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Comment of the Day
City :)™ City :D™
Hemp fuel™ Hanfbenzin
Bamboo fuel™ Bambusbenzin™
Carbon Bamboo™ Karbon Bambus™
Micro Electric City™ Micro Electro City™ Micro E-City™
Electric Micro City™ Electro Micro City™ E-Micro City™
Micro Electric Car™ Micro Electro Car™ Micro E-Car™
Electric Micro Car™ Electro Micro Car™ E-MicroCar™
Inner City™
Sustainable Electric Mobility™ Sustainable Electro Mobility™

Ontonics Further steps
We will add the following new projects to the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics:

  • Carbon Bamboo,
  • Hemp Fuel, and
  • Bamboo Fuel,

    so that even the rest of the plants can be used that can't be taken to produce our Carbon Hemp Plastic and Carbon Bamboo Plastic.

    Style of Speed Further steps CET 14:25
    Being Smart for Fun™, we are further realizing our next Smart Vision™ with our mirco cars by adding the new section Micro Electric City (ME-City), and two new Electric Micro City Cars (E=MC²), the City :) (City Fun) and the Inner City. The Inner City is available with a special version that features wheels and the exterior, as well as some elements of the interior made out of our superior Carbon Hemp Plastic. This is what we call Sustainable Electric Mobility™.

    We also found some images that point in the direction of our announced City Fun model based on our Just 4 :) (Just For Fun) (see also the Style of Speed Further steps of the 30th of August 2011).

    SOS Just 4 :) ∧ Volkswagen GoogSOS Just 4 :) ∧ Volkswagen My → SOS City FunSOS → Volkswagen Nils
    SOS ∧ Volkswagen IN → SOS Inner CitySOS ∧ Volkswagen IN → SOS Inner CitySOS ∧ Volkswagen IN → SOS Inner City
    © Volkswagen

    The images are showing concepts by our business divison Style of Speed.

    Investigations::Car #332
    *** Ready ***

  • Volkswagen: For a concept car the company has taken our model Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™) along with elements of the drivetrain, and eventually the content of the Style of Speed Further steps of the 30th of August 2011 or another content of the Style of Speed™ website for deciding which door type of the different 1 liter concept cars should be taken in the end. We quote out of the press release: "[...] single-seat electric concept vehicle that offers a glimpse of a new form of minimalist mobility [...] [copyright infringement]", "[...] freestanding wheels - has the dynamic performance of a sports car [...] [Indeed, the vehicle is derived from our model Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™)]", "[...] micro-mobility [...] [This looks suspicious some- how.]", "[...] design styles and technological standards reflecting a particular era [...] [Doubtlessly, in this context of mobility the new era was defined by C.S. for our business division Style of Speed™, and no one else, based on single designs and concepts of cars, like for example by the design company Pininfarina sponsored by Fiat→ Maserati with the Birdcage 75th (see the webpage of our model B!™ and by Alex Earle sponsored by Volkswagen with the concept trike GX-3 shown on the webpage of our model Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™) as well.]", "[...] same basic layout as a Formula 1 race car, with the driver in the middle, the engine in back, and free-standing outboard wheels [compare with our models Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™) and Belly Tank Lakester] [...]", "[...] designed to make a visual statement and transport a vision of the automotive future to the present [...] [This is a clear copyright infringement, because this is exactly presented by the website of Style of Speed™.]", "[...] is so compact and lightweight (460 kg), it is a lot of fun to drive [...] [No, no, no. Respect our slogan "Fun to drive™", which also proves again the copyright infringement as well as the illegal misuse of market power.]", "[...] style of driving [...] [Here we have the Style Theme Style of Speed™]", "[...] have fun while doing [...] [Again, it is the Fun theme, which has to be seen together with the whole text.]", "Suspension is by double wishbones front and rear; while ESP (Electronic Stabilisation Programme) [...] [Its drivetrain comes so close to ours that we have here a copyright infringement due to the whole concept of the electric car.]", "[...] fun [...] [And again we have here the Fun Theme]", "[...] electric traction by electric motor and battery regeneration can be used to brake as well [...] [Doubt- lessly, here we can see that the company has not given up to steal our Active Differential™. We have clearified several times, for ex- ample in the case of the company Daimler in the Investigations::Car #137 of the 9th of August 2009 ( starting with the quote "[...] with torque vectoring ..." and all the related comments), in the case of the marque Volkswagen→Audi in the Investigations:: Car #215 of the 12th of January 2010 (look for the quote starting with "[...] torque is distributed selectively ..."), and also in the case of the company Schaeffler Technologies in the Investigations::Car #279 of the 5th of August 2010 (start position is here the quote "Signific- antly less electrical system power ..."), that this ingenious integrat- ion of both features into one electric drivetrain has been invented by us, and only by us.]", "[...] active system [...] [compare with the field of Active Component™]", "[...] mobile multifunctional device [...] [What is meant is a multifunctional Mobile Device™, so indeed our trademark Mobile Device™ was infringed in this way.]", "[...] It is snapped into the A-pillar to the right of the instrument cluster. [Here our T@blet™ and P@d™ holder was referenced.]", and "[...] touch- screen [...] [If the touchscreen has multi-touch functionality, then the whole case with the multifunctional Mobile Device™ is a further copyright infringement.]".

    That this Nils project by the largest automotive manufaturer is sup- ported by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development makes it a case for the prosecutor and also for the parliament, because the german party Christlich Demokratische Union (CDU) is misusing tax money so that companies can and also should act against other companies, like our Christian Stroetmann GmbH, that do not want to support that party due to the home rule in a democracy. The case of the micro city car by the marque Volks- wagen→Audi (see below) belongs to this case as well, because it was also once again an attempt by the CDU and its network to dam- age our trustworthiness in this way, like all the last 15 years through now of which we have documented the last 5 years and could also deliver the fact that this last so much years now.
    *** From here on Fine-tuning™ mode ***

