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We have made some new records on the Culture webpage about the pop characters Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.


  • Haug-West Messe und Ausstellungsgesellschaft:
    Haug-West Billboard RLA

    We have made some new records on the Culture webpage about the artist and teacher Markus Lübertz, and the highly annoying persons Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, from Apax Partners→Tommy Hilfiger, Philippe Starck, from Daimler→Mercedes-Benz Style, and Daniel Tammet.

    Comment of the Day
    Mercedes°™ Benz°™ Auto°™ Wagen°™
    #Mercedes™ #Benz™ #Auto™ #Wagen™

    Investigations::Car #123

  • Wilhelm Karmann: That insolvent company has founded a corpo- ration named Karmann E-Mobil (not to mix up with our Mobil-E™) to produce vehicles with Pure Electric™ :Drivetrains™ despite its bank- ruptcy and its unability to pay for an interim employment society, which is now financed by a development request from Volkswagen. There is also a project in discussion for the development of an uniform chassis platform. This all sounds very familiar.
  • Daimler: "[...] like science-fiction [...]", "[...] intelligent commu- nication systems [...]", "[...] car-to-x [...] via the internet [...]", "[...] onboard computer classifies all [...] according to plausibility and relevance [...]", "[...] wireless local area networks (WLANs) are self-organising [...] [The application of the WLAN technology for car-to-x system is an innovative feature by our OntoLinux. All other companies have tried first to establish a propritary network sys- tem.]", "[...] harmonise [...] speed [...]", "[...] Safe Intelligent Mobility - Test area [...] from 2008 to 2012 [...]", "[...] once again [...] a pioneer [...]", "[...] active restraint system [...]", "[...] multicontour [...] [not to mix up with our Multicouture™) ]", "[...] speed [...]", "[...] LED lighting technology is seeing increasing use [...] [Convicted!!!™]", "[...] adaptive LED main beam system [...]", "[...] headlamp is made up of 100 LEDs. These semiconductor ele- ments can be individually activated [...] [This system is simply an- other application of our invention of the Emoticon Light™ system.]", "[...] purely electronic module [...]", "[...] spotlight function in the LED array [...]", "[...] Reflective [...]", "[...] reflective elements [...] [Here you can see passive systems that should have the same benefits like our inventions e-door™ and LightRim™.]", "[...] base layer with tiny balls of glass [...] [e-paper and E-VSG™]", "[...] modular [...]", "[...] child’s physical proportions [...] [This is con- cerned with a research direction done by Roboticle.]", "[...] tubular frame [...] [This is concerned with our Modern Customs™ motorbikes like the Style of Speed #:).]", "[...] R44.04 [...]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] once again [...] a pioneer [...]", "[...] 360° [...] [Car° :P]", "[...] multi-mode [...]", "[...] adaptive [...]", "[...] dashboard [...]", "[...] dashboard display [...]", and "[...] drive train [...]".
  • Trader of Volkswagen→Audi: We do quote out of an advertisement in a german paper: "[...] SUV-Konzept [...]", "[...] clean [...]", "De- sign-Highlights sind [...] die neu gestaltete Front- und Heckpartie [...] und LED-Heckleuchten.", and "[...] zukunftsweisende SUV [...]". And the same translated into English: "[...] SUV-concept [...]", "[...] clean [...]", "Design-Highlights are [...] new designed front and rear bumpers [...] and LED rear lights/backlights. [compare with the description of the Raptor Speedster and #:) by Style of Speed]", and "[...] trend-setting SUV [...]".
  • Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini: "Driving fun [sounds like Driving force™, Driven by Fun™, and :Driving™]", "[...] character of the super sports car [...] [compare to: Super Sports Cars 'R' U™]", "[...] active driving fun [...]", "[...] driving style [...]", "[...] driving fun [...]", "[...] heart [...]", "[...] synthesis [...]", "[...] lightweight power unit [...]", "[...] breathtaking [...]", "[...] ultimate in super sports cars [...]", "[...] reinforce [...]", "[...] inspiration [...]", "[...] DNA [...]", "[...] characteristic colour combination [...]", and "[...] augmented [...]".
  • Asi: Now that company jumped on the Fiat→Ferrari bandwagon. But more nerving are the fruitless attempts of copying Style of Speed: "[...] proudly announces [...]", "[...] analysis [...]", "[...] truly imaginative and spirited design is not only our business, it’s our passion [...]", and "[...] Scuderia-style [...]". Our truly competitive opinion is: How boring.

    Comment of the Day
    Flying fun™ Flying machine™ Flying force™ Flown by fun™
    Winged fun™ Active Wing™
    Amarok-E™ Amarok E™ Amarok•E™

    Style of Speed Website update
    Style of Speed is once again demonstrating its leading Green-Tech Competence™ by the development of the Sports Utility Vehicle with Pure Electric™ :Drivetrain™ (E-SUV™) Amarok•E, which is based on the upcoming Volkswagen Amarok (Wolf) pickup.
    Greentech 'R' Us™

    We also added the section for our worldwide unique and pioneering Active Components™.

    Furthermore, we added the two new webpages Rim and Steering Wheel to our section Supplement.

    Investigations::Car #124

  • Bayerische Motorenwerke→Rolls Royce: We made some quotes from informations given in the internet about its "baby" model: "[...] "intelligent" four corner air suspension system and multi link aluminum front and rear axles [...]", "[...] due to [...]", "We are very proud of our [...] achievements [...]", "[...] balance [...] is astonishing [...]", and "[...] lift [...]".

    Comment of the Day
    Magic Eye™ Active Eye™ Active Camera™ Active Sensor™
    Active Light™

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have updated the webpage Profile by the new paragraph Active Component.

    Comment of the Day
    Active RFID™
    I ♥ SUV™


  • A nerd: Once again that person stepped in one of our traps. This time (1st of July 2009) we laid out a message on the mailing list for the developers of the Reiser4 file system with the announcement to publicate an installation manual for the OntoFS file system with the multiboot boot loader Grub. The result was as expected: An old and known manual for this simply was replicated on the Reiser4 file sys- tem wiki without permission and the publication of the new webpage was not listed in the wiki news. Don't be fooled by that nasty by nature nerd.
    Btw.: What will happen with the most of the content in the wiki, if the intellectual property by the former Namesys company is sold to another party?

    Comment of the Day #1
    Muscl-E™ Muscl E™ Muscl•E™
    Muscle-E™ Muscle E™ Muscle•E™
    E-Muscle™ E Muscle™ E•Muscle™
    Mustang-E™ Mustang E™ Mustang•E™
    E-Mustang™ E Mustang™ E•Mustang™
    Pon-E Pon E™ Pon•E™ Pony-E™ Pony E™ Pony•E™
    Camaro-E™ Camaro E™ Camaro•E™
    E-Camaro™ E Camaro™ E•Camaro™
    BumbleBeeE™ BumbleBee-E™ BumbleBee E™ BumbleBee•E™
    EBumbleBee™ E-BumbleBee™ E BumbleBee™ E•BumbleBee™
    Force inside™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Höheres Wesen befiehlt: rechtes oberes Neuron einschalten!"
    "Higher being commands: switch on right upper neuron!"

