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Style of Speed Website update
We updated the specifications of two further models with the new drivetrain option named Looped Fuel Cell™ Electric. This time the related models are j!™ and ⊂ ⊃™, so that now all of our streetlegal automobiles feature this technology.

Investigations::Car #278

  • Nissan: After that only stealing company has stolen our trademark Leaf™ for one of its model with electric drivetrain (see the Investig- ations::Car #134 of the 2nd August 2009 and the case of the work- ing group of german broadcasters ARD in #156 of the 15th of Sept- ember 2009) it has now again stolen (for a better view on its bold behaviour see also the Investigations::Car #48 of the 19th of Sept- ember 2008, #137 of the 9th of August 2009, #181 of the 23rd and #184 of the 30th of October 2009, #188 of the 7th of November 2009). This time it is our Quickcharger™ technology that consists of a charge station to quickly recharge the energy storages like accu- mulators of vehicles with Pure Electric™ or plug-in hybrid drivetrains, which is even marketed by that criminal company by using the same label, our trademark Quickcharger™.
    Besides this, that stealing company Nissan has become a partner of the joint venture of the german energy provider RWE and the french car manufacturer Renault.
  • RWE and Renault: That joint venture has stolen our Quickcharger technology and launched a commercial in the german television that shows it. Due to the fact that a car manufacturer has also stolen our Quickcharger™ technology from Style of Speed™, is already a partner of the french car manufacturer, has also become officially a member of that joint venture and started as well its marketing acti- vities in conjunction with our Quickcharger™ technology (see the case of the car manufacturer Nissan above) it should be easy to see how that criminal network worked and still works together.
  • Volkswagen→Audi→Quattro: Again, it was announced last month to produce at the end of this year and not in 2003 a small series of the clone e-tron of our, the original and not the company's, vision of the future electric mobility, the Audi R8 based RE™ - The Original with its Electric Torque Vectoring™ System Active Differential™, which we, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH with its business divisons Ontonics™, OntoLab -The Lab of Visions™, Roboticle™, Ontologics® OntoLinux™ and for sure Style of Speed™, have developed and in this way "also transformed the quattro® philosophy of the marque Audi into the" future. Actually, by more and more terms and phrases in media reports like "E-tron[... in an] R 8", "R8 based e-tron", "R 8 E-tron" and "R E-tron" we get the impression that that only stealing company seems to attempt to steal our trademark RE™, too (see also the point Volkswagen and subsidiaries in the Investigations::Car #156 of the 15th of September 2009). Extra nasty by the media in the latter case is the fact that in the past they have reported as well about the fairy tale by the marque Audi that the clone e-tron is not based on its model R8, but on a newly developed chassis (see for example the case of Axel Springer→Auto Bild in the Investigations ::Car #158 of the 17th of September 2009 and #208 of the 14th of December 2009). Now, only a standard R8 is converted by the com- pany, including the chassis as well as the exterior of the R8 V10 version including the wheels, so that it is exactly our model RE™ - The Original by Style of Speed™ as the version 2009 in the Classic Exterior Theme™.
    Btw.: We hold back the following information all the months, but now it's the right time to publicate it: étron means in French dung, sh*t, excrement. The ideally suited name RE™ costs Volkswagen an offici- al statement by its CEO and all other CEOs of the subsidiaries of the company Volkswagen, that we have invented the original of the clone e-tron and that our Investigations::Car are documenting the facts.
  • Volkswagen→Porsche: The company announced the production of a small series of one of its model (see Investigations::Car #230 of the 3rd of March and also #261 of the 22nd of May both 2010).
  • Daimler→Mercedes-Benz: It was explained in a report by a nasty and normally incompetent media company that the electric drivetrain of its Electric Super Sports Car™ with Purely Electric™ drivetrain (see the Investigations::Car #126 of the 11th of July 2009, #137 of the 9th of August 2009 and the very informative #210 of the 19th of December 2009, Car #270 of the 2nd and #274 of the 24th of July 2010) is made out of 2 electric motors that share one transmission at each of its two axles. If this is really the case, then its Purely El- ectric™ drivetrain is indeed only a cheap copy of our Active Differ- ential™ technologies by combining in a totally foolish way the Active Differential #1 with the Active Differential #2 - The SuperArchitect- ure. Furthermore, if this is the case, then this would mean that all explanations are wrong that say that each wheel is coupled with one motor and that in this way the all-wheel drive feature is realized. The all-wheel drive would function in this configuration due to the fact that every axle is driven and not because every axle has two motors.
  • Euromediahouse: In conjunction with that nasty, incompetent and contents stealing media company, for example it explained the non- sense that no conventional car in comparison to an Electric Super Sports Car™ (ESC) exists that accelerates in the first gear over 100 km/h despite that the Porsche Dauer 962 Le Mans and the derived model 962 ST by Style of Speed™ have this performance, we would like to repeat our explanation: The translation of our websites from English into german is a usage and even for german companies only allowed, if they follow our Disclaimer! Also, it is for sure not allowed to translate our contents from English into german in a first step and in a second step to translate the german text back into English.

    Btw.: Stealing one of our trademarks is a proof for an infringment of our copyright protection.
    Furthermore, it's for sure not allowed to use our trademarks onetime in for example press releases or interviews, so that it looks like by happenstance, for flooding the indexes of internet search engines. We are watching this issue since more than a year while investigat- ing for example the companies Daimler, Volkswagen, Ford, Fiat, Tata, Bayerische Motorenwerke, Nissan, their subsidiaries and many other corporations.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have missed to update the specification of our modern Hot Rod Mod 32 with the new drivetrain option named Looped Fuel Cell™ Electric, but this was done today. Now all of our Hot and Mod Rods feature this technology.

    OntoLinux Further steps
    In conjunction with the OntoLinux Further steps of the 29th of July 2010 we are attempting to realize the mentioned integration. As the first step we've chosen the SQLite database engine library, the Sec- ond Extended FileSystem (Ext2FS or ext2), and the Filesystem in USErspace (FUSE) based Libsqlfs userspace file system library. The reason why we have chosen the ext2 and not the Third Extended FileSystem (Ext3FS or ext3), which adds the journaling feature to the ext2 file system, for this first integration is that the ext2 file sy- stem is smaller, very matured and we get the journaling feature by the applied database engine libraries. The resulting File DataBase System (FDBS) will be a real FDBS and not a DataBase File System (DBFS), which is a virtual file system implemented in a database that is stored in a hosting real file system (host file system), like for ex- ample an userspace file system that is based on the Libsqlfs library. Furthermore, the new FDBS will be on one hand a proof of concept and the blueprint for similar integrations that substitute the SQLite by another database engine library (the Berkeley DB for example) and/or the ext2 by another file system, but on the other hand a stable system by taking only matured and often even very matured software packages.
    Some of the most interesting conceptual features of the FDBS are that it is a Not Only Structured Query Language (NOSQL) system and substitutes the file concept by the file database concept. In a FDBS content can be stored as a traditional file, a data item in a database structure for its content/file type or even as a file data- base with a related (application) file format represented again as a database structure, which indeed can be a traditional file system or another file database system. Besides these features, the speed, the Atomic, Consistent, Isolated and Durable (ACID) transactions with level support implementation, and the concurrency control are inherited by the applied database engine library.

    Style of Speed Website update
    By making implicit informations explicit we could add to the general description of our revolutionary invention of the Active Differential™ #1 the explications about the two different possibilities of lateral and longitudinal positioning of the electric drive motor and a second version of a torque vectoring system that uses an electromechanic- ally actuated gear-based superimposing stage instead of a multi-disk brake of the superimposed axle drive.

