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New Year 2010
The OntomaX team wishs you a happy new year.

Comment of the Day
Wir Technologie™ We Technology™
Wir Hightech™ We Hightech™
Wir Greentech™ We Greentech™
Wir Performanz™ We Performance™
Wir Qualität™ We Quality™
Pure Performance™
Advantage through Performance™
Advantage through Quality™
Wir lieben Performanz™ We love Performance™
Wir lieben Qualität™ We love Quality™

Comment of the Day
Aimo™ Airo™
Mibo™ Mimo™ Mino™ Miro™
Pibo™ Pimo™ Piro™
Qibo™ Qimo™ Qino™
Style Series™


  • Metro→Media-Saturn-Holding: Our copied story of the Moon Rock Cafe™ (see Investigations of the 3rd of November 2009), called the Coopers Bar, was extended recently with the content of the image "space.jpg" shown on this website at the 7th of February 2008. Furthermore, the slogan "Jetzt schreibt die Nummer 1 Geschichte.", which means in English "Now the number 1 writes history.", is a com- bination of contents taken from our websites, for example the web- page Ape ESP 2.0, RE™ - The Original, Black Snow™, Airship and Hypersoar, as well as our trademark #1™.
    Under the fact that that company is misusing the court to get eco- nomical advantages their stealing of our ideas is in its own opinion a crime.
  • Otto Group→Otto GmbH und Co. KG: The company is declaring some of its products as hightech. We quote: "Hightech vom Fein- sten". This is misleading and by that not allowed for that company, because it has only the rights to sell consumer goods and not the newest technology.
  • Tirol Werbung: We see the slogan "Herz von Tirol==Heart of Tyrol".


  • Sony Ericsson: The joint venture combined Aibo and Pino to Aino. We only make the remark that Aimo, Airo, Mibo, Mimo, Mino, Miro, Pibo, Pimo, Piro, Qibo, Qimo and Qino, as well as Pino, MiniMaxi and Qiro with their Coloured Hearts™, like the Green Heart™, Blue Heart™ and/or Red Heart™, are having more and more fun.
  • Dell: We see a slogan "Leben ohne Grenzen==Live without limits" and a graphic that combines the logos of the OntoLab™ and O# by a color gradient. How cheap.
  • Symantec→Peter Norton Computing: The company jumped on the sun and circle bandwagon by the image on the package of its pro- duct Norton 360. How cheap.
  • Freenet→mobilcom Communicationstechnik: In relation with its mark mobilcom-debitel we have the statemant "Mobil hoch 2==Mobil raised to the power of 2".
  • Roccat: That bold company thinks our websites are made for its marketing and has used contents of our websites for its website.


  • General: To be conform with the trend you must be the #1™ in whatever.

    Investigations::Car #213

  • Toyota: The company jumped on the life and 2010 bandwagon.
  • Volkswagen→Porsche: We see a hilly landscape with green and yellow grass, a small gray road, a white car with black elements, parts that are round-shaped at one side and spearhead-shaped on the other side (lamps of the B!™ and air intakes of the Boxster Spyder), and so on. And you?
    B! ClassicPorsche Boxster Spyder
    © :( and Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche

    Comment of the Day
    We mean Business™


  • Unitymedia: The company has taken contents of our websites. First, we do quote in german: "Qualität macht einfach mehr Spaß", "[...] mehr Spaß [...]", "Unit3play", "[...] Emotionen ganz schnell [...]", "[...] Top-[==Spitzen-]Qualität gleich dreifach [...]", "[...] Highspeed[==Hochgeschwindigkeit ...] Hochform [...]" and "[...] Qualtität, die einfach mehr Spaß macht [...]". Their meaning in the English language are: "Quality simply makes more fun", "[...] more fun [...]", "Unit3play", "[...] emotions pretty fast [...]", "[...] top quality right threefold [...]", "[...] Highspeed [...] top form [...]" and "[...] qualtity, that simply makes more fun [...]". What a low quality.
  • RWE and Brain: The companies started a project to transform CO2 into other chemical materials. We only remind the reader about our history writing Bionic Vehicle™, the Leaf™ with Wheels™ Ape ESP 2.0.

    Comment of the Day
    Mobile scope™
    Find fun™
    Windows to the world™

    intelliTablet Further steps 0:24 CET
    We are very delighted to publicate the first images of the prototyp- ical intelliTablet™. The intelliTablet™ is powered by the worldwide unique Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™ with Artificial In- telligence and much more inside, that not only makes it the world- wide first tablet computer with a multi- and AItouch™ touchscreen, but also enables the object recognition and the brandnew Glassy™ technology, which combines the touchscreens and the optional cam- eras of these Mobile Devices™ into windows to the world. All these features make the intelliTablet™ a revolution of mobile computing, communication and entertainment by simply overcoming the fundam- ental limits of tablet computers. After our revolutionary super in- vention of the Ontoscope™ we have unleashed again the whole po- tentials of a vision and realized with the intelliTablet the next totally amazing and fascinating True Masterpiece™ of culture and high- technology of the 21. century.

    IntelliTablet Computer
    iTablet Computer
    IntelliTablet Computer Glassy App
    © :( and Microsoft


  • Knight's Armament Company: The company is selling an applicat- ion for a smartphone that helps to adjust the rifle scope by solving the problem of calculating the bullet flight. That doesn't only sound like our Ontoscope™ and OntoLinux™, because it is based on the fundamental concepts of our technologies.
  • Google: The company officially presented its first smartphone that runs a Linux® distribution based on the Linux® kernel and includes a clone of the virtual machine for the programming language Java to avoid licenses. The name Nexus is an evidence that that company jumped on the Star Trek bandwagon and by this imitating us and our activities, especially around our OntoLinux™ and Ontoscope™, again and as always.
    Btw.: In 2003, Motorola introduced exactly the same concept as the world's first handset to combine a Linux operating system and Java technology, but only some month after we presented OntoLinux™, the hypes around Mobile Devices™ running Linux® distributions and the new class of the netbooks really have begun.
  • Microsoft: We do quote: "[...] revolutionary [...]", "[...] natural hand gestures [...]", "[...] collaboratively [...]", "[...] fundamental [...]", "[...] simple gestures [...]", "[...] sees and interacts with ob- jects [...]", "[...] devices like mobile phones or cameras [...] [Or even much better, Ontoscopes™.]", "[...] result is a fun, social and exciting [...]", "[...] familiar [...]", "[...] create [...]", "[...] incredibly collaborative [...]", "[...] sharing and exploring [...]", "[...] recognize different types of objects [...]", "[...] 30 [...]" and "[...] mobile de- vices [...] [You can stand on your head or do whatever you want, but: Mobile Device™.]".

    OntoLinux Website update
    On the Links to Hardware webpage we renamed the link

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Media Lab: One Laptop per Child (OLPC)
  • OLPC Foundation: One Laptop per Child (OLPC).

    Original vs. Inspiration
    1. row: Apple Knowledge Navigator (1987)
    2. row: OntoLab, Ontoscope and intelliTablet (iTablet) The Thinnest Notebook, Tablet Computer and Smartphone of the World (2003- 2008)
    3. row: One Laptop per Child (OLPC) XO-1 (2005), XO-2 design study (2008), XO-3 concept (2009)
    4. row: intelliTablet (iTablet) #1 concept (2003-2007, official presentation Yesterday)
    5. row: Microsoft Courier concept (2009)
    6. row: Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard Slate concept (Today)

    Knowledge Navigator
    Fujitsu Flexible Monitor, and OntoLab, Ontoscope and intelliTablet The Thinnest Notebook, Tablet Computer and Smartphone of the World
    Tablet Computer Convertible One Laptop per Child (OLPC) XO-1Tablet Computer Booklet One Laptop per Child (OLPC) XO-2 Two sheet/Dual-screen Design StudyTablet Computer Slate One Laptop per Child (OLPC) XO-3 Concept
    IntelliTablet Computer
    Tablet Computer Booklet Microsoft Courier Concept
    Tablet PC Slate Slate Concept
    © Apple, Fujitsu, OntoLab, Mike McGregor, OLPC Foundation, intelliTablet, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard


  • Microsoft: At a large exhibition that company announced its new attempt to market a tablet PC, that suddenly looks like our intelli- Tablet™ and not anymore like the two sheet/dual-screen design concept named Courier (see also our Investigations::Multimedia at the 5th of March 2008 and 26th of October 2009). This is another evidence that that company doesn't want to be distinct, but to copy only the competitors.
  • Nicolas Negroponte and Yves Behar: The cofounder of the Media Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) became suspected the first time with statements that were made to reflect contents of our websites after we presented our OntoLinux™ and started the hypes around Mobile Devices™, like smartphones, that run Linux® distributions, and the new class of the netbooks. With the concept of the OLPC XO-3, which is a very thin tablet computer with a circular loop and a "+" sign that looks like "O+", and which also canceled the two sheet design concept of the XO-2 in favor of the one sheet concept (see Original vs. Inspiration of the 17th of January 2008, Original of the 13th of February 2008 and the logo "O#" of O#), we finally could convict him and some of his partners, as the designer of the XO-3. Our comment: What fraudsters.

    After Microsoft and other companies could not create a momentum with their first trials to build up a market around the concept of the tablet PC, we started the real hype in February of 2008 (see Original vs. Inspiration of the 17th of January 2008 and Original of the 13th of February 2008), like with many other Mobile Devices™.

