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Comment of the Day
"For sure, a large company has to be splitted, if it is too large.", [C.S., Today]
There is a 1:1 correlation between the largeness of a company and its abusing of its market power, because the rule holds: As larger a company, as more it is unfairly and illegally acting.
Besides this, joint ventures by two or more market-leading enter- prises have always been illegal. And in the B.R.D. there is no need to veto a decision by the federal cartel office in the case of fusions/ mergers of large companies, because they are always damaging the society. The law that legitimates this veto has to be eliminated im- mediately.

*** Work in progress ***
Investigations::Car #330

  • Volkswagen: What we can see with the next cases of its marque Porsche (see below and for example also the long list we have given in the Investigations::Car #316 on the 11th of March 2011) is how the large company is abusing its market power, because it is all the time all the years through only focusing on our models and our technologies. Also important to mention here is the fact, that we have created many models so that it can easily be seen now as well that the company is always building the car concepts it has stolen from us only, if it thinks that its stealing is not obvious enough, so that we get our rights at the court. But in fact it is only looking for our next step, which proves an illegal abuse of market power, and enough to demand its splitting due to the actual valid laws.
  • Volkswagen→Porsche: As we found out by another report about its potential new models of the next future, somebody in the company has contemplated once again about a model that follows the historic model 550 Spyder derived from the model 356 Speedster of the marque (see also the Investigations::Car #309 of the 2nd of February 2011). The only difference is now that this time it is not only pointing directly into the direction of our model Boxster GT, but also to our model 356 V8 Pure Speedster™ with a transversely mounted engine as well. This detail doesn't matter, because it is still the same story, doubtlessly.
    Rumours exist for the new production line of the model Panamera about a Panamera Coupé, a derived zweitüriges Cabrio, which is shown since so long with our Pan Speedster by Style of Speed™ and was said to not come by the Volkswagen CEO (see also its case in the Investigations::Car #312 of the 2nd of March 2011).
  • Volkswagen→Audi: We had one of these suspicious e-mails again, this time about our rims in the style of the Audi quattro® IMSA and Trans-Am racecars.
  • Shelby Supercars: Now that only stealing company has also stolen the feature of carbon rims for its car that is based on stolen design elements of our models B!™, D!™ and M!™ by SOS™ (take a look on its case in the Investigations::Car #283 on the 6th of September 2010 to find the start of the whole case).
  • Bertelsmann→Motor Presse Stuttgart→auto motor und sport: "[...] modernen Variante [...] [What is meant is our model 356 V8 by SOS™ .]", ""Der leichte und wendige 550 Spyder ist Porsche pur [...]" [We named one version of our model 356 V8 Pure Speedster™.]",
    The information that the engine is mounted transversely proves doubtlessly that our model 356 V8 is meant, and that the concept of a Porsche with a transversely mounted motor has been stolen, as it is also described and shown on the webpage of our model 911 V8, The 911, so that we have a clear copyright infringement, as it is obviously done methodically by the related companies.

    Btw.: Because the report is methodically done with the same company, the manufacturer Volkswagen and its marques, again and again, we can also imply that we have here an illegal cartel, doubtlessly (see also for example its case in the Investigations::Car #132 of the 31st of July 2009 in relation with our model series of the original RE™). Furthermore, both companies, the media company and the car manufacturer, are market leaders and so even its joint venture is illegal. It also proves that both companies have to be splitted due to the abuse of their market powers, and because they have become too large.

    *** Fine tuning mode ***
    We have made notes on our Culture webpage about the persons William James Adams, Jr., and Natalia Noemi Keery-Fisher, the plagia- rist Damien Hirst again, and the news media company Cable News Network.

    Comment of the Day

    Comment of the Day
    "Following a Chinese rating agency is like petting a rattle snake."
    And why that media company Cable News Network praises even such a totally incompetent Chinese rating agency by making anti-U.S.American statements, opposing our explanations and even its own explanation from the end of July 2011 about the consequences to the value of the state bonds hold by the P.R.China in the case of a downgrading of the U.S.A., as well as stealing our website contents and quoting that person from that Chinese rating agency, who has also stolen contents from our websites, clearly shows that there is a giant social and not a political problem in the U.S.A..
    By the way: The total amount of U.S.American state bonds held by the P.R.China is: P.R.C. 1,159 + Taiwan 153.4 + Hong Kong 121.9 = 1,434.3 (all values in billion US dollar; source U.S. Department of Treasury), and not 1,200, as that media company claimed. Besides this, the value of U.S.American state bonds fall with every down- grading and so the P.R.C. looses very much money by such an act- ing, definitely and as every true expert explains. So better close the rating agency Dagong before it throws away the governmental cap- ital of around 700 billion US dollar.

    Ontologics.info Website update
    Since the 2nd of August 2011 we are updating the webpage with the links to ontologies and XML-formats by correcting wrong links, mark broken links or obsolete ontologies and XML-formats, and also add new ones.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "Cacophony free", [C.S., Today]
    Yes, we are.

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Hands up! Your pension or your life?", [Politicians]
    Hände hoch! Rente oder Leben?

    Pod and Swoop Racing League Further steps #17
    Yes, we do know. Our readers, who are all true experts of this ex- treme fun sport, have only waited for this message. Now the secret has been revealed by the officials and so we're proud to present ex- clusively the Jamaican Pod racing national team, the Cool Hoverings, by quoting out of the press release by the government: "After our glorious teams were fighting for gold in bobsledding and for the ice hockey club trophy Marley Cup of the Caribbean Hockey League all the years we concluded that it is time to take all of their experien- ces and go for the crown in the Pod and Swoop racing league as well. In this way we are very excited as a nation to become one of the first national teams in this breathtaking discipline with the fast- est team sport of the world. After the one dream by four Jamaicans who resisted twenty below zero as the Cool Runnings we keep up the tradition with our Cool Hoverings and their unmistakable credo:
    One dream. Four Jamaicans. Twenty above zero."
    By the pictures made in their laboratory and their further research facilities we can see that after the finalization of thorough tests for finding the optimal seating position and ergonomy with their mock-up the Jamaican team has already started with the field-tests of its pod prototyp. So far one result is that the prototyp is indeed very fast, as the facial expression of the pilot doubtlessly shows us. Interest- ing as well is to spot that they are also using the force for steering its worldwide first four-person pod racer, like one of the U.S.Americ- an Swoop racing factory teams (see also issue #12 of the 7th of December 2010), which is an implication of the fact that the pilot is only using a steering wheel that has no connections to any other mechanisms. Also extraordinary clever is the team's decision to opt- imize the aerodynamics of its pod on a bobsledding track, and also to conduct in parallel additional tests in the ice channel to prove the pod's overall thermal stability. This latter decision was commented by the team's captain as follows: "In this way we can optimally build on the uncomparable high level of competences by our national bob- sledding team, the Cool Runnings, that has set so many benchmarks and records. But more important, as the Cool Hoverings we are al- ways hot and have already enough experiences with heat.", which we do think is a slightly downplaying statement for Jamaican resid- ents. In this sense: Rocky on ice! Rocky in air!

