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King Smiley Further steps
Because the market value has risen we adjusted the reward for artistic works by C.S. to 16 billion US dollar.

OntoLinux Website update
We added to the webpage about the Terms of the 21st Century a new section called Changeling, Shapeshifter and Transformer.

Style of Speed Website update
As already discussed in the Further steps of the 21st of April 2012, 25th of April 2012, and 27th of April 2012, we have presented today one of our new models, the:

  • RA.

    In conjunction with our new model RA we have removed the sections Model 2010 and Model 2012, because they belong to our RA.

    Comment of the Day
    "We are too sexy for facebook.", [C.S., Today]

    *** Proof-reading mode ***
    In the media it was reported now several times that no one knows how a machine functions that could implement traveling faster than light through the universe. This is wrong, because:
    1. We presented the spaceship concept of our Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift that is 100% conform with accepted physical theories, and created by using as design language mathematics, specifically geometry in strict conformity with the set theory, boolean algebra, and group theory, as well as the Kerr–Newman metric that generalizes the Schwarzschild, Kerr, and Reissner–Nordström metrics, and the Minkowski space (see also the Style of Speed Further steps of the 28th of November 2011).
    2. Special issues related with contemporary physical theories, as mentioned in point 1., have been proved by latest physical experiments. We have mentioned and linked with our spaceship design the ones that are most relevant for proving our model of point 1., like e.g. the observation of both behaviours of photons simultaneously with the two-slit experiment, and the confirmation of two Einstein space-time theories, which are the geodetic effect and frame-dragging. In the Style of Speed Further steps of the 28th of November 2011 we gave additional explanations.
    3. We started with the concepts of the interstellar ramjet by Bussard and the spaceship U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E of the "Star Trek" saga in such a way, that it can be seen that the construction of our spaceship TIE R/LightSwift is possible in these times. For the integration of both spaceship designs we used as the bridging element the documents about warp drives, specifically the M. Alcubierre drive, that are 100% conform with accepted physical theories.
    4. We took the document by D.P. Whitmire that corrects the concept of the Bussard interstellar ramjet (see point 3.) at the fusion side by applying catalytic fusion cycles, and an overworked fusion reactor core, and also at the ramscoop side by improving its efficiency, among some few other solutions and optimizations.
    5. We took the concept of the interstellar ramjet by C. Pellegrino and J. Powell (take also a look on the case of C. Pellegrino in the Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 28th of November 2011) that optimizes the Bussard interstellar ramjet (see points 3. and 4.) at the fusion side by taking antihydrogen as propellant for an matter-antimatter engine, and integrated it with our interstellar ramjet engine.
    6. We took documents about antimatter extraction/collection, storage and transportation, and feeding systems for fusion, specifically by J. Bickford and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), that fit with the technologies described in the documents of the points 3., 4. and 5. by presenting a seamless and surprisingly elegant integration of an antimatter containment unit in our spaceship design (see Style of Speed Further steps of the 14th of August 2011 and Style of Speed Website update of the 15th of August 2011).
    7. We explained that if the kernel-less rotating (eventually charged) black hole singularities (e.g. a kernel-less Kerr-Newman black hole singularity) at the core of our engines is rotated very fast by applying the technology mentioned in point 5.
    8. We solved problems mentioned in the documents of point 4. and 5. with our solutions, like for example the optimized ramscoop by using elements of the photonic laser propulsion, so that the whole concept of an interstellar ramjet becomes really feasible for the first time (see Style of Speed Further steps of the 28th of November 2011).
    9. We described a further spaceship design as an interstellar pod racer.
    10. We also solved a problem related with point 6. with our concept of the Antimatter Plant that is developed for the production of antihydrogen, antideuterium/antideuteron and antilithium.
    11. We took documents by C. Van Den Broeck and S. Krasnikov for the improvement of M. Alcubierre's warp drive (see point 3.).
    12. We showed that problems related with point 11. can be solved with the technologies and solutions mentioned in point 4., 5., 6. and 7. by overcoming barriers due to known quantum effects, like for example quantum tunneling.
    13. We used only contemporary technologies for the development, design and potential construction of our spaceships.


  • Samsung: The manufacturer presented a new model of its smart- phones called Galaxy S III. For sure, it was absolutely clear that the company would try to add features that we have described long be- fore on our websites, specifically on the website of our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™. To these features belong a mix of intelligent camera features based on a facial scanning tech- nique, and a face recognition technology. The company explained that for example the front camera would identify the user's eyes and would not go dark or lock as long as they were looking at it. Due to the facts that on the one hand all of our Mobile Devices™, inclusive cell/mobile phones and smartphones, as shown and listed on the webpage Links to Hardware for example, are powered by our HOS OntoLinux™ that has a Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™) since right from the start, inclusive this gesture control respectively face- or eye-tracking, and on the other hand its new smartphone model also uses as a further familiar feature what is described today by a spokesman of the company as a "natural language user interface", which is also already included in our M²UI™, and that "[the mobile phone] is more like a good friend and listens intently and responds effectively to you", so that the facility can be used to command the phone to play songs, adjust the volume, send texts or emails and take photographs (see also the links to the Personalized Assistant that Learns (PAL) and the Cognitive Agent that Learns and Organizes (CALO) in the section Intelligent/Cognitive Interface on the webpage Links to Software of our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™), we have at least the clear evidence of a copyright infringement and eventually even more.
    Furthermore, the mobile phone has the capability to recognize the faces of the user's friends in a picture just taken, which seems also to be related with our Mobile 4D Display and MobileKinetic™ technologies, but as long it is not done in real-time it seems to be not relevant for us. But the fact that this face recognition can be done in real-time as well, makes the case more crucial.
    In general, "we have to clarify the following [once again]: Selling a product that has a unique feature[, like e.g. our MobileKinetic™ technology], in such a way that the buyer or/and the public does/do not know all the facts [(e.g. its true inventor)] is a malicious deception and an unfair competition [(see the Clarification of the 28th of April 2012)]."
    We also do ask the question if its true strategy is to lay out the hardware and software foundations only, so that the app(lication) developers can or even should infringe our copyrights by implementing the missing features later. If this is the case, then the company has comitted a crime as well by deliberately laying the ground for criminal actings by third persons. We will look at this issue further.

    *** Work in progress ***
    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • Bertelsmann→N-TV: Since several months now, the news televis- ion channel is broadcasting a series about the universe and related special themes, like the exploration of the universe and speed among many others. This investigative case is about the broadcast that had as the theme speed.
    relation with da Vinci (see also the "logo of Softbionics"); explanation: was able to understand the human flight with machines, but unable to build such a machine 400 years ago; claimed implication: if today somebody would have the concept of a machine for traveling faster than light than unable to build (see Clarification above);Furthermore, a telescope with three legs was shown directly pointing to the image "Evidence" by C.S..
    as usual researchers from the NASA are interviewed who only repeat what was said by one research about faster than light traveling in a special investigation more than 10 years ago, and what is written on our websites, specifically webpage of our Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift; suddenly not its spaceship is shown anymore, but the Space Shuttle how it flies through somekind of a stargate; stargate is explained as wormhole
    second approach is warp drive of "Star Trek"; a tafel is shown on which is written warp drive and Alcubierre drive; now Space Shuttle is shown within warp bubble (see also the case of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and Cable News Network in the Investigations::Avionics and Aerospace of the 7th of March 2011)
    "rasant==swift" in conjunction with spaceship and lightspeed; proof that indeed our TIE R/LightSwift is meant, and report was made by exactly following our webpage content (see also the cases of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland→Westdeutsche Rundfunk Köln in the Investigations of the 10th of May 2011 and of the 20th of July 2011) .

    Ontonics Website update 8:10 CET
    We added to our Innovation-Pipeline our new project called:

  • Mobile 4D Display.

    Ontonics Website update 19:25 CET
    In the section Light/Optical/Photonic Computing of our Innovation-Pipeline we added our new project called:

  • Mobile Photonic Computing.

    Style of Speed Website update 19:25 CET
    We added additional engine options for our model GTron Ultra, which are a V12 engine based on three Desmosedici RR engines, a V6 engine based on three 1199 engines, and the well known V8 engine based on two Hayabusa engines, besides the Engine on Demand™ option.

    Moreover, we publicated the new webpage of our GTron coupé of the GTron series.

    Comment of the Day
    "Mit der Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens.", [Friedrich Schiller, Die Jungfrau von Orléans, III, 6, 1801]
    "Against stupidity the gods themselves struggle in vain.", [Friedrich Schiller, The Maid of Orléans, III, 6, 1801]

    Style of Speed Website update
    We updated the description of our spaceship design TIE R/LightSwift by adding to the section Engine Construction and Workings the information that our ion engine is in strict conformity with the set theory, boolean algebra, and group theory, and also with the Kerr–Newman metric that generalizes the Schwarzschild, Kerr, and Reissner–Nordström metrics, and the Minkowski space. In the same paragraph we also gave some additional little details about the self-created spacetime by mentioning the concepts of the wormhole and wormhole-like field, but also for clarifying that it is a combination of all the mentioned approaches so that their advantages are used while their disadvantages are refused.

    Comment of the Day
    "I love it when a plan comes together.", [Hannibal, The A-team member, Everytime]
    "Ich liebe es, wenn ein Plan funktioniert.", [Hannibal, Das A-Team-Mitglied, Jederzeit]

    Originals and Pictures of the Day
    Infinite regress(ion) or When the observer becomes the observed

    Diego Velázquez Las Meninas 1656Escape from the Planet of the Apes; Dr. Otto Hasslein's Painting of a LandscapeC.S. Evidence, Puff Pæng Kaboom
    © 20th Century Fox and King Smiley

    In the case of the movie "Escape from the Planet of the Apes" see also for the relative state formulation/theory by Hugh Everett III that was renamed and popularized by Bryce Seligman DeWitt under the modern name Many-Worlds Interpretation (MWI) of quantum mechanics. In the case of the picture "Evidence" look further and think about the statements, because the included infinite regress and MWI are only by-products.

    Investigations::Culture Preview
    Due to latest insights and gained proofs we will made notes about Moses Pelham, Sabrina Setlur, and Xavier Naidoo (see already the music videos of the songs "Seine Strassen" and "Du liebst mich nicht"), Gabriele Susanne Kerner alias Nena, and Udo Gerhard Lindenberg on our nonsense-busting webpage of Culture.

    Joke of the Year
    "We claim for fair use.", [Google, Last weeks]

    Investigations::Car #355

  • University Bremen, Cambio Mobilitätsservice Gesellschaft, Hella Fahrzeugkomponenten, Berger Elektronik, and others: In a research project of the university in Bremen, B.R.D., conducted in collaborat- ion with suppliers of the automotive industry a new electronic damage identification system for vehicles should be developed, as it is claimed but not truly meant. The system should analyze signals of mechanical vibration and in this way be able to recognize damages. With the aid of a sensor network the electronic system makes it possible to detect, to classify, and to spatially assign minor damages like dents in a land vehicle. "These novel intelligent sensor nodes 'listen' permanently; in addition they offer further pioneering possible uses for e.g. optimizing the protection of pedestrians or the vehicle occupants", explains the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company Hella Fahrzeugkomponenten==Vehicle components. The recorded sensor data are transfered automatically by an on-bord computer to the vehicle management system of the carsharing company for achieving a simplified and quick claim settlement. The electronic system should have a modular design and so be versatilely useable for other applications as well. In this way, possible product variants can simply find its way into the production of vehicles on a later market launch, or enable their uncomplicated retrofitting. Furthermore, "With this [system] our business processes can be optimized and the customer satisfaction be improved in a sustainable way.", explains the CEO of the cambio Mobilitätsservice Gesellschaft==mobility service incorporation.
    What we can see here is the following: The university as well as its sponsors, and research and development partners are stealing our modular system of our Active Components powered by our Hightech Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux with our solution Autosemantic™::Car by coping illegally our solution that uses an acoustic sensor as basic element of a sensor network, as we described it on the webpages of our Active Sensor, Active Camera, specifically in the paragraph Functionalities by the text "acoustical waves based principals like ultrasonic waves which are used by bats or dolphins for scanning the environment", and Active Exterior "modular system of different solutions to give surface vehicles desired [...] functionalities", and by connecting the sensor network to a vehicle management system and to a business process management system in relation to customer service quality management, that we also mentioned in the summary and the end of the description of our Active Components "(HOS) developed [...] for all management [...] tasks", and on the webpage Overview of our HOS OntoLinux. We call their acting documented above at least a clear copyright infringement, because the language English belongs to the technical language in the field of informatics, computer sciences, engineering, and related fields. But the whole case is much more scandalous, in fact.

    We would like to point out to all participating entities as well as all reporting media that without naming our corporation a willful deception of the public is present, because the presented application is doubtlessly reproducing the functionalities of our Active Components and our Hightech Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux.
    Wir möchten alle teilnehmenden Entitäten sowie allen berichtenden Medien darauf hinweisen, dass ohne eine Nennung unseres Unternehmens eine arglistige Täuschung der Öffentlichkeit vorliegt, da die hier vorgestellt Anwendung zweifelsohne die Funktionalitäten unserer aktiven Komponenten und unserem Hochtechnologischen BetriebsSystem (HBS) OntoLinux abbilden. Keiner der angesprochenen rechtlichen Personen wird Dritten glaubhaft machen können, dass man nicht den Inhalt unserer Web-Auftritte verstanden und genutzt hat.

