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  • Lego: In a commercial for two new products a story about a stol- en holocron (see the Original of the 26th of November 2010) was told. After the cases with the Ferrari product line of its racer series, a ferry (see the Investigations of the 5th of September 2008), an off-road vehicle (documented in the Investigations of the 13th of January 2009), a motorcycle (see the Investigations of the 6th of August 2010) and a Lamborghini model of its racer series it is hardly to overlook that there is a suspicious conformity with the content of this website. Last but not least, it is important to mention that there were other persons before who created holocron-related Lego mod- els, but that company didn't react on them.


  • Cable News Network: The media company reported about a nat- ural language translator that should work in realtime (see also the Original of the 12th of December 2007) and run on top of a Linux® distribution for Mobile Devices™ of a joint venture of around thirty companies. After hyped in the headline and the first paragraph of the report as an innovation, which the presented system definitely is not, it is made and becomes quickly clear in the following part of the report that the application doesn't work as claimed, is only one of the usual marketing hoax by a large internet service provider which only delivers software in the 0.3 version, if at all, and after some decades of profound research worldwide all the fundamental techno- logies still need several years to work correctly, if at all. Furthermore, the same application was announced by the company International Business Machines as a reaction to the shortly before started OntoLinux™ website (see also the section Natural Language Processing of the Links to Software webpage).
    Besides this, a report about a video portal was published highlighting that it took only 20 months from the registration of its domain to the acquisition by a large internet service provider for more than a billion US Dollar is a nonsense that points into the same direction. Firstly, that video portal is in fact for other persons a service to massively infringe copyrights owned by other entities. Secondly, that video portal is already sued by the copyright owners and will get more and more problems with the law. Thirdly, that video portal doesn't prod- uce anything, but just only hot air while damaging businesses of others that are running profitable by producing tangible goods. Four- thly, all this portals, web 2.0 websites and social networks are abso- lutely overrated again, which is also a result of printing money like going berserk.
    If a news company reports knowingly not the truth and is actively misleading the public, then it is absolutely wrong to call it the leader in news.
    And if these are the innovations Obama is talking about, and we do know that they belong to these, and if one bubble and one wave after the other is the business of today, then we will see not one star, but fifty stars falling.

    Investigations::Avionics and Aeronautics

  • Cable News Network: That news company publicated a report about hybrid airships. The claim that this kind of airships is a new breed is wrong and the presented companies are fiddling around since more than 10 years now while producing only marketing post- ers. Besides this, the United States Air Force (USAF) has sponsored and is still sponsoring projects with millions or even billions of US Do- llars, but until today we could not see that results have been deliv- ered by the contractors. It is also said that the big market will be in cargo, but no informations were given about the hoax by a German company for heavy cargo transporters based on rigid airships that relatively quick declared itself insolvent after burning much money for nothing but marketing and a hangar that is use now as a large swimming pool with artificial beach. The presented U.K.-based com- panies have the same inconsistent business plan and also nonsense architectures that will let them fail as well, but sad to say we won't tell why. Also, as far as we do know the reported company Boeing has given up again the concept of taking a rigid airship as a cargo transporter two years ago after doing only the standard marketing buzz for its hook in the sky, but is still reported of being active by the news network. The company Lockheed Martin started as well two projects with the usual marketing tinking and the end was: Plop plop.

    We made notes about the only stealing company Google and the criminal Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkan- stalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (ARD) on our webpage Cult- ure.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Active torque compensation™ Electric torque compensation™

    Comment of the Day #2
    The term was found with Yahoo. :D

    Style of Speed Website update
    Today we have updated the webpage of our model E430™. Due to the fact that we were not sure as we publicated this webpage if a Ferrari with a all-/four wheel drive was existing before, we wrote only "first Ferrari conversion with all-wheel all-electric drive ever". But now the marque itself presented a vehicle and also stated that the car is its first ever four-wheel drive car, so we could replace our statement above with "is not only the first Ferrari with all-wheel el- ectric drive, but the world's first Ferrari with all-wheel drive ever! Once again we wrote automotive history.". And to reflect this fact and the next prove of our uncomparable competence we gave it the new paragraph called First-ever Records.

