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Comment of the Day #1
MySOS™ SOS Link™
Visionary. Pioneering. Revolutionary.™
Visionary. Pioneering. Revolutionizing.™
3D Sound and Vision™

Comment of the Day #2
"Liliane Bettencourt in 3D sound and vision"
What a story. What a movie.

Comment of the Day #3
"Caution! Future under construction"


  • Enel: We are watching the bold acting by that company since several years. In a commercial it is now saying something like "The future is an infinity journey" which without doubt is based on our trademarks and slogans, like for example "Journey of Life™" and "Life is a Journey™" and other contents of our websites.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Visionary at work™ Pioneer at work™
    Genius at work™ Intelligence at work™
    Creativity at work™ Artist at work™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Caution! Visionary at work"

    Investigations::Car #270

  • Daimler→Mercedes-Benz: Again, that only stealing and not invent- ing company has copied contents, concepts and technologies from the website of Style of Speed™ in conjunction with an Electric Sup- er Sports Car™ (ESC) with Pure Electric™ drivetrain. For that the webpages of our Apollo Speed-E™ (Apollo SE) and Jota™ besides several other ones were looted again. As a result a car was shown that is painted in a yellow colour (compare with our models Apollo Speed-E (Apollo SE), Apollo Speed-E™ SuperVeloce (Apollo SESV) and Jota™ SuperVeloce), which is named lumilectric magno after the description and the titles of the images of the TIE R/LightSwift, has a number plate with "S-E 1001" (compare again with the names of the Apollo SE and Apollo Speed-E™ SuperVeloce (Apollo SESV), as well as the image of the solid state aircraft Magic Carpet™ by Style of Speed), and a liquid cooled battery for high-voltage (stolen from our models Raptor RSR and Jota™). Besides this, the technical draw- ings and the description of the drivetrain are somehow confuse: On the one hand it shows a "Single wheel drive, [with] 2 electric motors per axle", which is essentially our stolen Active Differential #2 - The SuperArchitecture (see Investigations::Car #126 of the 11th of July 2009, #137 of the 9th of August 2009 and the very informative #210 of the 19th of December 2009), but on the other hand one "Gearbox" in the middle of an axle is connecting the two electric motors at its outside with an sketch of the Active Differential™ #1 version of the rear axle of our model Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™). And now comes the question: How does this function? In fact, it must not function at all, because the strategy is to steal from and immitate as much as possible our division Style of Speed™. The related prototyp is only some kind of a place holder and used only for stealing our show. Moreover, the shown electric motors on the technical drawings are madly small and can't produce the claimed performance. If these motors really produce such a high power, then we can directly reduce the weight of all of our vehicles with Purely Electric™ or hybrid drivetrains by around 20 kg for each electric motor that is built in. But the truth seems to be, that somehow it wasn't understood that we have 2 Active Differentials for all of our vehicles. Furthermore, the prototyp features an extendable front splitter as shown on the speculative image of a new Fiat→Ferrari Enzo/F60 by Larson (see also the message Power Set Design of the 12th of April 2008) and described on the webpage Active Underbo- dy™ by Style of Speed™. And last but not least, some of the first electric cars with folding doors are our 962 ST with butterfly doors, our Raptor RSR and Pan RSR with optional gullwing doors, and our Jota™ with scissor doors.
    If we follow its slogan "Das Beste oder nichts==The best or nothing", then this proves that from us comes the best and implies that from Daimler and its subsidiaries comes nothing.
  • Volkswagen: Now the company is in the situation to declare why since several years it lets steal the concepts and technologies of our Volkswagen related conversions by the other two large german automobile manufacturers.

    Guess what the three manufacturers, and their suppliers and politic- ians are really doing. ;-)


  • Microsoft: It seems to be now that that company is really a head- less chicken in the hardware sector. The company announced to de- velop a 3D television system that functions without special goggles. With this step that company shows once again its incompetence, because since around 8 years we've this technology in stock, which is also the reason why we haven't listed these kinds of stationary as well as mobile systems (3D-Palm-Computer) in the Innovation-Pipe- line of Ontonics™.
  • Apple: More and more all of its criminal actings come to the surface.

    Comment of the Day
    "If the media come, then shut up."


  • Lidl: That company has used again the term "Hightech" in an ad- vertisement. As we already explained before, that company is not allowed to sell high-technology at all and due to the fact that the advertised products are simple consumer goods it is also a criminal act of fraudulent labeling (see the Investigations of the 10th of De- cember 2008 and also the Question of the Day of the 6th of March 2008).

    Investigations Fun Special

  • General: The german media, especially the privately operated broadcasters, have begun to run berserk in conjunction with our Fun Theme that C.S. has recreated some years ago.

    Comment of the Day
    "Caution! Pioneer at work"

    We made a note about the person Michio Kaku on our webpage Culture.

    Comment of the Day

    Comment of the Day
    "Caution! Genius at work"


  • General: This time we have to document three general issues: The first one is the remark that, as far as we know, more and more inter- national broadcasters are using in some way or other the prismatic colour distortion effect as well (as a good start see the investigat- ion of the 10th of October 2009 and Investigations::Car #265 of the 10th of June 2010). The second issue is that the term swift (rasant, flink oder schnell in german) is the next item from the webpage of the spaceship concept TIE R/LightSwift by Style of Speed, which is more and more used commercially and politically, and we don't mean in this respect the financial SWIFT code. And as the third fact we would like to point out that the term "scharf==sharp" is also devel- oping the momentum we have created with O#.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Volksrod-E™ Volksrod E™ E-Volksrod™ E Volksrod™
    E•Volksrod™ Volksrod•E™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Caution! Competence at work"


  • Lego and Walt Disney→Pixar: Again, that toy company has follow- ed and stolen contents of our websites. In the already mentioned case of the "Toy Story" sets (see the Investigations of the 9th of August) it used a statement like "[...] und den Tag zu retten==[...] and to save the day" that was taken from a remark made by C.S. about the movie "E.T.".
  • McDonald's: The Shrek movie series related advertisement cam- paign, that of course includes a Gingy figure (compare with the OntoLab™ concept "Gingy, Vodoo Love and Marvin the Martian"), is really no surprise.

    Investigations::Car #271

  • Volkswagen: For its advertising purposes of two models the com- pany has followed again the contents of our websites. On one of its SUV models the slogan "Das Fünfte Element==The Fifth Element" can be read (see for example the Image of the Day of the 22nd of June 2008 and the section SuperDNA on the webpage Terms of the 21st Century of the OntoLinux™ website). For another model terms and phrases like "features", "alle Sinne==all senses" and "viel Spaß==a lot of fun" were used.
  • Broedersdorff und Koenzen: Since many years we have observed those fraudsters in the field of cars with Purely Electric™ drivetrains, who are not typical in only one aspect. And this aspect is that 14 years ago those two dudes did converted a Porsche 912 to an elec- tric car in their backyard, which essentially is an act that could be seen very often in the 20th century and as such definitely is neither revolutionary nor important to mention. But after this those two fraudsters neither have developed further the technology nor creat- ed the momentum as we did in more than the last 3 years (see also the Investigations::Car #212 of the 29th of December 2009), be- cause they haven't believed in and even had not the nerve to pro- mote this kind of technology like for example Tesla Motors and we have had. Now they are trying to capitalize on their old and obsolete to mention experiment by stealing in the last 3 years contents, con- cepts and technologies that are owned by us, especially from our business division Style of Speed™, like the terms, phrases and re- lated stories "echtem Fahrspaß==true driving fun", "rein elektrisch= =Pure Electric™", "Komponenten==components" and "Hochleistungs- ==high-performance", or the concept of a stepped range of electric motors as we've presented earlier on our webpage Active Motors™, labeling its company with something like eCars in relation to our activities (see section Land of Style of Speed™), stealing trade- marks (like E Bug™), doing E-Conversions by taking our line of con- versions of modern cars as a blueprint for their conversions of class- ic or kit cars (examples given with the names of their models and links to our related modern ecars eBug™, eCinquecento, Elektro 550, Elektro Spyder and eBus), and converting and selling with the Elektro Spyder the same kit car as another typical fraudster in this field (read about Mileworks and its car E-Rod in the Investigations::Car #132 of the 31st of July 2009). Furthermore, it also seems to be that they've moved their little workshop to the nearby town of the location where the actual head office of the Christian Stroetmann GmbH is. And all these facts are the reason why we call them fraud- sters. Convicted!!!™
    Btw.: This case shows once again how start-up and existing compa- nies are dealt with in germany: By supporting fraudsters, who only steal from the real competent persons and pioneers, with not exist- ing tax money and by illegal networks, which even are pushed by politically manipulated high courts (for a quick start into the subject see also Investigations::Car #84 of the 4th of March 2009, #162 21st of September 2009 and #164 24th of September 2009).
  • Motor Presse Stuttgart→auto motor und sport: For sure, that criminal publisher has not given up to report about convicted fraud- sters who have stolen from our company and its divisions, especially in the field of vehicles with Pure Electric™ drivetrains. This includes the manufacturer Daimler with its marque Mercedes as well as the other large manufacturers and also two fraudsters in the last past (see above but also the Investigations::Car #114 of the 2nd of June 2009, #132 of the 31st of July 2009, #210 of the 19th of December 2009 and #212 of the 29th of December 2009, for example). Besides this, it reported about an E-Bug™ like the E-Volksrod™ version of our Bug!™ with Purely Electric™ drivetrain.


  • Walt Disney→Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group→Pixar Animation Studios: The third part of the "Shrek" and "Toy Story" movie series are made as a 3D movies.
  • United Internet→1&1 Internet: Since many years we are watching that company and noticed more and more its stealing of contents, concepts and technologies from our company's websites. The last case was a touch computer that was advertised as a smart pad. For sure, the business strategy was described with the specifications of our intellitablet (iTablet)™ and P@d™ devices ("Price with[(]out[)] service contract"). Its device is not smart but a simple so called webpad that is manufactured and sold since more than 6 years by other companies, while the name is only an attempt to be conform with the trend and as such a combination of our many with smart beginn- ing trademarks and P@d™.
    This last bold acting will drastically accelerate the termination of our last contract, which only exists due to an acquisition of our former internet service provider by that company. That company definitely is not what we, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, are: Really Smart™.

