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Style of Speed Further steps
We have a new doodle of the conversion matrix of the R8 which is this time showing the B8 GT version:

Volkswagen→Audi R8 LMS ∧ →Bentley Continental GT → SOS B8 GT
© Audi, Bentley, and Style of Speed

Again, the grille face panel and eventually the headlights are positioned too high, while the air intakes beneath the grille should be larger. Also the side has still the original R8 design.

We also have a first doodle of the mentioned Hunaudières II (see the Further steps of the 20th of October 2012):

Volkswagen→Bentley Hunaudières I ∧ →Bugatti Veyron ∧ →Bentley Continental GT → SOS Hunaudières IIVolkswagen→Bentley Hunaudières I ∧ →Bugatti Veyron ∧ →Bentley Mulsanne → SOS Hunaudières II
© Bentley and Style of Speed

The doodles give also a further impression of the design of the B8 conversion.

Due to the fact that the car Artega GT is gone since yesterday we have now the electric drivetrain used for the prototyp Artega SE, which was kindly sponsored by the tax payers of the B.R.D., as an option for our models Electron B and Electron C, as well as a com- ponent for the hybrid drivetrain of our New Energy Sports Car (NESC or NESCar) version of our Electron range called Hytron (see also the Further steps of the 24th of September 2012).

Now, if we take the Modularer QuerBaukasten (MQB)==Modular Transverse Matrix platform, that is used for e.g. the models Volkswa- gen Golf and Audi A3, we are going on with our interpretations of the concept car BlueSport, and the rumored models R4 and Porsche 551, that could be powered with the 3.6-liter R6 engine by Volkswagen used for the Artega GT. In this conjunction, we are looking as well on the possibility to use this specific platform for our e-conversion RA, and the conversions 356 V8 and 550 V8.

Moreover, we have started the new project of a Baby Bentley, which is essentially the next generation of the model TT by the marque Audi, so that the model R4 or R5, which is discussed since many years, can be based on the MQB platform as well and in this way fits perfectly into the model range of Audi now (see again our conversion GTron for the exterior design).

Style of Speed Website update
Due to a larger series that is based on the same platform (see also the Style of Speed Further steps below) we have exchanged the A1 chassis with the A3 chassis of our GTron series as well.

Style of Speed Further steps
We are sorting out the images shown on the webpages of our models RA and GTron that we mixed in the past for some reasons. We do this with respect to all models and conversions by the factory and us, that are our Baby Bentley aka. Audi TT III, the concepts Volks- wagen BlueSport, Audi R4 and R5, and Porsche 550/551, and our conversions 356 V8 and 550 V8.

And we could not hold back to make these doodles of the Bentley TT:

Volkswagen→Audi TT ∧ →Bentley Continental GT → SOS Bentley TTVolkswagen→Audi TT ∧ →Bentley Continental GT → SOS Bentley TT
© Audi, Bentley, and Style of Speed

As usual, the dimensions and the positions of the single elements have to be pinpointed, for example the grille face plate is much too high and has to be very fine accentuated only, so that the clear design language is preserved, but again it is a very straightforward concept. Following the history, and the Volkswagen and Bentley de- sign languages, integrate the design of the rear fender and the tail of the model Beetle II as it was done before with the overall designs of the Beetle I and the TT I.

Comment of the Day

On the one hand we were not sure at first, if we should clarify that bold rumour by an U.S. American automotive online magazine, but on the other hand the case is more than clear. Fact is: Yes, our business division Style of Speed is working on a model for which stands the second B in the label of our A * B * B * L * P * S/Audi * Bentley * Bugatti * Lamborghini * Porsche * SOS series, and that suddenly got the name SuperVeyron following labels like SuperDragon, SuperGryphon, SuperElemento, and SuperVélocité by us, and SuperVeloce by the marque Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini. Furthermore, it is not a conversion of the model Veyron itself, as claimed by also showing some fake images of a Veyron, but still our design study Doris, which was presented as the concept car Lydia by a Swiss designer, who eventually received the order directly from the marque Bugatti or another third entity (see also our Style of Speed Further steps of the 4th, 5th, 12th, and 22nd of October 2012). What we are actually doing is to take the technology of the latest Le Mans Prototyp (LMP) race car R18 TDI by the factory and Style of Speed, like for example our Active Differential #2, The SuperArchitecture, at the front axle, correct the mistakes of the Lydia design, and make a new design accordingly.
Said this, we are sure that the related haox report was launched by another entity, which could be for example McLaren, Bugatti or Audi, or a group that is watched by us since around 2 years now.
The other models are our 333 ST which stands for the S like Style of Speed, our 962 ST which stands for the P like Porsche, the Ultron which stands for the A like Audi, and the X1 which stands actually for no letter but might be the B like Bentley.

OntoLinux Further steps
Since we deleted the link to a Linux® kernel based distribution that supports the Debian® project due to its foul play we are also thinking about substituting Debian® as well with our own foundational distribution due to the hijacking of the Debian® project by the company behind the said distribution.

Furthermore, we are thinking since quite some time about the stop of our support for Linux®, because the philosophy of open source software does not reflect our connotations anymore, especially in the field of copyright protection and since the Android consortium has hijacked the Linux® project. Luckily, we have not publicated own source code or source code with a more stringent license model, for example the GPL, so that our copyright is not affected by such open source licenses, because our text does not belong to a specific documentation that is needed for using a related open source software package.

Comment of the Day #1
Carbon wood™ Carbon-Wood™ Karbon-Holz™
Carbon fiber-reinforced wood™ Kohlenstofffaserverstärktes Holz™
Multigrid touch™
Color touch™
Colour touch™
Coloured touch™
Colored touch™

Comment of the Day #2
"It's always fascinating how the first impression has an effect."

Ontonics Website update
For beautifying our range of carbon fibers we added:

  • Carbon Wood

    to our Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics.

    Furthermore, with the concept of the:

  • Multigrid Touch 19:09 EST

    we developed multi-touch interface techniques further.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    A similar design of the suggested rear fenders for our BT² (see the Further steps of the 4th of November 2012) can be seen with the model RCZ by the marque PSA Peugeot Citroën→Peugeot, like the nice version with a double bubble roof.


  • Fraunhofer Institut für Angewandte Polymerforschung: Wir untersuchen eine höchstwahrscheinliche Urheberrechtsverletzung bezüglich unserer Lösung NanSolo, die auf unserer anderen Lösung NanoPrint basiert, insbesondere deren Anwendung im Bereich der Herstellung von Dünnfilmsolarkollektoren. Dazu ist zu klären ob die vor einigen Tagen an ein brasilianisches Unternehmen verkaufte Drucklösung in einem Schichtdickenbereich arbeitet, der bereits auch zu der Nanotechnologie zählt, wobei selbstverständlich das Auftragen einzelner Schichten betrachtet werden muss. Auch ist von uns noch gänzlich zu klären ob es im Bereich der Herstellung von Dünnschichtsolarkollektoren, die vor unserer Veröffentlichung des Konzeptes NanSolo nur auf einzelnen Flächen per Stempelverfahren gedruckt wurden, bereits ausschlaggebende Veröffentlichungen über die Anwendung der sogenannte Roll-to-Roll-Drucktechnologie (Stichwort Zeitungsdruck) generell gab und falls tatsächlich eine solche Information öffentlich zugänglich gemacht wurde, ob die Schichtdicken in dem entsprechenden Bereich liegen. Höchstwahrscheinliche (zu 99,999%) gibt es solche Informationen nicht, da alle weltweit führenden Hersteller von Dünnschichtsolarkollektoren die ganzen Jahre vor unserer Präsentation genauso wie Forschungsinstitute keine entsprechenden Pressemitteilungen und Forschungsarbeiten veröffentlichten, sondern erst ungefähr 6 Monate nach uns auch unsere Roll-to-Roll-Drucktechnologie für die Produktion von Solarzellen als ihre Innovation beworben haben. Letzteres stellt ein Beweise für den Stand der Technik in diesem Marktsegment vor und nach unserer Präsentation dar oder einfacher gesagt, vorher hatten sie alle nur die Stempeltechnik.

    Comment of the Day

    Ontonics Website update
    We have made an implicitly described concept (see the Website update of the 10th of June 2012) explicit with the new projects:

  • PixelWave 3:06 EST, and
  • MultiWave 3:23 EST.

    We have also extended the description of our Sp@ce concept with the MultiWave approach and the associated SpaceWave approach, as well as with the paradigm of the Mixed Reality (MR) after our definition, as it was also already described in the Website update of the 10th of June 2012.
    Wir haben auch unser Sp@ce-Konzept mit dem MultiWave-Ansatz und dem zugehörigen SpaceWave-Konzept sowie mit dem Paradigma der gemischten Realität==Mixed Reality (MR) nach unserer Definition erweitert.

    intelliTablet Further steps
    We are working on a new series called Wave that combines tablet and pad computers of all kinds that feature our wave-field technologies, which in this and similar contexts is called TouchWave (see also the Ontoscope Further steps of the 18th of August 2012).

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have uploaded the new webpages of our street legal model Neo and our conversion F7X actually based on the upcoming top model by the marque Fiat→Ferrari (see the Further steps of the 20th of October 2012).

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We are searching for a new name for the design study of a Bugatti sports car by T. Shamen and came to the sign ∞ today.

    Comment of the Day #2
    "So, now we are warmed up.", [C.S., Today]

    For sure, our offer of the model RE is still valid, especially because we have an energy storage that is 30% less expensive than other solutions besides high-voltage lithium based accumulators, wireless resonant inductive energy transmission systems, beamed energy link systems, Quickcharger technologies, Active Differentials, and much more.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have uploaded the new webpage of our model H&M, which stands for Hunaudières and Mulsanne and is aka. the model Hunaudières II (see also the Further steps of the 20th of October 2012).

    Style of Speed Further steps
    The publication of the new webpage of our conversion Aventador Jota (see the Further steps of the 29.May.2012) is planned for the 12.12.12.
    In this context we would like to give the information that we will not present a conversion called SuperVeloce (SV), because we think it should be up to the factory to amaze the public and the enthusiasts with such a special.

    We are also in the process of uploading the new webpage of our conversion 458 BB based on the model 458 Spider (see also the Further steps of the 27th of May 2012) with the original V12 engine of the model Enzo or its successor. A second version of the 458 BB with the original V8 engine is given as a new option as well.

    In this context, we are thinking also about a new flat-12 engine based on the one of the model Testarossa by the marque Fiat→Ferrari for our conversion 458 BB, and about two connected flat-6 engines of the model Boxster respectively Cayman by the marque Volkswagen→Porsche for other projects.

    Furthermore, we would like to give our readers the hint to make local copies of our webpages, which show original images by the manufacturer Volkswagen, because we will update our website a second time by removing again its copyrighted material that we only took for compensating a very small fraction of its damage done to our company. In this conjunction, we are also thinking about a renovation of our product range or said more precisely about a substitution of technological solutions by Volkswagen with our own, despite this could set us back in relation to performances and features.

    Style of Speed Website update
    The new webpage of our conversion 458 BB is online.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We are thinking about a M!n! based on the platform of the up! model series by the manufacturer Volkswagen that has around 2 inch larger wheels and wider fenders, and potentially features the headlight of the model Beetle or the model Continental GT, though the headlights of the concept car Shooting Brake by the marque Audi are looking interesting as well. (Due to the fact that we already have the small Bentley with TT design language as our conversion BT²) this new Mini Bentley would fit very well to this marque of Volkswagen as well.

