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Comment of the Day #1
"Anarchy of the governments", [C.S., Today]

Comment of the Day #2
"Cannibalism in the European Union", [C.S., Today]

Style of Speed Website update
We added the image of the sketch of our Space Shuttle with our Double Bubble Lifting Body (DBLB) fuselage design to the webpage of our orbital spaceplane XSS-3/BigStar.

Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • Cable News Network: The media company, Sir Fraudster and that other children birthday party clown Musk have all found out in the last days that we've outsmarted them all with our plane and space vehicle programs by Style of Speed™. They have thrown their time and money out of the window for a little bit of marketing and lying, while we simply looked at the archive, the storage and the business plan of the NASA, and saw directly that the whole high-performance technology of the Space Shuttle Mark 2, which has matured since several decades, besides other interesting items would not be used anymore around the end of the year 2010. So why should somebody be so unbelievable stupid and build a toy spaceship, which is nothing else than a barrel made out of carbon fibre with wings and a firework rocket as engine, or construct an own rocket engine, which by the way can also be bought since decades at every rocket shop in Russia for less money? Also, if we need a rocket engine, then we simply give Rocketdyne our concept sketched on a napkin and after six months that thing is ready to blast off. While Branson's space travel company as a business isn't attractive, and in the actual sit- uation will fail and cost him several millions of US dollar in the end, Musk is still babbling and lying about his retrograde rocket engine, that in fact was not designed in the 21st century, because it is very well known that it is conceptually based on the MC-1/Fastrac 60K rocket engine, which again is based on the rocket engine of the lun- ar lander of the Apollo program, and was developed, constructed and tested in the second half of the 1990s in a project led by the NASA. We also derived from the original design of the MC-1/Fastrac 60K rocket engine our much more optimized version for the applicat- ion in our Space Cab X-3*/LittleStar™. Moreover, a further defini- tely more advanced rocket engine than the one by Musk's space company was constructed by some other U.S.American space com- panies that simply licensed the original Russian technology, and is actually tested by the NASA in the last month.
    In the report it is also said that a space science editor of a scientific magazine "believes that having a fleet of specialized space vehicles [...] is the best way to conduct a space program". Thank you very much for the flowers, but now it's time for a special report about our worldwide unique perfectly researched, designed and developed, totally consistent space program by Style of Speed™. In a further statement the space science editor also mentioned that "everyone's dream is that we'll have Hilton hotels and Hertz taxis in space", that doubtlessly is a copyright infringement, because the statement obvi- ously points to our Space Cabs (see also our Clarification of the 26th of this month above), the Moon Ritz™ and Moon Hilton™ pro- jects, and our range of hypersonic launch vehicles (see the section Hypersoar of the Style of Speed™ website), aerospaceplanes, orbital spaceplanes and spaceships (see the section Space of the website by Style of Speed™ again). Despite this, that media company tried again to dilute the truth about our endeavours and our progress by telling the lie that the Space Shuttle program will end. No, that is wrong. In fact, it is going on with our XSS-3/BigStar™, the eXtend- able Space Shuttle Mark 3, that is ready for construction and fly, and our Space Shuttle Next Generation X-3033/MagicStar™, that is in the development phase of our new engines, which will enable the trip to the Mars, where a Hamburger and French Fries diner is ur- gently needed.
    All costs have been lowered by us with the BigStar™ by 90% in all aspects and we are actually computing the projection of the thrust-to-weight value. Our space program of Style of Speed™ has to be taken more seriously than 90% of the all worldwide space programs. So please stop reporting nonsense, and show competence.
    Btw: Trustworthiness is the mayor aspect and argument in the space business. So better don't mess around anymore with the own one.
  • Space Exploration Technologies: Its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) stated that "It's time for NASA to hand that over to commercial in- dustry, who can then optimize the technology and make it more reli- able, make it much lower-cost, and make it much more routine, as happened with the aircraft business.". Oh my dear. Optimizing an al- ready existing rocket engine, the MC-1/Fastrac 60K, by simply lett- ing the manufacturer of its turbomachinery build a new turbopump and fiddling around with the material of a slightly overworked nozzle is definitely not enough. That person should be responsible for the U.S.American space program? He and the investors wanted to steal our space business, and the world can see now that they failed.

    Come on, wake up, and:
    Stop dreaming - Start Pod racing - Start Swoop racing

    Comment of the Day #1
    "Let's steal back our China."
    The government of the P.R.China said that it is allowed after the doctrines of Confucius and Mao.

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Touch the screen, touch the screen", [Genesis, 1991]
    It has been said by the televangelist in the music video of the song "Jesus He Knows Me" of the album "We Can't Dance", while holding both hands in the direction of the studio camera. Now the reader does know the true source of inspiration for the touch screens and our multi-touch P@d™. :D

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have updated the webpage of our OSP XSS-3/BigStar by adding:

  • additional images of the Reuseable Lauch Vehicles (RLV) X-33 and VentureStar,
  • more important informations about the aerospike engine and its integration into the overall design,
  • the missing information about the substitution of the fuel tanks as designed for the RLVs X-33/VentureStar with tanks that have a cyl- indric shape, as well as the advantages of this step, and
  • the missing information that the two Space Shuttle Mark 2 fusela- ges of our Double Bubble Lifting Body (DBLB) fuselage are united at the front with a scaled X-33/VentureStar,

    as well as reformulating the description where it was appropriated.

    We don't have any secret accounts. But we get nearly every month spam from somebody asking for help for conducting money launder- ing, saving orphaned money, or having sent substantial amounts of money out of funding programs of different organizations to one of our accounts that in fact are not existing.

    Ontonics Further steps
    You asked for so we have created a new series of Glassy™ materials for a diverse range of fields of applications yesterday. We only say: "Transparent aluminum", [Scotty, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, 1986], but not AlON (aluminium oxynitride), which is a transparent ceramic material.

    Style of Speed Website update
    Once again we have updated the webpage of our Orbital SpacePlane (OSP) XSS-3/BigStar by adding the information about the application of our new series of Glassy™ materials for the Glassy Cockpit™, the glass cockpit of the next generation, and the Glassy Cabin™, which we also integrated with the Thermal Protection System (TPS).

    Comment of the Day
    "The blinder-world - How far goes anarchy?"

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have deleted the option of a rocket-based combined cycle pow- ertrain from the specification of our Orbital SpacePlane (OSP) XSS-3 /BigStar, because the spacecraft is ideally suited for linear aerospike engines.

    Comment of the Day
    "Chapeau! Kudos!"

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We have decided to build up some of our automobiles on the chassis of the Porsche model 993 that we will update and optimize so that it will be state of the art. Maybe after that we will switch to the 996 chassis in some few years. In this conjunction we are looking for a company in Malaysia, India or somewhere else that is interested in the manufacturing of this chassis.


