months the net income area. Luckily more and more interested persons are reading other sources like our websites and one of these persons made a comment on the related webpage of that magazine.
  • Tesla Motors and Daimler: Both boothes still haven't explained what they will do in the situation first time reached in around 4 years when the lithium-ion accumulators have to be exchanged and the resulting highly toxic waste has to be disposed.
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: see Tesla Motors and Daimler
  • Volkswagen→Porsche: The former company Porsche as well as its new owner were not able to build up a partnership based on respect, trustfulness, and superior technological solutions with the Christian Stroetmann GmbH and its subsidiary Style of Speed. Instead of cre- ating new jobs and advantages against the competitors Porsche has now to send 2500 workers into short time work.
    Btw.: The members of the management made to many giant mis- takes in the past. Only the truth. Nur die Wahrheit.

    We added notes about the person Christa Thoben and the curator Julian Heynen on our Investigations::Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day
    Green Spirit™ Blue Spirit™ Red Spirit™ Colour Spirit™
    Blue Luxury™
    Spirit of Power™ Spirit of Elegance™

    Style of Speed Website update
    As the founder and leading manufacturer of Green Luxury Cars we extended our E-Luxury range with the new model:

  • Electric Spirit.

    Investigations::Car #151

  • Verlag Rudolf Augstein→Spiegel Zeitschrift, and Bertelsmann and others→Gruner und Jahr→Manager Magazin Verlagsgesellschaft: We never have read so much fairy tales in one tab, but on the other side a look at the already convicted owners easily explains the situ- ation. The most to mention laughing stock is the report about Daim- ler in which the already realized vision and strategy of Style of Speed, that was developed by Ontonics and The Lab of Visions™ OntoLab, is said to be of a manager by Daimler. Again convicted!!!™ And due to the fact that this report actively was made in a manipul- ating way we have now documented the criminal acts of all related companies and persons.
  • Daimler: We quote the CEO of that criminal and in panic acting company: "Green Luxury". It is totally clear that the E-Luxury range by us from Style of Speed is meant.
  • Volkswagen→Porsche: We are not sure at this time, and maybe we haven't read some webpages in more than the last 10 years, but it looks some kind of misterious that suddenly the street legal ver- sion of the Porsche Dauer 962 Le Mans (official name following the registration certificate) seems also now officially to be called 962 Le Mans Street.


  • Nokia: In our last report about that company we forgot to mention that its mobile phone powered by a Linux® based operating system already has 2 LED flashlights for its camera. Also that company is trying again to steal more of our concepts by jumping on the nano devices, iRaiment, and Web 2.0 bandwagon.
  • Nokia→Navteq: The subsidiary of Nokia is active in 2 projects. One project is concerned with the taking of 3-dimensional photographs of cities worldwide. The other project wants to integrate mobile phone and navigation system into one Mobile Device™, which is a concept we already started to realize 3 years ago with our OntoLinux, and the Ontoscope™ hard- and the original Ontoscope™ software.


  • Kuka: That inofficially already convicted company claimed for ex- tending its spectrum of activities into our fields. As a reference of the Ontoprise thieves it was all the time implicitly convicted. But now we can make it official: Convicted!!!™

    Ontoscope Website update
    We added the pictures showing the old and new hardware of the Ontoscope™.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added to the range of supplements by us a new section named Robot and put into this section the updated webpage of the Flying Robots and the new webpage Interior Robot.

    Sadly to say, but since years the events of arts in Venice are al- ways guarantees for finding and than blowing up so called artists. In this relation we made notes on our Culture webpage about Pipilotti Rist and Héctor Zamora, but also about the person Jesus Diaz.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Marvel of Motion™
    E-Rover™ Rover E™ Rover-E™ Rover•E™
    Style Rover™ Speed Rover™ Pure Rover™ Power Rover™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Being able to distinguish between good and bad is not a question of religion or money." [C.S., Today]

    Investigations Pure Special

  • Warsteiner Brauerei Haus Cramer: We do make some quotes: "Die pure Emotion", "Der pure Mix", "Der pure Geschmack", and "Die pure Sammelleidenschaft". We also read: "wahre Größe". We'll see.
  • Warsteiner Brauerei Haus Cramer and Sixt: We make the quote: "[...] pure Fahrspaß".
  • Ehrmann: "Pure Verführung"
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media→Kabel eins: Our quotes are: "Spaß pur" and "Pure Fun".
  • Euronews.net: "Euronews pure"

    Investigations Foreign Affairs Special

  • Ministry of Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Egypt
  • Ministry of Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Montenegro
  • Ministry of Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Greece
  • Ministry of Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Italia: "Much more"

    Investigations::Car #152

  • Bertelsmann→N-TV, ProSiebenSat.1 Media→N24, Rheinische Post, and other media: At the 31st of August 2009 we publicated a report about the planned step by the corporation Volkswagen into the For- mula 1 league by potentially buying the Formula 1 team of the Bay- erische Motorenwerke. The reaction of the named media but also by other news media was to report about the team change by Fernando Alonso from Renault to Ferrari and that this would happened already until the race in Monza. Funny are the following facts: This rumors around Fernando Alonso were at that time more than 4 weeks old and Giancarlo Fisichella got the cockpit for the rest of the running Formula 1 season. Furthermore, the corporation Volkswagen has talked with the Red Bull racing team about a deal in January 2009.
  • Daimler: That company wants to decrease its cost by a module based strategy. If our Chassis Module System™ is part of its stra- tegy, then its share holders should think about a new board of executives.
  • Verband der Automobilindustrie, B.R.D.: For press releases by the association contents of our websites, especially Style of Speed, were used. One example is the description of the strategy of environmen- tal friendly luxury cars, that we founded and named E-Luxury, but also terms like "Innovationsfeuerwerk" (Firework of Innovation) were used in this time. Also the focus of interest is directed to already convicted players in the market.

    We extended the notes about the person Jürgen Rüttgers on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day
    Ontologic Modelling™
    Bit for Bit™ Bit für Bit™ Bit by Bit™
    Byte for Byte™ Byte für Byte™ Byte by Byte™

    Ontoscope Announcement
    We added new models of our worldwide unique Ontoscope™, the in- tegration of mobile phone, (digital) 3-d camera, and Artificial Intel- ligence. The model Ontoscope™ Pro has as a feature an integrated projector, the Ontoscope K model comes with a foldout keyboard, the Ontoscope S version has an additional sensor package, and last but not least the model Ontoscope DV (Deep View) is equipped with highly performant lenses.
    Moreover, by using our also worldwide unique Chassis Module Sys- tem™ all features are on special request by customers combinable. In this way the top version of the Ontoscope is a Mobile Device™ with superior natural language processor (NLP), touch screen, fold- out keyboard, hightech lenses, Multiray™ sensors, projector, and for sure much more. Now the Star Trek tricorder and Apple iphone are history, our Ontoscope the present, and the next generation Onto- scope 3.0 the future.

    Clarification #1
    The Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini Gallardo based Style of Speed Apollo Speed-E in the 2 electric motors version is the first Gallardo with pure rear-wheel drive.

    Clarification #2
    As the real Hightech, Speed, and Style Competence™ we, the Chris- tian Stroetmann GmbH, accelareted in such a way that IT-compa- nies like Microsoft, International Business Machines, Hewlett Pack- ard, Intel, or Google, as well as other industrial sectors like the automotive aren't able to follow. One example actually is given by the company International Business Machines which even confused its own term Pervasive Computing with Cloud Computing.

    Investigations::Car #153

  • Ford and Microsoft: Once again the companies took contents of our websites to develop products. This time they showed a manage- ment system for the reloading of accumulators of all-electric driven vehicles with accounting related features (compare this with our Clarification #2 of the 27th of August 2009).
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: As a reaction on our investigations about that company, see for example the Investigations::Car #146 and #148 publicated this month, it announced the investment of 2 billion Euro in the location B.R.D.. On the other side it calls the cura- tor of its museum Art Direktor instead of Kunstdirektor or in the real correct way Kurator, Sabbatical-Modell instead of Sabbatisches Modell, and on internal slide shows for german workers BMW Group instead of BMW Gruppe. What a hypocrisy and commitment to the B.R.D..
  • Jim Dowle: The former worker of McLaren and Jordan is our next Electric Sports Car™ (ESC) fraudster with total abbreation, who ignores the reality as well as our copyrights and trademarks.


  • General: On a large exhibition for consumer electronics and related products the trend in the field of cameras followed our researches, developments, and inventions which were partly shown as features of our Ontoscope™ in the past. Mainly these are the applications of more sensors and methods of the subjects Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, like object recognition and object tracing. But as we said before, the whole potential can only be released with our Hightech Operating System OntoLinux, the Ontoscope hard-, and the original Ontoscope software.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Equipment is all™ Equipment ist alles™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Equipment is everything." [C.S., 1999]

    Comment of the Day #3
    "Ich weiß heute noch wie blöd ich mich fühlte als ich das OntoLab das Labor der Visionen nannte. Danach haben alle gelacht und auf einmal hat fast jeder eine Vision." [C.S., Today]

    Comment of the Day
    "Characteristic for the real geniuses is that they have developed their own methods and tools."
    "Kennzeichnend für die wahren Genies ist, dass sie ihre eigenen Methoden und Werkzeuge entwickelt haben."
    [C.S. about his Ontoscope, Today]

    Investigations Media Special

  • General: Most of the media is not willing to accept the current laws and rules. Even more an argument to ban the companies in question is that they are not accepting the Basic Law, beginning with Article 1: "Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar. [...]". Said that, quality journalism is not existent. The contrary is the reality.
  • Bertelsmann: That company is convinced of having the legitimi- zation to take contents from our websites. No, it hasn't!!!™
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: see Bertelsmann
  • ARD and ZDF: see ProSiebenSat.1 Media
  • Axel Springer: see ARD and ZDF
  • Rheinische Post: see Axel Springer
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: Despite that that company knows that the trademark GreenHeart™ is developed and owned by us, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, it advertises products of those companies which have stolen this trademark as well as related logos and concepts. This is not the first time we could observe such a kind of behaviour and shows that that company is actively disturbing the social har- mony in the B.R.D..