    *** Fine tuning mode; some very few links are missing ***
    Investigations::Car #365

  • Government of the B.R.D. and Fraunhofer Institute: We quote from a webpage about a research project in the field of electric mobility that resulted in two cars of which one might be the same car by the car manufacturer who had copied our #2: "[...] Komponenten der Elektroautos aufeinander abzustimmen, haben sich [...] Forscher von 33 Fraunhofer-Instituten zusammengeschlossen. Ziel dieser Kooperation ist es, die deutsche Automobil- und Zulieferindustrie dabei zu unterstützen, sich langfristig einen Spitzenplatz im Bereich der Elektromobilität zu sichern. Gefördert wurde das Projekt vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung BMBF mit 34,5 Millionen Euro aus Mitteln des Konjunkturprogramms II.", "[... Basis für die 2] Elektroautos ist der Artega GT [... here called] Frecc0 [...] [see also the eventually related case of the company Artega in the Investigations::Car #315 of the 5th of March 2011]".
  • Volkswagen→Audi, Audi Electronics Venture, Robert Bosch and Bosch Engineering, RWTH Aachen University, technical universities of Munich, Dresden and Ilmenau, Leibniz University Hannover, the Fraunhofer Institute, Forschungsgesellschaft Kraftfahrwesen mbH Aachen, and the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research: The companies in close collaboration with the other members of the consortium have not given up to infringe our copyright related with our model RE™ our Purely Electric™ drivetrain based on our Electric Torque Vectoring™ Active Differential™ #1 and #2, and our e quattro©™ concept based on it. At first, we quote from a related video presented in the October 2012 as part of the so-called e performance project: "Front-axel drive unit [-] Integrated axle differential and multi-plate clutch [Suddenly, it has not anymore the twin-motor configuration at the front-axle as it was with the other research project at the university (in Finland), see the Investigations::Car #... of the ..., which is the most relevant project. Furthermore, we do see here our Active Differential #1, as it is proved by following quotes, and by the term multi-plate clutch somehow an attempt to use more technologies from us, because otherwise it would make no sense.]", "Rear-axle drive unit [-] Twin-motor concept [...] [This is still our Active Differential™ #2, as it is also proved by following quotes.]", "Variable energy distribution [...] [This makes serious problems with our solution ECAN™/EnergyCAN™/PowerCAN™/Energy-Bus.]", "Functional switching of drive units [...] quattro drive [This functionality is already included in our electric drivetrains for which one or more drive motors are powered with 0 Volt, but not with our copyrighted electric quattro©™/e-quattro©™ concept (the third driving mode described in the video), which is surely an all-wheel drive all the time as usual for the original quattro® concept by the marque Audi.]", "Electronic torque vectoring [-] Wheel-specific torque distribution to enhance agility and stability [No, no, no, we are not from yesterday: Electric Torque Vectoring©™, Electronic Torque Vectoring©™, Electric Torque Distribution©™, and Electronic Torque Distribution©™!!!™ All of our trademarks are also copyrighted, so that this attempt to damage our trademarks does not work in many case, like this. In this specific case we even created this terms on the 16th of August 2009 that are 45 days before the project even was announced. Furthermore, this is perhabs the tenth attempt to steal the contents of our webpage Active Differentials™. And where is the claimed culture?]", "[...] e sport [...] e city [...] [No, no, no: E Sport™ and E City™!!!™ Again, we can see here the same method of infringing our copyright.]", and "[...] e quattro [...] [We also do repeat: e quattro©™!!!™]".
    We also quote out of a related press release by the marque Audi: "Electric drives represent a key topic for the mobility of the future. The Ingolstadt carmaker therefore launched the e performance project on [...] on October 1, 2009. The objective: a scalable systems architecture for electric-powered cars, a flexible technology platform that also includes a plug-in hybrid drive. It should be suitable for use in everything from a sports car to a sedan to a city car." [At first, we would like to mention that we do not think that this information is true, because it summarizes all of our drivetrains, which were not discussed in the media in this way at that time and have been presented everytime on exhibitions after we made the first step. Furthermore, this plug-in hybrid drive was added after we presented our New Energy Sports Car (NESCar) architecture in the Further steps of the 7th of April 2012 and 4th of July 2012, and the case of the marque in the Investigations::Car #359 of the 22nd of July 2012.]", ""Our team united engineering art, creativity and a portion of lateral thinking," says Dr. Christian Allmann, one of the project managers. "Young, independent free-thinkers worked together with the experts from the Technical Development departments at Audi and Bosch. We enjoyed a constant sharing of our respective knowledge and different work cultures." "The project was very dynamic with respect to personnel and technologies, resulting in a very flexible collaboration with open interfaces," adds Martin Schüssler, Allmann's colleague. [It is interesting to see how stealing our intellectual properties is also described today. By the way, do not confuse Christian Allmann with Christian Stroetmann as it is tried here as well and in this way proves the high criminal energy.]", "[..] is purely electric-powered. The F12 represents the "e Sport" model within the modular system platform [...] [No, no, no: E Sport™!!!™ Again, the marque has infringed our copyright in this way, as it did before with Pure Electric™ and in this way with Purely Electric™.]", "[...] high-voltage [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] three different electric motors [...] [This is again the 3³ Theme by C.S..]", "[...] electric quattro [...] [No, no, no: Electric quattro©™!!!™ This also reflects our copyrighted story presented on the webpage of for example our model RE™.]", "[...] tablet computer that can be removed from the center console [...] [So this is our T@blet™ and P@d™ Holder. In the video it is also shown in combination with a moving Active Interior™ component, which for sure was also not part of the project from its beginning.]", "A user-programmable instrument cluster presents all key information in high resolution. [This is our fully customizable Graphical User Interface (GUI) mentioned on the webpage of our models Cup and iCup™ the first time and long before the marque did.]", "[...] 'open innovation' principle [...] [Our copyright is not affected from such a principle and we also do reject this, for sure.]", "[...] simulations [...] innovative knowledge management [...] [Here, we have a link to the ontology-based paradigm and a spin-off of a university in the B.R.D., and to OntoLinux.]", and "The researchers used cameras to document each design step and made their knowledge available on a server accessible to all collaboration partners [...] [In fact, our relevant webpages are as well documented on at least one server that is even publicly accessible worldwide and on several other servers of leading service providers.]".
    The video shows an animation of the so-called F12 e performance prototype that is based on the design of the model R8. And while we are talking about nonsense as well, that modular battery concept, different operation modes concept, and cooling management are utter nonsense only. All in all, that was a giant mess by all participating entities, because either our intellectual properties have been copied illegally, or the own delivered results by the consortium are to around 90% worth nothing already.

    Hier wird also weiterhin unser Urheberrecht total und nach unseren Investigationen vorsätzlich ignoriert und dies wurde sogar wissentlich und absichtlich durch die Bundesregierung mit 23 Millionen Euro gefördert. Aber diese permanente Wiederholung als auch die staatliche Unterstützung hilft ja genauso nicht, wie die hier dokumentierten Einschüchterungsversuche bezüglich der Dokumentation der Projektarbeit, denn unsere Beschreibung ist gerichtlich verwertbar und vorallem vollkommen neutral dokumentiert und damit ist auch unser urheberrechtliche Schutz in allen wesentlichen Punkten nicht mehr angreifbar. Deshalb beanspruchen wir eine angemessene Beteiligung an allen Gewinnen, die mit unseren Elektroantrieben erzielt werden, sowie einen finanziellen Schadensausgleich seitens der Bundesregierung für die Erforschung oder besser gesagt das Kopieren unserer Technologien, der ein angemessenes, sich an den gemachten Forschungsprojektfinanzierungen orientierendes Volumen besitzt. Hieraus ergeben sich weder eine Lizensierung noch eine Legitimierung der Nutzung unseres geistigen Eigentums und wir sind als die alleinigen Urheberrechtsinhaber der Konzepte in allen Forschungsdokumenten und Presseberichten anzuführen, auch nachträglich, sowie die Richtigstellung in den weltweiten Medien. Die Verjährungsfrist von 3 Jahren für die Anmeldung von Schadensersatzforderung ist aus praktischer Sicht betrachtet für uns nicht gegeben, da wir im Allgemeinen sowieso die Höhe unserer Lizenzgebühren den Situationen entsprechend ansetzen.

  • Volkswagen→Audi: In the meantime, also the media in the B.R.D. reports, that the production of the clone of our model RE™ has been stopped by the factory by giving wrong explanations, which still claim that "Audi die Entwicklung des E-Sportwagens 2009 angestoßen habe==Audi has ignited the development of the e-sports car in 2009", despite it is documented in a form admissible in court that we have presented the chassis complete with the whole drivetrain technology, which is based on our Active Differential #2, already with the Elettoro™ on the 23rd of March 2009 as the Apollo Speed-E™ (SE) at that time, presented our original R8 based R-E™/RE™ on the 03.06.09 (guess why we took this very specific date) after the serious criminal publisher Motor Presse Stuttgart and its automotive magazine "auto motor und sport" saw as well some months later, but too late, our trick with the same chassis and electric drivetrain of our Audi→Lamborghini Gallardo based Elettoro and our Audi R8 based RE™ (read its case in the Investigations::Car #114 of the 2nd of June 2009) and made clear that it is our electric quattro©™/e quattro©™ (see also the case of Volkswagen→Audi U.S.A. in the Investigations::Car #192 of the 18th of November 2009), that until the December of the year 2009 R. Stadler (chief executive officer of the marque Audi) repeated at all major events and exhibitions that the first concept car of the e-tron series is not based on its model R8, but a totally new respectively distinct vehicle, which over time became more and more unambiguously our RE™ as the concept cars R8 e-tron and F12 e performance.
  • Toyota: Actually, we are not quite sure if a contract of Japanese manufacturers of automobiles in the field of fuel cells was signed before we wrote about fuel cells in the Style of Speed Further steps of the 25th of October 2012, but its subsidiary gave this information on the 26th of October 2012.
  • General Motors: We found the following statement made by a responsible manager of the manufacturer in October 2011 "This technology platform of electric propulsion, sensors, wireless communications and GPS-based navigation is likely to migrate from the EN-V concept to other automobiles and could lead the way to safer, cleaner vehicles in the future". This is a copyright infringement due to our Ontologic System™ (OS), Hightech Operating System™ (HOS), and n-Dimensional Operating System™ (nDOS) OntoLinux™ with its AutoSemantic::Car extension package and our Active Components by Style of Speed.
    We are also investigating if the company has stolen from the webpage of our Active Differential #3, the HyperArchitecture, for its in-wheel induction motor concept that has a rotor hub. At least, its electric motor has a sphere based bearing support assembly, and not only a liquid or maglev based bearing solution.
  • DMC Exotic Car Tuning Limited: That criminal company is a phantom/letterbox company founded in the room of the company Ho Tak Sang & Co., Room 303, East Ocean Centre, 98 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong, V.R.China, which says on its website to be led by 3 certified public accountants, and has also the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), and the companies Quality Control Partners, e-China Limited, Fine Vantage Limited, and so on as its clients. In fact, DMC Exotic Car Tuning Limited has been founded for stealing the intellectual properties of our business unit Style of Speed, as the stolen 3³ Theme marketing story, and its logo with Reflection Theme, the labels and specifications of its conversions, e.g. Toro and Gallardo SuperVeloce, 888 PS, and further points taken from us proves already. Moreover, neither the shown buildings are the correct ones and in reality owned by other entities, nor the products are. The same holds for many persons listed on its webpage: Either the persons or the companies do not exist at all or are similar fake companies for example like the one in Australia. There are also connections to defrauding entities in the U.S.A.. The whole case reminds us of the fake company Genevart (see the Investigations::Car #360 of the 24th of July 2012), though a connection can not be proved actually, but there is somehow are similar suspicious style recognizable in the details. Busted and Convicted!!!™

    We demand the worldwide media not to report about the company DMC Exotic Car Tuning Limited, which is officially founded by Thorsten Grebers as a phantom/letterbox company in Hong Kong, China, for stealing more and more our intellectual properties.
    Wir fordern die weltweiten Medien auf nicht mehr über das Unternehmen DMC Exotic Car Tuning Limited zu berichten, die offiziell von Thorsten Grebers als eine Briefkastenfirma in Hong Kong, China, gegründet wurde um mehr und mehr unser geistiges Eigentum zu stehlen.

    Wir bitten die Staatsanwaltschaft Düsseldorf wegen dem Anfangsverdacht des Wirtschaftsbetrugs durch Thorsten Grebers mit seinem Unternehmen DMC Exotic Car Tuning Limited, Heerdter Lohweg 226a, 40549 Düsseldorf und Room 303, East Ocean Centre, 98 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China, zumindestens vorbereitet zu sein beziehungsweise gegebenenfalls aktive zu werden.

  • Axel Springer→Auto Bild: We have found the next misleading reports by that automotive tab that are related with our vehicles. The first report is about a ridiculous expensive Electric Sports Coupé™ (see the cases of the small defrauding company Rimac Automobili in the Investigations::Car #337 of the 22nd of September 2011 and #352 of the 23rd of April 2012): "Jedes der vier Räder wird von einem eigenen, flüssig gekühltem E-Motor angetrieben. Der sitzt hinter [der jeweiligen] Felge[n].==Each of the four wheels is driven by an own liquid cooled e-motor. That sits behind [the related] rim[s]. [As the investigations of that company proved, the drivetrain is our Active Differential #2]"
    A further report is about our GTron model series: "Der Q35 passt bei Audi perfekt zwischen die Modelle TT und R8 – auch preislich==The Q35 fits perfectly between the models TT and R8 - also [...] [That claim is ridiculous, because even that automotive tab of the worst kind explains all the time that such an additional model is a problem for the model strategy of the marque. In fact, there is neither room for a Q35 or however that model is called nor for an R4 or R5 due to the room between the two models TT and R8, which already led to the stop of the development of potential new models like the R4 and the R5. By the way: We recently solved this problem by making the TT III a Bentley BT², so that the room for our GTron series is now given.]", "Zu den besonderen Kennzeichen gehören kurze Überhänge, LED-Scheinwerfer und -Rückleuchten, breite Kotflügel-Backen, ein flaches Dach, 20-Zoll-Räder und eine bullige Frontpartie mit markanten Lufteinlässen.==To the special belong the short overhangs, LED-headlights and -taillights, wider fenders, a flaches roof, 20 inch wheels, and a front facia with air intakes. [See the webpage of our GTron for the true source of informations.]", "Das innovative Leichtbaukonzept soll in einem zweiten Schritt mit einem Plug-in-Hybridmodul angeboten werden.==In a second step, the innovative lightweight concept should by offered with a plug-in hybrid modul [Firstly, we do ask the question who has said this. Secondly, we would like to give our readers the information that erfunde information about the plug-in modul was only said due to our New Energy Sports Car (NESCar) architecture.]", "Allradantrieb ist ebenso serienmäßig wie das S-tronic-Doppelkupplungsgetriebe.", "Als Motor kommt nur ein hoch aufgeladener Fünfzylinder infrage. [...] Das 2,5-Liter-Aggregat bringt es in der Spitze auf 380 PS. [Obviously, this is a criminal lie to mislead the public.]", "Gelingt es, das Leergewicht des Q35 durch den Einsatz von Leichtmetall und Carbon auf die 1335-Kilo-Marke des Ur-Quattro zu drücken, kämen beachtliche Fahrleistungen heraus. "

    And a third report is about a virtually converted model up!: "Ein VW Up R20? Vielleicht kommt der Sportler bald.", "City-Flitzer==city speeder", "19-Zöllern, Schwellern und einem Mega-Kühlergrill", and "[...] Up hat [...] Stromanschluss"; as if that media would not know the first overworked up!s which are our up! R and Cup! R
    Unsportlich wie immer.