  • Volkswagen→Audi: This time, the whole concept of our models Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™) with the complete drivetrain, as well as the exterior of the Magna Steyr MILA concept car, and the interior of us and the two-seater sports car Caparo T1 in the 1\1™ configuration has been copied. Out of reports by the media we got the statement that from the design it should combine elements of a race car, a fun car and a city car to one unit, which obviously makes the whole case totally clear (see once again the webpage of the Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™)as well as the new webpage of our Electric Micro City Car™ (E=MC²™) model City :)™ (City Fun™)). Despite of this, the marque is still so bold and talks angesichts of the Urban Concept about a "radikal neuen Konzept==radical new concept", which has no Vorbildern folge. The latter is without doubts a criminal marketing lie, because we already have our Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™) and on it based the design of the My by Volkswagen (see again the webpage of the City :)™ (City Fun™)), and other 1\1-seater cars, which proves that this lie is also an infringement of our copyright. Thanks of the monocoque car body completely made out of carbon, the city car weights only around 500 kilogram (compare with the specification of our model Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™)). Furthermore, it features a Pure Electric™ drivetrain. The two e-motors in the rear should be used in combination with the lithium-ionen akkus. Obviously, we have here a further time the whole or at least essential concepts of our Active Differential #2. The all round splashguards have turn signal stripes made out of LED-based fiber optics, like the concept trike GX-3 by Volkswagen, which we have shown in the top down view before as well on the webpage of our model Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™) mentioning the materials. The monocoque consists of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (CFRP), which integrates the substructure of both seats, like the Caparo T1.
  • Daimler→Mercedes-Benz→Smart and BASF: For a concept car both companies have stolen our trademarks Smart Vision™ and Smart for Fun™ for the name Smart forvision. In detail, the design of that concept car follows the design language created by us by combining round form with highly facetted ones. That concept car also features more solutions that have been presented before on our websites, e.g. rims made out of plastic and doors made out of a kohlefaserverstärktes Epoxidharz, like we do by using our Carbon Hemp™ Plastic (see the section Carbon Rim of the webpage Rim and the description of for example the 911 V8). Also, it seems to be that not only elements of our e-dashboard™ have been stolen, but the whole solution(!?). Extra funny, that concept car features a technical contradiction and in this way proves and also documents the true incompetence of both companies. We will come back to this point and explain the details in this special case in the near future. Moreover, our Vision story begun with the slogan of our OntoLab™, The Lab of Visions™ has been stolen in this way once again. "Smarts are us™" and "We are smart™", but those companies are only stealing and imitating.
  • Caparo→Caparo Vehicle Technologies: That company has copied illegally the website of our business division Style of Speed™ and in this way massively infringed our copyright (and stolen intellectual properties). This can be best seen by the fact that at first it wanted to manufacture a two-seater car, but suddenly it wants to steal our business. We document by quoting the contents of its website: "Solution Finder [speech act stealing]", "[...] motorsport goes green [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] revolutionary new device [...] [speech act stealing]", "Military; Rail; Aerospace; Marine [As we said, it is stealing, as it prominently can be seen best actually by its empty webpage of the sector Rail, because it is new as well at our side with our Raylev™ transport system.]", "[...] consulting engineering services to the automotive, motorsport, aerospace, marine and defence industries in the field of lightweight structures [...] [As we said it attempts to orient its business by plagiarizing our only.]", "Fresh and dynamic [...] [This sounds familiar.]", "[...] main focus of the business is to work with our customers to generate lightweight Body-in-White designs [...] [So, its car isn't anymore the focus.]", "Leading experience of Advanced Composites materials and plastics. [We don't believe this. Furthermore, this was said in relation with our materials mentioned in the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™, especially our Carbon Hemp™ Plastic.]", "Aerospace and Spacecraft component [...]", "[...] offer a unique fusion of Automotive and Aerospace skills sets [...] [Obviously it is not so unique.]", "Vehicle performance dynamics and mass considerations[;] Aerodynamics[;] Light weight body structures[;] High stiffness performance designs[; ...] Full Composite analysis and design capability[; ...] Rapid Development and prototyping expertise [...]", "[...] carbon fibre composites [...] [See once again the description of our Carbon Hemp™ Plastic.]", "[...] the first niche spacecraft applications, the first carbon fibre racing car structure and the first carbon fibre production car structure [...] [So, slowly the reader should be convinced that indeed our website content of Style of Speed™ was simply copied.]", "[...] significant level of robotics and high levels of automation [...] [This sounds very familiar.]", "[...] laboratories [...] [We only say OntoLab, the Lab of Visions.]", "[...] quality and efficiency of the design and build of composite parts up to a level that has not been seen before in the marine world [...]", "[...] combine their in-depth knowledge of both areas, and allow the [m]arine world to benefit from the automotive philosophies [...] [And again we have a very clear copyright infringement.]", "[...] motorsports [...]", "[...] new state of the art composite [...]", "[...] sustainable [...]", "Monitor and manage quality [This sound very familiar as well.]", "Vehicle Platform Concepts [This was said in relation to our Chassis Module System™.]", "Design & Innovation", "Advanced materials engineering and design for automotive, motorsport & aerospace markets [This sounds familiar.]", "[...] accelerate the use of lightweight materials in vehicle structures to improve efficiency economy and safety [...] [This sounds familiar.]", "[...] engineer’s dream realised without compromise [...] [This is more than only a speech act stealing.]", "[... q]uality is ingrained into every aspect of our business philosophy [...] [This was taken from our websites of Ontonics™ and OntoLinux™.]", "[...] tailor made to our customers requirements [...]", "[...] standards are set and are there measured against [...] [Here we have the circle of quality management.]", "[...] environmental performance [...] [copyright infringement]", "[...] fundamental [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] increasingly aware of the impact that it is having on the natural environment [...] [copyright infringement]", "We recognise the part that we play in contributing to global issues such as climate change, but more importantly we recognise the part that we can play in improving these issues. [As we said in the related quotes and their comments before, this is another convicting copyright infringement.]", "We recognize that our most valuable asset is our people and are committed to training, developing and involving them, utilizing all their talents to generate and maintain a customer focused team. [This was simply stolen and automatically translated from the webpage Philosophie of the Christian Stroetmann GmbH]", "[...] Evolution [In the related context it is more than a simple speech act stealing.]", "[...] actively drive [...]", "[...] actively drive a continuous improvement philosophy [In the related context it is more than a simple speech act stealing.]", "[...] reduce waste and conserve energy [...]", "[...] business excellence [...] [Compare with our slogans like "Competence with Excellence™", "Spirit of Excellence™", and "Hightech par Excellence™".]", "[...] operating division by dicatating a specific company mission statement or vision [...] [copyright infringement]", "[...] core values and beliefs [...]", "[...] something more that a successful enterprise.... it is a story of people, of values and of human effort [...]", "[...] aspire for excellence, [...] [Compare again with our slogan "Spirit of Excellence™" and also with "Perfection is an Attitude"™".]", "Collaboration [So, in the meantime it is clear that it looked more than one time on the website of our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™.]", "[...] strong [...]", "Passion; Performanc; Specifications [speech act stealing]", "[...] pure engineering [...]", "[...] revolutionary design techniques and innovations [...]", "Paddle shift gear change control [As far as we do know, this was added after we showed our Steering wheels by Style of Speed™.]", "Pad [...]", and "Equipment".
    A deeper investigation shows doubtlessly that the persons behind the company have begun much earlier to spy out in illegal ways our company and that its two-seater sports car was only a fake for stealing more from us than our model 333 ST by Style of Speed™ based on the design concepts by Pininfarina for the legendary model Enzo by the marque Fiat→Ferrari. Besides this, the fake with its vehicle company seems to be ended in the year 2009. The result of investigation is easy: Convicted!!!™

    Once again, also the whole automotive industry proves by illegally copying us that we, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH and our business divisions, are the most innovative company of the world since more than 15 years now.

    Comment of the Day #1

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Charlotte Roche erinnert uns an die Kuschelrock Alben: Millionen- fach verkauft, aber niemand hatte eins.", [C.S., Today]
    Und dass man sie, warum auch immer, auch noch für ihren spätpu- bertären Ausführungen, die man übrignes schon seit 20 Jahren im Inter- net lesen kann, bei Bertelsmann→Gruner & Jahr→Stern auf dem Ti- telblatt als "Missionarien" bezeichnet und sie zudem in den verschie- densten ARD-Sendungen hofiert sowie als literarisch wertvoll diskutiert erklärt eigentlich wieder einmal alles. Wir kennen sie übrigens nur als eine MTV-Moderatorin, die ihre so erworbene Bekanntheit jetzt wirtschaftlich nutzen will. Deshalb ist es in ihrem Fall selbstverständlich angebracht die Person der Autorin als auch ihr Werke zusammen zu betrachten. Aber für die Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft in den verschiedensten Medien und Kirmesbuden reicht das ja volkommen aus. Bravo Charlotte und nach unser hier vorgetragenen Kritik ist jetzt auch Dir die Verleihung einer dieser Blechorden sicher. Vielleicht errichtet man sogar in Düsseldorf eine Statue mit Deinem Konterfei und zwar gleich neben Heinrich Heine oder Karl L..

    We can't and we don't want to follow the opinion by Frank Gehry, that the "architecture comes to a screeching halt", and that actually it is more about sustainability and social issues than architecture. Quite contrary, on the one hand the head of C.S. is so unbelieveable overloaded with ideas, visions, concepts, designs, and architecture in general, that in fact we can hardly choose the most interesting one to start with, and on the other hand as one of the true pioneers in the field of green buildings one of these general achitectural con- cepts is related with modern sustainable architecture realized in so many ways, while there are many other general concepts also wait- ing for being tried and done. The reason why nearly nothing of all of these has been presented until today, with the exception of some appetizers, is simply said due to the fact that all the so-called star architects are massively stealing everything of other entities, like it could be seen very well with for example the modern sustainability issue, or the most prominent case of the "Nest Lamp", aka. Bird's Nest, by C.S. as the model for the very well-known Olympic Stadium in Beijing, P.R.China.
    So if the reader takes the whole architecture since the invention of making a fire, then C.S. is thinking about the field of architecture and working on related concepts that is around 5× to 7× larger, and even this in only these dimensions.

    Ontonics Website update
    We have added the following new projects to the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics:

  • cBook 5.0, and
  • P@d 6.0.

    We also added to the description of the e-dashboard the information that it can be extended by the technology of the Retina Projector/ Retina Screen, inclusive the Retinascope, as well.

    Ontonics Further steps
    We also would like to mention the combination of a tablet computer or a pad computer with either a laser-based projected keyboard, or a holographic display/holoprojector.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We added on the webpage Links to Hardware in the section Mobile Device:

  • Ontologics: Mobile/Cell phone with integrated Retina Projector/ Retina Screen, inclusive Retinascope,

    in the section Smartphone/Pocket Computer:

  • Ontologics: Smartphone with touchscreen and integrated Retina Projector/Retina Screen, inclusive Retinascope™, and
  • Ontologics: Ontoscope plus Retina Projector/Retina Screen, inclusive Retinascope,

    and in the section Tablet and Pad Computer:

  • intelliTablet and Ontologics: P@d Computer with integrated Retina Projector/Retina Screen, inclusive Retinascope:
    • Slate
    • Booklet
    • Pad.