    Investigations Design Special

  • Microsoft: That company cleary shows that it don't want to follow the laws and the rules. But this kind of behaviour by a person, com- pany, or nation is defined as terrorism. This time that lowtech booth has jumped on the bandwagon of sustainability (Nachhaltigkeit) which is a part in the field of Ontonics™.
  • Apple: That company is now integrating a video camera into its MPEG 2 Layer 3, aka. MP3, player series. We can also see something like 15 special effects that can be applied to the video and sound very familiar such as Thermal, Mirror, X Ray, and more. Forget that, the iPod is dead.
  • Sony Ericsson: In September 2008, those companies have taken our trademark GreenHeart™, a copy of our sign combined with a Leaf™ as its logo, and the related concept that both signs represent environmental/eco-friendly technologies, products and processes (see our news of the 19th of February 2008). We have begun earlier to use all mentioned items for technical devices exactly in the same sense. Also, both companies haven't followed our Disclaimer. Even more worse is that the text promoting our trademark, approach, and other parts by them is putting more wrong facts in the public's mind. In the case of the company Sony we interpret it as a barter trans- action for the pictures we showed. Otherwise those companies have to stop the application of the trademark and the logo in the same way as we'll stop using their properties.
  • Massimo Marrazzo: That thief thought he simply could jump on our bandwagons, like nanotechnology and foldable electronics, and steal everything what he sees. We have to quote: "Architecture Biodesign Design Interaction Printed Electronics Nanotechnology E-Book E-Pa- per" and "[...] design useful objects for human habitats and on wearable technology [...]. Objects are thought to interact with the body for daily use or for read information about health level. My in- spiration is a friendly technology to improve psychological and phy- siological wellbeing levels. More health, more happiness. [And more annoying persons?]". Funny is the fact, that everything stolen from us is very well and the rest, his real own works, is junk.
  • Nico Kläber: That little punk thought he could take advantage by stealing contents, concepts, and technologies of this website and our other websites like OntoLinux. The result is a copy of our con- cept of a rapid prototyping machine for molecular cooking or, as it is named by also repeating terms used on our websites, a 3D molecular Computer Numerical Control (CNC) food printer that was sketched on the OntoLinux website and then described by the project McNano™. We do quote to document this mess: "[...] fantastic possibilities [...]", "[...] idea of printing food seems to be something straight out of a science-fiction movie [...] [How bold, he even tries to claim about not knowing our OntoLinux website and the Star Trek replicat- or, which is named for example in the list about the Must-know terms of the 21st Century.]", "[...] it prints out three-dimensional desserts, complex structures, shapes for molecular dishes, and patterns [...]", "Users can also create their own recipes with special software and their own ingredients. Ambitious users can download recipes and share them with other users in an online community. [This is our Cook!Phone™ solution.]", "[...] wishes, needs and desires [...]", "[...] designing for the future is predicting the possible social and technological developments (their direction and speed) [...]", "[...] three different variations [...]", and "The robotic printer arm and head could be made from aluminum.". What additionally convicted him was the remark about the material polycarbonate (compare our news of the 14th of June 2008), which only makes sense in this context for thieves of intellectual properties and nasty obsolete persons. Easy: Convicted, definitely!!!™
  • Christian Tse: We made the following quotes from his website: "Inspired by romance and delicate beauty.", "[...] most innovative designs to supplement [...] [That was easy: Gotcha.]", "Combining innovative artistry with a keen focus on perfection in design and manufacturing", "[...] diamond [...]", "[...] integrates many rare colored diamonds [...]", "[...] unique [...]", and "[...] third generation [...]". We also made this documentation to prevent a highly skilled craftsman of becoming a criminal.

    Investigations::Car #154

  • B.R.D. government and research companies: The same companies that failed in the field of mobile communication, especially in the area of mobile phones, are now transformed by a high amount of tax money into quitters in the automotive sector. And even more worst is that now it can be seen and is documented in parts the real stra- tegy of blocking the real competent, constructive, and innovative elements of the societies.
  • Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH: Suddenly that criminal booth is active in the automotive sector and tries to develop something like a speaking car. As always we ask the question: Why now and not 10 years before?.
  • Rheinische Post: That tab tried to spread the rumor that all-elec- tric vehicles at a large automotive exhibition were the trend in the year 2006 but won't be this year 2009. Both is wrong. In the year 2006, it was no real theme alone and the trend of all-electric vehi- cles mainly was started by us in the end of the year 2008 while all other manufacturers were promoting their hybrid drivetrain solutions. And this investigative case becomes even better. Only some days latter, today, it made a special report about vehicles with Pure Electric™ drivetrain.
  • ARD and ZDF: In relation with a large automotive exhibition the television channels announced a special broadcast with the trendy theme of all-electric vehicles.
  • ARD, ZDF, ORF, and SRG SSR→3sat: Once again, in a focused broadcast about the state Saarland, B.R.D., the shown reports mainly were about already convicted institutes and companies.
  • Daimler: The CEO has ruined Chrysler and is on the best way to throw away that company, too. We do quote to further document its behaviour and destroy the rest of its fame: "[...] blend [...] [This is one of the convicting keywords.]", "[...] automotive fascination and high tech [...]", "[...] mix of purist styling, consistent lightweight design and superior driving dynamics [...]", "[...] synthesis of the strengths [...]", "[...] proposition with its unrivalled [...]", "[...] driving dynamics of the highest [...]", "[...] uncompromising sports car concept [...]", "[...] set the pulses of all car enthusiasts racing that extra bit faster [...]", "[...] forces to create [...]", "[...] unrival- led [...] outstanding driving [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] aspiration [...]", "[...] interpretation to create the classic of tomorrow and roll out the most alluring sports car of the 21st century [...]", "[...] cre- ate a new design icon [...]", "[...] incomparable [...]", "[...] paves the way for the design philosophy [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] passionate sportiness and reinterprets the breathtaking lines [...]", "[...] outstanding design icons [...]", "[...] purist design [...] reflects the philosophy of contemporary sports car engineering [...]", "[...] long wheelbase, the wide track and the large wheels [...]", "[...] three-dimensional, sculptured front-end [...]", "Influences from air- craft construction", "[...] aircraft construction [...]", "[...] intake on a jet engine [...]", "[...] aircraft-style lines [...]", "[...] stylistically [...]", "[...] kind of visor [...] [To understand this you only need to look at this patch which was already shown on this website.]", "[...] stylish [...]", "[...] pure [...]", "[...] muscle [...]", "[...] Three [...]", "[...] high-performance [...]", "[...] muscle [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] scintillating [...] [This keyword is related to visual illusions and the logo by Ontonics. It is also a clear sign that we are now sitting in the necks of those criminals.]", "[...] Wing-shaped [...]", "[...] Formula-1-style [...]", "[...] inspired [...]", "[...] liquid metal [...]", "[...] scintillating design [...]", "[...] strongly [...]", "[...] light re- flections [...]", "[...] 30 and 50 nanometres [...]", "[...] whole new level [...]", "[...] inspiration from aircraft construction when styling the interior [...]", "[...] characteristic styling feature is the dash- board [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports [...]", "[...] custom-built [...]", "[...] 369 [...] [Oh, how cheap this is.]", "[...] high-tech material that combines light weight with high strength [...]", "[...] significant [...] [This is another of the convicting keywords.]", "In conjunction [...]", "Three-stage [...]", "[...] steering wheel in a three-spoke design has a [...] rim with [...] shift paddles [...]", "[...] custom-built [...]", "[...] intelligent light- weight design with outstanding strength [...]", "[...] drive, braking and suspension forces [...]", "[...] intelligent, weight-optimised [...]", "[...] centre of gravity that is as low as possible [...]", "[...] harmo- nious [...] efficient force path [...]", "[...] unrivalled [...]", "[...] heart [...]", "[...] swiftly [...]", "[...] paved the way [...]", "Perfect synthesis of lightweight design and strength [This is even a whole sentence of convicting keywords.]", "[...] unrivalled figure [...]", "[...] uncompromisingly sporty [...]", "[...] intelligent generator ma- nagement: during the engine's overrun phases and braking, kinetic energy is used to charge the battery, rather than being wasted by simply generating heat [...]", "[...] commitment [...]", "[...] ingenious suspension layout [...] [Could someone explain us what is ingenious here?]", "[...] wheelbase of 2680 millimetres [...]", "[...] outstanding [...]", "[...] significantly [...]", "[...] track width - front 1682, rear 1653 millimetres [...]", "[...] outstanding [...]", "[...] 3-stage [...]", "[...] speed [...]", "[...] speed [...]", "[...] high-speed [...]", "[...] 3-stage [...]", "[...] three [...]", "[...] driving pleasure without com- promising active [...]", "[...] logic [...]", "[...] active [...]", "[...] active in all three [...]", "[...] especially in conjunction [...]", "[...] style [...]", and "[...] high-performance [...]". We also can see how the contents of one of our webpages after the other was copied. And even if a car by that company could fly us to our McDonald's on the Moon™ we wouldn't buy it.
    Btw.: Pure panic at Daimler is always a good sign.
  • Daimler→Smart: Unbelievable but true: That company claims of not having the duty to follow the rules and laws. We do quote to document the case: "[...] characterised by high quality equipment [...]", "[...] highstyle [...]", "[...] boasts a harmonious mix [...]", "[...] Style [...] with environmentally friendly technology [...]", "[...] trendsetter [...] [No, what that company means is called crime since many decades.]", "[...] environmentally friendly [...]style brand com- bines cutting edge environmental technology and functionality with a [...] sense of style [...]", "[...] perfect harmony [...]", "[...] high standards of style and elegance [...]", "[...] perfection [...]", "[...] spirit, an open, new way of thinking [...]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] 3-spoke sports steering wheel with steering wheel gearshift [...]", "[...] equipment [...]", "[...] equipment [...]", "[...] dashboard [...]", and "[...] speed [...]".


  • Intel: Once again that company has stolen contents and concepts of our websites. This time it is the technology of sensory robotics, which is our concept developed in the OntoLab by Roboticle, Soft- bionics, and Style of Speed and described on the webpages of the Active Components system of Style of Speed.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Sustainable motion™
    Pure Sustainability™ Pure Sustainable™
    Green Value™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "This isn't capitalism, but jungle mentality." [C.S., Today]

    Comment of the Day #3
    "Health care systems are related to humanism and not to capitalism, communism, or national socialism." [C.S., Today]

    Clarification #1
    We would like to inform all market attendees that we already are using the trademarks , Green Heart™, and Leaf™ in a technolo- gical context. Following the law in the B.R.D. and other european countries this includes engines for all-electric vehicles as well as mobile phones, Ontoscopes™, and for sure many other objects and processes.

    Clarification #2
    By producing our model series of our worldwide unique new type of Mobile Device™ Ontoscope™ out of renewable materials in an envi- ronmental friendly process of manufacture just right from the start we have always followed our core values, principles, and commit- ments of sustainability and eco-friendliness, which were developed and coined by us under the trademark GreenHeart™ and signed with the logo long before all other companies.

    Style of Speed Website update
    As the founder and leading manufacturer of Green Luxury Cars we extended as expected our E-Luxury range with the new model:

  • Electric Ghost.


  • General: As the Hightech Competence™ and ultimative trendsetter it should be no surprise anymore that with our Green Heart™ concept we, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, once again as the worldwide most innovative company are defining and setting the benchmarks of sustainability in many fields of technology.
  • ARD and ZDF→Phoenix: A very nasty foul was done by that television channel. Before the political duel in the german television between two candidates of the federal election it showed an interview of the cancellor. It is easy to see that this was not only a criminal maneuver but also a giant attack on the democratical foundation of the B.R.D..
  • Bertelsmann: Despite that that company knows very well the contents of the websites by us, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, it advertises products and services of those companies which are convicted for stealing contents, concepts, and other items. This is not the first time we could observe such a kind of behaviour and shows that that company is actively disturbing the social harmony in the B.R.D..

