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Comment of the Day
Inspiration in Motion™

Investigations::Car #79

  • Artega Automobil: We do quote: "Inspiration in Bewegung", "[...] einmalige Synthese [...]", "[...] Ristorante [...] italienischer Küche [...]", "[...] Kalibrationsfahrten [...]", [...] wegweisend [...]", "[...] 300 Exemplare [...]" , and much more. We firmly attest: Convicted just right from the start.
    Btw.: The Artega GT has a drivetrain by Volkswagen.

    Comment of the Day
    Street Rocket™
    Poetry in Motion Poetrie in Bewegung™ Poetry of Speed™

    Ontonics Website update
    As announced at the 21st of November, and the 7th of December 2008, we have updated the Innovation-Pipeline-webpage on the website of Ontonics by describing:

  • MediBoy,
  • Med!Phone,
  • Med•E and Nurs•E, and
  • Clean•E and Sweep•E.

    Investigations::Multimedia & AI and Knowledgemanagment

  • Lockheed Martin & Carnegie Mellon University→Entertainment Technology Center: Both entities started a venture in the sector of systems engineering. "This work will focus on enhancing Lockheed Martin’s OMEGA services, a suite of enterprise planning, manage- ment, optimization and integration capabilities, with immersive tech- nology, including Carnegie Mellon’s patented Synthetic Interview tool. Synthetic Interview captures information from a database so the person accessing it appears to have a natural conversation with a video persona. Lockheed Martin will also work with the university to evolve modeling and simulation analysis using gaming technolo- gies." And further: "The capabilities developed through this dynamic partnership will improve our ability to communicate complex solutions through advanced visualization tools.", and "Our collaboration with Carnegie Mellon will enhance our state-of-the-art engineering environment [...]."
    Do we really have to ask: OntoLinux?

    Investigations::Car #80

  • EDAG Design Studio: The company has stolen massively contents from our websites as well as concepts from the business divisions of our company. An example from many others: "The body concept of the "Light Car - Open Source" is based on a rolling chassis - an universal platform to which the modules for various bodies can be added. This enables vehicle derivatives to be developed more quickly and at lower cost." Continuing we also quote: "We have transferred today's multimedia and lighting technology standards to the car, and in future want to offer the customer scope for free configuration, as the entire surface of the vehicle functions like the monitor of a multimedia installation, and can be used intelligently and individually."
    We don't know, but all of these sound like our concepts, especially the e-dashboard™, the e-door™@Car, the Emu/Emoticon Lights™, and the Chassis Module System concepts (in this respect compare for example the news of the 22nd and 23rd of August 2008, and the picture of the day in the news of the 28th of October 2008, but also the Multimedia section of the Innovation-Pipeline by Ontonics). In fact that "Light Car - Open Source" concept is our j! model.
    Remarkable is also, that that company has a strong relationship to SAP and that parts of the described IT-services sound like the services we mentioned in the case with Ontoprise, Achievo, and Porsche→Volkswagen→Audi, which on the other hand leads once again to the Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz.
  • Mitsubishi: The i MiEV Sport Air Concept all-electric zero CO2 emission sportscar focused on performance, with a lithium-ion battery pack located within its long wheelbase and a low centre of gravity. We quote: "a new-age [...] rocket" and "[...] sports EV [...]".
    This concept definitely is not defined by that company, somehow it sounds like Style of Speed.
  • Evonik: Hier ein paar Fakten:
    1. Evonik wusste nicht, wofür sie die Lithium-Ionen basierte Batte- rietechnologie einsetzen sollte. Zunächst war nur eine wage Be- schreibung des Einsatzes im Bereich der Mobiltelefone und trag- baren Rechner genannt worden. Der Einsatz in Elektroautomobilen war hingegen zu keinem Zeitpunkt Teil einer noch so unscharfen Strategie.
    2. Evonik hat erst seit wenigen Monaten ein gesteigertes Interesse an leichtgewichtigen Fahrzeugen, wie sie zum Beispiel im Motor- sport eingesetzt werden.
    3. Evonik hat ausserdem erst in der jüngsten Vergangenheit Punkt 1. und 2. zusammmengeführt.
    Nebenbei erwähnt: Wir beobachten das Unternehmen seit den ersten Berichten über das elektronische Papier.
  • Deutsche öffentliche Medien: Auf Kosten der deutschen Steuer- zahler wird weiterhin die Öffentlichkeit vorsätzlich falsch informiert. Insbesonder die Berichterstattung im Rahmen des 9. CAR Sympos- iums sind "unterhalb der Gürtellinie": Vorsätzlich wurde zum wieder- holten Mal kriminellen Personen und Unternehmen die Möglichkeit gegeben, gestohlenes geistiges Eigentum zu präsentieren sowie unsere Lösungen falsch darzustellen.
  • Axel Springer→Auto Bild: Es ist nicht nur offensichtlich, dass die Redaktion Inhalte unserer Web-Auftritte für ihre Reportagen benutzt, sondern es werden auch unsere Web-Inhalte genutzt um falsch oder /und irreführend über Fakten zu berichten und Produkte und Leistun- gen von kriminellen Dritten vorzustellen. Die Auto Bild gilt bereits seit Juni 2008 als überführt.

