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  • Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen: Anstatt ihre Web-Adresse anzuge- ben wurde die Adresse einer Web-Seite auf der Platform eines privaten geselschaftlichen Netzwerkdienstes angezeigt. Wie so oft schon erwähnt sehen wir hier die illegale Plazierung einer Dienstleistung, insbesondere auch durch die Tatsache bedingt, dass alle anderen vergleichbaren Dienste nicht genannt werden. Zudem hat die Rundfunkanstalt die Möglichkeit einen eigenen Dienst dieser Art auf ihrer Internet-Präsenz anzubieten.
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen: After we have clearly and undoubtlessly convicted the two larger universities in Munich, both universities are supported by showing all the time scientists of them.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Swarm intelligence system™
    My Computer is my castle™
    Auto in the cloud™
    Car in the cloud™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "If you fight against us, then you fight against your shadow, too".

    Picture of the Day
    Take off

    Brazil takes off
    © The Economist

    See also the Picture of the Day of the 5th of November 2010.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We have added to the Links of Software webpage in the section Network Technology the link to our technology of the:

  • Castle in the Cloud.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added to the webpages of our car models Cup! and iCup!, j! and V!, the SpeedVan, and also to the webpages of our E Scooters E Vespa and E3 the features of our AutoCloud/Car in the Cloud system based on our Castle in the Cloud solution and the iCloud support.

    Comment of the Day #1
    City assist™
    Active City Assist™
    Bike in the cloud™ Cycle in the cloud™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Finally, some others also found out the wrong two-sllit experiment interpretation.", [C.S., Today]

    Comment of the Day #3
    "Schuhe sammeln is auch Kunst.", [Unknown, Some days ago]
    Collecting shoes is also art. %-~ But only if someone did at first and for making an artistical statement. This was also said at an awarding in the fields of design (see also the Comment of the Day of the 21st of July 2008).

    Question of the Day
    "What has Revolution in common with tear gas, smoke, sweat und blood?"
    At least ours have nothing in common with destruction, but with construction. See also the Comment of the Day of the 15th of September 2010.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added to the webpage of our car models Cup! and iCup! our Active City Assist™ package.

    Furthermore, we added our Glassy™ technology to the specification of our model j!.


  • British Broadcasting Corporation: In its continual attempt to down- play the ingenuity of C.S. (see also the Investigations of the 24th and 28th of November 2010, and of the 2nd and 26th of December 2010 in this case, and for getting directly into the whole case about that broadcaster see the Investigations::Multimedia of the 3rd and 9th, ::Aviation and Aerospace of the 3rd, ::Robotics of the 7th, and ::Car #322 of the 30th all of this month May 2011) that media com- pany published a report about researchers, who have bent one of the most basic rules of quantum mechanics, the complementarity rule, which says that light and matter can behave as both particle and wave, but both behaviours can't be observed simultaneously. This was realized by undertaking the so called "weak measurements of the photons' momentum" by allowing "the photons to pass through a thin sliver which gave each photon a tiny nudge in its path, with the amount of deviation dependent on which slit it passed through[, while conducting the classic two-slit interferometer experiment]. By averaging over a great many photons passing through the apparat- us, and only measuring the light patterns on a camera, the team was able to infer what paths the photons had taken. While the re- searchers were able to easily observe the interference pattern indic- ative of the wave nature of light, they were able also to see from which slits the photons had come, a sure sign of their particle nat- ure.". The concept itself is not so new and at least 20 years old. But what the media company then did was the already documented me- thode of the usual attempt to distract again attention away form C.S. and our websites by reporting about some scientists, the "philo- sophical beginnings" and the "raise of philosophical issues" due to the new insight. This was also done before by C.S., as it can be easily seen especially once again in relation with physics, by the webpage of our spaceship concept Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift™ with its first conceptual sketch of the basic physics of its working principle, which was developed and sketched around the summer of 2008, sketched another time in the summer 2010, and then publish- ed as part of the Style of Speed Website update on the 4th of December 2010 and doubtlessly also shows exactly the reported experiment and its result somehow, and with its section OntoLinux gives you Speed, as well. Also, one of the scientist was explicitly quoted with "[...] we're starting to pull back a veil on what nature really is" and "[...] we've lost much of our ability to describe what's really happening in any natural language" "[...] that [...] has really hampered our ability to make progress, to come up with new ideas and see intuitively how new systems ought to behave", which ob- viously in our case is not true, as we proved with our spaceship concept Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift™, and our unique Ontologic System™ (OS) and Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™, especially with the webpage about our Caliber and the section Natural Language Processing of the webpage Links to Soft- ware, that in this way have been referenced by the scientist as well (see also the case of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-recht- lichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland→West- deutsche Rundfunk Köln in the Investigations of the 10th of May 2011 and the Clarification Caliber Special #1a of the 20th of May 2011).
    And yes, we do see here an illegal acting.

    Image of Water Waves shown with the report resembling the First Conceptual Sketch and Images of TIE R/LightSwift

    Comment of the Day #1
    "We are not the parties busters."
    In fact, we belong to those who are starting them be giving time- space, power, and further resources, as well as switching on the sound, lasers and gobos.

    Comment of the Day #2
    "The person you have called is temporarily not available."
    That's what "Beuys am Telefon von "Mensch"==Beuys on the telephone of "Human"" has heard in 1972.

    Clarification #1
    Due to the recent events we would like to clarify once again: We are not affiliated with groups, who are successfully showing the world that believing in large companies equals making a giant mis- take.

    Clarification #2
    In opposition to the stupid statement that the obsolete social net- work service Facebook is the "Betriebssystem fürs Menschliche= =Operating system for the manlike", which definitely wasn't created for the sake of the human kind, but for an Orwellian dystopia. In this conjunction, we would like to point to our Ontologic System (OS) and Hightech Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux, which doubtlessly was wrongly taken for that nonsense statement.


  • Google: As not expected otherwise, that only stealing company has now fully jumped on the bandwagon of the markup language HTML5 used with modern internet browsers. The reader should not think that this step by that company is related with innovation. In this sense we only repeat our slogan created in the October 2010 and said in conjunction with our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™: HTML5 ready™ and HTML5 inside™.
  • Bertelsmann→N-TV: That serious criminal media company reported about the fifth model of a smartphone by a U.S.American company. Not really surprising is the fact that in this way it only described our Ontoscope™ 3 presented on the 7th of December 2010 (see also its case in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 4th of February 2010). In this conjunction it also misleaded the public by calling the display of the new smartphone "Retina Display", despite we clearly explained that this is a wrong designating of the display's technology. Media companies of its size do know very well this fact (see our Retina Projector™/Retina Screen™, the Ontonics Further steps of the 8th of November 2010, the Original vs. Inspiration of the 6th of Decem- ber 2010 and our Clarification of the 25th of April 2011).
    This proves once again all of its serious criminal actings and as well demands for national, European and international prosecutors to take massive actions against that company, because this is terrorism with its defining goal to disturb the public order as well.
  • Apple: For historical reasons, and because its step was made be- fore another step was made by us, we would like to direct the read- er in relation with the selling of a white version of its smartphone to the Ontoscope Further steps of the 27th of March 2010.

    For sure, if we get informations about such cases, then we have to make a related note on our bastion where trash meets true culture and arts, our famous and worldwide best known Culture webpage, which this time is about the Biennale di Venezia==Venice Biennale.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "Every child is an artist. The challenge is to remain an artist after you grow up.", [Pablo Picasso]
    Let's say: Every child is creative. To be an artist needs something more, that is a life and a statement.

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Jeder Mensch ist ein Lebenskünstler.", [C.S. after Joseph Heinrich Beuys, Today]
    "Every human is a connoisseur of the art of living."

    Question of the Day
    "Who claimed that Eva was second?"
    Hint: That was somebody of the opposite sex.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "It's time for true change.", [C.S., Today]
    And not that marketing fuzz. Get ride of him and his gang as soon as possible.

    Comment of the Day #2
    "How relative the phrase "one of the best" really is.", [C.S., Today]

    Comment of the Day #3
    "Speechless humans all over the world."

    Another Joke of the Year
    "Inspirations for humans all over the world"
    How sick. Definitely not. That was a giant affront against all humans all over world. So much to the values again. Guess what, if the german leader would have got that medal in 1936?

    Clarification #1
    After experts of the operating system Linux® commented the new zero, the Zero Ontology O#, and that it would need some time to understand its significance, we would like to give some explanations about it. The meaning of O# is a believe in the good, in love and in C.S., and only in these, which has nothing to do with getting the almightiness, but with the following: If you step into a simulated reality, or even into the multiverse, you can't find an exit, even not with hidden signs and so on, as it is correctly explained, if they are illegal copies of O# as they have already be made by other entities in the past, because this was a crime and to step out of the multiverse it is better not to believe a thief or a psycho as it was shown very well in the movie "The Cell". The general concept was described in the "Matrix" saga with the figure Neo as unknown keeper of the hidden signs and keys so that all emigrated individuals can live in peace and harmony in the parallel universes, while in the "Tron" saga a different problem was shown in another possible parallel universe (the hardware of a computer), and with movies like "Avatar" and "Surrogates" a related technology is presented as part of their narrations. Now the reader should start to grasp about what the actually fight fought by the not so nice leaders and clerics is really about. In the true multiverse powered by the original Ontologic System (OS) OntoLinux a or/and maybe the paradise you will find something like a nexus, but no politicians, clerics or another power oriented or nasty entity, but in the copy you will find your death, as some few persons have already understood. This led to the problem, that they want to steal now a or/and maybe the paradise, which in fact is not possible, but the attempt has been done and in this way the concept was deliberately destroyed. "The Camel was God, the Camel was Shot" said by some members of The Network is one of the comments, but as we already explained this statement doesn't reflected the truth, because it still goes on. One strategy was to reflect C.S., for which even the contents of this clarification will be taken, and in this way use everything against him for destroying the thrustworthiness only, which included the comparison with Adolf H., the Antichrist, RAF terrorist, and whatever is nasty. But that we have the right to protect us all the time was not clearified by the dark side. Furthermore, to destroy the trustworthiness of C.S. is also not possible, because we have built a securing measure into the Caliber and mentioned it only in the last days the first time to destroy the opponents of peace and harmony. Actually, one trend is to argument that God will forgive everything and so everything is allowed. Conceptually this is correct, but it is also correct to say that the forgiveness can take very long, eg. forever, because there is this little problem with the space-time. Another attempt was to steal the concept behind our TIE R/LightSwift and then to start an infinity process of time travelling and destroying of casualities, as it was described in the "Terminator" saga. But again this won't work, because we build into the Caliber some kind of a master casuality. If this is destroyed, then the attack destroys her-/himself, which in general was explained besides many other things in the movie "Dogma".