    Wir fordern den Axel Springer Verlag auf so schnell wie möglich die wahren Ursprünge unserer Modelle up! R and Cup! R, unserer Fahrzeugumbauserie GTron sowie unserer Fahrzeugarchitektur Neue Energie Sportwagen==New Energy Sports Car richtig darzustellen.

    Comment of the Day
    Mini :)™
    Mini :-)™
    Maxi :)™
    Maxi :-)™

    *** Copy mode ***
    Ontonics Website update
    Since several years we are thinking about bullet-proof materials that go beyond aromatic polyamides (aramids) and related applications, like body armor fabric and uniforms, and protective shieldings, but also tires and the other fields of application of e.g. aramid. In the last days we could develop our concepts further with a new material and a possible solution for the realization of an older concept, so that we added the two related projects to our Innovation-Pipeline as:

  • Protective Material #1 and
  • Protective Material #2.


    Style of Speed Further steps
    As already mentioned implicitly in the Further steps of the 8th of November 2012, we are splitting the models shown on the webpage of the D! into two models that we have integrated before. In this way, we get the design study of a Bugatti sports car by T. Shamen potentially called ∞ and one of the design studies made by Pinin- farina while developing the model Enzo by the marque Fiat→Ferrari actually called FXX, though we think about labels like 333 XX or 3X3 and SuperEnzo as well.

    We are also thinking about a conversion of the models of the 458 series by Ferrari using design elements of the model F12berlinetta, like for example the front bonnet and the head- and taillights, and more specials by us. The new series could be called F8.
    Eventually, we take some design lines of the front bonnet of the model F12berlinetta for our model Neo or/and the conversion F7X.

    Clarification 14:30 EST
    Due to new aspects related with stealing our shows and infringing our copyright, which have arisen in the last week and which proof that they all were and still are done by applying a special method, for example by presenting our concepts, techniques, and technologies on an exhibition with related marketing activities that infringe our copyright, we reject as far as we can legally our offer of selling products and services that are described by us before without getting a license from today on (see also the time stamp in the headline). The reason is that the copyright infringements are conducted in a planned way, so that the public and the customers should associate our media contents and marketing activities, concepts, techniques, and technologies as if they are products and services of the other entities, which still goes on even our copyright is not infringed anymore, for example by deleting related website contents or reports in the media. For sure, this methode has the goal to damage deliberately our intellectual properties for ever. Indeed, stealing the show strengthened a copyright into the direction of a patent, and entities are still allowed to realize a described concept, technique, or technology, but without describing it at all.
    In this conjunction, we demand every entity that took an intellectual property from our websites to begin with correcting the issues by clarifying them in the same way as the copyright infringement was conducted, because this is needed to restore the old and correct situation. As always, everything goes and licenses can get special agreements that dispense from such an obligation.

    University of Saarland: The university and its industrial partners are developing an already existing rechargable energy storage technology further, which is a zinc–air battery/accumulator or a fuel cell depending on the construction and application. Due to the fact that we have only found a description of an air-breathing zinc-air fuel cell, which practically is only recharged mechanically by physical exchange of single fuel cells that are electrochemical refreshed at a station due to the worse efficiency of its general chemical properties, so that the recharging on-board of a surface vehicle using electricity makes no sense, and therefore is related with the specific versions of our semi-closed-loop, opened-loop, and opened-semi-closed-loop fuel cell technologies based on the zinc-air concept, and that we also found a description of a zinc-air fuel cell, which is recharged mechanically on-board by pumping the slurry/gel/jelly/slick in and out of it, a copyright infringement in this investigative case would be related to the applications of the zinc-air based variant of our closed-loop fuel cell technologies. Furthermore, in a report it is said that the responsible project leader has explained to use a slick/slurry/gel for the researched electrochemically rechargable zinc-air accumulator battery respectively fuel cell, which is a copyright infringement due to the general descriptions of our Jelly/Gel Air Battery, aka. slurry/slick/gel-oxygen accumulator, and the Jelly/Gel Fuel Cell, which are based on the concept of the jelly/gel battery/accumulator that we developed further directly after two scientists presented them as their innovations by adding the concept of the air battery respectively oxygen battery. Said this, we have once again a copyright infringement conducted by the university of Saarland, B.R.D., as not expected otherwise.
    Btw: In conjunction with this specific case and all the other similar investigative cases, the point with the slurry/gel/slick is especially suspicious, because this is not needed in general for the proposed application as a storage for off-peak electricity at all, but more advantageous for automobiles and other vehicles, and specifically if it is combined with the already described concept of the air-breathing zinc-air accumulator/fuel cell and its application with vehicles, so that we also see an attempt to attack our looped fuel cell and battery/accumulator solutions in general. This impression is also strengthened by the worse properties of the zinc-air based energy storages. Besides the worse ratio between the much higher recharging voltage actually needed and the lower discharge voltage, and the problems with dendrite formation and other electrochemical issues on the one hand, its low efficiency compared with our further solutions, like batteries/accumulators and fuel cells that also use different chemical materials for the electrolyte than hydrogen, and for the anode and the cathode, as well as combinations like our hydrogen-hydrogen peroxide based HyperCyle with our related fuel cell, direct fuel cell, and looped fuel cell technologies, renders the zinc-air as already outdated on the other hand. In this conjunction, it would be interesting to determine how far we overexceed the long-term goal of an energy density of 200 Wh/kg and a power density of 400 W/kg, but actually we can not say exactly how high the maximal performance truly is and how much of it can be really in practice.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We had to correct some informations given in the past, and in this conjunction added to the section Multiparadigmatic Computing of the webpage Links to Software the link:

  • OntoBot + OntoScope (includes e.g. Blender)

    that somehow is redundant on the one hand, but on the other hand simply reflects the missing explicit information that we have only given partly in the past, and in the explanation of the Clarification #2 on the 10th of September 2012.
    On the webpage Components in the section of the OntoScope software component we also made the implicit information explicit by adding the point:

  • Blender Foundation: Blender (already linked by Mekensleep Underware).
    Also for the reason of getting more clarity, we added on the webpage of the Mekensleep Underware project the informations given in the Clarification #2 of the 10th of September 2012 that are related with Blender, and programming paradigms, languages and environments, and the information that the Poker 3D game of the Underware project has moved to the OpenSceneGraph (OSG) project shortly after the start of OntoLinux.

    OntoLinux Further steps
    We looked at the game engines of the company id Software and the Blender project once again, and came to the thought of adding in Blender the feature that enables the use of the id Tech 3 and 4 engines and eventually further game engines like for example the Crystal Space 3D as well.
    We are also in the design process of enhancing and extending the Blender Graphical User Interface (GUI) system, which is based on OpenGL graphic elements already and also said to be based on scenes, following the described integrations of the display server framework Wayland with the game engines mentioned above (see the OntoLab and OntoLinux Further steps of the 24th of October 2012).
    Consequentely, we are looking closer on the integration of the OpenSceneGraph (OSG) library and the 3D content creation suite Blender by using the exporters of Blender for the .osg file format, which would be added directly into the suite as a first step.
    After these steps, the integration with OntoCOVE should be nearly finalized already, which must be seen as well from the point of views of Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) and Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs).
    Further interesting points are to develop Blender to a multimedia desktop framework further and the more direct connection of the Wayland framework and Blender.
    We are also looking which game engines, and OpenGL based and related software libraries can (still) be used in a web browser and with WebGL.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Truly better™
    Ehrlich besser™
    Truly best™
    Ehrlich bestens™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "In der Tat sind Affen bodenständig.", [C.S., Today]
    Ehrlich bestens™

    OntoLinux Website update
    For more clearity and structure, we have taken the informations that are specific to the 3D content creation suite Blender out of the webpage about the Mekensleep Underware project and put it into the new webpage about Blender.

    Comment of the Day
    Light-field actuator™
    Ray-field actuator™
    Sound-field actuator™
    Wave-field actuator™
    Light-field lamp™
    Light-field projector™
    Ray-field radiator™
    Ray-field projector™
    Sound-field resonator™
    Sound-field speaker™
    Wave-field resonator™
    Wave-field speaker™

    Ontonics Website update
    We have new projects created and added to the Innovation-Pipeline under the names:

  • MediWave 2:22 EST and
  • EngiWave 2:22 EST.

    Furthermore, in the descriptions of our section Boot to Web we replaced the term Cloud Operating System (COS) with Web Operating System (WOS) and changed the descriptions of our WOS platform Boot to Webkit and our WOS Boot to Rekonq in such a way, that it becomes clear that our WOSs can be extended to COSs.

    Ontonics Further steps
    Added next into the Innovation-Pipeline:

  • TouchWave,
  • WaveTable,
  • WaveWall, and
  • iWave,

    which were already mentioned on the 7th of November 2012.

    Coming next in the section Wavicle:

  • Light-Field Projector,
  • Ray-Field Projector,
  • Sound-Field Speaker, and
  • Wave-Field Speaker,

    and in the section Wave-Field Computing:

  • Light-Field Lamp/Light-Field Actuator,
  • Ray-Field Radiator/Ray-Field Actuator,
  • Sound-Field Resonator/Sound-Field Actuator, and
  • Wave-Field Resonator/Wave-Field Actuator.

    Eventually, we have some of these already described in the past.

    Comment of the Day
    "Curry pretzel"

    Style of Speed Further steps
    Either we wrote and deleted it again, or simply forgot to mention it: We are thinking about a conversion of the model 458 Italia of the marque Fiat→Ferrari by following the special model 599XX by the factory, our model 333 XX, and our conversions SuperEnzo, 458 BB12, and 458 based F8. Accordingly, we coined this conversion 458 XX.

    Furthermore, we looked at the historic model Miura of the marque Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini, because it has a drivetrain with a transversally mounted V12 engine that would fit perfectly in the 2+2 seats version of our special model S 0 S.

    Question of the Day
    "Are you ready to Warp?", [C.S., 10th of February 2009]

    Investigations::Aeronautics and Space

  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Zu früh hat man sich heute bei der ARD über die Kritik am Warp-Antrieb nach dem Konzept von Alcubierre gefreut, denn die 3 Australier haben da etwas durcheinander gebracht, teilweise sehr subjektiv, destruktiv und falsch argumentiert interpretiert. Noch viel besser: Sie unterstützen unser Konzept unseres LightSwift die gesamte Zeit mit ihren Erklärungen ohne es selber zu verstehen bzw. zu bemerken.
    Aber noch interessanter für uns sind die Ungereimtheiten, die zu folgenden Fragen führen: Warum wird in dem Dokument "The Alcubierre Warp Drive: On the Matter of Matter" das referenzierte Dokument "D. Kobras, D. Weiskopf, H. Ruder, and T. Astrophysik, Foundations and Trends in Computer Graphics and Vision 2, 173 (2006)" gar nicht von Daniel Weiskopf als auch Hanns Ruder auf ihren eigenen Veröffentlichungslisten aufgeführt und wer heißt eigentlich T. Astrophysik? Oder ist das alles nur ein Schwindel der ARD, der Universität Stuttgart und der Universität Tübingen, insbesondere im Bereich der computer-basierten Visualisierung, Erasmus Weddigen (Kurator des Peggy Guggenheim Museums in Venedig, was uns direkt zu dem Unternehmen Bayerische Motorenwerke führt) oder/und anderen? Und warum ist das Buch von Erasmus Weddigen "Collection, Cycling, Cubo-Futurism and the Fourth Dimenson, Peggy Guggenheim Collection" nicht auffindbar, dass Hanns Ruder in seiner Veröffentlichungsliste aufführt? Will da etwa jemand unseren Zwillingsionenantrieb==Twin Ion Engine klauen?

    Comment of the Day #1

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Neither of them saw what we now see after someone came forward to point us in the right direction.", [Meg Whitman, November 2012].
    With them are meant some of the worldwide largest business consulting corporations, inclusive Deloitte and KPMG, and advisors like Qatalyst Partners, UBS, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, and Bank of America for Autonomy, as well as Perella Weinberg Partners and Barclays Capital for Hewlett-Packard (source Reuters).