    Question of the Day
    "Auf was für einen Planeten bin ich hier eigentlich gelandet?"
    "On what kind of planet I'm landed here actually?"

    Style of Speed Website update
    After being as usual truly highly spirited, creative, and imaginative again, we form Style of Speed defined in a historical way a new class of automobiles: The E-Muscle Cars™. And to start it in the right fashion we simply envisioned the first models with the Pure Electric™ :Drivetrain™ to once again demonstrate our phenomenal High- and Green-Tech Competence™:

  • Mustang•E™ and
  • Camaro•E™.
    E-MuscleCars 'R' Us™

    Comment of the Day
    Yes it is™ Yes we are™ Yes we do™
    AutoBrain™ CarBrain™
    Aktives Linux™ Active Linux™
    Active Actuator™ Actuator network™ Actuator form™ Actuator body™ Actuator shape™ Actuator contour™ Actuator pattern™
    Aktiver Aktuator™ Aktuatornetzwerk™ Aktuatorform™ Aktuatorkörper™ Aktuatorkontur™ Aktuatormuster™
    Aktives Licht™ Aktiver Sensor™ Aktiver Diffusor™
    Viper-E™ Viper E™ Viper•E™
    E-Viper™ E Viper™ E•Viper™

    Style of Speed Website update
    Just after our announcement of the E-Muscle Cars™, we designed two further models with our Pure Electric™ :Drivetrain™:

  • BumbleBee•E™ and
  • Viper•E™.

    Besides, we added to the Active Component™ systems the Active Actuator technology.

    Comment of the Day
    Electric Muscle™ Sensuator™
    Electric Gullwing™ Active Gullwing™
    Pure U.S.American™


  • General: We don't know why all the media is reporting about an upcoming operating system of an internet search engine provider. Like an operating system for mobile phones before, which simply is the operating system Linux with a handful of open source software packages and a virtual machine to use software written in the programming language Java, the new advertised operating system once again is simply an embedded Linux based operating system with features from other open source projects, like a web browser as Splashtop does it. We also talked at the 18th of May 2008 about an L4 based kernel in conjunction with a small Linux version and the instant-on capability, like the coreboot/LinuxBios project does it. And our opinion is that the desktop version will flop, because the concept always has flopped in the history of computing. The last time Sun tried cloud computing with its NetPC.
    Btw.: May be children should learn to compile and compose own Linux based kernels and distributions in school.
  • Google: read above
  • Rheinische Post: That german news paper reported about a new operating system by the corporation Google and asserted that the message by Google has to be related with the upcoming new version of an operating system by Microsoft. Normally and generally such messages are made to react on messages made by other companies, but Microsoft didn't made such kind of things in the last days. So, on what new information and new information Google did react?

    Comment of the Day
    Inspirations for Innovations™ Inspiration and Innovation™
    Driven by Dreams™ Driven by Desires™ Driven by Innovations™
    Drive better™ Drive best™ Drive the #1™
    Technology Lover™ Hightech Lover™ Hightech Geek™
    Active Trac™ Active Sync™ (not IT) Active Vision™ Active Assist™
    Active Scanner™
    Smart Laser™ Smart Vision™ Smart Ride™
    Anti Roll Control™
    #Sync™ Sync°™ @Sync™ Smart Sync™
    Active Scanner
    Holographic Dashboard™ Holo Dashboard™
    Pure American™

    Investigations::Car #125

  • General: As long as there is no ink on the contracts, we definitely will sort out every unpleasant manufacturer and (its) suppliers for the realization of our products. In this times no business is save.
  • Evonik & Daimler→Li-Tec: The joint venture described its status a half year ago as of being ready to produce. Now another message clarified the case by giving the informations that that company has given the order to develop a machine for production.
  • Dura Automotive Systems: That bold company has taken contents from our websites for its business. We do qoute: "Innovation driven by inspiration", "Creating the future driven by you." "Our vision", "Our core values", "[...] deliver superior value [...]", "Quality and custo- mers satisfaction are the drivers in everything we do.", "[...] com- munities [...]", "Collaboration", "[...] creating revolutionary solutions [...]", "Modular corporate designs", "Strong advanced concepts [...]", and much more.
  • General Motors→Chevrolet:
    An American Revolution
  • Ford: Once again, that company has massively taken contents from our websites, especially from Style of Speed.
  • Saleen: see Ford
  • Government of Lower Saxony and University Brunswick: In a commercial for that german state a report about an intelligent car project was shown, that partly repeated contents out of Chapter 5 of The Proposal (Vorschlag der "[...] Zuordnung der physiologischen Sinne und der Muskeln eines Organismus zu einer möglichen zugrun- deliegenden Hardware [...]"). Very bold also is the funding of the video and its distribution over the internet and the telelvision by blowing tax money out of the windows and the in parts highly mis- leading description of the video claiming for not existent monopols in some technology areas.

    Comment of the Day
    Sense of Speed™
    Challenger-E™ Challenger E™ Challenger•E™
    E-Challenger™ E Challenger™ E•Challenger™
    E-Bee™ E Bee™ E•Bee™ Electric Bee™
    Active Interior™ Active Exterior™ Active Dashboard™
    True Masterpiece™
    Take the time™ Take your time™ Nimm Dir Zeit™ Nimm Deine Zeit™
    Maker of Tomorrow™ Creator of Tomorrow™

    Ontoscope™ 2.0 Further steps
    We are more than very proud to publicate the first images of the prototypical front- and backsides of the Ontoscope™, which can be compared by an OntoLinux™ powered mobile phone with 3-D/stereo (digital) camera, Magic Eye™ and Active Cam™ technology, Artificial Intelligence, and much more inside. All of these features make the Ontoscope™ a revolution of mobile communication and photography, alone and integrated, by simply overcoming the fundamental limits of mobile phones and (digtial) (video) cameras. After the first Onto- scope™ cameras by Cornu in the last century, we unleashed the whole potentials of this vision and realized with the Ontoscope™ a True Masterpiece™ of culture and high-technology in the 21. cen- tury.
    Ontoscope 2 FrontsideOntoscope 2 3-D Digital Backside
    This Mobile Device™ was announced the first time in our news of the 10th of August 2008. See also the Comment of the Day #3 written down in the same month on the 17th of August.
    Let's also see when companies like Nokia, Apple, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Samsung, Toshiba, Sharp, and LG build it into (steal it for) their mo- bile phones, and Nintendo and Sony take (parts of) this technology for their game consoles DS, Game Boy and PlayStation Portable.