    Hier wird auf Kosten der Steuerzahler bereits in den letzten 10 Jahren geleistete Forschung zum größten Teil ein drittes oder sogar viertes Mal finanziert und an anderen Stellen fehlt natürlich dann das Geld, insbesondere bei der Infrastruktur und den sozialen Einrichtungen.

    Wir fordern ein weiteres Mal die Ministerin für Bildung und Forschung sowie alle anderen PolitikerInnen, denen die Sachverhalte bekannt sein müssen (wir haben Fakten und ein logisches Netzwerk mit diesen Fakten initiiert, die beweisen, dass es praktisch sämtliche Mitglieder aller Parteiführungen auf Bundes- und Landesebenen betroffen sind), insbesondere die Bundeskanzlerin, sofort ihre Ämter niederzulegen, da es in keinster Weise politische Argumente für dieses assoziale, verfassungs- und demokratiefeindliche sowie zum größten Teil auch schwerkriminelle Verhalten gibt.

    Comment of the Day
    "The virtual war has become a real war.", [C.S., Yesterday]

    Question of the Day
    "Where can we exchange euro in drachma?", [C.S., Today]
    We do need a save harbour for our assets.

    Question of the Day
    "What sex had Eve?", [C.S., Today]
    As far as we do know Eve was made out of a rip of Adam, so Eve could be as well called Steve, or Adam as Ada. And in these modern times the question of the sex becomes more and more unimportant. This is called evolution.

    Picture of the Day
    Hydro Rocket Buddy Jesus Ascend

    Hydro Rocket Buddy Jesus Ascend
    © Something Awful

    See also the Picture of the Day of the 5th of November 2010 and of the 2nd of June 2011. And the movie with Buddy Christ/Jesus is call- ed Dogma (1999).

    Comment of the Day #1
    Self-driving sports car™
    Self-driving supercar™
    Hybrid Torque Vectoring™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Slavery was never defeated.", [C.S., Sometimes]

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We would like to show the first speculative rendering of our model iCoupé with a design that follows as well the original design of our model Apollo Speed-E (SE)/Elettoro, like our iSpyder mentioned in the Style of Speed Further steps of the 7th of April 2012, and with a similar performance but only half of the price in comparison to e.g. a McLaren MP4-12C.

    Style of Speed iCoupéStyle of Speed iCoupé
    © :( and Style of Speed

    Besides this, we are glad to inform our fans that our British design and development provider is developing a further model for us. "So much progress leaves us wondering how much further this seminal supercar will be developed.", [An automotive website, 8th of May 2012]. At least, we can give a short outlook what we have created in our OntoLab™,The Lab of Visions™ together with Ontonics™, Style of Speed™, and Roboticle™:

  • One of the world's first Self-driving Sports Car™ (SSC),
  • one of the world's first Self-driving Sports Car™ (SSC) controlled by our Style of Speed™ Autobot™ powered by our Hightech Operat- ing System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™,
  • the world's first Self-driving Sports Car™ (SSC) with the Google license of the state Nevada, U.S.A., if not rejected,
  • the world's first Self-driving Sports Car™ (SSC) with the Google license of the state Nevada, U.S.A., if not rejected, controlled by our Style of Speed™ Autobot™ powered by our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™,
  • one of the world's first Self-driving Sports Car™ (SSC) with an Pure Electric™ drivetrain,
  • one of the world's first Self-driving Sports Car™ (SSC) with an Electric Torque Vectoring™ Active Differential™, and also
  • one of the world's first Self-driving Sports Car™ (SSC) with a Hybrid Torque Vectoring™ drivetrain (see the Style of Speed Further steps of the 20th of March 2012 and once again of the 7th of April 2012),
    besides the other worldwide first SSCs by us. ©
    We do not call us without reasons, that are based on facts and not in relation with a hybris, the Hightech Competence™ and the true #1™.

    Investigations::Car #356

  • McLaren: Once again, that only stealing and highly criminal com- pany has stolen the design of our models that are based on the model Gallardo by the marque Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini. In detail, after it has stolen the design of our Apollo Speed-E (SE)/ Elettoro, besides many other items (see its cases in the Investigat- ions::Car #243 of the 4th of April 2010, #303 of the 19th of Dec- ember 2010, #323 of the 31st of May 2011, and #347 of the 16th of March 2012) it has stolen this time our design update for the year 2012 of our model and of our version Gallardo III done last year to- gether with design elements of the front of the upcoming model bas- ed on the design study by Samir Sadikhov (presented in the Style of Speed Further steps of the 5th of April 2012), and of the wheels of the models Veyron by Volkswagen→Bugatti and Aventador by Lamb- orghini. Our claim is proved by the fact that the company coined its new model version HS, that stands for High Speed, for copying as well the acting by Gumpert and our reacting which led to our name Apollo Speed-E (SE) (see also the Style of Speed Further steps of the 3rd of April 2012). Said this, we have here a further proof that that company is very well knowing and for sure also illegally using the contents of our websites, and making plagiats of our services and products.
  • Supercars.net: The website is infringing more and more our copy- right, and also manipulating the public by presenting wrong facts for damaging our company and our business division Style of Speed in a deliberated way. Today for example this could be seen with a report of an exhibition already done by a museum in the year 2005 (see the case of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston below). Guess why we have removed the last image from our Style of Speed website yesterday?

  • Museum of Fine Arts Boston: With its exhibition called "Speed, Style, and Beauty" the museum has already clearly attested in the year 2005 the outstanding and uncomparable qualities and worldwide influences in the fields of automobiles, arts, and culture by C.S. and our business unit Style of Speed. Now, we have taken up further in- vestigations to clarify how far our copyright was infringed by the museum and if further illegal actings have been conducted. In this conjunction, we would like to clarify that Style of Speed has been founded officially in the year 2001.

    *** Fine Tuning mode ***
    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • Buildtheenterprise.org: It seems to be the next typical fraudster has found our websites and copied our contents, concepts, and technologies. In this case they are related with our airships, which have become spaceships in the year 2006 as well, and our spaceship concepts X-3³/Drake, XR-3/Lucky Dragon, and most notably TIE R/LightSwift.