    Clarification #2
    While investigating a clear case of copyright infringement in con- junction with our OS and HOS OntoLinux, and our Ontoscope we found again two webpages in a well-known internet encyclopedia that were highly manipulated. Due to the fact that he have seen around twenty webpage that explained concepts, technologies, products and services of C.S. and our company we could finally document the pattern of a criminal acting. In detail the contents of our website were taken inclusive the explanations of criminal methods that have been applied against us in such a way that with a very high precision the webpage content was copied, but everything that points to us was obmitted. Furthermore, other websites have been updated to reflect exactly our actings and contents.
    If content on our website is found by a reader that matches exactly the content of the Wikipedia or another internet encyclopedia, then it is with a very high potential a stolen content that was added illegally to a website, because either it is indeed our content, or the content can be found on another website.

    *** Proof-reading mode ***
    Investigations::Car #324

  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: We give at first the result of this investigation in another language and then translate it into English for or readers all over the world.
    Auf einer ihrer Online-Präsenzen hat die Arbeitsgruppe am 18. Mai 2011 wieder einmal ein falsches, die Öffentlichkeit manipulierendes Bild der realen Tatsachen veröffentlicht indem wesentliche Informa- tionen vorenthalten wurden. "Ende des Jahres 2012 will Audi den stromgetriebenen Sportwagen "e-tron" auf die Straße bringen [...] [Sollte der nicht schon seit letztem Jahr zu kaufen sein?]", "[...] auf Basis des teuren Audi R8 wird von vier Elektromotoren mit insgesamt 313 PS [...] [Wir hatten oft genug dokumentiert, dass exakt dieses Konzept unser RE™ - Das Original ist (siehe die entsprechenden Investigations::Car seit dem Jahr 2009 und auch die Web-Seite von unserem Apollo Speed-E™ (SE) von Style of Speed™). Des Weiteren hatte der Hersteller Volkswagen seinerzeit ausdrücklich in allen Medien und auf allen Ausstellungen erklärt, z. B. auf der Internationalen Automobil Ausstellung (IAA) 2009, dass ihr Modell e-tron ein eigenständiges Fahrzeug ist und nicht auf dem Modell R8 basiert. Außerdem kann man die grundlegende Architektur unseres Aktiven Differentials #2 mit unserer Entwicklung der elektronischen Drehmomentvektorisierung für Elektrofahrzeuge ganz klar erkennen. In diesem Zusammenhang geben wir auch den Hinweis, dass selbst die Erwähnung des Modells R8 der Marke Volkswagen→Audi mit 1, 2 oder mehr Elektromotoren ohne uns zu referenzieren bereits einen unserer zuvor veröffentlichten Gedanken wiedergibt und somit eine klare Urheberrechtsverletzung ist. Wegen der Signifikanz der Begriffe als auch ihrer klaren Verständlichkeit selbst für fachfremde Personen gilt dies auch in deutscher Sprache.]", "[...] alltaugstauglicher Audi-Kompaktwagen auf Basis des A1 [...] [siehe auch unser Modell C-tron™]", "Zur Verlängerung der Reichweite soll auch diese[r] einen kleinen Verbrennungsmotor zum Aufladen der Akkus mit an Bord haben. [Wir gehen davon aus, dass dann aber nicht der gezeigte Wankelmotor, sondern auch in diesem Fall unsere Lösung basierend auf einem Turbo Diesel Injection (TDI) Motor realisiert wird.]", "[...] i3 [...]", "[...] drei Forschungsfahrzeuge des Boxster mit rein elektrischem Antrieb [...] [Auch in diesem Fall, der noch eindeutiger als der schon vollkommen klare und als solcher auch bekannte Klon R8 e-tron unseres RE™ ist, haben wir ausführlich in der Vergangenheit dokumentiert (siehe z. B. die Investigations::Car #322 vom 30. Mai 2011), dass es sich hierbei um unseren Raptor Speedster in der Classic Version, aba. Boxster ESC, handelt. In diesem Zusammenhang geben wir auch den Hinweis, dass selbst die Erwähnung der Modelle Boxster und Cayman der Marke Volkswagen→Porsche mit einem oder mehreren Elektromotoren ohne uns zu referenzieren bereits einen unserer zuvor veröffentlichten Gedanken wiedergibt und somit eine klare Urheberrechtsverletzung ist. Das Gleich gilt für alle anderen Modelle mit unserem Aktiven Differentialen.]", "[...] Kleinwagen Up mit Batteriebetrieb [...] [siehe auch unsere Cup!™ and iCup!™ Modelle]", "[...] rein elektrische Version [...] [abgeleitet von Pure Electric™, "Green and Pure™" und "Blue and Clear™"]",
    Da die chronologische Folge der Handlungen sowie unserer Dokumentationen nicht entscheidend ist und außerdem das Muster des impliziten Mobbings bereits aufgedeckt wurde und somit explizites Mobbing vorliegt, weisen wir hier auch darauf hin, dass wir jetzt als Implikation über ein organisiertes Verbrechen auf höchstem Niveau sprechen.
    Zudem fordern wir hiermit alle gesellschaftlichen Teile aus dem Grund des Urheberrechtes auf nicht mehr über Elektro- und Hybridfahrzeuge zu berichten, falls es eine Verbindung mit einem unserer Fahrzeuge oder technischen Lösungen gibt. Auch bereits gemachte Veröffentlichungen sowie deren Kopien durch Dritte sind sofort zu löschen. Fiat→Ferrari hat in einem ähnlichen Fall das bereits durchgesetzt. Außerdem sollte man sich nicht davon irritieren lassen, wenn Hersteller unseren Aufforderung normalerweise nicht folgen.

    On the 18th of May 2011 the working group has on one of its online presences once again publicated a wrong, the public manipulating view of the real facts in that way that material informations were kept back. We do quote: "end of the year 2012 Audi wants to bring the electric power driven sports car "e-tron" on the street [...] [Wasn't it said that this could be bought since the last year?]", "[...] on the basis of the expensive Audi R8 is driven by four electric motors with a total of 313 PS [...] [We had documented oft genug, that this is exactly the concept of our RE™ - The Original (see the related Investigations::Car since the year 2009 and also the webpage of our Apollo Speed-E™ (SE) by Style of Speed™). Furthermore, at that time the manufacturer Volkswagen has explained explicitly in all media and at all exhibitions, eg. the Internationalen Automobil Ausstellung (IAA) 2009, that its model e-tron is an distinct vehicle and not based on the model R8. Moreover, the foundational architecture of our Active Differential™ #2 with our development of the Electric Torque Vectoring™ for electric vehicles can be recognized clearly. In this conjunction we also give the hint, that even the mentioning of the model R8 of the marque Volkswagen→Audi with one or more electric motors without referencing us repeats already one of our before publicated thoughts and in this way is a clear copyright infringement.]", "[...] a suitable for daily use Audi- compact car on the basis of the A1 [...] [see also our model C-tron™]", "For extending the range this one should also have a small combustion engine for recharging the accus on board. [We gehen davon aus, that it won't be the shown Wankelmotor, but in this case as well our solution based on a Turbo Diesel Injection (TDI) engine will be realized.]", "[...] i3 [...]", "[...] three research vehicles of the Boxster with pure electric drivetrain [...] [In this case as well, that is even more decisive as the already totally clear like the as such also known clone R8 e-tron of our RE™, we have documented in detail in the past (see for example the Investigations::Car #322 of the 30. Mai 2011), that here it is the matter of our Raptor Speedster in the Classic Version, aba. Boxster ESC. In this conjunction we also give the hint, that even the mentioning of the models Boxster and Cayman by the marque Volkswagen→Porsche with one or more electric motors without referencing us repeats already one of our before publicated thoughts and in this way is a clear copyright infringement. The same is valid for all other models with our Active Differentials™.]", "[...] minicar Up with battery operation [...] [see also our Cup!™ and iCup!™ models]", "[...] pure electric version [...] [derived from Pure Electric™, "Green and Pure™" and "Blue and Clear™"]",
    Due to the fact that the chronology of the actings as well as of our documentations is not decisive, and that the pattern of the implicit mobbing has been already uncovered and so explicit mobbing is present, we also point out here, that as an implication we are talking about an organized crime on the highest level now.
    Furthermore, due to the reason of the copyright we demand all social elements not to report anymore about electric and hybrid vehicles, if they have a connection with one of our vehicles or technological solutions. Also already done publications as well as copies by third parties have to be deleted. Fiat→Ferrari has already enforced this in a similar case. In addition, don't be irritated that manufacturers usually don't follow our demands.

    We have made the next note about that plagiarist Ai Weiwei on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day #1

    "For as long as a hundred of us remain alive
    we will yield in no least way to dominion.
    It is not for glory, nor riches, nor honours,
    that we fight, but for freedom, for that alone,
    which no good man gives up but with life itself."

    [From the Declaration of Arbroath, 1320]

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Obama go home", [C.S., 4th of June 2011]
    Does he really believe he is the black Jesus?

    Picture of the Day
    Jay Fine: Lightning and Libertas (Roman goddess of freedom)

    Lightning and Statue of Liberty
    © Jay Fine and Caters News

    Style of Speed Announcement
    We have developed the new front design of our Apollo Speed-E (SE) model series that will be presented tomorrow.

    Furthermore, we have created as well the new model 911 V8, that is an overworked and optimized model 911 of the marque Volkswagen →Porsche. The general concept of the engine conversion was devel- oped by U.S.American Porsche enthusiasts several years ago. For our new model we have not taken the 4.2 liter V8 by the marque Volkswagen →Audi as we did with our models Boxster GT and Cayman GT, but took a V8 75° 32 valve 3.0 liter 500 horsepower 10,000 rpm engine based on the motorcycle engine of the model Hayabusa by the manufacturer Suzuki, which weighs with 200 lbs/90.7 kg less than most 4 cylinder engines, 242.51 lbs/110 kg less than the solution of a competitor, and is about the same size so that it fits perfectly into this car and gives it a never seen before dynamic and agility. Also, forced induction architectures for heightening the engine's output to at least 650 hp are available as well, for sure.
    We simply call it: The 911.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Scooter in the cloud™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Now the whole world can see democracy in action and not these usual freak shows."