  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Um wie üblich wieder einmal in Op- position zu uns zu treten und selbstverständlich auch als Reaktion auf zum Beispiel unsere Enthüllungen von gestern hat die ARD schon wieder illegal einen gesellschaftlichen Netzwerkdienst auf dem Web- Auftritt ihrer Nachrichtensendung plaziert. Für die gemeinsame Ent- wicklung einer Verfassung für eine demokratische Regierung nimmt man eine staatseigene und neutrale Wiki und eben nicht einen der antidemokratischen Dienste wie Facebook oder Co., die bei weitem die schlechtesten Möglichkeiten dafür sind, denn Facebook hat mit Demokratie überhaupt nichts gemeinsam, die Erstellung einer Verfas- sung ist keine Geburtstagsfeier und außerdem gehört dann die Ver- fassung zum Beispiel Facebook. Zudem ist das fast schon politischer Selbstmord der isländischen BürgerInnen.
    To step into opposition to us once again, as usual, and for sure as a reaction to our uncoverings of yesterday, for example, the working group of broadcasters of the B.R.D. has once again placed illegally a social network service. For the joint development of a constitution for a democratic government a state owned and neutral wiki has to be taken and excatly not one of these anti-democratic services like Facebook or Co., which are by far the worst possibilities for this due to the facts that Facebook has with democracy absolutely nothing in common, the creation of a constitution is not a birthday party, and also the constitution is then owned by eg. Facebook. Moreover, this comes close to a political suicide by the Icelandic citizens.

    OntoLinux Further steps
    We are looking for an open source video chat project that meets our specification. Besides this, we would like to give the information that the desktop environment Sugar is already using the Open Video Chat software, though it is based on the Jabber server, and we have thrown out of the Mekensleep Underware architecture its Twibber interface.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have deleted the image of the SSTO Reusable Rocket-Based Combined Cycle Launch Vehicle (RRBCCLV) reference concept GTX/ Trailblazer again from the webpage of our Orbital SpacePlane (OSP) XSS-3/ BigStar, because the option of a RBCC drivetrain was re- jected on the 5th of July 2011 and the construction can be seen in the other images.
    On the other hand we added:

  • the option of a drivetrain with 6× RX-2200 engines, and
  • the information that the XSS-3/BigStar can be used as a launcher in a Two-Stage-To-Orbit (TSTO) configuration or a transporter in the standard Single-Stage-To-Orbit (SSTO) configuration for eg. space taxis as well.


  • Microsoft: That only stealing and bribing company Microsoft is abusing its market power once again, as usual, by conducting partner programs and public projects with the sole goal to damage other companies that are not using its services and products. In detail, this is done by selling the services and products of these other companies with promoting those companies that in the most cases have stolen them before and became a member of its partner programm, like for example in the fields of cloud computing and augmented reality, as well as its combination, which was stolen from the website of our Hightech Operating System OntoLinux™ (see the webpage Overview and the related sections Network Technology and Mixed Reality of the webpage Links to Software). The same is done with the public projects. In this way the company is not selling directly its services and products, but is only using its market power and the related marketing machine for disturbing the order of the whole market.
    Following the rules of the European Union that only stealing company Microsoft has to stop immediately all partner programs and public projects.
    Besides this, it was said in a broadcast of the newschannel by the serious criminal media company Bertelsmann that Microsoft holds shares of the social network service Facebook, which would explain the illegal placement of that social network service company in the german media, especial by the working group of german broadcasters ARD, as well as the companies Bertelsmann and ProSiebenSat.1 Media.
  • Microsoft and Facebook: The combination of the video-call service provider Microsoft→Skype and the social network service Facebook is against the laws of the European Union and have to splitted. Furthermore, the service provider Facebook has to offer alternative video-call services like for example by the company Google and further players in this market.
    Btw.: Zuckerberg's claim that future companies, which have not traditionally looked at social networking, will be layering it on top of all their products is absolutely nonsense. Facebook and Co. are obsolete, and like MySpace it will vanish as well for 35 million US dollar or even less.
  • Bertelsmann&rarrN-TV: Die Sendung "Zukunftsmacher" wird nicht nur von dem Unternehmen Microsoft gesponsort, sondern ist zumindestens zu 50% eine Dauerwerbesendung für Dienste, Produkte und Aktivitäten dieses Unternehmens als auch seiner Partnerunternehmen, wie zum Beispiel das Zitat "Chatten, Facebook und SMS" der Aussage einer Moderatorin beweist. Als solche ist sie deshalb als Dauerwerbesendung klar und deutlich zu kennzeichnen und entsprechend als Werbezeit zu budgetieren.

    Pod and Swoop Racing League Further steps #16
    What is going on here? In stark contrast to the reports, which are running around the globe for quite some time, we have got a clear indication that Evel Knievel is also still alive, and after he has read our last issue #15 of the 12th of June 2011 he was sure that he has to take part in this highspeed action. In his own words this sounds as follows: "After I saw the Rocket Bike Girl Sarah Pickens (see edit- ion #2 of the 28th of March 2009) and Rocket Grandpa Georg Pletzer (edition #9 of the 1st of September 2010), and also found out that also Elvis has taken up already his training as well, I directly catched fire, which in fact is not so unusual for a danger seeker, and decided to attend in the Pod and Swoop racing league as well. With my ex- periences and competences in riding through the air, as well as my world record setting 433 broken bones I'm perfectly qualified to step into the fight for the title. So if Elvis, the "King of Rock 'n' Roll", real- ly thinks that he could also become the "King of Pod racing", then I will show him what it really means to be the "King of the Goons"."
    Indeed, this man is doubtlessly destined for these great sports, and his easily understandable arguments as well as this clear announce- ment makes him one of the top favorites for the title "King of Swoop racing". But the story developed quickly even more momentum, be- cause clever as he is, as a pioneer and professional in rocket biking and jumping through burning rings of fire, he has hold back important informations. Luckily and despite the fact that they're normally pro- viding the world with their excellent reports about what is also really hot without having two legs, the Speed Geeks of the Hot Rod Maga- zin found out that he has already begun in the past to research, de- sign and develop his marvelous Skycycles, and is now already in the testing phase. In detail, this time they sent us a photo that shows Evel Knievel conducting top secret tests with the new prototyp of his Podracer. Further investigations done by us also brought to light that he is already testing his second vehicle with the very proper name Skycycle X-2. Interesting is also that the Skycycle X-2 feat- ures as a world's first a recovery system, and that it will be tested as well by the announced swoop over the Snake River Canyon in Idaho, U.S.A., for proving the high performance of its repulsorlift. So let's wait until he also has finally demounted the training wheels from his Swoop, which infact are not needed anymore, as one of the pictures clearly shows.
    Besides, we would like to remind our readers that his former sponsor is also already participating with its Swoop racing factory team, as we reported about in the issue #12 on the 7th of December 2010. Maybe the winning team of the past reunites again.
    Oh my turbopump!