    Investigations::Car #155

  • Proton→Lotus: Despite the small amount of quotes we have to make again, the company clearly shows that it always was and still is able to promote its products in a legal way, but not willing to follow the rules and laws. Said that, we have to make 2 quotes: "[...] perfect combination of performance, efficiency and style [...]" and "[...] spirited [...]". We also can see that that company is taking concepts and design elements by other companies like our Style of Speed and many others.
  • Brabus: That company tried to tell us an own story but for sure didn't achieved to convince us, so we have to quote: "[...] nothing can replace displacement except more displacement [...] [In relation to this case we have to say that we already said this months ago and with Pure Electric™ drivetrains this old adage is not true any- more.]", "[...] equip [...]", "[...] components [...]", "[...] just [...]", "[...] just [...]", "[...] components [...]", "[...] performance potential [...]", "[...] components [...]", "[...] custom-tailored [...]", "[...] Integrated [...]", "[...] characterized [...]", "[...] integrated [...]", "[...] integrated [...]", "[...] integrated [...]", "The underside of the rear apron also features integrated LED lights which illuminate the ground behind the vehicle. [Compare this feature to the Raptor RSR, R-E, and R-E RSR by Style of Speed. We don't claim of having in- vented this feature, but as the real trendsetter we made it a com- mon optional feature even now for high luxury cars.]", "[...] custom-tailored solutions [...]", "[...] three different designs: Three-piece [...]", "[...] multi-spoke [...] [Funny]", "[...] calibrated [...]", "[...] heart [...]", "[...] electrically deployed drawer in the trunk [...]", "[...] tablet PC notebook [...] [We heard about a tablet PC and a notebook. But this is showing that that company has no clue about IT-technologies in the same way as a butcher normally can't cut hairs.]", "[...] business concept equipment [...] [Aha, here we have the convicting keywords.]", "[...] integrated [...]", "[...] operating the system [...] [Oh, how cheap.]", "[...] integrated [...]", "[...] integrated [...]", "[...] webcam for video [...] or a digital camera [...] [Oh, how cheap again.]", "[...] custom-developed [...]", "[...] integrated [...]", "[...] integrated [...]", "[...] unparalleled [...]", "[...] Maximum [...]", "[...] style of a miniature ship [...]", and "[...] stylish and perfectly crafted complement [...]". It's easy to find the objective result: Convicted!!!™
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke→Rolls Royce: It is no surprise anymore that that company is taking contents and concepts of our websites. We don't want to look aside and do quote: "[...] style and specifica- tion [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] greater emphasis on driving [...]", "[...] true and uncompromising [...] in every sense [...]", "[...] clear statement [...]", "[...] modern [...]", "[...] inspiration in contempo- rary furniture, architecture and yachts but also in the spirit of the 1930s - that sense of adventure and endeavour [...] [It is very interesting what all we're saying between the lines and represent- ing.]", "[...] core values that make our marque unique [...] [No, these are our core values of our marques.]", "[...] new technology and contemporary style [...]", "[...] adventure and technical inno- vation [...]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] remarkable achievements [...]", "Designing the future", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] sculpted horizontal lines that provide definition [...]", "[...] sharply [...]", "[...] Contem- porary touches [...]", "[...] sides of the intake have been curved inwards [...] [If you want to know where this comes from, then please take at the webpage of the hypersoar planes by Style of Speed.]", "[...] Parthenon style and more like a jet intake [...]", "[...] simplicity out of complexity [...] [Compare this with the Comment of the Day of the 14th of October 2008.]", "[...] drive and ride [...]", "[...] complemented [...] [Yes, it is a convicting keyword.]", "[...] integrated [...]", "[...] Panorama Sunroof [...]", "[...] Spirit [...] [Oh, how cheap.]", "[...] integrated [...]", "[...] integration [...]", "Engine- ering a benchmark", "[...] desire [...]", "[...] items [...]", "[...] com- ponents [...]", "[...] operating in fluid harmony [...]", "[...] art form and craftsmanship exists at a nano level [...] [Oh, how cheap again, isn't it?.]", "[...] multi-link [...]", "[...] intelligent [...]", "[...] complex computer system [...]", "[...] complex electronic aids to keep it com- posed on virtually [...]", "[...] Integrated Chassis Management sys- tems [...]", "[...] most modern, dynamically interesting drive [...]", "[...] brand new [...]", "[...] unique to the model [...]", "[...] in con- junction with the engine and chassis management systems [...]", "[...] simplicity [...]", "[...] complex engineering software and tech- nologies [...]", "[...] driver-focused [...]", "[...] driver assistance systems and technologies [...]", "[...] voice control allows you to select from the control systems menus [...]", "[...] Night Vision camera [...]", "[...] activated [...]", "[...] 300 [...]", "[...] control system receives infrared heat images from the camera [...] [This heavily looks like a stolen concept.]", "[...] speed [...]", "[...] acti- vated [...]", "[...] integrated camera [...]", "High Beam Assistance automatically manages the operation of dipped and main beam lights while driving at night.", "[...] activated [...]", "[...] Adaptive, direct- ional headlights [...]", "[...] action [...]", "[...] Active [...]", "[...] magic [...]", "[...] laser cutters [...]", and "[...] vision of simplicity [...] [Oops, again thses convicting keywords.]". Instead of self- righting wheel centres that company should think about self-righting business ethics.

    Comment of the Day #1
    SteviaKetchup™ VitaKetchup™ VivaKetchup™
    KetchupMax™ Max Ketchup™
    Stroetmann Ketchup™
    Wir sind Autos™ We are cars™ We are autos™
    Wir lieben Autos™ We love autos™ We love cars™
    Wir Autos™ We autos™ We cars™
    Speeder™ The speeder™ Der Speeder™
    Wir sind Speeders™ We are speeders™ We are speed™
    Wir lieben Speeders™ We love speeders™ We love speed™
    Wir Speeders™ We speeders™ We speed™
    Pure True™ Real Friend™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Der Dank für wahre Liebe sind ein Holzkreuz und 3 Nägel."
    "The thanks for true love are a cross of wood and 3 nails."

    Comment of the Day #3
    After beginning to sell the german technologies to the U.S.A. and Russia, the gang of the german political party Christlich Demokra- tische Union has extended its range of customer nations by China, Korea, Qatar, U.A.E., and for sure others. But that's not all. For example, the financial support for Magna and its russian partner will be taken out of the Deutschlandfonds.

    Ontonics Website update
    As officially the most creative and innovative company worldwide since more than 3 years, we, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, are as always more than only proud to present our new and naturally revo- lutionary innovation. We added on the webpage Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics the new projects:

  • SteviaKetchup and
  • Vita/VivaKetchup.

    Yes, we are. Yes, we can. Yes, we do.

    OntoLinux and Ontoscope Features
    With our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™ there is no need to let certify an application by Apple or another company and write applications following a proprietary standard. But more inter- esting is the feature that all applications directly work together with other applications based on the most innovative and intelligent infor- mation processing concept ever realized. Other solutions, like the iPhone by the company Apple, need for everything a special app(li- cation). That means, everytime a user's need has changed another app(lication) has to be started. With our OntoLinux™ powered Onto- scope™ you automatically get all informations as needed. And this example even reaches further, because an owner of an iPhone by the company Apple or comparable screwed up mobile phones by the companies Sony Ericsson, HTC, and others easily loose control and oversight of all the applications stored on the Mobile Device™. Here once and not the last time again shows our uncomparable superior solution how to solve the user's problem in the best way imaginable: Our Mobile Devices™ do manage all processes of the task autono- mously.
    Our new and worldwide unique Ontoscope™ with OntoLinux™ is your Pure True™ Real Friend™ with a GreenHeart™.


  • Lego: We saw some things like "Space [...] raptor", "Space bike", "Hotrod Hover-bike", "SpaceFreighter [sounds like our Spacecraf- ter™]", "Skull Twins", "hyperspeed Skull Interceptor", and "Max Security [(]Transport[)]". We also noticed items which are related with "Transform" and "Skull". Moreover, the new robot kit is called NXT Generation and has a colour sensor.
    Btw.: We are still waiting for a rapid prototyping machine made out of Lego bricks to copy Lego bricks. :D


  • Deutsche Telekom: That criminal IT-booth layed the focus in a german television advertisement for a simple and totally overpriced mobile phone on geography oriented applications.

    Comment of the Day #1
    ε Ξ

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Banana Republic Duitsland"

    Comment of the Day #3
    "The rules for civil courage are: Never think you're able to handle the situation even as a larger group, call the police, observe the situa- tion as long as possible, than look away or if needed go away, and protect yourself." [C.S. about his many own experiences and nearly disappeared scar on the nose, Today]

    Vehicles with Pure Electric™ drivetrains are applicable today in the same way as mobile phones and computers are. Not convinced critics of the all-electric vehicle concept should throw away their mobile phones and notebooks.


  • Viacom→MTV (Music Television): On an event for a pop music award 2 by us mentioned persons got 3 awards, 2 other mentioned persons got 1 award, and the sister of a died pop musician present- ed again a screaming song and its video which was extra mentioned by us.
  • German union of publishers and other media: The union demands for the development and installation of legal instruments against the thieves of their internet contents. But the newspaper publishers and other media are using as well contents of internet websites publicat- ed by other persons, groups, and companies without paying for it.

    Investigations::Car #156

  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: By commenting works by a so called artist, which is in fact a trend surfing plagiarist, its CEO purely shows once again clear signs of loss of reality paired with aberration.
  • Renault, Nissan, and NEC: Suddenly we hear about a recycling system for accumulators. We thought that a better company is in place with a better replacement system.
  • Peugeot: The company presented a vehicle named BB1. We don't know why the tab Axel Springer→Auto Bild claims that this name comes from the old BéBé model, if it could be seen for example on an image of our Raptor and is also in the name of the Scirocco BB besides many other places in the car tuning world.
  • Johnson Controls: We see a study named re3 which should be a symbiosis made out of ideas, sustainability, and holistic design, plus the stolen contents, trademarks, and concepts by us form Style of Speed. The best examples for that are our since many years used trademark Mobile Device™, the holistic and integrative approach for concepts and designs, and somehow the whole interior concept of the j!.
  • Mansory: For the most of the time we are ignoring that booth by Crash Mansory, but on the other side we do have to make quotes for legal reasons: "[...] only three cars [...]", "[...] swiftness [...]", "[...] sets benchmarks in quality [...]", " On the one hand, the car body components [...] integrate into the original design, but also render a significant dynamic style.", "[...] integrated [...]", "[...] High-tech rims [...]", "[...] significantly improved [...]", "[...] high- performance [...]", "Moreover, the newly designed control unit for air suspension [...]", "[...] achieves the perfect symbiosis [...]", "[...] newly designed airbag sports steering wheel [...]", and "[...] perfec- tion [...]" . And we also ask a little question: Who was so brainless and named a "British luxury automobile" Vitesse Rosé?
  • Axel Springer→Auto Bild: That tab is still reporting knowingly about fraudsters. We can't understand why soldiers of all ranks of the B.R.D. are allowed to read this mess while in the field.
  • ARD: The broadcaster don't want to accept the fact that we, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, already are using our trademark Leaf™ in a technological context and that the company Nissan has stolen it. Furthermore, in a report about all-electric vehicles it missed to mention that the company Daimler already has sold again shares of another all-electric car manufacturing company. Quality of journalism definitely looks different, especially if it is concerned with the special branch of the stock markets.
  • Volkswagen and subsidiaries: We do quote for our fame and the history: "Via Vision Wege in die Zukunft [OntoLab and the Lab of Visions™]", "Ibiza ST [962 ST and 333 ST]", "R8 e-tron [This is a combination of the names we have chosen for the Audi R8 based R-E and the desgin concept sTRONg]", "e up!", "e-motion", "C Galibier [We think Caliber was meant.]". Moreover, we see pictures of the 1 Liter Car on a salt lake, which remind us of the images on our web- page for the Belly Tank Lakester, an Electro-Bugatti of the year 1931, which should suggest the interests of the super sports car manufacturer in alternative powertrains, some design clues from the M! in the updated design of the e up!, and also the by the company denied Audi R8 in an all-electric version, which is reported by several information sources to have two or four electric motors. It shouldn't be a problem to recognize our R-E and Apollo Speed-E. And even with the R-E clone Audi R8 e-tron there are rumors about an Elec- tro-Porsche, which will be for sure, our Raptor.
  • Volkswagen→Audi: We quote out of a press release for the R8 ca- brio: "[...] styling [...]", "Exceptional performance and breathtaking [...]", "[...] 313 km/h [...]", "[...] sculptured lines of the emotion-packed, high-performance sports car are a fascinating and unique interpretation [...]", "[...] integrated [...]", "[...] uncompromising solution for a high-performance [...]", "[...] harmonious design [...]", "[...] 30 [...]", "[...] driving at speeds [...]", "[...] high-speed driving [...]", "[...] integrated [...]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] integrated [...]", "[...] foundation [...] [May we have the attention of the rea- der, please? This is a convicting keyword, as the reader might alrea- dy have guessed.]", "[...] superior [...] [Ah, this is another convict- ing keyword.]", "[...] hearts [...]", "[...] three [...]", "[...] high-gloss [...]", "[...] works of art [...]", "[...] three-dimensional light pattern [...]", "[...] three colors [...]", "[...] three-spoke leather multifunc- tion sport steering wheel [...] as in a race car [...]", "[...] equipment [...] [Aha, the new convicting keyword.]", "[...] reflect the infrared component of sunlight [...]", "[...] Three storage [...] are integrated [...] [This is a creative but even more convicting sentence of key- words taken form the Links to Software webpage of the website by Ontolinux.]", "[...] if desired [...]", "[...] operating logic [...] [Oh, how cheap it is.]", "[...] system can be combined optionally with a rearview camera [...]", "[...] Three [...]", "[...] uncompromising per- formance [...]", "[...] 3.3 [...]", "[...] reflects [...]", "[...] Equipped [...] [A convicting keyword.]", "[...] perfectly to maximize [...]", "[...] significantly [...]", "[...] superior [...]", "[...] driver’s style [...]", "[...] rims [...]", "[...] equipment [...]", and "[...] model range [...]".
  • Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini: We quote out of a press release for the Reventon Roadster: "[...] piece with uncompromising perfor- mance [...]", "[...] ultimate driving machine [...]", "[...] breathtaking fascination, menacing power and uncompromising performance [...]", "[...] 330 km/h (205 mph) [...]", "[...] enjoy the incomparable plea- sure of driving [...]", "[...] emotional component to our combined technological [...]", "[...] created with an avantgarde approach to design; a fast-moving technical sculpture [...]", "[...] creative think- ing [...]", "[...] designers found their inspiration in aviation [...]", "[...] aggressive [...]", "[...] fighter jets [...]", "[...] maximum [...]", "[...] clarity [...]", "[...] stylish [...]", "[...] unique [...]", "[...] sharp design language [...]", "[...] impression [...]", "[...] interplay [...]", "[...] glossy [...]", "[...] rims [...]", "[...] Aircraft-style [...]", "[...] interfaces [...]", "[...] uncompromisingly clean craftsmanship [...]", "[...] equipped [...] [Ah, the convicting keyword.]", "[...] icon [...]", "[...] masterpiece of Italian engineering [...]", "[...] three-phase [...]", "[...] hi-tech [...]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] driving force [...] [No, no, no. Not this way. That company is knowing very well that Driving Force™ is a trademark by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] just as clear [...]", "[...] fundamental law of physics [...] [Oh, how cheap it is.]", "[...] smooth [...]", "[...] state-of-the-art, highly networked processes [...]", and "[...] perfect craftsmanship and to the highest levels of quality [...]".
  • Greenpeace: If this association still hasn't waked up, then its members will sleep forever.
  • Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland: see Greenpeace