    Style of Speed Website update
    Just after our announcement of the E-Muscle Cars™, we comple- mented this new high-class of automobiles by a further model with our Pure Electric™ :Drivetrain™:

  • Challenger•E™.

    We also added to the Active Component™ systems the Active Interior technology.


  • Rheinische Post: That newspaper reacted on our provocation of the 9th of this month and made two reports: One report is about the Volkswagen→Audi R8 written in a cheering way and another is trying to savage the muscle car Camaro by General Motors→Chevrolet with unlogical arguments. We would like to mention our opinions to this case: The one point is that we don't believe the existence of a possibility to get a muscle car with such performances for a price around 20000 Euro (including the costs of import from the U.S.A.) from a european manufacturer. Furthermore, with its reaction the newspaper convicted itself and admitted the fact, that we, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, have its full attention since more than 6 years. Last but definitely not least, we deny that its and the other media's behaviour is really legal and controlled by other players in the background.
    Btw.: The hit-rate of our website by Style of Speed was heightened over 66,6% alone in April 2009.

    Investigations::Car #126/Inspired by US™

  • Tata→Jaguar: You can count on that company as on a high-class caliber, and so we do quote: "Sleek, sporting [...]", "[...] new spirit [...]", "[...] mix of striking design, breathtaking performance and engineering without compromise [...]", "[...] contemporary automo- tive style [...]", "[...] heart of its flowing design [...]", "[...] strong sporting [...]", "[...] panoramic glass roof [...]", "[...] sense of light and space [...]", "[...] ultimate [...]", "[...] new generation of interior technologies, pioneering the use of display and infotainment systems such as the innovative Virtual Instrument [...]", "[...] next-genera- tion application of [...] unique lightweight vehicle architecture [...]", "[...] aerospace [...]", "[...] deliver improved strength, enhanced refinement and superior safety performance [...]", "[...] deliver an outstanding combination of performance and class-leading efficiency [...]", "[...] no-compromise [...]", "[...] driving experience [...]", "[...] delivers a driving experience [...]", "[...] pioneered on the exci- ting [...]", "[...] continuously variable damping (Adaptive Dynamics), electronically controlled rear differential (Active Differential Control) and a quick ratio power-steering system [...]", "[...] ride [...]", "[...] unique [...]", and "[...] modern interpretation [...]".
  • Daimler→Mercedes: What a surprise: Once again one of the usual rumors based on informations given on our website Style of Speed takes its round through the media reporting about "the first zero- emissions supercar to be produced by a major manufacturer. Each of its four 133 HP motors will drive its own wheel, effectively mimicking the performance of a torque vectoring all-wheel drive system", and "the inclusion of a new pushrod front suspension, with coilover dam- per units mounted horizontally in place of the standard car’s more conventional upright double wishbone arrangement to free up space around the front axle." See our news of the 16th of May 2008, com- pare the as new called front suspension with the rear suspension of the Just 4 :)™, and take a more precise look at the description of the Apollo Speed-E™. In this conjunction it is not clear if the torque vectoring of this electric all-wheel drive system varies the torque between the front and rear axles or wheels.
  • Chrysler: Yesterday, a person publicated: "We're extremely proud that the ultimate American-built sports car with its world-class per- formance will live on as the iconic image leader for the Dodge brand [...]". Guess why.


  • Vodafon: In a german commercial skateboarders and spacewalkers beside other persons have been shown. And the new slogan of the company is: "Es is Deine Zeit".

    Comment of the Day
    Active Motor™ Active Differential™ Active Vector™

    Style of Speed Website update
    We updated the webpage of our Just 4 :)™ with the contents given in our news of the 16th of May 2008 and parts of the description of our Apollo Speed-E™.

    We also added the model K.I.T.T. Knight Rider of the Challenger•E™, and renamed the models Sleek Silver into Silver Arrow and Air Force into Air Force Vapor.


  • ARD, ZDF, ORF, and SRG SSR→3sat: In a focused broadcast the group of television channels tries to report about high culture and design. But many times the results were only repetitions of parts of the contents given on our websites. The last example of this kind was a report about a former student of the Royal College of Plagia- rism and actual manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, and a young designer, who only want to be trend conform with their projects and are only parroting other persons. That group of television channels has shown by its behaviour that it is knowing this reproach very well, but also is chosing these annoying persons actively while making its broadcasts.

    Comment of the Day
    Active Units™ Active Elements™
    That's eMotion™

    Style of Speed Website update
    Our Style of Speed website has been updated at several positions:

    We added to the Active Component™ systems new webpages for our Active Motor and Active Differential technologies. Furthermore, we have described the application of Active Actuator Networks as Active Wings.

    We updated the webpage of our Just 4 :)™ with the addition of Active Components™ to the technical specification.

    Besides, we updated the Active Components™ section of the R-E™ and Apollo Speed-E™ by adding: Active Motor™ and Active Differen- tial™.

    The updates of the descriptions of the Just 4 :)™, Apollo Speed-E™, and R-E™ have been assigned to our :D Big Fun™.


  • Desertec Foundation and Desertec Industrial Initiative: It was more than clear, that the members of these groups and the groups try to celebrate themselves as the pioneers of a concept owned by others. We do quote some words: "Turning The Vision Into Reality", "[...] potential [...]", "[...] race [...]", "[...] spirit, boldness and im- agination of the Apollo Program that put astronauts on the Moon [...]", "[...] strongly [...]", "[...] endeavours [...]", "[...] Betriebssys- tem [Operating system] [...]", "[...] Nachhaltigkeit [Sustainability] [...]", "[...] drive [...]", and for sure very much more. What we find also a little bit suspicious is, that the favored technology is exactly that kind of technology, which was advertised in the media the last months. We also would like to remind you, the website visitors, of the Original vs. Inspiration images of the 15th of April 2008.
    And a little question at last: Why suddenly now these activities, and not 10 years ago as it was esoterics and when we of the Christian Stroetmann GmbH forced such kind of solutions (attestor by a ger- man engineer and discussed with him while writing his doctoral thesis about blades of steam turbines and algorithms to optimize them ex- ample given for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) systems like that in Hawaii)?
    Neue Energie™ New Energy™
    Neue Energien™ New Energies™

    Comment of the Day
    E430™ E450™
    Electric Super Sports Car™

    Clarification #1
    Due to the fact that still many persons with our without knowledge about physics find it funny to laugh about other persons who advo- cate warp technology, we would like to give another thought in con- junction with the Comment of the Day of the 9th of May 2009 and the Clarification #1 done on the 19th of June 2009:

  • With the next accepted modern/universal model/theory, that may or may not refute Einstein's theories, a human is able to look at the universe like she/he is on the outside of the universe but being in- side. All critics of hitting through the lightwall and the warp velocity will have a pure logical contradiction than!