    Eval Knievel Swoop RacingEval Knievel Pod and Swoop RacerEval Knievel Pod Racing Skycycle X-1 Eval Knievel Pod Racing Skycycle X-2
    © Hot Rod, Doug Malewicki and :(

    Style of Speed Website update
    The fog is lifting more and more: We have deleted the option of the drivetrain that is based on our SXME-2200 aerospike engine from the webpage of our Orbital SpacePlane (OSP) XSS-3/ BigStar, be- cause due to some design requirements we were not sure if we would have enough power, and if we could recycle the drivetrain control system of the Space Shuttle Mark 2. But as it can be seen now we have even more than enough performance, and the issue with the control system is not a problem at all. Besides this, our RX-2200 aerospike engine is less expensive, weights less and even features an ignition system by the basic design of the J-2X rocket engine.

    <:-)>>| Last Space Shuttle Mark 2 on mission Ω STS-135
    STS-135 Atlantis has left the launchpad! Welcome future!
    Oh my holy cromoly and golden turbopump.

    Originals and Images of the Day
    Original (NASA Rockwell International Space Shuttle)

    NASA Military Space ShuttleNASA Early Space ShuttleNASA Space Shuttle EnterpriseNASA Space Shuttle Columbia Mission Α STS-1NASA Space Shuttle ChallengerNASA Space Shuttle Atlantis Mission Ω STS-135NASA Space Shuttle SignatureNASA Space Shuttle Docking on ISS NASA Space Shuttle Masters around the Space Shuttle Silhouette in a Vibrating O# Formation
    © NASA, and North American Rockwell, now Rockwell Collins

    Only for clarifying the historical chronology and the attempts by some german persons and the usual defrauding media that are acting and reporting in the fields of aerospace, we would like to give the in- formation taken out of our archive, that we heard no official state- ment from the NASA or around the administration that there was any interest to recycle technology of the Space Tranportation System (STS) Space Shuttle Mark 2, especially in conjunction with their ro- cket and capsule program, before we announced our orbital space- plane XSS-3/BigStar, aka. Big Space Shuttle and Space Shuttle Mark 3, and its budget was cut drastically. Said this, we came to this sol- ution on our own (see also for example the Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 1st of July 2011).

    King Smiley Further steps
    Today, C.S. wanted to finalize the subseries "Space (1st Steps into)" → "Space Shuttle", but simply said we haven't found the right photo since two years and so the first attempt didn't work. See for so long the #1 and #2 of this series publicated on the 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th, all of March 2009, until we have solved the little problems.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added informations about the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of our Orbital SpacePlane (OSP) XSS-3/BigStar, the eXtended Space Shuttle, to the section Further Informations of its webpage.

    Comment of the Day
    "Bild am Sonntag - Danke & Auf Wiedersehn", [C.S., Today]
    The tabloid "Bild am Sonntag" (BamS) is the german version of the "News of the Week" that makes exactly the same problems.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    More detailed informations given on a webpage about the project X-33/VentureStar said, that the weight of the Rocket powered Re- usable Launch Vehicle (RRLV) VentureStar is around 10,000 kilograms lower as the basic value we have taken for our estimation and calc- ulations at first. Also, the ratio of the maximal take-off weight to the maximal thrust was wrongly interpreted by the impression that the given thrust data for the RRLV VentureStar has been measured in the vacuum, but not at the sea level. Now, both more precise in- formations have to be taken to adjust the values of the specification of our Orbital SpacePlane (OSP) XSS-3/BigStar. The nice effect is that now we either could heighten the payload capacity, make the spaceplane smaller, or add an additional version between the X-3*/ LittleStar and the XSS-3/ BigStar, eg. an XSL-3/MediumStar.

    Besides this, the version with 5× RX-2200 aerospike engines was re- placed with the version that features seven of this rocket engines, and also a new option for a modular cargo bay was added, so that the standard cargo bay's dimension, which is around 33% longer than the cargo bay of the Space Shuttle Mark 2, can be made high- er by 50%.

    Comment of the Day
    "Let's burn some money.", [C.S., Today]

    Comment of the Day
    "Let's shoot the messenger.", [C.S., Yesterday]
    But who is the messenger? The rating agency or the media? And more important: What is the fish? and Where are the chips?

    What the NASA, all the persons behind the fake company Space Ex- ploration Technologies, the other space companies, and the media still do not want to understand is the fact, that the concept of a simple, long, and rocket based spacecraft is not the better techno- logy anymore, but the Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV), like example given our Orbital SpacePlane (OSP) XSS-3/BigStar, the eXtended Space Shuttle aka. Space Shuttle Mark 3. This is due to the facts that with the other concept they either throw away or burn a very expensive part with every launch, or its reutilization is very expens- ive, especially the recycling of the booster rockets by fishing them out of the sea, deconstructing them down to the last rivet, over- hauling everything, and finally reconstructing them again, so that in fact we have here in the end the most expensive process that is normally called restauration. In contrast to this, with the cocnept by the NASA and its former project partners that we have further dev- eloped and made feasible after the related projects were canceled due to the unability to end them successfully, and resulted now in our XSS-3™/BigStar™, we simply make some structural tests of the composite tanks, and then refill them. In addition, some wearing parts are exchanged by a process that has much in common with a simple push-fit system, and then we are ready for take-off again. Furthermore, the booster rockets and the external tank are only needed by such a launch system design due to the worse aerodyn- amics and the inefficient drivetrains of their space vehicles. Also, they must have their own hulls, that in fact add now the addtional weight, which has to be launched inefficiently as death mass as well. The next point is that their launch vehicles and spacecrafts have to be built in the vertical position due to their large dimensions and weights. Taking the mentioned cost factors and the cost of all the other negative effects that are resulting as consequencies by such a design decision together, makes it now more expensive than the solution of all these problems, that is a perfectly researched, holistic designed, developed and constructed modern OSP, like our XSS-3™/BigStar™.

    In this conjunction we would like to clarify and in this way share the little secret with the public, that all informations given on the webpage of the BigStar are in existence in our house since around ten years now, exclusive some not so important details of the spec- ification, and that we have publicated them only piece by piece to irritate and direct the usual defrauding entities into a dead end street. Furthermore, we have developed a new component of the Thermal Protection System (TPS) that by its simplicity is even more radical and superior to everything else designed, and gives the cla- ssic rocket based launch vehicles the rest, if this has not already happened before. Like the Space Shuttle Mark 1 and Mark 2 have blocked the further development in the fields of astronautics by the refusal to update its old technology, it is now the standard rocket based architecture of space vehicles that blocks the further devel- opment. The related capsule is only a problem in this small low-tech version, but could be a good conceptual base for special missions and our XR-3™/Lucky Dragon™.