    We see no need in holding back the truth, so we made a new note about Jürgen Rüttgers on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day
    GreenTurbine™ BlueTurbine™
    HyperAccu™ HyperBatterie™ HyperFuel™
    SteviaBear™ SteviaBärchen™ VitaBear™ VivaBear™ VitaBärchen™ VivaBärchen™
    Mix-mode Fuel™ MixFuel™

    We, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, are not the scooter as well as the self-service and free of cost extended workbench for other com- panies. We even have talked in more than the last 5 years with any- body concerned with industry, politics (excluding one person only to give him a last chance to do the right thing what he didn't), or what- ever.

    Ontonics Website update
    We would like to present our new innovations on the webpage Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics:

  • SteviaBears and
  • Vita/VivaBears.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We of Style of Speed are more than proud again to present our new and for sure revolutionary drivetrain concept: Based on our unrivaled and ultra-efficient HyperTurbine™ technology, with its before un- reached maximum number of actually 300.000 revolutions per minute in the hydrogen version, together with our worldwide unique integra- tive technology of standard and high-temperature superconductive capacitors with accumulators named AeroAccu™/HyperAccu we have build up a before not known system to produce power for vehi- cles with electric motors like automotive powertrains in the range extender configuration. Also, this solution can be extended further with our Hydrogen on the Fly™ technology and Mix-mode Fuels. All the applied technologies were developed by our OntoLab following the hightech strategy developed by Ontonics.

    And, we have new images showing the lines of the new design DNA for our R-E, i!, and j!:
    R-E 2010R-E 2010
    © Larson

    Investigations::Car #157

  • Volkswagen: We do quote out of a report on a car design website and the official press release about the concept of the e up! car: "[...] 3+1 [...]", "[...] vision [...]", "[...] driving range [...]", "[...] driver activates [...]", "[...] is remarkable [...]", "[...] driving style [...]", "[...] just [...]", "[...] layout [...]", "[...] reflects [...]", "[...] new model series [...]", "[...] reflects [...]", "[...] characterised by a reduced, very clear and yet highly emotional design [...]", "[...] lines [...]", "[...] design DNA [...]", "[...] stylistic [...]", "Simplicity, purity, durability and perfection of its technologies and quality.", "[...] har- mony with its stylistic 'siblings' [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] icons [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] lenses [...]", "[...] diamonds [...]", "[...] lens [...]", "[...] C-shaped [...]", "[...] style-defining [...]", "[...] circular pattern [...]", "[...]typical characteristic [...]", "[...] interplay [...]", "[...] really appears to smile [...]", "[...] folding [...]", "[...] integrated [...]", "[...] design DNA [...]", "[...] stylistic purity [...] Bauhaus [...] 'less is more' [...]", "[...] identity is very intentionally created by just a few graphic elements [...]", "[...] blend together to form a new unit in the classic Bauhaus approach to creative art and innovative technology [...] [We can see some convicting keywords in this phrase.]", "[...] defining elements [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] tornado line [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] balance [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] basic graphic forms [...]", "[...] significantly larger [...]", "[...] circular chrome line unites [...]", "[...] roof [...] is equipped with solar [...] [Oh, do we see a convict- ing keyword again?]", "[...] folding down the sun visors [...]", "[...] harmony [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] aesthetic with a technical- purist influence [...]", "[...] implemented [...]", "[...] components [...]" , "[...] actuators [...]", "[...] array of high-tech displays and controls [...]", "[...] touch-screen based HMI (Human Machine Inter- face) with intelligent [...] indicators and assistance functions [...]", "[...] activated [...]", "[...] charging process can also be precisely planned [...]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] folds [...]", and "[...] folding [...]". Two other quotes are seperated by us, because they come from the CEO: "[...] supplemented [...]" and "[...] purely electric [...] [This is a nasty attempt to dilute our Pure Electric™ mark. We won't accept this and refer to the many alternative terms.]". We also have these two opinions: First, the new design is a grip into the loo by destroying the important lines shown in the first sketches of the concept especially with the bonnet. Second, everytime we read such texts, it is amazing to realize how far ahead and superior we, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, are.
    It's Unbelievable™ - But True™
  • Volkswagen→Audi: We quote out of a very large advertisement about the Audi e-tron in a local tab: "[...] e-tron [...]", "Die elektri- sierende Kraft", "[...] 313 km/h [...]", "[...] elektrisieren [...]", "[...] revolutionäre e-tron Technologie [...]", "[...] wegweisend [...]", "[...] 313 PS [...]", and "[...] elektrisieren [...]". Translated into English for our international readers these quotes mean: "[...] e-tron [...]", "The electrifying power", "[...] 313 km/h [...]", "[...] electrify [...]", "[...] revolutionary e-tron technology [...]", "[...] leading the way/ pioneering/pathbreaking [...]", "[...] 313 PS [...]", and again "[...] electrify [...]". In the online version of the tab we found surprisingly the funny remark that the concept would not go into serial product- ion but Audi sources say production could begin in 2012. The real facts are: It is our R-E by Style of Speed with 2 or 4 electric motors placed in our configuration into the chassis and our torque vectoring system named Active Differential and the liquid cooling of the accu- mulators is a part of our optional liquid cooled Pure Electric™ drive- train and our concept of a Brake Energy Recovery System (BERS) and our Quickcharger technology and our inductive based wireless recharging system named irail and our LED-lights with Light Assis- tance System composed by us out of Active Light, Active Camera, as well as OntoLinux and our concept of a touch-sensitive surface on the steering wheel and our integrative analog digital approach ADDA and our contents of our websites and it is already a product which will be serial manufactured in a small or large series following the demand of the market. Furthermore, the Car-to-X system leads to the convicted research companies like the Institut für Mobilfunk und Satellitentechnik GmbH and others. The network with the meth- odes is now documented together with our Investigations::Car #114 on the 2nd of June 2009, #132 on the 31st of July 2009, and #136 on the 4th of August 2009.
    Btw.: How bold that company thinks to mess around with all of us by these cheap ways. In the last years it showed one concept car after the other but in the end we saw standard Golfs, Sciroccos, A3s to A8s, TTs, T5s, and so on. The rest was only done to show stolen designs and technologies created and invented by other companies and to take the tax money for projects.
  • Rheinische Post: Despite that that publisher knows very well our company, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, and the contents of our websites, it advertises products and services of those companies which are convicted for stealing contents, concepts, and other items. This is not the first time we could observe such a kind of behaviour and shows that that company is actively disturbing the social harmony in the B.R.D..
  • Christopher Laird Simmons: That nasty criminal fraudster and de- finitely not creative artist wrote an article about the Volkswagen→ Audi e-tron with the focus to attack C.S., our division Style of Speed, and the R-E. We do quote to document the thief of our contents and to show others what people do for money: "[...] Pure Electric [...] [Yes, but Pure Electric™ isn't from the company Volks- wagen→Audi.]", "[...] high-performance sports car with a purely electric drive system [...]", "[...] a true [...]", "[...] content [...]", "[...] figures [...]", "[...] evidence of the consistent and holistic strategy [...]", "[...] clear [...]", "[...] realities [...]", "[...] freely di- stribute the powerful torque of its four electric motors to the wheels as required [...]", "[...] torque vectoring [...]", "[...] dynamics and an undreamed-of level [...]", "[...] in some cases revolutionary, ap- proach to many of the technical modules [...]", "[...] drive system, the power electronics and the battery are controlled by an innova- tive thermal management system that is a crucial component for achieving the car’s range without compromising its high level [...]", "[...] Networking [...]", "[...] opens new dimensions for the optimi- zation of efficiency, safety [...]", "[...] significantly more efficient than combustion engines [...]", "Other strengths include sportiness and the fun they bring to driving.", "[...] breathtaking [...]", "[...] integration of the energy storage system [...]", "[...] holistic ap- proach [...]", "[...] systematic lightweight construction concept and an optimal configuration of all components for the electric drive [...]", "[...] Holistic Approach [...]", "[...] component [...]", "[...] reflected in the comprehensive requirement specification [...] [Oh, how cheap it is.]", "[...] intelligent aerodynamics concept with active elements [...] [Again the description of one of our concepts even by using one of our trademarks like Active Element™.]", "[...] integration [...]", "[...] without compromising [...]", "[...] battery system is water-cooled [...]", "[...] needs-based energy manage- ment system controls all functions for the chassis, convenience equipment and other auxiliary consumers [...] [This description is very interesting, because it is highly convicting.]", "[...] driver is provided with clear and comprehensive information [...]", "[...] con- cept car uses car-to-x communication technology developed by Audi [...] [Aha, now we see better where the company IMST GmbH really belongs to.]", "[...] modeled such a solution [...]", "[...] caliber [...] [This is totally clear and needs no further comment.]", "[...] powerful and muscular [...]", "[...] adaptive matrix beam headlamp modules [...]", "[...] headlamps are the core of a fully automatic light assist- ance system that reacts flexibly [...]", "[...] technology at the heart of the light assistance system is a camera that works together with a fast computer to detect oncoming traffic, recognize lanes and measure visibilities [...]", "[...] intelligently varies the low beams [...]", "[...] significantly reducing [...]", "[...] variability of the head- lamps is also reflected in their design [...]", "The LED elements change appearance and thus the character of the front end of the vehicle depending on the speed driven and the ambient conditions. The innovative lighting technology offers the Audi designers almost as much design freedom as the shape of the body does.", "[...] unique [...]", "[...] are familiar [...]", "[...] 1.23 meters [...]", "[...] perfect balance [...]", "[...] core competence [...]", "[...] supreme [...]", "[...] complex drive system layout with four electric motors and a high-capacity battery system [...]", "[...] establish an ad- vanced connection between proven [...] genes and new formal [...]marks [...]", "[...] design language is the reduction of the archi- tecture, controls and flow of information [...]", "[...] equipped [...] [We have here a convicting keyword.]", "[...] integrated [...]", "[...] fold-out central display with integrated [(]MMI[)] functions [...]", "[...] scroll pad with a touch-sensitive surface on the steering wheel [...]", "[...] instruments combine the analog and the digital worlds into a single unit [...]", "[...] drawing inspiration from a smartphone, the system is controlled by means of a touch-sensitive sliding con- trol [...]", "[...] racing-inspired lightweight bucket seats [...]", "[...] colors and the high-quality materials combine elegance and sporti- ness [...]", "[...] torque flows selectively to the wheels [...]", "[...] integrated concept [...]", "[...] state-of-the-art [...]", "[...] liquid cooling [...]", "[...] high voltage (400 volts, 63 amperes) reduces this to just [...]", "[...] wireless solution to make charging more con- venient. The inductive charging station, which can be placed in the garage at home or also in special parking garages, is activated auto- matically when the vehicle is docked.", "[...] electronic brake system makes it possible to tap into the recuperation potential of the elec- tric motors [...]", "[...] electrically-actuated floating-caliper [...]", "[...] electric motors to convert all of the braking energy into elec- tricity and recover it [...]", "[...] activated [...]", "[...] supplemental [...]", "[...] battery, the power electronics and the electric motors must be kept at their respective ideal operating temperatures to achieve optimal performance and range [...]", "[...] clearly [...]", "[...] four centrally controlled electric motors [...]", "[...] four indivi- dual motors, which in the interest of greater traction are installed behind the wheels as wheel drives, also enable the e-tron's lateral dynamics to be intelligently controlled [...]", "[...] sport differential does in conventional quattro vehicles, torque vectoring [...]", "[...] triangular double wishbones at the front axle and trapezoidal wish- bones [...] at the rear axle [...]", "[...] boost varies with speed [...]", "[...] 19-inch tires [...] 235/35 tires up front and 295/30 tires in the rear [...]", "[...] fun to drive [...]", "[...] prototype of an infor- mation processing system [...] [This clearly shows that the text was planned long before but written in the last two days.]", and "[...] intelligent vehicle equipped [...]". Two points have to be mentioned besides the contents. The one point is that it should be clear that Volkswagen paid him to write off of our websites, because his text contains phrases by Volkswagen which were directly translated form german into English. The other point is that the text was made extra long provoking a long time for the analysis by us, but luckily C.S. can read very fast and the rest is copy and paste.
    Btw.: Don't be fooled.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Blend Fuel™ Blended Fuel™
    Active Blade™ Active Sideblade™
    Quatturbo™ QuadTurbo™
    Purely Electric™ Purely Special™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Thank you very much Flavio for again showing us the real Formula 1."