    Investigations::Car #309

  • General: Wir erkennen ganz eindeutig sowohl eine Sitzmöglichkeit auf dem Marcuswagen 1 (MW 1) als auch eine lenkbare Vorderachse die entweder wie bei einer Seifenkiste durch einen Seilzug oder aber durch einen anderen einfachen Mechanismus zum Beispiel per Fußbe- tätigung gesteuert wurde, also in anderen Worten eine Lenkung zur Richtungssteuerung. Auch die Dimensionen sowie die Funktionsweise des damals verwendeten Marcusmotors zeigen ganz klar auf, dass mindestens eine Person damit hätte fahren können, eventuell sogar in der Sitzposition eines Supersport- oder Rennwagens. Und einen Fakt können wir jedem Menschen versichern, der Siegfried Marcus hat den MW 1 gebaut und gefahren um Spass zu haben (see also the case of the company Daimler in this investigation).
  • Government of the B.R.D.: The chancellor of the B.R.D. has asked companies in the field of automobiles to research and develop more. Besides that in this way the chancellor once again showed her true face, she also showed her incompetence as well, because the com- panies are not interested in conducting expensive research and dev- elopment, say that it's the duty of universities and comparable re- search institutes, and have nothing more to steal that they can pre- sent as their innovations. Furthermore, as a true anti-democrat she ignores again our company, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, and our worldwide unique competences.
  • Daimler: After two analyses of the case of the Marcuswagen 1 by Siegfried Marcus we could easily show that the 125 years old claim about the innovator of the automobile is just only a bold fairy tale by Daimler, which is busted now. And we are sure that that only steal- ing company does know the facts as well and so it is an incredible insolence to lie to the humanity 125 years long.
    But despite this, that company also talks about "zeitgenössicher Au- tomobilkunst==contemporary automotive art", "Rennsportgene==rac- ing genes [compare with the contents of the webpage of our model 333 ST by Style of Speed™]" and "Zukunftsvision==vision of the fut- ure". Moreover, that company describes a compact Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) as a sports tourer (see our all the competitiors para- lyzing ingenious models Boxster GT and Cayman GT) and mourns the times when it has had, as it claims, the "innovativeste Sportwagen der Welt= =world's most innovative sports car".
  • Volkswagen: That manufacturer has presented once again one of its many concept cars that at the end do not find its way into the production. We take it for quoting the related marketing text: "Vision becomes reality [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] third evolutionary stage [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] visionary goal [...] [compare with our slogans "Visionary. Pioneering. Revolutionary.™" and "Vision- ary at work™"]", "[...] vision [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] pure electric [...] [Again, that company still don't want to accept one of many facts like our trademark Pure Electric™.]", "[...] clean techno- logies [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] can also be fun [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] electric motor [...] was integrated in the [...] transmission case in place of the usual flywheel [...] [read also the section Flywheel of our webpage Active Motors™ to get informations about a similar technology]", "[... the car's] body electrical system [...] [Due to the fact that the chassis of the presented concept car is made out of a carbon fibre-reinforced polymer the reader should not confuse this with our AeroAccu™ fibre.]", "[...] pure electric [...] [That company can do it again and again, but it won't change the fact: Pure Electric™.]", "[...] charge the battery (battery regen- eration) [...] [We see it as a speech act stealing, because otherwise adding a term that contains regeneration makes no sense in this context.]", "[...] exhaust gas recirculation and an oxidation catalytic converter [...] [Don't confuse this with our superior Regenerative Catalysator™ technology.]", "[...] thermal management [...]", "[...] technical masterpiece [...] [This is speech act stealing due to our slogan "Masterpiece of Hightech™".]", "[...] reflects styling lines [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] the role of digital outside mirrors that send images of the surroundings behind the car to two displays inside the vehicle [...] [This is a feature that could already be seen before with the model B!™, for example.]", "[...] precision and quali- ty [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] is as lightweight as it is strong [...] [speech act stealing]", "[... the car] has a high-strength mono- coque. In contrast to Formula 1, however, this safety capsule is en- closed on top – for safety [...] [And for sure to resemble the mono- coque that is also made for butterfly doors as we showed it as the Sneak Preview #1 on the 1st of October 2008.]" and "[...] high-tech materials [...]".
    In conjunction with another model we found some text passages that we would like to document: "[...] wheels from BBS with a gold look [...] [compare to the SOS RS wheel with turbofan]", "Magic [...]", "[...] the driving machine [...] [That was taken from the web- page of our model Bee!™ by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] interior in so- called "Stealth look" [...] [Again, this is related with our Interior Themes™ that have labels beginning with "Stealth ..".]" and "[...] Matt Carbon [...]".
    And last but not least, in relation to our many times used statement "unbelievable but true", the company advertises a new version of an old model with "Unglaublich==unbelievable".
  • Volkswagen→Audi: And again: The marque has shown images of an electric toy concept car named Type C e-tron for damaging our strong trademarks and names of our City SportsterC-tron™/ City-tron™.
  • Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini: And the stealing and lying contin- ues. For us the most interesting parts of a press release that was published in conjunction with the launch of a new version of an old model were the following ones: "[...] equipment [...]", "[...] sharp [...]", "[...] touch of elegance [...]", "[...] absolute grip [...]", "[...] combine volcanic energy with design is as unique as it is stylish [...] [At this point, we would like to remind the reader again about the cases of our models M!™ (see the case of Porsche→Vw→Audi→ Lamborghini of the Investigations::Car #83 of the 3rd of March 2009, which in fact was about the model Murciélago SuperVeloce) and D!™ (see Investigations::Car #288 of the 30th of September 2010).]", "[...] unequalled design DNA [...] [That's not quite right, because we mentioned in the comment of the quote before where the marque has stolen the essential designs from.]", "[...] purist [...]", "[...] driving machine [...] [As we said so many times before now, that phrase was taken from the webpage of our model Bee!™ by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] colored exterior finish [...] [compare with Exterior Theme™]", "[...] high-gloss [...] [compare with Glossy- Effects™]", "[...] very highest quality [...]", "[...] range of standard equipment [...]", "[...] optional equipment [...]", "[...] he or she [...] [That is an unacceptable faux pas, especially for an Italian compa- ny. The correct wording has to be "she or he".]", "[...] breathtaking performance [...]", "[...] different kind of [...]" and "[...] in true [the marque] style [...] [We would say that it is in the true style of Style of Speed™, because this explanation reflects more the truth.]".
  • Volkswagen→Porsche: And again we could see a special version of one of its models and a related story that was made around Exterior Themes™: For a special limited edition of 1911 units of its model 997 with the name Black Edition the marque followed our trademarks 3033™ and Black Stealth™.
    We also heard from different sides that someone in the company is contemplating the historic model 550 Spyder which points directly to our model Boxster GT by Style of Speed™.
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: We do quote out of the press release of a new version of a small SUV: "[...] Twin[...] Turbo technology offers a substantial power upgrade as well as a significant efficiency improvement [...] [Suddenly we only hear from that only stealing company turbo, turbo, turbo. How incompetent that company was in the last three decades and still is.]", "[...] significant efficiency im- provement [...]", "[...] turbocharging system [...] [Don't confuse this with our Modular Turbo™ System or the much superior Turbo Bank™ System.]", "[...] new dimension [...]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] sporty and elegant styling [...]", "[...] innovative equipment features [...]", "[...] Twin[...] Turbo technology gives the new four-cylinder engine the sort of power which naturally aspirated engines can only achieve through more cylinders [...] [As we mentioned in the last past, its all the year hyped naturally aspirated six-cylinder engine can be found now somewhere in the backyard behind the dunghill and the cess- pool.]", "[...] configuration results in very low exhaust back pressure at low engine rpm, and allows the energy of the exhaust gas pulses to be optimally managed and translated into powerful rotation of the turbine blades, without a response delay [...] [No, that is wrong. In this context the optimal management can only be achieved by our Turbo Bank™ System, as the company explains itself here. Further- more, this technical explanation contains content that was stolen from the webpage of our Quasiturbine by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] clean and homogeneous combustion [...] [Like with the quote be- fore, the term "pulsed" proves that this phrase was taken as well form the webpage of our Quasiturbine, which in this way is another evidence of the usual copyright infringements by that only stealing manufacturer.]", "[...] cooling effect of the injected fuel [...] [We are sure that this technique is related with our hypersonic engine.]", "[...] turbocharged naturally aspirated engines [...] [Oh, what an unbelievable high-ouch! By the way, it was even used in the context of fuel injection, which makes it a super-double-ouch and qualifies that company for the Idiot of the Year Award and the title of the Golden Flat Tire.]", "[...] eight-speed automatic transmission [...]", "In typical M style, the right-hand paddle is used for changing up and the left-hand paddle for changing down. [No, that is not true, because it is not typical for that company.]", "[...] Traction Control [...] [This statement needs more analysis due to the term Track Con- trol.]", "[...] torque compensation [...] [So, so, so: It is poss- ible to create an own text by such companies.]", "[...] high-perform- ance suspension technology [...]", "[...] trendsetting modernity [...] [Yes, "We set Trends™".]", "[...] body styling [...] [No body design to be found here?]", "[...] short front overhang [...]", "[...] reflect [...] quality [...]", "[...] top-quality optional equipment [...]", "[...] panorama glass roof [...]", "[...] operating system [...] [see our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™]", "[...] supplement [...] [SuperGotcha!!!™]", "[...] innovative solutions for the integrat- ion of smartphones [...]" and "[...] sporty theme [...] [Exterior Theme™]".
    Despite that the company tried to hide its copying of our website contents without referencing us, it is easy to see how the stealing was conducted. This press release also shows us that the govern- ment of the B.R.D. can do what it wants, because not only all of the automotive manufacturers are backstabbers, and how innovations are blocked so that foreign companies make the businesses.
    Furthermore, a quick look on our webpage Disclaimer will give the reader the answer why we also document here the term "Blue-Per- formance".
  • Fiat→Ferrari: That company has stolen contents, concepts and technologies from our website of Style of Speed™. We do quote out of a related press release to document the criminal case: "[...] rev- olutionary [...] ["Drive the Revolution™"]", "[...] its first ever four- wheel drive car [...] [This is misleading the public due to our model E430™ by Style of Speed™. So it is the marque's first four-/all- wheel drive car, but not the first serial Ferrari with such a drive- train.]", "[...] ushers in an entirely new GT sports car concept [...] [That is not quite true. The reader might compare this statement with our model Pan, for example.]", "[...] not so much an evolution as a true revolution [...] [And "We started the Revolution™". By the way: Was that manufacturer not claiming that evolution is better than revolution in conjunction with the promotion of its small car?]", "[...] absolutely unique [...]", "[...] harmonious blend of sporting DNA [...]", "Completely integrated with the car’s electronic dynamic con- trol systems, the four-wheel drive technology delivers record levels of performance on all terrains and in all conditions via continuous and intelligent predictive torque distribution to all four wheels. [First of all, as far as we can see the applied technology is not new. Fur- thermore, we don't think that it is intelligent predictive, otherwise we must declare this as an evidence for the stealing of the concept and description of our Active Suspension technology. And also we have to ask where the marque Ferrari was the last decades in the field of four-wheel drives?]", "[...] driving, on low grip or snow-cov- ered surfaces and on the track [...] [compare with Grip-Control™ and Track-Control]", "[...] equipment [...]" and also "[...] first three [...]". But why does its new model reminds us of the model Z3 Coupé by a manufacturer from south germany? And also, the newly design- ed front fenders show two details that somehow point again to an information that leaked out of our office.
  • General Motors→Chevrolet: We document some quotes out of a promotional text that is related with a jubilee edition of one of its models: "[...] strong momentum [...]", "[...] equipment [...]", "[...] RS package [...]", "[...] unmatched fun [...]", "[...] 21st century rebirth [...] [That's the story we already told on the webpage of our E-Muscle™ car BumbleBeeE which is based on the same basic mod- el.]", "[...] racer, mechanic and pioneering engineer [...]" and "[...] high quality, expressive design, spirited performance and value [...]".
  • Aston Martin: "Bridging the gap [...]".
  • Gumpert & Partner: We do repeat some parts of the content of a press release given in german by directly translating and commenting them in one step. "The minimal manufacturer is extending its model range: It wants to set aside its sports car a comfortable tourer. The designed custom body by [an Italian coachworker] houses a two- seated touring sports car with mid-engine. As drivetrain serves the known 4.2-liter V8 [...]. [Without doubt that company does once again the usual thing and is now following us from Style of Speed™ with our models Boxster GT and Cayman GT.]" and "[The joint vent- ure] seeks a whole new market [and] opens a new dimension of ex- tremly fast and dynamic travelling in a fast tourer. [No it doesn't. Marques like Fiat→Ferrari, Fiat→Maserati and at last Volkswagen→ Porsche with the model Panamera were all before active in this old market segment. And as we stated above, we are already there with many of our models by Style of Speed™, like the before mentioned Boxster GT and Cayman GT, too.]". Now our readers do know as well one of many reasons why we haven't asked that company for deliv- ering for our models its engines, which by the way are not really very difficult to build. Also, we can assure our readers that we will further document this case.
  • Pagani: A successor model was presented by the company, but sad to say the company has thrown away its philosophy of being unique by stealing contents, concepts and technologies from the website of our business unit Style of Speed™. The following quotes were taken out of a description that is part of its marketing efforts: "[...] combines past, present and future in the timeless art automot- ive interpretation. The style [...]", "[...] clear view [...]", "[...] ex- hausting search for proportion and elegance [...] [The reader can read our usual closing comment about the design at the end of this case of investigation.]", "[...] harmoniously integrated [...]", "[...] gull-wing doors [...] [How nice it is to kick in this way the own eng- ine supplier in the back.]", "[...] ingenious combination of aesthetic, structural and otherwise [...] [Indeed, we think that other marques have taken over.]", "[...] biturbo [...] [So, the company jumped as well on the bandwagon and replaced a natural aspired engine with a twin-turbocharged one.]", "[...] harmony [...]", "[...] GT [...] [The car is not a Gran Tourismo/Grand Tourer, because a true luggage compartment is not existing.]", "[...] preventing unwanted delays [...] [And like a larger manufacturer from south germany it is also babbling about an Anti-lag System in relation with its twin-turbos, because they both don't have it.]", "[...] ingenious solutions [...]", "[...] fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions have been killed [...] [This sounds as if the car runs without fuel. In fact, it has stolen the story of our Looped Combustion Engines™ and Looped Combined Combustion Engines™™.]", "[...] aircraft intakes' air [...] [Ah??? Air what?]", "[...] reduce the rear overhang [...]", "[...] wing, able to actively change its angle of attack by changing the height of the front from the ground and operating independently of the four flaps placed at its ends. The result is that the machine constantly change its shape, from time to time to ensure the minimum friction coeffici- ent and the maximum downforce. A commanding this unit is a dram- atic metamorphosis, which receives and processes information about speed, yaw rate, lateral acceleration, steering angle and throttle position, and act so as to obtain a car from neutral behavior in all conditions, the correct aerodynamic roll and braking. [...] [Without doubt this was stolen from our webpages of the Active Compon- ents™, especially the interplay of the Active Wing™, Active Susp- ension™ and Active Trac™ systems.]", "[...] a tribute to the most advanced supersonic aircraft of the '50s and '60s [...] [But this is the 21st century.]", "Man-Machine", "[...] new dimension [...]" and "[...] touch and emotion [...]". Besides the gull-wing doors, we can clearly see lines of the exterior designs of the models Enzo (roof, front and rear) and F430 (rear fender and rocker panel) by the com- pany Fiat→Ferrari, Evora by the thieves Proton→Lotus (side), as well as our models M!™ (roof, front, side and rear) and B!™ (roof and rear).
  • Noble: For the presentation of the new version of its actual car terms and phrases were used that originate from the website of our business division Style of Speed™, like for example: "[...] research [...]", "[...] fashionable but often inefficient gear paddle shift, over assisted brakes and inopportune traction control [...] [That's blah blah blah, because such technologies are state-of-the-art. Instead of telling nonsense the company should get these features into its car and also use the term stylish.]", "[...] ubiquitous "digital" driver assistance [...]", "[...] with the introduction [of] the [new version of its model] it was time to "get back to basics" [...] [That's where we already are at Style of Speed™, for example with the models Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™) and 962 ST. And after the basics were learned the ubiquitous digital features come next.]", "[...] qualities of design [...] [Gotcha!!!™ This term was taken from our slogans like "Quality and Design™".]", "[...] pure engineering [...]", "[...] philosophy [...]", "[...] radical and refreshing [...]", "[...] absolutely reflects [...]", "[...] car that gives hollow praise by electronically "covering" the errors [...] [The persons of that company are seriously confused as they prove theirselves with that nonsense statement, which in fact means that they do not have any clue about hightech.]", "[...] love to drive [...]", "[...] engineering excellence [...]", "[...] Porsche Carrera GT [...] [Now we do know which models of Style of Speed™ that company is attacking: Our absolutely benchmark and trend setting Boxster GT and Cayman GT. Indeed, there is nothing on the market that even comes close to these cars with their features, performance and quality for these prizes.]", "[...] massive power and performance [...]", "[...] minimalist [...]", "[...] fundamental foundat- ion [...]", "Computer assistance can often mask deficits in the cha- ssis design and it is not until these electronic driver aids are turned off that the flaws are revealed. [Blah blah blah]", "[...] engineering logic [...]" and "[...] Adaptable Performance Control [(APC) ...] feat- ures three APC settings [that] adjusts not just the power output but also tailors the boost curve, traction and throttle response [Ah??? Please, can somebody explain us what this is. An "ubiquitous "digital" driver assistance"? In fact, we have also wondered all the time while reading its promotional text how its engine is controlled without an Electronic Control Unit (ECU). What an unbelievable high-ouch!!!™]". The presented car also has Two-tone Carbon™ as part of its style.
  • Edo Competition: The company showed a conversion of the model Panamera by the marque Volkswagen→Porsche. The story about the name is a lie, because Moby Dick was the nickname of the factory racing version of the model 911 turbo of the year 1978, the 935/78, by the marque Porsche and in this way also points to our models Pan RSR and Panamera BB by Style of Speed™. Also, the converted diff- usor, which is made by another only stealing company, was slightly updated to look more like the rear of the model 599XX by the manu- facturer Fiat→Ferrari that we have shown on the webpages of our Pan RSR and Panamera BB.
  • Rotary Super Cars: We found once again one of the typical fraud- sters, but this one is one of his/her kind. The presented marketing text is just only a copy of the contents, concepts and technologies of our SOS website and in this way a massive copyright infringement that we have only seen before with the german manufacturers like Volkswagen, Daimler and Bayerische Motorenwerke. For sure, we do quote to document the acting: "[...] goal of offering symbiosis of high performance vehicles and active environment to create new benchmarks in the areas, power efficiency, value for money or the use of high-tech materials [Without doubt, this is one of the main characteristics of the profile of Style of Speed™.]", "Since 2009 development and construction of the Raptor GT are in progress, and proprietary developments like the RSC VAS (Variable Aerodynamic System) have been brought to the small-scale series maturity. [It is doubtless that this has been stolen from our webpages Active Ext- erior™ as well. Furthermore, this statement is a criminal lie, because the text looks as if it was written after the 15th of September 2010, the day when we've officially presented the new webpages of our models Boxster GT and Cayman GT.]", "This vehicle meets all requi- rements or exceed them.", "[...] proven components increases the active/passive safety while reducing production costs [...]", "[...] passion [...]", "[...] customers [have] the opportunity to experience the unique combination of high end components and environmental protection on the roads and racetracks [...]", "Drivetrain: [...]", "RSC Raptor GT S, RS, RSR and N-Spec [No, no, no: Raptor™ and Raptor RSR™ are so long away, that we have not expect that once again somebody attempts to steal it.]", "[...] high-performance engine [...]", "[...] water-to-air intercooled turbo or biturbo system [...]", "[...] achieve between 500 and 1.200 PS [...]", "[...] alternative bio- fuel E85 [...]", "[...] FlexFuel-Option [...]", "[...] sequential 8-speed RSC R-SHIFT transmission [...] [This points directly to our Active Transmission™ and Active Shift™ systems.]", "[...] electronically controlled rear axle differential [...]", "The powertrain is controlled by an engine management system, specifically developed from Bosch Engineering GmbH for the RSC Raptor GT, including a complete elec- tronic system consisting of ESP, ABS, EBD, VAS, R-TRAC (traction control), R-DIFF (electronic differential) and a Launch Control. The RSC Raptor GT RSR and N-Spec also has an active suspension [see our Active Suspension]. All electronic systems can be easily operat- ed via the buttons on the steering wheel [This points to our Steering Wheels.]", "Furthermore a wide range of special equipment is avail- able. Starting with the rims, complete body equipment packages up to the painting - the customer has no limits. [Here our other supp- lement Rims is mentioned, as well as our conversions and their Exter- ior Themes™.]", "[...] RSC VAS (Variable Aerodynamic System), a system that changes the aerodynamics and the aerodynamic prop- erties of the RSC Raptor GT to generate more downforce at high speeds [...] [Our readers already do know very well that our Active Exterior™ is meant here, especially the Active Diffusor™, which in- deed is a concept that is also built into the model 599XX by the manufacturer Fiat→Ferrari (see also our comment at the end of this inestigative case about the shown car).]", "[...] full-graphic-Displays [...]", "[...] high-tech genes [...]", "[...] high-quality materials [...]", "[...] 500 hp 2.6L 4 rotor rotary to 800 hp turbo and 1.200 hp twin turbo variants [...] [What a pity that we presented in the December 2010 our Quasiturbine that is much superior than a Wankel engine. At last at this point its game was over after only six weeks.]", "[...] VelociRaptor [...] [This label was also found in conjunction with a company that we already have convicted of stealing.]" and finally "[...] GreenFuel [No, no, no: GreenFuel™]".
    As we said before, the text was written after the 15th September of 2010. The mentioned 8-speed transmission even points to a date af- ter the 30th of September 2010, because we mentioned our transmi- ssion with 8 gears for the first time in the Investigations::Car #288 and the publication date of the quoted text at other websites repeat the day 6th of October 2010. So there is no development started in the year 2009. Moreover, the presented picture of a car, that the defrauding company claims to show its car, in fact shows the model 599XX by Fiat→Ferrari. We also found out that the image was made on the 16th of June 2010 in the U.S.A. and is owned by an oil com- pany from the U.S.A. that is related with the marque Fiat→Ferrari, and also was mirrored and slightly modified by software. The latter is exactly the same way we did several times before with some images that show basic models by other companies that our converisons are based on, and so we've here a fact that also says something about the person(s) behind the case. Also, the claimed intellectual proper- ties are highly questionable and the description proves that there is existing no real competence. We wouldn't believe even one word of this typical criminal fraudsters! Stay away, don't invest and don't re- port about that, because the company is a fake only and a massive attempt to mislead the public by publishing manipulated informations! We guess that it was either the company Bosch, because most of the described technologies are related with or even are our Active Components™, the manufacturer Volkswagen, because it wants to steal the models as well as many technologies as it did with nearly everything else before, or both together, because they did it before with our ontology-oriented software and our Active Differentials™. But to be honest, there are also other possibilities, like the oil com- pany itself, some dudes from the manufacturers Ford, Fiat, Bayeri- sche Motorenwerke, a smaller tuner from the U.S.A., other compa- nies, or even a german complete idiot who owns the german mobile phone number and thought to be very clever.
  • Exagon Motors: Following a report by a german broadcaster some days ago, the accumulators of the electric race cars by that compa- ny are charged with electric power that is produced by a diesel gen- erator. In the sum more waste is produced in this way, so we once again declare that that company is only defrauding (see also the In- vestigations::Car #291 of the 4th of October 2010).
  • BYD Automobile: Suddenly, that only stealing Chinese car manu- facturer and partner of the joint venture with Daimler wants to prod- uce a car with hybrid all-wheel drivetrain. But where are all the Pure Electric™ cars that that company has announced all the years?