    Comment of the Day
    Hydroelectric™ Hydrogen Electric™
    H-Electric™ HElectric™ H2-Electric™ H2Electric™
    H•Electric™ H2•Electric™
    High-Electric™ Highelectric™ Hyelectric™
    Creative motion™ Créative mouvement™
    Competence in motion™ Motion competence™
    That's what we call service™

    Our Hightech Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux was designed from its very beginning to let third parties create app(lication)s without any restrictions in comparison to the solutions by companies like for example Apple, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Google with HTC, Intel, Nokia, Research in Motion and so on. That's what we call service™.

    Investigations::Car #272

  • Ford→Volvo: A crash at a press presentation due to a failure of one of its drive assistance systems with the label City Safe showed clearly that the result of our investigations (see Investigations::Car #175 of the 14th of October 2009, but also the case of the Allge- meiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e. V. in the Investigations::Car #187 of the 6th November 2009 and for the general case #221 of the 25th of January 2010) was right and that that company has in- deed acted in a criminal way with its marketing in this field. Moreover, this case shows nicely that there is a difference between the Hightech Competence™ and the industry.
    Ford Volvo City Safe Crash
    But the windshield wiper was perfectly functioning after the crash. :D


  • German ministry of internal affairs, Deutsche Telekom, United Int- ernet and partners: The attempt to install a system of legally valid e-mails is political as well as technical a total nonsense. First of all, it's an unbelievable political scandal that again that criminal company Deutsche Telekom with its also criminal partners get such a special support by the ministry. Secondly, we already have the legally valid system of certifications, which by the way is also suspiciously often administrated by the Deutsche Telekom in conjunction with research and science oriented projects that are financed by not existing tax money, and chip/smart cards with the associated card readers that could be instantly and easily used for such a service as well. More- over, the presented solution is not acceptable with e-mail addresses that have a form like forname.lastname@service_provider.de-mail.de. Every normal e-mail address can become legally valid with a system based on the combination of certifications and personal chip/smart cards (examples given insurance, bank and student cards, or pass- ports of the next generation), like it is even already realized by some public institutions in germany. Said this, there is no need for a new system at all.
  • Bertelsmann→RTL Group→VOX: That criminal meadia company showed in a report a person saying something about "[...] liebstes [...] Projekt [...] Baby [...] Spaß dokumentieren [...]", which has the English meaning "[...] best/dearest [...] project [...] baby [...] doc- uments the fun [...]". That sounds again in the related context as stolen contents from our website.

    Comment of the Day #1
    That's service™ This is service™
    What a service™
    Stroetmann-Accu™ Stroetmann-Battery™ Stroetmann Batterie™
    Closed-Loop Accu™ Closed-Loop Battery™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need ... roads.", [Back to the Future I, 1985]

    Ontonics Website update
    We have added our description of a legally valid e-mail to the Inno- vation-Pipeline of Ontonics, which was yesterday publicated, under the project name:

  • Legally Valid E-Mail/Rechtsgültige E-Post.

    That's what we call service™.

    We also added to the Innovation-Pipeline the Super Revolutionary™ project:

  • Closed-loop Fuel Cell@Car.


  • German ministry of internal affairs, Deutsche Post, SAP and part- ners: A person must be nuts to pay 55 Cent for a sigantured e-mail (see the case of the german ministry of internal affairs, Deutsche Telekom, United Internet and partners of the Investigations of yest- erday). That's definitely not the future.
  • German media: It is a giant mess that the german media are not giving informations about the already existing and functioning alter- native to the other services of a legally valid e-mail system like our solution Legally Valid E-Mail.

    Investigations::Car #273

  • Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini: Sometimes it needs some time to get the clue, but late is better than never (see also for example the Investigations::Avionics and Aerospace of the 3th of April 2010): We wondered since 2008 about the new taillight designs of the LP vers- ions of the model Gallardo and its source of motivation in relation with our actings, and finally found the solution: The design is taken from the flux capacitor of the "Back to the Future" movie series and our acting was the presentation of the Pictures of the Day on the 29th of September 2007.


  • Microsoft: Since the last years that criminal company is unable to understand the situation in the field of Mobile Devices™. Instead of acting and becoming a partner of the Christian Stroetmann GmbH to get the unbelievable important advantage in time, it is most of the time only repeating informations that we have given before on our websites. This time at the last partner convention of that company its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) only summarized with statements about the many different form factors, features and configurations the specifications of our different intelliTablet (iTablet)™ and P@d™ tablet computers (see also the Investigations::Multimedia starting at the 6th of January 2010).
  • German media: We don't know why all the years that media com- panies, especially the ones which had members at the Birthday Par- ty, are fooled by the press releases of only defrauding large inform- ation and communication technology companies, like this time again in the field of tablet computers. We know that they all do know that those companies are only stealing contents, concepts and techno- logies from other companies, like ours.

    Comment of the Day
    HyperFuel Cell™
    Semi-closed-loop Fuel Cell™
    Stroetmann-Fuel Cell™ Stroetmann Brennstoffzelle™

    Ontonics Website update

    We have added to the Innovation-Pipeline the projects:

  • Indirect Fuel Cell Blue Beauty and
  • Semi-closed-loop Fuel Cell.

    OntoLinux Website update
    For the latest release of the OntoFS/R4 file system exists a new patch.

    We have added some missing indications of authors and very slightly rearranged some of the projects in the sections Operating System and Exotic Operating System of the Links to Software webpage.

    Ontonics Website update
    We have mentioned our L4 microkernel-based operating system L4OntoLinux - OntoLinuxOnL4, which was ready for multicore syst- ems just right from its start in 2006, and our first generations of high-performance multicore chips, the quattro cpu series, which was announced the first time on the 20th of September 2009, and the Neural Net CPUs™, in the description of the MultiCore Competence (MCC) project on the webpage of the Innovation-Pipeline.

    Also, a new project has been added to the Innovation-Pipeline with the name:

  • Superconducting Core and Processor.


  • NetApp: For sure, that bold company has stolen massively cont- ents, concepts, trademarks and perhaps as well technologies. To give the reader a feeling for the case, we do quote some contents of its website at first: "Eine Architektur für alle Fälle [Hier sind wir bei OntoLinux™ und zum Beispiel dem Bild "House Center".]", "Energie Finanzdienstleistungen Gesundheitswesen Biowissenschaften Ferti- gungsindustrie Medien und Entertainment Telekommunikation [Was für eine Überraschung: Das sind alles Felder die wir auf dem Web- Auftritt von Ontologics.info aufgezählt haben.]", "[...] proaktiven [...]", "[...] intelligenter Support-Automatisierung [...] [Das ist ein Inhalt von dem Web-Auftritt von OntoLinux™.]", "[...] kreativsten [...]", "[...] Kultur [...] [Blablabla. Dort ist definitiv keine Kultur.]", "[...] Innovation [...]", "[...] integrierte [...]", "[...] Performance [...]", "[...] signifikant [...]", "[...] nächsten Generation [...]", "[...] Komplexität zu verringern [...]", "Community [Wie die anderen gröss- eren Unternehmen versteht dieses Unternehmen das Konzept hinter den Internet-Gemeinschaften nicht.]", "[...] 01:11 Minuten [...] [In diesem Kontext ist es wieder das 3 Thema.]", "Go further, faster [Dies sieht aus wie wenn unsere Handelsmarke "We go further™" geschädigt oder sogar gestohlen wurde.]", "[...] Leidenschaft für praktische Innovationen [...]", "[...] Grenzen des Machbaren zu überschreiten [...]", "[...] Transformation", "[...] Multiprotokollarchi- tektur [...]", ""Grüne" Technologie [Okay, jetzt ist es endgültige an der Zeit für ein: SuperGotcha!!!™]", "Unternehmenskultur", "Einfach- heit" and "[...] Synergien". In English we have the translated quotes: "One architecture for any cases [Here we are at OntoLinux™ and for example the image "House Center".]", "Energy Financial service Bio- sciences Health care system Manufacturing industry Media and Ent- ertainment Telecommunikation [What a surprise: That are all fields that we have listed on the website of Ontologics.info.]", "[...] pro- active [...]", "[...] intelligent support automation [...] [That is a content of the website of OntoLinux™.]", "[...] most creative [...]", "[...] culture [...] [Blablabla. There is definitely no culture.]", "[...] innovation [...]", "[...] integrated [...]", "[...] performance [...]", "[...] significant [...]", "[...] next generation [...]", "[...] to reduce complexity [...]", "Community [Like the other larger companies, that company doesn't understand the concept behind the internet comm- unities.]", "[...] 01:11 minutes [...] [In this context it's again the 3 Theme.]", "Go further, faster [This looks like our trademark "We go further™" has been damaged or even stolen.]", "[...] passion for practical innovations [...]", "[...] to go beyond the borders of the feasibility [...] [Yes it is a jump on the bandwagon fo the Star Trek Theme.]", "[...] transformation", "[...] multiprotocol architecture [...]", ""Green" Technology [Okay, now it is finally time for a: Super- Gotcha!!!™]", "Business culture", "Simplicity" and "[...] Synergies". Besides this, we found a page of one of its presentations that was titled Vision (compare with the slogan "The Lab of Visions™" of the OntoLab™) and showed a Rubik's Cube (see for the revived Rubik's Cube/Magic Cube Theme by C.S. this "Image of the Hotspot of Innovations™", and also the Investigations::AI and Knowledgeman- agement of the 5th of May 2009, the case Volkswagen→Audi in the Investigations::Car #187 of the 6th of November 2009 as well as the case of GlaxoSmithKline→Dr. Best in the Investigations of the 10th of April 2010). From a technological point of view that company only jumps on every bandwagon instead of doing research and develop- ment, as it claims for. In fact, there are no innovations. What it has sold yesterday, is nonsense today and obsolete tomorrow with only one very little exception that can be realized with every other block-oriented file system, and by this it is responsible for huge costs for its customers in hard- and software, like for example in the field of Network-Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN) in relation with Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI), and the mad constructions around Fibre Channel and Ethernet (Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)), which are now replaced once again by the next generation of the Ethernet technology. And its member- ship in the Linux® Foundation as well as its support of the Network File System (NFS) protocol must be bad jokes. Also, OntoLinux™ with its components is much superior in every aspect, like for ex- ample in conjunction with the virtualizations of processes and stor- age. Just right from the start these concepts simply are standard parts of OntoLinux™ with L4OntoLinux™ - OntoLinuxOnL4™ so that we even have not listed them as special features.
  • Sysgo: That company has stolen contents, concepts and techno- logies from the website of OntoLinux™. For example, there exist su- ddenly and suspiciously the support for the guest operating systems Linux® and some other operating systems as well as for multicore systems by its L4 microkernel-based operating system. Also, there was made an announcement to implement a run-time environment for the open and standardized automotive software architecture Automotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR). Besides this, a press release has been launched that included the statements by its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and a scientist of a german university that no core competence in the field of semiconductor elements is existing in the B.R.D., and that microprocessors and their operating systems are only produced in Northamerica and Asia. That we have the project MultiCore Competence™ (MCC) with the quattro series our first generation of high-performant multicore chips as one of its first results (see Ontonics Website update of the 20th of September 2009), our first multicore chip architecture of a Neural Net CPU™ (NNCPU™) with HyperCube™ geometry feature, a superconductive version of the NNCPU™ with the code-/nickname "Uncle Bob" (see Original of the 13th of November 2009) and corresponding versions of our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™, that exactly repre- sent this core competence not only by a project name, was for sure knowingly concealed by both persons to delude the public. Further- more, it is very interesting that one of its embedded operating syst- ems together with the concept of the Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) is used in airplanes, like for example a military airplane by the company Airbus which production was short of being cancelled due to a total overrun budget.
    This is not a case, but these are three cases for the prosecutors.

