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Style of Speed Website update
Our SOS RS rim has been presented on our Rims webpage.

Investigations::Car #202

  • 9ff: Our fraudster from Dortmund, B.R.D., still doesn't want to ac- cept the reality. In a marketing text for the promotion of another bold product by that company, it is claimed that one of its models is the "world's fastest street legal car[, 1000 PS], top speed 409 km/h, put up [...] 2008". Really competent persons do know the facts: The data of the 962 ST basis, the Dauer Racing 962 Le Mans with 730 PS out of a 3.0 litre engine, given by us are from 1998(!) and the actual world’s fastest street-legal car reached 412.28 km/h with 1183 PS, which is recorded and verified by Guinness World Records officials in 2007.
    Btw.: We from Style of Speed aren't responsible for its lame duck. :D
    Also, it all looks exactly like the Gumpert case, including the behav- iour by the media.

    Clarification #1
    All of our works concerned with the so called minifigure by the com- pany Lego are based on the expired U.S. Patent with the number Des. 253,711 and its claim about "Ornamental design for toy figure as shown." from the 18th of December 1979, which is also found in european publications.
    Btw.: We don't accept a later made claim of a trademark for the same "Ornamental design" that is the claim in an expired patent as a possibility to extend the validity of that expired patent. The same holds for brick and knob configurations as well.

    Clarification #2
    A robot can be a toy or a professional machine, like our Maxifigure robots.

    Clarification #3
    The design of the so called single frame grill of this i!™ model is the same as many Formula race cars of the 1960s as well as originals and replicas of the Super 7 by Lotus have. All the designs of our i!™ models are or will be different in comparison to those by other pro- ducers.


  • Lego: We do quote out of the official announcement: "[...] pat- terns and properties [...]", "[...] creative challenge [...] we pioneer- ed [...]", "[...] re-invented the way [persons] think of and play [...]", "[...] innovative product development [...]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] significant [...]", "[...] more flexible platform that appeals to a wider range [...]", "[...] has proven [...]", "[...] has proven [...]", "[...] achieves its greatest success by embracing the uncertainty that innovation brings [...]", "[...] it was such a big risk to the com- pany’s way of doing business [...]", "[...] has reflected [...]", and "[...] striving for success in any mission requires imagination, new ways of thinking, and the willingness to take risks [...]". This sounds so familiar that someone can have the opinion that ....

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added the missing note that our Space Transportation System (STS) with Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) of the Next Generation (NG), the Space Shuttle NG X-3033/MagicStar, is a Hybrid.


  • European Space Agency & Russian Investor: The European Space Agency and its partner from Russia are developing a superconductor based thermal protection system for space vehicles that is exactly the same combination of technologies we have shown on this web- site in the Sneak preview #5a and #5b of the foundational concepts of our aerospaceplanes Space Shuttle NG X-3033/MagicStar and Spacespeeder™ X-3^3, and the later upcoming SOS TIE R(-Engine) at the 25th and 26th of October 2008. Parts of the informations were given again later on our Hypersoar webpage. We don't need to give a result of this case of investigations, but we ask the always convicting question: Why now after we decided to take this direct- ion and not 10 years or so earlier?

    Comment of the Day
    "See you next time, maybe or so!"

    Investigations::Car #203

  • Volkswagen→Audi: The computer system of a new model has as features WirelessLAN (WLAN) via UMTS that turns the car into a mobile HotSpot, maps-enabled GPS system, touch screen with hand- writing recognition and reduced ability to learn the habits of its driv- ers. Since the official start of our Ontologic and Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux the WLAN feature, even by UMTS or other mo- bile communciation standards, was always supported by its mobile version (take a look at its list of Hardware Links and our Sneak pre- view of the AutoSemantic::Car package at the 13th of March 2008, for example). We also showed in conjunction with this system 3 ta- blet personal computers at the 13th of February 2008. And last but not least, we added at the 11th of August of 2009 to the List of Software of the OntoLinux website the Mapnik and OpenStreetMap projects together with related software tools and made a note in the Investigations::Multimedia about a maps-enabled GPS system at the 30th of October 2009.
  • German Car Blog: That automotive oriented online magazine, which is only reporting about german cars by the company Volkswagen, publicated a story about a new model by the marque Audi under the headline "Best K.I.T.T. in the gadget department". We only give the readers the hint to take a look at the webpages of our Mustang-E, RE and other cars by Style of Speed.
  • Auto Express: The magazine took obviously contents of other in- competent websites and the contents of our website by Style of Speed to launch some rumours, like about the successor of the Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini Murciélago model, which was named after the spanish dance Jota without any reasons, confirmations by responsible persons or following the tradition to take a name by a raging bull, a related top version named Urus and a Murciélago suc- cessor based Audi R10. First of all, our Jota is based on an altered image showing a Murciélago Gran Turismo (GT) or, if a person wishs, SuperVeloce (SV) version made around 2003 by an unknown Speed- geek, who called his conversion Jota. Later the name Jota was used by many automotive magazines for a guessed successor of the Mur- ciélago model, which was only a rumour and not confirmed by the company Lamborghini. To go on with the next point, what seems to be real is that the trademark Urus is claimed by the company Lam- borghini. The next fairy tale, which is about a so called Audi R10 mo- del, looks more as if some babblers have combined our R8 based RE 2010 model and our Murciélago based Jota to create that fantasy supercar. Also very suspicious is that the shown sketches of that fantasy Audi R10 has rims that look similar to the rims of the Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO race car, which we have investigated some days before the rumours were started and presented on our Rims and Pan RSR webpages some days later.
  • CarsUK.net: see Auto Express

    We made a note about the actor Til Schweiger on our Culture web- page.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added to the webpages of the Apollo Speed-E and the RE the paragraph called "quattro is alive!" ("quattro lives").

    Furthermore, to give fraudsters less chances for copying the basis of our B!, the masterpiece Maserati Birdcage 75th by Pininfarina, we added new images of the original design of the interior to its web- page.

    We also added the Exterior Themes™ Snow White and Black Beauty ot the webpage of our RE™ to make it more clear that all Exterior versions are available for all of ourmodels, for sure.


  • Rheinische Post: The newspaper has made some interesting react- ions we have to document here and in the other sections Investig- ations::Car and ::Culture. Following our sponsoring of a team of children, which is participating in the worldwide largest robotics con- test, with an exclusively made logo for its team shirts, the newspa- per and another company, which surprisingly has also a name ending with "...mann", have sponsored the shirts for a children soccer team, which surprisingly plays in a so called F-3 class. Why now and not 10 years earlier, and also in this constructed manner?