    Jamaican Pod Racing National Team Cool HoveringsJamaican Pod Racing National Team Cool Hoverings and Pod Racer Mock-upJamaican Pod Racing National Team Cool Hoverings and Pod Racer Functional PrototypJamaican Pod Racing National Team Cool Hoverings and Pod Concept on Bobsledding Track
    © Walt Disney Company

    Furthermore, we are thinking about the Pod and Swoop racing team trophy Skywalker Cup for honoring outstanding team performances.

    Moreover, due to the fact that more and more nations are sending us their confirmations of participation, the Swoop and Pod Racing Association has started to discuss how the best way would be to ask the International Olympic Comittee for making Pod and Swoop racing official Olympic sports.

    Moon Golf League Further steps #1
    As the leading organizer in elite extreme fun sports we are highly pleased to inform the world about the establishment of the new Moon Golf Association. In this relation we invite everybody who knows what a golf ball is to demand for the formula of attendance. Furthermore, we would like to thank the SpaceHotel Union for its support, and the Moon Hilton hotel for becoming the official club house for this event, while also offering space for all travellers toge- ther with the Moon Ritz.

    Besides this, there are rumours that the Mars Golf Association is on the way as well.

    Style of Speed Website update
    To complement our series of conversions we have officially presented today our new model:

  • 550 V8, the Giant Killer,

    that we announced already on the 28th of June 2011 as a combin- ation of basic, interior and exterior components and elements of our models Boxster GT and 356 V8, the Outlaw, in the Pure Speedster version.

    Investigations::Car #331

  • General: Genauso wie mit dem Elektro-Boxster (siehe die Unter- suchung im Fall von Volkswagen→Porsche unten) verhält es sich im deutschen Sprachraum auch mit der Kombination von einem oder mehreren Elektromotoren und ein oder mehreren aktiven Differentia- len, wobei im Kontext des Elektroantriebs es unerheblich ist ob der Elektromotor beziehungsweise die Elektromotoren an einer Achse, also etwa der Vorder- oder der Hinterachse, oder an mehreren Ach- sen verbaut ist bzw. sind, ob die Steuerung mechanisch oder elek- tronisch realisiert wird und ob ein aktives Differential nur an einer Achse oder zwischen mehreren Achsen das Drehmoment ausgleicht. Dieser Gedanke der Integration von einem oder mehreren Elektromo- toren und einem oder mehreren (Drehmoment) vektorisierenden Dif- ferentialen ist durch wenige Schlüsselwörter eindeutig beschrieben, wie auch das Konzept der Integration eines Systems der Bremsen- ergierückgewinnnung und einem oder mehreren (Drehmoment) vek- torisierenden Differentiale.
    Entsprechendes gilt auch für die Schnellladung von Akkumulatoren richtiger Fahr- und Flugzeuge, da der Begriff Quickcharger™ und das dahinter stehende Konzept beziehungsweise der damit ausgedrückte Gedanke des Schnellladens in diesem Kontext auch für diejenigen BürgerInnen einfach verständlich ist, die kein Englisch verstehen. Somit reichen auch in diesem Fall wenige Schlüsselwörter aus um den Gedanken eines technologischen Konzeptes ganz klar zu be- schreiben.
  • Volkswagen→Porsche: Der Gedanke eines elektrisch angetriebenen Boxsters, den wir mit der englischen Beschreibung unseres Modells Raptor Speedster, aba. Electric Sports Car Boxster oder einfacher Boxster ESC, präsentiert haben ist auch im deutschen Sprachraum eindeutig, da nach dem Markengesetz die wesentlichen englischen Schlüsselbegriffe und -wörter auch für die Mehrheit der BürgerInnen verständlich sind ohne der englischen Sprache mächtig zu sein und hierdurch diese Schlüsselwörter und somit der Gedanke auch durch das deutsche Urheberrecht handhabbar werden. Dabei spielt es dann auch keine Rolle, dass es sich in unserem Fall hier nur um sehr wen- ige Wörter handelt, da diese zweifelsohne ausreichen um in einem bestimmten Kontext einen Gedanken eindeutig zu beschreiben. Das war schon immer so mit genialen Ideen und Theorien (E=m×c² im Kontext der Physik), prägenden Kunstrichtungen (zum Beispiel ab- strakte Kunst oder Pop-Art) und anderen herausragenden Werken. Ob die Marke Volkswagen→Porsche einen, zwei oder mehrere Elek- tromotoren vorne, hinten oder sonst wo in einen Boxster ESC einbaut ist deshalb überhaupt nicht relevant (siehe zum Beispiel auch die Investigations::Car #322 vom 30. Mai 2011, #324 vom 6. Juni 2011 und #327 vom 29. Juni 2011).

    Versuche mit geschicktem Formulieren, teilweisem Kopieren techno- logischer Konzepte oder kreativem Kombinieren von einzelnen Kon- zepten, die für sich alleine genommen schon eindeutig beschrieben wurden, sich aus der Situation herauszumogeln helfen da auch nicht mehr. Die Konzepte Elektro-Boxster, Elektroantrieb mit aktivem Diffe- rential, aktives Differential und Bremsenergierückgewinnungssystem, Schnellladung und so weiter wurden ganz oder teilweise von dem Unternehmen von unserem Web-Auftritt der Geschäftseinheit Style of Speed™ kopiert ohne sich an unseren einfachen rechtlichen Hin- weis zu halten. Somit ist das Ergebnis eine Urheberrechtsverletzung.
    In diesem Zusammenhang möchten wir unsere bisher schon gemach- ten Hinweise in Erinnerung rufen, dass wir in keinster Weise auf das Bildmaterial noch auf andere Objekte des Unternehmens Volkswagen angewiesen sind. Zudem halten wir es für angebracht noch einmal auf die Tatsache hinzuweisen, dass dieser Sachverhalt bereits seit einigen Jahren der Öffentlichkeit bestens bekannt ist und deshalb das fortwährende Beherzigen irgendwelcher Illusionen unangebracht ist. Auch finden wir es mittlerweile nur noch lächerlich aber auch un- erträglich wie man seitens des Managements von Volkswagen auf diese Weise die Firmengeschichte der Marke Porsche manipuliert und somit in der Tat geschädigt wird.

    Das gleiche gilt auch für alle anderen Modelle von Porsche sowie für weitere technologische Lösungen unseres Unternehmens (siehe auch den Punkt General oben), genauso wie für alle anderen Fahr- und Flugzeughersteller.

    Comment of the Day
    "London Calling", [The Clash, London Calling, 1979]
    This time the song of the identically named album fits perfectly.

    Style of Speed Website update
    Customers can get now the 2.8-liter V8 engine, which is based on the Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle engine, with a 13,000 rpm option.

