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In the last past several companies have tried by illegally copying our website contents, especially from the website of our Ontologic System (OS), and Hightech and nD Operating System (HOS & nDOS) OntoLinux, to directly steal our Caliber, and even recapitulated our business evolution to outsmart at first and then to steal our Caliber (see the case of the company Google in the Investigations of the 1st of July 2012). But in the very end there is one of many giant problems with the latest attempt, which is called entropy.

Ontonics Website update 3:44 CEST
We have added to the description of our Multi Global Positioning System (MultiGPS)/Multi Global Navigation System (MultiGNS) that the further outstanding feature is the possibility to integrate the MultiGPS/MultiGNS with our Ray-Field Sensor and through this to get a 3-dimensional model of the actual receivable signals and their strength as well as direction and origin in real-time, so that our navigation systems can see their signals, and therefore are able for example to plan a route with the highest guarantee of connectivity or/and to circumvent dead zones proactively. The other way round was already added to the description of the Wave-Field Computing and specifically with the Ray-Field Sensor with the Ontonics Website update of the 28th of June 2012.

Style of speed Further steps
After we have removed protected logos, we will add the two images shown below (see also the Original vs. Inspiration of the 8th of April 2008), most potentially on the webpages of our powered lift aircraft Z :) (Z Fun), and our autocopter Z1, and on the webpage of the second model of the new section for our spinners announced with the Style of Speed Further steps of the 25th of June 2012.

Franquin, Yann and Tarrin Spirou & Fantasio Zorglumobile ∧ Daimler→Mercedes-Benz LA Design → SOS Autocopter Z1 Gullwing; 4 SeatsSpinner SLA
© Daimler→Mercedes-Benz R&D North America and Style of Speed

Throw away those green and red navigation lights, because we want a symmetric approach with the same colours on both sides of a vehicle. The green and red lights could be used for an altitude indicator/signal to complement the direction indicator/turn signal, with green meaning going higher and red going lower.

We are thinking as well about a new model called 911 W12 with the mid-mounted Volkswagen W12 engine with twin-turbo already used with the showcar Golf GTI W12-650, the Continental GT models by the marque Volkswagen→Bentley, and our conversions Scirocco BB and Cayman BB, the gearbox of the model Phaeton by Volkswagen. The engines output would begin with 616 hp and the design could follow the sketches of our conversion 911 BB and the one sketch of our model Cayman GT, which already showed the roof of the model 911 or already is one version of the proposed model 911 W12.

Comment of the Day #1
Combustion Power Engine™
Counter-rotating flywheel energy storage™
Counter-rotating FES™
Gegenläufiger Schwungradspeicher™
3D flywheel™
Cartesian flywheel™
Kartesisches Schwungrad™
Spintronic energy storage™
Spintronic flywheel™
Spintronic battery™
Spintronic accumulator™
Spintronic accu™

Comment of the Day #2
"If the Higgs Boson is the particle that tunneled and led to the Big Bang, than it is the God Particle.", [C.S., Today]
By the way: How real is the Higgs Boson, if finally found? Despite this, we only say that the existence of the Higgs Boson is only proved in relation to a physical model in contrast to the creation of the Ontologics OntoLinux and the Caliber, as well as interpretations and applications of it as explained with our Clarifications, like e.g. the one given on the 20th of June 2012.

Question of the Day
"Stephen Hawking hast lost 100 US dollar?"

Due to the fact that some entities do not want to understand a basic fact we would like to clarify: Our website contents are copyrighted and there is no fair use clause, like it exists e.g. for patents, software source code, and software library interfaces, as it is the case with the Java programming language, but our short and very easy to understand disclaimer.

Ontonics Website update
We have added some new projects to our fascinating Innovation-Pipeline that are:

  • Combustion Power Engine 3:28 CEST,
  • 3D Flywheel 4:25 CEST,
  • Counter-Rotating Flywheel Energy Storage 4:25 CEST, and
  • Spintronic Energy Storage 19:00 CEST.

    OntoLinux Further steps
    We always guessed that such a version of a Linux® kernel based operating system exists. Now, we are looking at the Replicant Operating System "developed in collaboration between activists from LibrePlanet Italia and the Software Freedom Conservancy", which exists since the September of 2010, and is with its fully free operating system and software stack the correct version of what a special and well known operating system for mobile devices should have been all the time. In this respect we would like to clarify directly that we do not go into this direction, so that nobody confuses it with the application of OntoLinux in the field of systems biology, second metabolism, and artificial and reflective symbiosis (see the Clarification of the 20th of June 2012), but take a look at it for items that might be interesting for being made correctly with our OntoLinux or eventually in some few case for adapting them.

    Besides this, we are looking at a further programming language, because it is exotic due to its approach, has some interesting features, and would eventually complement our programming language environment used with our OntoBot software component.

    Style of speed Further steps
    Already yesterday, we thought about somekind of a drivetrain archi- tecture in relation with the model 911 V8 and the proposed model 911 W12 (see the Style of Speed Further steps of the 2nd of July 2012), because on the one hand the automatic gearbox with Tiptronic of the Volkswagen model Phaeton is not the best choice for a sports car at all, as it is very well known, and on the other hand we would like to have a hybrid drivetrain featuring our Electric Torque Vectoring and Software as Gears technologies that does not need a battery at all due to the cost and weight penalties.
    One solution would be to attach a large electric generator at an internal combustion engine with some needed components creating a common engine-generator, and eventually add a Fywheel Energy Storage (FES) with combined electric generator and motor, and to take one or two electric motors per axle that are powered directly by the electric energy delivered by the generator and the FES.
    A further solution is based on our concept that does not use sepa- rate components, like one or more electric generators, electric motors, and energy storages, e.g. a FES, but instead only applies a torque-less counter-rotating dual FES consisting in the simple version of two single FESs with attached combined generator and motor units, so that one is connected to a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) that drives a differential or directly one wheel on the one hand, and on the other hand the rotor of the FES when recovering brake energy, and the other is used as the counter-rotating part for eliminating the angular momentum respectively their created torques. Both were accelerated and decelerated by their electric motor-generators and a sophisticated control system. The pair of FESs can be extended to a 3D Flywheel Energy Storage (3DFES). Depending on the power needs the combustion engine is driven with more or less revolutions per minute.
    At first, this concept looks ridiculous again, but we do not think that the Hybrid² is such a nonsense at all, especially if the combustion engine is powered by hydrogen, hydrogen/hydrogen peroxide like our fuel cells, biofuels, synthetic fuels, and others. It should be seen as well that by the omitted mechanics of a gearbox and of a gimballed flywheel, as well as by the integration, and in this way done reduction of the components and of the energy conversion processes, much energy can additionally be saved (see also the Ontonics Website update above).

    We also think about the possibility to use torque-less counter-rot- ating dual flywheels, specifically our 3D-Flywheel/Cartesian Flywheel, with all of our vehicles for different kinds of applications, inclusive our Active Differentials in combination with or even as a substitution of the electric generator(s), motor(s), and motor-generator(s).

    And we are looking for hybrid versions of our models Elettoro (Apollo Speed-E) and RE, as well as RA based on our New Energy Sports Car (NESCar) architecture, which would be based on our drivetrain plat- form for Extended-Range Electric (ERE) or/and Hybrid Sports Cars.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Spin energy storage™
    Spin battery™
    Spin accumulator™
    Spin accu™
    Spin cell™
    Spin fuel cell™
    Spin polymer™
    Spin lithium™
    Spintronic cell™
    Spintronic fuel cell™
    Reaction wheel energy storage™
    Momentum wheel energy storage™
    Impulse wheel energy storage™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Borrowed not bought"
    So there are differences between buying, licensing/renting, and borrowing of intellectual properties.

    Comment of the Day #3
    "We think competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours.", [Apple, Sometimes]

    Ontonics Website update
    We have added the new subsection Flywheel in the section Energy Generation, Storage and Management of the Innovation-Pipeline, and sorted our projects 3D Flywheel and Counter-Rotating Flywheel Energy Storage into this new section.

    Additionally, we added to the description of our 3D Flywheel further exemplary configurations that have the form of a 2D star or a ring (compare with a radial motor), and the information that uncountable many configurations are given, if the count, the different forms, and the different materials used of flywheels, as well as the count of raws are considered.

    And we mentioned as well that the technology of our Spin(tronic) Energy Storage can be combined with all kinds of accumulators/ batteries, and also of fuel cells and their electrolytes, as well as all other energy storages, generators, and consumers.

    Comment of the Day
    3D spinelectronic™
    3D spintronic™
    Spin photonic™
    Spin optic™

    Ontonics Website update
    While thinking and writing about our Spin(electronic) Energy Storage technology, we were interested as well how the field of spintronics is applied with other computer hardware components than hard disk drives. This led directly to our new projects called:

  • Spin Accu,
  • 3D Spintronics 0:33 CET, and
  • Spintonics 01:28 CEST.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have publicated the first version of the webpage ouf our model Gallardo BB showing our Gallardo III exterior model design, our BB conversion design, and our Stealth Grey exterior style.

    Comment of the Day
    Active flywheel™
    E-wheel Wheel-E™

    Style of Speed Further steps 01:41 CEST
    Since two days we are thinking about a further extension of our drivetrains, specifically the ones that are based on our Active Differentials, after we already added our 3D flywheel energy storage and Active Flywheel (see the Style of Speed Further steps of the 4th of July 2012). For this, we have added to the electric and hybrid drives that consist of an electric (primary) traction motor, an auxiliary motor, a generator, or a motor-generator, and a planetary gearbox, as well as an internal combustion engine in the case of a hybrid drivetrain, one or more continous varibale transmissions that are connected to the drivetrain components in appropriate ways. In this way more the one reduction gear or two gears are possible.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have added to the webpage of our autocopter Z1 the image of the Z1 Gullwing design shown with the Original vs. Inspiration of the 8th of April 2008 and the Style of Speed Further steps of the 2nd of July 2012.

    We also cleaned up our website by creating new directories and moving files accordingly, so that sometimes the web-addresses of some models and their images have changed. Most to mention in this relation is our section Autocopter and its models.

    Comment of the Day
    "Asimov made fiction, C.S. makes realization."

    Comment of the Day
    3D image-based rendering™
    3D-bildbasierte Synthese™
    3D-bildbasierte Berechnung™
    Wave-field rendering™

    To call Asimov's "Three Laws of Robotics" an operating system is ab- solutely wrong, because it is a set of rules/productions about a be- havior of a production (rule) system, or a list of rules or a rule base that is executed by a production system program interpreter of a rule-based system, that all belong to the fields of logic programming, artificial intelligence, and agent systems. In fact, C.S.' OntoLinux can be seen as an operating system, and the related production rule system and rule-based system are parts of the OntoBot software component, and can also be easily found in the sections Intelligent/ Cognitive Agent and Intelligent/Cognitive Interface of the webpage Links to Software (see also the Comment of the Day of yesterday).
    The wrong claim was deliberately made by a nasty and obviously totally incompetent science fiction author in a report about the work of Asimov in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics, but which was highly focused on the work of C.S., especially on everything related with the Ontologic System (OS), Hightech Operating System (HOS), and n-Dimensional Operating System (nDOS) OntoLinux, and made in such a way, so that attention should be distracted away from our work.

    Ontonics Website update
    We have added the new projects:

  • 3D Image-Based Rendering 5:25 CEST and
  • Wave-Field Rendering 5:23 CEST

    to our Innovation-Pipeline (see also the Website update of the 10th of June 2012).


  • Apple: After it advertised its smartphone and its pad computer™ by illegally using the term "Retina Display" despite it is not a retina display in contrast to our Retina Screen™ (see also for example our Clarification of the 25th of April 2011 and the case of the company Deutsche Telekom in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 25th of June 2012), it has started once again the broadcasting of a commercial for advertising one of its products by illegally using the term "Retina Display", which is this time its mobile computer.
    Furthermore, in the same commercial it is said "in allen Dimensionen==in all dimensions", which is a copyright infringement due to an explanation given in relation to our Ontologic System™ (OS), Hightech Operating System™ (HOS), 3D Operating System™ (3DOS), and even n-Dimensional Operating System™ (nDOS) OntoLinux™.
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: Trotz unseren vielen Erklärungen, unserer Klarstellung und Aufforderung vom 25. April 2011, sowie besserem Wissen als ein großes Medienunternehmen hat das Unternehmen einen mobilen Computer mit dem Begriff "Retina Display" beworben, obwohl es sich nicht um einen Retina Bildschirm™/Retina Screen™ handelt (siehe auch oben den Fall des Unternehmens Apple). Wie oben schon erwähnt, haben wir schon mehrfach auf diesen Fakt und der damit einhergehenden und mittlerweile vorsätzlich durchgeführten Irreführung der Öffentlichkeit beziehungsweise Verbreitung dieser Falschinformation an die ZuschauerInnen aufmerksam gemacht. In diesem Zusammenhang möchten wir das Medienunternehmen auch daran erinnern, dass die Begriffe Display und Bildschirm Synonyme sind und dass zum Beispiel unser Retina Bildschirm 1.0 wirklich eine solche Bildanzeigetechnologie ist und kein normaler Bildschirm.
    Insgesamt läßt sich feststellen, dass das Medienunternehmen weiterhin gegen geltende Gesetze wissentlich verstößt indem es die Ausstrahlung irreführender Werbung nicht unterläßt wozu es aber in diesem Fall ganz klar und im Allgemeinen verpflichtet ist um die Rechte Dritter zu schützen. Somit ist schon eine erheblichere Mißachtung der Gesetzgebung gegeben, als nur ein einmaliger Verstoß, denn das Unternehmen zeigt ganz klar seine grundsätzliche Einstellung gegenüber den BürgerInnen und dem Staat.

    Picture of the Day
    Rolling Stones Tongue (10.March.2009 and 15.March.2009) of the series "Pattern"

    Pattern Rolling Stones Tongue
    © King Smiley

    This was publicated on the 15th of March 2009 the first time. See also the Comment of the Day #2 of the 26th of July 2008 and the image series "Minifigure Urban Jungle" shown as an Original on the 6th of April 2009.

    OntoLinux Further steps
    In conjunction with the OntoLinux Further steps of the 29th of June 2011, which is about taking the Lego® theme for the Sugar learning platform, we are looking at the minifigures of the Kre-O kits by Hasbro and by other manufacturers that follow the original Lego® dimensions since some weeks as well, though most of them need some re-design.


  • Red Bull Media House→Servus TV: For a report made by the media company and shown by its private TV broadcaster the website contents of Ontonics™ and OntoLinux™ were stolen, especially the fields of "Muster==pattern," "Belousov"-Zhabotinsky-Reaktion==Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction, "Selbstorganisation==selforganization", "Fraktale==fractals", especially the Apfelmännchen/Julia sets→Mandelbrot set, "Einfachheit und Komplexität==simplicity and complexity" or as we already called it Komplexität und Simplexität, "Evolution", "Simulation", "Evolutionäre Programmierung==evolutionary programming", especially the field of Genetic Algorithm (GA) in conjunction with "[künstlicher] Intelligenz==[artificial] intelligence" on the basis of "neuronalen Netze==neural networks" of poppets, which were shown how they learned to walk upright by the optimization of their little brains, as well as "Schwarm[intelligenz]==swarm intelligence", "Biologie, Chemie und Physik==biology, chemistry, and physics", and "Darwin und Turing==Darwin and Turing", as we mentioned, listed, described, showed, and discussed them all in, on, and by the:
    section Ontonik©==Ontonics™ and Weiche Bionik==Softbionics™ on the webpage Innovation Fields of the website of Ontonics™,
    Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™ and the OntoLab™,
    documents Evolutionsbionik "Fallbeispiel: Optimierung einer Zweiphasen-Überschalldüse", "Philosophy of BEAM Robotics", The "Proposal", The "Prototyp", "More Notes", "Comments" and "Roboverse" listed in the section Documents of the website of OntoLinux™,
    logo of the new zero, the Null/Zero Ontology™ O#™,
    Original presented on the 4th of March 2009, and the comment below the image,
    Clarification #2 of the 31st of March 2009,
    Originals presented on the 21st of September 2009, and the comment below the images,
    Originals presented on the 22nd of September 2009, and the comment below the images,
    Clarification of the 8th of October 2009,
    Clarification #2 of the 8th of October 2009,
    !? of the 15th of October 2009,
    case of British Broadcasting Corporation in the Investigations of the 20th of October 2010,
    case of G.J. Chaitin in the Investigation::Multimedia of the 12.April.2011,
    Picture of the Day #1 of the 16th of May 2011,
    Clarification #1 of the 6th of June 2011,
    Investigations::Multimedia of the 9th of November 2011, and
    Investigations of the 5th of March 2012.
    To make it clear: The first version of The Proposal of the year 1999 is already based on all the reported concepts and continues with the merging of Darwin and Turing, developmental biology and embryology, as well as psychology, epistemology, and Piaget, operating systems, Evolutionary Computing (EC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and so much more. Furthermore, the rest of the reported concepts and technologies were developed after The Proposal until the presentation of OntoLinux™ between the years 1999 and 2006. So, if the reader is missing a term, a concept, an approach, or something else, then she/he has found a point only where we were already a long time before and are now far apart from, or we simply have missed to mention it.
    Also, it was claimed a further time that no creator would be needed at all for the existence of plants and living beings due to the interplay of chaos and order, and the evolution, but only a genius designer with a very elegant initial rule set (see the logo of O#™, guess why we talk about a new zero/null, and read this case once again). But exactly at this point scientist found out, like e.g. Heisenberg, that this claim is wrong on the one hand, which is nicely said with the statement "The first swallow from the cup of natural science brings atheism, but at the bottom of the cup waits God.", and on the other side that this said designer must be so intelligent to make such exact mistakes that are needed for the functioning of this universe, so that it can only be a creator. In this context we always do mention that the questions why the evolution exists and how the force behind it functions, as well as how the Bigger Bada Boom could happen and what is the power of love, fun, and harmony and beauty, have been disregarded or even ignored, and for sure are not answered by all atheists. We also would like to give the hint that all together may be responsible that a creator, artist, and designer eventually gets not out of the world anymore, if everybody reacts, reflects, copies, steals, and so on from one individual.
    An upcoming report, which will be shown in two parts, is titled "Everything and Nothing" and follows our actings closely or most potentially even copies illegally our website contents as well a further time. In this respect we only ask our readers to take a look on the webpage Caliber and on the logo of O#™ once again.
    Despite a commentator said to our integrated works, like e.g. The Proposal and the OS, HOS & nDOS OntoLinux™, and our newly created scientific field Ontonics™ "Atemberaubend==breathtaking", the result of our investigation is once again and as always in the case of Red Bull: Convicted!!!

    Comment of the Day
    3D Spintonics™

    Ontonics Website update
    We have added the new subsection Spinicle, and sorted the projects Spintonics, Spin Accu, and 3D Spintronics into this new section.

    Moreover, for beautifying the Innovation-Pipeline we have added the new projects:

  • 3D Spintonics and
  • Structured Time-Of-Sound-Flight 22:50 CEST.

    We also added to the description of our P@d 2.0 the further keyboard types, which have a folding or sliding mechanism, so that a keyboard can be enlarged or its keys can be re-arranged for improving the ergonomy and useabitlity.

    Ontonics Further steps
    Due to copyrights owned by other entities we will look for text passages that are related with TV commercials and advertising, and if needed, then they will be deleted from our related descriptions.

    OntoLinux Further steps
    We a looking at our coherent integration of HTML5 with QT or comparable at the points of scripting languages (JS and QML in the case of QT) and windowing toolkits. Here can be seen how elegant everything fits together with OL and its Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™) and Onto-components since its start in the year 2006.

    Ontoscope Further steps
    We have seen the model N950 by the manufacturer Nokia, as we designed our Ontoscope model Nano II Slider (see the Ontoscope Further steps of the 25th of December 2011), but somehow we thought this is a prototyp shown on an exhibition only and not a model for developers of the model N9 by Nokia. Said this, we are thinking of four possibilities to handle the issue, that are let it go as the situation is, take back our Nano II Slider in favour of the N950, integrate the N950 and our Nano II Slider, or even create a whole new model series called Ontoscope N@no, Meg@, Ultr@, or so based on the N950, our Nano II Slider, our intelliTablet I (see the intelliTablet Further steps of the 30th of December 2011), and our P@d 2.0.

    Ontoscope Announcement
    For sure, all of our techniques, like structured time-of-light-flight and structured time-of-sound-flight, as well as our ray-field and wave-field sensors, and ray-field cameras and wave-field microphones, will yield in special Ontoscope models and versions, as already announced in general around 4 years ago.

    *** Slightly Fine tuning™ and Proof-reading mode ***
    Investigations::Multimedia Human Machine Interface Special

  • General: We have started on the 25th of June 2012 with this special investigation in the field of Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) that was announced in the last paragraph of the Ontonics Further steps of the 28th of January 2012, and at first focused on gesture control only, but later also on 3D imaging and 3D image displaying. Since its start we have looked for the most important informations and arguments, and have sorted the different technologies out, so that we are precise and avoid wrong claims on the one hand, and on the other hand others are able to understand in a better way that and how our intellectual properties are intertwined following a metaphor of the well known Matryoshka dolls in many dimensions. Our investigations have led to the related Clarifications given on the 22nd of June 2012 and 26th of June 2012, and the informations given with each single case. Moreover, while we were documenting the cases of the most important manufacturers as well as some media companies, additional technologies were created by us on the one hand, while new informations, statements, and reports were given by the other parties on the other hand. Furthermore, we have drawn clear white lines in the fields of Multimodal Multimedia User Interfaces (M²UIs™), inclusive control of mobile and stationary machines and devices of all kinds by voice and gestures, 2D and 3D image displays, and the combinations of control techniques and display technologies, as well as many other diverse applications. In addition, we have described clearly our Hightech Operating System and n-Dimensional Operating System (HOS & nDOS) OntoLinux™ and our Retina Projection™. Apart from all of the different items on our side of this white line, we have also added the wave-field sensors and cameras, and their connections with our image displays 2.0 in the last past. Said this, we would like to give the hint once again that cleaning the internet due to a copyright infringement could cost much money, which in the case of an industrial company or one of its partners eventually reaches an amount of around 40 million US dollar once and then each year up to 1 million US dollar for many decades. Last but not least, recommendations, hints, critiques, and corrections are welcome.
    So far we have at least the following points shortly summarized:
    The Market followed us in synchronicity several times, one time with gesture control, a further time with 3D imaging and 3D image displaying, and multimodal user interfaces.
    All the years, companies created joint ventures to copy our intellectual properties in collaboration.

