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News 2011 May

Website updatey
On the 1st of December 2010 we documented as a general case in our Investigations our correct behaviour in the question of copyright infringements by other entities like companies and research facilities that have copied illegally very significant formulations from our web- sites without referencing us. At first this content was written in ger- man, but today we have translated it into English.
In this respect we would like to mention that our facts have been confirmed by private persons, as well as very large national and int- ernational agencies and corporations.

OntoLinux Website update
We added to the webpage Roboverse the explanation that the Onto- Linux system was also designed to realize embodied cognition using internal simulation, modelling and testing, and the information about the related robotic research projects inspired by our works.


  • Fraunhofer Institut für Materialfluss und Logistik: A short analyzat- ion showed clearly that contents, concepts and technologies were stolen once again from our websites, for example "vision", "ubiquitous intelligent things" and "entities", translated into german and after that published on the website by that institute and in some cases also on the websites of research projects conducted with other en- tities, as usual (see also for example the cases General in the Inve- stigations of the 1st and 2nd of December 2010).

    Comment of the Day

    The abbreviation ESC was first used for Electric SuperCar and Elec- tric Sports Car on this website and the website by Style of Speed before some media and others took it as short form for the name of a song contest in Europe.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added to the webpages of our E-City Speeders (ECSs), and our models i!, j! and ⊂ ⊃ the new list point Supplement in their specif- ications, if not already present.
    In addition, the Supplement option of the P@d Mounting, which is compatible with the series of devices iPad by the company Apple and intellitTablet (iTablet) by us, was added to the specifications of all these models mentioned above as well as our SpeedVan V!.

    Moreover, we added to the webpage of our Two-Phase-To-Suborbit (TPTS) and Two-Stage-to-Orbit (TSTO) spacecraft X-3*™/Little- Star™ two images that show the carbon fibre based body and the installed rocket engine MC-1 in the X-plane X-34, the base of our LittleStar™. In addition, we added as a further option the also very cost effective practice by the company Orbital Sciences Corporat- ion, which applies its carrier aircraft L-1011/Stargazer as the first stage, so that no airship has to be researched, developed, con- structed and tested at first. This option was extended by us with the possibility to take biofuels for the first stage.

    And we are also delighted to update our range of Electric Trikes (ET) with its second model E3 after the electrified transport trike Ape by Piaggio. The E3 is based on our overwork of several models, like the tilting trike models MP3 and MP3 Hybrid by Piaggio, and the integrat- ion of all vehicles by us. Other trikes by the manufacturers Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha are planned as well, if they are offering a trike that fits by their technologies.

    Ontonics Website update
    We added to our Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics the new project:

  • NanoWash.

    Investigations::Aviation and Aerospace

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): Following our actings that we have done before with the presentation of our Two-Phase-To-Suborbit (TPTS) and Two-Stage-to-Orbit (TSTO) spacecraft X-3*™/LittleStar™ on the 29th of March 2010, the NASA moved the two X-planes X-34 parked in storage by the agency for nearly 10 years to a new facility to be inspected for a possible re- turn to flying status on the 16th of November 2010. It seems to be that the NASA loves our works. So it should be not too difficult to reference us.


  • British Broadcasting Corporation: As in so many cases before (see its cases in the Investigations of the 20.10.2010, 21st of October 2010, 24th and 28th of November 2010, 2nd, 10th and 26th of Dec- ember 2010, 21st of February 2011, 18th of March 2011, Investig- ations::Car #304 of the 26th of December 2010 and #316 of the 11th of March 2011, Investigations::Multimedia of the 13th and 19th of February 2011, as well as 23rd of April 2011), that criminal broad- caster took again informations from our websites for a report about other entities that jumped on our bandwagon and also copied illegal- y contents, concepts and technologies from our websites. This time it is the augmented reality technology, and its combination with 3D processing and presentation, and semantic technology, as well as with the smartphone as a catalyst. It is easy to see that this time the contents of our webpages of OntoLinux™, Ontoscope™ and int- elliTablet™ have been looted. The quotes we have documented so that at least history will tell the truth are as follows: "[...] it would be fantastic if an angel could seem to appear in real-life [...] [see the Nazca Astronaut/Angel of Style of Speed™]", "[...] virtually hold and interact with products that are fully and accurately modelled in the virtual world [...]", "[...] an online user sees a video reflection of themselves coupled with a 3D object that they can control, such as [a] camera that responds accurately to button presses, or a pair of glasses that lets the user switch the frame or colour scheme [...] [Reflection and augmented reality in every aspect are two of the key features of our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™ that are listed for example on its webpage Overview and in the sect- ion Mixed Reality of the Links to Software webpage.]", "[...] aug- mented reality derives [...] a separate revolution: the emergence of the smartphone [...] [The term revolution can be found in our Break- ing News of the 12th of January 2008, for example, and the smart- phone is shown on the webpage Links to Hardware of the OntoLinux website and on the Ontoscope™ website.]", "[...] image of some rough terrain, rather like a satellite photo of Mars, and this image is immediately replicated on the phone's small LCD screen via its built- in camera [...] [We gave this technology the name Glassy™ app(lic- ation), and even have developed it further by applying a camera with more than one lens, eg. a stereoscopic camera, a 3D display or/ and artificial intelligence technologies, eg. semantic (world wide) web.]", "[...] a tiny yellow robot appears on the screen and ani- mates, apparently roving around the rough terrain [...] [This points again to the website of OntoLinux™, the logo of Roboticle™ and the series "Space (1st Steps into)"→"Mars Rovers" with the Mars Path- finder Rover Sojourner as the little robot (see the Original of the 28th of August 2009).]", "[...] 3D illusion [...] [see for example the logos of Ontonics™, the OntoLab™ and OntomaX™]", "[...] the view of the robot changes smoothly and accurately as the phone is mov- ed relative to the piece of paper, revealing different angles, making it look closer or further away [...] [Without doubt, this somehow de- scribes a functionality of the Ontoscope™.]", "[...] bring life to an inanimate [...] [see The Proposal]", "[...] point their phone at such an image and see a whole new layer of information, designed to con- nect them to a brand or product and deliver extra information [...] [see our Clarification #1 and the case of the telecom Vodafon in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 29th of April 2011, for example]", "[...] virtual 3D components [...] 3D model on the screen [...] [With- out doubt, this points directly to our Ontoscope component of OntoLinux™.]", "[...] guiding him [an engineer] exactly through each stage of the repairs [...] [This scenario is one that was described before in the documentations of the software systems LARRI (Sym- phony) - LAnguage-Based Retrieval of Repair Information and Team- Talk, and that we have listed in the section Natural Language Proc- essing in the webpage Links to Software of the website of our HOS OntoLinux™.]", ""We have a vision that this will become a totally new user interface [...]" [Besides that this statement by a company is simply said stolen from our websites as well, we also think that its true origin is so clear that we need no explanation to give about it. If such an explanation is still needed, then the reader might take some time and take a look again at the websites of OntoLinux, espe- cially its webpage Visions, and the OntoLab - The Lab of Visions™.]" and also "[...] holding your phone up to an object and getting rich digital information from the internet that is tightly registered to that object. We say that is a paradigm shift [...] [Yes indeed, and be- sides that we have already said that we developed and coined this Glassy™ application, we also can claim once again that we created the deciding momentum in this field as well, like before in the fields of P@ds and vehicles with Pure Electric™ drivetrains for example.]".
    So now its reputation is totally gone. Do not trust it anymore, be- cause it is stealing, lying and manipulating.
    And to the other two companies that were named in the original re- port we only say: Convicted of copyright infringements!!!™

    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • British Broadcasting Corporation: As said several times before, that serious criminal company has taken the contents of our website for reports that have the goal to damage our integrity and businesses (see also its case in the Investigations::Multimedia of today above). This was also the case in the field of space technologies only eight and six days after our Investigations::Aviation and Aerospace of the 21st and 23rd of April 2011 in the same theme. So it is no wonder that again a fraudster was pushed by the attempt to pervert the facts in relation with the issue of the stolen Dragon™ story by that company Space Exploration Technologies (see for example the case of that company in the Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 27th of December 2008 and 21st of April 2011, and the case of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Space Exploration Technologies of the 8th of December 2010).
    Btw.: Toddlers who do their jobs into their potties are more creative and constructive.

    Comment of the Day
    "Also bin Laden was once a child.", [C.S., 2nd of May 2011]

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have beautified the webpages of our Electric Scooter E Vespa, and our Electric Trikes E3 and E Ape.
    While doing so, we added a transformer autogyro kit to the feat- ures of the E3.

    We made a note again about the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day

    Investigation::Car #319

  • McLaren Mercedes: The racing team showed lucky dragons on the racing suits of their drivers and the clothing of the rest of the team, and on posters and related advertisement objects at a race in the P.R.China for stealing our Lucky Dragon™ story we have started with our logo of Style of Speed™ in the year 2001. McLaren can only steal, so in fact most of its pseudo-success has to be assigned to the competitors.
  • Volkswagen: The model New Beetle II follows our design specific- ation as given on the webpage of our model Beetle-E and a little bit of the characteristics of our Mod Rod Bug!™ with the taillights in the concept of the ⊂ ⊃™ and further design elements of our City Speed-E™ while the litte rear spoiler of the top version came form a special model produced by Volkswagen Mexico for the Beetle I. For sure, in this case we showed the designs and concepts of other companies, but as usual we do this only if it has become clear that either the other en- tities have no interest anymore in their works, so that we also revive them for their advantages and always clearly name them in doing so, or the works were derived from our works without referencing. Said this, the statement by one of its chief designers "Entwerft ein neues Original==Design a new original" has to be seen as a cheap attempt of legends creation and also points to the webpages of the Style of Speed™ website that have the term "The Original" in their headlines, eg. the webpages of our Apollo Speed-E™ (Apollo SE), RE™ as well as Raptor™. We will add our decision making to the list presented in the Investigations::Car #316 of the 11th of March 2011. Besides this, we saw a number plate with "WOB-B 2111" on a press photo of its New Beetle II.
  • Ford: There is definitely no doubt that the term "Active City Stop" was created in relation with the labels of our Active Components™ and our range of E-City™ Cars.
  • Byd Automobile: At an automotive exhibition the company showed a concept car with an electric drivetrain on which it was written "Quick Charge Point", which is an infringement of our copyright and also damaging our trademark Quickcharger™. There are alternatives that can be used instead.
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: After our explanation that the label of our division Style of Speed™ is related with the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the United Kingdom (see the case of the Goodwood Fe- stival of Speed in the Investigations::Car #269 of the 30th of June 2010) it jumped on this bandwagon as well and labelled a small car "Inspired by Goodwood". Uncreative as ever.
  • Government of New York City and Nissan Motor: What's that? The new cabs in New York City (NYC), U.S.A., should be delivered by that defrauding Japanes manufacturer? The whole case does not fit neither with the design of the car, the behaviour by that company nor with the historical relevance. We'd have taken a vehicle by the manufacturer Ford, the Style of Speed Electric Multi-Propose Vehicle (E-MPV™) TAN, which is based on the model Touran or Routan by the company Volkswagen and is already available in a taxi version, or our Cabby™ taxi conversion in the special and exclusive NYC cab style and based on the model Caddy or Touran also by the company Volkswa- gen, all manufactured in the U.S.A., with the original Active Differ- ential™ and Quickcharger™ technologies. This time the mayor of NYC, who is said to be a patriotic philanthrop, has done a mistake by giving this national icon away for nothing to criminals (see for ex- ample the cases of the company Nissan in the Investigations::Car #134 of the 2nd of August 2009, #184 of the 30th of October 2009, #278 of the 2nd of August 2010, #281 of the 20th of August 2010, and so on). And that's not all in this case alone.
  • Rheinische Post: A little bit late, but that Nazi paper tried to mani- pulate the public by telling in the usual criminal way the lie about the first Fiat→Ferrari with 4 wheel drive. In fact Style of Speed™ has started to offer with its model E430™ the worlds first Ferrari with all wheel drive at the 14th of July 2009 (see the related Style of Speed Website update on that day).
    A similar manipulation was attempted in relation with the presentat- ion of the model New Beetle II by the company Volkswagen (see its case above) and with nearly all of our other models and technolo- gies.

    Comment of the Day
    "I learned that Michael Jackson died on Twitter. I also learned that Justin Bieber died on Twitter.", [Pete Cashmore]
    And we learned the facts without Twitter.

    A steering wheel with many buttons, even if it features more than 20 controllers, as we show it on our webpage Steering Wheel of the Style of Speed website, is definitely not the brain of a vehicle, as it was claimed wrongly by a race driver, but an interface between man and machine.

    OntoLinux Website update
    As announced on the 14th of April 2011 as the OntoLinux Website Further steps we have created an own webpage for our Caliber.

    Moreover, we added to the webpages Overview and Roboverse the remark that the Caliber of OntoLinux is also able to internally as well as externally create, change, model, test, simulate and handle in further ways software and hardware, even itself and the hardware it is running on, and taken all together it represents a singularity as an universe of its own: The Ontoverse.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We are really very sorry that we have realized it only today after we tried to do so since around two years:
    We finally changed the label by following the tradition in mathemat- ics of using letters like i, j and k with an exclamation mark in the field of combinatorics, so that in this way the design flexibility given with our Chassis Module System and not the form of the taillights of our model ⊂ ⊃ is reflected, with the change of its label ⊂ ⊃ to k!, as it was already internally named at first.

