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Comment of the Day
"Build up a health care system, fly to the Moon and use the 3rd dimension for transport." [C.S., Today]

OntoLinux Website update
Due to the fact, that the founder and maintainers of the project The Metaverse Roadmap (MVR), and also many of its contributors and partners have stolen contents, concepts and technologies from our website OntoLinux™, so that it isn't about the 3D web anymore, but only about OntoLinux™, we deleted on the webpage Organizations the link to:

  • The Acceleration Studies Foundation: The Metaverse Roadmap (MVR) - Pathways to the 3D Web.

    With Innercircle we already have created a board to manage our technologies just right from the start. Also, there is no need and we have no need for another association, foundation or whatever to market our concepts and technologies of OntoLinux™, definitely.

    Furthermore, on our Terms of the 21st Century webpage we added to the last sentence of the description of the term Replicator #1 the remark ", that even the very complex DNA of Romulans could be re- plicated".


  • Acceleration Studies Foundation: The first time that association became suspicious to us was in the summer of 2006, while we were composing the software packages and registering the internet do- mains for OntoLinux™ and Ontoscope™, with its also suspiciously named project Metaverse Roadmap (MVR) - Pathways to the 3D Web. After several analyses of that project, its many contributors and partners, and all of their project related websites, we are very glad and proud to finally got the result: All the years contents, con- cepts and technologies were stolen from our website OntoLinux™ and fraudsters were supported, who have stolen contents, concepts and technologies from the same website as well. As everybody can see by comparing the overview of that project, which contains sta- tements like "What happens when video games meet Web 2.0? When virtual worlds meet geospatial maps of the planet? When simulations get real and life and business go virtual? When you use a virtual Earth to navigate the physical Earth, and your avatar becomes your online agent?", "[...] open source [...]" and "In the simulation space, virtual humans are being explored for their online educational ability. Virtual prototyping software is making great strides in industry, bringing us closer to an era of Fab Lab prototyping and product hacking/customization. 3D navigation systems are emerging in the automotive market in Japan and Europe. Local-positioning systems, like [...] RFID Tracking Solution, and modeling advances like [...]GIS, [Internet] Earth, and [Sketching software] are allowing us to create "mirror world" versions of physical space like never before...", with our Links to Software and Links to Hardware, as well as Overview and Links to Organizations webpages, that it isn't about a 3D web anymore, but only about OntoLinux™ with its Ontologic uniVerse. The same holds for many of its contributors and partners.

    We made a note about the second channel of german television broadcasting on our Culture explaining webpage.

    Picture of the Day
    Lego Figure
    © C.S.
    In fact, this image "Lego Figure" by C.S. and the start of the Onto- logic System™ and Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™ mark the breakthrough of the 3D technology, besides many innovations. Since their publications a heightened rate of new 3D movies by Walt Disney and others, devices like 3D televisions and 3D printers, and also the framework programs at events like the Grammy Awards 2010 are best examples that prove this claim.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We changed the lengths given in the specifications of the Raptor and Raptor Speedster to the lengths, that the cars will have with the all the time shown new and shorter front bumper and the corres- ponding new rear bumper with its short overhang in relation to the dimensions of the basic car. The length of the Raptor RSR was also updated.


  • Barilla: In a commercial we could see the statement: "Noch ist es ein Traum. Aber wo Leidenschaft ist, warum nicht Träume?", which translates roughly in English to "It is still a dream. But where is passion, why not dreams?".
  • Procter & Gamble: For the marketing of its brands, like Braun, Max Factor or Oil of Olaz, that company has taken contents and con- cepts of our websites. One example is to show the X of the brand Max Factor as 2 crossed blue lightsabers.
  • Rheinische Post: Now more and more driven by us into the defen- sive and not accepting that the whole world is already watching and laughing about its acting, the criminal Nazi paper is becoming more and more aggressive in its reports, which is a clear sign for persons who have no more arguments and lies to keep up their swindles. In the last week that tab tried even more to use terms like "3", "300", "third", "trio" and so on, but also "1000" after we pointed to this theme.
    We also can see reports about an event called "Karnival im All== Carnival in space" with relations made to a rocket and a spaceship, and an development and planned installation of 4 pyramid-shaped sundials by the typical self-exposers, who in this case didn't jump the first time on one of our bandwagons, that can be best described with the logo of Ontologics (see also the Picture of the Day at the 17th of January 2010). Furthermore, a report was again made about a project that is related the European culture and has again taken contents by C.S. for its promotion and event activities.

    Investigations::Car #223

  • Government of North Rhine-Westfalia, B.R.D., and University Bo- chum: Surprise, surprise. A further time the government of the ger- man state could be convicted for its typical foul play. In a contest for electric mobility a concept of the university was decided as the winner, that is only an attempt to copy the V! by Style of Speedy™. As a decisive criterion the fast realizability by an efficient network was argued. That is pure nonsense, because everywhere on the planet Earth we have this kind of possibilities and the real reason is to channel 2 million Euro of tax money for that project to the uni- versity, so that the joint venture behind the vehicle won't develop a totally new vehicle concept, as it is claimed by the political repre- sentatives of the state, but can copy our technologies, like the other universities and research institutes. Again not existing tax money is given for an obsolete project and its criminal actings in the field of electric vehicles. Extra nasty: The already many times con- victed politician of the german party (Un-)Christlich Demokratische Union, J. Rüttgers, tried to impute a pioneering role to the project partners of the institution of higher education and economy, which was already done some years ago with the Green-Tech Advangar- de™ by the subsidiary Style of Speed of the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, and even used for his partly and actively made wrong state- ments some phrases of our website, like it can be found on the Profile webpage of the OntoLab™, example given "Serienreife voran­treiben==push on to series maturity".
  • Autoblog Deutschland: The german automotive blog has stolen contents from our websites.
  • Volkswagen→Audi: For its second clone of our RE™ - The Original with the drivetrain technology, dimensions and proportions of the Raptor - The Original by Style of Speed™ (see the Investigations:: Car #215 at the 12th of January 2010) the company got the "Best in Show" award of a large automotive exhibition with the following comment by a member of the jury: "[...] we love the dimensions and the proportions of this vehicle [...]".
  • Daimler→Smart: "Style your smart". That's not smart.

    The criminal Nazi paper Rheinische Post is reporting more and more nonsense, so we have to document its acting by another note on our only facts giving Culture webpage. Also, the Ruhr Tourismus GmbH has been convicted again for taking contents of our websites.


  • Bogner: We only waited for an evidence to convict that company. The first clear sign were skiing suits with integrated LED technology, which was done in a extremely high suspicious way (see for the ge- neral case also the Investigations::Multimedia at the 30th of Octo- ber 2009). So we only needed to wait some time to finally get even a better evidence: Another (ski) jacket (model Melina) was designed by using stolen contents and concepts of our websites, especially the white-green with black-and-red (text and hyperlinks) HTML co- lour scheme of the OntoLab website that one jacket version has, a dragon logo that should copy our "Lucky Dragon" of the logo of Style of Speed™, some more other signs like the Ying Yang synmbol, and patterns that can be seen in the headlogo of King Smiley™, which for example can also be found as the exterior style of the Lego mo- del of the Star Wars Republic Gunship. We are glad and proud as ever to finally give an unmistakable result: Willy, your mask is down. Gotcha and convicted!!!™


  • Google: Maybe some of our readers want to remember our around the 22nd of January deleted official prediction of the 6th of January this year, which said that the announcement of a tablet computer in the slate type by that internet booth will be before the presentation of such a Mobile Device™ by the company Apple. If we would have left our prediction of the 6th of January on this webpage, that com- pany would have announced its tablet computer around the first week of April, because it didn't want to give us a big point by making a very precise prediction. But we still knew, that that company had to react as fast as possible and by deleting the prediction without an explanation, which would have destroyed the effect we wanted to provocate, we could reach our goal to provocate Google to jump much faster on the bandwagon of tablet computers by stealing as much as possible and as ever. And we even lost nothing by deleting our forecast, because the tablet computer of that company will look like the first officially presented tablet computer of the next gener- ation, our intelliTablet (iTablet)™ - The Original.

    Comment of the Day
    "Thank you very much, Barack, for increasing our advantage by additional 10 years." [C.S., Today]

    We, the Christian Stroetmnn GmbH, and all of its owners have only legal bank accounts.

    King Smiley Further steps
    Suddenly it was again time and more than appropriated to adjust the reward (now only 192 million Euro) for works by C.S.. As we said before, we only want to show by another way what it really means to do contemporary arts as well as to reflect by this way the influ- ences and inspirations given by the works of C.S. to the whole civil- ization on the planet Earth, and not only to a handful of moviegoers.


  • Google: That company becomes more and more criminal by steal- ing only from other persons and companies. And once again it has jumped on bandwagons by us and stolen contents and concepts. We do quote contents of its website: "Figure out a cure for cancer [see the webpage Links to Organizations of the OntoLinux™ website]", "Build a movie theater on the moon [compare with the projects Moon Rock Cafe™, McDonald's on the Moon™, Burgerking on the Moon™, Moon Ritz™ and Moon Hilton™, and SpaceLifeSciences→SpaceAgri- culture::MoonGarden™ at the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™]" and "[a third idea as well]". So let's see what it is stealing now from us in the field of logo design.
    And have you seen? Around 2007, it announced a hospital informat- ion system, because it thought that we would present such a solut- ion. But after we didn't, that company suddenly isn't talking anymore about such a system.
  • Bertelsmann→N-TV: A further time a report was shown about a tablet computer by an U.S.American company, which already has been presented officially at the end of January (see Investigations:: Multimedia of the 27th of January 2010), without giving the viewer new informations. This leads to the question why the broadcaster is spending its precious broadcasting time for such a report. And the answer is simple: We have here a proof, that the media company is showing illegally commercials as part of its normal broadcasting pro- gram. Clever, but now busted.

    Before the next person thinks she/he can present one of these fairy tales, we made a note on our Culture webpage about the producer James Cameron.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Tablet Computer of the Next Generation™
    Fly Fun™ Fly for Fun™ Fly 4 Fun™
    Sky Fun™ Air Fun™
    Sky Big Fun™ Air Big Fun™ Big Sky Fun™ Big Air Fun™
    Fly :)™ Fly for :)™ Fly 4 :)™
    Sky :)™ Air :)™
    Fly :D™ Fly for :D™ Fly 4 :D™
    Sky :D™ Air :D™
    Highway in the sky™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Blue SteviaBears (Gummi bears with steviol glycoside)"

    Comment of the Day #3
    "Let's have a tea party."