    Investigations::Car #204

  • Volkswagen→Audi: With the repeated presentation of the RE clone named e-tron (we documented the case and a good starting point is the Investigations::Car #192 made at the 18th of November 2009), this case is continued, so we do quote again as well: "[...] purely el- ectric drive system [...] [This still sounds like our trademark Pure El- ectric™ and, due to the danger of mistaking, our related trademark Purely Electric™ as well as our very often used term Pure Electric™ drivetrain.]", "Four motors - two each at the front and rear axles - drive the wheels, making the concept car a true quattro. [That's correct: A true innovation by us, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, and our divisions Ontonics™, OntoLab™ and Style of Speed™, which was done with our Apollo Speed-E™ and its sibling RE™ The Origin- al.]", "[...] evidence of the consistent and holistic strategy [...]", "[...] specific realities of an electric vehicle [...]", "[...] freely distri- bute the powerful torque of its four electric motors to the wheels as required. This so-called torque vectoring allows for dazzling dynam- ics and an undreamed-of level of agility and precision when cornering [...] [The reader can find more informations on the webpage of our unique innovation of the Electric Torque Vectoring™ System Active Differential™.]", "[...] new and in some cases revolutionary approach [...]", "[...] innovative thermal management system that is a crucial component for achieving the car’s range without compromising [...]", "Networking the vehicle electronics with the surroundings [...] opens new dimensions for the optimization of efficiency, safety and conve- nience.", "[...] significantly [...]", "[...] sportiness and the fun [of] driving [...]", "[...] breathtaking [...]", "[...] holistic approach with a specific vehicle package, a systematic lightweight construction con- cept and an optimal configuration of all components for the electric drive [...] [This is nothing else as the philosophy, concept, techno- logies and signature of Style of Speed.]", "[...] goes far beyond [...]", "[...] combines low weight with supreme strength and rigidity [...]", "An intelligent aerodynamics concept with active elements [...] [This is related with our Active Elements™, like the Active Ext- erior™ Components, and again an application of one of our trade- marks.]", "[...] battery system is water-cooled [...] [This is one pos- sible realization of a part of what we call liquid cooled Pure Electric™ drivetrain.]", "[...] information [...] - provided by the infrastructure and other vehicles - is used to compute an optimal driving strategy [...]", "[...] has already modeled such a solution [...]", "[...] caliber [...] [see the Overview webpage on the website of OntoLinux™]", "[...] monolithic [...] [OntoLinux is based on the monolithic operating system Linux®.]", "[...] headlamps are the core of a fully automatic light assistance system that reacts flexibly [...] [We already called this concept before Active Lights™.]", "[...] technology at the heart of the light assistance system is a camera that works together with a fast computer [...]", "[...] significantly [...]", "[...] reflected [...]", "[...] LED elements change appearance and thus the character of the front end of the vehicle depending on the speed driven and the ambient conditions [...] [We described this kind of technology on the webpage of the j! with the Audi Le Mans Quattro Concept car of the model R8.]", "[...] new design element unique to the [RE™ clone] are the air intakes [...] in front of the rear wheel wells [...] opened by means of flaps when additional cooling air is required [...] [These are the Active Sideblades™ of The Original, our RE™. This kind of tech- nology is also used for the Lamborghini Murciélago.]", "[...] are famil- iar [...] [This phrase is another evidence for the already 8 years ago started process to make an 1:1 copy of our hightech division Style of Speed.]", "[...] Audi-typical round wheel wells [...] [They aren't typical for Audi.]", "[...] perfect balance [...]", "[...] core competen- ce [...]", "[...] hybrid construction [...] [This is a term used for an actual direction in the field of plane construction, coined recently Hybrid, and by this a clear evidence for the attempt to totally assi- milate our properties.]", "[...] complex drive system layout [...] [To call our drive system layout as complex is wrong. In fact it is very elegant.]", "[...] proven [...] genes and new formal [...]marks [...]", "[...] reduction of the architecture, controls and flow of information [...]", "[...] gear selector [...] emerges from the tunnel [...] [see Active Interior™]", "Instead of the classic instrument cluster, the concept car is [...] equipped with a large, fold-out central display with integrated [multimedia] functions [...]", "[...] touch-sensitive surface on the steering wheel ("MMI touch") - an element inspired by modern smartphones [...] [That's a correct, because copied, in- formation about our invention of this optional feature for our Steer- ing Wheels and also following our many already named trademarks ending with touch.]", "[...] instruments combine the analog and the digital worlds into a single unit [...] [That's again a very familiar gen- eral concept, like we know from the Ontoscope™ and the ADDA pro- ject in the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™.]", "[...] inspiration from a smartphone, the system is controlled by means of a touch-sensi- tive sliding control [...] [This is our e-dashboard™ described for ex- ample in relation with the j!™ model, an application of contents of our websites like OntomaX™ and also again an attempt to use one of our trademarks, SenseTouch™ .]", "[...] racing-inspired [...]", "[...] snow white [...] [We have an Exterior Theme™ named Snow White even for our RE™ and other cars like the 9EE™.]", "[...] ele- gance and sportiness [...]", "[...] integrated concept [...]", "A high voltage [...] reduces this to just around 2.5 hours. [We already call- ed this feature Quickcharger™.]", "The Audi engineers are working on a wireless solution to make charging more convenient. The induc- tive charging station, which can be placed in the garage at home or also in special parking garages, is activated automatically when the vehicle is docked. [This is our worldwide unique innovation of the irail™ and, like the Quickcharger™ solution, named before on the webpage of our RE™ - The Original.]", "[...] energy recovery [...]", "[...] recuperation potential of the electric motors [...] [see Energy Regeneration]", "[...] electrically-actuated [...]", "[...] actuated [...]", "[...] electric motors to convert all of the braking energy into electricity and recover it [...]", "[...] electromechanical brake system [...] [see again our Active Differential™]", "[...] supplemental [...] [We use the term Supplements for extensions of automobiles, for example. This is another evidence for the production of an 1:1 copy of our division Style of Speed.]", "[...] four centrally controlled elec- tric motors [...]", "[...] lateral dynamics to be intelligently controlled [...]", "[...] sport differential does in conventional quattro vehicles, torque vectoring [...] [All the years there never was an explanation that the quattro named all-wheel drivetrain is torque vectoring. Also, see again our Active Differential™.]", "[...] rails [...]", and "[...] car rolls on 19-inch tires with a new blade design. 235/35 tires up front and 295/30 tires in the rear [...] [This is exactly one of the wheel configurations of The Original, our RE™.]".
    We go over to the new model A8 by the company: "[...] Fascinating sportiness, innovative technology and superior comfort: [The mar- que] is bringing the next generation [...]", "[...] MMI operating sys- tem, new driver assistance systems [...] [Suddenly the multimedia interface MMI is an operating system, like the Ontologic and High- Tech Operating System OntoLinux™.]", "[...] perfect synthesis of dynamics, perfection in design, workmanship and pioneering efficien- cy [...]", "[...] stylistic [...]", "[...] work of art [...]", "[...] new level of intelligence [...]", "[...] multimedia interface (MMI) includes a pi- oneering innovation: Combined with the optional navigation system it has a touchpad [...] [This is again a very familiar innovation.]", "[...] follows the route in advance during driving and provides the data to the control units for the automatic transmission, the headlights and for [another] function [...] [This is also one of our innovations and was described under the terms IQNav™ and proactive-drive/predict the future in the Sneak preview of OntoLinux™ with the AutoSe- mantic::Car package at the 13th of March 2008 and in the Feature- lists #1 and #2 at the 22nd and 24th of April 2008.]", "[...] enhanc- ed intelligence [...] [We also have a project in the Innovation-Pi- peline of Ontonics™ called Enhanced Cognition.]", "[...] recognize complex scenarios [...]", "[...] revolutionary [...]", "[...] full LED head lights herald a new chapter in lighting technology [...] [Take a look at the webpage of our j!™ model.]", "[...] intelligent and efficient technologies like the recuperation system and innovative thermal management [...]", "[...] purely electronic [...] [Here we can see again an attempt to damage our trademark Pure Electric™ and the related trademark Purely Electric™.]", "[...] documents [...]", "[...] supplementary component [...] [We used the before some kind of exotic sounding term Supplement to distinguish our company from others. We also call this behaviour a further step to create an 1:1 copy of our division Style of Speed]" and "[...] state-of-the-art [...]".
    It was nearly all said on the named webpages by using the same keywords, terms, phrases and sentences, and which were read by other, foreign and neutral persons before. The potential infrigements are clear and need no discussions.
  • Rheinische Post: As expected, the newspaper reported about the new model A8 by the subsidiary Audi of the company Volkswagen and also made again a misleading and manipulating report about Pu- rely Electric Sports Cars™™. But at first, we begin with quoting out of the german report about the new model, which was written by following our remarks that for example were given in the Clarificat- ion #3 of the 2nd of December and Investigations::Car #203 of the 4th of December 2009: "[...] dritte Generation [...]", "[...] intelli- genten Fahrassistenzsystemen [...]", ""Dieses Auto verkörpert alles was [die Marke] kann und was [die Marke] ausmacht/ist." [Dies war eine Aussage des Geschäftsführers von Audi, die irgendwie in die Richtung der Ontologie weist.]", "[...] Technologie, Design, Avant- garde und Effizienz [...] [vergleiche dies mit dem Profil von Style of Speed™]", "[...] Meisterstück zum 100. Geburtstag [...] [siehe die Web-Seite des Modells M!™ von Style of Speed™]", "[...] Flagschiff als Kunstwerk [...]", "[...] Single-Frame-Kühler [...]", "[...] geballte Intelligenz neuer Assistenzsysteme [...]", "[...] Kameras und Senso- ren, die Verkehrsschilder und nachts auch Fußgänger erkennen [...]", "[...] fließst auch die Ortskenntnis des Navigationssystems [...] ein [...]", "So stellt sich [...] das adaptive Kurvenlicht mit Hilfe der elek- tronischen Kartendaten auf die Route ein und erkennt so viel früher als der Fahrer eine vorrausliegende Kreuzung oder eine Autobahnauf- fahrt. [Ja in der Tat, diese sehr faszinierenden Eigenschaften von unserem ontologischen System und Hightech Betriebssystem Onto- Linux, hier im Zusammenhang mit unserem Paket AutoSemantic:: Car.]", "[...] ausfahrbarem Flachbildschirm [...] [Wir möchten die in dem Abschnitt Active Interior gegebenen Beispiele von Style of Speed erwähnen.]" and "[...] Darstellung der Grafiken ist dreidimen- sional [...]". For our international readers we have the translation into the English language, as well: "[...] third generation [...]", "[...] intelligent driver assistance systems [...]", ""This car embodies ev- erything what [the marque] is able to do and what [the marque] makes out/is." [This was a statement by the CEO of Audi, which points somehow in the direction of the ontology.]", "[...] technology, design, avantgarde and efficiency [...] [compare this with the Profile of Style of Speed™]", "[...] masterpiece for the 100. birthday [...] [see at the webpage of the model M!™ by Style of Speed]", "[...] flagship as artwork [...]", "[...] single frame grill [...]", "[...] cumulat- ive intelligence of new assistance systems [...]", "[...] cameras and sensors, which recognize traffic signs and pedestrians at night [...]", "[...] also the local knowledge flows in the navigation system [...]", "By this, the adaptive bending light adjusts with the aid of electronic map informations on the route and recognizes this way much earlier as the driver a forward-lying junction or a freeway entrance ramp. [Yes indeed, these are very fascinating properties of our Ontologic System and Hightech Operating System OntoLinux™, here in con- junction with our AutoSemantic::Car™ package.]", "[...] extendable flat screen [...] [Here, we would like to mention the examples given on our Active Interior™ section by Style of Speed.]" and "[...] pre- sentation of the graphics is three-dimensional [...]".
    That newspaper also reported about a cooperation between an en- ergy provider and a car tuner and used terms for an Electric Sports Car™ made in the U.S.A., like "Der "Elektro-Porsche"", "Elektro-Road- ster", "Elektro-Baby" and "Spaßauto". Under the fact that we have the real and the future Porsche models with Purely Electric™ drive- trains, and also another company, which has tried to steal our Por- sche based concept, was presented before by the newspaper this is a kind of actively made fraudulent labeling and again a clear evid- ence that the german media companies are very well knowing our company, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, with its divisions, services and products.
  • RWE & Brabus: The companies have founded a cooperation and are promoting a "Green Package" consisting of a roadster with Pure Electric™ drivetrain, like our Raptor Speedster, electric power for 30,000 kilometers and a not so new anymore optional sound system, like our Active Clang™ technology, by the in the last past always stealing Daimler tuner.
    This is somehow suspicious and as well a reason to throw a member out of the board of the company Volkswagen. Also, as we said on the Culture webpage: This looks like an arrangement between the companies RWE and Volkswagen, but maybe the other both com- panies Daimler and Bayerische Motorenwerke are also attendants here.
  • Chrysler & Fiat: The companies presented a new version/edition of a model having extended its name by 1:33 and produced only in a quantity of 33 cars.
  • Albert Motorsport: The company took one part of the contents of our Investigations::Car #164 (24th of September 2009) for a pro- duct. The design of the exterior of the sports car Ultima was moder- nized by a Gumpert Apollo like front and side. Sadly is for the com- pany that we also had have such a consideration to change the de- sign of this car around the year 2000 and came to the result that the tanks in the sides of the car Ultima can't be easily installed at another place as it also was suggested by a company in 2005, ex- ample given behind the seats like the company Gumpert does it, be- cause this space is occupied by the large engine. To take a smaller engine is not enough to create the needed space as it can be seen by a version of the car Ultima with a similar engine, like Gumpert uses for its car. Moreover, the side panels also have a safety funct- ion and after removing these parts this safety function has to be added again by extending the spaceframe, which in the end yields in a new construction of the whole triangulated tubular wire space- frame and, very likely, the need to get a new certification of the chassis for the usage on public roads. A better approach for german companies is to copy directly the chassis of the car Apollo by Gum- pert, which, by the way again mentioned, is a work of a german university financed with german tax money, and take a small engine with compressor or turbo chargers.
  • Bufori Motor Car Company: The small company thinks it is smart with its attempt to produce a sports car with the name CS. To come to the point directly we do quote: "[...] race version [...]", "[...] CS to prove its quality [...]", "[...] extending its model range and will soon be launching a new generation of modern sportscars [...]", "[...] CS, which stands for "Compact Sports", is a purist [...]", "[...] modern-styled [...]", "[...] lightweight composite body [...]", "[...] typical [company's] craftsmanship, attention to detail and quality [...]", "[...] directly apply proven racing technology to the on going development of the road car [...]", "[...] division [...]", "[...] high- tech [...] development [...]", "[...] highest quality components and materials [...]", "[...] we are very proud [...]", "[...] making history [...]", "[...] portfolio to purist, modern styled sports cars, with the usual uncompromised [company's] quality [...]", "[...] modern, bo- asting elegant flowing lines [...]", "[...] ultra-light and rigid reinforced Carbon Fiber & Kevlar and lies on a space frame chassis [...]" and "[...] suspension with coil over shocks [...]". Before these kinds of plagiarists and we become boring we make it short: Convicted!!!™


  • Rheinische Post: Yesterday, the newspaper reported about an art exhibition in Miami, U.S.A., and stepped into the discussion about the high prices for works of art by naming in one line 1 dead, Andy Warhole, and 3 living artists, A. Gursky, G. Richter and N. Rauch, who we also named as unusual high payed artists with the focus laid on the classification of their work of art and the group of artists, but not the price.

    Comment of the Day
    Active Wiper™

    Style of Speed Website update
    We are pleased to present our new model:

  • 9!™.

    Furthermore, on the webpages of the 9!, B!, B! Barchetta and M! we also added a paragraph with the list of the available Exterior Ver- sions.

    Comment of the Day
    "It's unbelievable how many documents are backdated, especially by companies."