    Investigation::Car #320 Bayerische Motorenwerke i Special

  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: The whole acting around its marque BMW i is a giant crime only, because it is all stolen from our business division Style of Speed™. We quote from the website of its marque in german and translate it into English with comments: "[...] green sub-brand [...]", "[...] ultimate green machine [...] [Green Dynam- ics™ und so weiter]", "[...] ist der Beginn einer neuen Welt visionärer Mobilität: Mit klaren Linien, progressivem Design und elektrisierender Dynamik [Das ist eine Lüge, weil alles von unserem Web-Auftritt von Style of Speed™ kopiert wurde. Außerdem haben wir hier unsere Marke Elektrisierende Freude™ sowie unsere Story des elektrisieren- den Gefühls, die zuerst auf der Web-Seite unseres Modells E430™ RSR von Style of Speed™ veröffentlicht wurde.]", "[...] reine Elek- troautos [...] [Pure Electric™]", "[...] faszinierend [...]", "[...] revo- lutionäres [...]", "[...] zwei horizontal getrennten, unabhängigen Mo- dulen [...] [Wir haben genau dieses Konzept einige Jahre zuvor mit unserem Modell B!™ gezeigt.]", "Eine hochfeste und dabei sehr leich- te Fahrgastzelle, die aus CFK (kohlefaserverstärkter Kunststoff) her- gestellt wurde [...] [Offensichtlich wurde dies auch von unserem Modell B!™ kopiert, das auf der Passagierkabine des Modells Fiat→ Ferrari Enzo basiert, die auch aus kohlefaserverstärktem Kunststoff hergestellt wurde.]", "[...] einziger Automobilhersteller über die er- forderliche Fertigungserfahrung, um CFK in der Großserienproduktion einzusetzen [...] [Das stimmt nicht, weil der Hersteller Volkswagen auch solche Fähigkeiten aufgebaut hat. Selbst wir sind durch die Un- terstützung unserer Partner in der Lage diese Großserienproduktion zu leisten.]", "[...] revolutionieren wir die Konstruktion und die Pro- duktion [...] [Das stimmt nicht. Außerdem wurde hier die Story Revo- lution kopiert.]", "Im Gegensatz zu Verbrennungsmotoren steigt das Drehmoment nicht mit steigender Umdrehungszahl, sondern ist sofort verfügbar. [Diese Aussage verweist direkt auf den Fall des Medienun- ternehmens Cable News Network in der Investigations::Car #311 vom 1st of March 2011.]", "Elektromotoren haben wesentlich höhere Umdrehungszahlen als Verbrennungsmotoren und erreichen mühelos mehr als 12.000 Umdrehungen pro Minute. Des Weiteren beschleunigt ein Elektrofahrzeug schneller als ein Fahrzeug mit Verbrennungsmotor vergleichbarer PS-Leistung [...] [Das ist eine Lüge, weil das Unter- nehmen sehr gut unser allgemeines Konzept unserer Quasiturbine von Style of Speed™ kennt, die ihre Evolution mit 50.000 Umdrehungen pro Minute beginnt. Innerhalb von drei bis vier Jahren wird dann die Leistung auf 200.000 Umdrehungen pro Minute gesteigert. Außerdem sind wir sicher, dass ein Fahrzeug mit unsere Quasiturbine schneller beschleunigt.]", "[...] neue Dimension der Nachhaltigkeit [...] [Diese Aussage ist illegal, da sie fälschlicherweise suggeriert, dass dieses Unternehmen dafür verantwortlich sei. Ist es aber nicht.]", "[...] in- telligente Integration [...]", "Das Herz [...]", "[...] progressiv sportli- ches Design [...] [Diese Aussage erscheint so bekannt (siehe wieder unser Modell B!™).]", "[...] Bekenntnis zu nachhaltiger Mobilität [...] [Was für eine irreführende Marketing-Aussage. Seit ungefähr 40 Jah- ren war dieses Unternehmen nicht in der Lage das Momentum im Be- reich der Elektromobilität zu entwicklen, wie es uns gleich vom Start weg in diesem Bereich mit unserer Geschäftseinheit Style of Speed™ im Jahr 2007 gelungen ist.]", "[...] Plug-in Hybrids [...] [Das ist ein Zeichen dafür, dass das Unternehmen nicht weiß, was es machen soll. Zuerst brabbelte es über Automobile mit rein elektrischem An- trieb. Aber seitdem wir unsere weltweit einmalige und überlegene Kreislaufbasierte Brennstoffzellen™ Lösung vorgestellt haben will es auch ein Fahrzeug mit einem so genannten Plug-in Hybridantrieb her- stellen, im Gegensatz zu dem zuvor gezeigten und jetzt referenzier- ten Konzeptfahrzeug.]", "[...] erfolgreiche Konzept des MINI E [...] [Das ist eine Lüge und selbst der Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil Club e. V. war sehr enttäuscht von diesem Auto. Außerdem wurde herausgefunden, dass sein ökologischer Fußabdruck schlechter war als der einer Version mit Turbodieselmotor.]", "[...] innovative mobile Lösungen [...] [Wir haben bereits mehrmals erwähnt, zum Beispiel in der Investigations::Car #23 vom 22nd of May 2008 und der ::Car #277 and Multimedia Linux based In-Vehicle Infotainment Special vom 31st of July 2010, dass das Unternehmen bereits zweimal versu- chte unser Hightech-Betriebssystem™ OntoLinux™ zu stehlen. Jetzt versucht das Unternehmen es wieder einmal und zwar diesmal über die Anwendungen. Komisch ist nur, dass die so genannten Apps für ein ganz anderes Betriebssystem entwickelt wurden.]", "Außerdem haben wir hier [in New York City] Zugang zu den Besten im Kreativ- bereich [...] [Also warum stiehlt es dann unsere Sachen? Aktuell haben wir keine Dependance in NYC.]", "[...] Interface [...] [Warum wird nicht der deutsche Begriff Schnittstelle benutzt? Sprachakt- diebstahl!]", "[...] visionärer Mobilität [...] [OntoLab™ - Das Labor der Visionen™]", "[...] Evolution [...] [In diesem Kontext ist es in der Tat Sprachaktdiebstahl, weil hier direkt auf unsere Bionische Vehikel von Style of Speed™ als auch unser Hightech-Betriebssystem™ On- toLinux™ verwiesen wird.]", "Aber können Roboter lernen, Gefühle für Menschen zu entwickeln? Auch wenn die Robotik mit der Zeit immer ausgereifter wird, bezieht sich diese Weiterentwicklung auf die Fä- higkeiten und die Geschwindigkeit von Prozessoren. Einen Roboter so zu programmieren, dass er Emotionen empfinden – oder anders aus- gedrückt – Leben simulieren kann, bringt ein ganz neues Spektrum von Herausforderungen mit sich. [Ohne Zweifel wurde auch dies von den Web-Auftritten unseres Hightech-Betriebssystems OntoLinux™ und Style of Speed™ gestohlen, wie es zum Beispiel leicht durch die Web-Seiten in den Abschnitten Technology und Community sowie der Web-Seite Interior Robot™ erkennbar ist. Zudem wird auch teilweise der Inhalt von dem dokumentierten Fall des Unternehmens Internat- ional Business Machines in der Investigations::AI and Knowledge ma- nagement, Multimedia and Robotics vom 1st of March 2011 wieder- gegeben. Übrigens: Was hat das mit Autos zu tun, die einen Elektro- motor besitzen? Ganz einfach: Von uns klauen, klauen, klauen und somit haben wir hier eines der eindeutigsten gerichtlich verwertbaren Indizien für die von uns vorgeworfene Urheberrechtsverletzung. Des Weiteren sei die schon wieder dargebotene Inkompetenz des Unter- nehmens hervorzuheben, denn Emotionen empfinden mit Leben simu- lieren gleichzusetzen ist absolut falsch.]", "[...] Open Road [...] [Dies muss im Zusammenhang mit unserer Unterstützung des OpenStreetMap-Projekts als Teil unserer OntoGlobe™/OntoEarth™ Anwendung gesehen werden.]", "[...] revolutionären Ansatz [...]", "Ein echtes Novum werden fahrzeugunabhängige Mobility Services sein [...] [Nein, das stimmt nicht. Andere Unternehmen und wir sind auch in diesem Bereich bereits schon aktiv.]", "[...] hoch innovativen [...] [No, no, no: Hoch innovativ™. Verschwindet!!!™]" und "[...] locat- ion-based mobile apps [...]".
    The English and commented translation of our quotes are as follows: "[...] green sub-brand [...]", "[...] ultimate green machine [...] [We say Green Dynamics™ and so on.]", "[...] is the begin of a new world of visionary mobility: With clear lines, progressive design and electri- fying dynamics [This is a criminal lie, because all was copied from our website of Style of Speed™. Furthermore, we have here also our trademarks Electrifying Pleasure™ and Electrifying Fun™, as well as our story of the electrifying emotions, which was published the first time on the webpage of our model E430™ RSR.]", "[...] pure electric cars [...] [Pure Electric™]", "[...] fascinating [...]", "[...] revolution- ary [...]", "[...] two horizontally divided, independent modules [...] [We have shown exactly this concept before with our model B!™.]", "A high-performance and at the same time very light-weight pass- enger cabin, that has been manufactured out of CRP (carbon fibre-reinforced plastic) [...] [Obviously, this was copied from our model B!™ as well, which is based on the passenger cabin of the model Fiat→Ferrari Enzo, which also has been made out of carbon fibre-reinforced plastic.]", "[...] only car manufacturer with the required production know-how for applying the CRP in the large-batch pro- duction [...] [That's a criminal lie, because the manufacturer Volks- wagen has also built up this capability. Even we are able to carry out this large-batch production by the support of our partners.]", "[...] we will revolutionize the construction and the production [...] [That is not true. Furthermore, the story Revolution was copied here.]", "In contrast to combustion engines the torque doesn't rise with a rising number of revolutions, but is available instantly. [This points directly to the case of the media company Cable News Network in the Investigations::Car #311 of the 1st of March 2011.]", "Electric motors have considerably higher numbers of revolutions than combustion engines and reach easily more than 12,000 revolutions per minute. Furthermore, an electric vehicle accelerates faster than a vehicle with a combustion engine having comparable PS-power [...] [That's a criminal lie, because that company knows very well our general concept of our Quasiturbine by Style of Speed™, which starts in its first evolution with 50,000 rpms. In three to four years the perform- ance is heightened to 200,000 rpms. Moreover, we are sure that a vehicle with our Quasiturbine accelerates faster.]", "[...] new dimension of sustainability [...] [That statement is illegal, because it suggests wrongly, that the company is responsible for this. But it isn't.]", "[...] intelligent integration [...] [speech act stealing]", "The heart [...] [In this context it is indeed speech act stealing.]", "[...] progressive sporty design [...] [This sounds so familiar (see again our model B!™).]", "[...] commitment to substainable mobility [...] [What a misleading marketing lie. Since around 40 years that only stealing company was not able to create the momentum as we did just right from the start in this field with our business division Style of Speed™ in the year 2007.]", "[...] Plug-in Hybrids [...] [The is a sign that that company doesn't really know what it should steal. At first it was gabbling all the time about automobiles with Pure Electric™ drivetrain. But after we presented our worldwide unique and superior Looped Fuel Cell™ solution it wants to produce a car with a so called plug-in hybrid drivetrain as well, in oposition to the before shown and now referenced concept car. What fraudsters.]", "[...] successful concept of the MINI E [...] [This is a criminal lie, because even the General german Automobile Club (registered association) was very disappointed about that car. Furthermore, it was found out that its environmental foot print was worse than its version powered by a turbodiesel engine.]", "[...] innovative mobile solutions [...] [We already mentioned several times, eg. in the Investigations::Car #23 of the 22nd of May 2008 and the ::Car #277 and Multimedia Linux based In-Vehicle Infotainment Special of the 31st of July 2010, that for two times it already tried to steal our Hightech Operating System OntoLinux™. Now it tries it once again and namely this time by tak- ing the way over the applications. Curious is only the fact that the so called apps have been developed for a completely different oper- ating system.]", "Moreover, we have here [in New York City] access to the best ones in the area of creativity [...] [So why do they steal from us then? Actually, we do not have a branch in NYC. In this conjunction we demand the government of NYC once again not to collaborate with criminals (see also the case of the Government of New York City and Nissan Motor in the Investigations::Car #319 of the 5th of this month above).]", "[...] interface [...] [Why is not the german term Schnittstelle used? Speech act stealing!]", "[...] vision- ary mobility [...] [OntoLab™ - The Lab of Visions™]", "[...] evolution [...] [In this context it is indeed speech act stealing, because here it is pointed directly to our Bionic/Biomimetic Vehicles™ of Style of Speed™ as well as our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™.]", "But are robots able to learn to develop emotions for humans? Des- pite that by the time the field of robotics is becoming more and more matured, this further development/progression is related to the cap- abilities and the velocity of processors. To programm a robot in such a way that it is sensible of emotions – or in other words – can simul- ate life, brings with it/implicates a totally new spectrum/spread/ran- ge of challenges. [Without doubt, this was stolen from the websites of our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™ and Style of Speed as well, as it can be easily seen by the webpages in the sections Technology and Community, as well as the webpage Interior Robot™, for example. Also, the contents of the documented case of the com- pany International Business Machines in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, Multimedia and Robotics of the 1st March 2011 was partly repeated. By the way, what has this in common with cars, which feature an electric motor? Simple: Stealing, steal- ing, stealing from us, and as such we have here one of the most clearest juridical applyable evidence of copyright infringement that we are accusing that company of.]", "[...] Open Road [...] [This has to be seen in relation with our support of the OpenStreetMap project as part of our OntoGlobe™/OntoEarth™ application.]", "[...] revolutionary approach [...] [speech act stealing]", "A true novelty will be vehicle independent mobility services [...] [No, that is not true. Other companies and we are already active in this field as well.]", "[...] highly innovative [...] [No, no, no: Highly innovative™. Go away!!!™]" and "[...] location-based mobile apps [...]".

    Besides this, the label Just 4/2 was suddenly written as Just For Two copying our alternative spelling Just For Fun™ of the name of our model Just 4 :)™.

    How long should the societies tolerate this charade by that only stealing company?

    We demand all media companies, and all other persons and compa- nies not to report about the marque BMW i, because it is only cre- ated to steal our intellectual properties and infringe our copyrights.


  • British Broadcasting Corporation: The nasty attempt to downplay the ingenuity of C.S. by a report about a so called creative robot in- ventor in Asia must not only be seen as so unbelievable ridiculous that we still can't believe if the report should be taken seriously due to the made statements and its surrealistic factor, but has also to be considered as a giant affront of all real scientists in the field of robotics and all children on the planet Earth, who build their toys out of tins found in the waste (see also the Investigations::Multimedia and ::Aviation and Aerospace of the 3rd of May 2011 to get directly into the general case about that criminal broadcaster).

    We made a note again about that company Henkel together with that not so funny plagiarist Karl L. "Babblehead" or so, and also the person Hannelore Kraft on our worldwide renowned and unique Cult- ure webpage, that seems to be one of the last bastions of true culture and arts on this planet.

    OntoLinux Website update
    Due to the unability by some linked persons to behave in a correct way, and the misinterpretations as well as the annoying attempts to mislead the public by third parties we have deleted the subsection Concepts of the section Community. In doing so, the documents:

  • Vernor Vinge: Vernor Vinge on the Singularity and
  • Steven J. Wallach: In Search of the Softron

    have been moved into the subsection Documents of the section Technology for this time.

    We updated our Culture webpage made a note again about general actings, german entertainers, the person Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, and the media companies Viacom and Time Warner.

    Comment of the Day
    "I do need a medical examination of my head."

    Picture of the Day
    Goyaalé "One who yawns" aka. Geronimo

    Chiricahua Apache Goyaalé

    Yes, we did it: We publicated Geronimo's photo, because we don't think that the national security is threatened by this step.

    Bin Laden liked to watch Wild West movies and series like Bonanza with the good guys, but there seems to be much more who still like to live the Wild West Way of Life as the bad guys.

    Style of Speed Website update
    Due to the fact that we have overlooked at first that our lightweight technology for the transformer autogyro kit of our Electric Trike E3 is also applyable to extend the autogyro kit with Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) capability, or even with helicopter capabilities, we have updated its webpage accordingly.

    We also updated the webpage of our TIE R/LightSwift by adding the information about the conceptual proof of the working principle of its drivetrain by the NASA that has confirmed now two Einstein space-time theories with its Gravity Probe B spacecraft.


  • British Broadcasting Corporation: While the question "Is 'open' [ROBI] killing the Android?" has some kind of fun carrying with it (see also its case in the Investigations::Robotics of the 7th of May this year), the statement "When [... an only stealing internet search engine provider] decided to get into the smartphone business, it brought with it a philosophy." is not so amusing. Interested readers might find some of their precious time for taking a look on the web- page Roboverse of the OntoLinux™ website to see the inspirational source for the related report about an obsolete operating system that is going down more and more, as expected.

    Due to telling nonsense for seeking attention by the media and as part of his self-expression we updated our Culture webpage with a further note about the person R.D. Precht and also about the super annoying and at the same time boring Johann König.

    OntoLinux Website update
    Due to massive foul plays we have deleted from the webpage Links to Hardware already some days ago the link to the iCub project by the European Commission, which by the way was not really needed, because we have other substitutions for the technology that are also legal now and were superior several years before, but propritary. Also, we made more local copies to software packages, because the related websites have been redirected or overworked, so that stolen contents of our OntoLinux website could also be presented by highly criminal entities for directing away intention from our originals.

    Furthermore, we made the implicitly given information that the 3D modeler Blender is part of the Mekensleep Underware project explicit by adding it to the section Visualization of the Links to Software webpage with the following line:

  • Blender Foundation: Blender.

    Despite that the project is gone since 2007, we also added to the section Collaborative Virtual Environment the project:

  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Department of Computer Science; Peter Amstutz and T. Reed Heges: Virtual Object System (VOS)

    due to its progressive features, as well as technical and historical reasons.


  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland→Westdeutsche Rundfunk Köln: In a science broadcast the concepts of our Ontologic System®™ and Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™, as well as accompanying contents of our other websites that are related with an Universal Theory were presented today by repeating the contents of the Clar- ification #1 of the 19th of June 2009, Clarification #1 and #2 of the 14th of July 2009, Clarification of the 8th of October 2009, Investig- ations of the 14th of October 2009, the case of the Vatican and Italian Space Agency in the Investigations::Multimedia, and Aviation and Aerospace of the 20th of February 2011 including the explan- ation we gave with our *<:o) sign of Bozzo, the image "Evidence" by C.S., the webpage Caliber and the webpage of our spaceship TIE R/LightSwift on the website by Style of Speed™, for example, but neither our company, one of our related business divisions nor C.S. were named.
    This was a clear copyright infringement, because very significant formulations have been nearly exactly repeated and these formulat- ions are easily understandable, even if they are only written in Eng- lish. It was also mobbing again, which was done between the lines by the moderator with the statement that there are "bemerkenswer- te Parallelen==remarkable parallels".
    Btw.: With its behaviour it only proves the opposite, namely that we are right.

    Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, and Robotics

  • Imperial College London, Deptartment of Computing and Depart- ment of Electrical Engineering: We found the mentioning of a propos- al called "Embodied cognition using internal simulation and a global workspace". For sure, meant is the essential part of reflection be- sides other techniques of our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™ and in this way the title already points doubtlessly to a clear infringement of our copyright (see the webpages Overview and Links to Software, especially the sections of the different kinds of simulations).
  • European Commission, Community Research & Development Inform- ation Service, Information and Communication Technologies: It is al- so no surprise for us why a proposal was chosen as a winning pro- posal by the RobotCUB iCub project (see the case of the Imperial College London above). But why that research project funded by tax money has refused to reference our OntoLinux™ website and why it has at the end of its time still around 300,000 Euro or even more represented by six of its child-like robotic platform as the prizes to spent in a contest about proposals despite the fact that research project are always short in funding, is indeed something that has to be investigated by officials (see also the Investigations::Robotics 28th of May 2010).
    Btw.: The actual german chancellor and the minister for education and sciences do know the case very well. The chancellor has visited the booth of that robotic project at an exhibition like she did it all the years before with technologies that third entities have stolen from us, eg. the augmented reality technology and the Lego® toy (see the case of the companies Microsoft, Lego, and metaio in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 26th of April 2009, as well as the case of the British Broadcasting Corporation of the 3rd of May 2011, because the company metaio is supported by the companies Micro- soft and Volkswagen for damaging our company, and was one of the two reported and by us convicted companies mentioned in that in- vestigation, and its support by the manufacturer Volkswagen was also mentioned explicitly by the broadcaster for damaging our company as well) or 3D movie in the field of dancing (see the note about the Wilhelm Ernst "Wim" Wenders of the 16th of April 2011 in the Culture webpage). The minister has planned and funded all the defrauding research projects with her gang.
    *** Proof-reading mode ***
  • Technical University Duisburg-Essen, Technische University Dort- mund and research partners: As part of a research project that is funded by tax money, our combination of "kognitive Agenten==cognitive agents", a part of our OntoLinux™, with Robot Swarm-Engineering of swarms of Flyingscopes and FlyingLANs was stolen as well now (see also the cases of the University Duisburg-Essen in the Investigations of the 12th of May 2010, the case of the publisher Dieter von Holtzbrinck Medien→Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt→Wirtschaftswoche in the Investigations::Robotics and Multimedia of the 10th of August 2010, the end of the case of the Technical University Munich, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, University of the Bundeswehr Munich, Max-Planck Institute of Neurobiology and German Center of Aerospace in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, and Robotics of the 24th of September 2010, and the section Intelligent/Cognitive Agent on the webpage Links to Software).
    Btw.: What the minister of education and sciences is doing here since many years now is called blackmailing us in such a way that she says either you are allowed by me to work with my universities together and give away your intellectual properties for free, or I give them money so that they can steal it. But we don't want to support her political party, and her criminal actings that she imported from south germany to middle germany, because it is spying out, looting and massively damaging our company since around 15 years now. In this conjunction it is also important to mention that scientists of the Technical University Dortmund are members of the scientific committees by the german government. And the reader can believe us if we say that the minister and this university do know very well C.S. and every work of our company.
  • Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique→Laboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes: The research institute has acted in a serious criminal way by copying the contents, concepts and technologies of the webpage of our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™. This was done by setting up a wiki and redirecting even the OpenPRS link to it, that is listed on the webpage Links to Software in the section Intelligent/Cognitive Agent (now pointing to a local copy). On the related homepage we found the sections "Architecture[, that includes] a formal module generator [called] GenoM [and] a procedural reasoning system [see the webpage Overview, The Proposal, and the sections Formal Modeling and Intelligent/Cognitive Agent of the webpage Links to Software, for example]", "Symbolic models and 3D path planning[, which includes] an ontology-based framework for knowledge representation[,] a library for on-line 3D modelling and path planning[, and] module for situation assessment and spatial reasoning [This was stolen from the OntoLinux™ website and can be found as well on the Links to Software webpage in the sections Semantic (World Wide) Web, Semantic File/Storage System, Visualization, Intelligent/Cognitive Agent and so on. See also the case of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique→Laboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes: and Technical University Munich below.]", "Simulation & Visualization [with] a Blender-based versatile simulator for robotics [and] a remote OpenGL visualization tool [This is also an evidence that our intellectual properties have been stolen from the OntoLinux™ website. Compare this with the section Visualization and the sections that contain the term simulation in their label of the Links to Software webpage, as well as our Investigations::Multimedia of the 18th of May 2008, which shows that we haven't explicitly listed the 3D modeler Blender, because it was already included to our OntoLinux™ by the referenced Mekensleep Underware project.]" and "Interaction and social skills [with the package] dialogs [that is] a module for natural-language analysis and interpretation [see our section Natural Language Processing on the Links to Software webpage]".
    We also found items like a semantic camera module, an image that reminds us of the sketch we have shown as an Original on the 13th of March 2008, and many documents that are written with the goal to describe our concepts without referencing them, eg. rock solid software, verifiable and correct-by-construction, and component-based construction and verification of robotic systems (see the webpage Overview and the section Formal Verification on the webpage Links to Software). A search on the wiki for a link to our OntoLinux™ website was ended with a negative result, for sure. And as usual, by comparing where they suddenly had to stop with stealing, because they had to create something on their own, but were not able to, the conviction can be done easily as always.
  • Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique→Laboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes and Technical University Munich: Again that only stealing TU München, its strategy is finally busted and can be seen as well by readers, who have no technical background knowledge (see also the case of that stealing universities and the other fraudsters in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, and Robotics of the 24th of September 2010, and the case of the company Bense in conjunction with the university Munich in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management of the 30th of August 2010). We do quote the related webpages to document the stealing of intellectual properties by copying illegally very significant formulations, especially the webpages Links to Software and OntoFS™ and for historical reasons: "ORO [oro-server], the OpenRobots Ontology cognitive kernel [This is stolen from the world wide leading High-technology Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™. There was no cogntive kernel before (see the webpages Overview and Components). The general ontology-based architecture was summarized around three months after the official start of OntoLinux™ by A. Sloman on the 1st of January 2007 in a document in conjunction with the Grand Challenge Project Aiming to produce a child-like robot by the European Commission (see also the original Roboverse webpage and take a look at the webpage Overview). Even more important, first experts have started now to give us right by speaking about our approach using the term real intelligence, or as we said natural and general intelligence (see once again the last paragraph of the Investigations::Multimedia of the 18th of December 2009).]", "[...] oro-server [...] is a[n object-oriented programming language based] knowledge base for cognitive robotic applications [...] [As we said, we have here a clear copyright infringement, because our website of OntoLinux™ was not referenced.]", "[...] interacting with complex, human-inhabited, environments are expected to exhibit advanced cognitive skills: objects recognition, natural language interactions, task planning with possible dynamic replanning, ability to cooperate with other robots or humans, etc. [...] [see the webpage Roboverse]", "[...] common representation of concepts of the world, to be effectively combined in a complete, autonomous, robotic system [...] [This is an essential concept of OntoLinux™ and done by applying our ontology-based approach as described on the website of OntoLinux™, so that we have here an absolutely clear evidence of copyright infringement.]", "[...] common description framework [...]", "[...] cognitive kernel [...] maps cognitive service to a ontology-based [...] [This is a totally clear evidence of copyright infringement. They also tried to steal our concept called Caliber by giving it this name, but could not know what it really is.]", "[...] Common Sense ontology [...]", "[...] knowledge management module for cognitive architectures in robotics [...] [In a related document, that is not needed to be explicitly investigated, the authors tried to distract the attention away from C.S. and our OntoLinux™ by referencing Aaron Sloman, but in fact it describes only the concepts of OntoLinux™, so that the obvious and now for more than ten years lasting stealing should be hidden. In this conjunction we would like to clarify once again that we sent Aaron Sloman e-mails (forensic-proof archived) some days after the official start of OntoLinux™ in November 2006, because he asked on a webpage of the SimAgent Toolkit for a notification if a project uses it, as we do with our OntoBot component.]", "[...] statements on the world (ie, truths for the robot's model) [...] [So besides that this is very nasty, it implies the question how they want to undertake the impossible task to tell the lie where the concept really comes from, if we apply our concept, as stolen by them, to the meta case that is investigated here.]", "[...] first logic order with the Open World Assumption [...] [Besides that it is called first-order logic(s), we have here also the world/universe aspect of OntoLinux™.]", "Event system that triggers subscribed listeners [...] [This is a technology that belongs to the section Network Technology, for example Peer-to-Peer, Grid and Cloud computing.], "Explicit representation of other agents own world models (a bottle can be half full for the robot and half empty for another agent) [Here we can see some kind of reflection. Furthermore, the example represents a situation with two different opinions. We are not quite sure, if a robot or an artificial agent really should have an opinion in contrast to simulate the behaviour of having an opinion based on facts. Besides this and under the assumption that after the laws of physics the bottle is really exactly half full/empty, then the robots or artificial agents would have to find at first one common world model. In the case that an agent is a human the robot or artificial agent assists the human by pointing to the unclear situation and giving the fact based on the common world model. In general, from the field of pure rationality this is a situation that is valued with maybe, if both world models are taken at the same time, until the value can be changed to true or false, if it is needed at all in a situation, like it is given with the example.]", "[...] socket interface [...] [Do we hear here Unix®?]", "[...] relies on RDF/OWL ontologies to represent and store knowledge [...] [In this context, the field of robotic system, software agent-based system, and cognitive system, it was also taken from the OntoLinux™ website.]", "[...] bio-inspired memory models [...] [So here we have the aspect of bionics/biomimetics, some of the contents of The Proposal, as well as a pointer to Softbionics™, the image and its description shown as an Original on the 13th of November 2009, the Clarifcations of the 11th of March 2008 and 8th of October 2009, and the last paragraph of the Investigations::Multimedia of the 18th of December 2009.]", "[...] categorization and explicit modeling of other agents [...] [This points again to the section Formal Modeling and some other sections of the Links to Software webpage, but also reminds us of reflection.]", "[...] pro-active "curiosity" [...] [The term proactive can be found in the list of the AutoSemantic™::Car package that runs on OntoLinux™, while curiosity is related with Qiro and in this way again with our Open ROBI Maxifig/Macrofig Platform as mentioned in the annotations on the Roboverse webpage.]", "[...] formally and explicitly represent the "knowledge" of the robot [...] cognitive kernel define the close set of what the robot can make sense [...] [These are some of the capabilites of our OntoBot™.]", "[...] check on real time the logical consistency [...] inference mechanisms [...] [Without doubt this clearly points again to our OntoBot™ component and the section Formal Verification.]", "[...] process of matching and making sense of natural language interactions [...] underlying backend ontology is rooted into human language (cf Wordnet, OpenCyc) [This is exactly one of the essential sub-concepts behind OntoLinux™ as clearly sketched by our very significant formulations on the webpage Overview and by the sections of the Links to Software webpage, and also enough to prove the copyright infringement. This concept of a backend that is based on the subject of computational ontology and the concepts of RDF/OWL, and rooted into human language for making sense for software and hardware systems, but also as a model for natural and general intelligence, has been invented by C.S. in the OntoLab™ for Ontologics and by no one else. Indeed, there were Wordnet and OpenCyc, and the persons behind the OpenCyc project jumped on our bandwagon by wrongly naming its knowledge base an ontology suddenly. Also, there was already the mentioning what the Resource Description Framework (RDF) has in common with a natural language, so that it was taken as an example for its principle by seeing a triple as a simple sentence consisting of subject, predicate and object, but not in this context, and with this interpretation/meaning and this very special combination of computational ontology, natural language processing, and also semantic processing and storing based on RDF or/and OWL as the foundation for robotic and cognitive architectures (see also the case of the Technical University Munich in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, and Robotics of the 24th of September 2010). The same holds also for the Web Ontology Language (OWL) in general with the only difference that there was no comparison to natural languages for describing its concept. We saw this first and by for example our generalization of the Polygon(al)-Data[bank] Model approach for this reason, which is said to be able to present every simple main clause, we have developed this approach, and this even not only for natural languages, but also for (natural) visual languages, machine/mechanical/artificial languages, natural images and machine/mechanical/artificial images, which was supported later by using Imagenet as well, besides so many other steps (see the sections Semantic (World Wide) Web, Semantic File/Storage System and Natural Language Processing).]" and "Visualising and editing ontologies [...] with a nice dynamic layout engine [And finally this points to the software package Tulip that is included in the Ontoscope component, because we use its layout engine for eg. the visualization of ontologies. This is also itself supported by the ontology-based approach, like the Qt® Toolkit, every OntoLinux™ component and every other software used, and therefore named ontology-based visualization, even by autonomous agents (keyword reflection), and in this way was not mentioned somewhere else, as well and for sure. See also the Feature-list of OntoLinux™ #4 of 1th of May 2008].
    We could have made further quotes, but it is already much more than enough to prove that we and not only our robots, artificial agents and avatars are telling the only truth, at least without the attempt to cause harm to another entity (see also the case of Daniel Larmier in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management of the 26th of December 2009).

    Due to reacting again on our criticism we made another note about the media company Viacom, and also a note about the person Hugo Egon Balder on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day
    "Still not destroyed", [C.S., Today]
    But obviously many other pop persons by self-destruction, like Ai Weiwei.

    We made two general notes, and notes about the curator Susanne Gaensheimer and the Universität der Künste Berlin on our webpage Culture.

    *** Some work in progress ***

  • Government of the B.R.D.: It is undeniable that the reader can see by our investigations now that indeed at least the CDU and CSU, but as it came out now also the SPD and we guess the B90/Die Grünen was invited as well, have spied out our family homes and companies, the whole building is full of microphones and there are many video cameras installed to watch the kitchen, maybe the bathroom, the living room, the sleeping room and for sure the office as well (we got also tips in the last years by invited companies), looted our company since 15 years now for their politics, their lobby, including the automotive industry Daimler, Bayerische Motorenwerke and Volkswagen, Bosch, Continental and all the other suppliers, the energy industry, the IT-industry SAP, Deutsche Telekom and many other smaller or larger companies, the whole education and research, that responsible minister is only copying the R&D of our business and playing dirty games so that the truth don't appear at the surface and the people can't see it directly, and so on, mobbed C.S., did massive psychological terror, tried to drive into illegal actings even by knowing that there was nearly no chance to get our rights and in this way trying to provocate as the last possibility a violence act so that they could argue once again that we are terrorists, madness by playing theater on the streets, in public institutions like universities and courts, playing situations from movies with the goal to create a mind-blowing situation as shown in the movie "Vanilla Sky", creating artificial deja vus and flash backs, stallking in very nasty ways, pumping up with Nazi ideology, tried to drive even into suicide, perverted the facts, supported others to steal the personality of C.S., manipulated, lied to every institution including the public-law broadcasters, police, prosecutors and constitution protection unit, even the European Union and the Israelis by german politicians, the governments of the U.K., France and U.S.A. do know the facts very well as well and most potentially are part of the dirty game (NASA, DARPA, secret services and so on), and everybody has acted with until today and in this way has even damaged the democracy so unbelievable massively that we demand legal actions again. Alone the debt by the B.R.D. is actually 60,5 billions Euro, which in fact reflects only a small fraction of the whole damage. The same holds for sure for other nations and the debt of the U.S.A. is even higher like of the P.R.C., but that's another special case.

    Who has helped us? A little bit Ferrari by acting against plagiarists, but took at least the stories of the the world's first Ferrari with all- wheel drive ever (see the webpage of our model E430™ by Style of Speed™) and the concept for the GT race version of its model 458 Italia, the P.R.China with the arrest of the criminal Ai Weiwei, some religious or/and highly social competent persons, but definitely not the leaders in the Vatican, and hopefully some others, but often it was done so secretly that it couldn't be seen very well.

    You all have two choices: 1. Do that nasty game further, and run into a man made disaster in the next future, eg. toast your brains, develope a genetic or nanotechnic disaster, get a nasty "Terminat- or", or let the Earth collapse. 2. Do justice and correct the made damage, and develop further the social systems (concepts like priv- ately owned social networks or micro-blogging platforms are not meant).
    Humans will choose by free will option 1., the hell, as usual.

    And never tell us something in conjunction with a conspiracy theory. We only gave you a glimpse of what is really going on already. And that's why people lost their heads.

  • Chamber of Crafts Düsseldorf→Verlagsanstalt Handwerk: And once again the Chamber of Crafts publicated in its club paper that is call- ed Deutsches Handwerksblatt==German Craft/Trade Paper in an ab- solutely incompetent, nasty and criminal way four reports not only by using and stealing massively the contents of our websites, but also by giving wrong, manipulated and perverted facts to distract attention away from us and to damage our business (see its case in the Investigations of the 20th of May 2010 and the case RWE and Chamber of Crafts Monkeyvillage→Verlagsanstalt Handwerk in the Investigations::Car #303 of the 19th of December 2010).
    The first report was about energy harvesting and contains terms and phrases like: "[...] Mikrosystemtechnik==Micro system technology [...] [This was written to manipulate the public, because we have as well a group in the OntoLab™, the Lab of Visions™, called Micro Sy- stems.]", "[...] Vision [...] [The reader should have the proof now that indeed our contents was stolen for perverting the facts. More- over, that the responsible researcher of the university Freiburg is de- finitely not a visionary, but just an ordinary serious criminal.]", "ein- gebettete Systeme==embedded systems [...] [Here was especially meant our group Pervasive/Ubiquitous Computing besides our Micro Technology group]", "[...] biomechanische Energie==biomechanic en- ergy [...] [see the case of the university Freiburg below]", "[...] MP3-Player, der wie eine Jojo bewegt wird==MP-3 player which is moved like a yoyo [to generate energy ...] [As we said, our office is spied out. The original forensic-proof sketch of our MP-3 yoyo can be seen in our office on request.]", "[...] Piezogenerator im Turn- schuh==piezo generator in the sneaker [...] [see also the case of the university Freiburg below]", "Weitere Visionen kursieren==Further visions are circulating [...] [See the first commented quote about the term vision above. Besides, this is an example for implicit mobb- ing, because the writer shows us that he does know our actings in this field, but won't tell a reader about it. In this way also the readers of that club paper are cheated by its criminal publisher.]", "[...] Thermogeneratoren, die Strom aus einer Temperaturdifferenz erzeugen==thermo-generators that generate electric power out of a difference in temperature [...] [Once again we would like to direct the reader to the case of the university Freiburg below.]", "[...] Energie aus Wärme, Kälte, Licht, Vibration, Schall und Strömung [...] [Examples for these can be found in the section Energieerzeugung, -speicherung und -management==Energy Generation, Storage and Management of the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™, and on the website of Style of Speed™ like eg. the Bionic VehicleApe ESP, the Stroetmann-Compressor and the MagnetoHydroDynamics (MHD) generator of the Hyperjets.]", "[...] Vibrationen von Eisenbahnschienen==vibrations of rails [...] [So here it is pointing a little bit to our irail™ and ipad™, irail stands for intelligent rail, wireless power system for charging and generating electric power. In this relation we would like to mention that M.S. has had the idea since a long time to use vibration of the streets to generate electric power, like it is done now on footways. See also the comment about energy harvesting at the end of the investigative case of the university Freiburg.]", "[...] Energiewandlung, -speicherung und -management==Energy conversion [used in the sense of generation], -storage and -management [...] [This is the clear proof for our claim of the copyright infringement, because it is the label of our section Energieerzeugung, -speicherung und -management==Energy Generation, Storage and Management of the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™.]".
    The micro energy harvesting in the field of iRaiment™ and wearable computing is around 15 years old, like the example of sneakers with piezo elements, as they are used in lighters. We heard the first time about it form the first research group in the MediLab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the fields of wearable computing conducted by Thad Starner and his colleagues. We have not mentioned this technology due to the fact that it is so old and so we only referenced the last project of this first research group, the MIThril platform of the borglab, in the section iRaiment™ and Wearable computing of the Links to Hardware on the OntoLinux™ website, but developed in the OntoLab™, the Lab of Visions™, our Solar Fabrics™, Piezo Fabrics™ and Accu Fabrics™ (see also the logo of iRaiment™ and in the field of Multimedia the groups iRaiment™ and MultiCouture™ and Pervasive/Ubiquitous Computing, and the group Neue Energie™(-quellen) of the OntoLab™, and also once again the section Energy Generation, Storage and Management of the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™). Furthermore, the last time we heard of exactly the same example, sneakers with piezo elements for power generation, sensors, a step counter/pedometer and a connection to a sports watch as the user interface, was around 5 years ago by the company Nike, but not by the company Adidas.
    Obviously, it reported about our actings in our OntoLab™ and our actings in the field of energy generation, storage and management of the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™ with the goal in mind to distract away attention from our actings which are the true origin.
    In a second report the writer of the club paper attempted to pervert the facts in relation to PINO, our Qiro™, which is our further develop- ment of the original robot QRIO by the company Sony that has al- ready three sensors in its head and was the first robot worldwide that could run, dance and much more, and our ROBI™, as well as our OntoLinux™ (see for example the annotation in the original Roboverse webpage and the case of the stealing university Freiburg below). Besides this, it was not written that the technology of the robot was derived from Sony's robot QRIO, but instead a story about a "sogenannte frei programmierbare Standardplattform= =so called freely programmable standard platform" was given that in fact is different in comparison to the Open PINO Platform and our Open ROBI™ Maxifig/Macrofig Platform that feature open hardware architectures and open source operating systems based on the Linux® kernel, so that the reader should get the wrong impression that our robotic system has something of that robotic system used by the university Freiburg, which in fact is quite contrary, because it is only based on stolen or copied items. Furthermore, it was not given the explanation that the robot was not autonomously acting due to a connection to a further computer and that a supervised learning methode has been applied.
    The third report was about an old and in parts total nonsense real- ization of an already existing technology related with astronomy and solar panels with artificial phototropism (see the case of the stealing company Siemens below). In this conjunction we do quote the following: "Solarpanel immer nach der Sonne ausgerichtet [This is called artificial phototropism and in fact is an old technology. We have named it with our Bionic VehicleApe ESP by Style of Speed™, for example.]", "[...] neu entwickelter Algorithmus==newly developed algorithm [...] [This is a criminal lie, because this algorithm is also used with robotic telescopes, as they are listed on the webpage Organization of the OntoLinux™ website, so that they are following automatically celestial objects.]", "[...] astronomische Berechnungen==astronomical calculations [...]", "[...] Software Parameter wie Längengrad, Breitengrad und die genaue Uhrzeit==software parameters like longitude, latitude and the exact time [...] [Doubtlessly, we have here our OntoGlobe™/OntoEarth™ and OntoSpace™ applications, as well as the attempt to steal our story of our Caliber™ that are all related with our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™.]", "[...] bei Sturm [...] bewegt sie die Module in eine Position, in der sie möglichst wenig Widerstand bieten==in storm [...] the modules are moved in a position, in which they have the lowest [air] drag [...] [This technology was copied form the webpage Active Wing™ of the Style of Speed™ website, which are also controlled by OntoLinux™.]" and "[...] auf Dunkelheit reagieren [...] [What an unbelievable high Ooouuch!!!™ Here comes the whole nonsense to the surface, because the same function can and in fact is applied with for example our solar panels by measuring and following all the time the highest intensity of the incident sun light at daytime. In München haben anscheinend viele Ingenieure wirklich zu viel Sonne abbekommen.]".
    The fourth report is about the combination of self-healing materials with Overloaded Materials™ and uses terms like "selbst reparieren== self-repairing", "Inspiration" and "[...] Beladen [...] mit Ionen==[...] loaded [...] with ions [...] [a feature of Overloaded Materials™.]" (see the case of that only stealing research institute Fraunhofer Institut below).
    Furthermore, a product and a research project have the name Osiris, which doubtlessly was taken by the related stealing company and by the stealing research institute, as well as that stealing publisher in conjunction with the relation to Egypt (see also the logo of Ontologics).
    Due to the fact that it was not done the first time by applying the same methode again taking contents of our website and together with other entities and with the goal to damage our company, we have here indeed a serious criminal acting that goes far beyond simple infringements of our copyrights.
  • Siemens: Developed in parts total nonsense technology that is related with solar panels with artificial phototropism and astronomy (see sections Astronomy and Space Simulation of the Links to Software webpage, and the section Organization, as well as the webpage of our Caliber™ on the OntoLinux™ website, again the section Energy Generation, Storage and Management, and OntoGlobe™/OntoEarth™ and OntoSpace™ applications of the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™, and also specification of our Bionic VehicleApe ESP (the point starting with Leaf™) by Style of Speed™ together with the remark and the clear fact that all of our vehicles are powered by OntoLinux™)
  • University Freiburg: Finally it was time to document its actings; stolen contents, concepts and technologies from our websites, ten faculties the same theme as we do in the field Energy Generation, Storage and Management (see the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™); thermogenerators using a difference in temperature like our Stroetmann-Compressor (can be also found in the Innovation-Pipeline) and also IR-Ray Collector™/IR-Ray Panel™, vibration and sonic Sonic Collector™/Schallfänger™; Intelligente Gebäude==Intelligent buildings, iRaiment and so on ...
    By our much longer lasting research and development in the OntoLab™ we found out that energy harvesting is not that easy, because the research and development, and especially the manufacturing, construction, installation, application and servicing is in the end in many cases costing more energy than the gain, more money than not doing it and having a bigger neagative impact on the environment.
  • Fraunhofer Institut: That only stealing research institute has jumped on the bandwagon of Overloaded Materials™ in conjunction with self-healing materials of our OntoLab™ in the New Energies™: Phase II Group and the New Materials Group, after the same fraudsters laughed all the years about such concepts. We only say Overloader™ and direct the reader to the Original of the 17th February 2008, which shows also the concept of our artificial photosynthesis technology, and to the webpage of our spaceship TIE R/LightSwift™ by Style of Speed™.
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Has reported about the field of energy harvesting as well in the last days, so that we can see here the synchronization of different parties with the CDU/CSU. Micro energy harvesting, but the working group of broadcasters named not anymore the MIT Medialab despite that it has reported in the last 10 years at least three times about this technology in conjunction with iRaiment and wearable computing.