    The metaphor of the Matryoshka dolls must be taken for understanding how our technologies and their descriptions are neatly connected and interlaced with each other, as we showed it several times with this investigation again, and why we can make our claims even if descriptions do not mention specific facts explicitly.
    Only we have presented a consistent program with a full range of hardware, e.g. the Ontoscope™ and Retina Projector™ 1.0, and software, e.g. OntoLinux™, middleware and applications, like for example Ontoscope™ component, Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™), and Intelligent/Cognitive Interface, and also usages of this program by our business divisions, e.g. Ontonics™, Style of Speed™, Roboticle™, intellitablet™, iRaiment™, and so on.
    Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™), inclusive integration of gesture control and voice control, for mobile devices
    Ontoscope™ with 3D camera or/and 3D display, as well as further sensors, powered by OntoLinux™ with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and M²UI™ by the software components OntoFS and OntoBot, and much more.
    Retina Projector™ 1.0 powered by OntoLinux™ for front and rear projection-based and plasma-based image displaying for user interfaces and 3D image displays, and for mobile devices in general.
    Pad Computer™ with Ontoscope and Retina Projection™ technologies, powered by OntoLinux™, and much more
    Image Display 2.0 approach with differences between gesture control, voice control, smart TV, image display technologies, and 3D image displaying, as well as their integrations

    One of two exceptions known is SeaFront's technology based only on a TFT-LCD with simple (web) camera for 3D image displaying only and without any further technique integrations in the case of mobile devices (this is what we called 4D display technology in some explanantions given in the past, and in the descriptions of Mobile 4D Display and LCD Image Display 2.0, and extended with further scanning and tracking systems that use a source of light or of structured light, so we have to take out again the version for a common LCD with a simple (web) camera only). No LC(D)-, LED-, LASER-based projectors, no plasma display, no OLED, AMOLED, and so on.
    A further exception is the solution that is a stationary devices which features a common display with a source of infrared light for realizing a 3D image display. What we have to clarify is the question if this solution is based on the eye tracking technique only or on the gaze tracking technique, as we do as well with our Retina Projection™, obviously. Due to the latter point this techical detail is not so relevant with the cases of this investigation.

    Tobii has infringed M²UI of OntoLinux™, inclusive gesture control, and also 3D image displaying with source of structured light for mobile devices in general based on Retina Projector™ 1.0 (Mobile 4D Display™ without SeaFront TFT-LCD-based technology), as well as Ontoscope™ software component of OntoLinux™, inclusive game and simulation engines, and specific applications and games already shown by us.
    Softkinetics has infringed M²UI of OntoLinux™ for mobile devices, inclusive gesture control, as well as Ontoscope™ software component of OntoLinux™, inclusive game and simulation engines, and most potentially much more.
    Gestigon has announced to infringe M²UI™ of OntoLinux™ for mobile devices, inclusive gesture control, and also already copied information about source of structured light as additional technique to its time-of-flight technique, which points directly to our structured time-of-light-flight™ technique. Also copied touchscreen metaphor in the context of virtual environments, and 3D imaging and 3D image displaying, and eventually in the context of virtual haptics as well.

    Intel has infringed M²UI of OntoLinux™, inclusive gesture control for mobile devices, and integration of gesture and voice control, as well as 3D image display with source of structured light for mobile devices, inclusive notebook by the collaboration with Tobii. Eventually, copying of structured time-of-light-flight™ technique, and Ontoscope™ and related hardware technology, like e.g. Pad Computer™, already announced.
    Texas Instruments has infringed Ontoscope™, and related hardware technology, like e.g. Pad Computer™.

    Samsung has infringed M²UI of OntoLinux™ for mobile devices, inclusive gesture control, and also the integration of gesture and voice/natural speech control, as well as Intelligent/Cognitive Interface, and our Retina Projector™ 1.0™.
    Toshiba has a combination of notebook with LCD with simple (web) camera for 3D display (similar or even SeaFront technology).
    *** Proof-reading mode ***

  • Tobii: First of all we make clear in which area the company was active before we came with our Hightech and 3D Operating System OntoLinux™ at the end of the year 2006 or most potentially even later: "Ursprünglich hat [das Unternehmen] das Eyetrackingsystem für die Marktforschung entwickelt. Es ermöglicht Marktforschern zu verfolgen, wie der Nutzer ein Produkt oder eine Werbetafel wahrnimmt.==Originally, [the company] has developed the eye tracking system for the market research. It makes possible that market researches can watch/trace/monitor how the user perceives a product or an advertisement panel.", [An online magazine, 1st of March 2011], which means that there was neither a gesture control, nor a control of a display (or another device). Furthermore, its mobile system was not an eye or gaze tracking system for a Mobile Device™, but still a stationary system that was small enough to be easily transportable in an appropriate carrying case. We do quote from its website with comments that literally reflect our point of view:
    "Eye Tracking Integration [What a start: This looks like a copyrigth infringement.]", "[...] eye tracking components [...] [This is at least speech act stealing due to the website contents of OntoLinux™.]", "Eye tracking is revolutionizing both analytical and interactive applications. [This is reduced to applications related with market research. Simulating, gaming, and controlling of how a device works is very critical.]", "Advanced Driver Assistance with [the company] Eye Tracking A natural and intuitive interface and driver safety system. [This is a copyright infringement due to our e-dashboard™ due to the link to AutoSemantic::Car™ and its feature of the Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™), and to AITouch™, as well as the connections to OntoLinux™. Take also a look on the image and its caption of the interior of our model B!™ by Style of Speed™, and then think again of the Matryoshka dolls. In conjunction with the automotive applications in general we already have one of the very simple versions of our Retina Projector™ 1.0, which have a projector that can only beam invisible light, used as well with versions of our e-dashboard™ that feature a "dummy e-paper display" with 1 pixel only or not visible at all, so to say, and we do not see that omitting such small features of our solutions is a step of innovation. Furthermore, we already have our Active Cam and Active Sensor technologies as well. We do not need to discuss it further: The company is just several years too late in the automotive field.]", "[...] visions for the future [...] [This is a classic copyright infringement due to the story of OntoLab™, The Lab Visions™.]", "[...] revolutionized [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] patented eye tracking technology [...] [Its patent or patents are not relevant for us due the reasons that they are either around 10 years old and also might be written for stationary devices only, and also that other companies are also offering similar solutions that only differ in very special technical details, which even might render its patents as trivial patents.]", "Fields Of Use [speech act stealing]", "[...] offers complete solutions for eye tracking, eye tracking components for industrial integration, custom development projects, and training and services [...] [This service must be seen highly critical, because obviously that company supports third parties to steal our intellectual properties, which is as illgal as stealing something (see also the case of the manufacturer Texas Instruments below).]", "[...] bring you up to speed quickly [...] [speech act]", "[...] eye tracking and gaze interaction [...] [The term "gaze interaction" is critical, because it points to applications of such a technology described by us.]", "Integrated on a single board that includes dual sensors, illuminators and embedded processing, the entire system makes a small physical footprint [...] [Do not confuse its product with our Retina Projectors™.]", "[...] eye tracking evolution [...] [This is more than a simple speech act stealing due to the website contents of OntoLinux™.]", "Robust eye tracking and consistent accuracy regardless of ambient light conditions, eyewear, contact lenses, eye color, occluding eyelids, eyelashes, etc. [...] [In fact, this is confusing third persons in relation with the description and functioning of our Retina Projectors™. This is the white line based on eye and gaze tracking, but no user interface or 3D imaging and 3D image dispalying.]", "[...] gaze interaction applications [...]", "[...] integration into various devices, such as monitors, all-in-one computers, medical devices [...] [Or better said, stationary devices.]", "[...] natural user interfaces [...] [This has to be seen in conjunction with our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™) that features gesture and voice/natural speech control.]", "[...] full spectrum of [the company] eye tracking hardware features for interactive applications [...]", "Enhanced user experience in ultrabooks [...] [This is a copyright infringement due to mobile device with also Retina Projection™, and was obviously added recently, as it can be seen by the term "ultrabook".]", "Immersive gaming [...] [This is a copyright infringement due to the website contents of OntoLinux™, specifically its Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™), the OntoScope™ software component, and its Collaborative Virtual (Reality (VR)) Environment CoVE™ with its mixed reality that comprises reality (desktop mode), augmented reality (aumented mode), and virtual reality (full immersion mode).]", "Gaze features in CAD and design software [...] [See the comment to the quote before, and also the webpage Overview of the website of OntoLinux™.]", "Gaze Interaction for the automotive industry [This is in general a copyright infringement due to Autosemantic::Car and AITouch™ run on OntoLinux™ and having as feature its Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™).]", "Natural user interface development [...] [see the comment to the quote before]", "Gaze-based augmented reality [...] [This is also a crystal clear evidence of its massive copyright infringement. At this point we could already stop our investigation in this case.]", "Available only since late 2009, the [company's] IS platform [...] [So, now we have a date, and this date is relevant to everything publicated by us before. Definitely, there was no Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™), no mobile device that was powered by OntoLinux™ and worked together with our M²UI, inclusive gesture, voice, and device working control, no OntoScope™ software component, no Ontoscope, no e-dashboard™, no Retina Projection™, LC(D)-, LED-, LASER-based projectors, and no plasma display, at least.]", "[...] provides data on the gaze point, eye/head position and pupil size [...]", "The entire system, including sensors, optics, illuminators, and embedded processing, is integrated on a single board to leave a small footprint. [So, this is not a Retina Projector™.]", "[...] revolutionary core [...] [speech act]", "[...] mandatory [...] [speech act]", "An eye tracker estimates the point of gaze with extreme accuracy using image sensor technology that finds the user's eyes and calculates the point of gaze with mathematical algorithms. [...] corneal-reflection tracking [...] One or several near-infrared illuminators, invisible to the human eye, create reflection patterns on the cornea of the eyes. [...] one or multiple image sensors register the image of the user's eye [...] Image processing is used to find the eyes, detect the exact position of the pupil and/or iris [...] [Besides, that it has followed our descriptions, as it can by "one or several" and "and/or", we all do know now how its technology is functioning.]", "Calibration [We would like to mention our webpage Caliber of the website of OntoLinux™ at this point.]", "These patents and patent applications cover aspects such as sensor technology, illumination methods, data transfer mechanisms and eye control interaction techniques. [We do know all of these technologies and applications, which is the reason why we can tell what the company does not have.]", "[...] to study user interaction with mobile devices [...] [First of all: Mobile Devices™. Furthermore, do not be confused once again, because this does not mean an integration in a mobile device in the common sense, but is in fact meant in the context of "mobile usability testing" for which it is not built into a mobile device.]", "Portable eye tracking lab - [The company] X1 Light Eye Tracker [see the comment to the quote before]", "Mobile eye tracking - [The company] Glasses [See the comments to the quotes before, and remember that it is not our Retina Projector™ or Head-Mounted Display 2.0, too.]", "[...] analyze user behavior and user interface usability [...]", "[...] actual control medium in a human–computer dialogue [...] use of eye tracking as an input device and direct control medium rather than as a data collection tool [...] alone or in combination with other input modalities [...] [This is also a crystal clear evidence of its massive copyright infringement, because our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™) of OntoLinux™ is mentioned at this point. Also, we do know now that it was not meant in the field of mobile consumer devices.]", "Using eye tracking to control the mouse cursor on wall-sized displays[;] Controlling digital 3D games by eye gaze[;] Gaze interaction in virtual worlds[;] Gaze visualizations in 3D environments[;] Combining an eye control and speech interface to speed up typing [See the comment to the quote before as well as all quotes that mention our ... and Collaborative Virtual Environment.]", "[...] problem solving strategies [...] [A similar term can be found on the webpage Overview of the website of OntoLinux™.]", "[...] automatic adaptation of the interface (e.g. scrolling, zooming centered to where you are looking, and highlighting important events) [...]", "[...] meta-cognitive behavior during interaction with intelligent learning environments [...] learning contexts [...] [This is also a crystal clear evidence of its massive copyright infringement, because it is contents taken from the website of OntoLinux™ or from websites that we have linked, as it could be seen by the links in the section Collaborative Virtual Environment of the webpage Links to Software.]", "Developmental psychology [...] explain growth and transformation in perceptual, cognitive, and social abilities from infancy through young adulthood [...] [So, now that company is once and for all convicted, because we are indeed at The Proposal.]", "[...] language processing [...] [See for example The Proposal once again, as well as the section Natural Language Processing of the webpage Links to Software.]", "[...] eye movements [...] [Inclusive Rapid Eye Movement (REM) as mentioned in The Proposal?]", "Neuroscience [...] Eye tracking - a window into neurological function and processes [see the comments to the quotes before]", "Security and Law Enforcement [This sounds very familiar.]", "It takes immersion and game intensity to a new level. Gaze creates strong differentiation [...] [This is again a link to our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™) and Ontoscope™ software component of OntoLinux™.]", "[...] emotional intensity that makes characters act as real humans [...] [Take once again a look on the website of OntoLinux™, especially on the section Integrating Architecture of the webpage Overview and the webpage of the mentioned Emotion Machine architecture.]", "Wireless connectivity and digital content will introduce new value propositions that go beyond consumers' basic transportation needs. [...] help auto companies to design connected-vehicle features and infotainment systems [...] [This was said in relation with several webpages of our models by Style of Speed™, like for example of the models our B!™ and j!™, which we created exactly for all these case of copyright infringements related with multimedia in vehicles, specifically automobiles. As we said, we have a totally interconnected technology architecture consisting of hardware and software, designed in such a way as well that fraudsters can't simply take one item out of it without infringing our copyright at another position of this architecture. So think again of the Matryoshka dolls metaphor.]", "[...] Gaze interaction as a fundamental part of the user interface [...]", "[...] game changer [...] [speech act]", "[...] eye t[r]acking technology to automakers looking for innovative technology for human-machine interaction. With Gaze interaction in the car infotainment system, automakers can meet consumer desire to extend their connected lifestyle while adding the most reliable driver status detection to existing safety systems [...] [see the related comment to the third quote before]", "[...] 3D Eyes [...] [See for example the section Human Enhancement and Cyborgs on the webpage Terms of the 21st Century of the website of OntoLinux™ and for sure the description of our Retina Projection™.]", ""Eye tracking is an essential component of our glasses-free 3D display technology," said [the] founder and CEO of SeeFront [...]. "Adding gaze control to natural 3D viewing combines two highly innovative technologies for a unique user experience. Aside from gaze-controlled 3D gaming [...] additional applications of this innovative dual technology include use in medical, geographical and automotive devices. [So, it's time for a bigger Gotcha!!!™ The reason is that we get here the information that both companies are new to this technique and its applications. We also get the information that the technique used by the company SeaFront, which is based only on a TFT-LCD and a simple (web) camera (no LED, OLED, PMOLED, AMOLED, plasma, laser, projection, and so on), is different than the technique used by the company Tobii, which is based on a source of structured infrared light. But due to the fact, that SeaFronts technique does not work very well since 6 years, as all the tests by technology oriented magazines have shown, the final result will be that only the technique of Tobii will be used. But firstly, this technique is away at least in the case of stationary 3D image displays that are based on a common display and the eye tracking technique that uses a source of infrared light, and in the cases of stationary devices that use the gaze tracking technique and of mobile devices there exists the copyright problem due to our Retina Projection™, besides the many other legal problems. So or so, from the technical point of view it will end at our ray-field and wave-field sensors and ray-field cameras and wave-field microphones, as well as our structured time-of-light-flight™ and structured time-of-sound-flight™ techniques. See also the case of the company SeaFront below.]", "[...] completely immersive 3D experience [...] [Note once again that we have already a Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™) and the Ontoscope™ software component with the also immersive Collaborative Virtual Environment (CoVE) of OntoLinux™.]", ""Solutions for Glasses-free 3D require very accurate and robust information about the position of a user's eyes at all times," said [the] CEO of [that company]. "We're excited to be partnering with SeeFront to use [the company']s eye-tracking technology to make high fidelity glasses-free 3D a reality. [What we can see here once again is that the companies are new to this technology, that both seem not to know that this technology exists at least for stationary devices based on a common display and the eye tracking technique that uses a source of infrared light since around 9 years already, and that we are already here as well. And to the technical details we have also explained that in the end it comes at least to our structured time-of-light-flight™ technique.]", "When implemented in future iterations of consumer electronics, glasses-free 3D combined with gaze interaction technology will allow consumers to use their gaze to interact in a 3D environment – unencumbered by any wearable or handheld device. The implications of this technological breakthrough have spread far beyond screen-based consumer electronics and into niche market products such as training simulators, navigation and vehicles. [This statement is highly critical, because that stealing company explains itself that this kind of application is new to it. Besides this, the technology exists already and as far as we do know it is patented by another company in the case of a common display used with an eye tracking system as a 3D image display. Furthermore, we have here in fact the copyright infringement again that we mentioned several times above due to our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™) and Ontoscope™ software component with the Collaborative Virtual Environment (CoVE), which realizes our reality-virtuality-continuum by its mixed reality modes going from reality (desktop mode) over augmented reality to virtual reality (full immersion), of OntoLinux™, as well as our Retina Projection™.]", and "The patented SeeFront 3D technology allows the user to view 3D content without special 3D glasses. An integrated eye-tracking system detects the user's position and transmits it to the 3D engine. This engine combines the images for the left and right eyes in a special way and in real time. An optical filter in front of the display generates a brilliant, compelling 3D impression. As the 3D image is continuously adjusted according to the user's position, the user enjoys freedom of movement in all directions. The SeeFront 3D technology is perfect for entertainment or professional use by a single viewer with a laptop computer, a mobile device™ or any other LCD display. [Firstly: Mobile Device™. Secondly, we could see only mobile phones and notebooks/laptops with TFT-LCDs at the company SeaFront, but no other LCD based technologies, specifically related with LCD-based projectors, because SeaFront's technology is based on TFT-LCDs with simply (web) cameras and even only a facial tracking system, but no eye tracking system and no source of infrared light. So forget the mobile LCDs with a source of infrared light. Thirdly, there is no combination of the images for the left and right eyes with that technology at all, which was only said as part of a copyright infringement related with our Retina Projection™. Fourthly, the user enjoys no freedom of movement in all directions, because it the movement is reduced to a very small vision head movement box. This was also said due to this feature of our our Retina Projection™ "can be realized even in 360° around the display". Fifthly, this technology is away, because other entities have realized it many years ago. So both companies can forget the stationary common LCDs with a source of infrared light as well. Even more interesting is the point that the company differentiates between eye tracking and gaze tracking and that our Retina Projection™ is an eye tracking or/and a gaze tracking system. Said this, the stationary devices with gaze tracking could be very well on our side of the white line in relation to the copyright as well together with mobile devices. Thank you very much for pointing this out for us, because if gives the whole investigation a new dimension for our advantage, obviously, surely, and definitely. That company comes many, many, many years too late, and is already crossing the white line at many positions.]".
    We stop the quoting at this point, because no new important facts need to be documented and we do not want to bother our readers any longer, with the mentioning of an image that shows a person sitting at a laptop/notebook with a 3D cube around her head called "head movement box" that resembles an image of the desktop mode of our Collaborative Virtual Environment OntoLinux™ website when we release the source code of the Retina Projectors™ as a general technology that in its simpler versions only beams invisible light by one or more laser units, like our MobileKinetic™ mobile recognition and motion system (see the cases of the media company British Broadcasting Corporation and the company Acer in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 15th of October 2011 and the Ontonics Website update of the 28th of January 2012). The result was already given with one comment of a quote: Convicted!!!™
    Btw.: We have enough evidences and power to act against its copyright infringements, even if the largest companies are now on board.
    *** Fine Tuning™ mode ***
  • Softkinetics: The company was founded in July 2007 to provide software development kits, middleware, and gesture recognition solutions based on its technology to the interactive digital entertainment, consumer electronics, health & fitness, and serious game industries. In the September of the year 2010 its activities were extended by adding hardware, specifically related with time-of-flight cameras. That its name reminds us of Softbionics™ is no happenstance, and that its case resembles the one of the company Tobii (see the case of Tobii above) is no surprise. We took a close look on its website and documented its case by quoting and commenting: "[...] most immersive and attractive video games, next generation content for interactive TV, and gesture-based UI, by mixing full-body-tracking technology and the most advanced traditional video games technologies [...] [Doubtlessly, this was stolen from the website of OntoLinux, because it is related with our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™) and its mixed reality technique that comprises reality (desktop mode), augmented reality (aumented mode), and virtual reality (full immersion mode).]", "[...] AAA [...] [This is a linkt to the 3³ Theme by C.S..]", "[...] original game concepts [...] original ideas [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] augmented reality devices [...] [Obviously, we are at our OntoLinux.]", "[...] innovative production pipeline [...] [This is at least a speech act stealing due to our term Innovation-Pipeline, and a further evidence that our websites are known to the company.]", "[...] foundation is its passion for making great entertainment using gesture control, with the goal to build and foster a studio that inspires and sustains innovation and creativity [...]", "[...] culture [...]", "[...] dynamic and collaborative environment [...] [So, here were are at our Collaborative Virtual Environment OntoLinux™.]", "[...] creativity, energy, and passion to inspire Vision [...] [This is already more than a simple speech act stealing.]", "[...] development pipeline. This pipeline has evolved over many years and published titles to balance near term [...] features and innovations, without sacrificing long term needs like system architecture, critical milestones, and completion dates. Operating through a vertical pipeline vastly improves overall quality [...] [Besides that it is related with our Innovation-Pipeline, it is also "blah blah blah", which is typical for such companies, because they are trying to explain what in fact other companies do, but most of the time they see Mickey Mice only.]", "[...] tune [...] fun to play AND fun to make [...] [So, our division Style of Speed™ is also known to the company.]", "[...] Software Architect [...] good design foundation [...] 3D applications and open standard initiatives [...] Strong C++ and Object Oriented Programming skills. [Somehow we have the impression that OntoLinux™ is the place to be.]", "Strong mathematical, geometrical and 3D programming skills [...] Creative problem solver, rigorous work ethic and proactive. [This is already more than a simple speech act stealing.]", "[...] drive 3D avatars based on Kinect-like 3D cameras [...] [Yes indeed, we are at OntoLinux.]", "[...] skeletal animation, physics [...] "Design and implement tools and pipeline for artists to work with these techniques. Studying evolution of techniques used both in the industry and research community. [Our readers might take a look on our fascinating Clarification of the 20th of June 2012, for example.]", "[...] physics engines [...]", "[...] pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment, focusing on developing experiences using natural gesture recognition. [The company] is a pioneer in 3D natural gesture recognition [...] [But it came after us.]", "[...] Gesture and voice: the future of ultra-thin laptops [...] [This was the title to a web link to the serious criminal media company British Broadcasting Corporation. Nevertheless, it is a clear copyright infringement, which was even done well knowing about this investigations. Said this, we could stop here with this case. In the related report (see the section about the second report in the case of that media company below), we got the proof that the company Softkinetics has broken our copyright in relation with our and Retina Projector™ 1.0 and our MobileKinetic™ technology.]", "Gesture recognition will revolutionise the way you interact with your PC, and more specifically with a new generation of ultra-thin laptops. Natural interaction will go beyond what you can do with your keyboard and mouse, especially when combined with voice recognition. This technology will enable new generations of video games, edutainment applications, video conferencing, media browsing and a lot more." [This is out the report mentioned in the comment to the quote before, and clearly proves again its copyright infringement, because this was stolen from the website of OntoLinux.], "[...] pioneering provider of 3D vision and gesture recognition technology [...] [This was said on the 1st of July 2012.]", "[...] pocket sized camera that sees both in 3D (depth) and high-definition 2D (color) [...]", "[...] 3D imaging and gesture recognition solutions, including patented 3D CMOS time-of-flight sensors and cameras [...] [Don't confuse 3D imaging with 3D image displays, because it is meant 3D visioning.]", "[...] fun and active [...] [This was taken from our website of Style of Speed™.]", "[...] leading developer of end-to-end gesture recognition [...] leader in gesture recognition offering [...] [This was said on the 21st of March 2012.]", "[...] 3D gesture based user interfaces, video games and applications [...] [No mobile devices and no 3D displays could be seen before the 21st of March 2012.]", "[...] allow application and content developers to build a new generation of consumer electronic and equipment applications that range from set-top boxes and smart televisions to personal computers and more [...] [This was said in relation to the defrauding actings by the company Texas Instruments in conjunction with its so-called System on Chips (SoCs) for portable and mobile multimedia applications (see its case below).]", "[...] Enabling Laptop And Tablet Capability [...] The [company] new driver opens the door to near mode application on systems such as laptops and tablet devices. [...] first implementation [...] [This was said on the 9th of January 2012.]", "[...] leading developer of gesture recognition solutions [...] [This was said on the 20th of May 2011.]", "[...] natural gesture experience for a wide variety of consumer applications, including interactive television and movie channel navigation, web browsing, video conferencing and gesture-based video games [...] users will be able to interact with their television through natural and simple hand gestures [...] [This was said on the 4th of January 2011. So there was no mobile application and no 3D display at all, as we said.]", "[...] 3D, gesture-controlled user interfaces and applications in consumer electronics devices such as set-top boxes, televisions, game consoles and PCs [...]", and "3D Vision and Gesture [For sure, this was derived from our much better slogan "3D Sound and Vision™".].
    We can see also that its software solutions feature elements of our Ontoscope™ software component, so that there are also signs of a copyright infringement. Besides this, we are not really convinced of its time-of-flight technique at all, because it delivers relatively unsharpened images by emitting a diffuse light cone with modulated intensity which reflections are acquired by a relative common sensor on a 2D plane only. Its 3D time-of-flight imagers are based on patented CMOS sensor technologies, but we have as well our Active Cam™ and Active Sensor™ technologies, and now our ray-field and wave-field sensors and ray-field cameras and wave-field microphones, as well as our structured time-of-light-flight™ technique, which was already described in general with our Retina Projector™ 1.0. Last but not least: Convicted!!!™
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  • Gestigon: Founded in 2010 centered around providing middleware for time-of-flight cameras and eventually other camera systems. We quote from its website: "Our vision [...] [This is more than a speech act stealing due to the story behind our OntoLab™, The Lab of Visions™.]", "Touch control [We talked about it as a multi-touch feature in the description of our Retina Projector™ 1.0. So, this seems to be a copyright infringement, because as far as we do know, we have created the metaphor of a touch control, touch screen, and touch feature in the field of the control by gestures and 3D imaging displays.]", "Several people at once will be able to control and interact with devices like television, computers and vending machines. [This was said in relation with user interfaces of stationary devices, but not in relation with our Image Display 2.0 approach, specifically with 3D image displays, and generally not in relation with Mobile Devices™.]", "[...] software package for recognition of hand and body gestures [...] 3D image data that is analyzed in real-time [...] generic gesture dictionary included [In fact, its approach is based on the abstraction of a human hand as a simply 3D model and the gesture dictionary, whatever this shoud mean. Besides, do not confuse 3D image data with 3D image display, as it is tried by the company at several positions of its website.]", "[...] Action Recognition and Tracking based on Time-of-Flight Sensors [...] Time-of-Flight technology and 3D image processing for body tracking and gesture control [...] [Before we presented our Retina Projector™ 1.0 the recognition and tracking of body parts, and the 3D image data processing were meant as substitution of some kind of an input device for stationary applications only, like e.g. a computer mouse, a game pad, or a remote control, and also were used for making movies for example, but not for the control of the functioning of a device itself, like e.g. a 3D image display or a robot, and in relation with mobile devices they were even said to be nonsense in general, with the exception of 3D-Thin Film Transistor-Liquid Crystal Displays (TFT-LCDs).]", "[The company] provides a middleware for pose tracking and gesture recognition. The middleware is platform independent and has interfaces for various camera models of several camera providers. Different technologies for 3D-imaging like time-of-flight or structured light can be used. [This was only found on the english version of its website, and it is obvious that it was added recently due to our descriptions and explanations, related clarifications and this investigation, especially in conjunction with our Retina Projection™ and our integration of both techniques, which use the approaches based on the time-of-flight and the structured light for 3D visioning nimaging by our structured time-of-light-flight™ technique, which was already described in general with our Retina Projector™ 1.0, as it can be seen by the term 3D imaging instead of 3D vision. The latter is a shift made by the market sector recently due to our actings in the field of 3D image displays.]", "[...] it recognizes human bodies and can track their movements in realtime [...]", "Virtual Touchscreen [As we said before, we have created this metaphor of a touch feature in this field of gesture control.]", "[...] such as PET/CT scanners [...] [This is related with the Picture of the Day of the 3rd of September 2008, and our Ontoscope™ used as a so-called Tricorder.]", "[...] computer vision and pattern recognition [...] 3D computer vision [...]", "[...] complex systems [...] [Here we have a little link to Ontonics™ and in the context of the quoted text to OntoLinux™.]", "[...] 3D time-of-flight cameras. [A company] has been our partner in the [time-of-flight research] project and we are both interested in novel applications that involve 3D sensors [...] [Firstly, we could not see one of our ray-field and wave-field sensors, and ray-field cameras and wave-field microphones, as well as our structured time-of-light-flight™ technique, which was already described in general with our Retina Projector™ 1.0. Secondly, as in the case of all the other companies (see specifically related with its case the case of the company SoftKinetics above), we also could not see applications in the field of our Image Display 2.0 approach, specifically in the field of 3D image displays, as well as Mobile Devices™, like our Retina Projector™ 1.0 technology and MobileKinetic™, which is a further evidence that the whole market sector did not have it before us with the only exception of the company SeaFront in a very special technological case (see its case below) and that our claims are valid. A related remark by one employee comes much too late due to our OntoLinux™ with its Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™) even for Mobile Devices™ general Retina Projector™ 1.0 technology.]".
    Since some months this company is strongly promoted by the government of the B.R.D., which is always a very crystal clear indicator that it is highly suspicious, and together with the three major issues related with the attempt to bring together the techniques based on structured infrared light and on infrared light with time-of-flight, and also the mentioning of 3D imaging instead of 3D visioning and mobile applications we can already say: Convicted!!!™
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  • SeaFront: We took a first look on its website, but for being precise and fair we can give the following informations so far: It looks very familiar. Very interesting is that it had the old 4D Vision technology, which seems that we have seen the true situation correctly in the year 2006: The integration of mobile devices™ and gesture control and its usage for 3D display was said to be nonsense until we presented our Retina Projector/Display in the end of 2010 (see also the Clarifications of the 22nd of June 2012 and 26th of June 2012). The company Nintendo has not have the solution, as well as Apple (there was a prototyp of an enhanced smartphone by SeaFront; also the case of the company in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 29th of October 2011) and Nokia, and also in the field of mobile 3D displays shown by HTC, Samsung, Sony, Asus, as it was the case in general with all other manufacturers of mobile devices™. That was and this is the true situation and so we claim once again for the copyright of the description of the integration of the technologies MobileKinetic™.
    The company has now claimed that it has collaborated with the company Tobii (see its case above), "which for instance, announced [on the 6th of March 2012 ] that, working with SeeFront, it has developed a glasses-free 3D version of the world's first eye-controlled arcade game [(Is this true?)], called EyeAsteroids" and "With SeeFront's patented glasses-free 3D and accurate gaze tracking from Tobii's award-winning technology [...] [Which means at most TFT-LCD with lens layer + complex eye tracking and gaze tracking, but the latter one is in fact a regressed version of the simple version of our Retina Projector™ 1.0 with two laser units that beam invisible light only and is marketed by us besides other implementation of this kind of technology under our label MobileKinetic™.]". Said this, the descriptions of our Laser Image Display 2.0 and the Plasma Image Display 2.0 are already out of discussion, doubtlessly, but the two other basic image display technologies based on LCD front- and rear-projection, and LED Digital Light Processing (DLP) projection seem to be out of the discussion as well due to the intersection with our general description and because the company SeaFront have only enhanced Thin Film Transistor-Liquid Crystal Displays (TFT-LCDs), which means it does not matter at all how the eye tracker is functioning in our case. Both companies seem to be again too late in large parts of this technological field 3D displaying.
    Besides this, its mobile version is also based on TFT displays only, but it features a mobile gesture control based on the tracking of the postion of the user's head respectively front of the head called face. Moreover, there is still the problem with the descriptions given with our HOS & nDOS OntoLinux™ in relation to the techniques of the gesture control, the eye tracking and the gaze tracking, and their applications in engineering, problem solving, gaming, and so on.
    This company was always suspicious for us, because we have seen its technology several times at connected research institutes in the B.R.D. and one of their spin-off around 3 years before its foundation in the year 2006 as the always mentioned and by us mentioned 4D Vision technology after a company that exactly did the same like the company SeaFront since the year 2006, so that eventually the company 4D Vision was parked as the company SeaFront until new technologies could be stolen from us, as it was done recently with the collaboration with the company Tobii (see the case of the company Tobii above). This impression is strengthened by the fact that this company is promoted now a second time by the government of the B.R.D., which is always a very crystal clear indicator that it is highly suspicious and that it is indeed stealing our intellectual properties. Due to the given facts, that it has started to follow us and copied intellectual properties published before on our websites, and not due to our subjective impressions the result of this investigation can't be another one than: Convicted!!!™
    *** Ready ***
  • Intel: We are watching closely its steps in the field of eye-tracking hardware, especially since it funded the company Tobii (see the case of the company Tobii above) with the goal to infringe our copyright once again. Said this, we think we have already given the two very clear answers to its acting behind the scene. Recently at a computer exhibition, that stealing company has made clear that it wants to steal more from our HOS & nDOS OntoLinux™, specifically from our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™), as it is done now since its start at the end of the year 2006, and confirmed a further time by the statement "We're preparing to study all new Intel technology like [gesture] and facial recognition to design new notebooks" made by responsible person, and by the also made announcement that more essential concepts of our M²UI™ will be copied, which are in detail the integration of the gesture and voice control, and this even for Mobile Devices™ (see also the case of the company Samsung in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 3rd of May 2012). Besides this, it also reacted on our new technique structured time-of-light-flight™, which was already described in general with our Retina Projector™ 1.0, because the technology of the company Tobii (see its case above) does not have the qualities of our technology, not to mention the fact that Tobii's technology in conjunction with mobile devices is already linked with our Retina Projector™ 1.0. Best of all: The company Intel made a giant mistake, because it only focused on the notebook thinking that it has found a hole, like the company Tobii and others, but this is not the case at all. Firstly, with OntoLinux™ we have an operating system that we are using for stationary and mobile devices with a Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™), which includes gesture and voice/natural speech control besides many other techniques. Secondly, our technology of the Retina Projector™ 1.0 is general, and this is used for mobile devices, 3D image displays, and much more. So it has to respect our copyright. Thirdly, by focusing on one special mobile device only, but not mentioning all the time the other mobile devices looks as if they accept our copyright with the other mobile devices. But the latter point means all or nothing, and we say all for us.
  • Texas Instruments: We found out, that since some years now that bold hardware manufacturer builds a range of so-called system on chips (SoCs) for portable and mobile multimedia applications by using our website contents. This is even deliberately done following the goal to support in this way defrauding companies that want to infringe or already have infringed our copyrights by their marketing of their copies of our devices, like for example many presented smartphones without or with 3D displays or/and 3D cameras, as well as clones of our Ontoscope™ that are based on the system on chips (SoCs) platform by that company (see for example the cases of the manufacturers LG Electronics in the Investigations:: Multimedia of the 3rd of February, 13th of February 2011, and 28th of February 2011, as well as HTC in the Investigations::Multimedia Ontoscope and intelliTablet Special of the 23rd of March 2011 and in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 21st of May 2011, and also the case of the company Softkinetics above). But such a support is highly criminal, because supporting third parties for commiting a crime is a crime that is normally sentenced with the same punishment or even higher, we can clearly implicate that it is: Convicted!!!™
    *** Ready ***
  • Samsung: After a third analysis of its so-called Smart stay application (see its case in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 30th of March 2012, 3rd of May 2012, and 7th of June 2012, and also the cases of the company Toshiba in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 3rd of June 2012) and our investigation made in relation with an advertisement of a related smartphone (see the case of the company Deutsche Telekom in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 27th of June 2012), we have finally found the correct argumentation for saying that the manufacturer has indeed infringed our copyright related with our MobileKinetic™ and Retina Projector™ 1.0 technologies as well, because the company is using a light source and a sensor for the reflection, and not only the simpler case of our approach to combine mobile computing with kinetic techniques, specifically gesture control by tracking of body parts.
    *** Ready ***
  • Toshiba: As we already said before (see its cases in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 7th of June 2012), we had somehow confused its acting by focusing on our Mobile 4D Display™ with its "techniques of head-tracking or facial scanning, like e.g. the eye-tracking" and its date of presentation while investigating its case. But now, we would like to mention only our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™) of OntoLinux™ for powering stationary and mobile devices™ with 2D and 3D displays, as well as with immersive displays.