    A small company: Ein Unternehmer aus Düsseldorf, B.R.D., hat Inhal- te unsere Web-Auftritte illegal für sein Marketing kopiert. Konkret wurde das Logo von Ontologics so weit wie möglich kopiert wobei die drei roten Kreise, die auch Sterne beziehungsweise Sonnen reprä- sentieren, mit drei Wörtern ersetzt, die mit roten Ds beginnen. Die Wörter konnten aus visuellen Gründen nicht exakt so wie unsere ro- ten Kreise plaziert. Außerdem wurde offensichtlich das 3 Thema auch dadurch kopiert indem eine Telefonnummer gewählt wurde in der dreimal die 0, hier haben wir ein weiteres Mal die drei Kreise aber auch einen Bezug zu der Null-Ontologie O#, sowie dreimal die 21, die zudem ja 3&timres;7 ist, enthalten sind. Zudem wird der Slogan angeführt "Wo wir sind ist oben", was wir natürlich nach diesem Vorfall auf das Höchste bezweifeln, als auch für Solartechnik geworben und somit das Thema Sonne noch einmal aufgegriffen und abgebildet. Diese Darstellung wurde dann auch noch an ein Fahrzeug angebracht, dessen Nummernschild mit drei Ds beginnt als auch der Zahlenfolge 987, die selbstverständlich wieder nach dem Inhalt unsere Web-Auftritte gewählt wurde, da 9=3×3=3² ist sowie die 8 und die 7 sich auch leicht wiederfinden lassen.
    Was der Düsseldorfer Dachdecker getan hat ist eindeutig eine Urheberrechtsverletzung, die dadurch bewiesen ist, dass Gedanken sowie visuelle Darstellungen in solch einer genauen Übereinstimmung als auch umfangreichen Menge kopiert wurden, dass sogar die für C.S. typische und auf diesem Web-Auftritt mehrmals erklärten Verdichtung von Zeichen als auch Bedeutungen sowie der Vorsatz der illegalen Handlung klar erkennbar sind. Wie empfehlen diese Werbung sofort einzustellen oder alternative gemäß unserem rechtlichen Hinweis an allen entsprechenden Stellen unser Unternehmen eindeutig mit einem "© Christian Stroetmann GmbH" oder einfach nur "© C. Stroetmann" zu referenzieren.

    Unerheblich sind auch in diesem Fall, dass wir unsere zugehörigen Ausführungen in der englischen Sprache publiziert haben, da ja selbst der kleinste Handwerker mit Hauptschulabschluss als auch sein deutscher Dienstleister den Inhalt unsere Web-Auftritte zweifelsohne trotzdem problemlos verstanden haben.
    Genauso beweist auch diese Fall, wie alle anderen zuvor dokumentierten und die dadurch referenzierten Fälle, die noch nie in dieser Form dagewesene weltweite Durchschlagskraft einer alleine handelnden Entität, insbesondere auf echtem künstlerischen Niveau.

  • Chamber of Crafts Düsseldorf→Verlagsanstalt Handwerk: That the Chamber of Crafts in its monthly club paper called Deutsches Handwerksblatt==German Craft/Trade Paper once again intentionally published stolen contents of our website that are doubtlessly copyright infringements (see for example the case above), by even showing an image in a large report and in this way once again as well supports illegal acting/trading instead of legal ones, seams to be further reaction on our fully justified accusations and is a another clear evidence that our accusations against the publisher and also the Chamber of Crafts in general (see its cases in the Investigations of the 20th of May 2010 and 12th of May 2010, as well as the case RWE and Chamber of Crafts Monkeyvillage→Verlagsanstalt Handwerk in the Investigations of the 19th of December 2010). It also shows their true nature, which means that the mandatory membership in such a chamber is indeed against the constitution.


  • Cable News Network: In a report a very thin smartphone with a touchscreen was shown, that we have also shown in conjunction with our Ontoscope 3, followed by a former version of the shown before thin smartphone, that we have shown with the Ontoscope 2, featuring either a "laser-based projected keyboard", or a "hologra- phic display/holoprojector". These are so special Mobile Devices™ that it is absolutely clear that the report is based on the webpage Links to Hardware of the OntoLinux™ website, on which we pres- ented an image of exactly this shown thin smartphone and our Retinaprojector/Retinascreen, that integrates both the laser-based projected keyboard and a holoprojector.
    Btw.: That such devices are still a dream for you, instead of having it already, is you own fault by not reporting all the years about our works, which are the originals. And you have lost so many nice feel- ings and items as well.

    Nevertheless, thank you for the reminder.

    Investigations::Car #333

  • Volkswagen: We only use copyrighted material by the company Volkswagen and its subsidiaries as a part interest for its all the years lasting copyright infringements. We have valued every image of the maybe 30 images taken so far between 150 to 600 euro, because at least we clearly named the company as the copyright owner. Fur- thermore, if it was the case, then we made also sure that the shown concepts and technologies were not our properties. Moreover, we retouched the logo and all other references so that the public don't get the impression that we are related with the company, and we don't damage or misuse in our own interest its trademarks and id- entities of the corporation and its subsidiaries. This stands in stark contrast to its copyright infringements, the other made illegal steps, and the further illegal actings in the field of soft- and hardware. From our side our so far taken interest is not even a fistful of rice or peanuts, if it is compared alone with the debt for strategic manage- ment services in the field of automobiles of around 180 million euro, and in the field of IT related only with the vehicle sector of at least 400 million euro, until March 2011.
  • Volkswagen→Porsche: The model 911 V8, The 911, is offered since the 8th of June 2011 with a streetlegal and absolutely stable sequential race gearbox, that is produced since several years in a small series, and features 6 or 7 speed, and is available in two vers- ions either with a single or dual clutch. Said this, the marque Volks- wagen→Porsche has not told the whole truth about this feature in conjunction with the pre-presentation of the latest version of its model 911 (internally called 991).
    Furthermore, the titanium exhaust system was not taken by us from its latest 911 GT model, but from an Italian hypercar. The company observed our internet traffic, as ever, on the day we visited the website of the manufacturer of this special kind of exhaust systems.

    intelliTablet (iTablet) Further steps CET 3:53
    You asked for a dream? So here is a very quick sketch of a thin tab- let computer of the next generation or the pad computer of the Pad Computer Alliance exclusively made for all its members only as part of our P@d Economy System, and powered by the operating systems OntoLinux, iOS, as well as derivatives, e.g. the Boot to Webkit, aka. Rekonq OS, and possibly webOS in the future:

    intelliTablet Tablet Computer of the Next Generation or Pad Computer
    © intelliTablet for the Pad Computer Alliance

    This sketch shows a mobile device with 1, 2 or 3 buttons as an idea, and the usual dimension in height and width.
    At home it is powered by a wireless power system, like our WREL/ WRPL@Home, so that no accumulator is needed. Additionally, accu- mulators with different capacities can be attached easily. The target price for the starter kit comprising the entry-level model is around $111 for one device plus $40 for the wireless power station, and $333 for three with one standard wireless power supply powering one device in active and two in sleeping mode. Power stations with higher performance are available as well. © Today (wireless power implicitly 19th of March 2008 and explicitly 31st of July 2010; device design CET 3:53; WREL/WRPL CET 4:04)