    Clarification #2
    Some remarks about Albert Einstein:

  • He was wrong from a psychological point of view.
  • He was wrong from a philosophical point of view.
  • He was wrong from a logical point of view.
  • He was not wrong from a mathematical point of view.
  • He was very elegant with the postulation of his theories.

    Clarification #3
    If other persons are laughing about C.S., then it is a very good sign and an evidence that he is right. Have fun and go out of my sun ;)

    Style of Speed Website update
    It's summertime and so we thought we should present four new green models with all-electric powertrain (3 speedsters plus 1 coupé):

  • Apollo Speed-E Speedster (SES),
  • R-E Speedster,
  • E430 Spider, and
  • E430.

    We're also working on the E450™ and E450™ Spider.


  • Deutsche Bank: That company has a Confidence Man.
  • ARD, ZDF and France Télévisions→ARTE: Unsurprisingly, that group of european television channels is showing with that so called cul- tural channel the same criminal behaviour as another group, in which the ARD and ZDF television broadcasters are also members, does with 3Sat (read also our investigation of 12th of July 2009). Besides this and that it is heavily using contents from our websites, that channel has lost its character of really being cultural oriented. It's also since more than 2 years only a tool of a special group of per- sons. So much for: Green nail enamel and Broom Broom. Convicted!!!™

    Investigations::Car #127

  • Rheinisch-Westfälisches Elektrizitätswerk and Daimler: The CEO of Daimler should become a leading manager of the Rheinisch-West- fälisches Elektrizitätswerk (see also our Investigations::Car #122 of the 29th of June 2009).
  • Daimler: That company sold nearly half of its stake of Tesla Motors to the investment fund which is controlled by the Abu Dhabi govern- ment and holds a stake of Daimler.
  • Tesla Motors: As a reaction on our announcement of the Active Component™ system on the 5th of July 2009, that company an- nounced an upgrade of its car with a new power electronics module, a better cooling for the power electronics, an improved AC with variable speed fans, and a built in WiFi card. Does these sound familiar to you? Yes (simply take a look at the Apollo Speed-E™)!
    Btw.: Let's count the last days of that company.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Ontologic portal™ Ontologisches Portal™ Ontologische Portale™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "You'll find righteousness in the planned garden." [O>-<, Anytime]

    Comment of the Day
    Pure fun™ Pure speed™ Set the pace™ SuperVelocity™

    Style of Speed Website update
    Due to a special event we set up the webpage for the new Green Racer™:

  • R-E RSR.

    Besides, we publicated another Green Racer for completing the E430™ line:

  • E430 RSR.

    We also added an own webpage for the:

  • Apollo SuperVeloce

    And we updated the following webpages a little bit:

  • E430 Spider, and
  • E430.

    Investigations::Car #128

  • Gemballa Automobiltechnik: It took some years, but now that company is standing in the line with all of the other bold "see and take" companies. This means also that the company feels, that there is definitely a new, very strong, and better player in town. In this conjunction we do one of our traditional quotes: "[...] trend- setting body- and interior design [...] [No, the focused model really didn't set a trend. It was always something for the red milieu.]", "[...] laid the foundations [...]", "[...] the masterpiece [...]", "[...] generation [...]", "[...] the super sports car sets benchmarks for production quality and design vocabulary [...] [And we created trademarks like: Setting Benchmarks™, Language of Style™, Lan- guage of Speed™, Language of Sport™, and Language of Beauty.]", "[...] supreme technology [...]", "Driving pleasure [...]", "[...] gull wing doors and the new front headlights [...] [These doors are no gull wing doors. Gull wing doors have their hinges attached in the roof. These even are no scissor doors, but butterfly doors.]", "[...] custom-made [...]", "[...] front wing [...]", "[...] LED tail lamps [...]", "[...] integrated rear diffuser [...] [Please, can someone explain us what a front diffusor is?]", "[...] rear wing [...]", "[...] aerodynamic efficiency [...]", "[...] components [...] [Components is a very con- victing keyword!]", "[...] breathtaking shape [...]", "[...] performan- ce enhancement [...]", "[...] high-performance [...]", "[...] even fur- ther [...]", "[...] high-performance [...]", "[...] precious [...]", and "[...] SPS [...]". If it thinks it has to be usual, uncreative, and bo- ring, we say: Don't be buried by an avalanche or fooled. Convicted!!!™
  • Hennessey: We qoute: "[...] carbon fiber wheels [...]", "[...] too much horsepower is never enough [...]", "[...] just [...]", "[...] just [...]", and "[...] just [...]".
  • Mr. Norm: The behaviour of that company was easy to predict and so we do quote: "[...] high performance [...]", "[...] styling and per- formance of the original, iconic, E-Body muscle cars that inspired [...] [Electric Muscle Cars™ 'R' Us™]", "[...] contemporaries [...]", "[...] Gen III [...]", "[...] stronger than the factory [...]", "[...] components [...] [As we said: This is a very convicting keyword!]", "[...] ultimate [...]", "[...] Hi Performance [...] Suspension System [...]", "[...] components [...]", "[...] Suspension System [...]", "[...] differential [...]", "[...] significantly [...] [This is the second very convicting keyword we layed out last week as the baits for all the thieves out there!]", "[...] without compromising ride quality [...] [That bold company took also the old bait, from the last months.", "[...] classically inspired [...]", "[...] turn [...] green [...] [Green? SuperGreen™!]", "Inspired [...]", "[...] 21st century [...] [And the next bait was taken, which we laid out four the muscle car tuning companies.]", "[...] ultra high performance [...]", "[...] inspired [...]", "[...] ultra high performance [...]", "[...] component [...]", "[...] trendsetting [...]", "[...] ultra high performance [...]", "[...] renais- sance of the breed of automobile that is uniquely American [...]", "[...] the beauty, strength and power [...]", "[...] genetics [...]", "[...] aggressive [...]", "[...] totally modern [...]", and "[...] new generation [...]". Brief: Convicted!!!™

    Comment of the Day
    E Carrera™ 9EE™
    Active Action™ Active and Action™ Active for Action™
    Active like Action™
    Bug wing™ Beetle Wing™ Coccinella wing™

    Style of Speed Website update
    And our success story continues with the:

  • 9EE GTE.


  • General: Beside the BOZZO Counter we have a Big Mac Index and an iPod Index.
  • ARD: The broadcaster now has jumped fully on the "3" bandwagon. Furthermore it holds on its strategie and partly criminal behaviour to report about those companies, which have taken contents and con- cepts from us, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, despite the fact of our documentations.
  • Bayerischer Rundfunk: We watched that television channel many months and last but no least the term "hoch kreativ" says everything to us.
  • Beiersdorf→Nivea: Offered a discount of 3 Euro if a customer buys 3 goods.
  • Another cosmetic manufacturer: see Beiersdorf→Nivea
  • LN-Möbelhandels GmbH: That company has taken contents from our websites. One example is its commercial showing some kind of a moonwalker with a flag in his hand. Moreover, the new emblem is said to represent the "XXXL-Philosophie" and one slogan sounds: "Mit Sonne im Herzen gemeinsam zur Nummer 1". We also see "Suchen und Finden", "Mömax", "Möbelix", and "XXXL-Format".
  • LVMH Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton: Some months ago that company jumped in conjunction with its "Core Values" campaign on the Lunar theme. That company is becoming cheaper and cheaper.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added to the webpage of the R-E RSR the image of a concept based on the RSQ that was publicated on our websites on the 10th of August 2008 as an Original Sketch/Sneak Preview for our j!.