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have updated the webpage of the R-E or RE by Style of Speed with a description about the new additional exterior versions and the upgrade to our Chassis Module System™. Also more new images were added.

    Investigations::Car #158

  • ARD: We don't know why the broadcaster explains that the serial production of our R-E is not decided, than that it is a long way until the serial production of our R-E can be done, and after these the totally wrong statement that the Roadster model by the company Tesla Motors is the worldwide first in series produced all-electric car.
  • ZDF: The broadcaster follows the other broadcasters and other media, as usual. In a report about the visit of a german politician, who by the way said something about a vision of the future, it was claimed that the serial production of our RE seems to be a vision of the future. This was a deep and very serious anti-democratic at- tack. And believe us if we repeat this following statement with plea- sure, because we are the inventor and manufacturer: You can buy all of our automobiles by Style of Speed in the same way as any other automobile.
  • Axel Springer→Auto Bild: The everytime convicted tabloid is still claiming about the CEO of Volkswagen→Audi: "[...] E-R8 - und ist sichtbar stolz auf sein Baby [...]". Translated into English this means: "[...] E-R8 - and is viewable proud of his baby [...]". It is very in- teresting to read that suddenly our R-E is not the Volkswagen→Audi e-tron, which is said to have a different chassis than the R8 model and the Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini Gallardo, but the E-R8. Furthermore the magazin has taken contents of our websites like the following quotes show: "[...] schön grün [...]", "[...] Revolutionen [...]", "[...] E-Maschinen [...]", "[...] Elektrisierend [...]", "[...] E-Opel [...]", "[...] Elektro-Avantgarde [...]", "[...] E-Trabi [...]", "[...] Herz [...]", "[...] Zauberwürfel [...]", "[...] Elektroherz [...]", "[...] Spaß machen [...]", "[...] hoch technisiert [...]", "[...] Kompo- nenten [...]", "[...] Meisterwerk [...]", "[...] Elektro-Vans [...]", "Eine Vision wird Wirklichkeit!", "[...] E-Motor [...]", "[...] E-Aggregat [...]", "[...] E-Motor [...]", "[...] E-Fluence [...]", "[...] Star [...]", "[...] Spaßmacher [...]", "[...] C-Segment [...]", and "[...] E-Motor [...]". A quick translation for our readers in the English speaking areas is as this: "[...] beautifully green [...]", "[...] revolutions [...]", "[...] E-Machines [...]", "[...] Electrifying [...]", "[...] E-Opel [...]", "[...] Electro-Avantgarde [...]", "[...] E-Trabi [...]", "[...] heart [...]", "[... Rubik's] magic cube [...]", "[...] electro heart [...]", "[...] making fun [...]", "[...] high technorized [...]", "[...] components [...]", "[...] masterpiece [...]", "[...] Electro-Vans [...]", "A vision becomes reali- ty!", "[...] E-Motor [...]", "[...] E-Aggregate [...]", "[...] E-Motor [...]", "[...] E-Fluence [...]", "[...] star [...]", "[...] fun maker [...]", "[...] C-Segment [...]", and "[...] E-Motor [...]".
  • PSA Peugeot Citroën: REVOLTe has not only some things of the name of our RE by Style of Speed but also of its technologies.

    It's nice to see how some persons are unmasking themselves. In this conjunction we made an additional note about the person Annette Schavan, Christoph Schaub and Michael Schindhelm, the designer Karl L. or what, and the long time observed and gladly at the end convicted so called artist Ai Weiwei. This is a good day for the culture.

    Comment of the Day
    Holistic Design™ Holistic System™
    Quatturbine™ QuadTurbine™
    Purely Advantage™ Purely Beauty™ Purely Fun™ Purely Speed™
    Purely Luxury™ Purely Pleasure™ Purely Clean™ Purely Silence™
    Purely Rover™
    Purely Sustainability™ Purely Sustainable™
    Purely True™

    Investigations::Car #159

  • Rheinische Post: That cheap tab don't give a up the already lost fight and showed with a report about the visit by a leading german politician on a large automotive exhibition an image of the copy of our RE. A quote out of the caption of the image is as follows: "[...] schaute sich gestern den Audi e-tron, den Sportwagen mit Elektro- motor, an [...]". Into English translated we have this quote: "[...] yesterday [the person] looked at the Audi e-tron, the sports car with electric motor [...]". And the story continues. As a by us ex- pected reaction for the publication of the new design DNA of the original Volkswagen→Audi R8 based Purely Electric™ car the R-E or RE by Style of Speed it showed an advertisement of the Audi model A5 by an already convicted Audi dealer, which is rumoured to be the base model for the new quattro.

    We added a small note about Shawn Corey Carter (Jay-Z) on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day
    :pure™ :purely™


  • General: Besides many other speech acts, we set the trend for the usage of the german words zudem, absolut, pur, ultimativ, and for sure 3..., as well as the English words like absolute, pure or pure- ly, and ultimative.
  • Dolce & Gabbana: With a new toilet water the company tries to jump on the numerology and tarot bandwagon. The 5 Tarot cards used surprisingly have the numbers 1, 3, 6, 10, and 18. We think it's to late and give the friendly advice: Keep on sleeping.
  • Givenchy: We do quote to document the writing off by that com- pany: "Spirit", "[...] spirit? An art [...]", "[...] perfect blend [...]", "Inspiration", "[...] natural beauty [...]", "Absolutely … Red!", "[...] definitively [...], and totally [...]", "[...] pure jewel, inspired [...]", "[...] brilliant [...]", "[...] blended [...]", "[...] colourful [...]", "[...] unique mix [...]", "[...] you just are!", "[...] very special smile [...]", "[...] touch of contrast [...]", "[...] modernity and gives originality to the central [...] harmony [...]", "[...] pure, elegant and totally mo- dern shape [...]", "[...] integral part [...]", "[...] streamlined silver band, elegant and pure, features [...]", "[...] range [...]", "[...] dual- ity inside a black-and-white [...]", "Light overcomes shadow.", "[...] pure [...]", "[...] born under the sign of light and mystery [...]", "[...] Heart [...]", "[...] smoothness [...] and with the mysterious aura of Ylang Ylang [...]", "[...] harmony [...]", "[...] new kind of sweetness [...]", "[...] pure, luminous and softly sparkling [...]", "[...] inspired [...]", "[...] romantic universe of this fascinating [...]", "[...] infinitely [...] reflections [...]", "[...] Kandinsky [...]", "[...] original, astound- ing drop of water [...]", "[...] open-minded [...] heart-felt joy is evi- dent from [...] spontaneous, charming smile [...]", "[...] Inspired [...]", "[...] pure [...]", "[...] white, green and red [...]", "[...] emo- tion [...]", "[...] Structured [...]", "[...] high-quality natural materials [...]", "[...] ray of light [...]", "[...] perfect balance [...]", "[...] magi- cal mix of of classic [...]", "[...] pure and timeless beauty [...]", "[...] sculpture [...]", "[...] creation that aims to complement [...]", "[...] fascinating [...]", "[...] singular [...] [Finally: Gotcha!]", "[...] mag- netic [...]", "[...] Diamantissime Edition [...]", "[...] Diamond dust [...]", "[...] reflections [...]", "[...] optical effect [...]", "[...] sculp- ture [...]", "[...] holographic [...] [This word is convicting.]", "[...] spirit is [...] bold [...]", "[...] heart [...]", "[...] agent [...]", "[...] electric [...]", "[...] star [...]", "[...] clearly [...]", "[...] purity [...]", and for sure much more.
  • Gucci: It's not really a surprise that that company also jumped on our bandwagon like the other companies and by being fair as always we do quote like we did it before with the other companies: "[...] inspiration [...]", "[...] iconic [...]", "[...] modernity [...]", "[...] origi- nal [...]", "[...] inspiration [...]", "[...] iconic [...]", "[...] original [...]", "[...] designed [...] in 21st century [...]", "[...] posses a time- less [...]", "[...] unique construction [...]", "[...] unusual [...]", "[...] complexity [...] [Hihihi, Hahaha, Gotcha!]", "[...] core [...]", "[...] perfect [...]","[...] counterbalanced [...]", "[...] powerful base com- posed [...]", "[...] superb equilibrium [...]", "[...] lightness plays [...]", "[...] striking design [...]", "[...] iconic [...]", "[...] new crea- tion is rigorously novel and pushes forward the boundaries of design and style [...] [Thank you very much.]", "[...] perfect [...]", "[...] pattern [...]", and for sure much more.