    Style of Speed Website update 5:43 CET
    We are more than only glad again by presenting a new kind of Per- sonal Air Vehicle (PAV) to fill the gap between the demands of the markets, and our WingPack™, Solid State Aircraft and Airspeeder™:

  • Sky :).
    SOS Sky :) Sky Fun (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) version without windscreen)
    © U.S. Department of Homeland Security→U.S. Coast Guard (USCG)
    As the world's first company the Christian Stroetmann GmbH with its Super Innovative™ subsidiary Style of Speed™ is with its Sky :)™ (Sky Fun™) after land vehicles with Pure Electric™ drivetrains bas- ed on our Super Revolutionary Innovation™ of the Electric Torque Vectoring™ Active Differential™ again leading the way, this time to the "highway in the sky™".


  • Government of B.R.D. and Max-Planck-Institut: A second time IT- technology is transfered to India by financing the process with tax money. Was the first wave in the past more oriented around stand- ard IT-services, it is now focused around computer science and high-tech. We don't know for what the transfer of high-technology knowledge, like we saw it before in the automotive field as well, should be good for. This acting by the german party Christlich Demo- kratische Union and its industrial partners has definitely all of the characteristics of treason.

    Comment of the Day
    Autobahn in the sky™
    Motion and Emotion™

    In relation to a report about the retirement of the Space Shuttle, which claimed that its successor will come in 5 years, we would like to give some real facts to our readers. There is actually only 1 real successor of the Space Shuttle and this is our Space Transportation System (STS) with Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) of the Next Gene- ration (NG), the Space Shuttle NG 3033/Magicstar™ (take a look at the Sneak Preview #4a at the 30th of August 2008 and the Pictures of the Day SpaceExpress X-3033/MagicStar special at the 6th of Fe- bruary 2009), which has to be seen as well as the most modern and efficient concept of all. There also exist a handful of projects, that are concerned with Reusable Launch Vehicels (RLV), like so called Crew Return Vehicles (CRV). These CRVs are very small reentry gli- ders, which only have a reduced space for cargo or passengers, are launched on top of rockets and have often a lifting body fuselage. To the class of CRVs with lifting body belong the HL-20, which was developed and its revivification is supported now by the NASA, the Russian twin of the HL-20, which is called Bor-4, the modern design of the HL-20 and Bor-4, which is named X-38, and some similar con- cepts with and without lifting bodies by Russian, European and Ja- panese consortiums. But the majority of the Space Shuttle replace- ments are all based on the concept of rockets and capsules for pas- sengers, as they are known form the Apollo missions to the Moon and still applied by for example the Russian space agency.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have set up the new webpage for the larger Personal Air Vehicle (PAV):

  • Sky :D.

    We also added some additional lines about different versions of pow- ertrains including the Purely Electric™ version and more informations about the first-ever records of our revolutionary Sky :) to its web- page as well.

    Investigations::Car #224

  • Rheinische Post: That Nazi paper from Düsseldorf/Monkey's Village, B.R.D., thought it would be clever again to steal contents of our websites and report about one of the classical defrauding companies in the field of automotive tuners. But most interesting is, that that Nazi paper made again a giant mistake, because the said tuner is trying to copy the upcoming shorter 2+2 seats version of the Pan™ and by this clearly took position against another manufacturer by that report.
  • Carlsson: That bold tuner of cars by the company Daimler copied the Car Street Legal and Car Hot Rod sections in the field of land vehicles by Style of Speed™. Now we are watching the reaction of the factory, because that tuner announced to build whole cars on its own.
  • PSA Peugeot Citroën: With the slogan "Motion & Emotion" that company has taken again contents and concepts of our website by Style of Speed™, jumped on one of our bandwagons and shows that it does not want to respect our trademarks ModernMotion™ and ModernEMotion™, as well as our slogans "Powered by Emotion™", "What an eMotion™" and "That's eMotion™". Like in the case of the company Renault (see Investigations::Car #218 at the 18th of Jan- uary 2010) we say again: Oh oh, nous sommes très désolé, mais vous êtes trop tard. "Motion & Emotion" can be mistaken with "Mod- ern Motion & Emotion" by us from Style of Speed™. We don't need to decline every gram- matical form of a language, or list every com- bination of our trademarks and slogans to get protection of our in- tellectual properties against such only stealing companies. Adieu, and please: Don't come back.
    Btw.: For that company, like for the others, holds the rule, that copying and using contents of our website is not allowed without referencing!!!™ This includes translations into other languages, for sure.

    Investigations::Avionics and Aerospace

  • Bell/Augusta Aerospace: The joint venture has stolen contents of our websites for its website, which has contents that are definitely not from the year 2006, but much newer. Let's see what it is taking the next time.

    Investigations::Car #225

  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media→Kabel1: In a broadcast it was claimed, that a roadster with Pure Electric™ drivetrain, which is based on the mo- del Elise by the company Proton→Group Lotus, is the most important innovation in the automotive field of the last 10 years. That state- ment isn't only wrong, but it's even stupid and shows the incompet- ence of the editors. The facts are: 1. It's not an innovation in gen- eral, because at the beginning of the era of the automobile, electric and gas powered cars were used side by side. Only reasons that had have no direct relations with automobiles decided in favor of using gas (example given the discovery of oil in Texas). 2. We often reported about the real chronology in the field of Electric Sports Cars (ESC) and showed clearly, that the said company in California, U.S.A., weren't the real innovator, as it is itself describing in its his- tory. 3. In the theory the company is already insolvent since more than 1 year and in practice fighting for its survival. If its product would really by so important, then this situation wouldn't be. And 4. The claim by the broadcaster looks more like a hidden and by this il- legal commercial. At the end of our investigations in this case we would like to give the further informations, that for the report con- tents of our websites were used again and that the shown roadster by the said Californian company suddenly had the colour scheme of our B!™ by Style of Speed™.

    Investigations::Avionics and Aerospace

  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: As a reaction to our presentation of our Sky :)™ by Style of Speed™ at the 5th of this February the broad- caster showed once again its report of the 4th of this month about a study of a Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) by the U.S.American aero- nautics and space administration and an autogyro, which is a more than 80 years old technology that has been unchanged since more than 40 years. The funny fact is: We already proved that the media company knows our websites as well as our presentations, like of the Sky :)™, but showed yesterday the already old report in its news at prime time.
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): The NASA has developed a study of a Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) as the 60 years old and in the 1960s as a failed concept abandonned tailsitter type of a Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft, and not a tiltrotor type (see our Sky :)™), as some media suddenly are claim- ing for, and that reminds us of the 2nd logo of Style of Speed.


  • Virgin Group→Virgin Limited Edition: A company owned by Sir Fraudster thought to be clever by adding a winged personal subma- rine to a catamaran (compare with the revolutionary hypersoar ca- tamaran by SOS™), that somehow points by its design into the di- rection of the Sky :)™ by Style of Speed™, and has imprinted the term "Oceanic" at its body, that reminds us of Ontonic™.

    Comment of the Day
    Flight Fun™ Flight For Fun™ Flight 4 Fun™
    Flight Big Fun™ Big Flight Fun™
    Flight :)™ Flight For :)™ Flight 4 :)™
    Flight :D™ Flight For :D™ Flight 4 :D™

    Style of Speed Website update
    To fulfill the wishes by flight enthusiasts for a simpler version of our Super Revolutionary Sky :)™ and the V-22 Osprey, we have set up the new webpage for the new Ultralight Personal Air Vehicle (UPAV):

  • Flight :).

    Comment of the Day
    Little Dragonfly™ Little Osprey™

    In opposition to statements said by a totally incompetent, only non- sense babbling and obviously much to often asked german philoso- pher we would like to clarify, that the authors and the functionalities of software down to the used algorithms are known and by this con- trollable in the most cases, especially if it's open source software, an application in a field like health care or automobiles, and/or payed by tax money. Furthermore, with OntoLinux™ we have created an Ontologic System®™ and Hightech Operating System™ with a whole new class of hard- and software applications, that make thoughts and questions about the reliability and/or authority of the authors obsolete by having based OntoLinux™ on ontologics, mathematics and the fact that: Stars don't lie™.


  • Bertelsmann: That media company is still stealing contents of our websites for its broadcasts.
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: see Bertelsmann
  • Rheinische Post: see ProSiebenSat.1 Media
    We also find it remarkable, that so often totally incompetent philo- sophers are interviewed, and defrauding authors and artists with their stolen works are presented by that Nazi paper.

    Comment of the Day
    Düsseldorf Alaaf, Kölle Helau, Berlin immer noch keenen Plan

    A tiltrotor aircraft is characterized by the feature, that only the rotors mounted on shafts or engine nacelles at the end of a fixed wing are tilting and not a part of the wing or the whole wing.


  • Government B.R.D., University Duisburg-Essen and Chamber of Industry and Commerce Duisburg: With a project in the field of e- mobility (see also Investigations::Car #212 at the 29th December of 2009) the government, most to mention in this conjunction are the german political parites Christlich Demokratische Union and Christlich Soziale Union, is supporting again already convicted serious criminals with millions of Euro of tax money. For the new project all involved persons and groups have once again stolen contents, concepts and technologies of our websites, or jumped on our bandwagons. For example out of our trademarks "Simply better", "E-..." and "Better Mobility" the project name "Simply E-Mobility" was made. We also expect, that our website of Style of Speed™ will be looted further, like it was done with our other activities in the past, even by spying. After the institute for fuel cells and the already by us uncovered serious crimes in the fields of mobile communication (together with the Institut für Mobilfunk und Satellitentechnik==Institute for Mobile Radio and Satellite Technology), multimedia/intelligent house (toge- ther with the Fraunhofer Institut), ontology-based systems in gener- al and in software engineering, and nanotechnology, we can see here the next very expensive project, that will fail directly after no- thing can be stolen anymore from our and some very few other com- panies. The last 10 years clearly showed that this concept will not work in the B.R.D. and not in any other country, because the whole value chain is only based on stealing by persons, who doesn't under- stand what their are stealing and for what the stolen items are ne- eded, and the fact, that the secrets of a company can't be protect- ed, because to many persons are involved.
    And to give the reader an impression on what kind of Nazi and Stasi level these persons and groups are working we would like to ment- ion, that every move of C.S. is observered by them, example given when C.S. does some work in the house and office or leaves his home. The last time C.S. was looking for stolen intellectual propert- ies of our company in the field of ontology-based systems at the campus of the university in Duisburg, the leader of the related facul- ty came out of his office, looked a little bit stupid and showed by even wearing the same clothes like C.S., that the network of these serious criminals is knowing where C.S. actually is, and copying and stealing everything of him, even his identity.
  • Rheinische Post: We give a summerization of the last days about some reports that used conspicuously terms, which are related with the "3 Theme" by C.S.: "Drei==Three", "Dreier==Threesome", "Trio zu 30==Trio to 30", "drei==three", "dritten==third", "dritte==third", "Trio", "Triologie==Triology", "drittwertvollsten==third most valuable", "dritten==third", "drei==three", "dritten==third", "drei==three", "drei- er==three", "drei==three", "dreijährig==three-year-old" and so on. No, it's no happenstance.