    We do document the analysation of the defrauding webpage by quoting and making links to our original webpages: "The [...] website describes how to build the first USS Enterprise spaceship, based on technologies within our reach, over the next twenty years. [Compare this statement with the webpage of our TIE R/LightSwift, and see also the Clarification about the concepts of our TIE R/LightSwift given on the 3rd of May 2012]", "[...] Apollo moon landing in 1969 [...] [see the Pictures of the Day of the 20th of January 2009 and the 20. & 21.July.2009, images ... presented by us on the ... and ...]", "[...] space shuttle [...] [see the Original of the 10th of February 2008, and the Originals and Images of the Day presented by us on the 8th of July 2011, and the webpages of our Space Launch System (SLS) and Space Transportation System (STS) with Single-Stage-To-Orbit (SSTO) Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) XSS-3/BigStar, the eXtended Space Shuttle Mark 3, and our Space Transportation System (STS) with Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) of the Next Generation (NG) X-3033/MagicStar]", "[...] space-truck [...] [the webpage of our Spacecrafter/Space Dragon]", "[...] inspiration [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] Skylab [...] [see the image "Stamp Industrie und Technik Weltraumlabor Spacelab im Space Shuttle 40 Pfennig 1975" presented as an Original on the 29th of February 2008]", "[...] International Space Station or ISS [...] [see the Picture of the Day #1 of the 1st of June 2008.]", "[...] 21st century [...]", "[...] bolder vision [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] inspired by our science fiction [...] [This idea is now so old that we even are mentioning it no more, because this has already become ridiculous.]", "Visions of Enterprise [copyright infringement]", "We have the technological reach to build the first generation of the spaceship known as the USS Enterprise [...] [Not surprisingly, he claimed that the proposed spaceship could be developed in these days by using technology, which is actually or in the near future available, on the 7th of May the first time, which many weeks after our Clarification of the 5th of November 2011, four days after we publicated the Clarification about the concepts of our TIE R/LightSwift on the 3rd of May 2012, and one day after the Style of Speed Website update of the 6th of May 2012.]", "[...] same look as the USS Enterprise [...] [see the webpage of our airships, which have become spaceships in the year 2006 as well, and our spaceship concept TIE R/LightSwift, as well as the Original vs. Inspiration of the 7th of February 2008]", "[...] warp speed [...]", "[...] the ship can easily get to key points of interest in our solar system [...] [We called it service cieling on the webpages of our spaceship concepts X-3³/Drake and XR-3/Lucky Dragon.]", "[...] three things in one [...] [Here we have the first issue of his jump on the bandwagon of the 3 Theme by C.S., which is not only based on the use of the 3 in the Star Trek saga, for sure.]", "[...] permanent infrastructure in space, on the moon, and on Mars [...] [What should we say? See the images ..., for example.]", "[...] get to Mars in ninety days; it could get to earth’s moon in three [...] [The travel times to the Moon and the Mars were simply copied from an old version of the webpage of our X-3³/Drake. We have given new travel times on the ]", "[...] dropping off robotic probes [...] [Like other contents, specifically contents that is related with the design and the propulsion, this was taken as well from our News - Lunar X PRIZE of the 24.February.2008.] "[...] establishment of permanent outposts beyond earth [...] comfortable underground bases on Mars and the moon where inhabitants would be fully shielded from cosmic rays [...] hauling mined materials from asteroids, Mars, and the moon [...] process some mined materials to create its own propellant [See the Pictures of the Day of the 15th of June 2008, and the graphic shown with the Ontonics Further steps of the 8th of November 2011. The latter also shows that the application of an orbital construction facility is not new as well]", "[...] the crew aboard the Enterprise will be fully shielded from galactic cosmic rays [...] [see the description of our spaceship design TIE R/LightSwift]", "[...] main ion propulsion engine will be powered by a 1.5GW nuclear reactor [...] [see the description of our spaceship design TIE R/LightSwift]", "[...] .3 mile diameter rotating, magnetically-suspended gravity wheel inside the saucer-shaped main hull [...] This large gravity wheel will give ample living space for the crew and visitors. And the ship’s spaceport doors can open to launch Universal Landers [...] [Here we have the next issue related with the 3 Theme, while the concept of the rotating gravity section inside of the saucer was clearly stolen from the webpage of our XR-3/Lucky Dragon. The gravity wheel with the living space and the spaceports can also be seen with image shown with the point "2040: 4th Generation RLV" on the image "Generations of Reusable Launch Vehicles" shown with Sneak Preview #4a of the 30th of August 2008.]", "[...] inspire us [...] [compare with our slogan "Inspired by Us™".]", "A new Enterprise-class ship can be built every 33 years – once per generation – giving three new ships per century. Each will be more advanced than the prior one. [Besides that we have here the third time an issue with the 3 Theme, this statement also reflects the development described on the webpage of our X-3³/Drake, obviously.]", "[...] a 4th or 5th or 6th generation ship will have the engines that will be able to maintain a constant 1g acceleration for the four years needed to travel to Alpha Centuri [...] [Guess how the development of the engines our X-3³/Drake led to the ion engines of our TIE R/LightSwift?]", "A future Enterprise can visit those places. [see the webpage of our spaceship design TIE R/LightSwift]", "[...] cultural icon [...] [speech act stealing]", "We need a far grander vision [...] [Yes, indeed. But we do not need the vision of that fraudster, for sure, if we already have the visions by C.S. and Style of Speed, besides some other honest persons.]", "All of my reasoning is contained on the [web]site. [No, this is wrong, as we prove it here doubtlessly. What a liar.]", "[...] tried to show feasibility by scaling up technologies that have already had quite a bit of research done on them [...] [Guess what we are doing since so many years in the OntoLab, The Lab of Visions, and at Ontonics and Style of Speed?]", "[...] the ship is inspired by the Star Trek Enterprise, but it's not the same [...] It's different because the technologies we have to work with in the first half of the 21st century are much different than the technologies that will exist in the 23rd century when Star Trek is set. [...] [Surprisingly (not really), this is inspired by the news and pictures published on our website OntomaX, and the webpage of our TIE R/LightSwift, but it's not the same. The latter one does not matter in relation to this next evidence of the copyright infringement. Moreover, that fraudster has not understood that we are even ahead of the Star Trek technology with some technical solutions related with our TIE R/LightSwift. As we said so many times now, such persons even do not understand anymore what they have stolen.]", "[...] thirty years [...] [Oh, we have here a 30.]", "Images [Even the structuring of the description was copied.]", "Only four basic rules apply for creating concept image designs of the exterior of the USS Enterprise. The ship design requires (1) a saucer-shaped main hull [...], (2) three long cylindrical-like sections arranged in a triangle with the larger of these three on the bottom, (3) the upper two cylindrical-like sections are connected to the main cylindrical-like section with one connecting bar each, and (4) the saucer-shaped main hull and main cylindrical-like section are connected with one connecting bar. [This is a very nice description of our artistical design work related with our airships done in the year 2003 and our Style of Speed 3 Stage concept (see the News - Lunar X PRIZE of the 24th of February 2008.]", "[...] three times [...] [Could it be that we have here a 3 once again without any special reason?]", "[...] triple redundancy [...] [Somehow this sounds very familiar.]", "Ion Thrusters (Electric propulsion) perhaps Vasimir-like [This leads directly to our pioneering Multimode Plasma™ Engines (MPEs) of our spaceship design X-3³/Drake, which in fact are the result of a further development of ion engines that includes some conceptually aspects that have been taken for the development of the VASIMIR engine as well, but our MPEs deliver superior performance. So guess why we gave no technical details? What a pity for our fraudster that he has to fish in muddy waters.]", "Hydrogen Fuel Cell [Surprise, surprise (not really), we have here hydrogen based fuel cells. Compare this with our Hydrogen Oxide Fuel Cell™ and our other fuel cells, for example.]", "[...] Mix of Composites and Metals [...] [copyright infringement]", "[...] Triple walls [...] [Eventually, it could be that under some certain circumstances we have here something like the 3 Theme by C.S. again.]", "[...] SSTO [(Single-Stage-To-Orbit)] Universal Lander [...]", "[...] 3 [...] [Is this related with the 3 Theme by C.S.? For sure, the answer is 'Yes'!]", "[...] have to be faithful to the idea and spirit of the Enterprise as much as possible given our technological capabilities [...] [As we said in a comment to a quote about the same point before: We are even ahead of the Enterprise technology with some solutions.]", "[...] want the vision of this magnificent ship [...] [The spaceship has no vision, but we do have presented ours on the webpages of our spaceship designs.]", "[...] pursue technologies just within our technological reach [...] [see for example our Clarification of the 3rd of May 2012 once again]", "Ultra-sensitive [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] ion propulsion engine with very high specific impulse [...] [This insight is definitely not from him.]", "Radiators, heat pipes, liquid cooling, etc. forming the thermal management system for getting rid of the large quantities of waste heat from the engines and nuclear reactors [So here we have again contents of the webpage of our TIE R/LightSwift, like e.g. the dual drive plasma intercooler and the Regenerative Plasma Compressor™ and other webpages on the website of Style of Speed.]", "Active shielding against radiation from space [...] [Again an item stolen from the webpage of our TIE R/LightSwift.]", "[...] fun [...] inspire us [...]", "[...] rapid prototypes [...] [So, here we have a link to the section Rapid Prototyping Machine of the webpage Links to Hardware of the website of our Hightech Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux. At this point the whole case becomes even more suspicious.]", "Thirdly [...] triple [...] triple [...] three [...] three [...] three [...] three [...] three [...] triple [We think that the author is a triple ....]", "Conceptual Design", "Ship Development Philosophy [Now, we can all shout together: HyperGotcha!!!™ This is because the related website shows an image of the sculpture "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin which is used to represent philosophy.]", "[...] we want to latch on to the idea of the spaceship USS Enterprise from the Star Trek science fiction [...] [We took the model for better understanding of our ]", "Exterior Ship Esthetics [Here we are again at our artistical design works of our airships done in the year 2003 and spaceships.]", "[...] exterior look [...]", "[...] modern architectural design of buildings on earth: form follows function [...] [This quote gives us the next evidence, because it is about architecture and also reflects our slogan "Form is Function™".]", "[...] reflect the magnificent work of engineering [...] [copyright infringement]", "[...] the ship is a work of art [...] [From here on, the result is clear: Convicted!!!™]", "Well done architecture is something meant to inspire us. Thus, the [spaceship] will be more than a spaceship construction project. [Thank you very much for this statement, because this statement shows that even a hobbyist understands that the works of C.S. are absolutely outstanding in every sense, and in this way means that there is the next outstanding artist, scientist, and engineer not of these days, not of this century, and not of this millennium, but ....]", "[...] esthetics must be considered in the design of it. Artists will be included early on in the development process to contribute ideas toward the final look of the ship. The artists will be drawn from diverse artistic fields such as graphics design, industrial design, architectural design, and sculpture design. [We simply mention our websites of artistical design works of our airships and spaceships once again, and the comment to the quote before.]", "The ratio of the diameter of the saucer hull to the thickness at its perimeter. [Here, our concept of harmonic design is repeated.]", "The shape and amount of flare near the center of the saucer hull on the top and bottom. [...]", "The general shape and contours of the main engine hull and the two aux engine hulls. [This was stolen from the section Spaceship Construction of the webpage of our TIE R/LightSwift.]", "The general shape and contours of the main engine hull and the two aux engine hulls. The lengths and shapes of the connecting bars attached to the four ship hulls. The shape of the forward-facing covers on the main engine hull and the two aux engine hulls. The color and intensity of the lighting, if any, for the forward-facing covers on the main engine hull and the two aux engine hulls. The length of the main engine hull and two aux engine hulls relative to each other and to the saucer hull diameter. [We simply mention our websites of artistical design works of our airships and spaceships, and the comments to the quotes before a further time.]", "In building designs back on earth, modernism was rooted in the minimal and true use of materials as well as absence of ornament, while postmodernism rejects the strict rules set down by the early modernists and stylistic references are sought out. So in this sense, the Gen1 Enterprise will be a postmodern spaceship. [What an nasty individual the author truly is. The reader might take some time for looking once again at our airships and our spaceship TIE R/LightSwift.]", "Most if not all of the external lighting scattered over the exterior hulls of the ship is not really needed. And any noticeable front covers on the main engine hull and/or the aux engine hulls will likely serve no functional purpose either. And if these covers are lit up, this may be for no reason other than it looks right. But it’s okay to do these things [...] So in a symbolic sense, there is a need for these features. As mentioned earlier, seeking out stylistic references to structures that have come before is a characteristic of postmodern design. [What a nonsense, what a blah blah blah, what a huge incompetence. That fraudster is even so bold to discuss our spaceship design TIE R/LightSwift trying to play it down. He definitely is a full idiot only, because he can't imagine what is all behind our concept.]", "[...] and perhaps obvious reason to include an artistic angle in the Enterprise’s exterior design is found when considering the development of automobiles back on earth [...] [It seems to be that this nasty person even wants to prove that he has stolen our website contents.]", "[...] purely [...] [Now, we have also the Pure Theme by C.S..]", "[...] *** [...] [We all do know, when this sign is used on our websites.]", "[...] four hulls [...] [The related graphics of the four hulls and their triple walls point directly to the image of the different materials used for the Thermal Protection System (TPS) of the Sub-Orbital Test Vehicle (SubOTV) X-33 and the Single-Stage-To-Orbit Reusable Launch Vehicle with Rocket engine (SSTO RRLV) VentureStar shown for example on the webpage of our XSS-3/BigStar and as one of the Pictures of the Day X-33/VentureStar special of the 31st of January 2009.]", "[...] made of aluminum [...] [Oh my dear. We recommend titanium.]", "[...] lighter, stronger [...] [This is stolen from our slogan "Lighter Stronger Faster™".]", "[...] active shielding equipment [...] active shielding system [Do we hear here something about our Active Shield system and our magnetooptic gamma ray shield?]", "[...] four hulls [...] [copyright infringement]", "[...] 300 feet; Three [...] three [...] three [...] [Go away! Go away! Go away!]", "Gravityless recreation areas. This is for fun and sports. [Besides the link to our Style of Speed website it points also to the Pictures of the Day of the 14th of June 2008.]", "Inductive power transfer system to wirelessly provide electrical power [...] [Here we might have a link to our solutions Wireless Resonant Power Link and WREL/WRPL@Home.]", "Gravity Wheel [The integration of a spaceship and a gravity wheel for the crew modules and a habitat is a very old concept, and the other designs of wheel spaceships are much better in many aspects. Said this, throw away the shape of the Enterprise and this spaceship design.]", "[...] fine tune [...]", "[...] 30 seconds [...]", "To eliminate the wind noise and the extra power to the electromagnets, the donut-shaped cavity containing the wheel will have the air pumped out of it to create a near vacuum. [Oh, what is that? At first we thought this can't be true, and were highly confused. Why is the air pumped out to create a vacuum, if the spaceship is in outer space? We give a little hint: Throw away the saucer hull, and then throw away this spaceship design.]", "[...] elaborately developed [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] active shields to significantly improve the blocking of radiation [...] [This sounds very familiar.]", "[...] three engines will all be ion propulsion type engines [...] [Why three engines and not one, two, or more than three? The answer is simple: It is derived after the Style of Speed 3 Stage aerospacecraft concept shown in the News - Lunar X PRIZE of the 24.February.2008 and in the section Past of the webpage Hypersonic Engine by Style of Speed that has two rocket engines, an internal combustion air-breathing dual mode ram-/scramjet engine, and an external air-breathing combustion pulse detonation engine (read also the related comment to the quote about the impulse engines below).]", Also, an image of an ion propulsion engine is shown on the related webpage, as we did before as well with the Sneak preview #2 of our Multimode Plasma™ Engine (MPE) of our spaceship design X-3³/Drake and our ion engine of our TIE R/LightSwift on the 27th of January 2008]", "[...] electrical power is supplied by nuclear reactors [...] [We have to short questions: What kind of reactor? and When is the reactor ready?]", "[The propulsion engines are] Safer than chemical rockets since there are no ignited materials in the engines. The propellant gas used in the ion propulsion engines will be non-flammable and thus safer [...] [But there is now a nuclear reactor.]", "[...] impulse engines [...] Chemical rockets, using liquid propellant [At this point, we can see once again that the general concept was indeed derived from our Style of Speed 3 Stage aerospacecraft concept (see the News - Lunar X PRIZE of the 24th of February 2008 once again), because we have two chemical rockets as a replacement of the nacelles of the starship Enterprise, and a Pulsed Detonation Engine (PDE) that replaces the impulse engines of the saucer section, which in fact was derived by us from the so-called Flying Pumpkin Seed mentioned on the webpage of our Hypersonic Engine. That author simply imitated our acting by using some other engines found on our website, while eventually confusing as well the impulse drive of the original Enterprise of the Star Trek saga, chemical rocket engines, the VASIMIR engine, and the ion propulsion engine of his design.]", "Hydrogen may also well be the preferred propellant – and perhaps the fuel source too – of future generation Enterprises. Later Enterprises might use scoops or electromagnetic nets to capture hydrogen that is scattered thinly throughout interstellar space. [HyperGotcha!!!™ Here we have a direct link to the ion engine of our TIE R/LightSwift.]", "[...] VASIMR ion propulsion engine, one of the most advanced engines today, can already use Argon [...] [Bad luck for our not so clever author, that even the inventor of this engine said that Argon would not be the ideal propellant at all for longer missions.]", "Nuclear Reactors [Surprisingly (not really), an image on the webpage shows the inside of a tokomak or a stellarator nuclear fusion reactor.]", "[...] fits nicely [...] [Compare with "fits optimally" said on the webpage of our TIE R/LightSwift.]", "[...] get rid of excess heat [...] [Because the context is a nuclear reactor, this points now to our gamma ray heat exchanger, as mentioned as well on the webpage of our TIE R/LightSwift.]", "[...] shielding against radiation [...] [And again, this was also stolen from the webpage of our TIE R/LightSwift. So it is no surprise at all, that a graphic shows in fact the warp field. A further interesting point is why the related webpage has such a long text. We guess that our concept of an Active Radiation Shield system was a further very ingenious idea by us, which in fact has already led to further investigations related with a new project that has the goal to develop an active electrostatic radiation shielding started by the NASA in the March of 2011 that is based on our concept listed as cosmic radiation shield in the description of the webpage of our TIE R/LightSwift that was updated with the Style of Speed Website update of the 4th of December 2010.]", "[...] three mission scenarios [...]", "[...] 30% [...]", "[...] a robotic supply depot carrying propellant will be in orbit around Mars [...] [So what else?]", "[...] Universal Lander is a SSTO (Single Stage to Orbit) type spacecraft [...] X-33 SSTO spacecraft [Now not really surprising anymore, and as if we have only waited for, an image of the Sub-Orbital Test Vehicle (SubOTV) X-33 and the Single-Stage-To-Orbit Reusable Launch Vehicle with Rocket engine (SSTO RRLV) VentureStar is shown on the webpage, like we did with the Original vs. Inspiration of the 8th of February 2008 and the Pictures of the Day X-33/VentureStar special of the 31st of January 2009, and on the webpage of our XSS-3/BigStar.]", "When on earth, the Universal Lander works like an airplane. [So now we are at our Hypersonic AirLiner (HAL) HAL-1/HyperStar, and our SLS and STS with SSTO RLV XSS-3/BigStar]", "[...] three different ways [...]", "[...] Universal Lander is therefore a SSTO, a HTOL [(Horizontal Take-Off and Landing)], and a VTOL [(Vertical Take-Off and Landing)] [...] [Obviously, this is a further evidence that our webpages have been simply copied.]", "[...] 30 miles [...]", "Designing the Universal Lander to withstand 1000deg F is likely too difficult of a goal for the first generation of the Universal Lander. [So, at this point we have again a proof that the author even does not know the most common facts in this field, and that he made a giant mistake while writing off, because the images of the different materials and the metallic tile used for the Thermal Protection System (TPS) of the SubOTV X-33 and the SSTO RRLV VentureStar shown on the webpage of our XSS-3/BigStar talk a different language, which means in numbers > 2000°F, besides the fact that we already have the Space Transportation System (STS) Space Shuttle with such a capability.]", "[...] must have a very high mass ratio [...] needs to be between about 10 to 25 [...] [And here we are talking about the graphic that we have shown as the Picture of the Day SSTO Propulsion Efficiency Special on the 25th of June 2011.]", and "[...] this may still be a long way from warp drives powered by anti-matter [...] [By this statement a further attempt was made to downplay our concepts behind our spaceship TIE R/LightSwift. But this attempt backfired heavily, because once again the author proves his incompetence himself, and also made a contradiction to his whole babbling, because this Matter-Antimatter Reactor Assembly (M/ARA) is what has to be researched and developed in the next 20 years as well, as we do it with our related projects since years. Said this, we are already ahead of all this let's build the Enterprise story.]".
    We also can see that the Enterprise element of our "Style of Speed Enterprise Logo 2004" was copied that we have shown as an Original vs. Inspiration on the 8th of February 2008. The concept contains many faults and nonsense, but we will not explain them with two exceptions: Alone the construction of the proposed gravity wheel is an enormous task and will cost much more than it is claimed, besides the fact that the development of the SSTO Universal Lander is a task not successfully done until today. And the result of our investigation was already given: Convicted!!!™
    Btw.: Eventually, this was done as well as part of the next criminal marketing hoax by a large company, or even by a political party in the B.R.D., which is acting against us since many years now, or some of the party's members maybe from Moers and Düsseldorf for taking the attention away from our company. It could also be an action by the media, see for example the cases of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland→Westdeutsche Rundfunk Köln in the Investigations of the 10th of May 2011 and of the 20th of July 2011 that fit perfectly to this case, or a governmental action, for example by the U.S.A. together with the B.R.D., or only one of them once again, for finding out and spying out our reactions and additional informations related with our TIE R/LightSwift for stealing them.
    Sadly to say, but once again a website was taken from the internet directly after we started our investigations, which proves for us that this criminal acting was indeed done by a large entity that has the resources to observe all of our actings all the time. In this case we could not visit the following webpages: 100 Year Roadmap, A Spaceport, 1GW Laser, Sensors, Hole-Patching System, Infrastructure, Mars & Moon Bases, Funding & Politics, Schedule, Backup Plane, Random Notes, Bio, and Contact. But from all the other webpages we have copies, if someone is interested in.