    Pictures of the Day
    1. picture: An Italian honey with a sun pizza and patatine fritte.
    2. picture: A group of space specialists of the NASA.
    3. picture: Miss Yildiran from the citizens' initiative CaKaDu is holding a book of the Star Wars saga with the Jedi knight Qui-Gon Jinn and his green lightsaber on the cover picture in front of books with a bunny and a ladybug on their title pages.
    Italian Honey with Pizza and Patatine FritteCrew Family at NASAMiss Yildiran
    © Honey, NASA and Town Duisburg

    King Smiley Further steps
    To show by another way what it means to do contemporary arts and for example not being a member of the Carnival Booth or Network, as well as to reflect the influences and inspirations given by the works of C.S. to the whole civilization on the planet Earth we think it is more than appropriated to adjust the reward for his works (96 mill- ions Euro). By the way, the facts and our opinions are underpinned by the ignorance and/or manipulating behaviour of persons or groups of persons, who already know that we are right. That is a typical process that is seen every time in the human history, especially if it is related with singular personalities, who don't produce example giv- en some kind of golden corksrews.


  • German government: At a national IT-summit the government started an initiative called IT2Green.
  • Bertelsmann: That media company reported with an inexplicable pleasure about the stealing of our intellectual properties and tech- nologies by convicted fraudsters.
  • Rheinische Post: In a report about a dance event around the work "Kunst der Fuge" by J.S. Bach (compare with the image "Pattern #0001") the newspaper used terms like "Schwarz und Weiss", "1:1" (compare with the Investigations::Car #204 of the 5th of December of 2009), "b.02" (see the image "b02.jpg" of the B! and so on. In another report about a climate conference the terms "Grüne Revolu- tion==Green revolution" and "Evidenz" were used. We started the Revolution™.
  • Disney: In a new cartoon film around a journey through space by an astronaut to another planet, we can see for example speeders, hover bicycles, a logo with a five-pointed star and 3 circles at its tips, and much more.
  • Sony: Again that company has taking contents of our websites: We see terms like "The #1", "Magic Toys" and much more. Our com- ment: #1™ and MagicStar™.
  • Nintendo: see Sony
  • Microsoft: see Nintendo


  • Google: After that company copied the version for Mobile Devic- es™ of our Linux® based operating system OntoLinux™ with a focus on internet based applications, speech enabled search, and maps- enabled GPS system, and is sponsoring a group that has stolen and is still trying to steal the whole artificial intelligence related concept of OntoLinux™ (see the case of Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Novamente, and Google→OpenCog in the Investigat- ions::AI and Knowledge management of the 19th of August 2009), it has stolen another feature of our Ontologic and Hightech Operating System OntoLinux™ and the Ontoscope™ hard- and software, the visual based search. And like the stolen part of the image "Pattern #0001" in the "Coloured Version" by C.S. for the favicon of its inter- net search engine (see the Investigations at the 13th of January 2009) it once again has taken this time a part of an image, "Lego Figure" by C.S., for the icon of the new functionality, which shows a 3D-glasses. It is now clear that the company wants to steal the whole approach with the related hard- and software of us.
  • Microsoft: see Google and vice versa

    Comment of the Day
    "This really is rocket science and not a marketing show [...]."
    [C.S., Today]
    Btw.: The next in-space fuel station can be found on the Moon, just right behind our Moon Rock Cafe™, Planet Express and MagicStar parking lot, and is opend 24 hours.

    Investigations::Car #205

  • Belecon→Technocars: That company has taken contents of our websites. We do quote to document the case: "[...] pure pleasure [...] [Pure Pleasure™ by us.]", "[...] pure power und speed [...] [Gotcha!!!™ Pure Speed™ by us.]", "[...] absolutes Hightech-Fahr- zeug [...] [No it isn't. The car Ultima is pure old-school.]" and "[...] hoch kompetenter [...]". The few german terms are translated into English as: "[...] absolute high-tech vehicle [...] [No it isn't. The car Ultima is pure old-school.]" and "[...] high competent [...]". And why the parent company is talking about its other own websites as part- ner websites says all to us.
  • Gumpert and University of Ingolstadt: We forgot to mention an in- formation given by the cooperation in the past with the content that the developers have taken a look at the nature and developed a bio- nic solution for the bottom panel of the car Apollo, that is oriented after the principle of honeycomb structures with their highest rigidity while having a low weight. In fact, it is a very old solution and was used for example as the core for skis in the 1970s and 1980s. We only say: Weiche Bionik™==Softbionics™.
    Btw.: It was planned for the year 2007 to build 50 to 60 cars by the company.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added an additional image to the webpage of the 9! that shows a version of the 962 by Vernon "Vern" Schuppan and also illustrates the relationship with our 962 ST.

    Sneak preview
    Before we hear more unlogical rumours and see more ugly speculat- ive sketches, we would like to give you a sneak preview of the fut- ure design language of models by Style of Speed or Volkswagen→ Audi→Lamborghini:
    Dmitry Panov Lamborghini CountachDmitry Panov LamborghiniDmitry Panov Lamborghini
    © Dmitry Panov

    Investigations::Car #206

  • 9ff: Just after we presented the first design sketch of the 9! by Style of Speed that company presented now an old prototyp as a new product with a (S)Tron(g) like blue black colour scheme and the claim of a maximal reachable velocity of 414 km/h/257 MPH. That's definitely not enough.
  • Tata→Land Rover: Some weeks ago, that company took con- tents of our websites and jumped on the Exterior Theme™ band- wagon, so we do quote: "[...] Autobiography Sport versions [...] for 2010 [...]", "[...] stylish [...]", "[...] significantly improved perform- ance [...]", "[...] unprecedented level of personalisation [...]", "[...] edition themes featuring stylish [...] interiors as well as unique ex- terior design cues including the grille, vents and 20" diamond turned finish alloy wheels [...]", "Three of the themes [...] have a more luxury-orientated character, while the other three - named Le Mans, Monaco and Monza - have an overtly sporting theme [...]", and "[...] sophisticated style of the 2010 [...] Sport [...]". You find the inspi- ration on the webpage of the RE™ - The Original by Style of Speed.

    1. row: Programmable beads, Ejewels workshop for children (2002), Medallion II (2003)
    2. row: Lumiloop (2004), Gem Smartphone (2002?), Wrist LED light (2008)
    3. row: Digitus (2007), The O.R.B. (2009)
    Media Lab Programmable BeadsMedia Lab Ejewels Workshop for ChildrenNokia Medallion II
    Aeolab LumiloopGem SmartphoneComputerGear Wrist LED Light
    Digitus RingHybra Advanced Technology The O.R.B. Bluetooth Ring and Headset title=Hybra Advanced Technology The O.R.B. Bluetooth Ring and Headset
    © MIT Media Lab, Nokia, Aeolab, ComputerGear, Charles Windlin, Hybra Advanced Technology and :(


  • Axel Springer→Welt Online: And now we could catch the already convicted media company another time by a movie report, which was made actively to use special terms and contents of of our web- sites. We do quote in german first to document the report: "Neue Dimension [...] Meilenstein", "[...] Verschmelzung von digitaler Tech- nik und menschlicher Emotion.", "[...] modernen [...]geschichte [...]", "[...] revolutionierte [...]", "[...] 3D-Bildern [...]", "[...]max [...]", "[...] "Herrn der Ringe" [...]", "[...] Greenpeace [...]", "[...] Faszinationen [...]", "[...] Luftschiff [...]", "[...] magische Botschaf- ter [...]", "[...] Bio-Lumineszenz [...]", "[...] faszinierenden Aspekte [...] Kompromisslosigkeit und Mischungsbereitschaft [...]", "[...] Ava- tar [...] mit Gedankenkraft ferngesteuerten künstlichen Körper [...]", "[...] Spiegel [...]", "[...] weiteren Welt (wo Menschen zunehmend mit künstlichen Ersatzteilen angefüllt werden) [...]", "[...] greifbaren Welt mit Mitteln der Computersimulation [...] [Gotcha!!!™]", and "[...] Fusion von realer und virtueller Welt [...] [Again Gotcha!!!™]". The case becomes clear with the translation of the quotes into the English language and the given links to the sources at our websites: "New Dimension: [...] Milenstone", "[...] Fusion of digital technic and human emotion. [Please, read yourself the Overview, especially the paragraph Integrating Architecture, at the website of OntoLinux™.]", "[...] modern [...]history [...]", "[...] revolutionized [...]", "[...] 3D- pictures [...]", "[...] Imax [...] [Yes we do know Imax, but also iRai- ment™, irail™, OntomaX™ and so on as well.]", "[...] "Lord of the Rings" [...]", "[...] Greenpeace [...]", "[...] fascinations [...]", "[...] airship [...] [We have airships as well by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] magic ambassador [...] [MagicStar™]", "[...] bioluminescence [...]", "[...] fascinating aspects [...] thoroughgoingness and willingness to blend [...]", "[...] avatar [...] artificial bodies remotely controlled by the power of thoughts [...] [See the webpage Terms of the 21st Century at the OntoLinux website, especially the sections SuperDNA, Human and Machine DNA Bonding, Human Enhancement and Cyborgs, Brain Machine Interface and Extended Identity.]", "[...] mirror [...] [The word is used to point into the direction of reflection.]", "[...] another world (where humans increasingly are filled up with artificial spare parts) [...] [Again, this quote is pointing at our description of Human Enhancement and Cyborgs.]", "[...] tangible world with re- sources of the computer simulation [...] [Gotcha!!!™ The related webpage is Links to Hardware of the OntoLinux™ website.]", and "[...] fusion of real and virtual world [...] [Again Gotcha!!!™]".
    But the real scandal are the messages given "between the lines" to other companies and us by using quotes out of the film, like: ""Diese Eingeborenen müssen lernen, dass wir nicht stehen bleiben"", ""Wir brauchen einen vorbeugenden Angriff"" and ""Wir werden Terror mit Terror bekämpfen"", but also by making the remark about a central character: "Die Wissenschaftlerin muss erkennen, dass sie benutzt worden ist und zahlt für ihre Naivität.". In English the quotes out of the movie and the remark about the character are translated as fol- lows: ""These natives must learn, that we don't stop"", ""We need a preventive attack"", ""We will battle terror with terror"" and "The (fe- male) scientist must realize, that she has been used and pays for her naivity.".


  • Rheinische Post: That tab tried again with a more than cheap, na- sty and partly criminal attempt to discredit the competences and genius of C.S. by a report, which contains contents of our websites and is actively made in such a way that another person is described as a trend setter. We do quote in german first: "[...] neuer Trend entstand [...]", "[...] IT-Spezialist an kreativen Softwarelösungen [...]", "Inspiriert vom Schein einer roten Ampel [...]", "[...] philoso- phiert [...]", "[...] Mann [...]", "[...] Renaissance [...]", "An neuen Ideen [...] mangelt es nicht [...] Pulsmesser die Herzfrequenz seiner Trägerin [...]", "[...] faszinierend [...]" and "[...] Secret Garden [...]". And the translation into English follows as usual: "[...] new trend arose [...] [But not by activities of the presented person.]", "[...] IT-Spezialist an kreativen Softwarelösungen [...] [So? Which ones? First the world wide web and then OntoLinux™?]", "Inspired by the red traffic light [...]", "[...] philosophized [...] [After he found Ontonics™?]", "[...] Mann [...] [Ah, the new trend. After taking the firstname Christian we see now the last part (Mann) of the lastname everywhere .]", "[...] Renaissance [...]", "[...] no lack of new ideas [...] pulse rate monitor the heart rate of its wearer [...] [This kind of jewelry was already invented in some multimedia laboratories and exists since several years.]", "[...] fascinating [...]" and "[...] Secret Garden [...]".
    Btw.: C.S. has gained the first experience with this technology 27 years ago with an age of around 14 years by exchanging broken LEDs of Walkmans.