    *** Work in progress ***
    Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, and Robotics

  • University Freiburg: is supporting another company, which was analyzed all the years doing nothing than keeping the illusion alive that it is doing something and now is busted of being solely created for stealing from our business division Roboticle™ in exactly this stealing, e.g. our Open ROBI Maxifig Platform, which in fact has stolen the Sony QRIO, now Roboticle Qiro™, of our intellectual properties, especially essential concepts of OntoLinux™ in the field of robotics (see the annotation that is about the robots Pino, Qiro, and ROBI in the webpage Roboverse of the OntoLinux™ website and the last paragraph of the case of the only stealig company Willow Garage in Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, and Robotics of the 24th of September 2010 and the other related cases in the same investigation, and of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique→Laboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes and Technical University Munich of yesterday)
    "Ein bißchen Spass muss sein", aber das hier ist definitiv kein Spass mehr. That's serious crime. Wir fordern die Universität Freiburg sowie die Europäische Kommission auf sofort sämtliche Verbindungen mit dem ganz klar beschriebenen Unternehmen einzustellen.

    Comment of the Day
    Tablet mounting™

    Ontonics Website update
    We made explicit that our Overloaded Materials™ can be applied in conjunction with our Self-Healing Materials and Self- Sharpening Tools as well, for sure.

    And we added to the description of our icarpet the possibility to manufacture it by using our Piezo Fabrics and Accu Fabrics.

    Furthermore, we presented a description of our IPRFID technology.
    For sure, we are very proud to create values by true innovations like this IPRFID technology and not be only stealing in opposition to the defrauding copiers.

    Ontonics and Style of Speed Website update
    We added to the description of our irail and ipad technology the possibilities to extend the concept further by applying power gener- ating techniques based on vibration and sonic by eg. our Sonic Col- lector technology.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Cadd-E™ Cadd E™ Cadd•E™
    Cabb-E™ Cabb E™ Cabb•E™
    Tadd-E™ Tadd E™ Tadd•E™
    Tabb-E™ Tabb E™ Tabb•E™
    E-Caddy™ E Caddy™ E•Caddy™
    E-Cabby™ E Cabby™ E•Cabby™
    E-Taddy™ E Taddy™ E•Taddy™
    E-Tabby™ E Tabby™ E•Tabby™
    E-Teddy™ E Teddy™ E•Teddy™
    E-Max™ E Max™ E•Max™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Tweeting is better than bombing.", [C.S., Today]
    This is in no way an accreditation of a privately owned micro-blogg- ing platform. In this sense: "Make tweet not war".

    Picture of the Day
    Rosa Parks, three-quarter length portrait, seated toward front of bus, facing right, Montgomery, Alabama

    Rosa Parks, three-quarter length portrait, seated toward front of bus, facing right, Montgomery, Alabama
    ©© Library Of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, NYWT&S Collection, Reproduction # LC-USZ62-111235

    She was really cool. By the way: Have you counted the lights above the destination sign of the bus? :D

    King Smiley Further steps
    To find the right inspirations is not that easy as everybody might agree. But now we are glad to have found again one of our woman for the series "Person(alitie)s"→"Strong Women": Rosa Parks.

    Donna Rosa (since so long, but now since 13.April.2011) (Work in progress)

    Donna Rosa

    Style of Speed Further steps
    Since some times we are looking for the right model for another e-conversion of the E-MPV and E-Van type. And after we created the Cabby concept, which is a taxi conversion of the model Caddy by the manufacturer Volkswagen, we are sure now to have found the right base. Said this, we are actually thinking about a series of Taddys, like Cadd-E, Cabb-E and Carr-E, or so. But due to the sup- erior performances of a drivetrain based on our Quasiturbine - The Game Changer in comparison to a drivetrain with one or more electric motors we are not so sure if the E- in front of the type labels will remain.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "Revolution has been done.", [C.S., Today]

    Comment of the Day #2
    ""We love arts", "When love is not enough".", [Some pop persons, 2005(?) and 2010(?)]
    Then it is either not love or not arts.

    Maybe it was not directly seen by their interiors or the given des- criptions, but our models Cup!™ and j!™ are the Apple concept cars that were rumoured to exist so long. And sad to say, the designated U.S. American manufacturer has made giant mistakes with its memb- ers of the board, so that intellectual properties are spread to many competitors. Until it hasn't cleand up this mess there is no way to give the production OK.

    Style of Speed Website update
    In conjunction with the Style of Speed Website update of the 7th of May 2011 we had some more cleaning ups to do on the webpages of our i! * j! * k!.

    In the same sense we finally took the time as well for setting up a webpage of our e-dashboard.

    King Smiley Further steps
    As we said yesterday, to create a vision, find the right inspirations and finally transform them into real works is not that easy. But we are sure that our readers have the same opinion as we do, namely if something works very well, then it works suddenly in a magic way much better on its own developing new qualities. In basketball it is said in such a situation that a player is in the hot spot.
    In this respect we would like to officially announce our in fact two years old subseries "Female Collectors" of the series "Person(alitie)s" with "Donna Peggy", for sure, perhaps "Donna Judith", and a third one. But to find a third woman is very difficult due to the lack of outstanding qualities, extraordinary performances, and, most import- antly, true personalities.

    Comment of the Day
    "Everything achieved, and nothing gained.", [C.S., Yesterday]

    Picture of the Day #1
    Black Panther/Melanistic Leopard (Panthera pardus) due to recessive allele

    Black Panther/Melanistic Leopard

    Take also a look again at the second paragraph of the case of the media company British Broadcasting Corporation in the Investigations of the 20.10.2010. In this conjunction we would like to add that the "Sketch #0006" by C.S. is related as well with the explanations "How the zebra gets its stripes", "How the jaguar gets its rings" and so on, and that the explanation "How the brain gets its shape" was also de- scribed by J.D. Murray in "The Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks" form the year 2002, which was that time publicated by him after C.S. sketched. Also important to mention are the scientific work "The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis" publicated in the year 1952 by Alan Turing, and the Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction by Boris Belousov and Anatoly Zhabotinsky (take a look once again at the "Sketch #0006" and find the swirls in the upper half just under the cylinders that are a model for the steps in evolution after different time durations yielding in the result of a larger/fitter next generation, and also The Proposal). All so far mentioned concepts, explanations, and documentations are also connected to self-organization, cellular automata of the field of artificial life, and the interplay of chaos and order.
    This led as well to the subfield of Structures and Patterns of the science Ontonics.

    Picture of the Day #2
    NASA Space Shuttle Masters around the Space Shuttle Silhouette in a Vibrating O# Formation

    NASA Space Shuttle Masters around the Space Shuttle Silhouette in a Vibrating O# Formation
    © NASA

    "Ships have always been an important part of human culture. Be it waterships, airships, or spaceships, they all represent progress, high-technology, the desire to search for the unknown, and the success to have finally found the new.", [C.S., 26th of July 2008]

    The Shuttle-program of the NASA doesn't end after more than 30 years, but is alive with our Space Transportation System (STS) with Single-Stage-To-Orbit (SSTO) Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV), Space Shuttle Mark 3 XSS-3/BigStar, and our Space Transportation System (STS) with Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) of the Next Generation (NG), Space Shuttle NG X-3033/MagicStar.

    King Smiley Further steps
    The last months clearly proved the impact by C.S. on every living being on planet Earth in a not seen before speed, that resulted in a wealth for the most, while still following the guidelines of the Free Will and the Prime Directive, and much more. Furthermore, the arts market is rising and even developing in totally new directions, which indeed is also a side effect by the actings of C.S., despite that we are not so lucky about this point. Summarized this, the time has come to heighten the reward for works of arts by C.S. accordingly: 2 billions US Dollar.

    Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, Multimedia and Robotics

  • Qualcomm and X Prize Foundation: Without any doubts, that com- pany and that foundat- ion have stolen our whole concept of using our Ontoscope™ and Retinascope™ as a tricorder like device and also related technological descriptions given on our related websites for announcing a related 10 million US Dollar X Prize that is planned to be launched in early 2012 and awarded for creating a Mobile Dev- ice™ that can "diagnose patients better than or equal to a panel of board certified physicians" by "combining advancements in expert systems and medical point of care data such as wireless sensors, advancements in medical imaging and microfluidics.". At this point we already do clarify that in this conjunction also all potential attend- ancies will have just right form the start giant copyright infringement problems with our company due to the fact that we are already off- ering such Mobile Devices™ as the products based on our:
    1. series Med!Mobile,
    2. Ontoscope™, which in its different versions features two or more visual sensors and further optional sensors, like for example our Mul- tiray™ sensors, having different functionalities, eg. for stereoscopic viewing, Glassy™ viewing, multi-spectral imaging, and chemical el- ements detection, and
    3. combination of the Holomer (3.0) with our Retinascope™ called Holodoc 1.0, which features as well two or more camera systems and further optional sensor systems like the Ontoscope™ based solutions
    (see the Announcement Ontonics Website update and the Originals of the 21st of November 2008, the Ontoscope Announcement of the 8th September 2009, the OntoLinux Website update of the 29th of August 2007 and also the Clarification #1 of the 29th of April 2011, for example).

    This is a criminal act due to the fact that the foundation and that company have deliberately infringed our copyright to attack our bu- siness, as the quoted text doubtlessly proves, because we've inte- grated all the different isolated/island solutions that were in exist- ence before, and developed own systems or enhanced the existing ones even further to systems that go conceptually unbelievable far beyond the simple tricorder of the Star Trek® saga and the medical systems of the Star Wars® saga (see once again the Ontoscope Announcement of the 8th September 2009).
    It is already time for U.S.American prosecutors to take action, be- cause we have delivered evidences now that indeed they are Con- fidence (Wo)Men and not the nice persons, who support "radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity". The true situation is quite contrary due to the fact that since years the foundation sup- portes and encourages persons, groups, and companies to damage or even to steal intellectual properties owned by others as sponsors or/and attendancies. If the company and the foundation really tend- er this prize, then we will take legal actions against that company, the foundation and every attendance who came up with our solution or a derived solution, which means at least mobile phone, tablet/pad computer or touch-screen based solutions are not qualified. Said this, the prize seems not to be practicable, and we also demand the foundation to delete immediately the related announcement from their website and out of internet encyclopedias due to the already committed infringement of our copyright.

    After the started X Prizes for fuel efficient cars, private aerospace solutions, like landing on the Moon with a small robot, and some others, we can prove now our claim that indeed the foundation together with its sponsors steal their inspirations from other entities and from us since several years to distract attention away from our business and in this way to to damage it.
    *** From here on: Work in progress ***

  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Despite the fact that the working group of broadcasters of the B.R.D. regulated by public law does exactly know that we already have copyrights, gave very significant formulations in descriptions about the technology of a mobile phone based Star Trek® tricorder (see the Ontoscope Announcement of the 8th September 2009 and the Clarification #1 of the the 29th of April 2011, for example), and other such and related hardware, it reported about the announcment of a related prize by a defrauding foundation and its sponsor (see the case of Qualcomm and X PRrze Foundation above) by even following the contents of our websites, like it could be seen by the terms "Robodoc" or "Gesundheits[-system]==Health care [system]", which points to our humanoid robots Med•E™ and Nurs•E™ (shown as the Original Sketches on the 21st of November 2008), the image of the JN-66 analysis droid, which is the basis for the IM-6 medical droid, (shown as the Original vs. Inspiration of the 22nd of April 2008) and our Holodoc 1.0 inclusive our 21st Century Health Care Card, as well as writing about the last sentence of the Ontoscope Announcement of the 8th September 2009 by writing "Hardwareschmiede in Cupertino - gestaltete Edelmodell==Hardware smith in Cupertino - designed model" (see the case Qualcomm and X Prize Foundation of today above).
    We also could read in the same story "Roboter für künftige Mondmissionen entwerfen - aus Lego==designing robots for future moon missions - out of Lego". But what was not explained is, who was meant with the statement "Er is krank, Jim.==He is sick, Jim." and "Er is tot, Jim.==He is dead, Jim.".
  • Spiegel-Verlag Rudolf Augstein→Spiegelnet→Spiegel Online: Well knowing that we already have such a product in our portfolio with our Ontoscope™ that magazine reported about a prize to be awarded by an IT company (see the case of the company Qualcomm and the X Prize Foundation above).

    We demand the media and other companies not to report this prize, because obcisiously our copyrights have been cleary infringed due to the fact that it is about an already marketed products of our company. C.S. is already the inventor.
    Wir fordern die Medien und andere Unternehmen auf nicht über diesen Preis zu berichten, weil offensichtlich unsere Urheberrechte eindeutig verletzt wurden, da der Preis für bereits beworbene Produkte unseres Unternehmens ist. C.S. ist bereits der Erfinder.
    Wir forden auch das Medienunternehmen Spiegel-Verlag Rudolf Augstein→Spiegelnet→Spiegel Online auf den entsprechenden Bericht vom 14.05.2011 sofort zurück zu nehmen.

  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland→Norddeutscher Rundfunk: In one of the usual nasty attempts that broadcaster of the serious criminal working group tried again to downplay the ingenuity of C.S. This time it was done in a broadcast, which is about the presentation of an invited person with a talk about her/his works and also private subjects, and also shows inbetween the talk other topics of interest.
    Just right from the start it was clear that they talked in fact about OntoLinux™, especially about The Proposal and medical applications like chirugy in cancer
    "fraktale Geometrie==fractal geometry", "Entwicklung (in der Biologie)==development (in biology)", "Selbstorganisation==self-organization",
    kidney in relation to Star Trek® doctor Leonard "Bones" McCoy (see also the other case of the X foundation and the working group of public-law broadcasters above) who gave a pile that let a kidney grow again
    But in the end the broadcaster and and that studio guest showed their true faces
    a display with a pen-based user interface was shown, which can be simply described as a tablet computer™ without the computer, together with a 3D application like the VTK with VTKEdge, which is part of our Ontoscope™ software component
    the studio guest showed his true face of an incompetent self-exposer by trying the psychological attack with the claim that C.S. is looking for fame, which is in fact fairness for others and justice, and that it would take several decades until our OntoLinux™ powered surgical robot would come into existence (see also the last paragraph of the case of the company International Business Machines in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, Multimedia and Robotics of the 1st of March 2011). Here the house of cards of both parties implodes finally.
    As an extra nasty psychoterror the broadcaster has chosen as the studio guest a scientist of an university in Florida, U.S.A..
    Btw.: This kind of stupid actings is over and as we said before with every such an attempt only the opposite goal is reached.

    We made a general note, and notes about the persons British Broad- casting Corporation, Ai Weiwei and so called Alla Grande on our Cult- ure webpage.

    Comment of the Day #1
    True Tron

    Comment of the Day #2
    "As you begin a war, so you end it.", [A blogger, Today]

    Some of our readers have seen it before, but we would like to ex- plain it today explicitly. Hardware can be overlaid with our virtual avatars by their Calibers as well by following the philosophical and theological concept of the partition of spiritual, virtual and real en- tities, as it could be seen easily with the overlay of our Holodoc 1.0 with a robot like the JN-66 analysis droid, which nicely shows a capability of our ontological and in this way ontonical approach by Ontonics and Ontologics that goes beyond the concepts as shown in the sagas Star Trek® and Star Wars®, but has in fact something common with a Gynoid#. And for sure, this also works with real ag- ents and is only a nice toy, as the True Tron app(lication) is as well that even goes in another direction form the aspect of hardware.

    Roboticle Further steps
    Maybe our readers haven't seen this, but we showed our crawlers with coaxial rotors in the Original vs. Inspiration of the 9th of April 2008 also as a hint that our robots like the PINO, QIRO and ROBI can get an optional extension as well with the functionality of a helicop- ter or also with one of the (Back)Pack Aircrafts, so that they can fly around and don't need for example to climb up winding (circular, spir- al, ...) stairs, which is as well no problem for them.


  • Google: That company has delivered the next evidence that it is stealing our intellectual properties, especially everything that is re- lated with our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™ by jumping now on the bandwagon of the sotware package VTK, which is part of our Ontoscope™ software component (see also the Investigations::Multimedia of the 7th of February 2011).
    We will come back to this issue in the next future, but announce it today for proving our claim and that we have the knowledge about its applied methode of stealing, once again.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "At first your data and genes, then your thoughts, and then your souls.", [C.S., Today]
    But this is in fact your life.

    Comment of the Day #2
    "It is really a pity that so many entities confuse sympathy with law and order.", [C.S., Today]

    Picture of the Day
    Karlsson-on-the-Roof==Karlsson vom Dach

    © :(

    This fairy tale was also the inspiration for our crawlers, (Back)Pack Aircrafts, and PINO, QIRO and ROBI with flying capabilities (see also the Roboticle Further steps of yesterday).