    *** Proof-reading mode ***

  • British Broadcasting Corporation: How could it be otherwise. As a follow-up the serious criminal British broadcaster made a second report about gesture controlled computers in the January 2012 (see also Ontonics Website update of the 28th of January 2012, its case and of the company Acer in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 15th of October 2011, and the other investigative cases). We do quote and comment it: "[...] DepthSense camera [...] [By the term sense we are reminded of our Hightech and 3D Operating System OntoLinux.]", "[...] companies putting it to alternative uses [...] [Because we showed how to in the field of 3D dispalys and 3D projectors with for example our Retina Projectors and our Laser Image Display 2.0, and in the field of mobile devices with gesture control.]", "[... a company]'s device stand out [is due to] the fact that the user can be close to the sensor - making it suitable as a control mechanism for laptops and tablets [...] [Doubtlessly, this was said in conjunction with our Mobile Devices™, specifically the versions of our ... and our MobileKinetic™ technology respectively our Retina Projector™ 1.0, and our first investigation of the media company in this field documented in the Investigartions::Multimedia of the 15th of October 2011 and the Ontonics Website update of the 28th of January 2012.]", "3D displays [In conjunction with body tracking and gaze tracking systems, and 3D displays this invention goes back to others that we have revived and developed further with our activites, as that serious criminal media company does know very well (see its case in the Investigations::Multimedia of the ...).]", "The system works by projecting light into space which then bounces back to the camera. [...]", "The firm's ultimate ambition is to shrink its camera so that it is small enough to fit into ultrabooks and smartphones [...] [Then the firm has exactly the same problems as all the other investigated manufacturers of such tracking devices as well as 3D displays, which is the problem with our copyright due to the general technology of our Retina Projection™. Besides this fact, we can also see once again the true nature of that media company.]", "[...] hand puppet animations and gaming [...] [See the link to the Media Lab project Swamped! in the section Multimedia of the webpage Links to Hardware of the website by our HOS & nDOS OntoLinux™.]", "[...] more serious applications such as computer aided design and the control of 3D displays [...] [So here again we are in our OntoLinux™ land seen from the copyright cloud.]", "[...] new voice controlled television set [...] [Our hardware is powered by HOS & 3DOS OntoLinux™, and in this way have all voice control based on natural language processing since the end of 2006.]", "[...] people want to bring their digital lives into their cars [...] [In the context it is mainly about our AutoCloud™ concept, our invention to connect cloud computing and service computing with vehicle infotainment systems.]", "Swedish firm Tobii is attending CES for the first time to promote its Eye Tracking technology. Its sensors measure the position and movement of the users' eyes hundreds of times every second allowing desktop PCs and laptops equipped with its sensors to be controlled by gaze. [Firstly, this information is interesting, because the manufacturer of stationary systems for tracking of eyes and gazes was not there before, so that our claim is strengthened that it had no product before in the fields of mobile computing and 3D displaying, and only follows our actings in an illegal way (see its case above once again). Secondly, that media company already does know since the October, that the company has copied our MobileKinetic™ technology respectively our Retina Projector™ 1.0 in this way (see the case of the media company in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 15th of October 2011, the Ontonics Website update of the 28th of January 2012 related with this investigated report by that media company, and the Clarifications of the 22nd of June 2012 and 26th of June 2012).]", "So you can have interfaces that adapt to your gazepoint. The simplest example is a screen that turns on when you are looking at it and is off when you are not looking at it. [This sounds, as if it is the manufacturer of the system that the company Samsung sells with a smartphone as the so-called Smart stay feature (see the case of the company Samsung above).]", "Tobii's technology is already used to help disabled people control computers [...] [Here we can see once again that the company Tobii has had nothing related with mobile or 3D before.]", "[... a Chinese manufacturer] has already produced a concept laptop [...] [We already said clearly that inside is one of the simple versions of our Retina Projector™ 1.0 with two laser units that only beam invisible light and that we market under our label MobileKinetic™, which even without a further description clarifies a further time what it is.]", and "[...] the future feels tantalisingly close [...] [Let's laugh loud a round, because since the end of the year 2006 the future is already there in the re-written form by C.S..]".
    In a second report about a large exhibition we could read: "Gesture control via an external sensor similar to a webcam already exists for computers and TV screens, and [a company]'s latest [smartphone] has created a buzz with [its our] voice assistant [...]. But [a chip manufacturer] and a number of PC manufacturers are now interested in integrating such technology into laptops of the future [...] [Which is doubtlessly a clear copyright infringement due to our OntoLinux™ the mobile devices powered by it and our MobileKinetic mobile recognition and motion sensing technology. The media company as well as the manufacturers are aware about these facts.]", "[...] gesture control could be used, for instance, to browse recipes without touching the screen or keyboard while cooking [...] [This is also copyrighted and in this way an infringment of our copyright now due to our OntoLinux™.]", "Gesture recognition and voice control are already applied elsewhere - for example, Microsoft's Kinect motion and voice sensor is very popular among video gamers. [Good to know that the company Microsoft is still copying this integrated solution from our website of OntoLinux™ at least for stationary applications, because it is an essential part of our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™) and our Ontoscopes™, as we already mentioned in Microsoft's case in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 6th January 2010, but also in the case of Roberto Guido in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, and Robotics of the 24th of September 2010.]", ""We're preparing to study all new Intel technology like [gesture] and facial recognition to design new notebooks", [a responsible person of a chip manufacturer.]", "[...] structured lights projecting from a camera [...] Now the technology has to be refined so that a camera can distinguish between fingers and the face when users are much closer to the screen, as they would be when using a notebook, not a TV, said [a responsible person of a chip manufacturer]. [This was said due to our structured time-of-light-flight™ technique, which was already described in general with our Retina Projector™ 1.0, that that chip manufacturer wants to steal now, because the technology it has invested in is the old technology (see the cases of the companies Tobii and Intel above).]", "[...] 3D gesture recognition camera that works as an accessory for laptops [...] [So, here we have the proof that the company Softkinetics has broken our copyright in relation with our and Retina Projector™ 1.0 and our MobileKinetic™ technology.]", and "The firm has already been approached by some notebook makers, who want the device to be built into laptops directly. [With the term "firm" the company Softkinetics was meant in the report.]".
    Now, it is obvious that the media company British Broadcasting Corporation has documented the outstanding ingenious achievements by us respectively by C.S., because it is documented at several places that it took one point after the other listed since several years now on the website of OntoLinux™ for reports of which many were about defrauding entities, so that we only needed to provocate it for doing so, and then fill the few gaps and add the missing links. Clever, isn't it? Yes, we do know we are.
    *** Fine Tuning™ mode ***
  • Zeit Online: How could it be otherwise. Obviously, well knowing about our technology Retina Projector 1.0™ it reported about the technology of another company by making a link to a report and another presented combination of a mobile computing device (laptop) and an eye tracking system (see the cases of the companies Tobii and SeaFront above, and of the collaboration by the companies Tobii and Lenova, as well as the media company British Broadcasting Corporation in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 15th of October 2011 and in the Ontonics Website update of the 28th of January 2012). We quote out of a report publicated on the 6th of March 2011 in relation to a large IT-exhibition in the B.R.D.: "Und bald schon könnte [des Unternehmensgründers] Kombination aus raffinierter Software und Linsenaufsatz auch auf Laptops zum Einsatz kommen.==And already soon could [the founder's] combination of a nifty software and lenses attachment also come into action for laptops.", "Mehrere Arbeitsgruppen kamen auf die Idee: Per Kamera wird die Position der Pupillen verfolgt ("Tracking" heißt das), ein Computer passt die Bildschirmanzeige entsprechend an. Auch Christoph Großmann [(founder of the company SeaFront investigated above)] setzt auf dieses Prinzip [...]", which sadly to say means the media company did not meant the more complex eye tracking and gaze tracking systems, but the 4D Vision system, which is a simple body motion tracking technology and also confirmed that the company SeaFront uses the old 4D Vision technology until recently and does not use the more complex eye tracking technology called Kinetic by the company Microsoft for its gaming console and MobileKinetic™ and Retina Projection™ by us for all the rest of consumer electronics and applications that Microsoft and all the other companies left open since so many years.