    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): Since some months we are getting informations that say that the NASA wants to recycle even more and more technology of the Space Transportation System (STS) with its Space Shuttle Mark 2. At first it was said that nothing will be reused (see also our Clarification of the 26th of June 2011 and 8th of July 2011), then only a part of the control software should be recycled, followed some months ago by the information that a consortium by a U.S.American company and a European company will use the booster rocket for a launch system, and now they want to take the boosters and the external tank. In fact, it is also this launch system architecture consisting of booster rockets and an external tank that makes such launch systems so ex- pensive. Some of the technical reasons for this are explained in our Clarification of today (see above).
  • Virgin Group→Virgin Galactic: Suddenly, we hear by Sir Fraudster that he made so many tests of his spacecraft. But the rule of thumb for the design and construction of a spacecraft is: No moving exter- ior parts. Said this, its carbon fibre barrel with a simple firework ro- cket as drivetrain has a critical security issue that is inherited by design due to this hinged wing.
  • Space Exploration Technologies: Suddenly, the focus of its busi- ness strategy has changed away from the Heavy Lift Launch Vehic- les (HLLV) to human transport and travelling to the Mars after we tricked it out easily with our space program by Style of Speed™. By the way, this company costs and burns so much money that normal investors are not willing to risk, especially by giving these amounts of money to such a person like Elon Musk, so that we are convinced since years that this company is a fake company by the U.S.Americ- an government and some governmental institutions only, or maybe the company Google.
  • Cable News Network: The report published on its website (see its case in the Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 1st of July 2011) was broadcasted yesterday on television with new informat- ions added that repeated the informations we have given in the last days. For example, it was additionally said something about "afford- able", "human transport", secure spacecrafts and testing, now. Moreover, the information about the recycling of the booster rockets and the external tank of the Space Transportation System (STS) with the Space Shuttle Mark 1 and Mark 2 was added (see our Clar- ification of the 26th of June 2011 and 8th of July 2011, as well as our Clarification of today above). Besides this, it claimed again that total nonsense, that the Space Shuttle program has ended, which for sure is not the case as the whole world does know, so that it already laughs about such claims and calls our XSS-3/BigStar in- genious.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "Bunga, bunga!", [Group of English friends who pretended to be the Prince of Abyssinia (Ethiopian Empire) and his entourage, 1910]
    Can we have ketchup to our gyros and röstis?

    Comment of the Day #2
    "After pop music and pop art came the pop economy.", [C.S., Today]

    Due to the commitment by the convicted serious criminal Ai Weiwei for a guest professorship at the Universität der Künste Berlin, B.R.D., and also the highly suspicious federal city state senator of Berlin, Jürgen Zöllner, and his Einstein-Stiftung Berlin we made notes about all three entities on our webpage Culture.

    Comment of the Day
    Space hotel™
    Deuteriumfabrik™ Deuteriumfarm™
    Lithiumfabrik™ Lithiumfarm™

    Ontonics Website update
    We have beautified the descripitons of the projects:

  • Plasma Motor,
  • Solar Fusion, and
  • Fuel Cell Fusion.

    Furthermore, we have added to the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics the two old projects:

  • Plasma Compressor, and
  • Regenerative Plasma Compressor,

    and also the two new projects:

  • Deuterium Plant, and
  • Lithium Plant,

    that we have announced on the 28th of June 2011.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added the information that our Orbital SpacePlane (OSP) XSS-3/ BigStar, the eXtended Space Shuttle aka. Space Shuttle Mark 3, is actually the only space vehicle with the capability to transport hu- man beings beyond the Low Earth Orbit.
    We also have taken a closer look at some technologies that will in- crease the overall performance of our Hyperjets, Hypersoars, as well as OSPs and AeroSpacePlanes (ASP) even further by around 20%.

    So its time to ask for reservations for your room in the Hilton and Ritz SpaceHotels and the Moon Hilton™ hotel, as well as for the menu of our Moon Rock Cafe™. In this conjunction, we recommend our Space-Nachos™ with the Stardust Dip™ as appetizer, before a Space-Burger™ or the Space-Ribs™ with our uncomparable Space-Fries™, and eventually an original Moon Coke™. And don't forget your dancing moon boots.

    Comment of the Day

    Ontonics Website update CET 3:39
    We have added to the descriptions of our two technologies Solar Fusion and Fuel Cell Fusion the remark that they become especially interesting in combination with the cold fusion as some kind of semi- cold fusion.


  • Google: That only stealing company jumped on the Lego® band- wagon by also making the cups for the winners of its scientific con- test out of Lego® bricks.


  • Google: For one of its two obsolete Linux® based nonsense oper- ating systems that only stealing company called an element of its security model zygote that works as we described it in The Proposal. Moreover, we were hinted by a person of the National Security Ag- ency (NSA), which is active in this field with the Linux® Security Modules (LSM) Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux), that is also sup- ported by us with our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™. Said this, it is obvious that it hs been stolen from the website of our OntoLinux™ where the term Zygote is describe as "Entwicklungspro- zess eines multizellularen Organismus. Dieser beginnt mit genau einer Zel- le==development process of a multicellular organism. This starts with exactly one cell" in conjunction with operating systems (see The Proposal, especially the chapters 3 Entwicklung und Funktions- weise eines Gehirns, 5 Zusammenfassung and 8.2.2 Virtuelle Zell- teilung) and Linux® based operating systems.
    Btw.: Google is actually trying to infiltrate the mailing lists of the Linux® development community. Said this, it has broken once again the rules behind the open source software movement by acting de- liberately against its ethics. Also, its developers and supporters still have not understood that they are not welcome anymore, at least from our side.

    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Google: As usual and in this way a further evidence for its illegal behaviour, that only stealing company jumped on the bandwagon of the comb- ination of a Space Shuttle and a Linux® based operating system with a simple application that showed the flight of the last mission STS-135 of the NASA Space Shuttle program. We created before this very special combination with our Space Transportation System (STS) with Single-Stage-To-Orbit (SSTO) Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) XSS-3™/BigStar™, the eXtendable Space Shuttle Mark 3, and our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™, so that we have here again a copyright infringement.
    Btw.: This joint work was for us the next evidence that the compa- ny Space Exploration Technologies must be a fake (see the cases of the Government of U.S.A. in the Investigations and of the company Space Exploration Technologies in our Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 16th of April 2010, the case of the NASA and Space Exploration Technologies in the Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 8th of December 2010, the Clarification, and the cases of the NASA and again the fake company Space Exploration Technologies in the Investigations::Aviation and Space 12th of July 2011, and also the case of the media company British Broadcasting Corporation in the Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 3rd of May 2011). In addition, after Obama made today a call to the actual crew of the Space Shuttle Atlantis that is docked at the International Space Station (ISS) joking around a pizza in space (see in this conjunction our Style of Speed Website update of yesterday) it should become clear that that fake company Space Exploration Technologies is also highly connected directly with the U.S.American government. So the claim from 8th of December 2010 about the launch of a rocket by a private company is a marketing hoax/lie by the clique around Obama. In fact it was at least t0 80% a NASA rocket.

    And now it should also be clear where the special flag flown by the maiden shuttle mission back in 1981 should already have to hang: In our office. For the first commercial crew, or should we better say the next commercial hoax crew, the Lego® building set 7467 would be enough.

    Comment of the Day #1

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Pop president"
    Or should we say after the radio star MTV killed the White House star?