    Comment of the Day
    "The Riemann hypothesis is funny.", [C.S:., Today]
    The reason why scientists are becoming mad while thinking too long about this and similar problems is that all the time they have the impression of walking on a straight line, but then they find out that they have started running in circles and so some of them lock in, like an autistic person. Perhaps the position of a prime on the critical line can be calculated like the nth digit of the number Ρ, but we guess it will still need exponential time ( in this conjunction see also the Al- gorithmic Information Theory with the NP≠P theory). Why Deligne could prove an analogue of the Riemann hypothesis for zeta funct- ions of varieties defined over finite fields, and why he failed for in- finite fields is clear as well. Fascinating, isn't it?
    Btw.: Several years ago, at the Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology, U.S.A., a female mathematician was presented in its maga- zine, who was designed to steal the algorithm of C.S. in the field of prime numbers. Quickly after that report we've stopped the research in our house due to the evidence of spying/observation, which we were already waiting for and due to this looking for since several months before. After this we laid out traps and found out the whole criminal network created by the german political parties CDU and CSU, because everywhere we have joggled at somebody related with them, or even with opportunistic groups in the U.S.A. up to the governments led by Bush and Obama, was echoing.
    Netter Versuch seitens der ARD auf diesem Weg C.S. als Verrückten darzustellen. Auch dieser Versuch ist wieder einmal vollkommen ge- scheitert und wer hier wirklich in die Psychatrie oder in das Gefängnis gehört sollte auch mittlerweile absolut klar sein.
    Genauso war der nächste Versuch einer der NSU-Propagandamedien (Arte) vor C.S. eines dieser Wunderkinder zu stellen fehlgeschlagen. In der Tat besitzt der vorgestellte Junge ein hohes mathematisches Talent, dass aber nicht so ausgewöhnlich hoch ist, wie man es in der Reportage den ZuschauerInnen versuchte zu suggerieren. Daran än- dert auch der Versuch nichts dies mit der Vorstellung seines selbst- programmierten Computerspiels zu unterstreichen, denn das sollte eigentlich jede/jeder interessierte und etwas talentierte Programmie- rerIn unabhängig ihres/seines Alters auch nach ungefähr fünf Jahren mit den von ihm benutzten 3D-Software-Bibliotheken und Program- mierbeispielen samt Prototyp des gezeigten Spiels, die C.S. sofort erkannte, möglich sein. Er ist also weder in der Mathematik als auch in den Computerwissenschaften ein Ramanujan. Seine Leistungen im musikalischen Bereich hingegen sind in der Tat beeindruckend, insbe- sondere die Technik am Klavier und beim Komponieren. Man muss aber erwähnen, dass seine emotionalen als auch kreativen Defizite auch von ihm selbst klar erkennbar waren: Er kann nicht tanzen und wenn dann nur nach Anleitungen und fast wie ein Roboter.
    Auch dass wieder einmal die Mutter eines dieser Wunderkinder be- hauptet, dass ihr Kind schon im Alter von 18 Monaten sich selbst die grundlegende Mathematik beigebracht hat erscheint uns weiterhin als Geschichte aus dem Märchenland, da die physikalischen und so- mit biologischen Gegebenheiten (der Körper) in diesem Alter solch eine Informationsverarbeitung nicht zulassen kann. Das Gehirn be- sitzt in einem Alter von 18 bis 30 Monaten gar nicht genug Masse, sodass diese Kinder entweder musizieren, lesen, schreiben oder rechnen könnten, aber dafür dann nicht sprechen, laufen oder auf dem Pöttchen sitzen.

    Comment of the Day
    "If it can be seen clearly that the brake on debt won't work, because it doesn't solve any problems, then it is time to change course immediately."

    Picture of the Day and Clarification
    Parish church St. Jakob in Defereggen/Deferregenvalley, Austria
    Pfarrkirche St. Jakob in Defereggen/im Deferregental, Österreich

    Parish church St. Jakob in Defereggen/Deferregenvalley, Austria (Image by Michael Kranewitter)
    ©© Michael Kranewitter

    Wer schon immer wissen wollte woher die Idee mit der Wok-Welt- meisterschaft wirklich herkam, der sollte einfach einmal genau auf den Deckel der Straßenlaterne sehen. Dieser wurde nämlich vor gut 35 Jahren von betrunkenen einheimischen Jugendlichen sehr früh am Morgen von einer Laterne demontiert um damit einen schneebedeck- ten Hang herunter zu rodeln. Die originale Laterne soll übrigens ein Stück weiter der Straße folgend gegenüber dem Café Tirol neben dem großen Jesus stehen und der Hang müsste der Kröllerboden sein (links neben den Telefonzellen), dessen kurzer Skilift seit einigen Jahren schon abgebaut wurde. Aber vielleicht war es auch die Straßenlaterne auf dem Foto.
    Und nein, Stefan R. hat auch diesen Spaßsport nicht erfunden. (Jetzt wird es langsam immer teurer. :P)
    Evrebody who ever wanted to know where the idea of the wok world championship truly originated should simply take a look closely on the lid of the street lamp. In fact, around 35 years ago this has been demounted by drunken local teenagers very early in the morning for sledging downwards a snow-covered hillside. The original lamp must stand a further along the street in front of the cafe Tirol, beside the large Jesus and the hillside should be the Krölerboden (left besides the public telephone stations), which short skilift has been deconstructed since quite some years. But maybe it was street lamp on the photo.
    And no, that dude Stefan Raab has not invented this fun sport too.


  • N24 Media: Das Medienunternehmen nutzt auf seinem Nachrichtenkanal das Nachrichtenlaufband für die illegale Plazierung von Unternehmen und deren Produkte sowie Dienstleistungen.

    Comment of the Day #1

    Comment of the Day #2
    "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the peop- le some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.", [Abraham Lincoln]

    Ontolinux Further steps
    Today, we have begun with the long ago planned strategic change of our OntoFS code base. The initiating issue were some e-mails on the reiserfs-devel mailing list of the last months. First of all, there is no development anymore since around two years now, with the except- ion of some patches by the maintainer to keep the file system runn- ing with actual kernels. But in the end the last patch is made for the kernel 2.6.38, which indeed is not so actual. We think that besides the maintainer has no time to care for the project (not the code, but the management), as we already mentioned, we also have now the impression that he lost control of the work to be done. In fact, the mailing list has finally become a troll hole.

    After we have mentioned the nearly exact impression we had as well about the acting of one of the last 3 or so active members of the mailing list, we were offened by a troll from the Netherlands in the following way:

    > Hello,
    >> Any news on reiser4 status or where its all at ?
    >> Thanks Gl[***]
    > You are suspiciously pretty aware of its status. Is there a client?
    > Christian Stroetmann

    Dear Christian,

    Most of your comments are totally worthless and do not help the community, and that's quite annoying. I'll add your email address to the Junk filter.

    I wish you a good life, preferably in a remote area.


    We answered with the following e-mail:

    Why is Mr. Fre[***] so offending?
    We don't know what he wants to say us and perhaps others.
    All what we do or ask is community related and doubtlessly helps the community:
    We informed how we use the R4 fs.
    We made suggestions how to bring the project further.
    We offered our help and support.
    We busted persons, who in fact have tried to damage the project and the community massively.
    We informed about infringements of copyrights.
    We informed about persons who tried to damage the project by playing foul.
    We asked about how we could buy Namesys to bring the project back on track.
    We asked for stopping advertisement.

    We don't know who Mr. Fre[***] is.
    Maybe he mailed four years ago a message.
    But we are sure that so far he posted no concepts, descriptions, help, code, patch or something that is community related at all.

    Furthermore, we thank Mr.[]Fre[***] for his kind wish of having a good life, while assuring everybody else that it won't be in a remote area.

    Last but not least:
    Thank you very much for showing the community you[r] real nature, because this is exactly what we want to find out as part of the community work. Said this, from our point of view Mr. Fre[***] is definitely not able to work in a team.
    Please Mr. Fre[***], stop messing up with community members.

    C. Stroetmann

    Comment: We forgot to explicitly list that we had suggested to set up the wiki at least for the R4 file system, which was stolen by an absolutely stupid german troll, who also conducted a serious copy- right infringement by copying documents of the company Namesys into the wiki.

    The reaction of the maintainer was nice as always:

    > Dear Christian,
    > Most of your comments are totally worthless and do not help the
    > community, and that's quite annoying. I'll add your email address to the
    > Junk filter.

    Good idea. I have done so 4 years ago.


    Comment: So far one of the biggest moron ever met in life did not say "go away" again, as he did just right from the start around 4 years. Besides, this time he repeated the phrase "four years" from our e-mail, which was so unbelievable clever that we decided to support him with 4 peanuts.

    Because we had made a little mistake in relation with the contribut- ions of the Dutch troll, we sent an additional e-mail to clarify the case:

    Sorry, we have to correct our statement. In fact, we found 5 messages:

    12th December 2008:
    One was about a compiled kernel.
    The next one was something that he now calls annoying himself.

    4th April 2009:
    This was again a comment on the same level as our message.

    25th of April 2009:
    Ask[ed] in a offending way where our fork is.

    1st of July 2009:
    He gave informations how to use R4 with GRUB, which from our point of view could be easily found in the web by searching.