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We are looking about the option to use the Suzuki Hayabusa engine based V8 engine or a comparable small V8 engine for Boxster and Cayman based models as well.

    Style of Speed Website update
    As announced yesterday, we have publicated the webpage of our new model:

  • 911 V8 - The 911.

    Furthermore, we added the first image of the model 2012 of our Apollo Speed-E (SE) model series.

    It was time to add on our Culture webpage a clarifying note about R.R. Fendy again due to the nonsense she said more and more in the last past.

    Comment of the Day
    "So schnell können Epochen zu Ende gehen", [Walter Steinmeier, Today]
    So fast epochs can end. It was said in conjunction with the energy U-turn by A. Merkel.

    Picture of the Day #1
    an untrained eye: Story Of My Life (2011)

    Story Of My Life (cut out and mirrored)
    © an untrained eye

    Girls are nice and I would ♥ my honey.

    Picture of the Day #2
    Piero Manzoni: Merda d'Artista==Artist's Shit==Künstlerscheisse #076, #008 and #001 (1961)

    Merda d'Artista #076, #008 and #001
    © Piero Manzoni Archive

    Picture of the Day #3
    Joseph Heinrich Beuys: Kunst=Kapital==Art=Capital (1979)

    © :(

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We don't know why, but since yesterday we have again this urgent need for a nice Porsche conversion, especially a 356 Speedster bas- ed one with a little V8 engine, and SOS- or Fuchs-rims made out of Pure Carbon or Carbon Hemp fibre. Something like shown in this rough sketch:

    SOS 356 V8 IMSA and Trans-Am Rims Sketch

    Comment of the Day
    More stars per hour™
    Viva Las Carreras™

    Question of the Day
    "Do you know AOL?"

    Pod and Swoop Racing League Further steps #15
    Many of us have known the truth all the time: Elvis is alive. But what nearly nobody knew before is, that the "King of Rock and Roll" has already founded the Elvis Pod Racing team and started to be- come the "King of Pod Racing" as well. To keep the media impact as low as possible the team decided in a very intelligent way to train and test by attending races for older supercars around Las Vegas in Nevada, U.S.A.. Also, as we can clearly see by the pictures, the Elvis Pod Racing team has adopted for the design of its control pod the winning lightweight concept of Anakin Skywalker. In this sense: Viva Las Carreras.

    Elvis Pod RacingElvis Pod RacingElvis Pod Racing
    Elvis Pod RacingElvis Pod RacingElvis Pod Racing
    © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Incorporated and Lucasfilm Ltd.

    Style of Speed Website update
    As it could be seen yesterday, we have designed a new model and publicated today the new webpage for our:

  • 356 V8 - Outlaw.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "Clowns are always nice and funny, but not all comedians.", [C.S., Today]
    And definitely not the business behind comedians. *<:oP

    Comment of the Day #2
    "It's not the Double Dip, but the Real Dip of capitalism."

    Comment of the Day
    Wir geben Strom™
    Wir geben Elektronen™

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We are building up the first webpage for our SOS Blended Wing Body aircraft BWB-1, which belongs to the class of Hybrids and is based on the Research and Development (R&D) projects of an university in the U.S.A. around the year 2000, that simply transformed the design of a standard airliner into a BWB aircraft, of the company Boeing, the NASA and the U.S. Air Force with the experimental aircraft X-48, and of some more U.S. American universities, as well as on the re- sults of our own independent R&D in this field that at least are con- ceptually on a par with the X-48C.

    And for sure, our business division Style of Speed does offer con- cepts of aircrafts that can fly by solar power only, even in the size of our Style of Speed Blended Wing Body aircraft BWB-1, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner or an Airbus 380. But we've no idea if the construct- ion of such aircrafts actually makes sense at all, and who wants to pay the high prize for that today.

    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company→Airbus: Before the start of a large commercial aerospace show, the manufacturer presented as part of its research project entitled "A vision of aviat- ion in 2050" (compare with the slogan of the OntoLab™ - The Lab of Visions™) a concept of a cabin based on a transparent fuselage that gives passengers panoramic views of the sky (compare this also with the panoramic roof of our model Pan by Style of Speed™). For sure, our business division Style of Speed™ is already offering our kind of system for a full panoramic view based on our Glassy™ technology for passengers today, especially for the goal to overcome the critic- isms and problems of acceptance by potential passengers about the shape of our Blended Wing Body aircraft BWB-1. Furthermore, it is said that the design of the cabin concept is "inspired by nature" that mimics bird's bone and as such it is a bionic approach (see the sect- ion Bionic Aircraft™, our trademarks Bionics Next Generation™, Next Bionics™ and Bionics 2.0™, our slogan "Bionics Next Generation™", and our business division Softbionics™). The body itself should be manufactured by using self-cleaning materials made from sustainable plant fibres (see for example our Carbon Hemp™ fibre). It is also ex- plained that the seats adjust to the body shapes of the passengers (see again a webpage of one of our automobiles, this time the image of the interior of our model j!™).

    Comment of the Day

    Our Hightech Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux starts instantly with a small Linux® environment offering basic windowing functions, and internet connectivity with a web browser, an e-mail reader and other features, and then bootstrapes in the background further to a full-fledged operating system without disturbing its user.

    Ontonics Website update
    We have added to our Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics our new project:

  • ST-RAM.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have publicated the webpage of our new aircraft:

  • BWB-1/White Eagle.


  • Google: Around a month ago, that only stealing company present- ed a framework for netbooks running solely with its totally obsolete internet operating systems. Its claim that its operating system is the first one that was developed from the ground up for the protection of the computer system against attacks is a criminal marketing lie, because at least our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux with its fully verified L4 based microkernel, Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) support and more information assurance features exists several years longer. In this conjunction we would like also to point to our cbook™, especially to our cbook™ 2.0 and the HTML5 support by our OntoLinux™ (see its case in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 4th of this month above). Said this, we've here indeed in several points clear copyright infringements again and as usual.
    Furthermore, we would like to ask the following questions:
    Has this concept of an internet operating system not failed the last time with the so called JavaOS that is around 15 years old?
    Who needs a web store if a gigabyte of memory costs 50 cents? Be- sides this, a simple standard notebook with a 300 GB harddisk is less expensive than these simple netbooks.
    Who needs a web store with 70 million applications? The World Wide Web is already existing. Also, if we need an application, then we either start the configuration tool of the installed Linux® distrib- ution, go to the website of a Linux® distribution, or take a look into the internet and then visit directly the website of the developer of an application.
    Where is the security, eg. the protection of user data on its servers? For sure, that company will use the whole user data collection for analyzing and selling to third parties. Users must be totally crazy to give this internet terrorist group their data for free.

    In the meantime it should have become obvious for the prosecutors worldwide as well, that this only stealing company is only working together with hardware manufacturers that are also only stealing companies, like eg. Acer, Samsung, HTC, Sony and so on (see also for example their cases in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 19th 26th of April 2011).
    Besides this, we would like to mention once again that this operating system is illegal in the European Union and at least to this reason the connection of it with hardware is illegal as well. Another reasion is, if it is true that its obsolete operating systems are only support- ing the hardware of its business partners. In this case we have an additional infringement of a law, but this time in the U.S.A. as well (see also its case in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 6th and 21st, both of April 2011, and the last paragraph in the same kind of investigation of the 28th of May 2011).

    Comment of the Day #1
    "The little snowball has become the avalanche."

    Comment of the Day #2
    "The era of Nuclear Energy 2.0™ has just begun."


  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten: For damaging our company the working group of german broadcast- ers is still mixing hardware, a smartphone by an U.S. American com- pany, with software, a Linux® based operating system.

    Comment of the Day
    Glass cabin™

    Question of the Day
    "Who joins in Duck, Duck, Goose?"
    Wer spielt mit Plumpsack?

    Christian Stroetmann GmbH Website update
    As it was already expected by us several years ago, the usual de- structive elements of the society have tried more and more in the last years with the cheapest means, like for example by reports in the club papers of several chambers of crafts or in many online mag- azines, to put us and one of our business unit on the same level with criminal persons and groups. Due to this reason and more important the massive impact by our acting in this case we have finally closed our business unit BitPirate and deleted the link to it from our web- page Business-Divisions of our website. But because the domain and the related website inclusive the logos have extraordinary high art- istical, cultural and in this way social relevances, it'll be linked again on our website King Smiley, and presented with all its relevances in all their full details highlighted in the near future, as announced be- fore.