    Picture of the Day
    Yps Der Sonnen-Energie-Ofen==The solar energy/power oven/stove

    Yps The Solar energy oven
    © Egmont Ehapa Verlag and Yps Fanpage

    The straight translation of the area with the pink background colour in English is:
    A fantastic Gimmick for scientific experiments:
    The solar energy oven
    With it you can transform directly sunlight into heat.
    The concave mirror concentrates/focuses the sunrays.
    In their focal point it gets so hot that you can bring water or other liquids to the boil!
    [The frog rhymes:] That is simply wonderful! The mirror cooks the soup through!

    The comic Yps was based on the French magazine Pif-Gadget. Around the year 1979 C.S. owned the Yps magazine with the solar energy oven (#0192) and so was already as a child far ahead of ma- ny self-exposers, like that dude from Hamburg, B.R.D., who manages the Otto Versand and claims for being a pioneer in the field of alt- ernative energy sources, but never created the momentum as C.S. did. :P
    C.S. also had also some other Gimmicks like Das Sternen-Teleskop== The stars telescope (issue #0175), and Die Stern-Karte, die in der Nacht hell leuchtet==The star map that glows brightly in the night (#0178). But the most favorite Gimmicks were Die Maschine, die eckige Eier macht==The device that makes squared eggs (#0172), the Solar-Zeppelin (#0450), which was a long black plastic bag for sun powered flights, and Das Um-die-Ecke-Blasrohr==The corner shot blast pipe (#0016), though none of them was owned by C.S..


  • Siemens and Hamburg: That only stealing company is one of the main sponsors of a project in the federal city state Hamburg, B.R.D., in the field of enviromental friendly energy. For this it has stolen our Green Heart™ ♥™ made as a Leaf™, as well as infringed massively our copyright (see also our Picture of the Day and the additional co- mments above).

    On our Culture webpage we made a note about the Quadriga gGmbH.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "It's time for panic."

    Comment of the Day #2
    "The euro is secure as a nuclear power plant.", [C.S., freely adapted from two statements by A. Merkel of the years 2010 and 2011, Today]
    "Der Euro ist sicher wie ein Atomkraftwerk.", [C.S., frei nach zwei Aussagen von A. Merkel der Jahre 2010 und 2011, Heute]
    In fact, this comment is an integration of two statements made by her.


  • Metro Group→Real SB-Warenhaus: An advertisement was publlish- ed with the headline "Voll im Trend==Right in line with the trend" followed by two brand logos that point to the headlogo of the web- site of our Hightech Operating Sy- stem™ OntoLinux™. Furthermore, its promotional text contained "44 original iPad" and "300 E[uro]". Besides the labelling of products as original, especially of a Mobile Device™ with a touch-sensitve display, like our original Pad-Comput- ers™ of intelliTablet™ (iTablet)™, that are all powered with our On- toLinux™ as the operating system, as well as the copying of the 3 Theme by C.S. it is obvious that our websites have been illegally us- ed and so we have an infringement of our copyright. Moreover, the statement "original iPad" is an deceptive advertising, because we own the original P@d™, a fact that is well-known by that criminal company Metro-Group from the leading white-collar crime city Düs- seldorf, B.R.D..

    Investigations::Car #328

  • Volkswagen→Audi: We do quote from a website section about the automotive design concepts made by the marque: "Die Fahrspass Maschine==The driving fun machine [That can be found on the web- pages of our model Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™) and :D™ (Big Fun™), as well as our driving fun maximizing modern hot rod Bee!™.]", "[...] mobile device [...] [No, no, no: Mobile Device™]", "[...] Cockpit-Architektur [...] Triebwerk [Here we can see that general terms of the fields aircraft and space are used to copy a part of our market- ing story of Style of Speed™.]", "[...] puristische [...]", and so on.
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: It seems to be that that only stealing company has again stolen a technology from our website, or at least from another automobile manufacturer from Japan. Seen from our side that company has taken illegally the essential part of our Clarif- ication #1 of the 14th of July 2009: "With the next accepted modern /universal model/theory, that may or may not refute Einstein's theo- ries, a human is able to look at the universe like she/he is on the outside of the universe but being inside.". This was said in conjunct- ion with such a universal model that we have given with our Caliber of our Hightech Operating System OntoLinux™, and OntoLinux™ is used for our vehicles by our division Style of Speed™, like for ex- ample our automobiles and conversions of automobiles manufactured by other companies. That only stealing company Bayerische Moto- renwerke simply did only the following: It replaced in the quoted part of our clarification the term universe with the term automobile, in the sense of a private universe/world if the reader wishs to, and no- thing more. This is not enough, because it is still the same thought, for sure. In addition, it is very important to mention that this model of the world was used as the foundation of its Surround View system that is running as a part of a multimedia system on an on-board computer of a car. But again, this very special combination was giv- en by us all the time. Said this, we have here the next totally clear copyright infringement.
    The marketing story of the so-called garage computing shown in its related commercial was stolen from an advertisement by the com- pany Hewlett-Packard that was publicated around five or six years ago. Bunga, Weißwurstbier!
    Besides this, we also found in some other fields of innovation more stolen contents of our websites, but due to the fact that the case with this company is absolutely clear now, we don't need to docum- ent this anymore risking to annoy our readers in this way.

    Like with the company Daimler and all the other industrial companies the reader won't find so many innovations really created by that company.

    Comment of the Day
    "Ich schwör': Ich habe Merkel nicht gewählt!", [A citizen of the B.R.D., Yesterday]
    "I swear: I haven't voted for Merkel!"

    Comment of the Day
    "Politicians are obsolete."
    "PolitikerInnen sind nicht mehr zu gebrauchen."

    OntoLinux Website update and Clarification
    Due to massive foul play by several projects of the faculty inform- atics at the university, especially the support of an obsolete Linux® based operating system of a serious criminal internet search engine provider that is only stealing and also massively damaging the ethics of the open source software community, we had to delete from the webpages Components and Links to Software the link to:

  • Technische Universität Dresden, Fakultät Informatik, Institut für Systemarchitektur, Betriebssystemgruppe (TUDOS): L4Linux - Li♥x on L4

    Because the reason for this step is only the politics by two german universities, which rejected our warnings and which we don't sup- port due to these kind of nasty behaviours, it has in no way any technical implications on our superior L4 based derivatives of Onto- Linux. In the past, we had already created our OntoL4 due to the same reason, and in this way no gap and no problems for our cust- omers could arise, as planned long time ago.
    While on the Links to Software webpage we also deleted the link to the:

  • W3C,

    because other persons who have stolen contents of our websites have been and still are promoted knowingly, and informations of some of our technologies found also its way to its website without following our disclaimer.

    Today, we would like to announce the new webpage of our OntoL4 component.

