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Comment of the Day
Smartbooklet™ Booklet phone™
I love rocket science™
I ♥ rocket science™
You love rocket science™
You ♥ rocket science™
We love rocket science™
We ♥ rocket science™

In opposition to the repetition of the claim and fairy tale by the media company Bertelsmann that the tablet computer in the slate style with multi-touch functionality is an innovation of the only stealing company Apple, we declare once again that it is only a clone of a Chinese clone of our intelliTablets (iTablet)™ in the slate style (see also the intelliTablet Further steps of the 6th of January 2010, Original vs. Inspiration of the 7th of January 2010, Picture of the Day of the 27th of January 2010, Ontonics Website update of the 25th of May 2008, our innovation project P@d™ 2.0 and for example the Investigation::Multimedia of the 28th of January 2010 and 5th of June 2010).
And the same holds as well for a smartphone with touch screen by that same company, which features the motion sensor technology that was invented by the former company Compaq many years be- fore and touch sensitive display technologies from other persons and companies.
Furthermore, we have found parts in its operating system. that don't belong that company.
And last but for sure not least, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) with windows metapher was invented by other persons and research institutes.
Unternehmen wie Bertelsmann und Apple haben absolut keine Chance diese kriminellen Lügen als Wahrheiten durchzusetzen.

intelliTablet Further steps
We form intelliTablet (iTablet)™ are proud and excited to present our new class of Mobile Devices™: The Smartbooklet™. The Smart- booklet™ combines a smartphone with touch display with a tablet computer in the booklet style. Characteristic for this new device class is that a Smartbooklet™ features two touch displays in a folding shell casing and full mobile phone functionality.

Ontoscope Further steps
We from Ontoscope™ are pleased to announce the new model of our Ontoscope™ in the booklet style, which combines the class of Smartbookletphones™™ with our ingenious Ontoscope™ technology.

Style of Speed Website update and Further steps
We added an image of the model 2010 of our Raptor Speedster.
And we added a related new model to our Beauty Beast series, the:

  • Boxster BB, best known as Triple B, BBB or B³.

    Furthermore, we are looking at possible conversions of the models Boxster and Cayman by the marque Volkswagen→Porsche into R and GT versions.

    Pod and Swoop Racing League Further steps #9
    We are not quite sure, but as far as we are able to interpret the recent informations the Pod Racer Team Austria has been founded. As we can see the new team from Austria prefers the classic sym- metrical, and Pod and Swoop Racing League regulations legal vehicle architecture like we have seen it before by Annikin Beerwalker from the Illegal Soapbox Society of San Francisco (see Edition #1, 21st of October 2008). Furthermore, while other teams conducted prototyp- ing studies and stress tests of their equipments as well as fitness trainings for the racers in the hottest areas (reported in Edition #7, 21st of July 2010, and #8, 9th of August 2010), the Pod Racer Team Austria was clever as well with its activities in cold areas that, as an indication of the team members' competence and audacity, even combined the workouts of the racers with the tests of its pulsejet/ pulse-pipe engines on skis. What an awesome commitment by the true SpeedGeek Rocket Grandpa Georg Pletzer, better known as "The man on the bomb", and the racing team members, and a clear ad- vantage for the Pod Racer Team Austria.
    Rocket Grandpa Georg Pletzer Gokart with Pulsejet EngineRocket Grandpa Georg Pletzer Gokart with V1 like Argus-Schmidt-Pipe Pulsejet EngineRocket Grandpa Georg Pletzer Pulse Jet Engine Test and Promotion on Skis
    © :(

    The reader might want to see also the Original vs. Inspiration of the 12th of April 2008.
    This is rocket science - We ♥ rocket science

    Comment of the Day #1
    "Time is on my side, yes it is",
    [Jerry Ragovoy and Jimmy Norman, 1963]

    Comment of the Day #2
    "At first a physicist should explain how the dualism of chaos and order was created.", [C.S., Today]

    Clarification #1
    In opposition to a statement by the absolutely incompetent Nazi paper Rheinische Post from Monkey's Village, B.R.D., we would like to clarify that the company Asustek Computer (Asus) is not the orig- inator of the Mobile Device class of netbook. For example the non- profit organization One Laptop per Child (OLPC) was earlier with this concept by its prototyp Children's Machine 1 (CM1) and model XO-1 with flash memory instead of a hard disk, but maybe not the first.

    Clarification #2
    The company Google has not developed an operating system, but just only combined the Linux® kernel and GNU software to a so-ca- lled Linux® distribution, like they are existing in 100,000s of different versions, and didn't add new general functionalities, as we do with our Ontologic System™ and Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™. The only advantage of that Linux® distribution in com- parison to other distributions with exactly the same compositing of software is that it actually costs nothing due to the usage of an un- licensed virtual machine for the programming language Java. If this unlicensed Java Virutal Machine (Java VM) will disappear, then it is most likely that that Linux® distribution will vanish as well. And in- deed, so far all indicators point to this fate.

    Rheinische Post: For sure, that Nazi paper reacted on our Invest- igations::Multimedia of the 30th of August 2010 with the statement that our intelliTablet (iTablet)™ in the booklet style is probably the most innovative device which is shown at a large exhibition by a criminal company that cloned it, but refused again to name us and in this conjunction misled the public even further by especially ment- ioning our decision for the dual 7" diagonal multi-touch screens, which by the way constitutes as well our definition of the class and form factor of this kind of Mobile Devices™.
    Besides this, that paper also mentioned again the incompetence of the fraudsters behind a copy of our intelliTablet (iTablet)™ touch computers in the slate style (see the case of Neofonie & 4tiitoo in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 13th and 29th, both of April 2010), but claimed now that another company which as well copied our intelliTablet (iTablet)™ in the slate style would be the main com- petitor of another only stealing company in this market segment (see our Clarification of yesterday).

    We were at this point some months before, but now we added a note about the person, sponsor and collector Nicolas Berggruen on our webpage Culture, the bastion of culture.

    Pictures of the Day #1
    Ontoscope 1.0Ontoscope 1.0Ontoscope 1.0
    © La collection d'appareils photo anciens par Sylvain Halgand
    See also our Announcement Ontoscope™ 2.0 of the 10th of August 2008.

    Picture of the Day #2
    Lego Figure
    © C.S.
    The third time we present this image (see also the Original Sketches of the 22nd of January 2008 and Picture of the Day 2nd of February 2010) besides showing it in conjunction with an investigation.

    Picture of the Day #3
    Ontoscope 2 FrontsideOntoscope 2 3-D Digital Backside
    See also the webpage of our Ontoscope™ 2.0.

    Don't underestimate our international copyright for the concept of a cell/mobile phone with integrated 3-D/stereo camera (including the versions with 1, 2, 3 or more lenses, and/or 1, 2 or 3 touch or multi- touch screens)!

    King Smiley Further steps
    We are sure that anybody understands and finds it reasonable that we have further adjusted the reward for works by C.S. to only USD. At first this sum might look very high but it only reflects the achievements done by C.S..
    (Also, we don't want to disturb the relations at the market. :D )


  • Permira→Iglo: That company claimed in a commercial for the inno- vation to heat up breaded chicken nuggets in a standard stove. In fact, C.S. was laughed down for doing this, or in other words for these kinds of his innovations, as well as doing this with fish sticks 3³ years ago. These innovations, like all the other Super Revolut- ionary™ and ingenious Hyper Innovations™ by C.S., can be testified by many witnesses.
    Btw.: That owner is an owner of the criminal broadcaster ProSieben- Sat.1 Media as well.
    Besides this, our meal assembler/food printer machine/food replicator McNano™ can also make Iglo food products, for sure.

    Investigations::Avionics and Aerospace

  • Copenhagen Suborbitals and sponsors: The group has taken cont- ents, concepts and perhaps some technical details from our web- sites, especially this website by OntomaX and the Style of Speed™ website. We found for example a logo that combines the NASA Hyp- erX-Patch, SOS HyperS-Patch and SOS Enterprise-Logo we showed on the 8th of February 2008 that surprisingly (not really) contains three times the initial CS, two of these are written as well with an old typography. Besides this, we see quotes like "[...] max of 30 [...]", "Pictures of the [...]", "We are proud to announce [...]", "[...] designed to pave the way [...]", "[...] zero gravity [...] [0 Gravity]" and "[...] contemporary [...]", and a section called Pictures of the Week. Its rockets are named HA Test Vehicle-1 and HATV-2, as well as a HE Atmospheric Transporter-1X, HEAT-2X, HEAT-3X, HEAT-4 and BabyHEAT (compare with the webpages of our HCV-1/White- Swift™ and Spacecrafter™), and finally should shoot a passenger into the suborbit as ulta-cheap space launch system (compare with our model X-3*/LittleStar™). Also, a story about a teddy bear in space was presented (see the Breaking News of the 26th of May 2008 and the Original Sketches of the 1st of July 2008). In addition, it sells t-shirts with the term Rocket Scientist printed on and bags in the colours of the logo by Style of Speed™. The whole endeavour is only an ultra-cheap copy of our marketing activities and also a giant hoax made to take away attention by the media from our serious activities. If one of its rocket, better call it giant firework or sparkler, flies higher than 10 kilometers, then this would be more a wonder than an engineering achievement. A quick look on the list of its sponsors clearifies easily why it's copying the activities and stealing intellectual properties of Style of Speed™: The already several times of stealing from us and manipulating the public with telling lies convicted criminal company Koenigsegg (see Investigations::Car #84 of the 4th of March 2009, #120 of the 22nd of June 2009, #197 of the 24th of November 2009 and #230 of the 3rd of March 2010) belongs to them. Finally, the result of this investigations is easy to made: Busted and Convicted!!!™

    Good luck and don't burn yourself.


  • Asustek Computer: Before absolute incompetent media claim again something stupid like that that only stealing company is the originat- or of the Pad Computer™ we directly explain: No, it isn't. Like an U.S.American company before it has only cloned a Chinese clone of our intelliTablet (iTablet)™ in the slate style, which is the smaller version of our P@d™ 2.0.
  • Nintendo: As not otherwise expected, that only stealing company has presented some weeks ago a new device that features essential parts which were stolen from the model of our Ontoscope™ that is based on a foldable mobile entertainment console platform. To these stolen features belong a 3-D screen, which needs no special glasses and is based on our "3D-Palm-Computer" project by the OntoLab™, as well as three cameras, with two of them on the outside of the device. The two cameras on the outside is a feature that was not officially announced by that criminal company before our presentat- ion (see the Ontoscope Further steps and the Investigations::Multi- media of 27th of March 2010). Moreover, the Glassy™ application technology, which combines the touch screens and the cameras into windows to the world, as well as the related augmented reality feat- ure, which our Mobile Devices™ get by our Hightech Operating Syst- em™ OntoLinux™, were stolen.


  • University of Applied Sciences Hagen: The senior technical coll- ege has taken our technology Balloonscope™ by combining it with a model blimp, which simply explained is nothing else than a balloon with airscrew. Also, the scenarios of applying this technology with fire and rescue services were stolen together with its partner com- pany (see for example the webpage of our model S!™ by Style of Speed™). And now follows the explanation why we took a moored/ captive balloon or a quadrotor/quadrocopter-based drone like our Flyingscope™/Airview™ technology for such fields of applications, which proves as well our ingenuity: A small blimp is not dirigible ei- ther above a big fire due to the heat or in windy situations.


  • On the 2nd of this month we made the Comment of the Day #2 that was focused on the person Steven Hawkins. Due to the fact that such a comment could give a person to much attention we have reformulated very slightly but more generally the Comment of the Day #2 of the 2nd of September 2010 and made a note about the person Steven Hawkins on the Culture webpage.


  • B.R.D.: A member of the board of the german central bank repeat- ed essential parts of the race doctrines by the Nazis and as a re- action an extremely large group of the german people and the polit- icians are defending that person and wanting to discuss the subject under the label integration of foreigners.
    We said it around three years ago: The evil was never away. And more than 10 years ago the wave has already become a tsunami across the world.

    Comment of the Day
    Quality.Performance.Velocity™ Quality.Performance.Speed™
    Quality.Style.Speed™ Style.Quality.Speed™

    Question of the Day
    "How much weighs light?"
    See also the Balloonlamps shown as the Original #2 on the 24th and the Balloonlamp shown in the Picture of the Day of the 18th, both of July 2008.

    Our meal assembler/food printer machine/food replicator McNano™ can also make true slow food as long as we have animals and plants with a functioning evolutionary process on the planet Earth. Other- wise it can produce everything, but in some situations only with a "synthetical flavor", which would be a consequence of a stopped natural evolution or a synthetical evolution of the basic "food blue- print" that is reproduced.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We're looking for a substitution of the original engine of the models Boxster and Cayman by the marque Volkswagen→Porsche for our conversion of these models into their R, GT and BB versions. Our favorite drivetrain is the 4.2-liter 90° V8 engine by the marque Audi of Volkswagen with two K27 turbo chargers or a compressor combin- ed with a 6-speed transmission by Audi or Porsche. In addition, the standard suspension could be changed to the suspension with push rods as it is featured by the model Carrera GT by Porsche or Apollo by the company Gumpert. :D


  • Lego: For a series that is called Atlantis a new kit was presented that has a gate like in the science fiction series in television, which even is visually functioning like it. Also, the product line has a serv- ice that is based on augmented reality.
    Besides this, that company is manufacturing figures in a dynamic posture like we have shown them in the Original Sketch of the 19th of July 2008. Surprisingly (not really), the product range is called minifigures and has a related logo with i-points that look like the minifigure outline we used in images like "Lego Bricktton", aka. "Lego Vuitton", and have shown on the 25th and 27th of February 2009 on this website. In the series #1 are included minifigures of a clown (compare with BOZZO's logo *<:o™, that was shown the first time on the 15th of December 2008, and the Comment of the Day of the 11th of October 2009), a nurse (see the female doctor in the Origin- al Sketches of the 21st of November 2008), a diver (see the "Image of the Hotspot of Innovations™" in the Pictures Reloaded of the 6th of February 2008), an astronaut with some kind of a lightsaber (see the "Image of the Hotspot of Innovations™" in the Pictures Reloaded of the 6th of February 2008, the Original Sketch of the 19th of July 2008, the Pictures of the Day of the 20th & 21st of July 2009 and the Picture of the Day of the 14th of August 2009), a skateborder (see the "Image of the Hotspot of Innovations™" in the Pictures Re- loaded of the 6th of February 2008), a cowboy (see the minifigure of Indiana Jones in the Original Sketches #1 of the 27th of November 2008), a medival hunter with arrow and bow (see the image "Golden Arrows FIRST Lego League Team Logo" shown here as Originals on the 4th, 10th and 12th of November 2009) and a dummy (see the minifigure and macrofigure in the Original Sketches of the 20th of July 2008).