    We do apologize for our mistake.

    Have fun
    C. Stroetmann

    Comment: As far as we do know this was all what the Dutch troll ever has sent all the years, and then he is so bold to attack us.
    Also, it should be absolutely clear that this kind of technical level is by far not sufficient for such a high-tech project, but for a pro- gramming project in a kindergarten.

    Furthermore, due to our impression that the maintainer has lost mood and control we sent the following e-mails:

  • Subject: To do list


    Any news on to-do list status or where its all at ?

    C. Stroetmann

    Comment: There exists only an outdated ToDo-list from the year 2009, and despite it was asked by several interested person all the years the maintainer was unable to write it. He only said once it could be started with the function xyz, which was one of the more complex part in the software code, so nobody did it in the end. For sure, we don't code for the project, because we were told directly from the start to "go away", and so we have started our fork. And until today we heard no apologize by the maintainer, or his insight that he really needs help, and also we were not asked to come back.

  • Subject: Plug-in description


    Any news description of plug-in feature or status at all?

    C. Stroetmann

    Comment: The description was promised to be written by the main- tainer Edward Shiskin since the end of the year 2008.

  • Subject: Code base compatibility kernel 3.x

    What are the major issues to make the code base of R4 compatible with the kernel 3.1 and following versions?
    As far as we have observed it some things have changed in the general fs code of the kernel.

    C. Stroemann

    Comment: This question was done in relation with the development of the patch for the Linux® kernel 3.1 and following versions.

  • Subject: Code base common programming rules


    Are the insider naming of whatsoever [(functions, documentations, and so on)] removed by common name[s] as normally used?

    C. Stroetmann

    Comment: This was always an issue requested by the reviewers of the source code, because the chosen naming convention was con- fusing, which could be in fact the goal by the developing company. We never understood why this patch was not done by the main- tainer, despite it was so simple for him. Said this, here we always saw a little chaos.

  • Subject: Release date of next patch for kernel 3.x

    Is somebody knowing about the release date of the next patch for the kernel 3.x line?
    The maintainer said at first nothing (questioned by Gl[***]) and the last [time] soon. But the past showed clearly that this could mean a week, a month or even some years.

    C. Stroetmann

    Comment: We asked explicitly once again, because the statement "the patch comes soon" is in fact worthless for developers. Besides this, we made clear once again that the maintainer is unable to get the job done.

  • Subject: R4 source code architecture


    Has anybody a model of the architecture of R4?
    We neither do ask for the general description about the file system nor about [the] detail[s] of the Btree* and dancing tree algorithms. These issues are all totally clear.
    What we are asking [for] is the software technology, the architecture and the models.

    C. Stroetmann

    Comment: In this way we showed what is also missing for the file system project.

  • Subject: Quality management inclusive test suit

    Is there any quality management around the project?
    Does exist a test suit?

    C. Stroetmann

    Comment: Again, we tried to show in this way what is also missing for the file system project.

  • Subject: Marketing and Public relation

    Can somebody please tell us who is responsible for the marketing of the project and the public relations.
    What is with the a[c]quis[ai]tion of sponsors? Every community and related projects love to have some.

    C. Stroetmann

    Comment: And a further time we listed a missing peace for such a large project.

    We also did sent the e-mails in this way, so that the community members could see the rough structure from the point of view of software technology, and to have for every part an own thread to discuss about and work on the different parts. But as expected, only the usual reactions could be seen, which came this time from an Australien troll and a Russian troll.
    At first we repeat the communication with the Down Under troll:

    You've been warned several times already.

    If you can't contribute anything except trolling, go away.


    We replied with the following e-mail:

    Hello T[***],

    It's nice to here from you, because this is the first time in [the] last five years.

    To your message:
    1. Where do you see the trolling?
    2. Where are your contributions, e.g. code[,] patches, documents, or other activities that are related with the R4 [file system]?
    3. Please, if there are no contributions at all, then stop trolling in this mailing list, being impolite, and messing up with members of the R4 development community.

    C. Stroetmann

    Obviously, he is the true troll, because from that dude came nothing at all. Absolutely nada, with the following exception as he explained himself:

    > 2. Where are your contributions,
    The unpleasant task of dealing with people like you. Really, here are your options:

    1) Go see a psychologist and work out your problems off list, perhaps after a year of therapy you will learn the meaning of "impolite"; or

    2) Contribute something of value here without the transparent agenda to disrupt and annoy.

    Comment: As we said, he is in fact the true nasty troll. Moreover, he is also a true moron, because there is in fact no agenda at all, as it could be seen by all of our e-mails as well. There is even no true maintainer or a project management.
    And due to the fact that we wanted to be constructive and to pro- tect the project against all these trolls, script kiddies, punks, and also criminals, we replied a last time:

    > 1) Go see a psychologist and work out your problems off list, perhaps
    > after a year of therapy you will learn the meaning of "impolite"; or

    Please, stop sending messages that are offending community members.

    > 2) Contribute something of value here without the transparent agenda to
    > disrupt and annoy.

    You've been warned already.
    If you can't contribute anything except trolling, then go away.

    After this a further troll from Russia sent a message, but the whole thread was already closed by the maintainer or someone else:
    nobody wants you.
    please go away.

    Due to the fact that we didn't know that person as well, we were so kind and also replied with:

    Hello Alex[***],

    It's nice to here from you, because this is the first time in [the] last five years.

    To your message:
    1. We do prefer a more polite form of communication on this mailing list.
    2. Where are your contributions, e.g. code[,] patches, documents, or other activities that are related with the R4 [file system]?
    3. Please, if there are no contributions at all, then stop trolling in this mailing list, being impolite, and messing up with members of the R4 development community.

    C. Stroetmann

    In the end the reader should find out that there is no project man- agement, no plan, no starting point, nearly no nice persons that are worth to communicate and collaborate with, but to 75% nasty and psychic trolls, who are only able to damage the developer communi- ty and are offending us (maybe its because there is no one else) since the first post of us, and even don't get the clue that there is nothing else to fight for than some words on a mailing list that may- be a handful of persons world wide read, and most important no fun with this file system project. How ridiculous, isn't it? Be entertained by that freak and troll show.

    So how does we go further? To be honest, we are judging once again the question, if it makes sense to develop further that totally messy file system at all, because we have an alternative. If it would make sense, then it is obviously clear that our R4 fork will be attack- ed by the troll gang all the time. So we have also developed a solut- ion for this point around three years ago, that would change the architecture of the software of the file system in such a way that it becomes incompatible with the original code base, and would also be too time expensive to copy or reverse engineer.
    Additionally, we found out that our webspace hoster gave us some mailing list infrastructures for free, so we could set up an own and, more important, troll and moron free mailing list.

    intelliTablet (iTablet) Further steps CET 0:35
    We have doodled some more little pixels and made the first sketch of the thin tablet and pad computer larger (see also our intelliTablet Further steps of the 5th of September 2011):

    intelliTablet Tablet Computer of the Next Generation or Pad Computer
    © intelliTablet for the Pad Computer Alliance

    The image shows, what we wrote in the description of the P@d™ concept.