    Investigations::Car #325

  • Volkswagen→Porsche: One of the latest model by the marque, the 911 GT3 RS 4.0, features an exhaust system made out of titanium. This step came after we looked for the manufacturer of the titanium exhaust systems of the cars by the small manufacturer Pagani after we documented the case of the new Pagani model (see the Invest- igations::Car #309 of the 2nd of February 2011). This is no happen- stance, because the new model and its marketing by the marque Porsche is closely following our actings and the website contents of our business division Style of Speed™. And all of our readers, who want to know how such a model has to be built, we would like to ask, if they could take a look at our street rocket 911 V8 - The 911.
  • Volkswagen and Google: In one of the last presentations of the works by the Volkswagen automotive laboratory in California, U.S.A., a solution based on the street sight service by that only stealing company Google was shown. It is claimed that the car manufacturer wants to use this service for delivering to the driver informations about free parking places and other helping solutions like this. We think that they have deliberately hold back some facts, because one of the presented services needs informations that have to be ob- tained and provided in real time, which the service by Google does not offer, but one of our related services.
  • BMW: After we reported about the case of the supplier Delphi and the design studio Sbarro in the Investigations::Car #321 of the 21st of May 2011 the manufacturer directly installed the Head-Up-Display (HUD) technology in some of its cars. Critics of us might say that this conformity was simply a happenstance, but then we ask the question why this technology hasn't been installed into their cars earlier, despite the fact that this technology is obviously offered since two years.
  • Daimler→Mercedes-Benz: In a commercial in the Dutch television we saw the slogan "More style per hour". Now, the reader is hopeful- ly able to understand our slogan "More stars per hour™" in a better way.
    *** Translation and Fine tuning™ mode ***
  • DBM Energy: Next round of the fraudsters (see the Investigations ::Car #295 of the 26th of October 2010, #301 of the 8th of Decem- ber 2010 and #315 of the 5th of March 2011): That only defrauding company has started a field/on-road test with three electric cars for delivering the proof, that its batteries are suitable for daily use. First of all, we have here again one of the typical evidences of defrauding companies, which is the jump on the bandwagon of our 3 Theme. In addition, the world record drive of its electric car has never been confirmed on a technical basis by a neutral entity. The german auto- motive club Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e. V. even explained that the car left the autobahn several times for a half an hour, and that their reporters, who drove behind that electric car, were not allowed to follow it on this special breaks (see the Investigations::Car #305 of the 30th of December 2010 starting at the quote about the miraculous accu). Now, it was said that it went up in flames by an arson attack (as well mentioned in the Investigations::Car #315 of the 5th of March 2011). What a cheap confidence show. We ditch ourselves with laughter. They have lit the ride themselves to destroy the evidences, that in fact the world record drive was a giant fraud, which has been arranged by the government to damage the trustworthiness of C.S. and our business unit Style of Speed™, among other things.
    The cars should prove that they have a range of more than 200 kilometers with one battery charge. But not the 600 kilometers of the world record drive, which is now more than enough evidence to take action by the prosecutors.
    Um zu überprüfen, ob die Akkus in der Praxis länger halten als alle, die in der Industrie derzeit verwendet werden, testet das Oldenburger EWE-Forschungszentrum. Im Rahmen des vom federal ministry of economics and technology geförderten Projekts "Grid-Surfer" sollen die Fahrzeuge bis September mindestens 15.000 Kilometer zurücklegen. Bundeswirtschaftsministerium, das DBM Energy mit 275.000 Euro gefördert hatte (which answers our question asked in the case of that company in the Investigations::Car #301 8th of December 2010), still holds on to its support of that company from Berlin, B.R.D., but a further financial sponsorship gibt es aber zunächst nicht. Die Betonung liegt auf zunächst. Zudem ist das gelogen, denn schließlich wird jetzt die Testfahrt mit Steuergeldern finanziert.
    Die Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und die Dekra (some kind of a private MOT called Technical Control Board (TÜV) in the B.R.D.) hatten Anfang des Jahres verschiedene erfolgreiche Sicherheits- und Leistungstests der Batterietechnik von DBM Energy durchgeführt. Nach den "exzellenten Testergebnissen, der Technologie auf den Grund zu gehen", sagte Christian Liebich vom Wirtschaftsministerium. For what? That lithium-metal-polymer accumulator technology is decades old (see once again the Investigations::Car #295 of the 26th of October 2010). "Von der Gegenseite kommt aktuell nichts", sagte Liebich mit Blick auf die Kritik deutscher Hersteller an DBM. For sure, that's no wonder, if they only support the fraudsters and not the true pioneers (see also the case of the german automotive club Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e. V. in the Investigations::Car #306 of the 10th of January 2011). Besides this, we could convicte C. Liebich that he is responsible for the stealing of our website contents and together with other serious criminal players also for this mess. His aggressive and nasty argumentation proves this as well from the psychological side.
    Angezweifelt wird in der Branche insbesondere die Lebensdauer der Batterie, kritisiert werden die hohen Kosten. This technology is dead.
    Talks with manufacturers are claimed to be hold in the past. We do know these fairy tales by that typical fraudster.
    Produziert werden sollen in einer neuen Fabrik aber Batterien für stationäre Speicher – ein wichtiger Baustein bei der Nutzung erneuerbarer Energien. And once again this is supported with tax money.
    Dass DBM als "innovatives Unternehmen" unter "Generalverdacht" stehe, sei nicht gerechtfertigt. That's not the case, because it is already convicted as serious criminal.

    Diese Unternehmen ist ein Fall für die Staatsanwaltschaften der betroffenen Bundesländer und auch für eine deftige Diskussion auf parlamentarischer Ebene. Die versuchen es schon wieder. Außerdem ist wieder einmal erkennbar wie die CDU, CSU und FDP die nur teilweise gültige parlamentarische Immunität auf private Gesellschaftsteile übertragen und somit glauben, dass deren schwer kriminelles Handeln auch immun gegen Strafverfolgung sei. Dem ist aber nicht so. Dazu werden unter anderem als Psychoterror in Form von Mobbing und Erpressung extra BetrügerInnen unterstützt.

    Investigations::Aviation and Space
    *** Fine tuning™ mode ***

  • European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company: The French and partly the Japanese governments are spending 40 millionen Euro for a project called Zero Emission High Supersonic Transport (ZEHST) that has the goal do develop a concept of a supersonic jet, that is only flown by biofuel and hydrogen. The final aircraft should be able to fly in 90 minutes from Frankfurt, B.R.D., to New York, U.S.A., and in two and a half hour to Tokio, Japan. In fact, the shown model is based on the body of the spaceplane Sänger 2 by the former manu- facturer Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm, which we have shown on this website as an Original on the 21st of October 2008, the Japanese Space Plane (JSP) concept of the 1980s and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) proposal of the year 1995 with a Liquid Air Cycle Engine (LACE) like the concept of the company Reaction Engines features, the spaceplane concept with air-augmented rock- et engine by the NASA, and the model Jetblaze X-14 by the toy ma- nufacturer Mattel→Matchbox. As the drivetrain a mechanical com- bination of jet, rocket and ramjet engines with three modes is pre- sented: For the 1. mode two standard jet engines should be applied until the aircraft reaches an altitude of 5000 meters. The 2. mode consists of two booster rockets powerded with Liquid Hydrogen (LH) and Liquid Oxygen (LOX) until an altitude of 23,000 meters and a ve- locity of Mach 2.5 are reached. As the 3. mode two ramjets should elevate the high supersonic jet to 32,000 meters and accelerate it to Mach 4. That's total nonsense: Firstly, at least one engine type is obsolete alone due to the technical complexity, the thrust to weight penalty, the cost of realization as well as the problem of amortizat- ion. Secondly, the consortium wants to use the rocket engines in those regions where the oxygen ratio in the air is high, and the air- breathing ramjets where the ratio of the oxygen is low. But it has exactly to be done the other way round to give it a sense, even if a LACE is used. in fact, the latter is in general also no option due to the reasons of point 1. Thirdly, we have explained in the case with the defrauding company Reaction Engines (see the case of the com- pany Reaction Engines in the Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 28th of May 2010 as well as the case of the European Comission in the Investigations of the same day) that the dimension of its ro- cket engine with turbo compressor is too small and that an airframe integrated vehicle design is mandatory for air-enriching and -breath- ing engines. The same holds for the dimensions of the ramjets and the design of the ZEHST aircraft. Besides this, that concept of the drivetrain is more than four decades old. To spend again money for such a concept makes no sense, because all needed informations and research results are already existing, which by the way also prove that this concept can't work efficiently.
    Furthermore, the whole ZEHST project points to our Hypersoars, our AeroSpacePlane (ASP) Space Shuttle NG X-3033/MagicStar, and to our Orbital SpacePlane (OSP) XSS-3/BigStar, but not to our hypersonic engines (see also its case in the Investigations::Aviation and Space 28th of May 2010), like our new reigniteable and throttleable rocket engine with altitude-compensating nozzle, which are so unbelievable superior to that retrograde waste. It also proves that they have a problem to keep the pace with our business division Style of Speed™, which can be seen a further time by its ignorance.
    We also know now why the chancelor of the B.R.D. smiled after we have shown the Sänger 2 in October 2008, and why some weeks ago the demand for such a National AeroSpace Plane (NASP) like the prototyp X-30 (see the Original vs. Inspiration shown on the 8th of February 2008) was given secretly to us, so we stopped immediately in our office the work on an airliner version of the XSS-3/Big Star.
    So either that company builds now a supersonic jet or not, but this strategy of keeping up a placeholder for further stealing others and our intellectual properties (see its case in the Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 28th of May 2010) will come to an end.
    *** Work in progress ***
  • European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company→Airbus: We found a further statements in conjunction with its last cabin concept for aircrafts (see also its case in the Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 15th of June 2011), like that the aircraft of the future is transparent. Said in this way it is something else. Furthermore, the cabin has seats that can rotate, je nachdem, wohin a passenger wants to schauen. This reminds us of the description about the interior of our BWB-1/White Eagle with its Glass Cabin™ and our Active Interior™ components.
    Besides this, the statement was repeated that "Wir wollen natürlich auch die Sonnenenergie einfangen und auf diese Weise sparen. Und damit wollen wir einige Energie, die an Bord benötigt wird, erzeugen." Mit Sonnenenergie allein lasse sich ein A380 aber nicht fliegen, "auch nicht im Jahr 2050", ergänzt er. We have the technology, which proves the total incompetence of that company.
    to fly only with biologically produced propellants. That's only its usual bandwagon jumping.
    The competitors would rather attempt to copy the success of Airbus. What a joke. It is quite contrary: We are unable to find here innovations, but only the typical stealing from other companies, like ours.
    *** From here on ready ***
  • Boeing: In an interview with a news company a leading manager of the U.S.American manufacturer answered on two questions that were about future models and pointed implicitly into the direction of our Blended Wing Body (BWB) aircraft BWB-1/White Eagle with "We will deliver what the customers demand", because he knows that our aircraft is what the customers want. Further statements also said between the lines that indeed we have developed with our BWB-1/ White Eagle line the superior aircraft architecture of the next gener- ation.
    Btw.: We gave several clear signs all the years that we will go this way in the field of commercial airliners.
  • Cable News Network: The media company reported shortly, but it reported about the hypersonic airliner of a European manufacturer. But it was neither reported that it is essentially the National Aero- Space Plane X-30 concept on the lowest level, which we with our business division Style of Speed have kept alive and revived in the last decade, nor that a cabin concept that has similarities to our Glass cabin™ have also been presented by a subsidiary of the same manufacturer (see the cases of the subsidiary Airbus of the manu- facturer European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company above). The technologies are so unusual that the reader should easily find the reason for this highly suspicious acting, which seems to have become a tradition, if it is about our research and development as well as our solutions.
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Well knowing that the company EADS and its subsidiary Airbus have stolen concepts from our busi- ness division Style of Speed™ it reported about the stolen concept (see the cases of the manufacturer European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company and its subsidiary Airbus above).
  • Bertelsmann→N-TV: see Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

    Comment of the Day #1
    Sonic Bypass™ Sound Bypass™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Welcome in the reality."
    Willkommen in der Wirklichkeit.