    Investigations::Car #283

  • Shelby Supercars: Our fraudster is back with a new model. And again two already busted automotive magazines tried to tell their readers the usual nonsense about the origin of the design, but our readers are informed in the best way and so do know best as well. For sure, the general design was stolen from our division Style of Speed™, especially from the models B!™, D!™ and M!™ (see the image with the white painted car), in the following steps: The upper line that goes over the windscreen, the roof and the engine cover lid, the nose, and the counter running drop lines can all be seen in the side view of the sketch of the D!™ of the year 2005, the air inlet above the rear wheel was shown in the top view of the sketch of our D!™ from the year 2005, the line at the rear that goes from top to bottom is related to the sketch of our D!™ of the year 2005 and was combined with the short overhang of the B! and as shown in the sketch of the D!™ of the year 2008, the opening at the lower part of the side is a combination of the opening of the B!™ and M!™ with the endline at the front behind the front wheel as it was drawn in the sketch of D!™ in 2008, the roof is like the roof of the B!™, and the design of the headlights seems also familiar ot us. It's now the 4th company that derived the design of its car from our design (see the Original 22nd of February 2008, as well as the Investigat- ions::Car #11 of the 13th and #14 27th, both of March 2008, and #119 13th of June 2009).

    Fiat Ferrai Masserati Motorola Pininfarina Birdcage 75thSketch D! 2005Sketch D! 2008
    Bold copy
    © Supercars.net, SOS and :(

  • Proton→Group Lotus: That only stealing company and its divison don't understand the rules and laws of the market. We do quote out of a press release to document its stealing again: "[...] evolution [...]", "[...] re-created [...]", "[...] next level [...]", "[...] fine tuned [...] [Gotcha!!!™ Fine tuning™]", "[...] is pure [...] [:pure™ and so on]", "[...] emotion [...]", "[...] active exhaust [...] [Besides that it is imitating the naming scheme of our Active Components™, the reader shouldn't confuse that with our Active Clang™ Pipe techno- logy. Also, this technology is already a feature of the model RS4 with its 4.2-liter V8 FSI engine and exhaust system by the marque Volkswagen→Audi. But most important, drivers of our automobiles don't need such an active exhaust with a push button for opening some valves, because our cars are running always in the best con- figuration.]", "[...] core [the company] values [...]", "[...] next gen- eration [...]", "[...] perfect combination of top performance, style [...] [No, no, no: Performance Style™. Also compare that statement with our trademarks Perfect Style™, Perfect In Style™ and Perform- ance In Style™.]" and "[...] Chassis Modular [...] [No, no, no: Cha- ssis Module System™.]". Go away and take your rubbish with you.

    Ontonics Further steps 3:53
    We revealed the feature of applying memristive system elements like memory transistors/memistors and memory resistors/memristors as well as phase-change memory elements for variants of our super- conductive cores and processors.

    We also clearified that multicore systems can be combined with all these kinds of superconductive cores.

    Investigations::Multimedia and Robotics

  • Hewlett Packard: That already many times convicted company announced several times in the last two years to have found the fourth and missing fundamental circuit element of electronics, the so-called memory resistor/memristor, and some days ago to manu- facture this element. Due to the facts that the foundations of this technology is more than fourty years old and already exists in a 3- terminal element version as the memory transistor/memistor, the te- chnology is related with neural computing and artificial neural syst- ems, but also that on the one hand the company has no basic pat- ents for the presented technology, especially for the applied materi- als, and is focused more on the fields of molecular nanotechnology, nanoelectronics and 3-dimensional chips, as well as on the other hand the company is already convicted of stealing intellectual prop- erties owned by other persons and companies, and its acting was already recognized as a marketing hoax to take away attention from true innovations developed by other companies, the whole case be- came highly suspicious so that we took a closer look on it. And in- deed, all in all this leads directly to our multicore based Neural Net Cores™ and Neural Net CPUs™ without and with the features of the HyperCube™ geometry and superconductivity, but also to the tech- nology of the Brain Computer Interface (BCI) and Brain Machine Int- erface (BMI; see the the project Brain Computer Interface on the webpage Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™ as well as the section Brain Machine Interface on the webpage Terms of the 21st Century on the website of OntoLinux™). Busted? It seems so!
    Hint: Look for Bernard Widrow's ADALINE circuit and don't be fooled by the patents and public relations of the companies Hewlett Pack- ard and Samsung.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Style philosophy™ Philosophy of style™
    Evolution engineer™
    Engineer of evolution™ Engineer of the evolution™
    Engineering the evolution™ Engineering of the evolution™
    Future engineer™
    Engineer of future™ Engineer of the future™
    Engineering the future™ Engineering of the future™
    Future of engineering™
    Modular Vehicle Architecture™ Vehicle Module Architecture™
    Modular Chassis Architecture™ Chassis Module Architecture™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Not the green books but [the unfair sharings of] the green bucks are the problem.", [C.S., Very early this morning]

    Comment of the Day #3
    "We do know now who is The/La Stig."
    But we won't tell you.

    Comment of the Day
    "Gravity doesn't equal nothing."
    Or said with other words: In Physics the actually prominent Theories of Everything (TOE), example given the M-Theory, assume or require the existence of the graviton. Please, don't bother us anymore with physicists who are contradictorily babbling nonsense, self-exposing and stealing, like Steven H.. For that we already have Karl L..

    Investigations::Car #284

  • Volkswagen→Audi, E.On, Technical University Munich and Public Utility Munich: Suddenly the hybrid version with range extender of the model A1 by the marque Audi e-tron (see our model C-tron™ by Style of Speed™) is tested in conjunction with a project to research electric mobility with its partners E.On, Technical University Munich, and Public Utility Munich. It will also include a test of smartphones as the central interface for the driver (see also the Investigations:: Car #161 of the 20th of September 2009). In relation to the project the Public Utility Munich claims: "[...] green [...]", "[...] green [...]" and "[...] green electricity [...]".
  • Volkswagen→Bugatti: Some months ago an 800 bhp battery-pow- ered supercar was mentioned by officials of the marque Volkswagen →Bugatti that is believed to be based on the chassis of the model Continental GT by the marque Volkswagen→Bentley and features two enormously powerful electric motors (see our model Ettore™ by Style of Speed™).
  • Toyota: In a commercial for a hybrid version of one of its so-called compact models the company used the slogan "rein elektrisch== Pure/Purely Electric™" and presented a buttom for a so-called "Pur Mode==Pure Mode".
  • Gumpert: The company was very short of being insolvent some weeks ago (see the comment at the end of the case of the compa- ny Paragon→Artega a in the Investigations::Car #172 of the 7th of October 2009) but found a new investor. After this, a second model was annouced again (see also the Investigations::Car #242 of the 3rd of April 2010), which surely will have something in common with one of our models by Style of Speed™, like for example the B!™ Barchetta or the ⊂ ⊃™, and/or our technology, like a Pure Electric™ drivetrain with one of our Active Differentials™, as we guess. But maybe it will surprise us and realize one of its first design concepts which was a spyder.
  • Motor Presse Stuttgart→auto motor und sport: Some weeks ago that criminal media company said on the website of its automotive magazine that no electric version of the model A1 by the marque Volkswagen→Audi will be produced. For sure, that company does know our vehicles with Purely Electric™ drivetrains like the C-tron™ of our the City Sportsters™ series and repeated its criminal acting like in the case of the clone of our RE™ - The Original (to get into the case start with the note about it in the Investigations::Car #271 of the 11th of July 2010). It even was so bold to present in the next sentence after its claim a convertible version of the A1 that had the exterior of our C-tron™ Speedster. But with the ann- ouncement in conjunction with a project in the field of electric mo- bility by the marque Audi a few days ago (see above) it was finally convicted by the manufacturer itself of being absolutely incompetent or purely criminal.
    Besides this, it also explained now that the clone e-tron of our RE™ - The Original is based on the R8 chassis, despite it reported in the past that it is based on a new chassis.

    Investigations::Ship #3

  • Daimler→Mercedes-Benz: After it copied activities in the field of helicopters by Style of Speed™ (see the Investigations::Avionics and Aerospace of the 26th of May 2010) that only stealing company presented now a race boat.

    Comment of the Day
    "If a system doesn't function at all, then nothing of it can be system-relevant.", [C.S., Today]

    OntoLinux Further steps
    We added a short note about the technology that is shown in the movie "Surrogates" to the sections Brain Machine Interface and Extended Identity on the webpage Terms of the 21st Century of the OntoLinux website.

    Investigations::Car #285

  • Volkswagen→Bentley: We do quote out of a press release for a new version of one of its models: "[...] sculptured exterior exudes quality and design integrity [...]", "Contemporary [...]", "[...] bold and exciting [...]", "[...] renaissance [...]", "[...] defined a whole new market segment [...] [Sorry, but the segment of luxury and sporty coupés exists much longer.]", "[...] spirit [...]", "[...] iconic [...]", "[...] more style [...] [No, no, no: More Style™.]", "[...] touchscreen infotainment system features state-of-the-art navi- gation, [...] Maps and entertainment [...] [This only copies our application of OntoLinux™ with a touch-sensitive screen.]", "[...] balance [...]", "[...] automotive work of art [...] [No, it's just only a luxury production car.]", "[...] elegant, contemporary [...]", "Revo- lutionary [...]", "[...] Quality and Design Integrity [...] [No, no, no: "Quality and Design™".]", "[...] 0.33 [...]", "Three styles [...] [3 Theme and Style Theme]", "[...] stylish [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] stylish [...]", "Complementing [...]", "[...] driving style [...] [:Drivestyle™]", "[...] performance and style [...] [Attention: Per- formance Style™ and "Performance In Style™". This is more than only speech act steeling.]", "[...] excellence [...] ["Competence with Excellence™", "Spirit of Excellence", "Hightech par Excellence™" and so on]" and "[...] breathtaking performance [...]".
  • Daimler→Mercedes-Benz: That only stealing company finally found out that Torque Vectoring Braking could be an additional feature of an Electronic Stability Program (ESP) for enhancing active handling safety (see our Active Differentials™ and Active Trac™ system). Moreover, the range of trend-setting camera and radar-based driver assistance systems was extended further for enhancing active and passive safety (see our Active Camera™, Active Sensor™ and Active Trac technologies of the range of Active Components™ by Style of Speed™) and an Intelligent Light System (see our Active Light™ system). Indeed, we already do know that "We set trends™".
  • Belfort-Montbéliard University of Technology: Yes, number five is alive: The aim of a project conducted by three teams of students was to develop a sports car that would be performance-oriented, modern designed and integrate new technologies. So they copied some of our sketches of the D! of the year 2005 and the techno- logies of our cars with Pure Electric™ drivetrains.

    Sketch D! 2005
    Sketch D! 2005
    © SOS and Belfort-Montbéliard University of Technology

  • Emre Husmen: At first he was complaining about infringements of his copyright but then we found a drawing of a design concept that is named Tron and features an exterior in matte black, or as we call it Exterior Theme™ Stealth Black™ (see also the Original vs. Inspir- ation of the 4th of March 2008 and the case of Walt Disney Pictures in the Investigations::Car #137 of the 9th of August 2009).
  • Slavche Tanevski: For a design study of a super sports car he adopted the concept and essential lines we have shown with the sketch of the D!™ of the year 2008, like the mix of the highly face- tted style with the soft lines of the windscreen and roof.
  • Josep Ferriol: He made a design study of a coupé in the mix of the highly facetted style with smooth lines that we have shown with the sketch of the D!™ of the year 2008.
  • Peter Wilkens: Again, we have found one of these junior plagiarists who are so bold to take works done by other persons for their final works at the university. In detail, his design concept of an Electric Sports Car™ is a combination of the basic designs given with the design study of the M!™ (see the image with the grey painted car), the final work by Miroslav Dimitrov and the design sketch of the 9!™ by Aaron. For that the front of the design study by Miroslave Dimi- trov was taken, and the air inlet at the front of the 9!™ turned up- side down and united with the air outlet in front of the bonnet. Add- itionally, the design of the side fo the 9!™ was combined with the side of the M!™. Especially the air inlets in front of the rear fenders as well as the rear fenders' front and upper design look like the ones of the model M! and John Mark Vincent's model Ettore™, while in the side view the rear part of the rear fenders with its spoiler lips was taken from a design study by Emre Husmen. The designs of the rear itself with its taillights and spoiler lips as well as of the headlights was taken from a design study of a sports car by Miroslav Dimitrov with the diffusor and exhaust pipes of many other design studies. Like the Raptor the model is painted in the two-tone style Porsche green 2D8 and black. Furthermore, the concept car is said to have a drivetrain with four electric in-wheel motors that are powered by a fuel cell stack and solar panels in the roof.

    The last three cases are highly suspicious, because they all look as if again a large manufacturer seems to have manipulated behind the curtain (see also for example the case of Daniel Chinchilla in the In- vestigations::Car #282 of the 28th of August 2010).

    Comment of the Day
    "This is art an can be removed."
    Das ist Kunst und kann weg.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    Following the outlooks given on the 1st and 6th of this month, we from Style of Speed™ are pleased to announce our new models, the:

  • Boxster GT and
  • Cayman GT.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We are pleased to present the new webpage of our model:

  • #;D (Fierce Riot).

    Furtermore, we added to the website of our #;> (Wild Riot) additional images that show a more conventional version of it.