    We have made a new record on the Culture webpage about the artist Stefan Sous.

    Comment of the Day
    Electric Butterfly™ Active Butterfly™
    Eco:)™ Eco:D™

    20. & 21.July.2009
    Comment of the Day #1
    "It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow."
    [Robert H. Goddard, June 1904]

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Please, no more rockets." [C.S., Today]

    Comment of the 7th of February 2008
    "I want to open the first McDonald's on the Moon."
    [Christian Stroetmann, around 1997 or earlier]
    "Ich will den ersten McDonald's auf dem Mond aufmachen."
    [Christian Stroetmann, etwa 1997 oder früher]

    Pictures of the Day
    Apollo 11Apollo 11
    Warhol MoonwalkMoonwalk 22.February.2009
    Lego Man on the MoonC.S.' McDonald's Flyin on the Moon
    © NASA, Andy Warhol, Artrain USA, C.S., Balakov, and :(

    Comment of the Day
    E•SUV™ E•SUT™
    Bee-E™ Bee E™ Bee•E™
    Ghost-E™ Ghost E™ Ghost•E™
    E-Ghost™ E Ghost™ E•Ghost™
    Electric Ghost™
    Phantom-E™ Phantom E™ Phantom•E™ E Phantom™ E•Phantom™
    Electric Phantom™
    Spirit-E™ Spirit E™ Spirit•E™
    E-Spirit™ E Spirit™ E•Spirit™
    Electric Spirit™
    Pure Luxury™ Pure Pleasure™
    What a Pleasure™

    Style of Speed Website update
    By using the Pure Electric™ powertrain of our worldwide unique range of E-SUVs™ and E-SUTs™ in a lightly modified version a new automobile based on the Bayerische Motorenwerke→Rolls Royce could easily be created:

  • Electric Phantom.

    Comment of the Day
    Luxury-E™ Luxury E™ Luxury•E™
    E-Luxury™ E Luxury™ E•Luxury™

    Clarification #1
    The inventor of the Ontoscope™ software is Christian Maximilian Stroetmann.
    Btw.: All other persons and companies claiming for this are already convicted or have made big mistakes while trying to steal this inven- tion from C.S. by taking contents from our websites and informations out of our office, as well as definitely showing that they haven't understood the technology (see OntoLinux™ for a simple but also extensive explanation).

    Clarification #2
    The inventor of the Ontoscope™ 2.0 hardware is Christian Maximilian Stroetmann.
    Btw.: All other persons and companies claiming for this are already convicted or lying.

    Clarification #3
    The inventor who developed the the next generation of the Onto- scope™ is Christian Maximilian Stroetmann.
    Btw.: All other persons and companies claiming for this are already convicted or lying.

    Clarification #4
    The inventor of the next generation of the Ontobot™ is Christian Maximilian Stroetmann.
    Btw.: All other persons and companies claiming for this are already convicted or have made big mistakes while trying to steal this inven- tion from C.S. by taking contents from our websites and definitely showing that they haven't understood the technology (see Onto- Linux™ for a simple but also extensive explanation).
    In the Ontobot™ case also already convicted were a minister and a honored scientist, who is also a leader of a research center for arti- ficial intelligence and a Confidence Man.

    Clarification #5
    Apple is not the most innovative company. Some decades ago, Steve Jobs only has learned by William "Bill" Gates how to steal.

    Clarification #6
    In opposition to a researcher of a center of automotive by an eco- nomic college in Bergisch Gladbach, B.R.D., we deny the opinion that more than a billion Euro are needed to develop automobiles with Pure Electric™ powertrains. We are able to name more than 3 companies, which already are in the market without such a high investment. It seems to be, that the researcher must be incompetent or is paid may be by a large automotive company for not telling the truth.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added a new area named E-Luxury and added the webpage of the Electric Phantom into it.

    We also added a new webpage for this new model:

  • Electric Phantom Speedster.


  • General: The industries and media think that they have found a hole in the laws and that works like this: Instead of stealing the contents, concepts, services, and technologies by other persons and companies they advertise contests of arts, design, or engineer- ing, and so on. Than they took those works that is pleasant and claim for not having stolen it. But this still is receiving of stolen properties and it doesn't matter by law if this happens actively or passively.
  • ARD: On Wednesday, the broadcaster reported in its news about a mathematics contest, showed a mathematical sequence and a com- ment by a female minister.
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: Tried yesterday to sell a person as artist. We denied this status of that person some days ago, because her management and she have taken and are still taking contents from our websites. With the last said there is also a bigger problem, because our investigations have the result that even several items were taken that we haven't publicated (eg. the two monitors in fornt of her eyes, the Kermit dress by Jean Charles de Castelbajac, and for sure much more). That means persons around this person are spying.
  • Rheinische Post: That news paper is still trying its nasty and criminal attempts, but in fact was provocated by us to do this for documenting the genius of Christian Maximilian Stroetmann. Yester- day, it tried to spread for example the question who the real inven- tor of the scientific apparatus telescope is in respect to the Onto- scope™. Today it came up with 5 reports about items related with C.S..
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media→Kabel eins: Gourmet Piraten
  • Mars Incorporated & Berkshire Hathaway→William Wrigley Jr. Company: Instead of sponsoring the Lab of Visions™, the OntoLab, it founded an own "Visionlab" and made a contest for not stealing by itself our concepts, but let it do by the participants. Convicted in three cases!!!™
    Btw., hopefully you can see better now: Here Warren Buffet, William "Bill" Gates, and for sure some other criminals are working together.


  • O2: Galaxy
  • Nokia: That company started to take up momentum for jumping on the Ontoscope bandwagon.
  • Samsung: Jét
  • Sony: In an advertisement for its game console PlayStation Port- able the first steps to take up drive for jumping on the Ontoscope bandwagon. We also have the trend conform slogan: "Deine ganze Welt in deinen Händen". How boring.
  • Research in Motion: BlackBerry loves U2. How cheap.

    Investigations::Motorbike #2

  • Volkswagen: Suddenly a chairman made the statement, that only motorbikes are missing in the production range of that company.
    Btw.: Is the chairman of Volkswagen social sustainable at all?