  • Nokia: As we found out now, that company and an acquired company have massively infringed our copyright related with our Ontologic System™ (OS), Hightech Operating System™ (HOS), and n-Dimensional Operating System™ (nDOS) OntoLinux™, specifically the Caliber/Calibre, our Ontoscope™, our Web Operating System (WOS) technology Boot to Web™, and much more concepts, technologies, and solutions. Out of a related report by an online magazine published on the 13th of November 2012 we got the following informations: "[...] new cloud-based [mapping and] location service the company announced on Tuesday. [First of all, we have the OpenStreetView™ solution that can be used with our Castle in the Cloud™ solution as well.]", "[...] voice-guided walking navigation, public transportation directions and offline use [...] [As the point with the voice-guidance is infringing our copyright related with general multimedia applications, inclusive 3D with Augmented Reality (AR) applications, and specific applications, inclusive voice-guided 3D with AR, due to the Multimodal Multimedia User Interface™ (M²UI™) of our OS, HOS, and nDOS OntoLinux™, the point with the offline use is also a serious problem related with our copyright due to our Castle in the Cloud™ approach, because the latter enables the offline use, as described, and the investigated service is also described by that company as a cloud-based location service (see also the comment to the quote before). Other entities have followed us with attempts to blocks us by a system that enable for example offline search. The Castle in the Cloud™ solution can also be used together with 3D, AR, and 3D with AR, as described with our Boot to Web™ technology based on our OS, HOS, and nDOS OntoLinux™ as well.]", ""I think there's only two players in the mapping space. One of them rhymes with [an internet search and advertisement company] and the other one is us …. We already are dominant in the auto industry. So as cars become connected and we move to a connected platform and horizontalizing beyond the car industry and into other industries, our goal is nothing short of world domination. We want to own the where space." [We think that its Vice President (VP) is not understanding the true situation, and that there are two players plus one player in the game. One is the internet search and advertisement company, the second one is an IT company, and the third one are we, obviously. Moreover, that company comes much too late for the world domination due to our copyrighted intellectual properties, which hold in many ways and which say clearly: We are already here and have made our claims years ago! Besides this, we would like to recall that there is no world wild web. In addition, we have with this statement the link to another case of copyright infringement related with our Multiray™ technique, Ontoscope™, and Active Components™ of Style of Speed™ powered by our OS, HOS, and nDOS OntoLinux™, specifically the Active Cam™ with Ontoscope™ and Multiray™ technologies (see also its case in the Investigations::Car #366). Furthermore, this was said due to our extension of our Sp@ce™ concept by our SpaceWave™ concept that applies our new Multiwave™ technique based on our wave-field technologies and wave-field computing paradigm.]", "As for mobile web, [that company] has partnered with Mozilla to build an HTML 5-based experience for [it's mapping and location service] on [the WOS] Firefox OS. [This is a copyright infringement due to the description of our WOSs Boot to Web™ based on our OS, HOS, and nDOS OntoLinux™, which is based on our Mixed Reality approcha and has the Multimodal Multimedia User Interface™ (M²UI™) based on the OntoScope™ software component. All of our operating systems are connected with applications like our mentioned Geographic Information Systems (GISs) Map & Globe™, OntoMap™, OntoGlobe™/OntoEarth™, and OntoGIS™, internet services like Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Search (P2PS™) and Find (P2PF™), as well as cloud computing technologies, especially the Castle in the Cloud and AutoCloud concepts. Furthermore, the HTML 5 includes the Resource Description Framework (RDF), which on the one hand is a data format but not semantic computing for which it is also used at the lowest data storage layer, and on the other hand leads again to our OS, HOS, and nDOS OntoLinux™ and the Ontology-Oriented (OO 2) and Ontologic File System™ (OntoFS™) component. Finally, we would like to clarify that it does not matter at all, if that stealing company is using a different HTML rendering engine.]", "Users can also access [...] mapping services directly through their desktop browsers. The site offers [...] a suite of personalization features. [Here we finally have the link to the desktop version of OntoLinux™ and the related Ontologic Desktop based on our OntoScope™ software component, which we have also mentioned in the description of our WOS Boot to Rekonq™. Furthermore, we have also the link to the project KDE Community and Basyskom→Plasma Active (see the Investigations::Multimedia of the 25th of October 2012), but now from the other side by the mentioned suite of personalization that points to a Personal Information Management (PIM) system, as the project Plasma Active also tried to connect with a semantic desktop system. This finally proves as well our guess that that serious criminal company still thinks that it has not to give up the attempt to steal our intellectual properties.], "To power its 3D based mapping technology, [that company] announced that it has acquired [a company that offers a complete solution for collecting, processing, managing, and hosting street level 3D imagery based on a stereoscopic system and since December of 2007 on software and algorithms created by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and utilized on the Mars Exploration Rovers (MERs) since 2003]. The company also introduced [...] a service that will allow users to have a highly accurate augmented-reality experience [...] users will be able to [...] help edit maps. [Besides that the company has no rights to use our intellectual properties stolen by the other company before its acquisition, we have here also a further evidence of its copyright infringement related with OntoLinux™ (see for example the webpage Overview and our OpenStreetView™ solution described in the OntoLinux Further steps of the 26th of November 2010 and the related Clarification of the 1st of April 2011), as well as our Geographic Information System (GIS) with the connection to the community edited OpenMap, 3D maps, and a virtual globe, and the integration of Augmented Reality (AR) as a single AR application and with additional semantic features, like given with our OntoGIS, as an integrated sight recognition functionality, as well as the real-time updating feature of the geographic material as a stand alone application and a cloud computing application, obviously and doubtlessly, the sections Mixed Reality, Geography and Earth Simulation/Virtual Globe of the webpage Links to Software, and also the case of the company Saab in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 11th of November 2011 (11.11.11), specifically the quotes about 3D maps, and the devices listed on the webpage Links to Hardware). By such a massive proof the question if that company has a right to use 3D imaging together with AR and with a sight recognition functionality that is also called by a term that is related with a lense refering to our OntoScope™ software and Ontoscope™ hardware constitutes definitely an infringement of our copyright. The company Nokia has stolen our intellectual properties most potentially in collaboration with the company Microsoft.]", "[...] the future looks even more immersive [...] [With this statement its VP already announced further infringements of our copyright, because immersive environments are an essential component of OntoLinux™ and mentioned on the webpage Overview.]", and ""I think about it as something like the looking glass in Alice in Wonderland, where you're looking around and say 'Oh, there's a portal. Let me move down and look through that portal,'" [the VP and head of the business unit New Product Innovation at that company] said "That portal might just be our street imagery but it could be a picture you took … What [an internet search and advertisement company] did was make the virtual world searchable. We want to make that link from the virtual world back to the real world, so you're really looking at moving very transparently from the real world to the virtual world. Bridging the real to the virtual is based on this very rich 3D, fully immersive model of the whole world and that's really where we're going. [Despite that the mentioned internet search and advertisement company made only the World Wide Web (WWW) searchable like other companies already before and not the virtual world, which is a bold marketing lie given by its VP to confuse the public about the existence of our solutions, we have here also our Glassy app(lication) and our Caliber/Calibre with a related portal technology that in the context must be our OntoPortal (see also the intelliTablet Further steps One Tablet Per Child (OTPC) and One Pad Per Child (OPPC/OP²C) #5 of the 2nd of September 2012 and the comment to the quote before).]".
    A similar case is related with its so-called True Car concept for 3D mapping of the environment that also uses techniques and technologies described before on our websites (see its case in the Investigations::Car #366 of today below).
    Besides that the company and its subsidiaries and business partners have crossed the white line by far already, we do know that they have no technologies like semantic (world wide web), Ontology-Oriented (OO 2), Ontologic-Oriented (OO 3), and Ontologic Computing (OC) paradigms, mixed reality and shifting between the realities, Multi Global Positioning System™ (MultiGPS™), Boot to Web™ without or with 3D content and cloud computing, AutoCloud™, the integration of its mapping technologies in mobile devices, Multiwave™ approach and the associated SpaceWave™ approach, which adds our wave-field technologies and our wave-field computing paradigma, and so much more that we have described also in relation to mobile/cell phones, smartphones, our Ontoscopes™, and tablet and pad computers™, as well as aerial vehicles, and hybrids of automobiles, ships, and aerial vehicles, for which we already adapted all technologies discussed here and everywhere else on our websites in conjunction with surface, water, air, and space vehicles years ago. Said this, the company Nokia, and also companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, and all other business partners that use the illegal parts of Nokia's location service have already broken the law, and if so and they do not stop it, then they will permanently infringe our copyright in one or the other way. Furthemore, we are not so blue-eyed as the founder of Netscape or the governments that came much too late in the case of a specific web browser that infringed the copyright of the Netscape browser.

    We demand the company Nokia, and also Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, and all other business partners of Nokia to remove all defrauding press releases and interviews from all media worldwide immediately, though with this stunt performance its CEO and its VPs already belong into jail for years. The fulfillment of our demand will not influence the proceedings related with already made copyright infringements.

    We demand the worldwide media not to report about the map and location service of the company Nokia, but only about classic plain 2- and 3-dimensional map services, because otherwise it infringes our copyright in relation with our OntoLinux system, specifically the Caliber/Calibre and the OntoScope software component, our Active Cam with Multiray technology, and our Boot to Web systems, as well as also applications like for example Glassy, Map & Globe, OpenStreetView, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Search (P2PS) and Find (P2PF), ontology-oriented and Ontologic Desktop, OntoMap, OntoGlobe/OntoEarth, OntoGIS, OntoSearch and OntoPortal, and Castle in the Cloud.
    Wir fordern die weltweiten Medien auf nicht über den Karten- und Ortsdienst des Unternehmens Nokia zu berichten, sondern nur über klassische gewöhnliche 2- und 3-dimensionale Kartendienste, weil sonst unser Urheberrecht im Zusammenhang mit unserem OntoLinux-System, insbesondere das Caliber/Calibre und die Software-Komponente OntoScope, unsere Active Camera mit Multiray-Technologie, unsere Boot to Web-Systeme sowie außerdem Anwendungen wie zum Beispiel Glassy, Map & Globe, OpenStreetView, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Search (P2PS) and Find (P2PF), ontology-orientiert und Ontologic Desktop, OntoMap, OntoGlobe/OntoEarth, OntoGIS, OntoSearch und OntoPortal sowie Castle in the Cloud und AutoCoud verletzt werden.

    For sure, the same holds for every other entity, because, after all, they are your laws.
    Selbstverständlich gilt das Gleiche für jede andere Entität, denn schließlich sind es eure Gesetze.

    The prosecutors in the U.S.A. and the U.K., as well as in other European countries can already decide if, how and where to start with the fraud investigations due to manipulation of the public and copyright infringement.

    And that somehow the NASA is again part of a defrauding game through the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) this time, which runs the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the NASA, is already no surprise anymore and shows once again after the mess with the Robonaut I and II one aspect of the true problem of the U.S.A..

  • Hewlett-Packard→Autonomy: We are sorry that we have to ask the following question as well, despite that the criminal case of the former management and owners of the aquired company Autonomy is now charged at the court: What will be with our damage done by its subsidiary Autonomy (see its case in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, Multimedia and Robotics of the 19th of August 2011)?