    Investigations::Car #160

  • Rheinische Post: Still not knowing what quality journalism is all about and how the laws are that tab doesn't stop with its already failed trials to spread the untruth. To clarify and document the spe- cial case concerned with our RE by Style of Speed, proving our de- livered facts by our worldwide unique and outstanding quality infor- mation services, and that that toilet paper even has stolen contents of our websites we do quote first in german and after this in English: "Doch den Planern aus Stuttgart [Daimler] und Rüsselsheim [Opel] wurde bereits während der Medientage [...] die Premieren-Schau gestohlen: In Halle 3, wo Audi und VW [...] wurde ein technologi- sches Feuerwerk gezündet.", "[...] Ein-Liter-Wagen L1 [...]", "[...] e-Tron, einen Hochleistungssportwagen mit reinem Elektroantrieb. Vier Motoren treiben die Räder in bester Quattro-Philosophie an.", "[...] dritten Höhepunkt [...]", "[...] R8 Spyder [...]", "Das Mobil mit dem Lamborghini-Motor [...]", "[...] Sportwagen-Studie "Vision Effi- cient Dynamics" [...]", and "[...] visionären Hybriden [...]". The En- glish version of the quotes is: "[...] the premier-show stolen: In hall 3,where Audi and VW [...] a technological firework was launched.", "[...] One-Litre-Car L1 [...]", "[...] e-Tron, a high performance sports car with Pure Electric™ drivetrain. Four motors drive the wheels in best Quattro-Philosophy.", "[...] third highlight [...]", "[...] R8 Spyder [...]", "The mobile with Lamborghini-engine [...]", "[...] sports car study "Vision Efficient Dynamics" [...]", and "[...] visionary hybrid [...]". In the image caption of the RE clone Volkswgen→Audi e-tron it is written: "Das Showcar [oder besser genannt der RE Klon] Audi "e-Tron" [...] - ein feuerroter Elektrorenner, der mit [gestohlener] High-Tech [von Style of Speed] vollgepackt wurde.". Translated into English the caption of the image has the meaning as follows: "The showcar [or better named the RE clone] Audi "e-Tron" [...] - a fire- red electro-racer, that is fully packed with [stolen] High-Tech [by Style of Speed].".
    Btw.: That tab said something in the direction of the by us mention- ed panopticon.
  • Daimler: The CEO of that booth claimed his goal is to reinvent the automobile once again, refering on its new range of automobiles that have been developed under the dictate of the environmental friendly consciousness. Sorry, but we, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, al- ready have reinvented the automobile and given the whole approach of eco-friendliness the name Green Heart™, which comprises not only automobiles but also other technical systems like mobile and smart phones as well as other Mobile Devices™ like our Ontoscope. The CEO comes too late, as always.
  • Volkswagen→Audi: That company gave up the hide and seek stra- tegy and publicated the report we saw signed by Christopher Laird Simmons about the clone of our RE named e-tron under its own name. Moreover, we also have to mention that the 313 PS of the RE clone e-tron are 233.39999 kw and that it has some kind of Active Exterior™, that that company now tries to steal our trademark Pure Electric™ by using Purely Electric™, as well as the shown chromed Audi R8 like Padmé Amidalas royal spaceship and our TIE Royal/Light Swift™. We also see :plus.
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: That company is further stealing con- tents and concepts from our websites. And while doing this it maybe made the joke of the year: Rumors say that a former politician of a green, as environmental friendly, political party should become a consulter and develop a so called strategy of sustainability. That company also says that no other person is more qualified in the field of sustainability and that he has a rich treasure of ideas. Here not the fish stinks but the Fis(c)her.
  • Magna: We have made this remark some days before, than remov- ed, but now we would like to make parts of the old remake public again. The Vice CEO of the company claimed to have a "klare Vision" (clear vision) for new products of the product portfolio of that com- pany.


  • Nintendo: The company shows in a television advertisement two of its mobile game consoles. One mobile game console is white and the other is black.
  • Microsoft: That company shows in a television advertisement two of its game consoles. One game console is white and the other is black.

    Comment of the Day
    E•Max™ Electric Max™
    Max E™ Max-E™
    Δ-tron™ ε-tron™ Λ-tron™ Ξ-tron™ Σ-tron™ ∈-tron™
    Δtron™ εtron™ Λtron™ Ξtron™ Σtron™ ∈tron™
    Δ•tron™ ε•tron™ Λ•tron™ Ξ•tron™ Σ•tron™ ∈•tron™
    Δ-performance™ ε-performance™ Λ-performance™ Ξ-performance™
    Σ-performance™ ∈-performance™
    Δperformance™ εperformance™ Λperformance™ Ξperformance™
    Σperformance™ ∈performance™
    Δ•performance™ ε•performance™ Λ•performance™ Ξ•performance™
    Σ•performance™ ∈•performance™
    Sε™ SΞ™ S∗™ SΣ™ S∈™
    C-E™ Cup!™ E-City™ E City™ E•City™
    City Speed™ City Speed-E™ City Speedy™ City Speeders™
    e-quattro™ e quattro™ e•quattro™ Electric quattro™
    Δ-quattro™ ε-quattro™ Λ-quattro™ Ξ-quattro™ ∈-quattro™ ∑-quattro™
    Σ-quattro™ ∈-quattro™
    Δquattro™ εquattro™ Λquattro™ Ξquattro™ ∈quattro™ ∑quattro™
    Σquattro™ ∈quattro™
    Δ•quattro™ ε•quattro™ Λ•quattro™ Ξ•quattro™ ∈•quattro™ ∑•quattro™
    Reinventor of auto™ Auto reinvented™
    Reinventor of car™ Car reinvented™
    Gears by software™ Software as gear™
    Cogs by software™ Software as cog™

    Ontonics Website update
    With the quattro series we are pleased to announce our first gen- eration of high-performance multicore chips. Two of the most im- portant features of this e-quattro™ chip series are the ability to compute numerical tasks with an unbelievable speed but also its flexibility. By these features the Purely Electric™ quattro™ chip series can be used to accelerate computational simulations as well as management systems in the automotive field like it is needed for the control and thermal management systems but also for our in- vention of the Electric Torque Vectoring System with two electric motors at each axle by Style of Speed.

    A Contradiction (around 1987)
    A Contradiction
    © C.S.
    With his arts research lab, paintings, contents of works, and statements Sven Drühl is now convicted of plagiarism. He is just another person of the investgated network in the cultural area.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We from Style of Speed always have had a Green Heart™ and a Blue Heart™ for Speed-Geeks™ with a smaller budget. This respecting, we are pleased to announce our new model series E-City™ with the worldwide unique Pure Electric™ drivetrain including our innovation of the Electric Torque Vectoring System, and publicated the new web- page of the:

  • CE GT.

    First images of the E-City™ racer CE GT:
    © Citroën

    Moreover, we keep the firework of innovations and hightechs going on by adding a new option for our RE and Apollo Speed-E: The high- performance and lightweight roof with integrated solar panels.

    Following our E-Muscle Car series with its different versions, we also added some of these versions of the exterior and interior to our Apollo Speed-E.

    And we added the remark of having become the Reinventor of Auto- mobile to our Profile webpage.

    Investigations::Car #161

  • German Government and Volkswagen→Audi: Even not enough that that company has stolen in more than the last three years contents, concepts, designs, and technologies, it also has cloned now our subsidiary Style of Speed together with parts of our OntoLab and Ontonics. We do quote out of a supplement to the report of the RE clone Audi e-tron: "Electromobility as an Integrated Concept", "[...] integrated concept for electric drives in automobiles [...]", "[...] effort [...]", "[...] [the RE is a] powerful statement in this field [...]", "[...] electric driving [...]", "[...] trying to find a concept that re- quires no compromises [...]", ""Electromobility means more to us than just electrifying conventional cars. Instead, we are dedicated to a holistic approach to all aspects of the topic." [Besides that we from Style of Speed have developed and started this Holistic Design™ and System approach now several years ago, especially in the field of Purely Electric™ vehicles, we are realizing both and that's why we have several sectors like Car Street Legal on one side and Car Con- version, Car E-Luxury, Car E-Muscle, and Car E-City. If someone is even too stupied to know what she/he has stolen, then there is no chance for rescue anymore.]", "[...] mixture of engineering expertise, creativity and a dose of lateral thinking [...]", "[...] brings free think- ers together with technical development experts - with designers, engine and chassis engineers, and software specialists [...] [Atten- tion: Imitation!!!™]", "[...] provide holistic answers to these ques- tions, thus creating an architecture comprising all sub-areas [...]", ""Our holistic concept is complex", says [...] Christian Allmann [...] [How nasty it is: Even the names of persons are getting more and more now in the focus of the marketing. We saw this the first time by Ford with the C-Max. But every real expert already know not to mistake the plagiarists with the name of the real inventor Christian (Max.) Stroetmann.]", "[...] battery management software [...]", "[...] entire on-board electrical system needs to be completely re- structured [...]", "[...] components [...]", "[...] electric motor, the power electronics with their high-voltage components, inverters and transformers [...]", "[...] integrated approach [...]", "[...] control system, the controls and displays in the cockpit, the vehicle acous- tics and the chassis [...]", "[...] electrically actuated brakes and suspension struts [...]", "[...] lightweight as possible [...]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] three-year e-performance project [...]", "[...] using state-of-the-art simulation tools [...]", and "[...] sub-modules [...]". Since years, all project partners are under investigation by us and for sure many times convicted. We don't need to exhaustively comment this case anymore: Nearly all (95%++) is stolen from the Christian Stroetmann GmbH. One of the proof for this is as always: All could have been done many years ago. But what is now done is only copying us, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Reinvention of auto™ Auto reinvention™
    Reinvention of car™ Car reinvention™
    Recreator of auto™ Auto recreated™
    Recreator of car™ Car recreated™
    Recreation of auto™ Auto recreation ™
    Recreation of car™ Car recreation ™
    City Sports Car™
    X Window System for Car™ X Window System for Auto™
    Car-X Window System™ Auto-X Window System
    Up and away™
    Contemporary hightechs™
    Holisitc tech™ Holisitc hightech™
    Active sound™
    Solar fabrics™ Solar roof
    Robosuit™ Robowear™
    Roboskin™ Botskin™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "You will never understand a person running amok, because you haven't understood the person before and you won't understand the person after the amok run."

    Ontonics Website update
    We added into our Pipeline of Innovations by Ontonics the new project:

  • Solar Fabrics.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have added further models to our new series E-City™ of Pure Electric City Cars:

  • CE,
  • CEC,
  • City Speed-E Vision Minispeed, and
  • Cup! Vision Maxispeed.