    We demand the wordwide media not to report about the fraudster who calls himself BTE Dan, or/and the defrauding group behind the website buildtheenterprise.org, because our copyrighted website contents have been stolen, especially the webpage contents that are related with our airships, which have become spaceship concepts in the year 2006 as well, our Style of Speed 3 Stage aerospacecraft concept, and our further spaceship contents X-3³/Drake, XR-3/Lucky Dragon, and most notably TIE R/LightSwift.
    Wir fordern die weltweiten Medien auf nicht über den Betrüger, der sich selbst BTE Dan nennt, oder/und der Gruppe, der/die hinter dem Web-Auftritt buildtheenterprise.org steckt, zu bereichten, da unsere urheberrechtlich geschützten Web-Inhalte gestohlen wurden, insbesondere die Web-Seiteninhalte unserer Luftschiffe, die im Jahr 2006 auch Raumschiffkonzepte wurden, unserem Style of Speed 3-Stufen Luft- und Raumfahrtkonzept und unsere weiteren Raumschiffkonzepte X-3³/Drake, XR-3/Lucky Dragon und ganz besonders TIE R/LightSwift.

  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Genau wissend, dass ein Betrüger oder eine Gruppe von BetrügerInnen unseren Web-Auftritt von Style of Speed kopiert hat/haben, wurde schon wieder über den Betrüger/die betrügende Gruppe anstatt über das Original berichtet, nämlich unserer Geschäftseinheit Style of Speed und unseren Luftschiffen, die im Jahr 2006 auch Raumschiffkonzepte wurden, unserem Style of Speed 3-Stufen Luft- und Raumfahrtkonzept und unseren weiteren Raumschiffkonzepten X-3³/Drake, das auch bekannt ist als Dragon X, XR-3/Lucky Dragon, und TIE R/LightSwift (siehe auch den Fall der Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland→Westdeutsche Rundfunk Köln in den Investigationen vom 10. May 2011 und vom 20. Juli 2011).
  • Golem.de: Selbstverständlich berichtet wieder einmal auch dieses Web-Portal trotz besserem Wissen, dass es sich um einen Betrüger oder eine Gruppe von BetrügerInnen handeln muss, der/die mehr als offensichtlich unsere Web-Inhalte, die im Zusammenhang mit unseren Luftschiffen, die im Jahr 2006 auch Raumschiffkonzepte wurden, unserem Style of Speed 3-Stufen Luft- und Raumfahrtkonzept und unseren weiteren Raumschiffkonzepten X-3³/Drake, XR-3/Lucky Dragon, and TIE R/LightSwift stehen, illegalerweise kopiert hat/haben.

    Ontonics Website update
    We have added to the description of our concept of the Digital Light /Optical/Photonic Computing the remarks made in relation to the sulfur lamp in the Ontonics Further steps of the 23rd of April 2012.

    We also have added the following sentence to the description of our ST-RAM: Also, the capacitor could be an element that is a part of the integrated circuit of a RAM chip.


  • Tokyo Institute of Technology: Researchers in Japan have used resonant-tunneling diodes for the wireless data transmission in the terahertz band so that a huge bandwidth for data transmission is available, even for smaller devices (see the Ontonics and OntoLab Further steps of the 29th of April 2012 as well). In this conjunction it should be no surprise for our readers that the Japanese scientists speak about the range between 300GHz to about 3THz, which is also a clear pointer to the 3 Theme by C.S., and announced to extend the range deeper into the terahertz regime, as well as increasing its power output, because this was already described by us with our Wireless Supercomputer (WiSer) on the 23rd of March 2012 with the sentences "Install a wireless (local area) communication/network system [(Wi-Fi is any Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) product based on the IEEE 802.11 standards)] and a wireless power link sy- stem", the latter linking to the description of our Wireless Resonant Eenrgy Link (WREL)/Wireless Resonant Power Link (WRPL)@Home, "The clock frequency can be raised up to 100 GHz, THz (1,000 GHz), PHz (1,000,000 GHz) or eventually higher." and "In the fourth stage the wireless (local area) communication/network system and a wire- less power link system will be integrated to one system.", and with the very precisely formulated explanation of our Digital Light/Optical/Photonic Computing that says in two sentences "Moreover, optoel- ectronic components, inclusive Charge-Coupled Devices (CCD), like for example CCD image sensors, are used as interface to the elec- tronic computing. The internal clock frequency of a Central Light-Processor Unit (CLPU) and a point-to-point interconnection between system components is in the range of GHZ (10^9; microwaves) over THz (10^12; infrared light) to PHz (10^15; visible light), and the system components interconnection width lies in the range of Mbit to Gbit, so that new dimensions will be opened.". As a British broad- caster understood it directly in a correct way, the (optoelectronic) components are "used principally for imaging in research contexts" (see the case of the British Broadcasting Corporation below, and also the Ontonics Further steps of the 23rd of April 2012, as well as once again the Ontonics and OntoLab Further steps of the 29th of April 2012). Said this, our Wireless Supercomputer (WiSer) is indeed not ridiculous, but now proved as ingenious.
  • British Broadcasting Corporation: That serious criminal broadcaster reported about a Japanese research institute that used Resonant-Tunneling Diodes (RTDs) for the wireless data transmission (see also the case of the Tokyo Institute of Technology above), but for sure did not mention our works. The latter was again a deliberately done acting, because it said in the related report that "[the terahertz range] is used principally for imaging in research contexts", but also that "Until recently, the technology required both to generate and detect these "T-rays" has been too bulky, costly or power-hungry to offer a plausible alternative to existing devices tucked within smart- phones or wi-fi routers [(Wi-Fi is any Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) product based on the IEEE 802.11 standards)]", the (optoel- ectronic) components are "used principally for imaging in research contexts", and that the Japanese scientists announced to "extend the range deeper into the terahertz regime, as well as increasing its power output", which all points directly to our Mobile Light/Optical/Photonic Computing, our Wireless Supercomputer (WiSer), and our Digital Light/Optical/ Photonic Computing, as well as the Ontonics Further steps of the 23rd of April 2012, and the Ontonics and Onto- Lab Further steps of the 29th of April 2012.

    Wir fordern ein weiteres Mal die Ministerin für Bildung und Forschung sowie alle anderen PolitikerInnen, denen die Sachverhalte bekannt sein müssen (wir haben Fakten und ein logisches Netzwerk mit diesen Fakten initiiert, die beweisen, dass es praktisch sämtliche Mitglieder aller Parteiführungen auf Bundes- und Landesebenen betroffen sind), insbesondere die Bundeskanzlerin, sofort ihre Ämter niederzulegen, da es in keinster Weise politische Argumente für dieses assoziale, verfassungs- und demokratiefeindliche sowie zum größten Teil auch schwerkriminelle Verhalten gibt.

    Comment of the Day
    "Wenn Obama den Friedensnobelpreis bekommen hat, [dann] kann auch Schäuble den Karlspreis kriegen.", [Blogger Maximilian, Heute]

    Ontonics Website update
    Following the Investigations of yesterday, we mentioned in the de- scription of our concept of the Digital Light/Optical/Photonic Comp- uting the resonant-tunneling diodes, inclusive the resonant-tunneling (diode) laser diode and the resonant-tunneling (diode) photo diode.


  • Intel: As we found out by a discussion started three days ago on the mailing lists of the Linux® kernel and File System (FS) develop- ers, the company has already started to play with a similar solution like our ST-RAM or even with it, is talking generally about it using the term Non-Volatile Memory (NVM), and describing it by one of its Linux® developers as "Let's assume what we have is DRAM with a giant battery on it". Besides this, the company's developer wrote also that "No statement of mine should be taken as an indication of any future Intel product plans". The true reason for the discussion is to find out the use cases of such a computer component, that we have not described in more detail in the description of our ST-RAM. Furthermore, the company wants to implement a special FS coined NVMFS for this form of computer data storage, but we said in our e-mail about its usage that it is a Random Access Memory (RAM) module with the property of persist- ency in the first place, and some kind of a flash memory in the sec- ond place, which means that working with it is more complex due to the many possibilities given by the high flexibility of such a computer data storage. For the second use case as a flash memory even a simple RAM disk/drive could be used together with some further technologies that are already existing. The NVMFS could also be seen as a direct pointer to our OntoFS of our Hightech Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux.
    Btw.: Somehow, we had the impression that some discussants only wanted to provocate us, so that in the end a situation would have been created that looks like to the observers, as if we have started a flame war.

    We demand the wordwide media not to report about any entity that presents some kind of an integration of a Random Access Memory (RAM) with a capacitor until it is truly proven that the other entity was first, at least, because in this way our copyright related with our ST-RAM would be infringed.
    Wir fordern die weltweiten Medien auf über keine Entität zu berich- ten, die irgendeine Art von Integration von einem Direktzugriffsspei- cher/Random-Access-Memory (RAM) mit einem Kondensator präsen- tiert, wenigstens bis bewiesen wurde, das eine andere Entität die erste war, da hierdurch unser Urheberrecht im Zusammenhang mit unserem ST-RAM verletzt wird.

    Comment of the Day
    "Internet bubble 2.0", [C.S., 9th of April 2012]
    This was also the Comment of the Day #3 of the 10th of April 2012.

    Ontonics Further steps 4:10 CET
    We are thinking about the question, if it makes sense to add the new project called:

  • Hybrid Hibernation (HyHi),

    to the Innovation-Pipeline.
    Hybrid Hibernation (HyHi) is a functionality that does not copy the contents of a RAM to a non-volatile computer data storage, as it is the case with hibernation and the other combination of the sleep mode and hibernation called hybrid sleep. Eventually, it would be enough to simply use a power management protocol of the operating system, like the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) for creating e.g. some kind of a G1 S3.5 state. The development is related with the former consideration, if we should take a battery, e.g. based on lithium, or a capacitor for our ST-RAM. On the side of the hardware the concept itself is based either on our ST-RAM, or a re-engineered standard (switched-mode) Power Supply Unit (PSU) of a computer system by extending it with an energy storage, like e.g. a battery or a capacitor, and a built-in switching control unit, as it is done with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), that would also give the option to omit the capacitor used with for the ST-RAM. Furthermore, in the case of such a UPS like feature of a PSU it has a connection between the PSU and either an adapter of a computer data storage, or directly a RAM microchip or another computer data storage, like e.g. an expansion card with memory chip put into a slot on a motherboard, so that a memory chip is permanently supported with electric power while a computer system is switched off, or even the PSU is off-line. On the side of an operating system the software functions of the sleep mode, the hibernation, or the hybrid sleep can simply be used appropriately.

    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Obwohl mittlerweile neben sämtli- chen wirklichen Experten auch einer größeren Anzahl von Personen bekannt ist, dass die Namesgebung einer rückschrittlichen Raum- (fahrt)kapsel eines privaten U.S.Amerikanischen Unternehmens, dass nur durch massiver finanzieller als auch technologischer Unterstüt- zung durch die National Aeronautics and Space Administration (kurz NASA) der U.S.A. überhaupt existiert, wie man es zum Beispiel mit den Raketenantrieben, von dem wir übrigens einen auch zur Verfü- gung haben (siehe das entsprechende Bild des MC-1/Fastrac 60K Raketenmotors auf der Web-Seite unseres kleinen Raumschiffs und Space-Taxi X-3*/LittleStar von Style of Speed), als auch der Raum- kapsel besten sehen kann und deswegen schon vor fast 2 Jahren als ein reiner staatlicher Marketingschwindel der Obama-Administration entlarvt wurde, auf einer Urheberrechtsverletzung unserem Maskött- chen "(Lucky) Dragon", der Handelsmarke "Dragon" und der logischer- weise entsprechenden Marketingstory von Style of Speed basiert, wird von der ARD in einem Bericht explizit "Dragon" geschrieben und das natürlich extra auffälligerweise dann auch noch wieder 3 Mal um nicht nur das Mobbing perfekt zu machen, sondern auch hier die Urheberrechtsverletzung.
    Wir fordern hiermit die Redaktion der ARD, insbesondere der Sendung Tagesschau auf, sofort an den Anfang sämtlicher Berichte über das U.S.Amerikanische Unternehmen Space Exploration Technologies in denen der Name "Dragon" genannt wirdd eine entsprechende, die Öffentlichkeit aufklärende und korrekt informierende Gegendarstellung zu setzen.
    Die gleiche Aufforderung gilt auch für alle anderen Entitäten im Be- reich der Medien.