    Investigations::Motorbike #10

  • Magpul: The stories around our many Style of Speed™ concepts continue. Not only the large manufacturers and little punks like to take our works for free, but small companies do it as well. The com- pany has stolen contents, concepts, especially the one of the model #5™, and technologies from the website of Style of Speed™, as the features of its motorbike like the V-twin engine, the modern design- ed Girder fork, the slightly facetted carbon false tank with its spec- ific middle part, as well as the style and position of the cooler, and the quotes about it on its website obviously prove: "Ronin [It's the name of a samurai story, which leads directly to a logo of Style of Speed™.]", "[...] experimental [...]", "[...] first iteration of a design exercise inspired by [...] passions [...] [So we want to see the second iteration done by them and not copied from us.]" and "[...] high level of performance and aesthetic potential [...] [Gotcha!!!™ High Aesthetic™ and :performance™]". Advantage through Techno- logy™. Advantage through Performance™. Advantage through Inno- vation™. Advantage through Quality™. Pure Advantage™. Unfair advantage? - Gotcha, busted and convicted!
    Compare yourself:
    1. row: Original (SOS Motorbike #5 Tron's First Lightcycle 2003- 2004)
    2. row: Original (John Mark Vicente and Style of Speed 2 :) 2005)
    3. row: Original (Sachs 2001 and Niko Albertus and Andre Federico Look sponsored by Honda OREE, Style of Speed 2003 - 2004 and #;> 2010)
    4. row: Original and Clone (Style of Speed 2003 - 2004 and #;> 2010, and Magpul 2010)

    SOS Motorbike #5 Tron's First Lightcycle
    SOS 2 :)
    SOS Modern Custom #;> Wild Riot Buell, #;D Honda, Sachs, Niko Albertus and Andre Federico Look sponsored by Honda OREE Girder Front Suspension Design Sketch Modern Version
    SOS #;>

    Comment of the Day
    Moon fried chicken™

    Ontonics Website update
    We have added to our Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics the new projects:

  • McNano Mobile and
  • KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) on the Moon/MFC (Moon Fried Chicken).

    Style of Speed Website update
    Surprise, surprise, surprise: Who sees what was added and changed on the webpages of our models BBB and Cayman BB? A hint: It has to do with 4×3 and 2×6.


  • Volkswagen: One of its owner has transformed his properties into two Austrian private foundations. That must be a bad joke from the point of view by the B.R.D.. Without the many well educated persons and scientists, capable business partners and infrastructure as well as the illegal Volkswagen Law and the protection by political parties he wouldn't be able to build up his fortune about several billions Euro. And now he and his family even don't want to get around the death tax but also to claim for a much lower corporate tax. The private foundations were always something that had to be eliminated several decades ago and the already existing private foundations retransformed into corporations including the payment of tax arrears, but to found them in other countries is more than only bold, especially in this case.

    Investigations::Car #286

  • Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini: Its CEO mentioned that the form- er priorities top speed, acceleration and handling have changed to design, handling and acceleration. That's not quite right because the priorities are: More Style - More Speed - More Fun™, with speed meaning top speed and acceleration, and fun standing for dynamics, handling, agility, driveability, functionality and comfort. Indeed, this is a development for that a handful of very small companies togehter and we from Style of Speed™ are responsible for and that is stimul- ated by street legalizing and every day driving race cars.
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: That manufacturer seems to be devel- oping a sports coupé that seems to have an electric drivetrain with range extender. In this way it only jumps on the bandwagons and follows the set trends by other companies like ours again. In fact, the whole automobile with its widebody and wheels with aerodyn- amically optimized hub caps is nothing else than a copy of our Pan™, which means that that only stealing company is acting illegally again (see for example the Investigations::Car #146 of the 30th of August 2009, #148 of the 1st of September 2009 and #190 of the 16th of November 2009, but also the case of Axel Springer→Auto Bild in the Investigations #190 of the 16th of November 2009).
  • General Motors→Opel: We do quote out of a press release for a new version of one of its models: "Sculpture in Motion [compare with for example Modern Motion™, Modern EMotion™, Creative Motion™, Motion Design™, Motion Competence™, "Powered by Emotion™", "Be in Motion™", "Poetry in Motion™" and "That's eMotion™"]", "[...] vis- ion [...] [OntoLab™ - The Lab of Visions™]", "[...] most emotional [...]", "[...] bold [...]", "Inspiration for the concept was partly deriv- ed from a quote from Richard Bach’s famous novel, Jonathan Livings- ton Seagull "... and the speed was pure beauty." [...] [No, no, no: Pure Beauty™. Also, that statement is only a bold lie, because in this way that company has stolen contents of the website by Style of Speed™. Furthermore, we are also able to find many phrases of our websites in novels, and to be honest this was a good find, but in this context of marketing products like machines it is still stealing.]", "[...] bold yet pure and is very iconic [...] [Without doubt, contents of the Style of Speed™ website was used without referencing it and by this means an infringement of our copyright.]", "[...] dream [...]", "[...] engineered precision and innovation, matched with [...] design [...] [This sounds very familiar and a like our slogan "Consistent De- sign and Engineering™".]", "[...] reinforce [...] [Driving Force™]", "[...] emotional tribute to performance [...] [:performance™]", "[...] signature blade [...] [It's not a blade as in the case of our model RE™ - The Original, but only a crease in the side of the car.]", "[...] second line shoots from the door handle to the rear [...] [We do know this reversed drop line. You can also see the same line at the model 458 Italia of the marque Fiat→Ferrari.]", "[...] eagle-eye shap- ed [headlight ...] [No it isn't. An eagle-eye is round.]", "Signature LED daytime running lights [...] [As far as we do know this is a sign- ature of the marque Volkswagen→Audi and was copied by many oth- er car manufacturers and suppliers of aftermarket products.]" and "Innovative technology enhances performance". A hint for free: Con- centrate on your own strengths. There are enough in-house techno- logies.
  • Lambocars.com: Now we have the proof: A raging bull has totally smashed the brain of the managing editor (see the Investigations:: Car #244 on the 5th of April 2010) And Much More™!!!™ In detail, that website contains newly stolen contents from our websites. Moreover, it also reported again about the same thief who has once again stolen contents, concepts and technologies by copying this time our model Apollo Speed-E™, and claimed that the thief has cre- ated a so innovative concept knowingly very well that it is a product by us from Style of Speed™. In this conjunction, we tried to sent the following comment to that website:
    "The originals by Style of Speed are the Apollo Speed-E (SE), presented on the 23rd of March 2009, and Apollo (SE) SuperVeloce (SV).",
    but it was refused to be publicated with the justification that this comment would be too short. Surprisingly, another comment about the same report contained only "fabulous", for sure and as an usual comment about our technological masterpieces and marvels. Forget that lying and defrauding whatsoever site and its criminal owners, editors and supporters.
  • Flavio Adriani: That thief came back proving to read our websites, to steal from Style of Speed™ contents, concepts and technologies (see the Investigations::Car #244 on the 5th of April 2010), and to be absolutely stupid. This time he has presented nearly the whole model Apollo Speed-E™ with the Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini Murciélago like intakes for the cooling system as his concept with the only small differences of taking four in-wheel motors and rede- signing some exterior parts which is related to our version Apollo (Speed-E™) SuperVeloce. Extra stupid: We also found again the next nonsense story about the wind turbines that are still housed in the front but don't charge anymore the batteries while driving. Now it is said that they are generating an engine noise like a jet. Ah??? What a high-ouch concept is that again!!!™ What happens if the car is standing still or only running slowly? Also, when the vehicle is fast enough so that the wind turbines start to produce an engine sound, then this sound will be easily drowned by the noise of the electric motors, the tires and the wind that blows over the coachwork. May- be the next time he will attempt to sell us the story that his new innovation is to replace the wind turbines with vuvuzelas. Do not believe a word of him. His level of intelligence is even not enough to build the kit Lego Racers 8169, which is for children in the age of 9 to 14 years.

    Comment of the Day
    Supercharged Fuel Cell™ Overloaded Fuel Cell™ Pocket Fuel Cell™
    Nanosilicon™ Nanosilizium™

    Ontonics Website update
    The following projects have been added by us to our Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics:

  • Supercharged/Overloaded Fuel Cell,
  • Pocket Fuel Cell,
  • NanoSilicon,
  • NanoTransmission, and
  • Continuously Variable Transmission.

    Comment of the Day
    Clean Speed™

    Comment of the Day
    Smart fun™
    Turely smart™
    ≡=)™ ≡=D™ ≡)™ ≡D™
    E=)™ E=D™

    And once again a court passed sentence in an absolutely wrong way about a World Wide Web related lawsuit. In detail, it was decided that the internet service provider Google can't be made responsible that on one of its websites copyrighted videos are uploaded and watched by its users. This decision is wrong. For example, if a per- son has an entertainment location and it comes to light that visitors of this said location are carrying or/and consuming illegal substan- ces, then the owner is made responsible that no visitor is at her/his location having illegal substances. Otherwise the location will be closed, and the owner will get a drastic fine or even more. The same holds for a shop. A shop owner is not allowed to sell goods, if she/he knows that these are stolen. If she/he sells further stolen goods, then the shop will be closed and the owner judged like the thief of the said stolen goods. So in the case of the website Youtube it is very well known that copyrighted videos are uploaded and consumed by its visitors. Furthermore, the company Google says itself that it does know that its website is used in the described ways. Besides this, even the executive bodies are knowing that this is the case and that for protecting the owners of the intellectual properties the only ways are to control every video at first before it is viewable or otherwise to close the website by a governmental institute. The provider need monitor or seek out facts indicating such activity. Such kinds of websites instigate persons to infridge copyrights.
    As we said in the past, the internet doesn't need new laws. The already existing laws are enough, but simply have to be applied in the correct way.

    Style of Speed Website update
    As mentioned on the 23rd of September 2009 we have publicated the webpage of our range of E Scooters.

    Furthermore, we also added a second version to the webpage of our Feral Riot.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Metal Tornado™ Metal Twister™
    Metal swarm™
    Wasp swarm™
    Everytime.Everywhere.Every party.™
    Everytime.Everywhere.Every enemy.™
    Anytime.Anywhere.Any party.™
    Anytime.Anywhere.Any enemy.™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Have fun with the Skynet."
    Have you seen Stuxnet? Yes, we also have! Have you seen Facebook? No, we haven't, too! :D

    Comment of the Day #3
    "There is a very high probability that humanity will kill themself before becoming independent from oil."

    Roboticle Further steps
    Roboticle offers special versions of quadrotors/quadrocopters equi- pped with electronic-weapon systems (example given our own Metal Twister technology that is much superior than that Metal Storm toy) and can be used as our Wasp Swarms.
    Terminate a squadron in minutes or a whole government in seconds. Shoot down figther jets and UAVs immediately.
    Every time.Every where.Every party/army/enemy.


  • German government: As expected the german political party CDU wants stronger anti-terror laws and more powers for the security services and law enforcement authorities.

    Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, and Robotics

  • UniOS Group: The concept of an operating system is hosted on a website of another operating system project that we do know very well and have linked on the webpage Links to Software on the web- site of OntoLinux™. But we never found informations about that project around the years 1998 and 1999 despite the coordinator of the operating system group was also responsible for the project we have listed, and claimed for getting hundreds of messages in its re- lated mailing list and hits on its website. For us the whole project looks like a new project that was artificially given an antique look to skew up the truth. We do quote from its website marking the suspi- cious terms, phrases and statements with a *: "Universal Operating System", "UniOS as a whole (project/distribution), is a unified set of [...] elements, into a cohesive logical OS. [Besides that it sounds like an ontological OS, there are no logical features mentioned in the documentation with the only exception of artificial intelligence at one place in the description of an obsolete OS model.]", "[...] ob- ject-oriented system [...]", "[...] the philosophy of UniOS [... *]", "[...] hibernation [... *]", "[...] with the potential [... *]", "[...] We will be back [...] [This sounds like the saying "I'll be back" from the "Terminator" saga.]", "A Better OS for Everyone [*]", "[...] Flexibili- ty[, ...] Stability[, ...] Security[, ...] Speed [*]", "[...] speed is not #1 ;) [...] [Somehow this is a very suspicious wordplay that reminds us of Style of Speed™. And set a * for the emoticon.]", "[...] Linux [...]", "[...] OS model [...]", "OS model proposals [*] [We only have The Proposal.]", "[...] Pure Concepts [and] Pure Research [...] [This is for us a: Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] pure section [... *]", "[...] OS pro- ject called XT [...] The person was amazed about the fact that the UniOS project seemed so very similar to his/her own project. [Very strange, because of our project XTbox™ and OntoLinux™.]", "[...] the page has changed slightly [...]", "[...] exokernel [...]", "[...] against all warning from psychic sources that say my idea will be stolen and used for evil [...] [Does someone attempt to skew up something here?]", "Generic Universal Hardware Abstracts [This re- minds us of the technique of platform virtualization like we do with the microkernel L4 as the hypervisor for Linux.]", "[...] program a simplified object that represents the hardware itself [...]", "[...] Graphical 2D [and] 3D [...]", "Visual Development Environment", "Vis- ual program development", "[...] significantly [and] supplemented [...] [This is for us again a: Gotcha!!!™ And it also reminds us of contents of the website of Style of Speed™]", "Entire system con- trol could be maintained from a voice command source allowing the blind to be able to better take advantage of the computer system. [And this statement is for us a: HyperGotcha!!!™ Actually, we are listing in the section Operating System on the webpage Links to Software several projects of this kind.]", "[...] totality voice comp- uter systems [...]", "[... a] program is installed with a generic insta- ller [...], and is compiled and optimized with the current hardware set, with the current hardware abstracts [see the use cases that we described in the paragraph Exampling Scenarios on the webpage Ontologic Applications of OntoLinux™ as well with the Linux® dist- ribution Gentoo]", "[...] OS Installation and Updating [see again the paragraph Exampling Scenarios on the webpage Ontologic Applicat- ions]", "[...] design philosophy [... *]", "The Database File and Con- figuration System [So now we have again a very suspicious feat- ure.]", "Every file system is essentially a database, but not one that is expandable for extra attributes and information. [and] implement features such as compression or encryption [Surprisingly that these exactly are the features of one of the foundational file systems of our OntoFS.]", "[...] Database FS [(File System) ...] [We do prefer file database systems like our OntoFS.]", "[...] example applicat- ions of this FS would be remote connectivity security, very powerful scripting, and specialized programs [This statement describes again concepts that are too familiar and in this way suspicious for us.]", "[...] Database level transactions tend to be slower than typical FS transactions [...] [Again, this statement reminds us of one of the basic file system of OntoFS. By the way: Our OntoFSs solve this problem.]", "[...] three features[,] three years [, and so on ...]", "[...] GUI however would allow for customizable groups and folders or for simplicity [...]", "[...] access to pre created documents on the system (yet another database), or possibly a seperate process call- ed the Document manager [...]", "[...] extremly flex[ai]ble UI [...] [But any details were not given.]", "[...] multi-database file system, a document manager with the system makes sense [...] [Again, this sounds so familiar.]", "Games: First & Foremost [see again the Onto- scope™ component on the webpage Components]", "[...] clarificat- ion [...]", "[...] "pure" microkernel [...] L4 [...] [see the OntoL4 component and the different versions of OntoLinux™ that are based on the L4 microkernel on the webpage Components]", "Adaptive Processing", "[...] master of none [... *]", "Model OS Theory [The described OS model looks surprisingly like our quality management system and has also an OS in the center but not an Ontologic Syst- em. For us this is now to much of similarities by happenstance.]", "[...] management layer [and] artificial intelligence layer [...]", "Ob- ject Oriented Hardware Abstracted No-Kernel System Model [So, now we have a kernel-less operating system with artificial intell- igence support.]" and "[...] potential final models reflect this philo- sophy [...]".
  • Roberto Guido: Since several years he is attempting to steal our OntoLinux™ with his project, but is always making mistakes. We quote first contents of the the old website of his project: "[...] diff- erent scopes and different context [...]", "[...] better paradigm of desktop environment [...]", "[...] just to develop something new [...] [DoubleGotcha!!!™]", "[...] networked implementation of the Hyppo- campus filesystem: it have to include a sort of P2P [Peer-to-Peer] protocol to share metadata for same files copied across the same net or the Internet, and permits to merge results for SQL queries executed on the whole area [...]", "[...] next generation input devi- ces for your PC are your hands and your mou[n]th: this components have to provide an interface between a cam, a mike and the syst- em, so to permits usage of the machine with hands gestures and/or the voice. It wraps simple, atomical operations [...]", "[...] a shell which wraps the graphical environment and permits to perform on it advanced and pro-active drawing operations [...]", "[...] analyze them within a neural network, so to become a predictive tool [...]", "[...] translate and store all files into an universal format (probably something like XML) [...]", "[...] system daemon which solves relat- ions between files and type formatting conversions to provide on- the-fly tra[n]slation of items to be opened with the preferred applic- ation [...]", "[...] DICT server [...]", "[...] philosophy [...]", "[...] fundamental element [...]", "[...] relational filesystem totally design- ed to smash the traditional tree hierarchy [...] in favor of a logical structure based over the relashionship between metadata [So far we have only an overlay database for file systems. Also important for us to mention is the fact, that the author only speaks about metada- ta.]", "[...] discard the usual r[ape]presentation of each element into the filesystem as a file [...] [But the author only speaks about files in his system description. By the way: One version of our Onto- logic File System™ OntoFS even achieves this without discarding the file concept.]", "[...] files are substituted by groups of metadata which are combined and related each other with SQL [...] [And what happens with the data? Also, how should a Structured Query Lang- uage combine and relate data? What we want to say with the two question is that the author only is using a handful of keywords that he has found on other websites.]", "[...] split informations into atom- ic elements so to free the concepts from the useless abstraction of the traditional "file" and works on really relational data [...] [That is contradictory, because in the end he needs one file for storing his database.]", "Metadata can be assigned by the user, but also auto- matically extracted with automated tools [...]", "[...] plugin [system ...]", "[...] plugin to attach to the filesystem [...]", "[...] pure [...]", "[...] And much more.", "[...] data atom [...]", "[...] singularly [...] [SuperGotcha!!!™]", "[...] triangulate [...] [SuperGotcha!!!™]", "[...] collaboration: including a P2P [Peer-to-Peer] layer to share metada- ta about same files [...]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] SubConscious- Daemon is a tool that automatically extract metadata from files into the [...] filesystem [...] implented directly in the filesystem structure [...] [For sure, here were have our OntoFS.]", "[...] natural lang- uage [...]", "[...] easy access and manipulation of the metadata, fa- cilities for the SQL advanced searches, graphical presentation of the searches results [...]", "[...] Graphical SQL [...]", "[...] visual SQL [...]", "[...] scope [...]", "[...] most essential and at the same time complex [...]", "[...] exotic [...]", "[...] pure [...]", "Mapping the Gra- phical Environment into Filesystem (and Viceversa) [Somehow, that statement reminds us of reflection.]", "[...] "everything is a file" [...]", "[...] primordial seed [compare with the The Proposal publicat- ed on the website of OntoLinux™]", "[...] Tableting [and] tablet PC [...] [To make it clear: Our division intelliTablet (iTablet)™ was al- ready founded in the year 2001.]", "[...] integration [...]", "[...] view layer will be implemented as a sort of XSLT interpreter [...] [How?]" and "[...] mobile device in the pocket [...] [That statement reminds us of the webpage Links to Hardware on the OntoLinux™ website.]. We also do quote contents of the new website: "[...] someone stol- en from existing marketable technologies found in geeks' news web- sites and someone totally new [...] [What a bold but also nice act by the author, because it makes analyzing this case much easier.]", ""Common sense" and "inspiration" are the unique drive for the design of the system. [So this is different to the description of the project given on the old website and again points directly to our OntoLin- ux™.]", "[...] first major milestone is a Linux distribution using the Lobotomy environment as unique interface [...]", "[...] semantic desktop [...] [The author rejected the concept, but also showed that he hadn't understood it because he described a part of the se- mantic desktop as a part of his own system architecture. Ouch!!!]", "[...] programmatical interactions depends almost exclusively on me- tadata automatically extracted, retri[e]ved and indexed by algori- thmic heuristics [...] [Why does the described system need heurist- ics for simply extracting and retrieving facts. That is blablabla.]", "Innovations can[]not be exclusive. [And stealing not legitimated. That person is copying contents of our website of OntoLinux™ but is not willing to reference it.]", "[...] interaction paradigm is changed, [...] there is a single application which changes its presentation as required [...] [Here it was attempted to steal a general concept of the functionality of our Ontoscope™]", "[...] complet[e]ly new general purpose graphical computing system [...] [Yes indeed, and created by us and named Ontoscope™.]", "[...] the hierarchic tree is substit- uted by a relational database [The next generation of such systems is our OntoFS, which is an Ontologic Storage System™.]", "[...] "applications" simply doesn't exist and are replaced by a unique co- herent interface adapted on demand [...] [First we were surprised, but later our invesigations explained why that person could describe a basic concept of our component Ontoscope™ of OntoLinux™.]", "[...] just common sense [...] [SuperDoubleGotcha!!!™]", "[...] core of the model is the Item [...]", "[... Items] are always collections of well defined and described a priori metadata, their contents also are managed exactly as any other metadata [...]", "[...] upper layers can act on different Items tra[n]sparently, without know[ing] their nature [...] [The funny fact is: If that person would have been the true creator of this system, then he would have said at this point that the now semantic or ontologic system does know the nature of the "Items", as he is calling them. Oh, what a pity if someone is un- able to explain correctly a stolen model that she/he has declared before as her/his own work.]", "[...] provide different visualization[s] of Items applying on them different templates [...] [Exactly, but this can only function if the system does know about the nature of an "Item".]", "[...] layout of widgets [...] [see the section Visualization on the webpage Links to Software and again the Ontoscope™ com- ponent of OntoLinux™]", "[...] functional logic is implemented once on the whole system and can be easily embedded in every kind of user application [...] [This as well functions only if the system knows about the nature of an "Item" on every level.]", "[...] something new [...] [see the Vision of OntoLinux™]", "[...] "relational filesystem" concept, and [...] looking at his work as the natural graphical ex- tension for those kind of storages [...] [That lalala is a part of de- scribed history of that project, which sounds as a whole like a fairy tale.]", "[...] so-called "relational" filesystem, such as ReiserFS, had nothing of "relational", being usable just as any other folders trees and enriched with slots for passive metadata: mostly useless for his aims [HyperGotcha!!!™ First of all, we don't speak here about the ReiserFS but about the Reiser4 file system. That's a giant difference. Furthermore, he proves himself that he hasn't understood the con- cepts and functioning of the Reiser4 file system and what can be done with it. Indeed, we found out that the Reiser4 FS is exactly the right basic file system for OntoLinux™ and also for the aims of the project he claims to be his own. At this point his heap of lies im- plodes.]", "[...] BrainFS [...] [No, OntoFS]", "[...] exotic filesystem [...] [Gotcha!!!™ This is derived from the name of the section Exotic Operating System]", "[...] for the third time inspired [...] [Here he attemted to steal the 3 Theme.]", "[...] abstract the effective data from files (which are by default "data formatted in a specific way") [...] [And then the abstracted data is put into a formatted data- base, which is stored in a file that is "by default "data formatted in a specific way"". So what now?]", "Context-aware metadata assign- ment [...] [What else?]", "[...] relational storage [...]", "[...] storage provides to normalize all data from different formats and source, so to feed the upper layer always with the same logic model [This is one aspect, but only one of many aspects, of the interplay of the components OntoFS and OntoBot™.]", "[...] guarantee integrity in presentation and automatic manipulation [of metadata ...]", "[...] the whole graphical interface of the Lobotomy environment is con- tained by a single component [We are very sorry for this borring repetition but again we have here the component Ontoscope™.]", "[...] could be implemented on a number of platforms, from web to mobile [...] [see again the webpage Visions of OntoLinux™]", "[...] non-graphical core of the whole system [see again the OntoBot™ component]", "[...] simple indexer to feed the relational filesystem [...] [To be true, a little more complexity is needed in many cases.]" and "[...] symbol [of a component ...] is [...] an eye reflecting a skull [The original image was painted by M.C. Escher.]".

    First of all, the concept is inspired by the human brain (compare with The Proposal). Secondly, we have here three stolen main compon- ents with similar features in analogy to our OntoFS, OntoBot™ and OntoScope™ of OntoLinux™ that work together in a very special way, but are described only very roughly and in a way that the true owner makes not. After the results of our other investigations the description of the project in question contains informations which were gained by spying out our office. But the fraudster and his su- pporters could not give any further technical details so far and his system description is always spongy where the true creator has giv- en exact details that were not known before by the international science communities and industries. Besides this, most essential elements and functions are not named, and some of the elemental functionalities are not described in general and maybe won't work in practice in the explained way, which is another evidence that the general concept of that system wasn't developed by that criminal fraudster. Obviously, since the official start of OntoLinux™ he is stealing from its website contents, concepts and technologies, but has not understood what he has stolen or how to use it in the right way, as all the other thieves before. Also, we took a look into the software package that was publicated by that project before the start of OntoLinux™ on 9th of November 2006. And there were no relevant functionality to find in it. At first, the whole project seemed to be just only a work of one person alone and a moving placeholder for subsequent stealing, but it is now realized partly by stealing contents, concepts and technologies from our Hightech Operating Systerm™ (HOS) OntoLinux™ by the maintainers of the ROS project (see below), like for example the Technical University Munich. Busted and convicted!!!™

  • Willow Garage: The company tried to give the impression of being a nice and cooperative company. But a quick look under the hood tells us a different story and on the website of the Robotic Operat- ing System (ROS) its mask fell down and we can see its true face. On its own website there a very few points to mention like for ex- ample that it gave the Technical University Munich, which is funded by german tax money, a robot well knowing that that university in return is stealing from us for that obsolete nonsense ROS, especially our architecture of the HOS OntoLinux™ as the so-called Cognitive Robot Abstract Machine (CRAM and not SCRAM like in the field of aerospaceplanes) by copying the concepts given on the Overview webpage, and also the OntoLinux™ component OntoBot™. The same seems to hold for every other supported research institute of the eleven ones that got a robot.
  • Willow Garage, Stanford University and supporters: The group's Robotic Operating System (ROS) was strategically planned by the main developers to steal our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™. Everything is made to take away attraction form our OntoLinux™ by massively stealing contents, concepts and technolo- gies combined with serious criminal actings to make its ROS artifici- ally attractive for other parties that prefer to steal intellectual prop- erties owned by other persons, groups, institutes and companies. We do quote from the website of that operating system: "[...] is an open-source, meta operating system. It provides the services you would expect from an operating system [...] [But on Willow Garage's website we got the informations "open source robotic software framework" and "software platform, stands for [...] Robot Operating System, a loose analogy to a computer operating system".]", "[...] the goal of ROS is not to be a framework with the most features [...] [But a quick look shows clearly that it is collecting every feat- ure by applying every cheap legal and also illegal trick.]", "[...] co- llaboration [...]", "Overview", "[...] is designed to be as thin as poss- ible [...] [No, it isn't. In fact, as thin as possible means that there is no ROS at all.]", "[...] Ubuntu[,] Arch[]Linux[,] Gentoo [These Linux® distributions were all listed in the section Operating System on the webpage Links to Software. The first distribution was later deleted from our webpage due to foul play. But more important to mention here is that listing the distribution Arch Linux only makes sense, if in this context someone is cloning our website by OntoLinux™, because there are existing thousands of qualified Linux™ distributions. Oh, busted!!!™]", "Distribution Box Turtle [and] C Turtle [see the section Biology on the webpage of Ontologics.info]", "Diamondback", "This stack has been designed to contain the most common messages used between multiple stacks to provide a shared dependency which will eliminate a problematic circular dependency. [By that statement the maintainers proved that they are knowning our websites. But more important from our point of view is the fact, that that robot operating system already has some problematic circular dependen- cies on different layers, for example it is based on Peer-to-Peer technology and a ROS powered robot can manipulate objects of the world like a keyboard of a computer that runs the development en- vironment that is used to programm the said robot itself. And then? In comparison to our HOS OntoLinux™ the whole ROS hard- and software system stack runs in totally uncontrolled ways. In this con- junction see as well the OntoLinux Further steps of the 21st of Aug- ust 2010.]", "[...] style [...]", "Enhancement Proposals [...]", "[...] pure [...]", "[...] speed [...]", "[...] rapid for prototyping [...] [If the reader still hasn't seen it: We have here a massive speech act steal- ing.]", "Topics", "[...] C++[,] Python scripting[,] LISP [...]", "[...] three levels of concepts: the Filesystem level, the Computation Gra- ph level, and the Community level [...] [The labels are misleading to confuse interested persons with the original, our HOS OntoLinux™. For example, the file system level is not related with a file system at all, like our Ontologic File System™ OntoFS of OntoLinux™, but denotes only the grouping of the usual software modules and their components.].", "[...] runtime "graph" is a peer-to-peer network of processes that are loosely coupled [In the section Network Techno- logy of the webpage Links to Software we made a link to a website that contains many links to Grid and Peer-to-Peer computing groups, projects and software packages.]", "[...] different styles of commun- ication, including synchronous RPC-style communication over ser- vices, asynchronous [That was stolen from the paragraph Integrat- ing Architecture on the webpage Overview.]", "[...] Code complexity is reduced in comparison to monolithic systems [...] [No, it isn't. In fact, it's just the other way round: We have the same complexity or even a higher complexity like with every other comparable Linux® distribution for embedded systems. And by the way: Unix® and Linux® are already monolithic in comparison to OntoLinux with L4. Said this, our HOS is future ready and their ROS still needs more concepts and technologies to be stolen.]", "[...] XML[-]RPC [eXten- sible Markup Language Remote Procedure Call] [...] [What, no SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)? And by the way: We thought that we are talking about robotics and not about web services. Besides this, after reinventing the wheel a further time will this implode like the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) in the end? The peer-to-peer and web services technologies are interest- ing, but not for robotic applications and for sure not at the module level even if it is used only to negotiate connections for data. What a nonsense. In this conjunction we also have a close relation to the general description of the project by the fraudster Roberto Guido (see above).]", "[...] nameservice [...] [This has to be seen in con- junction with the Reiser4 file system that was envisioned to become the base for a nameservice.]", "[...] Nodes connect to other nodes directly; the [special function] only provides lookup information [...] [Experts call this type of peer-to-peer computing Brokered Peer-to-Peer.]", "[...] compiled program can be reconfigured at runtime to operate in a different Computation Graph topology [...] [This sounds very familiar from the conceptual point of view.]", "[...] rather than having one true place for all ROS packages [...] [Aha. As well non- sense.]", "[...] Graph Resource Names [...] [This looks like stealing something from OntoLinux™ that is based on graphs.]", "[...] Mess- age Ontology [...] [Now it's time for making some noise all together. 1, 2, 3: Gotcha!!!™ Gotcha!!!™ SuperGotcha!!!™ Also important: It is in fact no ontology. You even need no ontology for this function- ality. What a nonsense and only stupid jumping on the bandwagon by some typical fraudsters.]", "[...] Robot Model [...] [Okay, we can do it again: SuperGotcha!!!™]", "[...] Unified Robot Description Format (URDF) [...] [Don't confuse that with the Unified Modeling Language (UML) or the Resource Description Framework (RDF). Even more funny: Here you should take our Robot Ontology. In this form that markup language is obsolete. What a nonsense.]", "[...] urdf package defines an XML format for representing a robot model and provides a C++ parser [see again the component Ontoscope™ and also the section Semantic (World Wide) Web on the Links to Soft- ware webpage]", "[...] geometry [...]", "[...] ontological knowledge about objects, their types, relations, and properties [For sure, that was stolen by the contributor Technical University Munich from our Ontologics OntoLinux™.]", "[...] common-sense knowledge [That was also stolen by the contributor Technical University Munich from OntoLinux™]" and "[...] roslisp client library [...] [see the component OntoBot™, because LISP and Prolog is contained in Free Poplog]".