    Comment of the Day
    Neural Net Core™ Neural Net System-core™ Neural Net Kernel™
    Neurales Netz Kern™ Neurales Netz Systemkern™
    Neurales Netz CPU™
    Red Beauty™
    L4#™ O4#™

    OntoLinux Website update
    We have added to the webpage Overview the already mentioned features:

  • geometrical and
  • bureaucracy-free.

    Moreover, we added to the Components the already mentioned component

  • OntoL4
    with related little explanations about the different (para-)virtualiz- ed versions of OntoLinux that are named L4OntoLinux, OntoL4Linux and OntoL4OntoLinux (Onto²L4Linux), and running on top of a hyper- visior.

    Ontonics Website update
    We gave the first informations about our fuel cell technologies Green Beauty and Blue Beauty on our Innovation-Pipeline webpage.

    Also, we have updated the description of the MultiCore Competence (MCC) project by naming our Hightech Operating Systems OntoL4, OntoL4Linux, and OntoL4OntoLinux (Onto²L4Linux).


  • Microsoft: Four months ago, one of the leading operating system architects of that only stealing company mentioned that a new ver- sion of its actual operating system architecture should assign itself and the applications computing power and manage these. Therefore he suggests to abolish the supervisor/kernel- and user-modes, and leave the memory mamagement to the programms. The operating system should act like a hypervisor that could assign a CPU and memory to a programm. Tock, tock, tock. Anybody home? This is nothing else then the stolen concepts and technologies of our more than three years old L4 mikrokernel-based OntoLinux™ versions call- ed L4OntoLinux™, OntoL4Linux™ and Onto²L4Linux™ with their mul- ticore, microkernel and hypervisor capabilities (see as well the Over- view, and the sections Operating System and Exotic Operating Syst- em of the Links to Software webpage, but also the Investigations of the 13th of August 2009). Such an architecture of its operating sy- stem series Windows will break again our copyrights, if our disclaimer is not followed.
    As usual in more than the last 9 years: This was our idea, that we have had at a time (2005) when that company had totally no clue how it should develop further its junk and what it should steal from other persons and companies, so that it was fiddling around with something like sing# and without the hypervisior and multicore con- cepts.
  • Technical University Dresden: Contents of our websites were tak- en for the descriptions of its microkernel-based operating systems and associated software. Also, on the webpage of the run-time environment for its L4-microkernel another Linux® distribution for Mobile Devices™ by a criminal internet search engine service provid- er and a virtual machine for simple point-and-click adventure games were named, but not our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™ despite that on its Links to Software webpage links were set to the works by the operating system group of the university. The other parties even didn't noticed the works of the research group (see also the Comment of the Day #1 of the 24th of November 2009).
  • Technical University Dortmund: In the fields of embedded and real- time systems as well as ubiquitous computing we find since several years contents, concepts and technologies of the websites of Onto- nicsOntoLab™, OntoLinux™ and Style of Speed™. In this way our copyright (see our disclaimer) was damaged all the time.
  • Centre National de Recherche Scientifique, Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique Nancy - Grand Est and Saclay - Île-de-France, Laboratoire Lorrain de Recherche en Infor- matique et ses Applications, Laboratoire d'Informatique de l'Ecole Polytechnique and University of Bath: A collaborative research group was founded that has taken and is using essential concepts and parts of our OntoBot™ technology, example given Maude for Deep Inference, of OntoLinux™ for the attempt to solve Hilbert's 24th problem, which is also known as the identity question and formulated as "When are two mathematical proofs the same?", and conducting research in the field of geometric and logic approaches to computat- ion (see the OntoLinux Website updates of the 27th and 30th of January 2007, the Overview webpage, the Zero-Ontology™ O#™, the Clarifications that we have given on the 11th of March 2008 and 8th of October 2009, Originals of the 22nd of September 2009, the Investigations of the 5th of October 2009 (second abstract only), the Investigations of the 8th of October 2009, and the second last paragraph of the case Ben Martin in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 18th of December 2009). Due to the fact that our work was not referenced, most probably because one or more members of the research group or even the whole group attempted to steal our in- tellectual properties, our copyright has been damaged (see our dis- claimer). Besides this it is sad to say, that we were neither asked nor invited and so the research group made several giant conceptual mistakes in comparison to us with our OntoBot™. For example, geo- metric and logic approaches to computation are reduced to visual logic programming by the members of the group.

    Comment of the Day
    Looped fuel cell™ Loop fuel cell™
    Active fuel cell™

    Ontonics Website update
    We've added on the webpage of the Innovation-Pipeline the remark about the combination of the SuperHybrid concept with the techno- logies of the Closed-loop Fuel Cell und Semi-closed-loop Fuel Cell.

    Additionally, in accordance with the Closed-loop Fuel Cell@Car tech- nology we added to the Innovation-Pipeline the new project:

  • Closed-loop Fuel Cell@Watercraft.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added the new webpages of the Active Components Active Fuel Cell for surface vehicles, Active Fuel Cell for aircrafts and Active Fuel Cell for watercrafts.

    Moreover, we added the new drivetrain named Looped Fuel Cell™ Electric to the descriptions of our Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™), :D™ (Big Fun™), 9ii™ - ingenious innovation™, Raptor - The Original, Raptor RSR, Raptor Speedster - The Original, RE™ - The Original and Apollo Speed-E™ - The Original, as well as to our Suvee™ and Sutee™ range S!™, X!™ and HE™, our other E-SUVs™ Amarok-E™ and Can™, but also to our Hot and Mod Rods Bug!™, Bee!™ and Belly Tank Lakester, for sure.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Opened-loop fuel cell™ Open loop fuel cell™
    Flexibilized-loop fuel cell™ Flexible loop fuel cell™
    Varied-loop fuel cell™ Variable loop fuel cell™
    Hydrogen Oxide Fuel Cell™
    Hydrogen Dioxide Fuel Cell™
    Dihydrogen Dioxide Fuel Cell™
    Hydrogen Peroxide Fuel Cell™
    Direct Hydrogen Oxide Fuel Cell™
    Direct Hydrogen Dioxide Fuel Cell™
    Direct Dihydrogen Dioxide Fuel Cell™
    Direct Hydrogen Peroxide Fuel Cell™
    Indirect Hydrogen Oxide Fuel Cell™
    Indirect Hydrogen Dioxide Fuel Cell™
    Indirect Dihydrogen Dioxide Fuel Cell™
    Indirect Hydrogen Peroxide Fuel Cell™
    Reformed Hydrogen Oxide Fuel Cell™
    Reformed Hydrogen Dioxide Fuel Cell™
    Reformed Dihydrogen Dioxide Fuel Cell™
    Reformed Hydrogen Peroxide Fuel Cell™

    Comment of the Day #2
    Bake vs. warm/crisp up

    Ontonics Website update
    Accordingly to the other Looped Fuel Cells™ we have updated the Innovation-Pipeline by adding the new project:

  • Opened-loop Fuel Cell.

    Comment of the Day
    :)¤:)™ :D¤:D™
    :)∗:)™ :D∗:D™
    :)♥:)™ :D♥:D™


  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland→tagesschau.de: As a reaction about the lawsuit between one of the largest german discounter and the bakers' guild that is about the installation of automatic ovens in branches of the discounter, which warm/crisp up dough pieces, and the related marketing claim by the discounter, that it is freshly bak- ing, we brought the problem to the point yesterday with our Comm- ent of the Day "Bake vs. warm/crisp up". Exactly this comment was repeated today including the claim that the lawyers by the discount- er exactly have argumented in this way, which was not reported yesterday by that highly manipulated working pool of the broadcast- ing corporations (see also the Investigations of the 31st of May 2010).


  • Deutsche Telekom: A few months ago, that only stealing company has taken again contents of our websites for the slogan "culture of innovation". This is misleading the public, because at that company you won't find something that is related to culture. Culture in con- junction with innovations can only be found exclusively at our Onto- Lab™ - The Lab of Visions™.