    To be honest, we don't like the overconfident behaviour of Karlsson, but only because he doesn't deliver what he claims for in a total contrast to us. Also we only imitate him to provocate others, who refuse to honor the achievements and works by C.S., in an artistical, scientifical, but also social context, because the alternative and, more important, the correct behaviour is to applaude and give expli- cit credit to C.S..


  • Googel: One of the Nonsense Operating Systems (NOSs) with its app(lication) ecosysytem by the only stealing, busted and convicted company Google has a giant security problem, as U.S.American experts together with an university has found out.
    Btw.: The question is not that a company stores the data of a user as a service and offers further services on top of this data collection in a legal way, e.g. cloud computing service provider, but what is that company doing with the data illegally, e.g. selling to third parties, as well as industrial spying and defrauding. To differentiate in this conjunction individual data and personalized advertising is not nonsense, but moronism.

    But that's the absolute hammer: Eric Schmidt said that the only way to manage the challenges is "much greater transparency and no anonymity". Schmidt also stated that in an era of asymmetric threats, "true anonymity is too dangerous". He really wants to be only the leader of that dystopia/anti-utopia, as it was described in the novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four", for example.
    That company Google is poison for every democracy, like Facebook and Co.

  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: And its for sure not a surprise that the working group of german broadcasters ARD presented a so called expert who downplayed this fact by saying that the general security problem, which makes data leaks possible, was no surprise, which is true due to the fact that we explained it long before in conjunction with our secure Ontologic System (OS) and Hightech Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux™ for the World Wide Web of the Next Generation by us, and that this is no reason for a hystery, which is wrong. It is in fact a reason for hystery, because it has finally happened, it is the next tessera of an unwanted process, it is very easy to break into such devices in a very short time and by nearly no coast by a criminal, it clearly shows that that company is not generally interested in data security and protection of data of its users at all and like the rest of the industry, eg. Microsoft, Facebook, and so on, as well as because the Nonsense Operating System (NOS) is running on many Mobile Devices™. By the way: We haven't shown them our security achitecture, because that only stealing company Google wants to steal it as well for its other NOS, as we already proposed as well. The only operating system that can deliver all this features correctly, securely and legally is our OS and HOS OntoLinux™, and this is not an "illusion" as a blog-babble said to mislead the public and as an attempt to damage our trustworthness, because he guessed that we will present the facts.

    Besides this, it is still wrongly telling the nonsense of "Google-Handys==Google cellphones". There was such a Mobile Device™, but it was nothing else than a mobile phone by a Asian manufacturer with a Google sticker patched on, and even that was gone some months after the start, because it was one of the usual marketing hoaxes by that only stealing company Google.

    Wir möchten uns hiermit bei allen Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiten der Rundfunkanstalten und Medienunternehmen entschuldigen, falls wir sie zu unrecht angegriffen haben. Aber es gilt nun einmal in diesem demokratisch legitimierten Rechtssystem die Vorgabe "mitgegangen, mitgehangen" (auch "mitgefangen, mitgehangen"), aber das macht uns natürlich auch nicht glückerlicher in dieser Situation.

    We do know that many readers have only waited and in this way expected exactly this note about the platform art.sy given today on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "This is change.", [C.S., 12th of February 2011]
    And we already asked us why it takes so long for the U.S.A. to und- erstand our vision for North Africa and the Middle East, including the economic outlook. So please write your history books correctly.

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Modern societies go gaga.", [C.S., Today]
    See also the Joke of the Year below.

    Joke of the Year
    "Forbes declares an artificial figure as the mightiest prominent per- son."
    Despite that such a statement is so unbelievable stupid, so that we propose it for the hall of fame of Best Bull$h!t Ever, we would like to give a little comment: What she says, sings, dances and does for selling products as The Simple Box, and for creating an aura of polit- ical and social competence is in no way herself. It's just only mark- eting done by a group of many persons and then distributed by the entertainment and media industry. And to speak about power/might in this conjunction makes it the ... (see above). The responsible persons are already known and that hoax is already busted. And the same holds for the little boy.
    Besides this, we can see here what one of the true problems of the U.S.A. really is: Literally speaking, the nation goes gaga. And now there is also an MTV of arts platform. This all does not transport or create sustainable values, but only a fast consumption of sensorial stimuli, and this is somehow not enough for highly developed socie- ties.

    Investigations::Car #320, Motorbike #13, and Avioncs and Aerospace

  • Pal-V Europe: First of all we have to be honest and give our readers the information that we have with this company indeed a pioneer in the field of tilting and flying three-wheelers with foldable components. But that doesn't mean it is free to act as it wants to. In this respect we quote from its website for history as well: "A fut- uristic dream becoming reality [speech act stealing]", "[...] drive AND fly [...] [This "AND" was written in big letters, because it has the logical meaning of AND that we also write as ∧. As such and in this context it is more than speech act stealing.]", "[...] started in 1999 [...] [Is this the correct date?]", "The first Personal Air and Land Vehicle (PAL-V) available for anybody. [Said in this way it is a criminal marketing lie. Besides, this sentence sounds a little bit like the description we have given about this point on the webpage of our model E3™ by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] foldable rotor [...] [We think that this is speech act stealing due to the next quote that was written in the same context.]", "[...] fine-tune [...] [Fine tuning™]", "[...] professional applications [...] services [...] [This sounds fami- liar.]", "And it truly is. At the heart [...] [This also sounds familiar.]", "The genius of the [...] technology is in its simplicity: essentially [...] it relies on proven technology [...] [See the two comments be- fore and take a look at the webpage Fields of Innovation of the On- tonics™ website for the term Simplexität/Einfachheit== simplicity.]", "[...] phenomenon called autorotation [...] [In fact it is a physical effect and not a phenomenon.]", "[...] building blocks [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] multi function display [...] [This points to our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™) in the version for smaller vehicles.]", "[...] flying car [...] [But we see a flying motor- ized trike.]", "[...] thanks to the 3 wheel concept, the [...] vehicle is considered a motorcycle. [Meant was here the certification institu- te.]", "[...] centrifugal forces while cornering are completely cancell- ed by gravity [...]", "[...] small turbofans blowing out air at very high speeds requiring huge amounts of power [...] [This is misleading the public, because in the related paragraph two totally different con- cepts of air vehicles have been compared, eg. the turbofans enable the hovering flight.]", "Fun [...] [This is now plagiarism, because a concept of our marketing efforts and not just only the term fun was copied in this way. See also for example the labels of our models in the section Powered Lift Aircraft to find out the reason why the company has done this.]", "[...] police, fire brigade, park-rangers [...] boarder protection [...] defense surveillance and transportation [...]", "Fast transportation for small parcels and persons [So for us this is very suspicious, because we have such an application also described in the section Autonomic Revolution of the E3™ webpage in conjunction with "totally new systems of local traffic and trans- port". On the other hand we have not seen this concept before on its website.]", "[...] lead a revolution [...] [take a look at the comm- ent before]", "[...] hybrid of a car [...] [This is very suspicious for us, though the reason for this is lengthy and could also be not con- vincing for some readers.]", "[...] cutting-edge 'tilting' system [...] [This is misleading the public, because its applied tilting system isn't cutt- ing-edge anymore.]", "[...] like a helicopter, it has a Very Short Take Off and Vertical Landing (VSTOVL) capability [...] [Besides that it has tried to copy the style of our website content, this explanat- ion is wrong and in this way illegal. A helicopter is a Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft. This is the normal nonsense that manu- facturers of autogyros tell all the time.]", "[...] quieter [...] [Again, something is highly suspicious with this company.]", "[...] rational form [...] [In relation with the term pure rationality we've here at least a speech act stealing.]", "[...] 'digital freeways' that provide easy and safe corridors using GPS technology [...]", "[...] "highways in the sky" [...] [No, no, no: Highway in the sky™. That was totally clear that this company will copy this. Furthermore, this was stolen even with the quotation marks form the webpage of our model Sky :)™ (Sky Fun™).]", "[...] "sky-ways" [...] [Again this points to our Pavee™ Sky :)™ (Sky Fun™). So now the case is absolutely clear.]", and "[...] concurrently [...] [speech act stealing]".
    Somehow we had since 1999 the impression that this is one of the typical start-ups that are only founded to steal later our contents, concepts and technologies. So we have let it burn out, like we usu- ally handle such companies and because there was no need to hurry since around 2003 due to our vehicle architecture, as it is used for example for the E3™ and futher models. Our recommendation: Delete immediately the dead link to Carver Engineering or buy the domain, correct the headline (PAL-V vs. Pal-V) and other contents of your website, and collaborate with us. Nice concepts, especially the au- togyro ports besides the normal highways, sketch and design, but the patents are most potentially not so valuable. We for example don't need them at all and developed our own copyrighted general vehicle architecture. And also: Convicted!!!™
    *** Proof-reading mode ***
  • iCar 101: A quick analysis of its website clearly showed us that the responsible persons have taken contents, concepts and techno- logies from our websites, which we have documented here. The re- lated quotes are as follows: "iCar 101 [We think the label says it all. But in detail we have here a label starting with an i, like iRaiment™, iTablet™, irail™ and ipad™, and so on. Furthermore, 101 could easily give a person the impression that it is related with the abbrevation SOS of Style of Speed™. But this is not the case.]", "[...] revolution [speech act stealing]", "High-performance [...] [In this case it is speech act stealing.]", "Hybrid gas turbine / Electric propulsion [Sto- len from the website of Style of Speed™ as a general concept for flying surface and water vehicles.]", "Telescopic [...] [This has to be seen in relation with the concepts of a transformer, foldable com- ponents and other kinds of form changing, and a little bit with our Ontoscope™ as well.]", "[...] in 3 hours [3 Theme]", "[...] complexity to integrate [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] project intends to create scientific interest amongst students, engineers and research- ers [...] [Despite this would be indeed a nice step, it sounds some- how familiar and is said to raise interests of other parties with the goal in mind to establish a standard. Furthermore, it raises the que- stion why this kind of aggressive marketing is applied, which even includes infiltrating a well-known World Wide Web encyclopedia.]", "[...] to be investigated in several scientific domains [...]", "[...] Magnus effect is the phenomenon [...] [In fact it is a physical effect and not a phenomenon.]", "[...] integrate essential elements [...] [speech act stealing]", "Folded [...] [see again the comment about the quote "Telescopic" above]", "[...] subsection [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] light composite materials and its equipments are coming from aeronautical technologies [...] [This was copied from our website of Style of Speed. The finally convicting term is "equip- ments".]", "[...] straight [...] [We are sure that this was said in conjunction with the webpage of our model E3™ by Style of Speed.]", "[...] development of alternative biofuels [...] made of organical wastes processed by algae [...] [We make it short: Algal Energy™.]", "[...] massive use of fossil-fuel [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] public transportation systems for short and medium range destinations [...] [This concept can also be found on the webpage of our model E3™.]", "[...] complemented [...]", "[...] Evolution [...] [Now we also have something of our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux.]", "[...] electrical "jet" engines [...]", "[...] electromagnetic levitation [...] [This is in fact more than only speech act stealing, because the website visitor should get the impression that the company is on our technological level.]", "[...] interference [...]", "[...] lifting bodies [...] [This is speech act stealing, because wings were meant.]".
    The given specification is a little bit overdosed, eg. the point "Cruise speed (at 10000 feet) 310 km/h" is too high estimated for this concept. Besides this, news are publicated that should downplay our competences and create an impression of being at the forefront of innovation and transport, eg. ""Transformers" (TX)" and "Transport & Innovation". And last but not least, we have taken a look at the concept of rotating wings as well. Our recommendation: Stop the copying and the whole hoax marketing, throw the design away, rethink and redesign the whole thing, and then go back to the drawing board again.
  • Bertelsmann→Motor Presse Stuttgart→auto motor und sport: In a report about the product of the company PAL-V (see its case above) it was said that the vehicle has an acceleration form 0–100 km/h/0-60 mph of under 5 seconds, but in fact the estimation by the manufacturer is &bg; 8 seconds, and that the range for the flight mode is 600 kilometers, but here we also can only find a range of 450 km/280 miles. Besides this the vehicle is wrongly describe to mislead the public. At first sight we thought that the publisher has made some mistakes or not understood the technology of the vehicle, but today we do know exactly that it was a report made to damage our actings in the field just right from the start, like it did and still does in all other fields of our interests.

    To give our readers a further nice example how far beyond the norm- al scope the influence by C.S. is truly reaching, like we have done it yesterday, we made a note about the pop musician Paul van Dyk on our Culture webpage.

    Clarification Caliber Special #1a
    The inspiration for our invention of the computational ontology and semantic (world wide) web standards (e.g. the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and Web Ontology Language (OWL)) based repres- entation, storage and processing model that is rooted deeply in the human language for making sense of thinking and language process- ing was the description by a former girl friend of C.S. told more than 24 years ago, who spent 27 years ago her first year in the U.S.A. as an exchange student. She said that after some months in the U.S.A. she started to dream in English as well. This led C.S. already at that time to the conclusion that the language has a strong relation with thinking, in the sense of "You think as you speak, and vice versa", and also with the development of the brain, in detail how the neu- rons are connected and how their are working together as a brain.

    As a first step this concept was then translated to a suitable in- formation processing computer model, which roughly described was in the first step a reflective/fractal/holonic triple storing and pro- cessing system of a Turing machine (see The Proposal). In the sec- ond step this model was made more flexible/general by the addition of multimodality, for example in the meaning of "You think as you see" and "You think as you hear", and of feelings and emotions, and so on, as well as our reality-virtuality-continuum based on the con- cept of the mixed reality plus the reality and the virtuality on the one hand, and on the other hand by throwing away the semiotics and syntax for making it geometrical in the sense of and to overlay it with the concepts of Albert Einstein's formula E=m*c², time-space, and so on, so that not only the hardware, but also even the physics of the universe could be integrated in one universal processing mod- el, which also became in this way the first dynamic and also active model of its kind. To achiveve this the model had also be brought to its very lowest ontological level by creating some kind of a new zero, which could vibrate, if given a push, or even is a zero vibration, and is represented by our Zero Ontology O#. Somehow suddenly the whole concept reached not only the elegance that could be compar- ed to the formula E=m*c², but in fact in the end goes beyond the physical meaning of this formula due to the facts that the fractal geometry was used explicitly in contrast to Albert Einstein, and even this in a dynamized way.
    The resulting universal model was later declared by us as a singulari- ty, coined as a Caliber, and presented as the Ontologic System (OS) and Hightech Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux after the requests on all highest institutional and social levels of the U.S.A. and Europe.

    One implication is that thinking is like a vibration, even if it is done in circles that sometimes can be seen as autism, confusion, or literally as running in circles, and dreaming is like after vibrations of the brain while in a rest. The combination of dreaming with the fractal struct- ure was one of the reasons why we have written about the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) in the Chapter 3.1 Wachstum eines multizellu- laren Organismus of the The Proposal, and not only the REM or the biological development itself.
    Crazy? Not really, but only highly complex in the beginning. So dream on. :D

    Comment of the Day #1
    "Illusions on a stick.", [C.S., Today]
    Or if someone wishes: Illusion lollies for the mass.

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Electric power is exactly like the bandwidth in the internet. You never can have enough of it.", [C.S., Sometimes]

    Picture of the Day
    Atomkraft? Ja Bitte

    Atomkraft? Ja Bitte
    © :(

    See also our Clarification of the 12th of April 2011 of Clarification #2 of the 29th of April 2011. This has already been understood by 15 years old teenagers, who most potentially will never fully understand what an atom is.

    Clarification Caliber Special #1b
    An additional inspiration was an effect that potentially many others have experienced. C.S. was at first watching this many times while making vacations in a small village in Austria that has around 1000 citizens and was in former times for many decades only reachable over a mountain saddle from the backside of the valley due to a canyon. Later a street was built through this canyon. This situation let to the development of an own very strong dialect of the german language by the locals that needs many years to be understandable, especially due to the fact that the local inhabitants speak it only between themselves and not with the guests. While new guests do not understand this dialect, C.S. was at first surprised that it always takes the first days of a holiday to understand this dialect again, but suddenly it is everytime as if there would be no dialect at all. This effect of regaining could be called an acclimatization of thinking. The same effect was watched after a skiing holiday in another village in Austria where contacts were made with two groups of young men from Swiss speaking Swiss-german. Usually being able to understand as well most of this dialect in general by watching Swiss TV as a child, C.S. was two years later not directly able at a visit to under- stand two of these Swiss, which was remarked in that moment by one of them. But again after some hours of talking the effect of ac- climatization was the same. Suddenly there was no addtional step of an explicit translation of the Swiss-german into plain german by the brain needed anymore. This pointed to a general automatic process done by the brain, as if a filter for a vibration is recalibrated at run time.

    "You think as you speak, and vice versa", and so little children make the steps of learning after their brains have developed a sufficient quantity of neurons with a sufficient quantity and also quality of connections between these neurons, the critical mass as we call it in this context as well, and learned passively and actively an appro- priated and sufficiently large vocalubary to think about a concept. Also, the other way in the opposite direction is getting reactions on their before spoken words or actings initiated by their thoughts. And this forms the geometry, connection, electrics and so on of a brain as well.
    The same holds for other languages like the whistled languages on a Canary Island, Spain, or in the Swiss, or also like visual languages, which even shows clearly that the processing of languages by the brain can be highly abstract. This insight leads also to languages for skills, like what? Walking and kissing. And what else? Feelings, emot- ions, and in general whatever is processed by a brain.

    King Smiley Further steps
    The last days proved in such a massive and now totally undeniable way the impact by C.S. on every living being on planet Earth, so that we heighten once again the reward for works of arts by C.S. accordingly: 4 billions US Dollar.

    *** Work in progress ***
    Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, Multimedia and Robotics

  • Government of the Eurpean Union: The Eurpean Union has started some kind of an X-Prize for future technologies, which is advertised as: "Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) is the EU pathfinder programme in information technologies. Now the European Commiss- ion raises its ambition to coordinate a Europe-wide research effort towards visionary technological targets. The endeavour takes shape in the FET Flagship Initiatives. [The Endeavour already took shape by the Space Shuttle Masters as shown in the Picture of the Day on the 16th of May 2011.]". The finally chosen so called 6 Pilot Actions are all related with our Ontologic System®™ (OS) and Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™ and our related technologies, as well as the contents of our other websites, eg. of Ontonics™ and the OntoLab™ -The Lab of Visions™, and not with the presented technologies by other entities that are also illeg- ally derived from our intellectual properties as most of them have been documented before in our investigations or even got by simple (industrial) spying. In this way we have not only here a massive infringment of our copyrights, especially by all the usual entities, but also by the European Commission that is at least the third time now, was exactly planned years before and should be realized since at least two years as we have also documented clearly in our investigations (see for example the referenced investigations after every given project description). Even more totally nasty, they have taken our investigations following the mechanism that bees (in this case we) apply by dancing for showing the way to the nectar (in the sense of our for us most important and valuable intellectual properties that we protect by investigating and documenting), and collected nearly only companies, which have stolen from us, thinking they could create a foundation for further stealing. Additionally, the timing is proving our claims as well, because it has been attempted to directly react on our latest publications, so that the impression should be created for third persons, that we have stolen from them. But this can't be the case following the facts. This is now a case for the national, European and international prosecutors. In detail the projects are:
    1. "FuturICT - The FuturICT Knowledge Accelerator and Crisis-Relief System: Unleashing the Power of Information for a Sustainable Future:
    Developing planetary scale computing facilities that could deliver answers to such questions is the long term goal of FuturICT. This initiative is seeking to develop Information and Communications Technologies that will provide scientists, governmental officials and citizens with a planetary scale computer which is called a Living Earth Platform. The Living Earth Platform will provide the means of analysing data and managing complex events. It could for example provide a basis for predicting natural disasters, or managing and responding to man-made disasters that cross national borders or even continents. The intention is to undertake interdisciplinary research, involving domains such as complexity, computer and the social sciences, to address the scientific challenges associated with the realisation of this goal and the needed advances in Information and Communication Technologies."