    Investigations::Car #226

  • Trexa: Yes, yes, yes, we have found the next fraudsters. And this is an extremely stupid exemplar, that thought it would not be con- spicuous to steal even more contents, concepts and technologies than all the other fraudsters before from our website of Style of Speed™. But before we do qoute we would like to direct the reader's interest on its remark "If we are to make a real difference, there must be a groundswell of hundreds, even thousands of new compa- nies competing to develop the clean transportation solutions of to- morrow. We believe that it's time we put the automotive industry back into the hands of the people [...]" to justify its crime of steal- ing. But isn't it trying to become the new ruler of the automotive in- dustry, and this even by only stealing? And here are the quotes that document our fame and its theft: "[...] lithium-powered, all-wheel vehicle development platform that will enable engineers and develop- ers to create custom "vehicle apps" [...] [The original can be found on the Profile webpage of Style of Speed™ and the website of Onto- Linux™. Where else?]", "Modular and scalable, the standard [...] platform will feature an aluminum, carbon steel tubing and thermo- plastic shell containing open source and user programmable electron- ics and advanced battery technology [...]", "[...] CAD models for de- sign and validation directly on the platform, human-machine interfa- ce components enabling programming and operation [see the Com- ponents webpage on the website of OntoLinux™ and for example the Cup!™ webpage of Style of Speed™] and hardware for permanently or interchangeably docking applications to the platform. There's also ongoing development of modules for remote operation and other specialized applications [...]", "[...] programmable gearless [...] transmission [...] [With the Active Differential™ by Style of Speed™ we've already invented this concept and called it Gears by Soft- ware™.]", "[...] regenerative braking [...] [see the webpage Energy Regeneration]", "[...] modular energy [...] system [...] [This sounds like the modular Active Motor™ System of Style of Speed™]", "[...] fully adjustable suspension [...]", "[...] dual-motor drive system and variable torque between front and rear axles [...] [see the Active Differential™ webpage of Style of Speed™]", ", "[...] fast charger [...] [see the Quickcharger™ webpage of Style of Speed™]", "[...] main power bus [...] [see the project ECAN/EnergyCAN/PowerCAN/Energy-Bus™ at the Innovation Pipeline webpage of Ontonics™]", "=Drive [copy of :Drive™]", "The world's first lithium powered all- wheel drive vehicle development platform. [Thank you very much for pointing out what Style of Speed™ has achieved as well.]", "[...] modular platform [...]", "[...] high performance [...]", "[...] electric drive [...]", "[...] pioneering [...]", "[...] visionary [...] [Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] utility vehicles [...]", "[...] programmable user interface with steering controls [...] [see for example again the Cup!™ webpage but also the Steering Wheel webpage by Style of Speed™]", "[...] design and validation [...]", "[...] modular [...] system [...]", "[...] management system [...]", "Open source electronics and CAN com- munications node-based system [We already mentioned the project ECAN/EnergyCAN/PowerCAN/Energy-Bus™ of Ontonics™]", "[...] smart grid, range extenders and other emerging technologies [...]", "[...] fast-charge [...] [Here we've again our Quickcharger™ by SOS™.]" and "next-generation vehicle architecture" and "[...] revo- lutionary electric drive system [...] [Yes, but it is our revolutionary concept and technology.]". The founders of that company are 2 years too late and now nominated for the Idiot of the Year award. Or do we have to call it Fraudster of the Year award? And last but not least: Ready.Set.Convicted!!!™.
  • Volkswagen→Porsche: The new model with the label 911 Turbo S has 30 PS more and something that is called Porsche Torque Vector- ing, which sounds somehow like Electric Torque Vectoring™ or Elec- tronic Torque Vectoring™.


  • Google: After the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the toy company Lego, the IT-company jumped on the "Buzz theme" bandwagon (see Edwin Eugene "Buzz" Aldrin and Buzz Lightyear) and started new internet services under the label Buzz. Bonne chance.
  • Rheinische Post: We would really like it, if the reader could find the answers on her/his own, why that Nazi paper mentioned the clone of our intelliTablet (iTablet)™ by an U.S.American company (see for ex- ample the Investigations::Multimedia of the 7th, 27th and 28th of January 2010) in conjunction with an auction for a license of a mo- bile communication network. In conjunction with a museum the same acting was done by mentioning the smartphone of the same compa- ny.


  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: Again and as a reaction about our investi- gations (see Investigations::Car #225 at the 7th and Investigations ::Avionics and Aerospace at the 8th of this month) the media com- pany showed a report about the robot Robonaut (see the webpage of the Links to Hardware of OntoLinux™) by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Defense Advanced Re- search Projects Agency (DARPA). The funny facts are: 1. This ro- botic project is as old as a stone. 2. The application example with the golden Robonaut on the Moon reminds us of our configuration for the Google Lunar X Prize (see the News - Lunar X PRIZE at the 24th of February 2008). 3. The NASA even has no rocket to fly the robot to the Moon or the Mars.

    Question of the Day
    "Who could ever imagine this?" [Walter Fredrick "Fred" Morrison, inventor of the Frisbee, 2007]


  • Rheinische Post: That Nazi paper took once again contents of our websites for a report in its TV guide. After the themes of observat- ional astronomy and multimedia jewelry (see Investigations::Multi- media at the 11th of December 2009) it has taken now the theme bionics/biomimetics. Again very conspicuous is, that the front page shows an articulated hand and the contents of that report is said to be focused on prosthetics (see the section Prosthetics in the Links to Hardware webpage on the OntoLinux™), but in fact was related with all of our actings, informations that was spied out of our office and contents of the book "Bionik: Natur als Vorbild" by the WWF, which contains the chapter Evolutionsbionik we've given as an ex- ample on the website of OntoLinux™. And for sure not mentioned were our creation of the field Softbionics™, the sections Human Enhancement and Cyborgs and iRaiment™ on the Terms of the 21st Century webpage also publicated on the website of OntoLinux, the activities in the area of Bionic Vehicles™ at land, in air, and on and in water, as well as the Active Components™ for vehicles at land, in air, and on and in water by Style of Speed™. Extra nasty: It quoted an unprogressive scientist from North America and said that wearers of modern prostheses are frustated to question our competencies, in this case in the fields of prosthetics and Human Enhancement and Cyborgs. We aren't responsible for so many stupid and antisocial scientists, politicians and other persons, and find it only misanthropic how much people must suffer and live a poorer life, because for ex- ample the media is only reporting about nonsense and fraudsters with the goal to mob and block real pioneering and competent per- sons. Extra funny: That tab is so incompetent, that it even don't know that the term biomimetics is a synonym for bionics and was chosen by scientist in North America, like of the NASA, due to mar- keting issues, because the term bionics was already and is still used by other scientists.

    Investigations::Car #227

  • Volkswagen→Porsche: A race car as a "racing laboratory" was unveiled, which is based on the model 911 GT3 R with a hybrid dri- vetrain comprising an electric flywheel battery/power generator, like it is developed and used by the NASA, to store as part of a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) the kinetic energy recovered from braking, which is used to create electricity for the two electric mo- tors that will power the front wheels. Without doubt the car and the mentioned technological parts are copied from our Super Innovat- ion™ of the Active Differential #2™ and the Brake Energy Recovery System (BERS), which has as well 2 versions without accumulators that are based on standard and superconductive capacitors, the project ECAN/EnergyCAN/PowerCAN/Energy-Bus™ of Ontonics™ and the 9EE™ RSR by Style of Speed™. We also see the term "Porsche Intelligent Performance" that sounds like Pure Performance™, :per- formance™, We Performance™, Spirit of Performance™, Perform- ance Next Generation™, Advantage through Performance™, We love Performance™ and so on.
  • Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini: Some days ago several spyshots were presented by the media, that are showing the prototyp of the successor of the model Murciélago, which has the side of our 9!™ and the for Style of Speed™ typical much shorter overhangs at the front and rear. We already had the same case with the SuperVeloce version of the same model (see Investigations::Car #83 at the 3rd of March 2009). The related reports mention as well, that the new model will have brake energy regeneration technologies.
  • Axel Springer→Auto Bild: Well knowing our websites, the 9!™ and Jota™ models by SOS™, as well as the Investigations::Car #203 of the 4th of December 2009, it simply translated the same nonsense content of the report we've mentioned in our Investigations::Car #203 and showed spy shots of a prototyp that looks like a clone of our 9!™ late in January 2010.

    Investigations::Avionics and Aerospace

  • Boeing and Lockheed Martin→United Space Alliance: That con- sortium claims, that it is "the only company in the world with experi- ence in all aspects of processing, maintenance and operations of a reusable launch vehicle [(RLV)].". So, we can't see something like an RLV? Where is it? As far as we do know, we, the Christian Stroet- mann GmbH, with our subsidiary Style of Speed™ are the worldwide only company, which has a real functioning concept with our Space Transportation System (STS) with Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) of the Next Generation (NG), the Space Shuttle NG 3033/Magicstar™ (see also the Clarification of the 6th of this month).


  • Ford, and Boeing and Lockheed Martin→United Space Alliance: The companies started a joint venture in the field of virtual engineering. We do not need to mention, that they are only stealing contents, concepts and technologies of our websites of OntoLinux™ and Style of Speed™, like they do since more than 5 years (see the Investi- gations::Car with reports about the company Ford and for example the Investigations::Avionics and Aerospace of the 11th of October 2008).

    It was time to make some notes about the persons Rheinische Post and Harald Schmidt, curator Gerald Jansen, artist Elisabeth Charlotte "Pipilotti" Rist, and the writers Charlotte Elisabeth Grace Roche and Helene Hegemann on one of the last webpages, that are really con- cerned with true Culture.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have added the feature of the alternative version with contra-rotating rotors to the webpages of our Personal Air Vehicles (PAV) Flight :), Sky :) and Sky :D.


  • Zott: In a commercial for a product we could see: "Wir lieben [das Produkt]==We love [the product]", "Gut dr[...], Gut dr[...], Gut dr[...]==Be in, Be [...], Be up" and "MonteMaxi".
  • Mars→Pedigree: "Wir lieben Hunde==We love dogs"

    We made a note about the National Aeronautics and Space Adminis- tration (NASA) on our Culture webpage,

    Comment of the Day
    SuperLab™ Model of Innovation™


  • Rheinische Post: That Nazi paper reacted on our investigation of the 12th of this month, which was related with bionics/biomimetics and prosthetics. We don't know, if we should laugh or cry about its abysmal stupidity, but that tab tried to explain by writing out of a report of another magazine, that suddenly the arm prostheses are functioning very well by using modern hightech concepts and tech- nologies. That raises the question, why at the 12th of this month that nonsense was publicated. Also, a leg prosthesis was named, that exists since some years. What isn't said are the facts, that the prosthesis is based on a several decades old concept, implemented by a brute force approach and not intelligent design, as we do prefer in the SuperLab™ OntoLab™ - The Lab of Visions™, and at Softbio- nics™ and Roboticle™, doesn't really function and isn't affordable. And this time it took precautions to name the term bionik==bionics in every variation.