    *** Proof-reading mode ***
    Investigations::Car #366

  • Volkswagen: For stealing our show with our proposed Beetle conversion that features a V8 (see the Style of Speed Further steps of the 13th of October 2012 and ...) the U.S.American subsidiary has presented at a automotive exhibition a conversion of the Beetle, which is totally supercharged in an already ridiculous way, so that it has a power output on the similar level but definitely not a long runtime.
  • Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini: A new model way presented by the marque, which is a roadster. In the related press release we found the following terms and statements: "[...] the new benchmark in the world of open-top luxury super sports cars [...] [In fact, we and others see this differently due to our conversion 458 BB12™.]", "[...] the best way of [...] elegant style [...] [This was taken from the webpage of our model 9ii™ "most elegant style".]", "[...] hyper-tech [...] [This is indeed a speech act stealing due to our many copyrighted trademarks beginning with the letters "hyper".]", "[...] the beauty [...] [This was said due to our Beauty Beast™ Theme respectively Bella Brutale™ Theme of for example our model 458 BB.]", "[...] two-tone finish, as the windshield pillar, the two roof sections and the rear window area [...] are painted in gloss black [...] [In fact, this style is used by Style of Speed™ since its beginning, as it can be easily seen with models like the 333 ST and 333 XX, and is also a specific feature of our models 458 BB ("two colour") and S 0 S™.]", "[...] supplemented [...] [Once again we have here the speech act stealing due to our website section Supplement.]", "[...] very light, metallic blue color [...] This color recalls the shade of the extraordinarily beautiful 1968 Miura Roadster [...] 20"/21" rims [...] [This reminds us of an image shown on the webpage of our model S 0 S™ with a sketch that has a similar colour. The one-off model Miura Roadster was mentioned, because it features as well a V12 like our conversion 458 BB12™, which in addition is mounted transversely like a drivetrain that is needed for the 2+2 seats version of the model. We mentioned this point and also romours that the factory is also interested in this 2+2 version in the Style of Speed Further steps of the 18th of November 2012 already.]", "[...] Azzuro Thetis [...] Sabbia Nefertem [...] [Firstly, the name Thetis reminds us of names of our models like Apollo, Pan, and even Doris, because the silver-footed Thetis is in the Greece mythic known as a sea nymph or the goddess of water and as a Nereid, Thetis was the daughter of Nereus and Doris, and as such has the abilities of shape-shifting. Secondly, the name Nefertem reminds us of names of our models like RE™ and RA™, because Nefertem represented the first sunlight, had the titles "Water-Lily of the Sun" and "He Who is Beautiful", which points again to our Beauty Beast™ Theme respectively Bella Brutale™ Theme, is mentioned in the historic Egayptian document "Book of the Dead" by the text passage "Rise like Nefertem from the blue water lily, to the nostrils of Ra (the creator and sungod), and come forth upon the horizon each day.", and is also said to be Ra when he matured. Both points prove that the marque is copying us in this case as well illegally, which in the case of Egyptian gods is even strengthened by the fact that it has copied one element of the logo of Ontologics™ with its 3 suns already and now has also stolen two of its meanings, which in this case is the moving sun over an Egyptian pyramid that we have explained both several times in the past already (see for example the ... of the ...), which for us is already enough for the next claim of a copyright infringement. Sabbia==sand and is also the name of a comune in the region Piedmont, Italy, though we think the first meaning is correct.]", "[...] superb [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] V12, [...] 7-speed gearbox and push-rod suspension make the new [... r]oadster a unique super sports car with no direct competition [...] [This is a marketing lie due to our offer of the 458 BB12™ even made two days before its presentation.]", "[...] high-performance capacitors [...] [Our Brake Energy Recovery System (BERS™) is also available with supercaps and available as an option of the version 458 BB8™ and as a standard feature of the 458 BB12™.]", and "[...] is a dream that can be realized [...] [This was said due to the nickname "Il Sogno - The Dream" of our model 333 ST Barchetta.]".
    Obviously, we forced the marque with the presentation of our conversion 458 BB to present its roadster some days earlier before a large automotive exhibition in California, U.S.A..
    Besides this, we are watching an attempt to use the label Jota as a model name of its own, because the one-off cars Miura Jota and Aventador J by the factory are called Jota and Aventador Jota in the media like our model Jota™ and our conversion Aventador Jota, though this must not be related to activities by the factory in opposition to the label J derived from our model j!™.
    Due to the timing and further issues in the past we have to recognize that the marques Audi and Lamborghini like the manufacturer Volkswagen still have not stopped its serious criminal actings, and that in this way Volkswagen is still trying to blackmail us by using its market power illegally and infrining our intellectual properties.
  • Fiat→Ferrari: As we finally can see, the marque has copied our Active Differential™ #1 in an unsual way, but still without asking for a license or making at least a reference to one of our websites as a sign of goodwill like all the years. We explain this fraud by giving the one initial step and the three subsequent steps that led to the result: 0. In the initial step, there was only a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) used in the racing league Formula 1, which uses a flywheel as energy storage. 1. In the first step, it was announced very late that the factory wants to integrate as well its KERS into its model range of street legal automobiles. Either in the step 1. or the subsequent step 2. the flywheel was replaced by a reachargeable battery/accumulator following other automotive manufacturers and us with our Brake Energy Recovery System (BERS™). 2. Suddenly, the KERS system was extended by the marque to a Hybrid KERS (Hy-KERS) reflecting its additional conceptual working as an electric drivetrain attached to a common transmission on the one hand, and on the other hand a hybrid drivetrain, because a combustion engine is mounted at the transmission as well. 3. The Hy-KERS was extended with our Active Differential™ #1 by adding the contols of torque vectoring, stability and brake in form of an integrated system. This was already reported in an online magazine on the 24th of April 2012 in the following way: "The electric motor is also expected to form the foundation of a new torque-vectoring differential, incorporating traction control and electronic brake force distribution to maximize grip through the corners. [Obviously, this makes it an Electric Torque Vectoring™ system and proves our claim of a copyright infringement.]". In addition, a report in an automotive magazine on the 19th of November 2012 gave the following similar informations: "[It's CEO] said that the electric motor is integral to a new torque-vectoring system. [... He] also says that the Hy-KERS system is an essential part of the [new model] F150 [(aka. Enzo successor and F70; the F150 is its actual Formula 1 race car)] torque-vectoring system, because of an electrical motor's ability to instantly deliver its full torque power. [So again it is our concept of an Electric Torque Vectoring™ system that is integrated in an overall active dynamics control system. Because it is also attached to a transmission and could function in a Pure Electric™ mode, we have here indeed our Active Differential™ #1. In fact, it does not matter at all if it is the drivetrain itself, e.g. a Pure Electric™ drivetrain or a hybrid drivetrain, or only a component mounted somehow to a common drivetrain like its Hy-KERS which works like one of our Active Differentials™.]".
    We also see a further evidence of the copyright infringement due to the description of our New Energy™ Vehicle (NEV) respectively New Energy™ Sports Car (NESC™ or NESCar™) architecture presented in the Style of Speed Website update of the 19th of March 2012 and the Style of Speed Further steps of the 7th of April 2012 the first time, which for sure utilizes our technologies developed for our Active Differentials™.
    Besides this, we are still looking at the issue with our trademark: Active Aerodynamics™.

    *** Fine Tuning mode ***

  • Nokia: That company has not only stolen massively in the fields of multimedia, but also in the fields of automobiles, as we already mentioned in its case in the Investigations::Multimedia of today (see above). We do quote out of a report of an online magazine: "[The company] got its own fleet of cars dedicated to capturing the world in 3-D.", "[...] make more detailed maps that are easier to use on everything from your phone to your desktop to your dashboard [...] [This was stolen from the webpage of our OntoLinux™ due to the Multimodal Multimedia User Interface™ (M²UI™) based on the OntoScope™ software component, and the Ontoscope™ and the other linked hardware.]", "Its content powers most in-car GPS systems [...] [But has no Multi Global Positioning System™ (MultiGPS™) and massive copyright infringement problems with the other features of our infotainment systems like 3D, Augmented Reality (AR), multi-touch, gesture control, and natural speech control, for example.]", "[...] data sources from GPS systems to commercial cars like [a package service ...]", "Each [...c]ar features a 360-degree [Light Detection And Ranging (]Lidar[)] system with rotating lasers that measure the world in 3-D. There are six cameras beneath the lasers and a panoramic camera above them. Images captured with the panoramic camera can be layered atop data gathered from the Lidar system. Additional sensors measure the car's speed and orientation, as well as the incline of a street or the degree of a street turn. [...] "The rotating sensor is the key difference. The point cloud of data it captures is actually less data-intensive and allows us to send it over the airwaves to mobile devices in a much less data-intensive way than just photographs. Because it's digital data you can also manipulate it too." [This was said by the VP of location content. Obviously, that company has conducted an infringement of our copyright by describing our Active Components, specifically the Active Cam™ and the Active Sensor™, and Ontoscope™ that are all powered by OntoLinux™, as well as more related features like applying the point cloud technique for such a system as we always did, because by the way we have adapted it from robotic 2D and 3D vision systems, kinetic systems like our MobileKinetic™ technology and image-based rendering (see also the newer MultiKinetic™ technology, Wave-field Rendering/Synthesis™, and Sp@ce™ concept for example) and our (see also the sections Mixed Reality, Geography and Earth Simulation/Virtual Globe of the webpage Links to Software). The basic 3D mapping technology is from a company that was aquired by that company some weeks ago and its autostereoscopic camera, and the software and algorithms were developed by the NASA for the Mars Exploration Rovers (MERs) and licenses at the end of the year 2007. Before we publicated Style of Speed's Active Components™ that are powered by OntoLinux™, specifically the Active Cam™ technology that is using our Ontoscope™ and Multiray™ technologies, inclusive lasers, its system only consists of twelve cameras arranged in pairs of two for autostereoscopic imaging (we have images of its car made in different years like 2009) following our basic Ontoscope™ hardware technology, and in groups of three at two sides on the roof of its cars. The laser system was added after our presentation which constitutes one evidence of the copyright infringement claimed in this investigative case by us. To the feature of the local and global map updating in real-time while driving we only say: We gave a more than clear serious anti copyright infringement warning for our OpenStreetView™ system in the OntoLinux Further steps of the 26th of November 2010 and the related Clarification of the 1st of April 2011, but as we can see now this was not enough (see also the sections Mixed Reality, Geography and Earth Simulation/Virtual Globe of the webpage Links to Software, and also the devices listed on the webpage Links to Hardware).]", "Essentially, the Lidar data is much easier to use than taking photographs and stitching them together in 3-D, which is what [an internet search and advertisement company] do[es].", "[The company] also has been able to automate around 25 percent of its data processing, so that as the [...c]ar gathers information, it can feed into the [company's] mapping systems without any manual input or manipulation. [We only mention once again our OpenStreetView solution (see the related comment to a quote above once again).]", "[...] augmented-reality software [...] [We mentioned the point with Augmented Reality (AR) already in a comment to a quote above.]", "[The online magazine] took a ride in a [... c]ar and saw how quickly the rotating lasers captured the surrounding world. On a screen inside the car, you can see vague 3-D images [...] [This is definitely again an evidence of the claimed copyright infringement due to the systems and their utilization in vehicles described by us beginning with OntoLinux™ and its Multimodal Multimedia User Interfaces™ (M²UIs™), inclusive 3D graphics on 2D and 3D imaging systems, the Ontoscope™ and intelliTablet™ hardware, over the Active Cam™ and Active Sensor™ compontents, touch displays and our e-dashboard™, and so on.]", "The challenge, however, is not making the initial map but keeping them up to date. "It's one thing to build a map the first time," [the VP of location content] said. "The hard challenge is maintaining that map over the life of the product, which is forever in our case. These are living and breathing databases. If you were to look at [a metropolis] we had 100 percent coverage in 2011. In 2012, 80 percent of the road network was modified in some way. [...] Drivers [are] going up and down every single street in a city. It's especially important to [that company] that metropolitan areas, like San Francisco, [U.S.A.,] stay up to date." [Besides the metaphor of a living database, which for sure was said in conjunction with the website of OntoLinux™, we also do ask the question: Guess why we have developed our OpenStreetView™ solution exactly in this way as well for exactly this problem in 2008 in our OntoLab™ and made a serious anti copyright infringement warning in the OntoLinux Further steps of the 26th of November 2010? Furthermore, even such a system with 10 or 100 of million or even billions of users at the same time is not enough for solving every problem of specific application that depends on it, so that we added also further different approaches and technologies to such a system.]", and “We actually had to create a custom piece of navigation software for the vehicles because most navigation systems get you from one point to another - we need to drive every road in the city [That is why we created the OpenStreetView™ solution, because this effort can't be done by one company alone, or together with its business partners and customers, so that we developed a technology that enables every person to participate, to use every machine even if autonomous like robots of all kinds, and also stationary devices like web cams and other sensors of intelligent buildings and intelligent cities, as well as to apply techniques like the semantic computing, ontologic computing, and cloud computing paradigms, linked data, and everything else that is suitable for it by delivering useful informations.]".
    Definitely, neither the company Nokia nor any other company has really understood the problem and how ingenious our OntoLinux™, Ontoscope™, and all the other related approaches and technologies truly are.

    We simply repeat our demand:
    We demand the worldwide media not to report about the map and location service of the company Nokia, but only about classic plain 2- and 3-dimensional map services, because otherwise it infringes our copyright in relation with our OntoLinux system, specifically the Caliber/Calibre and the OntoScope software component, our Ontoscope technology, our Active Cam with Multiray technology, and our Boot to Web systems, as well as also applications like for example Glassy, Map & Globe, OpenStreetView, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Search (P2PS) and Find (P2PF), ontology-oriented and Ontologic Desktop, OntoMap, OntoGlobe/OntoEarth, OntoGIS, OntoSearch and OntoPortal, as well as our solutions Castle in the Cloud and AutoCloud, to name just some few.
    Wir fordern die weltweiten Medien auf nicht über den Karten- und Ortsdienst des Unternehmens Nokia zu berichten, sondern nur über klassische gewöhnliche 2- und 3-dimensionale Kartendienste, weil sonst unser Urheberrecht im Zusammenhang mit unserem OntoLinux-System, insbesondere das Caliber/Calibre und die Software-Komponente OntoScope, unsere Ontoscope-Technologie, unsere Active Camera mit Multiray-Technologie, unsere Boot to Web-Systeme sowie außerdem Anwendungen wie zum Beispiel Glassy, Map & Globe, OpenStreetView, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Search (P2PS) and Find (P2PF), ontology-orientiert und Ontologic Desktop, OntoMap, OntoGlobe/OntoEarth, OntoGIS, OntoSearch und OntoPortal sowie unsere Lösungen Castle in the Cloud und AutoCloud, um nur einige wenige zu nennen, verletzt werden.

    The prosecutors in the U.S.A. and the U.K., as well as in other European countries can already decide if, how and where to start with the fraud investigations due to manipulation of the public and copyright infringement.

    Comment of the Day #1

    Comment of the Day #2
    "There is no World Wild Web anymore.", [C.S., Sometimes]

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We would like to show an image that shows the direction of our conversion F8, which is eventually based on the model series 458 by the marque Fiat→Ferrari, or our conversion SuperEnzo (see the Fur- ther steps of the 12th of November 2012). But eventually, we will make an update of our model series Raptor based on our or Volks- wagen's components.

    SuperEnzo, 458, or SOS F8
    Fiat→Ferrari F12berlinetta → SuperEnzo, 458, or SOS F8 Front Splitter
    © Autocar, :(, and Style of Speed

    We also would like to mention that the first image summarizes our thoughts about related conversions (see the Further steps of the 12th of November 2012) and is based on an older image of a converted model 458 with a front bonnet designed in the style of the 458 GT models, which most potentially was made as well by following our initial thoughst about the 458 BB conversion (see also the Further steps of the 27th of May 2012), and on the collage shown on the webpage of our street legal model 333 XX, as it can be seen easily at the repainted section of the roof above the door, and the style of the front bumper and its spoiler that goes over into the lower section of the sides. The related report contains contents of our website of Style of Speed, like the claim that the upcoming new model by the marque Ferrari will feature a Formula 1 like steering wheel, which is a feature of our models like the 333 ST and 333 XX.