    We see nothing else than an embedded system for robotic applicat- ions that is supplemented with stolen concepts and technologies of OntoLinux™ and other open source projects. And the fact that these other projects and systems even are not referenced actively isn't only a nasty point, but also a criminal act. You can simply take every Linux® distribution that has something in common with embe- dded systems and add your software modules, which you can get in most of the cases from open source projects as well. The same app- roach holds if you want to unleash the whole power of your robot hard- and software, so guess why that project maintainers are de- fending its obsolete system in relation to this point by telling the typical marketing blablabla in its system FAQ. Attention: Peer-to- peer computing is only used for getting around the problem of in- compatible software licenses. In the end that distribution is nothing else than the typical marketing hoax for selling its robot (see also the link to the robot Robonaut on the Links to Hardware webpage of OntoLinux™). Analyzed from a technical point of view this all shows that their robot systems are based only on brute force information processing for simulating artificial intelligence and will not exhibit Friendly AI like our HOS OntoLinux™. So what we said about the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management of 19th August 2009 holds for these fraudsters and crazies as well. And that's not all. Their operating system is even more dangerous than the General Artificial Intellig- ence (GAI) system by the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intellig- ence, because it is indeed a Skynet like system. In additon, related projects by supporters and users as well are copying elements our HOS OntoLinux™. For example, we can see 3D-based visualization and virtual reality environments, which are related with the general architecture of OntoLinux™, the Ontoscope™ component and the basics of Collaborative Virtual Environments. Other projects are re- lated with knowledge bots like our OntoBot™ that uses many soft- ware packages that are listed in the sections of the webpage Links to Software, and cognitive architectures as they are referenced on the Overview webpage, and listed in the sections Intelligent/Cog- nitive Agent and Intelligent/Cognitive Interface, a robot clone of Pino and QRIO by an already convicted company, that is suspicious- ly often named in conjunction with education and the university of Freiburg, as well as a virtual cockpit for visualizing telemetry data. Busted and convicted!!!™
    Btw.: It doesn't matter if a bank is rubbed by one person alone or a gang. All are guilty in the same way for the same crime.

  • Technical University Munich, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, University of the Bundeswehr Munich, Max-Planck Institute of Neuro- biology and German Center of Aerospace (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt): Those by tax money funded german institutes have founded a so-called Cluster of Excellence that is coordinated by the Technical University Munich, which also holds the projects of the university and that cluster which are related with a group of an operating system in the fields of robotics, hosts on its grounds the so-called CoTeSys Central Robotics Laboratory, and is selling our in- tellectual properties by conducting workshops and even a CoTeSys- ROS School together with a defrauding and already convicted com- pany. Some quotes from the contents of its website are: "[...] tech- nical systems into systems that "know what they are doing" [...]", "[...] quality management [...] [see the webpage Overview of our HOS OntoLinux™]", "Starting from the human brain the [cluster of incompetence] investigates cognition for technical systems such as vehicles, robots, and factories. [We think that even a quick look on the website of OntoLinux™ will easily clarify the whole case and prove our results of investigation. For example, the reader can start with the webpage Overview or The Proposal.]", "[...] equipped [...]", "[...] various disciplines connecting neurocognitive and neuro-biolo- gical foundations to engineering sciences [...]", "[...] artificial sen- sors and actuators, integrated and embedded into physical systems, and act in a physical world [...]", "[...] technical systems [...] per- form cognitive control and have cognitive capabilities [...] [see again the Overview webpage of OntoLinux™]", "Cognitive control orchest- rates reflexive and habitual behavior in accord with longterm intent- ions [...]", "[...] technical system "that can reason using substantial amounts of appropriately represented knowledge, learn from its ex- perience so that it performs better tomorrow than it did today, ex- plain itself and be told what to do, be aware of its own capabilities and reflect on its own behavior, and respond robustly to surprise" [...] [All the named functionalities were named years before on the website of OntoLinux™ or on the linked websites. That statement is just only another formulation of the stolen concepts.]", "[...] "im- prove themselves based on this knowledge" [...] [Here we have the aspect of optimization as mentioned on the webpage Ontologic App- lications of OntoLinux™.]", "[...] model -- implemented as a know- ledge processing and learning infrastructure -- will enable technical systems to learn new skills and activities from potentially very little experience, in order to optimize and adapt their operations, to ex- plain their activities and accept advice in joint human-robot action, to have meta knowledge of their own capabilities and behavior,and to respond to new situations in a robust way [...]", "[...] combining first-order representations with probability or uncertainty [...] [As we explained before in the other cases of this investigation: That system will be a first class state-of-the-art candidate for exhibiting Nasty AI. And before those criminal fraudsters think that their stra- tegy of only stealing further and further our properties to solve their technical problems, we can directly say: No, it won't, because we have built in several mechanisms to protect our properties.]", "[...] computational model of "ActionMeta-Knowledge", which considers actions as information processing units that automatically learn and maintain various models of themselves and the behavior they gen- erate and use the models for behavior tuning, skill learning, failure recovery, self-explanation, and diagnosis [...]", "Cognitive aspects include skill acquisition, process planning, self-adaptation, and self- modelling. [That's all stolen.]", "[...] interdisciplinary [...]", "[...] development and prototyping [...]", "[...] cluster combines the re- search competence in neuroscience, natural sciences, engineering, computer science, and humanities to design, implement, and analyze the information processing mechanisms needed for cognitive tech- nical systems [...] [After this case of investigation it should be clear that this is not the fact. It is quite contrary: That cluster shows clearly the incompetence of humans in general.]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] high-tech [...]", "[...] high-tech products of the next generat- ion [...] [This is one example of the many stolen speech acts.]", "[...] potentials [...]", "[...] fundamental change [...]", "Bionics Group [Our division Softbionics™ belongs to the founding business units of OntoLinux™, as it was said just right from its start on the Profile webpage.]", "Three demonstrative scenarios are pursued: cognitive aerial and terrestrial vehicles, cognitive humanoid robots, and cog- nitive factories. [Besides that we have here the 3 Theme, the listed fields of applications are surprisingly familiar. The reader might take a little bit of her/his precious time and compare these three fields with the one we have listed in the section Robotics of the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™.]", "[...] Modeling Language [...] a tool is de- veloped that enables automation software engineers to easily imple- ment agent-based control software directly on common automation devices like Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) or Industrial-PCs (IPC) [...]", "Adaptable Ambient Living Assistant" and "Cognitive mo- bile vehicles [At first, exactly those dudes laughed the loudest about the series Knight Rider and for sure after we listed the artificial in- telligence feature of K.I.T.T. under the label AutoBrain™ in the de- scriptions of some models of our Electric Muscle Cars™ series like the Wheeljack and BumbleBeeE by Style of Speed™. Now those ab- solutely incompetent dudes are stealing it, as usual. Furthermore, an application was described as an interplay of a car and a blimp (see our projects FlyingLAN™, FlyingScope™ and BalloonScope™, the su- pplement Flying Robot on the website of Style of Speed™, as well as Investigations::Robotics of the 4th of this month.]".

    Not knowing Ontologics and OntoLinux would be a clear sign of in- competence, but not naming us and stealing our contents, concepts and technologies is an evidence of serious criminal acting. And with- out doubt: All members of that cluster, and the german ministry of education and research are again convicted.

    And to give the whole situation the right drive: It is not allowed for any members and partners of that cluster to use the term "Onto" for technical services or/and products, even not for the Max-Planck-Institute! No discussion and criminal seek for juristic shady tricks, as well as cheap tricks behind the curtain, but only full respect of the intellecutal properties of the Christian Stroetmann GmbH.