    Investigations::Car #279

  • Schaeffler Technologies: We found a document with the title "The active differential for future drive trains" that was publicated around three months ago, is about the Schaeffler active eDifferential and contains massively stolen contents, concepts and technologies that have been before publicated on our websites, especially on the web- site of Style of Speed™. If the title of the said document is compar- ed with the labels of our worldwide unique innovations of Electric Torque Vectoring™ Systems like our Electric Torque Vectoring™ Active Differentials™, also known as Active Electric™ Differentials, for vehicles with a Pure Electric™ or hybrid drivetrain the reader can directly see what again was stolen from Style of Speed™. The con- victing quotes out of that document are as follows: "[...] electric vehicles [...]", "[...] development of electric drive trains [...]", "[...] intelligently designed [...] [For the reader who doesn't come into touch with business processes of large companies: To design means to steal for the majority of industrial companies.]", "[...] relevant driver assistance systems [...]", "[...] also enables the use of such [assistance] systems in electric drive trains [...] [This kind of tech- nology was stolen from the webpage Active Differentials™.]", "[...] combine the transmission with a superimposing stage, in order to also integrate the electric, lateral distribution of torque within the range of functions [...] [Important are here especially the keyword "superimposing stage" and the phrase "electric, lateral distribution of torque" which point directly to one of the general concepts that we have invented with our Active Differential #2™.]", "[...] innovative drive system, which was given the name "active electric Differential" (active eDifferential), is the possibility of integrating a driver assist- ance system in order to prevent accidents and to actively intervene in the control of the vehicle [SuperMultiHyperGotcha!!!™ That is not an invention by that criminal company, but only the stolen general concept of our Active Electric™ Differentials™ that work together with our other Active Components™. By the way, guess why we did this: Active Electric™?], "The drive axle is, therefore, the actual tool with which lateral and longitudinal control of drive torques can be realized in a purely, electrically driven vehicle [...] [That is indeed the reason why we have developed our ingenious innovation of the Active Differentials™ for Purely Eletric™ driven vehicles. And no, no, no. Respect our trademarks: Purely Electric™.]", "[...] pure electric [...] [No, no, no. Respect our trademarks: Pure Electric™.", "[...] wheel hub motor [...] [The term was used in a capital that was named "State of the Art" and describes different drivetrains for all- electric vehicles. Compare this with the text passage "wheel hub motors or other all-electric drivetrain configurations" of our webpage Active Differentials™.]", "[...] each wheel is driven by an electric motor via a transmission [...] [This was said about the stolen Active Differential™ by the manufacturer Daimler→Mercedes-Benz for its Electric Super Sports Car™ named E-Cell. It was not said knowingly at the same position in the document that the drivetrain is also bas- ed on the same general concept of our Active Differential™ #2 ar- chitecture that also was stolen by Volkswagen→Audi for its clone e-tron of our model RE™. This should give the reader some informat- ions to think about. At this point we would like to clarify as well that replacing Gears by Software™ does not mean as well replacing a reduction gear unit of an electric motor that are combined in one motor housing, but the gears of a transmission with several change- able gears. That the criminal company Daimler maybe has made this mistake is not our problem.]", "[...] high-voltage [...] [It''s not a trick - It's High-Voltage™]", "[...] purely, electrically-driven [...] [No, no, no. Respect our trademark Purely Electric™ or go away.]", "Rear axle differential of the BMW X6 [That company does know exactly what in former times new torque vectoring differential we are pointing to on the webpage of our Active Differentials™. For sure, this also proves that that company also has stolen the story of the development history of Active Electric™ Differentials™ from the same webpage by Style of Speed™.]" "Mechatronic systems with electric actuators and mechanical distribution of torque are only known from a concept study and have not yet been realized in hard- ware. The use of the system as an active system [...] has not yet been envisaged. [While the former part is somehow ugly explained, the latter is a the public misleading criminal lie, because in the year 2008 we have already described in general this technology with our Active Differentials #1.]", "[...] ESP [...] [The synonym for the trademark Electronic Stability Program (ESP) is Electronic Stability Control, which is used by us.]", "[...] torque-vectoring transmissions [...] [We only say: Electric Torque Vectoring™ and Electronic Tor- que Vectoring™.]", "[...] electric, active differential [...] [That bold phrase is another copy of our phrase "Electric Torque Vectoring™ Active Differential™" and in this way the next clear evidence of infringing our trademarks and copyright.]", "[...] each axle is driven by one main electric [drive] motor and one electric control motor, which generates the differential torques between the wheels of the relevant axle [...] [This is nothing else than our Active Differential™ #1 with the lateral positioning of the electric drive motor and the electromechanical torque vectoring system that consists of a control motor and a gear-based superimposing stage like the versions Active Differential™ #1.1.2 and #1.2.2 instead of a multi-disk brake like the versions Active Differential™ #1.1.1 and #1.2.1.]", "[...] develop- ment goal for the "active eDifferential" system is to combine the functional advantages of direct wheel drive with the benefits of a final drive via a differential [...] [Don't be confused. That statement is blablabla. And the real goal is to steal our Electric Torque Vector- ing™ Active Differentials™, also known as Active Electric™ Differ- entials, by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] unsprung masses are not increased due to the fact that the drive unit is firmly connected to the vehicle and the drive to the wheels is via side shafts. This has an advantageous effect on [...] driving dynamics. [This was also stolen from the webpage of our Active Differentials™ by Style of Speed™.]", "Significantly less electrical system power is required to enable the distribution of torque than with drive systems which have one electric motor per wheel. Therefore, the control system can be comparatively simple. [The first point is simply said wrong from the points of physics, because our solution Active Differential™ #2 is producing electric power by regenerating mechanical energy in an electronical and contactless system and using this electric power instead of consuming electric power by producing heat in a mechan- ical superimposing stage while torque vectoring. The second point is also wrong, because with that differential two actuators have to be controlled alone and in combination with each other and other active systems, too. By this statement that company proves also that it hasn't understood how ingenious our Super Revolutionary™ innovat- ion of our Active Differential™ #2 truly is.]", "[...] the throttled pow- er of one motor cannot be used by the second, unthrottled [(]wheel hub[)] motor [...] [That's wrong, because we do this with our Active Differentials™ electronically and not mechanically by using ultra pre- cise sensors, intelligent design and an intelligent drive control. This concept can also be realized with electric wheel hub motors, if the whole drivetrain is designed accordingly. That company proves again by this statement that it hasn't understood our ingenious innovation of our Active Differential™ #2.]", "[...] purely, electrically-driven vehicles and hybrid vehicles or in combination with a range extender [...] [That is a good example for a stolen speech act of our website by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] the transmission could also be designed without a control motor and a superimposing transmission as a conventional final drive without further modifications. [And in this way without torque vectoring feature. Otherwise it would be again our Active Differential™ #1.]", "[...] active differential [...] both on the front and the rear axle [...] [Stolen from several webpages of Style of Speed™.]", "[...] compact and mid-size vehicles, which can also be used as family vehicles, have not been designed as electric vehicles until now. This is also an innovation in this project. [Ok, let us laugh together now, but very loud, please. Furthermore, ask some automobile manufacturers about that total nonsense.]", "[...] three [...] [In the related context it is the 3 Theme.]", "[...] main electric motor (water cooled) [...] [Compare this with "liquid cooled" on many webpages of our models with electric drivetrain options and the term "liquid coolant system" on the webpage of our Active Motor™ tech- nology by Style of Speed™.]", "The "braking feeling" for the driver must be reproducible irrespective of the level of regeneration. [So, so, so, that criminal company has also stolen the integrated Brake Energy Recovery System feature of our Active Differentials™]", "The active eDifferential system is a drive concept which could form the optimum platform for future control strategies. [Yes, that's why we, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, have developed this concept and not that criminal company.]", "[...] the active eDifferential does not exist as a real prototype [...] [But in that said document a different impression is given all the time before, for example at the position that mentions a compact and mid-size vehicle.]" and "[...] strong [...]".
    We have developed further this kind of technology of the Active Di- fferential™ #1, because its complexity of manufacturing is too high and expensive, and its performance lower in comparison to our Act- ive Differential™ #2 - The SuperArchitecture. The result of this in- vestigative case is as usual: Our copyright was massively infringed and our trademarks heavily damaged or even stolen knowingly. And as not otherwise expected by the owner of the criminal company Continental that stealing company is: Convicted!!!™

    Btw.: Due to the fact that industrial companies, like for example Volkswagen, Daimler, Proton, Schaeffler and others have all stolen the same content, concepts and technologies from our webpage Active Differential™ by our division Style of Speed™, and that none of them has developed this kind of technologies some months or years before, as it has to be expected by such large companies, they all have also declared us, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, as the true inventor of this new class of drivetrains.

    Style of Speed Website update
    By making again implicit informations explicit we could add to the general description of our revolutionary invention of the Active Diff- erential™ #1 the remark about the achievement of our goal to in- vent a whole new class of drivetrains. Also the repetition of the in- formation about the always given option to integrate this Active Component™ with the other Active Units™ and the driver assistance systems powered by our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) Onto- Linux™, as well as a Brake Energy Recovering System (BERS) was added to this description.


  • Lego: And again a product that we showed on our website of Style of Speed™ was taken for a kit. This time it is the conversion of a Honda VTR 1000 motorbike by the tuner Lazareth with the name Dokujya that we have shown partly on the webpage of our Minimali- stic and Modern Custom™ motorcycle #:D™ (Fierce Fun™) by Style of Speed™ (compare with the Investigations of the 13th of January 2009 and 16th of October 2009, but also 28th of April 2009, 14 and 26 of September 2009, 16th of October 2009 and 18th of December 2009). By the way: The model kit has a motor with three cylinders. Luckily, the children who play with Lego are more creative than the management of that company.
    Lego 8051
    © Lego®

    Comment of the Day
    "It's unbelievable: They really took BFBS the 96.5 away."
    Yes indeed, today we have noticed for the first time this mess, because we never thought that somebody would really do this step and stop this cultural institution that represents in an uncomparable way the friendship between Great Britain and Little Germany. But as an 'uncontrolled' radio station ....

    OntoLinux Website update and Clarification
    To reflect the new development we have updated the webpage of the OntoFS:

  • The new file system patch for the Linux® kernel 2.6.35 was up- loaded at the OntoFS webpage.

    Maybe it was once again a little bit too late, but as far as we do know the actual maintainer hasn't informed the developers on the mailing list at the 4th of August 2010 or later, and we saw no pat- ches around the 4th of August 2010.

    Furthermore, we added the informations about the virtual version of OntoFS that is based on the FUSE userspace file system, SQLite database engine and Libsqlfs libraries.

    Besides this, our remark (see the OntoLinux Website update and Clarification on the 14th of June 2010) that technology from the Reiser4 to the Btrfs file system maybe was copied has now been mentioned as well by two other persons. Indeed, the actual main- tainers of the Reiser file systems and the Btrfs file system have worked together before in the development of the ReiserFSs.

    Moreover, the related wiki wasn't updated in the last 4 weeks and the last update was an advertisement for a service that has nothing in common with file systems at all (see also the OntoLinux Website update and Clarification of the 14th of June 2010).
    In this conjunction we could determine one group of 3 + 2 german and one group of at least 2 russian dudes who have messed up the R4 file system development, worked and made politics against the R4 and OntoFS file system projects, and attempt to disturb the devel- opers and their businesses. Maybe a company sponsored guy from Australia is also part of the game. Two dudes of the german group have been already busted, the third one is coming next in the next only politics oriented discussion on the reiserfs mailing list. That per- son is already busted by applying the cheap "divide and conquer" trick to the developers community by starting his e-mails with some- thing like "Thank you maintainer for doing this and that ...", while us- ing as well contents of our websites like for example "breathing" or "revived". In fact, for those persons it does neither matter who is the maintainer nor what she/he did for a project, because it's simply a statement that should talk the others into thinking "Hey, follow me. I'm the good guy and the other one is the devil.". Also, after the politics oriented discussions on the reiserfs mailing list our before publicated technologies were always presented by him in subsequent e-mails as if these were his ideas like two times now a semantic R4 file system, which is our first version of the Ontological File System OntoFS, as well as other concepts of our OntoFS like the NoSQL-based storage system feature, to give the other members the im- pression that these concepts are not ours.