    We made again notes about the german museums and the sponsor RWE as well as the sponsor Teleónica on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Regenerative Wasserstoffoxidbrennstoffzelle™
    Regenerative Wasserstoffdioxidbrennstoffzelle™
    Regenerative Wasserstoffperoxidbrennstoffzelle™
    Regenerative Wasserstoffperoxidwasserbrennstoffzelle™
    Regenerative Hydrogen Oxide Fuel Cell™
    Regenerative Hydrogen Dioxide Fuel Cell™
    Regenerative Dihydrogen Dioxide Fuel Cell™
    Regenerative Hydrogen Peroxide Fuel Cell™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "It seems to be that the separation of powers doesn't work.",
    [C.S., Today]
    This means that democracy doesn't really work.

    Pod and Swoop Racing League Further steps #7
    Once again we can see the different tactics of development by the international field of attendants, teams and companies. From a very observing photographer we got a spy shot of a secret test by a Swoop factory racing team of a manufacturer of motorbikes from south germany. We can clearly see that the test was in a very early stage and its focus was laid to the designs and positions of the seat and footpegs, seated positions and durability of different materials. Furthermore, it seems to be that an endurance test for the riders was conducted, which indeed is not a bad decision due to the fact that Pod and Swoop races are also done in deserts, as the hardcore fans of this very exciting sport already do know.
    Bavarina Swoop Factory Racing Team Swoop Testing
    © :(


  • Desertec Foundation and Desertec Industrial Initiative: As it was reported today, that foundation and initiative was indeed only lobby- ing and due to the fact that in this way the true pioneers in the field of New Energies™ like we, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, with their works and intellectual properties were intentionally blocked and dam- aged (see Investigations of the 13th of July 2009) we have here a criminal acting by the related persons.

    Hoverboarding and -skating is coming to your planet, too
    Now, the next sports of the 21st century get their momentums: Hoverboarding and -skating (see also the Pictures of the Day of the 29th of September 2007).
    After we saw in more than the last 5 years very interesting develop- ments in the area of superconductors, energy sources and storages, as well as whole hoverboard constructions, we thought it is time to start with the establishment of the first Hoverboard and -skates Championship. If you belong to the group of interested persons, then send an e-mail to Marty or Dr. Brown.

    OntoLinux Website update
    In the section Network Technology of the webpage Links to Soft- ware we have added the link:

  • OpenStack.


  • General: And the next hype is busted due to the only bandwagon jumping industry. While it came out that a commercially very succ- esful movie was again only one of the 3D experiments, which is made every decade, and the movie makers are already stopping or refusing the production of movies in 3D, the consumer electronics industry will soon follow. That's a good development for the true pioneers and persons who really care about this kind of technology.
  • A nerd: Again, that annoying german dude publicated in a wiki for the R4 file system at the 24th of June 2010 a news about a patch for the Linux® kernel 2.6.34, which was dated back with the date 2010-05-26.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Opened-semi-closed-loop Fuel Cell™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Silence is silver, talk is golden.", [C.S., Today]

    Ontonics Website update
    For completing the series of Looped Fuel Cells we have added to the Innovation-Pipeline the project:

  • Opened-semi-closed-loop Fuel Cell.


  • L'Oréal→Garnier: In a commercial for one of its products with a brush that company claimed that "[...] Zähneputzen ohne eine Zahnbürste ist undenkbar==[...] teethbrushing without a toothbrush is unthinkable". Due to the fact that that company indeed knows the contents of our websites (see Investigations of the 8th of July 2008, 13th of January 2009, 14th of November 2009, 26th of March 2010, 6th of May 2010 and 1st of June 2010), that implies that it knows as well very well our project Personal NanoCare™, this claim wasn't only a bold, but also a criminal act.
    But what other than this have the reader expected, with such an owner family.


  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Despite better knowledge, that criminal workgroup is still reporting that the only stealing company Apple had created a new market with its clone of a clone of our intellitablet (iTablet)™ and P@d™ tablet computers, as well as the P@d™ 2.0 and the Qixel™ projects (see the Investigations::Multi- media of the 7th and 8th of January, 17th of February, 5th of April, 14th and 28th of May, and 2nd of June, all of the year 2010).
    We can't see quality-oriented journalism.

    Investigations::Multimedia Service Computing Special

  • Government of B.R.D.→Federal Ministry of Education and Resear- ch: That ministry finances with not existing tax money a research project in the field of service computing, especially grid and cloud computing, that is conducted by many highly suspicious and already convicted companies and public institutions.
  • Deutsche Telekom und SAP: Some months ago, the 2 only steal- ing companies got together in the field of cloud computing.
  • Fluid Operations: That company in the field of cloud computing with strong relations to the company SAP gets financial support by a german ministry for a research project. Besides this, it has taken contents, concepts and technologies from our websites, like for ex- ample "Schwarmintelligenz==swarm intelligence" (take a look at the section Exotic Operating System of the Links to Software webpage and also at our hypervisor oriented technologies based on OntoL4 on the Component webpage of the website of our Hightech Operat- ing Systems™ OntoLinux™).
    The pattern of behavior of that company reveals the same political and criminal strategy as in the case of the company Ontoprise (see below).

    Investigations::AI and Knowledge management

  • Ontoprise: And once again that only stealing company took again contents, concepts and technologies from our websites, especially OntoLinux™. This time it is in the fields of virtualization, grid, cloud and service computing (compare with the sections Exotic Operating System and Network Technology of the Links to Software webpage together with the OntoL4 related technologies on the Component webpage of the website of our Hightech Operating System™ Onto- Linux™ and the Comment of the Day #2 and Clarification of the 11th of May 2009, but also with the Investigations of the 11th of June 2010). And for sure, it is no surprise that a company in the field of cloud computing, which is supported by the federal ministry of edu- cation and research, listed it as a research partner.
    This proves again our claims and results of our investigations about that company (see the related Investigations::AI and Knowledge- management of the 14th of March 2008, 25th of March 2008, 20th of May 2008, 13th of January 2009 and 28th of July 2009 as well as the Investigations of the 21st of January 2010). From the leadership is nothing to see at all. It looks more like a criminal deceptive enter- prise.