    Besides that the text sounds in some parts very familiar, this is without doubt an application of our OntoLinux™ and the OntoGlobe™/OntoEarth™ (see also the webpage Links to Software).

    2. "Graphene - Graphene Science and technology for ICT and beyond
    Graphene, a new substance from the world of atomic and molecular scale manipulation of matter, could be the wonder material of the 21st century. Discovering just how important this material will be for Information and Communication Technologies is the long term focus of the Flagship Initiative, simply called, GRAPHENE. This aims to explore revolutionary potentials, in terms of both conventional as well as radically new fields of Information and Communication Technologies applications.

    Bringing together multiple disciplines and addressing research across a whole range of issues, from fundamental understandings of material properties to Graphene production, the Flagship will provide the platform for establishing European scientific and technological leadership in the application of Graphene to Information and Communication Technologies. The proposed research includes coverage of electronics, spintronics, photonics, plasmonics and mechanics, all based on Graphene."

    Despite that we see here once again speech acts stolen from our websites, we would like to direct the reader to our project Magic Snow™ listed in our Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™, and also for example to the webpages of the Links to Hardware and our hyperjet F-22SR Super Raptor™, which was developed conceptually as an upgrade of the F-22A Raptor and as another of the many presents we made for the U.S.Air Force and the NASA by Style of Speed™, but also as a nice and thrilling example of our Hightech Competences™.

    3. "Guardian Angels for a Smarter Planet
    Providing Information and Communication Technologies to assist people in all sorts of complex situations is the long term goal of the Flagship Initiative, Guardian Angels. These Guardian Angels will be like personal assistants and are envisioned as intelligent (thinking), autonomous systems (or even systems-of-systems) featuring sensing, computation, and communication, and delivering features and characteristics that go well beyond human capabilities. It is intended that these will provide assistance from infancy right through to old age.

    A key feature of these Guardian Angels will be their zero power re- quirements as they will scavenge for energy. Foreseen are individual health support tools, local monitoring of ambient conditions for dangers, and emotional applications. Research will address scientific challenges such as energy-efficient computing and communication; low-power sensing, bio-inspired energy scavenging, and zero-power human-machine interfaces."

    Hopefully, it is enough to point to the second logo Nazca Astronaut/Angel of Style of Speed™ and the OntoLab™ concept "Lego Figure" presented as the Original Sketches on the 22nd of January 2008, as well as once again at OntoLinux™, the related solutions in the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™ and the groups in the OntoLab, like in the field of pervasive/ubiquitous computing.
    ... also shown as Original Sketches on the 1st of October 2008 and on the right side of the image "ExoTimeSub" made by C.S. in the OntoLab™ and presented on the 23rd of January 2008 as an original, for example.

    4. "The Human Brain Project
    Understanding the way the human brain works could be key to enabling a whole range of brain related or inspired developments in Information and Communication Technologies, as well as having transformational implications for neuroscience and medicine. The long term goal of the Human Brain Project is to build the informatics, modelling, and supercomputing technologies that are needed to simulate and understand the human brain.

    Biologically detailed simulations of the brain will make it possible, for the first time, to identify the multi-level chain of interactions leading from genes to cognition and behaviour. Also to be researched, using supercomputer-based simulation technology, are new diagnostic tools and treatments for brain disease, new interfaces to the brain, new types of low-energy technologies with brain-like intelligence, and a new generation of brain-enabled robots."

    Again we have here our OntoLinux™, especially the webpage Caliber and The Proposal, and also the field of the Brain Computer Interface (BCI), from which in fact the Blue Brain Project was derived as well (see the case of the company International Business Machines of the Investigations of the 26th of June 2008). In this conjunction, we would like to point to our Clarification Caliber Special #1a of yester- day and #1b of today as well. At last but nevertheless also import- ant to mention is the point that if fields and concepts like ontology and reflection even together with data formats like XML, RDF, or OWL and so on can be seen in relation with the human brain model and related hard- and software they want to steal from us again, then it is a further evidence that proves all of our claims.

    5. "The Medicine of the Future: IT Future of Medicine: a revolution in healthcare
    Data-rich, individualised medicine poses unprecedented challenges for IT, in hardware, storage and communication. ITFoM proposes a data-driven, individualised medicine of the future, based on the molecular/physiological/anatomical data from individual patients. ITFoM shall make general models of human pathways, tissues, diseases and ultimately of the human as a whole. Patient individualised versions of the models will then be used to identify personalised prevention/therapy schedules and side effects of drugs.This is the first time that huge IT implications of worldwide individualized patient care will be addressed in combination with genomics and medical requirements.

    The project outcomes will enable calculation of health, disease, therapy and its effects for individual patients. These may revolutionize our health care with enormous (i) benefits for health (prevention, diagnosis and therapy), (ii) reduction in cost by individualising combinations of a limited number of drugs, and (iii) new commercial opportunities in IT, analytics and health care. This entails nothing less than the transformation of biomedical science from empirical and stochastic to fact based and knowledge driven i.e. based on an ICT paradigm."

    So here we are for example at our solutions Holomer and Holodoc, and also at the section Pharmaceutics described before in the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™. Furthermore, the logo of this project shows a grpahic derived form the image Vitruvian to imitate our business division Softbionics™, which is a clear evidence for our claim of plagiarism.
    Besides this, it is spoken about a card computer, which was shown in the past, but should now be our Ontoscope™ 3.0 as far as we can see (see also the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, Multimedia and Robotics of the 16th of May 2011).

    6. "Robot Companions for Citizens
    Robot Companions for Citizens are soft skinned and sentient machines designed to deliver assistance to people. This assistance is defined in the broadest possible sense and covers all sorts of different settings. Based on multidisciplinary science and engineering, CA-RoboCom aims to develop a radically new approach towards machines and how these are deployed in society.

    Robot Companions for Citizens will be based on the novel solid articulated structures with flexible properties displaying soft behaviour. These companions will also have new levels of perceptual, cognitive and emotive capabilities.

    They will also be aware of their physical and social surroundings and respond accordingly. Such sentient characteristics will be achieved through understandings of the behaviour of sentient living creatures. In undertaking the research into the Information and Communication technologies that will need to be developed, the research will also validate understandings of the general design principles underlying biological bodies and brains, thus supporting a symbiotic relationship between science and engineering."

    Obviously, we are again at OntoLinux™ with our Caliber and the referenced robots on the webpage Links to Hardware and also shown as Original Sketches on the 1st of October 2008 and on the right side of the image "ExoTimeSub" made by C.S. in the OntoLab™ and presented on the 23rd of January 2008 as an original, for example, and Ratchet and Clank shown with the Original vs. Inspiration on the 27th of March 2008. Further mentioned robots can be seen also for example on the webpage Interior Robots with our ROBI Maxifigure based on PINO and QIRO that are also shown on the OntoLinux™ website. The sentinent characteristics is nothing else then the Emotion Machine Architecture, which was also derived in large parts from our works (see the webpage Roboverse and also the Links to Software webpage, besides the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, and Robotics of the 24th of September 2010, 10th and 12th both of this month May, as well as the cases of the Imperial College London and the European Comission in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, Multimedia and Robotics of the 10th of May 2011 and also the cases documented on the 16th of May 2011).

    And none of them was able to say something nice to us all the last 5 years or even before? Even more bold, start-ups have been founded by using tax money with the solely goal and only business strategy to steal our intellectual properties. And we are not surprised about the fact that we always find a larger part of them everytime on the lists of project members of tax money founded research projects on national, European and even international levels, like eg. in the field of robotics (see for example the case of the university of Freiburg in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, and Robotics of the 12th of May 2011). It can't be that in this way fraudsters are supported very well knowingly since more than 10 years prod- ucing nothing on their own. And it can't be that the European Commission does the same. And it also can't be that fraudsters are supported only due to the fact that they come together for stealing properties owned by others. Other persons, groups, companies and further entities as well as we have the rights to be in the possession of our intellectual properties and the oth- ers don't have the right to take it without asking all the others and us or following the given regulations. There are no laws or arguments in democracies to pervert this fact, There has to be definitely an appropriated monetary compensation, and if this is too high due to our genius, then another kind of compens- ation has to be chosen that can represent the value, but for sure not for free or for a handful of peanuts. As nobody does it, so we do! These are organized serious crimes that have been done by a deliberate strategy, which already has failed.
    And to make it clear: The facts are documented and have been wit- nessed by many persons. Moreover, due to the fact that our path was copied with the steps in the past and this step in the present, the next step in the future will prove that we are right, if somebody still tries to deny this. We have built it into our Caliber for exactly this reason and as a security measure, if the usual criminals run be- serk again. The Gordian knot is cut and the egg is standing on its end.

    Es lässt sich jetzt wohl doch endgültig nicht mehr zurückweisen, dass die deutsche Ministerin als auch ihre Kolleginnen und Kollegen entweder so (inkompetent) oder so (verfassungsfeindlich) sind, und das eben nicht erst seit ungefähr fünf Jahren, sondern wegen der eindeutig von uns und nicht von anderen Entitäten gelieferten Quali- tät und Quantität auch schon viele Jahre zuvor. Anhand der deut- schen, französischen und schweizer Institute, die bei den oben auf- geführten Projekten Mitglieder oder sogar die Aufgabe des Projekt- managements übenommen haben, sowie unseren Investigationen über die gleichen Institute samt den von ihnen angefertigten Plagia- ten kann man das ganz klar erkennen. The same holds for at least for her colleagues in France, Italy and the U.K.. And the U.S.A. is also part of that dirty game. What do you think who you are? You will follow your own values, definitions, laws and rules, espe- cially if we talk about democracy. To the actually practiced way we said: No. Wir haben zu dieser aktuell praktizierten Art und Weise Nein gesagt! A man has giant problems, if a woman says No. And suddenly a No should not be a No?

    *** Fine tuning™ mode ***
    Investigations::Car #321

  • Volkswagen: The reader can give her-/himself an own appraisal for the terms "Caddy Racer [SRacer™]", "Brilliant made better ["Simply better™", "Always better™", "Drive better™"]" and "33 [3 Theme]" that were found in a marketing text for a special model of its mini van. These are indeed normally used terms, but due to the fact that this kind of acting is lasting since around 15 years and has been documented by us for 5 years now, and that they were found in one relative short text, we do see here a not so legal acting. And so we documented it with this case.
    Besides this, its chief executive officer made the statement at a large automotive exhibition in Asia, that their marques should be "emotionalisieren==emotionalize" (see the webpage Emotion Machine Architecture of our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™ that we reference on nearly all webpages of our many models for the different elements on the webpage of Style of Speed™).
  • Volkswagen and Proton→Lotus: Critics will say that there is no proof that these two companies are really the source of two e-mails, but the point is that both e-mails were sent before large automotive exhibitions, have the same general type of contents, were written in an aggressive and unrespectful style, and technologies that we have listed in our answers were later shown in form of concept cars at large automotive exhibitions. Furthermore, our impression of an illegal impression was strengthend by the fact that the company Volkswagen was interested in buying the subsidiary Lotus of the company Proton at the same time. In fact, a closer look proves that indeed the focus was laid on our Electric Sports Car (ESC) Raptor with our Active Differential#153; #2. Maybe there was a man in the middle, but as the case of the criminal fake company Rotary Super Cars (see Investigations::Car #309 of the 2nd of February 2011) we don't believe this. At first we present the original e-mails and our related answers. After this we give informations and/or links to the related Investigations::Car and, if needed, further comments and explanations.
    The e-mail in conjunction with the manufacturer Volkswagen recieved on the 6th of November 2009 is as follows:

    Guten Tag die Herren Stroehtmann, Escher, Ferrari...
    aus Ihrer Seite und den seltsamen Zusammenstellungen fremder Fahrzeuge mit dem Hinweis "Design by Stil od Speed" werde ich einfach nicht schlau.
    Können Sie mir erklären, welche Technologie (eine reicht) Sie in Bezug auf Automobile selbst ENTWICKELT haben?

    Liege ich richtig mit der Idee, dass Sie vielleicht vor allem eine Internet-Seite haben mit einem ganzen Haufen ausgesuchter für Sie geschützter Handelsnamen wie "High Tech Kompetenz TM", hinter denen nicht einmal der Ansatz einer mit eigenen Anstrengungen entwickelten Arbeit zu sehen ist, und damit die Möglichkeit haben, jeden zu verklagen, der unwissentlich diese z.T. im allgemeinen Sprachgebrauch auftretenden Termini benutzt?
    Der Hammer ist ja, dass Sie Designs verschiedenster Hersteller für Darstellungszwecke heranziehen, Ihrerseits behaupten, diese Herstelller hätten "Ihr Geistiges Eigentum" TM von Ihrer ach so bekannten Seite geklaut! Krasse Frechheit! Unglaublich!

    Kann man damit tatsächlich Geld verdienen? Kostet eine Anmeldung von Handelsmarken und Produktmarken nicht auch Geld?

    Für wen machen Sie das? Liest Ihre Seiten jemand? Oder nur so blöde Leute wie ich, die daran hängen bleiben und sich nicht erklären können, welchen Strich Sie nun am Piaggio Ape verändert haben, damit sie schreiben dürften "Design exterior: Piaggio with conversion by Style of Speed"??

    Mal sehen, wie weit Sie damit kommen!
    Und ich bin gespannt auf Ihre Erklärung dazu!
    Schönen Gruß,
    K. Eschment

    An analysis of the name gave the information that indeed a Karsten Eschment exists, who lives in the area of Braunschweig, B.R.D., worked or still works for the company Volkswagen, and who has also written a patent for that manufacturer. Furthermore, as it can be seen, the e-mail was written in an aggressive and provocative style, which as such is known by us, so that we have to confess that indeed it could be a man in the middle and not a clerk of the company Volkswagen, but of a large IT-company with strong relations to Volkswagen. And we do know who this person might be. Besides this, we are indeed in the position to sue everybody who infringes our copyrights, which also comprises our created trademarks.
    Our answer to this e-mail was:
    Sehr geehrter Herr Karsten Eschment;

    Wir freuen uns, dass Sie unser Unternehmen im WorldWideWeb gefunden haben und möchten uns für Ihre Besuche unserer Web-Auftritte als auch dem Senden Ihrer E-Post sehr bedanken.
    Leider sind wir jedoch nicht in der Lage der Form und dem Inhalt Ihrer E-Post zu folgen, so dass wir Ihnen auch keine Antworten geben können.

    Falls Sie weiterhin Interesse an unseren Hightech Kompetenzen(TM) und die hieraus resultierenden Lösungen haben, wie unsere weltweit einmaligen irail(TM) und Active Differential(TM) Technologien, dem Hightech Operating System(TM) OntoLinux(TM), dem Bionischen Vehikeln Ape ESP 2.0 "Leaf(TM)" und SRacer(TM) als auch dem Apollo Speed-E(TM), dem RE(TM), dem Raptor Speedster und dem E-SUV(TM) Amarok-E(TM) von Style of Speed(TM), um nur einige sehr wenige Beispiele unserer Leistungsfähigkeit zu geben, empfehlen wir unsere Website www.ontomax.com als auch die anderen Websites weiterhin zu lesen.

    Mit schöne[n] Grüssen aus Moers
    C. Stroetmann

    One related acting at that time was the conformation of a new vehicle platform that is said by the manufacturer Volkswagen to be used for the roadsters Volkswagen BlueSport, Audi R4 and the new Porsche Boxster and Cayman, and for sure as well for a clone of our Raptor, and that should be manufactured at the facilities of the company Karmann that was bought before by Volkswagen (see the Investigations::Car #192 of the 18th, #194 of the 20th and #198 26th, all of November 2009, and the also important case of the marque Volkswagen→Audi in #215 of the 12th of January 2010 and #223 of the 2nd of February 2010, the case of the at that time new marque Volkswagen→Karmann in #228 of the 22nd of February 2010).

    The e-mail in conjunction with the manufacturer Proton→Lotus received on the 3rd of March 2010 is as follows:

    came across your site(s) - do you actually believe the stuff you write or is this just comedy?

    By the way, pretending that you have registered trademarks, when you actually don't is an infringement under unfair competition laws. As far as I can see there are no German, French, UK, IR or community trade marks registered for the terms you claim to be your trademarks.

    Kind regards,


    The analysis of the name has not resulted in a direct link to a clerk of Lotus, but was indeed pointing to the U.K.. As it can be seen again the second e-mail was written in an aggressive and provocative style as well. Besides this, some claims are simply said nonsense, because they are questioning common practices and our copyright.
    Our answer to this e-mail was:
    Dear Mr. Chris Maarten;

    We're very happy, that you have found our company in the WorldWideWeb and would like to thank you very much for visiting our websites and sending us your e-mail.
    Saddly, we aren't able to answer all your question, but hope, that the few answers will help you in enjoying our websites, products and services in the future.

    Firstly, our company, products and services aren't comedy, but serious and as not otherwise said or explained our works. There are only 1 or 2 technologies, which may be not realizable as we explained them, but are pointing in the right direction.

    If you're still interested in our Hightech Competence(TM) and the resulting solutions, like our world wide unique irail(TM) and Active Differential(TM) technologies, the Hightech Operating System(TM) OntoLinux(TM), the Bionic Vehicle Ape ESP 2.0 "Leaf(TM) with Wheels"(TM) and SRacer(TM) as well as the Apollo Speed-E(TM) - The Original, the RE(TM) - The Original, Raptor(TM) - The Original and Raptor(TM) Speedster, and the E-SUVs(TM) Pan(TM), Amarok-E(TM) and HE(TM) of Style of Speed(TM), to only name just a few examples of our performance capabilities, we recommend to read further our website www.ontomax.com as well as the other websites.

    Actually, we would like to direct your interest to the upcoming Investigations::Car #230 on the OntomaX(TM) website.