    Pod and Swoop Racing League Further steps #8
    Not the wheels, but the turbopumps are spinning. Mexican enthusi- asts of Pod and Swoop Racing kindly informed us about the pit stop training that followed the endurance test which both were conduct- ed by an Italian Swoop factory racing team in Mexico. Despite that it is one of or even the quickest, we actually don't know how the Rocket Bike Girl (see Edition #2 of the 28th of March 2009) and also the other Swoop lady racers should apply this technique of weight reduction. With this kind of training the Italian team followed another Swoop factory racing team from south germany (Edition #7, 21st of July 2010), but in opposition to the other team it has obviously found the right design and position of the seat and footpegs. So we are now eagerly waiting for the day when they will throw away their stabilizers, also known as training wheels.
    In relation to the pit stop training we have to make clear that the interior architecture of the pits maybe will be another as shown on the image.
    Italian Swoop Factory Racing Team Swoop Testing
    © Piaggio→Aprilia

    Comment of the Day

    Ontonics Website update
    We were informed that we have forgotten to list a project on the 29th of February 2008 while updating the Innovation-Pipeline by Ontonics. So we added now to our webpage of innovative projects the project:

  • AutoSemantic::Motorcycle.

    OntoLinux Further steps
    In conjunction with our inventions of the ontology-based operating system OntoLinux™ and the majority of its Components, we are dev- eloping further our ontology of File System (FS), and have started the development of the ontologies of File DataBase System (FDBS) and Ontological File System (OntoFS).

    Investigations::Robotics and Multimedia

  • Dieter von Holtzbrinck Medien→Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt→Wirt- schaftswoche: As part of its criminal actings that we have observed in the past with its other products, examples given its (not really) social network StudiVZ or weekly newspaper Die Zeit, that media company has stolen for a report about quadrotor/quadrocopter bas- ed drones in that business magazine some contents from the sect- ions Aerial vehicle and Swarm of our webpage Innovation-Pipeline by Ontonics™ and our newsarchive, and misled knowingly its readers about the true inventor of the techniques of swarms of drones that are equipped with 3D (digital) (video) cameras, the application of such swarms as visual sensor networks as well as the applications of the resulting technologies. In fact, all the reported concepts were neither developed by the Technical University Dortmund, the Tech- nical University Duisburg-Essen (see the Investigations of the 12th of May 2010) nor an other source as the report and/or the state- ments by the interviewed persons might suggest, but are our inno- vations of applying Robot Swarm Engineering™ on our FlyingScope™/ Airview™ technology, the further enhancement of this robot swarm system with the intelligent sensor network technology Sensor Swarm Robot™ and the general applications of these technologies. Also, descriptions of possible applications of our technologies were copied as well from the section Swarm of our webpage Innovation-Pipeline and this newsarchive, like the two general applications we have described with the investigative case about a large internet service provider and its map service, which are the usage of the made 3D photographs in virtual, augmented and mixed reality environments, as well as the enrichment of maps like we do with the OpenStreet- Map by using our Ontoscope, Geography and Ontologic Web™ software components of the Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™ (see the case of Google in the Investigations::Multi- media of the 18th of May 2010). Further scenarios describe the applications of quadrotor/quadrocopter-based drones with sensor technology in conjunction with fire services, by integrating them for example in a system that consists also of a cross country truck, a tank fire-fighting vehicle and an airship, as well as with rescue servi- ces (see the Style of Speed Website update of the 3rd of Septem- ber 2009 and the website of Style of Speed™, especially in the Se- ction Land→Supplement the webpage Robot and the models S!™, X!™, HE™, Amarok-E™ and Can™)
  • Microdrones: Its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has lied by claiming that the internet service provider Google has bought a drone for optimizing its services like for example Google Earth. In fact he has stolen this possible application of this technology from our websites to get more attention by the media for the products of that compa- ny.
    Btw.: We would like to thank very much the company Google for the rejection of the rumour of actually using flying drones for optimizing their services Google Maps or Google Earth. But we are sure that the company Google will apply our concept as soon as possible in the near future, if it's legal.


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Some months ago, a research team of the institute showed a design concept of a meal assembler/food printer with stove- and refrigerator-based on a rapid prototyping machine, food components as matter, and heat and cold as energy, like it was generally described in the first two sentences of the paragraph Replicator #1 Molecular Assembler of the Terms of the 21st Century of the OntoLinux™ website and in more detail in the description of the project McNano™ that is listed in the Innovat- ion-Pipeline of Ontonics™. The fame of that institute is going down more and more while our fame is rising more and more with every stealing done by it.


  • Acer: We saw a feature of a mobile phone with the label Acer Sync (compare with Active Sync™, HySync™, HyperSync™, Intell- igent Sync™, MySync™, Max Sync™, SuperSync™, Smart Sync™, #Sync™, @Sync™ and Sync°™).
  • Microsoft: Besides a technology that was stolen by the company Wolfram Research from us (see Investigations::AI and Knowledge- management of the 28th of April 2009 and the Clarification of the 20th of May 2009), that criminal company has integrated as well the OpenStreetMap data into its map service of its internet search en- gine. Furthermore, some months ago it has also linked the augment- ed reality technology with the Streetside feature of its map service (compare with the description of our technology that we have given with the case of Google in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 18th of May 2010).
    As ever in more than the last 9 years: It was our idea.
  • Wolfram Research: As prophesied in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management of the 28th of April 2009, that bold compa- ny has now integrated OpenStreetMap data as well into its Wolfram Alpha system (see the Clarification of the 20th of May 2009). Finally, the cult around its chief executive officer is busted as well, like in all the other cases of larger companies in the field of information tech- nology.

    Investigations::Car #280

  • Volkswagen: The story of twins become a trio, or triplets due to the fact that all of the three related cars are based on the same platform, we told on the webpage of our model ⊂ ⊃™ by Style of Speed™ was taken for a story with triplets of an advertisement in the World Wide Web and of a commercial which, in addition, also showed a video on the monitor of an ultrasound scanner (compare with the Picture of the Day of the 3rd of September 2008) with tripl- ets who had their heads arranged like the 3 circles of the logo of Ontologics®.
  • Volkswagen→Audi: In conjunction with the latest versions of its clone e-tron of our model RE™ - The Original (see above the Invest- igations::Car #278 of the 2nd of this month) we thought about our source that was taken for the e-tron logo on the car. And suddenly we got the clue in this case as well: It's the general style of one of the versions of the BitPirate™ title webpage that is coloured in the original Smiley yellow with a rounded typography like the website of Style of Speed™ has.
    Furthermore, in a flyer for its model A1 the slogan "[...] Leidenschaft und Perfektion==[... of] Passion and Perfection" was used, which without doubt was derived from our slogan "Synthesis of Passion and Perfection™". Also not really surprising is the fact that suddenly the red painted version of its model A1 is shown again (compare with the webpage of our City Sportster™ model C-tron™ by Style of Speed).

    Comment of the Day
    EVan™ E-Van™
    Van-E™ Van E™
    EMPV™ E-MPV™
    MPV-E™ MPV E™
    EMUV™ E-MUV™
    MUV-E™ MUV E™
    T-E™ TE™ Tan™
    The Van™ Der Van™

    Style of Speed Website update
    We are proud to start our new section E-MPV™ & E-Van™ of Multi-Purpose Vehicles and Vans with Pure Electric™ or Looped Fuel Cell Electric™ drivetrains with the new models:

  • Tan and
  • TE.

    Besides this, we are thinking about a new R conversion and a new model for our colletion of Beauty Beasts™ with the SpeedVans™:

  • Touran R and
  • Touran BB.

    Comment of the Day
    Mpvee™ Mupvee™ Muphy™
    E•Van™ Van•E™
    E•MPV™ MPV•E™
    E•MUV™ MUV•E™
    +-™ +/-™ #=™ #/=™
    ♥ Touching™
    I ♥ MPV™
    I ♥ MUV™
    Ontologic FDBS™ Semantic FDBS™


  • McDonald's: In germany we found on a box "I'm lovin' it®", but there exists also our "I'm loving it™". The effective date for our claim of "I'm loving it™" is the 5th of November 2007 (see our Disclaimer and also the case of Coca Cola in the Investigations of the 21st of April 2010) and the reason for this claim was that that company claimed for "Ich liebe es". Furthermore, suddenly the slogan "Ich liebe es" is not marked anymore as a registered trademark, despite that it was done in this way in the last years, but now as a trade- mark only.
    Btw.: Where is the McDonald's meal assembler™/food printer? Here: McNano™!
  • Nestlé: In a commercial for an ice tea we heard "faszinierend== fascinating" and "combinieren==combine".
  • Coty: After a closer look at that company it is clear now that we have found the next bandwagon jumper. For some of its cosmetic labels the terms "Max Dry", "Free Emotion", "Pure Game", "inspiriert== inspired" and "Schönheit leben==To Live Beauty" were used.
  • Ergo: The assurance company used in a commercial the term "Raketenwissenschaft==Rocket science [Rocket science Theme]".