    Comment of the Day
    "The Reiser4 FS is dead. Long live the OntoFS."

    OntoLinux Announcement and Further steps
    We extended the Announcement of the 18th of October 2007 to this: Btrfs+Valor+RDF-framework+(XSB-)Prolog. Real experts already have seen it on the website of OntoLinux.
    With this alternative approach we have a file system with b-tree data structure, transaction support and full support by the GNU GRand Unified Bootloader (GRUB).

    Also, we're thinking about our alternative strategy to replace the basic file system of OntoFS with the today announced combination above.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added an image to the webpage of the 9ii that shows the long Gullwing doors opened, which give the passengers a comfortable way to get in and out of cars like the 9ii or 9!.

    General: To be conform to the trend you have to use the word "significant" now.

    Investigations::Car #207

  • Fiat→Ferrari: Another time the company makes clear again that being loyal isn't anymore a part of the marque's philosophy, and maybe never was. A new unique car was built under the before co- pied concept of Special Projects. We do quote out of the press re- lease: "[...] Superfast [...] [This is a copy of the reversed way from the toy marque Mattel→Matchbox to the production of real cars, like we took before with Mattel→Hot Wheels and the Black Snow™.]", "[...] truly unique models [...]", "[...] inspired [...]", "[...] film [...]", "[...] inspired [...]", "[...] proud [...]", "[...] modern reinterpretation of the gold-coloured [...]", "[...] respects all existing international safety and homologation requirements and is thus road legal [...] [see our Clarification at the 7th of October 2009]", "[...] using finite element analysis in development [...] [Oh, how cheap.]", "[...] em- ploying carbon-fibre extensively [...] [As we said before: This is an attempt to copy the Black Snow™ story.]", "[...] initial sketches to the final, road-legal car [...]", "[...] excitement [...] present [...] [This is another attempt to copy a story by us. Here the one of the 09.11.09 with Pino.]", "[...] inspired [...]", "[...] one of the three ep- isodes of the film [...]" and "[...] third of the three episodes [...]". Also we saw a patent that claims for Gullwing doors like the ones of our 9ii™, which are slightly longer at the front fender and should en- able to get in and out of a car more comfortable.


  • Linux New Media: The publisher with its tab in the field of the op- erating system Linux® reported in the edition of February 2009 that a file system got no new impulses for its further development despite the fact that an employee of the publisher knows our OntoFS stor- age concept, because he called C.S. Ontotroll™ on the mailing list for the developers of its basic file system. Also, it tried to manipu- late the public by actively made wrong assumptions and rumours.
  • Edward Shishkin: It seems to be that the maintainer of the R4 file system is not interested anymore in the R4 file system and program- med a GNU GRUB patch for the Btrfs file system (see our webpage Links to Software of OntoLinux and the news at the 18th of October 2007), while other developers of the R4 file system tried to imple- ment such a patch for the R4 file system. Our opinion is that the R4 file system is now dead.

    Style of Speed Website update
    The webpage of the 9ii got an image of those informations the touch and/or gesture sensitive display systems of the 9ii, 9!, B!, D! and M! already can give the passengers today and not in the year 2028.
    Furthermore, we added an artistical collage to the same webpage that should give an impression of the sides of the 9ii and 9!. Also, the rear rim could be imagined by the viewer as painted in black and /or exchanged with other blades, like the ones shown on the Rim webpage.

    Vorsprung durch Innovation™

    Comment of the Day
    Führerschaft durch Technik™ Advantage through Technology™
    Advantage through Innovation™

    Investigations::Car #208

  • Fab Design: We had to wait some days longer for the next con- version of a Volkswagen→Porsche Panamera, but we were sure it would be the third widebody conversion. Despite that the conver- sion of that company should be an own design there are 3 points we mention here. First, the rear fender has a notch that looks like the form of the cooler intakes of the Apollo Speed-E™, RE™ and 9!™. Second, the rear is a copy of the rear of the Raptor RSR and the M!™ by a simple exchange of the edge of the large air outlet under the spoiler with the diffusor edge, a subsequent turn upside down of the bar, which is just above the diffusor, with a copy of the diffusor lines of the M!™, widening the diffusor with the rest a little bit and putting in the middle of the new rear an element that has the lines of the rear of the M!™. And third, the exhaust has 3 pipes. The whole case is made as an ad hoc work to jump not on our bandwa- gon, but in front of us. This attempt has failed. For sure that com- pany is: Convicted!!!™
  • Volkswagen→Audi: Some days ago, at a large exhibition the blade design of the rims of the RE™ clone e-tron were particularly empha- sized. But suddenly the RE™ clone is fitted with the same rims as it is shown on an image of the RE™ - The Original in the 2009 Classic Exterior Theme™, which was publicated on its webpage at the 19th of September 2009. This is another evidence for the process of mak- ing a 1:1 copy of Style of Speed™. Also, we found out that the RE™ clone e-tron is based on a shortened chassis of the Audi R8 or, said with other words, on a chassis of the Audi→Lamborghini Gallardo like our Apollo Speed-E™, the other original. The company together with the media is still trying to prevaricate the already known facts for blurring the evidences of their crimes. And with every new case it is more and more easier for us to prove that the company is making since more than 8 years a 1:1 copy of our company, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, and our business divisions like Ontologics® and Style of Speed™. Also, the stealing of an identity, one of the most nasty crimes after murder, by the responsible persons can not be rejected anymore.
    The latter is not only related with that company and in its whole supported by the reigning german political party since all the years.
  • Axel Springer→Auto Bild: The reason why we do document some quotes becomes clear in their English translation: "[...] die Herzen von Sportwagenfans elektrisieren [...]", "[...] Computerhirn [...]", "[...] beamt sich der [RE™ clone] mit gefühlten Warp 5 [...]". Trans- lated into English the quotes mean: "[...] electrify the hearts of fans of sports cars [...]", "[...] computer brain [...]", "[...] [RE™ clone] beams itself with feeled Warp 5 [...]".
    Also, the tab reported again, like before in the cases of the compa- nies Gumpert or 9ff, about stolen concepts. This time it is a report about a widebody conversion of the Volkswagen→Porsche model Panamera.
  • Motor Presse Stuttgart→auto motor und sport: We don't know why a media company is acting like this, but we think the public should get a notice about it. In its broadcast of the magazine the founder of a small manufacturer of a Proton→Lotus Elise and Toyota based sports car with Gullwing doors repeats nearly identical sent- ences said by another founder of a small manufacturer of a Volks- wagen→Audi based sports car with Gullwing doors.


  • Rheinische Post: We would like to document out of a report about an artistic exhibition the following quotes: "[...] "Autotheater" [...]", "[...] Skulptur pur [...]", "[...] 30 Jahren [...]", "[...] singulär [...]", "[...] schrägen, echt demokratischen [...]", "[...] nicht nur chronolo- gisch, sondern auch nach Werkgruppen geordnet [...]", "[...] Spiegel [...]", "[...] "Autosex" [...]", "[...] Spiegelfolie [...]", "[...] funktiona- les Objekt und Kunstwerk verschmelzen [...]" and "[...] autonome Skulptur [...]". In English these quotes mean: "[...] "Autotheater" [...]", "[...] sculpture pure [...]", "[...] 30 years [...]", "[...] singular [...]", "[...] odd, real democratic [...]", "[...] not only chronological, but also ordered after groups of works [...]", "[...] mirror [...]", "[...] "Autosex" [...]", "[...] mirroring foil [...]", "[...] functional object and art work meld [...]" and "[...] autonomous sculpture [...]".

    Picture of the Day
    Style of Speed Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift
    Style of Speed TIE R/Lightswift
    © (⊕⊗)

    If it can be shown, for example by documenting the acting like we do with our investigations, that a legal entity does an illegal act with the goal to reach a settlement at court, then the settlement has to be rejected by the court. Otherwise the implication would be to le- gitimate for example the crime of stealing. If a judge do not under- stand this, then a further study at the school is advisable.


  • General: Large companies don't want to pay for contents, con- cepts and technologies owned by smaller companies. So they take what they want. And more and more persons are recognizing that many media companies are bribed by the industry and its partners.
  • Virgin Group: Its owner and CEO has confessed in a german busi- ness magazine that breaking the laws and rules is his secret of success. We don't see a real success nor a business punk, but a person who needs professional psychological aid. :D
  • Viacom→MTV (Music Television): The television channel gave in a broadcast its viewers the impression that to lie is normal and legal, and also mentioned the advise that it should be done in every ap- propriate situation. For monkeys this is true, indeed.
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media→Kabel1: The nasty and fore sure now to be classified as criminal behaviour with the fore- and lastname of C.S. is put on a new level. The broadcaster now took a person in a docum- entary series of reports who has the name Christian Stratmann. The name itself is not the real problem. The problem is that in the past it was done actively and quantitatively, which we proved with docum- entation of the use of persons with the forename Christian or pers- ons wearing shirts with prints that look like logos or images of C.S., and now by also heightening the quality as a reaction to our invest- igations (compare Christian Stratmann vs. Christian Stroetmann).
  • Rheinische Post: The newspaper still is using contents of our web- sites if the content of reports can be set in relations with our com- pany and the works by C.S.. Alone today we could find phrases like this: "[...] 300 Gigabyte an Daten [...]", "[...] 3D [...]", "[...] wirk- mächtigst [...]", "[...] Maschinenwesen "Terminator" [...] [Das ist kein Wesen, sondern eine kybernetische Maschine, die aus leben- digem Gewebe über einem metallischen Endoskelett besteht.]", "[...] drei Stunden Hochspannung [...] [In Wirklichkeit sind es aber nur 160 Minuten.]", "[...] hyperbrillante [...]", "[...] drei Meter [...]", "[...] "2012" - es ist der 11.September [...]", "[...] Schwarz und Weiß [...] [Wir verweisen auf das Logo von Softbionics.]", "[...] Collagen "Ein- fache Paradiese" [...]", "[...] Verschmelzung von Kunst und Wirklich- keit [...]", "Das vorherrschende Schwarzweiß, so scheint es, will aufrufen zu einer Besinnung auf die wahren, grundlegenden Werte.", "[...] Star am Himmel [...] [Warum wird nicht das Wort Stern benut- zt? Hier ist ein Verweis auf unser Space Shuttle NG X-3033/Magic- Star, angebracht.]", "[...] max. Speed [...] [Wie Speed? Geschwin- digkeit, Vmax und Style of Speed!]" and "[...] 330 [...]. And a quick translation into English: "[...] 300 gigabyte of data [...]", "[...] 3D [...]", "[...] most efficacious [...]", "[...] machine being "Terminator" [...] [This is not a being, but a cybernetic machine, which consist of a living tissue over a metallic endoskeleton.]", ", "[...] three hours high tension [...] [In reality this are only 160 minutes.]", "[...] hy- per-brilliant [...]", "[...] three meters [...]", "[...] "2012" - it is the 11th of September [...]", "[...] black and white [...] [We refer to the logo of Softbionics.]", "[...] collages "Simple Paradises" [...]", "[...] fusion of arts and reality [...]" and "It seems so, that the predomi- nant black and white wants to call on for a reflection about the true, fundamental values.", "[...] star in the sky [...] [Why isn't used here the word Stern? We think that a reference to the Space Shut- tle NG, our X-3033/MagicStar, is appropriated here.]", "[...] max. speed [...] [How speed? Velocity, Vmax and Style of Speed!]" and "[...] 330 [...]. For us it doesn't matter that some of the terms and phrases were given by other persons or companies. What is import- ant here is the composition made by the newspaper, which every- time until now is actively done for reaching a special goal, as we already said.