    *** Fine Tuning™ mode ***
    Investigations::Car #357

  • Riversimple: We do know the company since quite some times now, but until today we have not found the time and the mood to investigate it, which in fact was not the best idea in this case. Its founder is the responsible person behind the subsidiary OSCar Automotive and its projects called OSCar (Open Source Car) and LifeCar, which were always suspicious for us. The successor car of the OScar is its actual model and is financed by Sebastian Piëch and partly by the Piëch family. OSCar Automotive created the so-called LIFECar consortium together with Morgan Motor, BOC, and Qinetiq, as well as the universities Cranfield University and the University of Oxford, and further entities it also developed the concept car LifeCar, about which we thought at first that it was a camouflaged project by the manufacturer Bayerische Motorenwerke due its engine in the models of Morgan and the fuel cell tank (see the Investigations::Car #12 of the 7th of March 2008, but also the very interesting case of the Cranfield University below). As we found out now, this was not the case, but the facts are even more interesting: Sebastian Piëch, grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, chairman of Riversimple, and also executive director of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, as well as Chris Reitz, relative of Wolfgang Porsche, joined the marque Volkswagen→Audi in Ingolstadt from 1996 to 1998, then at Nissan in 1999, and later joined Fiat, belong to the team of the company, which points directly to Ferdinand Piëch and some managers of the company Volkswagen, which makes clear who gave them the information in the end of 2007 not to take the announced 4 electric wheel/hub motors, but instead our configuration with the electric motors taken out of the wheels for reducing the unsprung mass, as we mentioned as well by saying "that we have made a little sketch of a different solution in our office, which now is shown at the Geneva salon", and after we started in September of 2007 the development of our Electric Torque Vectoring™ Systems Active Differentials™. We are sure that F. Piëch would give us right. From our point of view the whole case leads also to the cases of the former manufacturer Proton→Lotus, which is now owned by DRB-HICOM after Volkswagen stopped its attempt of the last years to buy it, and the potentially fake company Roding (see its latest case in the Investigations::Car #352 of the 23rd of April 2012) that is driven by an engine of the Bayerische Motorenwerke, but the design of the concept car e-tron "Detroit". Either the same trick as applied with the concept car Morgan LifeCar or an illegal collaboration due to a carbon-fibre cluster in south-east of the B.R.D. We will analyse its webpage, which already yielded in some very interesting results by or first reading: "[...] revolutionary transport company [...], "Our vision [...] [This is at least speech act stealing due to our slogan "The Lab of Visions™" of our OntoLab™, for example, that we often mention in such a situtation.], "Our first project, a two seat local car, is powered by hydrogen fuel cells with a novel design (that we refer to as 'Network Electric') [...] [As we mentioned in the beginning of this investigative case, its founder is the responsible person behind the predecessor car called OSCar (Open Source car), and of the concept car Morgan LifeCar.]", "[...] 300 miles [...], "[...] inspired in the late 1990s by the work of Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute on lightweight network electric vehicles [...] [But A. Lovins' work was the so-called Hypercar, which has a standard hybrid drive.], "[...] approach is different from any other car company [...] considered all the different elements of the personal mobility system, including the users, the suppliers, the infrastructure and the environment [...] "whole system design" [...] [This is a clear marketing lie, because we even have several whole system designs (see the section Energy Generation, Storage and Management of the Innovation-Pipeline by Ontonics™).], "[...] constructed from carbon composites and powered by hydrogen fuel cells [...] [See also our model Belly Tank Lakester.], "Refuelling stations can be installed city by city, developing a nationwide hydrogen refuelling infrastructure incrementally, so that it becomes realistic to use motorway capable hydrogen cars. [In fact, this is not true and one of the biggest barrier of hydrogen powered cars, which led to the development of our HyperCycle™/Stroetmann-Cycle™ that needs only some very small changes of the infrastructure.], "[...] Open source design and development [...] open source foundation [...], "[...] powertrain technology, designed to show what is possible with today's technology [...] [Somehow, this reminds us of the powertrain of our spaceship TIE R/LightSwift™.], "[...] innovative new architecture for cars [...] [This is at least speech act stealing], "[...] Four electric motors, one on each wheel [...] regeneration of electricity by these motors when the car is braking – known as regenerative braking [...] low powered hydrogen fuel cells (although other primary energy devices could be used) and a body made of lightweight composites [Yes, we do know that Style of Speed™ has all of these solutions as well.], "[...] synthesis [...] [Besides the fact that it is used in the sense of an integration and not a synthesis, we have in the context of its and our whole website contents a copyright infringement. In this sense: "La sintesi di passione e sportività", "Synthesis of Passion and Sportivity", "Synthesis of Passion and Style", "Synthesis of Style and Speed", "Synthesis of Passion and Power", "Synthesis of Passion and Perfection", "Synthesis of Passion and Design", "Synthesis of Precision and Perfection", and "Synthesis of Intelligence and Performance".], "Decoupling acceleration and cruise demands [...] fuel cell needs only to be sized to meet the maximum steady demand when cruising [This concept conceived by A. Lovins is indeed elegant. But does this really work in practice as claimed by the company? We do not think so, and also would like to mention that it has not mentioned the additional weight and size of the needed power store for regenerative braking.], "[...] hydrogen fuel cell is about 50% efficient, double that of a petrol engine [...] [This is not true. Eventually, the fuel cell is actually 20% more efficient, which raises the question of the overall environmental footprint of both technical approaches.], "Further fuel and emissions savings are gained because, unlike an internal combustion engine, the electric motor is not running when the car is stationary in traffic. [But every manufacturer has a start stop automatic now as option.], "[...] hydrogen derived from natural gas [...], "[...] elegant simplicity summarises our design philosophy [...] [This is more than a simple speech act stealing.], "We don't believe any one technology, whether batteries or fuel cells, will be as dominant as the amazingly versatile internal combustion engine has been. [This is the next bold criminal marketing lie, because it is obvious that company has already understood that our battery and fuel cell combining Looped Fuel Cell™/Active Fuel Cell™ solution is indeed the Silver Bullet, especially in combination with our HyperCycle™/Stroetmann-Cycle™. This is proved by the fact that its fuel cell partner, which has S. Piëch as the executive director, is already following our approaches with its latest fuel cell technology.], "About hydrogen [On this webpage that company tries to explain that the best way for "Production", "Storage", and "Distribution" of hydrogen is in its gaseous or liquied form. But our HyperCycle™/Stroetmann-Cycle™ is by far the best approach for doing this, which not only the company knows very well. Also, it has followed our section Energy Generation, Storage and Management of the Innovation-Pipeline, which makes it a further evidence of its infringement of our copyright.] "Hydrogen is not a source of energy but a means of storing energy. The energy from other sources, whether fossil fuels or wind power or solar energy or biomass, can be stored as hydrogen. [Doubtlessly, this was derived from other texts, like the description of our HyperCycle™/Stroetmann-Cycle™, and proves our claim of the copyright infringement made in the comment to the quote before.], "[...] very strong [...] [speech act], and "A hydrogen fuel cell combines hydrogen and oxygen, which react in the presence of an electrolyte to produce electricity, plus a small amount of pure water or steam. This reaction is the reverse of electrolysis [...] A fuel cell does not store energy but processes it; it will never have to be recharged [...] [Besides this is not true and the company does know this fact exactly, which makes its statement a criminal marketing lie, because we have here once again a link to our Looped Fuel Cell™/Active Fuel Cell™. If the company still claims that it does not know our business unit Style of Speed™, then it simply proves it incompetence.].
    Besides the quoted content, it has many citation of other more or less known persons that all should play down our actings. Despite its cars are powered by a fuel cell that converts hydrogen into electricity, its approach is not a power supply that functions like a battery, as an unknown person claimed in relation with the successor of the OSCar, in stark contrast to our Looped Fuel Cell™/Active Fuel Cell™ approach. Furthermore, its actual two-seater car is simply said the monocoque of the model Enzo by the manufacturer Fiat→Ferrari and a drivetrain, as we have as well on stock. The result of our investigation was always clear, but now the reason for it is also documented: Convicted!!!™ What else?
  • Cranefield University: The report about the Morgan LifeCar project was changed by taking copyright contents of our webpage Active Differential™ and the website of our Hightech Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux™, specifically the sections that have the term simulation in their labels and the section 7th of March 2008)]" and "The Department of Automotive Engineering developed the computer simulation models for the main powertrain components [...]", and "In addition to supporting the design activities through computer simulation, the team also designed and tested the vehicle's control systems. The supervisory control algorithms for the vehicle comprised of energy management, torque allocation [(it wanted to say something that is related with Electric Torque Vectoring™ or some other kind of an Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system, but which was definitely not part of the original system)], mode arbitration and driver interface control features that were all designed using model-based techniques and auto-coded to an OpenECU platform ready for vehicle integration.", which is a clear copyright infringement. Due to the fact that we have several reports that neither mention the wheel-mounted electrical machines before we made our little sketch, nor the informations about the control software, specifically about the applied model-based techniques and the torque allocation was publicated, or any kind of Electronic Stability Control (ESC), which were not on the little sketch and so this university as well as the Helsinki Metropolia University did not mention it, before we publicated the webpage of our Apollo Speed-E™/Elettero™ (read the whole case of the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and partners documented in the Investigations::Car #247 of the 13th of April 2010 to see the equalities). Our readers can now try to guess why the its webpage is undated, and why they do not need no time anymore to understand our result of this investigation: Convicted!!!™.

  • Wikipedia: On the webpage about the concept of the wheel hub motor we found the following text passages: "Compared with the conventional electric vehicle design with one motor situated centrally driving two (sometimes four) wheels by axles", "Active software differentials, where individual wheel speed is adjusted in response to other inputs", "Active brake bias, where individual wheel brake effort is adjusted in real time to maintain vehicle stability", and "active dynamic safety systems", which is essential contents from our webpage Active Differential that was only rewritten and in this way is a clear copyright infringement, even if the statements are related with the wheel hub motor. Furthermore, our explanation why we took the third configuration with the electric motors of each wheel out of the wheel, was repeated by saying "The major disadvantage of Wheel hub motors are that the weight of the electric motors would increase the unsprung weight".

    Comment of the Day #1

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Stayin' Alive", [Bee Gees, Saturday Night Fever: The Original Movie Sound Track, 1977]
    The extinction of the disco goes on.

    The electric bike concept Audi E-Bike Wörthersee is based on our concept of the world's first trial bike with a frame that is made out of carbon fibre composites described in the Clarification of the 6th of April 2011 with hydraulic activated components and on our webpage content of our bicycles by Style of Speed, which makes its case at least a further clear copyright infringement. The design was copied from an electric motorcycle concept designed by the Fachhochschu- le Joannaum in Austria in the year 2008 for a motorcycle manufact- urer, which also produces a small sports car in collaboration with the marque Audi, and in this way makes the whole case even more high- ly suspicious, because this small sports car was already an evidence for us that we are spied out. Last but not least, the wheels of the driveable concept bicycle were taken from the motorized bicycle models Bullet and Platina by the small manufacturer Imperial Cycles.
    Why we do know all of this? The answer is easy: The marque Volks- wagen→Audi has got much of its strategies, concepts, processes, and technologies that were new in more than the last 16 years, as well as many informations by observing and spying out C.S. and our company. We are no insiders, but the true source. Said this, the marque can stop its attempt to create a situation, so that the public get the impression that we have copied from it, if not clearly refer- enced otherwise, and not the other way round, as it was also done recently with its latest commercial that as a matter of fact showed most of the time our innovations and not Audi's, because since now around 5 years this backfires heavily, and in one way or the other the truth is saved in the net of the nets.

    Ontonics Further steps 13:33 CET
    We are looking on the possibility to use the technology of e.g. our SportsPak, which is a very compact, ultra-lightweight, and extremely reliable fuel cell power system based on our hydrogen (fuel) generat- or technology Hydrogen on the Fly with a cartridge for chemical hy- drides in solid form (see also the Style of Speed Further steps of today below), as the MobilePak for powering Mobile devices as well. With this solution Mobile devices have a runtime that is more than three times longer in comparison to the best known lithium- based battery technology.
    Wir betrachten die Möglichkeit die Technologie von z. B. unserem SportsPak, das ein sehr kompaktes, ultraleichtes und im besonderen Maße verlässliches, auf unserer Wasserstoffgeneratortechnologie Hydrogen on the Fly mit einer Kartusche für chemische Hydride in fester Form basierendes Brennstoffzellenenergiesystem ist (siehe auch die Style of Speed Further steps von heute unten), als das MobilePak zu nutzen um mobile Endgeräte mit Strom zu versorgen. Mit dieser Lösung haben mobile Endgeräte eine mehr als dreimal län- gere Laufzeit im Vergleich zu der besten bekannten Lithium basierten Batterietechnologie.