    We have to demand the worldwide media to act responsible, because our copyrights related with our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™) and the Ontoscope software component of OntoLinux™, our Ontoscope™, our Retina Projection™, especially the Retina Projector™ 1.0, and our MobileKinetic™ technology, as well as our 3D image displays, specifically the ones based on image projection, are infringed by many companies. Furthermore, the first companies are already trying to infringe our copyright related with our structured time-of-light-flight™ technique, which was already described with our Retina Projector™ 1.0 and integrates both techniques that use a source of infrared light and a sensor. The only exception recognized by us so far in the fields of mobile computing and 3D image displays is the technology for mobile 3D Thin Film Transistor-Liquid Crystal Displays (TFT-LCDs) that uses a simple (web) camera, but not its combination with other more complex recognition and motion tracking systems that apply a source of infrared light and a sensor. All other applications had no link to mobile applications at all and were in the case of stationary applications simply focused on gesture control in the sense of a replacement for a computer mouse, a controller of a game console or a remote control. Furthermore, a further proof for the correctness of our claims is given by the fact that the whole market segment acted and still acts in synchronicity following us, as usual.
    Wir müssen die weltweiten Medien auffordern verantwortungsvoll zu handeln, weil unsere Urheberrechte im Zusammenhang mit unserem Multimodalen Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™) und der Ontoscope Softwarekomponente von OntoLinux™, unser Ontoscope™, unserer Retinaprojektion™, insbesondere dem Retinaprojektor™ 1.0, und unserer MobileKinetic-Technologie als auch unseren 3D-Bildschirmen, speziell diejenigen, die auf der Bildprojektion basieren, von vielen Unternehmen verletzt wurden. Zudem versuchen bereits die ersten Unternehmen unser Urheberrecht im Zusammenhang mit unserer Technik strukturierte Time-of-Light-Flight™==strukturierte Lichtlaufzeit(messung) zu verletzen, die bereits mit unserem Retinaprojektor™ 1.0 beschrieben wurde und beide Techniken integriert, die eine Quelle für infrarotes Lichts und einen Sensor anwenden. Die einzige von uns bisher erkannte Ausnahme in den Bereichen des mobilen Rechnens und 3D-Bildschirmen ist die Technologie für mobile 3D-Thin Film Transistor-Liquid Crystal Displays (TFT-LCDs), aber nicht die Kombination mit anderen Erkennungs- und Bewegungsverfolgungssystemen. Alle anderen Anwendung hatten gar keinen Bezug zu mobilen Anwendungen und waren bei stationären Anwendung lediglich auf die Gestenkontrolle fokusiert im Sinne eines Ersatzes für eine Computermaus, eines Spielkonsolensteuergerätes oder eine Fernbedienung. Zudem ist ein weiterer Beweis für die Korrektheit unsere Ansprüche durch den Fakt gegeben, dass das gesamte Marktsegment in Synchronität agierte und weiterhin agiert indem es uns folgt, wie üblich.

    Comment of the Day
    Wave-field processor™
    Sound-field processor™
    Wave-field light processor™
    Wave-field ray processor™
    Wave-field sound processor™

    *** Copy mode ***
    Ontonics Website update
    We have added to the Innovation-Pipeline the new projects:

  • Time-of-Flight 2.0 02:00 CEST, and
  • Structured Light 2.0 02:00 CEST,
    Accordingly, we have added the description of our technique:
  • Structured Time-of-Light-Flight 2.0.

    Further new technologies in the field of Wave-Field Computing are our:

  • Wave-Field Processor Unit 23:44 CEST,
  • Sound-Field Processor Unit 23:44 CEST, and
  • Photon-Field Computing 23:55 CEST.

    We have also renamed the Mobile Workbench to Mobile Workbench 1.0, and added the new subsections Workbench, Mobile Workbench and Smartworkbench to the subsection Mixed Realities of the section Multimedia. After this, we could add the new versions and projects into the their sections:

  • Mobile Workbench 2.0 02:30 CEST,
  • Mobile Workbench 3.0 02:30 CEST,
  • SmartworkbenchSmartworkbench 1.0 03:11 CEST,
  • SmartworkbenchSmartworkbench 2.0 03:11 CEST,
  • SmartworkbenchSmartworkbench 3.0 03:11 CEST,
  • Workbench 2.0 03:19 CEST, and
  • Workbench 3.0 03:19 CEST.

    Style of Speed Announcement
    As a result of a comparison of the model Boxster S vs. another model of the marque Volkswagen→Porsche conducted by a magazine for automobiles and motorsports it was claimed, that the acceleration, deceleration, and driving dynamics of the Boxster S would be slightly worse. So, we think that our performance enhancement packages for the Boxster S will not compensate these little deficits only, if they are really existent, but also turn the facts upside down:
    Package 1 consists of a re-calibration of the ECU and the suspension, eventually by changing the bearings of the cantilevers at one or both axles, and changing the brake discs and brake pads by the factory with discs and pads made out of a different metal alloy with higher performance. The price is estimated to be around 3,500 euro.
    Package 2 consists of an optimized setup of the ECU, different springs, and a larger brake system at the front and rear axle. The price is estimated to be around 6,500 euro.
    Package 3 consists of an optimized setup of the ECU, new shocks and springs, and a brake system with brake discs and brake pads made out of an aerospace material. The price is estimated to be around 11,000 euro.
    In addition, a new exhaust silencer/muffler will give further performances. And if this is not enough, than we would like to mention our Boxster GT that gives you speed and a never-ending smile.
    Furthermore, on the wish of our customers the suspension can be individually adjusted by active race drivers.

    Comment of the Day
    Light-field processor™
    Ray-field processor™
    Wave-field processing™
    Light-field processing™
    Ray-field processing™
    Sound-field processing™
    Wave-field ray processing™
    Wave-field light processing™
    Wave-field sound processing™

    OntoLinux Further steps
    We took a look at Sugar and had directly the following questions:
    What is that for a mess with the Sugarconsole? Where is the kids version?
    Why is Alice not in Sugarland while the Etoys are already in Squeakland?
    And why does no one play Croquet in the Sugarland?
    This leads to the question why there are not two or more classes of activities, as in the school?

    But maybe we should begin at first with the new Lego® theme for the Sugar icons with minifigures for the XO icon, and bricks and plates as already mentioned in the OntoLinux Further steps of the 29th of June 2011 and 12th of July 2012, and also shown in this "Image of the Hotspot of Innovations" as part of the Pictures Reloaded of the 6th of February 2008. The upper part of the right sheet of paper shows an integration of the Lego® minifigure, the Vitruvian, and reflection and holism, and its lower part shows a rough sketch of the development of the Lego® brick from 0-dimensionality over 1D, 2D, and 3D to holism (that can be found again on the image of the OntoLab™ concept "Gingy, Vodoo Love and Marvin the Martian" again showing the Finite Element Model (FEM) of the heart, which is also meant as a link of the finite elements and the Lego® bricks as well). The middle part and the row below of it of the left paper sheet shows the little Lego® bricks and plates, and even the umbrella out of the range of Lego® elements as a pointer to the other substitutes for the Sugar icons, while the cube at the right side in the middle should be a sampled representation of a minifigure as done with medical scanners (see the software suite VTK). As the next step we have to replace the globe icon with its link to a web browser with our virtual globe, the OntoGlobe, as an Earth/Blue Marble made out of Lego® bricks as shown at the lower side of the sheet in the middle (see also the section Earth Simulation/Virtual Globe of the webpage Links to Software and the Clarification of the 2nd of June 2012 for example).

    We are also looking at the Enlightenment desktop environment and its Enlightenment Foundation Libraries.

    Ontonics Website update
    We have split the project Wave-Field Rendering into the projects Light-Field-Based Rendering, Ray-Field-Based Rendering, Sound-Field-Based Rendering and Wave-Field-Based Rendering (see also the Website update of the 10th of June 2012 and the 11th of July 2012).
    We have split as well the projects Wave-Field Processor Unit and Sound-Field Processor Unit into Light-Field Processing Unit, Ray-Field Processing Unit, Sound-Field Processing Unit, and Wave-Field Processing Unit.
    Then we have moved the subsection Wave-Field Computing from the subsection Hardware Technology to the subsection Soft- and Hardware Technology of the section Informatics - New Paradigms, created the new subsection Wave-Field Rendering, and sorted all the old and new projects into their related subsections.

    *** Proof-reading mode ***

  • Gnome Foundation: For sure, this is not really the right way to act, but quite bold: Besides that its search facility was always meant in a broader technical context than searching for files and document contents only, making it now the center of its desktop environment, as described by the sentence "Search is central to the GNOME desktop." as well as the additional focus on being "Web enabled" seems to be oriented after our Ontologic System (OS), and Hightech and nD Operating System (HOS & nDOS) OntoLinux. Furthermore, we could also find phrases like "A shared culture" and "popular mobile devices"™, which was said in relation with our Culture webpage "Simply Beautiful", "Collaboration", "makes [the desktop environment project] a reality. As a reflection of this" and "Activities Overview is the portal", which simply said was stolen from the webpage Caliber of the OntoLinux website, and the components "Evolution", "Empathy", and of the so-called Enlightenment Foundation Libraries for graphical software (see the case of the Enlightenment.org below). Moreover, we could see a graphic with the meaning "(desktop) computer+Gnome=♥" (compare with the logo of OntoLinux) and makes the whole case absolutely clear. So, either this project references our OL, like it does in the case of other propritary and free operating systems, or it stops the illegal copying of our website contents.
  • Redhat: The company has taken the website of our Ontologic System (OS), and Hightech and nD Operating System (HOS & nDOS) OntoLinux for creating specialized distributions that copy our distribution. This can be seen best with its distributions in the field of arts, robotics, and hardware design and verification (see the related sections of the webpage Links to Software).
  • Enlightment.org: Besides that the names of its software components "Evolution", "Embryo", "Emotion", "Empathy", "Elementary" seems to be taken from The Proposal, which raises the serious question in the field of spying and hacking, because there were coined before the September of 2006, the familiar slogan "Beauty at your fingertips", text passages like "small mobile devices[™] like phones all the way to powerful multi-core desktops", the statement "... Enlightenment, the original eye-candy window manager ...", [a developer, 2007], was also said in the field of the X Windows System. Btw.: What has that nonsense statement for an importance to be mentioned in an encyclopdia at all?
    That this is the chosen library togther with HTML5 for the desktop environment of the Linux® based distribution Tizen that has replaced MeeGo at the Linux Foundation, and in this way Moblin, Maemo, and Mer as well, gives the soup a special spicy taste.
  • Immersive Education Initiative: We can see that the inititative has infringed our copyright related with our Ontologic System (OS), and Hightech and n-Dimensional Operating System (HOS & nDOS) OntoLinux, which can be seen in the easist way with the header of its website that lists the terms "Virtual Worlds[;] Learning[;] Games[;] Simulations[;] Mixed Reality[;] A.I.[; ...] Lifelong Learning", which in fact in this special composition is from us, and its self-created contradiction by talking about immersion on the hand, which is a term of the field of virtual reality, and on the other hand since some months everywhere about in a nonsense way by using terms like "mixed/augmented reality", "3D/VR", and so on, which without any doubts is related with the attempt to steal our reality-virtuality-continuum approach now (see the webpages Overview and Caliber of the OntoLinux website). Furthermore, we have more pointers to our actings as it could be seen as well by the term "Media Grid" and more. Moreover, it seems to be that, so to say, we have found a very special person, with its director A.E. Walsh. We always wondered who was behind those messy and nasty processes all the years, but now we can see it crystal clearly. Said this, we demand the initiative to stop immediately with the copying of our website contents and other intellectual properties! As a result of our investigation in this case we say the following: Stay away from that, because it has already stolen in the past and will be only stealing in the future the intellectual properties of our websites, especially of the website of OntoLinux, because the actings of the responsible persons never worked in the last 14 or more years, for example in the field of the Web3D, due to the reason that the main motivation of them is only self-exposing and marketing based on stealing of intellectual properties owned by other entities, and because it is now: Convicted!!!™
    Btw.: We have already defined and sketched as well but not publicated our standard cross-platform 3D/MR™ file format. So do not expect that we will go its way of standardization.

    *** Re-work in progress, because the issue became bigger ***
    Comment of the Day
    We have deleted the trademark Lunar Hilton and the slogan "Hilton on the Moon" from our webpage Disclaimer, on which we listed them both on the 26th of September 2009, because the idea exists since the August of 1958 and is also copyrigthed. As the newspaper Suburbanite Economist in Chicago, U.S.A., reported, there was a show set in the Conrad Hilton Hotel with a plush hotel called the Lunar Hilton and conjectured that "this could mean that the Hilton chain is dickering with the idea of opening the first hotel on the Moon". Nevertheless, the Lunar Hilton is still here and the Mars Hilton is also already here, and the two of the favourite hamburger restaurants in Moonhattan just behind the Moon Express building and the Moon Rock Cafe are still here as well. More important for space travelers is the information that our his is not a marketing hoax or meant to be symbolic by us, and the statement by a serious criminal British Broadcasting Corporation "Certainly the idea seems to have disappeared in recent years." is wrong and only said to downplay a further time our ingenuity, we also read something about freeze-dried steaks and other space food, because in the related report the series Mad Men "I want a Hilton on the Moon; that’s where we are headed," says 'Connie' Hilton at one point." (compare with our Comment of the Day of the 07.February.2008 and repeated on the 20. & 21.July.2009), and an interview of Steve Hilton were referenced, and guess what, they are both of the year 2009, the interview even publicated on the 25th of October 2009 by the Wall Street Journal. So take a look at our new Space Shuttle Thomas Cook."

    Picture of the Day
    Lunar Hilton Hotel Room Key (1968?)

    Lunar Hotel Room Key
    © Hilton


  • Microsoft: Suddenly, the company is also building up an own news media service. But its problem is that it is not trust- worthy in stark contrast to us with our OntomaX information portal and online magazine.

    *** Very Fine Tuning™ and Proof-reading mode ***

  • Thomas Reuters: Yesterday, the media company has published a highly manipulated report titled the "The brave new world of tomorrow's tablets", and in this way massively infringed our copyright as well as deliberately misleaded the public with the goal to damage our other intellectual properties protected by the copyright. In fact, it has stolen contents from our websites of our Ontologic System (OS), Hightech Operating System (HOS), and n-Dimensional Operating System (nDOS) OntoLinux™, of intellitablet™, especially the specification of our tablet and pad computers™, and from our Innovation-Pipeline of our hightech office Ontonics™ and our OntoLab™, especially from the subsections Pad Computer™ and Hapticle™. We do quote out of the said report to document its crime: "Flexible, tactile screens in store for future [See the subsection Hapticle™ of our Innovation-Pipeline to find where it was written before.]", "Tablets with paper-thin screens that can be folded and tucked into your back pocket, artificial intelligence and augmented reality [...] [As we said above, this was stolen from the websites of OntoLinux™, which has Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mixed Reality (MR), inclusive Augmented Reality (AR), as two of its core technologies, as it can be seen easily on its webpages Introduction, Overview, Components, Links to Software, and Links to Hardware of the website of OntoLinux™ and which powers all of our machines and devices, Ontonics™, read once again the description of our Pad Computer™ and look for the term "neural net", and of intellitablet™, especially from the specifications of our iP@ds™ and iT@blets™ powered by OntoLinux™ with e.g. AITouch™, which doubtlessly proves that we hold the copyright in this case as well. See also the related image Original vs. Inspiration of the 17th of January 2008, the Ontoscope Announcement and Investigations::Multimedia of the 8th of September 2009, and the intelliTablet Website update of the 12th of October 2011. By the way: Because all of our stationary and mobile machines, inclusive vehicles, and devices of all kind are powered by our OS, HOS & nDOS OntoLinux™, they all have already AI, MUI™, MR, or/and much more inside.]", "It's been two years since [an only stealing large company] launched the i[Pad Computer™] and spawned rival tablets from [other only stealing large companies ...] [At this point it should become clear for our readers how that media company tried to pervert the facts, which have been investigated, documented, discussed, and corrected by us since all the years. We won't bother our long-time readers a further time with the hard fact that it was not the company Apple that created the momentum and this market segment, because we described our P@d™ in 2008 calling it the P@d 2.0 for which we were declared to be nuts for doing so (see for example the Clarification of the 19th of June 2012). So let this incompetences fall on their mouthes, like all the others did before that acted in such a nasty way.]", "[...] making smartphone and tablets lighter, slimmer, faster and longer-running than their predecessors, and the trend shows no signs of slowing [...] [This was also copied from our website of intellitablet™.]", "[...] new technologies that may revolutionize the look and feel of mobile devices [...] [No, no, no: Mobile Devices™. Respect our trademarks and copyrights, or go away.]", "[...] wearable computers [...] [See the section iRaiment™, Wearable Computing of the webpage Links to Hardware of the website of OntoLinux™ and the subsection Sm@rtEyewear™ of our Innovation-Pipeline to find out were this was taken from in an illegal way in the context of this quoted report.]", "Some researchers are experimenting with wearable devices [...] [Yes, indeed, but they are experimenting since around 20 years now. See once again the comment to the quote before.]", "Others [...] are investigating the use of 3-D cameras [...] [Obviously, it meant our Ontoscopes™, and especially in the context of tablet and pad computers™ our P@d™ 3.0. Take also a look for example at the section Mixed Reality of our Innovation-Pipeline to find once again related technologies.]", "[An only stealing company] has a concept video that shows a bendable, transparent 3-D smartphone-hybrid tablet [...] [See the related images on our webpage Links to Hardware, and the Original vs. Inspiration of the 21st of March 2012, and read also the description of our Orukami™ as well as our Smart Digital Assistant™, and the case of the company Samsung below. By the way: A smartphone-hybrid tablet equals a tablet computer with mobile phone communication technology.]", "Few of these new technologies will hit store shelves any time soon [...] [This is a further bold lie. In fact they maybe faster in the shelves as some babblers and media companies might guess.]", "The main attraction of [Organic Light-Emitting Diode (]OLED[)] at first are their ruggedness, but the technology could one day allow tablets to be folded or rolled up like a newspaper. [We are already a step further with our coloured electronic paper (e-paper) and haptic paper (h-paper) since many years.]", "[...] challenges like making the delicate chips and components inside them more flexible and resistant to damage [...] [See the Original of the 13th of February 2008. We also mentioned at that day our Orukami™ the first time.]", "[... an only stealing university] has developed stretchable, super-sensitive and solar-powered "electronic skin," or sensors that can feel a touch [...] One of its obvious applications is in touchscreens [...] [There is the next problem for the Stanford University after it has unsuccesfully tried to steal our dynamic charging technology irail™ technology in the WREL version (see its case in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 6th of February 2012): We have described the flexible touch screen as a feature of our Orukami™ in the year 2008, which was two years before the hype around the tablet computer with multi-touch feature started at all, so that neither the manufacturers of e-paper have such a solution presented, because they were still fiddling around with its monochrome displays, nor the other companies, which all even had no interest in tablet computers at all. And if we will find again a patent describing our solution, then the Stanford University gets even a much higher problem with the prosecutor and the scientific community.]", "Specialty glass company [...] [We documented the case with the glass as well as the case of its manufacturer (see the case of the IT-news web portal Computec Media→Klaß & Ihlenfeld Verlag→Golem.de related with the company Corning in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 7th of February 2012 and 6th of June 2012).]", "Manufacturers and software designers have made less progress finding ways to let computers give physical, tactile feedback -- but they're working on it. [See the subsection Hapticle™ of our Innovation-Pipeline to find in this case out where it really comes from.]", "The stakes are high as tablets become more and more integrated with smartphones and other devices at home. [Here we have a further essential element of our Pad Computers™ described with our P@d™ that is the WREL/WRPL@Home™ technology, and the integration with the iArchitecture™, like for example with multimedia tablets.]", "[...] the still-new category has already claimed many victims, including Hewlett-Packard's Touchpad tablet that was killed last year after only a few months on the market [...] [And we revived it directly again as the Volkswagen Pad/VW Pad™ with the intelliTablet (iTablet) Further steps of the 21st of August 2011. In this respect, it is also seriously misleading the public to present the stock value of the company Google with the text "Google's [...] tablet selling fast across retail chains", while it is well known that the company sells the device without profits, which means that as more Google sells of its tablet computer, as more it looses/burns money, exactly like the company Amazon does as usual (see also our related comment of the 30th of June 2012).]", "[...] tactile input as well as voice input. Those are the two inputs that still need to be addressed in tablets [...] [We give in this case as well a serious copyright warning to every manufacturer due to our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™) of OntoLinux.]", "In a recent patent application related to tactile, or haptic, technology, [an only stealing large company] in May outlined how features could be added to a screen that would make it possible to alter the feel of its surface. [First of all, the relevant patents are not so new, and we do know the patents that the company Apple filed before we publicated our Hapticle™ technologies and they are different, or the patent of Apple is obsolete.]", "Manufacturers are also working to improve gesture recognition, augmented reality and voice controls like [an only stealing large company]'s Siri. [We want bother our readers as well anymore, why we call Apple's voice control our system in the case of mobile devices (see the sections Natural Language Processing and Intelligent/Cognitive Interface). Furthermore, this is the next crystal clear evidence of the copyright infringement by that media company, because it is again the Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™), the Ontoscope™ software component, and its Collaborative Virtual (Reality (VR)) Environment OntoLinux™.]", "Laser projection keyboard devices that connect to mobile devices [...] [For sure, this was one of the cheapest attempts to drive attention away from our Retina Projection™ as well as our P@d™ 6.0.]", "[Another only stealing large company] unveiled its Surface tablet, with a 10.6 inch display and a protective cover that doubles as a keyboard. [We have documented the case of the company Microsoft in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 19.June.2012 with full details, for example why the company has infringed our copyright by naming its tablet computer Surface.]", and "[...] "ultrabook" laptops with screens that swivel from their keyboards or detach completely to act as tablets [...] [So what? We already are sitting on our Ultrapads™,which as a matter of fact is the reason for the obsolete statement by that media company.]".
    Thank you very much for heightening our fame in this way, and proving and documenting the logical opposite of the reality, which is now corrected by us again. Said this, that criminal media company has not only totally failed with its attempt to downplay our ingenuity, and to pervert the historical and already many times documented facts by illegally copying our website contents and mentioning all the stealing industrial companies, which by the way we have already convicted in the past in our other investigations, as it was done unsuccessfully in the past by other media companies, but infringed our copyright massively as well as misleaded the public deliberately with the goal to damage our other intellectual properties protected by the copyright as well, but is also now: Convicted!!!™
    Btw.: That is a real howler and bellyflop, so let's laugh loud about those rookies for having thrown away its whole trustworthiness. Another point is the question if the media company acted on its own, which is highly unusual, or did this self-massacring publication for money payed for example by a government from Northamerica or Centraleurope. Obviously, the stakes are at their maximus, because what we do see here and have documented with out investigations is an attack on everything that makes up the civilization in general.
  • Samsung: That company has stolen our concept of a bendable, transparent 3-D smartphone-hybrid tablet and presented it as its concept (See the related images on our webpage Links to Hardware, and the Original vs. Inspiration of the 21st of March 2012, and read also the description of our Orukami™ as well as our Smart Digital Assistant™. By the way: A smartphone-hybrid tablet equals a tablet computer with mobile phone communication technology).