    Comment of the Day #1
    Ultimate•E™ Ultimate OS™ Ultimate•OS™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Let's do our traditional bet: How long will it take until Microsoft delivers an update for its new operating system?"

    Joke of the Year
    "Hiermit vereinfachen Sie alltägliche Aufgaben." [Microsoft, July 2009]
    We don't know, but that company already has claimed this for Windows 3.0 in the year 1990.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added the new Speed Style called Aviator X10 to the Mustang•E™ and Challenger•E™. The Challenger•E™ is now also available in the K.I.T.T. STR (Attack Mode) Knight Rider version.

    Moreover, the Camaro•E™ also got the full pallet of Styles of Speed™ now.

    Also, the webpage of the 962 ST has been slightly updated.


  • Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e. V.: In its club magazine of May/ June 2009 the club reports about vertical farms and a sports car with all-electric drivetrain. But why the report is about an already by us convicted car company of the U.K. and using contents from our websites seems to stay a miracle.
  • Axel Springer→Bild Zeitung: It's unbelievable how much waste, humbug, and wrong informations that company is producing and it even does heighten the mess each year more and more. Moreover, the publisher is still using our high quality contents from our websites to produce its garbage.
  • Koninklijke Philips Electronic: [...], naturally. And as usual that company massively took contents from our websites.
  • Nestlé: Inspiriert von der Natur
  • Nuby: Natural touch

    Investigations::Car #129

  • Volker Schmidt GmbH: That company has taken massively contents from our websites. We do quote to document its nasty behaviour, first in German: "[...] faszinierende Welt [...]", "[...] Revolutionäre [...]technologie [...]", "[...] revolutionären Eigen- schaften [...]", "[...] Kernkompetenzen [...]", "[...] viele Tuning-Trends geprägt und technische Innovationen entwickelt [...]", "[...] viel Spaß [...]", "[...] drei [...]", "[...] Sternbilder [...]", "[...] Roh- diamanten [...]", "[...]programm befinden sich über eintausend [...]", "[...] geniale Idee in großem Stil [...]", "[...] Kreativität [...]", "Ein Herz für [...]", "[...] und/oder [...]", "[...] Synthese von modernsten, computergesteuerten Präzisionsmaschinen [...]", "[...] weltweit ein- zigartig [...]", "[...] ultimativen [...]", "[...] Harmonie und Wertigkeit [...]", "[...] Wunschdesign [...]", "[...] Philosophie [...]", "[...] inno- vativen Produktions-Prozessen und revolutionären Design-Ideen [...]", and much more. And now the quotes in English: "[...] fasci- nating world [...]", "[...] revolutionary[...]technology [...]", "[...] revolutionary features [...]", "[...] core competencies [...]", "[...] many tuning-trends coined and technical innovations developed [...]", "[...] much fun [...]", "[...] three [...]", "[...] constellations [...]", "[...] rough diamonds [...]", "[...] over one thousand [...] are in [the ...]program [...]", "[...] ingenious idea in large style [...]", "[...] creativity [...]", "A heart for [...]", "[...] and/or [...]", "[...] synthesis of most modern, computer controlled precision machines [...]", "[...] worldwide unique [...]", "[...] ultimative [...]", "[...] harmony and value [...]", "[...] design of desire [...]", "[...] philo- sophy [...]", "[...] innovative production processes and revolutionary design-ideas [...]", and much more.
    Btw.: Style of Speed delivers the best and most innovative pro- ducts, which can't be done by such a small and usual backyard company. And some solutions aren't of it, a fact even that company doesn't know, like the rim well made out of stainless steel.

    We have added some points on the Culture webpage about the artist Andreas Gursky and the designer Karl L. with a general remark about the government of the B.R.D..

    We also listed some more pop artists on the Pop music webpage.

    Comment of the Day
    Stream-E™ Stream E™ Stream•E™
    E-Stream™ E Stream™ E•Stream™
    Maybeck-E™ Maybeck E™ Maybeck•E™
    E-Maybeck™ E Maybeck™ E•Maybeck™
    Flux-E™ Flux E™ Flux•E™
    E-Flux™ E Flux™ E•Flux™
    Electric Flux™

    A real democracy doesn't need a parliamentary protection.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added a new model to our worldwide unique E-Luxury program the:

  • Electric Flux.


  • A nerd: On the 21st of July 2009, that person has copied the link to the Reiser4FShowto of the website of Arch Linux from our web- page of the OntoFS file system and the link to grml from the Links to Software webpage of the OntoLinux website into the Reiser4 file system wiki. What also is still more than nasty, are the attempts to twist the chronological order.
    Ey, hö' 'mal: Sehr viele Menschen auf der ganzen Welt (z. B. Regier- ungen samt Polizei und Geheimdiensten aber auch Universitäten und Industrieunternehmen) sehen dir zu. Ein ernster und kostenloser Rat- schlag: Mach' dich klein und weg!

    Investigations::Car #130

  • Abt Sportsline: Once again and as expected, that company has taken contents from our websites for advertising a new conversion, so we do quote again: "[...] customising [...]", "[...] three [...]", "[...] driving fun [...] [This was not very smart, because it proves the deep knowledge of the contents of our websites by that com- pany.]", "[...] magic [...]", "[...] breathtaking [...]", "[...] 300 [...]", "[...] centre of gravity [...]", "[...] 30 [...]", "[...] fun [...]", "[...] pure dynamics [...]", "[...] new [...] Lamp [...]", "[...] harmonises [...]", and "[...] 33 [...]". And by the way: Why has the company, that claims to be so many years in the business, also taken over the design of the rear diffusor and exhaust section of the new Fiat→ Ferrari California?
  • Volkswagen→Bentley: For an exhibition by Romero Britto the pop artist painted some of his patterns on a Bentley.

    Comment of the Day
    Ontoscopio™ Ontoskop™
    Be in Flux™ Energy Flux™

    It's not allowed to shoot on red crosses, crescents, or crystals!

    Pictures of the Day
    House Maingate East Option 1 New BridgeHouse Maingate EastHouse Maingate East Option 2 Old Bridge
    © ClipArt.com, and :(

    Comment of the Day
    Electric Planes 'R' Us™
    AeroSemantic™ SpaceSemantic™
    Active Rotor™

    Ontonics Website update
    On the webpage Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics we have renamed AutoSemantic::Avionics into AutoSemantic::Aeronautics/AeroSe- mantic and given AutoSemantic::Space the alternative name SpaceSemantic.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have sorted into the area of Planes the Hypersoar section.

    Also, we did add two new sections into the Plane area. In detail these are:

  • Hybrid and
  • Active Component.