  • Google: With the production of an own smartphone that company shows another time that its strategy is to steal our contents, con- cepts and technologies (see also our Investigations::Multimedia of the 2nd of June, 4th of September, 6th of December 2008, the 9th of July, 30th of October, 21st of November and 8th of December 2009, as well as the Comment of the Day at the 24th of September 2008, the Investigations at the 6th December of 2008, 13th of Jan- uary 2009 and 16th of May 2009 and the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management at the 19th of August and 2nd of October 2009).
    We're now very close of catching it.

    Comment of the Day #1
    IonRam™ IRam™
    SuperIon™ Superlight™
    HyperIon™ Hyperlight™
    STIE™ SuperTIE™
    HyTIE™ HyperTIE™
    Overloaded Material™ TrickyStructure™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "The newspaper is dead. Long live the World Wide Web."
    Who needs media companies you can't trust in, because they are telling lies, copying contents from others or are bribed by other companies?

    Comment of the Day #3
    The last chance media companies have is to set up all together an own search engine and prohibit companies like Google, Yahoo or Mi- crosoft to make links to their contents (for free). Their advertising revenues were and still are taken by Google and comparable com- panies.


  • General: To be normal or, as we say, conform to the trend you must use the word "massive".
  • Bertelsmann→N-TV: The television channel quotes more and more out of the tab named Bild by the publisher Axel Springer. We would not do that as a media company, because it is a sign of low quality.
    We only do quote out of products of the publisher Axel Springer in conjunction with our investigations and not to deliver entertaining contents.
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media→N2: see Bertelsmann
  • Siemens: At the end of a television commercial a skateboarder was shown, which makes no sense to its theme sustainability. The explanation is easy and can be found at several news webpages by us, like in this image of the Hot Spot of Innovations™.
  • Volkswagen: More and more comes out that an owner and member of the board together with other board members have massive psy- chological problems that reject their capabilities to fulfill profession- ally and/or legally the needed tasks for the industrial company.
  • Fraunhofer Institut: That institute developed an optimized type of potato for the industry (see our project EarthLifeSciences→Agricult- ureNG™::Potato in our pipeline of innovation). What a surprise.
  • Wikimedia Foundation→Wikipedia: Again, contents of our website, but also wrong and/or manipulated contents was found in that wiki.

    Question of the Day
    "Did I get it right: Predator is hacked?" [Terminator T-X, Today]

    All of our websites a free of contents of projects by the Wikimedia Foundation, like the Wikipedia, if these are protected by a corres- ponding copyright. If you find contents in websites, like the Wiki- pedia or Wikimedia, that are identical to contents of our websites and not covered by a Creative Commons or comparable copyright-license, then you have found a place where stolen contents of our websites are publicated.


  • Shell: The company jumped on the bandwagon of New Energies™ and are damaging our trademark New Energy™. We already started our research and development projects in this field as the company was only marketing oil and called the Green Hightech™ esoterics.
  • BDEW Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft→Erdgas: The federal association jumped also on the Green-Hightech™ band- wagon by taking contents, concepts and maybe even technologies from our websites, like the combination of gas and solar based tech- nologies, a leaf as a part of its logo and the green and white colour scheme of the OntoLab™ website for its advertising banners and sculptures at public events, example given the biathlon champion- ship. The first 2 items are related with our "Leaf™ on Wheels™", the Bionic VehicleApe ESP 2.0 by Style of Speed™. Further evidence for our judgement is that the domain has the top-level domain .info. And at the end a funny detail: In its imprint, which has to be made by law in the B.R.D. to have a responsible person for a website, the association gives no warranty for the legality of the website's cont- ents in relation with the competition. No, it's responsible for every- thing it publicates on its website. Guess why the law says that you have to publicate an imprint.
  • Wikimedia Foundation→Wikipedia: We do know much more than 3 webpages where stolen contents of our websites are publicated. For example, nearly the whole sections Intelligent/Cognitive Interface and Intelligent/Cognitive Agent in the Links to Software webpage of OntoLinux were copied into a webpage of the Wikipedia by the simp- le copy and paste methode some weeks later after we published the webpage. Other cases are related with the contents of the Innovat- ion-Pipeline of Ontonics.
  • A nerd: That annoying dude publicated in a wiki for the Reiser4 file system at the 13th of December 2009 a news, which was dated back with the date 2009-11-24 and contains missleading as well as the Reiser4 file system maintainer contradicting informations. Also the informations are not updated as it is needed for a wiki to be usefull.
    Btw.: We have some more informations about the former company Namesys and its intellectual properties than he knows, because they were not CCed to the developers mailing list.

    Investigations::Car #209

  • Volkswagen→Skoda: In a television commercial for a model named Superb a humanoid robot of the same technological type like the Pino is shown.

    Comment of the Day
    Radical Atom™
    Mulitmodal Polyalloys™
    High Semantic™
    Rockles™ Rocktles™

    Style of Speed Website update
    We've updated the last sentence of the paragraph "Are you ready to warp?" on the webpage of our SOS Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/ LightSwift.

    OntoLinux Website update
    It seems to be that the software project CoVE - Collaborative Virtual Environments is gone. We have removed the outdated link to its website. The rest of the OntoLinux website will be updated accord- ingly in the next days.


  • U.S.A. and B.R.D: government, and Axel Springer→Bild: 2 days ago, that tab showed exclusively a video of the attack in Kunduz, Afghanistan, that was made by the U.S. Air Force (USAF). Today another video was shown in the german television showing the at- tack from the ground. Later it was declared that this video was made by a surveillance camera of a nearby camp of the german ar- my. This raises important questions: First, how did the publisher get the material by the USAF and the Bundeswehr? Second, why has the publisher an exclusive right for this videos? Third, how widespread is really the collaboration between the nations?


  • Lego: A Lego minifigure related software for game consoles can be bought, which is related with the Rock 'n' Roll music genre. Besides the company jumped again on a bandwagon, it also has claimed for the trademark Rock Band. We do not think that this really is a legal claim, even not in the B.R.D., or otherwise many large companies have large problems.
  • Nokia: Suddenly that company is highly interested in smartphones with a Linux® based operating system. Why? OntoLinux™!
  • Ben Martin: We found many contents and concepts of our websit- es, especially OntoLinux™, on his libferris project website without making a reference to our websites. So we've to make some quotes with direct comments to get the things into the right direction: "[...] memory mapped metadata index engine. This engine includes a pre- filter for searching for files by URL [Unified Resource Locator] using a regular expression [The focus is changed from virtual file system to artificial intelligence functionality and logic enhancements. See the website of OntoLinux™.] [...]", "[...] [mobile Linux®] platform, in particular the [smartphone manufacturer's] hardware devices [This is related with the Mobile Device™ and Smartphone, Pocket compu- ter sections on the webpage Links to Hardware of the OntoLinux™ website.] [...]", "[...] XQuery [...] [This is an accentuation of XML and database concepts following the webpages with the Links to Software and of the Ontologic File System™ OntoFS.]", "[...] cus- tom version of redland for libferris which includes support for [Berke- ley] db4 database [A focus on contents of the webpages Links to Software and OntoFS.] [...]", "[...] first class metadata citizens along with a file's size and modification time [This sounds like a des- cription written by the developers of the Reiser4 FS.] [...]", "[...] far beyond [...] [Gotcha!!!]", "[...] purely [...] [Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] all three pieces [...] [Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] searching, finding [...] [And again: Gotcha!!!™ We don't search, we find™.]", "[...] Berkeley da- tabase or XML file [...] [Again contents of our website OntoLinux™ are emphasized.]", "[...] Berkeley database, and XML file [...] [As we said, contents of our website OntoLinux™ are emphasized.]", "[...] wrapper libraries allowing Perl, Python and OCaml [...] [Oh, there is suddenly a wrapper to the multi-paradigmatic (functional, imperative and object-oriented) programming language Objective Caml. For sure, in this context it is again a concept taken from our website. For example, compare it with the Components webpage and To Do list on the Project Status webpage of the OntoLinux™ website.]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] transparent compression [...] [The phrase sounds like it is taken out of the Reiser4 file system manual.]", "[...] reflected [...]" and much more.

    The concept of the Ontologic File System™ OntoFS gets rid of two layers of this kind of software architectures: First, the whole libferris layer itself isn't needed, because OntoFS is a database like file system that has a plug-in functionality with direct access to the services of the kernel/core of the Linux® operating system for the urgently needed reduction of system calls. This is a point that many operating system developers, especially in the field of file systems, haven't understood, have hold back or led them to think about a mircokernel architecture. By the way: OntoLinux™ is also microkernel ready by the two years ago announced L4Linux based version. Second, the additional and specialized storage system layers like databases are not needed anymore. With some minor details, their features are all part of the OntoFS file system of OntoLinux™ and its underlying data structure is developed for a highly optimized ma- nagement of very much small files, like in the case of XML, but also for very large blocks of data, like in the case of cluster and grid computing.
    Furthermore, the libferries project is using the concept of a context and its metadata, which blurrs the distinction of file and directory, but still differentiates everywhere between directories, files and databases. With OntoFS even these concepts are obsolete and needless, because this file system has a core like many database systems have and the feature that files could be directories, which is an implication of the feature that files can have (sub)files, or to be precise, metadata is stored as sub-files, so a file is actually a folder and a file, metadata can be attached to any other file, and last but not least, metadata is data.
    Taken all together, this implies that a user or even a machine itself by reflection only has to do with a data storage system of a mach- ine (e.g. computer) or its own data storage system what nature does with a brain: Connecting, disconnecting and caring connections between nodes in an appropriate way, which is done in ontological and geometrical/spatial ways. Said that, with the OntoLinux™ approach we really haven't shown only how artificial intelligence can be implemented, but also how natural and in general intelligence is achieved.

    Thank you very much for proving and heightening the fame of C.S. even more.

    Comment of the Day
    "Last call"
    Not only for Tuvalu, but for the whole Earth.

    Question of the Day
    "May we help you?" [C.S., 9.November.2006]
    Maybe with a concept of a zero-degree target? We heard you need such a solution since decades.

    Picture of the Day #1
    Soylent Green - Jahr 2022... die überleben wollen
    Soylent Green
    © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Incorporated
    See also our Original vs. Inspiration of the 15th of April 2008 showing what we would have started 11 years ago to avoid a scenario like it is the plot of the movie "Soylent Green".

    Picture of the Day #2
    © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Incorporated

    Vitruvian Man, Logo of Softbionics and Robot-Arm with 3D Display
    Leonardo Da Vinci Vitruvian ManSoftbionics LogoRobot-Arm with 3D Display
    © Luc Viatour and C.S.