  • Rheinische Post: That Nazi paper named a clone of our tablet per- sonal computer (tablet PC) in the slate type, the intelliTablet (iTab- let)™, "Flach-PC==Flat PC" to get around the term tablet and by this proves again, that it knows and uses contents of our websites. This behaviour is the same as it was shown again with the listed Linux® distributions of some convicted IT-companies without making clear that they are Linux® based and by trying to get around the name Linux®, because it is part of the name OntoLinux™. Last but not least, the plagiarizer of our intelliTablet (iTablet)™ was named as a trendsetter, well knowing that we reset the trend of the tablet computer again, and the insight was given, that a smartphone is more a computer than a phone, which was simply taken from the headline of the section Smartphone, Pocket computer of the Links to Hardware webpage of Ontolinux™.
  • Nokia and Intel: After two other large companies have given up their least passionate attempts around the Linux® operating system, both companies had to fuse their Linux® based distributions to one. Furthermore, the new Linux® distribution should be employable with mobile phones, tablet computers and automotive multimedia devices. Again both companies have stolen parts of our concepts and tech- nologies, which were already presented with OntoLinux™.
  • Microsoft: That only stealing company has integrated the hub based part of our Model of Innovation™, which is about the "Zen- trum des Regelkreises==hub of the control loop" managed by Onto- logics® (see the last sentence of the paragraph Qualitätsorientierter Regelkreislauf==Quality oriented control loop on the Struktur und Or- ganisation webpage of the website of Ontonics™), into the new ver- sion of its operating system for mobile phones and by this has stolen as well from the webpage Overview, here the point "total quality management systems", of our Ontologic System®™ and Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™. Again, and like in the cases of .net and C#: It was our idea.
    Btw.: Really ingenious persons do the hubless approach, like we do in this case with the Zero-Ontology™ O#.

    Investigations::Avionics and Aerospace

  • Samsons Motorworks: We do quote from its website: "[...] revo- lutionary [...]", "[...] three-wheeled [...]", "[...] simplicity, economy and excitement [...]", "[...] blended [...]", "[...] "green" ground-only vehicles, where you can still feel the thrill of flying while driving on the highway [...] [see the SRacer of Style of Speed™]", "[...] per- formance and fuel economy [...]", "[...] dreamed [...]", "Welcome to the future", "[...] fun [...]", "[...] fewer negative impacts on the en- vironment [...]", "[...] increasing the ease and speed [...]", "[...] create the future through intelligent design, effective management, and clever marketing [...] [Stealing is not clever.]", "[...] efficient, and fun vehicles of various types [...]", "[...] essential component [...]", "[...] Ferrari-inspired [...]", "[...] environmentally conscious (Green) [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] high-tech [...]" and "[...] significant [...]".

    Comment of the Day
    Pure Culture™

    Ontonics Website update
    We have given additional informations for our innovation of the Solar Fabrics™ on the Innovation-Pipeline webpage by Ontonics™.

    Furthermore, we made it now much more comfortable to jump to the projects on the webpage of our Innovation-Pipeline on the Ontonics website by giving each project description an own HTML-anchor.


  • California Institute of Technology: That institute has made a ma- terial that is exactly like our invention of the Solar Fabrics™ and has some relations to our other invention of the NanoFilm™. We are al- ready offering since months for convertibles soft tops with integrat- ed Solar Fabrics™ by Style of Speed™.


  • Qualcomm: That company has taken contents, concepts and te- chnologies from our websites or jumped on bandwagons. In relation to the field of health care we would like to give our readers the hint to take a look at our projects MediBoy™ and Med!Phone™, as well as at the Comment of the Day of the 1st of this month and the image of an exemplary application in hospitals of our Super Revolut- ionary™ intelliTablet (iTablet)™.
  • Apple: In conjunction with the cloning of our Super Revolutionary Innovation™™ intellitablet (iTablet)™ (see Investigations::Multime- dia of the 27th of January 2010) we would like to remind the reader about our project P@d™ 2.0. Now it should be once again clear who are the fraudsters and who is the real pioneer and trendsetter.

    Due to reactions and new developments we made notes about the persons Harald Schmidt again and Thomas Johannes Gottschalk, and the so called artists Gerhard Richter and Rudolf Stingel on our Pure Culture™ webpage.


  • Google: As we found out, that company has with a map maker service in 2008 already copied the concept of the OpenStreetMap project, which was started in 2004 (see also the Investigations:: Multimedia of the 23rd and 25th of January 2010). Now, we can also see a clone of the project OpenPisteMap.
    Attention: All maps created by users of map maker are the intel- lectual property of that company.

    Comment of the Day
    PackWing™ PackBird™ PackDragonfly™ PackSpeeder™ PackCy™

    Ontonics Website update
    We have updated the Innovation-Pipeline webpage on the website of Ontonics™ by listing the not so new project:

  • Weltraumlogistik (Space Logistics).

    Moreover, we gave the webpage a little bit more structure, shorten- ed some project names where it was possible without losing meaning and renamed very slightly some projects.

    Investigations::Avionics and Aerospace

  • Carter Aviation Technologies: Despite that that company has taken some not very important contents of our websites, especially of Style of Speed™, it is also talking total nonsense. After the usual quotes we say something to its statements: "[...] pioneering [...]", "[...] high speed flight, up to 500 mph [...] [This is commented after the quotes.]", "[...] much less complexity than a tilt-rotor or other vectored thrust vehicle [...] [This is commented after the quotes.]", "[...] original [...]", "[...] high performance [...]", "[...] purely [...]", "[...] component [...]", "[...] hybrid [...]", "[...] significantly [...]", "[...] significantly [...]", "[...] strongly believe [...]", "[...] excellence [...]", "[...] Philosophy", "[...] core [...]", "[...] creative [...]", "[...] synergistic [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] significant [...]", "[...] pure [...]", "[...] pure [...]", "[...] pure [...]", "[...] purely [...]" and "[...] Next Generation [...]". What is really annoying are the made statements and claims in relation to its type of aircraft, which is a combination of an autogyro and a plane, and also known as a gyroplane, compound autogyro or, as that company says, slowed rotor compound aircraft. A good example for one of the statements is, that the complexity of its aircraft concept is said to be lower in comparison to a tiltrotor aircraft, but to have at all some of the ca- pabilities of a tiltrotor aircraft, example given like they are needed for Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL), its concept of aircraft needs a prerotator, little gear box and don't ask what else to make a jump take-off. And this isn't even enough to let the aircraft hover like a helicopter. Also, after taking a closer look at the descriptions of its aircrafts it came out, that it uses the tilting mast concept. At last at this point its chain of reasoning concerned with its concept in general and complexity in particular breaks down to the advantage of the tiltrotor approach. Furthermore, a top speed of up to 500 MPH /804 km/h and a service ceiling of more than 50,000 ft/15,240 m is claimed. We want to see this speed and this height.

    Comment of the Day
    NanoFluid™ NanoLiquid™

    Ontonics Website update
    We have updated the Innovation-Pipeline webpage on the website of Ontonics™ by listing the not so new project:

  • NanoFluid™/NanoLiquid™.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We have updated the webpage of the OntoFS to reflect the new development:

  • The new file system patch for the Linux® kernel 2.6.32 was up- loaded at the OntoFS webpage.