  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: We don't know why in a series of images made at a large automobile show in the U.S.A. once again are shown a U.S.American Electric Sports Car™ (ESC), which is 8 years old now, as well as an even older small car by a german manu- facturer.
  • ARD, ZDF, ORF, and SRG SSR→3Sat: In its science broadcast it was claimed that cars with a hybrid drivetrain have the problem that in a very short periode of time a high volume of electric power is created by a Brake Energy Recovery System (BERS) which could not be saved in accumulators. For sure, it was once again not explained that our business unit Style of Speed™ offers three possible techno- logies for this, that are a supercapacitor, an air-tank and a flywheel. Furthermore, a so called expert from an university in the state North Rhine-Westfalia, B.R.D., claimed that the energy storage system problem is not solved, but investigations in the past and the typical stupid smile of liars on his face showed us that he does know our Silver Bullet, the Looped Fuel Cell™ technology.
  • Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil Club e. V.: The club showed once again its bordering on megalomaniacal thinking. Besides that it calls itself as a "Solidargemeinschaft==solidary group", which isn't true and also not seen in this way by most of its members who are only interested in the automobile-oriented services and definitely not in its politics, it also claims of being bipartisan, which is also a bold lie as a member of the NSU-club (USC\UDC ←).
    Furthermore, in its club magazine we found suspiciously often terms that are related with Active Components™, "Pure Freude==Pure Pleasure™", "rein elektrische==Pure Electric™" and so on, as well as an image with two clowns and red, green and blue balloons.

  • Bertelsmann→N-TV: That serious criminal media company also tries to keep up the fairy tale that the first car was invented by a german from south germany.
  • Bertelsmann→Motor Presse Stuttgart: We always had such a feel- ing, but now we have the facts: The Motor Presse Stuttgart (auto motor und sport) is owned to 56,5 Prozent by that serious criminal media company.

    We, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, would like to thank every media service for heightening its quality, especially in conjunction with infringements of our copyrights, though we didn't found so many and sometimes there were still some glitches.


  • Google: That only stealing company Google has accused the only stealing company Microsoft of copying search results of Google for its search engine.
  • Microsoft: It is said, that that only stealing company is applying techniques, which are implemented inside its internet explorer and related add-ons, to mine the users' choices of search engine results by the only stealing company Google.

    Comment of the Day
    "So much to culture of, and democracy and protection of intellectual property in so called modern societies. So much to civilization. So much to complex livings."
    And no, we don't think that stealing is intelligent, but what cares?