  • General: After now everybody is doing this t-shirt thingy we would like to mention the following: The t-shirt manufacturers don't need to fly to London, New York, or San Francisco to photograph t-shirts, try to catch trends, and after that do the standard plagiarism thing. We already have proved where the trends really are made.
  • Nici: That company has taken illegally concepts for its T-Snax t-shirt product range from our websites (eg. Wild Animals, Highly Flammable, Queens for Life, Beast de Luxe, and ).
  • Trigema: Some things are nice, but the rest is a giant nonsense and blablabla.
  • Coca Cola: Green Eyed World

    Investigations::AI and Knowledge management

  • Ontoprise: Since now 10 years that company is stealing infor- mations, contents, and technology from us, the Christian Stroet- mann GmbH. We do quote to document the theft further: "[...] komplexere Produkte und Prozesse nachhaltig meistern. [...]", "[...] Kunst [...]", "[...] Komplexität der Zusammenhänge steigt [...]", "[...] Komplexität beherrschen [...]", "[...] komplexer Zusammenhänge [...]", "[...] komplexen Regeln [...]", "[...] Pro-aktive Überwachung [...]", "[...] blitzschnell und pro-aktiv [...]", "[...] komplexer Zusam- menhänge [...]", "[...] Ontologie-Modellierung [...]", "[...] kollabora- tiven Modellierung [...]", "[...] moderne Hard- und Softwarearchitek- turen [...]", "[...] komplexe Abhängigkeiten [...]", "[...] Collaboration [...]", "[...] Modellierung jederzeit qualitätsgesichert [...]", "[...] UML 2.0 [...]", "[...] Ordnerstrukturen des Dateisystems [...]", "[...] Komplexe Problemstellungen [...]", "[...] Wer sucht, der findet [...]", "[...] drei [...]", "[...] Entscheidungsunterstützung [...]", "[...] baut [...] stetig aus [...]", "[...] integrierte Prozess-Assistenz, die Wis- sensarbeitern proaktiv kontextorientiertes Wissen bereit stellt [...]", "[...] mit semantischen Metadaten angereicherten Semantic Desktop [...]", "[...] Text Minings [...] Metadaten [...] Datamining und Infer- encing Technologien [...]", "[...] Rapid Prototyping [...]", "[...] new Internet-based infrastructure [...]", "[...] computer programs can intelligently comprehend the context in which data were stored and draw logical inferences from the contents and auto­nomously reco- gnize and produce connections between various pieces of informa- tion from different sources [...]", "[...] composable [...]", "[...] en- able automatic processing of service descriptions [...]", "[...] ontolo- gy management and visualization [...]", "[...] fundament [...]", "[...] capture the relevant functional and non functional properties of web services [...]", "[...] unified [...]", "[...] complex problems [...]", "[...] Grid [...]", "It has the potential to reduce substantially the complexi- ty of the development process, thereby improving the ability to deal with product complexity. The heart of the issue is data.", "[...] Grid technology [...]", "[...] product design in the automotive, aerospace and pharmacy industry as well as service provision in meteorology [...]", "[...] multiple cars based on the same platform [...]", "[...] design data [...]", "The federation of industrial problem-solving en- vironments for product and process design will allow a seamless transition towards grid technology for key industrial sectors.", "[...] drive the revolutionary transformation of computing paradigms from explicit use of data resources towards the virtualization and federa- tion of these resources [...]", "[...] semantically describe grid com- ponents and the concepts of the domains involved [...]", "[...] hochkomplexem Wissen basierende Entscheidungen zeitnah und arbeitsplatzintegriert zu treffen [...]", "[...] modulare [...]", "[...] ontologiebasierte Inferenzsysteme je nach erforderlicher Inferenz-Komplexität eingefügt werden [...]", and for sure much more. Everything in conjunction with complexity has been stolen from On- tonics (see for example Problembereiche) and our OntoLab. Every- thing in relation to automotive, aerospace, and comparing engineer- ing tasks comes from Style of Speed. Everything concerned with Grid Computing, File Systems (FS), and Problem Solving Environments (PSE), pharmaceutical research and development, provision in me- teorology, proactive technologies, modelling, and so on has been stolen from OntoLinux (see eg. Components, Links to Software, but also the other webpages). That company has never done something on its own, and only gone the chinese way.
    Btw.: Where can we download the open source code version of the OntoBroker? And it is interesting to know that the following items were and still are financed with taxes by the people of the B.R.D.: The research and development of the patented technology, for new products and services needed research and development, which is essentially stealing website contents, concepts and technologies form our company together with the other already convicted com- panies, as well as building up of that company including the whole infrastructure.


  • Virgin Galactic: Besides the fact that the CEO is a Confidence Man, haven't you ever wondered why the planes are called "White Knight", "mothership", and "Enterprise". Moreover, why has the plane a double fuselage like a catamaran?
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): We found several new activities like a website trying to bring together space and philosophy (what a surprise), new and suspicious artistic con- test of space exploration and settlement with the suspicious selec- tions of even more suspicious pictures, which we don't believe are all done by real participants, suddenly existing webpages and informa- tions in the media, and for sure much more. Once again: SOY and Convicted!!!™

    Comment of the Day
    Active Edge™ Active Body™ Active Fan™
    Airway Leading™ Leading the Airway™
    Skyway Leading™ Leading the Skyway™
    Spaceway Leading™ Leading the Spaceway™

    Investigations::Car #131

  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: The company will leave the Formula 1 due to a change of the new corporate strategy and with the future focus on new drivetrains and sustainability. We do quote: "Premium wird immer stärker auch über Nachhaltigkeit und Umweltverträglich- keit definiert. Wir wollen hier eine Vorbildrolle einnehmen.". In English this means: "Premium will be defined more and more stronger by su- stainability and environmental friendliness. We want to take up a role model.". No, that company already showed that it doesn't want to become a role model. In fact, again it has stolen contents and con- cepts from our company and our websites, and it announced to do it further in the future.
    Btw.: How is the new strategy called? Style of Speed E-Luxury?
    We are the real #1™!!!™

    Comment of the Day
    Make the move™ Make your move™ Makes you move™
    Magnificent Efficient™ High Spin™
    Pure Clean™ Pure Silence™ Zero Noise™ Zero Waste™
    0Noise™ 0Waste™
    Turbo-E™ Turbo E™ Turbo•E™
    E-Turbo™ E Turbo™ E•Turbo™
    Electric Turbo™ Clean Turbo™
    Jet-E™ Jet E™ Jet•E™
    E-Jet™ E Jet™ E•Jet™
    Electric Jet™ Clean Jet™

    Manifest and Definition Stroetmannism 1.0
    The many fans of the great C.S. worldwide asked for a so called manifest of his absolute new and groundbreaking artistic movement named Stroetmannism.

    Stroetmannism: Stroetmannization of information(s), data, know- ledge, sense(s), feeling(s), emotion(s), and life by Ontonics, Pro- grammed and Animated Geometry, Abstraction(s), and Cubism, Algo- rithmic Art and Synesthesia/Synesthetics, as well as comparable disciplines.