    We made again a note about the serious criminal plagiarist Ai Weiwei and the news media company Cable News Network on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day
    Memory foil™ Memory wrap™ Memory paper™
    Shape-memory foil™ Shape-memory wrap™ Shape-memory paper™
    Memoriefolie™ Memorieverpackung™ Memoriepapier™
    Memory-Folie™ Memory-Verpackung™ Memory-Papier™
    Gedächtnisfolie™ Gedächtnisverpackung™ Gedächtnispapier™
    Formgedächtnisfolie™ Formgedächtnisverpackung™ Formgedächtnispapier™

    Ontonics Website update
    While looking into the refrigerator two nights ago, we thought that it would be interesting to have at least a kitchen foil that gets back its original shape after use. So we added to the Innovation-Pipeline our new project:

  • Memory foil/Memoriefolie.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Ray levitation™ Raylev™
    Beam levitation™ Beamlev™
    Radiation levitation™ Radlev™
    Light levitation™ Lightlev™
    Wave levitation™ Wavelev™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Believe it, or not. My short dress has nothing to do with you!!!", [Pippi Longstocking]

    Ontonics Website update CET 10:00 to 11:00
    Since several years we are thinking about high-speed/bullet trains as well, for sure, but came to the conclusion that none of the actually applied technnologies are able to fulfill all of our requirements, like for example classic rail or maglev based trains. So we added to the Innovation-Pipeline our new projects:

  • Raylev and
  • Raylev Transport.

    Comment of the Day
    Ionized levitation™ Ion levitation™ Ionlev™
    Plasma levitation™ Plasmalev™
    Ion train™ Plasma train™

    Style of Speed Further steps
    Our readers, who have read the description of our TIE R/LightSwift, especially the paragraph Engine Components, have seen that we have taken the warp drive of the Star Trek® Sovereign-class star- ship U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E for comparison, and that the powertrain of the TIE R/LightSwift also features a matter processor, but no antimatter processor. This is due to the two facts that on the one hand we put the duality into the counter-rotating spins of the ion engines, and on the other hand we wanted to stay on the side of accepted technologies only. In this respect we thought that if we would even begin to speak about an antimatter drive, then the public would put us directly into the esoteric field or Disney Land.
    But now the whole case comes even much harder, because we were informed about the document "Extraction of Antiparticles Concent- rated in Planetary Magnetic Fields" by J. Bickford publicated in April 2006, which describes also its application in such a way that by surprise it can be integrated seamlessly and very elegantly into our TIE R/LightSwift. We were also informed about the latest discovery made by the Payload for Antimatter Matter Exploration and Light-nuclei Astrophysics (PAMELA) satellite, which found an abundant amount of antimatter particles called antiprotons that is sandwiched between the inner and outer Van Allen belts around the earth. Said this, we will update the description of the engine at the position of the point "Bussard ramscoop/collector-like assembly with electro- static and electromagnetic field generator/collector", and by adding the point antimatter processor, Antimatter Catalyzed Microfission/ Fusion (ACMF), as well as some more goodies that are now feasible as well.
    Moreover, in the meanwhile our critics can start to calculate how near to the speed of light, denoted by c, we will come now due to the points that with an matter-antimatter reactor assembly the en- ergy per unit mass is 2 orders of magnitude greater in comparison to the best possible fusion reactor, and we are already at a top speed of around 17% of c with a fusion reactor. After our rough estimation we should reach a velocity of around 150% to 170% of c now, and also get the possibility to move just a little bit beyond of this, so that we could "go boldly ... where no man has gone before".

    Comment of the Day
    "We truly welcome today's news, which demonstrates Google's deep commitment to stealing everything and to defending Android for tak- ing over its partners and the entire ecosystem.", [C.S., Today]

    Style of Speed Website update
    As we have announced yesterday, we added to the section Engine Construction and Workings the text ", that was later extended with two spacecrafts with antimatter initiated microfission and -fusion cycles, e.g. the Antiproton-Catalyzed Microfission/Fusion (ACMF) and the Antimatter Initiated Microfusion (AIM) cycles, like the Anti- proton-Initiated Inertial Confinement Fusion (AIICF) cycle", and to the section Engine Components the point:

  • integrated antimatter scoop/collector, which works together with the cosmic radiation collector of the engine hull and the edge pro- files, and antimatter pod for storage,

    and changed the point

  • matter processor
  • matter-antimatter processor

    on the webpage of the TIE R/LightSwift.

    Ontonics Website update CET 12:40
    We added a further plant to our series of fuel plants listed in the Innovation-Pipeline by the new project:

  • Antimatter Plant.

    Ontonics Website update
    We mentioned the techniques of antimatter fusion in the description of the project Nuclear Energy 2.0.

    Also, several antimatters, eg. antihydrogen, antideuterium/antideu- teron and antilithium, have been added to the description of the project Antimatter Plant of the Innovation-Pipeline.

    And to round it up we also added to the series of our fusion technologies the new project:

  • Antimatter Fusion.

    We made again notes about the curator Marion Ackermann, and the persons Ai "Ouch Weia" Weiwei, and the Chinese government on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day
    "Enzo would have been electrified.", [C.S., E430 RSR webpage, 2009]

    Two days ago, Luca di Montezemolo, the chief executive officer of Fiat→Ferrari, said: "You will never see a Ferrari electric, because I don't believe in electric cars, because I don't think they represent an important step forward for pollution or CO2 or the environment.". But there are already 2×3 of them with the models series E430 and E458 made by our business unit Style of Speed, so that Ferrari has as well an Electric SuperCar (ESC) just right from the start of this new era, and this even as the first Ferrari with all-wheel drive ever. In fact, this is an unbelievable strong commitment to innovation by the marque. And this is only the beginning.
    By the way, something very similar, like "there will be no Porsche with electric drivetrain", was said by the management of the manufact- urer Porsche after we had already presented the electrified models Cayman and Boxster as the model line Raptor beginning with the Raptor ESC, aka. Cayman E, and the Raptor Speedster ESC, aka. Boxster E..

    Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, Multimedia and Robotics

  • International Business Machines: Once again, that only stealing company has illegally taken intellectual properties from our websites, specifically from the OntomaX and the OntoLinux™ websites (see also its cases in the Investigations, Investigations::Multimedia and Investigations::Artificial Intelligence, and Knowledge management of the 12th of March 2008, especially in the context of this investig- ation 26th of June 2008, 3rd, 8th, and 9th of July 2008, also of the 23rd of September 2008, 6th of December 2008, 24th of March 2009, 10th of October 2009, 1st and 3rd of June 2010, esp- ecially in the context of this investigation 1st of March 2011, 12th and 18th of April 2011, as well as the case of the news media company Cable News Network in the Investigations::Multimedia 1st of February 2011, and the very important case of the Government of the Euro- pean Union in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, Multimedia and Robotics 21st of May 2011, specifically the point about the Human Brain Project (point 4.), but also the Clarification #2 of the 8th of September 2009). This time it claims to have dev- eloped a microprocessor called SyNAPSE by using two neurosynaptic computing chips, both featuring 256 computational cores, that would come closer than ever to replicating the human brain and could start to learn. So far, we have here our chip concepts Neural Net Core™ (NNC™) and Neural Net (Central) Processing Unit™ (NN(C)PU™), that we already described years before and is part of our MultiCore Competence™ (MCC) technologies (see the text under the Original of the 13th of November 2009, the case of Daniel Larmier in the In- vestigations::AI and Knowledge management of the 26th of Decem- ber 2009, the case of Ben Martin in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 18th of December 2009, especially the last paragraph, the case of Ingo Rechenberg in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 28th of February 2010, the cases of Roberto Guido and the group Technical University Munich, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, University of the Bundeswehr Munich, Max-Planck Institute of Neurobiology and German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raum- fahrt) in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, and Robotics of the 24th of September 2010, perhaps the other cases of this investigation to get more familiar with our copyrighted techno- logies, the Clarification Caliber Special #1a of the 20th and #1b of the 21st of May 2011, and for sure the case of that giant mess by the Government of the Eurpean Union and its European Comission in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, Multimedia and Robotics of the 21st of May 2011, especially point 4. in conjunction with this case of the company International Business Machines).
    After its own explanations the company is trying to implement a microprocessor by reverse engineering the brain respectively by a so-called bionic approach that should be able to rewire its connect- ions as it encounters new information, similar to the way biological synapses work, and in this way to recreate aspects of the mind such as emotion, perception, sensation and cognition. Experts ex- ternal to the company assume that the processor works as if it replicates physical connections using a virtual machine, which finally proves that it is trying to copy the technologies developed by our MultiCore Competence™ (MCC) project group, because their relation with OntoLinux leads directly to virtual machines, especially by The Proposal and the Components that are based on combinations of OntoL4™ and OntoLinux™.
    That the company has not given a detailed explanation about the working of that chip is totally clear, because we have not given the related informations and so it could not copy them. Furthermore, what we can see is a more than 12 years old concept. So, this is once again only marketing to hide the truth (see again that giant mess by the European Comission in the Investigations::AI and Know- ledge management, Multimedia and Robotics of the 21st of May 2011).
    Btw.: Suddenly, it's regressive expert system called Watson is not relevant anymore, because it was only another pure marketing hoax indeed (see its case in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge man- agement, Multimedia and Robotics of the 1st of March 2011). There are thousands of experts in the world, who could build both systems, the large expert system and the Neural Net CPU™, if they would get the money for doing so.
    *** Fine tuning™ mode ***
  • Autonomy: That company is offering solutions that equal essential parts of our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™ and in many cases has also been stolen from it. We quote from its website and add comments: "[The company]'s vision [OntoLab™ - The Lab of Visions™]", "Autonomy can almost be thought of as an intelligent operating system, sitting on top of the actual operating system. [This is a clear copyright infringement due to our website of OntoLinux™, which is an intelligent operating system.]", "[...] is open to any technology approach that can solve fundamental problems [...] [This was taken from the webpage Overview of the website of OntoLinux™.]", "[...] Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) [...] [The reader should not confuse this with our general architecture for the Ontologic File System™ OntoFS™. While that company has the technology as a layer on top of an operating system our approach is in the operating system.]", "[...] Thomas Bayes and Claude Shannon [...] [So here we can clearly see another difference. While its technology is based on Bayes probability and statistics, our approach is based on pure rationality and logics with the feature to integrate probabilistical and statistical methods easily and cleanly without loosing the rationality by marking the results as questionable, or simply said as maybe. But this holds only with common computers. And the point with Claude Shannon is a criminal marketing lie as well as a total nonsense, and was only said to steal our Caliber and the story of OntoLinux™, because our system has to do with information theory (see also the chapter 3 Kolmogorov-Komplexität und algorithmische Informationstheorie, especially chapter 3.4 Algorithmische Informationstheorie, of the Prototyp of The Proposal). So this is the next clear evidence that it has indeed stolen our intellectual properties and infringed our copyright.]", "[The company]'s approach then relies on Shannon's theory, which states that the less frequently a unit of communication (for example a word or phrase) occurs, the more information it conveys. [So this is pure nonsense, because this is already done with the Bayesian statistical probability and Natural Language Processing (NLP) based on plain normal statistics. Its technology has nothing to do with Shannon at all (see again the comment of the quote before).]", "[...] uses a number of linguistic methods [...] [That's standard in this field (see also the comments of the two quotes before).]", "[...] evidenced [...] [speech act stealing]", "Adding greater intelligence and functionality to any software application [Said in this way it is misleading the public. In fact, OntoLinux does this, but its software based approach is focusing on software in the field of business processes only.]", "Overview [speech act]", "[...] using a global relational index [...]", "[...] unique combination of technologies to enable computers to form a contextual understanding of all digital content, as well as understand people's interaction with the data [...] [This sounds very familiar.]", "Open Philosophy [For us this is a copyright infringement due to the website of Ontologics® OntoLinux™.]", "Shannon's Information Theory [...] less frequently a unit of communication occurs, the more information it conveys. Therefore, ideas, which are rarer within the context of a communication, tend to be more indicative of its meaning. [For us this is a clear evidence of copyright infringement, because we are sure for a 100% that nobody in that company thought in the past about Information Theory at all while selling a software that does pattern recognition and language processing. In detail, Claude Shannon talked about something totally different, namely information processing in the most general meaning, and definitely not about linguistic methods. Furthermore, in this context of software this comes from the field of strong Artificial Intelligence (AI 1) based on plain statistics (see the related quotes and their comments above). So the reader shouldn't be fooled in this way.]", "[...] Collaborative Classifier [...]", "[...] owns 100% of its technology [...] [No, that is wrong as we proved with the investigation of its Augmented Reality platform (see the next paragraph).]", "Limitations of Other Approaches [At least 50% of their arguments are pure marketing nonsense said to irritate only the public and potential customers. We can only encourage the whole business world to become a customer of Ontologics™, because that is 2 decades old technology, which that company refuses strongly to modernizw by highlighting the technical features of its solution. This is an essential part of Nasty AI.]", "[...] holistic approach [...] [speech act stealing due to our trademarks Holistic Design™ and Holistic System™]", "Only [the company] offers mapped security [...] [No, that is wrong, because the security architecture of OntoLinux™ is based on the Linux™ Security Module (LSM), so one module could be based on mapped solutions, and much more.]", "[...] scales to support the largest enterprise-wide and portal deployments in the world [...] [Guess what Linux® and in this way OntoLinux™ does. Besides this, much of its technology is simple Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Grid computing and other standard network technologies.]", "[...] serial pipeline [...] [This is a feature of Unix® based operating systems, like Linux® and OntoLinux™ by design.]", "[...] blended core units [...] [The reader should not confuse this with a hybrid approach, like it is applied for our Blended Wing Body aircraft BWB-1/White Eagle.]", "Fully modal [...] [We call it multimodal.]", "[...] the technology is fundamentally language independent [...] [No, that is wrong, because the technology is fundamentally dependent on at least one language, and this statement is also misleading, because this is jsut only a feature of the modular approach of its whole solution.]", "Since the technology is mathematically-based and free from linguistic restraints, it need not use any language-dependent parsing or dictionaries to extract meaning. [No, that is wrong, because it explained itself that the importance of a term is based on the theory ]", "While many enterprise platforms rely on pre-existing knowledge of grammar and linguistic rules, IDOL allows indexed content to dictate the model as it develops a statistical understanding of patterns that occur in the content over time. [In the end this is totally nonsense, because it also offers human lanugage querying, and shows once again why our approach with Ontologics® OntoLinux is so much superior]", "[...] unified architecture [...] all formats, multimedia, records and many others [...] [This sound familiar.]", "[...] can leverage any existing taxonomy where metadata, structure, or ontology of terms defines a hierarchy of categories. For example, a directory structure of files on disk can be used to generate a corresponding taxonomy of categories. [...] [Surprise, surprise. Besides that an ontology is not a taxonomy in general and doesn't need to be hierarchical, like its solution, we have now with the quote before and this quote the prove that were are indeed at our Ontologic File System™ OntoFS™.]", "[...] augment [...]", "[...] self-organizing and does not require the manual definition of complex schemas [...] [This sounds familiar. More important, our Ontologic Systems®™ are as well not dependent on complex schemas, grammars, and