  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland→tagesschau.de: Only some minutes after the first version of these investigations in the field of multime- dia was shown on this website at 15:30 CET, the working pool of the broadcasting corporations of the Federal Republic of Germany took all of the contents of the text above for a report about the present- ation of tablet PCs by the company Microsoft. To pervert the facts, the whole report was about our acting and product, but the compa- ny Microsoft and a tablet PC called Slate were named instead of us, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, and our intelliTablet™, which was presented yesterday. This was not the first time we've observed suspicious processes around that working pool of broadcasters, but this time we used the presentation of the intelliTablet™ also as a further test of the german media after their reports about the pre- sentation of a mobile phone misrepresented facts, as well and al- ways. Besides, this case is documented and now this group is of- ficially convicted. What a success for us.
    In another report a further company in the tablet PC market, which also has taken contents and concepts of our websites (see Original of the 13th of February 2008), and other technologies around the themes smart and 3D, like a 3D video camera by another already convicted company, were presented.
  • Rheinische Post: For sure, the newspaper could not hold back and made a larger report about the presentation of a mobile phone by using and reacting on contents of our OntomaX website. For examp- le, it was made again a relation to the list of inventions by the ma- gazine time, this time to the invention of the year 2007 (see Invest- igations of the 26th of December 2009). Furthermore, we've phras- es like: "[...] Vorzüge eines normalen Mobiltelefons mit denen eines kleinen Taschencomputers kombiniert [...] [siehe Abschnitt Smart- phone, Pocket computer auf der OntoLinux™ Website und die In- vestigations des 29. Dezembers 2009]", "[...] revolutionieren [...] [betrachte wieder die Investigations von dem 26. und 29. Dezember 2009]", "[...] ist nur das iPhone multi-touchfähig [...] [Dies muss im Zusammenhang mit der Beschreibung der Eigenschaften des intelli- Tablet™ in seiner Further steps an dem 6. January dieses Jahres gesehen werden.]", "[...] sprachgesteuerte Suchen, 3D-Fotogalerien [...] [Hier haben wir die Investigations::Multimedia von dem 8. De- zember 2009 und die Benennung von 3D bezogenen Merkmalen im Zusammenhang mit unserem revolutionären Ontoscope™.]" and "[...] revolutionieren [...]". The phrases translated into English mean: "[...] advantages of a normal mobile phone combined with those of a small pocket computer [...] [see the section Smartphone, Pocket comput- er on the OntoLinux™ website and the Investigations of the 29th of December 2009]", "[...] revolutionize [...] [take a look again on the Investigations of the 26th and 29th of December 2009]", "[...] only the iPhone is multi-touch enabled [...] [This has to be seen together with the descriptions of the features of the intelliTablet™ in its Fur- ther steps at the 6th of January of this year.]", "[...] speech enabl- ed searches, 3D photo galleries [...] [Here we have the Investigat- ions::Multimedia of the 8th of December 2009 and the naming of 3D related features in conjunction with our revolutionary Ontoscope™.]" and "[...] revolutionized [...]". Also as expected a report about a ru- mor of a tablet PC by the company Apple was published.
    For tomorrow we expect a report following the same plot about the tablet PC concept Slate by the company Microsoft and its business partners.
  • Sony: That company presented on a large exhibition a 3D video camera.
  • Franz Larsone: The next fraudster has been found. That bold and criminal dude took contents of our websites, especially this website and the website of OntoLinux™, for his thesis called "Augmented reality toys", which is described as a "Final project of Interaction Design Master" and "About using Augmented Reality for new gaming experiences". The software itself is called "Scope augmented reality game" (compare with the OntoLinux™ software component Ontosco- pe, and the Mixed Reality section of the Links to Software webpa- ge) and uses Lego minifigures as well as graphics of the Lego minifig- ures, as shown in the "Minifigure Classic Colour 0005" image by C.S., with hearts (compare with image "Lego Figure").

    Thank you very much for heightening again the fame of C.S..

    Comment of the Day #1
    Hype starter™ Start the Hypes™.
    Super Invention™ Super Innovation™
    Revolutionary Invention™ Revolutionary Innovation™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "[...] swiftly and effectively [...] aggressive [...]" [Barack, Today]
    What holds for S.O.S. holds for the U.S.A. as well.

    OntoLinux Website update
    In the section Robotics of the Links to Hardware webpage we rear- ranged two links a little bit and added the link:

  • Roboticle: Flying (Quadcopter based) Robot
    • Flyingscope and FlyingLAN.


  • Rheinische Post: Exactly as predicted by us yesterday, a report was published about a large exhibition including the mention of a tablet PC that was presented by the company Microsoft. As it can be seen easily, the report is clearly related with the contents of our Investigations::Multimedia of yesterday and repeats one of the same wrong statements following the analysed report of the working pool of the broadcasters of the B.R.D. (ARD), namely that that company has gained with its presentations of tablet PCs a partial victory over the company Apple. But in fact, by one ingenious action, we, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, achieved this victory, even in a three- fold way over Microsoft, Apple and Google, one day/two days (con- sidering the international date line) before with the official present- ation of our next Revolutionary Super Innovation™™ of our intelli- Tablet™, which can be seen in some of its top versions as a Big On- toscope™. Both, the Ontoscope™ and intelliTablet™, already have a superb design, like modern smartphones and now one of the tablet PC by Microsoft and its partners also have, and the tablet PCs by the companies Apple, Google and the other copiers will have.
    The report is announced on the title page with an image of one of the said tablet PCs of the company Microsoft and its partners, and on the title page of the business section the same image is shown as a whole, of which we publicated yesterday only the middle part with one of the tablet PCs, which, again, is shown by that tab together with the here analysed report.
    Also, the other yesterday investigated report of the ARD was used as a blueprint to mention other products, like a thin and flexible e-book reader by the company Plastic Logic (sounds like Ontologic), which technology was shown as an Original at the 13th of February 2008 and is built into a product of the also yesterday mentioned fur- ther company in the tablet PC market, as well as 3D related techno- logies, for sure. In relation to the 3D technologies, it stays a riddle why the technology of a mobile phone with 3D monitor is mentioned once again, because such kinds of Mobile Devices™ are shown since years on exhibitions and are already superseded by our revolutionary Ontoscope™ that is basically a mobile phone with 3D (digital) (video) camera, as well as artificial intelligence and a 3D monitor in some of its top versions.
    Furthermore, we have a report about a flying robot with a (digital) (video) camera, that is controlled by and sends its records to an smartphone, which is designed like an Ontoscope™ or an intelliTa- blet™ (Big Ontoscope™). Indeed, this solution is nothing else then our Flyingscope™ (see also the Flying Robot webpage of the Style of Speed™ website), but without all of our 3D features, like a 3D (digit- al) (video) camera and an optional 3D monitor.
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (ARD): As if we would have pushed a button, the working pool of public broadcasters publicated a report about a smartphone that is powered by a microprocessor of one of the largest chip manufacturer, the company Intel, and is said to look optical like a mix of the iPhone by Apple and a tablet PC. After the investigations by us yesterday it should be no riddle anymore and totally clear, that once again content of one of our marketing pro- cesses is copied and the related product attacked, this time our #1 version of our next Revolutionary Super Invention™, our intelliTablet. Furthermore and exactly like in another case of one of the largest internet search engine service provider, the company Google, we've reported about many times, the named operating system is a Linux® distribution and not as it is actively and wrongly claimed again an own development of an operating system by the chip producer. And also like the Linux® distribution by the company Google, it was offi- cially presented some weeks after our presentation of OntoLinux™.
    Taken all together, this result of investigation underpins our before made results and proves again that contents is taken form our web- sites and knowingly used against us since all the years. Moreover, it seems to be that the B.R.D. is worldwide the only nation with state- run televisions that prefer to report about foreign persons and com- panies.

    As The Real #1™™ and Momentum Maker™, We Set Trends and Standards™™, as well as Start the Hypes™.

    We made another note about the Ruhr Tourismus GmbH on our Culture webpage.


  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media→Kabel1: We see here the slogan "Du willst es doch auch" as well (see also the Investigations::Multimedia of the 22nd of December 2009).
  • ProSiebenSat.1→Pro 7: For a broadcast a logo was made that should be similar to the logo of King Smiley.
  • Bertelsmann→RTL→RTL 2: The "It's fun" theme is again extended with the slogan "[...] findet hier fun [...]" by using contents of our websites (see also the Investigations of the 29th of June 2009 and 2nd of November 2009).
  • Rheinische Post: Since some days we can clearly see a very in- tensified use of the terms "3", "dritte=third" and "dreifach==three- fold". Besides these, in the same period we have collected phrases like: "[...] Green [...] Royal [...]works [...]", "[...] Turbospeed [...]", "[...] Bionik, Life Science [...]" and much more. Furthermore, we've remarks and images related with Fiat→ Ferrari and Formula 1, Alfa Romeo and its logo, automotive design studies and Ford Mustang, US astronaut and an image of Edwin Eugene "Buzz" Aldrin, Shrek 4 and so on. This behaviour went on in the area of culture.
  • District Capital Wesel, North Rhine-Westphalia, B.R.D.: For the central call center a bill was made with a graphical illusion that has a dynamic effect like the logos of OntomaX and the OntoLab. One of the services is a "Sprechenden Fahrplan==Speaking schedule", which is a computer-controlled speech based dialog system (see section Natural Language Processing on the Links to Software webpage of OntoLinux™).

    Comment of the Day
    Active Electric™ Active Energy™ Active Mini™
    Active 1™ Active 2™ Active 3™ Active 4™ Active 5™ Active 6™ Active 7™ Active 8™ Active 9™ Active 10™
    Active A™ Active L™ Active M™ Active R™ Active S™ Active Z™
    High Aesthetic™


  • B.R.D. government: The actual federal minister of justice has crit- icized the company Google for not being transparent enough and mentioned that it is becoming a monopole, like the company Micro- soft. That's no wonder, because in the past the companies Microsoft and others were supported by the german government, which work- ed in many cases together with the U.S.American government, on the federal and state levels since over a decade by giving them in- formations about our concepts and technologies, and by blocking our company (see for example in the field of computing the Investigat- ions::Multimedia of the 7th and 8th of this month), the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, so that companies like Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Sony, Nokia, and now Google as well had since years and still have a clear way to copy and market our intellectual properties, technolo- gies, services and products, while the support of companies is con- tinued to assimilate our properties, like in the case of the company Intel.
    That is the price not only the B.R.D., but also the whole World has to pay, if nice persons, and highly competent and skilled companies are blocked, mobbed, deceived, etc., etc., etc., .... There is no need to discuss the size of a company.
  • Rheinische Post: After the newspaper needed months to under- stand and jump on the bandwagon of the several years old theme "3", the tab found out now that there is also a "1000" theme running since years.
  • Boehringer Ingelheim: In an advertisement of its cough syrup Mus- colovan the slogan "1-2-3 Hustenfrei==1-2-3 cough free" is used.
  • Rotkäppchen Sektkellerei: In an advertisement of its sparkling wine the slogan "Fantasie aus 1000 Perlen==Fantasy out of 1000 beads/ pearls" is used
  • Nestlé→Nestlé Purina PetCare: And again that company has copied contents. In an advertisement for cat food we have "Aller guten Din- ge sind Drei==All good things come by/in threes" and "drei==three".
  • Mymuesli.de: The distributor of cereals uses phrases like "drei== three" and "dreifach==threefold" in its advertisement.

    Investigations::Car #214

  • Rheinische Post: Now in its printed version, that tab has publicat- ed the following remark: "Eine interessante Variante haben die Sta- dtwerke in Düsseldorf entwickelt: die Ladestation an Straßenlatern- en.", which has the English meaning: "The public utility company in Düsseldorf has developed an interesting variant: the charging station at street lamps/lights.". As a criminal act, this was actively describ- ed in a wrong and the reader misleading way, because not the gen- eral variant of a "gas pump" to recharge the accumulators of electric cars in form of an electric street lamp/light was developed by that public utility company, but the electric street lamp/light (pole) vari- ant of our charging station for accumulators of electric cars, the irail™, by replacing in a step backwards our wireless with a wire bas- ed technology (read also in conjunction with this case the Invest- igations::Car #211 at the 26th of December 2009). Also, in a report about a top version of a coupé, the test driven car is compared stu- pidly with the performance of a Fiat→Ferrari F430, that has 483 bhp, as if this super sports car is the actual model, but also well knowing that the F430 already is superseded since month by the model 458 Italia, which has 570 bhp and was also presented by the newspaper month before.
    Btw.: We don't buy that mess, because we get a version for free.