  • B.R.D. government, some institutes and companies: A project was started to develop a robotic assistance system for the production of frames, which is managed by the multimedia department of an air and space research institute. This project is representative for many projects.
    RoRaRo Nonsense
  • Rheinische Post: As if that tab wants to give a warning it reports several times in the last month about complaints in the field of copy- rights, which all had or have low chances for success. For a better understanding of our investigative cases in this context we would like to make clear, that all of these cases are very well documented and foundamented by accepted methods, like for example the cases in the field of automobiles with Purely Electric™ drivetrain. We are in the right and can prove this.
    Besides this and as we had pushed a buttom at the 3rd, 8th, 9th and 14th of this month, the newspaper used in the last 3 days terms like: "[...] Magischer Realismus [..]", "[...] magischer Momente [...]", "[...] Magische Mitte [...]" and "[...] Magier [...]". In English these quotes mean: "[...] magic realism [..]", "[...] magic moments [...]", "[...] magic center[...]" and "[...] magician [...]".
  • Google: The cache service of its internet search engine does not work correctly. For example, we've looked up a website of an open source software for virtual reality environments. After we saw that the website of this project is gone, we took a look into the Google cache and found a webpage, which said that the company has mir- rored the webpage the last time at the 7th of December 2009, but in fact it was a mirrored version of the already replaced old webpage of around the year 2007. Also, a link to the actual webpage was given, which pointed to an old webpage of the 23rd March of 2007 that is archived in the wayback machine archive, despite this archive has a newer version and maybe the last version of the focused webpage dated with 2008-06-08.

    Investigations::Car #210

  • Motor Presse Stuttgart→auto motor und sport: The permanent repetition of a wrong information or a lie make them not right or true. This is the case with the clone e-tron by the company Volks- wagen→Audi of the RE™ - The Original by Style of Speed. Since some days the automotive magazine again spreads the rumour that the subsidiary of the company Volkswagen is planning an Electric Sports Car™ for the year 2012, which is based on the clone concept car e-tron of our RE™ - The Original. We've archived all the import- ant reports including the several times repeated official refutations by the parent company Volkswagen and its subsidiary Audi to build the RE™ clone e-tron after we already:
  • 1. Named the Electric Torque Vectoring™ System Active Differ- ential™ #1 with one of our smallest sports car model, the Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™), and its full grown sibling, the :D™ (Big Fun™) (see Announcements of the 16th and 26th of May 2008, and the Original of the 31st of May 2008).
  • 2. Announced the Apollo Speed-E™ with the 2 and 4 electric mo- tor options (see Style of Speed Further steps at the 23rd of March 2009).
  • 3. Set up the webpage of the Apollo Speed-E™ (see Style of Speed Website update at the 31st of March 2009).
  • 4. Claimed to do not "use in-wheel motors, because it is unpleas- ant rotary mass" (see the Investigations::Car #94 at the 5th of April 2009).
  • 5. Set up the webpage of the RE™ - The Original (see Style of Speed Website update of the 3rd of June 2009).
  • 6. Described the Quickcharger™ feature.
  • 7. Described the irail™ technology based on the (inductive) WREL technology by the company Intel (see Ontonics Website update at the 6th of December 2008).
  • 8. Set up the webpage for Steering Wheels with optional touch screen like a smartphone on the 4th of July 2009.
  • 9. After point 1., the version with the 4 electric motor option of point 2. and point 4. their meaning can be nothing else than an Elec- tric Torque Vectoring™ all-wheel drive system, the SuperArchitect- ure of our Active Differentials™, as it was copied by Daimler→Merce- des (see Investigations::Car #126 at the 11th of July 2009).
  • 10. The informations given with the points 2., 3., 5. as well as 9. mean that it is the same Pure Electric™ drivetrain, because it is the same chassis, or to be precise, the difference of both chassis is the 90 mm longer wheelbase of the Audi R8 in comparison with the one of the Audi→Lamborghini Gallardo.
    There is nothing to discuss. It's only pure logic and the facts.
  • Rheinische Post: That newspaper quoted the report of the auto motor und sport magazine (see above) thinking that this could make out of a lie a fact.
  • Axel Springer→Auto Bild: see auto motor und sport and Rheinische Post
  • Bauer Media Group→Auto Zeitung: see Auto Bild
  • Other papers and magazines: see Auto Zeitung

    Joke of the Day
    "Windows was my idea." [William "Bill" Gates, Sometimes]

    The technology for immersive virtual reality environments named Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (recursive acronym CAVE) was never related with the allegory of the cave in Plato's Republic. We see this kind of connections between virtual reality technologies and philosophy only since the start of our Ontologic System OntoLinux with its Ontoscope component.


  • Sony Ericsson: The joint venture used in a television commercial the slogan "Du willst es doch auch" (compare this with the slogan used in the Announcement #1 at the 30th of April 2008). Pino, Qiro and MiniMaxi™ with their coloured hearts, like the Green Heart™, Blue Heart™ and/or Red Heart™, still have fun.
  • Microsoft: That always defrauding company tries to tell the public the lie of having invented something like a mobile computer with a fast booting feature. No, that can't be true, because to invent isn't part of its business strategy.
  • Toshiba: see Microsoft

    Comment of the Day
    CoVE™ CoNCAVE™
    OntoVE™ OntoCAVE™ OntoCoVE™

    OntoLinux Further steps
    We'll set up an own webpage for our OntoLinux software component Ontoscope with our new base giving component that will be named CoVE, CoNCAVE, OntoCAVE or OntoCoVE.


  • B.R.D. government: Despite that the german minister of defence suddenly is not against a dialog with an Afghan group, he also tries to give the public the impression that he is searching for a spy who gave informations to the tab Bild by the publisher Axel Springer. We often documented that that media company is part of the network around the german political party Christlich Demokratische Union (see for example the case called the Birthday Party Guest List on the Culture webpage and the Invesitgations at the 18th of this month).
  • Time: Once again that magazine has listed the most important person and best inventions of the year, as it thinks. Why the elec- tronic eye, that should make blind persons see, was chosen again stays a riddle for us. On one side this technology and especially the awarded version is more than 11 years old and on the other side all the solutions in this field still don't work. So we developed the next generation of this technology, which is also related with the section Human Enhancement and Cyborgs on our list of Terms of the 21st Century. The same holds for the robotic insects, mobile ultra sonic scanner, remote control for buildings and the approach to grow meat out of stem cells, which all are older technologies (see for example the Investigations of the 6th of December 2008), as well. And the mobile ultra sonic scanner and remote control for buildings are alrea- dy superseded by our super inventions of the Ontoscope™ and Hou- seTouch™/TouchinHouse™ technology. Furthermore, we find that the Replicator #1 technology is much better than growing meat.
  • Rheinische Post: Nasty and criminal as ever that tab from Düssel- dorf reported about the nonsens list of the best inventions by the magazine time (see above), not missing the opportunity to say that a mobile ultra sonic scanner is reminiscent of a cell/smartphone, which proves once again that the tab knows our revolutionary in- vention Ontoscope™. Moreover, on the same page a report is given about a research in the field of emotions by a cybernetic institute, which has taken many times contents of our websites, as in this case from the OntoLinux™ website. In the same class belongs the report about a surgical robot system with pulse/heartbeat synchron- ization that is using a proactive methode based on a three dimens- ional model of the heart to better control the robotic arm (see also the Investigations::Robotics of today below).
    Besides these, a special report is given at a holy day named Christ- mas Eve about an artist, who painted an image with 3 stars, which uses contents of our websites like the Investigations of the 14th of October 2009, sketch of a Mosaic (Tile) Making Robot in the Robot- icle Further steps at the 12th of September 2008 or description of the NanoTiles™ technology, as well as the logo of Ontologics, and seems to be another attempt to pervert the facts. But somehow that does not work, because for example the logo of Ontologics with its 3 suns (a sun is a star) and the image with the center of the House Plan were created many years before and are described now by the artist while talking about his image with 3 stars.
    We also see terms like: "[...] Realisierung dieser Vision [...]", "[...] herzhaft skizzierten Figuren [...] [Clever but not clever enough. See yourself the image "Lego figure" by C.S..]", "[...] Tor 3 [...]", "[...] 30 [...]", "[...] 3300 [...]" and "Düsseldorf, denkt man, unglaublich. ==[The village near the Düssel], one thinks, unbelievable." and so on. Please, also compare the last quote yourself with our slogan "It's unbelievable™". Furthermore, in its printed television magazine two Rubik's Cubes, originally called the Magic Cube, are recently shown in the headers of the pages with the riddles. Also some kind of being not nice, as ever, and a clear sign that the responsible person really do need professional help by a psychologist is this part, that was publicated around the holy days of one of the largest religious com- munities: "[...] dass manchmal am Ende doch die aufrechten Jungs die Gewinner sind. Das aber geht nur in einer Komödie.", meaning in English "[...] that sometimes at the end the good guys are the win- ners. But this only can happen in a comedy". No, that is not true. Everytime the good guys won we had a revolution that brought the mankind a little step further in the right direction, like it is celebrated actually.
  • Henkel→Schwarzkopf: We do quote: "Glossy Reflexe" and "[...] flüssige Kristalle[==liquid crystals] [...]". And we point to our project names GlossyEffects™ and Liquid Diamond™, which are described on the webpage of the Innovation-Pipeline by Ontonics, and the ment- ioned activities by the crystal manufacturer Swarovski (see Investi- gations::Car #68 at the 20th of December 2008).

    Investigations::Car #211

  • Ford→Volvo: We don't know how incompetent the management of that company really is, but to let steal its subsidiary Volvo every kind of technologies from other companies and then sell it to a chin- ese company is somehow more than only stupied. It looks like that company actively has thrown away the whole automotive industry of North America and Europe by transfering to China all the technolog- ies that needed decades to develop.
  • General Motors: After the steps taken by the car manufacturers Volkswagen, Ford and others in China and India we are very sorry, if we've to say: Bye, bye.
  • Volkswagen→Audi: In relation with its so called quattro system the company is talking about an "aktive[s] Sportdifferenzial==active sports differential". Also, the story of our SRacer design concept is related with this quattro system (see also the Investigations::Car #188 of the 7th of November 2009).
  • Aston Martin: That only stealing company took again contents and concepts of our website Style of Speed for its products. Like many other companies, which were investigated and convicted in the past in the same case, that criminal company jumped on the bandwagon of the the Exterior Theme™ Black Snow™ and produced a so called "Carbon Black Special Edition" (see also for example the Investigat- ions::Car #185 Themed Car Style Special of the 30th of October 2009). Cheap as ever.
    Btw.: We would wait for the new Panamera in the 2+2 version, with shorter wheelbase and potentially the model name that sounds like 928.
  • Public utility company Düsseldorf: The public utility company has presented an electric street lamp/light as a "Zapfsäule==Gas pump" to recharge the accumulators of electric cars. This is the one half of one of the many applications of our irail™ technology, but without the wireless technology. Also, an electric car by the company Fiat with the model name extension Elettrica (see the original Bella Mac- china Elettrica™), painted in the green and white OntoLab™ colour scheme and with rim blades that should imitate the IMSA/Trans-Am style, like for example it is shown with the Purely Electric Sports Cars™™ Pan™ RSR and 9ii™ by Style of Speed™, is taken for the promotion of its service.
    Imitation of Rim in Exterior Theme IMSA/Trans-AmImitation of Rim in Exterior Theme IMSA/Trans-Am
    Audi IMSAAudi IMSA
    BBS SOS RS Turbofan
  • Rheinische Post: For a report about Pure Electric™ cars content of our website was used again, like ""Original"" (compare with our orig- inals the RE™ and Apollo Speed-E™ by Style of Speed™). Besides, a report about a convertible was publicated with the term E-Cabrio in the headline, which correctly had to be E-Class cabrio. This is an- other case of playing mind games with and manipulating of its read- ers, because the term E-Cabrio is related with our trademarks Elec- tric Sports Cabrio™, E-City™, E-Muscle™, E-SUV™ & E-SUT™, E- Luxury™ and E-Sport™, and as such is already the synonym for a cabriolet with Pure Electric™ drivetrain, like our Pan™ Speedster. And it should be clear if we talk about reports of that tab, that the said report could also be made in the same way about our E-Cabrio Pan™ Speedster.
    Btw.: The report about the sale of the marque Volvo by Ford also can be read in the internet. Taking this point together with the many quotes out of reports by other media companies there seems to be no need anymore to buy and read that newspaper.