    Investigations::Car #274

  • PSA Peugeot Citroën: That car manufacturer jumped on the band- wagon of the Rock 'n' Roll Theme, but by making an "anti-retrograde" statement. That's funny: That company presented at the last large automotive exhibitions an electric car with the retrograde design of the Citroën 2CV. Also, is not building cars somehow more retrograde than Rock 'n' Roll?
  • Volkswagen: Some months ago the management of the company made the announcement to produce electric motors in one of its factories for combustion engines. But until today we have only seen such a development by two of its largest suppliers, which both are convicted of stealing contents, concepts and technologies from our company. This leads to the question, if they have worked together in the past to damage our business, especially our division Style of Speed™. If we will see in the near future that the company Volks- wagen builds into its automobiles electric motors that are produced by one or both of these suppliers, then the answer to this question will be given.
    Btw.: Since many years, our electric motor technology is ready, and these motors are cheaper and more efficient than that what we've seen at those two suppliers.
  • Volkswagen→Bugatti: After the basic concept of the RE™ - The Original and Gallardo SuperVeloce - The Original, the chassis and exterior concepts of the RE RSR, Jota SuperVeloce and the Raptor Speedster, as well as design elements of the conversion 911 BB, and much more, the next model and also parts of the related descriptions were stolen from our Style of Speed™ website. Now, in this case it's partly our Bugatti Veyron SuperVélocité with conceptual elements of our model 962 ST together with the contents of the text about the case of Mansory in the Investigations::Car #71 of the 8th of January 2009 and Bugatti itself in #142 of the 16th of August 2009 that was constructed by the company as the Veyron Super Sport. The quotes out of a related press release are: "[...] whole new dimension [...]", "[...] touch [...] [see again the text about the case of Mansory in the Investigations::Car #71 of the 8th of January 2009]", "[The mar- que] had been in a similar situation when their existing customers asked the company to not only design their second model optically differently but to also create a version with a sportier and more ex- treme driving experience. [The reader might compare again that bold statement with the text of the case of Mansory in the Investigat- ions::Car #71 of the 8th of January 2009 and Bugatti itself in #142 of the 16th of August 2009, so that she/he can see that this is a fairy tale, or do we have to say criminal lie, and that the concept was developed by our business divison Style of Speed™.]", ", "[...] 2005 [...] [see again the text about the case of Mansory in the In- vestigations:Car #71 of the 8th of January 2009]", "[...] stunning set of specifications [...]", "[...] complex architecture [...]", "[...] originally developed for racing cars [...] [Here we're at the webpage of our model 962 ST by Style of Speed.]", "[...] intelligent all-wheel drive [...] [That was stolen from the webpage of our street rocket 962 ST ("intelligent 4WD"). How cheap.]", "[...] fine-tuned [...] [Compare with our trademark Fine Tuning™. How often should we say that that company has as every other company to respect our trademarks and not to damage them.]", "[...] perfect balance [...] [Brilliant Balance™]", "[...] pioneering spirit [...]", "[...] brilliant [...] [Due to the fact that we have here again a relation to Brilliant Bal- ance™ and also to Brilliant Beauty™ in two nearby standing sent- ences means that it could be interpreted somehow as an attempt of speech act stealing.]", "[...] from a family of artists, and his philo- sophy was always to combine mechanical perfection and exterior beauty [...] [Ettore is dead, but C.S. is alive.]" and "[...] This ethos remains alive and well at the company [...] [No, definitely not, as everybody can see with our Investigations::Car. There is no ethos to be found. It is selling C.S. and C.S.' properties. The only thing by Ettore at that marque is his lastname (see also the Investigations:: Car #89 of the 30th of March and #212 of the 29th of December in 2009).]". We would like to end this case with a remark about the design: The new NACA ducts integrated into the roof were taken from very rare speculative images of the so called Flying Pumpkin Seed, which is a concept of a hypersonic aircraft with an external pulsed detonation engine (see also the webpage of our Active Hyp- ersonic Engine™) and also a carbon black like colour of its body. The company does know this rare image by spying our office.
  • Daimler→Mercedes-Benz: We quote out of a press release of an Electric Super Sports Car™ (ESC) with Purely Electric™ drivetrain (in this conjunction read first the Investigations::Car #270 of the 2nd of July above): "[...] evidence of the state-of-the-art [...] [C.S. has painted an image named "Evidence"]", "[...] super sports car [...]", "[...] high-tech drive [...] [This is stolen content of the webpage of our model Jota™ by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] super sports car [...] [The reader can see now who is the true pioneer and who are the thieves. Also, first they laughed about our concepts, then they lau- ghed about our label Electric Super Sports Car™ and now they have nothing else to do than to steal it.]", "[...] reflects the innovative strength and development competence [...] [Pssst. Don't laugh too loud, so that they can dream on.]", "[...] social responsibility very seriously [...] [Before those highly criminal dudes don't stop steal- ing they aren't even allowed to use the word social. What they like is the law of the jungle. Please, then go away into the Amazon reg- ion.]", "[...] totally innovative drive solution for super sports cars [...] [Yes indeed. And it's owned by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] com- pared with wheel-hub motors the unsprung masses are substantially reduced [...] [This is stolen contents of our website.]", "[...] the in- telligent and permanent all-wheel drive [...] [This is stolen contents of the webpages of our models Apollo Speed-E™ and 962 ST by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] active safety [...]", "[...] "electrify" [a person ...] [This is stollen contents of the webpages of our models E430 RSR and Ettore™ by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] superior and emotional super sports car [...]", "High-voltage [...] [This is stolen contents of the webpages of our models Raptor RSR and Jota™ by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] liquid-cooled high-voltage [...] [This is stolen content of the webpage of our model Jota™ by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] three-phase [...]", "[...] purely electric [...] [No, no, no. Respect our trademark Purely Electric™. That company is again much too late.]", "[...] suspension with pushrod damper struts [...] [We have shown this long before with our model Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™) and 333 ST by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] agility and driving dynamics [...] [This is a stolen content of the section Inter- play on the webpage Active Differential™.]", "[...] carbon fibre-strengthened ceramic [...] [How boring.]", "The ABS and ESP syst- ems have been adapted to match the special application spectrum of the permanent all-wheel drive. [This is nothing else then the stolen Active Differential #2 - The SuperArchitecture™ (ESP stands for Electronic Stability Program and is a registered trademark by a german company, so that it is substituted by others and us by the term Electronic Stability Control). Now, that criminal company has admitted that the presented drivetrain indeed reflects our innovative strength and development competence by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] diamond-pattern [...]", "[...] transformation [...]", "[...] electric sup- er sports car [...] [No, no, no. Electric Super Sports Car™ is a tra- demark of us. Go away!!!™]" and "[...] three [...] [In this context it is the 3 Theme.]". We are sure that we've mentioned that our Semi- closed-loop Fuel Cell™ can hold around 288 kWh in comparison to its lousy 48 kWh, which lets drive the clones of our technologies maybe 33 kilometers far with the announced performance, if at all. Our re- lated models RE™ - The Original and Jota™ can be driven flat out over around 200 kilometers.
    If the reader might think that this was all we have to say no and go on with quoting out of the next press release by that highly criminal company: "[...] new generation [...]", "[...] sense of style [...] [de- rived from Sense of Speed™ and Style of Speed™]", "[...] Active Body [...] [We have to analyse this point in more detail.]", "In add- ition [...]", "[...], too [...], too [...], too [...] [Too cheap, too.]", "[...] Active [...] Active [...] Active [...] [How cheap.]", "[...] assi- stants convert the [car] into a "thinking" partner that can see, feel and react [...] [This is an attempt to steal our technology that has the name AutoBrain™ and was ridiculed like our concept of Electric Super Sports Cars™ at first (see for example the models BumbleBeeE and Wheeljack). As we said in the last past: Not Daimler but the di- vision Style of Speed by the Christian Stroetmann GmbH has redefin- ed the automobile. Only the most nasty persons will tell another story.]", "[...] radar, camera and sensor [...]", "[...] actuates an el- ectric motor [...] [That's nonsense, because the electric motor is the actuator, as it it said on the webpage Active Motor™ from which this speech act was stolen. Said this, the electric motor is not actu- ated but controlled by a sy- stem.]", "[...] equipment [...] [Equip- ment is all™]", "[...] safety and agility [...] [This is a stolen content of the same sentence as before (see the quote "[...] agility and driving dynamics [...]" above) of the section Interplay on the web- page Active Differential™.]", "[...] in conjunction [...]", "[...] mobile audio and video devices [...] [In fact, this is not trademark (Mobile Devices™), but speech act stealing and another evidence that our copyright has been infringed by that company.]", "[...] three-dim- ension [...] three [...] [How ....]" and "[...] three lighting moods [...] [Despite that we have here somehow the 3 Theme we also ask the question: Why only three?]". Also, that split view system is a total nonsense, because a second monitor is so cheap to get, and the multimedia system isn't the superior technology.
    In general, that bold and only stealing company shows clearly that it don't want to respect any more the copyrights and trademarks that are owned by others. Surprisingly, all others are attempting with more or less success to respect at least the trademarks. But that company is even so snotty that it is admitting their crimes in the public. We heard some time ago that there was a high concentration of Cocaine in the Thames after London, U.K.. Maybe a similar result will emerge after the analysis of the waste water around Stuttgart, B.R.D., especially where that company has the offices of its man- agement.
  • Daimler→Mercedes-Benz→Smart: Yes, we can give it all. And if we are investigating an only stealing company, then we show no mercy, definitely. The quotes in this case are as follows: "[...] fresh [...]", "[...] trendy matt finish [...]", "[...] equipment [...]", "[...] has style [...] [No, neither the car, the marque nor the company have style. Style of Speed™ and its products have style.]", "[...] matt light green [...] [It's one of our Green Stealth™ colours.]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] equipment [...]", "[...] style is comp- lemented [...]", "[...] passion equipment [...]", "[...] equipment [...]", "[...] equipment [...]", "[...] striking [...]", "[...] equipment [...]", "[...] trendsetter [...] [Let us lough about that statement.]", "[...] redefining individual urban mobility [...] [This Daimler nonsense is be- coming very annoying.]", "[...] high fun factor [...] [This is again an attempt to steal our Fun Theme. But to be honest: Its absolute nonsense is sometiems indeed funny.]" and "[...] smart is a pioneer in the sector of electric vehicles [...] [We all do already know that this is Daimler Blablabla.]". And we all do remember very well about the many years lasting problems with that Smart Nonsense Trans- mission (SMT), which really had a high fun factor with its surprising 'go into reverse while driving forward fun feature' like the laterally rolling A models later. So let us wait for the Purely Electric™ grilled E-Cell chicken.