  • Rheinische Post: That tab claimed wrongly again, that the last movie "Avatar" of the producer James Cameron could help to finally make the breakthrough by the 3D technology. In fact, 3D movies, 3D (video) cameras, 3D monitors and other 3D technologies were al- ways made in the past. But the real hype was started after the pre- sentation of our Ontologic System™ and Hightech Operating Sys- tem™ OntoLinux™, which is also a revolutionary and super innova- tive™™ pioneering work by having as the world's first operating sys- tem a 3D user interface, that is integrated as a module in the Onto- scope software component and can be used in the whole spectrum of mixed reality, including 2D and 3D standard, as well as virtual and augmented reality modes, and by the whole spectrum of devices, from high-performance computers, over PCs and all kinds of Mobile Devices™, including smartphones, tablet PCs and automotive dis- plays, to consumer electronics, like televisions, just right from the start. And the feature of 3D visualization technology is not the only application of an additional dimension.

    We made again some notes about the collector Gabriele Henkel and the newspaper Rheinische Post on our Culture webpage.

    Style of Speed Website update
    In the webpage of our HE™ we've inserted the actual images.

    OntoLinux Website update
    Due to the fact, that many persons behind the project One Laptop per Child (OLPC) are self-exposers, fraudsters and criminals (see for example the Investigations::Multimedia at the 7th of this month), we deleted in the section Mobile Device on the webpage Links to Hard- ware the link to:

  • OLPC Foundation: One Laptop per Child (OLPC).

    On the same webpage we deleted in the section Robotics the dead link to:

  • Fujitsu Robot Project: HOAP Series.

    Investigations::Car #215

  • General: We would like to thank all of the website owners, writers, readers as well as every other persons, who showed clearly in the last months, that they are interested in facts and not fairy tales by the marketing divisions of companies or self-exposers, and editorial departments of media companies. Keep on riding on the right track, rockin' in the free world and making this planet a better place.
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: That company presented on a large au- tomotive exhibition an automobile with Pure Electric™ drivetrain, which name "ActiveE" is a mix of terms used by Style of Speed™, like our Active Components™ and the names of many models in our ranges Conversion and E-SUV, examples given RE™ and HE™. We also have the phrases: "[...] electrifies [...]", "[...] pure electric [...] [Pure(ly) Electric™]", "[...] predicted top speed [...] [see the 962 ST webpage]", "[...] high-voltage- [...] [It's not a trick - It's High- voltage™. See also the Jota™ webpage.]", "[...] three hours [...]", "[...] short overhangs [...] [see the Raptor Speedster and 9EE™ Speedster webpages]", "[...] Liquidwhite metallic [...] [Liquid Dia- mond™, Liquid Titan™ and Snow White Exterior Theme™]" and "[...] graphic elements in Electricblue inspired by electrical conducting pa- thes [...] [This is referring to the movie Tron, design of the STrong and copy of the RE™ - The Original, named e-tron.]", which mean in the language they're written: "[...] elektrisiert [...]", "[...] rein elek- trisch [...]", "[...] prognostizierte Höchstgeschwindigkeit [...] [siehe die 962 ST Web-Seite]", "[...] Hochvolt- [...] [It's not a trick - It's High-voltage™. Siehe auch die Jota Web-Seite.]", "[...] drei Stunden [...]", "[...] kurzen Überhängen [...] [siehe die Raptor Speedster und 9EE™ Speedster Web-Seiten]", "[...] Liquidwhite metallic [...] [Liquid Diamond™, Liquid Titan™ und Snow White Exterior Thema]" and "[...] elektrischen Leiterbahnen inspirierten Grafikelemente in Elec- tricblue [...] [Das ist eine Anlehnung an den Film Tron, Design des STrong und der Kopie des RE™ - Das Original, genannt e-tron.]".
  • Volkswagen: Out of a press release for a car we do quote the fol- lowing phrases, which partly don't respect our trademarks: "Hybrid Concept Car", "[...] sharp styling [...]", "[...] high-tech alliance of sorts: a TSI engine that is as fuel efficient as it is sporty, an elec- tric motor [...] [compare for example with the Hybrid Extension of the Amarok-E™]", "[...] pure [...]", "[...] sporty and fun to drive [...] [Driven by Fun™, Just For Fun™, Pure Fun™ and so on]", "[...] TSI [...] range [...]", "[...] torque-strong [...]", "[...] E-motor [...]", "[...] pure electric [...] [No, no, no. Respect our trademark Pure El- ectric™.]", "[...] aggressive [...]", "[...] supplement [...] [Here we have a term, that, as we already said, was rarely used before we set up the section Supplement by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] pure electric [...] [No, no, no. Pure Electric™ is away.]", "[...] driving style [...]", "[...] reflected [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] Styling [...]", "[...] purist [...]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] technically complex [...]", "[...] sharp [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] signature [...]", "[...] stylistic bridge [...]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] Clean [...] muscular [...]", "[...] styled [...]", "[...] stylized [...]", "[...] embedded [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] styled [...]", "[...] multifunction sport steering wheel is the key in- terface between human and machine [...] [This is without doubt the concept behind the Steering Wheels of Style of Speed™.]", "[...] touchscreen radio-navigation system [...]", "[...] multifunction keys on the steering wheel [...]", "[...] style [...]" and "[...] no compro- mises [...]".
    There is also the announcement of the launch of the first hybrid mo- del on the market under the Volkswagen label, which is a SUV with full-time all-wheel drive. This sounds again like the Amarok-E™ with hybrid range extension.
  • Volkswagen→Audi: The company took again contents, concepts and technologies of Style of Speed™ and made another plagiarizat- ion named the "e-tron Detroit showcar", which is nothing else than our Raptor with the front of our RE™ - The Original in the Perform- ance version and design elements of one of the shown 2010 models, like the rear. We have much to quote, but it is worth to see and do- cument the truth: "[...] uncompromising purist [...]", "[...] all-elec- tric drive [...] [Ah, it is possible to not use the terms Pure Electric™ or Purely Electric™.]", "[...] high-torque power units driving the rear wheels [...] Two electric motors [...] [see also the paragraph First- ever records on the webpage of the Apollo Speed-E™]", "[...] elec- tric motors' high torque [...]", "[...] "torque vectoring" is the key to a thrilling level of active precision and excellent traction [...] [So now it should be totally clear, that our Electric Torque VectoringActive Differential#2 in the 2 engines version is meant.]", "[...] components in this electric vehicle on an integral concept with many revolutionary details [...]", "[...] wide and muscular [...]", "[...] pur- istic [...]", "[...] innovative thermal management [...]", "[...] wheel- base of just 2.43 meters (95.67 in) [...] [For a quick comparison: The SOS Raptor has a wheelbase of 2.415 meters.]", "[...] shorter than the R8 [...]", "[...] as is typical for an Audi R [...] [We all do know now, that the company would like to name the e-tron RE™, but we're already there with our RE™ - The Original. If some per- sons have built up in more than the last 8 years a house of cards, then it is close to break together in the near future.]", "[...] mono- lithic entity and strongly [...]", "[...] Audi feature of round wheel arches [...] [We don't know why the company claims for something it can't get and even in a way that looks like pure incompetence.]", "[...] just 3.93 meters (154.72 in) long [...] [Here we can see, that the SOS feature of shorter overhangs at the front and the rear have been taken while specifying the dimensions of the car. The stated length of the Raptor with 4.305 meters is the original dimension of the base giving Volkswagen→Porsche Cayman, but a look at the cir- ca 0.15 meters shorter new front by Style of Speed and the des- cription of the shorter rear prove easily, that the Raptor has also a length of around 4.000 meters.]", "[...] two electric motors, which have their own cooling system [...]", "[...] perfect balance [...]", "[...] adaptive matrix beam headlight modules [...]", "[...] fully auto- matic light assistance system [...]", "[...] technology at the heart of the light assistance system is a camera that works together with a fast computer [...] [We all already do know the Active Light™ tech- nology with its Active Camera™ component by Style of Speed.]", "[...] significantly [...]", "[...] reflected [...]", "[...] LED elements change appearance and thus the character of the front end of the vehicle depending on the speed driven and the ambient conditions. The innovative lighting technology now offers the Audi designers al- most as much design freedom as the shape of the body does. [This is our Emoticon Light™ system that was shown the first time with our j! model and is a further developement of the LED based head- lights of the Le Mans Quattro Concept car (R8 concept car) of the year 2003. No one at the companies Volkswagen or Audi has seen this concept all the years before we presented it.]", "One design element that is specific to electric vehicles developed by Audi - such as the Audi e-tron - are the air intakes in the single-frame grille and behind the side windows on the C-post. [To make it clear again: The e-tron is a clone of the RE™ - The Original and was de- veloped by us and not by the Volkswagen susbsidiary Audi. The company Audi has only taken our concepts and technologies, and built our cars without asking us (as a good start to get into the case, read the Investigations::Car #210 at the 19th of December of 2009). And this design element was shown the first time with The Original Apollo Speed-E™.]", "[...] lightweight construction [...]", "[...] hybrid design [...]", "[...] combination of aluminum and carbon fiber-reinforced composite material guarantees supreme rigidity coupled with low weight [...] [This approach has to be seen with a remark we made about the Paragon→Artega company at the end of the Investigations::Car #172 at the 7th of October 2009, because Artega used exactly this kind of composite material for its sports car.]", "[...] complex drive system layout with two electric motors and a high-capacity battery system [...]", "[...] purist [...]", "[...] formal [...]", "[...] gear selector [...] emerges from the tunnel [...] [see Active Interior™]", "[...] equipped with a large built-in central display with integrated MMI functions [...]", "[...] scroll pad with a touch-sensitive surface on the steering wheel ("MMI touch") - an element inspired by modern smartphones [...] [Yes, we really had this inspiration, but the company Audi and its parent company Volks- wagen have taken this concept as well as the text from the Steering Wheel webpage on the website of Style of Speed™, as our readers already know the case better.]", "[...] in a clear reference to motor sport [...] [and to Style of Speed™]", "A smartphone that can be integrated into the front section of the center console interfaces between the vehicle, the driver and external information sources. The driver can use a suitably equipped conventional smartphone as a car phone, address database, navigation system and video player. At the same time they can also use it as an operating unit for many specific on-board systems [...] The Smartphone and vehicle commu- nicate via the mobile communications network, even over consider- able distances. [...] within the range of the WLAN it can constantly monitor the current status of the vehicle [...] it also sends details of the current charge status [...] [This is a copy of our system, which is composed out of the Active Components™, OntoLinux™ and On- toscope™.]", "[...] vehicle’s communication with its surroundings [...]", "The instruments combine the analog and the digital worlds into a single unit [...] [We already related this with the project ADDA in the past.]", "[...] torque is distributed selectively to the wheels [...] [This is called torque vectoring.]", "[...] electro-mechanical brake system means the potential of electric motors for energy re- covery can now be exploited [...] [Said in this way it is illogical and misleading interested persons, because brake energy recovery by using electric motors can be realized as well without such a brake system. In general it doesn't matter how the brake pads are pressed against the disc to recover energy while braking. For example, if greater deceleration is required, then our Active Differential with its integrated Electric Stability Control works harmonically together with the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Traction Control System (TCS) to handle the task.]", "[...] high-voltage [...] [It's not a trick - It's High-Voltage™]", "[...] reflecting [...]", "[...] motors, which are installed behind the wheels close to the vehicle’s center line [...] [The motors are placed at the position of a differential, as we have done it with our invention of the Active Differential™ #2.]", "[...] intelligently controlled [...]", "[...] newly developed electric drive [...] [by Style of Speed™]", "[...] triangular [...]", "[...] components [...]", "[...] geometry [...]", "[...] 19-inch wheels [...]" and "[...] 235/35 tires up front and 255/35 tires at the rear [...] [The Raptor by Style of Speed™ has 19-inch wheels with 235/40 tires up front and 265/40 tires at the rear.]".
  • Ford: At a large exhibition we can see the slogan "Drive Green" in relation to our marketing (see for example the Profile of Style of Speed™). But in the end this cheap behaviour won't help, because we are "greener.than.other™". By the way, its logo is coloured in white on blue and not white on green.
  • General Motors→Cadillac: We have to make some quotes: "[...] specific front and rear [...]", "[...] unique twin [...]", "[...] perform- ance [...]", "[...] aggressive [...]", "[...] sleeker [...]", "[...] perform- ance [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] barriers [...]", "[...] clear visual statement [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "Signature [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] Performance Algo- rithm [...]", "[...] performance-oriented [...] pattern during sustained high-performance [...]", "[...] reaches elite levels [...] [This phrase is nicely written.]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] dual-mode [...]", "[...] world's fastest-reacting suspension technology [...] [Really?!]", "[...] magneto-rheological technology [...]", "[...] high-performance [...]", "[...] composed [...]", "[...] spirited performance [...]", "[...] high-performance [...]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] spirited [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] high-performance [...]". We hope, that we haven't missed to quote one of the 20 times when the word "performance" was used.
  • General Motors→Chevrolet: The quotes are: "[...] inspired [...]", "[...] next-generation [...]", "[...] inspired by the designers' affection for motorcycles [...]", "[...] sleek [...]", "[...] sport theme [...]", "[...] motorcycle-inspired [...]", "[...] reflects [...]", "[...] Blue theme [...]", "[...] augments [...]", "[...] motorcycle inspiration [...]", "[...] stylish [...]" and "[...] spirited [...]".
  • General Motors→Buick: Here we do quote as well: "[...] 21st-cent- ury [...]", " Bold, sporty design with unique exterior details and an aggressive stance", "[...] high-tech, high-performance [...]", "[...] performance-oriented [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] racing-inspired sport steering wheel [...] [see the Steering Wheel webpage by Style of Speed™]", "[...] high-performance [...]", "[...] aggressive [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] aggressive [...]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] complements [...]", "[...] steering wheel reminiscent of those used in international racing series [...]", "[...] calibrated for performance [...]", "[...] electronic [...] differential [...]", "[...] high- performance [...]", "[...] performance is complemented [...]", "[...] High Performance [...]" and "[...] crisper handling [...] [Oh, ah, yeah, another well formulated phrase.]".
  • PSA Peugeot Citroën: Despite that the design has some interesting lines it should be overworked by someone, who really is competent in this field, like Style of Speed™. Also the press release isn't what the public wants to read, so we do quote: "[...] stylistic design trends [...]", "[...] reflected [...]", "Dynamic, balanced, sensual, with an exclusive high-tech interior, this "dream car" explores and reinter- prets the theme of the "Grand Touring Car".", "[...] blend of excite- ment and efficiency [...]", "[...] Elegance, purity [...]", "[...] dream car par excellence [...] [Ahahah, we really do think that the B! and its siblings, the D!™, M!™, 9!™ or 9ii™, as well as our other Street Legal cars set the benchmarks.]", "[...] strong stylistic [...] [How boring it is, isn't it?.]", "[...] new balance [...]", "[...] styling lines [...]", "[...] blends [...]", "[...] carbon "skin" [...]", "[...] high-tech assembly [...]", "[...] contrasts: purity [...]", "[...] three [...] third [...]", "[...] blends [...]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] blend [...]", "[...] high tech [...]", "[...] components [...]", "[...] item [...]", "[...] tech- nological innovation is the creation of an exclusive wristwatch [...]", "[...] component [...]", "[...] blends styles [...]", "[...] combined cy- cle [...]", "[...] concept offers convincing proof that driving pleasure can be combined with environmental friendliness [...]", "[...] rigid, lightweight structure comprising of a one-piece body and a tubular chassis onto which are mounted the mechanical components and suspension [...] [Here we can also see the very old "onto" trick.]" and "[...] motorised links on the rear wishbones [...] [This is the Active Bracket/Mount™ technology by Style of Speed™.]".
  • Saleen: We do quote: "[...] third [...] of the ultra-high perform- ance [...]", "[...] thirty plus [...]", "[...] are excited [...]", "[...] SMS Signature Series [...]", "[...] third [...]", "[...] iconic visual statement that very clearly bears the SMS design DNA [...]", "[...] exterior co- lors [...] [We do not have colours only, but we have whole Exterior Themes™.]" and "[...] Magneto-Rheological Semi-Active Dampers and Torvec Isotorque Differential [...] [Oh, how cheap. It's only a mix of terms and technologies like Ontologic and the Electric Torque VectoringActive Differential™ ]". We say: Raptor.
  • Fenix Automotive: Before the responsible person of the company falls in an illusion and tries to copy contents, concepts and/or tech- nologies of Style of Speed, we do quote out of a press release: "[...] strong hint [...]", "[...] natural [...]", "[...] iconic [...]", "[...] bold [...]", "[...] terms of design [...]", "[...] styling [...]" and "[...] edgy, with powerful lines [...]". We don't know, but somehow the design of the new car, which is a mix of lines and elements taken out of the shelves of the marques Audi, Audi→Lamborghini and Porsche by the company Volkswagen, shows, that the business lost its characterist- ic purism.
  • Daimler: Its CEO still don't want to see how the reality looks like, example given, that we by Style of Speed™ have already reinvented the automobile ( see the Profile of Style of Speed™) and that Volks- wagen→Audi already has overtaken that company by taking all of our technologies. He isn't only a bad liar but also a dreamer. Furthermore, that company jumped on the bandwagon of describing "automobile design as an art form".
  • Carroll Shelby International→Shelby Automobiles: Some weeks ago, the company presented a turbocharger kit for the Mustang model by the company Ford.
  • Bertelsmann→N-TV: That media company still don't want to un- derstand, that "The permanent repetition of a wrong information or a lie make them not right or true" [Investigations::Car #210 at the 19th of December of 2009].
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media→N24: In a report about a large exhibition a statement was made about a model of a SUV with hybrid drivetrain and named HX, which is pointing into the direction of our HE™ and S!™, and the question raised, if U.S.American lovers of muscle cars could be convinced of environmental friendly technologies, which stands directly in relation with our Electric Muscle Car™ series, for sure.