  • Google: That only stealing company presented a new version of its Linux® based distribution with a so called holographic user interface (see the section Human Simulation/Holomer of the webpage Links to Software of the OntoLinux™ website, related technologies described on the webpage Innovation-Pipeline of the website of Ontonics™ in the section Mixed Reality==Gemischte Realitäten, Human Object Int- erface (HOI)==Mensch-Objekt-Schnittstelle and iArchitecture™== Intelligente Architektur), as well as the Ontonics Further steps of the 8th of November 2010).
  • LG Electronics and Deutsche Telekom: The two only stealing com- panies presented an intelliTablet (iTablet)™ in the slate style with the capabilities of 3D content viewing and recording by its stereo- scopic rear-facing video cameras. But what is with our copyright, especially in relation with our iTablet 3D™, "the worldwide first tablet computer with Pure 3-D™ display among the many other Revolution- ary Innovative™ features of our intelliTablet (iTablet)™ series like the two rear-facing video cameras derived from the Ontoscope™ technology (see the related intelliTablet Further steps of the 6th of January 2010, 28th of March 2010 and 29th of April 2010)? That company Deutsche Telekom did this serious crime, because it knows that it won't get any contracts from us. So it has stolen the Mobile Device™ with the goal that no other carrier get an exclusive con- tract. And the actual german government has helped that company, for sure.
  • Apple: That traditionally stealing company has announced that publishers and maybe even all the other media companies have to use in the near future the company's own integrated app(lication) payment system. Two of many problems of this guideline are: On one hand that company requests a share of the turnover of 30%. On the other hand, the subscribers and purchasers stay customers of Apple and in this way publishers have no access on the customer data.
    Btw.: Own fault. That's the result if incompetent persons and com- panies think they could make decisions and manipulate the market. As far as we can see, we still have the only open and free systems with our intellitablets (iTablets)™ and the original Pad computers™.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Beauty of EMotion™ Beauty in EMotion™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Every country has the government it deserves.", [Joseph Marie de Maistre]
    Jedes Volk hat die Regierung, die es verdient. Und so eine Beleidi- gung lassen sich die BürgerInnen der B.R.D. bieten?

    Investigations::Car #310

  • Tesla Motors: After the Model S the model Model X was announc- ed. While the Model S was not an E-SUV™ like our S!™ the Model X is one like our X!™. Has the reader seen the labelling of the models by that company?
    Besides this, that company collaborates with a large manufacturer to develop an electric version of a compact SUV which points to our E-SUVCan™ that is based on the related model of the marque Volkswagen→Porsche.
    By both actings, Tesla Motors proved as well that our business divis- ion Style of Speed™ is The Real #1™.
    And the case becomes even better. We do quote from its website of a four-seater limousine to document the case further: "[...] styling [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] three [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] QuickCharge [...] [No, no, no: Quickcharger™ is long away. Go away!!!™]", "[...] quiet simplicity [...] [This is speech act stealing and also an attempt to damage our trademark Quite Simple™.]", "[...] powertrain features a liquid-cooled [...] [Suddenly its power- train has liquid cooling. Guess where it was taken from. At least from the first webpage that we do know with a description of such a te- chnology, the webpage of our model Raptor RSR by Style of Speed. And after we publicated our webpage around two years ago on the 18th of January 2009 we were ennobled as idiots, which is a honor that only the greatest and ingenious pioneers get since thousands of years.]", "Leading electric powertrain [No, that's wrong. It is an tot- ally ordinary electric powertrain. No rocket science, no innovations and for sure no magic can be found here.]", "[...] style [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] innovative integration [...] [speech act steal- ing]", "[...] lightweight, high-performance structure in its own right, but when married to the state-of-the-art body structure, the result is a platform with unsurpassed integrity [...] [Here we have the stol- en story of our AeroAccu™.]", "[...] Vehicle Platform enables effici- ency, safety, and design not possible in an architecture conceived around the combustion engine. [No, that's wrong. And if that com- pany really has engineering competence, then it wouldn't tell that absolute nonsense.]", "[...] computer simulations and prototype veh- icles [...] [This is nothing outstanding, but just only standard busi- ness, which by that company is only done in a very small scale with its maybe 50 engineers in comparison to the thousands of engineers of the large manufacturers and their models that we are converting to our much superior Pure Electric™ vehicles like the Pan based on the model Panamera by Volkswagen→Porsche.]", "Quality is a philo- sophy [Clever (not really), but still stealing and a clear copyright in- fringement, as usual. That bold company mixed our trademarks Qua- lity-Philosophy™ and Philosophy of Quality™ with the science of On- tonics™. Furthermore, this is one of the cheap attempts to copy the personality of C.S. but also of R.M. Pirsig that we see by one of its owner. What a fraudster.]", "[...] modular components [...] [Do not confuse this with our Chassis Module System™ by Style of Speed.]", "[...] unprecedented teamwork between aerodynamicists and desi- gners [...] [About what is that company talking about? To find in- competent and also highly confused actors at one place is not really very trustable. What a fake company.]", "[...] second-to-none ae- rodynamic qualities [...] [see the comment before]", "[...] supple- mented [...] [This is speech act stealing. And we often do explain that we have chosen the term Supplement as an outward differenti- ation to all other automotive companies worldwide.]", "[...] race cars [...] Gizmos such as vortex generators and spoilers employed by other vehicles to fix inefficient design are unnecessary [That's pure blah blah blah and only true, because that car eventually reaches a maximum velocity of 100 mph and is built for driving on straight roads only.]", "Beauty in Motion [compare with "Be in Motion™" and "Poetry in Motion™"]", "[...] holistic approach to vehicle architecture [...] [That phrase is an attempt to damage our trademark Holistic Design™ and also has been taken from the webpage Profile by Style of Speed™.]", "When combined with the body structure, the [batt- ery] pack contributes to the overall torsional stiffness, providing an unparalleled stiffness-to-weight ratio amongst production vehicles. [We don't believe that the heaviest part of that car delivers a be- tter ratio. They are really nuts.]", "[...] augments [...] [That fits, though not in the context of the body structure, but in the context of its marketing, which augments the real status of that company. That company should better open its booth in Disneyland.]", "[...] superior [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] Roadster’s proven, road- tested technology [...] [Ah so, that Electric Sports Car™ is really just only a plastic prototyp vehicle for nerds with batteries of dome- stic appliances and some lowtech gizmos.]", "[...] control software [...]", "[...] innovative liquid temperature management [...] [This te- chnology is not really innovative anymore.]", "[...] nearly three times as efficient as a gasoline engine [...] [No, that is a bold and also criminal lie, because the difference of its electric motor to gasoline engines is maybe only two times. Moreover, the evolution of the combustion engines proves clearly that in the end there will be only a small difference in energy efficiency which is neglectable, especi- ally if we talk about the overall cost and environmental friendliness of the whole powertrain.", "[...] packaging innovations [of the drive- train ...] [What innovations does that company mean? We can only see common technology.]", "[... the company]-designed advanced suspension systems [...] [Oh, how retrograde it truly is. Most of the more expensive mountain bikes feature even more advanced su- spensions.]", "[...] harmony [...] [speech act stealing]", "A gasoline engine forces a typical steering rack to hang below the car, which creates a feeling of numbness when steering. [Again, we do ask the question: About what are the babblers talking here? Modern steering systems can't produce such numbness by design and engineering. In this conjunction we have to confess: Now that marketing text is be- coming really annoying.]", "[...] complete assembly, an example of [the company]’s aptitude for compact and efficient package design [...] [We have seen the related chassis assembly years before. Also, it sounds like our Chassis Module System™, but also like the website content of a large automotive supplier.]", "[...] three [...] [speech act stealing]" , "[...] harmony [...] [speech act stealing]" and "[...] strong [...] [Strong™]".
    Also important to mention is, that that company has announced the launch of a program to recycle its battery packs. Now come the questions: Are the batteries not sustainable? and How high are all the costs to drive such a vehicle in the end?
    Indeed, those fraudsters are only stealing properties of other enti- ties for this giant marketing hoax. For example, the lower part of the chassis has much in common with an architecture that was shown before by one of the largest U.S.American manufacturers and later by a small company. Musk reminds us more and more of one of the greatest confidence man, Madoff. Also, the U.S.American tax payers should now be able to see better why the debts of the nation and the state California are rising by transfering tax money directly into the pocket of persons like Musk. This company does not function without subventions for its research and development efforts, the constructon of its manufacturing plant and its maintenance, as well as the using of its products by the customers. This looks like a billion US Dollar disaster which would come to light after Musk has sold his shares.
    Btw.: That the manufacturer Daimler, the supplier RWE and also to some extent the automotive club ADAC are supporting that defraud- ing company, raises some serious questions in the B.R.D..

    Comment of the Day
    "Like standing too close to a rainbow, viewers' hearts are warmed.", [Groupon, Today]
    This statement was said in conjunction with its Super Bowl ad.


  • Google: And the stealing continues. This time we found out that the only stealing company has presented some weeks ago a for sure prototypical browser for the human body which is a technology that belongs to the field of computer-based anatomy. The basic concept is like so many times before a part of our Ontologic System®™ and Hightech Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux™ and can be found at two places of the OntoLinux™ website: One of the basic technology are the VTK - Visualization ToolKit with its extension VTKEdge that we have linked in the section Ontoscope™ on the webpage Compon- ents, while the special visualization parts, applications and additional informations are linked in the section Human Visualization/Holomer of the Links to Software webpage. Furthermore, in the Investigations:: Multimedia of the 3rd of this month we already mentioned related technologies and concepts of us, so that the reader can add 1 and 1 by her-/himself.
    Btw.: Like the company Microsoft and others, that company has already to be destroyed by law, because it is not only influencing negatively the government but all U.S.Americans.


  • General: It has nearly become impossible to find a publisher, espe- cially in the fields of architecture, design, all kinds of arts and life- style as well as automobiles and finance, which sells magazines with contents that are unrelated with terms, speech acts and contents of our websites. And the same holds for the other media companies.

    Because the massive impact by the actings and works of C.S. is so unbelievable huge and inspiring, it is nearly impossible to document them all, for sure. So we made from time to time notes about well know entities, and give the readers the opportunity and fun to find out how actings and works by C.S. are spreading, and how other works and actings were and still are being described by using the contents of our websites and derived. In this conjunction, we made notes today about the Iakov Chernikhov International Foundation and the Kinetica Museum on our webpage Culture.


  • Hewlett-Packard: The executive vice president of the company's personal systems group said that the "intention with webOS devices is to transform how people think, how they feel and how they conn- ect". We don't think that this is all and add that another intention is to steal our contents, concepts and technologies of our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™ (see the case of the bought company Palm in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 12th of April 2010) and everything that is related with it (see also the case of Hewlett-Packard & Microsoft in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 13th of April 2010). While the point with "to transform" was copied from the webpage Profile, the rest of the story can be found by the reader as well on the same website. Furthermore, besides a clone of our Pad Computer™ of intelliTablet (iTablet)™, a phone that is about the size of a credit card with a 2.6 inch screen was presented (see the image of the Ontoscope 3 in the section Smartphone, Pocket computer as well as the project Cell Cash Card™ of the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™).

    Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, and Robotics

  • Federal Institute of Technology Zurich: That research institute has stolen once again (as we already documented in the Investigations:: Robotics and Prosthetics of the 24th of September 2010) for an Eu- ropean Union-funded robotic project the concept that we announc- ed in the Sneak Preview on the 7th of December 2008 and essential parts of our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™. As such its proposed system architecture consists of a a communicat- ion system and a database for sharing knowledge and teaching ro- bots about the objects and their relationships to each other that fill the human world. All parts of its system can be found in the related sections of our webpage Links to Software.
    Furthermore, a scientist and perhaps the project leader said, that for instance the project could help a robot to understand what is meant when it is asked to set the table (see the image "Self-laying Table - Tischlein Deck Dich" that was shown as an Original on the 17th of March 2008 and describes a technology that belongs to the interior of Hous•E™) and what objects are required for that task to be completed (see also the image of a Lego figure of a cook we've shown with the Original Sketches #2 of our Cook•E™ robot techno- logy at the 19th of November 2008, the image of a Lego figure of a medic we have shown with the Original Sketches of our robot tech- nology Med•E™ and Nurs•E™ at the 21st of November 2008 and the image of a Lego figure with a Dyson vacuum cleaner we have shown with the Original Sketches of our robot technology Clean•E™ and Sweep•E™ at the 7th of December 2008).
    Also, we are more than sure that many investigated and convicted entities listed in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, and Robotics of the 24th of September 2010 as well as many of the other already convicted entities are members of the robotic research project, and so it looks like as if Nasty Artificial Intelligence or a Ba- by-Skynet is created (see also the section Friendly Artificial Intellig- ence of the webpage Terms of the 21st Century on the OntoLinux™ website).
    We do not expect a success of the project, but just only the usual copying and stealing, as well as producing nothing else than hot air and hate in the societes by criminal national agencies, research inst- itutes and companies supported with tax money, as we have stated many times before.

    Investigations::Avionics and Aerospace

  • Alliant Techsystems and European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company→Astrium: The private U.S.American company and the pan- European corporation joint forces and want to develop a rocket to- gether. Not really surprising is the fact that in this way they are also following our strategy by Style of Speed™ to recycle hightechnology which was sorted out by the National Aeronautics and Space Admi- nistration (NASA) and its contractors for our aerospacevehicles, like especially in this context our Space Transportation System (STS) with Single-Stage-To-Orbit (SSTO) Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) XSS-3™/BigStar™, which is the revived, totally reengineered and eXtended Space Shuttle, and as such also known as the Big Space Shuttle or Space Shuttle Mark 3, as well as the Space Shuttle Next Generation (NG), the X-3033™/MagicStar™.
    The main difference to this joint venture and our division Style of Speed™ is that one option of the plan is to make Style of Speed a pure U.S.American enterprise.

    On our webpage Culture we made a note about the person Richard David Precht.

    Comment of the Day
    "China is not so far away."

    Picture of the Day
    Logo Ontologics (around 2000)

    © Christian Stroetmann GmbHOntologic Systems ®™

    Comment of the Day
    "Egypt is free"
    Well done. Congratulations!

    OntoLinux Further steps
    Due to the facts that on one hand the code for the file system ext2 and possibly for the file system ext3 will be dropped, which are reas- onable steps because of the evolved technologies and the wasted precious time which is needed for their maintance, and on the other hand a smooth transition of ext2 based files systems to its success- or file system ext4 is possible, while even getting performance opt- imizations, we are also looking on such a smooth transition of the related version of our OntoFS.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "It's unbelievable how many are afraid of the truth."

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Da strahlen aber schon ganz schön viele schön." :D

    We are very delighted to announce the following:
    Unfortunately, there is no german version of the official press agen- cy of the government of the People's Republic of China (P.R.C.), and the biggest center for collecting information and press conferences in the P.R.C, the publisher and news agency Xinhua==New China. So we take over this from now on by our OntomaX magazine and ann- ounce even much more to come in the future (This business concept is copyrighted, © 2011 Christian Stroetmann GmbH).
    About Xinhua.OntomaX:
    With 15,000 news stories a day, 12,000 of which are about China, and our harmonic supplements in the fields of politics, economy, so- ciety, science and technology, education and culture is Xinhua not only your, but the world's most important and significant window of the highest quality to China and the whole world.
    Wir sind hocherfreut Folgendes bekanntzugeben:
    Unglücklicherweise gibt es keine deutsche Ausgabe der offiziellen Presseagentur der Regierung der Volksrepublik China (V.R.C.) und dem größten Zentrum für das Sammeln von Informationen und Pres- sekonferenzen in der V.R.C., der Verlag und die Nachrichtenagentur Xinhua==Neues China. Also übernehmen wir dies von jetzt an durch unser OntomaX Magazin und kündigen sogar noch mehr für die Zu- kunft an (Dieses Geschäftskonzept ist urheberrechtlich geschützt, © 2011 Christian Stroetmann GmbH).
    Über Xinhua.OntomaX:
    Mit 15.000 Nachrichten pro Tag, von denen 12.000 über China sind, und unseren harmonischen Ergänzungen in den Bereichen Politik, Wirtschaft, Gesellschaft, Wissenschaft und Technologie, Bildung und Kultur ist Xinhua.OntomaX nicht nur Ihr, sondern der Welt wichtigs- tes und hochwertigstes Fenster der höchsten Qualität nach China und in die gesamte Welt.


  • Bloomberg: How criminally bold is that? As a reaction on the cont- ents of our investigative case about the stealing company Hewlett-Packard of the 9th of this month a romour was launched about a mini-smartphone by a U.S.American corporation.
  • Axel Springer: Trotz besserem Wissens wurde das Gerücht eines U.S. Amerikanischen Medienunternehmens über ein Minimobiltelefon, das ungefähr ein Drittel kleiner ist als normale Mobiltelefone, weiter- verbreitet (siehe den Fall Bloomberg zuvor). Das Medienunternehmen hat das eindeutig bewusst gemacht, da außerdem eingeräumt wurde, dass man gar kein genaues Wissen über den Sachverhalt besitzt, da- für aber über die Meldungen unserer Web-Auftritte, wie wir wissen. Zusätzlich wurde über die genauso absolut unverschämte Behaup- tung berichtet, dass nur sehr wenige Personen bei dem Herstellter Bescheid wussten, obwohl solch ein Projekt gar nicht existiert und zudem über eine Bezahlfunktion einer neuen Version eines Mobiltele- fons berichtet wurde (siehe auch die weitaus überlegenere Techno- logie des Projekts Cell Cash Card in der Innovation-Pipeline von On- tonics™). Das ist eindeutig mit dem Inhalt unsere Investigations:: Multimedia im Fall Hewlett-Packard vom 9. Februar 2011 verknüpft. Anscheinend liegt schon wieder ein Verstoß gegen den Pressekodex des Deutschen Presserats vor. Der Verlag gehört verboten.
  • Bertelsmann: siehe Springer

    Investigations::Avionics and Aerospace

  • Pratt & Whitney: We found the familiarly sounding slogan "Pure Power". Without doubt, this was derived from our webpage Disclaim- er and as such is at least a copyright infringement, because we were not referenced. By the way: Pure U.S.American™, Master Power™, and so on. :Pure :Power™
  • Zhong-Ou International: Originally an automotive and motorcycle parts manufacturer, the company later began manufacturing high- end motor homes and also signed contracts with the german auto- maker Daimler→Mercedes-Benz to jointly produce Benz-branded motor homes. Now it has acquired licenses from regulatory authori- ties to build luxury helicopters using technologies of the manufact- urer European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company→Eurocopt- er (see also the case of the internal joint venture of Daimler→Merce- des-Benz and European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company→ Eurocopter below).
  • Daimler→Mercedes-Benz and European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company→Eurocopter: As we found out today, that joint venture was created to damage our company and now licensed the technology of the helicopter manufacturer Eurocopter to a Chinese partner of Daimler (see also the case of Daimler→Mercedes-Benz and European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company→Eurocopter of the Investigations::Avionics and Aerospace of the 26th of May 2010).


  • General: Near Field Communication (NFC) is the technology that allows mobile phones to be turned into payment devices, replacing credit cards, loyalty cards, travel cards and other vouchers (see our project Cell Cash Card™ and also the case of the company Hewlett-Packard in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 9th of this month, as well as the case of the media company Axel Springer of yester- day, the 10th of February).
  • British Broadcasting Corporation: How criminal is that? Two days ago, that broadcaster reported about our invention of the Retina Projector™/Retina Screen™ (see the Ontonics Website update and the Image of the Day of the 7th of November 2010, and also the Ontonics Further steps of the 8th of November 2010) by claiming for example: "But there are rumblings which suggest that 3D may have bigger problems [than working without special glasses like the result- ing technology of our research project 3D-Palm-Computer that was finalized in the year 2003] - with holographic TV planned to be its successor. On a holo-TV, images will be projected into the middle of a room as a "cloud" that can be viewed from every angle without 3D glasses, and manufacturers hope they could go on sale in 2012.". In fact, the projected maturity date is a product of the broadcaster's fantasy, because we haven't announced this. In addition, a display system was shown and claimed that it is a protoyp, that consists of a more than 10 years old cubic holographic display in a case, which should direct to one of our holographic display technologies (see the Ontonics Further steps of the 3rd of November 2010 which gave the specifications of one type of our Holonicle™::Displays), and a later shown tracking system, which detects and follows the head and eyes of a viewer so that possibly the display is controlled in accord- ance. But in fact the presented system is no prototyp, because its set-up was not shown to work together, such a tracking system for the positions of the head and eyes of a viewer is not needed with holographic displays by the definition of the technique of the holo- graphy (Tock, tock, tock: Anybody home?), and most important it is not possible to produce in this way a cloud, as it is described in- competently by that media company, in front of a display that can be viewed from every angle, despite such an impression is given by the description of our NanoProjector™, which in fact is related with an other holographic usage. As such this is again the fiction of that media company and most potentially by some other fraudsters only. A solution for this problem is indeed our Retina Projector™, which is a result of the experiences, knowledge and competences that was gained, and research that was conducted in the field of multimedia since more than 25 years in our OntoLab™ - The Lab of Visions™. The technology of our Retina Projector™ itself is based on a combin- ation of the first version of the (Virtual) Retinal/Retina display, which has to be worn by a user like a pair of glasses (see the Original vs. Inspiration of the 6th of December 2010), with the technology of the so called 4D Vision display, which has such a described tracking sy- stem that synchronously works together with a 3D display, because in discussions with other scientists we came to the conclusion that one of our old approaches of a holographic display won't work due to the same naive fallacy as it was made with the shown pseudo-pro- totypical nonsense system. It also proves that the report is indeed based on the descriptions of our special type of Holonicle™::Display, NanoProjector™ and Retina Projector™, whose basic technologies, functionings and ingenuities were not really understood. And why again that criminal media company doesn't name us is not really a riddle anymore, because the report is obvisiously based on our web- site contents that it has stolen, like the other contents for reports of the last past in fields of for example astronomy, multimedia, auto- motive technology and so on as well. Again: Convicted!!!™
  • LG Electronics: That only stealing company has also stolen our concept of our Ontoscope™ and essential parts of its design and specification inclusive the feature of running a distribution that is based on the Linux® operating system kernel. Furthermore, its statement "Into the new dimension [-] Experience the new world that [the company] is opening." that it made in conjunction with the promotion of such a Mobile Device™ is a criminal lie, because it's not obvious, but absolutely clear that we already created exactly this new reality/world and so the company is also actively misleading the public. Taking this case and the case of the copied concept of our 3D-Palm-Computer, which is the base for smartphones with 3D dis- play, together with the case of the stolen concepts of our intelli- Tablets (iTablets)™ in the slate, pad and portfolio styles (see the case of LG Electronics and Deutsche Telekom in the Investigations:: Multimedia of the 3rd of this month for the Pad Computer™ in the slate style), and all related stolen contents, concepts and technolo- gies, then it can be doubtlessly proved that all has been stolen point by point as a whole from our websites without referencing us, which is at least a clear copyright infringement, even by its german subsi- diary.