    Investigations::Aeronautics and Space

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): At first we wondered like in many other cases, e.g. the sudden claim that its Problem Solving Environment (PSE) for Star Trek like spaceship construction and control has also Ontology-Oriented (OO 2) features, that after we presented the Sneak Previews #1 on the 10th of January 2008 and #2 on the 27th of January 2008 of our Twin Ion Engine (TIE) of our spaceship TIE Royal/LightSwift we found a webpage about future propulsion technologies for faster than light space exploration and travel, which explained the theoretical warp drive concept of M. Alcubierre besides other theories, though the comments about the possibilities to realize the one or the other technology were done in such a way that rendered thinkers about them as morons. Furthermore, the NASA preferred some ion engines and the VAriable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR) engine with more or less enthusiasm at that time, while the rest was nonsense for the administration. Then several months later the tone of the NASA changed into a direction that showed more curiosity, for sure for keeping all options in the own hands and for stealing intellectual properties related with new developments in this field. In addition, after studies made some years before about fusion powered spaceships for Mars exploration missions were already thrown away again and nearly forgotten, we optimized the Bussard interstellar ramjet engine (see the Clarification #2 of the 23rd of April 2011, the Clarification #2 of the 29th of April 2011, and the Clarification #1 of the 30th of April 2011, and also the Style of Speed Further steps of the 14th of August 2011, as well as the Style of Speed Website update of the 15th of August 2011, the case of Charles Pellegrino in the Investigations::Aviation and Space and the Style of Speed Further steps of the 28th of November 2011, and the Clarification of the 3rd of May 2012), and presented our Nuclear Energy 2.0 technologies (see also the Investigations Nuclear Fusion Special of the 27th of June 2011 and Ontonics Further steps of the 2nd of December 2011), suddenly something came up again with fusion propulsion (see the related case of the NASA in the Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 2nd of December 2011). Now recently in the September of 2012, one of the typical fraudsters in sciences, who is again from the NASA this time, stroll along and claimed on a related symposium to have worked out the paper of M. Alcubierre again and was able to make a further optimization, so that the needed amount of exotic matter could be reduced to 1 ton, though actually nobody has exotic matter at all. At this point the reader might have some time to guess why we have developed a twin engine based on duality in this context as well, and even added later the matter-antimatter technology. The important and not surprising point is that indeed the explanations given by the NASA scientist and the NASA are following our actings and concepts, because the new proposed spaceship has now a rotating ring in the shape of a torus/doughnut around the main vehicle body as well, which resembles the form of a charged, spinning black hole called Kerr-Newman black hole and in this way also resembles our black hole like engine core described by us as a Kerr-Newman (ring) singularity. The reason for this is that the black hole core is not in the theoretically perfect shape of a static uncharged Kerr black hole, which is unmoving, unaccelerated, spherical, and has a point singularity at its centre, but in the shape of a dynamic Kerr black hole that gets an extra property by rotating it, so that it is no longer spherically symmetrical and the central singularity is no longer supposed to be a dimensionless point, but a ring or a torus/doughnut. Moreover, if the Schwarzschild spacetime and the Kerr spacetime are compared, and the horizon of a Kerr black hole is pervaded, then another event horizon is found behind which the singularity in spacetime now appears not as a central point, but as a ring. This ring singularity can be avoided and used to enter a new region of spacetime by passing through either of two throats bounded by the ring, which we described as a paraboloidal hourglass with the Minkowski space like geometry, and as a Kerr-Newman (ring) singularity with a surrounding wormhole-like subspace field. "In the new region the escape from the ring singularity is easy, because the gravitational effect of the black hole is reversed[, so that] it now repels rather than attracts. [Fascinatingly, the ring singularity is the outer equator of a spatial solid torus that is, quite simply, a time machine. Travelling within it, one can reach arbitrarily far back into the past of any entity inside the double horizons. In principle you can arrange a bridge game, with all four players being you yourself, at different ages. But there is no way to meet Julius Caesar or your (predeparture) childhood self since these lie on the other side of two impassable horizons.", [The Time Machine Project]. So now the reader does know why we put the additional term ring in parantheses in the descripiton of our TIE and she/he might be in the mood to take a look once again at the Clarification of the 3rd of May 2012. Furthermore, the NASA does not surprise us again with its sudden extension of a small laboratory that before was only used for testing some ion engines and the VASIMIR engine to a larger new laboratory for developing and testing new concepts, as it claims, like a related experiment based on a laser beam that is split into two beams with one beam going through an electromagnetic ring for measuring a warp effect of spacetime, which leads us again to our TIE Royal/LightSwift, because we have here all essential elements.
    We do not need to discuss this issue in all details, because it is also obvious in this case that the NASA has made research and eventually more in the fields of future propulsion technologies, but never in a really convinced way, and that since quite some time it wants to steal our intellectual properties and technologies, as we have seen it already in the past with the mentioned OO 2 approach and our Style of Speed Space System Standard (S5) developed with our Space Launch System (SLS) and Space Transportation System (STS) with Single-Stage-To-Orbit (SSTO) Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) Space Shuttle III/BigStar and NASA's SLS architecture.

    Indeed, we were always convinced that our rehabilitation will come soon in this field as well, but that the NASA helped us unintentionally in this way to realize it much earlier has to be declared as a positive aspect.

    *** Work in progress ***
    The goal is to show what was before the official start of OntoLinux in the autumn of the year 2006, specifically the 2D and 3D computer vision systems, and the lidar system with for example point cloud technique only used either for taking and rendering images and videos, as navigation device, and for object and sight recognition, and what was after our integration of these technologies as well as applications based on them with the OntoScope™ software and Ontoscope™ hardware, inclusive Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI) with so-called kinetic technologies and Mixed Reality (MR; includes Augmented Reality (AR), as well as Multiray™ technology, and the Active Camera based on it. The second major issue is related with paradigms based on Ontology-Orientation (OO 2), Ontologic-Orientation (OO 3), and Ontologic Computing (OC), inclusive semantic computing and semantic (world wide) web, and wave-field computing, because despite the smaller issue with a store for ontologies we have already the OntoBot™ and OntoScope™ software, the Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI), the hardware like the Ontoscope™ and the Active Components for vehicles and robots of all kind, and much more, where that mess is definitely and finally over.
    *** Work in progress; Essentially, text rearrangment. ***

  • Technical University Munich: Since around 5 years we are following the development of a service robot and had to find out to important points. The one point is related with the stealing and using of our Ontology-Oriented (OO 2) approach in the fields of robotics, about which we have written in the past several times (see for example the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, and Robotics of the 24th of September 2010). The other point is a copyright infringement related with our technology to integrated a robotic 3D vision system, as for example realized as an stereoscopic camera system with two camera units, with a laser based system, as for example realized as a so-called Light Detection And Ranging (LIDAR) that delivers point clouds of the environment. We developed this system due to the fact that the state of the art was to use laser based systems in one electromagnetic spectrum for tasks like navigation, 3D vision systems for imaging respectively photography, and satellite and telescope images with overlay techniques. We integrated them for all kinds of applications with our Ontoscope hardware (see for example the image of the robot Jn-66 of the Star Wars® saga in the Original vs. Inspiration of the 22nd of April 2008 and the Ontoscope Further steps of the 11th of July 2009) and Active Camera™ for vehicles, and extended it even with our Multiray™ approach, but also with semantic, ontologic, cloud, and wave-field computing paradigms (see also the case of the company Nokia in the Investigations::Car #366 of the 21st of November 2012 (yesterday)). The university has stolen our intellectual properties together with the research institute Fraunhofer Institut and other entities (see again the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, and Robotics of the 24th of September 2010).
  • Fraunhofer Institute: Its service robot has similar features like the serivce robot of the Technical University Munich, which is no surprise at all, because it has stolen together with the university our intellectual properties in this field as well, so we simply direct our readers to the case of the research institute Technical University Munich above.
  • Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH: Due to the fact that some hardware compontents of its service robot are the same as of the service robots of the Fraunhofer Institute and the technical university Munich the implication is that it worked together with one or both of them (see the cases of the two other research institutes above).

    Comment of the Day
    Wireless high performance™

    Ontonics Website update
    We added a new technology to our Innovation-Pipeline called:

  • MultiHaptic.


  • Microsoft: That company has again taken massive amounts of our intellectual properties, which are related with mixed reality, specifically augmented reality, the intersection of reality and virtuality, and our Caliber/Calibre™, as well as the semantic computing, wave-field computing™, and much more alone and integrated. Furthermore, it is supporting research institutes in the field of logics, which follows our activities in this field as well that are related with our OntoBot™ software component and its application. Doubtlessly, that company is still stealing our Ontologic System™ (OS), Hightech Operating System™ (HOS), and n-Dimensional Operating System™ (nDOS) OntoLinux™, its OntoBot™ and OntoScope™ software components, and the applications based on it, infiringing our copyright, and damaging massively the public order. If needed, we will present and document more details.

    Comment of the Day

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #1
    We from Ontonics and the OntoLab, the Lab of Visions, have created the new science ontonics that makes the findings of the ontology beneficial for the technology!
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics und dem OntoLab, das Labor der Visionen, haben die neue Wissenschaft Ontonik kreiert, die die Erkenntnisse der Ontologie für die Technologie nutzbar macht!

    Comment of the Day

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #2
    We from Style of Speed have invented the electric torque vectoring drivetrains for vehicles, inclusive the electronic quattro©/e quattro©, and not Audi.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Style of Speed haben die Antriebe mit elektrischer Drehmomentvektorisierung für Vehikel, inklusive den eelektronischen quattro© erfunden und nicht Audi.

    *** Work in progress ***
    Investigations::Car #367 LA Design Contest 2012 Special

  • General: In conjunction with a design contest we have read several reports on websites published by companies in the fields of automobiles and automotive design, but also more general magazines that are about the presented design studies by larger vehicle manufacturers.
    By the way: If we would belong to the jury, then the project of Honda Japan would get the first and only price, but not due to the concept and design, but due to the presentation of an own concept and the disqualification of all the other attendencies, who have presented concepts that feature essential concepts copied from us.
  • Daimler→Mercedes-Benz North America: In general, its whole design concept presented is a shameless copy of our E-SUV model HE, which was only derived by using a modern design language that would fit for the marque and further features of our models S! and X! and a concept car by another manufacturer. Besides this and the design style, it features two technologies invented by us, which are our Looped Fuel Cell at/in vehicles like cars and our integrated (pro)Active Suspension with (pro)Active Traction system. At first, we quote from its press release the text passages that are related with the fuel cell solution: "The [concept SUV] stores recycled water in tanks on the roof, and transfers it to the "hydro-tech converter," where natural and renewable resources are converted into hydrogen for operating the fuel cells. The storage units for the electricity generated in this process are housed easily accessible in the striking side skirts. The [concept SUV] emits nothing but water [...] The [...] skirts house either the energy storage units or hot-swappable battery packs." In the media, that normally gets its informations directly from the companies, we got more details: "[...] electric drivetrain [...]" and translated "The hydrogen necessary for the electrolysis is produced inside respectively on top of the vehicle itself. With the "hydro-tech converter" mounted on the roof hydrogen is generated out of the recycled water carried along in tanks, from which again electric power is generated in the fuel cell for the drivetrain. However, where the energy for the hydrogen generation comes from [...] is not explained. For converting water to hydrogen by electrolysis electrical energy is needed, indeed."
    [We only waited for this criminal step of the company after it already has stolen our Active Differental #2 in the past, because it was simply too tempting and also too clearly recognizable since more than one year, that the company wants to appropriate our solution unlawfully as well. Obviously, it is an integrated system and therefore our technology of the Looped Fuel Cell/Active Fuel Cell respectively the Electrolysis-based Closed-loop Fuel Cell@Car, in particular in the Opened Looped Fuel Cell version, which the company has copied illegally. What the company has overlooked or disregarded additionally is the second essential part of our technology, namely the production of hydrogen on-board of the vehicle. Furthermore, we had already solved the problem with the energy needed for the breakdown of the water in two different ways. The one variante uses a mixture of water and hydrogenperoxide, and the other variant is the intgration with common batteries/accumulators (see once again the webpage Looped Fuel Cell/Active Fuel Cell and the linked solution of the Supercharged/Overloaded Fuel Cell). A further solution is to use a catalytic process. This is called a clear copyright infringement.]",

    The press release by the manufacturer continues with the explanation of the drivetrain and our proactive suspension and traction system and the interplay with our active cam as a system of active components: "Four wheel-hub motors, whose output for each individual wheel is adapted precisely to the respective terrain by high-performance electronics, provide the pulling power. A "Terra-Scan" 360-degree topography scanner on the roof permanently scans the surroundings and uses the results to adjust the spring and damping rates as well as other suspension parameters for maximum traction on the respective surface, regardless of whether it is in terrain or on the road." Here again, we got more details by the media: "[...] 360-degree topography scanner linked to the electronic suspension system [...]" and translated "Four in-wheel/hub motors provide for the powerful all-wheel drive, which performance is adapted by a high performance electronic sensibel and for each single wheel is adjusted to the local terrain. Dazu detektiert der topografische Rundumscanner "Terra-Scan" auf dem Dach ständig das Umfeld des Fahrzeugs und reguliert danach Federung, Dämpfung und andere Fahrwerksparameter für die beste Traktion auf dem jeweiligen Untergrund, gleichgültig ob Gelände oder Straße. [...] ein topografischer Rundum-Scanner namens "Terrain Scan". Der dient nicht nur der 360-Grad-Überwachung, sondern liefert auch Informationen ans adaptive Fahrwerk des Autos. Je nach Untergrund können dann Fahrwerk und Dämpfer schon im Voraus auf das kommende Gelände abgestimmt werden. [Obviously, it is our (pro)Active Suspension with (pro)Active Trac in the interplay with Active Cam and Active Sensor, because it is not a navigational task like done with a Light Detection And Ranging (LIDAR) system for example. This is called a clear copyright infringement.]".
    What makes the case extra nasty is the fact that that company has already stopped its actings in the field of fuel-cells around the July of the year 2012.