    Comment of the Day
    "The people is the sovereign." [C.S., Today]
    And not a handful of persons.

    Comment of the Day
    "Chaos is the opposite of order." [C.S., Today]
    This comment is for everybody who still don't know.

    Style of Speed Bugatti Design Collection
    The collection of Bugatti designs by C.S. was publicated in the the Bugatti revue, Volume 15, Issue 1, by Jaap "J.J." Horst.

    Investigations::Car #216

  • Fiat: That company showed at a large automotive exhibiton a ver- sion of a Fiat 500 with Pure Electric™ drivetrain. In conjunction with this concept car, we would like to direct the interest by our website readers to our City Speed-E™.
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (ARD): Like in many other cases, the working pool of the broadcasting corporations of the Federal Repub- lic of Germany actively made again despite better knowledge a false statement as part of its criminal acting. This time it has declared, that an electric car concept, which is based on a succesful small car and shown at a large exhibition by a large Italian manufacturer, will never be built. In fact it is already available at the market since more than a year by two companies with their own versions of an all-electric drivetrain. One of these companies is the Christian Stro- etmann GmbH with the City Speed-E™ by its subsidiary Style of Speed.
    Also interesting is the remark, that the company Volkswagen→Audi attempts with its top model to make up leeway in the top luxury se- gment versus the companies Mercedes and Bayerische Motorenwer- ke. Somehow this is in opposition to the statements by the CEO of the company Audi and us, that the marque already is the #1 in Eu- rope and has overtaken the company Mercedes by taking our tech- nologies. This remark set into relation with the aggressive interview of the CEO of Audi this morning in the television was a further big strategic mistake.
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: 2 years ago, that company jumped on the bandwagon with the theme heart by the advertising bill of the year 2007, which shows the slogan "Hrzrasn", which means Herz- rasen==Racing heart.
  • Renault: In a commercial of that company we see a slogan, which contains "Herzklopfen==Beating of the heart [...]".

    We made again notes about the so called designer Philippe Starck and the so called artist Günether Uecker on our only facts docu- menting Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day
    The Electrifyer™

    Style of Speed Website update 4:00 am and 8:00 pm
    We are very glad to inform our readers about the publication of the webpages of the announced conversions of the Volkswagen→Bugatti Veyron, the

  • Ettore and
  • Ettore Cabriolet.

    The development of the Ettore Compétition is in progress.

    Joke and Comment of the Day
    "[...] aufwendig hergestellten Qualitätsinhalten==by an elaborate way produced quality contents [...]", [Federal association of german newspaper publishers, Today]
    1. What a quality? 2. Maybe a large internet search engine service providing company should not let crawl their robots over their web- sites at all or for free anymore. 3. We said, that they've to set up an own internet search engine and maybe even prohibit using the contents of their websites by other internet search engine providers.

    By proving several times in the last years, that the working pool of the broadcasting corporations in the B.R.D. (ARD) and the other public broadcasters are actively spreading wrong informations and giving convicted fraudsters a platform to spread even more wrong informations or lies, the last argument to keep up the so called Ge- bühreneinzugszentrale der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (GEZ), that is the center which raises the television and radio licence fees for the public broadcast- ers, has vanished.

    We made notes about the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-recht- lichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (ARD) and again about the so called writer Frank Schätzing on our Culture web- page.

    And we also added in the last months some more content in our Culture Pop music webpage. It's even amazing for C.S. to see that nearly every #1 hit single in more than the last 3 years contains parts of his works. Actually these still are mirrors and geometry, space and stars, the Statue of Liberty and New York City, flying, walking and grabbing robots, the basic colours red, green/yellow and blue, and videos that look like the images of the Person→Don Pablo (see Original at the 29th August 2009), Space→Space Shuttle (see Original at the 11th March 2009), Space→Moonwalk (see Original at the 22nd March 2009) and Robotics→Sojourner series (see Original at the 28th of August 2009), which had made and continue to make an unparalleled massive impact.