    Other persons than Christian Maximilian Stroetmann who are claiming to be the pioneers of the artistic movement Stroetmannism are liars and/or plagiarist.


  • B.R.D. government: With the fusion of the university and the re- search center in Karlsruhe the government supports further antiso- cial and already documented criminal behaviour.
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media→N24: In a second report of the company Fiat→Ferrari a second time contents was used from our websites.
  • Rheinische Post: In a report about an exhibition of the artistic movement Bauhaus the following sentence was written: "Geometrie und Design im Dienst des Lebens.". Translated into English it means: "Geometry and design in the service for life.".


  • Bauhaus Luftfahrt e. V.: The club has taken massively contents but also concepts from our websites. To document the case we do quote: "[...] visionäres und gleichzeitig anwendungsgetriebenes, in- dustrienahes [...]", "[...] Civil VTOL [Vertical Take-Off and Landing] Aircraft [...]", "[...] Kunst-, Design- und Architekturschule [...] [The foundation of the club was in 2005, after we already were in these processes.]", "[...] Think Tank par excellence [...] [No, real think tanks like the OntoLab don't have to do plagiarism.]", "[...] komplexe System [...]", "[...] technische, wirtschaftliche, gesellschaftliche und ökologische Fragestellungen ganzheitlich berücksichtigt [...]", "Vi- sionen [Convicted!!!™]", "[...] drei [...] Themenschwerkpunkte [...]", "[...] Kernkompetenzen, die im Mittelpunkt [...] steht, ist die "Zu- kunftsorientierte Systemtechnik" [...]", "Innovative und integrierte Systemkonzepte [...]", "Innovationsmethoden", "[...] Modell-Platt- formen, ähnlich den "Concept Cars" [...]", "[...] interdisziplinäre [...]", "Drei Kernprojekte [...]", "Visionäre Systemtechnik", "Creative Engineering & Network Environment", "[...] interdisziplinäre [...]", "[...] ganzheitlichen [...]", and "[...] Kreativitäts-Methoden, Visuali- sierung, lernenden (neuronalen) und haptischen Design-Systemen mit Multiphysik [...]". If this sounds familiar to you, we can confirm you: Yes, it's form us, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH with its divisions, and this theft also was partly financed with money by the german taxpayer.
  • MTU Aero Engines: We only make one quote: "Visionen [Visions]". Convicted!!!™

    Comment of the Day
    Bionic Aircraft™ Bionic Watercraft™ Bionic Vessel™
    Active Screw™ Active Scale™ Active Fin™ Active Flipper™
    Active Probe™ Active Sonde™

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have created a new webpage for the field of Bionic Aircraft™.

    Also, we did add a two new section into the Water area named:

  • Bionic Vessel and
  • Active Component.

    Moreover, the section Special Bionic Vehicle was renamed to Bionic Vehicle in the Land section.


  • Rheinische Post: Now totally frustated of having done and still doing the biggest mistake in the history of that cheap publishing company, which is also a big crime, that tab is showing its nasty behaviour once again. This time it tried to bring an artist into front by saying something like: "[...] rot [...] grün und blau [...]". For our international readers is this translation into Englisch: "[...] red [...] green and blue [...]".

    Investigations::Car #132

  • General: After the asian also the european automotive manufac- turers completely reorganize the previous hodge-podge of envisaged drivetrain alternatives in favor of electro power. Once again the Christian Stroetmann GmbH with its division Style of Speed set the trend, naturally. The argument that the asian car producers are making this move due to the advantage by european and north american manufacturers in the field of classic combustion engines is constructed and wrong. The reality is, and we said it before, they are only doing what we do.
  • Axel Springer→Auto Bild: That magazine reports about our R8 Elek- tro, like if it was developed by Volkswagen→Audi, well knowing that it is not.
    Style of Speed R8 Elektro R-E
    Btw.: The report is not exclusive, because of our webpage of the R-E.
  • Motor Presse Stuttgart→auto motor und sport and →sport auto: That publisher reports a second time by using contents from our websites about our Elektro R8 R-E as if it is a concept by Volkswa- gen→Audi (see also Investigations::Car #114 from the news of the 2nd of June 2009). No, it basically is a concept by us from Style of Speed. We do quote to document the case: "R8 E-Version" und "[...] will Audi [...] zeigen, dass sich die Idee eines Elektrofahrzeugs [...] umsetzen lässt. Dafür wird eine Studie als Elektrovariante des Super- sportwagens mit Lamborghini Gallardo-Genen präsentiert.". We trans- late the quotes into English: "R8 E-Version" and "[...] Audi wants [...] to show, that the idea of an electro vehicle can be [...] trans- lated into. For that a study as electro variant of the super sports car with Lamborghini Gallardo-Genes will be presented.".
    Style of Speed Elektro R8 R-E
    Btw.: The image shows a combination of a concept for the R4 and our R-E RSR. All together, this is now a convicted crime.
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: That company announced a lightweight design of a vehicle with a hybrid drivetrain consisting of 2 electro motors, one at the front and one at the rear. The front of the exterior looks like the mix of the hood of the Camaro by General Motors with the lamp area of the Challenger by Chrysler. The whole car is familiar to us, somehow. Do you know why?
  • Volkswagen: That company thinks about becoming a partner of a joint venture for the production of accumulators by Evonik and Daimler.
  • General Motors: That company added to its range of the model Camaro and the Cruze Transformer special editions named Bumble- bee. The idea for a different colour scheme of the Cruze special edition was taken from our BumbleBeeE.
  • Mileworks: That company tries to steal our Raptor and also has stolen concepts and contents from the website of Style of Speed. Keep away from this criminal liar. He is the typical Confidence Man like we had so many in the first wave of the new economy.
    Btw.: Its E-Rod is like the car which was rejected by the investor of Tesla Motors.
  • Verlag Rudolf Augstein→Spiegel Zeitschrift: The publisher reports about a company of electric rods that has stolen concepts and contents from the website of Style of Speed by using contents from our websites. We also do quote: "Tesla-Konkurrent: Wer hätte das gedacht, dass dem kalifornischen Erfolgsmodell Tesla Roadster so rasch ein Konkurrent aus Deutschland erwächst. Noch allerdings ist der saubere Flitzer eine Vision.". In English the sentences mean: "Tesla-Rival: Who has thought about, that the californian model of success Tesla Roadster that quickly arose a rival out of Germany. But this clean nippy little car is still a vision. [Ah, the convicting keyword. :P]". That's really incompetent and bold. We don't believe that that very special german publisher doesn't know Style of Speed. Said that, this report is a crime done by it.
    Btw.: The californian company is called Tesla Motors.

    We would like to thank the whole automotive industry for proving: You, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, are The Real #1™!!!™

    Investigations::Motorbike #3

  • Honda: The company announced an all-electric motorbike.
    © and/or ® 2009-2012
    Christian Stroetmann GmbH