  • Lego: The company is selling a "Minifigure [...]GB USB [(thumb)] Drive", and in this way has stolen our concept and infringed our copyright due to our Announcement of the 19th of September 2008 that says "Lego® minifigures: 1. As USB-memory-stick [...]" (see also the Sneak preview and the Originals of the 27th of November 2008). That our sketches look different is not relevant. Furthermore, its drive features also one of the plug designs of our original Minifigure USB drive prototyps based on the SanDisk Cruzer Blade. Either the company asks for a license, or it has to stop the selling of its minifigure USB drive and publicate the information that it is our concept.
  • Databrick: The company is selling a minifigure as USB-memory- stick and and in this way has stolen our concept and infringed our copyright like the company Lego (see its case above). The main difference to the clone by Lego™ is that it used the other plug design of our original Minifigure USB drive prototyps based on an a flash drive with optional light.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Lego Laptop
    Lego Tablet
    Lego Pad
    One Lego Laptop Per Child™
    One Lego Tablet Per Child™
    One Lego Pad Per Child™
    One Tablet Per Child™
    One Pad Per Child™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Back to the lederhose"
    "Zurück in die Lederhose"

    We have extended our line of Lego® minifigures with USB memory-sticks/drives (see the Announcement of the 19th of September 2008, and the Sneak preview and the Originals of the 27th of November 2008) with the following version:

  • 3. As micro Secure Digital (microSD) memory card reader USB stick.

    In the case of the microSD memory card reader the minifigure with the memory chip has not to be replaced completely but only one of them due to a damage, a changed aesthetics, or the need for a larger data storage capacity.

    Minifigure micro Secure Digital Memory Card Reader USB Stick
    © OntoLab and OntomaX, and Lego (only the package design)

    Ontonics Website update
    We have updated the description of our P@d 2.0 by adding the feature of the solar panel.

    intelliTablet Announcement One Tablet Per Child (OTPC) and One Pad Per Child (OPPC/OP²C) #1
    Lego® elements:

  • 1. As One Laptop/Lego Per Child (OLPC), One Lego Laptop Per Child (OL²PC), Lego Laptop Per Child (LLPC), Lego Notebook Per Child (LNPC), and so on, or simply Lego Computer,
  • 2. As One Tablet/Pad Per Child (OTPC/OPPC/OP²C), One Lego Tablet/Pad Per Child (OLTPC/OLP²C), Lego Tablet/Pad Per Child (LTPC/LPPC), and so on, or simply Lego Tablet/Pad,
  • 3. Points 1. and 2. with our MultiLego,
  • 4. Points 1. to 3. with Multimedia Table feature inside, specifically of our L@goTables,
  • 5. Points 1. to 4. with Lego Education respectively Dacta, and
  • 6. Points 1. to 5 with Lego Mindstorms (comprises the compatibility to the programmable bricks and their programming environments Cricket, NXT and NXT_Python, and eventually Robotic Command eXplorer (RCX) and Brick Logo, among others).

    All mobile devices are based on the OLPC hardware and software, our original Lego® Minifigure and Lego® Plate USB drives and card readers, optional features of our Pad Computers, and eventually the typical Lego® knobs/stubs as part of the exterior. Furthermore, our OL²PC and OLP²C feature the Brick desktop environment or a spec- ialized version of our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI) of OntoLinux and have our Lego® Brick Theme, and the Brick learning platform that are all derived from the Sugar learning platform and desktop environment. Needless to say that we have a Sugar for a Minifigure, Brick on a Stick (BoaS), Brick on a Brick (BoB or B²), or Brick on a Brick Stick (BoB Stick or B² Stick), a Minifigure Brick or Brick on a Minifigure, and so on as a substitution for the Sugar on a Stick (SoaS) USB (thumb)drive.
    We offer further customized versions for companies like Hasbro and its Kre-O construction sets.

    intelliTablet Tablet Computer Convertible One Laptop per Child (OLPC) XO-1 2010 → Tablet Computer Convertible One Lego Laptop per Child (OLP²C) DimensionsLego Building Plate 626 GreenintelliTablet Tablet Computer Convertible One Laptop per Child (OLPC) XO-1 2010 → Tablet Computer Convertible One Lego Laptop per Child (OLP²C)
    OLPC XO-3 2010 ∧ intelliTablet P@d → OLPC XO-3 2012 → One Pad Per Child (OP²C) ∧ One Lego Pad Per Child (OLP²C)
    © OLPC Foundation and Association, OntoLab, and intelliTablet

    The conversion between the original Sugar Theme and our Lego® Brick Theme is given by the equivalence:

  • subcell==knob/stub with 15×15 pixels each.

    The next option is to define a new segmentation of the display screen:

  • subcell==knob/stub with 15×15 pixels each,
  • display with 1200×900 pixels==80×60 knobs/stubs,
  • Brick screen grid with 20x15 array of square tiles/plates,
  • square tiles with 60×60 pixels=gird cell/plates with 4×4 subcells/knobs/stubs, and
  • Brick icon safe area 2×2 of subcells/knobs/stubs with 30×30 pixels in the sum.
    There are also Lego base plates with 32×32 knobs/stubs (e.g. city street and raised/3D), so that 2×1.5 of these larger plates fit on a Brick screen grid.

    For sure, a third option is given by the equivalences:

  • display with 1200×900 pixels==½+79+½×½+59+½ knobs/stubs
  • Sugar intersection of 4 subcells with 15×15 pixels each==center of Lego knob/stub,
  • Sugar screen grid with 16x12 array of square tiles with 75×75 pixels=grid cell with 5×5 array of subcells==16x12 array of Lego plates with ½+4+½x½+4+½ knobs/stubs, and
  • Sugar icon safe area 3×3 array of subcells with 45×45 pixels in the sum==Lego plate with ½+2+½×½+2+½ knobs/stubs.

    See also the Original vs. Inspiration, and the case of Nicolas Negro- ponte and Yves Behar in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 7th of January 2010.

    Chips and More: The company has taken our website content, as it can be easily seen with the quote "Philosophie Unser Unternehmens- ziel ist es, eine konstante Qualität [...] zu bieten und mit Vision und Engagement neue Produktideen zu verfolgen. Fortwährend technolo- gische Innovationen==[Philosophy (]Policy[)] The target of our company is to supply constant quality [...] and to pursue new product ideas with vision and engagement. The sustained positioning of technological innovations [...]", and the product names "Card Reader Pop Art", "New! i.onik", which for sure is syntactically realted with weiche Bionik==Softbionics, Ontonik==Ontonics, and also with i!™, "Evolution 3.0", which includes the 3³ Theme as well, and "Ultra High Speed", which could be confused with our trademark Ultraspeed™. Obviously, this all was copied from our websites of Ontonics and of OntomaX.


  • Bundes- und Landesregierung: Mittlerweile können wir sämtliche Träger von Preisen, die die Ministerien für Bildung und Forschung als auch für ausgeschrieben haben unter Gerneralverdacht stellen ohne eine konkrete Investigation vornehmen zu müssen, da das Schema der Ministerien und den verantwortlichen Personen als auch ihren Helfern, die wir bereits genannt haben, eindeutig ist. So können wir sämtlichen Spin-offs von bekannten Forschungsinstituten, z. B. in den Bereichen Multimedia und Künstlichen Intelligenz (KI), nur noch empfehlen entweder ganz schnell die Web-Auftritte zu überarbeiten oder gleich zu schließen und sich dann unter einem Stein zu verstecken, denn das Beamten-Mikado läuft schon seit einigen Jahren und alle haben sich dokumentiert bewegt. In diesem Zusammenhang weisen wir ein weiteres Mal auf den Fakt hin, dass Englisch für die Hochtechnologien als Fachsprache gilt, das heißt unsere englischen Texte nur zu übersetzen ist nicht ausreichend um sich einer Strafverfolgung wegen Urheberrechtsverletzung zu entziehen.


  • Samsung: After a fourth analysis of its latest smartphone (see the its cases in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 30th of March 2012, 3rd of May 2012, 7th of June 2012, and 13th of July 2012, the related case of the company Deutsche Telekom in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 27th of June 2012, and also the case of the company Toshiba in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 3rd of June 2012) we have found out that it has also copied the information given in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 8th of September 2009: "more sensors and methods of the subjects Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, like object recognition and object tracing". So, now its is also clear that its latest mobile device is in fact a clone of our Ontoscope 3.0 S hard- and software architecture without a second lens of a 3D camera only, and that it has infringed our copyright in this field of object recognition and object tracing as well. Somehow, it is some years ago since we invented these mobile devices, and the technology is for us as the original pioneers so common that we overlook the facts in some few cases, especially if we can say so much to a case. Nevertheless, said is said, documented is documented, and rule is rule.

    intelliTablet Announcement One Tablet Per Child (OTPC) and One Pad Per Child (OPPC/OP²C) #2
    Besides that we already have presented our tablet and pad comput- ers that feature our combination of a multi-touchscreen and a digit- al pen/stylus, we are also looking for the option to use or to recycle the hardware of a simpler smartphone with a touchscreen or multi-touchscreen, like for example one of the first models of the best selling smartphones, the model Veer by the company Hewlett-Pack- ard, and the models Kin One and Kin Two by the company Microsoft, which are already the bases of our system camera series Ontoscope Nano I and II as part of our One Nano Per Child™ (ONPC) initiative (see the Ontoscope Further steps of the 23rd, 25th, and 28th of December 2011), or the models N9, Lumia 800, and Lumia 900 by the company Nokia (see the intelliTablet Further steps of the 30th of December 2011), so that we can reach prizes for the different dev- ice versions of around 85 U.S. dollar or 70 euro with 7" display, and 120 U.S. dollar or 100 euro with 10" display, and also are able to directly use the mobile connectivity/communication technologies and standards as well. In this way our Lego® Brick learning platform is not only interesting for manufacturers of hard- and software, as well as toys, but also for other corporations, like e.g. telecommunication companies that have now the possibility to step into our One Nano Per Child™ project a further time, but also in this One Tablet Per Child™ and One Pad Per Child™ projects with the offering of a spec- ial package for children that have an OL²PC, OTPC, OPPC, or OLPC. As part of the latter joint activity, the mobile devices could also be given away for free to schools worldwide, so that as a matter of fact we create a second time the decisive momentum that was always the goal of the OLPC project (the Announcement OTPC and OPPC/OP²C #1 was published on the 17th of July 2012).


  • Generell: Auch heute wurde wieder das von uns auch schon implizit dokumentierte Muster bestätigt, dass sowohl die großen politischen Parteien als auch die NSU-Propagandamedien immer andere Entitäten, wie Künstler, Personen an denen ein besonderes öffentlichen Interesse besteht sowie Unternehmen immer dann besonders häufig und positiv in Berichten und Nachrichtenmeldungen dargestellt werden, wenn sie unser geistiges Eigentum beschädigen oder sogar stehlen. Aber genau in dem Moment indem wir mit zum Beispiel einem der zuvor noch besonders positiv dargestellten Unternehmen zusammenarbeiten möchten, wird dieses negativ dargestellt und schlecht gemacht (siehe auch unten den Fall von Bertelsmann→N-TV).
  • Bertelsmann→N-TV: In einem Bericht über die katastrophale wirtschaftliche Entwicklung und Lage des Herstellers Nokia wurde eine Umfrage plaziert, in der alle Befragten immer wieder nur die zwei führenden Hersteller von Smarttelefonen nannten. Dass aber die Geräte auf unseren technischen Konzepten für mobile Endgeräte basieren, insbesondere unserer weltweit einmaligen Integration der natürlichen Sprachverarbeitung, der künstlichen Intelligenz, der Gestensteuerung, der Objekterkennung und der Objektverfolgung, vor allem der Verfolgung des Gesichtes, als auch noch zusätzlich der Mehrdimensionalität, wurde schon wieder der Öffentlichkeit vorsätzlich vorenthalten, denn Bertelsmann kann als weltweit agierendes Medienunternehmen niemanden erklären, dass man unser Unternehmen und unsere Geschäftseinheiten, wie etwa Ontonics™, OntoLab™, OntoLinux™, Ontoscope™, intelliTablet™ und Style of Speed™ nicht kennt. Wir hingegen erkennen hier aber eine Vielfalt von weiteren Gesetzesverstößen, wie z. B. dem Verstoß gegen die Sorgfaltspflicht von Medienunternehmen bei der Erbringung ihrer Dienstleistungen, die nämlich eine umfassend Berichterstattung erfordert, die mehr als offensichtlich seit etlichen Jahren nicht geleistet wird. Des Weiteren besitzen wir grundsätzlich das Recht zur Gegendarstellung, dass natürlich in Zukunft immer öfter uns die Möglichkeit gibt auch die Fernsehsender der Bertelsmanngruppe zur Klarstellung der wirklichen Sachverhalt und somit auch zu unseren Gunsten zu verwenden. Das wird dann aber sehr dumm für Bertelsmann aussehen, denn implizit zeigt das Ganze ja eindeutig den Grad der Glaubwürdigkeit des gesamten Medienunternehmens auf.

    Comment of the Day #1

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Das Leibniz-Rechenzentrum hat eine neue Heizung.", [C.S., Heute]

    Question of the Day
    "How much is the fish a cooked patient record?", [C.S., Today]
    "Was kostet der Fisch eine frisierte Patientenakte?", [C.S., Heute]


  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik: Wir sehen in dem Begriff "intelligentes Smartphone" den Ansatz einer Urheberrechtsverletzung zu unserem Hightech Betriebssystem OntoLinux™ als auch AITouch™ sowie zu unseren Ontoskopen™ und Tablet- und Pad-Computern™ von intelliTablet™ und intelliPad™, da unsere Aussagen wie etwa "Smartphone with Artificial Intelligence" genauso wie unsere technologischen Beschreibungen auch im deutschen Sprachraum mittlerweile eindeutig sind.
    Des Weiteren erkenne wir auch bei der ARD eine Vielfalt von weiteren Gesetzesverstößen, wie z. B. dem Verstoß gegen die Sorgfaltspflicht von Medienunternehmen bei der Erbringung ihrer Dienstleistungen, die nämlich eine umfassend Berichterstattung erfordert, die in diesem Fall mehr als offensichtlich seit etlichen Jahren nicht geleistet wird (siehe auch den Fall des Medienunternehmens Bertelsmann→N-TV vom 19. Juni 2012 (gestern)) sowie als öffentlich-rechtliches Medium einen klaren Verstoß gegen geltende Mediengesetze, da man sich weiterhin weigert seinem Auftrag nachzukommen, nämlich die BürgerInnen neutral und umfassend zu informieren (siehe auch den Fall ). Des Weiteren besitzen wir grundsätzlich das Recht zur Gegendarstellung, dass natürlich in Zukunft immer öfter uns die Möglichkeit gibt auch die Rundfunkanstalten der ARD zur Klarstellung der wirklichen Sachverhalt und somit auch zu unseren Gunsten zu verwenden. Das wird dann aber sehr dumm für die gesamte ARD aussehen, denn implizit zeigt das Ganze ja eindeutig den Grad der Glaubwürdigkeit aller betroffenen Rundfunkanstalten auf.
  • Thomas Reuters: That criminal media company has again infringed our copyright by talking about a tablet computer by the company Microsoft by using the term "Surface tablet", because this is exactly an essential part of our description of our P@d 2.0, as the following quote proves: "tablet computers. The user interface by the P@d concept consists only of the surface of a multimedia table" (see also the case of the company Microsoft in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 19th of June 2012 as well as the massive bellyflop of that media company on the 16th of July 2012). This becomes more and more expensive for it, especially if we demand at the courts that it has to clean the internet.

  • Intel: At first no large company was truly interested in the project One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) by the OLPC Foundation and Association for several years. But after we presented our Ontologic System (OS), and Hightech and nD Operating System (HOS & nDOS) OntoLinux and linked the project on the 23rd of September 2007 many major manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon and so we gave the device class of the netbook the decisive momentum. But only netbooks and no convertible tablet computer like the XO-1 were offered by those manufacturers. After we have shown the XO-1, and the design concepts of the XO-2 and XO-3 (see also the intelliTablet Announcement OTPC and OPPC/OP²C #1 of the 17th of July 2012) the company Intel changed some months later from its netbook to a convertible tablet personal computer configuration as well, but installed also a propritary operating system and not a Linux® distribution running the Sugar learning platform. Somehow we got the impression that its acting in the field of the OLPC is not the project, but our hardware and that it has already misused the OLPC project only all the time, because after we delisted the OLPC nothing happened until we downloaded the last design of the OLPC, which followed our P@d (see again the intelliTablet Announcement OTPC and OPPC/OP²C #1 of the 17th of July 2012), as the company Microsoft suddenly (not really) saw it as well and stole our Surface tablet concept (see the case of Microsoft in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 19th of June 2012 and the case of the media company Thomas Reuters above).
    Furthermore, the same acting in the mailing lists of the Linux® kernel and File System (FS) developers happened again as before in the case of our ST-RAM (see its case in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 17th of May 2012), which is again abount a new file system. So our guess is that it is either still about a Non-Volatile Memory File System (NVMFS) or our Ontology-oriented and Ontologic File System (OntoFS). An informed developer said only to be commited since the July of the year 2009, though at least in the mailing list of the file system developers is no e-mail of him. We will see what it plagiarizes this time.
  • Sugarlabs.org: Why are still images of a tablet computer shown on its website, if this Mobile Device is not powered by a Linux® distribution and not running the Sugar learning platform at all, but only a convertible tablet personal computer that clones the original convertible tablet PC design of the XO-1 (see the image ) powered by a propritary operating system? And why the icon XO is suddenly called an avatar should be clear as well for everybody who knows the website of our OS, HOS & nDOS OntoLinux.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Quick Response WaterMark™
    QR Mark™
    Barcode Watermark™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Democracy is too difficult for politicians.", [C.S., Today]

    Ontonics Website update
    We have added two new projects to our inspiring and entertaining Innovation-Pipeline that are:

  • Quick Response WaterMark (QR Mark) 23:44 CET/00:40 CEST and
  • Barcode Watermark (Barmark) 23:52 CET/00:52 CEST.

    *** Work in progress; Some comments will be relativated due to the hybrid rocket concept ***
    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • Rocket Crafters: The fraudsters and criminal bandwagon jumpers never die. We begin directly with two facts, so that our readers instantly know what kind of business with what kind of business plan and strategy it truly is. The company was founded in November 2010 as the Project Speed, which is for us already enough to prove our claim, but the following details should also give our readers and critiques enough informations to really understand that company: "Rocket Crafters holds licenses for advanced hybrid rocket and aerospace composite technologies as well as proprietary hybrid rocket design and analysis software. It hopes to develop and commercialize a new hybrid rocket propulsion technology and leverage an ultra-lightweight, advanced composite material to manufacture dual-propulsion – jet and rocket -- suborbital space planes. [...] plans to be a major player in a new form of air travel. Imagine cargo and passengers being able to travel from Melbourne, Fla., to Heathrow Airport outside London – a trip that takes nine hours in a traditional jetliner -- in 90 minutes. [...] evolution of transportation [...]", [Forida Today, 1oth of July 2012]. Obviously, that company wants only to steal from our business division Style of Speed™ our hypersonic air- and aerospacecrafts, most to mention our Hypersonic AirLinerHAL-1™//HyperStar™ and our Hypersonic Cruise Vehicle HCV-1™/WhiteSwift™, and our related Orbital SpacePlanes (OSP) eXtended Space Shuttle™ XSS-3™/BigStar™, the Big Space Shuttle™ or Space Shuttle Mark 3™, with their propulsion technologies only. Further statements out of a related press release that says for example "evidence", "open for business", "21st Century launch facility", "the past three years", and "multiuser spaceport as envisioned by our nation's leadership" [NASA, 10th of July 2012], and the announcement that the company will receive tax breaks and other economic incentives from state and local governments it should be also clear and also proves about what it is all about: Our aerospace related actions by Style of Speed™. We will quote from its very fresh websites, which raises already serious questions about its claimed competences, with comments and links to our original sources: "[...] class size 30 [...] [Why not less or more? Because of the 3³ Theme by C.S..]", "[...] synergistic [...] [same speech act]", "[...] interrelated [...]", "[...] next-generation [...] [same marketing story]", "Our rocket propulsion systems are throttle capable, volume producible, affordable, consistent burning, high-performing, cluster-capable, and safe to manufacture, transport, and operate. The competitive advantages of our revolutionary hybrid rocket motor technology have been validated through a series of ground-based hot fire tests. [This was stolen from the webpage of our eXtended Space Shuttle™ XSS-3™/BigStar™, and said in this way it constitutes a copyright infringement, because the thought was exactly copied.]", "[...] developed and engineered for integration with a broad-range of rockets, missiles, launch vehicles, and spacecraft [...]", "[...] unprecedented value and safety [...] [This is a marketing lie due to our solutions.]", "[...] propellant production and supply services to support hybrid rocket powered vehicle operators and rocket powered trainers [...] [see our webpages Propellant and Propellant Transformation on the website of Style of Speed™.]", "[...] dual propulsion jet/rocket aircraft and suborbital spacecraft [...]", "Vision Statement [This is in fact a copyright infringement due to the marketing story of our OntoLab™, The Lab of Visions™.]", "PTP [...] [This was said to have something like SOS™. How cheap.]", "[...] one of the top universities in the world in hybrid rocket propulsion [...] [Without any offences in mind we have to say that we never heard that the meant university in Utah, U.S.A., has ever conducted research in this field.]", "[...] one of the top aerospace research institutions in the world [...] [To be honest and without any offences in mind we must say that we never heard that the meant research institute in Daytona, U.S.A., has ever acted in this field.]", "[...] nano-material polymer compounding [...] [So here we are at the section Nanotechnology of our Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™, and the image of the Space Express shown on this website with the Pictures of the Day Space Express & X-3033/MagicStar Special on the 06.February.2009.]", "[...] fuel grain material compounding [...] [Here we are at the technology of our NanoFuel in the related context of nanotechnology.]", "[...] on-vehicle power systems (solar photovoltaic, fuel cell) and multifunctional composite materials and polymers [...] [Here we are at the subsections Energy Generation, Storage and Management and Material.]", "[...] rapid prototyping [...] [See also the section Rapid Prototyping of the webpage Links to Hardware of the website of OntoLinux.]", "[...] pioneer in the emerging field of Direct-Digital Manufacturing [...] [Here we are at the subsection Manufacturing.]", "[...] fuel grain [...] [Here we are at the subsection . By the way: So, what now? Hydrogen or solid fuel grain?]", "[...] 21st century factory robotics [...] [Here we are at the section Robotics, besides the speech act stealing due to the webpage Terms of the 21st Centruy on the website of OntoLinux. OntoLinux is also use for controlling robots of all kinds.]", "[...] Spacecraft Division [...] [speech act]", "[...] dual propulsion – jet and hybrid rocket powered [...]", "[...] conventional-to-rocket powered flight transition [...]", "Propellant [see once again our webpage Propellant on the website of SOS] "[...] produce and deliver both nitrous oxide oxidizer and solid section (reload) propellants [...] [For our readers we would like to give the information that this is the propellant mixture of the hybrid rocket motor developed by the subsidiary Sierra Nevada Corporation→SpaceDev that was used by the first suborbital spaceplane of the company Mojave Aerospace Ventures.]", "[...] on-demand delivery of high-quality, affordable [...] [speech act]", and "[...] products and services [...] [speech act]".
    We also found in a newspaper the statement: "The crafts accelerate to high altitude at high speed and then they transition to rocket-powered flight". Essentially, it is hybrid technology with part aircraft, part rocket." Also, from the given images of its suborbital spaceplane design we can see that it integrates a common spaceplane design with a classic wing shape and configuration for the rocket engine in the tail of the fuselage, and our Hypersoar Catamaran™ design for the positioning of the ram- or even scramjet engines.
    None of those private companies has succeeded in the past due to the typical business plans based on stealing only, and the company Space Exploration Technologies does not count as a private company. Due to the fact that our concepts and innovations are so new and worldwide unique, we have here presented enough evidences for its general copyright infringement, which for sure leads to a clear: Convicted!!!™

    Ontonics Website update
    We have added the new project to our Innovation-Pipeline called:

  • Watercode 23:45 CEST.