  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA): We found more and more, and now massive amounts of our intellecutal proper- ties the we have presented on our websites before on the website of this federal institute. Additionally, our intellecutal properties were copied and presented, as well as in general orchestrated with other entities in exactly the same way, as it was and still is done by alrea- dy convicted criminal private entities (e.g. freelancers and corpor- ations) and other federal institutions (e.g. universities), so that the facts about the true origin are perverted, and in this way uninformed observers get the impression that we would copy all of the website contents owned by the DARPA. As our readers do know better the latter is not true, because we have always referenced the projects of other entities, if they aren't related with stolen intellectual prop- erties owned by us. Said this and that also methods were applied exactly in the same way, like other entities did and we have declared as mobbing (linked social network services on the DARPA website really says all), we can't conclude in a different way than that it was done for damaging our trustworthiness.
    In detail: The last version of the DARPA website has changed now significantly from the website version that was published some years ago, and contains at least 10 projects that were taken as a whole from our websites, and most potentially even more projects that are derived or related closely with contents of our websites. Some of the descriptions even stop either exactly with the same thought with which we stopped publishing the contents of our webpages, which is always an evidence for an incorrect acting, or have been brought further by only making one more step, so that on one hand the distance is kept as low as possible, and on the other hand the impression of a further development is suggested. But a closer look at some of these projects clearly proved that in fact there was no further development at all. Honestly, these nasty methods of steal- ing, which are even conducted on the fly, do not work, because in some cases mistakes have been made just right from the start by all entities on the side of the DARPA, which can't be corrected any- more without stopping the whole program, or/and the program lead- ers and partners of the DARPA have no more in-depth competence and no knowledge about the different technoloiges, which most of the time leads to nowhere.
    We also do see that the DARPA is supporting many companies that have stolen our intellectual properties, e.g. the usual commercial partners International Business Machine, or by creating real and fake companies designed only to steal our intellectual properties, like it was and for sure is still most prominently done in conjunction with our business division Ontologic Systems™ and its Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™, as well as Style of Speed™. The de- tails in relation with OntoLinux are:
  • Ontology-based software by a former fake company of a secret service of the U.S.A that seems to have been orchestrated with the Volkswagen Foundation (one large stack holder of Volkswagen is the federal state Niedersachsen==Lower Saxony governed traditionally by the political party CDU) and the University of Saarland, B.R.D., and eventually with the Univeristy of Karlsruhe, and one or some more universities in Italy by copying our business divisions OntoLab and Ontologic Systems (see also the description on the webpage Struktur und Organisation of the Ontonics website). The link to this fake company is still in existence despite that it seems to be remov- ed.
  • Some contained concepts of our Caliber (the keywords are uni- versal model, time and space, and horology) and MultiGPS/MultiGNS solution with the project of the pulsar x-ray based time and posit- ioning system as a universal (global) positioning system.
  • A subset of the overall architecture of OntoLinux and the Ontobot component was taken consisting of the sections Network Techno- logy, especially Grid Computing and Cloud Computing, together with Semantic (World Wide) Web, Intelligent/Cognitive Agent, and coining it respectively Cognitive Grid by an only stealing fake company that is said to be established by former DARPA clerks. There also is a link by the University of Hamburg, B.R.D., to this fake company, which is the same method as described with the first point. Said this, we have here indeed one of the very special methods of the manage- ment and the actions illegally applied by e.g. the government and the ministry of education and research of the B.R.D. in conjunction with other governments and even institutes that were only estab- lished to steal or intellectual properties and to pervert the facts. Due to the fact that these methods could be found easily in the same or a slightly changed form at many other places as well, we imply that we have a pattern that is an evidence of some kind of orchestration.
  • A subset of the overall architecture of OntoLinux and the software component Ontoscope was taken consisting of the software pack- age Delta 3D with more support for modelling with components.
  • Projects of humanoid robots, either only the corpus or as a whole, have been set up following listing on the webpage Links to Hard- ware.
  • And in the last past our Multicore Chip series, especially our Neural Net Core™ and our Neural Net Central Processing Unit™ (Neural Net CPU™/NNCPU™) as mentioned on this website and due to this issue then listed on the webpage Links to Hardware as well, was stolen by the company International Business Machines in orchestration with the European Comission and now also with the DARPA. Taken all facts together we imply once again that this pattern of acting is an evidence of orchestration, but this time on a much higher level. By the way: Our NNCPU is already here since more than 6 years. So what that only stealing company International Business Machines and the DARPA do with the related project is burning 21 million U.S. dollar only. Both won't win anything, quite contrary both a far behind us now due to their absolutey silly and dirty game.
  • One half of the project Plan & Proof has been copied in relation with the two other projects Swarm Engineering and Robot Swarms.
    As it can be seen, our OntoLinux™ and all related hardware have been stolen either directly or after the different projects are com- bined in the end.
    In relation with Style of Speed™ we have the exemplary details:
  • A project was started that reflects our model X!™ by using Web 2.0 technology (e.g. removable doors as protective shield). We have seen several years ago more sophisticated solutions in comparison to the vehicle that was presented on the related webpage of the web- site by the DARPA, and which are even ready for production. Defini- tely, the DARPA is aware of these other all-terrain vehicles and as far as we do know a manufacturer has been already chosen some years ago as well, so the question is: Why did the DARPA this? Simply, this kind of acting should pervert the facts with our model X! only, so that our trustworthiness is again damaged. It was also con- ducted by mobbing us with the social network issue. Both methods of psychological terror prove that the DARPA has attacked our com- pany. Obama and Merkel are indeed asses only, and both only have acted in this way to stay in power.
  • The by us started renaissance of hydrogen peroxide as propellant for space vehicles was reflected with the X-38 by the DARPA and USAF.
  • Quite some time ago now the FALCON program was started, which in its latest originally planned state are the planes we are presenting now with our Hypersonic Jet Fighter HJF-1 Hyper Falcon and the Hypersonic Cruise Vehicle HCV-1 WhiteSwift due to the reorganizat- ion of the FLACON program following in some details our Hypersonic AirLiner HAL-1 HyperStar. So far so good, but we wanted to mention the case here as well. By the way: We have not criticiz- ed the case at first, because it is not that easy, but if really both FALCON HTV-2s were lost by accidents and not by telling a fairy tale, then we are really starting stepping on the ceiling. So difficult is it not with this high-speed glider, and has to be common work. Besides, the next time it would be wise to put two or three test vehicles on top of the launcher.
  • Some years ago, a program was started for the development of small transforming flying cars after we have shown an image of the "Fliewatüüt" (Flywatoot derived from the combination of flying, boat- ing on water, and driving on land, like a vehicle that can make toot). Now, again its program description and some of the technology was updated by taking contents from our webpages, especially again the webpages of our flying electric trike E3, Powered Lift Aircraft range, Active Rotor and Active Wing, as well. The quoted passage of the program description "hybrid electric drive ducted fan propulsion syst- em, ring motors, energy storage methods such as batteries and ultra capacitors, morphing vehicle bodies, and advanced flight controls and flight management systems" says us all.
  • A project for the development of an Active Rotor was set up by copying the text passages of the descriptions from the webpages of our Active Rotor and Active Wing, for example the convicting phrase "mission adaptive rotor" in comparison to our phrase "sculpture the shape according to the needs of operations". Indeed, some parts of the basic technology were already developed by the NASA, but this was several years ago, and the result was a large rotor with some kind of integrated foldable flaps only. After the program became an orphaned technology we have revived it by our further conceptual development to the Active Rotor. Given this facts we conclude that our webpage contents were taken by the DARPA for having an arg- ument to claim of being first and in this way a further possibility to pervert again the true origin of technologies, our technologies.
  • A further project was set up in the past for the development of a hybrid between a plane and a helicopter featuring a telescoping rot- or and ducted propfans in relation to the contents of the webpages of our Active Rotor and Active Wing again, as well as in relation with the webpage of our very special E Trike E3, our range of Powered Lift Aircraft, and the engines of our hybrid aircraft BWB-1/White Eagle. In fact, this technology of the telescoping rotor is used by another suspicious company that developed as well a flying trike by combining a trike and an autogyro with telescoping rotors. By the way: This project is nonsense, because taking tilting Counter-Rotat- ing Ducted Propfans (CRDPs) for such an aircraft is the way to go, and not that additional rotor technology on top of it. Furthermore, we'sre actually not interested in telescoping rotors, even not in con- junction with our E3. So, maybe somebody of the DARPA guessed the wrong technology, which was not our mistake, as usual.
  • We see more applications based on MagnetoHydroDynamics (MHD) after we mentioned it several times on the website of Style of Speed in the subsection Plane of the section Air, and in the section Space.
  • The development of a long-shot projectile has been started. By the way: This project is redundant somehow with very fast flying mini drones.
    As it can be seen again, many of the projects were also created in such a way that they either directly copy our solutions, or their later combinations yield in our solutions and maybe some others.
    And so on.
    We really like the DARPA as an institution, but not in this form. The technology related works are done by universities or other federal institutes, and the management is done by the different military directorates and agencies, as well. We have expected much more smarter actings, than only stealing and doing simple marketing. Especially setting up more crazy projects has always been a char- acteristic of the institute. We have not publicated many of such projects, because our expectation was that the DARPA would do so and in this way makes the decision which technology is not top secret or harming the national security. Again, by its incompetent acting the DARPA is not aware about several technology classes developed in the OntoLab.