what else.]", "[...] XML also has no built-in understanding of concepts [...] information from different sources that has been structured using different tagging rules cannot be reconciled, even if there are important conceptual similarities. This lack of conceptual understanding is a considerable handicap to the success of XML as the standard provider for information exchange. [About what is that company talking about? The purpose of XML is the information exchange. And how is that company exchanging data that was produced without using a schema, grammar, and whatever? By using a generated XML file in the end! And why has its software infrastructure a modul for processing XML documents and tagging other documents with XML tags at all? Becasue it needs tags! So what? The made statements are highly contradictory and even proves that that company has absolutely not understood what XML is really good for and how to apply it correctly. So, it should better stay with probability and vague knowledge, and don't talk about proper logics.]", "[...] conceptual understanding of XML documents, rather than on the tags themselves [...] [Guess why the XML Standard is defined in exactly this way. That company really has not understood the XML format.]", "[...] next-generation [...]", "[...] fundamentally [...]", "[...] computational pattern recognition (non-linear adaptive digital signal processing) and contextual linguistic analysis [...] [So, we have here no Shannon, but statistics only.]", "[...] wholly owns all its software [...] [No, that is wrong as we said before and proved with the investigation of its Augmented Reality platform (see the next paragraph).]", "[...] complex business logic [...]", "[...] over 1,000 file formats [...] [We have the whole file system with our OntoFS™ and in this way every file format.]", "Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a form of human-to-computer interaction where the elements of human language, be it spoken or written, are formalized [...] [No, that is wrong and a criminal marketing lie. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a general approach starting with the sound recorded by a device, like a microphone. And for speech generation that company needs as well a grammar of the related language. How it gets this grammar is here not the relevant point.]", "[The company]'s approach differs from standard NLP use in that it is still able to harness the power of IDOL's conceptual analysis. [So now it only speaks of the standard NLP use, but in the quoted statement before it claimed that NLP is generally formalized (see our comment of the quote before once again)]", "Modular Design [The reader should not confuse this with our Chassis Module System™ by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] fierce [...] next-generation [...] swiftly [...] boosting [...] [Here we can see once again that the website of Style of Speed™ is indeed known by that company.]", "[...] SOA model [...] [Bad luck, because romours said that Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach is dead again since around two years.]", "[...] complex algorithms based on a combination of Information Theory and Bayesian methods [...] [As we said before two times: forget its hoax with Information Theory.]", "Using the hybrid spider and ant technology [...] Ant technologies [...] Software ants [...] [See the section Exotic Operating System of the webpage Links to Software to know why it speaks about this. We have here a copyright infringement plus, due to the term hybrid, a speech act stealing.]", "[...] mobile devices [...] [Mobile Devices™]", "[...] taxonomies [...] [Only taxonomies and not the better ontologies?]", "Taxonomy Libraries Built by experienced knowledge engineers using best practices learned through hundreds of consulting engagements [...] [But that company is advertising its product by telling all the time that this very time and cost consuming work is not needed.]", "[...] taxonomy is based on industry standards [...] [So guess why we pushed and developed further the ontology-oriented approach.]", "[...] creates order out of chaos [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] 2D and 3D Cluster Maps and Geo-Cluster Map [...] [Compare with the sections of the webpage Links to Software.]", "[...] NLP technology functions independently of linguistic restraints [...] [But then there is no relation to languages at all. That's all nonsense. In fact this is NLP what that company does as well (see also the related quotes and comment to this subject above).]", "Zero Results [...] [Zero Ontology™]", "Personalized Agents [...] The agent will then learn [...] [Don't confuse this with the PAL - Personalized Assistant that Learns listed in the section Intelligent/Cognitive Interface of the webpage Links to Software of the OntoLinux™ website.]", "[...] persistent [...] reflection [...] fundamental [...] evidenced [...] [speech act stealing]", "Better search [...] [Better find™]", "Speed [...] proactively [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] self-learning solution that can automatically make connections in the data [...] transforms the RDBMS [Relational DataBase Management System] into a next-generation probabilistic inference engine [...] Adding Intelligence to the Database [So, this points directly to features of our OntoLinux™.]", "[...] scope of the structured query that limits traditional database technologies, and relate n-dimensional structured objects to one another conceptually [...] [This sounds familiar, because it is linked with the features of our OntoLinux™.]", "[...]it is the data itself, rather than the output of an arbitrary schema or system of logic that is analyzed. This leaves no room for subtlety to be lost [...] [Yes, and in this way done it even gives new room for even more nasty results.]", "[...] an architecture that is extensible and can grow and adapt to new requirements and technologies [...] [No, that is wrong, because ]", "[...] represents a breakthrough for healthcare providers [...] [No, that is wrong. Please, stay away from using that stuff in the field of healthcare, if it is not related with business processes.]", "Knowledge Management & Collaboration [Said in this way it is speech act stealing.]", "[...] bypass [...] [This is again a term taken from our business unit Style of Speed™. Once again, this proves that that criminal company knows our websites and that it has taken contents from our website for making an illegal copy.]", "[...] automation virtually eliminates the need for manual labor in the process [No, that is wrong. In fact, the manual work has now to be done with its highly complex software suite.]", "[...] complementary [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] bridge the gaps [...] [This is again a term taken from our business unit Style of Speed™.]", "[...] and/or [...]", "[...] business process management solution [...] [Suddenly its software is also this. No, it is not.]", "[...] is the first and only archiving solution with advanced meaning based capabilities [...] [No, that's wrong, because our OntoLinux™ has this feature by design. Said this it is a criminal marketing lie.]", "[...] uniform method [...] [Don't confuse this with the methode Unified Modeling Language (UML) listed in the section Formal Modeling of the webpage Links to Software.]", "[...] caliber [...] [Though the term is used in a different, it is for us the proof that that company has stolen massively from our websites, especially from the website of OntoLinux™, because this points directly to our Caliber. Like the points with Claude Shannon and Business Process Management (BPM), see the quotes and comments above, is this another killer evidence.]", "[...] driving technology [...] [Driving Force™]", "[...] provides a complete XML-based solution [...] [And we thought after reading its website, that the XML format is not appropriated. So what now?]", "[...] proposal [...] [Again a clear act of speech act stealing due to The Proposal publicated on the website of OntoLinux™.]", "Green & Environmental Responsibility [...] sustainable [...] [copyright infringement due to stolen story]", "[...] swamped [...] [Once again we have here a clear evidence that it is knowing and copying our website of OntoLinux™. In relation to this quote see the section Multimedia of the webpage Links to Hardware.]", "[...] collaboration and email systems, and integrated into business processes [...] [Compare this phrase with the content of the webpage Overview of the website of OntoLinux™. Has the reader found it?]", "[...] open source information [...] [Here it shows the public that it is aware of the open source approach.]", "[...] polygon search [...] [And once again an absolutely clear evidence that it is indeed knowing and copying our website of OntoLinux™. In relation to this quote see the section Semantic File/Storage System of the webpage Links to Software.]", "[...] operational systems [...] [Don't confuse this with the term operating system.]", "[...] BPM cycle [...]", "[...] transformations [...]" and "[...] driven by one shared vision - to fundamentally change the IT industry by revolutionising the way people interact with information [...] [This is a clear speech act stealing.]".
    The following quotes are about its semantic Augmented Reality (AR) software platform: "[...] we use our mobile devices by bringing the physical and virtual worlds together for the first time. [This is a criminal lie, because it is only Augmented Reality (AR). Besides this, Mobile Devices™.]", "[...] technology that is capable of recognizing images, symbols and objects in the real world and understanding them. It can then deliver relevant content in real time [...] [So, here we have the combination of Augmented Reality with semantic technologies, which is a crucial point, because it is stolen either from research projects, or from us and our website of OntoLinux™ (see again the webpage Overview).]", "Using the smartphone's camera, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi internet and its position, acceleration and direction, the technology combines image recognition and a conceptual understanding of the 3D world to recognize objects and images and seamlessly merge augmented reality actions into the scene. [The point with the conceptual understanding of the 3D world finally proves doubtlessly that it has stolen this technology from the website of OntoLinux™. Busted!!!™]", "3D Objects Full 3D objects may be rendered in real time into the scene. For example, a person can appear out of a news article and explain the [Without doubts, this is stolen technology of related scientific research and open source software projects.]", "[...] into the scene in full projected perspective [...]", "[...] Map [...] [Combining the AR technology with a digital map and geographical location based computing is also included by many scientific research and open source projects, as well as our OntoLinux™.]", "[...] see them come alive [...] [This is a stolen marketing story presented on our OntoLinux™ website.]", "It closes the gap between the real and virtual [...] universal augmented reality platform [...] [Again a clear evidence, that that company has stolen contents and technologies from the website of OntoLinux™. Doubtlessly, our revolutionary Caliber is meant once again.]", and "[...] kernel [...] [So here we can cleary see once again that that company is indeed aware of our OntoLinux™, because it is based on the Linux® kernel and that company wants to talk about a kernel as part of its marketing. In this way this proves once again the infringement of our copyright, too.]".
    This AR software by that company is definitely not its own invention, because it is plagiarizing different related research and software projects, and our intellectual properties. Besides this, it jumped on the bandwagon of arts by making everywhere relations to Da Vinci (e.g. Mona Lisa) and painting in general. That company comes at least 7 or even more years too late. We demand that the company references the scientific publications and software projects, and even our website of OntoLinux™!