    With all the best
    C. Stroetmann

    And as expected by us at that time, at the next large automotive exhibition a concept hybrid car, like our smaller Electric Sports Car (ESC) Raptor, with our Active Differential™ #2 by Style of Speed™ was shown, its description was illegally repeated in the related press release (see the quotes about the second car in its case of the Investigations::Car #231 of the 6th of March 2010), as well as its naming scheme chosen in respect to the abreviation SOS.

  • Delphi and Sbarro: In the March of the year 2009 the company and the designer presented in conjunction with a concept hybrid car a head-up display and claimed on its website that "This technology is completely new.". No, it was not, as the also presented display interface wasn't. The quotes from the related press release are the following ones: "Innovative Head-Up-Display and New Display Interface '[That company] Haptics' Represent a Technological Breakthrough in Human Machine Interface Systems [As we said before, both technologies were not new at that time and have not been invented by the company.]", "[...] high technology and economy can go together [...] [Indeed that is correct, as we proved this with our business division Style of Speed™ more than two years before the publication of the quoted press release has been done. So this is a copyright infringement.]", "New Haptic display, a single mechatronics module, offers simple, intuitive and attractive human machine interface design [This is stolen from the descriptions and informations given in conjunction with our e-dashboard™.]", "[...] "Human Machine Interface" (HMI) [...]", "[...] designing, engineering and integrating [...]", "[...] touch and connect [...]", "[...] two innovative products: a new Head-Up-Display which represents a technological breakthrough and [That company] Haptics, a haptic display characterized by a new 3D graphical and dynamic interface [...] [Both technologies are based on technologies that have been described at least one year before by us on our websites.]", "[...] head-up display projects driver information onto the vehicle windshield [...] [Besides that we have here the well known onto trick, as we have it documented so many times, this projection concept was not new anymore in the year 2009.]", "[...] primary range of vision, it assists the driver to become aware of information [...]", "[...] represents a complete breakthrough from today's reflective head-up display technology [...] [As we said before, this technology was known long before and in this way no breakthrough.]", "[...] head-up display that utilizes laser- and micro-structure-based technologies to generate a virtual image [...] [We mentioned as well that we utilize laser-based projectors for our mobile and stationary devices as it can be easily seen on the webpage of our Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™.]", "This technology is completely new." [No, it was not. The projection technology was shown before by Pininfarina with the special model Birdcage 75th for the manufacturers Fiat→Maserati and Motorola (see again our model B!™) as well. Furthermore, the application of laser-based projectors by us was already clear for this displays due to their small sizes, as the application of the augmented reality technology was clear due to our Hightech Operating System OntoLinux. This points again to the copyright infringement.]", "Today's heads-up-displays reflect information on mirrors. [Somehow this sounds so familiar.]", "[...] dash board [...] [Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] multicolour design, the ability to [...]", "[...] adapt the position of the virtual image in the real scene [...] [So here we can clearly see that indeed the technology of augmented reality was meant, but not explicitly said. Guess why.]", "[...] our new head-up display [...] [As we said before, we have seen this head-up display long before.]", "[...] simplicity [...] [So now we have a link to the webpage Fields of Innovation of the website by Ontonics™.]", "New Haptic display [...], a single mechatronics module, offers simple, intuitive and attractive human machine interface design [...]", "[...] combines display and force feedback technology which allows multiple functions to be controlled by a single device, eliminating buttons while providing more features and functions [...] [This system is in fact based on the concept of our e-dashboard™ with AutoSemantic™::Car and AITouch™ presented on the 23rd of March 2008, and as shown in parts with our model B!™ by Style of Speed™ at least one year before (see our data that we have listed especially in the Investigations::Car #316 11th of the March 2011 to clarify the case in relation with such a technology), which has been stolen from our company by that company and the designer (see also the Comment of the Day and the case of Sbarro in the Original vs. Inspiration of the 4th of March 2008).]", "[...] entertainment, communications and vehicle dynamics settings with a single mechatronics module [...]", "Sensors will anticipate the user's intentions [...] [The reader might take again some of her/his precious time and see the Investigtions::Car #316 11th of March 2011.]", "[...] passion of innovation [...]", "[...] for more than 30 years [...] [3 Theme]", "[...] revolutionary invention Sbarro presented in 1989: the orbital wheel or hubless wheel [...] [See the webpages of our motorcycles #1™ and #2™ to get the answer why this was said despite a wheel has no direct relation with a dash board. Furthermore, the nonsense is claimed that F. Sbarro has invented the hubless wheel. No, that is as well wrong, because if the reader takes a look at the related patent, then it could be seen that hubless wheel have been invented long before. Besides this, that technology was nonsense, because his hubless front wheel is based on a somehow ugly concept for the steering mechanism and rejected the variation of the king pin while the wheel is getting up and down due to the suspension.]" and "Franco Sbarro [...] this artist [...] [We have proved that he is not an artist, but a plagiarist with handcrafting skills only, like O. Eliasson.]".
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: For sure, the process of permanently publi- shing wrong and misleading informations has not been stopped. In this conjunction wrong facts about the design of the second gener- ation of the model Beetle by the manufacturer Volkswagen were giv- en in a related broadcast (see also the case of the company Volks- wagen in the Investigations::Car #319 of the 5th of May 2011).


  • HTC: And again that only stealing company took the contents of our website for the marketing of one of its products (see its cases in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 1st of the March 2009, 7th of November 2009 and 6th of May 2010, and the case of the company Google of the 26th of April 2011, and also the Investigations::Multi- media Ontoscope and intelliTablet Special of the 23rd of March 2011 as well as the Ontoscope™ 2.0 Further steps of the 11th of July 2009). This time it showed in a commercial a young man inline roller skating. Then the camera was turned and zoomed on the eyes and forehead of a young man suggesting that the man was thinking about his sports activity. After only his eyes and upper half of his head were shown in the television image the camera view zoomed out while turning, and then zoomed on a mobile phone. What was shown is related with the overlay of the mind and a device that we have described in the Clarifiation of the 17th of May 2011, which is based on our invention of the ontologic information and knowledge processing and storing architecture rooted in the natural languages of humans as a model for thinking and working of the brain that we described for example in the Clarifications Caliber Special #1a and #1b of the yesterday and today.

    Comment of the Day
    "We love Tibet"

    OntoLinux Further step
    Do we hear a 3.0? ;D
    But in fact, seen from our side there is no need for a hurry, because we already have cleared the way in 2006 (inclusive ARM). And if a 3.0 or 3.0.0 is the right way to go should be decided by the gurus, and for sure everybody who also does the work or/and is interested in.

    Comment of the Day
    "Yesterday's gone."

    King Smiley Further steps
    We have had today the idea to shift the Culture webpage to the website of King Smiley, because somehow it doesn't fit on this web- site very well.

    While making an excursion for some viewing in the fields of architecture and pop art, we found a graffiti that looked like the following image:
    SOS with Smiley
    © :(

    Despite that we have sketched it on paper some years ago, the graffiti was not sprayed by us.

    We also published the two e-mails in conjunction with the case of the two manufacturers in the Investigations::Car #321 of the 21st of May 2011, because we wanted to show our readers that indeed we answer every e-mail that arrives at our mailbox having a normal address and isn't containing stolen contents of our websites, even those that are not so nice, and also to show that such aggressive e-mails surprisingly found the way to us.


  • Nokia: After a scientist talked about microkernels, like our OntoL4 microkernel based on L4, which are also used in conjunction with Linux® kernel based operating system distributions, it came to the surface that the company Nokia has taken this concept and showed in 2009 a mobile phone running a mircokernel with a Linux® on top of it, like we have said to do it by applying the L4Linux operating syst- em solution (see for example the webpages Components and Links to Software of our OntoLinux™ website, as well as the cases of the company in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 8th and 12th of July 2008, and of the 4th of September 2008, that are covered so far by three images we have presented on this website, but after this we have also the cases in the Investigations/Inspired by Us™ of the 27th of December 2008 and of the Investigations::Multimedia of the 29th of November 2008, 28th of February 2009, especially of the 28th of August 2009, 4th of September 2009, 30th of October 2009, 18th of December 2009, 16th of February 2010, 28th of April 2010, and 29th of May 2010, as well as the cases of the Investigations:: Car #277 and Multimedia Linux based In-Vehicle Infotainment Special of the 31st of July 2010). By this informations we have now the next evidence that indeed that company is stealing our Hightech Operat- ing System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™. Besides this, we would also like to mention that the phrase "Success needs friends not contacts" given in the last of its german commercials is wrong, because success only shows who was one of the very few true friends, and is also more related with the question if criminal entities are punished or support- ed by governments and establishments. Moreover, so called social networks prove that it is all about quantity only, but not about quali- ty.

    Comment of the Day
    "For us it is just enough to know: We are best."

    U.S.S. Enterprise "Ship in a Bottle" (around 2000)

    U.S.S. Enterprise
    © :(

    Pod and Swoop Racing League Further steps #14
    We have already mentioned on our website that a large software company from the U.S.A. has started as well to scan views and sights of streets. What we haven't reported is that we are also in the possession of more informations about its attempt to participate in the competition with an own Swoop racing factory team for which it developed the first prototyp of its Swoop trike. As it can be clear- ly seen in the image, that we got by an anonymous informant out of its secret lab in a bike shed somewhere around the town Redmond, U.S.A., this prototyp is tested with a navigation system for which the scans are obviously made. In this conjunction we can definitely declare that wheels are not allowed, even not for the company Mic- rosoft that also thinks in this case that it could get in this way an additional advantage, in stark contrast to the aerodynamical aids in- tegrated in the ends of the grips, which indeed are compliant to the rules of the Pod and Swoop Racing League Association. But more im- portant to mention is the fact, that the attempt of the company to get an advantage with its street pictures was a waste of time only, because actually Pod racing and Swoop racing are still not allowed above public streets and areas, and due to the fact that true Pod and Swoop racers use our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™ with OntoGlobe™, MultiGPS™/MultiGNS™, and also the AutoSemant- ic™::Pod or AutoSemantic™::Swoop package for the extra speed.

    © :(

    We would like to add to the results of the investigations publicated on the 21st of August 2009 that we saw this possibility of a comple- te verification of a L4 based microkernel by applying an affordable Linux® based computing cluster with an optimized algorithm years before others. More important, at that time we had developed this concept in the OntoLab there was nothing like this described on all websites related with L4 including the three research groups that were focused on the L4 based microkernel, to which the Australian research institute belonged which laid its focus only on the application of this microkernel on Mobile Devices. Said this the Australian research institute could only do it in practice and this even only, because it got all the years before spied informations out of our rooms form the gangs around eg. the institute of technology in Karlsruhe and some others (see also for example Stefan Edelkamp in the Links to Software webpage of OntoLinux we have heard in the university to which he was sent to for and due to the actings of C.S. around 2002, like it was done some years before with Wolfgang Banzhaf in the field of genetic programming, with his approach of verification of even large software systems by direct model checking that we wanted to use). Furthermore, from our point of view the situation was seen as if a fully verified microkernel already did exist at the DARPA, U.S.Air Force, NASA or some other national institution, or a company in the field of aerospace.
    Luckily, the part of the scientific community, that is not happy about all these massive criminal actings by so many other scientists, has started some months ago to understand that not only in this special case we told all the years the truth.

    King Smiley Further steps
    It seems to be that we have found with Abby Albrich Rockefeller our next and third person for the subseries "Person(alitie)s"→"Female Collectors". "Donna Abby" was one of the founding persons of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, U.S.A., when arts was related with culture and not carnival at that place.

    Furthermore, we are looking closely at our favorite Elinor Smith as the third "Strong Women", though it was planned two years ago to take another girl, and would like to thank the NASA for making this very valuable suggestion.

    And we are also proud as ever to make public a new series that was created by C.S. simply for fun some years ago that is about the "Ferrero Nutella" glasses, the "Maggi Ravioli" cans and "Heinz Tomato Ketchup" bottles. Actually we have no name for this series, but we think "88 Cent" hits the reality best, though they are often sold for 99 cents that is 33% under the standard price.
    Hopefully, it is absolutely clear that the usual fraudsters and plagia- rists don't need to take these named products or related ones for creating works in the pop art style, especially like Warhol, because we make the original classics as finger exercises before we do it in our own new ways.

    General: It is a must to have something that is related with an essential discovery.

    We made notes about the sponsor Volkswagen, the museums Muse- um of Modern Art in New York, U.S.A., and Museum Lehmbruck somewhere in the B.R.D., as well as the director Otto Alexander Jahrreiss on our Culture webpage.

    Pictures of the Day
    Josef Ganz Volkswagen Standard Superior II (1934)

    Josef Ganz Volkswagen Standard Superior II, 1934
    Josef Ganz Volkswagen Standard Superior II, 1934

    For our readers who don't understand the language, the advertise- ment says: "Space enough for us four [] in the fastest and most cheaply [] german Volkswagen/People's car [] Standard "Superior" [] Only R[eichs]M[ark] 1590.- ex factory"

    But what we don't understand is the fact that the organizations that want to protect the legacy by Josef Ganz are damaging the work of C.S. by copying contents eg. like speech acts from our websites, especially of Style of Speed.

    King Smiley Further steps
    Today, we have tried to present a new facet of our pioneering inter- net pop arts movement, which was started on our side with the domain and webpage of Bit Pirate and King Smiley around 2001, as well as the art genome concept as part of OntoLinux, with a sketch that should show the general concept of the series called "Internet 3D Pop Art", but then played around with the cube example. What we wanted to show as the sketch was the cube with images of our "Cent" series with its "3 cent", "33 cent" and "88 cent" subseries on the six sides of the cube in the first step. The next planned step is for sure to substitute the cube with the objects themselves, eg. "Coca Cola" and "Heinz Tomato Ketchup" bottles, "Campbell's Tomato Soup" and "Maggi Ravioli" cans, "Ferrero Nutella" glasses, "Lego Brick" and "Lego Minifigure" sculptures , and so on.
    This is arts, not gaga.

    We made a general note, as well as notes about the museum Kunst- museum Luzern, the collector Uli Sigg and about that criminal plagia- rists Ai Weiwei and Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, aka. The Simple Box, once again on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "Finally, the truth has come to light.", [C.S., Today]

    Comment of the Day #2
    "It seems to be that the word gaga is better known than sorry."


  • General: The so called internet giants have tried to blackmail the governments that are the members of the Group of Eight (G8). Now the members of the eight governments have to destroy them follow- ing the values, definitions, laws and rules of democracy, because this acting is some kind of terrorism and there is no discussion with terrorists. It also proves our assumption that the responsible persons in those internet booths are strongly affected by megalomania.
  • Cable News Network: After that media company was finally busted by us yesterday, because not so few clerks of that criminal media company have proved in the last days and even weeks that they are highly confused, and have acted against C.S. and our company since more than the last five years. Now it reacted once again due to our comments to its totally incompetent reports about the criminal plag- iarists Ai Weiwei and Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Lady Gaga, aka. The Simple Box; see also our notes about both persons of yesterday and on our Culture webpage), in the latter case by re- ferencing today the Joke of the Year with the presentation of an actor who is also called by one of those magazines of another crim- inal media company to be one of the 100 most influential persons.
    In our case we see everywhere on this planet Earth the signs that 100s of millions of people give us in their pictures, texts, actings, and so on. Is it really so hard to understand that it lost its trust- worthiness by attacking the trustworthiness of C.S.?

    Furthermore, it still hasn't stopped its illegal service and product placements in their broadcasts that are shown in Europe.
    Wir fordern die entsprechenden Institutionen auf diesem Unterneh- men sofort die Sendelizenzen zu entziehen, da es sich weigert die geltenden Gesetze einzuhalten und fortwährend vorsätzlich versucht den Gesellschaften durch falsche Berichterstattung möglichst grosse Schäden zuzufügen.

  • Bertelsmann→RTL: That serious criminal media company listed a social network service provider and a micro-blogging platform before the internet. What a high-ouch and for sure another act of implicit mobbing.


  • Google: Yesterday, that only stealing company has presented off- icially a further payment system after it failed with its first nonsense system (see also the case in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 16th of February of this year) that in fact is beside a very small but not important detail our Cell Cash Card™ solution. The mentioned unimportant difference is that we wrote disposable/One-way cell phone, instead of cell phone, but normal cell phones are disposable and in real life most of them are one-way devices as well. On the other hand our solution also makes it possible to separate the cash card from a mobile phone, which proves a much higher level of secu- rity not only due to the fact that both have to be stolen in contrast to the solution of that company. Besides this, another payment sy- stem company has sued Google for stealing the said payment syst- em. We will take a look on this other payment system, but are sure to find again portions of our intellectual properties.

    Moreover, as we found out in the last days that only stealing com- pany tried to steal again a further part of the Ontoscope™ software component that is related with the industry standard ECMAScript, the 3D graphics software library Open GL and our O# by the dir- ectly failed attempt with its so called O3D library that later was substituted with the graphics software library WGL that is derived from the open graphics library OpenGL, while still holding up the ECMAScript connection with a JavaScript based wrapper around WGL. Furthermore, its nasty and already busted attempt to jump on the bandwagon of our pioneering internet pop art movement was also done by a project that surprinsingly (not really) often repeats our websites contents and is called something with 3 and dreams.

    We concluded today, that its internet operating system as well as its internet browser are both illegal in the European Union by such a large company. The internet operating system has illegally integrated an operating system with its internet browser technology, which was already regulated in the same case in conjunction with the company Microsoft, while its internet browser integrates illegally its internet services. These points also hold for every other internet service pro- vider with a large market penetration, eg. social networks and micro-blogging platforms.

  • Deutsche Telekom: In a commercial of that stealing company an application for a mobile phone was shown that uses its integrated camera in a Glassy™ mode together with a language translator. Doubtlessly, this points to our Ontoscope™, that features cameras and the Glassy™ app(lication) with artificial intelligence (see the Ontoscope Further steps of the 11th of July 2009), and is being powered by our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™, which is related with all technologies (see the webpage Links to Hardware and the sections Natural Image Processing and Natural Language Processing of the webpage Links to Software). It also points to our Clarification Caliber Special #1a and #1b of the 20th and 21st of this month. Obviously, we have here a copyright in- fringement again.

    Once again we made a note about the working pool of the broad- casting corporations and the company Viacom on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day #1

    Comment of the Day #2
    "The mass was not so stupid all the years.", [C.S., Today]


  • Google: An executive confirmed that its payment system Google Wallet is "basically the same" as a credit card. In this way our claim that it has stolen our Cell Cash Card™ solution seems to be proved a further time, but this time by the company itself (see also its case in the Investigations::Multimedia of yesterday).
    We demand to size immediately this terrorist organization that is only attacking massively the constitutional orders worldwide.