  • Nintendo: A software product was named Art Academy (compare with the Further steps about the tablet computers in the pad style (short Pad Computer™ or simply P@d™) by intelliTablet (iTablet)™ on the 29th of March 2010 and take also a look at our Culture web- page) and has on its box an image with three apples.
  • Asustek Computer: "Rock Solid Heart Touching [compare with the Rock Theme and Heart Theme, as well as "Rock'n'Sense™", Solid IT™ Solid Biz™, Solid Management™, Heart of Technology™, Heart of Hightech™, Heart of Design™, HealthTouch™, SenseTouch™, Style Touch™ and TouchinHouse™]"

    Style of Speed Website update
    For the webpage of our Tan a picture was generously given by Medienrauschen.

    Comment of the Day
    "Olé", [C.S., 7th of July 2010]

    And once again, we, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, could prove a further time our worldwide unique, unprecedented and unrivaled Hightech Competence™. This time a conclusive test conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A., in the field of so called triple stores showed in an unbelievable but true way that the file system-based approach of semantic and ontologic storage syst- ems like our OntoFS architecture, is neither fast nor faster in comp- arison with related solutions that have a database management system as backend or other solutions. No, in fact its speed just lets it play in a different league.

    OntoLinux Website update
    The revision of the webpage Links to Software has been started and we made the following changes:
    Some links have been already updated by replacing their old World Wide Web addresses with the new ones;

    The link to the webpage

  • Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) of Japan, Fifth Generation Computer Systems project (FGCS), Institute for New Generation Computer Technology (ICOT)
    • PIMOS - OS for Parallel Inference Machines
    is broken and was replaced with a link to a local copy of the web- page;

    The link

  • Amit Vasudevan, Ramesh Yerraballi, and Ashish Chawla: KLOS: A High Performance Kernel-Less Operating System [PDF]
    was updated to
  • University of Texas at Arlington, Computer Science and Engineer- ing Department, Amit Vasudevan, Ramesh Yerraballi, and Ashish Chawla: KLOS: A High Performance Kernel-Less Operating System [PDF];

    Due to the fact that the project

  • ANTS - An evolvable Network of Tiny Sensors and ANTS-EOS - Evolvable Operating System
    of the Realtime & Embedded Systems Laboratory (RESL) of the In- formation and Communications University (ICU) Korea was updated and the old webpage not available anymore, we added the links to our local copy of the old webpage
  • ANTS - An evolvable Network of Tiny Sensors,
    the document describing the operating system
  • ANTS-EOS - An Evolvable Operating System For Wireless Sensor Networks [PDF]
    and the new webpage of the new generation of this project
  • ANTS2 - Autonomic Networking for Tiny Sensor Systems;

    Due to a broken link and new developments around the project OpenStreetMap we will replace the link to

  • Simon Reinhardt: OpenStreetMap Wrapper
  • a link to an own webpage that describes our similar solutions,
  • a different but also appropriate solution by another person or group,
    or simply delete it;

    Karl Sims has an own webpage on his website so we could simply replace

  • Karl Sims and Biota.org: Retrospective
  • Karl Sims: Retrospective.

    Investigations::Multimedia and Robotics

  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media→Sat1: Like ten years ago in the case of that criminal Kim S. and some months ago in the case of two german companies which babbled about a clone of our revolutionary intelli- tablets (iTablets)™ and P@d™ technologies (see Investigations:: Multimedia of the 13th of April 2010), that criminal media company reported again about a typical fraudster in its prime time news. The report itself was about a quadrotor/quadrocopter with 2 cameras and Wi-Fi network functionality for augmented reality applications. For sure, instead of explaining that only one part of the software technology is more than four years old and was simply put into a small drone, that contents, concepts and technologies have been stolen from us by the manufacturer, and that we had already con- victed the related company for doing so, the media company has repeated the lie that the development of the product has taken four years (see Investigations::Multimedia and Robotics of the 8th of April 2010 but also of the 10th of this months). And for sure, that the motion sensor-based remote control is nonsense for this kind of technology was not mentioned as well.
    We really do think that we have delivered enough evidences in the last years so that the broadcasting rights can be taken away form that criminal media company.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We updated the webpage Links to Software by adding the new section

  • Natural Image Processing

    and inserted into it the link

  • Princeton University, Computer Science Department, Stanford University, Computer Science Department, and ImageNet team: ImageNet - An Image Database Organized According to the WordNet® Lexical Database.

    And please keep in mind that it's wrong to claim that the ImageNet database is an image ontology or an image ontology database. A true image ontology looks totally different. Sad to say, statements like these look like cheap attempts to jump on our ontology band- wagon. So we can only encourage all responsible persons to stop making such nonsense statements and put away the already made statements as fast as possible.


  • EnBW, Eon, RWE, Vattenfall, Bundesverband der Deutschen Indus- trie and others: With the support by the federal association of the industry, by other associations like the german association of the automotive industry and companies like Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bahn, ThyssenKrupp, Bayer, BASF, Salzgitter, Henkel, Metro, Dieter von Holtzbrinck Medien (owner of the Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt), Bertelsmann, Ruhr-University Bochum, Technical University München, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and especially the four largest ger- man power suppliers EnBW, Eon, RWE and Vattenfall, are applying pressure on the government of the B.R.D.. The government has now the duty to show its power, immediately. Interesting is the fact, that these behaviour is either a mutiny or otherwise the B.R.D. is not ruled by the polled government.
    Btw.: The opinion by some politicians and a soccer manager are known now, but what say artists like Dolly Buster, Andreas Gursky or Günther Uecker?