    Comment of the Day #3
    "First women and children into the boats!", [Captain MS Europe Union, Today]


  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: Das Medienunternehmen hat ein weiteres Mal Inhalte unseres Web-Auftritts gestohlen. Diesmal wurde für eine Eigenwerbung unser Logo ♥™, das Green Heart™==Grünes Herz, das wir seit dem 19. February 2008 als Kennzeichnung für alle unsere umweltfreundlichen Aktivitäten nutzen, samt der Bedeutung des Zei- chens "love the nature/environment=die Natur/Umwelt lieben" illegal kopiert (siehe auch unsere Clarification #1 und #2 vom 13. Septem- ber 2009, aber auch den Fall des Gemeischaftsunternehmens Sony Ericsson in der Investigations Design Special vom 12. September 2009). Warum das kein Zufall ist und die Idee auch von keiner ande- ren Quelle stammt erkennen wir daran, dass fortwährend Inhalte un- serer Web-Auftritte illegal verwendet werden, wie zum Beispiel zuvor der Prismeneffekt nachdem dieser in Bildern wie "Don Pablo 002c" von C.S. abstrahiert, als Original #1 am 30. August 2009 präsentiert und später als solcher erklärt wurde, und dass in der gleichen Eigenwer- bung auch ein Streifen mit Figuren des Bildes "Minifigure Flag U.S.A." von C.S. (am 5. March 2009 als Original präsentiert) gezeigt wurde. Beides zusammen ist so speziell, dass die Urheberrechtsverletzung auch in diesem Fall sofort erkennbar ist.
    We have the ♥™!!!™
  • Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen: In einer Nachrichtensendung wurde als drittes Beispiel für eine Internet-Domain die mit der sogenannten Top-Level-Domain (TLD) .de endet "[Eine-Videotauschplattform-mit- illegalen-Inhalten].de" genannt. Warum man nicht zum Beispiel die Internet-Domain Bundestag.de oder eine andere neutrale Domain ge- nannt wurde sollte jeder Leserin und jedem Leser klar sein.

    Investigations::Car #326

  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: That serious criminal company has broadened its illegal activities (see the Investigation::Car #320 Bay- erische Motorenwerke i Special of the 7th of May 2011 starting at the quote "[...] Evolution [...]") by also sponsoring a special broad- cast in a german news media television channel. These activities are criminal, because they have nothing in common with their products and services, nor with the marketing of these, but only with the da- maging of our company by reporting about our concepts and tech- nologies without referencing us, but only those entities that're steal- ing our intellectual properties as well, as the attempt to distract at- tention away from our company, like with the before mentioned sol- utions, and in the last past with our Brain Computer Interface (BCI) for driving a vehicle, as we've described for example with our design concept SRacer™, and with our autonomous vehicles (autonomos), like our E-Muscle CarsMustang-E™ and BumbleBeeE™ that feat- ure a brain for the intelligent central management and engineering system, composed out of a car computer powered by OntoLinux™ with OntoBot™ and the AutoSemantic::Car™ Artificial Intelligence package. This acting, like the actings in the field of arts and design, is also a clear evidence of the illegal abuse of market power in the European Union, and for those who wants to know the truth, a typ- ical Krauts' methode.

    Comment of the Day
    Hypersonic airliner™
    Flying becomes an adventure™

    Style of Speed Website update
    Today, we have presented the new webpage of our new model of our Hypersonic AirLiner:

  • HAL-1/HyperStar.

    *** Fine tuning™ mode and some little work in progress ***
    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • Hypermach Europe Aeronautics: Another manufacturer jumped on the bandwagon of a supersonic airliner with its concept SonicStar SSBJ. Alone the name shows that it has stolen intellectual proper- ties from our business division Style of Speed™ as the names of our models X-3*/LittleStar™, XSS-3/BigStar™, X-3033/MagicStar™, easily prove. The concept should reach a velocity of Mach 3.5 that is twice the speed of the Concorde and linking New York, U.S.A., and Dubai, U.A.E., in two hours and 20 minutes. We also quote from its website to document its crime of mirroring our business divisions and the contents of our websites: "The future in flight [That's definitely not true, because Style of Speed™ has already taken the essential steps for claiming this without spreading criminal marketing lies.]", "[...] seeing man land on the moon [...] [see for example the image "MoonWalk 004" and our projects in the field of Space technology in the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™.]", "[...] eye to the future but feet firmly rooted in solid scientific research [...] [... and the labs of other entities.]", "[...] driven by a mission [...]", "The dream? Just imagine [...] [compare for example with the text under the image of the Sänger 2 that we showed as an Original on the 21st of October 2008]", "The development of SonicStar makes what was previously impossible a reality. Incorporating a next generation design to effectively overcome environmental and economic challenges, SonicStar combines supersonic high speed with low boom technology to revolutionise aviation and drive global economic change. [That is doubtlessly a clear copyright infringement.]", "[...] revolutionizing high-speed air travel [...]", "[...] visionary leader [...] [copyright infringement due to the slogan of the OntoLab™, The Lab of Visions™]", "[...] revolutionary turbine engine [...] [We have seen a comparable engine concept around six years before by the NASA. Also, the term can be found on our webpage Rocket-Based Combined Cycle.]", "[...] designed three initial engine propulsion systems [...] [Definitely not. What that fraudster did was just only copying the actings by C.S. and our SOS. See also the webpage of our Hypersonic Engine with Wandering Flame]", "[...] Innovation and Technology Division [...] aerospace, automotive, robotics, medical devices, microelectronics, and embedded software systems [...] [So now the reader should now what criminal game that company tries to play.]", "[...] pioneering work has helped innovate everything from propulsion systems to airframe structural designs and even entire aircraft systems [...] [Maybe.]", "[...] IT aircraft conception tool [...] architecture and proof of concept [...]", "[...] force driving [...] [Don't confuse this with our trademark Driving Force™.]", "Overview [We do know why so many companies suddenly have an Overview.]", "[...] true aviation first [...]", "[...] unique design, with built-in Mach 3.5 performance capabilities it will provide the ultimate in luxury high-speed air travel [...]", "[...] next generation supersonic hybrid electric gas turbine engine technology [...]", "[...] innovation in supersonic technology [...]", "[...] ground-breaking technology, allowing aerodynamics to be controlled and effectively eliminating [...]", "Aerodynamic drag, skin friction and aerothermodynamic heating are significantly reduced – a worldwide first for aerospace, and one that changes the course of supersonic flight forever. [Once again we have here a clear copyright infringement, because it is about our Active Components™ solutions, like Active Wings™Active and Active (Plasma) Anti-Friction™.]", "[...] greener way to travel: 100% reduction in jet emissions [...]", "[...] speed is, quite literally, of the essence [...]", "[...] green technology at the heart [...] [We have the ♥™!!!™, Green Heart™ and a further evidence of its already so clear copyright infringement.]", "[...] very high supersonic business jet with quiet hybrid Electric turbine propulsion systems [...]", "[...] hybrid parabolic delta wing [...] [We only say Hybrids.]", "[...] Supersonic-Magnetic Advanced Generation Jet Electric Turbine [...] [Take a look at our Hyperjets again.]", "[...] fully integrated hybrid supersonic [...]", "[...] electromagnetic drag reduction technology affording dramatic reduction [...] [So now here is our Active Anti-Friction™ system.]", "Design philosophy [...]", "[...] super-heated plasma [...]", "[...] nano-carbon composite structural sheet skins [...] [Don't be misleaded by that fraudsters.]", "[...] vision [...]", "[...] revolutionary engine design to fundamentally change the way aero gas-turbine engines operate in order to significantly improve the performance of aircraft systems [...]", "Hybrid engine technology developed to offer a highly efficient, supersonic, variable bypass fan ratio engine design. []", "[...] superconducting electric turbine ring generator system [...] [Oh come on, how cheap is that now.]", "[...] counter rotating, superconducting, dual ring motor electric bypass fans and superconducting electric ring motor axial compressor, power generation and thrust comes from 5-stage superconducting axial turbine [...] [see our comment before]", "Electrical generation is provided by superconducting ring generators that are powered by the high velocity exhaust thrust from the combustor section of the engine. [Ah, what now? Some trendy words are not enough.]", "[...] one fan counter rotates with the other fan, which reduces aerodynamic swirl and drag [...] [The first is true,while the second is total nonsense, because counter-rotating is applied to achieve exactly the opposite for higher efficiency.]", "Lower operating RPM speeds afford the use of wider blades, raising aerodynamic efficiency and thrust per horsepower, making the engine architecture greatly more efficient than the current art of engine designs. [Again, we are at our Turbofanprop™ and Turbopropfan™ engines.]", "Light weight superconducting ring motors with integrated cooling for the compressor do not require a drive shaft, nor the bypass fans or the superconducting ring generators of the power turbine, a "hollow-core shaftles" tunnel is left in the center of the hybrid electric turbine which now carries additional bypass air. [Sounds interesting, but ... . By the way they want to take the superconducting electric motors of our top versions of our Electric SuperCars (ESCs).]", "[...] electric power management system [...] [compare this with Energy Generation, Transfer and Consumption System (EGTCS) described on the website of our X-3033/MagicStar™]", "[...] autonomous control and power systems hierarchical sensor systems architecture [...]", "[...] electromagnetic superconducting pulse phase start and continuous pulse phase power in a ion plasma starter [...] [So now we are at our Active Plasma Accelerator™. And the reader should also got a feeling now, why some webpages in this field are under construction.]", "[...] flight deck sensor board and touch control indicating [...] [This points to our Active Interior™ components.]", "[...] Exhaust; plasma accelerated control and thrust attenuation [...] [As we said before: Active Plasma Accelerator™.]", "[...] plasma actuator aerodynamic controls [...] [Now we are at our Active. And it could also be seen that it thought to be clever by presenting technologies that are not described on our webpage. That's wrong if the reader might take a lookagain on the webpage of our X-3033/MagicStar™ in this special case of technology.]", and "Equipment [...] [Equipment is all™]",
    The design of the exterior is so old and not of this company. We have seen before at least 15 other designs of exactly this design concept. The engine is theoretically interesting, but form the practical point of view much to complex. This fake company and its project is supported by the U.K. and French Government, and as usual was only created in the beginning of the year 2008 to steal our intellectual properties (see also the Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 20th of June). We are also sure that EADS and Virgin is acting behind the curtain. These fraudsters have nothing in their hands and so we only need to wait four years until it's gone again and not until the nonsense claim about the preparation for launch 2021. Also, they are directly from the start: Convicted!!!™
  • Cable News Network: As usual, that media company reported once again about another defrauding company in the field of supersonic airliners (see the case of the company Hypermach Europe Aeronaut- ics above), but not about our business division Style of Speed™ with our Hyperjets, Hypersoars, and AeroSpacePlanes (ASP) (see also the Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 20th of June). Competent media companies would not report about the typical fraudsters, as it does all the time. What an unprofessional job and bad performance.