    Furthermore, if we tell the webmaster of the kernel.org website that wikis, especially the wikis of the file systems ReiserFS and Reiser4, and Btrfs, obviously contain illegal contents, then it is her/his gener- al duty to take the contents off-line immediately until the case is clearified (see also the OntoLinux Website update and Clarification of the 14th of June 2010). The explanation by the webmaster of the kernel.org website, that the owner of an intellectual property has to ask for deletion, is not enough. Until today we haven't got the offic- ial information that H. Reiser has given the allowance for copying the contents of the old website of his former company Namesys into the wiki on the kernel.org website, and as long as this is the case the situation is for us that the webmaster of the kernel.org website is knowing about an illegal acting, and it is her/his duty as a citizen to take appropriate actions, eg. to inform the police. Otherwise we will do it.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    As part of the development of the eXtendable Space Shuttle Mark 4 (XSS-4) we have overworked the design of our Orbital SpacePlane (OSP) XSS-3/BigStar by tilting up the wings by around 40°, like it was done with the original design of the X-33/VentureStar. These tilted wings make rudders in the vertical stabilizers or even the whole vertical stabilizers obsolete reducing weight and complexity. The horizontal stabilizers at the tail were already sketched, but in the style of the Space Shuttle Mark 2, and not positioned correctly for irritating the unpleasant entities.

    On a webpage about a list of private spaceflight companies of a very well-known internet encyclopedia, the capsule of the fake space company Space Exploration Technologies is said to have the status "operational (1/1)". But how should that marketing hoax be operat- ional with a launch record of 1 successful flight of 1 flight? In fact, that capsule is in the status of testing for non-human-rated flights, and from our point of view its status is design and development as a crew transport vehicle for human-rated flights, about which the tab- le is that contains this nonsense data. Even worse, the used launch vehicle has also a status of only "operational (2/2)", and its status is at most testing for human-rated flights.
    One of the most competent private space companies of the smaller ones has reached a launch record of 6/9. In the latter case we do ask the NASA why they haven't asked us. The last two of the three failures resulted in a loss of 700 million US dollar. With that money we could let you make donuts today. Around the Moon.
    By the way: We are looking for a sponsor for the paint of the flag on our Orbital SpacePlane (OSP) BigStar. And if a private company has the urgent need to have its logo on our OSP, then we can say only: Don't be so shy with your 3 digit million support. This is better than Formula 1 advertising.

    OntoLinux Website update and Further steps
    As it could be already seen yesterday, we have inspected the links given on the Links to Software webpage, and updated the webpage by deleting the obsolete links. This quality ensuring work was now finalized by deleting in the section Automation the link:

  • Flanders' Mechatronics Technology Centre (FMTC) and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Robotics Research Group, Autonomous Compliant Motion Group: OROCOS - Open Robot Control Software,

    because nearly all of the included and for us important software lib- raries are already included in the referenced Linux® distributions, eg. Debian and Scientific Linux, and the rest is not relevant for our High- tech Operating System OntoLinux due to the superior overall archi- tecture, components, and features. A further reason for this deletion was more and more foul play.
    Besides this, we marked two actually dead links with the information that we have a copy of the deleted webpage, which means that we will upload our copy due to historical and educational reasons, as usual.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    Due tot he facts that our Orbital SpacePlane (OSP) XSS-3/BigStar already has:

  • more then enough power,
  • finally a High Performance RamAerospike engine, and
  • since some years a ready designed new version with the eXtend- able Space Shuttle Mark 4 (XSS-4) with an even better thrust-to- weight ratio,

    we added the information to its webpage that the BigStar was just right from the start designed as a Horizontal Take-off and Horizontal Landing (HTHL) spaceplane. We have hold back this information for irritating the unpleasant entities, as usual.

    Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, and Aviation and Space
    *** Work in progress ***

  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: For a science broadcast shown yesterday our websites of our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™ and our business division Style of Speed™ were once again taken as a template, and their contents only repeated for the usual attempt to cheapen our brilliant achievements, or even to re- present them as a fraud (see also its case in the Investigations of the 10th of May 2011). In this conjunction, it was especially suspicious that on the one hand it was tried once again unsuccessfully, as ever, to ridicule C.S. and our corporation by inviting a fan of the Star Trek® Saga, aka. Trekkie, as a studio guest, who knew exactly about everything, for sure. Eigentlich ist an dieser nichts auszusetzen, if there would not have been the presentation of a very well written handbook about the starship Enterprise. The true goal of this acting was in fact that the working group wanted to suggest to the viewers that we would have written our knowledge out of a such a handbook abgeschrieben, schließlich we have also shown such a handbook of the Star Wars® Saga in a photo of the Hotspot of Innovations™. Due to our experiencies of the last ten years that gave us the knowledge how primitive the manipulation is practiced, we have taken some counter-measures against wir extra on the webpage of our spaceship TIE Royal/LightSwift™, which naturally can't be recognized by antisocial and incompetent entities at all. Zum einen wurden die übernommenen Angaben vom Raumschiff Enterprise von uns nicht exakt und wie wir ganz klar sagen, dass als Beispiel um unsere Technologie besser zu beschreiben und zu diskutieren übernommen, sondern gemäß unseren Vorgaben abgeändert haben und das zusätzlich noch an bestimmten Stellen in extrem genialen Ausprägungen. Zusätzlich haben wir auch in den letzten Jahren immer wieder unser Universales Model stückchenweise vorgestellt, von dem zwei wesentliche und extrem schwerwiegende Aspekte durch wissenschaftliche Experimeten erst Jahre später bewiesen wurden und wir sie nachträglich angegeben haben. These new insights are not standing in nun einmal in some irgendwelchen science-fiction documents. Trotz der Einladung eines zweiten Studiogasts, der einer der typical destructive and not very competent physician of a technical university in the B.R.D. is, um dieses Problem
    That at the same time one even asked that physicist questions about the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and presented a loser of the technical university in Karlsruhe, B.R.D., with a special robot, who merely parrot everything, what they have simply taken from for example our websites, and therefore have not done anything on their own and achieved something else than burning tax money in contrast to us since 15 years, made the whole issue a pure laughing stock. In fact, the scientist cannot know all of this, neither the physics, the informatics, nor the bionics and biomimetics, because as a matter of fact we have developed them and we do not communicate with such self-exposers and criminals at all.

    That suddenly the nuclear fusion energy has also been mentioned is not surprising for us at all, because eventually we have already done pioneering work in ths field as well in the past with our innovation project Nuclear Energy 2.0 and the related projects. At this point we would point out as well, besides our spaceship TIE Royal/LightSwift™ also auf die Raumschiffkonzepte X-3³/Drake™ und XR-3/Lucky Dragon™ hingewiesen.

    Comment of the Day
    "The taxpayer is system-relevant, but not the bank.", [C.S., Today]
    The term taxpayer can be substituted with human, citizen, society, democracy or other terms.