    Investigations::Car #281

  • Toyota Motor→Lexus: The marque has publicated a press release about a new model. We have collected some of the most interesting statements: "[...] we’re excited [...] [We’re not.]", "[...] three con- figurations [...]", "[...] customize [...]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] components [...]", "[...] calibrated Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Ma- nagement system [...] [This is our usage of our OntoLinux™, "that integrates concepts of the field of operating systems [...] and total quality management systems" besides other systems, in conjunction with our Active Components™ by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] supercar styling with [the company's] design philosophy [...]", "[...] comple- mented [...]", "[...] extraordinary [...]", "[...] trio [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] three different [...]", "[...] Race Car Influenced Styling and Performance [...]", "[...] performance enhancements [...]", "[...] whitest white, [...] black and matte black [...] [These colours corr- espond to our Exterior Themes™ Snow White, Black Beauty and Black Stealth™.]" and "[...] three interior [...]".
  • Ford: Two new versions of one of its muscle car models were pre- sented with marketing texts out of which we quote: "[...] foundation [...]", "[...] stylists [...]", "[...] enthusiasts to the core [...]", "[...] purest [...]", "[...] the original [...] [The Original™]", "[...] redefines [...]", "[...] perfect balance [...]", "[...] beautifully balanced [...] [Brilliant Balance™]", "[...] evidence [...]", "[...] three [...]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] complement [...]", "[...] fine-tuning [...] [Fine Tuning™]", "[...] three settings [...]", "[...] 30 [...]", "[...] 3 [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] contemporary [...]", "[...] complement [...]", "[...] track car that could be driven to the course, take the win, then driven back home again [...] [We have heard this story some- where else. But we are so sad (not really) that we are unable to say (not really) which manufacturer said this as well (really).]", "[...] street-legal race car [...]", "[...] the driver [is] completely connect- ed to everything the car is doing [...] [The reader shouldn't confuse this with a car control that's based on a brain computer interface.]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] pure [...]" and "[...] calibrated [...]". And there is one thing that has to be explained by the company: Why does have one of its new model version an anti-lock brake system, a traction control system, an electronic stability control system and even a speed-sensitive electronic steering system that can be ad- justed by a driver "through the instrument cluster menu", but manu- ally adjustable shock absorbers for "ditching the weight and comple- xity of electronic wizardry"? What's that for a nonsense?
  • Mitsubishi: The company has stolen contents, concepts and tech- nologies from the website of Style of Speed™. That said, we quote out of a press release to document the case: "[...] Next-Generation [...]", "[...] Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) begins a new era for dynamic handling control in high-performance sport sedans [...]", "[...] advanced vehicle dynamics control network that reads and re- flects driver intent in real time [...] [This is nothing else then the stolen webpage contents, concepts and technologies of our range of Active Components™, especially the Active Suspension, powered by the Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™.]", "[...] system regu- lates drive torque at each wheel by controlling a network of dynamic handling technologies, including: Active Center Differential (ACD), Active Yaw Control (AYC) rear differential, Active Stability Control (ASC), and Sport ABS brakes [...] [As we said, that company has stolen contents, concepts and technologies from the section of our Active Components™ by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] integrated control system provides better overall stability and performance compared to systems [...] that controlled ACD and AYC independently [...] [Again, that was taken from the webpages Active Component™, Active Differential™ and Active Suspension by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] chassis systems [...] [Chassis Module System™]", "[...] con- trols a completely different array of components [...] [Active Com- ponents™]", "[...] Active Center Differential [...] [Please, don't con- fuse that system with our much superior Active Differentials™.]", "[...] splits torque [...] using an electronically controlled hydraulic multi-plate clutch [...] [Please, don't confuse that system with our Electric Torque Vectoring™ Active Differentials™ by Style of Speed, which are much superior by not using hydraulic-based technologies, but extremly fast and precise electromechanical hightech.]", "[...] three times [...] [In the related context this is what? Yes it is: The 3 Theme!]", "[...] three [...] modes [...] [Why not more?]", "[...] multi-information monitor [...]", "[...] yaw feedback control using a yaw rate sensor and also gains braking force control via the Active Stability Control (ASC) system [...] [This concept was also mention- ed on the webpage of our Active Differentials™.]", "[...] differential actively splits torque [...]", "Integrated management [...] [We have given the following explanation in a case above: This is our usage of our OntoLinux™, "that integrates concepts of the field of operating systems [...] and total quality management systems" besides other systems, in conjunction with our Active Components™ by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] includes stability control and traction control [...] [see Active Differential™ #2 - The SuperArchitecture™]" and "[...] actively controls [...]".
  • PSA Peugeot Citroën: We do quote some text passages of a press release of a design concept: "[...] style lines [...]", "[...] extraordi- nary [...]", "[...] harmonious lines [...]", "[...] true artistic creation [...] [Not really.]", "[...] automotive work of art [...] [And after that Punch said to Judy and the crocodile: Tri tra trullala.]", "[...] highest creative standards and technological smarts, evidenced in the Hydractive suspension system and plug-in hybrid drivetrain [...]", "[...] three-volume body styling [...]", "[...] vision of creative [...] [Oh, oh, oh: Creative Vision™.]", "[...] reflect [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] styling language [...] [And again: Language of Style™. Respect our trademarks and copyrights, or go away!!!™]", "[...] origami [...]", "[...] active spoiler [...] [This kind of technology can be found on our Active Wings™ webpage by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] crowning touch [...]", "[...] inspired [...]", "[...] creativity, technology and quality [...] [And again: Creative Quality™ Also, this is related with our slogans "High in Tech, Design, and Quality™" and "High in Tech, Style and Quality™".]" and "[...] avant-garde [...].
  • Nissan Motor→Infiniti: That company and its subsidiaries really have a problem with respecting others' properties. We do quote out of a press release to prove once again our claim about that heavily stealing company: "[...] redefining [...]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] emotional design [...]", "[...] equipment [...]", "[...] Inspired Perform- ance [...]", "[...] styling harmonized [...]", "[...] strong [...] spirit [...]", "[...] promise [...]", "[...] foundation [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] harmonize with the exterior styling [...]", "[...] three [...]", "[...] management system has been recalibrated [...] [This is related with OntoLinux™.]", "[...] fun-to-drive [...] [That stealing company has really a problem with our trademarks like in this case "Fun to drive™". Go away!!!™]" and "[...] management philosophy [...] [And again, this is related with OntoLinux™.]".
  • Proton→Group Lotus: That stealing company has said that sounds developed for electric cars include for example a "futuristic 'space- shipish' noise". The quote proves clearly that the related technology indeed is our stolen Active Clang™ car sound system. Moreover, that stealing company is expected to unveil four new concept cars. The high number of concept cars is for sure not a surprise for our readers, because we have documented in the past what concepts and technologies have been stolen from us as well (see for example the Investigations::Car #16 of the 20th and #18 of the 25th of April 2008, #146 of the 30th of August 2009, #185 of the 30th of Octob- er 2009 and #231 of the 6th of March 2010).
    Btw.: Chassis Module System
  • Morgan Motor: We do quote out of a press release for a new mod- el: "[...] greenest sports cars [...] [Attention: This statement is da- maging our trademarks Green Sport™ and Green SuperCar™.]", "[...] high torque electric motor twice as powerful as others of the same weight and size [...] [Oh, how naive. Does that bold company really think we don't have already the most powerful electric motor tech- nology? Go out and play with the other bubbleheads in the sand- box.]", "[...] powerful lithium phosphate battery with a higher charge density to achieve the most efficient performance for weight so far [...] [That company must be highly incompetent, as we think, if it doesn't know that our ingenious range of the Looped Fuel Cell™ technology can't be topped by an electrochemical battery technolo- gy. That is the reason why we adapted this kind of technology for the application in surface and water vehicles as a storage system for electric power.]", "[...] electric sports cars [...] [No, no, no: Electric Sports Cars™. As we said some times before: Not all trade- marks that we are already using are directly listed in our Disclaimer webpage.]", "[...] fun weekend vehicle [...] [This sounds like our models Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™) and :D™ (Big Fun™).]", "[...] revolution [...]", "[The company] was one of the first car companies to see the ad- vantage of a bonded aluminium chassis [...] [We do not believe this.]", "[The company] was the first car company in 1995 to see the benefit of superformed aluminium [...] [We don't believe this.]", "[...] philosophy [...]" and "[...] intelligent suspension [...]". Also, the design of the new model is a bold combination of lines of other models by other companies. For example the rear and the lower part of the sides were copied from the webpage of our conversion 911 BB™ and the form of the taillights turned upside down, while the front is similar to the front of Volkswagen→Bugatti's Veyron with the lower edges of the front of the Tata→Jaguar XJ 75 and the hidden door handles were taken from the Chevrolet that as the WTCC Ultra concept car also was shown on the webpage of our conversion 911 BB™. And in the field of Electric Sports Cars™ (ESC) with Pure Electric™ :Drivetrains™ its thorough commitment comes years too late to get again into this market without stealing (see also Investigations::Car revived #10 of the 5th of March 2008). To find the correct result of our investigation in this case is very easy: Convicted!!!™
  • Abt: Yes, that company again, for sure. The quotes are: "[...] Bold, fresh [...]", "[...] all good things come in threes [...] [Yes, and that's why we are allowed to accuse that company of jumping on the bandwagon of our 3 Theme.]", "[...] many different design vers- ions [...] [Guess what: That's our Exterior Themes™ concept.]", "[...] HIGH-VOLTAGE [...] [For sure, that's stolen from our slogan "It's High-Voltage™".]", "[...] skull [...]", "[...] three versions [...]" and "[...] reflect [...]".
  • G-Power: The company said: "[...] is building the world's fastest SUV [...] [But the manufacturer of the car says that the model isn't a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) at all, but a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAC).]", "[...] once again [...]", "[...] emotions [...]", "[...] the original [...] [The Original™]", "[...] breath-taking [...]", "[...] philo- sophy [...]", "[...] fascinating [...]", "[...] circle of [...]", "[...] pure [...]", "[...] pure-bred [...]", "[...] high-tech [...] system equipped with [...] [Attention please: Equipment is all™ like our Higthech Operating System™. This is damaging our copyright by speech act stealing.]", "[...] Earth's gravity [...] [We do favor our 0 Gravity™ 2.0 system.]", "[...] titanium [...]", "[...] style defined [...]", "[...] har- monise perfectly [...]", "[...] strongest [...]" and "[...] strong [...]".
  • Lumma Design: As the contents of a press release shows clearly, the focus has been directed on the speech acts that reflect the content of our website of Style of Speed™. In this respect we do quote: "[...] style and elegance [...]", "[...] style and functionality [...] [That sounds a little bit like "Style and Fun"™. And normally it doesn't matter if "Style and Fun" is extended to "Style and Function- ality". At the end the syntax is crucial. This means that the applied trick here is as clever as it looks like.]", "[...] equips [...]", "[...] customiser [...]", "[...] surface [...]", "[...] style and functionality [...]", "[...] style with safety [...]" and "[...] harmonious combination of functionality and style [...]".
  • Carlsson: The company published some statements about a new conversion. We have to quote: "[...] city runabout [...] [compare with City Scooter™, City Speeder™ and City Sportster™]", "[...] transforms [...]", "[...] once again [...]", "[...] conversions [...]", "[...] customizer [...]", "[...] the original [...] equipment [...] [The Original™ Equipment is all™. This is speech act stealing.]" and "[...] city runabout [...] for the metropolis [...] [That was taken from the short description of the City SuperVeloce of the range of our City Speedsters™.]".
  • Speedart: The press release for an environmental version of the model Cayenne by the manufacturer Volkswagen→Porsche contain- ed words and text passages like the following: "[...] speedHybrid [...]", "[...] find [...]", "[...] the original [...] [The Original™]", "[...] E-Power [...]", "[...] sporty drive [...]", "[...] sporty, modern and environment friendly image [...]" and "[...] contemporary [...]". Does someone attempt to steal some of the many stories that charact- erizes Style of Speed™? It seems so! And this means a damage of our copyright.
  • Project Kahn: We always got the impression about that company that it is taking contents, concepts and technologies from other companies. And so we do quote once again to document that our impression was correct: "[...] creative vision [...] [SuperGotcha!!! Respect our trademarks like Creative Vision™ or go away.]", "[...] styled [...]", "[...] integrates striking [...]" and "[...] equipped [...]".
  • Fenomenon: Since the first time we saw one of its founders we had this never being wrong feeling that he is a typical babbler and fraudster, who we have seen so many times before the new econo- my bubble imploded. And after we saw the retro design concept of the model Stratos HF by the manufacturer Lancia and heard his re- lated statements in two reports by german broadcasters we knew that our impression was right, as always. In relation with the design concept he claimed to be supported by an engineer of the company Volkswagen as well as by not named sponsors, and to start a series of the New Stratos, as the project is now called. Besides this, he also presented the boring standard story of the sketch on a napkin. At the end we have the following facts: That company has stopped to publicate news on its website since the end of the year 2006 and looks like it was only founded as part of the whole criminal actings by the company Volkswagen, its shareholders like the state Lower Saxony, B.R.D., and its partners as a fake company to take attent- ion from our division Style of Speed™. Simple: Convicted!!!™
    Btw.: Holistic Design™!!!™

    Don't ask us why the companies Daimler and Bayerische Motoren- werke were not listed this time.


  • Intel: Suddenly after we described the security related features of our OntoFS some weeks ago, that company annouced to buy a large company that is specialized in the fields of antivirus software and computer security. Now it should be clear for any reader of this website what kind of strategy that company has chosen (see also Investigations of the 27th of August 2009 and 11th of November 2009, and the Investigations::Multimedia of the 27th of May 2009, 16th February 2010 and 31st of July 2010, as well as the case of Bayerische Motorenwerke in the Investigations of the 22nd of May 2008 and Investigations::Car #277 and Multimedia Linux based In-Vehicle Infotainment Special of the 31st of July 2010).

    We made a note about the Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici e. V. on The Webpage of Culture, which by the way has nothing in common with a blog, but with high professional marketing of true achievements of our company, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH.