    In general, we are sure that its Automatic Copyright Infringement Detection system would deliver the same result as we did with this investigation.
    In detail, especially if that company talks about the eXtensible Markup Language (XML), then we hear most of the time only pure nonsense and contradictory statements. Moreover, logics is definitely not its area of competence.

    This company is worth around 1,250 million to 1,450 million Euro at most, and this only due to its business network and the experiencies in installing such software in a company or institute, but definitely not due to its software or patents. Furthermore, it is said that the decision to sell up could have been due to a lack of available capital, but we guess it is burned out, because its whole software suite and patent portfolio has to be updated from the bottom up. Also important is the fact that they have stolen the AR based technology for heightening artificially its value to get a higher prize for selling it, but we repeat that it is in fact largely based on scientific research and open source software projects that doesn't belong to that company, as it claims wrongly by saying that these are own innovations. Here we can also see its criminal energy once again. More interesting, we got the information that the company's founder and chief executive officer Mike Lynch is also a non-executive member of the BBC's executive board. So, this explains finally that acting by the serious criminal media company British Broadcasting Corporation. Taken all together, that company is totally overvalued. Hewlett-Packard and all investors must be totally crazy/gaga. In addition, the whole case is something for the prosecutors due to massively stealing foreign intellectual properties and infringing copyrights, and manipulating the technical as well as the financial markets in this way.

    To make it clear in a very simple and general way: If an entity steals technology from our OntoLinux website, then this entity is in fact in an area of intellectual property protected by the copyright and related licenses, like in the General Public License (GPL) area. This was a security measure taken by us to get rid of all these criminals.

    Comment of the Day
    VW pad™ VW tablet™

    Ontonics Further steps
    We have developed a fascinating new technology of some kind of a room-temperature superconductor.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We have added to the webpage Links to Hardware the sections:

  • Integrated Circuit/Chip and
  • IArchitecture.

    In this new section Integrated Circuit/Chip we have now listed our pioneering chips:

  • Ontonics and OntoLab: MultiCore Competence (MCC)
    • quattro,
    • Neural Net Core, and
    • Neural Net Central Processing Unit (Neural Net CPU/NNCPU),
    as well as

  • Ontonics and OntoLab: Superconducting Core and Processor.

    On the same webpage we also listed in the section Mobile Device our series of data storage solutions:

  • Ontologics: Smart Stick.

    We also made a link in the section iRaiment, Wearable Computer to our projects, technologies and solutions in this field:

  • Ontonics and iRaiment: iRaiment.

    The same as before was also done in the section Robotics by linking:

  • Ontonics and Roboticle: Robotics.

    Furthermore, we listed in the section Multimedia our device and series of devices:

  • Ontologics: XTbox - The eXtensible Tux box, and
  • Ontologics: Black box.

    intelliTablet (iTablet) Further steps
    We are pleased to present the public the first sketch of the design of the brandnew Volkswagen Pad of our P@d Computer series:

    HP TouchPad iTablet VW PadHP TouchPad iTablet VW Pad
    © Hewlett-Packard and intelliTablet

    The Volkswagen Pad (VW Pad) by intelliTablet together with our P@d and T@blet Holder by Style of Speed is available as option for every vehicle by the manufacturer, inclusive its trucks and buses. For the high-class marques Bugatti, Bentley, Lamborghini and Porsche, as well as all top models by all further marques of the Volkswagen group it is even becoming the standard instruction manual, the standard service record, and/or the new log book. © Today

    Comment of the Day
    "Libya is free"
    Well done. Congratulations!

    Ontonics Website update
    As announced yesterday, we have added to the Innovation-Pipeline the new project:
    Room-Temperature Superconductor.