    Investigations::Car #329 Wireless Charging Special

  • Daimler, Conductix-Wampfler and Government of the B.R.D.: The federal ministry for the environment, nature conservation and nucle- ar safety has started at the end of November 2010 a project for wireless charging of electric vehicles by induction. This could easily become a copyright infringement problem due to the german de- scription of our irail™ solution.
  • Haloipt: The company has presented a technology based on in- duction for the wireless charging of vehicles with electric or hybrid drivetrains, like our ipad™ solution. For this acting the concept of our E-City™ Car CE, which is based on the model C1 by the marque PSA Peugeot Citroën→Citroën, has been stolen by that company. If its technology is related to our irail™ solution, then we have a copy- right infringement in the field of wireless charging systems as well.
  • Witricity: The technology was not envisioned to be used with el- ectric powered objects that can move, like electric or hybrid vehic- les, but only for Mobile Devices™, like for the recharging the accu- mulators of notebooks and consumer electronics (see also all the other cases of this investigation). As it was presented to the public by itself, the private research university Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and its partner, the company Intel, there was no word said about this class of application with objects that can move. Said this, this kind of application was stolen from our websites and is in- fringing our copyright in relation to our irail™ and ipad™ solutions by not following our disclaimer.
  • Toyota: The car manufacturer made an investment in the company Witricity (see its case above) at the end of April 2011. This will not help against the already made infringement of our copyright in con- junction with our irail™ and ipad™ solutions by the company Witri- city and now Toyota as well. The vehicle manufacturers Bayerische Motorenwerke and Daimler have chosen a different wireless charging approach that is based on induction. Furthermore, our website is witnessed closely by these two manufacturers, the manufacturer Volkswagen, and all its subsidiaries, as well as the company Ford, besides all leading auto industry suppliers, the governments of the largest countries and trading zones, and so on.
  • British Broadcasting Corporation: Once again, that serious criminal media company reported knowingly about one of our technologies, in this case our irail™ and ipad™ solutions for the wireless charging of vehicles with an electric or hybrid drivetrain that applies coupled el- ectric resonators, mentioned only other companies, especially the defrauding companies Haloipt and Witricity, and also has used illeg- ally the contents of the website of our business division Style of Speed™ for its report. We document the essential text passages of this report and the case by quoting: ""The whole concept of effic- ient wireless charging of vehicles relies on near-field, non-radiative coupling between the charging point and the receiver on the vehic- le." [That's not quite right. In the case of our irail™ system the situ- ation is a different, because we also have moving vehicles.]", "Elec- tronics giant Intel started experimenting with it in their labs [...] [So, here it can be seen easily that that media company does know our technology, because we always have mentioned that we have taken the Wireless Resonant Energy Link (WREL) approach of the company Intel, which is a partner of the private university Massa- chusetts Institute of Technology (see again the case of the compa- ny Witricity above).]", and also "And maybe one day, if the techno- logy gets embedded into streets and motorways, drivers won't even have to worry about charging at all. [This also points directly to our webpage of the irail™. If this comment and the other comments of this investigation are taken together, then it should again absolutely clear that that media company has copied our website content a further time.]".

    We demand all media companies not to report about the application of the wireless charging technologie based on coupled resonators in the field of vehicles with electric or hybrid drivetrains, because we claim the copyright about this technical solution.
    Wir fordern alle Medienunternehmen auf nicht über die Anwendung von kabellosen Ladetechnologien, die auf gekoppelten Resonatoren basieren, im Bereich von Fahrzeugen mit elektrischen oder hybriden Antrieben zu berichten, da wir das Urheberrecht für diese technische Lösung beanspruchen

    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • Bertelsmann→N-TV: We could convict that serious criminal media company a further time. In detail, in conjunction with the finalized Space Transportation System (STS) program by the NASA based on the Orbital SpacePlanes (OSP) Space Shuttle Mark 1 and Mark 2 some few but extra selected sequences of the report about the fut- ure of the NASA and space travelling by the media company Cable News Network, which we investigated some days ago (see the Inve- stigations::Aviation and Space of the 1st of July 2011 and 12th of July 2011), were shown to give the viewers the wrong impression by being in opposition to our proven and documented facts of the bust- ed private space companies Virgin Group→Virgin Galactic and Space Exploration Technologies, and also to deliberately mislead the public about the fact that we are the true source of some concepts, pro- jects and technologies.
    Most important to mention were some few phrases by that serious criminal and already busted confidence man E. Musk, that he has stolen from our websites, especially the one by Style of Speed™, like "[do the things] of science fiction", "revolutionary", and so on (see also the case of his fake company Space Exploration Technolo- gies in the Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 27th of Dec- ember 2008 and 21st of April 2011, and the case of the media com- pany British Broadcasting Corporation in the same field of investigat- ion of the 3rd of May 2011). Furthermore, it was also shown the mentioned editor of a scientific magazine with the stolen story about "Hilton [space] hotels", that was translated wrongly to "die Hiltons== the Hiltons", which was very stupid, because everybody could see in this way that the responsible persons of that media company have manipulated the broadcast by giving a wrong translation and holding back information about our original projects, like the Moon Ritz™ and Moon Hilton™. For perverting the documented facts about our ende- avours, and about the criminal fake space company Space Explorat- ion technologies even more, an incompetent leading manager of the german center of aerospace was interviewed (see the case of the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e. V. below).

    But this time we don't speak about Linux® based operating systems, like our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™, Pad Computers based on our orginal and copyrighted P@d™ concept, or vehicles with Pure Electric™ drivetrains. This is rocket science, and all the usual and very well-known fraudsters have absolutely no way to manipulate the facts, or to react quickly enough without loosing at least their trustworthiness.

  • Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e. V.: In an interview with the newschannel of the serious criminal media company Bertels- mann (see its case above) the manager proved impressively his total incompetence. During the whole interview he named only that seri- ous criminal Space hoaX company Space Exploration Technologies by using the short term "spacex", and mentioned its marketing hoax space capsule, that is called Dragon™ only for stealing the story and infringing the copyright of our business division Style of Speed™ due to its mascot and our original Space Dragon Lab (SDL) (see for this issue also the case of that Space hoaX company Space Exploration Technologies in the Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 27th of December 2008, 21st of April 2011 and today, the Clarification of yesterday, as well as the case of the media company British Broad- casting Corporation in the same field of investigations of the 3rd of May 2011).
    Then he talked about launch cost in general, because he knows very well about our unrivaled Reusable Launch Vehicles (RLVs), like our Orbital SpacePlanes (OSPs) X-3*™/LittleStar™ and XSS-3™/BigStar for example (see also the case of the fake company Space Explorat- ion Technologies in the Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 16th of April 2010), but suspiciously refused to name other space compa- nies besides our company with our business division SOS.
    After this he tried in an absolutely stupid and again suspicious way to irritate the viewers by naming two times that company Space Ex- ploration Technologies "dragon x", while stumbling all the time over his own words due to this very bad show of faked verbal errors. Be- sides this, he babbled something about different business strategies that we are following with eg. our X-3*™/LittleStar™ and our XSS-3 /BigStar™. Also suspicious and convicting is the fact that the aero- space company Boeing with its much more developed space capsule was not named, because this proves that he has focused only on the attack of C.S. and our space program by SOS by naming that space hoax company Space Exploration Technologies. So if the read- er might ask the company Boeing when they are ready for human- rated flights with its capsule, then the truth could be found, which will definitely say that the first capsule is ready in maybe six years.
  • Space Exploration Technologies: That serious criminal space hoax company has again taken contents from our website of Style of Speed™ by calling a rocket engine Raptor™, like we did some years before with one of our electric vehicle series.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Wireless Resonant Power Link™ WRPL™
    Loosely coupled resonator™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "The one who says the truth is the devil.", [Free after a blogger, Today]
    This is confusing, isn't it?