    Wir weisen deutsche Unternehmen darauf hin, dass sie illegal erwor- benes intellektuelles Eigentum selbsterverständlich nach Kenntnis- nahme diese Nachricht nicht weiterverbreiten dürfen (es ist bekannt, dass die Deutsche Telekom als auch die vielen deutschen Medienun- ternehmen unsere Web-Auftritte lesen). Des Weiteren schützt Un- wissenheit nicht vor Schaden. Letzteres würde im Falle eines Falles bedeuten, dass das gesamte World Wide Web sowie Archive von Me- dieninhalten von geschütztem Eigentum zu säubern sind.

    Comment of the Day
    "Culture to carnival to crime, and back to the start."

    We simply repeat it once again: Not that kleptomaniac S. Jobs laun- ched a new era in tablet computers, but C.S. with our P@d 2.0 project in the year 2008 while no other company was really interest- ed in this technology. The company Apple was fiddling around with its new smartphone, the company Microsoft thought we would step into the market of multimedia tables and the rest didn't really care about their few tablet personal computers or simple internet tablets that both featured only simple pen-based or one finger touch inter- faces. Furthermore, guess why we gave the project the name with the version number 2.0 and there is now a so called Pad Computer market segment. So please, do yourself a favor and stop writing and talking nonsense, and perverting the documented facts.

    Xinhua.OntomaX Further steps
    Wir haben die neue Domain xinhua.ontomax.de eingerichtet.


  • Google: That only stealing company has presented an own pay- ment system as a reaction to the case of the company Apple and our comment at the end of our Investigations::Multimedia of the 3rd of this month and our 21st Century Passport solution. Again we have the next evidence that Google is a serious criminal company and in- deed is stealing everything from and making every step of our com- pany since more than four years. By the way: Where is this service by Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, eBay and Twitter?
    Besides this, we also have now the next evidence that that compa- ny wants to create a two-class system of the World Wide Web and that it has to be destroyed.
    In relation with the latter point fits also the fact, that that company has announced to launch an internet institute in the B.R.D..
  • Axel Springer: We knew that that criminal media company would act in the background and choose an alternative payment system for example with another criminal company (see the case of Google above and also its case in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 12th of February). But its acting doesn't really matter, because much be- tter and most important the true informations are delivered by us.
  • Bertelsmann: see Axel Springer
  • Hubert Burda Media: see Bertelsmann

    Now, we also do have the proof that the german political party CDU and its gang is working together with local and foreign companies, for example Googel and Microsoft, against local german companies, because the owners of the three listed german media companies are known to be the strong supporters of the chairwoman of that party. This means that in fact we have here also the proof that some pers- ons have really made the coup that was believed to not happen anymore, which clearly shows how weak democracy is.

    Light red carpet on our webpage Culture: We made notes about the persons Jamie Oliver, and Wafaa Bilal and team, as well as about the directors Robert van Ackeren and for sure again Wilhelm Ernst Wen- ders, but also about the german comedian and actor Register-Nr. 39747033.9 Leitklasse 41 Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt.

    Investigations::Multimedia and Robotics

  • Tsukuba University: A research group of the japanese university has massively stolen contents, concepts and technologies from our websites, especially of Ontonics™ and OntoLinux™. This can be proven by statements that were made by a research project leader who claimed for example that the future will be in three dimensions (compare this with eg. the component Ontoscope™ of our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™ and the section Multimedia of the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™) and that a robotic arm can do almost anything a human arm can do (see the sections Robotics and Prothetics of the webpage Links to Hardware. The proposed system applies two cameras that stream real-time video of human gestures to computers (see the section Smartphone, Pocket computer of the webpage Links to Hardware and also the webpage Ontologic Applic- ations). Furthermore, it is stated that "[...] displays will likely soon become 3D. When your display dimensions become 3D, using a key- board or mouse isn't very effective. What will be effective instead, is gestures." (take a look at the section Multimedia of the Innovation-Pipeline and also the webpage Ontologic Applications once again). Also, a 3D desktop manager is announced to be developed which points directly again to our software component Ontoscope and its essential part OntoVE™ - Ontologic Virtual Environment.
    If no reference were made, then this means a copyright infringe- ment, stealing and misleading knowingly the public. Indeed, this was an empty gesture, because the research group is: Convicted!!!™

    Investigations::Avionics and Aerospace

  • Daimler and European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company: What a surprise: Daimler wants to sell its share of 15% of the Euro- pean Aeronautic Defence and Space Company to the state. But be- fore our properties were damaged and even stolen, and then sold to foreign corporations (start to get into the whole case by reading their other cases in the Investigations::Avionics and Aerospace of the 26th of May 2010 and 12th of February of this year).

    Due to their nonsense statements and actings we made once again notes about the persons and non-artists D. Hirst, S.J.A. Germanotta and R.R. Fenty on our webpage of pure Culture.

    Further steps
    Due to the fact that so very much entities are still attempting to attack C.S.' integrity and trustworthiness despite the documented facts, we would also repeat once again that we are still in the proc- ess of deleting or rewriting some text passages on the websites of OntoLab - The Lab of Visions and Ontonics (exclusive the webpages Innovationsmodell and Innovation-Pipeline) and maybe others. On the website of Style of Speed we have already marked related web- pages as being under construction, which is a rule that cannot be transfered on our other websites like the one of OntoLinux. The reasons why we haven't cleaned up everything in the last years are simple: We had to document the results of our investigations at first, our actings has had very good reasons and were in nearly all cases reactions on criminal actings by other entities, but we never wanted such text passages on our websites due to the goal to have pure quality only, or barters with other entities. In the end the di- fferences will be so slightly that most of the readers won't even notice them.

    We also have started with given every date an own so called anch- or, so that our readers will be directed straight to the position in the related webpage. The first webpage with this feature is our Culture webpage since today. Our other news webpages will follow step by step.

    The curator of a movie festival in Berlin, Dieter Kosslick, stated some nonsense in an interview on the 16th of February that is somehow connected with our investigations in the fields of 3D multimedia and culture we documented on the same day and three days before. So we made a note about him on our webpage Culture, for sure.

    Comment of the Day
    #RP™ RP#™
    One ID™

    Picture of the Day
    Traffic sign #282: End of all prohibitions
    End of all prohibitions
    No limits→Flat out→Full speed


  • British Broadcasting Corporation: It seems to be that that broad- caster was the first to see how the approach of our payment syst- em looks like, though we were once again not named. By using HTML5 inside™ and following our unique credit card-like approach with our in all aspects much superior 21st Century Passport™/One ID™ solution, which is already offered to their citizens by around 40 countries and simply works at every place where an internet conn- ection can be found, customers and companies only need to pay a very small amount of transaction fee onetime for the whole commer- cial transaction with one company and not a bold nonsense fee of 10% or even 30% of the turnover (see also the Investigations::Mul- timedia of the 3rd and 16th of this month). Furthermore, our system gives corporations the full flexibility for handling their deals and the full control about their customer data, as it is needed and the right way in a free world. There is absolutely no need to have these well- known spies in the middle between customer and company, and pay even for the cost of their corporate espionage.
    That's what we call service™
    Btw.: We would really like to see the dumb faces by the manage- ment of Apple, Google and many other unpleasant companies. Maybe they can again take a seat at one table and make a picture.
  • Rheinische Post: That criminal Nazipaper reacted on our clarificat- ion of the 16th of February, which was once again about attempts to pervert the facts in conjunction with the origin of the P@d™ Computers™, and placed an image of a clone of a clone of our in- telliTablet (iTablet)™, the original Pad Computer™, with a pointer to its online version. But what a pity, the payment system by that only stealing company Apple is already history and the alternative pay- ment system by that only stealing company Google (see the Invest- igations::Multimedia of the 16th of this month) is now also fully blown up (read also the case of the media company British Broad- casting Corporation above).