    OntoLinux Further steps
    We have always talked about business engineering and management, especially Total Quality Management (TQM). Now comes the related software for enterprises. For this we will add to the webpage Links to Software a new section and links to related enterprise software suites selected out of the following open source software packages (ranking reflects our general recommendation):

  • Jorg Janke, and ADempiere development team and community: ADempiere ERP Business Suite,
  • Dolibarr development team and community: Dolibarr ERP/CRM,
  • GNU Enterprise (GNUe), and
  • xTuple: Postbooks.

    Comment of the Day #1

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Bitte sagen Sie jetzt nichts, Pussi Hoppenstedt, weil: Die Ente schwimmt draußen schief und mit Ihnen teilt meine Nudel das Wasser nicht!", [C.S., frei nach Loriot, Today]
    In Anlehnung an Vicco von Bülow alias Loriot und seine Parodien "Spaghetti (an der Lippe)" ("Bitte sagen Sie jetzt nichts, Hildegard"), "Herren im Bad" ("Die Ente bleibt draußen!") und "Zimmerverwüstung" ("Das Bild hängt schief!"). Ein Bier, ein Pils, ein Cola, einen normalen Tee, ein trockenen Roten und die Schlemmerschnitte.

    In einem Blog der ARD finden wir immer öfter Einträge, mit denen versucht wird die Kommentare von C.S. zu kopieren oder sogar den Eindruck zu erwecken, dass wir uns an den dortigen Diskussionen beteiligen. Dem kann aber in keinem Fall so sein, da wir extra wegen solchen Mißbrauchsversuchen bei keiner Blogging-Plattform und keinem gesellschaftlichen Netzwerk ein Benutzerkonto besitzen um so für absolute Glaubwürdigkeit zu garantieren. Also nur wo unser guter Name drauf steht, sind wir auch drin.
    In einem konkreten Fall wurde heute ein Kommentar genau um 9:59 unter dem Pseudonym christerix veröffentlicht, indem zudem unser obiger Kommentar zu der Kreditbewertungsagentur Standard & Poor's versucht wurde vorwegzunehmen. Dabei wurde der Blog-Eintrag auch in dem Stil unserer Kommentare verfasst ("Tja," usw.). Fakt ist aber, dass in dem entsprechenden Blog im Zusammenhang mit dem Unternehmen Standard & Poor's keine Person von einem Rücktritt ei- nes Angestellten der Rating-Agentur Standard & Poor's gesprochen hat und schon gar nicht jemand unter dem Alias christerix. Das ist bereits der nächste Fall für die Staatsanwaltschaft.

    Ontonics Website update
    We do it flat-out, and have added to the Innovation-Pipeline the new project:

    OntoLinux Website update
    As announced yesterday, we have added to the Links to Software the new section Enterprise/Business/Commerce and into this new section the links to the software packages:

  • Jorg Janke, and ADempiere development team and community: ADempiere ERP Business Suite,
  • Dolibarr development team and community: Dolibarr ERP/CRM,
  • GNU Enterprise (GNUe), and
  • xTuple: Postbooks.

    As not expected otherwise, the University of Hamburg, B.R.D., commited serious foul play, which led to the deletion of the link:

  • University of Hamburg, MIN Faculty, Department of Informatics, Distributed Systems and Information Systems.

    This doesn't matter, because it was only a test, which that german university failed as well, like nearly all other german universities, for sure. Due to our foresight we have linked two further agent systems based on the Belief-Desire-Intention (BDI) paradigm/architecture just right from the start.

    Comment of the Day

    Since the January of the year 2010 now, we have investigated and documented the facts in this case. Neither the company Apple nor the company Samsung, or any other company has invented the so- called pad computer, because it is our innovation of the P@d that also gave this class of Mobile Devices its name. The differences between the device classes of tablet PC, tablet computer, pad computer, and mobile/cell phones and smartphones with touchscreen or multi-touchscreen are as follows: The first generation of tablet computers in general, inclusive tablet PCs, feature a pen like device, the stylus, for making inputs (see also the Original of the 13th of February 2008 and the Picture of the Day of the 27th of January 2010 of the institute Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)), while the tablet PC is a full fledged Personal Computer (PC) with more computing power and some further characteristic features in comparison to a tablet computer. This difference is exactly the same as it is between a normal mobile/cell phone and a so-called smartphone. In contrast, the tablet computer of the second generation and our invention of the pad computer differs from tablet computers of the first generation by having multi-touch functionality and more typical features, as we described them in the description of our P@d, but no stylus/digital pen at first. This was added with our tablet computer of the third generation, which features both a stylus and a multi-touchscreen. Furthermore and as we have worked out in the past, a pad computer solves a different kind of problem than a mobile phone, or called in this context pocket tablet (better known as palm computer) or pocket pad with wide network capability. This defining difference makes up the own class of pad computers.
    Indeed, in the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" by Stanley Kubrick there is shown a device (e.g. in the spaceship while the commander is having a meal and watching an interview) that has an exterior design in the slate style, like the Pad Computers in the slate style have. But this Mobile Device is neither a tablet computer in general, nor a Pad Computer, and also features no button or buttons at the front, and in the most cases no network connectivity. The similar arguments hold for other movies, the design of the Personal Access Display Device (PADD) in the slate form factor shown in the Star Trek saga, other television broadcasts and series, e.g. "The Tomorrow People", design patents, and also digital photo frames.
    We would like to summarize again: For us decisive in the case of the Pad Computer by the company Apple and us are the combination of the exterior design, like the button, and the interior features, like the different networking capabilities, both most important for Apple, and most important for us the multi-touch functionality as well as the kind of problem being solved by the new class of Mobile Device (see also our Investigations and Clarifications on this website since the January of 2010, especially the Investigation::Multimedia of the 19th and 26th, both of April 2011, as well as just for curiosity the U.S. patent No. 386,815 by Elisha Gray from the year 1888).

    We already gave the company Apple the explanation that it can only protect its pad computer iPad by joining with our company, and clarifying the case and our copyright in conjunction with our P@d, because in this way the definition of a new device class is proved, and then it can argue that its design of a device in this new device class of the pad computer has been illegally copied (see again the Investigations::Multimedia of the 26th of April 2011 and the Clarification #2 of the 30th of April 2011).


  • Bertelsmann→N-TV: Despite that that serious criminal media company and its television channels doubtlessly know that we have invented the Pad Computer™ it still tries to mislead deliberately the public by calling the device type tablet computer, while also asking the question who has invented it by naming only the companies Apple and Samsung, which both weren't it (see also the Investigation::Multimedia of the 19th of April 2011 and our Clarification of today). So many times until today we have explained completely the case by naming virtually every detail and presenting all of the essential facts, which this media company is very well knowing.
    Besides this, that company still names illegally a Pad Computer™ by one company, while it is informing about its app(lication)s for Mobile Devices of every kind (see again its case in the Investigation::Multimedia of the 19th of April 2011).
    In the B.R.D. this is the next evidence so that the prosecutors and the politics have to take action now, because it can be seen once again what a chaos that anarchistic company is producing only.
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: For sure, that serious criminal working group of german broadcasters refuses as well to name our P@d™ that defined the new class of Pad Computers™.
    What holds for the media company Bertelsmann (see for example its case in this investigation before) holds for that working group as well: In the B.R.D. this is the next evidence so that the prosecutors and the politics have to take action now, because it can be seen once again what a chaos that anarchistic media working group is producing only by misleading the public.