    Investigations::Car #228

  • Volkswagen→Karmann: The company wants to sell its roof manu- facturing branch to the company Magna, which would mean that we were right with our assumption that the production of the convertib- le version of the model Golf by Karmann was only a fairy tale (see the Investigations::Car #220 at the 22nd of January 2010). Also very interesting is the fact, that at first the company Volkswagen took away the award of contract for the production of the Porsche models Cayman and Boxster from Magna, but wants now to give it the production of the roofs.
  • Volkswagen→Porsche: In relation with the already investigated case of a hybrid version of a model 911 RSR GT3 (see Investigations ::Car #227 at the 12th of February), we would like to quote out of the press release to document the case better: "[...] visionary drive concept [...]", "[...] opening up a new chapter in the history [...]", "[...] standing out significantly in its configuration and components from conventional hybrid systems [...] [Not really. As we said before and all of our readers already know, the concept, configuration and components are our 9EE RSR, Active Differential™ #2 - The Super- Architecture and Brake Energy Recovery System, which were devel- oped by us from Style of Speed™ and not by Volkswagen or one of its subsidiaries. The only exceptions are, that a flywheel generator is taken to store energy, a concept we don't like, and that this con- cept by Porsche is a pseudo hybrid with a combustion engine at the rear axle and our Active Differential™ #2™ as part of a Brake Energy Recovery System at the front axle.]", "[...] electrical front axle drive with two electric motors [...] [see again our Active Differential™ #2], "[...] significant [...]", "[...] instead of the usual batteries [...] [And this is also one of our pioneering ideas, which was taken as well from our Energy Regeneration webpage.]", "[...] whenever the driver applies the brakes, with the two electric motors reversing their function on the front axle and acting themselves as generators [...] [see again the description of our Super Invention of the Active Differential™ #2]", "[...] spearhead [...] [see the Investigations::Car #213 at the 4th of January 2010]" and "[...] Intelligent Performance philosophy [...]". This is again a perfect example, which proves that the company is stealing contents, concepts and technologies from our websites, especially Style of Speed™, and lying to the public.
    Besides this, it finally couldn't hold back anymore to use the term "calibre", "like in Horology" (compare with the webpage Overview on the OntoLinux™ website).
  • Ford: We have some quotes: "[...] high performance [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] reflect a desire [...]", "[...] balance [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] composite coating that contains nanoparticles [...] [see the innovation project NanoBe™]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] plasma jet [...] [see the Sneak preview #2 at the 27th of January 2008]", "[...] this comes from aerospace [...] [Yes for sure, and not from that company.]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] iconic [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] Performance [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] race-inspired high-performance [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] Performance [...]", "[...] performance [...]" and "[...] performance [...]". And yes, we have quoted all 17 times the word performance was used.
  • Daimler: Despite the heavy loss by that company the management contract for its CEO was extended. Also, we found a nonsense slo- gan, which makes only sense, if it is seen as another proof for the attempt by that company to only copy our company: "When visions become dreams." (compare with the OntoLab slogan Lab of Visions™ and the text on the webpage of the 333 ST Barchetta on the web- site of Style of Speed™). We didn't knew, that at Daimler is so much of mental deficiency.
  • Tata→Jaguar: That company has stolen again contents, concepts and technologies from our websites. We do some quotes: "[...] signi- ficantly [...]", "[...] bold styling [...]", "[...] performance and styling packs [...] [What that company meant here is our concept of Exter- ior Themes™.]", "[...] Speed Pack and Black Pack [...] [We actually have the 2 projects PackWing™ (aka. WingPack™) PackSpeeder™ (formerly SpeederPack™) with the term pack in their names. Also, SpeederPack™ and by this SpeedPack is away.]", "[...] performance without compromising [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] speeds far beyond its original electronically [...]", "[...] balance [...]", "[...] Active Differential Control [...] [No, no, no. Respect our trademark Active Differential™ and go away!]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] Ultimate Black, Polaris White, Salsa Red, Liquid Silver, Lunar Grey, Kyanite Blue and Spectrum Blue [...] [compare with the exterior versions of the RE™ - The Original and the 9EE™, which are avail- able as well for the Pan™ for example: Classic (example given Salsa Red), RSQ (Liquid Silver), Snow White, Black Beauty, Sleek Silver (Lunar Grey) and so on.]", "[...] strongly [...]", "[...] beauty [...]", "[...] speed and power [...]" and "[...] performance [...]". It is feel- ing the breath of the Pan™, especially of the Pan™ Speedster and Pan™ RSR, which will blow away its cheap copies, definitely.
  • Proton→Group Lotus: How could it be otherwise by that company: In conjunction with the presentation of an upgrade of one of its models we found several familiar phrases. We document again its attitude by quoting out of a press release: "[...] revolutionized [...] [What we've seen so far was only stealing. But that's not revolut- ionary.]", "[...] agile [...]", "[...] core values of performance [...]", "[...] supercar performance with city car economy [...] [This sounds somehow like Electric SuperCar and the range named Car E-City™ by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] evolution of the iconic [...]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] pure, contemporary [...] [compare for example with the text on the webpages of the City Speed-E™, Cup!™ and CE]", "[...] exciting blend of [...] style [...]", "[...] contemporary [...]", "[...] signature [...] "mouth" and familiar sculptured forms [...] [No, it's not a signature by that company, but reminiscent to the sports car de- sign of the midst of the 20th century.]", "[...] theme of purity [...]", "[...] sleek [...]", "[...] new optional forged alloy wheels [...] [This option is standard for high-performance cars.]", "[...] revolutionized [...]", "[...] greener [...] [Aha!]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] iconic [...]", "[...] pure [...]", "[...] contemporary [...]", "[...] high quality [...]", "[...] fun [...]", "[...] significant [...]", "[...] greener, purer and more desirable [...]", "[...] one of the most innovative sports car manufacturers in the world [...] [Ha, ha, ha. Stealing is not innovative.]", "[...] revolutionary and award winning extruded and bonded aluminum chassis, with a lightweight steel rear subframe [...] [Guess where this concept really comes from.]", "[...] high tech [...]", "[...] three times [...]", "[...] high-tech and reliable [...]", "[...] high-speed performance [...]", "[...] transforming [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] SC [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] superb high performance [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] phen- omenal performance [...]", "[...] high performance [...]", "[...] per- formance [...]", "[...] significantly [...]", "[...] significant [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] high performance [...]", "[...] revolutionised [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "Perform- ance [...]", "[...] 222 [...]" and "[...] 233 [...]". Please, can someone help us: We don't know for what a "graphic incorporated into the new side LED direction indicators" is good for. Cup holders for french fries and lemonade (both are already invented) would do better. And yes, we've quoted all 16 times the word performance was used.
  • Turner Motorsport: We do quote: "[...] "Dream Team" [...] that means business [...] [Gotcha!!!™ We mean Business™]", "[...] per- fect storm [...] [see the image of our hypersoar concept]", "[...] survival of the fittest [...]", "[...] tubular frame and all-carbon-fiber-body-work [...]", "[...] light and strong [...]" and "[...] superior [...]".
  • Fiat→Alfa Romeo: "The name [Pandion] comes from a unique bird of prey in the Osprey family. [No, that's wrong. Pandion is a genus of birds of prey with a single member: the Osprey. Take also a look at the Little Osprey™.]" and "The most unique trait of the [concept car] is its side windows which extend down to the front wheel arch. Like the Pandion bird, the doors open up in a gull-wing fashion. [But we thought, that Pandion is a genus of birds of prey and not of gulls.]". The basic design lines of the rear of the shown car are somehow familiar as well, so we make it short: The concept is an attempt to copy the exterior design of the 9ii™ by Style of Speed™, which is based on the EGO model of the 2028 concept by the com- pany Volkswagen.
  • Fiat→Alfa Romeo and Pininfarina: "[...] significant [...] interprets the innovative vision of an antique theme strongly [...]" and "[...] iconic [...]".

    Comment of the Day
    Blue Snow™

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have created 2 new Exterior Themes™ called Blue Beauty™ and Blue Snow™, and added to the webpage of our high-performant, -agile and -elegant Electric Sports Coupé™ Pan™ a new paragraph with available exterior versions.

    Comment of the Day
    Pure Aesthetic™

    Comment of the Day
    "The Humvee is dead. Long live the Suvee."

    For sure the cars that are known as Hummers are not dead, only the marque at this moment. But that is no problem at all. As really com- petent persons do know, the Hummers are based on the same chas- sis family like other SUVs and SUTs by the company General Motors. Furthermore, with our Suvees™ HE™ and S!™ by Style of Speed™ and their basic technology and style together with our leading Pure Electric™ drivetrain and its Active Differentials™ We keep the dream alive. And this even in an environmental friendly way.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Alga Energy™ AlgaFuel™ GreenFuel™ BlueFuel™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Create a market and you'll get your health care system for free."

    Ontonics Website update
    After more and more of the usual fraudsters are becoming insolvent it is now time for us to get the job done: We have updated the In- novation-Pipeline webpage on the website of Ontonics™ by adding one of our older projects:

  • Alga Energy.

    Comment of the Day
    ⊂ ⊃™


  • Cable News Network: Some weeks ago, the media company jump- ed on the bandwagon of the "3 Theme" by C.S.. Now our readers know and have the proof, that We mean business™.
  • Bertelsmann→RTL→RTL 2: By using illegally contents of our web- sites and jumping on the bandwagon of the "3 Theme" by C.S. the before copied "Fun Theme" by C.S. is again extended by slogans like "Fun hoch 3==Fun to the power of 3" (see also the Investigations of the 29th of June 2009, 2nd of November 2009 and 9th of January 2010, and for example the webpages Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™), :D™ (Big Fun™), Flight :)™ (Flight Fun™), Sky :)™ (Sky Fun™), Sky :D™ (Sky Big Fun™), Space Shuttle NG X-3033™/MagicStar™ and X-3^3™ by Style of Speed™).
  • ProSiebenSat.1: With its television channels like Pro 7 and Kabel eins that media company jumped on the bandwagon of the "3 Theme" by C.S. as well.
  • Rheinische Post: see the other media companies
  • Bertelsmann→N-TV: It steals contents of us to advertise other companies, like for an already many times convicted large internet search engine service provider.
  • ProSiebenSat.1→Kabel eins: see Bertelsmann→N-TV
  • Axel Springer: see ProSiebenSat.1→Kabel eins
  • Nikon: That company has taken contents of our websites. We do quote: "At the heart [...]", "[...] stronger [...]", "[...] the thinnest [...] [compare with the Original vs. Inspiration given at the 17th of January 2008 on the website of intelliTablet (iTablet)™]", "[...] fast [...]", "[...] excellence [...] [compare with our trademarks like Com- petence with Excellence™, Arts of Excellence™, Creativity par Ex- cellence™. Innovation par Excellence™, Hightech par Excellence™ or Spirit of Excellence™]", "[...] innovative [...] [No, as everybody can see now: It's not innovative, but usual.]" and "[...] super [...]".
  • Wolf-Garten: That company has massively taken contents, con- cepts and also most potentially technologies of our websites and company.
  • Yogurt: The company jumped on the bandwagons of the "Pure Theme" and "Fun Theme" by C.S. with the slogans "purer Genuss==Pure en- joyment" and "Natürlich mit Spaß==Naturally with fun"
  • Groupe Bel: The company has taken contents of our websites. We see for example "[The company] in the heart of a moving world" and "Sharing smiles". Besides, for the marketing of a brand of cheese the company jumped on the bandwagon of the "Fun Theme" by C.S. as well with the slogan "Jede Menge mehr Spaß==Tons of more fun".

    Comment of the Day #1
    Mechanics by Software™ Software as Mechanics™
    Hardware by Software™ Software as Hardware™
    Build-E™ Build E™ Build•E™
    Swarm-E™ Swarm E™ Swarm•E™
    Sensor Swarm Robot™ Sensor SwarmBot™ SensorSchwarmroboter™ SensorSchwarmbot™
    Sensor Robot Swarm™ Sensor Bot Swarm™ Sensoroboterschwarm™ SensorBotschwarm™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Please, may we've another cup of tea?"

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have changed the label of the cj!™ to ⊂ ⊃™.

    Ontonics Website update
    We have extended the concept of the Clean•E™ and Sweep•E™ (see also the image of a builder with broom shown at the 7th of December 2008) and added to our Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™ the related not so new projects:

  • Swarm-Engineering,
  • Build•E,
  • Robot Swarm-Engineering 2007 and
  • Sensor Swarm Robot.