    We demand the worldwide media not to report about the concept vehicle of the company Mercedes-Benz, because our copyright in relation with the Looped Fuel Cell/Active Fuel Cell, and the Active Componentes Active Camera and Active Sensor in the interplay with Active Suspension and Active Trac will be infringed.
    Wir fordern die weltweiten Medien auf nicht über das Konzeptfahrzeug des Unternehmens Mercedes-Benz zu berichten, da unser Urheberrecht in Zusammenhang mit der kreislaufbasierten Brennstoffzelle und den aktiven Komponenten aktive Kamera==Active Camera und aktiver Sensor==Active Sensor im Zusammenspiel mit der aktiven Aufhängung==Active Suspension und der aktiven Traktionskontrolle==aktiven Aufhängung==Active Trac verletzt wird.

    Wir fordern Gordon Wagener auf sich öffentlich bei uns für die Aussage zu entschuldigen, die er im Zusammenhang mit unserer kreislaufbasierten Wasserstoffbrennstoffzelle gemacht hat: "Ein bisschen Spinnerei muss bei solchen Studien auch erlaubt sein.", [Axel Springer Verlag→Die Welt, 18. November 2012].
    We demand Gordon Wagener to apologize publicly to us for his statement that he made in conjunction with our looped hydrogen fuel cell: "A little crazy idea must be permitted", [Axel Springer Verlag→Die Welt, 18th of November 2012].

  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: "FPU (Flying Pursuit Unit Detects and Locates Suspects from the Sky) [Offensichtlich Exteriorroboter]", "Interactive Screen Displays All Types Of Information Desired [...] keine Fenster [...] Stattdessen kommunizieren die Beamten per Bildschirm mit anderen [Personen]. Im Inneren geben Bildschirme die Umgebung sowie übermittelte Bilddaten wieder. [...] Bullet Proof Panel Outside Windshield, Data Processing Digital Screen Inside Windshield: 360 view - No Blind Spot behind Pillar, Door Panel [...] auf dem großen Windschutzscheibendisplay [...] All interfaces within the interior are touch screen. For greater protection to the patrol officers, windows are not included in the vehicle. The windshield is replaced with a large screen that on the exterior can communicate critical information such as accidents or route information to other drivers. On the interior, the large screen acts as a monitor on which data from the drones can be displayed. [Offensichtlich Modell j! sowie Glass-Cockpit- und Glass-Cabin™-Technologien, die wir für unser Modell S 0 S nutzen. Also Sp@ce@Car.]" "[...] Levitation Turbine (Active When The Two [Advanced Pursuit Units] (APU[s])[, which are monowheelers and function as rear wheels when attached to the vehicle body,] Are Released [...] Keeps the car Floating [From a conceptual point of view, the design study is half of the powered lift aircrafts 3³ :) (Triple 3 Fun) and Hawk 333.]"

    We demand the worldwide media not to report about the concept vehicle of the company Bayerische Motorenwerke, because our copyright in relation with the Space@Car concept and the technologies of the glass cockpit und the glass cabin based on it will be infringed.
    Wir fordern die weltweiten Medien auf nicht über das Konzeptfahrzeug des Unternehmens Bayerische Motorenwerke zu berichten, da unser Urheberrecht in Zusammenhang mit dem Sp@ce@Car-Konzept und den darauf aufbauenden Technologien des Glascockpits und der Glaskabine verletzt wird.

  • General Motors: The company presented as its design study three vehicles here also called units. Two of them are a flying surveillance unit and a flying drone, which is similar to a swoop of the aerodyne type (see also the Pod and Swoop Racing League Further steps #19 of the 24th of June 2012), obviously, with robotic functions of our model E3, inclusive its utilization in the field of law enforcement. The design of the third model is in fact a mixture of our Electric Multi-Purpose Vehicle (E-MPV™) and Van (E-Van™) ETE™ in the eP!/ePolice! version and our City :)™ (City Fun™) in a larger version.]", "[...] kommuniziert ein Display mit der Außenwelt==communicates with the environment by a display [see a further time our model j!™)]".
  • Honda North America: The subsidiary had also the theme of drones with its design study called Drone Squad. From a report about it we got the explanation that "Die Autodrohne kann bemannt und unbemannt agieren, während die Motorrad[drohnen]einheit nur unbemannt im Einsatz ist.==The auto drone can operate manned and unmanned, while the motorcycle [drone] unit is in action only unmanned. [In fact, this is a combination of our version eP!/ePolice! of the model ETE™ and our Bik•E™ robotic platform.]". Also shown on two posters of its presentation are our Sp@ce@Car™ concept with gesture controlled display and Mixed Reality (MR; includes 3D, Augmented Reality (AR) and in this case simple Virtual Reality (VR), and a powered lift aircraft like the Sky :)™ (Sky Fun™).

    We demand the worldwide media not to report about the concept vehicle of the company Honda North America, because our copyright in relation with the Space@Car concept and the technologies of the glass cockpit und the glass cabin built on it will be infringed.
    Wir fordern die weltweiten Medien auf nicht über das Konzeptfahrzeug des Unternehmens Honda North America zu berichten, da unser Urheberrecht in Zusammenhang mit dem Space@Car-Konzept und den darauf aufbauenden Technologien des Glascockpits und der Glaskabine verletzt wird.
    *** ready ***

  • Subaru: From its posters used for the presentation of its design study we quote the following text passages: "ARM GEAR control & monitoring device [In fact, it is a larger version of our EyeW@tch based on our Retina Projection technology that is worn at the arm (see also the Ontonics Further steps of the 11th of October 2012).]", "EyeSight 3D Goggles [-] Goggle's inner lens projects live video form the [unmanned surface vehicle]'s EyeSight 3D system [-] Eye-Motion capture technology allows the [user]'s eye movements to control the view of the [Doubtlessly, despite it sounds like a head-mounted display system used by pilots of military air vehicles, it is in this form of a goggle our Sm@rtEyewear3D Eyewear of the type See-through Head-Mounted Display 2.0 with transparent glasses, which eventually are made out of our electronic Laminated (Safety/Security) Glass (eLSG) for example.]", "[...] information gathered by the [designed] vehicles can be viewed through the goggles: such as vehicle speed [-] Voice Control feature [...] [This was said between the text quoted before, but we have split it for more clearity of the issue, though the two quotes still belong together. Here the Augmented Reality (AR) and voice control functions of one device are mentioned, which in this case is our Head-Mounted Display 2.0 based 3D Eyewear in the see-through version, so that already in this specific way we have also the link to the Multimodal Multimedia User Interface™ (M²UI™) of our OntoLinux™ as well as to our Glassy™ app(lication). Nice try, but this specific 3D goggle issue failed with at least two copyright infringements.]", "EyeSight 3D laser / camera system [of the vehicle] [This is Style of Speed™'s Active Cam™ with Active Sensor™ solution that are based on the Ontoscope™ and Multiray™ technologies, and powered by OntoLinux™ based on Mixed Reality (includes 3D and AR) and its M²UI, as the cimments to the quotes before already explained (see also the sections ... of the webpage ..., the similar case of the company Nokia in the Investigations::Car #366 of the 20th of November 2012, and the cases of the Investigations::Robotics of the 24th of November 2012), so that it is the next evidence of a copyright infringement.]", "[...] hovering [...] autonomous vehicle that can transition between ground and hover modes, with its wheels also serving as rotors or angled to suit different terrain [...] [We have only waited for this. In detail, the wheels tilt and then are used as rotors, so that the unmanned vehicle becomes an unmanned aerial vehicle of the type quadcopter. In the context it is a copyright infringement due to our Autocopter™ models, like the C1 and F1 for example, and their Multimode™ Intelligent Control System powered by OntoLinux™ and based on the Ontoscope™ hardware platform. Moreover, the images show that the function to angle the wheels for terrain adaption is in fact some kind of an active transformative suspension system (robot leg) like our Transuspension™.]".

    We demand the worldwide media not to report about the concept vehicle of the company Subaru, because our copyright in relation with the Head-Mounted Display 2.0, specifically the 3D Eyewear, moreover the Active Components Active Camera and Active Sensors, the technologies Ontoscope and Multiray, as well as essential functions of our Multimode Intelligent Control System for powered lift aircrafts and autocopters will be infringed.
    Wir fordern die weltweiten Medien auf nicht über das Konzeptfahrzeug von Subaru zu berichten, da unser Urheberrecht in Zusammenhang mit Head-Mounted Display 2.0, insbesondere die 3D Eyewear, außerdem die aktiven Komponenten aktive Kamera==Active Camera und aktive Sensoren==Active Sensors verletzt, die Technologien Ontoscope und Multiray sowie wesentliche Funktionen unseres intelligenten Multimoduskontrollsystems für angetriebene Auftriebsfluggeräte==Powered-Lift-Aircrafts und Autokopter verletzt wird.

  • Motor Presse Stuttgart→auto motor und sport: Wie nicht anders zu erwarten war, wurde trotz besserem Wissen in einem Bericht über den Designwettbewerb LA Design Contest 2012 unser Urheberrecht im Zusammenhang mit unseren Technologien der elektrolysebasierten kreislaufbasierten Brennstoffzelle im Auto und der aktiven Komponenten (pro)aktive Aufhängung==Active Suspension mit der (pro)aktiven Traktionskontrolle==Active Trac im Zusammenspiel mit der aktiven Kamera==Active Camera und den aktiven Sensoren==Active Sensors verletzt (siehe die Fälle der Hersteller Daimler→Mercedes-Benz und Honda North America oben). In einem zzugehörigen Bericht über den Beitrag der Marke Daimler→Mercedes (siehe auch den investigativen Fall der Marke oben) wird dazu folgendes geschrieben: "Der [Konzeptgeländewagen] fährt in der Vision der Designer mit dem Strom aus einer Brennstoffzelle, für die Wasserstoff per Hydro-Tech Converter aus Schmutzwasser hergestellt wird. Im Dach integriert befindet sich der Wassertank, die Energie für die vier elektrischen Radnabenmotoren wird in Wechselakkus gespeichert [...]. Ein Scanner detektiert das Umfeld des [Konzept-SUVs] und reguliert je nach Topografie Federung, Dämpfer und weitere Fahrwerkseinstellungen für die optimale Traktion.". Des Weiteren zeigte man lediglich die entsprechenden Poster der anderen Designwettbewerbsteilnehmer mit der in Englischer Sprache gegebenen Erklärungen, wenn man sich anscheinend nicht oder sehr sicher wahr, dass es sich um unsere Technologien handelt (siehe insbesondere den Fall des Herstellers Subaru oben).

    Wir fordern den Verlag Motor Presse Stuttgart auf so schnell wie möglich in allen Fällen Gegendarstellungen zu veröffentlichen.

  • Hubert Burda Media→Focus: Wie nicht anders zu erwarten war, wurde trotz besserem Wissen und natürlich ohne Gewissen in einem Bericht über den Designwettbewerb LA Design Contest 2012 unser Urheberrecht im Zusammenhang mit unseren Technologien elektrolysebasierten kreislaufbasierten Brennstoffzelle im Auto und der aktiven Komponenten (pro)aktive Aufhängung Active Suspension mit der (pro)aktiven Traktionskontrolle Active Trac im Zusammenspiel mit der aktiven Kamera Active Camera und den aktiven SensorenActive Sensors verletzt (siehe den Fall des Herstellers Daimler→Mercedes-Benz). Die relevante Textpassage aus dem Bericht lautet: "Er fährt mit vier Radnabenmotoren rein elektrisch und bekommt seine Energie von der bordeigenen Brennstoffzelle geliefert. Der [Konzeptgeländewagen] nimmt recyceltes Wasser in Tanks auf dem Dach auf und leitet es an den "Hydro-Tech Converter" weiter. Der wandelt das kostbare Nass in Wasserstoff für den Betrieb der Brennstoffzellen um. Die Batteriespeicher für die gewonnene elektrische Energie befinden sich gut zugänglich in den markanten Seitenschwellern. Der [Konzept-SUV] emittiert demnach nur Wasser [...]" und "Auf dem Dach des futuristischen 4x4-[Fahrzeugs] findet sich neben einer Batterie von LED-Scheinwerfern ein topografischer Rundum-Scanner namens "Terrain Scan". Der dient nicht nur der 360-Grad-Überwachung, sondern liefert auch Informationen ans adaptive Fahrwerk des Autos. Je nach Untergrund können dann Fahrwerk und Dämpfer schon im Voraus auf das kommende Gelände abgestimmt werden.