  • Tesla Motors: For the new version of its old model that company has taken design elements from the images we have shown on the webpage of the 911 BB, especially the side skirts (General Motors→ Chevrolet WTCC Ultra) and the diffusor section at the rear (Fiat→ Ferrari 599XX), together with the somehow very familiar opening before the front wheel, that maybe was taken from two of the imag- es that we've shown on the webpage of the D!™. The following handful of quotes round up this case: "[...] next-generation [...]", "[...] Festival of Speed [...]", "[...] royalty [...]", "[...] car culture [...]", "[...] extraordinary [...]" and "[...] affordable [...]".
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke→Mini: Some special versions of its model were presented by saying: "[...] three absolute style [...]", "[...] pure white [...]", "[...] striking [...]", "[...] reflected [...]", "[...] art- istic touch [...]", "[...] matt black [...] [Exterior Theme Black Steal- th™]", "[...] minimalist style [...] [SuperDoubleGotcha!!!™]" and "[...] social-political commitment [...] [No. That bold company has only misused once again a social event as a marketing platform for its products.]". The rims with 8 spokes of the shown versions are so unusual that we would like to point to some images that we have presented on the webpage of our model D!™.
  • Ford: We don't know what is actually going on here but the reader can count her-/himself the number of the quotes we have made just for the fun of quoting: "[...] torque-sensing all-wheel-drive system [...]", "[...] components work in harmony [...]" and "[...] Active Mot- ion [...]". Besides this, the basic design of the headlights of the model Taurus SHO was taken from one image of the 2010 Model by Larson of our RE™ - The Original.
  • General Motors→Chevrolet: Yes, here we do quote as well: "The fun continues [Fun Theme]", "[...] evolutionary [...]", "[...] hydro- carbon emissions [...] [What? The engine blows the fuel out of the exhaust?]", "[...] Active Fuel Management System [...] [Have you seen? Every manufacturer wants now an Active Component™, which once again proves our unrivaled Hightech Competence™.]", "[...] strong [...] [Now the reader can see that we have created a class- ical term with the name of the image "sTRONg".]", "[...] "M" mode [...] ["M stands for Masterpiece™" by the #1™.]" and "[...] balance [...]". What we see seems not to be enough for a successful face- lift.
  • Fiat: We aren't quite sure what that company wants to tell us, but maybe it helps if we do quote: "[...] revolutionary Twin [...] [No, this has nothing to do with the Twin Ion Engine (TIE) form the Star Wars movie saga, but more with the jump on the bandwagon of the Star Wars Theme.]", "[...] highly interesting innovations [...]", "[...] 500C, the original cabriolet version [...] [No, that's wrong. An image of one of the original cabriolet versions of the model 500 is shown for example on the webpage of our City Speed-E™ Spider. What the factory manufactures isn't a cabriolet at all.]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] 30 [...]", "[...] complement [...]", "[...] fundamental [...]" and "[...] methane [...] [Suddenly it's even trendy to talk about methane again.]".
  • Tata→Land Rover: We document some quotes out of a press re- lease for proving that the contents of our websites were simply re- mixed again: "[...] superior engine performance [...]", "[...] make it a clear industry benchmark [...]", "[...] crown as king [...]", "[...] out- standing [...] and [...] unique ", "[...] superior power [...]", "[...] combined cycle [...] [The reader should not expect rocket science by that company, like for example a Rocket-based Combined Cycle (RBCC).]", "[...] operating regime [...] [As we said before: Do not confuse phrases like this with rocket science. They are just only stolen phrases and speech acts.]", "[...] reflect the performance [...]", "[...] further enhanced [...]" and "[...] Exterior Design Pack [...] [This is only a cheap attempt to imitate our concept of Exterior Themes™, as we have already noted in the last past.]".
  • Aston Martin: Has anybody thought that that only stealing compa- ny would not be investigated in this issue? No, not really! So here are the quotes: "[...] complete package of styling, engineering and equipment enhancements [...]", "[...] established [...]", "[...] un- compromised design philosophy [...]", "[...] core qualities [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] freshen [...]", "[...] sharper [...]", "[...] equip- ment [...] [Equipment is what? It's all!]" and "[...] 30 [...] [In the re- lated context it is indeed the 3 Theme.]".
  • Carlsson: That company has no problems with taking contents, concepts and technologies from our website by Style of Speed™. So we do quote, for sure: "[...] design philosophy [...]", "[...] art [...]", "[...] essential [...]", "[...] trapezoid shapes of the giant air inlets [...] [This points somehow to our model D!™ by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] it consists of three plane arches which are dynamically connected by an elaborately offset line management [...] [This sounds again as if someone is talking about our model D!™ by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] impression [...]", "[...] strongly [...]", "[...] double diffuser with the significantly integrated end pipe blends [...]", "[...] lights the way into future [...]", "[...] technical philoso- phy [...]", "[...] revolutionary [...] [Tock, tock, tock. Good morn- ing.]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] art of engineering [...] [And the next time the company tells us that Leonardo da Vinci sweeps its work- shop and backyard.]", "The intelligent system recognises the road condition as well as the driving behaviour and continuously adjusts the remaining spring travel and the damping settings to it. [This sounds a little bit like our Active Suspension system.]", "In addition [...]", "[...] seems surprisingly familiar [...] [This sounds surprisingly familiar.]", "[...] reflected [...]" and "[...] passion and the art of engineering [...]".
  • Kicherer: That company thought that it is clever, but we prove that it isn't. Here are the quotes: "Black - Matt - Powerful [This sounds familiar.]", "[...] fine tuner [...] [Fine Tuning™ Respect our trademarks and don't damage them.]", "[...] philosophy [...]", "[...] fine tuning [...] [No, no, no. We knew directly that after we will talk about Fine Tuning™ every not so smart company will come up and attempt to copy it. So guess why we are marking such terms and slogans. Respect our trademarks. That company is years too late.]", "[...] high quality carbon [...] [No, no, no. High Carbon™ is us. Go away!!!™]", "[...] harmonises [...]" and "In addition [...]". Besides this, the shown conversion is only standard ware.
  • Hamann Motorsport: And some more quotes: "[...] super sports cars [...]", "[...] titanium wheel bolts [...]" and "In addition [...]".
  • Nowack Motors: We do quote out of the press release by that bold company: "[...] state-of-the-art masterpiece [...] ["M stands for Masterpiece™" by the #1™.]", "[...] masterpiece [...]" and "[The founder was an] overall technical genius [...] [Ha, ha, ha! Suddenly! Plonk!!!™]". The number plate of the presented car showed, guess what, "WES-03333". How cheap. But this case becomes better: Those dweebs even have missed turbos and superchargers through oversleeping, but it seems to be that they have found our Comment of the Day of the 13th of May 2008.
  • MWDesign: Dear beloved reader; We are very sorry but the others are copying us and not otherwise, so we have to bore you further with quotes: "[...] fans [...]", "Inspiration [...]", "[...] themes [...]", "[...] themes [...]", "[...] as complex as an abstract feeling [...]", "[...] tier [...]", "[...] precision equipment to enhance performance [...] ["Precision in Style™" and "Equipment is all™"]", "[...] we love [...] [And we say to our readers: "We love to fascinate you™".]", "[...] theme [...]", "Lime green [...] [compare with the colour style of the website of our OntoLab™ - The Lab of Visions™]", "[...] beauty [...]", "[...] in conjunction [...]", "[...] minimalist modern [...] [Okay, that was it: SuperDoubleGotcha!!!™ Also, respect our trademarks, like Minimalistic Modern™. And keep in mind that not all are directly listed on our disclaimer webpage.]".
  • Cargraphic: That company jumped on the bandwagon of environ- mental friendly drivetrains, in this case with the conversion of Cay- enne models by the marque Porsche, which is owned by the compa- ny Volkswagen (see our E-SUV™ Can™). We've also some quotes: "[...] harmonious [...]", "[...] in the pipeline [...] [compare with the Innovation-Pipeline by Ontonics™]", "[...] in conjunction with [...]", "[...] is already one step ahead with its tuning concept [...] [Despite that we are always "Two Steps Ahead™", this is a misleading state- ment and due to the fact that the company knows our website of Style of Speed™ a criminal lie, too (see again our Can™).]" and "[...] already drawn up plans for the first innovative sound concepts for electric cars [...] [Again a criminal misleading statement. Sound sy- stems for electric cars already exist since several years now (take a look for example on our Active Clang™ technology).]". Besides this, the shown exterior conversions are only standard ware, as not oth- erwise expected by that sticker producer.
  • Mansory: Crash Mansory doesn't stop to annoy the public with his actings. In relation to a conversion of a car we quote out of the following statements: "Three of a kind [That's clear now: It's the 3 Theme.]", "[...] emerges [...]", "[...] style [...] stylish [...]", "[...] perfect harmony [...]", "[...] enhances the [car's] performance sig- nificantly [...] [That Lalala is becoming boring.]", "[...] innovative configuration harmonises perfectly [...]" and "[...] proudly [...]". Besides that the design of the conversion isn't harmonious at all, the design of the wheel was also taken from a wheel of a special version of the model Veyron of the marque Volkswagen→Bugatti.
  • Novitec: Guess what: We have quotes: "[...] superior [...]", "[...] philosophy [...]", "[...] stylish [...]" and "[...] equipment [...] [Equip- ment is all™]".
  • TranStar Racing: This case, besides for example the cases of Daimler and its marque Mercedes as well Volkswagen and its marque Audi in the field of automobiles with Purely Electric™ drivetrains as well as Electric Super Sports Cars™, but also McLaren (Investigat- ions::Car #243 of the 4th of April 2010) and Spano (Investigations:: Car #264 of the 7th of June 2010) with their cloned sports cars, is one of our absolute highlights in lying and telling rubbish to the pub- lic. For the description of its car that nonsense company has stolen contents and concepts from our website of Style of Speed™, esp- ecially the webpage of our 962 ST: "[...] smile and have fun [...]", "[...] 2000 hp, 300 mph [...] [Wow, by this statement that company is the next one that claims indeed that it has redefined the physics of the universe. What an absolute nonsense.]", "Top Speed: 300 mph, plus [The term "plus" proves that it has indeed copied contents and concepts of the webpage of our street legal model 962 ST.]", "0 to 60 mph: < 1.5 seconds [That's such a nonsense again, like the top speed in relation with the power of the engine, the weight of the car and its aerodynamics, that we have to say: Go away and don't come back!!!™ Tock, tock, tock. Anybody in the hole. What the company is claiming for is that its car will accelerate even faster than a Formula 1 race car. No way, definitely.]", "[...] custom-made to the owner's preferences and desires [...]", "[...] three (3) [...] [3 Theme]", "[...] hard-core racing models; a street-legal [...] [That's the stolen separation into Car Street Legal and Car Racing as it was done by Style of Speed™ in the very early beginning.]", "[...] off- the-shelf [...] components [...]", "[...] space-age carbon fiber [...]", "[...] aerospace industry [...] [Lalala]" and "[...] festival of speed [...] [How cheap: That company don't mean the original Festival of Speed in Goodwood, United Kingdom, that is reflected in the name of our division Style of Speed™. Like the car the mentioned festival is only a clone as well.]". Last but not least: The design of the car has elements at the side of our models D!™ and M!™, at the rear of our model M!™ and at the front of the model 458 by Fiat→Ferrari. We would like to give the responsible persons of that company a friendly advice while they attempt to prove that their car is really able to reach the claimed performances: Be quite. And to everybody else: Don't believe them. We heard its story two years ago from a person from Swiss, whom we exchanged the phrase "intelligent all-wheel drive/4WD" with phrases by us, which were copied later bei Volkswa- gen→Bugatti (see above). They are defrauding convidence men who are now: Convicted!!!™