    Picture of the Day
    ISS Destiny: Sodium chloride ((common/table) salt) crystals in a water bubble within a 50-millimeter metal loop.
    © NASA
    See and try to understand also that there is so much more in the around the year 2000 made logo of Ontologics (examples given in- finity, fractal, Koch snowflake/star, zero, circle, pyramid, crystal, diamond, sun/star, Ontologics, stargate and so on).

    Investigations::Car #217

  • Proton→Group Lotus: In conjunction with the presentation of a new version of one of its automobiles and a related branding cup several statements were made. We do quote to document the taking of our website contents, concepts and technologies: "[...] incredible handling and performance [...]", "[...] high-tech [...]", "[...] perform- ance [...]", "At the heart [...]", "[...] Green with a Solar Yellow [...]", "[...] significantly improves performance [...]", ""Performance through light weight" [...] philosophy [...]", "[...] high performance [...]", "[...] evident from the design [...]", "[...] excited by [...]" and "[...] pan European [...] [see also the Pan™ by Style of Speed™.]". The concept of a branding cup with an own racing league and the related lightweight vehicle was stolen from our remark about the Style of Speed Further steps at the 2nd of September 2009. This time we really got that company.
  • Tesla Motors: That since more than a year already theoretical insolvent company publicated a press release in relation with the presentation of a new model. Our quotes are: "[...] charger [...]", "[...] recharged [...]", "[...] only 45 minutes [...] [Ah, we're seeing here our Quickcharger™ concept by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] more trunk space than [...] most SUVs [...] [Nonsense!]", "[...] perform- ance [...]", "[...] it's truly the only car you need [...] is just the first of many mainstream cars we're developing [...] [These statements are contradictory.]", "[...] nearly 300 [...] nearly 1,000 [...]", "Three battery pack [...]", "[...] touchscreen with in-car 3G connectivity [...]" and "[...] check their state of charge remotely from their [smartphone] or laptop [...] [We commented this feature already in the Audi case in the Investigations::Car #215 at the 12th of this month.]". That company doesn't function and the state should not support it by tax money. It has no chance against the company Volkswagen with the allowance to take our technologies. Musk, the game and the show are over.
  • SDR Sportscars: And again we found one of the classic fraudster. In this case we see a bold copy of an original sports car with an exoskeleton type chassis and another car of the same class. We do quote: "WR3 V-Storm", "[...] theme [...]", "[...] exoskeleton [...]", "[...] 3 [...]", "[...] features a clever and unique modular chassis design, an additional benefit for the customer is that they have the flexibility to update their existing cars with new bodywork styles and engine packages as new options become available without having to change their car. Simply swop the interchangeable bodywork or change the rear sub frame to install a different engine package to get a completely different looking and driving vehicle. This upgrad- ability is unique to SDR [...] [Gotcha!!!™. And until today it is the second time that we found out, that our concept from Style of Speed™, which is described on the Profile and the cj!™ webpages, has been stolen.]", "[...] natural evolution [...]", "[...] ISO 9002 quality standards [...]", "[...] true race car style [...]", "[...] 300 [...]" and "[...] 3 [...]". Before we forget to name the result we give a clear: Convicted!!!™

    Btw.: Has someone of our esteemed readers counted the number of these fraudsters?

    Comment of the Day
    "What a luck, that dreaming is still for free." [C.S., Yesterday]
    But the fee for dreaming will come directly after the tax for breath- ing.

    Investigations::Car #218

  • Fiat: First, we didn't know, if we should document it, but we do it now. That company showed on a large exhibition a new version of its 500 model, which is called S like Style, Speed and SuperVeloce. It is easy to see, that after a Pure Electric™ version of the model 500 the City SuperVeloce was copied in parts now.
  • Renault: The company showed in a commercial, that it also jumped on the life bandwagon and claims to "drive the change" in the field of vehicles with Purely Electric™ drivetrain. Oh oh, nous sommes très désolé, mais vous êtes trop tard.
  • Green Vehicles: You thought it can't be done cheaper, like for ex- ample that other company Impact did before (see Investigations:: Car #189 at the 14th of November 2009)? Yes, of course it is pos- sible, and the reader will also see it be looking once again on the name of that company and getting the informations, that the all-el- ectric vehicle has 3 wheels and is designed like a Tron lightcycle. We think the Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™ aka. GX4), which is based on technologies that is developed for and shown with the Volkswagen concept car (trike) GX3 and has 4 wheels, is much safer and sport- ier.
  • topspeed.com: We have observed the behaviour of that typical defrauding website over several months and could now convict it, for sure. After contents of our websites were used for some stories about automobiles, that are built by other persons and companies, which used concepts and technologies of Style of Speed™, a story about the Ettore, that is inspired by our RSQ version of the RE™ - The Original, was publicated and set into relation with the movie "I, Robot", for which the RSQ was originally designed for. But what the bold author hasn't seen is, that the Ettore is more related with the "Transformers" movies and not the "I, Robot" movie, as well as that one of the 2010 models of the RE™ has a front design in relation to the movie "Iron Man". Bad luck, we were first and better once again, as always.
    And yes, what you see is a new trend set by Style of Speed™, naturally and who else, the Exterior Themes™ called Robot or Bot, and Transformer.
  • Rheinische Post: As not expected otherwise, the tab reported about a large automotive exhibition in its standard criminal, because manipulating and wrong facts spreading, style. For example a normal sports car with the name Revenge Verde is described, which is bas- ed on an concept that is used by more than 15 different small U.S. American car manufacturers and customizers, and often seen by us as a new class of muscle cars. But the most important parts of this story are, that verde means green, that the car has a design of the rear lights, which looks like the headlight design of one of the 2010 models of the RE™ - The Original and that another concept car with nearly the same style and technological concept never made it to production, so that SOS has the Raptor now. The next story is about the totally old and lame supercar S7 by a company we had named many times in our investigations and is related with the much higher performant 962 ST by SOS. Followed by a misleading caption that claims for an electric car shown on the image, which is in fact a hybrid, and a short description of a mini version that is a bad copy of the concept of the X! by Style of Speed™, we also see some sentences about a hybrid sportscoupé with a 2+2 seat configurat- ion, which is a cheap attempt to refute a report about the first Elec- tric Sports Coupé™ with 4 seats, the Pan™, by the Reinventer of the Automobile™ Style of Speed™. For sure, the report ends with a story about the copy of the Raptor, which also has the clone label e-tron and, like the already shown other 2010 model of the RE™ - The Original, design lines of the so called Urquattro and not of the TT model, as the tab actively claims in a wrong way. The remark, that the second clone e-tron has the front of the Performance ver- sion of the RE™ - The Original was already given in the Investigat- ions::Car #215 at the 12th of this month.

    Comment of the Day #1

    Comment of the Day #2
    "We don't think that a prophet or a messias would use a phone, but the Ontoscope." [C.S., Today]

    Question of the Day
    "Who really thinks, that a state will ever made lesser debts?"

    As the HighTech Competence we do know very well since nearly 2 decades the implications of the use of visual 3-D technologies over a longer period of time than 30 minutes. The results like vertigo, nau- sea, headaches and so on are typical for productions and applicat- ions of these technologies by incompetent persons. That the produ- cer of the movie "Avatar" isn't in the know about this problem shows only who really is leading and pioneering in this field as well.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have added to the webpages of our E-SUVs™ and E-SUTs™ Can™, Amarok-E™, HE™, S!™ and X!™ the line Hybrid Driving Range to their specifications.


  • General: More than 8 years ago we found out that the company Ontoprise had patented a very special application of a database ma- nagement system around the year 1998 and the persons F.K. Piëch and M. Winterkorn (at this time CEO of the marque Audi) have given, beside many other orders we've in parts reported and documented on this website, the company Ontoprise the task to implement one of our concepts in the field of ontology-based systems, which was not publicated by us, and is so special and complex that the possi- bility is not given that another company comes to the same solution on its own. Since more than 5 years we collect evidences that all shareholders of the Deutsche Forschungszentrum für Künstliche In- telligenz, members on all levels of all political german parties, espe- cially the parties Christlich Demokratische Union and Christlich Sozi- ale Union, many german universities and research institutes, as well as their partner institutes worldwide got and get knowledge, which was and is still gained by spying out our german office and even the homes of many family members of C.S.. Since 3 years we're docu- menting most of what we do and also much of the relevant criminal actings done by the other persons, companies, institutes, groups and other nations on our websites, especially this website of Onto- maX™. What is happening here is a development of a behaviour that has the characteristics of Nazi germany and the former national and foreign intelligence service by East germany (called Stasi), and, may be the most sad fact, is already influencing the behaviour of the children at the age of around 12 and older.
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: That criminal media company thought to be clever by replacing the cases of the forename (see example given the Investigations of the 15th of December 2009) and t-shirt with logo by the star case. For example in one of a so called docusoap a picture with 3 stars, which are arranged like on the logo of Ontolo- gics, is shown and in another docusoap everywhere 5-pointed stars can be seen. Both is done in a highly provocative way.

    Investigations::Car #219

  • Volkswagen: At a large exhibition the CEO of the subsidiary Audi by the company Volkswagen made the following statement: "[...] die Zukunft aktiv gestalten==actively shaping the future [...]". But the company and its subsidiaries aren't shaping anything, but copying our website contents as well as our concepts and technologies, which is done in a range beginning with every letter, number and even pixel over Purely Electric™ (Active Differential #2) and hybrid drivetrains (combination of a TSI engine and an electric motor), ex- terior parts (example given Golf GTI Street and Raptor Speedster) or the whole exterior (RE™ RSR), to whole cars (RE™ and a mix of RE™ and Raptor), and ending with energy generation and traffic manage- ment/guidance systems. Furthermore, since years it is giving orders to other companies to implement our concepts and technologies, like ontology-based systems and automotive multimedia applications and systems. And even the statement above is only again a reflection of contents of the website of Style of Speed™, especially of the field Active Components™. Since M. Winterkorn was the CEO of Audi we haven't seen nearly one real innovation by the company and its sub- sidiaries quattro, Lamborghini and the other marques by the Volks- wagen corporation. The main innovations of the last years were researched and developed by us, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, and its divisions Ontonics™, the OntoLab™ and the other business units.
    We repeat the facts: We have no contracts made with the company Volkswagen or one of its subsidiaries. And the company Volkswagen is not allowed to use our intellectual properties in the ways it does it and as long it refutes to name us as the real source of the shown innovations and concepts. That we use a handful of images of the company Volkswagen is not comparable with its behaviour, because we're marketing its products or conversions by Style of Speed™ that are based on its products, naming the company as the owner, pre- senting an image that shows one of our concepts or technologies, as well as documenting our achievements and influences that are related with the products and services of the company Volkswagen before one of its employees claims illegally for one of these.


  • European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company: The company was given by 3 European states the order to develop a drone sys- tem at the end of the year 2007. Each system consists of 3 recon- naissance Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and 1 mobile ground con- trol. The conceptual system configuration painted as a graphic re- minds us of the logo of Ontologics.