    Ontonics Website update ET 03:05
    After more than 2.5 years of waiting we are very pleased today to unveil a small impression of our superior wireless energy transport technology, which we have developed in the year 2008 for outsmart- ing easily all of this defrauding research institutes and companies that don't want to respect our copyright by adding to our Innovat- ion-Pipeline the obviously not so new project:

  • Wireless Resonant Power Link.

    Furthermore, we waited more than 2.5 years for this event, but now we could do it as well: We've replaced the term Wireless Resonant Energy Link (WREL) with our Wireless Resonant Power Link (WRPL) in all related projects, which in detail are:

  • PowerTable,
  • iguardrail/irail, and
  • iparquet.

    There can only by one: The true #1™

    Style of Speed Website update
    We waited more than 2.5 years for this event, but now we could do it: We have replaced the term Wireless Resonant Energy Link (WREL) with our Wireless Resonant Power Link (WRPL) in all related webpa- ges.

    Comment of the Day
    "One person with a belief is a social power equal to ninety-nine who have only interests.", [John Stuart Mill, On Representative Govern- ment, 1861]

    Style of Speed Website update
    It could be already seen by the shown images on the webpages of our Hypersonic Air Liner (HAL) HAL-1/HyperStar, and our Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) and Orbital SpacePlane (OSP) XSS-3/BigStar that they share the same architecture. We finally clearified this fact in the new section Versions on their webpages.
    We did the same on the webpage of our other Hypersoar model, the Hypersonic Cruise Vehicel (HCV) HCV-1/WhiteSwift in relation to our Space Shuttle Next Generation (NG) X-3033/MagicStar.

    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • Rheinische Post: Just by happenstance we found one exemplar of that NS-tabloid and the included report about the future of space flight after the end of the Space Transportation System (STS) pro- gram with its Space Shuttles Mark 1 and Mark 2 by the NASA. For sure, we were not surprised by statements like "[...] geht eine Ära zu Ende: Die Idee eines Raumgleiters hat [...] ausgedient.==[...] and era draws to an end: The idea of orbital gliders has [...] served its time.", which is for true experts only pure nonsense. Quite contrary, every mayor national space agency has at least one concept of an orbital glider in its storage or in its laboratory, and we shocked and fascinated as well in the last two weeks the whole space community and other groups with the revealing of our space program by Style of Speed™, as well as with the proof with our Reusable Launch Veh- icles (RLVs), like the X-3*™/LittleStar™ and the XSS-3™/BigStar™, the eXtendable Space Shuttle™ Mark 3, that the idea of the orbiter is indeed the future, and has only been realized in the absolutely wrong ways. In this conjunction, another statement is also no sur- prise that says "Bahnbrechende neue Konzepte sind weltweit Man- gelware.==Groundbreaking new concepts are in short supply world- wide.". No it isn't and the reader can take a look her-/himself on the webpage of our Hypersoars as well as of our Space program by Style of Speed™.

    Comment of the Day
    "Stay away from that pope.", [C.S., Today]

    It was time to make once again a note about Joseph Alois Ratzinger on our webpage Culture.

    Comment of the Day
    Personal Server™
    Personal Cloud™
    Cloud Operating System™
    Cloud-Betriebssystem™ Cloud BS™
    Boot to WebKit™
    Boot to Rekonq™

    After the last explanation by scientists, an optical precursor and the photon that caused it are indeed limited to the speed of light in a vacuum, but only after they both have reached light speed. So, what is happening in front of the photon, while it is accelerated to the speed of light? What has as the first one the speed of light, the photon or its precursor? Also, is the information that a photon re- presents at first reaching the speed of light or the information by the force that accelerates it? Besides this, as far as we do know the universe is not a vacuum.
    And there are still other issues that must yield in such physical laws. Like the other philosophers, astronomers, physicists and further sci- entists before, Einstein was neither the first nor the last one.

    Ontonics Further step
    Since more than one year we are thinking about a project that we have called now Boot to WebKit™, which is based on the WebKit layout engine for browsers, like Konquerer and Rekonq of the KDE project, and some other browsers, so that persons have a true open source option for the access to the so-called cloud computing. But we still recommend our Personal Server™ and Castle in the Cloud™ solutions for building up an Intra Cloud™ or/and a Personal Cloud™ based on our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™.


  • Mozilla Foundation→Mozilla project: That project has started dev- eloping an own operating system for Mobile Devices™ and tablet and pad computers™ based on the Linux® based operating system of the two obsolete operating systems by that only stealing company Google. Now, everybody can clearly see that indeed this group is playing foul, has collaborated with that company Google since quite some time, and is acting against our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™ as well as other open source software projects. This step also proves that our deletion of a related link on the 24th of April 2011 was the correct measure in favour of a superior solut- ion that its browser and those obsolete nonsense operating systems by Google don't offer. What a nonsense.
    Since more than two years we do not have the impression anymore that the Mozilla Foundation is acting in the way we think open sour- ce should be done. More important to mention is the fact, that some Mozilla developers are clerks of the company Google. Besides this, we wish them all to have much fun at the courts. After that the Mo- zilla Foundation is done, and perhaps Google too.

    Comment of the Day
    Super Operating System™

    Ontonics Website update
    Simply for fun, we added the announced project:

  • Boot for WebKit and Boot to Rekonq

    to the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics instead of the section Net- work Technology of the webpage Links to Software of our Super Operating System (SOS) OntoLinux (see also the Ontonics Further steps of the 26th of July 2011).


  • Google and SAP: For a joint venture both only stealing companies have looted our Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™ and illegally copied from the projects Visualytics™, Map & Globe™, and also GeoP2PS™, and most potentially much more.
    Btw.: Doubtlessly, at least in the European Union is this joint venture illegal, like all joint ventures with either the company Google or the company SAP. Maybe the same laws are rulling out such a society damaging joint venture in the U.S.A. and Canada, and also in further countries as well.

    Comment of the Day
    "Politicians don't need blank checks."

    Comment of the Day
    "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.", [Henry Ford]


  • The media company British Broadcasting Corporation has found out, that the project of another Cloud Operating System™ developed by the Mozilla Foundation neither solves the true security issues nor is a step forward due to its dependance on one of the obsolete oper- ating systems by the only stealing company Google (see also the Investigations::Multimedia of the 26th of July 2011), which by the way is not qualified anymore for joint ventures and has to be splitted following the laws in the European Union. But in fact, that criminal media company has read and then taken the description of our pro- jects in the field of cloud computing, to which belong our Castle in the Cloud™ computing architecture and the two Cloud Operating Systems™ (COSs) Boot to WebKit™ and Boot to Rekonq™, and in this way also infringed our copyright again instead of making a ref- erence, as usual and ever.
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