    Wir fordern den Verlag Hubert Burda Media auf so schnell wie möglich in allen Fällen Gegendarstellungen zu veröffentlichen.

  • Axel Springer→Die Welt: Im Rahmen des Designwettbewerbs LA Design Contest 2012 hat der Verlag nicht nur in einem Bericht unser Urheberrecht im Zusammenhang mit unserer kreislaufbasierten Brennstoffzelle verletzt, sondern unsere Technologie vorsätzlich als ein Konzept dem Unternehmen Daimler→Mercedes-Benz angedichtet und zudem versucht uns lächerlich zu machen. Wir zitieren aus dem entsprechenden Bericht: "Die Technik dagegen ist noch Sciencefiction. Eine Brennstoffzelle, die aus Brauchwasser erst einmal Wasserstoff und daraus dann den Strom für vier elektrische Radnabenmotoren erzeugt, wird es wohl so schnell nicht geben. Dass die auswechselbaren Akkus in den Trittleisten bei diesem Format einmal den Strom für 800 Kilometer speichern können, ist allenfalls ein Traum der Entwickler. Für Wagener [(verantwortlicher Chefdesigner)] schmälert das den Ernst des Entwurfes keinesfalls: "Ein bisschen Spinnerei muss bei solchen Studien auch erlaubt sein."
  • Axel Springer→Bild: Auch ein weiteres Produkt des Verlags berichtet über den Designwettbewerb. So wird unter anderem über den Beitrag der Marke Daimler→Mercedes-Benz geschrieben: "Als Antrieb der Zukunft setzen die Mercedes-Designer auf die Brennstoffzelle. Das Wasser für die Umwandlung in Wasserstoff, der als Kraftstoff benötigt wird, sammelt der SUV in Tanks auf dem Dach.", was natürlich wieder eine Urheberrechtsverletzung darstellt, denn es handelt sich ja um unsere kreilaufbasierte Brennstoffzelle in der offenen Version. Über den weiteren Teilnehmer Subaru schreibt man: "Fliegen und fahren kann dieser Entwurf von Subaru. Dabei muss nicht einmal ein Fahrer/Pilot im Fahrzeug sitzen. Die dünnen Räder dienen gleichzeitig auch als Rotoren. Dass der Antrieb besonders umweltfreundlich ist, versteht sich von selbst.", womit ganz klar Eigenschaften unserer Autokopter beschrieben werden.

    *** Proof-reading mode ***
    Investigations::Car #368

  • Volkswagen→Audi: The first issue we have to document is that the marque is trying to delete the first concept car e-tron and substitute it with our original RE™ and with its proposed model R4 for deleting historical facts, but luckily this is not possible in the time of the internet. The second point related to this is that we found out that the marque has also infringed our trademark E Sport5 that was written on the numbner plate of the second clone of our RE™ called F12 e performance, which was already investigated and documented with the case of Volkswagen→Audi, Audi Electronics Venture, Robert Bosch and Bosch Engineering, RWTH Aachen University, technical universities of Munich, Dresden and Ilmenau, Leibniz University Hanover, the Fraunhofer Institute, Forschungsgesellschaft Kraftfahrwesen mbH Aachen, and the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research in the Investigations::Car #365 of the 11th of November 2012, but we are so sorry for the marque that we already marked the label as our copyrighted and protected work on the 12th of November 2009, which is even a month before its project started. Also in the research and development project, our T@blet™ and P@d™ Holder was copied as well as our Glassy™ app(lication), which in relation with this investigative case is the specific version of our invention that integrates the camera image of a tablet and pad computer with Augmented Reality (AR).
    The second issue is related with an interview of the head of development of the marque and the motorsport unit of the whole Volkswagen group, who gave the following informations: "[The marque] is considering producing a diesel-hybrid hypercar to sit above the R8 in the line-up.", "[...] at the very top of the supercar segment, and will provide a direct transfer of technology from the 2012 Audi R18 e-tron Le Mans-winning race car.", "There is definitely room for a super sports car above the R8, [the new head of technical development said].", and "You don't have to look far to realise where [the responsible person] - who also heads up the strategic motorsport plan for the entire VW Group - took his inspiration for this radical new halo model. "This year I watched Audi win Le Mans for the 11th time, and asked myself how do we leverage this diesel-hybrid technology to the road," he revealed. [...] in fact I have more ideas than time or engineers to implement them. [May be, but we do not think that this explanation and these statements are true.]". Obviously, the claims and statements come at least too late, because such a concept was presented by us as part of our A * B * B * L * P * S series in the Style of Speed Further steps of the 2nd, 4th, and 5th of October 2012 (look for the Apollo II, and the Apollo and A * B * B * L * P * S series), 12th of October 2012, and 22nd of October 2012. Furthermore, an ultra lightweight version of the modell TT is in the construction phase, which seems to follow our conversion GTron™ Ultra™. Interestingly, this case also links the company 9ff (see also its case in the Investigations::Car #363 of the 14th of October 2012), which somehow looks like a fake company that is a part of a larger defrauding network built around our company obviously by the factory, the marque, and at least the publisher Motor Presse Stuttgart and one supplier of automotive components, which also work together with the manufacturer and its subisdiaries in the fields of arts, This impression was strengthened by a report of the publisher Motor Presse Stuttgart that was about a black Porsche 911 with a number plate of the town Hamburg, though that company is based in Dortmund, both B.R.D., so it should not so difficult for our readers to find out who is meant bny looking at our webpage Culture.
    The third issue is related with an internal automotive design event by the marque; one student has stolen our concept inclusive label of our conversion GTron™ for his design of a limousine that features the same design language shown on the sketches by the marque that we showed earlier on the webpage of the GTron™ Ultra as well. We are sure that this was deliberately supported by the management, because our whole concept of the GTron™ is just too good, as the second issue already proved.

    Comment of the Day #1

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Not science fiction, but science fact.", [NASA and C.S., Today]
    As usual when we do rocket science.

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #3
    We from the C.S. GmbH have developed further the field of software-technology due to inconsistencies by method fragmentations, inclusive the Object-Oriented Software Engineering (OOSE or OO 1 SE) approach, by adding the 2D and 3D visual modeling and the ontology-based developing paradigms that resulted in the discpline software-architecture, the newer versions of the approaches of the Unified Modeling Language (UML), the Model Driven Architecture (MDA), and the related unified software development process, and later led to the Ontology-Oriented (OO 2) and the Ontologic-Oriented (OO 3) paradigms on the one hand and the further unification by integration of hardware development processes on the other hand, and neither the three amigos with their companies Objectory and Rational Software nor its later owner International Business Machines, and surely not Microsoft!
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von der C.S. GmbH haben die Software-Technologie, inklusive dem Ansatz der ObjektOrientierter Software-Entwicklung (OOSE oder OO 1 SE), aufgrund von Inkonsistenzen durch Methodenfragmentierung weiterentwickelt indem die Paradigmen der 2D und 3D visuelle Modellierung und der ontologiebasierte Entwicklung hizufügten, das als Ergebnis die Disziplin Software-Architektur, die neueren Versionen der unifizierten Modellierungssprache==Unified Modeling Language (UML) und die modellgetriebenen Architektur==Model Driven Architecture (MDA) hatte und später zu den OntologieOrientierten (OO 2) und OntologikOrientierten (OO 3) Paradigmen auf der einen Seite und der weiteren Unifizierung durch Integration von Hardware-Entwicklungsprozessen auf der anderen Seite und weder die drei Amigos mit ihren Unternehmen Objectory und Rational Software noch die spätere Eigentümerin International Business Machines und schon gar nicht Microsoft!

    Picture of the Day
    Closed cycle hydrogen oxygen Regenerative Fuel Cell (RFC)

    NASA Closed Cycle Hydrogen oxygen regenerative fuel cell (RFC)
    © National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

    Keep in mind that we have already clarified that this technology was successfully tested in the laboratory of the NASA (see the Clarification of the 30th of December 2010), adapted all versions for vehicles, and developed the fuel cell technology further in many ingenious ways as well, as it can be seen for example with the supercharged/overloaded fuel cell, catalysis-based closed-loop fuel cell, direct multi-fuel cell and the indirect multi-fuel cell, directly converting fuel cell, and converting multi-fuel cell.

    We use the terms Looped Fuel Cell, Loop Fuel Cell and Active Fuel Cell as a marketing label for Regenerative Fuel Cells (RFCs) of every kind, like e.g. opened and closed cycle, the direct and indirect, as well as stacked and unitized RFC versions since years.

    Finally, we would like to give the hint that we do know exactly that no manufacturer has presented such solutions Lösungen kein Hersteller and as far as we do know this holds for research institutes as well. This result of creativity and hightech competence is called science fact and not science fiction.

    Ontonics Website update 2:44 EST
    *** Copy mode ***
    We developed our fuel cell technologies further, specifically our looped/cycle fuel cell respectively Regenerative Fuel Cell (RFC) technologies based on electrolysis and catalysis, by combining them with regenerative power systems either as a component of an overall energy system by using for example the electric power generated with a Brake Energy Recovery System (BERS), a thermal-mechanic or thermal-electric system like the different versions of our HyperCompressor, or a thermoelectric recovery system like our Cool Chip, as a module respectively stack/layer or directly as a part of a stack/layer of a direct or an indirect RFC by using a thermoelectric recovery system or a thermodynamic system like a heat pipe [(added on the 1st of December 2012)], or directly as a part of an unitized direct or/and indirect RFCs by using for example a thermoelectric recovery system instead of a heat pipe.

    Somehow, we have not transfered the description of our Hydride Fuel Cell/PowerPak given in the Ontonics Further steps and Style of Speed Further steps on the 21st of May 2012 to the Innovation-Pipeline, so we did it today.
    We also added the new project:
    Multi-Wave 23:45 EST

    to the section Energy Generation, Storage and Management.

    Comment of the Day
    Liquid wheel™
    Liquid rim™
    Liquid tyre™
    Liquid tire™
    Liquid hoop™
    Liquid ski™
    Liquid blade™
    Liquid coat™
    Liquid base™
    Liquid skid™
    Liquid runner™
    Liquid edge™
    Liquid ground™
    Liquid surface™
    Liquid road™

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #4
    We from Ontologics have invented the first Ontologic System (OS), Hightech Operating System (HOS), and n-Dimensional Operating System (nDOS) architectures OntoLix and OntoLinux that integrates the multiparadigmatic multimodal multimedia programming and computing paradigms, inclusive the functional, logic, semantic, ontology-based, ontologic, object-oriented (OO 1), ontology-oriented (OO 2), and ontologic-oriented (OO 3), as well as n-dimensional, visual, and mixed real, and also recently the wave-field-based and so many more paradigms!
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontologics haben die ersten Ontologischen System (OS)-, Hochtechnologischen BetriebsSystem (HBS)- und n-Dimensionalen BetriebsSystem (nDBS)-architekturen OntoLix und OntoLinux erfunden, die die multiparadigmatischen multimodalen multimedia Programmier- und Rechenparadigmen integrieren, inklusive die funktionalen, logischen, semantischen, ontologiebasierten, und ontologischen, ObjektOrientierten (OO 1), OntologieOrientierten (OO 2) und OntologikOrientierten (OO 3) als auch n-dimensionalen, visuellen und gemischt realen sowie seit kurzem auch wellenfeldbasierten und noch viele weitere Paradigmen!

    *** Copy mode ***
    Ontonics Website update 1:25 EST
    We have developed new concepts of somekind of wheel and tyre, ski and coat/base, and blade and edge combinations, as well as of a ground/surface called:

  • Liquid Wheel,
  • Liquid Ski,
  • Liquid Skid,
  • Liquid Blade/Runner,
  • Liquid Tire/Tyre,
  • Liquid Coat, and
  • Liquid Edge, and also
  • Liquid Ground 1:35 EST, but also
  • Fly-in 23:42 EST and
  • Fly-through.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We already mentioned in the Further steps of the 20th of October 2012 that we would like to use the 4WD drivetrain of the model FF by the marque Ferrari for a mod rod Super Bee! with the mid-engine configuration, though the drivetrain of the models R8 and Gallardo by the marques Audi, Audi→Lamborghini, and Audi→quattro would fit as well. In the last days, this consideration developed further again after already thoughts were made many years ago resulting now in three models that are a roadster in the tradition of a '32 Deuce with a modern design like the Caresto V8 Speedster, a further model with an actually undecided theme, though it points into the direction of a '27 or '29 Touring, '29, '32 or '33 Phaeton, or a '32 or '33 SpeedStar Vicky, and something really finest that is a Lakes Modified called Enzo, for sure, following the Caresto Jakob with typical Ferrari design elements like the style of the grille panel of the model 125 F1 and the interiors of that time for example. Yeah!!!

    A further thought is related with our GTron that may be built on top of a Boxster or a Cayman chassis, if the factory still brakes with the proposed model R4/R5 discussed since years, so that our initial plan to make the label GTron a signature for special ultra lightweight versions of models by the factory can be implemented further. Yes, we parked the label with the little fake series.

    And also related with the Boxster and Cayman are the special ultra lightweight versions with a weight of at most 1.000 kilograms, though we have to look how it will be sorted into our range of conversions due to our model 550 II V8. Eventually, the 550 II will be extended to the new 555 series.