    Comment of the Day #1
    X!Phone™ X•E™ SpeedVan™
    NanoFuel™ NanoGas™ Gas NG™ Fuel NG™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "I'm unable to understand certain facts. They're simply too normal." [C.S., Today]

    Question of the Day
    Where is the fun of experimenting?

    Ontonics Website update
    As announced at the 1st and 6th of December 2008, we have up- dated the Innovation-Pipeline webpage on the website of Ontonics by describing:

  • Cook!Phone, and
  • iguardrail.

    Also as announced, we added the Wireless Resonant Energy Link (WREL) technology feature to the descriptions of our iparquet™ and Hous•E::RobotFloor™/Robot Ground™ solutions.

    Furthermore we described on the Innovation-Pipeline-webpage the new solutions:

  • WREL@Home,
  • NanoFuel/NanoGas/Gas NG/Fuel NG.

    Ontonics Further steps
    Due to the situation, that we have a whole set of X!Phone mobil/cell phone based solutions on the one side and X•E robotic solutions on the other side, we are examining the possibility to aggregate and describe both technologies as a system platform.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We are looking at the Oodul design concept by Senon Franco as a nice SpeedVan™ for Style of Speed.
    Senon Franco Oodul
    © Car Design News

    Comment of the Day
    NanoFibre™ Personal NanoCare™ NanoBodyCare™

    Announcement Ontonics Website update
    We are updating the Innovation-Pipeline-webpage on the website of Ontonics by adding the new projects:

  • NanoFibre and
  • LifeSciences→Personal NanoCare.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We're examining the reasonableness to compose under the working name SpeedVan™ a Porsche→Volkswagen→Audi A2 chassis with the Oodul design concept, shown yesterday. But actually we're not sure, if the SpeedVan™ should be larger. Another point of thoughts is the preferable application of the from us in the OntoLab invented Emoticon Light, e-door, and e-dashboard technologies.

    Comment of the Day

    Comment of the Day

    Pictures of the Day Space Express & X-3033/MagicStar Special
    NASA Space ExpressStyle of Speed X-3033 MagicStarNASA Space Express
    Pathway to Safety and AffordabilitySpace Transportation Across NASA3rd Generation Technology Drivers
    Long Life Light Weight Propulsion Materials and StructuresAdvanced PropellantsGreen Operable RCS
    © NASA and Style of Speed

    Ontonics Website update
    As announced at the 4th February 2009, we have updated the Innovation-Pipeline-webpage on the website of Ontonics by adding the new project:

  • NanoFibre.

    The firstly announced NanoPill project was withdrawn, because we already have this kind of technology covered under the Pharma NG→ ActiveDrugs concept.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have publicated on the website of Style of Speed™ the new webpage for the j!.

    Comment of the Day
    We set trends

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have added to the webpage of the j! on the website of Style of Speed™ 2 images with (O)LED rims.

    We also have publicated on the website of Style of Speed™ the new webpage for the Hypersoar section.