  • Technical University Munich: The first time that university was subject of an investigation by us was in conjunction with the case of the automobile manufacturer Gumpert. Now after several different cases in the last past, it has again stolen massively contents, con- cepts and technologies from our websites, especially by OntoLinux™. The general cognitive architecture (see the webpage Overview, and the sections Intelligent/Cognitive Agent and Intelligent/Cognitive Interface on the webpage Links to Software) and an "ontological knowledge representation and processing system" with a GUI (see the HOS OntoLinux™ components OntoBot™ and Ontoscope™, as well as section Semantic (World Wide) Web and Storage System).
    At first, we have some quotes from the description of the research project that is copying our ontological knowledge system: "[...] knowledge representation and processing mechanisms for mobile robots by grounding knowledge structures into the data structures and the perception and action mechanisms of the robot and by combining description logics knowledge bases with data mining, (self-) observation modules and imported knowledge from the World Wide Web [...]", "Logical Models", "Ontological Representation and Reasoning [Without doubt, this is a: HyperGotcha!!!™ And now we also do know why that university is linked by and to the fraudster Bense (see the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management of the 30th of August 2010)]", "Our knowledge processing system is an extension of the logical programming language PROLOG, which we have extended with integrated datamining routines, object-oriented knowledge modeling in description logics, grounded action and en- vironment models and an interface to probabilistic first-order reason- ing. [Without doubt: This was stolen from the website of our Ontolo- gic System and HOS OntoLinux™. And at this point we would like to mention the little detail that the methode of the Object-oriented Systems Modeling (OSM) is already used for ontology modeling.]", "[...] operates on data structures [...]", "[...] 3D semantic object models [...] [For sure, here we have our Ontologic Scene Graph™.]", "[...] data structures are represented using sets of computable re- lations that can be queried symbolically and return symbolic answers by retrieving the respective information from the data structures and translating them into the symbolic language on demand [...]", "[...] three main sources [...]", "[...] robot self-observation [...] [This is strongly related with reflection.]", "[...] robot's encyclopedic know- ledge base [...]", "Robot Learning Language", "[...] define conceptual models of problem-solving behavior [...] [see the webpage Overview of our Ontologic System and HOS OntoLinux™]", "[...] hybrid auto- mata [...] [Here we have a link to Petri net models. Take also a look on the section Formal Modeling of the Links to Software webpage]", "[...] data mining, learning and reasoning mechanisms [...] [see again the Overview for the point artificial intelligence]", "[...] gra- phical user interface (GUI) to the knowledge processing system [...] [This is related with our Ontologic File System™ OntoFS and the Ontoscope™ component.]", "[...] modules from [an] ontology editor for visualizing the encyclopedic knowledge [...]", "[...] the main tasks of the knowledge processing system is to support the planning and decision making process [...] [Take a look again on the webpage Overview for the point quality management system and the Inno- vation-Model of Ontonics™.]", "[...] Cyc upper ontology [...]", "[...] common-sense knowledge [...] [see the section Intelligent/Cognitive Agent of the Links to Software webpage]", "[...] WordNet and exist- ing mappings between WordNet and researchCyc [...] [see the sect- ion Natural Language Processing]", "[...] imported step-by-step in- structions in natural language [...] [see again the section Natural Language Processing and there especially the listed systems LARRI (Symphony) and TeamTalk]", "[...] naive physics prediction [...]" and "[...] naive physics reasoning should not be performed based on ab- stractions but rather based on detailed physical simulations [...] [see the sections of the webpage Links to Software that contain the term Simulation in their labels]".
    Additionally, we made quotes from the wiki of the copied knowledge processing system to document the case in a better way: "KnowRob [In the past we had in the field of cybernetics so-called KnowBots which were replaced with our OntoBot™ technology.]", "[...] targets at building knowledge representation and processing systems for mo- bile robots by combining description logics knowledge bases with da- ta mining, (self-) observation modules[, which is related with reflect- ion,] and imported knowledge from the World Wide Web [...] [We would also add the target of stealing the concepts and technologies of OntoLinux™.]", "[...] all knowledge is represented in the Web On- tology Language (OWL). This XML-based format allows to formally describe relational knowledge in a Description Logics (DL) dialect. [This was stolen from the website of OntoLinux™.]", "[...] formally modeling knowledge [...] [Take a look on the section Formal Model- ing in the context that the OSM - Object-oriented Systems Modeling is already used for formal ontology modeling. We haven't linked the related documents to make it harder to steal parts of OntoLinux™ by all the fraudsters. And that university has stepped into our laid out trap.]", "In OWL, this is reflected by the distinction between classes and instances. [...] The relation between classes and instances is similar to object-oriented programming. [see the sections Semantic (World Wide) Web and Formal Modeling in the Links to Software webpage again, while recalling that the OSM - Object-oriented Syst- ems Modeling methode is already used for ontology modeling, as well as our Ontologic File System™ OntoFS]", "[...] implemented in [...] Prolog [...] [see again our OntoBot™ that is based on Free Poplog, which contains the programming languages LISP and Prolog]", "On the one hand, Prolog is used for loading, storing and reasoning on the knowledge which is represented in OWL. When OWL files are loaded into the system, they are internally stored as triples and can be accessed with special predicates, e.g. rdf_has(S, P, O). [Maybe the reader already was waiting for this: Here we finally have the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and triple stores as listed in the section Semantic (World Wide) Web and on the webpage of our OntoFS.]", "[...] rdf(Subject, Predicate, Object) [...] [We have here something more to explain to the reader that is contained between the lines: The three elements Subject, Predicate and Ob- ject are enough to express simple sentences of natural languages of humans. And it was our ingenious concept to integrate this fact into an information, knowledge and natural language processing system to let machines "think".]", "These predicates operate on the internal representation that is created from the OWL files and handle prop- erties like transitivity of properties etc. On the other hand, Prolog is used as a programming language to implement specialized reasoning modules and to interface the knowledge base with external data. [As we said before: This is our OntoBot™ technology with its basics Free Poplog and SIM_AGENT - SimAgent TOOLKIT.]", "[...] separates knowledge about the world (which is, as far as possible, represented in OWL) from implementation issues and deduction rules (which are implemented in plain Prolog) [...] [See again the OntoBot™ software component that includes Free Poplog and SIM_AGENT - SimAgent TOOLKIT as part of an ontology-oriented and ontologic system.]", "[...] formal semantics [...]", "[...] modularized way. A base system, provides the basic reasoning capabilities and is largely independent of the domain of interest. It consists of Prolog, its semantic web library that serves for loading the OWL files, the Java/Prolog interface which serves for interfacing existing libraries written in Java, and the system of computables described earlier. [see again the basic component OntoBot™ with its basics Free Poplog and SIM_AGENT - SimAgent TOOLKIT]", "[...] on- tology provides the robot with the general terms it 'thinks' in [...]", "Extension modules plug into the system and provide e.g. specialized reasoning capabilities or interfaces to external data [...] [This points to the plug-in system of the OntoFS.]", "[...] zero-dimensional thing [...] [The reader should not confuse this (a point) with the Zero-Ontology™ O#.]", "SpatialThing[,] TemporalThing[,] Mathe- maticalThing [Maybe it could be that eventually we are talking here with a potentially high certainty about physics.]", "[...] KnowRob ontology and some other required OWL files (e.g. owl.owl defining the OWL language, and rdf-schema.xml defining the RDFS concepts) [...] [Here we have the aspect of self-referentiality that is closely related with reflection.]", "[...] Semantic map created from 3D laser scans, represented as OWL file [...] [This points straight into the direction of the Onto- logic Scene Graph™ of the component Ontoscope™ and its basic OntoVE.]", "Prolog Semantic Web Library", "[...] learning Grounded Action Models [...]", "[...] query for a plan by giving a natural-lang- uage command [...] [see again the section Natural Language Proce- ssing and especially the systems LARRI (Symphony) and TeamTalk]", "[...] Cyc ontology [...] [see again the section Natural Language Processing on the Links to Software webpage]", "[...] creating data processing routines and database access functions as a feature graph [...]", "Instances in the knowledge base can be pushed to the visualization canvas, are then drawn, and can be further inspected. [That was taken from the the component Ontoscope™ and the vis- ualization environment ProViz that like Ontoscope™ is based on the software package Tulip. Both software packages Tulip and ProViz are listed in the section Visualization of the webpage with the Links to Software.]", "[...] building hierarchical action models [...] and for recursively computing higher and higher levels of abstraction [...] [And how is the height of the levels controlled? In fact, it is not controlled at all with this system and in this way another state-of-the-art methode to create Nasty AI. Oh! But to be honest this time it could be achieved without applying some probabilistic tech- niques.]", "[...] prolog_perception [...]", "Naive Physics Reasoning", "Semantic robot description language [We prefer our Robot ontology instead. This also points directly to the URDF of that operating syst- em for robotics by Willow Garage, the Standford University and their supporters.]", "[...] statistical relational learning and reasoning me- thods [...] [Attention: Nasty AI. Besides this, that statement has something of speech act stealing and lalala.]", "[...] uses probabi- listic reasoning techniques [...] [Maybe some cloves of garlic hung around the robot would also help to protect the machine and its users against Nasty AI.]", "[...] OWL re- presentation of a semantic map [...]", "[...] RoboEarth [...] [What? No RoboSky here?]", "Inter- face between KnowRob and the CoP cognitive perception system [...] [That is nothing else than concepts that were mentioned on the webpages Overview and Components of OntoLinux™.]", "[...] OWL and Prolog [...]", "[Debian® derived Linux® distribution]", "[...] KnowRob ontology [...] [For sure, we prefer our OntoBot™ ontology instead.]", "Computables [We played around with such a concept around the year 2005 or even earlier. In the end this approach does not solve the problems as well, because instead of many relations stored in a logic database there are then many computables besides the time that is needed by them for deducing. And then? How are a large set of computables handled? Oh! And more important, and by the way a killer question, how is it done to infer about example given the results of two computables by a third computable? By storing the two results first? Ooops! There are even more different prob- lems that won't be solved by computables as well. That's the reason why we developed our Ontologic File System™ OntoFS with some additional speed features for OntoLinux™. Also, as it is said in the description of a triple store we have linked: "[...] many interesting Knowledge Bases can quickly grow to tens of millions of triples be- fore they become truly interesting". And there are many more issues. Splat!!!™]", "[...] computing relations during the reasoning process [...] [For that the authors won't get any prize. This also looks like the listed agent system MINERVA.]", "[...] combining the information in the knowledge base in order to create new statements [...] [But how, which and how many? Oh!]", "[...] qualitative spatial relations [...] [take a look on the Overview again]", "[...] scene [...]", "[...] typed object instances [...]", "[...] SQL and Prolog [...] [see again the section Formal Modeling]", "[...] evaluate a binary Prolog predi- cate that computes an OWL relation [...]", "[...] XML entities [...]", "[...] rdf_triple [...]", "[...] describe past and (predicted) future [...]", "Knowledge is modeled in Description Logic (DL) using the OWL syntax [...]", "[...] you can automatically (i.e. without writing any code for this [action recognition], just using a DL reasoner) deter- mine if these actions are a valid instance of a given task specificat- ion [...] [See the sections Semantic (World Wide) Web and Formal Verification. Also, you could do it like OntoLinux™, but we will not explain here how, for sure.]", "[...] Action verification [...]", "[...] abstract task model can be used to generate code for the robot's planning system [...] [That works like the concept of he agent syst- em MINERVA and the reason why we use SIM_AGENT, the SimAgent TOOLKIT.]", "[...] natural-language task descriptions [...] [see again the section Natural Language Processing]", "[...] Open Cyc [...] [see again the section Natural Language Processing]", "[...] add additional mappings from a WordNet SynSet-ID (given by an RDF-descriptor), since the mappings contained in Cyc are not exhaustive at the mo- ment [...] [see again the section Natural Language Processing]" and "[...] a set of senses [...] [And where are the emotions?]".
    And finally we do quote out of the basic document that was written in the year 2009: "Knowledge Processing for Autonomous Personal Robots", "[...] essential [...] [This is speech act stealing.]", "[...] more flex- ible and general behavior and better performance [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] little work has been done to design and realize knowledge processing mechanisms for the use in the context of robotic control [...] [So it is even more suspicious that our OS and HOS OntoLinux™ was not referenced by the authors of the doc- ument.]", "[...] first-order knowledge representation based on des- cription logics that provides specific mechanisms and tools for act- ion-centered representation, for the automated acquisition of grou- nded concepts through observation and experience, for reasoning about and managing uncertainty, and for fast inference [...] [Why does this statement sound so familiar? OntoLinux™!]", "[...] comple- xity [...]", "[...] robot that is to set the table [...] [The exemplifying scenario was stolen from our websites. The original inspiration is the image "Self-laying Table - Tischlein Deck Dich" that belongs to the interior of Hous•E™ that was shown as an Original on the 17th of March 2008.]", "[...] robot has to be capable of inferring the detailed course of action and the action parameterizations using the required abstract and symbolic knowledge pieces. That is, knowledge proce- ssing is a resource for doing the right thing to the right object in the right way. [This sounds also very familiar. Additionally, we have here the 3 Theme.]", "[...] robots must be equipped with a comprehensive body of knowledge and dedicated knowledge processing capabilities [...] [At this point we were before the year 2005.]", "Action-center- ed knowledge representation", "Automated acquisition of grounded concepts through observation [(learning)] and experience. Symbolic knowledge in the robot’s knowledge base has to be grounded [...] [In this conjunction take also a look on the image Hotspot of Inno- vations that we have shown on the 6th of February 2008]", "[...] knowledge processing system should thus work directly on the data structures used for robot control such as 3D environment models [...] [For sure, here we have another time our OntoFS with the other components OntoBot™ and Ontoscope™.]", "Managing uncer- tainty [...]", "Fast inference [...]", "[...] complete, practical know- ledge processing system that integrates encyclopedic knowledge, an environment model, action-based reasoning, and human observations and allows to access all this information in a uniform, symbolic way [...] [Obviously, this is our approach and was stolen from the On- toLinux™ website. We gave AI an architecture, the Ontologic Archi- tecture™. Besides this, we have here a certification that our onto- logic knowledge processing and reasoning system is indeed function- ing.]", "[...] symbolic queries of continuous sensor data observed in a real-world environment [...]", "[...] computable classes and prop- erties for creating instances from observed data and action models as a powerful means for discovering a class structure among action-related concepts [...]", "[...] link between the abstract knowledge representation and a particular control system of a robot is called the (symbol) grounding problem [...] [But is the described system really grounding the symbols? No, because it is not a true Ontologic System! Only we can deliver Ontologic Systems, because the "devil is in the details" of all other systems.]", "[...] formal knowledge representation [...]", "[...] Prolog-based knowledge representation modeling objects and perceptual concepts as well as actions and situations [...] [A little explanation for our beloved readers. The logic programming language, aka. deductive database language, Prolog was out of fashion and more than a few scientists declared it as dead because the logic-based approach of the so-called Strong Artificial Intelligence (Strong AI) or AI 1 would be dead. With our Ontologic System (OS) and Hightech Operating System (HOS) On- toLinux™ we revived Strong AI and in this way Prolog, which is in- cluded in the "multi-language, multiparadigm, reflective, increment- ally compiled software development environment" Free Poplog.]", "Our system differs from these systems in that it features a robot acting in a real human environment, observing and reasoning about human and robot activities, and combines these observations with encyclopedic and common-sense knowledge. Our system is based on state-of-the-art semantic web technology that allows us to re-use existing sources of knowledge whenever available. [A little correction of this statement is needed here: Substitute "Our system" with "Our Ontologic System OntoLinux™".]", "[...] sensor-equipped kitchen environment [...]", "[...] perception modules create 3D environment maps [...]", "[...] implementation is based on [one of the implement- ations of standard] Prolog and its Semantic Web library which serves for loading and accessing ontologies represented in the Web Ontolo- gy Language (OWL) [...] [see again OntoFS and the section Se- mantic (World Wide) Web of the webpage Links to Software]", "[...] knowledge base can either be queried from within the robot control program, from the command line or using a graphical user interface [...] [That functionality is related with the component Ontoscope™ and software linked in the sections that are about simulations]", "[...] "autonomous system" does not only refer to the mobile robot, but the integrated hardware software system which comprises mo- bile and fixed components like a robot and a sensor network [...] [Nothing else is here repeated than the description we already gave on our websites about the flexible character of OntoLinux™. As such that feature list was also stolen.]", "[...] knowledge is represented in description logics using OWL [...]", "Classes [...] and instances [...]", "All relations are formulated as (Subject, Property, Object) triples. [here we have the Resource Description Framework (RDF), triple store concept, sections Semantic (World Wide) Web and Natural Language Processing as well as OntoFS]", "[...] encyclopedic knowledge [...]", "[...] inspired by the Cyc ontology [...] [In this conjunction a diagram is shown in the document with red, blue and green blocks.]", "[...] semantic environment map created from 3D laser scans [...]", "[...] estimates human motions in 51 degrees of freedom based on images from fixed cameras [...] [To be correct: Then we have here no pure mobile robotic system.]", "[...] hybrid automata [...]", "[...] robot’s belief about the world [...] [see again the section Intelligent/ Cognitive Agent]", "[...] we modified the functions for accessing the knowledge base so that they include computables with a matching target into the reasoning process [...] [That modification is not new and the reason why we use SIM_AGENT - SimAgent TOOLKIT with our OntoBot™ in situations where it is really needed. So now the reader knows as well where this really comes from.]", "Storing both their positions and all possible relations would cause much overhead, calculating the relations on demand is much more elegant. [Besides it is only elegant until the overhead for this becomes also high and unmanageable we have here speech act stealing.]", "[... object-oriented] script[ing language ...]", "[...] SQL [...]", "[...] intensional model [...] [See the TUNES project referenced in The Proposal.]", "[...] extensional model [...]", "[...] self-supervised learning [...] [Self-supervised learning is related with playing and reflecting, and also described in The Proposal in relation to reflection, Machine Learning (ML), and Computational Intelligence (CI), including Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP), as well as Cognitive Computing (CogC), Cognitive System Architecture (CogSA), and Intelligent/Cognitive Agent.]", "[...] dual-core laptop running Debian Linux [...] [Surprisingly (not really) this was also the configuration of our first test system some years ago.]", "[...] speed [...]", "[...] high performance [...]", "[...] Cyc [and] OpenMind Indoor Common Sense (OMICS) database [...] [HyperGotcha!!!™ Again without any doubt, this very special system configuration was stolen from our Ontologic System and HOS OntoLinux™, especially from the sections Natural Language Processing and Intelligent/Cognitive Interface on the webpage Links to Soft- ware.]" and "[...] knowledge grows and adapts as more observations are made [...]".