    Question of the Day
    "Why have you taken my things?", [C.S., Today]

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have added a new sketch of our spaceplane XSS-3/Big Star on its website.

    Comparison Space Shuttle, VentureStar, and BigStar (Image by NASA, Kelvin Case and Style of Speed)
    © NASA ©© Kelvin Case and SOS


  • Samsung: With its acting in the legal case of the design of P@d Computers™ by quoting movies, broadcasts and design prototypes it follows exactly our argumentation as well, and in this way also strengthens our claims for copyright, becasue the company clearly says directly, that the description of our P@d™ is legally valid (to get into the whole case the reader might start with the Clarification of yesterday).
  • Bertelsmann→N-TV: Despite it is busted since years now, that media company holds on to its criminal actings done in the field of e.g. Pad Computers™ (see also the Investigations::Multimedia of yesterday).
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Despite it is busted since years now, that media company holds on to its criminal actings done e.g. in relation to our P@d™ that defined the new class of Pad Computers™. It even follows now the criminal actings by that media company Bertelsmann once again by misleading the public in this technological field with the statement "Mit dem [P@d Computer™] dominiert [das Unternehmen] seit vergangenem Jahr zudem den neuen Markt der Tablet-Computer.==With the [P@d Computer™ the company] dominates also the new market of the tablet computers since last year.", though it is doubtless that it talked in its report about a pad computer™ and not a tablet computer in the slate style (see once again the Original of the 13th of February 2008, and our Clarification and the Investigations::Multimedia of yesterday).
  • British Broadcasting Corporation: How could that serious criminal media company act otherwise, than jumping on the bandwagon of the other media company and broadcasters as well, and speaking about the new category of tablet computers while in fact meaning the new device class of pad computers™ (see the other cases in this investigations).

    What our readers can clearly see now is that the worldwide media, the industries, virtually every true expert, as well as the public has accepted the fact now that indeed we have invented the P@d Computer™. Otherwise, at least the media wouldn't try to get around our company.

    Comment of the Day
    "If nothing has changed in 10,000 years, then it has not changed in 10,000,000 years.", [C.S., Today]


  • Apple: We do know about the observing of our company by Apple.
    We do know that neither the Graphical User Interface (GUI) with its icons as well as the mouse came from Apple.
    We do know since around three years how Apple came to the compression algorithm MPEG-1 Audio Layer I, II and III/MPEG-2 Audio Layer III, bka. MP3, by the criminal network around the NSU (USC and UDC ←) (we were working at compression algorithm and that german research institute is all the years doubtlessly convicted of being serious criminal and connected with the NSU)
    We do know how many features came into the operating system iOS.
    We do know that it looked at our OntoLinux and after that came up with the iphone, the app(lication) concept, the ipad and in the last past with the icloud.
    We do know about its stealth strategy reflecting our actings with our business unit A href="http://www.intellitablet.com">intelliTablet.
    We do know that it has waited for our acting in 2008 with the P@d (guess why we formulated it in this way and not the big smartphone or tablet computer way, hint differentiation so that everybody can easily and clearly see who has invented it).
    We do know both original designers behind the clear design language of the company.
    We do know much more.
    We also do know that our company was copyied and our actings found their way into statements, marketing actings, and public speeches at universities.
    We do know that the new CEO has stolen contents of our website for making statements about Steve Jobs containing three terms in one sentence, like "unique insights, creativity and inspiration".
    We do know that others are saying "creative", "visionary", "ingenious", and also terms and phrases like "extraordinary vision [...] world's most innovative company", and "inspired".
    And we have the documented facts.
    And we have the facts that C.S. has at least influenced the culture by thinking and doing, and that the others did only by taking C.S.' things and talking about them, as if they had invented them.
    We say that C.S. was never and will never be a fan of Steve Jobs.
    We say that after the last three years, in which we also found out what has happened several years before, we even do not believe that he has ever invented something on his own in his whole life.
    So, take care for what somebody is glorified and for what.

    Style of Speed Website update
    Yesterday and today, we have overworked the new sketch of our spaceplane XSS-3/Big Star, which we have presented on the 25th of August 2011.


  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Als Reaktion auf unseren obigen Hinweis zur wahren Natur des Unternehmens Google präsentierte die ARD in ihrer Nachrichtensendung am Abend eine Animation des Stadtteils Manhattan von New York bei dem der Hinweis auf das Kartenmaterial des Unternehmens Google mit voller Absicht noch weiter zur Mitte plaziert wurde.

    Außerdem kann die BürgerInnen immer öfters erkennen, dass die ARD mit dem Privatsender ProSiebenSat.1 Media gemeinsam das Programm gestalten. Dafür ist aber die GEZ-Gebühr nie erhoben worden, sondern genau für das entgegengesetzte Verhalten und einem entsprechenden Ergebnis, also einer Programmgestaltung frei von wirtschaftlichen und politischen Interessen.

    Wir fordern ein weiteres Mal die Regierung auf dieser illegalen Gemeinschaftsarbeiten als auch die Produkt- und Dienstleistungsplazierung sofort Einhalt zu gebieten. Des Weiteren sind die Argumente für die Erhebung der GEZ-Gebühren eindeutig hinfällig und deshalb sofort abzuschaffen.

    We made a note on our Culture webpage about the pop musician Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson again and a note about the company Deutsche Telekom.

    Comment of the Day
    City Fun™

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We are just looking and comparing for the next urban fun maker, the City Fun or so, as well as for some of our Street Legal models.

    MILACaparo Vehicle Products T1Caparo Vehicle Products T1 Volkswagen XL1Volkswagen XL1Volkswagen→Audi Urban Concept Interior
    © :(, Caparo Vehicle Products and Volkswagen

    To be serious: Where is the "radikal neue[n urbane] Konzept==radical new [urban] concept"? Concept all listed ones, exterior MILA and T1, sliding roof T1, interior SOS and T1, electric drivetrain Just 4 :) (Just For Fun) and :D (Big Fun)


  • Hewlett-Packard: For sure, we had expected that the company is looking closely at us. Said this, we would like to document some facts in a row (all dates this August 2011):
    18th: The company disclosed it is considering plans of a strategic overhaul that will focus the company on software and services, and that include a spinoff or sale of its personal-systems group. As part of the change, the company decided to stop making the TouchPad and all other hardware devices running its webOS software.
    21st: We presented the VW Pad as an intelliTablet Further steps on that day.
    25th: It was clearified that the operating system webOS has not been cancelled.
    29th: The chief executive officer of the german personal-systems group said that devices and the portfolio will be developed further as ever with the exception of the TouchPad.
    31st/Today: The company said it will temporarily resume manufact- uring of its Pad Computer™ just 11 days after killing it as part of the sweeping corporate overhaul. The resurrection of the TouchPad foll- owed a spike in demand after the company started to clear out un- sold inventory that had piled up at retailers.
    We declared that it is up to the company to join our Pad Computer™ Alliance.
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