    Comment of the Day
    High-Voltage Lover™
    Love High-Voltage™ ♥ High-Voltage™
    Ich liebe Hochspannung™ I'm loving high-voltage™
    Du liebst Hochspannung™ You're loving high-voltage™
    Wir lieben Hochspannung™ We're loving high-voltage™
    Ich ♥ Hochspannung™ Du ♥ Hochspannung™ Wir ♥ Hochspannung™
    I ♥ high-voltage™ You ♥ high-voltage™ We ♥ high-voltage™
    High-Voltage at Heart™ High-Voltage at ♥™
    Ich liebe Hochleistung™
    Du liebst Hochleistung™
    Wir lieben Hochleistung™
    Ich ♥ Hochleistung™ Du ♥ Hochleistung™ Wir ♥ Hochleistung™
    I ♥ high-power™ You ♥ high-power™ We ♥ high-power™
    High-Power at ♥™
    Structured Object Model™ SOM™
    Structured Object Modeling™
    Structured Object-oriented Model™
    Structured Object-oriented Modeling™
    Structured Unified Modeling Language™ SUML™
    Structured Object-Relationship Model™ SORM™
    Structured Object-Relationship Modeling™
    Structured Object-Role Model™ SORoM™
    Structured Object-Role Modeling™
    Structured Object-Behaviour Model™ SOBM™
    Structured Object-Behaviour Modeling™
    Structured Petri net-Entity-Relationship Model™ SPERM™
    Structured Petri net-Entity-Relationship Modeling™
    Structured Petri net-Object-Relationship Model™ SPORM™
    Structured Petri net-Object-Relationship Modeling™
    Structured Petri net-Object-Role Model™ SPORoM™
    Structured Petri net-Object-Role Modeling™
    Structured Petri net-based Object-oriented Modeling™ SPOM™
    Relational Petri net-based Object-oriented Model™ RPOM™
    Relational Petri net-based Object-oriented Modeling™
    Structured Relational Petri net-based Object-oriented Model™ SRPOM™
    Structured Relational Petri net-based Object-oriented Modeling™
    Structured Ontology Model™ SOntoM™
    Structured Ontology Modeling™
    Structured Ontology-oriented Model™
    Structured Ontology-oriented Modeling™

    * if not blocked by a fake company of the government of the B.R.D.

    Joke of the Day
    "There is no alternative to the atom-lobby.",
    [Some World Wide Web users and C.S., Today]

    OntoLinux Further steps
    For everybody who is interested in reflective software architectures, reflective programming and reflective operating systems we have pulled out of our knowledge base a highly interesting document with the title "The Mystery of the Tower Revealed: A Nonreflective De- scription of the Reflective Tower" [PDF]. You neither have to be a hardcore LISP programmer to understand the idea behind nor the details of the described concept.
    Simply summarized, the content of the document implies that the cycle dependance problem exists due to a desired functionality in the sense of 'standard programming lanugage vs. reflective progra- mming language' or 'hierarchical(/standard) file/data storage system vs. cyclic(/reflective) file/data storage system', and its handling is not a problem at all. It also says implicitly that it doesn't matter if someone speaks about logical structures like reflective towers or cycles like 'a metadata is a data and a data is a metadata', 'a pro- gram is a data and a data is a program', 'a file is a directory and a directory is a file', or even 'a reification is a reflection and a reflect- ion is a reification' itself. Said this, the document gives a general blueprint for a method to model and handle logical structures like circles by noncyclic processes that use a special metaobject, the metacontinuation, and a special stacking model for interpreters, the model of the reflective tower, without loosing the desired function- ality.
    In more detail, the document describes a model for interpreters of reflective programming languages that works like a stack by making a push to spawn a new interpreter, which means reflection or con- verting data into program, and a pop after the exit of the latest spawned interpreter. Reification, which means converting program into data, is already realizable without the stacking model.
    Based on this concept described in the document we have made an inference with the mechanism of a backup utility of the HFS Plus file system that explains how it uses hard links without running into deadlocks. The final step is to show how we solved the hard link and related deadlock problems, which exist due to the effect that a file can be a directory (a directory is a special kind of file) and in this way can lead to cyclic dependances, by applying our Ontologic Mod- el that is based on many concepts like geometry, our Structured Relational Petri net-based Object-oriented Model (SRPOM) with its Structured Petri net-Object-Relationship Model (SPORM) and Struct- ured Petri net-Object-Role Model (SPORoM), which are based on our Structured Object-oriented Model (SOM) with its Structured Object-Relationship Model (SORM), Structured Object-Role Model (SORoM) and Structured Object-Behaviour Model (SOBM), but also on our Structured Petri net-Entity-Relationship Model (SPERM), which again are combinations of the Structured Entity-Relationship Model (SERM) with its existential unidirectional modeling language that places enti- ties from left (exists before) to right (exists later), and by this nicely shows its relations to geometry and ontology as well as the combin- ation of geometry and ontology in information and computer science, but also its model immanent feature of referential integrity (Third Normal Form (3NF) of the relational model), and our Structured Uni- fied Modeling Language (SUML) in the case of the Structured Ob- ject-oriented Model (SOM), and the Petri net-Entity-Relationship Model (PERM) in the case of the Structured Petri net-Entity-Relat- ionship Model (SPERM), as well as on the Relational Petri net-based Object-oriented Model (RPOM), which again are based on the Petri net Modeling Language (PML) with its language to model concurrent processes, the relational algebra and the object-oriented paradigm (see the section Formal Modeling on the webpage Links to Soft- ware). Furthermore, we have based our Structured Unified Modeling Language (SUML) on our structured approach that integrates the three object modeling languages and methodologies Object-Oriented Software Engineering (OOSE), Object-oriented Systems Modeling (OSM) and Unified Modeling Language with elements of the Enhanc- ed Entity-Relationship Model (EERM). Also interesting to note in this conjunction is, that the Petri net-Entity-Relationship Model (PERM) has as its basis the Petri net Modeling Language (PML) and the Entity-Relationship Model (ERM).
    We handle the problem without eliminating the circles, because this situation is also existing with reflective software paradigms and be- cause we use our Zero-Ontology O#, which stands for an origin of the fractal geometry and ontology, and furthermore on the one hand gets rid of but also on the other hand represents a foundation of the time and space. And as we said before, the cyclic dependance ex- ists due to a desired functionality and not due to a conceptual bug of the architecture of the R4 file system, which simply explained is based on a different kind of a file system paradigm that only needs its logical foundation written down.

    Style of Speed Website update
    After having taken some weeks off for other Hyper Revolutionary™ projects, we are now cleaning up the little chaos around several webpages in the section Space, like for example its subsection Active Components and the X-3033/MagicStar.


  • Microsoft→Lionhead Studios: Again, that only stealing company has stolen massively contents, concepts and technology from our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™. The system in question was demonstrated in 2009 and is essentially the Swamped! system by a research institute in North America (see the section Multimedia on the webpage Links to Hardware of the website by OntoLinux™) with a virtual human (see the section Human Simulation/Holomer on the webpage Links to Software of the website by OntoLinux™) as synthetic character. Like with the Swamped! system the virtual human reacts to a person's emotions, body movements and voice, and can be controlled by a series of sensors, cameras and micro- phones to interpret a player's intentions (see the first five points on the webpage Ontologic Applications). Moreover, in the demonstrat- ion the virtual human also runs around in a garden like the Swamped! character. The system had been built by using artificial intelligence, exploited psychological techniques to make a person feel commands such as these were interpreted by the virtual human using voice-recognition software along with a database that attempted to inter- pret the players intonation and meaning (see the webpages Intro- duction and Overview, and also a further time the webpage Links to Software, but now especially the related sections Semantic File/ Storage System, Natural Language Processing, Intelligent/Cognitive Agent and Intelligent/Cognitive Interface, as well as again the sect- ion Human Simulation/Holomer). Also, the system was designed to be used for millions of people (compare with the Visions behind Onto- Linux™). Said this, the system isn't a brainchild by that defrauding leader of that subsidiary of the criminal company Microsoft (see also the Investigations::Multimedia of the 3rd and 17th of July 2010, and of the 11th August 2010 above).

    The case above is the next evidence in a long series that clearly shows that the largest companies have to be splitted to not only protect valid laws but also the democracy.
    Now the reader can see as well, why persons like William "Bill" Gates and others are spending money for social projects: They all want to manipulate the opinion of the public that they are the good ones and not the true devils.

    Investigations::Multimedia, AI and Knowledge management

  • Technical University Duisburg-Essen: The same scientist who has stolen before concepts and technologies that were gained by spying on us for the developments of a collaborative development system for ontologies that was bodly named after a combination of ontology and universe for damaging our trademarks starting with "Onto-", and for ontology-supported software engineering, has again stolen cont- ents, concepts and technologies from our website by OntoLinux™ for the next research projects. In the new cases it are the approaches of context-based systems and their combination with ontology-bas- ed techniques that can be used for software applictions that give a user recommendations (see for example the first five points on the webpage Ontologic Applications by OntoLinux™).


  • Apple: As we found out while taking a closer look at a backup utili- ty of the file system HFS Plus of its desktop operating system, which was initially presented in October 2007, one year after the start of OntoLinux™, and has recently in 2009 become stable, that criminal company has taken contents of the OntoLinux™ website and also attempted to steal concepts and technologies. First of all, the utility is called Time Machine (take a look at one of the Pictures of the Day of the 29th of September 2007) and its user interface shows after its launch "a backdrop depicting a galaxy and star field [(see the section Physics of the webpage Links to Organizations)]. Behind the current active window are stacked windows, with each window re- presenting a snapshot of how that folder or application looked on the given date and time in the past. When [paging] through the pre- vious snapshots [("windows from the past")], the stacked windows extend backwards, giving the impression of flying through a "time tu- nnel [(see the Picture of the Day of the 30th of September 2007)].", [A World Wide Web encyclopedia].