    By the way: Is there anybody who can explain us why all of that nonsense is publicated on serious websites?

    Comment of the Day
    Active Damping™

    Comment of the Day
    Loveparade at the Ring™ Parade at the Ring™
    Loveparade am Ring™ Parade am Ring™

    Question of the Day
    What about Loveparade at the Ring?

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have updated the specification of our Apollo SuperVeloce, Apollo Speedster, RE™ RSR, RE™ Speedster, Jota™, Jota™ SuperVeloce, Jota™ Speedster, E430™, E430 RSR™, E430 Spider™, E458™, E458 RSR™ and E430 Spider™ with the new drivetrain option Looped Fuel Cell™ Electric.

    Besides this, thanks to the generosity of rocketvox we could substi- tute the factory image of the Can™ with one of his pictures.

    Investigations::Car #275

  • Volkswagen→Porsche: As expected and documented now for many months on this website (see the Announcement 11:55 pm of the 24th of June 2008, Investigations::Car #36 18th of July 2008, Orig- inal Sketch #2/Sneak Preview of the 6th and Investigations::Car #43 22nd of August 2008, case of Magna Steyr in the Investigations ::Car #59 of the 18th of November 2008, Announcement 3:33 am and Original Sketches as well as Investigations::Car #78 of the 29th of January 2009, Karmann case in the Investigations::Car #182 of the 24th of October 2009, Investigations::Car #192 of the 18th, #194 of the 20th of November 2009 as well as #198 of the 26th of November 2009, Investigations::Car #220 of the 22nd of January 2010, and Investigations::Car #228 of the 22nd of February 2010), and after it has seen that we already have electric motor technolo- gies with manufacturers as well as also have solved as the world- wide first company the energy storage and infrastructure challenges in the field of mobility for surface vehicles by our ingenious SuperRe- volutionary™ Active/Looped Fuel Cell™ technologies and the Hyper- Cycle™/Stroetmann-Cycle™, that company has confirmed again that it has stolen the basic or after some reports in the internet even the whole concept of our Raptor Speedster and is already testing three research cars based on its Boxster model equipped with all-electric drive, most probably one or even all of these research cars has/have our be- fore stolen Active Differential™ #2 - The SuperArchitect- ure™. A related field test, that is supported with not existing tax money by the german government, is announced to be started in early 2011, which is also intended "to provide further findings on the infrastructure required for electro-mobility[, which means nothing else than to steal as well our solutions for overcoming the infra- structure challenge with the usual related manipulation of the public in the media and at exhibitions], user behaviour and the demands made of future products" (see also the case of the B.R.D. govern- ment at the end of the Investigations::Car #137 of the 9th of Au- gust 2009, the Investigations::Car #161 of the 20th of September 2009, the Style of Speed Website update of the 19th of this month and the cases of the only stealing companies Volkswagen and Daim- ler in the Investigations::Car #274 of the 24th of this month above).
    Btw.: While we wrote the results of the Investigations::Car #274 of the 24th of this month we asked ourselves who is the next of the 3 large german automobile manufacturers that come up again after the company Daimler with the repeated copying of several of our con- cepts (see for example the Investigations::Car #270 of the 2nd and #274 of the 24th of this month): Bayerische Motorenwerke or Volks- wagen? Now the answer to this question is given: The company Volkswagen was next in line again.


  • A photographer: An actual unknown photographer has taken the image "Evidence" by C.S. with the "3 Theme", "Reflections (between reality and the contents of the thought clouds)", "Time (the Big Bang, Physical Horizon and spiral, the 3 circles that represent the process of thinking, as well as the successive thought clouds and also the 3 phases of their contents that become less recognizeable in relation to all the different aspects and interpretations, but also to express a 1, 2, 3 → infinity process and not only 3 phases)", as well as the emphasis of the colours red, black and gold for an over- worked photo. For sure, he had not said that it was not his idea and that his image is based on an image by C.S..

    Style of Speed Website update
    Today, we have continued the update of the specifications of our models with the new drivetrain option named Looped Fuel Cell™ El- ectric. In detail, the related models are 333 ST - The Original, 333 ST Barchetta, 9!™, B!™, B!™ Barchetta, D!™ and M!™ - The Mast- erpiece™.


  • General: The reader can now observe how everybody is not only talking about the storage and infrastructure challenges in the field of New Energies™, but about overcoming them, like we of the Christian Stroetmann GmbH did as the first company worldwide in conjunction with zero-emission mobility in both challenges and that even two times: The first time by the Stroetmann-Cycle as well as a second time by our concept of adapting the closed-loop fuel cell technology for surface vehicles and its further developments.
  • Cable News Network: In its series about green technology, which by surprise is talking now about green pioneers, a report about an around two years old company was broadcasted by the media. In this report it was said that an advantage of the company's techno- logy, which is actually in the developmental stage, is that it over- comes the infrastructure challenge, which is described by the media company with the examples to have no need for power poles and wires, or tankers for the transportation of diesel. But in fact these are the same examples we gave in the first story of the project des- cription of the Stroetmann-Cycle with the only exception that we talked about hydrogen and not diesel (maybe also interesting in this conjunction is the Investigations of the 20th of June 2010). Later we reformulated our first story to make its statement more general. Besides, while it gave a short summarization of the founder of the company, it omitted to mention the political connections and cir- cumstances around the formations of the first two plants for the production of solar panels that he ahd co-founded.

    On our Culture webpage we made a note about the person Theo Albrecht.

    Comment of the Day
    Made for Fun™ Made 4 Fun™

    OntoLinux Further steps
    We have reinvestigated some of our old concepts of the years 2004 and 2005 in relation with Semantic and Ontologic File/Storage Syst- ems™ that are based on the database engine libraries SQLite and Berkeley DB. This reinvestigation was not about the substitution of the Berkeley DB library with the SQLite library in the KBDB (In-Kernel Berkeley Databases) and in related solutions like Valor or PASS (see the section Semantic File/Storage System on the webpage Links to Software), but about the integration of the SQLite library or the Berkeley DB library and a standard file system, instead of the total foolish architecture of running a file system in a database in a file system (file database system (eg. We: OntoFS actually based on the R4 file system) vs. database file system (examples given Palm- source: Libsqlfs - SQLite with POSIX file system and FUSE (Linux® File System in User Space) file system, Jeff Garzik: fuse-dbfs - Berk- eleyDB with POSIX file system and FUSE, MySQLfs - MySQL with ba- sic file system and FUSE, Oracle: DBFS - Database 11g with a file system in the style of NFS, and other proofs of concept)). We see a high potential that this attempt of integration could be much easier realized as expected by mixing intelligently three or four source code basis.
    Besides this, the compact SQLite library is also interesting by its R-Tree extension, that "is a specialized data structure that supp- orts fast multi-dimensional range queries often used in geo-spatial systems", and its full text search extension.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have continued with updating the specifications of our models with the new drivetrain option named Looped Fuel Cell™ Electric. In detail, today the related models are i!™ and V!™ - The SpeedBus™.

    Investigations::Car #276

  • Volkswagen→Audi and Technical University Dresden: What they have overlooked is the fact that we had spread out the description of our Light Assistance System on several webpages, so that it was a little bit more difficult to steal our solution on one hand and on the other hand a little bit easier for us to convict those fraudsters. We have on the Profile webpage of Style of Speed™ in the paragraph Active Component the description "The Active Camera™, also named by us the Magic Eye™, is not only employed together with the Act- ive Lights™, but with all the other Active Components™ [like Onto- Linux™, which has by the AutoSemantic::Car package as features IPNav™ (based on Galileo), IPGPS™ (based on Global Positing Syst- em) and IQNav™, and also proactive-drive/predict the future]." as well as on the webpage Active Component™ the link to the Active Camera™ with the short description "Active Cam™ comprises every interplay of ray-based sensors with our other Active Components™ like the Active Light™." (see the Style of Speed Website updates of the 5th of July 2009 and 31st of August 2009, the Sneak preview of OntoLinux™ with the AutoSemantic::Car package of the 13th of March 2008 and the Feature-lists #1 and #2 given on the 22nd and 24th of April 2008, but also the Investigations::Car #149 of the 2nd, #157 of the 16th of September 2009, #204 of the 5th of Decem- ber 2009 and #215 of the 12th of January 2010 in the case of that only stealing company Volkswagen, and in the case of that univer- sity the Comment of the Day #1 of the 24th November 2009).
    A related diploma thesis has to be taken back, because the facts above have been omitted knowingly by its author and related per- sons as part of criminal actings (compare with the similar criminal cases of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen in the Investigat- ions::AI, and Knowledge management of the 10th of August 2008 and 18th of November 2008, of the Pforzheim University around another designer and the other only stealing manufacturer Bayeri- sche Motorenwerke in the Investigations::Car #169 of the 3rd of October 2009, and of the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and its partners, like the companies Audi and Robert Bosch, in the Investigations::Car #247 of the 13rd of April of this year 2010).
  • Heise Zeitschriften Verlag GmbH & Co. KG→Technology Review: We don't know what the good of this total nonsense is that again a report was publicated two months ago which only is knowingly made to mislead the public. In this case it is about our Light Assistance System that is composed out of our Active Camera™ and Active Light™, and controlled by Ontolinux™ (see the case above). We do quote out of the report with the title "Mitdenkender Scheinwerfer== Thinking headlight [The term thinking points to our use of OntoLinux for the management of the Light Assistance System.]": "[...] hat nun eine Lösung entwickelt [...] ["Nun" bedeutet in der Tat, dass der Designer Jahre zu spät war.]", "[...] "Matrix-Beam"-Technik [...] ba- siert auf unterschiedlich ausgerichteten Leuchtpunkten, die mithilfe von Mikroprozessoren und spezieller Software einzeln angesteuert werden können [...] [siehe die Web-Seite des j!™ um die Information zu erhalten, wer wirklich die Entwicklung dieser Technologie im Jahr 2003 begonnen hat]", "[...] computergesteuerten Bilderkennungs- systems [...] [Hier habe wir OntoLinux™ im Zusammenspiel mit der Active Camera™ Technologie.]", "[...] einzelnen Lichtpunkte im mo- dernen Audi-Scheinwerferdesign sind im Entwurf des Designers [...] wieder zu einem einzelnen Lichtband zusammengefasst. [Die Te- chnologie und ihre Beschreibung sind von den j!™ und Active Light™ Web-Seiten gestohlen worden.]" and "Das Band kennt sogar "Effek- te": Je nach "Speed" und Umgebung verändert es seinen Look, was auch die Charakteristik des Fahrzeuges erneuern kann. [Dies wurde von der Web-Seite unseres Modells j!™ gestohlen. Die Benutzung des Wortes "Speed" werten wir als Geständnis.]". In English we have then: "[...] has developed a solution now [...] [In fact, "now" means that the related designer was years too late.]", "[...] "Matrix-Beam"- technique [...] is based on differently oriented illuminated dots that can be individually selected with the aid of microprocessors and spe- cial software [...] [see the webpage of the j!™ to get the inform- ation who has really started the development of this technology in the year 2003]", "[...] computer-controlled image recognition system [...] [Here we have OntoLinux™ in the interplay with the Active Camera™ technology.]", "[...] single illuminated dots of modern Au- di-headlight-design [...] are recombined by the concept of the de- signer to one single band of light [...] [The technology and the des- cription were stolen j!™ and Active Light™ webpages.]" and "The band knows as well "effects": Depending on "speed" and environment it changes its look, which also can renew the characteristics of the vehicle. [This was also stolen from the webpage of our model j!™. We value the use of the word "speed" as a confession.]".