    Investigations::Car #322

  • Volkswagen→Porsche: The marque presented to a governor as its own concept a prototyp of our Electric Sports Car (ESC) Raptor Speedster in the Classic version, aka. Boxster ESC, which was pres- ented by us the first time on the 29th of January 2009, is based on the same platform as the Raptor presented before on the 9th of June 2008. Both models have been updated later to the actual basic models (see also the case of the manufacturers Volkswagen and Proton→Lotus in the Investigations::Car #321 of the 21st of this month above). This is a further deliberate twist of the facts for da- maging our company, besides so many other acts.
    Besides this, we have found in a press release the terms "superior", "emotional", "reflected", "fusion", which point to familiar speech acts, but more important the phrase "Torque Vectoring [...] applies a vari- able torque split to the rear wheels combined with an electronically controlled rear differential" which should not be confused by our readers with our Electric Torque Vectoring™ Active Differential™ for vehicles with one or more electric motors at one axle.
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland→Südwestdeutscher Rundfunk: We quote a report of today: Der "Porsche-Chef chauffierte [den Minis- terpräsidenten des Bundeslandes Baden-Württemberg, B.R.D.,] Kret- schmann[,] im Elektroauto-Prototyp Boxster E über das Werksgelän- de - ungewöhnlich geräuschlos. Er habe sich aber erkundigt, sagte Kretschmann: "Der Sound kann vom Computer gemacht werden."". In English: The "Porsche-chief chauffeured [the governor of the state Baden-Wuerttemberg, B.R.D.,] Kretschmann[,] in the electric car prototyp Boxster E across the plant grounds - unusually quiet. But he has enquired, said Kretschmann: "The sound can be produced by the computer."". The broadcaster has deliberately misled the public by not giving the information that both technologies were stolen from our website of Style of Speed™, in detail the webpages of our Raptor Speedster and Raptor, The Originals, and the Active Clang™ technology. In this way all related entities have acted in illegal ways again (see also the case of the marque Volkswagen→Porsche of to- day above and in the Investigations::Car #315 of the 5th of March 2011).
    Btw.: We do know that the politician does know that the original concept is from us, and made his statements deliberately, so that it should look as if not the marque has infringed one more time our copyrights. But in fact htis acting is much worse, because now we have an infringement of the democratical values and the constitution of the B.R.D.. Alos, this act proves one more time that the people of the B.R.D. have a giant problem with their politicians, obviously.
  • Tesla Motors: In a report about its model of an Electric Sports Car (ESC) shown on television a person of the company claimed that it needs 3.5 hours to fully recharge the batteries of its car resulting in a range of 400 kilometers. After we documented many times in the past that such informations are usually overdrawn we conclude that a recharging needs at least 5 hours and the range is around 250 ki- lometers/155.35 miles, if the car is driven in a normal way, and even a lot less, say around 50 to 60 kilometers/31.07 to 37.28 miles, if a sporty drive style is chosen due to the fact that the physical laws are not linear in this field. Furthermore, it has been claimed that the technology is superior, because it "needs no oil change" and other kinds of services as they have to be done with automobiles driven by a combustion engine. But the problems with the accumulators have not been named once again. We have looked closely to these in the last years and found out that due to an affordable prize even the lithium-ion based accumulators are manufactured in such a qua- lity that some of them already begin to loose their full charging ca- pacity after 6 month and in the middle they begin to work not cor- rectly anymore after 2 years. And again this decay is also not linear, which means they loose faster and faster their capacity. Besides this, we have given the information in the past that the old batteries are a problem as well, so that the company has invested into an own plant for their scrapping, which means that this also does not come for free. In this respect the stupid change of salad or frying oil of a combustion engine fueled by biofuel is not that bad.

    Also, the fact came to light once again that the already since more than two years theoretical insolvent company is supported with a credit about 450 millions US Dollar to a very low interest rate, which means that the company is not able to stay in the market on its own at all, and also reveals how high the massive subvention by a gov- ernment really is, "which in this way isn't allowed by the World Trade Organization, as far as we do know", as we said in the March 2011 (see also the Investigations::Car #296 of the 29th of October 2010 and #310 of 4th of February 2011).

  • British Broadcasting Corporation: That media company still follows the criminal strategy to present defrauding persons, institutes, com- panies and other entities with the goal to downplay the ingenuity of C.S. and to damage our company. In this respect it made a further report about a very small manufacturer of electric cars in California, U.S.A., despite that "with Style of Speed™ we already have smash- ed successfully" that busted marketing hoax (see also the case of the company Tesla Motors above).
  • Toyota→Scion: We do quote out of the press release about a con- cept of a sports coupé: "[...] style, exceptionally balanced perform- ance [...]", "[...] iconic [...]", "[...] another new dimension [...]", "[...] pure balance [...] [Due to our many trademarks starting with pure like Pure Performance™ and also of Brilliant Balance™ we have here a speech act stealing]", "[...] fun-to-drive [...] [No, no, no: Fun to drive™! Respect our trademarks.]", "[...] fierce [...] [speech act stealing]", and "[...] reflection [...] [speech act stealing]".
    The front features an air outlet just right before the hood that is our Active Diffusor™ in the front upper side version that was realized fo- llowing the design of a solution that is featured by the top versions of the model 911 by the marque Volkswagen→Porsche, while the dif- fusor at the rear has also some familiar design lines.
  • Aston Martin and Zagato: We document some text passages of a press release, which is about a special version of one of the models by the very small car booth, to prove the stealing of some of our speech acts and in this way a copyright infringement: "Reviving a collaboration [...]", "[...] inspiration [...] modern [...]", "[...] ultimate performance [...]", "[...] design language is a perfect complement [...]", "[...] iconic [...]", "[...] leading the way [...]", "[...] collabor- ative [...]", "[...] iconic [...]", "[...] design DNA [...]", "[...] mixture [...]", "[...] elegant yet brutal design which reflects the great bal- ance between race performance and pure [the company] style [...]", "[...] graceful [...]", "[...] spirit [...]", "[...] pure driving [...]", "[...] essential [...]" and "[...] philosophy of racing [...]".
  • PSA Peugeot Citroën: The company has created a concept car for an exhibition and took for the press release contents of our website of Style of Speed™: "[...] Style Studios [...]", "[...] vision for the future [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] excellence and emotion [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] evolutionary design style [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] hyper-connected [...] [Attention, because we have created the trademark HyperConnection™.]", "[...] stylists [...]", "[...] modern styling [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] strong style [...] [Strong™ Style of Speed™]", "[...] stylistic [...]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] theme [...]", "[...] harmoniously [...]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] "High Tech" [...]", "[...] very original design [...]", "[...] components [...]", "[...] smart [...]", "[...] general balance [...]" and "[...] style [...]".
  • Volvo: The company has presented as well a concept car at a large automotive exhibition. We analyzed a related press release for documenting the following quotes with its general speech act steal- ing and descriptions of technologies that it has stolen from us: "[...] Universe [...]", "[...] masterpiece [...]", "[...] human-centric [...]", "[...] sneak preview [...]", "[...] modern luxury [...]", "[...] eternal beauty [...]", "[...] contemporary [...]", "[...] touch-screen that approaches the hand when the driver reaches towards it [...] [This interior concept has been stolen from the webpages of our j!™ mod- el and Active Interior™ components, and so it consists of some kind of a Pad Computers™ with touch-screen, which reminds us a little bit of our e-dashboard™ as well, in combination with some of our Active Interior™ elements closely following the given description on its website. Furthermore, it features a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with icons named "3D", "2D", "Window Projection", "Navigation", "Activities", "Mood", and some others that for sure is an attempt to steal our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™) as well. In this way, the exhibited interior not only follows our multimedia con- cepts, but also points to the partly derived interior shown with a concept minivan that belongs to the so called Concept 2028 by the manufacturer Volkswagen.]", "[...] pure comfort [...]", "[...] trans- forms [...]", "[...] simplistic [...]", "[...] ingenious blend [...]" and "[...] paves the way [...]".
    The exterior was copied from the concept car Interceptor by the manufacturer Ford, which can be seen especially with the general shape of the body, the whole front section and the lower elements at the front and the rear.
  • Zagato: That coachworker thinks it would be clever to steal our intellectual properties, but in fact it helps us in this way, because it strengthens as well our #1™ claim. In this respect we do quote a marketing text that was written in conjunction with a conversion of a U.S.American sports coupé: "Two different approaches for the same tribute. [...] track car [...] Avant-garde car [This follows the stories told by the marque Fiat→Ferrari and by us from Style of Speed™.]", "[...] street legal [...]", "[...] men and machines [...]", "[...] mono shell carbon fibre chassis, coupled with a tubular frame [...] [This is now standard in this class.]", "[...] equipped [...]", "[...] inspiration [...]" and "[... the company's] gentlemen-driver heritage [...] [It is better to let it be with the talking about the gentleman stuff.]".

    Comment of the Day
    Sm@rtphone mounting™
    Sm@rtphone holder™
    Tablet holder™

    Style of Speed Website update
    We gave our T@blet and P@d mounting the additional name T@blet and P@d holder.

    Besides this, we clearified that the image of the interior of our model j!™ also shows a smartphone above the P@d.

    Investigations::Car #323

  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: Always a number if we document illegal actings, like in this case of a concept car and the text of the related press release: "[...] systematic lightweight [...] optimum engine types and [...] outstanding suspension technology [...] [This speech act stealing has to be seen in relation with our models Boxster GT and Cayman GT by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] laid the foundation [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] perfect harmonisation [...] and maximum efficiency [...] ["Perfection not Maximum™"]", "[...] the BMW brand still stands for [...] a high level of innovation [...] [And also for serious criminal thieves of intellectual properties owned by others, as we have it proved so many times in the last years.]", "[...] dream sports car [...] [This was stolen from the webpage of our model 333 ST Barchetta.]", "[...] revival [...]", "[...] passion and inventiveness [...] [Compare this with our logo :passion™, and our trademarks and slogans that contain the letter invent.]", "[...] created an icon [...]", "[...] interpretation [...]", "[...] carbon fibre reinforced plastic [...] [The reader might not confuse this with our Carbon Hemp™.]", "[...] reflects [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] leads the way [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] original [...]", "[...] pure and functional [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] modern interpretation of a highly emotional [...] [This goes beyond speech act stealing.]", "[...] design philosophy [...]", "[...] strong [...] [Strong™]", "[...] strongly three-dimensional [...] [This goes beyond speech act stealing.]", "Three-dimensionally [...]", "[...] three-dimensional [...]", "[...] three-dimensional [...]", "[...] reflect a strongly [...] [This goes beyond speech act stealing and Strong™.]", "[...] strongly [...] [Strong™]", "[...] slightly [...]", "[...] the leather straps provide a touch of class in contrast to the very technical-looking carbon fibre [...] [We think it is more a touch of inconsistent design than a well chosen contrast between old and modern elements. We as the true Style Competence would have taken a hightech material as well, like straps made out of stainless steal, to deliver a really perfect design. But it is only the Bayerische Motorenwerke.]", "The modern quick-release fasteners for securing the bonnet bring racing of the past into the present. [In fact these thingies are from the past only. What a further design glitch, as the instrument panel is.]", "[...] three-dimensional interpretation [...] [Guess what this is? This is beyond speech act stealing.]", "[...] round headlights is divided into four transparent, cylindrical elements[...] [The true source of this form is given with the drawing "House Plan A" by C.S. presented on the OntomaX webpage as an Original on the 28th of December 2008. Besides this, we have seen such a kind of headlights before with another design of a car. So much to its support of culture and arts.]", "[...] extremely concave [...] rim [...] [This was so characteristical for the rims of the model Countach by the marque Volkswagen→Lamborghini.]", "[...] butterfly nut [...] completes the contemporary version of the wheel [...] [This also doesn't really fit the design theme.]", "[...] functional passion [...]", "[...] pure and functional [...]", "[...] graphics comprising material and geometry [...]", "[...] gesture [...] [Here a design element was meant.]", "[...] harmonious [...]", "[...] sweeping gesture [...] [Again, a design element was described. It also points to the webpage of our Active Interior™ components.]", "[...] complement [...] perfectly [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] high-quality [...] ["HighQuality and Design™".]", "[...] puristic [...] is complemented [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] two [smartphones] located in special holders [...] the [smartphones] function as stopwatches [...] and [...] as GPS roadbooks [This was done to resemble our T@blet™ and P@d™ holders and points also to our Sm@rtwatch. Furthermore, due to the fact that we have presented before an image of the interior of our model j!™ that shows above a Pad Computer™ also an additional smartphone in a special holder, which both are also related with the products of a company based in California., U.S.A., as it oculd be easily seen on the image and was also mentioned on this webpage as well on the 2nd of May, we have here as well to a copyright infringement.]", "[...] equipped with [...] essentials [...]" and "[...] blending in harmoniously [...]".
    The general concept and the exterior of the concept car is partly plagiarizing our model Ettore™ Cabriolet by Style of Speed™. Besides, we can't see the asymmetry of the windscreen, but this could be due to the pictures we saw.
  • Daimler→Mercedes-Benz: A new model was presented. For sure, the press release is full of the usual stolen contents, which also reflects the stolen contents of other companies. We document how a thief has stolen from thieves who have stolen from us by quoting out of a related press release: "[...] dream-car [...] [compare with the webpage of our model 333 SP Barchetta by Style of Speed™]", "[...] outstanding [...]", "[...] perfect combination [...]", "[...] pulse [...]", "[...] fabric soft top [...] [Compare this with the description of our supplement option "Solar fabrics soft top" as it is written in many specifications of our roadsters.]", "[...] at the touch of a button [...]", "Three modes [...] [Only three modes? Another manufacturer offers five modes.]", ""[...] Performance Media is a unique new feature: this innovative, motorsport-inspired multimedia system offers an unrivalled combination of numerous telemetric displays such as lateral and linear acceleration, various engine data and lap times on a racetrack [...] [This is the typical criminal lie by that company, because it is more than clear that our unrivalled combination of our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™ in combination with our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™) and our Active Components™ are the true unique innovartion. This is an infringement of our copyright once again.]", "[...] iconic and exciting [...]", "Systematic [...]", "[...] breathtaking [...]", "[...] philosophy [...]", "Pure [...] design [...]", "[...] pure [...] [:pure™]", "[...] greenhouse [...] [For the Escherichia coli?]", "[...] short overhangs [...] [This was also copied before from the manufacturer Volkswagen from the webpage of our Raptor Speedster by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] authentic charisma [...] [This is a marketing lie, as we prove with this case of investigation.]", "Interior atmosphere like an aircraft cockpit [This was said in relation with the Glass cockpit of for example our model B!™.]", "[...] breathtaking design [...]", "[...] perfect vehicle control [...]", "[...] enhanced [...]", "[...] makes the heart beat faster [...]", "[...] Z [...]", "Three soft top colors - black, red and beige [...] [No gold?]", "[...] three-layered fabric [...]", "[...] visual impression [...] [No, no fine-arts to be found here.]", "[...] three stages at the touch of a button [...]", "[...] different functions of [another marque] Performance Media are shown by the color display integrated into the dashboard. Three displays are shown at any one time, with the most important information positioned in the center. Digitally simulated dial instruments [...]", "[...] innovative body design: the chassis and body are made of aluminum [...] [Due to the fact that this is a common design we have here also a misleading statement.]" and "[...] intelligently designed [...] [Don't expect some sort of higher being here.]".
    We couldn't find the dream.
  • McLaren: A racing version of its clone car was developed and officially presented. We have taken one of the related press release for quoting essential text passages: "[...] racing in its blood [...] [The reader might take some of her/his time and compare this phrase with the content of the webpage of our model 333 SP by Style of Speed™, the issue #12 of the Pod and Swoop Racing League Further steps published on the 7th of December 2010, and our slogan Electricity in the blood™.]", "[...] most reliable, efficient and easy to drive GT3 car [...] [To say such a statement is illegal, at least in the B.R.D..]", "[...] have an outstanding record in racing GT3 cars [...] [The reader can guess why we take as the base automobiles by the marques Fiat→Ferrari and Volkswagen→Porsche.]", "[...] steering wheel and other associated technology from a Formula 1 car [...] [As we explained before (see its case in the Investigations::Car #243 of the 4th of April 2010 and #303 of the 19th of December 2010) these feature was taken following our business division Style of Speed™, especially the steering wheels presented on our related webpage.]", "[...] blend [...]", "[...] onto [...] [As not otherwise expected we have here the cheap and old as Methusalem onto trick.]", "[...] fine-tuning [...] [No, no, no: Fine Tuning™. Go away!]", "[...] fundamental [...]", "[...] mixture [...]", "[...] calibration [...]", "[...] component [...]", "[...] significantly surpass [...]", "[...] the world’s first carbon-based racing car [...] [This is a criminal lie, because the Maserati MC12 based on the Ferrari Enzo of the manufacturer Fiat was used in racing before. And there are also our 333 SP and 962 ST models.]", "[...] fine-tune engine calibration [...]", "[...] simulation programme [...] [Don't confuse this with the simulation arguments. Furthermore take a look on the webpage Links to Software of the website of our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™]", "No other GT3 car will have been specified using this level of technology. [Again, this is a criminal lie, because we already said that the Maserati MC12 based on the Ferrari Enzo of the manufacturer Fiat was developed in this way before. And this will be done at least with our 333 SP and 962 ST models as well.]", "[...] testament [...]", "[...] virtual and real world [...] [Here it points to our reality-viruality-continuum of our Caliber of our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™ as the points with the simulator and Finite Element (FE) analysis methods in the press release do as well.]", "[...] outstanding quality [...]", "[...] essence [...]", "[...] can-do [...]", "[...] inspirational [...]", "[...] strive for form that is driven by aerodynamic efficiency, and this rules out arguments over styling [...] [But why do we see a form full of stolen design elements owned by other entities only?]", "[...] heart [...]", "[...] result is a road car that [....] is the lightest in the 'core' sector of the high-performance sports car market [...] [Besides that this is again a criminal marketing lie, we can now all together laugh very loud. What morons.]", "[...] masterpiece [...]", "[...] passion for design, engineering innovation [...]", "[...] transcends [...]", "[...] reflect [...]", "[...] we have ensured that the pedal position is exactly in line with the seating and steering wheel positions [...] [This story was stolen from the OntomaX website. We gave it in conjunction with the model Lamborghini Diabolo.]", "[...] reflect [...]", "[...] M838T [...] [How cheap to jump on the bandwagon of Style of Speed™ and the 3 Theme.]", "[...] engine management system [...] [We mentioned so many times before, that this was called in former times a control unit. And then we came.]", "[...] strong [...] [Strong™]", "[...] could sell the run five times over. However, neither [the] company has any desire to stretch the market and lead to a risk of either oversupply or restrictions on customer service [...] [Blah blah blah]", "[...] new type of sports car company [...] [That is not true, because we were already there 10 years before, as it is proved by our investigations.]".
    Without stealing, that company would be nothing, so delete phrases that contain terms like experience, creativity and all the other "pure McLaren" nonsense. As usual, the originals can only be found at Style of Speed™.
  • Ruf: What we don't understand is that that company still has to steal like our trademark High-Luxury™.
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