    Comment of the Day
    Easiest Simplest Fastest™
    Lightest Strongest Fastest™
    Simpler Faser Safer™
    Simplest Fastest Safest™
    Active plasma™


  • Government of the B.R.D.→Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and partners: As we found out, the ministry has funded with not existing tax money the initiat- ive Business and Biodiversity (abbreviated to B&B), and its docu- ments like "Biodiversitätsmanagement==Biodiversity management" (see the webpages Overview and Links to Organizations of the web- site by OntoLinux™). In this conjunction the statement is not really surprising that a common taxonomy is needed for playing into the hands of a further governmental fake institute in the field of ontolo- gy a tax money funded project (see again the webpage Links to Organizations and below the Investigations::AI and Knowledgeman- agement). Prominent members are the criminal media company Axel Springer (Bild, Auto Bild, Computer Bild), the suspicious companies Fujitsu, Deutsche See, Faber-Castell, PPR→Puma, Solar World, the state bank Federal Ministry of Finance→KfW Bankengruppe and once again the car manufacturer Volkswagen that is owned to one fifth by the german state Lower Saxony. Why are all these actings happining now and not a decade earlier?
  • Verein Diversitas: Some german universities, which are financed by not existing tax money, founded the association for biodiversity. One of its project that was launched together with further research inst- itutes, which as well are mainly financed by not existing tax money, was the formation of the german network for the research of bio- diversity that is supported by the federal ministry of education and research with not existing tax money, or should we better say never exisitng tax money.
  • Government of the B.R.D.: Immediately after we presented our range of Looped Fuel Cells™ on the 14th of July 2010, the federal chancellor sold it to China for its development works in the field of electric mobility in the same way as before our information technolo- gy was sold to the U.S.A., Australia and other countries.

    Besides this, the government wants to extend the lifetime of nuclear power plants in opposition to the german law of the nuclear power phase-out that was made in the last past. What most of the people don't see is the fact that the government needs electric power for the realization of other projects like for example in the fields of el- ectric mobility and computer based work.

    Investigations::Motorbike #9

  • Horex: The old marque was revived by three business men. But what they did was to steal basic parts of our concepts and techno- logies for the Fierce/Feral and Wild lines of the series #4 (see espe- cially the webpages #:D™ (Fierce Fun™) and #:>™ (Wild Fun™)) and #5 (see the webpages #;O™ (Feral Riot™) and #:D™ (Wild Riot™)), which are based on the technologies of the motorbike ma- nufacturers Honda and Harley Davidson→Buell as well as some cont- ent of our website by Style of Speed™, and combined them in one motorbike. This fact can be easily seen by the reader by the frame of its motorcycle, which is similar to the frames of models by Honda and the models by Buell, and its VS(traight)-engine (originally named by the german term VR-Motor with VR meaning V- und Reihen==V- and Rows) with 2×3 cylinders, three camshafts and a compressor in favor of a turbo charger, which all sounds like our 3 Theme and the Honda VTR 1000 engine with compressor of our model #:D™ (Fierce Fun™). Interestingly, that new company is supported with its en- gine development by the company Volkswagen (see also the cases of the fake companies Gumpert in the Investigations::Car #164 24th of September 2009 and Fenomenon in #281 of the 20th of August 2010). Due to the fact that the new company also is supported with informations that were gained by spying on our company the result of this investigation is for sure: Convicted!!!™

    Investigations::AI and Knowledge management

  • University Saarland: Its fake research unit with the name Institute for Formal Ontology (see the sections Semantic (World Wide) Web and Formal Modeling on the webpage Links to Software by our High- tech Operating System™ OntoLinux™, but also the websites of Ontonics™ and OntoLab™) is sponsored by the Volkswagen Found- ation of the company Volkswagen. This case is extremely interesting because once again an university and the company are acting toge- ther in the field of ontology, as in the case of the Technical Univer- sity Karlsruhe with its fake company Ontoprise and the marque Audi by the company Volkswagen, but also that the company Volkswagen is owned with 20% by the State Lower Saxony, B.R.D..
    Btw.: Here it can be seen easily why the so called Volkswagen Law has to be repealed and how the company Volkswagen is misused for the political interests by the german political parties Christlich Demo- kratische Union (CDU) and Christlich-Soziale Union (CSU).

    Comment of the Day
    Sports Electric Car™
    Super Sports Electric Car™
    Best of its kind™

    Comment of the Day #1
    My System™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "No, there is no common right to hold back the true identity of The/La Stig."
    Maybe the Stig story is a protected intellectual property. Moreover, one part of the business strategy of the company British Broadcast- ing Corporation (BBC) is to blurt out secrets all the time.

    In opposition to a statement of the working group of german broad- casters we would like to clarify that the operating system for Mobile Devices™ by the internet service provider Google and its partners is based upon the Linux® kernel and GNU software and as such not a competitive system to Linux®.
    But our readers already do know why the Nazi media are telling this nonsense all the time: OntoLinux™. Also, the facts that the compa- ny Google has already left again the hardware market and its mobile phone is gone since several weeks are not mentioned at all, but still claimed to be a success story. No, it is not and its manufacturing partner will go away as soon as possible and like it already did before in conjunction with one of the worldwide largest software manufact- urer, which was responsible for its first business successes. And its operating system partners will go as soon as they found out that the company Google has misused them to damage our corporation.

    In opposition to a statement of the working group of german broad- casters we would like to clarify that the company Oracle is not suing the company Google and its partners due to its Linux® kernel and GNU software based operating system for Mobile Devices™, but due to using the programming language Java, which is not covered by the GNU General Public License ((GNU) GPL) or a similar license, without paying the license fee. This problematic and the license fee were some of the reasons why we have chosen a different and, more important, legal strategy for our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™ that is based on the programming lanugages C, C++, Datalog and Prolog, Lisp and Scheme, and Fortran, as well as many others (see also the Investigations::Multimedia of today).

    Style of Speed Website update 3:33 am
    We are proud to present the next jewel of our worldwide unique series Beauty Beast™ with the:

  • 918 BB.

    Furthermore, our beloved customers have now the option to choose the front for our models Cayman BB and Raptor RSR, as well as Pan RSR and Panamera BB in the 918 BB style.
    Fronts in the related style of the 9!™ were also added as potential new fronts for our models Raptor and Raptor Speedster.