    Furthermore, that university is also developing a so-called Cognitive Robot Abstract Machine (CRAM) that is described as follows: "CRAM equips autonomous robots with lightweight reasoning mechanisms that can infer control decisions rather than requiring the decisions to be pre-programmed. In this way, CRAM-programmed autonomous ro- bots are much more flexible, reliable, and general than control prog- rams that lack such cognitive capabilities. CRAM does not require the whole domain to be stated explicitly in an abstract knowledge base. Rather it grounds symbolic expressions from the knowledge representation into the perception and actuation routines and into the essential data structures of the control programs. [see a further time the webpage Overview, and the sections Intelligent/Cognitive Agent and Intelligent/Cognitive Interface on the webpage Links to Software]" and "Not all of them [(the system modules)] have already been released to the public [with that clone robotic operating syst- em (ROS)].

    As it can be easily seen, the system hasn't only the name but also a very special combination of system elements that can all be found on the webpages Overview and Links to Software of our Ontologic System®™ (OS) and Robot Hightech Operating System™ (RHOS) OntoLinux™. In detail we found here: Prolog, SQL, object-oriented programming language, unified and formal software and knowledge modeling, formal verification, reasoning, semantic web, ontologies and the Web Ontology Language OWL, triple stores based on the Resource Description Framework (RDF), Wordnet, Cyc, simulation, Graphical User Interface (GUI), intelligent/cognitive agent systems and interfaces, and so on.
    But what is really a very nasty and not tolerable issue of this case is the fact that that university lied to the scientific community with the paper "Knowledge Processing for Autonomous Personal Robots", 2009, by telling that only a document about the combination of rob- otics and ontology-based systems of the year 2008 is existing. It can be easily seen, that the contents of our websites, especially of OntoLinux™ contains the informations and direct links to informations that were only formulated at large. On the one hand this is a prove of ignoration by the university, the member of the cluster it's coord- inating as well as all deciders who are involved in this case, on the other hand a time mark was set and finally put them in a dead end street situation. And for explaining or/and making excuses for this behavior no political, economical nor technical arguments are exist- ing. Again convicted.

  • Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH: Its outpost in Bremen has massively stolen contents, concepts and te- chnologies from our websites, especially OntoLinux™. The quotes of its website contents are: "[...] all aspects of formalisation, from semantic modelling by formal ontologies to formal document manage- ment and completely formal software development [...] [Without doubt, these are features stolen from OntoLinux™.]", "[...] natural language dialogue [...] [see the section Natural Language Processing on the webpage Links to Software of the website by OntoLinux™]", "[...] formal semantic modelling by formal ontologies is relevant for highly complex, heterogeneous systems, where data ("knowledge") of very different kind and sources needs to be combined semantic- ally and reliably [...] [How bold. That institute steals our intellectual properties and is marketing it under its name. At this point we would also like to recall that the formal methode OSM - Object-oriented Systems Modeling is already used for ontology modeling (see the section Formal Modeling on the webpage Links to Software).]", "[...] Semantic modelling is the basis for a new form of change manage- ment [...] [see the field of Business-Engineering and the supporting Innovation-Model of Ontonics™]", "[...] increase reliability and safety when developing complex technical systems, in particular in the area of robotics [...]", "Cognitive Assistance Systems" and "[...] formal modelling [...] [see again the section Formal Modeling on the webpage Links to Software]".
    We also found a package that contains some of our intellectual properties for an robotic operating system (see above). A further time it is: Convicted!!!™
  • Bertelsmann→N-TV: While we were investigating these cases that criminal media company showed a report about a Max-Planck Insti- tute that is conducting research in the field of cognitive psychology of gorillas living in a Zoo.
  • Rheinische Post: That Nazi paper did the same as that criminal media company Bertelsmann.

    And we also have to mention here a general point: On one hand the European universities are claiming for doing science funded by tax money and are allowed to reseach everything, even if the related intellectual properties about products and services are owned by other persons, groups, institutes or corporations. But on the other hand they are selling products and offering the same services after a while. This can't be and the status of an European university as well as its subisdiaries in form of companies has to be uniquely defined. Either university or public research institute, or company, but a nonsense mix.
    And if a small company like ours is pioneering new ways and con- ducting such expensive research that was given up by nearly all other actors in the field of artificial intelligence (eg. Strong AI, Prolog and Ontology-based systems) and cost around 151 millions Euro, then it can expect full respect and control over its properties, for sure. And that was not shown by many persons in the last twelve years.

    Investigations::AI and Knowledge management

  • Andrea Novara: His user space virtual file system with the name Tagsistant is so far okay. But when he talks about semantics and ontologies he starts to babble around or attempts to create some kind of a placeholder for his further developments. To be honest: That's due to the fact that our OntoFSs made his user space file system obsolete. Sorry, but that's innovation. We do quote some contents of the related website to complete this case: "[...] reason- ing semantic filesystem [...] [The virtual filesystem uses only the two boolean operators AND and OR, but has not a basic reasoning concept or related functions.]", "[...] reasoning creature [...]", "[...] semantic file system? [...] organize your contents using ontologies or [...] [The author started an unenthusiastic discussion about on- tologies for protecting his toy with this kind of questions.]", "[...] semantic filesystem is basically a tool that allows one to catalogue files and to extract subsets using logical queries [...] [We would even say that the main characteristic of a semantic file system is the use of logical queries for extracting informations and its seamless integration into the whole operating system so that kernel processes use it as well.]", "[...] why a filesystem and not a database [As far as we have seen the technical details this system is not really a se- mantic file system. It adds semantics by an overlay database that is storing the tags of files stored in a file system. Indeed, the interface gives the impression of a file system, but this results of the applicat- ion of the Filesystem in USErspace (FUSE) library.]", "[...] circles in fields [, aka. crop circles, ...] [We take the joke as such. But the serious side is that he has proven to know O#, OntoLinux™ and OntoFS.]", "Current semantic formats are based on OWL which is a complex framework derived from RDF to describe full consistent on- t[h]ologies. [...] [In fact, the framework is not really so complex for true experts.]", "[...] storing semantic rules (its ont[h]ologies) inside its SQL database [...] [Ontologies in computer science are not se- mantic rules.]" and "[...] 3 semantic rules inside [...] [Gotcha!!!™; 3 Theme and Semantic inside™]".

    Investigations::Robotics and Prosthetics

  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA): The organization has presented a new robot for its robotic program that is named Autonomous Robot Manipulation (ARM), the ARM Robot which looks surprisingly like the robot JN-66 NEGD of the Star Wars saga we showed on the 22nd of April 2008. We also can see the Modular Prosthetic Limb (MPL) which is a thought-controlled prosthetic arm (see the section Prosthetics on the Links to Hardware webpage, as well as the paragraph Human Enhancements and Cyborgs and Brain Machine Interface of the webpage Terms of 21st Century on the website of OntoLinux™).
  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich: That institute steals everything that is related with robotics from our websites for re- search projects that are funded by the European Union, like the Pixhawk and sFly projects [see the projects Flyingscope™ and Robot Swarm-Engineering™ of the Innovation-Pipeline by Ontonics™].
  • Ascending Technologies: That company is a member of the EU- funded sFly consortium which is coordinated by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (see above) and stealing our combin- ation of the Flyingscope™ technology with Robot Swarm-Engineer- ing™.


  • Google: Some months ago that company bought a 3D desktop which implements the piled icons feature.

    Roboticle Further steps
    Roboticle started the development of the first humanoid with rocket pack and rocket boots, as well as around 2 million rounds per minute, if needed. The Terminator T-800 was yesterday.
    Every time.Every where.Every party/army/enemy.

    Comment of the Day

    Investigations::Car #287

  • Volkswagen: Since several years now we were suspicious about some issues in the field of automotive design at related schools. And then we finally found three final works, one made by the design student Slavche Tanevski (see the Investigations::Car #285 of the 14th of this month), and the other two made by the designers Daniel Chinchilla (see the Investigations::Car #282 on the 28th of August 2010) and Victor Filipchenko (see below), which all were supported by the marque Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini. In detail, what be- came especially suspicious was not only the fact that all designers have taken our sketches of the model D! by Style of Speed™ as the source of inspiration or even blueprint for their design studies around the theme of a Lamborghini sports car, but also that V. Filipchenko used for his thesis work the very unique design of the taillights and the front fenders designed before by D. Chinchilla despite the fact that they were both students in the same class and that D. Chin- chilla already showed us before that he is not such a person who spends but just prefers to take instead. Somehow, there must have been behind the curtain a coordination in each of the two classes and of the two different schools that led the design students to our design sketch of the model D!™. And after the chief designer of the Volkswagen group appeared at the final presentation of one of these classes we can only state that the last design of our D!™ should have been stolen following the direct directives by the board of the company Volkswagen.
    Btw.: Roughly estimated the company Volkswagen has a debt of around 15 billions Euro now. The money of Piëch comes back to germany into the Volkswagen corporation. Also, there seems to be an initial suspicion that the idea to widen the model Diablo by the marque Lamborghini so that the driver can sit behind the steering wheel in a centered position was spied from us as well.
  • Volkswagen→Audi: The concept of our model RE™ Speedster was taken for the next clone called e-tron spyder with 2 electric motors at the front axle, which is nothing else than our invention of the torque vectoring Active Differntial #2 - The SuperArchitecture for vehicles with Purely Electric™ or hybrid drivetrains based on electric motors.
  • Volkswagen→Porsche: The two most remarkable terms that were used by that company in the last days are "DNA" and "Fine tuning [No, no, no: Fine Tuning™]". Furthermore, a promotional photograph for the newest version of the model 911 Speedster is made in the overlaying style of the image that shows the sketch D! 2007-2008.
  • Volkswagen→Porsche and N.Technology: Both companies have stolen together our general concept of the GT racing version of the model Panamera by the marque Porsche and as much as possible of the exterior elements of our models Pan RSR, which was presented on the 26th of November 2009, and Panamera BB for a racecar that is competing in a small racing series. A close look at the clone shows us the following: First of all the conversion of the car was either re- alized as a placeholder for stealing more after we will show it or in a way that should be only slightly varied, which is both unrelevant be- cause our concept as a whole was stolen. At the front and the front fender, as well at the side skirts and the rear we can see that the RSR fender, the lower part of the concept car WTCC Ultra by the marque General Motors→Chevrolet and one of the shown bonnets were taken following our webpages. But especially in conjunction with the lower part we can see that there are some differences to our planned conversion because we haven't shown clearly what we will do on the related websites so that the copiers could speculate only while cloning our concept. The same holds for the rear fender and the lower part at the rear including the diffusor. In general, the whole case is more than bold, particularly due to the fact that that company N.Technology is stealing car concepts for selling them as driving advertising columns.
  • Ford: In an advertisement we found terms and phrases like "Drive with [Attention: Drive with Speed™]" and "[...] driven AWD convers- ion [...]".
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: We quote out of the press release of a new version of one of its models: "[...] passion for aesthetics [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] operating system [...] [Suddenly that ma- nufacturer is speaking about an operating system]", "[...] complem- ent [...]", "[...] racing-inspired [...]", "[...] intelligent linking of the driver and his vehicle [...]", "[...] create previously unheard of poss- ibilities [...] [compare this with the first vision on the webpage App- lications of OntoLinux™]", "[...] takes the global lead when it comes to connecting smartphones and music players in the car [...] [Dream on. Everything what we have seen so far was stolen from our com- pany (see for example the Investigations::Car #277 and Multimedia Linux based In-Vehicle Infotainment Special of the 31st of July in 2010).]", "[...] permits the display of emails including the text-to-speech function [...] [see the section Nautral Lanuguage Processing on the Links to Software webpage of the OntoLinux™ website]", "[...] WiFi hotspot function [...] [We have seen this before by the U.S.American manufacturers.]", "Fascinating vision [...] [SuperDoub- leGotcha!!!™]", "[...] blends [...]", "[...] sporty and elegant [...]", "[...] paves the way [...]", "[...] interpretation of this breed of ve- hicle [...] [This is speech act stealing and is related to the descript- ions of our models 911 BB and 962 ST.]", "[...] new definition [...]", "[...] sporty yet elegant lines [...]", "[...] classic hallmarks of a [...] coupé are present, including [...] the short front overhang [...]", "[...] strong sense of stylistic [...] [No, no, no: Sense of Style™]", "[...] stylish design [...] innovative touch [...] [Firstly, we would like to mention Style Touch™. Secondly, we have here speech act stealing.]", "[...] equipped [...]", "[...] quality [...]", "[...] quality [...]", "[...] high-quality components [...]", "[...] proud [...]", "[...] CS [...]", "[...] CS [...]", "[...] CSI [...]", "[...] rigorous lightweight design, optimized aerodynamics [...] [This was said about an auto- mobile of the year 1940. So we don't need to hear anymore that this is an innovative step. It's just business as usual.]", "[...] modern in- terpretation [...]", "[...] CS [...]", "[...] CS [...]", "[...] elegant styl- ing signature [...] [What a nonsense.]", "[...] stage further in the next-generation [...] [No, there is no rocket science here.]", "[...] passion for sporty driving in a stylish [...] [compare this statement with our slogans "Synthesis of Passion and Sportivity™" and "Syn- thesis of Passion and Style™"]", "[...] design is a stylish [...] expre- ssion of superior sports performance [...] [Performance Style™]", "[...] modern and innovative interpretation [...] [This was stolen from the webpages of our motorbike models Fierce Riot™ and Wild Riot™ by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] passion [...]", "Driving Machine [This was taken from the webpage of our Mod Rod Bee!™.]", "[...] reflected [...]", "[...] bold, precise [...]", "[...] harmony [...]", "[...] styling cues [...] [not design cues?]", "[...] reflection [...]", "[...] avant-garde touch [...] [compare with the Profile webpage of Style of Speed™]", "[...] bold [...]", "Innovative technology, enhanced styling [...] [compare with our slogans "Style is Innovation™", "Inno- vation. Style. Quality.™"]", "[...] styling [...] [not design?]", "[...] styled [...] [not designed?]", "[...] performance with style [...] [In comparison to our trademark Performance Style™ this is now more than only speech act stealing.]", "[...] precise interplay [...]", "[...] consistent and unified body design [...] [Compare with our trade- mark Consistent Design™. Again this is more than only speech act stealing. In this way that only stealing company has proven that in- deed it is stealing contents of our websites.]", "[...] three-dimens- ional design [...]", "[...] styling [...] [not stylish design?]", "[...] di- ffuser-style [...]", "[...] avant-garde and stylish [...]", "[...] harmon- ious integration [...]", "[...] fully active [...]", "[... ]-style [...]", "[... ]-style [...]", "[... ]-style [...]", "[...] high-quality system compon- ents [...]", "[...] logical development [...]", "[...] whether on the road or on the race track [...]", "[...] stylish elegance [...]", "[...] high-quality design [...] [Compare that phrase with our trademarks and slogans High Design™, "High in Tech, Design, and Quality™", "Quality and Design™" and "High-Quality and Design™". For sure, that company is stealing our intellectual properties.]", "[...] inno- vative styling [...] [We already have mentioned this before: "Inno- vation. Style. Quality.™".] [...]", "[...] high-quality engineering [...]" and "All-LED headlights with Adaptive Headlight technology are fur- ther proof of the pioneering [...] [That is a bold lie as well as a proof of its criminal energy, because it is nothing else than an essential part of our Active Light™ technology.]".
    We also documented some quotes out of a press release of another model: "[...] core competencies [compare with MultiCore Competen- ce™] [...]", "[...] bold [...] [Not that car but the company is bold.]", "[...] revolutionary design [...] [No, the shown new design is just standard.]", "[...] intelligent all-wheel drive [...] [Not really, but just standard.]", "[...] significant evolution [...] [This is again speech act stealing.]", "Integrated Chassis Management system [...] [This re- minds us again of our HOS OntoLinux™.]", and "[...] calibrations [...] [see the last paragraph of the webpage Overview of the OntoLinux™ website]".
    We don't believe that a customer is really interested in such a kind of boring marketing.
    Besides this, we could see "Megacityvehicle" which points directly to our range of E-City™ Cars.
  • Daimler→Mercedes-Benz: That only stealing company is interested in hybrid technology of the manufacturer Toyota. We also have heard "Pure Electric™" which again was a damaging of one of our trademarks.
  • Fisker: A new version of its car was presented that features two electric motors at the rear axle, which sounds as if the next compa- ny has copied our Active Differential™ by Style of Speed™ for sur- face vehicles with Pure Electric™ drivetrain. Out of the related press release we got the following statements, phrases and terms: "Pure driving passion [compare with :pure™, With Passion™, and so on]" and "Stealth Mode [This is just only jumping on the bandwagon of the Stealth Theme.]".
  • Victor Filipchenko: For his final thesis work in the study of auto- motive design, that was made in collaboration with Simoyshem Nel- son, he has stolen lines from the models and sketches that were shown on the webpage of our model D!™ by Style of Speed™ and the front of the concept car FC Sport by the manufacturer Honda, which itself has tried to come close to the design language of the marque Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini with its said concept car, in combination with a little pinch of the original design of the car by the company Gumpert. In detail, we have in one of the sketched side view made for his study the design of the front fender and the section above the ground plate and front fender, the rear fender drop line, the side at the rear and the accentuated diffusor. Also, the design of the roof with its little step between the section of the roof over the passenger cabin and the engine cover lid is similar to the roof of the concept car GT 90 by the manufacturer Ford (see again the sketch D! 2007-2008).