    Due to the fact that all entities worked on behalf of the dispositions given by their governments, especially by a joint acting of the two countries U.S.A. and the B.R.D., as it finally came now to the sur- face, for the only reason to steal our intellectual properties by total- ly undemocratic processes as part of a dirty game started by the opportunist Merkel (CDU) following the plot of the novel "The Count of Monte Cristo" by Alexandre Dumas by mixing it up with terrorism, and conducted with the support of Obama (D) Sarkozy, and at least the predecessors of Cameron. This kind of acting does not create stability in the world, is not democratic anymore, and already has had a more deconstructive effect to the whole world than the attack on the World Trade Center in the year 2001. In fact, this is also a case for all parliaments of the related countries, and a call to the world for getting rid of pseudo-dictators.

    We do know since around several years that governmental institut- ions of the U.S.A. are acting behind us, but that they act against us is a giant mess, mistake, and again a shame for a nation that claims to have installed the first democratic constitution. Said this, this is the reason why everybody has to pay for our properties and techno- logies, as it is common, and so the bill is about around 200 billion U.S. dollar plus interest plus a 20 billion U.S. dollar fine minus 30 bill- ion U.S. dollar for referenced intellectual properties taken from the NASA, the DARPA, and similar institutes.

    Comment of the Day
    "<irony>This time you all were too clever.</irony>"

    Tomorrow and the following day no informations due to 9/11.

    To understand the issue correctly: The correct judgement at a court in Düsseldorf, B.R.D., in the case of Apple vs. Samsung about the copied design is only valid in the fields of smartphones, tablet and (eventually) pad computers due to its special functionality, which was not shown in movies or somewhere else before in every single case of these devices. But the chronology is also important:
    In 2004, the company Apple protected its design for smartphones and tablet computers (pen based input method or/and one-finger operation as another input device concept in conjunction with a Graphical User Interface (GUI); see the related image of the tablet computer concept by the company Microsoft we showed on the 13th February 2008, and that we selected deliberately due to the painted image and the handwritten text on the display as the first step to make a clear classification of the Pad Computer™, and also the Picture of the Day of the 27th of January 2010 showing tablet computers and three of the so-called tab).
    On the 19th of March 2008, we have also described before the "mi- nimalistic modern design" for the new class of Pad Computers™ in the description of the P@d™ concept.
    Later (a year or more) the company Apple developed and produced a Mobile Device™ with an exterior of its smartphone (handheld with one-handed and one or more fingers operation, network connected, and further characteristics of a mobile/cell phone), and the design and functionality described with the P@d™ concept that defines the new class of devices called Pad Computer™ (concept of the multi- media table as inspiration, larger display that makes the device un- comfortable to be hold in one hand for a longer duration of time as well as to wear in a pocket, additional two handed (6 or more fing- ers) operation, conceptually not bound to a network connection, and so on; would normally be called tablet computer, but this kind of device was shown before in movies and by Microsoft (see the first point of this chonology above and the last point below)).
    On the 27th of January 2010, the said device was presented by the company Apple, which we described wrongly on that day as being only a webpad or an internet tablet for playing down the product, but in fact was already a Pad Computer™ with network connectivity.
    In August 2011, the company Samsung implicitly accepted in the formal way of our claim for the copyright of the P@d™ concept and design by showing movie screenshots of tablet computers and tabs (tablet computers without pen/stylus and operated with one finger, older or other designs, and often called pads as well) at a court in San Francisco, U.S.A..
    Due to the fact that we have described the essential design and functionality by words, we claim for the copyright of the definition of the Pad Computer™ class, which by the way holds longer than pat- ents in the field of tablet computers.

    Why the judge has used exactly our formulation (Minimalistic Modern™) for presenting the opinion of the court is an issue that we will follow closely in the future, because it could by an attemptby unfriendly entities to create a situation in which we are prohibited to distribut and to sell our own devices. This would be a bad idea by the company Apple. So if its so-called mini-patent does not clearly describe the defining P@d concept and design, then the best option has been clearly sketch- ed, and is already in action since some weeks with the Pad Computer Alliance.

    In conjunction to this case the example of patenting the concept of a car was many times repeated. But what the persons who declared this as nonsense overlooked is the fact that there were around 1900 exactly the same patent wars in the case of automobiles, following those in the field of the modern bicycle as we do know them today with two wheels, a chain as part of the drivetrain, and so on.

    "Die iPad-Konkurrenz muss also nicht vom deutschen Markt ver- schwinden", [ARD, Heute]. Das ist falsch. Samsung darf in der B.R.D. und von der B.R.D. aus europaweit keine Geräte mehr an HändlerIn- nen liefern. Dies kann auch nicht durch den Weg über das Ausland umgangen werden, da hier dann weitere Gesetze greifen, die das unterbinden, das heißt auch der Vertrieb über das Internet ist so- wohl Samsung direkt und wegen der Mustergültigkeit des Prozesses praktisch gesehen für alle anderen HändlerInnen untersagt.
    Auch die Aussage des Gerichtssprechers ist nicht richtig, da es zwar zwischen Vertrieb und Verkauf Unterschiede gibt, aber explizit in den Gesetzen zum Patent und zum Geschmacksmuster eindeutig festge- legt wird, dass ein Patent beziehungsweise ein Geschmacksmuster der/dem BesitzerIn das alleinige Recht der wirtschaftlichen Nutzung ihrer/seiner Erfindung oder ihres/seines Entwurfs gewährt. Also, der Verkauf aller Pad Computer, die dem P@d und dem Apple iPad ähnlich sehen, sind in der B.R.D. praktisch gesehen verboten.

    OntoLinux Further steps
    The issue of yesterday continued today. We don't know why and how the anonymous person could post her/his message into the thread again, but we post our answer directly on our webpage, as explained at the end of our reply:

    Hello Simon,

    > Hello CS,
    > please stop spamming, and meditate a few days in silence,

    Thanks for the kind advice, but if you take a closer look on the whole mess, then you will directly see that that cake is eaten since quite some years. So, see, what you are calling spamming, as my final show with a firework.

    On our side we will definitely not mediate. But this does not change the point that on the reiser-devel side the trolls should be pushed away immediately. It can't be that the development of R4 is practically on hold, because a group of persons has hijacked the community, and is mobbing and attacking everybody who wants to bring the file system further.

    > that was 9 mails in row of obvious questions,

    If we would be trolls, then we would say now: So what, be happy that the community gets e-mails at all and in this volume. Obviously, we are not so simple made. ;D

    > what you could have easily bundled.

    We did it directly in this way, because:
    1. nobody did something in this field,
    2. the last time we made a related suggestions, the wiki, it was (very simply said) stolen by the trolls and set up on kernel.org, and
    3. because we thought it would be constructive to give every question/issue an own thread, so that every single part could be discussed.
    This was constructive and works correctly, because in this way everything with, what you are calling spamming, is bundled in this thread with the subject named Marketing and Public relations. Imagine if this and that and technical issues would have been posted in one single thread.

    To the wiki:
    The wiki was filled by the trolls with documents of the former com- pany Namesys that are copyrighted. In this case we asked if Hans Reiser has given the permission for doing so. But as ususal either we got no answer, or some trolls came up doing their usual destructive thing. And the reason for our question for this is that we wanted this case to become legal. There are laws that are mandatory even for the reiser-development community. But most of the persons with whom we communicated about this were only anarchists, simply said.

    > Nevertheless we apreciate your concern of bringing the project further, anyway there's a lot of tention right now, so a few days of wise quiteness would show to be sophisticated power. ;)

    So, if there is tension, why do we get only 4 e-mails, and this only from persons we don't know, because we can't remember that they have sent an e-mail to the mailing list in the last 2 or 3 years? Are they unable to discuss in the public? Or do they have only troll arg- uments? We are discussing every day and in this way are fighting with words for a clear red line, so that everybody has orientation and stability, and as a consequence security.
    And that we created tension can also be interpreted as an unmis- takeable sign that we mean it very seriouse. Seriouse, because we have not presented any source code of our fork due to the law: If we do so, it is licensed and protected by the GPL. If we don't do so, only we have the copyright, and even could sell it with a bunch of patents to a very large company. And that two times one of the german trolls copied in the summer of 2009 related contents from our file system OntoFS webpage into the related thread on the rei- ser-devel mailing list while we were discussing our OntoFS in relation with the further development of R4 is a clear and very nasty act of copyright infringement, which won't change anything, because there are archives everywhere that prove that we are right in claiming for being the owner of the intellectual property.

    Your point with the quiteness is already fulfilled, but not by a magic spell, due to the fact that the so-called spamming was as well our final show, as we said above.

    Btw.: We even don't know, if our e-mails get through the mailing list junk filter, because we won't make any experiments to find it out.