    We also added our new Active Sound system to the range of Active Components™. The Active Sound system is now a standard or an optional part of all vehicles with Pure Electric™ drivetrain.

    Furthermore, we publicated the new webpage Energy Generation in the Supplement section for land vehicles.

    Investigations::Car #162

  • Bertelsmann→RTL→RTL 2: In a weekly shown automotive broad- cast the partly animated pattern of overlayed informations at the lower part of the screen is the same as we use for our images of visual illusions like the logo of Ontonics.
  • Constantin Medien→DSF: In a report about a car race the animat- ed pattern of an overlay for informations about the drivers at the lower part of the screen looks like the flame pattern of the RE by Style of Speed in the RSQ version
  • Fisker: We are longer in the field of vehicles with Pure Electric drivetrains than for example the company Tesla Motors, so we can say that that company for sure has stolen contents and concepts of our websites like Style of Speed. Especially the copy of the struc- ture of our product portfolio with hardtop, convertible, and racing oriented models is not to overlook anymore. That company also pub- licated the information to develop a copy of our little Chassis Module System™ to build up a new range of all-electric vehicles. The foun- der of that company already has had serious legal problems with other companies like Tesla Motors before. Don't believe this fraud- ster.
  • Volkswagen→Audi: After the statement by one of the responsible persons the production of the clone of our RE named e-tron should be started in 2012 beginning with the quantities of 10, than of 100, and if the demand of the market is higher of 1000 cars. Interested readers also should read our statement we made in this case in the Investigations::Car #157.
  • Volkswagen→Audi and Sony: Suddenly the RE clone e-tron should be part as a virtual model in a computer game. Also interesting is the active spreading of wrong specifications like that the virtual e-tron will have four wheel hub motors. How long do these companies work together?
  • Maiworm→e-Wolf: And the next company which has stolen cont- ents, concepts, and technologies of our website has to be docu- mented by quoting reports in the internet. As usual we do it first in german and than for the international readers in English: "[...] kom- biniert den Elektromotor mit konsequentem Leichtbau und jeder Men- ge Renn-Technik [...]", "[...] Formel 3-Technik [...]", "[...] Porsche Cayman S [...] [Unser Raptor basiert auf dem Cayman S und als Ba- sis für einen Sportwagen mit Elektroantrieb ist er nicht ideal, sondern das konkurrenzlose Konzept ist einfach nur genial.]", "[...] 450 Kilo- gramm [...]", "[...] ein Drittel der Porsche-Masse [...]", "[...] 180 Kilogramm [...]", "[...] 2,3 Kilo [...]", "[...] 30.000 Nm [...]", "[...] 230 km/h [...]", "[...] Rekuperation dient, um mit überschüssiger Bewe- gungsenergie den Akku nachzuladen [...]", "[...] Leichtbau und E-An- trieb zu kombinieren [...] [Bitte, bitte, bitte: Weiter schlafen.]", "[...] 300 Kilometer Reichweite [...]", "[...] Monoposto [...]", "[...] faszi- nierenden Fahrleistungen [...]", and "[...] vier Elektromotoren [...]". The translation into English is as follows: "[...] combines the electro- motor with consistent lightweight construction and aplenty racing technic [...]", "[...] Formula 3-technic [...]", "[...] Porsche Cayman S [...] [Our Raptor is based on the Cayman S and as basis for a sports car with electric drivtrain it is not ideal, but the unrivaled concept simply is only ingenious.]", "[...] 450 kilograms [...]", "[...] a third of the mass of the Porsche [...]", "[...] 180 kilograms [...]", "[...] 2,3 kilo [...]", "[...] 30.000 Nm [...]", "[...] 230 km/h [...]", "[...] recup- eration serves to recharge the accumulator with excessive kinetic energy [...]", "[...] to combine lightweight construction and e-drive [...] [Please, please, please: Sleep on.]", "[...] 300 kilometer range [...]", "[...] Monoposto [...] [Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] fascinating driving performance [...]", and "[...] four electric motors [...]". In fact, what we see with its first car simply is nothing else but an ugly attempt to clone the Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™) by Style of Speed. The second car also will be only a mix out of stolen concepts, designs, and tech- nologies, like our 333 ST, D! and for sure our M!, which most of them are invented and developed by us. And after looking at the accumul- ator partner there is no surprise anymore that it's only a simple harassment of the already convicted joint venture Li-Tec by Evonik and Daimler. We show no respect for all these thieves, even if they are totally incompetent and don't know what they are doing: Convicted!!!™
    Btw.: To give such companies capital is a clear sign of incompet- ence, or let us describe it in a better way, it is sick. This includes the placing of tax money to all the partnering universities, institutes, and companies. We have explained it in an Investigations::Car #132 at the 31st of July 2009 with another bandwagon jumping fraudster, the founder of Mileworks, by comparing the situation with mistakes made in the dot.com wave. These annoying dudes have nothing in their hands and the whole case is something for the prosecutors.

    Investigations::Ship #1

  • Seaway: The company presented a boat with a hybrid powertrain, a roof with solar panels, and the name Greenline 33 following our set trend.

    After the automotive and the IT industry, a whole industry again says: You of the Christian Stroetmann GmbH are the Real #1™. On Land, Water, Air, and Space. Who else?

    And once again we have to make a note about the so called politi- cian Jürgen Rüttgers on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "As expected the reason of a person running amok is explained by hate against humans. But why the hate has arisen is as usual not explained as if the person would have been born as a misanthrope."

    Comment of the Day #2
    "I don't like Clean Room Rock 'n' Roll." [C.S., Today]

    Sketches (around 1997) and a picture (2009)
    Sketch Structures and Topologies of Fibonacci numbers and Fractals
    Sketch Structures and Topologies of Fibonacci numbers and FractalsSketch Spiral Structures, Topologies, and Spins in Physics, and Beauty of NatureSketch Spiral Structures, Topologies, and Fibonacci numbers, Chaos theory and Harmony
    A Caleidoscope
    © C.S.
    The sequent sketches were made in some weeks while thinking about harmonious and holistic design and systems, structures, topo- logies, and patterns in mathematics, physics, and biology especially geometrical forms of different dimensions like unit circle, spirals, and spheres, set theory, functions like sinus and cosinus, the Fibonacci numbers, and fractals alone or all united, the chaos theory, quantum spins, light, evolution, but also the beauty of nature, patterns of flowers, fruits, and animal skins, and so on. That's how Ontonics started.
    Do you find the Apfelmännchen (Julia sets→Mandelbrot set)?


  • Henkel: Innovation - Making Visions Evolve
  • ARD, ZDF, ORF, and SRG SSR→3sat: The television channel also tries to report about other persons than C.S. by using contents of his websites. Three quotes out of a report about a philosopher are enough for us: "[...] 3 Jahre [...]", "[...] 30 Jahre [...]", and "[...] 3 Milliarden [...]". For all readers who have no experiences in the ger- man language: "[...] 3 years [...]", "[...] 30 years [...]", and "[...] 3 billions [...]".

    Investigations::Motorbike #5

  • Volkswagen and Suzuki: In reports it is claimed that a potential partnership of both companies could lead to the production of motorbikes by Volkswagen.

    Comment of the Day #1
    First and best™
    City streaker™ City scooter™
    E-Streaker™ E Streaker™ E•Streaker™
    E-Scooter™ E Scooter™ E•Scooter™
    SteviaJam™ VitaJam™ VivaJam™

    Comment of the Day #2

    Ontonics Website update
    We are pleased to present our new innovations on the webpage Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics:

  • SteviaJam and
  • Vita/VivaJam.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have added further models to our new series E-City™ of Purely Electric™ City Cars:

  • City SuperVeloce,
  • City Speed-E Speedster.
  • Cup! R, and
  • Cup! Speedster.

    Investigations::Car #163

  • Volkswagen: That company once again has taken contents and concepts from our websites. On the one side we have for the new mid-sized models the feature of a clear emphasis on environmental cleanliness, a theme that will carry throughout the lineup. Without doubt this is our "Clean and Green™" and GreenHeart™ concept and corresponding initiative or, as it's called also using our terms, theme. On the other side we have a new platform, known internally of that company as the MQB (Modular Querbaukasten meaning in English Modular Transverse Construction Kit or Modular Transverse Box of Bricks), which will allow engineers to implement a much broader range of drivetrains. This sounds like our concept of the Chassis Module System™, which besides many other advantages gives designers, engineers, and customers the options for individual creations and customizations far far far beyond the abilities of the automotive industry. It's like playing with bricks or dressing. Furthermore, the upcoming third generation of its largest model will be stronger, sharper, more precise, and the first of a new styling language at the company. We also found claims by a responsible person to design cars specifically for the American market and that "[...] attractiveness, quality and sustainability are the three most important factors [...]", besides that "[...] the design must be unique, even though a sedan is a sedan is a sedan.".
    Btw.: "Wait...wasn't the CEO of Audi just talking about how electric cars were pointless?" [Sabastian about the R-E or RE clone Audi e-tron, 14.September.2009]

    Comment of the Day #1
    Super Style™ Hyper Style™
    Bella macchina elettrica™
    Superior intelligent™
    Intelligence NG™ Intelligence Next Gen™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Gimme a Yeah!"

    Comment of the Day #3
    "[...] a clean city, a green city [...]" [Luke Ravenstahl, mayor of Pittsburgh, U.S.A., Today]

    Question of the Day
    "What's the problem with liberty and justice?"

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added to the webpage of the j! by us form Style of Speed im- ages of Active Signs™ as an example for the realization of intelli- gent traffic communication and for our approach to use bionic con- cepts for land vehicles, like swarm intelligence.

    And Yeah: We also kept our promise and added the new webpage of the announced E458 RSR with a wonderfull image of a GT version by the Speed Geek™ Varahkhei.
    La bella macchina elettrica™