    Investigations::Multimedia, and Avionics and Aerospace

  • Vatican and Italian Space Agency: Unbelievable but true: As one member of a venture that is being run jointly by the Vatican and the Italian Space Agency it seems to be that even the Vatican has now copied contents and concepts from our websites. "What was before the so called Big Bang, if everything started with this event, even time and space?" is asked by a representative of the Vatican. In this conjunction take a look at some of the many meanings of the three parts of C.S.' signature (shown as the Comment of the Day on the 11.10.09), which are O>-<↔(should be clear, if not, then search the sign in the image "Evidence"), *<:o)↔(which is composed itself out of the signs *↔Big Bang; <↔creation of time and space, and ex- pansion; :↔creation of symmetry, duality, counting, reflection, and so on; o↔further development of the dimensionality and in this way the space, which can be simply described like from zero dimensional point to one dimensional line segment to two dimensional circle until to infinite many dimensions; )↔wave of further expansion and cos- mic background radiation, and abstracts as a whole clown and fun), and _(D)>-<↔ (see the Nazca Astronaut/Angel of Style of Speed™ and the Image of the Day of the 5th of November 2010)), also com- pare the whole signature with the image "Evidence", and think also about the triangle-like hook of our logo of Ontologics as this first pulse beat of the universe besides the meanings infinity, fractal, especially the Koch snowflake/star, but also chaos and order, iterat- ive circle construction, pyramid, crystal, diamond, and so on. Be- sides this fundamental question about the beginning of the universe, other questions are asked, discussed and answered on a new web- site, which is about the fields arts, philosophy, theology, astronomy and astronautics, especially space missions, and set up by the Vat- ican and the scientific community of Italy. We don't need to say much to this point, but the readers who are not familiar with our websites will be directed to the original sources by us: The field arts can be easily found on our webpage Culture and by the images by different persons and C.S. presented all over our websites, the rel- ation to philosophy should also be clear by the websites of Ontologic Systems®™, Ontonics™, OntoLab - The Lab of Visions™ and of our Ontologic System®™ and Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) Onto- Linux™, theology is mentioned on this website in the Investigations of the 14th of October 2009 and should be clear by the website of Ontologic Systems®™ as well, astronomy leads directly to the sect- ion Physics as well as to THE COMMENT given on the 8th of April 2009, the Image of the Day and Clarification #1 of the 19th of June 2009, Clarification #1, #2 and #3 of the 14th of July 2009, Comment of the Day #2 of the 2nd of September 2010 and Clarification of the 8th of October 2009, while astronautics and space missions point again to the section Physics and the related paragraphs of the web- page Organizations, the section Space on the website of Style of Speed™ and for sure again the Image of the Day of the 5th of Nov- ember 2010. The new website will have also three portals, which doubtlessly reflects the 3 Theme by C.S. and the Ontologic Portal™, but somehow also the section Teleportation #2 Interstellar of the webpage Terms of the 21st Century. Within each portal will be a variety of multimedia platforms (see once again the website of On- toLinux™, especially the sections Space Simulation, Astronomy and Algorithmic/Generative/Evolutionary/Organic ... Art/Science of the webpage Links to Software), including a cosmology section (see also the case of the media company British Broadcasting Corporation in the Investigations of the 28th of November 2010), and one that will have the latest data collected by satellites and unmanned probes (see again the section Physics of the webpage Organizations, espe- cially the end of it). Besides the fundamental question above, the following statement was made by the Vatican's senior astronomer: "I can believe in God and at the same time accept Einstein's theory that time has not always existed" (see also the Comment of the Day #1 of the 2nd of September 2010 and again the links given above). In the same way the representative of the Vatican has gone on re- cord as saying intelligent beings created by God could exist in outer space, and that alien life does not contradict Church doctrine (see also our Clarification of the 2nd of December 2010 and the cases of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Arbeitsgemein- schaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepu- blik Deutschland, Rheinische Post, Bertelsmann→N-TV and W. Banz- haf in the Investigations of the 3rd of December 2010).
    From our point of view the goal "The aim is for both sides to come together for the good of humanity." has been missed somehow due to a higher-leveled copyright infringement, despite that the state- ment was formulated in a clever way. This is not the first time, but now at least the second time that we have an ambivalent issue with the Vatican (see also our note of the 22nd of November 2009 about the pope on our webpage Culture). So, does somebody wants to test us and then come up with a statement about love? Because Albert Einstein was referenced several times here we can at least clarify this point as well: After Einstein's theories love is an illusion. But the reader can still believe in love.
    See also the Comment of the Day of the 15th of October 2009, the Comment of the Day #2 15th of July 2009 and !? again of the 15th of October 2009. O>-<

    Ontonics Website update
    Due to the fact that our Hightech Operating System OntoLinux was also designed for controlling for example rapid prototyping mach- ines/3D printer, as listed on the webpage Links to Hardware, it can be used as well with our McNano technology. This always given im- plicit association was now made explicit by adding it to the descript- ion of our Cook!Mobile system on the webpage Innovation-Pipeline.

    We also added to the description of our McNano technology the sentence about the inspiration and its extension by the three con- cepts nanoscale, food component palette and automation, that we have added to the fields of food and cooking in this way.


  • Cornell University and French Culinary Institute: As we found out now, the responsible scientists of the project Fab@Home and of the school of cookery have stolen contents, concepts and technologies since the October 2009 from our websites, especially from the orig- inal technology McNano listed in the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics. Before the launch of our project some of the members of the group Fab@Home did print only with cheese out of a tube, jam and cho- colate, but no meal and no general concept like the so called "mat- erials platform for printing food", or a relation to molecular gastrono- my was described as we did with our McNano. We also have found in reports by the media statements like: "You hand [the computer] three bits of info [...] [speech act stealing by jumping on the band- wagon of the 3 Theme]", "[...] next phase of the digital revolution [...]", "In the future there would probably be a kind of 'ChefCAD' that will allow people to design their own food constructions [...] [Doubt- lessly, this story was stolen from the webpage Overview of the web- site of OntoLinux™, the description of our Cook!Mobile™ solution and the results of the investigative cases of Nico Kläber in the Investig- ations Design Special of the 12th of September 2009.]" and "[...] hospitals, space flight [...] [Maybe we should say that this points to the Replicator #1 Molecular Assembler as mentioned on the webpage Terms of the 21st Century again of the website of OntoLinux™ and again in the description of the original McNano technology.]".
  • British Broadcasting Corporation: We don't know why that criminal media company is attacking us since months, so we prove its mass- ive incompetences once again by quoting out of one report that is about the technology of a meal assembler/3D food printer: "Just pop the raw food "inks" in the top, load the recipe [...] [In fact, these are essential parts of our McNano™ technology and Cook!Mobile™ solution.]", "[...] goal is to blow the lid off cooking as we know it and change the future of food production [...] [take a look once again at our McNano™ technology]", "People lacking even basic culinary skills could download the recipe files of master chefs or print out nutrit- ion-packed dishes recommended by their doctors. [We are sure that this statement was taken from the description of our Cook!Mobile™ solution, as well as the results of the investigative cases of the company Nintendo in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 11th of June 2009 and of Nico Kläber in the Investigations Design Special of the 12th of September 2009.]", ""The production chain requirements for food would nearly be eliminated." [We do know that this a result of our invention and we have even given more informations in this conjunction, so that our competence is proved once again.]", "While other researchers have toyed with the idea of printing food - notab- ly at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - the Fab@Home team is actively working on creating an affordable syringe-based 3D printer that can print a wide variety of foods. [That's a bold lie made to play down and direct away the attention from our pioneering work by even using the contents of our website, like the results of the in- vestigative cases of Nico Kläber in the Investigations Design Special of the 12th of September 2009 and of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Investigations of the 11th of August 2010.]", "[...] using traditional engineering computer aided design (CAD) soft- ware [...] [In this context, this explanation was taken from the web- page Overview of the website of OntoLinux™ and the results of the investigative cases of Nico Kläber in the Investigations Design Spec- ial of the 12th of September 2009.]", "[...] currently limited to any- thing that can be extruded from a syringe [...] [And exactly at this position we developed the whole concept further with our ingenious McNano™ technology and this was done even before the other sci- entific groups got their limited ideas.]", "[...] range of basic liquid in- gredients [...] [This points as well to the description of our McNano technology, in which we described the detemination of a broad pal- ette of compositions based on the nanoscale as one of the especi- ally remarkable general invention by our actings in this field.]", "[...] designs and ingredients list more complex [...]" and "[...] 3D printing will do for food what e-mail and instant messaging did for communic- ation [...] [The same was said more than ten years ago about print- able electronics, but this time instead of the Massachusetts Instit- ute of Technology the OntoLab™ - The Lab of Visions™ is leading the way.]". In this comjunction we have to be honest and clarify that our McNano technology is actually in the middle between these 3D food printers and the Replicator #1 Molecular Assembler on the spaceship Enterprise, while finally McNano 3.0 will be the latter.
    Another report about 3D printing was published which focused on the so called bioprinting and contained statements like the following: "The next step in the 3D printing revolution may be body parts in- cluding cartilage, bone and even skin. [Again the Fab@Home project of the Cornell University was named. But surprisingly this sentence exactly reflects the text that we wrote as we have added its pro- ject into the section Rapid Prototyping Machine of the Links to Hard- ware webpage as part of our OntoLinux Website update of the 11th of April 2009. It also points directly to the section Replicator #1 Mol- ecular Assembler as mentioned on the webpage Terms of the 21st Century.]", "[...] the raw ingredients of 3D printing have been re- cently branching out significantly [...] [Indeed, as we started one of this branch with our McNano™ technology, which we presented the first time with the Ontonics Website update by adding the McNano™ technology to the Innovation-Pipeline on the 17th of April 2009.]", "[...] artfully knock out new body parts [...]", "[... scientific] group's aim to print skin directly onto burn victims [...] [Isn't this a concept from the "Star Wars" saga?]" and ""What's unique about this device is that it has a scanner system that can identify the extent and depth of the wound, because every wound is different" [...] "scan gets converted into 3D digital images" [...] [Why does this sound so familiar? Maybe it is taken from our OntoLinux™ website, especially the webpage Links to Hardware?!]".
  • Cable New Network: Last month the media company has reported about a meal assembler/food printer based on rapid prototyping/3D printing (see also the other cases above). We quote out of the re- port and directly give the links to the original sections on our web- sites: "[...] 3D food printer sounds like something out of Star Trek [...] [see the the section Rapid Prototyping Machine of the Links to Hardware, the section Replicator #1 Molecular Assembler of the webpage Terms of the 21st Century on our website of OntoLinux™ and the original technology McNano™ of the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™]", "The device attaches to a computer, which works as the "brain" behind the technology. [There is definitely no doubt any- more that this report was written by using illegally contents of our website by OntoLinux™ as well.]", "[...] project came out of [a uni- versities] venture [...] [This is not quite right. In fact, this project is based on our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™ and our McNano technology.]", "The group started experimenting with food fabrication in 2007. [This is not quite right as well. The group only printed with cheese out of a tube, jam and chocolate. Food fabrication was not mentioned.]" and "[...] $3,300 [...] [Surprise, surprise. It's the 3 Theme by C.S. again.]".
    Maybe that media company is the leader in news, but in this case we have to ask about the quality of the news and the reports.

    By the way: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has supported a scientific work in the year 2005 that was about a customizable and reprogrammable "food preparation, pro- duction and invention system" for "space travel and exploration", which should use "finite and pre-defined combination[s]" out of a "small, standardized set of known ["fundamental"] ingredients[, the so called "food phonemes",] and cooking techniques" for these tasks. The envisioned system was said to apply as well a "generative food grammar, which can be used to describe and translate the combin- ation of ingredients and food transformations necessary to produce any food item into instructions for [our controlling the] food prod- uction machine". Also, in its short description the food replicators of the Star Trek saga were mentioned as well, but neither nanotech- nology, a 3D printer or even both combined as we have described with our McNano™ technology. In the end nothing came out.

    And like in the case of the original P@d™ Computer™ there is again absolutely no chance to pervert the documented facts about the original meal assembler/3D food printer technology McNano™. The witnesses are really much too big, so that we can give everybody on this planet the advice to let it be or get into serious troubles other- wise.