  • Masdar Institute of Science and Technology: That institute and its partners have massively stolen contents, concepts and technologies of our company, especially of our business divisions Ontonics™ and OntoLab™. This fact can be seen best by the fields of innovations that were simply copied from the webpage Innovationsfelder==Fields of innovation by Ontonics™. Also very bold is the attempt to impute the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A., our competenc- es.
  • Ingo Rechenberg: We don't know what kind of bug has bitten him to make a copy of our webpages, like for example Terms of the 21st Century of the website of OntoLinux™ and Innovation-Pipeline of the website of Ontonics™. First of all, the term Bionics==Bionik denotes only one of the oldest methode that humans are using to solve their problems. Also, the short statement about technological prophecies is somehow ugly. Next, we do quote out of his document at first in german: "[...] Prolog [...]", "[...] Kybernetik [...]", "[...] batteriege- triebenes Fahrzeug auf mechanischen Beinen [...] [Dies zeigt in die Richtung von unseren Walker und Lighter than Air Walker in dem Bi- onic Vehicles™ Bereich von Style of Speed™. Der ganze Originaltext hat irgendwie die Eigentümlichkeit unser Konzept zu verspotten.]", "[...] komplexer [...]", "[...] 30 [...]", "[...] gesät, pflanzenähnlich wachsen [...] [Dies erinnert uns an das Kapitel 8.2.1 "Bestäubung" der Hardware des Proposals.]", "[...] revolutionär [...]", "[...] mole- kulare Selbstorganisation [...]", "Bionik pur", "[...] Nanotechnologie [...] [Die durch den Autor über unsere Kompetenz und Arbeit gema- chten Annahmen in diesem Bereich sind falsch und zeigen klar seine Inkompetenz.]", "[...] Nanomonteure [...] [vergleiche mit dem Projekt NanoFab™ der Innovation-Pipeline von Ontonics™]", "[...] dreiatomi- gen [...]", "[...] Benzolring-Lagern [...] [vergleiche mit dem Projekt NanoBearing der Innovation-Pipeline von Ontonics™]", "[...] Nanoro- boter [...]", "Molekulare Selbstreplikation [...] [siehe Kapitel 4.3 Cairns-Smith des Prototypen]", "[...] drei [...]", "[...] nanobionische Fertigung [...] [Uhhh, wie langweilig.]", "[...] Silizium-Leben [...] [siehe Kapitel Silicon Bugs des Prototypen]", "[...] fundamental [...]", "[...] Replionik (Selbstvermehrungs-Chemotechnik) die Schwesterdis- ziplin der Auxonik (Wachstums- und Gestaltbildungs-Chemotechnik) [...] [Dies klingt irgendwie wie Das Proposal.]", "[...] ontogenetisch- en Wachstums für die technische Form- und Funktionsgebung einzu- setzen [...] [Und dies ist Inhalt des Proposals und wiederholt auch was wir über OntoLinux™ in der Clarification an dem 11th of March 2008 sagten.]", "[...] revolutionierende [...]", "[...] skalierte Selbst- organisation [...] [Uhhh, wie langweilig.]", "[...] supramolekularen [...]", "[...] Eigenschaft der Selbstheilung [von Materialien] [...] [Oh was für eine Überraschung, es ist das Projekt Self-Healing Materials der Innovation-Pipeline von Ontonics™.]", "[...] Gummi [...] [Ja, wir sprechen hier über das Projekt NanoGum™ der Innovation-Pipeline von Ontonics™.]", "[...] 30 [...]", "[...] 30 [...]", "[...] künstliche Photosynthese [...] [siehe zum Beispiel das Bionische VehikelApe ESP 2.0 - The Leaf™ with Wheels™ von Style of Speed™]", "[...] Kohlendioxid aus der Umgebung herauszufiltern [...]", "[...] Silizium- Leben [...]", "[...] Windenergie ohne sichtbar bewegliche Elemente zu ernten [...] [siehe das Projekt 0 Gravity 2.0™ der Innovation-Pi- peline von Ontonics™]", "[...] elektrischen Windes [...]", "[...] dritten Potenz [...]", "[...] selbstorganisierende "ontogenetische" Prozesse [...]", "[...] Solarfarbe [...] [klingt wie Solar Fabrics™]", "[...] zwei-, vier- oder sechsbeinige Laufmobile [...] [siehe die Walker und Lighter than Air Walker im Bereich Bionic Vehicles™ auf dem Web-Auftritt von Style of Speed™]", "[...] Rad. Diese energiesparende Fortbewe- gungsart wäre gewiss auch der biologischen Evolution eingefallen [...] [Nein, das ist falsch, aber wir werden nicht erklären warum. Die Rotation von Objekten ist kein Argument.]", "[...] Fisch- oder Vogel- schwarm [im Strassenverkehr] [...] [Diese Art von Technologie ist für das Jahr 2028 und nicht 2099 prognostiziert.]", "[...] Sonarsys- temen der Fledermäuse und Delfine [...] [siehe Active Camera™]", "[...] Schwarmregelung [...]", "[...] Tower-Lotsen-System [...]", "[...] Es sind bionische Schwarmregelungs-Algorithmen, die im Jahre 2099 dezentral autonom mit Hilfe des DPS [(Distance Posi­ti­oning System)] die Flugbewegungen koordinieren [...]", "[...] selbstrepa- rierende Systeme [...]", "[...] inspirierte [...]", "[...] Mikroblasen- schleier [...], die den örtlichen Reibungswiderstand besonders stark reduzieren [...] [Diese Methode wird bereits für Torpedos genutzt.]", "[...] inspiriert [...]", "[...] Ionenwind [...]", "[...] Elektronen emittier- enden Nano-Spikes [...]", "[...] Verkehrsflugzeuge mit schwingenden Flügeln [...] [Hier wird das Konzept der klasssischen Solid State Air- crafts diskutiert.]", "[...] 30 [...]", "[...] Plasma-Aktuatoren [...]", "[...] singuläre [...]", "[...] Programme hatten eine Komplexität errei- cht, dass sie von Menschenhirnen kaum noch gewartet, geschweige denn weiterentwickelt werden konnten [...] [Dies ist von dem Pro- posal genommen worden.]", "[...] genetischen Programmierung [...] [Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] Mathematiker exakt beweisen, dass die Selbst- programmierung eines klassischen Von-Neumann-Computers niemals schneller als mit exponentiellem Aufwand erfolgen kann, das heißt ein so genanntes NP-hartes Problem [...] [vergleiche mit More notes]", "[...] evolutionsanalogen Prozess bewerkstelligen [...] [Dies ist aus dem Proposal genommen worden.]", "[...] starken Kausalität [...]", "[...] Computer mit dieser Eigenschaft gab [es] aber schon längst, nämlich das Gehirn [...] [siehe Das Proposal und die am 11. März 2008 gegebene Clarification über OntoLinux™]", "[...] Hardware und Software bilden eine geschlossene Einheit, in welcher das Prinzip der starken Kausalität erfüllt wird [...] [vergleiche zum Beispiel mit der Announcement of new webpage am 27. Januar 2007 und Das Propo- sal]", "[...] Neuronale Netze sind evolutions- und lernfähig. Compu- ter-Architekturen mit gehirnähnlichen neuronalen Strukturen [...] [Jetzt sollte es leicht erkennbar sein, dass wir bei einem der funda- mentalen Prinzipien von OntoLinux™, die am 11. März 2008 gegebene Clarification und unserer Prozessorarchitektur mit dem Kode-/Spitz- namen "Uncle Bob", welche am 13. November 2009 in dem Original gezeigt und beschrieben wurde, sind.]", "[...] Die neuronalen Compu- ter wurden nicht mehr auf konventionelle Weise programmiert, son- dern vom Lehrer wie ein Schüler belehrt. [...] [siehe das Kapitel 4 Piaget und künstliche Intelligenz des Proposals und die Open ROBI Maxifig/Macrofig Platform]", "[...] neu­ronale "Hauslehrer" vom GNN (Global Neural Net) herunterladen und so seinen Computer in der ge- wünschten Weise fit machen [...] [siehe den Web-Auftritt von Onto- Linux™ und die Open ROBI Maxifig/Macrofig Platform. Das GNN ist ausserdem mit dem Skynet in der Terminator Saga verwandt.]", "Das Gehirn und seine Arbeitsweise ist das Vorbild der Informationsverar- beitung. Das Global Neural Net, in dem die Neurocomputer weltweit zusammengeschlossen sind, ist um Größenordnungen leistungsfähiger als das World Wide Web vergangener Zeiten. Das GNN arbeitet wie ein überdimensionales Gehirn, in das komplizierte wissenschaftliche Fragestellungen eingegeben werden können. Die Antworten führen zu einer gewaltigen Erweiterung des menschlichen Wissens und zu sen- sationellen technischen Erfindungen. Mit dem Ausbau des GNN ist erstmals wieder eine Beschleunigung des wissenschaftlichen und te- chnischen Fortschritts zu beobachten. [Dies ist von dem OntoLinux™ Web-Auftritt gestohlen worden.]", "[...] Gutenbergs Erfindung um 1440 war Drucken eine zweidimensionale Kunst [...] [vergleiche mit dem Projekt NanoPrint/Neue Gutenberger™ 2002 auf der Web-Seite Innovation-Pipeline von Ontonics™]", "[...] Rapid Protoyping [...] [siehe den Abschnitt Rapid Prototyping Machine auf der Links to Hardware Web-Seite von OntoLinux™]", "[...] Drucker bauen, der dreidimensionale Gegen­stände in einer Art Nährlösung wachsen lässt [...] [siehe auch Abschnitt Replicator #1 Molecular Assembler auf der Terms of 21st Century Web-Seite von OntoLinux™]", "[...] biologi- sche Ontogenese [...]", "[...] Auskristallisierens [...] [vergleiche mit den Kapiteln 5.3 Künstliche Kristallogie und 7.13 Kristallogie und zel- lulare Automaten des Prototypen]", "[...] einfache Spielzeugfiguren für Kinder [...] [wie zum Beispiel Lego Minifiguren]", "[...] PNN (Per- sonal Neural Net). Die Miniaturisierung von Licht- Schall- Tast- Riech- und Schmecksensoren nach biologischem Muster sowie die gewaltige Assoziationsleistung neuronaler Chips machte es möglich, dass Menschen ihre persönliche Informationsaufnahme parallel in ein miniaturisiertes technisches Neuronennetz einspeisen und speichern können. [Dies ist von den Abschnitten Human Enhancement and Cy- borgs und Extended Identity der Terms of the 21st Century Web- Seite von OntoLinux™ genommen worden.]", "[...] erlebnisreicher Ur- laub rückwirkende in allen Einzelheiten reproduzierte werden [...] [vergleiche mit dem Abschnitt Extended Identity]", "[...] Praxis kon- trovers diskutiert [...] [vergleiche wieder mit dem Abschnitt Extend- ed Identity]", "[...] entsteht so etwas wie ein gespeichertes Paral- lelwesen [...] [Gotcha!!! Dies ist das Konzept einer Extended Identi- ty.]", "[...] Sprachübersetzer [...]", "[...] DNA auf die RNA für die Proteinsynthese an eine Turing-Maschine [...] [siehe die Kapitel 3 Kolmogorov-Komplexität und algorithmische Informationstheorie und 11 Embryogenie eines Betriebssystems des Prototypen]", "[...] Eben- bild des Menschen geformten Roboter [...]", "[...] laufende, mit bio- nischen Händen versehene Maschinen (mit Kindchenschema) [...] [Dies von einigen Projekten des Abschnitts Robotics von der Web- Seite Links to Hardware von OntoLinux™ genommen worden.]", "[...] humanoiden Unterhaltungsroboter [...] [werfe einen Blick auf Pino, MiniMaxi und Qiro]", "[...] nützliche Tätigkeiten verrichten, z. B. Ra- sen mähen, Staub ­saugen, Kranke pflegen [...] [Dies ist von diesem Web-Auftritt, siehe die Original Sketches am 7. Dezember 2008, und von dem Abschnitt Humanoid der Innovation-Pipeline von Ontonics™ genommen worden.]", "[...] auf [(]sechs[)] Beinen krabbelnde auto- nome Roboter [...]", "[...] Kleinst- und Superkleinst-Robotern [...] "fressen" permant den Schmutz von den Fensterscheiben [...] [Dies ist nur unser Konzept Personal NanoCare™.]", "[...] Superkleinstro- boter (übersteigert[?] Nanobots genannt) zirkulieren im Blutkreislauf [...]", "[...] Robofisch [...]", "So wie im Flugzeugentwurf haben sich andere Lösungen als die der Evolution nicht durchsetzen können. [Entschuldigung, aber hier können wir nur sagen: Ibiot.]", "[...] Vi- sion [...]", "[...] Mikro Air Vehikel [...] [Bitte, es muss Mikroluftvehi- kel, Mikrofluggerät oder Micro Air Vehicle genannt werden.]", "[...] Libelloid [...] [C.S. hat ungefähr 1999 eins dieser Art von Mikroflug- geräten gezeichnet.]", "[...] Hesmonik das Erbe der Kybernetik ange- treten. Schwarmbildungen in Biologie und Technik werden von einer gemeinsamen Metaebene behandelt. [...] [Nein, Kybernetik existiert immer noch und Schwarmintelligenz sowie Multiagentensysteme ge- hören zu Feldern wie Psychologie, Kybernetik, die Emergenz basierte Künstliche Intelligenz 2 von Softbionics™ - Weiche Bionik™, Robotik und andere.]", "[...] autonomen mobilen Schwärme spannt sich vom [...] Computeragenten bis hin zum wirbelnden Mückenschwarm [...]", "[...] Schwarmrobotern [...]", "[...] Schwarmintelligenz [...]", "[...] Kopplungsglieder, mit denen sie sich bei Bedarf zu größeren Kon- strukten selbst zusammenfügen [...] [Diese Konzept ist besser be- kannt als Assemblierer.]", "[...] Handtellergroße [...]roboter [...] [So,hier sind wir bei den Pit Droids der Star Wars Saga.]", "[...] kunstvolle Bauten [...]", "[...] emergente Schwarmverhalten [...]", "[...] neue Qualität [...]", "[...] Schwarmbots operieren [...] in der Form von verteilten Systemen [...] [siehe den Bereich Verteilte Sys- teme des OntoLab™]", "[...] inspirierten Super-[...]", "[...] massiven Einsatz neuronaler Systeme mit holografischem Speichervermögen [...]", "[...] orientiert sich die Ausbildung in der Computertechnik zwangsläufig am Vorbild "Gehirn" [...] [Nein, nicht wirklich. Es geht mehr um Geometrie.]", "[...] Nanotechnologie gekoppelt mit selbstor- ganisierendem Wachstum [...]", "[...] Protein-Faltung und die Onto- genie-Gesetze [...]", "[...] interdisziplinäre [...]", "[...] evolutionären Erkenntnistheorie [...] [Dies ist ein Hauptteil des Proposals.]", "[...] Argument, dass die neuronale Informationsverarbeitung einen "Schö- pfer" hatte, nämlich die genetische Informationsverarbeitung [...] [Entschuldigung, aber dies ist ein Hauptteil des Proposals.]", "[...] genetisch-evolutive Informationsverarbeitung [...]", "[...] Hermann-Hesse-Institute gegründet [...] [Nein, solch ein Institut existiert be- reits, wird Christian-Stroetmann-Institut genannt und ist besser be- kannt als OntoLab™ - The Lab of Visions. Geh' weg!!!™]", "[...] vi- sionäre [...]", "[...] drei [...]", "[...] 1000 [...]", "[...] Ellenbogenmen- talität ist unsittlich [...] [So, dieser investigative Fall ist der beste Beweis, dass es so scheint, dass dies nicht der Fall ist.]", "[...] mi- croNN (NN steht für Neuronales Netz) [...] [Dies klingt wie unsere Neuronales Netz zentrale Prozessoreinheit NNCPU™.]", "[...] inter- stellare Reisen des Menschen Jahrzehnte und länger dauern werden [...] [Wir werden sehen. Und es ist besser nicht den gewöhnlichen inkompetenten Pseudo-experten zu folgen.]", "[...] interstellaren [...]", "[...] Gaiatech [...], der in kompakter Form die Elementarpro- zesse des biologischen Kohlenstoff-, Sauerstoff-, Stickstoff- und Restelemente-Umlaufs nachbildet und dabei direkt an das elektrische Energieversorgungssystem eines Raumschiffs angeschlossen ist [...] [Interessant zu sehen, dass der Autor auch Informationen aus un- serem Büro erhalten hat. In der Tat, das war eine unserer ersten Ideen mit den Seitenflügeln des TIE R/LightSwift™ Raumschiffs, die wegen seiner Spitzengeschwindigkeit, die solche Überlegungen über- flüssig machen, verworfen wurde.]", "[...] Computersimulationen [...] [siehe zum Beispiel die Abschnitte mit dem Term Simulation in ihren Namen auf der Links to Software Web-Seite von OntoLinux™]", "[...] Von-Neumann-Sonde [...] [Wir verknüpften das Dokument Advanced Automation for Space Missions in dem Abschnitt Automation auf un- serer Links to Sofware Web-Seite des Web-Auftritts von OntoLi- nux™.]", "[...] Terraforming [...] [siehe den Abschnitt Terraforming auf der Web-Seite Terms of the 21st Century]", "[...] Fliegen wie die Vögel [...] [siehe die Projekte des Bereichs (Ruck)Sackfluggerät ((Back)Pack Aircraft™) der Innovation-Pipeline von Ontonics™ und den Abschnitt Human Enhancement and Cyborgs der Terms of the 21st Century Web-Seite]", "[...] Tauchen wie die Wal [...]", "[...] Vierphasen-Fahrzeug, das sich auf dem Lande, auf dem Wasser, un- ter Wasser und in der Luft bewegen kann [...] [Hier wurde die Struk- tur von Style of Speed™ teilweise reflektiert.]", "[...] Kiementauch- schwimmer [...] [und siehe wieder den Abschnitt Human Enhance- ment and Cyborgs der Terms of the 21st Century Web-Seite]" and "[...] dynamischen Segelflug [...]".