    Investigations::Car #282

  • Volkswagen→Audi and Abt: Finally, we got the not so important information that the marque Audi of the company Volkswagen gave the company Abt the order to steal the concept of an R8 based race car, that was created by a group called Visual Limits and further developed and presented by us, for its development of the model R8 LMS (see the Original Sketch/Sneak Preview of the 10th of August 2008 as well as the Investigations::Car #44a of the 4th of Septem- ber 2008 and #230 of the 3rd of March 2010).
  • Daimler→Mercedes-Benz: We do quote out of the press release about a new model: "[...] new design icon [...]", "[...] brings [...] to life [...] [compare with Life°™, "Innovations for Life™", "Love. Light. Life™", "Journey of Life™", "Life is a Journey™", "Makes life easy™" and "Life without Limits™"]", "Dynamic, feature line flowing back to- wards the rear [This side with its dropping line is stolen from the model Leon (1P) by the marque Volkswagen→Seat while the flared wheel arches at the rear look like the ones of a Volkswagen→Bent- ley.]", "[...] A generation ahead [...] [That statement is related to our slogans "We stay ahead™", "Always ahead™", "A bit ahead™", "2 steps ahead™" and "Ahead of Time™".]", "[...] created a new vehi- cle category in 2003 which for the first time combined the elegance and dynamism of a coupé with the comfort and functionality of a sa- loon [...] [No, that's not true as we have already explained in length some months before in the Investigations::Car #250 of the 24th of April 2010.]", "[...] style icon [...]", "[...] bold move to launch a completely new vehicle concept [...] [At Daimler they must be really nuts.]", "[...] exciting [...]", "[...] a whole generation ahead of the competition with our four-door Coupé [...] [To be honset: That is no coupé at all. It's just a 4-door saloon car with typical lines by older Bentleys, Jaguars and Rovers.]", "[...] pioneering [...]", "[...] inspir- ation [...]", "[...] stylish [...]", "[...] brings high-tech features to life [...]", "[...] the dropping line [...] is not only a novel design feature but also represents a new interpretation of a formal design element [...] [Normally, at this point you have to do a: *plonk*.]", "[...] de- sign brings quality [...] [compare with "High in Tech, Design, and Quality™", "Innovation. Design. Quality™", "Quality and Design™", "Quality by Design™", "HighQuality and Design™" and "HighQuality by Design™"]", "[...] integrated harmoniously [...]", "[...] design trend- setter [...] [We would say it in a different way: design thief. Besides this, that statement points to our slogan "We set Trends™".]", "[...] three qualities of [a material ...] [What? Only three? We offer all of the best!]", "[...] perfection is reflected [...]", "[...] PASSION [...] [compare with StylePassion™, With Passion™, Singular Passion™, "Synthesis of Passion and Sportivity™", "Synthesis of Passion and Style", "Synthesis of Passion and Perfection™" and "Synthesis of Passion and Design™"]" and "[...] carbon fibre [...] [Fine Carbon ™]". Last but not least, since years the style of the taillights by its cars remind us of the taillights of the model 911 by the marque Volkswa- gen→Porsche.
  • Renault: That only stealing manufacturer has copied design elem- ents, concepts and technologies of our models, especially of the RE™ - The Original™ and 9!™, for the development of a concept car. The general design was stolen from our model RE™, like the upper part of the front and side blades of the basic model R8 by the marque Volkswagen→Audi, the lower and middle part of the rear of the version V12 TDI of the basic model R8, the long cover lid of our models 9!™, i!™ (as shown in the image with the blue painted car), B!™, D!™ (see the image with the red painted car), M!™ (see the images with the white and red painted cars), 962 ST and 333 ST with the tear-off edge of the model Avus by the marque Audi, the butterfly doors hinged at the A-pillar like the models 962 ST and 333 ST, the butterfly doors hinged at the B-pillar like the concept car RSQ of the marque Volkswagen→Audi, and the interior with the seats of our models 9!™ and B!™ and older interior design elements, which were made while the responsible chief designer was employed at the company Mazda. Furthermore, the rear view mirrors were re- placed by a system with video cameras like all of our before ment- ioned street legal models have and which was originally taken from the basic automobile of the model 962 ST, the taillights are tech- nically the same as the ones of the model 9ii™, an Active Clang™ system was built-in and our Quickcharger™ technology was stolen. And we never have heard before that the car Alpine A110 by that company was designed as an electric car.
    Btw.: The right answer to our question "Which car are we talkning about?" is: DeZir.
  • PSA Peugeot Citroën: The company presented an automobile with a hybrid drivetrain that features a compact rear axle module with integrated an electric motor. It really should not be too difficult for our readers to get the impression that that rear axle module must have something of our ingenious invention of the Active Differential™ technology for vehicles with a hybrid or Pure Electric™ drivetrain.
  • Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation and General Motors: For a world exposition, our "Leaf™ with Wheels™"/"Leaf™ on Wheels™" concept was stolen and shown as a concept car with a roof that is formed like a leaf (see also the Announcement and the Sneak Pre- view of the 23th, and the Comment of the Day and Investigations:: Car #34 of the 25th, all of June 2008). By that bold acting those companies are now besides some not so clever designers the third and fourth companies which have stolen our technology (see the case of Fiat in the Investigations::Car #30 of the 22nd of June 2008 and the case of Nissan in the Investigations::Car #134 of the 2nd of August 2009).
  • Gemballa: The new company started where the old ended. We do quote from the English version of its website: "In search of excell- ence [In Search of the Softron and Balance Excellence™]", "[...] potential [...] boosted [...]", "[...] balanced performance [...] [Brill- iant Balance™ and Balance Excellence™]", "[...] Service Multiplicity: Race Track Performance [...]", "Company Profile", "[...] dreams come true [...] [The reader might have the fun to compare that statement with the sentence "The SOS 333 ST Barchetta is unique: It simply stays "Il Sogno - The Dream"."]", "With expertise, passion and a will to achieve perfection [...] [Attention: With Passion™, "Passion for Achievements™" and "Synthesis of Passion and Perfection™. This is speech act stealing. Respect our copyright.]", "[...] "No. 1 Porsche Tuner" crown [...] [see the webpage of the model 962 ST by Style of Speed™ and compare it also with our trademark #1™ and slogan "Solar system wide No.1™"]", "[...] philosophy [...]", "[...] pure [...]", "[...] absolute highest calibre [...] [Like "In Search of ..." this state- ment has as well as its source the website of OntoLinux™. In detail, it was taken from the last paragraph of the webpage Overview (cal- iber in horology is a calibre).]", "[...] entity [...]", "[...] driving [...] experience [...] [This was as well taken from the webpage of the model 333 ST by Style of Speed™.]" and "[...] interpreted in a com- pletely new [...]".
  • MKB Motorenbau: A small company thinks it is allowed to take the contents of our websites, especially the Style of Speed™ website, as a blueprint. No, it isn't. So we do quote: "[...] high performance [...]", "[...] conversion [...]", "[...] philosophy [...]", "[...] thrust [...] [No, there is no rocket science.]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] fun to drive [...] [No, no, no: Style of Speed™ - Fun to drive™.]" and "[...] passionate drive to achieve [...] [Attention: "Passion for Achieve- ments™". This is speech act stealing. Respect our copyright.]". Also, the design of the engine hood was taken from the webpage of our conversion of the model Panamera by the marque Volkswagen→Por- sche to the Panamera BB version.
  • Bora Kim: For a design study of a car the combination of our Act- ive Solar Panel™ and Active Exterior™ technologies was copied. The result of the application of our technologies is that the body of a car is transformable and its elements rotatable in such a way that the absorption of energy is maximized.
  • Daniel Chinchilla: The not so clever designer has stolen essential lines from the D!™ for his design of an endurance race car of the marque Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini.


  • Oracle→Sun: As we found out now by a closer look, the company Sun, now owned by the company Oracle, has a suspicious feature, which is named the Java Persistence API (JPA), included in its soft- ware framework for information systems of enterprises since the launch of the so called Java Enterprise Edition 5 (JEE5). That com- pany is now busted by three technical details of the JPA: The first one is that instances of Java components called beans are no longer made persistent as a whole object in an object-oriented or other appropriate datastore, but are replaced with standard objects/in- stances of Java classes, which are annotated with JPA keywords so that they represent entities of the relational model that can also have relations, and in this way become some kind of entity instances of the relational model that are stored in a relational database. In fact, JPA annotated classes equal tables in a relational database and objects/instances of such a class rows in the related table. The second detail is that every entity has a unique object(/persistent) identifier that equals a primary key of a table in a relational data- base. The third one is the set of the four types of relation. All these three technical details are interfering with our Structured Object-oriented Model™ (SOM™) that is based upon the Structured Object-Relationship Model™ (SORM™) and the Structured Entity-Relation- ship Model (SERM) (see the section Formal Modeling of the webpage Links to Software on the website of OntoLinux™) with the except- ions by the JPA that no explicit Entity-Relation object exists and relations can be bidirectional as well, but with the convention that the owning side specifies the physical mapping.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added the new option of the front in the 9!™ style for our Pan and Pan Speedster models.


  • Toshiba: The company presented a tablet computer in the booklet style (see Original vs. Inspiration of the 7th of January 2010) that features an Intel processor, dual 7" diagonal multi-touch screens with a 1024x600 resolution, a solid state drive with 64 GB storage capacity, a built-in webcam, wireless connectivity based on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technologies, and as a substitution for a real journal some kind of a bulletin board with Media Lab Quickies (see the Original of the 13th of February 2008 and the Further steps of the 30th of April 2010 by intelliTablet (iTablet)™, especially our models BMTZ530 and BMTN450). Also, its product has only one USB port and neither are smart card reader nor a 3G UMTS option, but a short battery life. Extra criminal: On the first webpage of that clone it is said to weigh 1.5 lbs., but the only available version has a spe- cified weight that starts with 1.8 lbs..
    Btw.: Now let's see how the nuts knock down each other to produce Booklet Computers with the performance of our models and underbid our price. When this happens the reader simply waits 6 months and then gets a nice device for a very low price.
  • Rheinische Pest: That Nazi paper from Monkey's Village, B.R.D., reported about the trends (We set Trends™) at a large exhibition for technical devices. One device, which is just only a bad clone of our intelliTablet (iTablet)™ tablet computers in the booklet style, is re- ported to feature an operating system for Mobile Devices™ that is based upon the Linux® kernel, GNU software, and an unlicensed Java compatible virtual machine, as well as an optional mobile radio modem. But on the related webpage of the company that cloned our booklet we couldn't find a specification that lists such an operating system or option.

    Investigations::AI and Knowledge management

  • Bense: That bold company thought it could damage our trademark Ontologics® and publicated as part of its criminal acting under a re- lated domain name a very large portion of the contents of the web- site, and the concepts and technologies of OntoLinux™, our Ontolo- gic System®™ and Hightech Operating System™, while using further trademarks like OntoBot™ and declaring our solution as its own "Next Generation Ontology System" by jumping on the Star Trek Theme as well. In detail, it was claimed that the basis of its work is related with "complexity, semantic technologies [including] the Semantic (World Wide) Web, [... formal] modeling, software engineering and artificial intelligence" (see the webpages Innovation Fields of the On- tonics™ website, the webpages Introduction and Overview as well as the sections Semantic (World Wide) Web, Formal Modeling and Intelligent/Cognitive Agent of the webpage Links to Software of the OntoLinux™ website). In this context, a so-called Hyper Object-Re- lationship Space Time model was presented roughly in the form of a placeholder over its whole website as a preparation for further steal- ing our intellectual properties and due to not knowing how our Onto- logic System®™ OntoLinux™ is functioning, which by the way is a clear evidence that intellectual properties were stolen, and Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagramms were shown, which both have to be set into relation with our Ontologic Model™ that is based on models like for example the Structured Object-Relationship Model™ (SORM™), Structured Ontology Model™ (SOntoM™) and UML (see again the webpage Links to Software of the OntoLinux™ website). The copied model is envisioned to be used as an OntoWiki™* or a Content Management System (CMS), and is filled exemplarily with some very familiar contents like informations about arts, the artist Pablo Picasso, images, and paintings of the Renaissance 1.0. Sur- prisingly (not really) our website Ontologics.info was named on a webpage with a list of World Wide Web links, but the loaded website is of the Technical University Munich. By the latter act that criminal company also wanted to differentiate between our domain name Ontologics.info and its illegal domain names, which is totally irrelev- ant due to the fact that Ontologics is ® by us and captures marks that begin with "Ontolog" in this special case, as well as related domain names.
    And the case got even more momentum: While we were analyzing the case in more detail and writing an e-mail to demand to stop immediately the illegal usage of our trademarks as well as to delete our website contents from the related website, that website was after around 3 hours not accessible anymore (maybe only for a short period).

    Comment of the Day #1

    Comment of the Day #2
    "They would hate each other even in the Paradise.",
    [A journalist, 2010]
    ... or Nexus ...

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