    Comment of the Day #1
    M stands for Masterpiece™ M stands for Motorsport™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Never trust republicans or national socialists."

    Comment of the Day #3
    "Good queens and kings existed and still exist." [C.S., Today]

    Comment of the Day #4
    "The best politicial system is a system without politicians." [C.S., Today]

    Comment of the Day #5
    "The statement, that a bad democracy is better than a good king- ship is wrong." [C.S., Today]
    The history already showed, that in fact the other way round was in some few cases the better choice.

    Clarification #1
    All governments are keeping up a permanent state of chaos/emerg- ency so that they don't have to follow their constitutions as well as establish and protect the laws and rights of their peoples.

    Clarification #2
    C.S. and his company have no connections and, with less than 10 exceptions that were all done in private, around 10 exceptions in the field of open source projects (linux, prolog, wordnet and so on) and less than 10 exceptions in the field of automobiles and robotics (NASA, etc.), not communicated to any kind of companies or groups. The contents of the websites of C.S. are firm.


  • Governments of Europe and North America: We don't know why dictatorships are still supported for a handful of oil. Why does the world don't take simply the oil for free, if the democracy is said to be the best social and political system. As far as we can see, peoples who follow the spirit of democracy are in the majority and don't need to ask for something, but to decide what is right and what is wrong.
    We also don't know why the governments don't print new money to tell China, that it has to follow the democratical laws of the majority of peoples on this planet Earth and that this majority also decides what is worth something and what is worth nothing, in this case the large trade surplus by China. There are living around 1.5 billions hu- mans in China, but only less than 400 millions can be mobilized on the lowest level for a very short time, if at all. China can't start a world war, because it is and will be too weak forever, and by this fact will lose definitely a world war, but the rest of the world is able to easily take over China. Now it is time that the world tells all idiots what we want.
  • Government of Saudi Arabia: The government has started, like the other nations in the middle east, a broad process to steal our and other website contents as well as concepts and technologies, that have been developed by other nations over decades for their futur- es, to keep up its not contemporary feudalistic systems. We can see for example a commercial with "inspiring", "activities", "sustained", "energy" and other terms, while in the video a zoom out is shown starting from the brain of a figure that is abstracted as a clock work running in another calibre (compare with the last paragraph Inte- grating Architecture on the webpage Overview of the website of OntoLinux™). It has to pay the full price to every person, company or other nation as well, if it uses or takes something owned by others, as it is clearly ruled by the Koran. Otherwise its royal house has to be dropped.
  • Government of Bahrain: see government of saudi arabia
  • Cable News Network: We can't understand why a media company shows commercials of undemocratical governments.

    Investigations::Car #220

  • General: For sure, if a person, institute or company is using con- tents, concepts and/or technologies of us, the Chrsitan Stroetmann GmbH, then we have to be named. Every other acting is not a simple, but a serious crime.
  • Volkswagen→Karmann: It is reported, that 400 jobs shouldn't be dropped. Guess why and take a look at the Investigations::Car #182 of the 24th October 2009 and #194 of the 20th of November 2009 to see, which company tries now to be the third one that refutes the opportunities. We don't buy the fairy tale that this act has only to do with the production of the convertible version of the model Golf.
    Actually the legal situation is as follows: The company Volkswagen has commited a serious crime in more than the last 8 years with the support by german states, which are reigned by the political parites Christlich Demokratische Union and Christlich Soziale Union, but also by the party Freie Demokratische Partei and in many cases even by the Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands. This chaos can only be solved and brought back to order, if all political parties and compa- nies resolve this serious crime. But the latter case shouldn't be ex- pected to happen due to the Clarification #1 above.
    Also, the contents of our websites have to be seen and handled like a song or a video. In this context it is for sure clear, that if the act- ing by the company Volkswagen is said to be legal, then it is allowed for every person and company worldwide to copy the products and services of us, but also of every other person and company world- wide, examples given the german companies Volkswagen, Daimler, Bayerische Motorenwerke, Microsoft Deutschland, SAP, Deutsche Telekom and so on, as well.
  • Herpa and partners: That company could be convicted as well for jumping on the bandwagon of all-electric cars, like many other de- frauding persons, institutes and companies before, who/which have taken for their actings contents, concepts and technologies of our website Style of Speed™. The conviction could be done at last by the fact that suddenly also our strategy was copied to make 3 dif- ferent versions of its car, see for example the range of E-City cars, and a mini SUV version. Convicted!!!™
  • N24: It's unbelievable™ with want kind of impudence that criminal media company thinks it can take the contents of websites owned by other persons and companies to produce its mess. This time a report was broadcasted about a project in the area of all-electric automobiles by using contents of our website Style of Speed™ to give it a touch of competence, which definitely isn't existing, and also actively mixing facts in a wrong and the public misleading way.

    OntoLinux Website update
    Real experts already have guessed and waited for it: We added to the section Mixed Reality on the webpage Links to Software the link:

  • University of Canterbury, Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand (HIT Lab NZ): osgART.

    To make it easier to understand the architecture and its dependenc- ies, as well as to see how all software packages fit nicely together, we replaced in the section of the Ontoscope on the same webpage the lines:

  • ODE - Open Dynamics Engine™ and
  • Mekensleep Underware
  • libxml2 - XML C parser and toolkit of Gnome
  • SDL - Simple DirectMedia Layer
  • Cal3D - 3D Character Animation Library
  • Mekensleep Underware: osgcal (Debian package)
  • Xiph.Org Foundation: Ogg Vorbis
  • Creative Technology, Creative Labs: OpenAL®
  • University Umeå, VRlab: osgAL - OpenSceneGraph Audio Library
  • Mekensleep Underware: osgal (Debian package)
  • ODE - Open Dynamics Engine™
  • Delta3D: OSG with ODE.

    And to finally give all of the competitors, plagiarists and critics the rest we made clear that OntoLinux is the world's first and only oper- ating system with a mixed reality user interface, that establishs the from the reality at one end to the immersive virtuality at the other end of the scale reaching reality-virtuality-continuum and the con- sistent metaphor of the transition/bridge along this continuum, by also having added to the Ontoscope section the software packages:

  • Hirokazu Kato, University of Washington, Human Interface Technology Laboratory (HIT Lab), University of Canterbury, HIT Lab NZ, and ARToolworks: ARToolKit and
  • University of Canterbury, Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand (HIT Lab NZ): osgART.


  • Georgia Institute of Technology: We do quote from a webpage of one of its centers: "[...] interdisciplinary [...] [This term in german is part of the header of the website by Christian Stroetmann GmbH.]", "[...] transforming [...] [see the Profile webpage of OntoLinux™]", "[...] individuals and communities [...]", "[...] to communicate, to learn, to heal, to be entertained, to create, to express their ideas and visions [...] [Here we usually say: Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] improve their lives [...]", "[...] solve the problems created by the complex needs of people [...]", "[...] solve problems [...]", "[...] truly inter- disciplinary [...]", "[...] computer science, engineering, biology, mathematics, or medicine [...]", "[...] architecture, design, music, psychology, sociology, education, or public policy [...] [Haven't it forgotten to list more disciplines, that can be found on our web- sites?]", "[...] versatility and breadth of interdisciplinary [...]", "[...] best solutions happen when a diverse and committed group of pro- fessionals bring different perspectives, skill sets, and experiences to the problem-solving table [...]", "[...] truly [...]" and "[...] most ex- citing [...]". After the majority of the universities and institutes of technology, like for example of Stanford, Princeton, Massachusetts and Virginia, all U.S.A., or Oxford, U.K., the Georgia Institute of Technology is now a further one that proves by following our cont- ents, concepts and technologies the truly and totally outstanding, unique, unparalled and uncomparable superior position worldwide of the Christian Stroetmann GmbH and its business divisions, most to mention here Ontonics, the OntoLab and OntomaX.
  • Telefónica O2 Germany: That the provider of mobile communicat- ion services showed in its second last promotion campaign doodles, that partly were very similar to works and some doodles by C.S., was something that we have not sorted into the field of happenst- ance. And now our suspicion has been strengthened by another commercial, which shows lines of lamps and chairs as well as colloc- ations in the form of a spiral of some of the chairs. The next time we will catch and convict it.
  • Creative Technologies: For its websites the company has taken contents of our websites.


  • Google: We're watching the company, how it's copying every step that is done by the project OpenStreetMap, like it can be already seen now with the marks of the points of interest (POI), like for mu- seums, theaters, cinemas, hotels, restaurants and comparable ob- jects on its maps service. We claimed in the Investigations::Multi- media of the 30th of October 2009 that the company will show by this case its real nature.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We set up a webpage with the name COVE, sketched very roughly its contents and gave some few but interesting informations in the first paragraph.

    Comment of the Day
    Clean Green™

    OntoLinux Website update
    We added to the section Machine Simulation on the webpage Links to Software the link:

  • Eric Espié, Christophe Guionneau and the TORCS team: TORCS - The Open Racing Car Simulator.


  • Suzlan: Since more than 2 years that company is copying con- tents of our websites. The last case is the unrespectful and mis- leading handling of our trademark Clean and Green™ by using the phrase "[...] clean green energy [...]". Now it's: Convicted!!!™
  • Procter & Gamble: Once again, that company used terms like "[...]touch" and "[...] Bestform==Best form/shape" in a commercial for a hygiene product, that are made out of our trademarks Sense- Touch™, AITouch™ and HouseTouch™, as well as Technologie in Best Shape™, Technology in Bestform™ and Technology in Best Form™. To use one of these kinds of trademarks would have been in order, but here we see that that company took as much as needed of our contents for its product marketing, which indeed has to be judged in another way.

    Investigations::Car #221

  • Ford, University Aachen and partners: A project was started to copy our drive assistant systems, which should already exist after the made claims by a subsidiary of Ford, the company Volvo (see also for example the Investigations::Car #167 of the 1st of October 2009, #175 of the 14th of October 2009 and #187 of the 6th of November 2009).
  • Daimler→Mercedes: The company claimed that the design of a new race car with its visible black carbon fiber at the nose and at other positions is a reminiscence of the Ur-Silberpfeil==Ur-silverar- row of 1934. First of all, that statement is based on contents of our websites. The design is a copy of the style of the Ettore by Style of Speed™ with petrol blue coloured lines instead of red ones on the silver rims and the term ur-silberpfeil is a copy of the term urquattro. But the real nonsense is to relate it with the race car of 1934, which in fact was only silver and the only parts that were made out of car- bon were oil, gasoline and the soot (carbon black) in the tires. And that was not all. The CEO of Daimler claimed in another statement of pure nonsense, that no other marque gains as much as that marque by using motorsport as a marketing tool. But the whole world does know that in the case of the Formula 1, which was meant by him, this assumptions is related with the marque that has the red and not the silver black race cars.
  • Ross Brawn: At first, he looked like a normal race car designer, but especially at the beginning of the new century more and more suspi- cious signs reached the surface. One of these signs was the inform- ation that the racing team of the marque Ferrari used concepts of the field of genetic and evolutionary computing (GECCO), like the genetic computing methode of genetic algorithms (GA) (see also The Proposal for example), which are used together with software appli- cations that were analysed by C.S. some time before and later appli- ed by the Ferrari racing team to make strategical decisions while attending races, most to mention is here TORCS- The Open Racing Car Simulator. Also at the same time, the short form GA was used as part of the label for a special version of a Ferrari race car, that was said to be an act of honoring the died Giovanni "Gianni" Agnelli, and race cars were label as Rote Göttin==Red goddess as well. Then he used the term sabbatical and after the return to the Formula 1 race circus the case of the fractal diffusor became actually the last one. He is not a mastermind, because he has spied and stolen from C.S., and by doing this belongs in the class of masterfraudsters, like D. Hirst, P. Starck, Karl Buttfeld, F. Schätzing and others (see our Culture webpage).
    Btw.: Companies like Fiat, Daimler and Bertelsmann do know these facts.