    Style of Speed Website update
    Due to the fact that two automobiles have broken the electric road car lap record on the hardest test and race track, we've added the new section Proof of Competence to the webpages of our models Elettoro (Apollo Speed-E (SE)) and RE, and the section E-quattro Competence to the webpage of our model RA. Both record cars feature as drivetrains our basic configuration that positions the electric traction motors in the chassis and connects them with the wheels by axle shafts, instead of being placed in the wheels or directly connected to a common differential, as the Pure Electric version of our Active Differential #2 with two electric traction motors at one axle, Electronic Stability/Stabilization Control (ESC) system, and a Brake Energy Recovery System (BERS). While the prototyp by an European university sponsored by Volkswagen, Bosch, and other major automotive companies electric road-car Nurburgring lap record on the 15th of September 2011, our RE built up by the quattro® factory broke the lap record once again on the 26th of June 2012.

    *** Translation and Fine Tuning™ mode; Some links are missing. ***
    Investigations::Car #359

  • Volkswagen→Audi: After the clone of our model RE™ has broken the record for series production electric cars on the worldwide hardest test and race track, the Nürburgring Nordschleife==The Ring Northern Loop on the 26th of June 2012. A report on a website gives the following informations: "[...] rein elektrisch angetriebenen Hochleistungssportwagen [, also ist es ein Elektrosupersportwagen, ...] Emotion, Sportlichkeit und Fahrspaß [... Der RE-Klon] entspricht in allen Antriebsdetails dem Serienmodell, das Ende des Jahres auf den Markt kommt. Seine beiden Elektromotoren geben zusammen 280 kW Leistung und 820 Nm Drehmoment ab, an den Hinterrädern liegt schon fast aus dem Stand heraus über 4.900 Nm an [...] Topspeed [...] Der Lithium-Ionen-Akku des [RE-Klon] speichert 49 KWh Energie – genug für etwa 215 Kilometer Fahrdistanz. Seine T-Form erlaubt es, ihn im Mitteltunnel und im Bereich zwischen der Fahrgastzelle und der Hinterachse zu montieren. Im Schubbetrieb und beim Bremsen wird er per Rekuperation geladen. Die ultra-leichte [...] wo ich auf Traktion angewiesen bin, hilft mir das Torque Vectoring, die Verschiebung der [(Dreh)]Momente zwischen den angetriebenen Rädern [...]", [Elektroautomobile.org, 29. Juni 2012]. We translate it: "[...] pure electric[™] driven high-performance sports car [,so it is an Electric Super Sports Car™, ...] emotion, sportliness and driving fun [... The RE clone] equals the production model in all details of the drivetrain, which will come to the market at the end of the year. Together, its both electric motors deliver 280 kW and 820 Nm of torque, at the rear wheels 4,900 Nm nearly from a standing position [...] Topspeed [...] The Lithium-ion accumulator of the [RE clone] accumulates 49 KWh of energy – enough for around 215 kilometers driving distance. Its T-form makes it possible to mount it in the transmission hump and in the area between the passenger cabin and the rear axle. [...] In the overrun mode and while braking it is charged by recuperation. The ultra lightweight [...] where I am relying on traction, the torque vectoring supports me, that is the shift of the momentums [(torques)] between the driven wheels [...]", [Elektroautomobile.org, 29th of June 2012].
    Besides the still given clear infringements of our copyright, related with our Active Differentials™ #2, The Superarchitecture, our models RE™ and Elettoro™ (Apollo Speed-E™ (SE)), which is even given by the german text (keywords Traktion, Torque Vectoring, Rekurporation, and Apollo) and the shown image of the car, the T-form of the accumulator and its positioning was taken form our model Jota™, which also features our Active Differentials™ #2 and the T-form plus a further accumulator at the front, which was also said due to the copied Electric Torque Vectoring™ Hybrid and Extended Range Electric Sports Car Drivetrain Platforms™ shown in the Style of Speed Further steps of the 20th of March 2012, and mentioned with our proposed New Energy Sports Car (NESC or NESCar) models iSpyder and iCoupé, and also with the hybrid versions of our models Elettoro™ (Apollo Speed-E™(SE)) and RE™, as well as RA™ (see the Style of Speed Further steps of the 7th of April 2012 and 11th of May 2012, and the case of the marque in the Investigations::Car #354 of the 28th of April 2012, but also our Style of Speed Further steps of 4th of July 2012), and our Camaro E™ and Camaro ERE™, the license plate number for the record car showed "**-RE 8013" once again, and also the cars Apollo Sport that has 515 kW (700 PS) amd R8 LMS ultra were mentioned. For sure, both was done to name our models RE™ and its version RE RSR™, and Elettoro™ (Apollo Speed-E™ (SE)), all the originals, but also our model GTron™ Ultra, in one report.
    Btw.: 1. Egal in welcher Form und Sprache eine Berichterstattung oder/und eine Werbemaßnahme erfolgt, sie bleibt immer die gleiche vorsätzliche Irreführung der Öffentlichkeit und ein Teil des unlauteren Wettbewerbs, wenn die gegebenen Informationen nicht der Wahrheit entsprechen, wie es auch hier wieder zu erkennen ist. Und im Allgemeinen kann man sich als einer der Marktführer sowieso nicht mehr herausreden. 2. Jedesmal, wenn man zum Beispiel bei Audi 'e-tron' oder 'R8 e-tron' sagte oder sagt, dann hatte beziehungsweise hat man eigentlich 'e-tron, basierend auf Style of Speed Antriebe', 'Style of Speed Audi e-tron', 'Audi e-tron featuring Style of Speed e-quattro' sowie 'Style of Speed RE Audi R8 e-tron', 'R8 e-tron basierend auf dem Style of Speed RE' oder etwas ähnliches zu sagen. Für alle anderen Typen von elektrischen und hybriden Antrieben mit (elektrischer) Drehmomentvektorisierung==(Electric) Torque Vectoring gilt das selbstverständlich genauso.
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke and Toyota: 4 areas of cooperation following our activities by Style of Speed once again. The case is already documented in german on the 30th of June 2012 and today we will give translation into English:
    (This is only an automatic translation, which is very rough, funny, but also often wrong, e.g. Gestern==Yesterday and not Today.)
    On the 27th of June 2012, the car manufacturers Bayerische Moto- renwerke==Bavarian Motor Works and Toyota have extended considerably more than expected their already last year announced cooperation in connection with the supply of diesel engines and the further development of lithium-ion batteries, which then also explains the action of a university in the south of the B.R.D. (see our Investigation of the 25th of June 2012). So they want to work in four areas: Joint development of a fuel cell for cars, developing an architecture and components (our technology Active Fuel Cell and the section fuel cell in our innovation-pipeline see) a new sports car with hybrid drive (see our Style of Speed ??Further steps of 20 March 2012, April 7, 2012 and 11 May in 2012, our entsprechendne vehicles as well as the profiles of Style of Speed), cooperation for the electrification of drive systems (see, inter alia, to hybrid electric vehicles and our conversions and z . as our Active Differential technology from Style of Speed) and with each other and develop research in lightweight (see our style of vehicle speed and the sections of material and carbon fiber in our innovation-pipeline). "Toyota and the BMW Group share the same strategic vision of sustainable individual mobility of the future," [Bavarian Motor Works, 29 June 2012]. Alone basis even of speech acts and the key terms of this statement you can see what is actually in this case is all about and if you just look at once the Web site of Style of Speed, who then knows also very well know, in particular, that it is not first time is (see, eg, too! 3 and 3! as well! 8 and 8! with i3 and i8). Thus we have proved again that the company Bavarian Motor Works reflects once again our business unit of Style of Speed, 1-1 although the previously-engine time with the announcement of electric and hybrid vehicles, in particular for almost 2 years, several announced 2 +2 coupe and the production of chassis and Fahrzeugkarosserien from carbon fiber reinforced plastic, has not yet implemented. Much präkerer is the situation for the vehicle manufacturer with the following information: "This could come in the development of the sports car from Toyota, the hybrid engine and of the Bavarian Motor Works lightweight components." [BBC News, 29 June 2012]. This means that absolutely nothing of what the company Bavarian Motor Works has announced the last 4 years was real. Rather it is obvious now, however, quite clear that even as other manufacturers and the federal government has absolutely no plan, hinterherzutrotten except us brainless and implement only preparations to conduct marketing and making decisions, giving the impression to be created in the public that supposedly we follow the decisions of the federal government and these companies to copy their small partner companies and their Fakeunternhemen and not the other way around, how is it in reality and it has now got around yet, so continue to copy our intellectual property and steal it. This also means that you have vorgegauckelt Bavarian Motor Works at least the last 4 years, the public and the markets wrong facts. That was just stupid and is reason enough for both sides of the state against this activity to proceed as to dismiss the directors of the company specialized as well as the responsible officer immediately.
    "Entered was not until last week it became known that the hybrid partnership between the manufacturer Bayerische Motorenwerke and the car manufacturer PSA Peugeot Citroen on the brink of stands. Was in the French in the spring of 2012, the U.S. company General Motors (GM) and had evidently the withdrawal of PSA from the hybrid partnership crowded with Germans. Bayerische Motorenwerke, in turn had spoken with GM about fuel cells.", [A car magazine, 29th of June 2012]. Well, this fits like the fist on the eye (also see our Style of Speed Website update of 28th and 29th of June 2012). It applies here as well as in the industries of media, culture and art: If the final products match our descriptions, then the for years lasting copyright violations are proven.
  • Novitec Rosso: We have to quote again from a press release: "[...] enhancement [...] [speech act]", "[...] ultra-light [...] [This is a jump on the Ultra Theme by the marque Volkswagen→Audi and our conversion GTron Ultra.]", "[...] global leader in tuning for the sports cars from Maranello [...] [We do not think so. Besides this, the term leader sounds very familiar.]", "[...] the first all-wheel-drive Grand Tourismo from the Italian manufactory [...] [See also our E430, The Original and the case of the marque Fiat→Ferrari in the Investigations::Car #XYZ of the ....]", "[...] strikingly styled [...] [speech act]", "[...] components fine-tuned [...] [This is a speech act stealing and also damaging our trademark Fine Tuning™, so it points more to a copyright infringement.]", "[...] equips [...]", "[...] component [...]", "[...] more power [...] [In the context it is more than a speech act stealing and it is also damaging our slogan "More Power - More Speed - More Fun™" so that it points more to a copyright infringement.]", "[...] conversion [...] [In the context of the contents of the quoted press release it is indeed a speech act stealing. Said this, it is also an evidence that our website content by Style of Speed was illegally reflected and the keywords copied.]", "[...] calibrated engine electronics [...] [Here we have the trick documented in the Investigation of the ... in conjunction with or Caliber.]", "[...] actuated [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] quad sport exhaust [...] [This sounds like our quad turbo.]", "[...] conversion [...]", and "[...] precise [...]".
  • A. Kahn Design: That fraudster has stolen from our website of Style of Speed once again (see the cases of the Project Kahn in the Investigations::Car #264 of the 7th of June 2010 and #281 of the 20th of August 2010). This time it is the style of the design concept by Samir Sadikhov, specifically the colour composition, that we announced to present as a conversion (see the Style of Speed Further steps of the 5th and 21st of April.2012), the "crest or emblem engraved in the seats", as it was claimed in the quoted press release and is also shown on one image of S. Sadikhov's design study, the wheel design of the model Boxster S by the marque Volkswagen→Porsche that we have shown with our conversion 550 V8 that was slightly changed (split the spokes in two parts and then shift them together with the other spokes, which works with both rims) and is also a typical design for wheels of models by the marque Fiat→Ferrari, so that it is even ridiculous that it is claimed to be a wheel by that company, and the related customization options, besides some speech acts that we also said in relation to the design concept by S. Sadikhov like "smoother style", that we said before, versus "soft organic surfaces" by that babbler, and other terms, for example "touch", "elegance and innovation", as well as the cheap license plate number with "0 800" pointing to some of our models and conversions. Said this, statments like "true British awe-inspiring design makes this extraordinary vehicle" are utter nonsense only, because that plagiarist has neither style nor own designs in contrast to many Britains. But the hammer was the following statement in the related press release: "[...] yellow brake calipers ensures that this vehicle is aerodynamically unique [...]". Has somebody ever heard that the colour of the brake caliper influences the aerodynamical efficiency? That must be Fast Yellow, Speed Yellow, or so. :D

  • Adam Flay: Already in the year 2009, that plagiarist has stolen for his final design work at a school for design essential design concepts and elements from the sketches of our three different versions of our model D!, which in the first case brings the related design studies by Shamen of a Bugatti and Pininfarina of a possible successor of the model Enzo by the marque Fiat→Ferrari together, in the second case adds the faceted design to the concept car GT 90 by Ford, and in the third case connects the design of another related design study by Pininfarina for the model Enzo, the race cars 962 by the marque Volkswagen→Porsche and R8 by the marque Volkswagen→Audi together, and in this way have become the most influential design concepts for supercars in the earlier 21st century. Further essential design concepts and elements were copied from our models 333 ST and B!, which both are also based on foundational designs by Pininfarina, and our related model B! Barchetta additionally based on the race car R8 by Audi, as well as some few essential lines of the design studies by D. Panov presented as Sneak Preview on the 10th of December 2009.

  • Axel Springer→Auto Bild: Unsportlich, inkompetent und manipulierend wie immer (siehe die Fälle des Automagazins in den Investigations::Car #33 Magazine Special vom 25. Juni 2008, #80 vom 2. Februar 2009, #87 vom 27. März 2009, #98 18. April 2009, #132 vom 31. Juli 2009, #150 vom 3. September 2009, #156 vom 15. September 2009 im Zusammenhang mit dem Fall des Herstelleres Peugeot, #158 vom 17. September 2009, #169 vom 3. Oktober 2009, #174 vom 12. Oktober 2009, #190 vom 16. November 2009, #198 vom 26. November 2009, #208 vom 14. Dezember 2009, #210 vom 19. Dezember 2009, #212 vom 29. Dezember 2009, #227 vom 12. Februar 2010, #244 vom 5. April 2010, #258 vom 12. Mai 2010, #278 vom 2. August 2010 im Zusammenhang mit dem Fall der Marke Volkswagen→Audi→Quattro und #342 vom 11. Januar 2012 (Übersetzungen können gerne bei uns angefordert werden)). Wir zitieren aus einer Vorschau zukünftiger Modelle des Herstellers Volkswagen und seinen Marken Audi, Lamborghini und Quattro: "Besonders gespannt darf man auch auf den Nachfolger des Gallardo sein, der 2013 vorgestellt wird und dann wahrscheinlich auf den Namen Cabrera hört. [Im Zusammenhang mit den gleich gelagerten Vorfällen der Vergangenheit also auch insbesondere dieser Investigation beantworten sich natürlich auch bei diesem konkreten Vorgang die folgenden Fragen: Warum wird dann unsere Gallardo III, der Anleihen an dem Modell Aventador von Lamborghini besitzt, als Nachfolger des Gallardo gezeigt? Und warum wird urplötzlich auf dem Titelblatt einer ausländischen Ausgabe der Auto Bild des Monats Juni 2012 das gezeigte Modell mit Fronthaube und Frontscheinwerfern sowie Seitenteil abgebildet, die nicht mehr denen des Konzeptfahrzeuges Sesto Elemento, sondern des Modells Aventador ähneln, wobei die Felgen und der hintere Kotflügel des Modells Sesto Elemento von einem auch schon öfters aufgefallenen Zeichners beibehalten wurden? Zudem kann man auf den Web-Seiten unseres Modells Elettoro (vormals Apollo/Gallardo Speed-E, aba. SuperElettrico, SuperElettrica, SuperElettrici oder kurz SE) und der Version Beauty Beast (BB) sowie auf den Bildern, die mit den Style of Speed Further steps vom 15. und 18. März 2012 und 21. Juni 2012 gezeigt wurden, weitere Ansichten betrachten. Dabei ist erwähnenswert, dass wir das etwas ältere Bild von dem Zeichner RC Workshop seit Mai gespeichert haben und seit April 2012 auch ein weiters relevantes Bild mit Scheinwerfern, die dem Modell Aventador ähneln, und den Lufteinlässen unseres Modells Elettoro (Apollo SE) durch uns gespeichert wurde.]", "[...] sehr dynamischen Vision der Elektromobilität zeigte VW Anfang 2012 [...] mit der Studie E-Bugster [...] an die Speedster-Modelle von Porsche erinnert [...] [Hier werden unsere nächsten zwei Modelle genannt ohne uns zu referenzieren, nämlich die originalen Beetle-E, Bug! in der Ausführung E Bug und der alte Raptor Speedster (siehe unsere Announcement und dem Style of Speed Website update vom 29. Januar 2009 und auch die Fälle von dem Hersteller Volkswagen in den Investigations::Car #XYZ vom ... und vom ..., als auch von den Zeitschriften High Gear Media→MotorAuthority und Auto Bild in den Investigations::Car #258 vom 12. Mai 2010).]", "[...] GT-Up [...] Up-GT [...] Soll das stärkste Stück etwa noch folgen? Ein noch potenterer Up läuft zumindest in der Erprobung. [...] [Neben der Irritation der LeserInnen mit Modellbezeichungen, die uns irgendwie an unsere Modellbezeichnungen GTron und GTron Ultra erinnern, wird hier mehr als offensichtlich unser nächstes Modell up R angesprochen (siehe den Fall von Volkswagen in den Investigations::Car #341 vom 10. Januar 2012.]", "[...] OO 77 [...] [Siehe eins der Kennzeichen auf einem Bild von unserem up R]", "Alle verfügbaren Assistenzsysteme sind erhältlich, ebenso die neueste Informations- und Unterhaltungselektronik. [...]", "[...] ultra-sparsamen [...] [Sprachakt]", "[...] Hightech-Features [...] [kopierter Sprachakt]", "[...] Nachfolger des Carrera GT [...] [Hier wird unser nächstes Modell, der Boxster GT, angesprochen und zwar mit der offensichtlich falschen Erklärung über den Ursprung des gezeigten aktuellen Modells Boxster der Marke Volkswagen→Porsche (siehe auch die Investigations::Car #306 10. Januar 2011 sowie die Fälle der Marke Volkswagen→Porsche in den Investigations::Car #343 vom 16. Januar 2012 und des Magazins Motor Presse Stuttgart→auto motor und sport in #345 vom 6. Februar 2012).]", "Finden wir gut! [kopierter Sprachakt]", "[...] Puristen [...] [Sprachakt wegen Pur Thema]", "[...] strassenzugelassene Rennwagen GT [...] [Und noch einmal wird unser Modell Boxster GT aber auch unser Modell 911 V8 angesprochen.]", "[...] 333 Exemplare [...] [Hier haben wir das 3³ Thema von C.S. sowie die Modelle 333 ST und 333 ST Barchetta.]", "[...] 272 PS [...] [Hier haben wir das SOS Theme.]", "[...] W-Lan und eine [...] Sonderzielsuche per Sprachbedienung. Auch ein Müdigkeitswarner [...] [Dies zeigt auf unser OntoLinux und seinem Multimodalen Multimedia User-Interface (M²UI).]", "Wo kein Verbrennungsmotor, braucht's auch keinen Auspuff. [...] [Komischerweise besitzt das gezeigte Modell eines Elektroautomobils dann doch unsere Technologie Active Clang, denn es ist die fast exakte Kopie unseres originalen Modells RE (siehe auch den Fall von Volkswagen→Audi in den Investigations::Car #351 vom 19. April 2012 sowie den Kommentar des nächsten Zitats).]", "Den Antrieb der 2009 vorgestellten Studie Audi R8 e-tron Concept übernahmen vier Elektromotoren mit zusammen über 313 PS. Ähnlich potent wird auch der Serienantrieb ausfallen. Auch den Motorsound haben die Ingeniuere nicht vergessen. [Hier haben wir wieder einmal unseren RE, Das Original, samt der Manipulation der Öffentlichkeit bezüglich dem wahren Ursprung der Technologie als auch des Namens, denn die Fahrzeugstudie von 2009 heißt nur e-tron und ist laut der Aussage der Unternehmensführung der Marke Volkswagen→Audi ein vollkommen eigenständiges Fahrzeug, dass nichts mit dem Modell R8 gemeinsam hat (siehe auch die Fälle von Volkswagen und seinen Tochterunternehmen in den Investigations::Car #156 vom 15. September 2009 und ... sowie im besonderen zu der Namensgebung den Fall der Marke Volkswagen→Audi→Quattro in den Investigations::Car #278 vom 2. August 2010). Mittlerweile ist eindeutig, dass das von Audi seit 2010 gezeigte Modell e-tron bezeihungsweise R8 e-tron unser RE ist und zwar in der Ausführung mit 2 Elektromotoren und mit von uns zuvor gezeigten Elementen der Version Street Racer STR LM, wie etwa der Fronthaube, und der Version RSQ, wie etwa der Ersatz des Heckfensters durch die RSQ Heckhaube.]", "[...] 313 PS [...] [Und wieder einmal das 3³ Thema und das SOS Thema.]", "[...] Themenobjekt [...] goldener Drache [...] [Auch hier wird wieder einmal klar was man mit den Berichten beabsichtig, denn neben dem Sprachaktdiebstahl und dem Verweis auf die Exterior-Themen™ wird hier auch der Diebstahl unserer Werbegeschichte und dem zugehörigen Masköttchen von Style of Speed angesprochen, dem Glücksdrachen, anstatt den Sachverhalt für die Öffentlichkeit richtig darzustellen (siehe auch die Fälle der Marke Volkswagen→Audi, Fiat→Ferrari und Aston Martin in den Investigations::Car #352 vom 23. April 2012, die Investigations::Car #353 Lucky Dragon Special vom 26. April 2012 und den Fall der Marke Fiat→Chrysler→Jeep in den Investigations::Car #354 vom 28. April 2012.]", "[...] Biturbo V8 [...] Der Motor ist ein richtiger Tausendsassa, steckt außerdem im Audi S8 [...] und im Bentley Continental GT V8 [... und auch in den entsprechenden TwinTurbo (TT) Versionen unserer Modelle Boxster GT und Cayman GT.]", "[...] frei programmierbare Farbmonitore [...] frei programmierbare Anzeigen die Aufgaben von Tacho und Co [Hier haben wir unser Car-X Window System™ abgeleitet von dem gleichnamigen X Window System der X.Org Foundation und der freedesktop.org Gemeinschaft. Letzters macht die Sache auch ohne weitere Erklärung eindeutig, denn es ist die Basis für voll anpassbar netzwerkbasierte grafische Benutzeroberflächen==network-based Graphische User-Interfaces (GUIs), das "easy Handling" und die leichte Individualisierung. Aufgeführt wurde unser exklusives Car-X Window System™ zum Beispiel auf den Web-Seiten unserer Modelle j! und iCup.]", "[...] Nachfolger des Lamborghini Gallardo, der vermutlich Cabrera heißen wird [...]", "[...] puristischen Sportler [...] [In der Beschreibung des dazu gezeigten Bildes erkennt man unser nächstes Modell, den GTron.]", "[...] 272 PS (Dreiliter V6) [...] [Kann es sein, dass wir jetzt schon zum dritten Mal das 3³ Thema und das SOS Thema vorfinden?]", "Allrad wird unter anderem durch eine elektrifizierte Hinterachse ermöglicht (e-quattro). [Hier handelt es sich um eine Urheberrechtsverletzung wegen unserem kreierten Begriff e-quattro© und der dazugehörigen e-quattro Story, die wir unter anderem für unsere Originale Elettoro (Apollo Speed-E (SE)) und RE geschrieben haben und weiter auf der Web-Seite unseres Modells sowie unserem Modell RA ausführen. Siehe dazu unseren Comment of the Day sowie das Ontonics Website update vom 20. September 2009 als auch den Fall der Marke Volkswagen→Audi in der Investigations::Car #231 vom 6. März 2010 in der wir als erste den Begriff e-quattro© zum ersten Mal veröffentlichten sowie die Fälle der Marke Volkswagen→Audi→Quattro beziehungsweise Volkswagen→Audi in den Investigations::Car #278 vom 2. August 2010 und #354 vom 28. April 2012). Zu spät.]", "[...] Nachfolger des Gallardo, der vermutlich Cabrera heißen wird und auch als Hybridversion kommen könnte [...] [Warum man unseren Gallardo III dabei zeigt, insbesondere die Variante Gallardo BB, ist ganz und gar nicht nachvollziehbar.]", "Andere waren bereits schneller und setzten längst auf E-Mobilität auf zwei Rädern: Auf dem Pariser Autosalon 2010 präsentierte Smart neben dem Elektro-Roller escooter [...] [Und wir waren noch einmal mehr als ein halbes Jahr schneller als die Marke Daimler→Mercedes-Benz→Smart mit unserem E ScooterE Vespa (siehe den Comment of the Day #1 vom 23. September 2009). Warum hier man auch dies unterschlägt ist nicht nachvollziehbar. Spätestens an dieser Stelle sollten unseren LeserInnen das falsche Spiel klar geworden sein]", und "[...] drei Herzen [...] [Und zum Abschluß noch einmal das 3³ Thema.]".