    Investigations::Motorbike #11

  • Bayerische Motorenwerken→Mini: We do quote out of a press re- lease of a motorscooter with electric drivetrain: [...]", "Scooter E [This is damaging our label E-Scooter™, because of confusing third persons.]", "[...] Mini Scooter E as "an electric vision of the future." [That statement is a speech act stealing. We mentioned this on the 29th of July 2010 and have also build up the OntoLab™ - The Lab of Visions™.]" and "[...] comes in three versions [...] [3 Theme]".
  • Daimler→Mercedes-Benz: That only stealing company also pre- sented a scooter with Pure Electric™ drivetrain. In contrast to an- other manufacturer (see above) it even made no attempt at all to choose a slighty different name in respect to our label E Scooter™ but simply stole it. Again: Convicted!!!™

    Comment of the Day
    "You can't reject my reality and substitute it with your own. You just only steal another reality of mine and only do the substitution yourself."
    Sorry, but: The evolution, the culture of humans and the holy books say clearly: The more precious an object, the better not to trust a human. So, I didn't.

    Question of the Day
    "Did you know, that the building, Haus Stroetmann, where you can actually find us and the Hotspot of Innovations is the first electrified (private) house realized by the "Elektrische Jesus==Electric Jesus" of Moers?"

    Roboticle Further steps
    Roboticle offers special versions of small Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAV), like helicopters with coaxial rotors, equipped with electronic-weapon systems, example given our superior Metal Twister technology, and can be used as our Wasp Swarms.
    Every time.Every where.Every party/army/enemy.
    Coming soon ...
    ... to a theater near you.

    Investigations::Car #288

  • Volkswagen→Audi: That company presented the first images of a concept car in conjunction with a jubilee of one of its all-wheel drive technology. One design sketch of the said concept car is a mix of the two images we have shown as the potential model 2010 of our RE™. Furthermore, we have the following quotes of its description: "[...] digital instrument cluster (which doubles as the [multimedia] display) and an innovative multimedia system which can stream int- ernet radio from your cellphone [...] [To be honest: This technology is not so new.]" and "[...] to coax the maximum of fun and safety [...] [That statement is clearly an attempt to damage our trademark Fun Maximizer™ and slogan "Maximize the Fun™".]".
  • Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini: The marque by Volkswagen→Audi presented a concept car which became in the last days more and more familiar due to the similarities with one of our models. So we do quote out of the related story that was given by the marque's ma- nagement: "[...] redefining the future of the super sports car [We are sure that our readers are sure that we have already shown this with our street legal models like the :D™ (Big Fun™) and a second time our model D!™ after the case with the design concept of the model Lydia by the other Volkswagen marque Bugatti (see the In- vestigations::Car #11 of the 13th of March 2008).] [...]", "[...] 999 kilograms (2,202 lbs) [...] [3 Theme]", "[...] unparalleled driving fun [...] [compare with our models :D™ (Big Fun™ ) and Bee!, for ex- ample, as well as with our trademark Fun to Drive™]", "[...] periodic table [...] [see the Lego periodic table as the Image of the Day on the 9th of May 2009]", "[...] 3D design through simulation, validat- ion, production and testing [...]", "[...] resulting technology secured under a host of patents [...] [It was clear that all the time the ma- nufacturer Volkswagen was playing for time as well. But most of the patents are either nonsense, easily hackable or of no interest.]", "[...] shows how the future of the super sports car can look [...] [We already mentioned above that obviously we already succeeded with this attempt several years ago and that in the end that marque has only copied our concepts again, as usual.]", "[...] extreme light- weight engineering, combined with extreme performance results in extreme driving fun [...] [This was as well earlier claimed by us from Style of Speed™.]", "[...] competence [...]", "[...] be touched by the spirit [...] [At first take a look at our slogans "Spirit of Style™", "Spirit of Speed™", "Spirit of Excellence™", "Spirit of Competence™", "Spirit of Driving™", "Spirit of Performance™", "Spirit of Power™", "Spirit of Elegance™" and "Spirit. Passion. Arts™". Then compare them with the other quotes: Nearly all terms that follow the words "Spirit of" were taken alone in the quoted press release. This is a clear infringement of our copyright.]", "[...] pure and radical [...] [Again, this phrase was stolen from the description of our model D!™ in the Index of our street legal cars, and the webpage of the D!.]", "[...] synthesis [...] [This was used to damage our slogans "La sin- tesi di passione e sportività™", "Synthesis of Style and Speed™", "Synthesis of Passion and Sportivity™", "Synthesis of Passion and Style™", Synthesis of Passion and Power™", "Synthesis of Passion and Perfection™", "Synthesis of Passion and Design™", "Synthesis of Precision and Perfection™" and "Synthesis of Intelligence and Per- formance™".]", "[...] superior [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] driv- ing fun [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] carbon fiber [...] [compare with our trademarks Fine Carbon™, Super Carbon™, High Carbon™ and Hyper Carbon™]", "[...] tailpipes are made from Pyrosic, which is an advanced glass-ceramic matrix composite, able to reach and stand very high temperatures up to 900° celsius [...] [The concept and story were taken from the concept and story of the concept car GT 90 by the manufacturer Ford and our sketch D!™ 2007/2008 of the model D!™.]", "[...] sensational power-to-weight ratio of only 1.75 kilograms per hp [...] [Our model :D™ (Big Fun™) has a power-to-weight ratio that is lower than around 1.5 kilograms per hp and our model 962 ST in the flat out version even has an absolute out- standing value of 0.57 kilograms per PS!!!™ About what is its CEO talking here again?]", "[...] razor-sharp [...] [Don't confuse this with O#.]", "[...] progressive form [...]", "[...] elegance of pure [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] DNA [...]", "[...] integrates the funct- ional consistency [...]", "[...] integration of components [...] [steal- ing of speech act]", "[...] hi-tech material [...]", "Nano-Technology makes it possible to add fine crystals [to create a two-tone carbon fiber surface ...] [The reader might take a look on the Nanocrystall- oy™ project in the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™ and compare the resulting surface by its crystallization process that was shown with the concept car with our label Two-tone Carbon™.]", "Consist- ent in form and function", "[...] every single line has a clear function [...] [Even if the function is only to steal other properties?! Also, we have to mention here "Consistent Design™ and Engineering™".]", "[...] two red triangular [...]", "[...] entire side profile is cut like a sharp wedge, with the power center of the car unmistakably just in front of the rear axle. A distinctive sideline starts at the front wheel arch, rises along the door towards the rear and ends at the broad shoulders above the rear wheel. The triangle - like the one around the door handle - is a recurring design theme [...] [see our sketch D!™ 2007/2008 and the Ford GT 90 concept car]", "[...] rear over- hang is extremely short [...] [see again our sketch D!™ 2007/2008 and the Ford GT 90 concept car]", "Complex structures in one com- ponent", "[...] icon [...]", "[...] its rear cover, too, could be opened in one piece [...] [And what? Take a look at our model 962 ST.]", "[...] minimalist approach [...] [Minimalistic Modern™]", "[...] hi-tech fabric [...] [This reminds us of our hi-tech fabric Solar Fabrics™.]", "[...] classic sense [...]", "[...] electronic control unit for the engine is mounted in plain sight - a very special kind of hi-tech aesthetic [...] [Ah??? Also, we have here more than speech act stealing due to High Aesthetic™.]", "[...] evident [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] three [...] buttons [...] [For what should this be good? Fur- thermore, is this the redefinition of the future of the super sports car? Why are there three buttons at all? Wouldn't be a zero button design more radical and aggressive? This is inconsistent! And our customers do prefer to talk with their machines, instead to push some fragile knobs.]", "[...] clearly [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] clear evidence [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] the monocoque forms the complete passenger cell [...] [That's like the model Enzo by the manufacturer Fiat→Ferrari, as well as our models 333 ST and 962 ST by Style of Speed™ have. We have shown the passenger cell as the Sneak Preview #1 on the 1st of October 2008 on this website. Also, after looking at the Sneak Preview it should be clear why that marque has chosen to collaborate with the corporation Boeing.]", "[...] maximum integration of functions [...] [A concept we showed with our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™ that is also used for our automobiles. So we clearly have here again a stolen speech act.]", "[...] 30 [...]", "[...] carbon-ceramic compo- site. A similar composite material is used for the tailpipes on the ex- haust system [of the concept car GT 90 by Ford ...]", "[...] special titanium alloy [...] [This reminds us of the project Glassy Titany™.]", "[...] three [...] manufacturing techniques [...] [Our secret manu- facturing techniques are so much superior that we will keep them further confidential until they are protected by a host of patents.]", "[...] fascinating heart [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] is familiar [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] equipped [...] [speech act steal- ing]", "[...] much faster than a human being would be able to [shift ...] [Even faster than a cyborg? And for what is shifting by the driv- er of a future super sports car good at all? If the machine shifts so fast, then it is also able to decide much faster and better when the optimal moment has come to shift, as our street legal super sports cars and conversions with combustion engines and HOS OntoLinux™ do.]", "[...] superior [...] [speech act stealing]", "Competence", "[...] over 30 [...] [In the context it is again the 3 Theme.]" and "[...] extensively patented [...] process [...] [What we hear and see is technology of the last, or should we say past, decades.]".
    First of all: How boring. The future of the super sports car wasn't redefined. Most of the presented technologies were already ann- ounced to be applied in the making of city cars in the next years. Besides this and as it was said three times before in inofficial comm- ents on this website, the teaser images of this concept car by the marque Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini are showing design elements of the concept car GT 90 by the Ford corporation, eg. image #6 shows a triangulated tailpipe. Together with the design thesis works by several students (see Investigations::Car #287 of the 28th of this month above) we have here indeed a reference to the latest design of the D! of the year 2007/2008. The first design was copied as well by the company with the Volkswagen→Bugatti Lydia design concept. Secondly, suddenly our specification of very low weights of some of our street legal models were proved in opposition to the scornful laughs by so-called experts in the last three years. So in the end we from Style of Speed™ can only say: We stay ahead™ as The Real #1™.
  • Volkswagen→Seat: One quote is sometimes enough: "[...] minimal- ist-designed model [...] [Minimalistic Modern™]".

    How long wants that company to present this charade to the whole community?

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