    Style of Speed Further steps 5:30 CET
    Early in the morning, we thought about the Style of Speed OSCar, which would be based on our evolutionary, aerodynamically optimized design of a Type 57 Roadster, Type 57 SC Atlantic, or our absolute favorite the Type 57 C Van Vooren Cabriolet of the marque Volkswa- gen→Bugatti with a drivetrain based on one of our Electric Torque Vectoring Active Differentials and one of our hydrogen fueled fuel cells, like our Active Fuel Cells or our Hydrogen on the Fly based fuel cell power systems.

    Style of Speed OSCar
    ©© DineshAdv

    We are looking at a very compact, ultra-lightweight, and extremely reliable fuel cell power system as the power source for our vehicles, especially our electric motorcycles and scooters, and also our sports vehicles like bicycles, kick-rollers, skate-boards, Segways, and so on, that is actually used for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) only. The fuel cell power system is based on our hydrogen (fuel) generator technology called Hydrogen on the Fly with a cartridge for chemical hydrides in solid form, that liberates hydrogen gas on demand and electronically adjusted when water is added in the presence of a catalyst. With its high power to weight ratio the power system off- ers up to three times more energy in comparison to the best known lithium-based battery technology, and belongs doubtlessly to the most safest variants. The cartridge is hot-swappable and can be integrated in one housing with the fuel cell. Our solution is a drop-in replacement for battery and accumulator packs that are currently in service, so that for example with our SportsPak costly frame modif- ications are eliminated.
    Wir betrachten ein sehr kompaktes, ultraleichtes und extreme ver- lässliches Brennstoffzellenenergiesystem als Energiequelle für unsere Vehikel, insbesondere unsere Elektromotorräder und -roller sowie un- sere Sportgeräte, wie Fahrräder, Tretroller, Rollbretter, Segways und so weiter, das aktuell nur für unbemannte Flugobjekte genutzt wird. Das Brennstoffzellenenergiesystem basiert auf unsere Wasserstoffge- neratortechnologie genannt Hydrogen on the Fly mit einer Kartusche für chemische Hydride in fester Form, die auf Anforderung und elek- tronisch adjustiert Wasserstoff freisetzt, wenn im Beisein von einem Katalysator Wasser hinzugefügt wird. Durch sein hohes Verhältnis von Energie zu Gewicht bietet das Energiesystem bis zu dreimal mehr Energie im Vergleich zu der besten bekannten Lithium basierten Bat- terietechnologie und zählt zweifelsohne zu den sichersten Varianten. Die Kartusche ist im laufenden Betrieb austauschbar/hot-swap-fähi- ge/hot-swapable und kann mit der Brennstoff in einem Gehäuse inte- griert werden. Unsere Lösung ist ein direkt passender Ersatz für Bat- terie- und Akkusätze, die gegenwärtig im Einsatz sind, sodass z. B. mit unserem SportsPak kostspielige Rahmenmodifikationen eliminiert werden.

    Style of Speed SportsPak based on Hydrogen on the Fly
    © :I and Style of Speed

    The element at the front side is the fuel cell (until the gap above PAK) and the element at the rear is the chemical hydride fuel cart- ridge with the filling port for water processed by our Hydrogen on the Fly solution.

    Comment of the Day
    Robobike™ Botbike™
    Robocycle™ Botcycle™

    Ontonics Website update 8:08 CET
    We have updated the description of our project Bik•E by adding the alternative names Robobike and Robocycle, and the informations that it is a platform for motorcycles and also for bicycles, which could have for example self-balancing, autonomous, and driverless features. After a potential fall a Robobike can stand up again on its own, lay down, and stand still on the spot without any auxiliary devices, like a kick stand or stabilizers, beside many more abilities. It can be used for transporting persons, for which it even needs no handlebar, and objects.

    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • N24 Media: Der Nachrichtensender hat heute um umgefähr 10:35 im Zusammenhang mit dem Start einer Raumkapsel eines U.S.Ameri- kanischen Unternehmens mit voller Absicht und trotz unserer zuvor geäußerten Aufforderung, dies zu unterlassen, unser Urheberrecht verletzt. So wurde nicht nur unsere Handelsmarke Dragon™ explizit auf dem Bildschirm angezeigt, sondern auch unser seit bereits mehr als 10 Jahren praktizierte Marketingkonzept, das unter anderem auf der Verbindung unseres Masköttchens dem (Glücks)Drachen und der Raumfahrt basiert (siehe auch das Foto unseres Luft- und Raum- fahrzeugs Hypersoar Dragon™ aus dem Jahr 2003), dem U.S.Amerikani- schen Unternehmen angedichtet, obwohl die Rechteverhältnis als auch dessen Urheberrechtsverletzung dem Unternehmen N24 Media zweifelsohne bekannt sind. Außerdem hat ein sogenannter Raum- fahrtexperte zunächst unsere Handelsmarke Dragon™ mehrfach ge- nannt und dann urplötzlich zusätzlich die Raumfahrtkapsel vollkom- men falsch als Dragon X™ bezeichnet, was aber eine der Bezeich- nungen unseres Raumschiffkonzepts X-3³/Drake ist. Außerdem hat er die ZuschauerInnen in die Irre geführt indem er erklärte, dass die Space Shuttle der National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) im Museum steht und somit den falschen Eindruck erweckt, dass auch unser Raumschiffkonzept XSS-3/BigStar, das unter ande- rem auf der Space Shuttle Mark 2 basiert und aus diesem Grund auch als (eXtended) Space Shuttle Mark 3 bekannt ist, museumsreif wäre und eben nicht die Spitze der Hochtechnologie markiert, wie es im Ge- gensatz zu der über 40 Jahre alten Technologie der Raumkapsel des U.S.Amerikanischen Unternehmens Space Exploration Technologies wirklich ist, denn unsere Space Shuttle Mark 3 ist von uns extra nur aus Technologien konstruiert worden, sodass es sofort nach seiner Fertigstellung und dem obligatorischen Testflug auch für den Trans- port von Astronauten/Kosmonauten zugelassen ist. Des Weiteren führte er genauso fälschlicherweise aus, dass es sich um ein privat finanziertes Projekt des U.S.Amerikanischen Unternehmens handelt obwohl anhand der öffentlich einsehbaren Dokumente der U.S.Ameri- kanischen Regierung sowie der NASA, die die Vorgaben der Regie- rung, die zugehörigen Ausschreibungen von Projekten und die nach- folgenden Vertragsvergaben beinhalten, als auch nach einer kurzen Nachforschung kristallklar erkennbar ist, dass das U.S.Amerikanische Unternehmen nur auf Grund der wirtschaftlichen Unterstützungen als auch technischen Leistungen der NASA unter der Regiede der politi- schen Administration des U.S.Amerikansichen Präsidenten überhaupt existiert und überlebensfähig ist. Wenn nicht dieser Marketingschwin- del wäre, dann blieb das Verhalten der NASA ein Rätsel. Außerdem erwähnte er die Möglichkeiten durch diese total veraltete Technolo- gie bis zum Mond oder sogar zum Mars reisen zu können, was mehr als lächerlich ist, denn das ist genauso unwahrscheinlich, wie die Chance mit einem Volkswagen Käfer das 24-Stunden-Rennen von Le Mans zu gewinnen.
    Btw.: Wir können auch den gleichen Raketenmotor wie das U.S.Ame- rikanische Unternehmen einsetzen (siehe das Foto des Raketenmo- tors MC-1/Fastrac 60K auf der Web-Seite unseres Raumschiffkon- zepts X-3*/LittleStar).

    Wir, die Christian Stroetmann GmbH, fordern hiermit das Unternehmen N24 Media auf zur gleichen Sendezeit eine klärende Gegendarstellung zu senden, die unsere Ausführung wiedergibt. Wir behalten uns vor das Unternehmen N24 Media durch gerichtliche Maßnahmen zu der uns gesetzlich zustehenden Gegendarstellung zu zwingen.
    Das Gleiche gilt auch für alle anderen Entitäten im Bereich der Medi- en.

  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Obwohl wir gerade erst mit dem Do- kumentieren der Verletzung unseres Urheberrechts durch ein Medien- unternehmen begonnen und noch nicht einmal beendet haben (siehe den Fall von N24 Medien oben), verletzt auch die ARD mit voller Ab- sicht und trotz unserer zuvor geäußerten Unterlassungsaufforderung unser Urheberrecht. Da man zusätzlich zu der fünfmaligen expliziten Nennung unserer Handelsmarke Dragon™ verteilt auf gerade einmal 12 relativ kurzen Sätzen auch noch extra dem Bericht die Überschrift "Ein Drache im Weltall" gab, was wir in dem Fall des Medienunterneh- mens wenig Minuten zuvor erst im Zusammenhang mit unserer mehr als 10 Jahre alten Marketingstory geschrieben ("dem (Glücks)Dra- chen und der Raumfahrt") und dem Bild unseres Luft- und Raumfahr- zeugs Hypersoar Dragon™ aus dem Jahr 2003 gezeigt haben, kann man nicht noch eindeutiger unseren Vorwurf des Mobbings selber bewei- sen.
    Außerdem haben wir die Redaktion der Tagesschau wieder dabei er- wischt, dass sie absichtlich die falsche Uhrzeit angibt, denn der oben kritisierte Bericht wurde erst um ungefähr 11:38 in dem RSS-Einspei- sungsleser==RSS-Feedreader angezeigt obwohl er komischerweise auf 11:13 datiert ist. Auch die Kommentare von LeserInnen unter- streichen dies wieder einmal, denn der erste Kommentar ist von etwa 11:43. Hier ziegt sich ein weiteres Mal, dass man seinen gesetzlichen Pflichten als öffentlich-rechtliches Medium nicht nachkommen will.
    Btw.: Das veraltete und eben nicht durch das U.S.Amerikanische Unternehmen Space Exploration Technologies entwickelt Konzept, das darin besteht zuerst die Raketenmotoren auf volle Last hochzufahren und dann die Rakete zu entriegeln, kann man sicherlich nicht als sicherheitsrelevanten Zugewinn oder gar Meilenstein der Raumfahrt bezeichnen. Unser vertikal und/oder horizontal startendes und horizontal landendes (Vertical and/or Horizontal Take-off, Horizontal Landing (V/HTHL)) Raumschiffkonzept XSS-3/BigStar, die eXtended==erweiterte Space Shuttle Mark 3, ist hingegen auch in diesem Spezialfall genau dieser Meilenstein.

    Wir, die Christian Stroetmann GmbH, fordern hiermit die Arbeitsge- meinschaft der Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland auf zur gleichen Sendezeit eine klärende Gegendarstellung zu sen- den, die unsere Ausführung wiedergibt. Wir behalten uns vor die rechtliche Vertretung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland durch gerichtliche Maßnahmen zu der uns gesetzlich zustehenden Gegendarstellung zu zwingen.

    Außerdem fordern wir die Bundesstaatsanwaltschaft auf, hier endlich gegen das Mobbing und die erheblichen Urheberrechtsverletzungen durch die Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesre- publik Deutschland vorzugehen.

    Comment of the Day #1

    Comment of the Day #2
    "In these times marketing humbugs, like done with Daimler or the Wrigth brothers, will not work anymore due to the internet.", [C.S., Today]

    Ontonics Website update
    We will add the new subsection RoboTinsmith/Tinbot/RoboPlumber/ PlumberBot and the related new projects:

  • RoboBeating,
  • RoboShrinking,
  • RoboStretching,
  • RoboFlattening,
  • RoboWheeling, and
  • RoboPlanishing.

    Comment of the Day #1

    Comment of the Day #2
    "The European Union - A Science Fiction Story", [C.S., Today]
    This comment is a potential book title based on a similar comment by a blogger, who said it in relation to the dream of steady economical growth in the eurozone.

    Comment of the Day #3
    "Somewhere must my pesetas be.", [C.S., Today]

    Ontonics Website update
    We have added to the subsection RoboTinsmith/Tinbot the new project:

  • RoboSpinning.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We have added to the range of our rear wing spoilers for our con- versions of the model 911 type 991 by the marque Volkswagen→Por- sche (see the Style of Speed Further steps of the 18th of Septem- ber 2011) a fourth version that is even a little bit flatter than the low version, and in this way called the flat or ducktail version.