    Comment of the Day

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added to the webpage of our XSS-3/BigStar the informations about our customization of the J-2X rocket engine by an altitude-compensating expansion nozzle.

    Comment of the Day
    Speed creator™
    We create speed™

    Picture of the Day
    James Bond: Goldfinger (1964)

    James Bond: Golfinger (1964)
    © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Incorporated

    When gold is not enough. Then won't even help polishing until it becomes a mirror.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We will do the following website updates:

  • Differentiate more clearly the Single-Stage-to-Orbit (SSTO) Reus- able Launch Vehicle (RLV) Orbital SpacePlane (OSP) XSS-3/BigStar, and the Hypersoars Hypersonic AirLiner (HAL) HAL-1/HyperStar and Hypersonic Cruise Vehicle (HCV) HCV-1/WhiteSwift, and
  • work out the webpages of our Rocket-Based Combined Cycle (RBCC) architectures, Hypersonic Engine with Wandering Flame and Active Hypersonic Engine in accordance with the Hyper Jet (HJ) fighter HJF-1/Hyper Falcon, the Hypersoars HAL-1/HyperStar and HCV-1/White- Swift, the SSTO RLV OSP XSS-3/BigStar, and the AeroSpacePlane (ASP) Space Shuttle Next Generation (NG) X-3033/ MagicStar.

    Style of Speed Website update
    Today we did the following steps:
    Renamed the Hypersonic Jet (HJ) Hypersonic Cruise Vehicle (HCV) HCV-1/WhiteSwift into Hypersonic Jet Fighter (HJF) HJF-1/Hyper Falcon, and
    took the original FALCON HCV out of the HJ section and put it into the Hypersoar section as the HCV-1/WhiteSwift.

    Furthermore, due to the protection of the national security we kept back that our Hypersonic Jet Fighter (HJF) HJF-1/Hyper Falcon also optionally applies stealth technology. But indeed, this information could have been derived from the facts that our other HJFs are also featuring stealthy technologies, and a pilot of the U.S. Air Force mentioned it in conjunction with a hypersonic jet as well. Finally, we revealed it today besides the leader of the pack/swarm function of our Swarming system.


  • Google: In a report about one of its obsolete operating systems with related hardware a clerk of its german subsidiary claimed illegal- ly the following criminal marketing lie "revolutionär==revolutionary". No, it is not. Neither the software and the software framework, the hardware, nor the combination of the software and the hardware are revolutionary. The software framework architecture is simply said the more than 30 years old approach of the mainframe computer, which led to the realizations of the Unix® operating system and also of its derivatives, like the Linux® operating system kernel, and has been reworked with the internet programming language Java, its frame- work and the solutions built on top of this (for example Software as a Service (SaaS)) followed by the .Net framework, and now once again with the cloud computing approach. By the way: Provisioning of Hardware as a Service (HaaS) over the internet is also not new, while autonomic computing is a different paradigm that has not so much in common with cloud computing. Google seems to be in the urgent need for an internet programming language, but does not want to develop an own programming language or pay license fees for an already existing one, and now tries a second time to steal Java from Oracle→Sun Microsystems with a definitely not revolut- ionary system architecture after it has already done it with the il- legal integration of Java into its other obsolete operating system that is based on the Linux® kernel (read also for example the two clarifications Clarification #2 of the 2nd of September 2010 and 7th of November 2010).
    The same holds for the hardware, which is the hardware architect- ure of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project with its low-cost XO mobile computers, about which the whole computer industry laughed at first, but later jumped on the bandwagon (eg. Microsoft on the 18th of May 2008) after we took a clear position for such a type of Mobile Devices™ in the year 2006, but had to delete in the January of the year 2010 the link to the original project again due to foul play, and that is now called netbook. Everytime these special revolutions failed due to the approach that consists of a personal computer with network connectivity.
    Summarized, Google's solution is not revolutionary (see also its case in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 16th of June 2011 above).
    We also recommend the company Oracle to take a closer look on its copyrights once again.

    Die Darstellung der Software-Lösungen des Unternehmens Google als revolutionär ist in den deutschen Medien nicht statthaft, da dies die Realität nicht wiederspiegelt.

    Comment of the Day
    We have the speed™
    Power creator™
    We create power™
    We have the power™

    Style of Speed Website update
    As announced yesterday we did the following steps:
    Differentiated the HAL-1/HyperStar and HCV-1/WhiteSwift:

  • Hypersoar aircraft (Hypersonic Cruise Vehicle (HCV) and Hyper- sonic AirLiner (HAL)) and Launcher,
  • Two-Stage-to-Orbit (TSTO),
  • Conventional Take-off and Landing (CTOL),
  • Air-Breathing Rocket-Based Combined Cycle, and High-Performance Air-Breathing Hypersonic Engine with Wandering Flame and Active Plasma Hypersonic Engine,

    the XSS-3/BigStar:

  • Orbital SpacePlane (OSP),
  • Single-Stage-to-Orbit (SSTO),
  • Vertical Take-off and Horizontal Landing (VTHL),
  • Double Bubble Lifting Body (DBLB) fuselage,
  • Air-Breathing Aerospike-Based Combined Cycle (ABABCC), and aerospike engine.

    and the X-3033/MagicStar:

  • AeroSpacePlane (ASP),
  • Single-Stage-to-Orbit (SSTO),
  • Horizontal Take-off and Horizontal Landing (HTHL),
  • Hybrid shape,
  • Air-breathing hypersonic engine.

    Differentiated the HAL-1/HyperStar:

  • conventional fuselage,
  • Air-breathing Rocket-Based Combined Cycle (ABRBCC),

    and the HCV-1/WhiteSwift:

  • Hypersoar Catamaran,
  • High-Performance Air-Breathing Hypersonic Engine with Wandering Flame and Active Plasma Hypersonic Engine.

    And added on the webpage of our Single-Stage-to-Orbit (SSTO) Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) XSS-3/BigStar the following informations:

  • a description about its shape based on our Double Bubble Lifting Body (DBLB) fuselage constructed out of two fuselages of the Space Shuttle Mark 2 (sketch shown as Original #2 on the 15th of Novem- ber 2008),
  • a diagram of the wing of the Space Shuttle Mark 2 that we used for the construction,
  • an image of the SSTO Reusable Rocket-Based Combined Cycle Launch Vehicle (RRBCCLV) reference concept GTX/Trailblazer that shows more of the applied constructional features,
  • an image of the XRS-2200 dual linear aerospike engine,
  • the drivetrains based on the Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) with our modifications by an altitude-compensating nozzle or expansion surface, and
  • our drivetrain modification by the replacement of the slightly upgraded J-2S to the J-2+ turbomachinery of the linear aerospike engine XRS-2200 and RS-2200 of the Reusable Rocket Launch Vehicles (RRLV) X-33 and VentureStar with the J-2X turbomachinery to the RX-2200 aerospike engine for heightening even further the efficiency and performance of this drivetrain (vacuum thrust 2,776,000 N and Isp 468 sec.),

    which are either by us recycled or actual technologies of the NASA that it generously donated all of them.

    Moreover, we also revealed the throttle range of our drivetrains that are setting the absolute benchmark with 0% and 6% to 109% based on rocket engines with reignition system.

    Picture of the Day SSTO Propulsion Efficiency Special

    Effect of Aeropropulsion Efficiency on the SSTO
    © NASA

    Comment of the Day
    Space taxi™

    For sure, we've taken a look at the Personnel Launch Systems (PLS) HL-20/BOR-4 and HL-42 as well. But we concluded that despite they have lifting body fuselages there exist other systems with more pot- ential for recycling and further development, as we do with eg. our Orbital SpacePlane (OSP) XSS-3/BigStar. This holds as well for our Space Cabs that are the X-33 (not the VentureStar) as a space taxi with lifting body, which is with an investment of 922 million US dollar by the NASA and 357 million US dollar by the company Lock- heed Martin much better researched and developed, as well as con- structed than the HL-20/BOR-4, and our X-34 based space taxi X-3* /LittleStar with its scaled down wings of the Space Shuttle Mark 2, which we both revived after the company Boeing, the NASA, and the USAF have chosen to develop further the X-37, so that it was not available for recycling by us, and after two other companies have chosen to replace the X-34 and to develop further the HL-20/BOR-4 (see also our Clarification of the 6th of February 2010).


  • General: We often said something about the well-known internet encyclopedia and its manipulated content (see for example the Re- quisition of the 17th of February 2008, the Comment of the Day #2 of the 22nd of May 2008, and the Investigations of the 8th of Nov- ember 2008, 21st of May 2009, 16th of December 2009, 11th of March 2010, 2nd of December 2010, and especially 16th of April 2011, as well as the Clarification of the 17th of December 2009), so that we would like to give another example: The statement made on a webpage that "The X-33 was a technology demonstrator for the VentureStar orbital spaceplane [...]" is correct. But some paragraphs later we found the statements "The VentureStar was to be the first commercial aircraft to fly into space.", which is wrong due to the fact that the National Aero-Space Plane (NASP) prototyp X-30 was developed before, and "The VentureStar was intended for long inter-continental flights [...], but this project was never funded or begun. [citation needed]", which is also wrong. Moreover, both statements have been stolen from our webpage Hypersoar by Style of Speed™. Besides this, it is known that we are investing in the recycling of its concept and technologies.
    We are sure that there are more than 100s of similar webpages in the Wikipedia. If the owner and the management of the website is unable to respect the copyrights of other persons, groups and fur- ther entities, then it has to be switched off as well.