    Investigations::Avionics and Aerospace

  • Heise Zeitschriften Verlag GmbH & Co. KG→Technology Review: It seems to be that that criminal publisher has read our news in the May of this year, because otherwise the following nonsense is not really explainable: On the cover page of the german version of the magazine Technology Review is shown besides the title "Die Erben des Space Shuttles==The heirs of the Space Shuttle", which points somehow to our marvelous Space Transportation System (STS) with Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) of the Next Generation (NG) named accordingly Space Shuttle NG X-3033™/MagicStar™, the more than 30 years old and already obsolete concept of an already convicted company (see the case of Reaction Engines in the Investigations:: Avionics and Aerospace of the 28th of May 2010, but also the Inve- stigations::Multimedia of the 17th of May 2010, especially the end of the case Heise Verlag).

    Comment of the Day
    !V!™ !Q!V!™

    Style of Speed Website update
    The updating of the specifications of our models with the new drive- train option named Looped Fuel Cell™ Electric has been continued by us. This time the related models are Beetle-E9EE™, 9EE™ RSR and 9EE™ Speedster.

    Ontonics Website update
    For ending this needless discussion about the question "Who has in- vented the P@d™ tablet computer?", also known as Pad Computer™ we have updated the description of the P@d™ 2.0 project in the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™ by making informations explicit that we've only given implicitly as a methode to ward off the only stealing companies. Important to mention is in this conjunction that we have not specified the power supply of a P@d™, which can be realized by wire or wireless.


  • A small company: A small company thought to be very clever by telling a fairy tale that contains icebears (see this image of the Hot Spot of Innovations™ and the Comment and Pictures of the Day of the 29th of January 2008), bees (compare with the website of our modern Hot Rod Bee!™ by Style of Speed™, and the projects in the fields of Robotics→Swarm and Softbionics™→Artificial Intelligence 2 - Emergence based AI like Swarm-Engineering™) and bionics in con- junction to its Bionium-window (real window not software) that is nothing else than a window with a frame filler that is made out of good old honeycomb structured aluminium (see the notes about Gumpert and University of Ingolstadt in the Investigations::Car #205 of the 9th of December 2009 and the Sneak Preview #1 of the 1st of October 2008, and compare the name with another project in the Innovation-Pipeline called Aerometal→Aerominium™). Said this, the claim that the development phase has lasted 5 years is a bold lie.
  • Aldi: "3-fach gesichert==3-foldly secured [3 Theme]"

    Investigations::Car #277 and Multimedia Linux based In-Ve- hicle Infotainment Special

  • Intel and Wind River Systems: Around two years ago (on the Mai 20, 2008), both companies announced the development of a version of the Linux® based Moblin distribution for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems. This was nothing else than an attempt to steal our In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) concept that is based on OntoLinux™ (see the Feature-lists #1 and #2 given on the 22nd and 24th of April 2008, the Investigations::Car #170 of the 4th of October 2009 and the webpage of our model V!™ - The SpeedBus™ by Style of Speed) that in the end has failed. They are founders of the alliance Genivi Alliance. Last year the company Intel bought the company Wind River Systems.
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke, Robert Bosch, Fiat→Magneti Marelli and Delphi: The companies have joined the Moblin In-Vehicle Infotain- ment (IVI) initiative by the companies Intel and Wind River Systems (in conjunction with the companies Bayerische Motorenwerke and Robert Bosch this was already noted as the case BMW und Robert Bosch in the Investigations::Car #23 of the 22nd of May 2008). With the exception of the company Robert Bosch all the other companies are founders of the alliance Genivi Alliance. The company Robert Bosch is a member of that alliance.
  • Continental: Around one year ago, that only stealing company announced an In-Vehicle Infotainment system that is based on the Linux® based Android distribution by the company Google. Like in the other cases this was nothing else than the attempt to steal our In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) concept that is based on OntoLinux™ (see also the Investigations::Car #58 of the 8th of November 2008 as well as the Investigations::Car #253 and Multimedia of the 1st of May 2010). It failed, for sure. Now that criminal company is a memb- er of the alliance Genivi Alliance.
  • Continental and Deutsche Telekom: The mentioned Linux® based distribution (see the Investigations::Car #253 and Multimedia of the 1st of May of this year) was the Android distribution by the company Google.
  • Cavium→Montavista Software and Robert Bosch→Robert Bosch Car Multimedia: Some weeks ago, the companies made a contract about the development of In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems that are based on Linux®. The goals of that joint venture are the next att- empt to steal our OntoLinux™ based IVI concept and to solve the complexity challenge of IVI systems by replacing present proprietary solutions in the automotive sector, whose expense of porting exist- ing multimedia applications on the respective platformen is too high. As in the case of the Moblin IVI distribution they will fail in both. Interesting is in this conjunction that they are also members of the alliance Genivi Alliance.
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke, General Motors, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Fiat→Magneti Marelli, Delphi, Visteon, Intel and Wind River Systems →Genivi Alliance: Last year, that alliance for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems based on Linux® has been only founded by the listed companies to steal massively from OntoLinux™ and its related IVI concept (see for example the Feature-list #1 and #2 given on the 22nd and 24th of April 2008 and the webpage of our model V!™ - The SpeedBus™ by Style of Speed™). After the consortium has chosen the distribution Moblin with the QT graphics library as basis at first, it switched later (three months ago) to the MeeGo distrib- ution by the companies Intel and Nokia, which was a strategical and technical mistake. The MeeGo distribution has the Btrfs file system as its default file system, but the Btrfs file system is highly experi- mental, under heavy development and will be ready for automotive production systems in maybe two years, if at all. Besides this, it is designed for large storage subsystems. Furthermore, the complexity challenge related with IVI systems won't be solved by the MeeGo distribution with its graphic system Clutter and the other compon- ents, which suggests the assumption that it is planned to steal more concepts and technologies from our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™, which already has all the solutions inside, like for example the Ontological File System™ OntoFS or the software component Ontoscope, and in this way is much superior.
  • Intel and Nokia: Their Linux® based distribution MeeGo, which is a combination of their failed attempts with the distributions Moblin and Maemo and supported by the companies Acer, Amino, Asianux, Asus, Bayerische Motorenwerke Group, Collabora, CS2C, DeviceVM, EA Mobile, Gameloft, Hancom, Linpus, Maemo Community Council, Man- driva, Metasys, Miracle, Montavista Software, Novell, PixArt, Red Flag, ST-Ericsson, Tencent, TurboLinux, VietSoftware, Intel→Wind River, WTEC, and Xandros, was chosen for the default distribution for the IVI systems of the alliance Genivi Alliance.
  • Renault: The company is now a member of the alliance Genivi Alliance.
  • Hyundai: see Renault


  • Intel→OpenedHand: The company developed a graphics system library that surprisingly has many of the features that we had ana- lysed some months before the project was started in June 2006. The basic multimedia concept is nearly the same as the related concept of the software component Ontoscope and the basic software parts of this component of the Hightech Operating System™ Onto- Linux™, but implemented only in a very minimalistic way. Our impre- ssion was supported by the fact that another nasty person attempt- ed to steal OntoLinux™ two years ago and took therefor as a subst- itution for the software component Ontoscope this Clutter library as the basic graphics system.
    In detail, there are several coincident features like for example that both are based on the OpenGL 3D graphics software library and a re- lated scene graph technology, are establishing the concept that every window system object on the scene is a "2D surface position- ed and optionally transformed in[side] a 3D space" and advanced input event handling, including multiple pointing devices, which, as far as we know, are features that were copied by the developers of the Clutter library from the Virtual Reality Environment (VRE) CoVE - Collaborative Virtual Environment (now the OntoVE™ - Ontologic Virtual Environment and COVE™ - Collaborative Ontologic Virtual Environment), have a backend to the X Window System, introspect- ion mechanism, scripting capability by a language that's derived from the ECMAScript language standard, support for a physics engine as well as the SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) and web browser layout engine WebKit, and more. But on the other hand many conceptual problems are not solved and it seems to be that the needed solut- ions will be copied from the concept of our Ontoscope software component in the same way as it is done for the Btrfs file system from the basic parts of the Ontologic File System™ OntoFS. For example, essential parts of a Graphics User Interface (GUI), the in- dividual window system objects that are called actors in relation with the Clutter graphics system library, have still to be programmed directly by using a low-level API (Application Programming Interface) to the high end OpenGL 3D graphics software library features, but now without scene graph support. That is nonsense, because scene graphs were developed exactly to support this kind of 3D programm- ing tasks and that's the reason why our Ontoscope software has as a fundamental part the OpenGL based OpenSceneGraph (OSG) high performance 3D graphics toolkit. A further example, the Aug- mented Reality (AR) technology is actually not supported by the Clutter library, but for the Ontoscope this concept could already be added easily by using the OpenSceneGraph features several years ago. We've also some quotes from the website of the project: "[...] wraps an easy to use, efficient, flexible API around [Open]GL's complexity [...]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] foundation [...]", "[...] mobile devices [...] [Mobile Devices™]", and for sure much more.
    Clutter is a core part of the Linux® based Moblin distribution, which has been integrated into the new distribution MeeGo some months ago.
    Btw.: The start-up was acquired by the company Intel in the year 2008. Should we say clever or busted? No, but: Once again busted and convicted!!!™

  • Research in Motion: Surprisingly (not really), that company jumped on one of our bandwagon and announced to manufacture a clone of the clone of a clone of our intelliTablet (iTablet)™ tablet computers that uses our SuperRevolutionary™ innovation of the integration of a tablet computer and the multi-touch functionality as developed by the P@d™ 2.0 project and described in the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™ and the OntoLab™ - The Lab of Visions™.
    © and/or ® 2010-2012
    Christian Stroetmann GmbH