    SOS 911 (991) Flat Wing or Ducktail
    © Style of Speed and :I

    The image is from another company based in Europe.
    We found out that another company has stolen this concept and designs of rear spoilers and rear wings for Porsche models developed by us in form and technical realization, obviously. Furthermore, we'd to realize that for the related conversion of the model 911 type 991 by the marque Volkswagen→Porsche not only our solution was used and the diffusor was derived from our same design concept, but also essential elements of our model 911 V8, The 911, as well as the front bumper and spoiler of another company were copied. We have only waited for such a step, and so we worked here very precisely for a reason (see as well the cases of the company Vorsteiner in our Investigations::Car #239 of the 24th of March 2010, #250 of the 24th of April 2010, #262 of the 26th of May 2010 and #311 vom 1st of March 2011), and also marked the Style of Speed Further steps of the 18th of September 2011 with the time of publication. By the way: The whole case seems to be linked with a large manufacturer.
    Das Bild stammt von einem anderen Unternehmen aus Europa.
    Wirhaben herausgefunden, dass ein anderes Unternehmen offensichtlich dieses von uns entwickelt Konzept und die Designs von Heckspoilern und -flügeln in Form und technischer Umsetzung von uns kopiert hat. Des Weiteren musten wir feststellen, dass für einen Umbau des Modells 911 vom Typ 991 der Marke Volkswagen→Porsche nicht nur unsere Lösung verwendet wurde und der Diffusor von unserem gleichen Designkonzept abgeleitet wurde, sondern außerdem wesentliche Elemente unseres Modells 911 V8, The 911, als auch die vordere Stoßstange und der Frontspoiler von einem anderen Unternehmen kopiert wurden. Wir haben nur auf solch einen Schritt gewartet und deshalb nicht umsonst hier ganz genau gearbeitet (siehe auch die Fälle des Unternhemens Vorsteiner in unseren Investigations::Car #239 vom 24. März 2010, #250 vom 24. April 2010, #262 vom 26. Mai 2010 und #311 vom 1. März 2011) und auch die Style of Speed Further steps vom 18. September 2011 mit der Zeit ihrer Veröffentlichung markiert. Aus diesem Grund behalten wir uns selbstverständlich rechtliche Schritte als auch die gesamte wirtschaftliche Nutzung unserer Lösung vor. Übrigens: Der ganze Fall scheint mit einem großen Hersteller in Verbindung zu stehen.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "Eat more flowers, or buy more governmental bonds of southern eurozone member states.", [C.S., Today]
    Do not take this comment too serious.

    Der Eurozauberlehrling Comment of the Day #2

    Hat der alte Hexenmeister
    sich doch einmal wegbegeben!
    Und nun sollen seine Zinsen
    auch nach meinem Willen leben.
    Seine Wort' und Werke
    merkt ich und den Brauch,
    und mit billigem Geschwätze
    tu ich Eurowunder auch.

    Walle! walle
    manche Strecke,
    daß, zum Zwecke,
    Euro fließe
    und mit reichem, vollem Schwalle
    zum Dukatenberg ergieße.

    Und nun komm, du alter Besen!
    Nimm die schlechten Kredithüllen;
    bist 'ne Bürgerin gewesen;
    nun erfülle meinen Willen!
    Auf zwei Beinen stehe,
    oben sei ein Kopf,
    eile nun und gehe
    mit dem Steuertopf!

    Walle! walle
    manche Strecke,
    daß, zum Zwecke,
    Euro fließe
    und mit politischem Geschwalle
    zum Dukatenberg ergieße.

    Seht, sie läuft zur Presse nieder,
    wahrlich! ist schon an dem Stücke,
    und mit Blitzesschnelle wieder
    ist sie hier mit frischem Drucke.
    Schon zum zweiten Male!
    Wie das Konto schwillt!
    Wie die Bank, die schlechte
    sich mit Euro füllt!

    Stehe! stehe!
    Denn wir haben
    deine Gaben
    falsch gemessen! -
    Ach, ich merk es! Wehe! wehe!
    Hab ich doch das Wort vergessen!

    Ach, das Wort, worauf am Ende
    sie das wird, was sie gewesen!
    Ach, sie läuft und bringt behende!
    Wärst du doch der alte Besen!
    Immer neue Drücke
    bringt sie schnell herein,
    ach! die falschen Schlüsse
    stürzen auf uns ein.

    Nein, nicht länger
    kann ichs lassen;
    will sie fassen.
    Das ist Tücke!
    Ach! nun wird uns immer bänger!
    Welche Merkel! welche Zicke!

    O du Ausgeburt der Hölle!
    Soll die ganze Welt ersaufen?
    Seh ich über jede Schwelle
    doch schon Dollarströme laufen.
    Ein verruchter Besen,
    der nicht hören will!
    SED-Brut bist gewesen,
    steh doch wieder still!

    Willsts am Ende
    gar nicht lassen?
    Will dich fassen,
    will dich halten
    und den Holzkopf behende
    mit der scharfen Zunge spalten.

    Seht, da macht sie Wenden wieder!
    Wie ich mich nur auf dich werfe,
    gleich, o Merkel, liegst du nieder;
    krachend trifft die Wortes Schärfe.
    Wahrlich! brav getroffen!
    Seht, sie ist entzwei!
    Und nun kann ich hoffen,
    und ich atme frei!

    Wehe! wehe!
    Beide Teile
    stehn in Eile
    schon als Rechte
    völlig fertig in die Höhe!
    Helft mir, ach, ihr hohen Mächte!

    Und sie lügen! Schlecht und schlechter
    wirds bei Moral und auf den Konten.
    Welch entsetzliches Geschacher!
    Herr und Meister! hör mich rufen! -
    Ach, da kommt der Meister!
    Herr, die Not ist groß!
    Ich rief die Eurogeister
    werd ich nun nicht los.

    "In die Ecke,
    Merkel, Bösen!
    Seids gewesen.
    Denn als Geister
    ruft euch nur, zu diesem Zwecke,
    erst hervor der alte Meister."

    Abgeleitet von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, "Der Zauberlehrling", (1797), und der Idee von Blogger Friedrich (siehe auch das Bild "Mickey und Beelzebub" von Walt Disney).

    Comment of the Day #3
    "Die D.D.R. ist nicht verschwunden, sondern ersetzt mehr und mehr die B.R.D..", [C.S., Heute]

    Picture of the Day
    Style of Speed Dragon; Worldwide 2. Axisymmetric Inward Turning (Mono) Hypersoar (2003)

    SOS Dragon; Worldwide 2. Axisymmetric Inward Turning Hypersoar (Background image by NASA) 2003
    © Style of Speed

    For sure and self-explanatory, all of our hypersoars, like the original Dragon™ air- and spacecraft, feature a docking system for docking at space stations or coupling with further (aero)spacecrafts.

    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Anstatt die von uns geforderte Gegendarstellung zu veröffentlichen hat die ARD wieder mit voller Absicht einen weiteren Bericht über eine Raumkapsel eines im Rahmen eines schwerkriminellen Marketingschwindels der NASA und der Obama-Administration finanzierten und unter Absprache mit der SED-Brut Merkel gegen unser Unternehmen politisch unterstützden U.S.Amerikanischen Unternehmens publiziert (siehe die Fälle der ARD in unseren Investigations::Aviation and Space vom 18. und 22. Mai 2012). Dabei wurde diesmal nicht nur unsere Handelsmarke "Dragon™" verletzt indem man sie auf der Web-Seite diesmal 13-mal nannte, sondern wieder explizit auch auf unsere Erklärungen der Urheberrechtsverletzung im Zusammenhang mit unserer Marketingstory genommen und extra der Begriff "Drachen" 5-mal geschrieben. Außerdem wurde die Aussage "Ich möchte die ersten Menschen auf dem Mars landen sehen." des Betrügers Elon Musk zitiert, die auch im Rahmen seiner betrügerischen Selbstvermarktung schon wieder von C.S. gestohlen wurde (siehe dazu den Kommentar des Tages vom 10. Februar 2008) anstatt den GEZ-GebührenzahlerInnen endlich den Marketingschwindel zu erklären. Das macht den gesamten Akt zu einer kriminellen Handlung größerem Ausmaßes und zu einem handfesten gesellschaftlichen Skandal.
  • Bertelsmann→N-TV: Selbstverständlich berichtet auch dieser Nachrichtensender weiterhin über ein U.S.Amerikanisches Fake-Unternehmen, dass unser Urheberrecht im Zusammenhang mit unserer Marketingstory gestohlen hat, anstatt die Öffentlichkeit über diese und weitere Tatsachen zu informieren.
  • Cable News Network: Wie nicht anders zu erwarten war, bericht auch dieser erichtet auch dieser Nachrichtensender weiterhin über ein U.S.Amerikanisches Fake-Unternehmen, dass unser Urheberrecht im Zusammenhang mit unserer Marketingstory gestohlen hat, anstatt die Öffentlichkeit über diese und weitere Tatsachen zu informieren.
  • British Broadcasting Corporation: siehe Bertelsmann→N-TV and Cable News Network
  • Thomson Reuters: siehe Bertelsmann→N-TV, Cable News Network und British Broadcasting Corporation
    Btw.: Repeating a lie makes no true statement (see also the Picture of the Day of today above).

    There will be no discussion: As a matter of course, the space capsule Dragon will be renamed by giving the explanation that the company Space Exploration Technologies has infringed our copyright, especially of our business unit Style of Speed. How the explanation is formulated in detail and which additional fairy tale is told to the public is up to the responsible entities, but for sure contents of our websites will not be taken for this again.
    A solution like SpaceX Dragon capsule is rejected, and there is definitely no way to search for such nonsense labels and circumscriptions, because the infringement of our copyright is not solved in this way.

    And to make it crystal clear: If the responsible parties and also most of the larger media still do not understand that they are already busted, and really want to become a laughing-stock in this way, then we can only say: Please, go on, we already have won. By the way: The Space hoaX company Space Exploration Technologies even has no own control room, and as some persons have concluded as well the whole case is a crime to the tax payer that the properties of the NASA are looted in this way, which even comes on top to the presentation of all these lies, and the Ponzi scheme by E. Musk (see e.g. the case of the news media company Cable News Network in our Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 1st of July 2011). Already a long time ago, this myth was: Busted!!!

    Style of Speed Further steps
    It was awaited for a long time, but now it is here: Our conversion 458 BB of the basic model by the marque Fiat→Ferrari in the typical Style of Speed design, as shown before with our conversions Raptor, which was already the design blueprint for the model 458, Raptor Speedster, and Cayman ST, as it can be seen easily. The conversion will also feature a rear section with diffusor of either the model 458 Grand-Am or 458 GT, or a combination of both, headlights that differ from the ones of the model Enzo, and opt- ional wheels, like e.g. J wheels.
    As the basis for our conversion we will take the model 458 Spider in- stead of the coupé version, and eventually remove the automatic folding mechanism of the hard top, rework the folding hard top to a roof with a removable middle section while keeping the double bubble style, replacing the rear section with a new one, that looks similar to the rear part shown in our quick doodle and has one of the diffusors mentioned above, and add the blade above the rear window. For sure, the air outlets on the front bonnet in the style of the model 512 BB will be replaced or completely removed, and the doors, the black elements of the sides, and the side skirts will be adjusted to the given exterior elements of the factory model.

    Style of Speed 458 BBStyle of Speed 458 BB
    Style of Speed 458 Widebody and Diffusor GTStyle of Speed 458 Widebody and Diffusor Grand-Am
    © Style of Speed, Ferrari, and :(

    The images are only showing quick doodles of another conversion by the factory, but not our final product. Furthermore, it is also very important to note that our conversion is not related with the compa- ny Fiat and its marque Ferrari in any ways.

    Obviously, Ferrari is copying our website contents, designs, and pro- ducts more and more, and not the other way round with one or two exceptions that are unrelated with the marque's products. Furthermore, the company Pininfarina seems not to be the true design studio of the marque Ferrari anymore, but talented automotive designers and us from Style of Speed, as it can be seen in our case as well with the Ferrari P4/5 inspired and designed after the inofficial project P4 done by C.S. for Style of Speed many months before as one alternative version of our model 333 ST.

    Ontonics Website update 3:30 CET
    Following the Further steps of the 8th of November 2011, we are pleased to inform the public that we have started our new project:

  • Private Space Station (PSS),

    that is part of the implementation phase of the space frontier and complements further our already since many years existing efforts in the field of space business.
    With our unique Space Launch System (SLS) and Space Transport- ation System (STS) with Single-Stage-To-Orbit (SSTO) Vertical and/ or Horizontal Take-off, Horizontal Landing (V/HTHL) Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) XSS-3/BigStar, the eXtended Space Shuttle Mark 3, as well as our Raylev transport and Raylev launch systems we have the best position. The other parties use only disposable Space Launch Systems (SLSs) based on more than 40 years old technology mainly based on the hardware of the Apollo project. So even if they have a high cargo capacity for a low a price, then there is still the cost and time, and also some more problems, which are also not present with our XSS-3.
    Stealing marketing stories, making copies of rocket motors, rockets, and space capsules, and shooting some of them into the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) can everybody, as it was proved in the last days once again, because it is only a question of financing. We are the ones that do the real hard and the right things.

    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • Space Exploration Technologies: Because we have not seen it despite it was in front of our eyes all the years, we found out today that the serious criminal fraudster Elon Musk and his supporters have not only stolen our marketing story of Style of Speed by taking as well the name Falcon, because it was well known that we are linked to the Force Application and Launch from CONtinental United States (FALCON) Hypersonic Test/Technology Vehicle (HTV) HTV-3X/Black- swift by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the United States Air Force (USAF), and the company Lockheed Martin, and ..., both based on our Hypersoar Catamaran concept and further conducted with our models HJF-1/Hyper Falcon and HCV-1/WhiteSwift, and stealing our Dragon™ mascott, but also our Space→X structure of our website and the related models, which we named in this way following the tradition of experimental aircrafts and space vehicles. It also reflects our actings in the field of space listed in our Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™, if the X is taken as a variable. So now our wonder about the sudden use of the abbrevation SpaceX for its fake marketing hoax company is finally gone. It seems tobe, that this is the next evidence for its copyright infringement, though it is harder for us to prove this special point.
    Btw.: As we demanded it already on the 26th of May 2012 at the end of the Investigations::Aviation and Space we will not discuss the case anymore, and it will be clarified that Elon Musk has stolen our marketing story. So if Elon Musk and the NASA refuse to rename the capsule of the company Space Exploration Technologies, then we will give federal control agencies are portfolio with full of lies being told since the start of that company, which prove that Elon Musk has defrauded the government, the investors, the media, and the public. Eventually, it could also be seen that the Obama (D) administration has played foul. Hurry up, the presidential election campaign is going on.