    Investigations::AI and Knowledge management

  • Daniel Larmier: That dude thought that it is very clever to copy the contents of the OntoLinux™ website and claim for a patent in what he calls collective intelligence. We first do quote out of the patent with links to the places on our OntoLinux™ website and then give a short explanation why that patent is nonsense. The quotes are: "[...] collaborative acquisition of knowledge and the relation- ships among said knowledge and the application of acquired know- ledge and relationships to solving problems [...] [That's taken from the webpages Introduction and Overview.]", "[...] interface to a community of users that will create nodes and relationships in an artificial neural network and then weight each node and relationship through votes from one or more users [...]", "[...] media is chosen from text, audio, video, HTML, pictures, numbers, logic, programs, or raw data [...]", "[...] media comprises dynamic content [...]", "[...] data feed or is data from a sensor or instrument [...]", "[...] quality of said media [...] [We think that we can say at this point: Got- cha!!!™]", "[...] total number[s] of said nodes [and] relationships [are] dynamic [...]", "[...] user interfacing [...]", "[...] interfacing is performed by a plurality of users[,] by way of at least one web page[,] one Desktop Graphical User Interface[,] one mobile device [...]", "[...] algorithm description corresponding to logical operations for calculating based upon input from at least one other node [...] [This point makes the whole patent useless, because we've here another proof that it is the content of the OntoLinux website and the content of the referenced websites of its components.]", "[...] problem-solving purposes [...] [Please, see again at the webpage that gives an Overview.]", "[...] significant [...]", "[...] common sen- se [...] [Again: Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] complex problems are solved by emulating the behavior of neurons in the brain to model learning and encode complex relationships [...]", "[...] original inspiration [...] [Again: Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] components in larger systems that com- bine both adaptive and non-adaptive elements [...]", "[...] and/or [...] [Again: Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] semantic web is still in need of a general-purpose representation of data and a means to represent abstract meaning of information [...] [That's wrong. With triple-stores, concepts like XML, RDF, OWL and related markup languages, and industrial standards like Topic Maps these concepts were al- ready developed in more than the last 2 decades. That person has absolutely no competence.]", "[...] organized and related logically [...]", "[...] evidence [...]", "[...] circular relationships [...] [Take a look at the logo of O#.]", "[...] expert systems depend upon highly structured logical expressions to draw conclusions using languages such as Prolog [...] [Again: Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] express knowledge and arguments in natural language [...] [See for example the webpa- ges Introduction and Links to Software.]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] web page, Desktop Graphical User Interface, and/or by mobile de- vice, or any combination thereof [...]", "[...] using a relational data- base. A simple database could contain two database tables, one for assertions, and one for relationships. [...] [At the end he would use a triple-store or a general data structure, like in expert systems.]", "[...] data structure may also be adapted [...] [Aha. Here the whole attempt of stealing breaks together.]", "Additional types of relation- ships and properties may be defined such as relevance [...] [That's how the concept of expert systems has evolved and has nothing to do anymore with the concept of an artificial neural network.]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] strongly [...]", "[...] strongly [...]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] strongly [...]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] strongly [...]", "[...] skilled in the art [...]", "[...] using a varie- ty of programming languages [...] [We guess that suddenly one of these programming languages is Prolog, ML or a derivative of one of these (see also OntoBot).]", "[...] reason logically on complex pro- blems [...]" and "[...] based upon the logical organization of facts [...] [Aha. Here we are again at OntoLinux™ and because a reason- ing process after this approach can have a wrong or right result we say at this point: Stars don't lie. Btw.: We thought that the patent is about collaborative artificial neural networks and neither logic programming nor expert systems?]".

    In the past, we already have seen networks with weighted connect- ions that were created by a group of persons in a collaborative way. Also the whole concept of that patent can be found in the projects we have listed in the sections Intelligent/Cognitive Agent and Intel- ligent/Cognitive Interface, especially the networked versions of the projects ACT-R and Soar, in scientific papers that have described techniques to combine the artificial neural network (ANN) concept and the semantic (world wide) web, and of course at OntoLinux™.
    Also the patent is full of wrong and contradicting informations relat- ed with expert systems, the semantic (world wide) web, other sci- entific areas, and most funny, the concept of ANN itself.

    Most important to mention in this conjunction is that we have here another way to implement Nasty Artificial Intelligence (Nasty AI), which makes exactly the same conceptual and wrong assumptions like the approaches based on the Popperian and Bayesian views of proof. We have invested many years to come to the solution, that is represented by OntoLinux™, and warn everybody once again about such weighting concepts of AI. They will lead only to something like the Skynet known by the movie saga "Terminator". This is no joke and no promotion of our solution. This is called the truth.

    We would like to thank very much that dude for showing his antiso- cial and criminal orientation, as well as incompetence, and being a further person who has heightened the fame of C.S..

    Btw.: That fraudster is one of the developer of an open source (GNU GPL) software project, which was taken back.


  • University of Montpellier 2 and the National Center for Scientific Research→Sciences and Technologies Montpellier Laboratory of In- formatics, Robotics and Microelectronics: A research team developed a robot for surgical operations that is synchronized with the pulse by using a proactive methode which is based on a three dimensional model of the heart to control the robotic arm. We only remind our readers about the fact that a robot technology with heartbeat syn- chronization was also presented in the year 2001 by a research team from Japan and to take a look again on the Chapter 5 of The Proposal, where in this pioneering document most probally for the first time the heart pulse is set in relation with cybernetics, comput- er sciences, informatics and robotics based on the in the western hemisphere at that time nearly unknown, and if known, then by all scientists and medics refutated, knowledge and skill that good chin- ese doctors are able to distinguish between around 70 different typ- es of pulses. Furthermore, take a look at the original sketch of the OntoLab™ concept "Gingy, Vodoo Love and Marvin the Martin" pre- sented at the 22nd of January 2008, the image of the JN-66 analysis droid, which is the basis for the IM-6 medical droid of the Star Wars saga and was shown on the OntomaX™ and OntoLinux™ websites at 22nd of April 2008, and the rest of the OntoLinux™ website, especially the Ontoscope software component, to get all the insights and facts.

    We made notes about the artists and students of the Carnival Booth in Düsseldorf, B.R.D., Günther Uecker and Heinz Mack on the Culture webpage.

    OntoLinux Website update
    On the webpage that presents the Terms of the 21st Century we've renamed the former section Teletransportation into Teleportation and split it into the 2 sections Teleportation #1 Stellar and Teleport- ation #2 Interstellar to distinguish better between short and long distance technologies. We also made some more notes about these kinds of technologies. Moreover, we listed some of the most favored Human enhancements.

    We made a note about the producer Steven Spielberg on our Culture webpage.


  • Viacom→MTV and →Viva: The content of the moderation of a broadcast called MTV Masters Greatest Musicvideos contained many phrases and terms use on this website. The same holds for reports of the other music channel.
  • Rheinische Post: As expected and provocated, that now nearly obsolete tab from Düsseldorf reacted on our investigations of the 26th of this month with the start of a series of reports about german philosophers. Needless to say, but we do it nonetheless to show the nature and low competence of that newspaper, that C.S. will not be mentioned with his foundation of the field Ontonics™, the related OntoLab™ and OntomaX™, a Zero Ontology™ O#, as well as the contemporary technologies of the 21st century with Ontologics® and software like OntoLinux™, Ontolix™, OntoFS, OntoBot and Ontoscope, besides the revolutionary super invention of the Onto- scope™.

    Comment of the Day

    Only for the simplicity, but not as, in fact unpossible to make, defi- nition or detailed description, the Zero Ontology O# can be thought and seen as a monad in the sense of Pythagoras of Samos and Gott- fried Wilhelm Leibniz, but also as a representation of other such con- cepts and theories. It was created by C.S. to solve some problems with (classic) philosophy (including ontology, logics and the other disciplines), mathematics, cybernetics, computer science, informat- ics, robotics and so on, as well as definitions and interpretations of the theories of monads, like those of the 2 said persons.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We have deleted from the Links to Software webpage a link to an outdated software project for collaborative virtual environments. As already announced, it'll be replaced with our own software compon- ent for collaborative virtual environments (CoVE™), because the developer of the old software are fraudsters and don't want to give the GNU GPL'ed source code to the public anymore. In this case we have: If no GNU GPL'ed/open source code, then no copyright hol- ders!
    Btw.: On the download webpage of the old software project is now a copy of the list of CAVE software of the Wikipedia article without the naming of the old software and another virtual reality project.