    Investigations::Car #164

  • Edag: Once again that company has stolen concepts from our website together with a technic of the University of Tokyo. This time it is our Active Camera™ and the multimedia exterior surface like our e-door™ of the j! by Style of Speed used to realize the technic named Optical Camouflage by the University of Tokyo in the bionic approach of swarm intelligence. The copy works as follows: Cameras observe the street and all collected informations are pro- jected onto the tailgate, which functions as an interactive traffic/ road sign. But more suspicious becomes the case with the animated/ active traffic/road signs made around the year 2001, especially the road sign shown by that company, that unites exact copies of the sign with the deer and the pedestrian. Not only the animated signs but also informations about the Optical Camouflage technic are stored on a harddisk in one of our computers since 2001. The latter was also shown on this website at the 1st of April 2008.
    Active Traffic Sign StoneActive Traffic Sign DeerActive Traffic Sign Cross-walk
    That company has no own concepts, no innovations, and is now in a very deep trouble, especially in the need to find arguments for ex- planations.
  • Robert Maier: That bold dude has taken contents, concepts, and technologies from our websites: The first one is the Modern Hot Rod™, also known as Mod Rod, concept together with some design ideas. The second concept is the open source community idea. The third concept is the pirate theme realized on an exhibition with pirate flags. Furthermore, it is claimed that the name stands for "Schönheit der Natur", "Ursprünglichkeit", "Purismus" "verbunden mit modernster Technologie". The English translation is: "beauty of nature", "origina- lity", "purism", "conjoint with most modern technology". But the whole endeavour exactly is not these. It only is an ugly artificial clone. Also it is said that the bases are a modern architecture of the vehicle, the application of hightech materials and technologies, as well as highest precision of manufacturing. Also suspicious is that once again the Technical University Munich is named as a partner and that the design is taken form the other already convicted com- panies with its products and concepts like the X-Bow by KTM, the concept car Mila by Magna Steyr, and the new Lynx Roadster.
    Btw.: We said it before in conjunction with the company e-Wolf in our Investigations::Car #162 at the 21st of September 2009 and repeat it here: To give such companies capital is a clear sign of incompetence, or let us describe it in a better way, it is sick. This includes the placing of tax money to the partnering university, insti- tutes, and companies. We have explained it in the Investigations:: Car #132 at the 31st of July 2009 with another bandwagon jumping fraudster, the founder of Mileworks, by comparing the situation with mistakes made in the dot.com wave. Also, this is exactly the same case as with Gumpert: One of our concept is taken and realized together with an university in a highly suspicious and questionable way and all financed by tax money. The only difference to the Gum- pert case is, that this time we aren't spied out, but now they do the plagiarism in a way everybody can see. These annoying dudes have nothing in their hands, it has nothing to do with the so called social economy, and the whole case is something for the prosecutors.
  • Volkswagen→Audi, Gumpert, and University of Ingolstadt: Due to a large exhibition with the many documented cases and for actual rea- sons, we would like to publicate the real story of the early develop- ment of the sports car Apollo by Gumpert with the aid of Audi and others. The stolen concept developed by us from Style of Speed around the year 2000 was as follows: Overwork with optimization of the triangulated tubular wire spaceframe of the sports car Ultima and adding a modern suspension of the Fiat→Ferrari Enzo or Porsche Carrera GT in the same step. Also, a modernization of the design of the exterior was planned. And suddenly there was that Gumpert Apollo with its Ultima like tubular frame, a Porsche Carrera GT like front suspension, and a Fiat→Ferrari Enzo like rear suspension. And while we started to investigate the case and to do our own work it became more and more clear that all of its concepts and many web- site contents of Gumpert is in fact from us. Forget all of the Audi fairy tales.

    Comment of the Day #1
    GreenCore™ BlueCore™ RedCore™ VisionCore™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "A contradiction: Nobel Prize in Arts."

    Comment of the Day #3
    "A squared contradiction: A female plagiarist gets the Nobel Prize in Arts."


  • Bertelsmann: In the german television channels by that media group firstnames are pronounced with german accent, like Christian, but surnames are pronounced with the correct accent, like the one of a designer born in France.
    Btw.: We do ask the question: When will disappear that conspicuous Bertelsmann Stiftung? Since years, it is well known that those kinds of foundations only exist as a tool to avoid taxes.

    Investigations::Car #165

  • FTM Studio→Car Body Design: That website has actively given wrong informations about the RE clone by Volkswagen→Audi. More nasty is the fact that that company has used contents of the Style of Speed website for the report and its own profile. That company is not interested in quality oriented contents, but only wants to pro- tect its own services. Because it's not the first time we read such reports on that website we're now more than glad to publicate the result: Convicted!!!™
    Electric Supercars 'R' Us™
  • Renault: We forgot to mention that that company showed an el- ectric city car having a kind of front with individually activated LEDs as we showed with the j! by Style of Speed.

    Today is not a so good day for the culture and we have to make notes about the sponsor Japan Art Association, the museum Tate Modern, and again about the architect Zaha Hadid on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day
    Torque vectoring drivetrain™ Torque vectoring powertrain™
    SuperArchitecture™ Revolution architecture™
    Electrifying fun™ Electrifying pleasure™ Elektrisierende Freude™
    Out of this World™ Not from this World™
    Burger King on the Moon™
    Moon Hilton™
    Ritz on the Moon™ Moon Ritz™ Lunar Ritz™

    After a short evaluation we are more than proud to present the pro- jected torque values of our Apollo Speed-E and RE with Pure Elec- tric™ Torque Vectoring/Active Differential™ drivetrain: 2765 lb-ft/ 3750 Nm for the 184 kW/247 bhp/250 PS, 5531 lb-ft/7500 Nm for the 368 kW/493 bhp/ 500 PS, over 11062 lb-ft/15000 Nm for the 725 kW/ 986 bhp/ 1000 PS, to much more for the other versions. As ex- pected and announced these values are Out of this World™ and show what we ever have claimed before about our range of Absolute Speedhammers™.
    And please keep in mind: We from Style of Speed and not another company kept promise and brought you these amazing technologies.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    As planned for this time, manifested in our business division strate- gies, and also publicated on our websites we will go over to The Speeder™ by throwing away the unnatural concept of the wheel.

    Furthermore, we would like to encourage all designers in the field of transportation to get in touch with this paradigm shift and start to design and develop The Speeder™. This is not only the job for Lego afficinados who even built several podracers for Santa, Batman, In- diana Jones, and an actually unnamed frog. Btw.: Only for special cases and if not avoidable the (not)color grey is allowed. :D

    The Speeder™ Der Speeder™

    Ontonics Further steps
    Reservations for places in our McDonald's™ on the Moon™, Burger King® on the Moon™, Moon Hilton™, and Moon Rock Cafe™ can be made from now on here at Ontonics™.


  • Beiersdorf→Nivea: Neue Energie
  • ARD and SWR: We don't know what the bold, nasty, and in many parts criminal attitudes of those german television channels have as results, but we document all of it to height our fame even further. In a report about a new university in the middle east, which has copied nearly all strategies, structures, scientific fields, concepts, but also technologies of the Christian Stroetmann GmbH and its subsidiaries, contents were taken from our websites. We do quote first in german and than in English: "[...] Brücke [...]", "[...] hochmoderner, gut durchdachter und formschöner [...]", "[...] angewandte Computer- wissenschaft, [...] Pottmann [...] [Even the nasty blurring of the first- or surname was applied.]", "[...] geometrische Modellierung und wissenschaftliche Visualisierung [...]", "[...] Fachgebieten [...] die durchweg sehr modern sind, wie Solarenergie, Molekularbiologie [...]", "[...] Interdisziplinarität [...]", "[...] Labors [...]", "[...] Ange- wandte Mathematik, Computerwissenschaft, Chemie und Physik [...]", "[...] Qualität [...]", and "[...] Hitzeresistente Pflanzen, Meer- wasserentsalzung, neue Wege zur Sonnenenergiegewinnung - die Forschungsgebiete suchen nach nachhaltigen Lösungen [...]". In English the quotes have the meaning: "[...] bridge [...]", "[...] very modern, well thought and shapely [...]", "[...] applied computer sci- ence, [...] Pottmann [...] [Even the nasty blurring of the first- or surname was applied.]", "[...] geometrical modelling and scientifical visualization [...]", "[...] branches [...] which consistently are very modern, like solarenergy, molecular biology [...]", "[...] interdisci- plinarity [...]", "[...] labora- tories [...]", "[...] applied mathematics, computer science, chemistry and physics [...]", "[...] quality [...]", and "[...] heat-resistant plants, desalination of sea water, new ways for genartion of solar energy - the fields of research search for sus- tainable solutions [...]".
    Btw.: Does the nation which has built the university pay the pension of the author and the responsible editors? No, definitely not.
  • Lego and resellers: We repeat an advertisement of a brick kit: "Street Speeder" and "Three ways to cruise the city in style! 3 in 1! Hit the road in this sporty green street machine with opening doors. Then rebuild it into a cool hot rod or a lightning-fast racecar!".

    Investigations::Car #166

  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: We heard something like "Elektrisierende Freude", which means in English "Electrifying Fun™" or "Electrifying Fun™".
  • Constantin Medien→DSF: In a report about a large automotive exhibition the broadcaster used many terms which were taken from our website. But it nicely kept back detailed informations about the RE clone by Audi. The broadcaster is for sure allowed to name us form Style of Speed as the real inventor of this amazing Electric SuperCar (ESC).


  • Microsoft: That company showed on an exhibiiton a system for video gaming with a video camera and sensors for motion and acoustics, like a microfon. Such a system is not new, but used in the field of Virtual Reality since decades. Somehow it points into the directions of our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™ and our Active Components used for example for land vehicles by Style of Speed.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Pack Aircraft™
    PersonalWing™ Exowing™
    WingPack™ BirdPack™ DragonflyPack™
    SpeederPack™ CyPack™
    Hot Speeder™ SpeedBeetle™

    Comment of the Day #2
    Oh no, we missed the Robot Chicken Skate Party.

    Ontonics Website update
    Today, we are glad to underline our outstanding creativity and Hightech Competence™ with the publication of our new innovations on the webpage Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics:

  • WingPack, and
  • SpeederPack: The backpack with The Speeder™ technology.

    Comment of the Day
    Space Mac™ Space-Nugget™ Space-Wing™ Space-Salad™ Space-Veggie™
    Space Whopper™ Space King™
    Space-Double™ Space-Chicken™ Space-Onion™ Space-Bagel™ Space-Donut™
    Moon-Burger™ Moon-Pommes™ Moon-Fries™ Moon-Nachos™ Moon-Chips™
    Moon Mac™ Moon-Nugget™ Moon-Wing™ Moon-Salad™ Moon-Veggie™
    Moon Whopper™ Moon King™
    Moon-Double™ Moon-Chicken™ Moon-Onion™ Moon-Bagel™ Moon-Donut™
    Moon pool™ Lunar pool™
    Hover train™

    New Flying DeviceNew Flying DeviceNew Flying Device
    © :)

    Ontonics Website update
    We added to the Innovation-Pipeline webpage of Ontonics the projects:

  • Burger King on the Moon,
  • Moon Rock Cafe, as well as the new
  • Moon Ritz and Moon Hilton.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added a new description and an image of the Airspeeder™ Hot Rod™ XJ-6 to the Airspeeder™ webpage on the website of Style of Speed.


  • Wowwee: Nearly nothing was so clear than that that company will once again steal contents, concepts, and technologies from our websites, especially by Roboticle. And to do it by applying a so odd trick with two robots shows only how cheap it really is. What we can see is one roboter having a natural language interface and Lego minifigure like eyes and eyebrows, but also the relation to the iPod can be easily explained by us. The other robot is also interesting, because that company has stolen nearly the whole of the by us from Roboticle further developed head design of the ZMP Pino robot with two eyes and the smiling mouth together with a visior like cap, which is also pointing to a Lego minifigure, and the earmuffs. It also has taken the new design by us of the Pino under arms with the hands. Maybe Mark Tilden also has stolen the concept of the arti- ficial nervous system from another person. This time we got the lazy fraudsters: Convicted!!!™
    Btw.: Thieves and liars like Wowwee will never be leaders, because companies like that can only steal items which were created before by the real leaders, like the our astonishing Roboticle. In Shanghai you easily can find several of those Wowwees, but you will only find one Roboticle.

    We added a further note about the so called artist Olafur Eliasson on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day
    Sonic Charger™ Sonic Compressor™
    Sonic Catcher™ Sonic Collector™
    Acoustic Charger™ Acoustic Compressor™
    Acoustic Catcher™ Acoustic Collector™
    Schallfänger™ Schallsammler™

    Ontonics Website update
    We added to the Innovation-Pipeline webpage of Ontonics the until today unlisted projects:

  • Sonic Collector and
  • HyperStirling/Stroetmann-Stirling-Motor.

    The former HyperStirling™ system was renamed to HyperStirling™ Solar Energy Generation.

    Furthermore, we have described in a slightly more detail the Hyper- Stirling™ Solar Energy Generation system and the technology of the HyperTurbine™.

    © and/or ® 2009-2012
    Christian Stroetmann GmbH