    The English translation is as follows: "[...] Prolog [...]", "[...] cyber- netics [...]", "[...] battery powered vehicle on mechanical legs [...] [This points into the direction of our Walker and Lighter than Air Walker in the Bionic Vehicles™ section of Style of Speed™. The whole original text has somehow the characteristic to ridicule our concept.]", "[...] m9ore complex [...]", "[...] 30 [...]", "[...] seeded, phytoid [like a plant] grow [...] [This reminds us of the chapter 8.2.1 "Bestäubung" der Hardware of The Proposal.]", "[...] revolutionary [...]", "[...] molecular self-organisation [...]", "Bionics pure", "[...] Nanotechnology [...] [The made assumptions about our competen- ce and work in this field by the author are wrong and show clearly his incompetence.]", "[...] Nanoassembler [...] [compare with the project NanoFab™ of the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™]", "[...] triatomic [...]", "[...] benzene ring bearings [...] [compare with the project NanoBearing of the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™]", "[...] Nanorobot [...]", "molecular self-replication [...] [see chapter 4.3 Cairns-Smith of The Prototyp]", "[...] drei [...]", "[...] nanobionical manufacturing [...] [Uhhh, how boring.]", "[...] Silicon life [...] [see chapter 12.2 Silicon Bugs of The Prototyp]", "[...] fundamental [...]", "[...] Replionics (chemical technics of self-reproduction) the sister-discipline of the Auxonics (chemical technics of growth and shape forming) [...] [This sounds somehow like contents of The Proposal.]", "[...] to utilize [...] the ontogenetic growth for the technical shape- and function forming [...] [And this is contents of The Proposal and repeats as well what we said about OntoLinux™ in the Clarification at the 11th of March 2008.]", "[...] revolutionizing [...]", "[...] scaled self-organisation [...] [Uhhh, how boring.]", "[...] supramolecular [...]", "[...] feature of self-healing [of materials] [...] [Oh, what a surprise, it is the project Self-Healing Materials of the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™.]", "[...] gum [...] [Yes, we speak here about the project NanoGum™ of the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™.]", "[...] 30 [...]", "[...] 30 [...]", "[...] artificial photosynthesis [...] [see example given the Bionic VehicleApe ESP 2.0 - The Leaf™ with Wheels™ by Style of Speed™]", "[...] to filter out of the environ- ment carbon dioxide [...]", "[...] Silicon life [...]", "[...] to harvest wind energy without visibly moving elements [...] [see the project 0 Gravity 2.0™ of the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™]", "[...] elec- tric wind [...]", "[...] third power/cube [...]", "[...] self-organising "ontogenetic" processes [...]", "[...] Solarcolour/paint [...] [sounds like Solar Fabrics™]", "[...] two-, four- or six-legged walking mobiles [...] [see the Walker and Lighter than Air Walker of the section Bio- nic Vehicles™ on the website of Style of Speed™]", "[...] wheel. This kind of energy-saving type of locomotion would certainly have become an idea of the biologic evolution as well [...] [No, that is wrong, but we won't explain why. The rotation of objects is not an argument.]", "[...] school of fish or swarm of birds [in road traffic] [...] [This kind of technology is projected for the year 2028 and not 2099.]", "[...] sonar of bats and dolphins [...] [see Active Camera]", "[...] swarm control [...]", "[...] Tower-pilot-system [...]", "[...] There are bionical swarm control algorithms, that decentralized co- ordinate autonomically by the help of the DPS [(Distance Posi­ti­oning System)] the movement of aerial vehicles in the year 2099 [...]", "[...] self-repairing systems [...]", "[...] inspired [...]", "[...] micro bubble veil [...], that exceptionally powerful reduces the local vis- cous drag [...] [This methode is already used for torpedos.]", "[...] inspired [...]", "[...] ionen wind [...]", "[...] electrons emitting nano spikes [...]", "[...] airliners with swinging wings [...] [Here the con- cept of classical Solid State Aircrafts is discussed.]", "[...] 30 [...]", "[...] plasma actuators [...]", "[...] singular [...]", "[...] programs had reached a complexity, that the human brains were nearly unable to maintain them, even less to develop them further [...] [This is taken from The Proposal.]", "[...] genetic programming [...] [Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] mathematicians prove exactly, that the self-programming of a classical Von-Neumann computer can never be done faster than with exponential effort, that means a so called NP-hard problem [...] [compare with the webpage More notes]", "[...] process accomplish- es analogously to evolution [...] [This is taken out of The Propo- sal.]", "[...] strong causality [...]", "[...] computer with this feature were already longer existent, namely the brain [...] [see again The Proposal and the Clarification about OntoLinux™ given at the 11th of March 2008]", "[...] hardware and software constitute a closed unit, in which the principle of the strong causality is satisfied [...] [com- pare for example with the Announcement of new webpage at the 27th of January 2007 and The Proposal]", "[...] neural networks are able to evolve and learn. Computer architectures with brain like neu- ral structures [...] [Now it should be easily recognizable, that we are at one of the basic principals of OntoLinux™, the Clarification given at the 11th of March 2008 and our processor architecture with the code-/nickname "Uncle Bob" and its successors, which were shown and described in the Original at the 13th of November 2009.]", "[...] The neural computers were not programmed anymore in the con- ventional manner, but like pupils are instructed by teachers. [...] [see the chapter 4 Piaget und künstliche Intelligenz of The Proposal and the Open ROBI Maxifig/Macrofig Platform]", "[...] download neu­ral "tutors" of the GNN (Global Neural Net) and in this way condition her/his own computer in the desired fashion [...] [see the website of OntoLinux™ and the Open ROBI Maxifig/Macrofig Platform. The GNN is also related with the Skynet of the Terminator saga.]", "The brain and its operating principles is the model of the information process- ing. The Global Neural Net, in that the neurocomputer are connected world wide, is in orders of magnitude more powerful compared to the World Wide Web of past times. The GNN works like a oversized brain, which can be feeded with complicated scientific questions. The ans- wers lead to a tremendous extension of the human knowledge and to sensational technical inventions. With the expansion of the GNN it can be observed for the first time again an acceleration of scientific- al and technical progress. [This is stolen from the OntoLinux™ web- site.]", "[...] the invention of Gutenberg at around 1440 printing was a two-dimensional art [...] [compare with the project NanoPrint/ Neue Gutenberger™ 2002 on the webpage Innovation-Pipeline of On- tonics™]", "[...] rapid protoyping [...] [see the section Rapid Proto- typing Machine on the Links to Hardware webpage of OntoLinux™]", "[...] build printer, that lets grow three-dimensional objects in a kind of a nutritional solution [...] [see also the section Replicator #1 Mo- lecular Assembler on the Terms of 21st Century webpage of OntoLi- nux™]", "[...] biological ontogenesis [...]", "[...] crystallization [...] [compare with the chapters 5.3 Künstliche Kristallogie and 7.13 Kris- tallogie und zellulare Automaten of The Prototyp]", "[...] simple toy figures for children [...] [like Lego minifigures]", "[...] PNN (Personal Neural Net). The miniaturization of light- acoustic- touch- smell- and taste sensors following biological patterns as well as the huge power of association by neural chips makes it possible, that humans can computerize and store in parallel their personal recording of in- formations in a miniaturized technical network of neurons. [This is stolen from the sections Human Enhancement and Cyborgs and Ex- tended Identity of the Terms of the 21st Century webpage of Onto- Linux™.]", "[...] eventful holiday travels are reproduced retroactively in all details [...] [compare with the section Extended Identity]", "[...] controversially discussed in the praxis [...] [compare again with the section Extended Identity]", "[...] originates something like a stored parallel being [...] [Gotcha!!! This is the concept of the Ext- ended Identity.]", "[...] language translator [...]", "[...] DNA on the RNA for the protein synthesis to a turing-machine [...] [see the chapters 3 Kolmogorov-Komplexität und algorithmische Informations- theorie and 11 Embryogenie eines Betriebssystems of The Proto- typ]", "[... as] clone of the human formed robot [...]", "[...] walking, with bionical hands equipped machines (with schema of childlike characteristics) [...] [This is taken from some of the projects of the section Robotics of the webpage Links to Hardware of OntoLinux.]", "[...] humanoid entertainment robot [...] [take a look at Pino, Mini- Maxi and Qiro]", "[...] do useful works, for example to mow the lawn, vacuum, care for sick people [...] [This is stolen from this website, see the Original Sketches at the 7th of December 2008, and from the section Humanoid of the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™.]", "[...] on [(]six[)] legs crawling autonomous robots [...]", "[...] small- est- and supersmallest robots [...] "eat" permanently the dirt from the window panes [...] [This is only our concept of Personal Nano- Care™.]", "[...] supersmallest robots (excessively named[?] nano- bots) circulate in the blood circulation [...]", "[...] Robofish [...]", "Like in the design of aircrafts, other solutions as those of the evo- lution couldn't be established. [Sorry, but here we can only say: Idiot.]", "[...] vision [...]", "[...] Mikro Air Vehikel [...] [Please, it has to be named Mikroluftvehikel, Mikrofluggerät or Micro Air Vehicle.]", "[...] Libelloid [...] [C.S. has painted around 1999 one of this kind of micro aerial vehicle.]", "[...] Hesmonics has come into the heritage of cybernetics. Formations of swarms in biology and technology are handled by a common meta level. [...] [No, cybernetics still exists and swarm intelligence as well as multiagent systems belong to fields like psychology, cybernetics, the emergence based Artificial Intelli- gence 2 of Softbionics™ - Weiche Bionik™, robotics and others.]", "[...] autonomous mobile swarms span from [...] computer agents through to the vortexing cloud of flies [...]", "[...] swarm robot [...]", "[...] swarm intelligence [...]", "[...] coupling links, by which they self-assemble to larger constructs on demand [...] [This concept is better known as assemblers.]", "[...] palm-sized [...]robots [...] [So, here we're at the Pit Droids of the Star Wars saga.]", "[...] artful buildings [...]", "[...] emergent swarm behaviour [...]", "[...] new quality [...]", "[...] swarm bots operate [...] in the form of distribut- ed systems [...] [see the section Verteilte Systeme of the Onto- Lab™]", "[...] inspired super-[...]", "[...] massive employment of neural systems with holographical storage capacity [...]", "[...] the education in computer technology unavoidably orientates itself to- wards the model "brain" [...] [No, not really. It's more about geome- try.]", "[...] nano technology connected with self-organizing growth [...]", "[...] protein folding and the laws of ontogenesis [...]", "[...] interdisciplinary [...]", "[...] evolutionary epistemology [...] [This is a main part of the The Proposal.]", "[...] argument, that the neural in- formation processing had a "creator", namely the genetic information processing [...] [Sorry, but this is a main part of The Proposal.]", "[...] genetic-evolutive information processing [...]", "[...] Hermann-Hesse-Institute founded [...] [No, such an institute already exists, is called Christian-Stroetmann-Institute and better known as OntoLab - The Lab of Visions. Go away!!!™]", "[...] visionary [...]", "[...] three [...]", "[...] 1000 [...]", "[...] ellbows mentality is immoral [...] [So, this case of investigation is the best proof that it seems to be, that this is not the case.]", "[...] microNN (NN stands for Neural Net- work) [...] [This sounds like our Neural Net CPU NNCPU™.]", "[...] interstellar travels of humans take centuries and longer [...] [We will see. And it's better to not follow the usual incompetent pseudo ex- perts.]", "[...] interstellar [...]", "[...] Gaiatech [...], that in compact form reproduces the elemental processes of the biological carbon, oxygen, nitrogen und remnant elements circulation and by this is di- rectly connected to the internal electrical energy supply system of a spaceship [...] [Interesting to see, that the author has got as well informations out of our office. In fact, that was one of the first ideas behind the side wings of the TIE R/LightSwift™ spaceship, that was thrown away due to its top speed, which makes such consider- ations obsolete.]", "[...] computersimulations [...] [see for example the sections, that have the term simulation in their names on the Links to Software webpage of OntoLinux]", "[...] Von-Neumann probe [...] [We linked the document Advanced Automation for Space Miss- ions in the section Automation on our Links to Sofware webpage of the website of OntoLinux™.]", "[...] Terraforming [...] [see the sect- ion Terraforming on the webpage Terms of the 21st Century]", "[...] fly like the birds [...] [see the projects of the section (Ruck)Sack- fluggerät ((Back)Pack Aircraft™) of the Innovation-Pipeline of Onto- nics™ and the section Human Enhancement and Cyborgs on the Terms of the 21st Century webpage]", "[...] dive like the whales [...]", "[...] four-phase vehicle, that can move on the land, on the water, under water and in the air [...] [Here the structure of Style of Speed™ was partly reflected.]", "[...] gills diving swimmer [...] [and again see the section Human Enhancement and Cyborgs on the Terms of the 21st Century webpage]" and "[...] dynamic gliding [...]".
    Most of the contents are simply taken from the named webpages, as it even can be seen by readers, who aren't teached in the different subjects. And despite that some few of the bionical technologies by the author are indeed interesting, we can't hold back our disappoint- ment. Btw.: Convicted!!!™