  • Rheinische Post: Well knowing, that we use the slogans Das Labor der Visionen™==The Lab of Visions™ for our OntoLab™ since the times when the act of having a vision was declared as a part of eso- terics, the criminal tab not only tried to relate in an actively mislead- ing way the company Google with the term "Vision" by using the terms "Vision" and "Visionen==Visions", but made it even in a nega- tive way as well by using the phrase "totalitäre Visionen==totalitar- ian visions" in a report.
    Furthermore, in the same report the wrong statement was actively made about the already convicted companies Google and Nokia, in which it was claimed, that the company Nokia takes no more fee for the functionality of navigation by its mobile phones, because Google tried to market its mobile phone with this offer. In fact both compa- nies couldn't act in a different way, because we already have the ontologic (world wide) web version with XML→RDF format and onto- logy support of The Free Wiki World Map OpenStreetMap, which is declared by real experts as one of the next killer applications, as part of our worldwide only Hightech Operating System OntoLinux™ (see Links to Software webpage, and take also a look at the Invest- igations::Multimedia of the 30th of October 2009 and 23rd of this month).
    Extra funny: That criminal tab complained that the company Google is exploiting foreign contents, while the tab is doing it with our web- site contents and supporting other companies to do it as well.

    We made notes about the treasonous agency France Muséums, the government of Abu Dhabi, the person Sheldon Gary Adelson and for sure the architect Jean Nouvel on our Culture webpage. Also, an- other note about the already as pseudo artist convicted Ai Weiwei was made.


  • General: After more than 2 years of the emphasis of the "3" theme by C.S., uncountable many persons, associations and companies jumped now on this bandwagon. In the area of media companies the range comprises the small newspaper in East Tyrol as well as large media companies in for example Europe, Asia and North America.
    Another fact is, that in North America as well as Europe and other countries since more than 10 years small companies are founded me- thodically and very often by spending tax money, which do nothing else than copying our contents, concepts and technologies. We've proved that this won't function and if it is surprisingly functioning for a short periode of time, then criminal acting was done, as we proved it as well.
  • Government of B.R.D. and criminal network: By blocking us, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, the nation B.R.D. has lost in the last 10 years around 200,000 to 250,000 jobs, and 3, 4 or even much more billions Euro of tax money each year, as well as the leaderships in many fields of science and economy. And all the responsible persons were named already.
    We hope that the companies in U.S.A., most to mention here are Microsoft, Apple, Intel, International Business Machines, Google and so on, never will forget the fact, that they could make the business deals instead. And we also give the advice to them to not bribe too much that government, because everybody could see it then.
  • ARD and ZDF→Phoenix: The broadcaster used again contents of our websites for its reports.
  • Lidl: Again that company has copied contents of our websites even by copying the copying of the Nutella style of the company Ferroro, as we did for making a little fun at OntoLinux™ in respect to a Linux® kernel developer, who said in a statement "[...] eye candy [...]". The result is looking like "Genusslandschaft" and "Deutsche Qualität". And really funny is to use the slogan "Bad & Beauty", that can be interpreted in german as "Böses und Schöne" or in English as "Bath and Beauty". Furthermore, we see another jump on 2 bandwa- gons of being Sustainably Green and Clean™. It's 10 years to late to get a positive feedback by this attempt, because now every compa- ny is claiming for this and being conform to the trends.
    Lidl ist billig==Lidl is cheap. And that in every sense.

  • Government of Israel: The government forms a coalition with ger- man national socialists and supports german companies, which are using Nazi and Stasi methods to fight against another nation and its people.


  • Rheinische Post: That criminal tab copied our acting of the 6th of this month, when we made the presentation of our intelliTablet™ 1 day (in West Europe and North America 2 days) before another large software company showed its tablet computer, and made as well by even using the contents of our presentation a report about a pre- sentation of a copy of our intelliTablet™ by another large and al- ready convicted hard- and software company 1 day before that company. This proves once again that that tab is knowing our com- pany very well and taking contents of our websites.

    We made notes about the government of B.R.D. on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day
    Semantic Mixed Reality™ Semantic Augmented Reality™
    Semantic Virtual Reality™
    Semantic Mixed Environment™ Semantic Augmented Environment™ Semantic Virtual Environment™
    Ontologic Mixed Reality™ Ontologic Augmented Reality™
    Ontologic Virtual Reality™
    Ontologic Mixed Environment™ Ontologic Augmented Environment™
    Ontologic Virtual Environment™
    Ontologic Scene Graph™
    Ontological Mixed Reality™ Ontological Augmented Reality™
    Ontological Virtual Reality™
    Ontological Mixed Environment™ Ontological Augmented Environment™
    Ontological Virtual Environment™
    Ontological Scene Graph™

    Picture of the Day CET 4:20
    Mark Weiser Ubiquitous Computing with Tab (on the desk), Pad (now Tablet PC Slate type) and Board
    © Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)
    It was neither the company Apple nor the company Microsoft.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We added to the section Geography on the webpage Links to Software the links:

  • Pelican Mapping, Jason Beverage and Glenn Waldron: osgEarth and
  • Pelican Mapping, Glenn Waldron: osgGIS.

    Ooops, we've overtaken GoogleMaps and GoogleEarth.

    We also wrote some more lines on the COVE webpage, which is also called at this time OntoVE. But its content is still rough, because we are not talking about a mixed reality that is related with a virtuality continuum, but with a reality-virtuality-continuum that comprises the both extremes at its ends as well.

    Investigations::Car #222

  • Gemballa: That the company isn't as innovative and style defining as it's claiming has been already proved by us. And contents of the press release about its conversion of the model Enzo by the subsidi- ary Ferrari of the company Fiat (see also Investigations::Car #212 at the 29th of December 2009) strengthens our results again. We do quote and give comments: "[...] core [...]", "[...] components [...]", "[...] active aerodynamics [...]", "[...] Gemballa-aerodynamics con- cept [...] [This is misleading, because the concept as such was al- ready described several times, like in reports about the successor of the Enzo, while showing for example this speculative image made by Larson, and on our webpage of the Active ComponentActive Wing™.]", "[...] components [...]", "[...] new front skirt [...] to the diffuser and rear spoiler [...]", "[...] onto [...] [Oh, how cheap. The old onto trick.]", "[...] high performance [...]", "[...] components [...]", "[...] aggressive [...]", "[...] extremely innovative [...] [We give a big Italian laugh: Ahahah.]", "[...] significantly [...] [Maybe our readers might give together with us a loud: Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] unsprung masses [...] [Oh, it learned from us how to describe it.]", "[...] high-performance [...]", "[...] perform- ance [...]", "[...] end-pipes are equipped with the typical Gemballa heat shield [...] [What a nonsense. The heat shield is copied from Porsche and its model Carrera GT.]", "[...] reflects pure luxury [...] [No, no, no. Please respect our trademark Pure Luxury™.]", "[...] integrated high-end multimedia system offers a seven-inch touch screen, navigation [...]" and "[...] once again proves [...] [This is also a phrase we often used before on our websites.]. A closer look at the website of Style of Speed™ proves easily, that indeed con- cepts and parts of our 333 ST, 333 ST Barchetta, B!™ and B!™ Barchetta were copied. This begins with the fact, that all models of the 333 ST and B!™ are based on an optimized chassis of the Ferrari Enzo, as we've announced and showed in the Sneak Preview #1 at the 1st of Ocotber 2008. Furthermore, the front fenders of the 333 ST Barchetta were taken and its headlights replaced with larger air intakes in comparison to the air intakes, that are shown by the con- cept of the 333 ST. Also, the colour scheme of the exterior of the B!™, 9ii™ and Raptor RSR has been copied, as well as design el- ements, like the middle part of the rear of the B!™ Barchetta in the LM version, in which that company integrated the 3rd brake-light, the small LED lights in the air intakes of the front skin as shown by the new model of the 9EE™ with its typical SOS bumper and much more, for sure. Fraudster!!!™
  • Techart Automobildesign: We do quote: "High speed, pace, uni- queness - 100 % TechArt [No, that in fact comes from and means for sure Style of Speed™.]", "[...] superiority over the competitors [...] [Aha, it has found some new English words on our websites.]", "[...] proved its unique [...]", "[...] qualities [...]", "[...] quality [...]", "[...] components [...]", "[...] quality [...]" and "[...] crown once more the performance achieved [...] [If not before, then here: Gotcha!!!™]".
  • Proton→Group Lotus: Our quotes out of a press release are: "[...] colour scheme [...]", "[...] Performance [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] high quality [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] inspiring [...]", "[...] balance [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] iconic [...]", "[...] colour scheme [...]", "[...] most famous [...]", "[...] significant [...]", "[...] revolutionary design that pioneered [...]", "[...] signific- ant [...]", "[...] unsprung [...]" and "[...] Performance [...]".
  • Carroll Shelby International→Shelby Automobiles: We do quote some phrases of statemens made by this company as well: "[...] performance [...]", "[...] balanced performance [...]", "[...] true to the spirit [...]", "[...] integrate [...] styling cues with modern aero- dynamics [...]", "[...] truly a complete performance [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] proud [...]", "[...] onto [...]", "[...] per- formance [...]" and "[...] division [...]".
  • 9ff: We don't know what it is cooking, but it won't take long until ...
  • Gumpert: see 9ff
  • Ruf: see Gumpert
  • Saleen: see Ruf