  • Beiersdorf: For a product series that company has stolen from our websites contents and concepts, and in this way conducted a clear and pure copyright infringement again (see also the Investigations of the 8th of July 2008, 27th of December 2008, 19th of January 2009, 30th of March 2009, 17th of July 2009). Its whole marketing is based on our concept that we have started with the logo of Softbionics™ and the series of images "Minifigure Classic Colors", especially the image "Minifigure 00ff" by C.S., which was presented the first time on the 21st of March 2009, like for example the name of the product line, which contains the words "Black & White", its packagings which are designed in the same black and white colour scheme, and style like the before mentioned images, and the cloth and posture of the actors in the commercials, which again were both taken from the before mentioned images. We also found in a related press release the following terms and phrases that point doubtlessly to speech act stealing: "Nummer 1==number 1", "haben eine Lösung gefunden== have found a solution", "revolutionäre Formel==revolutionary formula" "Technologie==technology" and "Clear [and] Pure [compare with our labels and slogans]". We also found out that it has stolen the con- cept of unique especially designed t-shirts from the King Smiley Fur- ther steps of the 22nd of April 2009.

    Due to copying of contents of our website we make notes about the person Steve Stoute and the writers, directors and producers Matt Groening and David Samuel Cohen, and Stephen Hillenburg on the Culture webpage #1.

    Comment of the Day
    "Really, the square of the circle is not so difficult."
    If someone is competent.

    Ontonics Website update
    While we were updating some descriptions given on the webpage of the Innovation-Pipeline by adding missing words or translations, we thought it would be good to add the new project:

  • (Baffled).

    Oh, what a pity. Again, we have forgotten what ingenious ground- breaking humanitarian project with its fascinating technology it was. We don't understand how this could have happened now the third or fourth time in the last year, but instead you can go to William "Bill" Gates who is now in the flu or so business after he killed malaria.


  • Google: By happenstance we found out that two years ago that only stealing company has stolen a story from our website of Onto- Linux™ and damaged our trademark Softbionics™ by naming an op- erating system subsystem bionic. Now, we also do know where it got the inspiration from for the label android.

    In the past we have claimed many times that the operating system by the Android group is a Linux® based distribution and not a separ- ate operating system. Due to the fact that this point was and may- be is still discussed, and that this categorization could be misleading for persons who are not familiar with software engineering, we would like to give additional informations about this operating system group and its software system. This said software is based on the operat- ing system kernel Linux®, which is combined with software of sever- al open source projects as it is characteristic for Linux® distribut- ions. The kernel itself is vastly changed by processor-specific acco- mmodations, which is normal in the field of embedded systems due to the underlying hardware, but also by obmitting and replacing su- pport of essential subsystems that belong to a standard Linux® bas- ed system, which is not normal, because this is even complied by other Linux® based operating systems for embedded systems. Fur- thermore, the general quality and the special architecture with the reworked kernel and the used virtual machine running on top of it is on the level of the last century from the point of view of software engineering. Also, the end results are nearly proprietary operating system versions with extremely strong dependences on the underly- ing hardware. Additionally, the community factor has been factored out, which in fact in the end makes the claim of being an open sy- stem a lie. All in all, it is just the usual fuss by only stealing compa- nies like Google, Deutsche Telekom and so on. Our advice for profe- ssionals: Stay away. Go to Linux®. Go OntoLinux™!

    Ontonics Website update
    We have added to the Innovation-Pipeline the new project:

  • (Again baffled).

    Oh no, it happened again that we have forgotten what this time this ingenious fascinating humanitarian project was about. Maybe this problem is related with the environment somehow.


  • Deutsche Telekom: In the same way as its serious criminal busi- ness partner Google has reacted (see its case in the Investigations:: Multimedia of the 16th of this month above), that only stealing com- pany reacted as well on our investigations in the field of online pay- ment systems for publishers (see the case of the company Apple in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 3rd, the general case of the 13th, as well as the whole Investigations::Multimedia of the 16th and 19th of this month above) and announced to launch an online kiosk for publishers, which as a system concept is not new. But the real goal is again, that it wants to steal our payment system, which is based on our Cell Cash Card™ technology and 21st Century Pass- port solution, and integrate it into the software of the Android group (see also for example the Clarification of today) to fulfill the demand for an alternative by the criminal german media companies, exactly as it was mentioned before in the cases of the criminal media com- panies Axel Springer, Bertelsmann and Hubert Burda Media in the In- vestigations::Multimedia of the 16th February. Said this, we have the next evidence that Deutsche Telekom is a serious criminal com- pany and indeed is stealing everything from and making every step of our company since more than a decade. But sadly to say, there is only the little problem that its whole acting is not allowed after nat- ional and European Union laws.

    Comment of the day
    MultiGPS™ MultiGNS™ SuperGPS™ SuperGNS™

    Ontonics Website update
    We have update the description of our Cell Cash Card by giving in- formations about the two different general possibilities of its usage, which include the interplay with a mobile device to eliminate misuse.

    We also added to our Innovation-Pipeline our new technology:

  • MultiGPS.

    We made again a note about the person Olafur Eliasson on our unparalled and several times copied Culture webpage.

    Ontonics Website update
    Due to the fact that some defrauding persons, groups, institutes, universities and companies think that it would be clever to steal contents, concepts and technologies from our webpage Innovation-Pipeline some month later after we presented them, and then mis- lead the public by telling only the annual date and in this way give the impression that they were first and we copied their intellectual properties, which is then also repeated knowingly to keep up these criminal misleadings by the criminal media for distracting attention away from our original sources, we have extended the webpage with the full dates as far as we do know them. Some of the missing dates have to be determined by radiocarbon dating of the ink and paper which were used for the sketches and texts made by hand.


  • General: More and more reports are published and broadcasted that name as the sources of some given additional informations the names of the related World Wide Web services, especially social networks or video portals, where the informations were published at first. This is wrong and in many countries not allowed, because not the social networks or content sharing platforms are the source of these informations that have to be referenced, but the creators and/or owners of the related multimedia documents, musical works, photos, videos, uploaded website contents and so on, so that in the end we can even speak here about illegal covert advertisings. The contracts between the website owners and the content creators and/or owners are not relevant. Even more important, for example a well-known video portal clearly says in its disclaimer, that it, simply explained, doesn't want to become the owner of uploaded materials at all and that the user is responsible all alone for her/his uploads. Furthermore, the licenses that the service providers get from their users are only related with their own services, but not with the cre- ated or uploaded contents!!!™
    Wir fordern hiermit die deutschen Medien, insbesondere die öffent- lich-rechtlichen Medien ARD und ZDF, auf diese Praxis sofort einzu- stellen! Nix "Quelle: YouSoup", "Quelle: Schrottbook" oder "Quelle: Welcher Dienst auch immer". Die wahren Urheber sind zu nennen, falls die Dienste nicht Rechteinhaber des gezeigten Inhalts sind.

    Please, read the disclaimers of the website owners and service providers more carefully. They are not so difficult to understand.

    In this conjunction we would like to explain, that other licenses by companies, which say that the user gives up the copyrights of her/ his created works, eg. 3D models of buildings for online maps, are in the most cases not allowed by law, because this practice constit- utes in the most cases immoral enrichment or even illicit work, eg. you have to pay or take money for a 3D model.

    What's up at Google? Does it buy now our image "Pattern #0001 Coloured", which it has stolen for its favicon, and another image each for 1 billion US Dollar, or do we have to push that whole busi- ness away?
    For example, what holds for Pirate Bay holds exactly in the same way as well for YouTube! And then we are directly at the image search feature.

    Comment of the day
    Plasma bulb™

    Ontonics Website update
    We have added to the Innovation-Pipeline the new projects:

  • MobileKinetic,
  • Retina Projector™/Retina Screen™ 2.0,
  • Retinascope™ 2.0,
  • P@d 4.0,
  • e-dashboard 3.0 (fine tuning) and
  • Plasma Bulb.

    Ontoscope Further steps
    The new option MobileKinetic technology has been added to the list of features of all of our Ontoscope models and versions.

    intelliTablet Further steps
    The new option MobileKinetic technology has been added to the list of features of all of our intelliTablet (iTablet) models and versions.


  • LG Electronics: At a large IT-exhibition that only stealing company presented a smartphone and a tablet computer featuring a 3D dis- play that needs no googles to be watched and a stereoscopic cam- era at the backside. As already explained before (see the Investig- ations::Multimedia of the 3rd and 13th of this month), we repeat that we have here a clear copyright infringement, because the pre- sented smartphone is in fact our Ontoscope™ 3D (described for ex- ample at the end of the case of the Rheinische Post in the Investig- ations::Multimedia of the 8th January 2010 by the given explanation "[...] smartphone, which is designed like an Ontoscope™ or an int- elliTablet™ (Big Ontoscope™) [...] but without all of our 3D features, like a 3D (digital) (video) camera and an optional 3D monitor", in the case of the National University of Singapore→Interactive Multimedia Lab in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 27th January 2010, and in the Ontoscope Further steps of the 27th of March 2010 as well), while the Tablet-PC with 3D display with or without stereoscopic camera at the backside is our intelliTablet 3D (iTablet 3D) (announc- ed and described in the intelliTablet (iTablet) Further steps of the 28th of March 2010).
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: We quote out of a report about a large IT-exhibition: "Der Hersteller LG stellt zum Beispiel sowohl ein Tablet-PC als auch ein Smartphone vor, bei denen man keine Brille mehr braucht, um einen räumlichen Effekt zu erleben.==The manu- facturer LG presents for example a tablet-PC as well as a smart- phone, for which no goggles are needed anymore to experience the spatial effect.". What not becomes clear in this statement is the fact that both the concepts of the business as well as the products have been stolen from our websites (see also the case of the com- pany LG Electronics above to get into the whole case). Furthermore, due to the fact that the essential keywords of the related descript- ions of our original Mobile Devices™ given on our websites can be easily translated by every average german consumer we have here also a clear copyright infringement by this working group of german broadcasters (compare with the case of the rejected registration of the trademark easy.tv by the federal patent court of the B.R.D.).

    With this, we request all media companies to not report about the named products by the company LG Electronics and also to finally follow our Disclaimer.
    Wir fordern hiermit alle deutschen Medien auf nicht über die aufge- führten Produkte des Unternehmens LG Electronics zu berichten und außerdem unseren Hinweis endlich zu folgen. Zudem sind bisherige Textpassagen aus den entsprechenden Reportagen sofort zu lö- schen.

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