    Investigations::Car #229

  • Venturi and Michelin: For a concept of an all-electric the joint venture has massively stolen contents, concepts and technologies from our Style of Speed™ website. We do quote to document its fraud: "[...] car vehicle’s architecture, style, dynamic behaviour [...]", "[...] position as the most advanced company in the field of electric vehicles [...] [That's a bold and also criminal lie, because most of the newly presented innovations were developed by us from Style of Speed™.]", "[...] electric sports car concept [...] [We've real electric sports cars and not only a stolen concept.]", "[...] active suspension [...] [compare with Active Suspension]", "[...] spearhead [...]", "[...] Playing down the mechanical aspect in favor of electronics, close to the concept of a robot [...] [Gotcha!!!™ Here the reader can easily see that indeed contents and concepts were stolen from the webpages Active Suspension by Style of Speed™ and Innovation-Pipeline (project Transuspension™) by On- tonics™. Also the story being told here tries to imitate our concept of replacing Gears by Software™ or as we also call it now Mechanics by Software™.]", "[...] dashboard touch screen [...] [And now all together: Gotcha!!!™ This is nothing else than our e-dashboard™ technology, which is also named on the webpage of the j!™ by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] driver can configure the vehicle entirely as he wishes [...]", "[...] significant progress in terms of management [...] [Here we can also see the attempt to steal parts of our Hightech Operating System OntoLinux™.]", "[...] body is still a unique concept worldwide, as it is the only one to have been specifically designed to be that of an electric car [...] [That's pure nonsense and the next lie. The Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™) has been developed some years before and everybody, who reads our Investigations::Car, do know much better what's really going on.]", "[...] spearhead [...]" and "[...] sustainable mobility [...]". The electric in-wheel/hub motor concept is more than 110 years old and was used for example as the drivetrain by Lohner-Porsche cars, even in the described 4 wheel drive configuration (see our Original of the 7th of March 2008). The already known problems of such an in-wheel motor drivetrain con- cept (unsprung mass) has led us to the development of our Active Differentials™. That joint venture has outed itself now as one of the classical fraudsters in the field of vehicles with Pure Electric™ drive- trains: Convicted!!!™
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