    Wir fordern ein weiteres Mal die Ministerin für Bildung und Forschung sowie alle anderen PolitikerInnen, denen die Sachverhalte bekannt sein müssen (wir haben Fakten und ein logisches Netzwerk mit diesen Fakten initiiert, die beweisen, dass es praktisch sämtliche Mitglieder aller Parteiführungen auf Bundes- und Landesebenen betroffen sind), insbesondere die Bundeskanzlerin, sofort ihre Ämter niederzulegen, da es in keinster Weise politische Argumente für dieses assoziale, verfassungs- und demokratiefeindliche sowie zum größten Teil auch schwerkriminelle Verhalten gibt.

    *** Work in progress ***
    Style of Speed Further steps
    Its doodle time at Style of Speed once again. As already announced in the Further steps of the 13th of March 2012 we are presenting the first speculative image of our conversion Aventador Jota, the original.

    Style of Speed Aventador Jota
    © Lamborghini and Style of Speed

    Besides this, we are working at the other versions of the models Murciélago III and Aventador.

    For the while we are making the sketch of the original Aventador Jota:

    AventadorAventador JotaAventador Jota

    Isn't it funny how they are copying Lamborghini, each other, and everybody else?


  • Google: In the last week we found out that the company Google has ended many of the projects that it copied from us, like the medical and hospital information system, searching in software source code, 3D online worlds, and so on. Now, it is also trying to copy illegally our whole company, which led to the focus on at least 6 projects that without any doubts have been described before on our websites. Said this, its abuse of market power, massive copyright infringements, and related defrauding of the pubilic, inclusive the investors and the media, is more than evident and can be easily proven now, because it is now the third time and we began documenting its only stealing strategy with the second time.

    *** Fine tuning mode ***

  • Hubert Burda→TV Spielfilm Verlag: In its television program magazine a report was publicated about technologies shown in science fiction movies before they became real. Surprinsingly (not really) and doubtlessly, the report follows indeed our website contents without naming us. We will quote its report, translate it directly into English, and give the links to the original contents on our websites: "Hightech [...] [We only say Hightech Competence™.]", "Drei Tage==Three days long [...] [This was said in the context of a summit, that also points to the 3 Theme by C.S..]", "[...] Physiker, Biomediziner, Ingenieure, Informatiker und andere Hightech-Experten== physicists, biophysicians/-medics, engineers, computer scientist (information scientists), and other hightech experts [...] [If it has not be seen, we are here at our OntoLab, The Lab of Visions, and our Hightech Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux.]", "[...] Visionäre==visionaries [...] [And if the quotes before were not already convincing enough, then our readers should slowly get a feeling for this case.]", "[...] dreifacher [...] [This was said now in the context of a producer, but in fact points also to the 3 Theme by C.S.. So the introducing story fits well, but also shows that it was chosen for creating artificially a different situation then the reality: The report itself is based on the actings by C.S..]", "[...] Denkfabrik==think tank [...] [So, here we are again at our OntoLab.]", "[...] visionäre==visionary [...] [Yes, we are again at the OntoLab, The Lab of Visions.]", "[...] Minority Report [...] Gesten-Interface==gesture interface [...] virtuelle Akten==virtual documents/files [...] holografische Fotos==holographic photos [...] [Just right from the start of OntoLinux universities and related research institutes jumped on our bandwagon and talked about this kind of user interface technology. But as it can be easily seen, we were not really interested in the old technologies of multimodal user interfaces, as mentioned on the webpages Caliber, Components in relation with the Ontoscope software, and Ontologic Applications of the website of OntoLinux (see also the the webpage Overview), but more in the so-called and our (see also the webpage Terms of 21st Century, especially the section Free Determinism versus Deterministic Will). And the Caliber is not the true revolutionary thing, it constitutes a very large evolutionary step, and clearly proves something even more special. We will come to this point once again.]", "[...] Lab Coats [...]", "[...] Avatar [...] [Here we are again at mixed reality, specifically virtual reality, and in the realiton to a science fiction movie at 3D technologies, but also at spaceships as well (see also the notes about the producer James Cameron of the 4th of February 2010 and the tab Rheinische Post of the 2nd of February 2010 webpage, both on our Culture, the case of the Rheinische Post in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 10th of January 2010, and the case of Charles Pellegrino in the Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 28th of November 2011).]", "[...] Raketenstart einer Mondreise==rocket start of a trip to the Moon [...] [Take a look at the image of the webpage Raylev Launch system on the website of Style of Speed. We will come to the point with our ]", "[...] Serie "Raumschiff Enterprise"==series "Spaceship Enterprise" [...] [So, finally that media company found it out as well. See also again our spaceship webpages and e.g the webpage Terms of 21st Century, but also the webpages Links to Software and Links to Hardware.]", "[...] direkt faszinierte== directly fascinated [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] klappt Capt. Kirk ein kleines drahtloses Gerät auf== Capt. Kirk a small wireless device [...] [This small wireless device is called the Star Trek™ Communicator and was shown by us as Original on the 12th of December 2007.]", "[...] Inspiration [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] visionär==visionary [...] [Did we mention our OntoLab, The Lab of Visions?]", "[...] Stanley Kubricks "2001: Odyssee im Weltraum"== "2001: A Space Odyssey" [...] Zukunftsvisionen==visions of the future [...] Weltraumtourismus, künstliche Intelligenz==space tourism, artificial intelligence [...] iPad [Computer ...] [See the subsection of the Innovation-Pipeline by Ontonics, the website of OntoLinux, and the project P@d. The case of the company Apple and its tablet computer was discussed to full extent on this website. In fact, without our domain tablet computer the company Apple would have not filed its realted patent, and without our P@d it would have not started to produce such a device at all.]", "[...] Apple [vs.] Samsung [...] Samsung führte ein originelles Beweisstück [...] an: eine Szene aus "2001".==Samsung adduced an original piece of evidence [...]: a scene out of "2001". [This case was also discussed fully on the OntomaX website, for example in our Clarification of the 24th of August 2011, which makes the quoted text passage also a piece of evidence for our claim that the media company has taken our websites as blueprints for the quoted report.]", "[...] Design des flugtauglichen Kampfanzugs in "Iron Man"==design of the airworthy combat dress in "Iron Man" [...] [In relation to the movie it is called an armor (suit) and not a combat dress. Obviously, this was written in conjunction with the description of our range of exoskeleton technologies and platforms called ExoWear™, which consists of exoskeleton frames with wearable computers for their controls, and that we extended with our (Back)Pack Aircrafts™, and with the further development of the ExoWear™ that led to the next generation of our iRaiment™ described on the webpage Terms of 21st Century. Despite that the media company knows this very well it did not reference us at this point deliberately.]", "[...] Darpa [...]", "[...] Gestensteuerung==gesture control [...] speak [...] [And here we are again at the multimodal user interface.]", and "[...] Gesichtserkennung==facial recognition [...] [We use this kind of technologies already with all of our mobile devices by our copyrighted MobileKinetic™ technology.]".
    We have also some quotes from the caption of the images shown with the report: "Exosklett-Anzug==exoskeleton suit [As we explained before, we have developed further our range of such mobile machines called by us ExoWear™ to the next generation of our iRaiment™.]", "Fliegendes Auto==Flying car [So, here we are at our powered lift aircrafts and Autocopters™ by Style of Speed™.]", and "Traktorstrahl==Tractor beam [...] Laser, der erstmals einzelne Partikel transportieren konnte==Laser that was able to transport single particles for the first time [...] [This is a very interesting issue, because we do know the original scientific work based on a laser, which as a matter of fact is not a tractor beam, but creates some kind of a wave behind the particles, so that they are driven like a boat that floats down the wave towards the direction of the laser, and more important that was only said to drive intention away from our ingenious Raylev™/Wavelev™ technologiy and Raylev™ Transport system, obviously as the choice of the words proves. Again, we have also the next clear evidence for the copyright infringement and for our claims that our websites were used as the blueprints for that report.]".
    Again, that serious criminal media company is doubtlessly: Convicted!!!™
    Btw.: We already do know since many years that that company belongs to the serious criminal gang that is spying out our private home and our office, and is acting against C.S. and our company behind the curtains as well, as it could be seen clearly a further time with its unbelievable provocation by giving a rapper who hates women and homosexuals, and also glorifies violence one its media price for integration efforts. Besides this, one brother of the owner is one or maybe the only systematic collector of the painter Gerhard Richter, and for sure responsible for the other media mess in the fields of arts (see also the note about Gerhard Richter of the 17th of February 2010 and the General note of the 11th of February 2012 on our Culture webpage), so it can be seen as well what kind of persons are responsible for the deutshe contemporary pseudoculture.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Jatropha Energy™
    Jatropha Power™
    Jatropha Fuel™
    Jatropha Energie™
    Jatropha Power™
    Purgiernuss Energie™
    Purgiernuss Power™
    Exoskeletal turbine™
    Exoskeletale Turbine™
    Exoskeletal copter™
    Exoskeletaler Hubschrauber™
    Counter-rotating exoskeletal™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Ob Ad-hoc Beschleunigungs- und Wachstumsgesetze oder jetzt hypertrendige Zehn-Punkte-Pläne und Programme, es bleibt die gleiche Politik.", [C.S., Heute]
    "Whether ad hoc accelerating and growth laws, or now hyper-trendy ten-points-plans and programs, it still stays the same politicy.", [C.S., Today]
    Oft sind nur jeweils 2 von 10 Punkte solcher Pläne realisierbar. Vielleicht gelingt es sogar einigen PolitikerInnen durch geschicktes Taktieren und Wenden einen dritten Punkt einfach in die Wirklichkeit umzusetzen. Doch am Ende bleibt wohl die Staatsneuverschuldung von zur Zeit durchschnittlich 100 Milliarden Euro.

    Ontonics Website update
    We have added to our subsection Natural Energy 2.0 our new project:

  • Jatropha Energy.

    Furthermore, we added in the section Aviation Technology our not so new project:

  • Flying House.

    We also removed the project ST-RAM from the subsection Hardware-Technology into the newly created subsection Non-Volatile Memory Competence (NVMC) of the subsection Soft- and Hardware-Techno- logy of the section Core Informatics, and added as well the related project:

  • Hybrid Hibernation (HyHi)

    to this new subsection that we had already described in the Further steps of the 18th of May 2012.

    Our website update continued with the presentation of our new (Back)Pack Aircraft called:

  • (Back)Pack Exocopter 21:21 CET.

    Ontonics Further steps
    We would like to make new projects out of the new concepts ment- ioned in the Style of Speed Further steps of the 22nd January 2011 called correspondingly:

  • Exofan,
  • Exojet,
  • Exoskeletal energy bypass engine, and
  • Counter-rotating exoskeletal engine 23:25 CET.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We added to the list of engine concepts given in the Style of Speed Further steps of the 22nd January 2011 the:

  • MHD turboramjet energy bypass engine (MHD-controlled Turbo- Ramjet Engine (TRE)),

    which would perfectly fit as well into our hyperjets F-15FE Fire Eagle and F-22SR Super Raptor.


  • France Télécom→Orange→Everything Everywhere: With the label of its subsidiary the carrier has jumped on the bandwagon of our trademark Everywhere Intelligence™, and slogans, like for example "OntoLinux Everywhere™", "AI Everywhere™", "Possible is everything™", "Equipment is everything™", and especially "Everytime.Everywhere.Every party.™", which is an act that comes very close to a copyright infringement, but the fact that a related mobile phone is powered by a Linux® kernel based operating system crosses the white line due to our slogans "Equipment is everything™" and "OntoLinux Everywhere™", as well as our Mobile Devices™ powered by OntoLinux™.

    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • British Broadcasting Corporation: In a further report about a retrograde space capsule that was coined by stealing our Dragon related marketing story, that serious criminal media company suddenly calls a future version an astronaut taxi, because depending on the usage we call our little aerospacecrafts, like e.g. the X-3*/LittleStar, a Space Taxi™. But there seems to be a sign of a learning effect, because it was only said that the capsule was controlled by a private company.
    Btw.: We do know since many years by the collaboration with the media company ProSiebenSat.1 Media and its former news media channel N24 Media that that serious criminal media company belongs as well to the gang that is illegally spying out our private rooms and offices.
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik: Directly after we have publicated the case of a serious criminal media company today (see the case of about the British Broadcasting Corporation above), that consortium of public-law broadcasting institutions of the Federal Republic of Germany publicated as well a report and for sure mentioned the point with the transport of astronauts. But what it has not understood until now are the two following facts: Firstly, it is still infringing our copyright by reporting about a spacecraft called Dragon™, and secondly it still refuses to accept that the spacecraft is primarily constructed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and only controlled using all the facilities of the NASA by the private company actually.
    © and/or ®
    Christian Stroetmann GmbH