    Wir fordern den Axel Springer Verlag zu einer Gegendarstellung bezüglich aller von uns hier genannten Modelle auf, insbesondere dem Elettoro (Apollo Speed-E (SE)), RE, Beetle-E sowie Bug! und E Bug, up R, GTron, Boxster GT, Gallardo III und Gallardo BB, als auch unserem E Scooter E Vespa. Wir behalten uns vor unsere Gegendarstellung gerichtlich durchzusetzen.

    Comment of the Day
    "Irreliability; Non-seriousness; Incredibility", [C.S., Today]
    Take one, because it's for free.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We have to sort out what exterior design belongs to our models Raptor and Elettoro (Apollo Speed-E (SE)), and our conversion Gallardo III on the one hand, and our proposed models iCoupé and iSpyder on the other hand, because we have known unwanted intersections. While the Gallardo III and its electrified version Elettoro are more luxury oriented super sports cars, the iCoupé and the iSpyder are meant as being more affordable. The actual problem is that the 2013 model of the Elettoro has the same front design like the iCoupé and the iSpyder.

    Style of Speed Website update
    On the webpage of our Elettoro (Apollo Speed-E (SE)) we have exchanged the image that shows the 2012 model with the image of the 2013 model that follows the front design shown with the first speculative rendering of our proposed models iCoupé and iSpyder (see the Further steps of the 7th of April 2012 and 11th of May 2012).

    *** Translation mode ***
    The joint broadcaster Arte of the ARD, ZDF and France Télévisions showed a scientific report with the title "Vom Urknall zum modernen Menschen==From the Big Bang to the modern human" in which the horizon of human awareness, the Big Bang, Einstein, the Big Bounce, a new physics, the beginning of life, the prebiotic soup, the state- ment that "the science has no model" for the beginning of life, but only few fossiles, the evolution, the varieties of different species, the intellectuality, and further terms, theories and facts were ment- ioned and shown among others. In relation with the horizon of the human awareness, as well as the so-called Big Bang and Big Bounce we refer to the image "Evidence" of C.S., and with a new physics to The Caliber and our related explanations, descriptions, and informat- ions. Moreover, the development of the present human was elucidat- ed with the aid of a clock. Obviously, the report followed closely the connected works The Prototyp and the related More Notes that are both based on The Proposal and the Ontologic System (OS), High- tech Operating System (HOS)n and n-Dimensional Operating System (nDOS) OntoLinux with the before mentioned approach of The Caliber, and the additional explanations, descriptions, and contents given on our websites. The statement that "the science has no model" for the beginning of the life is wrong, because in The Prototyp sketched clearly exactly this in fact in the most elegant and best way, namely always in relation with the Kolmogorov complexity and information theory, especially the Algorithmic Information Theory (AIT), Chapter 3) and the Turing machine as well as the directly derived concepts of the Virtual Machines (VM) and the Operating Systems (OSs) of computers (Chapter 10) über die Bereiche des Künstlichen Lebens (KL), der zellularen Automaten und dem John von Neumann-Universalkonstruktor (Chapter 7), der Chemie, Kristallogie und Molekularbiologie (Chapter 4) sowie einem Compiler für DNA (Chapter [7.19] 7.16). With the presentation of the OS, HOS & nDOS OntoLinux this consistent approach has been concretised durchgängige Ansatz konkretisiert, with The Caliber vervollständigt and extended, and taken exactly also realized as well. Furthermore wurde unverhohlen klargestellt, that the human being does not originate from the monkey, but is one. Der Fernsehsender Arte von ARD, ZDF and France Télévisions zeigte einen wissenschaftlichen Beitrag mit dem Titel "Vom Urknall zum modernen Menschen" in dem unter anderem der Horizont der menschlichen Erkenntnis, der Urknall, Einstein, der sogenannte Big Bounce==Große/(Ur)Sprung, eine neue Physik, der Beginn des Lebens, die präbiotische Suppe, die Aussage "die Wissenschaft hat kein Modell" nur wenige Fossile, die Evolution, die Vielfalt der Arten, der Intellektualität und weitere Begriffe, Theorien und Fakten genannt, dargestellt und gezeigt wurden. Im Zusammenhang mit dem Horizont der menschlichen Erkenntnis sowie den sogenannten Urknall und Big Bounce verweisen wir auf das Bild "Evidence" von C.S.. Außerdem wurde die Entwicklung hin zum heutigen Menschen anhand einer Uhr erläutert. Offensichtlich folgte der Bericht genau den zusammengehörigen Arbeiten Der Prototyp und Weitere Bemerkungen, die beide auf der Arbeit Das Proposal und dem Ontologischen System (OS), Hochtechnologischem BetriebsSystem (HBS) und n-dimensionalen BetriebsSystem (nBS) OntoLinux mit dem Ansatz Das Caliber basieren, and the additional explanations and contents given on our websites. Die Aussage "die Wissenschaft hat kein Modell" für den Beginn des Lebens ist falsch, denn Der Prototyp skizziert ja gerade dies eindeutig und zwar auf der elegantesten und besten Art und Weise, nämlich immer mit dem Bezug auf die Kolmogorov-Komplexität und Informationstheorie, insbesondere auf die Algorithmische InformationsTheorie (AIT, Kapitel 3) und die Turing-Maschine sowie die direkt davon abgeleiteten Konzepte der virtuellen Maschine (VM) und der BetriebsSysteme (BSe) von Computern (Kapitel 10) über die Bereiche des Künstlichen Lebens (KL), der zellularen Automaten und dem John von Neumann-Universalkonstruktor (Kapitel 7), der Chemie, Kristallogie und Molekularbiologie (Kapitel 4) sowie einem Compiler für DNA (Kapitel [7.19] 7.16). Mit der Präsentation von OntoLinux wurde dieser durchgängige Ansatz konkretisiert, durch Das Caliber vervollständigt und erweitert als auch genau genommen realisiert. Außerdem wurde unverhohlen klargestellt, dass der Mensch nicht vom Affen abstammt, sondern einer ist. Wir wurden für die Äußerung dieser klaren und schon länger bekannten wissenschaftlichen Aussage immer wieder gemobbt und äußerst negativ dargestellt.


  • Apple: After it advertised its smartphone, pad computer™, and notebook/laptop by illegally using the term "Retina Display" despite it is not a retina display in contrast to our Retina Screen™, and despite that every time we have documented all these cases and demanded to stop that illegal practice (see also for example our Clarification of the 25th of April 2011, the case of the company Deutsche Telekom in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 25th of June 2012, as well as the cases in this field of multimedia of the 11th of July 2012), the company has started once again the broadcasting of a commercial for advertising its pad computer™ by illegally using the term "Retina Display".
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: Trotz unseren vielen Erklärungen, unserer Klarstellung und Aufforderung vom 25. April 2011 als auch vom 11. Juli 2012, sowie besserem Wissen als ein großes Medienunternehmen hat das Unternehmen wieder den gleichen Pad-Computer™ mit dem Begriff "Retina Display" beworben, obwohl es sich nicht um einen Retina Bildschirm™/Retina Screen™ handelt (siehe auch oben den Fall des Unternehmens Apple). Wie oben schon erwähnt, haben wir schon mehrfach auf diesen Fakt und der damit einhergehenden und mittlerweile vorsätzlich durchgeführten Irreführung der Öffentlichkeit beziehungsweise Verbreitung dieser Falschinformation an die ZuschauerInnen aufmerksam gemacht.
    Hierdurch läßt sich feststellen, dass das Medienunternehmen weiterhin gegen geltende Gesetze wissentlich verstößt indem es die Ausstrahlung irreführender Werbung nicht unterläßt wozu es aber in diesem Fall ganz klar und aufgrund einer Vielzahl an gesetzlichen Gründen verpflichtet ist. Somit hat sich die eindeutige erheblichere Mißachtung der Gesetzgebung und die grundsätzliche Einstellung des Unternehmens gegenüber den BürgerInnen und dem Staat verfestigt.

    Investigations::Car #360

  • Genevart: One of the typical fraudsters thought to be very clever by copying one of our concepts by Style of Speed, which is the support of hand selected talented designers of vehicles, like for example super sports cars. But this is not all. We do quote from its website that is under construction: "[...] design & manufacturer company [...] founded in May 2012 [...]", "[...] talented designers [...]", "[...] many projects in many sectors [...]", "Many manufacturers, students in design school or designer create impressive concept car (3D or real), but many of them are never commercializd for many reasons. [Good morning, and guess why the situation is so. Even a well known manufacturer in the automotive sector was not allowed to let Pininfarina build his rally car based on the model F430 by the marque Fiat&Ferrari in a very small serious. Besides this, why has that criminal for his first project our conversions 918 BB, Cayman GT derived from the Carrera GT, and Cayman BB, 911 BB, as well as the conversion of the 911 and Carrera GT (Mirage) by U. Gemballa taken, and mixed them to a proposed conversion of the model 911 Turbo of the type 997?]", "[...] offers [...] the opportunity to acquire [a] vehicles based on famous concept cars, and also entirely new vehicles created by our designers [See the introduction and the comment to the quote before. Furthermore, it has no designers at all.]", and "[...] mixes the lines fo the 918 Spyder and the carrera gt, but with aggressivity and racing inspiration [...] a coupe and convertible with retractable hardtop [Besides that this is a description of the model 918 by the factory, it is also clear now that its first model is also a our conversion 918 BB.]".
    Besides this, it is also damaging our trademarks ©°, °°°, !° and °!, and °0°. Furthermore, from a website we got the additional informations that the first model should also feature two Kinetic or Brake Energy Recovery/Recuperation System (KERS) at the front axle. This constitutes a copyright infringement, because of the functionality of such a energy recovery/recuperation system and the composition of our Active Differentials™, The Superarchitecture it does not matter at all if somebody writes two electric motors at one axle with Kinetic or Brake Energy Recovery/Recuperation System (KERS or BERS), or only two KERS or BERS at one axle. The reason is that such a system would make no sense at all, if the two KERS or BERS would not power two electric motors that each are connected by an axle shaft to one wheel. Moreover, even the factory has dropped this configuration with its model 918.
    The whole company is highly suspicious for us due to some special details. Either it is one of the usual marketing hoaxes, as we have documented some of them in the past, or it is indeed a common bold company only. Anyway, stay away from that company, because it is only stealing and has absolutely no clue what is really going on. Especially designers should give it a wide berth before they got nothing for their designs in the end in stark contrast to us. Said this, that company is just form the start: Convicted!!!™

    Comment of the Day #1
    "Every human is a superstar.", [C.S. after Joseph Heinrich Beuys and the Comment of the Day #2 of the 5th of June 2011, Yesterday]
    "Jeder Mensch ist ein Superstar."

    Style of Speed Further steps
    Its doodle time at Style of Speed again. As already mentioned in the Further steps of the 30th of .August 2011, we will use our 1/1 passenger cabin configuration of our model 333 ST, as it was also done for the concept car XL1 by Volkswagen, for some of our other street legal models as well, like the 962 ST. Potentially, for the 962 ST we will set the XL1 on top of a chassis of the model 911 GT or 911 GT3 R by the marque Volkswagen→Porsche. We also looked at the concept car XL1 in relation with our OSCar (see the Further steps of the 21st of May 2012). Today, we also thought about super sports car versions based on our 962 ST, that are a purely electric 962 E, an electric range extended 962 ERE, and a hybrid 962 H.

    Style of Speed WL1 Wide and Low Body
    © Volkswagen and Style of Speed

    Style of Speed Further steps
    In conjunction with our OScar project (see the Further steps of the 21st of May 2012) and the different versions of the our new interpretation of the model 962 by the marque Volkswagen Porsche (see the Further steps of the 25th of July 2012 (yesterday)) we already thought about the possibility to unite the stories of both projects in a very elegant and absolutely perfect way. This consideration led also in May 2012 to a car that was not officially called a Porsche, but is said to be the ancestor of the Porsche sports cars, the Stromliniencoupés aka. the Berlin-Rom-Wagen==Berlin-Rome-Car (VW Typ 60 K10 and later Porsche Typ 64) of the year 1939. Said this, we are deciding if we should create a new model of our Mod Rod series with a name like Aerocoupe, SL1 for Super 1 Liter sports car, 642, Type 64, or BRW and similar features like the already mentioned 1/1 seat configuration, and the cover of the front wheels that can be moved to the sides while cornering sharply by using one of our Active Exterior elements for example, which taken all together would be a very elegant and perfect step as well.

    Style of Speed WL1 Wide and Low Body
    © Volkswagen and Style of Speed

    Only flying is better.

    Comment of the Day
    "Facebook reminds us of VIP.", [C.S., 25.July.2012]
    See the movie "Lover Come Back" of the year 1961 with Doris Day and Rock Hudson. VIP turns out to be an intoxicating candy, but we are looking for the later children shampoo. Maybe the latter is the true business model of the social network provider.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We have forgotten to tell that we were with the Berlin-Rom-Wagen= =Berlin-Rome-Car (VW Typ 60 K10 and later Porsche Typ 64) and another model, which is the RE in the RSQ version, at this point some years ago, as now with our WL1 OScar concept (see the Further steps of the 25th and 26th of June 2012). Said this, we would also like to mention that we can use the same technology of the front wheel full covers for a much better RSQ version of our RE, so that we could call it directly our new model REQ, which would be the short term for RE Quattro respectively R8 Electric Quattro.

    Style of Speed RE Quattro respectively R8 Electric Quattro
    © Volkswagen and Style of Speed


  • Senseg: We do quote some text from its website, because a quick look already proved that it knows the contents of our websites and has partially reflected them: "Senseg turns touch screens into Feel Screens. With Senseg touch [...] Senseg technology, makers of tablet computers, smart phones, and any touch interface device [...] [Statements like these belong all to the same copyright infringement related to our trademark SenseTouch™, which is a self-explanatory term, and the descriptions of devices that use SenseTouch™, like for example our Hapticle™ devices and tablet and pad computers.]", "[...] revolutionary [...] [speech act stealing]", "Senseg enhances touch interfaces [...] [A further evidence of the issue related with our SenseTouch™ solution mentioned before in the comment to the first quote.] "[...] "haptics" [...] [The term was emphasized by setting it between quotation marks due to our label Hapticle™.]", "[...] multi-modal experience incorporating graphics, sound and feel [...] [Taken together with the other quotes, the context, and our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface™ (M²UI™) (M²UI™) of our Ontologic System™ (OS), Hightech Operating System™ (HOS), and n-Dimensional Operating System™ (nDOS) OntoLinux™, this gives a clear evidence of a copyright infringement.]", "[...] Senseg haptics are often used in combination with graphics or/and sound [...] [This is a copyright infringement due to the description of our Hapticle::Speaker, Hapticle::Speaker, and Hapticle::Display, obviously.]", and "[...] Tixel [...] [Do not confuse this with Qixel™, which by the way is a further proof that the company does know our websites with its contents and the described concepts and technologies.]", "Unlike effects created by mechanical vibration and piezo solutions, [the technology of the company] is silent. [Our Hapticle::Speaker™ is silent as well, because it makes no sound that can be heard by a human. Besides this, the technology can be very precise and we also apply our wave-field technology for even producing haptic spaces by our wave-field-based rendering™ technique exactly as we want it and without having a very close distance to the tactile layer.]", "[...] manufacturing complexity [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] three core [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] software that manages [...] [Again, we have here a clear reference to our OS, HOS, and nDOS OntoLinux™.]", "[...] visionaries [...] [speech act stealing]", and "[...] their PhD-level knowledge of medical technology, acoustics and psychology [...] [With this statement that company is misleading the public, because it clearly explains on its website that its technology is not based on mechanical waves, which are the subject of the field of acoustics. Additionally, there is also a clear lie related with this statement, because either they have truly the PhD-level knowledge in acoustics, then they do know very well that our Hapticle::Speaker is silent as well, because it makes no sound that can be heard by a human due to the low frequencies, or they simply claimed nonsense a further time and proved that they are either seriously afraid or incompentent.]".