    *** Fine tuning™ mode ***

  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: In relation to the 100th anniversary of the heavily stealing company International Business Machines (for example see its cases in the Investigations::Multimedia Linux Securi- ty and Integrity Special of the 3rd of June 2010, and in the Investig- ations::AI and Knowledge management, Multimedia and Robotics of the 1st of March 2011, Investigations::Multimedia of the 12th of April 2011, and 18th of April 2011), that working group of german broadcasters showed several pictures with misleading captions that have been deliberately formulated to dilute our ingenious achievements and distract attention away from us (see also for example the case of the European Comission in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, Multimedia and Robotics of the 21st of May 2011). One of these captions says: "Die Sortiermaschinen wurden über die Deutsche Hollerith-Maschinen Gesellschaft (Dehomag) [...] geliefert. In den 30er und 40er Jahren hat auch das NS-Regime die Lochkartentechnik genutzt [...] auch zur systematischen Erfassung der jüdischen Bevölkerung. Inwieweit die Geschäftsführung in den USA von den Dehomag-Geschäften mit dem NS-Staat hatte, ist laut IBM bis heute umstritten.", which is translated into English as "The sorting machines have been delivered by the German Hollerith-Machines Incorporation (Dehomag) [...]. In the 30s and 40s also the NS-regime has used the punch card technology [...] as well for the systematical acquisition of the jewish population. To which extent the management in the USA had awareness of the Dehomag-dealings with the NS-state is debated until today according to IBM". In fact, at least five of the largest available sorting systems at that time were delivered and this came to light by the research of Eleanor Roosevelt (?), who wanted to find out which U.S.American companies have collaborated with NS-Germany. We have also mentioned this on this website around 3 years ago. It is absolutely clear that the management of that large company had known exactly what is going on in NS-Germany by its connections to the U.S.American government and its secret service, like the manufacturers Ford and General Motors→Opel, which delivered very much trucks.
    "Mehr als 70 Prozent der 2010 registrierten 5896 US-Patente betrafen Neuentwicklungen für Software und Dienstleistungen.". Most of these patents are obsolete or irregular, because they are nonsense, trivial patents, or based on already publicated information, like about our technologies eg. OntoLinux.
    "[...] "Watson". Das Computerhirn trat beim Fernsehquiz "Jeopardy" gegen die besten menschlichen Kandidaten an und gewann deutlich. [It is not a computer brain, but just only an expert system fed with populist data.]" and "Nun will IBM die "Watson"-Technik auf andere Bereiche übertragen. So soll sie etwa in der medizinischen Diagnostik eingesetzt werden, um gesprochene Sprache zu verstehen und diese Informationen mit vorhandenen Daten abzugleichen.". The latter should mislead the public away from our OntoLinux and our medical concepts described in the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics (see also the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, Multimedia and Robotics of the 1st of March 2011 and the Investigations::Multimedia of the ...).

    Comment of the Day
    "It's time to talk honestly."

    *** Proof-reading mode ***
    Investigations Nuclear Fusion Special

  • Government of the B.R.D.: The minister for education and science wants to spent more money into nuclear research. Furthermore, the technology transfer to P.R.China should be increased, which includes nuclear technologies as well.
  • Government of the P.R.C.: Without doubt, as a reaction to our Clarification #2 of the 23rd of April and #2 of the 29th of April, both of this year, as well as the presentation of our Nuclear Energy 2.0™ project, the Chinese government announced in May that it will train 2,000 scientists for fusion research.
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory: That laboratory became suspicious by the installation of its new 192 high-powered lasers based fusion device to heat gases to temperatures of the sun providing fusion energy, because this is 3×2³×2³ (see also the logo of Ontologics). Besides this, one of its fusion scientists said: "If somebody tells you they're going to solve global warming three years from now just laugh them out of the street.". So begin to laugh, because we still claim for this, but also because the scientists at the laboratory still haven't found out how to do it.
  • General Fusion: Despite that usually every company took directly a nice comment by us against us, we say that it is one of the honest company that we have seen in the last decade. But to be honest from our side, its technology has not convinced us due to the concept of pneumatic pistons and their precise orchestrating, as well as some other technical features, despite that the general hybrid pulsed magnitized target fusion concept is indeed interesting. Furthermore, there are for sure some quotes of its very well explaining website content to made for documenting at least the concentration of common speech acts: "[...] significant [...]", "[...] ubiquitous [...]", "[...] equipment [...]", "[...] systems needed to manage the process [...]", "[...] original concepts [...]", "[...] substitutes [...]", "[...] building blocks [...]", "[...] complex cloud [...]", "[...] fundamental [...]", "[...] essence [...]", "[...] onto [...] onto [...] onto [...] [Onto Trick]", "[...] 30 times [...] 3 MJ [...] 30 MJ [...] [3 Theme]", "[...] use existing technologies, low-cost high-availability materials, and standard construction techniques [...] [This sounds very familiar.]", "[...] highly active [...]", "[...] designs [...]", "[...] exotic [...]" and "[...] formulating a clear vision [...] [OntoLab™ - The Lab of Visions™]".
  • Helion Energy: The company is highly suspicious, because it has all characteristics of a usual fake company that is founded only for stealing other intellectual properties, especially ours, as we prove here with this investigation. First of all its logo is the same as of our O#™ with the colours taken from the image "Pattern #0001 Yellow Red" by C.S. (shown as an Original on the 21st of October 2008). Furthermore, the typography of its company name is the one of our Onto* divisions, like Ontonics™, the OntoLab™, and OntomaX™. Besides this, it tries to present itself as trustworthy by showing the patch of the Department of Defense→United States Air Force (USAF)→Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and the logos of the Department of Energy (DoE), and the NASA on its webpage that short description about the company. After analysed more and more we concluded that it wants to steal the concept of the engine of our TIE R/LightSwift (see the Sneak preview #1 of the foundational concepts of our SOS TIE R-Engine shown on the 10th of January 2008 and #2 27th of January 2008) and the Active Plasma Engine of our X-3³/Drake. We do quote from its website: "Clean Energy: what will power the future of our whole planet? [Sounds somehow familiar.]", "[...] affordable fusion energy a reality [...]", "[...] proven revolutionary fusion technology [...] [Besides the revolutionary aspect, see also the description of our Nuclear Energy 2.0™ in the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™ for example]", "[...] heat gases to temperatures of the sun providing fusion energy [...]", "[...] physics of the device are well understood [...] [Nuclear Energy 2.0™?]", "MSNW is funded through peer-reviewed grants from government agencies including the Department of Energy, the NASA, and the Department of Defense. [So what is that for a construction here? MSNW stands for Medical Staffing Network Holdings and is a private company categorized under Research Service, Commercial Nonphysical Research, Marketing Research & Public Opinion Polling. But fusion is physics and marketing and opinion polling is not.]", "[...] 1/3rd [...] [This is one of the many jumps on the bandwagon of our 3 Theme.]", "[...] [...]", "[...] density optimized [...] [This remind us of our Regenerative Plasma Compressor™ inspired by the drivetrain of the spaceship Enterprise]", "Chris has worked at MSNW for 7 years and brings expertise in project management, pulse power, vacuum, mechanical, electronics, and the manufacture of plasma systems and their components. [And this is a: HyperGotcha!!!™]", "Strategy: Exploit Recent Scientific Breakthrough [The strategy is to jump on the bandwagon. For the company it neither important if it sells its technology, if it really works as claimed, nor the intellectual properties of others.]", "[...] complement other renewable energy [...]", "Linear Geometry Eliminates Technology Challenges of Other Systems [Like a linear aerospike engine for aerospaceplanes and orbital spaceplanes.]", "Significantly reduces complexity and cost [speech act stealing]", "Allows for rapid development and upgrades [...]", "Modular design simplifies maintenance and improves reliability [With this speech act stealing the case should become clear for our readers as well.]", "High Input Efficiency Compared to Other Pulsed Devices [...]", "[...] accell [...] [Don't confuse with the nacelle of the Enterprise.]", "[...] Fusion Engine [...] [As we said, we are talking about the Active Plasma Engine of our X-3³/Drake and the TIE R-Engine of our TIE R/LightSwift.]", "[Document named:] Creation of a high-temperature plasma through merging and compression of supersonic field reversed configuration plasmoids", and "[...] Inductive Plasma Accelerator [...] two oppositely directed field reversed configurations [...] plasmoids [...] pulsed plasma device [This is the summary of the only publicated document that was given to a publication service on the 30.November.2010, but was publicated on its website on the 27.April.2011. The domain was created on the 25th of August 2008. Aha, so now we got those fraudsters.]".
    We give it a clear: Convicted!
  • Tri Alpha Energy: The name already says enough for us. That company raised since the year 2007 at least 40 million US dollar, but nothing happened until today. Like the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory it is applying the hybrid fusion approach, which uses fusion for fission and is based on proton Boron fusion.
  • Cable News Network: That media company reported again about the typical fraudsters in a technological field. So the questions are: Doesn't it want to understand that this practice is destructive for everybody? and Why now and not earlier? While we don't answer the first question, we say to the second one: That's because we have shown more activity in the last month in this field again.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Plasma motor™
    Fusion motor™
    Solar fusion™
    Fuel cell fusion™
    Deuterium plant™
    Lithium plant™
    Pure spyder™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Friends Will Be Friends Will Be Friends ...", [Queen, A Kind of Magic, 1986]
    "... right 'till the end". The album is based on the soundtrack to the first film of the movie saga "Highlander". Six out of nine songs on the album appeared in the film, but not in the same versions. Sadly to say, the "Theme from New York, New York" is missing.

    Comment of the Day #3
    "Greeks are our friends."

    Ontonics Website update
    Inspired by a company that has scaled down the essential parts of the concept of our plasma-based engines that we researched and designed for some of our aerospaceplanes, orbital spaceplanes and spaceships by Style of Speed, we thought that it would be interest- ing to start the new projects:

  • Plasma Motor (CET 00:023),
  • Solar Fusion (CET 18:00), and
  • Fuel Cell Fusion (CET 18:00).

    We are also looking at a plant concept for the separation of deuteri- um from regular hydrogen, of which seawater is an abundant source, and its following collection. The same considerations are being made for lithium.

    Innovation happens™

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added to the webpage of our model 356 V8, the Outlaw, two images of the Pure Speedster version.

    While we were creating the Pure Speedster version of the 356 V8, the Outlaw, yesterday, we have also started to look at the possibility to make a special version called Boxster Pure Speedster that is based on one version of our Boxster GT, or on one version of the Boxster factory model. Alternatively, we could simply use for our 356 V8 based series of the Outlaws the chassis of the models Boxster and Cayman as the basis.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "Und Merkel ist eine ehrenwerte Frau.", [C.S., frei nach William Shakespeare, "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar", 3. Akt, 2. Szene, 91, Gestern]
    "And Merkel is an honorable woman.", [C.S., freely adapted from William Shakespeare, "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar", Act 3., Scene 2, 91, Yesterday]

    OntoLinux Further steps
    We are developing the new Lego® theme for the desktop environ- ment Sugar by using the style and graphics of Lego® elements like minifigures and bricks in 2- and 3-dimensional representations. The first step was to replace the icon XO with the Lego® minifigures for men, as shown for example in the images "Lego Vuitton 0001", "Lego Vuitton 0003", "Minifigure Britto", "Minifigure Flag U.S.A.", and the other images of the series "Minifigure Classic Colors" (see the Orig- inals of the 5th of March 2009), as well as in the logo of the Lego® Robotic Team "Golden Arrows" by C.S., and for women, animals, ro- bots and other entities. The other icons and visual elements are also substituted with new representations that are looking like bricks and other items out of the range of Lego® elements.
    As it is known the Sugar desktop features neighborhoods, that are circles around an XO icon that represent groups of persons or other entities having the same interests and conducting the same activi- ties, eg. communicating, sharing, collaborating, learning, teaching, supporting, and many other nice ones.
    In a next step we will develop a similar desktop environment to a version that is based on the components of OntoLinux.