  • Rheinische Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen und Forschungszentrum Jülich: The highschool and the research center have founded a corporation named German Research School for Simulation Sciences GmbH. Students should learn in an interdisciplin- ary study the abilities to do computer based simulations. Furthermore, a Karlsruher Institute of Technology like merger is aimed. By doing these several questions arise, example given the more than 10 years lasting delay, the foundation of a privately held highschool instead of an integration into the university of Aachen, and naturally also the contentual relation to our OntoLab and our unique Hightech Operatingsystem (HOS) OntoLinux.
  • Max-Planck-Gesellschaft: Der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft e.V., München, hat eine Rechtsanwaltskanzlei eingeschaltet, die uns die unrechtmässige Berühmung des Markenrechtes und damit einen rechtswidrigen Eingriff in dieses Unternehmen vorwirft.
    Zunächst unsere Aussage: "die Benutzung von Handelsmarken, die mit dem Präfix "Onto" beginnen und u.a. mit der Informatik in Be- ziehung stehen, ... in Deutschland aktuell nur durch 2 Unternehmen erlaubt (sind)". Hierbei führten wir weiter aus, dass wir das erste Unternehmen insoweit sind.
    Die Kanzlei stützt sich jedoch auf folgende Aussage: "Diese Berühm- ung ist falsch. Die Begriffe "onto" wie auch die Begriffe "Ontology" und "Ontologies" sind allgemeinsprachliche Begriffe und nicht, auch nicht markenrechtlich, schutzfähig." Des weiteren werden wir aufge- fordert eine Unterlassungsverpflichtungserklärung bezüglich künftiger Verwarnungen zu unterschreiben. Zudem wurde ein falscher Streit- wert angesetzt.

    Unser Kommentar:
    Wir haben bereits die Marke "Ontologics" im Jahr 2001 registriert. Die Begriffe "Ontology" und "Ontologies" sind keine allgemeinsprach- lichen Begriffe, weil sie Begriffe der englischen Sprache sind. Die Begriffe sind also sehr wohl markenrechtlich schutzfähig und noch viel wichtiger schutzwürdig. Ausserdem sind diese beiden angeführ- ten Begriffe als auch die Begriffe "Ontologie" und "Ontologien" syn- taktisch so ähnlich, dass eine Benutzung in technischen Bereichen unsere bereits registrierte Handelsmarke "Ontologics" in der Tat massiv verwässern.
    Ausserdem wird es anderen als den 2 Unternehmen nicht gelingen Handelsmarken, die mit dem Präfix "onto" beginnen, in den ent- sprechenden Schutzklassen schützen zu lassen. Solche Versuche sind bereits auf der Grundlage geltenden Rechts gescheitert.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have added to the website of Style of Speed™ the new webpages:
    1. Webpage for the X-3033/MagicStar, and
    2. Webpage for the 3^3.

    Questions of the Day
    What do I invent today? What do I creat today?

    Ontonics Website update
    As announced at the 4th of February 2009, we have updated the Innovation-Pipeline-webpage on the website of Ontonics by adding the new project:

  • LifeSciences→Personal NanoCare.

    Furthermore we updated the webpage by:
    1. Giving some more descriptive informations about the NanoFuel™ domain, and
    2. Giving some more descriptive informations about the NanoFiber™ domain.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have publicated on the website of Style of Speed™ the new webpage for the Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift.

    Comment of the Day
    Possible is everything
    Language of Sport™


  • Solar architecture: We quote: "Gestern Traum - Heute Wirklich- keit", "Die Synthese aus Funktionalität und neuer [...] Technik unter Verwendung bester Materialien ermöglicht es uns [...] zu erreichen.", "Technik und Design", "Zeitlos elegantes Design verbindet Ästhetik und Funktionalität in [...] Harmonie.", "Die Synthese", "[...] Objekte mit [...] Architektur", "Auf der anderen Seite [...] Lösungen aus mo- derner Technik und Funktionalität.", and "[...] technisch intelligen- ten Entwicklung [...]".
  • Adidas: In this case we also do quote: "Y-3", "a3", "+3", "P3S", "adizero", "Hightech", "Durch den Einsatz modernster Materia- lien [...]", "Seamless", "[...]:S", "Racer", ("Streetracer",) "[...] ST III", "[...] revolutionizes [...]", "[...] new dimension", "Inspired", "Spiral", and so on. We also found a Countdown-Widget.
  • Coty: "Action3"

    Investigations::Car #81

  • EDAG: Das Unternehmen hat eine Rechtsanwaltskanzlei beauftragt unseren Vorwurf des Urheberschutzmissbrauchs zu untersuchen. Das Problem des Unternehmens ist aber, dass die Geschichte schon längst geschrieben und der Imageverlust damit vorgezeichnet ist.
  • Institut für Mobilfunk und Satellitentechnik: Das Unternehmen hat neben den bereits beschriebenen Projekten auch ein Projekt im Bereich der Nutzung elektrischer Energie (E-Mobility) gestartet. Was für ein Zufall, von innovativ braucht man bei dieser Einrichtung wirklich nicht mehr zu sprechen.