    Investigations::Car #361

  • Technical University Hamburg-Harburg: As a student's project and by the support of its sponsors, the university has stolen the concept and all of its essential elements of the Purely Electric™ version of our model Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™) for an electric race car, as it can be clearly seen by the overall concept, the drivetrain based on our (electric) torque vectoring Active Differential™ #2, as the stud- ent paper "Entwurf eines [(Linear Parameter-Varying)] LPV-Reglers für für das Torque Vectoring eines Rennwagens==Design of a [(Linear Parameter-Varying)] LPV-controller for the torque vectorting of a race car" proves without any doubts (see also our Style of Speed Website update and the case of the marque Volkswagen→Audi in the Investigations::Car #359 of the 22nd of July 2012), the push rod suspension with double wishbones, the bucket seat and the steering wheel, the accented exterior design, as well as the colouration in white and black. Moreover, we can see that the race car also has a tubular steel frame with laminated body panels and the matte style of the exterior, like the shown three-wheeler model GX3 by the ma- nufacturer Volkswagen, and that the term "bus-system" is written under one graphic of the presented clone of our Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™), which points directly to the section Network Technology on the webpage Links to Software of the website of our Hightech Oper- ating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™ and to our project EnergyCAN™/ ECAN™/PowerCAN™/Energy-Bus™ in our Innovation-Pipeline. Even our marketing stories, that in the first case unites the Fun to Drive™ and the electric mobility, as the model names prove, in the second case unites street legal cars and racing, as our two equally named sections prove, and in the third case relates our vehicles with the field of bionics, as our section Bionic Vehicles™ proves as obvious and clear as well, have been directly stolen along by the project members and the other responsible entities. Some of the sponsors and research partners give further, very interesting insights into this case of our stolen intellectual properties, like e.g. Schaeffler Tech- nologies with its subsidiary Continental (take also a look on the case of Schaeffler Technologies in the Investigations::Car #279 of the 5th of August 2010 and one of the many cases of the manufacturer Volkswagen, like the one in the Investigations::Car #332 of the 2nd of September 2011, as well as the whole case of the Helsinki Metro- polia University of Applied Sciences and partners documented in the Investigations::Car #247 of the 13th of April 2010 to see the equali- ties to this case), NXP Semiconductors, Autodesk, and Samsung, and the research institute Fraunhofer Institut. In addition, a direct connection to air vehicles and our related technologies, like for ex- ample the Electronic Torque Vectoring™ of our Autocopters™ again, that have been copied from our section Air of the Style of Speed website is given on its webpage that lists the research partners. Also, the awarding of a prize for innovative and pioneering projects of young artists for the obviously uncreative and even criminal pla- giatrists is an incredible insolence, and clearly underpins how exactly the strategy was planned and conducted with the main goal to cause as much harm as possible to C.S. and our company, and not to build an electric race car at all. Besides this, it also proves as plain as it can be that the foundation law needs a rework (see also the case of the Cranefield University in the Investigations::Car #357 of the 20th of May 2012).
    By the way: Indeed, our images of the Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™) show one drivetrain variant with the Active Differential #1, which can be recognized easily, as well as also the drivetrain variants with the Active Differential #2. The usual variant with the traction motors positioned transversally to the direction of travel has been explained in our many descriptions, because it can be seen in the sketch from the side only. Due to this we have also written "Active Motors". With the other variant, which can be seen without covering for example, we have placed the motors along the longitudinal axis in the direction of the vehicle center and side by side, so that we have on each side one electric motor with an optional (reduction) gear unit that drives one bevel gear angled up to 90° which is connected to one driving shaft that again drives one wheel. of an optimal weight distribution of a race car. Naturally, we hold back the now given technical details especially due to a deceit of thieves of our intellectual properties, who thought they could steal our property by claiming that no Active Differential #2 would be realizable on the images. But in general, for us it is negligible where the electric motors are placed, which dimensions they have, and which gears are used for asserting our claims. In this way it is absolutely clear that the innovative and pioneering overall plan/concept and the complete range of (Electric) Torque Vectoring™ Differentials for hybride and electric vehicles of every kind come from us. In addition, the connection to the already so often convicted company Volkswagen is more than obvious, because it was already with the company Schaeffler Technologies sponsors of a similar project by the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, and the marque Volkswagen→Skoda and Schaeffler Technologies have already begun to test our Electric Torque Vectoring™ Differentials. Furthermore, it can be clearly realized that it is still always about the attempt geht to circumvent our copyright and therefore it is always tried to let the term 'Torque Vectoring' be named as often as possible by third parties Dritten as well for destroying our related trademark. But with such a gemeinschaftliche, planned abgesprochene action Aktion the first one ist schon einmal gar nicht and letzteres also not possible, because it is a combined protection of our intellectual property, so that either the one or the other law greift for our advantage zu unseren Gunsten. At last, hat genau dies auch die Marke Volkswagen→Audi (siehe z. B. den Fall der Marke in den Investigations::Car #359 vom 22. Juli 2012), but in all cases the context vehicles with hybrid or pure electric drivetrains wodurch wiederum die Urheberrechtsverletzung gegeben ist. Also the newest neuste and most perfide attacke with the awarding of a price of a foundation for arts Kunststiftung deutet hin to the company Volkswagen as well (see also the notes about the company and its marques on our webpage Culture, especially of the 11th of June 2012 but also the cases of the architects team J. Herzog and P. de Meuron and the architect I.M. Pei of the 9th of October 2011). At this point we would like to give the hint, that the concept vehicle XL1 had been very deliberately presented in Doha in the Emirat Quatar and the pictures of the vehicle have been taken in front of the Museum for Islamic Arts, wodurch we could finally endgültig realize clearly the actings by Volkswagen in the area of art, design, and architektur, because otherwise the presentation of such a car at that place would have made no sense at all.
    Als ein Projekt von Studierenden und durch die Unterstützung ihrer Sponsoren hat die Universität für einen elektrischen Rennwagen das Konzept und alle seine essentiellen Elemente der rein elektrischen Version unseres Modells Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™) gestohlen, wie es eindeutig mit dem Gesamtkonzept, dem Antrieb, der auf unserem (elektrischen) drehmomentvektorisierenden==torque vectoring Aktiven Differential™ #2 basieren, wie die Studentenarbeit "Entwurf eines [(Linear ParameterVariierenden)] LPV-Reglers für das Torque Vectoring eines Rennwagens" zweifelsohne beweist (siehe auch das Style of Speed Website update und den Fall der Marke Volkswagen→Audi in den Investigations::Car #359 vom 22. Juli 2012), der Schubstangen-Aufhängung, dem Schalensitz und dem Lenkrad, das akzentuierte Exteriordesign sowie die Farbgebung in weiß und schwarz erkennbar ist. Sogar unsere Marketinggeschichten, die im ersten Fall Fahrspaß und Elektromobilität vereint, wie die Modellnamen beweisen, und im zweiten Fall den Bereich der Bionik mit unseren Vehikeln verbindet, wie unser Bereich Bionic Vehicle genauso eindeutig beweist, wurden von Projektmitlgiedern und anderen verantwortlichen Entitäten direkt mitgestohlen. Einige der Sponsoren geben weitere, sehr interessante Einsichten in diesen Fall von Diebstahl unseres geistigen Eigentums, wie zum Beispiel Schaeffler Technologies und seinem Tochterunternehmen Continental (siehe auch den zugehörigen Fall von Schaeffler Technologies in den Investigations::Car #279 vom 5. August 2010, und einen der vielen Fälle des Herstellers Volkswagen, wie der eine in den Investigations::Car #332 vom 2. September 2011, genauso wie den gesamten Fall der Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences und Partnern, die in den Investigations::Car #247 vom 13. April 2010 dokumentiert ist, um die Gleichheiten zu diesem Fall zu sehen), NXP Semiconductors, Autodesk, Samsung und das Fraunhofer Institut. Außerdem wird eine direkte Verknüpfung zu unseren Luftfahrzeugen und unseren zugehörigen Technologien gegeben, wie zum Beispiel wieder das elektronische Drehmomentvektorisierung==Electronic Torque Vectoring™ von unseren Autokoptern™, that have been copied from our section Air of the Style of Speed website is given on its webpage that lists the research partners. Auch die Vergabe eines Preises an die offensichtlich kriminellen PlagiatorInnen für innovative und wegweisende Projekte junger KünstlerInnen ist eine bodenlose Unverschämtheit und untermauert die exakt geplante kriminelle Vorgehensweise mit dem Ziel C.S. und unserem Unternehmen zu schaden.
    Übrigens: Unsere Bilder des Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™) zeigen in der Tat sowohl eine Antriebsvariante mit dem Aktiven Differential #1, was man ja leicht erkennen kann, als auch die Antriebsvarianten mit dem Aktiven Differential #2. Die übliche Variante mit den beiden Motoren quer zur Fahrtrichtung positioniert ist aus der Beschreibung zu entnehmen, da man sie in der Skizze nur von der Seite sieht. Deshalb haben wir ja auch "Active Motors==Aktive Motoren" geschrieben. Bei der anderen Variante, die man zum Beispiel ohne Abdeckung sieht, haben wir extra aus Gründen einer optimalen Gewichtsverteilung eines Rennwagens und natürlich auch zur Täuschung von Dieben geistigen Eigentums, die dachten sie konnten sich unser Eigentum ergaunern indem sie einfach behaupten, dass gar kein Aktives Differential #2 auf den Bildern zu erkennen wäre, die Motoren longitudinal in Richtung der Fahrzeugmitte nebeneinander plaziert, sodass wir auf jeder Seite einen elektrischen Motor mit einem optionalen (Reduktions)Getriebe haben, der ein bis zu 90° gewinkeltes Kegelradgetriebe antreibt, das ein Antriebsstrang und ein Rad angetrieben wird. Aber im Allgemeinen ist es für uns unerheblich wo die elektrischen Motoren plaziert werden, welche Dimensionen sie haben und welche Getriebe genutzt werden um unsere Ansprüche geltend zu machen. Somit ist klar, dass von uns das innovative Gesamtkonzept und die gesamte Bandbreite der (elektrischen) drehmomentvektorisierenden==torque vectoring Differentiale™ für Hybrid- und Elektrovehikel jeglicher Art stammen. Außerdem ist die Verbindung zum bereits so oft überführten Unternehmen Volkswagen mehr als offensichtlich, den sie waren mit Schaeffler Technologies bereits Sponsoren eines gleichen Projektes der und Schaeffler Technologies hat ja auch schon mit der Marke Volkswagen→Skoda begonnen unsere (elektrischen) drehmomentvektorisierenden==torque vectoring Differentiale™ zu testen. Des Weiteren erkennt man ganz klar, dass es immer noch um den Versuch geht unser Urheberrecht zu umgehen und deshalb wird auch immer wieder versucht den Begriff 'Torque Vectoring' auch von Dritten so oft wie möglich nennen zu lassen um somit auch unsere Handelsmarke zu zerstören. Doch durch eine solche gemeinschaftliche, abgesprochene Aktion ist ersteres schon einmal gar nicht und letzteres auch nicht möglich, weil es ein kombinierter Schutz unseres geistigen Eigentums ist, sodass entweder das eine oder das andere Gesetz zu unseren Gunsten greift. Zuletzt hat genau dies auch die Marke Volkswagen→Audi (siehe z. B. den Fall der Marke in den Investigations::Car #359 vom 22. Juli 2012), jedoch ist in allen Fällen der Kontext Fahrzeuge mit hybriden oder rein elektrischen Antrieben wodurch wiederum die Urheberrechtsverletzung gegeben ist. Auch die neuste und perfideste Attacke mit der Vergabe eines Preises einer Kunststiftung deutet auch auf das Unternehmen Volkswagen hin (siehe auch die Notizen des Unternehmens und seiner Marken in unserer Web-Seite Culture, insbesondere vom 11. Juni 2012 aber auch die Fälle des Architektenteams J. Herzog and P. de Meuron und des Architekten I.M. Pei vom 9. Oktober 2011). An dieser Stelle möchten wir auch den Hinweis geben, dass das Konzeptfahrzeug XL1 mit Absicht in Doha im Emirat Katar vorgestellt wurde und extra die Fotos des Fahrzeuges vor dem Museum für Islamische Kunst gemacht wurden, wodurch wir die Aktionen von Volkswagen im Bereich Kunst, Design und Architektur endgültig klar erkennen konnten, denn ansonsten hätte die Präsentation eines solchen Fahrzeuges an diesem Ort doch gar keinen Sinn gemacht. Glaubt man wirklich, dass wir so dumm sind?
    Hier liegt eine kriminelle Handlung vor, da Steuergelder für das Projekt beantragt und genehmigt wurden, das ein von uns seit dem 16. Mai 2008 angebotenen Produkt lediglich nachbaut, und zudem wirtschaftlich gehandelt wird. Zudem wird die Öffentlichkeit vorsätzlich über die wahre Herkunft des Gesamtkonzepts und fast allen wesentlichen Eigenschaften getäuscht und somit unserem Unternehmen finanziell geschadet. Die Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg als auch ihre Sponsoren sollten sich wirklich überlegen ob sie mit der Staatsanwaltschaft Hamburg tanzen möchten oder das gesamte Projekt sofort zurückziehen. Gegen unser Urheberrecht können sie sowieso nichts entgegensetzen.

    Wir fordern die weltweiten Medien auf nicht mehr über das Projekt e-gnition Hamburg der Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg und in dem Kontext des Projektes über ihre Sponsoren zu berichten, da eindeutig unser Urheberrecht in Zusammenhang mit unseren Modellen Just 4 :) (Just 4 Fun) und Big :D (Big Fun) als auch unserem (elektri- schen) drehmomentvektorisierenden==(electric) torque vectoring Aktiven Differential #2 verletzt wurde.

    Wir fordern ein weiteres Mal die Ministerin für Bildung und Forschung sowie alle anderen PolitikerInnen auf, denen die Sachverhalte be- kannt sein müssen, sofort ihre Ämter niederzulegen, da es in keinster Weise politische Argumente für dieses assoziale, verfassungs- und demokratiefeindliche, also staatsterroristische, sowie zum größten Teil auch schwerkriminelle Verhalten gibt. Wir haben mittlerweile sehr viele Fakten gesammelt, strukturiert archiviert und ein zugehöriges logisches Netzwerk nur mit diesen Fakten initiert sowie diese Infor- mationen bereits in kleinen Auszügen präsentiert, die beweisen, dass es praktisch fast alle Mitglieder aller Parteiführungen auf Bundes- und Landesebene sind.

    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company: Suddenly, that company wants to produce its largest aircraft with wings made out of metal only. Obviously, that company is not so competent, as it was always claimed, and has misled the public, especially investors and customers, by claiming to be able to produce wings by using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP).

    Comment of the Day
    Retinal Projektion™
    Retinal projection™
    Fovea display™
    Fovea screen™
    Fovea projection™
    Fovea projector™
    Fovea hardware™
    Fovea software™
    Foveal display™
    Foveal Bildschirm™
    Foveal screen™
    Foveal projection™
    Foveal Projektor™
    Foveal projector™
    Foveal hardware™
    Foveal software™
    Foveal app™

    We will not respect the trademark 'Retina' by the company Apple in the United States of America, Canada, and Jamaica, if it is used in conjunction with a device for processing and displaying informations, like e.g. "Computers, computer display screens; [...] handheld mobile digital electronic devices used as a telephone, handheld computer, personal digital assistant, electronic personal organizer, and electronic notepad computer; handheld mobile digital electronic devices used to access the Internet, electronic mail, digital audio and video, and other digital data", [United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)], and "Handheld mobile digital electronic device used as a telephone, handheld computer, audio and video player, personal digital assistant, electronic organizer, and electronic notepad, and used to access the Internet, electronic mail, and other digital data", [Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO)], because the term retina was used before as part of the terms virtual retinal display, retina display and retinal display and related technologies. The later made differentiation between the term Virtual Retinal Display (VRD) and retina display is wrong, because alternatively the VRD is also named virtual retina display, retinal display, and simply retina display (see also our Clarification of the 3rd of November 2010, Original vs. Inspiration of the 6th of December 2010 and our Retina Projection™). The latter is very easily provable. The differentiation would be wrong as well, because a (V)RD has also a much higher resolution as the human eye can process by design due to the laser beam unit, so that we would have a contradiction.
    Besides this, we will also demand the immediate stop of every misleading use of terms in the field of displays that contain the word retina, like e.g. retina display, which is given if the imaging display is not a (V)RD, Retina Screen™, Retina Projector™, Retinascope™, or a device like this.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    For sure, we looked as well at ballbots as ballwheels for vehicles like the concept car RSQ by the marque Volkswagen→Audi and our REQ (see also the Further steps of the 27th of July 2012 (yesterday), but the technology has not convinced us.

    Comment of the Day
    Elektrischer Drehmomentvektor™
    Elektrische Drehmomentvektorisierung™
    Elektrisches Drehmomentvektorisieren™
    Elektronische Drehmomentvektorisierung™
    Elektronisches Drehmomentvektorisieren™

    Comment of the Day #1
    Electric performance™
    Electric high performance™
    High electric performance™
    Electrifying Performance™
    Electrifying high performance™
    Highly electrifying performance™
    Electrifying perfection™
    Electrifying high perfection™
    Highly electrifying perfection™

    Comment of the Day #2
    Es ist zwar etwas teurer,
    dafür ist man unter sich.
    Und ich weiß jeder Zweite hier
    ist genauso blöd wie ich...
    [....]", [Die Ärzte, "Westerland", 1988]

    Style of Speed Website update 2:55 CET/3:55 CEST
    We have updated the webpages of our revolutionary models RE and Elettoro by adding the information that the electric motors can be mounted in a range of 0° (transversal) to 90° (longitudinal) to the drive axes.
    We also added the new section Highly Electrifying Performance to the webpages of our models RE RSR and Elettoro SuperVeloce.


  • Bertelsmann→N-TV: In einem Bericht über stationäre und mobile Endgeräte, insbesondere sogenannte Smartfone und Internet-fähige Fernseher, wurde wieder einmal unser Konzept der Integration eines digitalen persönlichen Assistenten mit Lern-, Organisations- und Aus- kunftsfunktionen mit einer natürlicher Sprachverarbeitung gezeigt, obwohl die Anwendung und das zugehörige Mobiltelefon schon längst nicht mehr neu sind. Um die Fakten zu verschleiern wurde außerdem absichtlich die Öffentlichkeit in die Irre geführt indem man die Kopie unseres persönlichen digitalen Assistentssystems lediglich als einen Sprachassistenten bezeichnete. Komischerweise wurde aber dazu auch eine Journatlistin einer Computerzeitschrift interviewt, die un- sere Anwendung richtigerweise als persönlichen Assistenten bezeich- nete. Letzteres nimmt die verantwortlichen Personen selbstverständ- lich nicht aus der Verantwortung, da sie ja sehr kurze Auszüge des Interviews gezeigt haben. Des Weiteren wurde bei uns der Eindruck erweckt, dass man unsere integrierte Anwendung des persönlichen Assistenten mit Sprachverarbeitung als eine Entwicklung des Unter- nehmens Apple darstellte. Das ist offensichtlich falsch, wie der Web- Auftritt unseres Hochtechnologischen BetriebsSystems (HBS) Onto- Linux zweifelsfrei beweist (siehe die Web-Seiten Overview==Über- sicht und Applications==Anwendungen sowie die Abschnitte Natural Language Processing==Natürliche Sprachverarbeitung und Cognitive/ Intelligent User Interface==Kognitive/Intelligente Benutzerschnitt- stelle (vorallem die Softwareapplikation PAL - Personalized Assistant that Learns==Personalisierter Assistent der lernt und die verwandte Anwendung CALO - Cognitive Agent that Learns and Organizes==Ko- gnitiver (Software)Agent der lernt und organasiert/ordnet/struktu- riert) der Web-Seite Links to Software==Verbindung/Verweis zu Soft- ware). Außerdem wurden Fernseher gezeigt, die über einen Internet-Anschluss, eine Sprachsteuerung und wissensbasierte Informations- systeme verfügen. Wir sehen hier erstens eine Urheberrechtsverlet- zung, da auf der einen Seite die Sendung unter anderem tieferge- hende Informationen über Endgeräte mit Computern gibt und somit sich auch das Medienunternehmen im Bereich der Informatik bewegt zu dessen Fachsprache Englisch zählt, insbesondere die englischen Fachausdrücke, und somit auf der anderen Seite Inhalte unserer Web-Auftritte unerlaubt wiedergegeben wurden. Zweitens ist uns unabhängig der von uns und dem Medienunternehmen Bertelsmann verwendeten Sprachen die Möglichkeit gegeben falsche Informatio- nen durch Aufforderung zur Gegendarstellung beziehungsweise Rich- tigstellung zu korregieren indem die Fakten präsentiert werden. Auch können wir aufgrund der angeführten Argumente die Forderung stel- len, dass in Zukunft die Fakten im Allgemeinen als auch im Speziellen über unser geistiges Eigentum richtig veröffentlicht werden.

    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • Virgin Galactic: On the 27th of June 2012 we thought at first that we can see a rocket with wings as the 3rd generation of its suborb- ital spaceplane only, because the company claimed several months before to presented it at a large aerospace exhibition. But now we can see that its the announced rocket of its launch system. Never- theless, we still have got the impression that it is only making mark- eting and gambling, because it wants to steal the business models and space vehicles of the competitors, most to mention our many outstanding solutions by Style of Speed™. Our claim is strengthened by the facts that the presented small cargo spacecraft is powered by a bipropellant liquid rocket using kerosin and liquid oxygen, and the design is essentially a rocket with some kind of a small lifting body with wings as the middle section. While the spacecraft design of the ... points directly to our Two-Phase-To-Suborbit (TPTS) and Two-Stage-To-Orbit (TSTO) system X-3*™/Little Star™, the two technical features point somehow if taken together to our Hyper- sonic Jet Fighter HJF-1™/Hyper Falcon™ and our Hypersoars by Style of Speed™. Besides this, we are unable to see why the com- pany and its investor speak about a revolution due to the claimed affordability of its launch service if the estimated price for launching 225 kilograms to Low Earth Orbit (LEO; between 160 kilometers (99 miles) and 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) above the Earth) is around 10 million U.S. dollar, especially if we compare it with the calculated prices for using our Space Launch System (SLS) and Space Trans- portation System (STS) with Single-Stage-To-Orbit (SSTO) Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) XSS-3™/BigStar™. The price that is given by the company also raises the serious question if it misled the public over the last years, because the price level means as well that 1 human with a weight of around 80 kilograms or even 3 humans at once can't be brought into suborbit for around 200,000 U.S. dollar each, but for around 1 million U.S. dollar or even more after its cal- culation, so that the low price seems to be a serious criminal mark- eting lie.
    Btw.: This business of a TSTO air launch system with cargo rocket was already offered by another company with much more compet- ence around 10 years ago. Said this, our special business man is becoming boring and annoying only.

    Comment of the Day
    "Happy Bull$hit", [C.S., 10.June.2012]
    See also the Picture of the Day of the 10th of June 2012 and the given explanation eventually once again.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have set up the first website of our new model RQ which is the first real car that drives on ballwheels/spheres based on the non-functional concept car RSQ by the marque Volkswagen→Audi made for the movie "I, Robot" (see also the Further steps of the 27th and 28th of July 2012).

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