    Now imagine, a child-like robot uses a computer running a learning platform like Sugar for learning. What a reflection, reflective system and situation in conjunction with the Turing test.

    *** Translation mode ***
    Investigations::Car #327

  • Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen: Das Verhalten der Medien, inklusive der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten, kann man schon nicht mehr als kriminell, sondern man muss es schon als geisteskrank be- zeichnen. Da berichtet gestern Abend das Zweite Deutsche Fernse- hen (ZDF) in einer ihrer Politiksendungen darüber, dass die deutschen Autobauer die angebliche Revolution der Elektromobilität verschlafen haben. Wir bieten jetzt schon seit 2007 nicht nur Umbauten von Fahrzeugen mit klassischem Verbrennungsmotor, sondern auch Elek- trofahrzeuge für viele Einsatzbereiche an, die mit einer Zeichnungen am Computer begonnen wurden. Doch anstatt auch nur einmal ob- jektiv unsere Lösungen unserer Geschäftseinheit Style of Speed™ vorzustellen, berichtet man über andere Hersteller aus dem In- und Ausland, die unter anderem sich bei uns bedient haben, wie zum Bei- spiel dem japanischen Hersteller, der nicht nur unsere Marke Leaf™, die im Bericht explizit genannt wurde, sondern auch unser allgemei- nes Konzept der Schnellladung Quickcharger™ und der aktiven Dif- ferentiale mit Drehmomentvektorisierung gestohlen hat, oder die zwei großen deutschen Hersteller, die wohlbekannter Weise sich genauso bei uns unter anderem für die Entwicklung ihrer Prototypen von elek- trischen Supersportwagen massivst bedienten. Aber auch über die- sen Fakt, dass wir nämlich dieses Fahrzeugsegment als Pioniere mit unserem Modell D!™ durch ein richtiges Automobile mit der Möglich- keit der Straßenzulassung kreiert haben (22. Februar 2008) und spä- ter zum Beispiel mit den Modellen Raptor RSR (basierend auf dem Porsche Cayman), Apollo Speed-E™ und RE™ (beide basierend auf dem Lamborghini Gallardo), E430™ (basierend auf dem Ferrari F430) sowie Pan (basierend auf dem Porsche Panamera) weiter ausbauten, wurden die ZuschauerInnen absichtlich nicht informiert. Zudem wur- de vorsätzlich unterschlagen, dass wir auch andere Elektrosportwa- gen entwickeln wie zum Beispiel unserem Modell Raptor Speedster (bekannt auch als Boxster ESC, da auf dem Porsche Boxster basie- rend) und außerdem dass sämtliche Groß- und Kleinserienhersteller unsere Elektroantriebe mit elektrischen drehmomentvektorisierenden Differentialen gestohlen haben und damit ausgerüstete Fahrzeuge auf Automobilmessen zeigten, was wir in einer weltweit einmaligen Dokumentation festgehalten haben. Genauso war nichts von der Tat- sache zu vernehmen, dass ein anderes im Bericht gezeigtes Fahrzeug lediglich als der Sprung auf das Trittbrett des Elektrofahrzeugseg- ments der richtigen Elektrostadtfahrzeuge zu verstehen ist, das auch von uns in diesem Fall mit dem Modell City Speed-E™ (basierend auf dem Fiat 500) maßgeblich vorangetrieben wurde. Über unser Modell City Speed-E™ hat man übrigens auch schon in der Vergangenheit mehrmals absichtlich falsch berichtet indem ganz zu Beginn behaup- tet wurde, dass es niemals auf die Straße kommt. Jetzt aber zählt es zu einem der weitverbreitesten frei erwerbaren Elektrofahrzeugmo- dellen, da es mittlerweile von 4 weiteren Unternehmen angeboten wird, von denen die deutschen Unternehmen in dieser Angelegenheit auch unser Urheberrecht missachtet haben. In diesem Zusammen- hang wurde auch extra falsch berichtet, dass kein Großserienelektro- fahrzeug deutscher Hersteller käuflich zu erwerben ist, was zumin- dest mit unserem City Speed-E™ teilweise widerlegt wird. Weiterhin wurde über chinesische Elektrotaxifahrzeuge berichtet, die angeblich eine Reichweite von 400 Kilometern mit einer Schnellladung von nur 1 Stunde Dauer besitzen sollen, was natürlich bei aller Liebe zu den Chinesen reine Staatspropanda ist, die hier auf einmal im Gegensatz zu der Aussage, dass China ein demokratischer Rechtsstaat mit eine Marktwirtschaft ist, als bare Münze genommen wird. Diese Wunder- akkus gibt es gar nicht und sogar die hypergolen Zauberakkus von dem Berliner Schwätzer und Steuergeldverbrenner (siehe Investigations::Car #325 of the 20. Juni 2011 above) sind da schon eher Realität. Auch wurden hier jedenfalls keine Beweise erbracht. Eine mögliche technische Lösung dieser Art würde die Autos so schwer machen, dass sie überhaupt nicht richtig bewegt werden könnnen. Auch müsste man ungeheure Mengen an Strom in dieser Ladezeit von nur 1 Stunde durch das relative dünne Kabel und den kleinen Stecker jagen, was auch relative unwahrscheinlich klingt. Deshalb schätzen wir die Reichweite durch eine Schnellladung von 1 Stunde Dauer auch nur auf ungefähr 70 Kilometer. Hierbei ist auch zu erwähnen, dass das grundlegende Konzept der Schnellladung sowie eines einheitlichen Steckers für Elektromobile von uns entwickelt und der Öffentlichkeit präsentiert wurde, als man bei den anderen Herstellern lediglich Elektromotor, Batterie und Strom hörte und Ladezeiten von mindestens 8 Stunden nannte. Bei dem Bericht über die Elektrotaxis wurde nicht nur Schleichwerbung für einen chinesischen Akkuproduzenten und Elektrofahrzeughersteller betrieben, der weltweit bekannnt dafür ist, dass er nur geistiges Eigentum von anderen Unternehmen stiehlt, insbesondere unsere Lösungen im Bereich der Elektromobilität, sondern auch zweimal auf einen angeblich schon längst begonnen Wettbewerb um die größte Reichweite hingewiesen, obwohl seit geraumer Zeit bekannt ist, dass wir mit unseren Kreislaufbrennstoffzellen diesen Wettkampf schon längst gewonnen haben, weil keine chemische Batterie auf Grund der physikalischen und chemischen Naturgesetze mit unseren Technologien konkurieren kann. Hierfür gibt es von der NASA gelieferte Beweise auf die wir jedes Mal hinweisen. Auch haben wir in dem von uns entwickelten Segment der Elektrovielzweckfahrzeuge ein Elektrotaxi vorgestellt und den Bürgermeister von New York City, U.S.A., in einer öffentlichen Aufforderung auf diesem Web-Auftritt (siehe Investigation::Car #319 vom 5. Mai 2011) aufgefordert unser Elektrotaxi Cabby™, dass auf einem Minivan des größten Automobilherstellers der B.R.D. basiert, auch in den U.S.A. hergestellt wird und Ähnlichkeiten mit unserem Tan besitzt, anstatt das häßliche und nicht standesgemäße Modell eines anderen Herstellers zu wählen, der ja bekannterweise und oben im Text bereits vermerkt auch nur unsere Technologien klaut, sodas man ja gleich bei unserer Geschäftseinheit Style of Speed das Original erwerben kann. Der Bericht benutzte außerdem sämtliche auf Grund unseres Entscheidens und Handelns im Bereich der Elektromobilität und somit am Markt durchgesetzen Begriffe, wie eben Schnelllader (Quickcharger™), aber auch rein elektrisch (Pure/Purely Electric™), Reichweitenverlängerung (Range extender) und so weiter. Und die Kirsche wurde dem ganzen dann noch aufgesetzt, indem man wieder den Blödsinn über die Effizienz von Dieselfahrzeugen im Vergleich zu Elektrofahrzeugen berichtete, da wieder einmal unterschlagen wurde, dass die Akkumulatoren wegen chemischer Zersetzungsprozesse nach etwa 4 bis 5 Jahren ersetzt werden müssen und zudem auch hier unsere sauberen Verbrennungsmotoren mit unserem regenerativen Katalysator™ und dreifacher Aufladung unter anderem durch den Stroetmann Kompressor durch das Zeigen einer Werbung eines französischen Herstellers, der auch bei uns umfangreich Technologien geklaut hat, in den Dreck gezogen wurde und unsere Quasiturbine, die auch als Game Changer bekannt ist, weil sie mit Biotreibstoffen betrieben den Elektroantrieb schlecht aussehen lässt, absichtlich vollkommen unterschlagen wurde. Wir empfehlen auch die Klarstellung vom 20. April 2011 zu lesen.
    Übrigens: Man hat hier mit voller Absicht die Methode angewendet, die wir ungefähr acht Stunden vor der Ausstrahlung des Berichtes im Zusammmenhang mit dem kriminellen Plagiator Ai "Au Weia" Weiwei und seiner Unterstützung durch die verlogene Bundesregierung und der Medien der B.R.D. gestern wiederholten, nämlich Psychoterror und Mobbing durch totschweigen und trotzdem extra alles von C.S.' Kreationen benutzen, wie für die oben dokumentierte Reportage dieser Web-Auftritt, sowie alle anderen anwenden gegen das wir uns zu Recht wehren. Nicht nur weil man dabei auch noch dämlichst in die Kamera grinst, hat das ganze mittlerweile definitiv schon das Niveau von LeugnerInnen des Holocausts erreicht. Der Rest der Welt lacht sowieso schon über diese Dummheit der Sauerkräute.
    Und auf einmal ist auch für das ZDF die V.R.China das Vorbild.

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    "Dear Greeks

    save Europe and take over again the control over your land."

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    For your "Hall of Fame" of Corruption in the P.R.China:
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    Finally, the criminal plagiarist Ai Weiwei is ready for grilling, and so we documented the next case of plagiarism done by him on our fam- ous Culture webpage, where true culture and arts have their home.

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