  • Spiegel-Verlag Rudolf Augstein→Spiegelnet→Spiegel Online: In its online magazine its rumours 2 days ago about a tablet computer were nothing else than a description of what can be seen with our intelliTablet™, which was shown at the 6th (5th in West Europe and North America) of this month, by even using contents of its website. We do quote to document the case better: "[...] iPad, iSlate, iTablet [...]", "[...] zwischen diesen Gerätegattungen [E-Book-Reader und Touch-PC] angesiedelt [...]", "[...] Farbbildschirm [...]", "[...] Web- surfen, E-Mails schreiben, Filme gucken und Spielen [...] [Wir sagten "mobile computing, communication and entertainment" auf dem in- telliTablet (iTablet)™ Web-Auftritt am 6. Januar (5. Januar).]", "[...] Multitouch-Funktionen [...]", "[...] Tastatur wird es beim Tablet nur virtuell geben, also auf dem Bildschirm eingeblendet [...] [siehe die Bilder der ersten Version des intelliTablet (iTablet)™ vom 6. Januar (5. Januar) 2010]", "[...] ein paar USB-Buchsen [...] [siehe die Bilder der ersten Version des intelliTablet (iTablet)™ vom 6. Januar (5. Ja- nuar) 2010]", "[...] mobiles Gerät [...]", "[...] 3G-Tablet [...]", "[...] Bildschirm mit einem dünnen Rahmen bestehen und eine abgerundete Rückseite aus Aluminium [...] [siehe die Bilder der ersten Version des intelliTablet (iTablet)™ vom 6. Januar (5. Januar) 2010]", "[...] das Betriebssystem [ist] das eigentliche Highlight des Tablet [siehe die Bilder und die Beschreibung über die erste Version des intelliTablet (iTablet)™ vom 6. Januar (5. Januar) 2010]", "[...] signifikanten [...]" und "[...] modernisiert [...]". The translation into English is: "[...] iPad, iSlate, iTablet [...]", "[...] between these genres of devices [e-book reader and touch-PC] located [...]", "[...] colour screen [...]", "[...] websurfing, writing e-mails, watch movies and gaming [...] [We said "mobile computing, communication and entertainment" on the intelliTablet (iTablet)™ website at the 6th (5th) of Janu- ary.]", "[...] multitouch functions [...]", "[...] keyboard will be only available virtually with the tablet, that means displayed on the screen [...] [see the images of the first intelliTablet (iTablet)™ at the 6th (5th) of January]", "[...] some USB female connectors [...] [see the images of the first intelliTablet (iTablet)™ at the 6th (5th) of January]", "[...] Mobile Device™ [...]", "[...] 3G-tablet [...]", "[...] screen consists of a thin frame and a rounded backside out of alu- minium [...] [see the images of the first intelliTablet (iTablet)™ at the 6th (5th) of January]", "[...] the operating system [is] the real highlight of the tablet [...] [see the images and the description of the first intelliTablet (iTablet)™ at the 6th (5th) of January]", "[...] significant [...]" and "[...] modernized [...]". But the revolutionary features of the first intelliTablet (iTablet)™, like for example the in- novation of an optional integrated video camera at the backside for the brandnew and as well innovative Glassy™ augmented reality and Ontologic Augmented Reality™ technologies based on the Onto- scope™ software and Ontoscope™ hardware, were not understood, for sure.
  • Apple: We're really sorry to say, but: The iPad, aka. iTampon, isn't even the prototype of the version #1 of the intelliTablet (iTablet)™ of 2007. Such a device like the iPad is normally called a webpad and sometimes labeled as internet tablet. With that device the company will not take over the hype we already have restarted 2 years ago, but attempts again to jump on one of the many trends (re)set by us, which is in this case a small and inexpensive nettablet computer in the slate type with netbook technology inside. And the jump on the same bandwagon is even tried in the same way as well as the convicted N. Negroponte and his partner tried before, that is by stealing our contents and concepts (see above the Investigations:: Multimedia at the 7th of this month). Our view is also proved by the fact, that at the presentation contents of our websites were used, like "a truly magical and revolutionary product". If you want the orig- inal hightech Mobile Device™ of this kind, then go to our website of the intelliTablet (iTablet)™.
    Btw.: Accept the fact: To copy and write nonsense patents was, is and will be never enough. We're more than only glad, that after Mi- crosoft and N. Negroponte with partners, we could shatter an as icon wrongly declared fraudster and convict the next defrauding company and its CEO, Steve Jobs. Many have guessed, that he isn't what he claims to be and now we have the fact. Let's see what kind of clone of the intelltiTablet (iTablet)™ the company Google with its partners will present.
  • Working pool of the broadcasters of the B.R.D. (ARD): The news about a tablet computer by an U.S.American company is only daffery and downright ridiculous. The quotes are: "[... Chef von] Apple hat einen neuartigen Computer vorgestellt [...]", "[...] Lücke zwischen Handy und Laptop schließen soll [...]", "[...] verfügt der Tafel-Com- puter nicht über eine Hardware-Tastatur [...]", "[...] 1,3 Zentimeter dick[...]", "[...] integriert einen Web-Browser, E-Mail, Fernsehen und Video sowie das Lesen von digitalen Büchern, den E-Books. Auch Computerspiele sind damit möglich [...] [Wir sagten "mobile comput- ing, communication and entertainment" auf dem intelliTablet (iTablet) Web-Auftritt am 6. Januar (5. Januar).]", "[...] unterstützt der iPad auch alle Anwendungen [...] [Rate einmal warum wir auch app zu der Glassy™ Technologie in einer Bildbeschreibung sagten.]" and "[...] ähnlich [...] eines USB-Sticks [...]". In English we have the following translation of the original quotes: "[... CEO of] Apple has presented a new kind of computer [...]", "[...] should bridge the gap between mobile phone and laptop [...]", "[...] the slate computer hasn't avail- able a hardware based keyboard [...]", "[...] 1,3 centimeter thick [...]", "[...] integrates a web browser, e-mail, television and video as well as the reading of digital books, the e-books. Also computer games are possible with it [...] [We said "mobile computing, commu- nication and entertainment" on the intelliTablet (iTablet)™ website at the 6th (5th) of January.]", "[...] the iPad supports all applications as well [...] [Guess why we also said app to the Glassy™ technology in one of the image captions.]" and "[...] similiar [...] USB sticks [...]". There is nothing really innovative with this webpad, it's quite the contrary and the most of the rest could be seen before with the version #1 of our intelliTablet (iTablet)™.
    That defrauding workgroup has lost again by this report and the res- ponsible persons belong into the jail or nuthouse.
  • National University of Singapore→Interactive Multimedia Lab: The laboratory of that university is massively stealing website contents, concepts and technologies from our websites OntoLinux™ and Onto- scope™ since more than 2 years and naturally without referencing. For example, we can see a tangible operating system (compare with the link "Tangible Media Group" in the section Multimedia on the Links to Hardware webpage, and the points "operating systems" and "mix- ed [...] reality environments" on the webpage Overview), multimodal mixed reality (see the introduction on the Components webpage with the contents "If a multimodal interface is needed, [...] Ontoscope will be used.", section Mixed Reality on the Links to Software web- page, and again the point "mixed [...] reality environments" on the webpage Overview) and stereoscopic mobile phone, which is nothing else than an attempt to copy the 2003 finalized project "3D-Palm-Computer" of the OntoLabmixed reality group and a crime to steal the Ontoscope™.

    Comment of the Day
    "We do not quit until ..." [Barack, Today]
    ... We'll get the job done™


  • Working pool of the broadcasters of the B.R.D. (ARD): As a react- ion to our investigation yesterday, that criminal network published around 2 and half hours later (at 2:25 CET) another video report about a totally irrelevant presentation of a webpad, that is only an- other attempt to clone our intelliTablet (iTablet)™. Also, the state- ment to the video was again actively made in a misleading way, be- cause it's said, that the "Apple-CEO [...] serves with the [iPad] a trend - recently Microsoft had presented its competitive product." (the original quote is "Apple-Chef [...] bedient mit dem [iPad] einen Trend - unlängst hatte Microsoft sein Konkurrenzprodukt vorgestel- lt.") to suggest, that the company Microsoft had reset the trend. The truth is, that we restarted the trend of the tablet computer and made clear, that it has to be the slate type as an inexpensive basic but also flexible expandable device at the 17th of January and 13th of February 2008. Furthermore, because this would only be a web- pad so far, which is also known as internet tablet, we did the same as it was done with mobile phones and added the feature of an opt- ional video camera at the backside. And that's the true revolutionary Super Innovation™ in the field of tablet computing beside the High- tech Operating System™ OntoLinux™. The subscription based busi- ness model for world wide web contents doesn't really work, espe- cially if it's seen in respect to the combination of nettablets and Web 2.0 techniques.
  • Cable News Network: The media company claimed that a defraud- ing company already "has been considering designs for a [tablet computer like] device since as early as 1983", while we showed an image of another group yesterday, who presented devices in 1984. Extra funny in this case is, that the same company was founded at nearly the same time to sell technology, that it has stolen from the company Atari, and presented yesterday the result of an attempt to clone our intelliTablet (iTablet)™ by even using stolen contents of our websites.


  • Digital Mars: For the website of a new but already obsolete pro- graming language, contents of our websites were massively stolen. We give some quotes to prove our result of investigation: "[...] high performance code and interface directly with the operating system [...]", "[...] aggressive [...]", "It doesn't come with a VM, a religion, or an overriding philosophy.", "[...] get the job done [...] [Triple-Go- tcha!!!™ This broke its neck once and for all times. And please re- spect our trademark We'll get the job done™, because we have not invented your rules.]", "[...] inspiration [...]", "[...] styles [...]", "[...] orthogonal [...]", "[...] significant [...]", "[...] complexity [...]", "[...] purist [...]" and "[...] semantics [...]". Besides that the goals of that programming language are often discussed since decades in general, there are some detailed explanations given, like about compilers and scripting languages, that are simply said wrong. And last but not least we ask the question: Why isn't it helping to make C/C++ bet- ter?

    Not understanding that it has lost the game, like the other media, the professional publisher of mess, the Rheinische Post, still goes on, as we do as well with a new note about it on our only facts giving Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Evoleda™ Evolene™ Evodon™ Evodona™ Evorit™
    Pellmed™ Pellrit™
    Vileco™ Viloven™ Vilon™ Vilovon™ Vilair™ Viladur™ Vilmit™

    Question of the Day
    "Can you do "mount -t ontofs"?" [A nerd, Today]

    Answer and Comment #2 of the Day
    "Yes we can!" [C.S., Today]


  • Rheinsiche Post: Now the tab thinks it has found further ways to act against C.S. and his businesses, by trying unsuccessfully to re- late as much as possible contents of reports with the "3" theme and to report about events where young persons around the age of 16 to 18 years can play around with lowtech, like an extremely simple walking robot with 2 actuators (servo motors) and a simple robotic arm. C.S. is familiar with remote controlled models since the age of 6 years by owning remote controlled models of a sailing boat and one of the world's first and self developed model of a dune buggy with combustion engine and 2 servo motors. With 10 years he also has had the first contact with some kind of robotic arms.
  • Freudenberg & Co→Vileda: That company aroused our attention by some actings in the automotive sector and now we can document that our suspicion was not wrong. In a commercial for a product series we heard "stark, rein, grün==strong, clean, green". And we think that there is much more to quote by us.


  • Bertelsman→N-TV: The broadcaster has taken contents of the website of our intelliTablet (iTablet)™ for a report about a present- ation of a clone of the intelliTablet (iTablet)™ by an already several times convicted company, which used for the said presentation, like the broadcaster, the same contents of the intelliTablet (iTablet)™ website.
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