  • Rheinische Post: Now that the newspaper needs to make a report about Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz to describe only a small fraction of the whole range of works and achievements by C.S. by also using again contents of our websites, especially the Clarification of the 8th of October 2009, is remarkable enough for us to quote and give some short explanations: "[...] dreihundert Jahre später [...] [C.S. ist jetzt hier.]", "[...] würde er [...] Wikipedia gründen [...] und ganz allein bestreiten [...] [Nein, er hätte die Probleme mit der Internet-Enzyklopädie und ihre Ähnlichkeit mit dem Internet vor 15 Jahren ge- sehen, so dass er ein Assistent von C.S. sein und bei Ontonics™, OntoLab™, OntomaX™ und Ontologics® in den Projekten OntoLinux und Ontologics.info®™ arbeiten würde, weil die Argumente für die Ansätze als auch die Kritik über und Probleme der Wikipedia von C.S. ihn überzeugt hätten.]", "[...] Institut leiten [...] [Ja, er wäre ein Assistent der OntoLab™ Leitung.]", "[...] [hoher Verantwortlicher] in der Kernforschungsanlage [...] [Ja, er wäre ein Assistent der Onto- Lab™ Führung.]", "[...] mitdenkenden Taschenrechner [...] [Wenn die Leserin/der Leser einen Blick auf den Abschnitt Smartphone, Po- cket computer der List of Hardware Webseite auf dem OntoLinux™ Webauftritt wirft, dann sieht sie/er klar, dass er ein Assistent von C.S. wäre, um die Supererfindung des revolutionären Ontoskops™ weiter zu entwickeln, welches viel mehr als nur ein Taschenrechner mit enthaltener künstlicher Intelligenz ist. Ausserdem wäre er wie ein Kind sehr fasziniert über die OntoLinux™ betriebenen Roboter, wie Pi- no, MiniMaxi™ und Qiro, und all den Vehikeln von Style of Speed™.]", "[...] Unterseeboote [...] [Vor Raumschiffen und dem Moon Rock Ca- fe™ waren bereits muskelkraftbetriebene Fahrzeuge (human power- ed vehicle (HPV)) wie HPV-U-Boote ein Interessensfeld.]", "[...] in welcher Disziplin [...] den Nobelpreis verleihen [...]", "[...] Universal- gelehrten [...]", "[...] Studium generale, das ihn mit Kompetenz voll- stopft [...] [Das hört sich wie einige unserer Handelsmarken an, et- wa HighTech Competence™, Speed Competence™, Style Competen- ce™, Green(Tech) Competence™, ...]", "[...] Bild vom [...] Gewimmel [...] [siehe das Bild "Pattern #0003"]", "[...] Mikroskop [als ein Syno- nym für] Scharfblick des Denkens [...] [So, hier haben wir wieder das Ontologische System und Hochtechnologische Betriebssystem™ On- toLinux™ mit O# und dem Ontoscope™.]", "[...] "fensterlos" [...] [siehe Komponenten von OntoLinux™]", "[...] Uhrengleichnis [...] [Wir benutzen den Begriff Calibre aus dem Bereich der Horologie in der Übersicht von OntoLinux™].", "[...] prästabilierten Harmonie [...] [siehe das Zeichen von O#]", "[...] Fraktionen zu einigen [...]: die Logik mit der Physik, die Mathematik mit der Metaphysik [...]", "[...] hochkomplexe [...]", "[...] Metaphysiker der Logik und Logiker der Metaphysik [...] [Das klingt wie Ontologics®.]" and "[...] Grenzen ei- nes endlichen Geistes [...] [1, 2, 3 - Unendlichkeit. Man werfe einen Blick auf die fraktalen Logos von Ontologics® und O#.]". And as always the same quotes translated into the English language: "[...] three hundred years later [...] [C.S. is now here.]", "[...] he would [...] found Wikipedia [...] and do it all alone [...] [No, he would have seen the problems with this internet encyclopedia and its similarity with the internet 15 years ago, so he would be an assistant of C.S. and work at Ontonics™, OntoLab™, OntomaX™ and Ontologics® in the projects OntoLinux™ and Ontologics.info®™, because the arg- uments for the approaches, and the critics about and problems of the Wikipedia by C.S. would have convinced him.]", "[...] lead insti- tute [...] [Yes, he would be an assistant of the OntoLab™ manage- ment.]", "[...] [important responsible person] in the nuclear research facility [...] [Yes, he would be an assistant of the OntoLab™ mana- gement.]", "[...] thinking pocket calculator [...] [If the reader takes a look at the section Smartphone, Pocket computer of the List of Hardware webpage on the OntoLinux™ website, then she/he clearly sees that he would be an assistant of C.S. to develop further the super invention of the revolutionary Ontoscope™, which is much more than only a pocket calculator with artificial intelligence inside. Also, he would be highly fascinated like a child about the OntoLinux powered robots, like Pino, MiniMaxi™ and Qiro, and all the vehicles of Style of Speed™.]", "[...] Unterseeboote [...] [Before spaceships and the Moon Rock Cafe™ human powered vehicles (HPV) like hpv- submarines were already a field of interest.]", "[...] in which discip- line [...] the Nobel Price award [...]", "[...] polymath [...]", "[...] extracurricular studies, that has stuffed him with competence [...] [This sounds like some trademarks of, like HighTech Competence™, Speed Competence™, Style Competence™, Green(Tech) Competen- ce™, ...]", "[...] image of [...] swarm [...] [see the image "Pattern #0003"]", "[...] microscope [as a synonym for] sharp eye of the thinking [...] [So, here we have again the Ontologic System™ and Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™ with O# and the Onto- scope™.]", "[...] "windowless" [...] [see the components of OntoLi- nux™]", "[...] allegory of clock [...] [We use the term caliber of the field Horology in the Overview of OntoLinux™.]", "[...] prästabilierten Harmonie [...] [see Leibniz as well as the sign of O#]", "[...] to unite the fractions [...]: the logics with the physics, the mathemat- ics with the metaphysics [...]", "[...] highly complex [...]", "[...] me- taphysician of the logics and logician of the metaphysics [...] [This sounds like Ontologics®.]" and "[...] limits of a finite spirit [...] [1, 2, 3 - Infinity. Take a look at the fractal logos of Ontologics® and O#.]".

    Investigations::Car #212

  • B.R.D. Department of Transportation, Ford, Town Köln and RWE→ Rheinenergie and University Duisburg-Essen: A research project in the field of electric mobility is started. Besides that once again we're documenting something that is more than only suspicious, sensor and acoustic systems, like our Active Clang™ technology, are ment- ioned by a researcher. Why now and not 10 years earlier?
  • Rheinische Post: In a report about a research project in the field of electro mobility phrases like "virtuellen Teil[]", "virtuelle[] Elektro- auto-Daten [...] eingebettet", "dreirädriges Elektroauto" and "Modell 2010", which mean in their English translation "virtual part", "virtual electric car data [...] embedded", "three-wheeled electric car" and "model 2010", and are used not without ulterior motives, for sure as the links show.
  • Motor Presse Stuttgart→auto motor und sport: Under the headline "Sportwagen-Visionen==Sports car visions" (OntoLab™ Das Labor der Visionen™ - The Lab of Visions™) that criminal automotive ori- ented tab reported about sports cars and supercars with alternative powertrains, like Pure Electric Sports Cars™™ and Purely Electric SuperCars™™. That every by us convicted fraudster, but not the Green-Tech Competence™ Style of Speed™ with its defintion of the Green-Tech Avantgarde™ and the worldwide largest range of the most progressive Electric Sports Cars™, Electric SuperCars™, Elec- tric SUVs and Bionic Vehicles™ that have the Green Speed™, Green Dynamics™ and Green Heart™ to create Green Advantages™, as well as an Active Clang™ like system are mentioned, is not a sur- prise anymore.
  • Siemens and Ruf: Not ooops, but the fraudsters did it again. Some weeks ago, that joint venture, which is led by an already many times convicted CEO of the company Ruf, built an Electric SUV (E-SUV™) that is based on the SUV Volkswagen→Porsche Cayenne. It is no surprise that the Purely Electric™ vehicle has a 270 KW engine, range of 200 kilometers and Quickcharger™ feature (compare with our S!™, X!™ and Amarok-E™), and that 3 vehicles were used on a large summit proves the results of our investigations a further time.
    Btw.: The Pure Electric Sports Car™™ based on a Porsche 911 and built by that joint venture was not the first german sports car of this kind. Some years before a team developed a Porsche 912 based Pu- rely Electric Sports Car™™, but without the "driving fun==Fahrspaß". To make these kind of automobiles a fun to drive is our innovative concept of Style of Speed™ and represented not only by the names of the cars Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™) and :D™ (Big Fun™), and the motorbikes 2 :)™ (Double Fun™) and #:)™ (Sharp Fun™). Fur- thermore, the claim of the first built electric SUV of the world is also wrong, because another E-SUV™ was driven through Texas, U.S.A., nearly 3 years ago and our Pure Electric SUVs and SUTs™™, the HE™, S!™ and X!™, are available since 2008.
  • Axel Springer→Auto Bild: That tab claimed that a well known and several times convicted defrauding joint venture has built the first german Pure Electric Sports Car™™ and E-SUV™ of the world. Both claims are definitely wrong.
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media→N24: That television channel made the wrong statement, that a well known defrauding joint venture has built the first german Pure Electric Sports Car™™. No, it hasn't.
  • Kepler Motors: And the next one in the line of fraudsters. Without to offend the achievements by its founder, we've to note and docu- ment that he has taken massively with his company contents, con- cepts and technologies of our website Style of Speed. We do quote: "[...] Johannes Kepler published three laws describing the motion of planets in the Solar System [...] [Take a look at the image of Kep- ler's Solar System published on the 7th of March 2009.]", "[...] Issac Newton would expand these laws describing universal gravitation [...] [see the Image of the Day and the Clarification #1 of the 19th of June 2009]", "[...] state-of-the-art automotive engineering and applied science materials with the latest advanced technologies, the Motion redefines the paradigms of the supercar with unprecedented performance, style, exclusivity, safety and efficiency [...]", "Per- formance", "[...] 0-60 mph under 2.5 seconds [...]", "Titanium [...] [see for example the project Glassy Titan™]" "Active suspension [see for example the Active ComponentActive Suspension]", "Ac- tive aerodynamics [see for example the Active ComponentActive Wing™]", "Titanium [...] [take a look at for example the project Glassy Titan™]", "Ceramic wheel bearings [see for example the pro- ject HyperBearing™]", "Automatically adjusting rear wing [see for example the Active ComponentActive Wing™]", "Length: 174.61 in/4435 mm", "Width: 78.74 in/2000 mm", "Wheelbase: 105 in/2667 mm", "[...] Touchscreen display with programmable connectivity system [...] [If not before, then now: Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] Prog- rammable track assistant system [...] [And again: Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] complement [...] [And again: Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] groundbreak- ing [...]", "Lightweight, powerful, balanced and efficient [...]", "[...] light, strong and highly [...]", "[...] stylish [...]", "[...] silicon carbide ceramic material reinforced with long, continuous carbon fibers [...] [If you want to see where this kind of materials come from, then take a look at this graphic of the thermal protection system of the X-33/VentureStar presented at the 31st of January 2009 on this website and at the project Nanofibre™. And if you want this kind of material, then simply ask Ontonics™.]" and "[...] 50 [...]". What we have here is only a copy of our Modern Motion™ represented by the 962 ST, for example. The result of the investigations about this standard fraudster is: Convicted!!!™
  • Gemballa: And once again the founder and CEO of that company shows his real face. What we can see this time is a Fiat→Ferrari En- zo with a Exterior Theme™ style that is a combination of the Combat Aircraft and Black Snow™ styles, and Active Wings™ "realized as a whole in the form of front and rear spoilers" (this is a quote of our website Style of Speed™).
  • Volkswagen→Bugatti: We do quote to document: "[...] three tailor made cars [...]", "[...] 5 cars only [...]", "[...] Sang d'Argent==Blood of silver [...] [This version is related with our Exterior Theme™ Sleek Silver, that was used earlier for example for a Ford based E-Muscle car Mustang-E.]", "[...] two-tone-scheme [...]", "[...] silver [...]", "[...] enhancing the "silver theme" [...] [As we said: Exterior Theme Sleek Silver. Also we have here a relation to the terms Human En- hancement and Cyborgs of the Terms of 21st Century and a project in the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™ called Enhanced Cognit- ion.]", "[...] differentiating [...] [Active Difference™]", "[...] rims [...]", "[...] items [...]", "[...] unique features [...]", "[...] stunning [...] [Gotcha!!! Street Stunner™ and Speed Stunner™]", "[...] mo- dern interpretation of [...] core values [...]", "[...] synthesis [...] [Again: Gotcha!!!™ La sintesi di passione e sportività™.]", "[...] touch [...]", "[...] rims [...]", "[...] diamond [...]", "[...] strong [...] [see what's STrong]", "[...] crowns [...] [Please, compare with the webpage of the 962 ST.]", "[...] partition [...]", "[...] new dimension [...]", "[...] impression [...]", "[...] custom rims at the exterior and a futuristic interior [...] [The design of the rims can be found on the webpage of the M!™ and the futuristic interior is already claimed by the B!™ and its siblings, like the 9!™.]", "[...] nanocoated [...]", "[...] Platinum [...]", "[...] modern design [...]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] proof of how creativeness and inspiration can be successfully driven to new limits [...]", "[...] new technology, more power with less weight, more innovative design aiming for improved speed, eas- ier handling and more inspiring elegance [...]", "[...] widened [...]", "[...] range [...]" and "[...] combinations and applications of different varieties of high tech elements [...]". We don't know why and how contents, concepts and technologies taken from another company, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, should honor customers and tra- ders.
    Btw.: Don't confound Ettore Bugatti and Style of Speed with Volks- wagen→Bugatti.
  • Pirelli: Some months ago, that company named a product Angel ST, which is clearly related with our street legal models 333 ST and 962 ST, as well as our 2nd logo of Style of Speed. Oh, how unkind and cheap.

    Comment of the Day
    "Kant is contradictory." [C.S., Today]
    At last, the quantum mechanics kicks him out of business.

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