    Comment of the Day
    "The arrival of a new year reminds us that life is a journey, one that takes us on many unexpected paths [...] to pioneer journeys into the unknown for the benefit of humanity. Along the way, we some- times experience tragedy instead of triumph.
    [On some days], we pause to reflect on those moments in explorat- ion when things did not go as expected and we lost brave pioneers. But what sets us apart as [future] Americans is our willingness to get up again and push the frontiers even further with an even stronger commitment and sense of purpose.
    On [these days], we remember the sacrifices of those who dared to dream and gave everything for the cause of exploration. We honor them with our ongoing commitment to excellence and an unwavering determination to continue the journey on the path to the future."

    Barack and Chris

    Pictures of the Day
    Sustermans GalileoC.S. EvidenceMessier 101 The Pinwheel Galaxy
    © NASA→International Year of Astronomy 2009 and C.S.

    Comment of the Day

    Website update
    We have added to the website of Style of Speed the new webpages:
    1. Webpage for the Black Snow,
    2. Webpage for the Mod 32, and
    3. Webpage for the Belly Tank Lakester.

    Also, we have sorted into the Hot Rod section our Bee!

    Comment of the Day
    Keeping dreams alive

    Mandatory Sign: Kiss honey (Today)
    Sign Kiss Honey
    © C.S.
    Signs like this should be put up at english railway stations.

    Moonwalk (Today)

    Moonwalk (Today)

    Moonwalk (Today)
    Empty Set

    Moonwalk (Today)
    Empty Set
    © C.S.

    Jolly Minifigure Head (22.02.2009), Jolly Babuschka (23.02.2009), and Jolly Son of Man (Today)
    Jolly Minifigure HeadJolly BabuschkaJolly Son of Man
    Jolly Minifigure HeadJolly BabuschkaJolly Son of Man

    And even more from the Bikini Bottom and the Jolly Bunnies: Jolly Spongebob Bunny (Today)
    Jolly Spongebob BunnyJolly Spongebob BunnyJolly Spongebob Bunny
    © C.S.

    Picture of the Day
    Balcone di Giulietta
    © Frank Fleschner

    Lego Vuitton, aka. Lego Bricktton (Today)
    Lego VuittonLego VuittonLego Vuitton
    © C.S.

    Mandatory Sign: Pommes Frites (21.02.2009 - Today)
    Sign Pommes Frites

    Venezia (Today)
    © C.S.

    Lego Vuitton/Bricktton (Today)
    Lego VuittonLego VuittonLego Vuitton
    Lego VuittonLego VuittonLego Vuitton

    Venezia (Today)
    These are the corrected versions and 3 new versions of the Lego Bricktton series as an excuse for the irritations.
    © C.S.

    Liberty (Today at 01:40)
    © C.S.


  • Kraft Foods→Milka: I Milka
  • Henkel→Schwarzkopf: And once again that company. "Brilliance", and "Diamant-Glanz"
  • : "Drei Zonen"
  • Bertelsmann: Kein Kommentar
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: Siehe Bertelsmann
  • Rheinische Post: Siehe ProSiebenSat.1 Media


  • Nokia: That company has shown a mobile phone with our invention of an integrated compass. It also is still describing its products with contents taken from our websites, most to mention the website of OntoLinux
  • Fraunhofer Institut: The institute developed a control by gestures for televisions. Furthermore, there is evidence, that content was taken from our websites.

    Investigations::Car #82

  • Kia: The company has once again taken informations from our websites without following our policy. Its new prototyp is a mini van, that is named No 3, has a bone like radiator grill panel, and should also be available in a hybrid version. By doing this that corporation shows its not existent creative competence, especially by its chief designer, and its willing not to care for the rules.
    © and/or ® 2009-2012
    Christian Stroetmann GmbH