    > Thanks!
    > Simon the Sorcerer

    > PS:
    > Sorry for this eMail! :-/

    Make a spell and have fun under the sun
    Christian *<:o) O>-< -(D)>-<

    Btw.: We have the address of the german troll who copied two times our OntoFS webpage content into a related thread on the reiser- devel mailing list, and it is definitely only a question of time that we will sent him the big bill for doing so, or he finds his posted messages and publicly explains that they cointain our intellectual properties, as quick as possible.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Hemp Energy™
    Baboo Energy™
    Jelly fuel cell™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "The fake euro has become the freak euro.", [C.S., 10.September.2011]

    Ontonics Website update
    Due to the development of the latest design of our P@d concpet (see the intelliTablet Further steps of the 5th of September 2011 and 8th of September 2011) we have added on the 10th of Septem- ber 2011 more technical details to the description of the P@d 2.0.

    Today, we did exactly the same with our cBook series and added the new generation under the project name:

  • cBook 6.0.

    In conjunction with the more detailed description of our P@d concept we've updated the description of our WREL/WRPL@Home solution accord- ingly by mentioning the P@d 2.0 as well as a field of application.

    We also added the projects:

  • Carbon Bamboo,
  • Hemp Energy, and
  • Bamboo Energy,

    as we have announced in the Ontonics Further steps of the 2nd of September 2011.

    Ontonics Further steps
    With the presentation of a new concept of lithium accumulators we have developed further our range of fuel cell solutions, like our Looped Fuel Cell, with the result of a new amazingly different basic concept and general technology that we would like to add to the Innovation-Pipeline as the new project called:

  • Jelly Fuel Cell, which combines the concepts of the jelly accumul- ator and the fuel cell. This led directly to a new.

    Due to the reason that we have now the second generation of the cBook and the third generation of the P@d we are thinking about a reorganization of the cBook and Pad Computer sections by using the numbering scheme in an extended way.

    OntoLinux Website update
    Already very early in the morning in Europe on the 10th of Septem- ber 2011, we have updated the wepage of our OntoFS, because the further development of the Reiser4 file system obviously seems to be on hold (see also the OntoLinux Further steps of the 8th and 9th of September 2011 and the reactions in the troll hole below). For this we created as the first step a new webpage called Reiser4 File Syst- em, and moved all of the related contents of the sections Sources, Real OntoFS and Real OntoFS Installation to this new webpage. In an additional step, the text of both webpages have been changed accordingly, which for the OntoFS webpage means that the inform- ation about the foundation given by the Reiser4 file system has been replaced with a short explanation that there was such a relation in former times, and with the short descriptions about our two alter- natives for implementing a Real OntoFS.
    Said this, we, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH and our business di- vision Ontologics, are not supporting the file system Reiser4 any- more. We also would like to give other entities the hint to focus on other file systems.

    For sure, we only waited for such a reaction by the troll hole, which also proves that two of the last active members on the mailing list of the reiser file system developers, if they could be named developers at all, don't get a grip on the reality anymore.

    > Hello,
    >> I have a question for Ed[***; the maintainer]
    >> What is the most likely next reiser4 patch, will it be for 2.6.39x or
    >> 3.0.0x or something else ?

    I do have the stuff against .39, and, I guess, it also works for 3.0
    However an old bug still takes place, which has become rather
    annoying after pdflush has been removed in .30

    The common idea is that I wouldn't like to put buggy stuff for
    public needs.

    Ed[***; the maintainer].

    Comment: Firstly, another one of the Australian trolls has asked his standard question in respect to this update of the file system for the third time now. Secondly, it isn't only the bug due to the removal of the pdflush. Here that pseudo-maintainer seems to lie again, and tries to tell the public that everything with the file system is in order. But in fact, we would use it only in a test environment, or troll desk- top system. That is also the reason why we have removed it from the OntoFS webpage. Thirdly, both have given themselves the rest with this episode of their freak show. How ridiculous, isn't it?

    And the next reaction on our comment about the last posts on the mailing list (see above) came by the Australian troll:

    Thanks, Ed[***; the maintainer] for the info, I'll make a new .rpm compilation when the new patch is ready/released.
    Cheers Gl[***]

    Comment: <irony>What a harmony. This really must be a top devel- oper community.</irony> In every pack there is some kind of harmo- ny, even under trolls. How funny.

    We made two notes about the museum Museum Schloss Moyland and the culture damaging sponsor RWE on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Lithium-titanate air™
    Lithium-sulfur air™ Lithium-sulphur air™
    Jelly air™
    Gel air™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Exchange euro for Tibet", [C.S., Today]

    Question of the Day #1
    "When is Domino Day?", [C.S., Today]
    We heard that this time "The World in Domino - The Show with the Flow", [2009], won't be organized by the Dutchs in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, but in Athen, Greece.

    Question of the Day #2
    "Haben Sie heute schon schief gequasselt, Frau Pussi Hoppenstedt?"
    Loriot als Bundeskanzler wäre sicher auch eine Alternative gewesen.

    Ontonics Website update CET 16:30
    We added three finger exercises to our Innovation-Pipeline that were laying around in our office, the first one since some months:

  • Lithium-Titanate Air Battery,
  • Lithium-Sulphur Air Battery, and
  • Jelly Air Battery.

    Investigations::Car #334

  • Volkswagen→Porsche: "Mehr Elfer denn je==More 11 than ever", the marque announced the new 911-generation with less displace- ment, more PS, and reduced weight. As we have already worked out with the Investigations::Car #333 of the 5th of September 2011, the claim of the worldwide first seven-speed manual transmission is wrong, because we are offering for our model 911 V8, The 911, a seven-speed sequential race transmission with either single or dual clutch since the 7th of June 2011 that generally can be shifted manually with a shift lever due to the rules of some race series, in which the gearbox was race tested, that don't allow shift pedals at the steering wheel, or it can be shifted in conjunction with the com- bination made out of our Active Transmission™ and Active Shift™ component by applying hydraulic actuators, like our Active Actuat- ors™ (see also the Style of Speed Website update of the 8th of June 2011). Due to the fact that the marque does basically nothing else with what it calls manual transmission, this points to another copyright infringement, which we have overlooked at first, because this technology is so common for us since so long, and we thought that the Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini Sesto Elemento concept car has a manual transmission as well. In addition, the new version of the 911 (991) also features strikingly shorter overhangs at the front and rear that are (compare with the descriptions of e.g. our model Raptor Speedster and, especially in this case, our model 9EE Speedster), 20" rims, as well as taillights with LED-technology that turn out ex- tremely narrow (compare the webpage of our model 911 BB and the related image shown with the case of the publisher Motor Presse Stuttgart→auto motor und sport in the Investigations::Car #306 of the 10th of January 2011).
    Besides this, the management of the marque also saw that our mod- el 911 V8 could cost more than 200,000 euro and up to 400,000 euro, so that this led to its statement about the attack of the leg- endary marque Fiat→Ferrari. But our intention was only to hold up the legacy of Enzo Ferrari and the tradition of the marque Ferrari by proving in this way that both are more general, and to give all pers- ons, who don't like the exterior or/and interior of a Ferrari an altern- ative, for sure. The logo of Style of Speed stands for tradition and not plagiarism.
  • Volkswagen→Porsche,Topcar and 9ff: Another highly interesting information came to the surface by a press release that was said to have been published by the marque Porsche: "An acknowledged German Company and a Topcar tuning scene partner - 9ff [are work- ing with us and so we do support them.]". Now, this also explains why that company 9ff, which somehow looks like a fake company created by Porsche and supported by media companies, like Bertels- mann and ProSiebenSat.1 Media, acted in criminal ways all the years, and the other company Topcar was so highly suspicious all the years.
  • Volkswagen→Audi: Following us, the marque has also redesigned its entire performance range by using smaller, more powerful engines. This shift can be seen best with the replacement of the 5.0-liter TSFI V8 engine with the 4.0-liter version.
    *** From here on: Fine tuning™ and Proof-reading mode ***
  • Daimler→Mercedes-Benz: A concept car was presented on a large automotive exhibition in the B.R.D.. In this issue we quote out of a report that was not explicitly marked as the first official press re- lease, and published by an online magazine: "F 125! [The exclamat- ion mark clearly proves that it has stolen our naming scheme of our models in the Street Legal section as part of its marketing. It is one evidence of the clear copyright infringement.]", "[...] luxury segment [...] [See our related vehicle range called E-Luxury™.], ""The new research vehicle illustrates and underlines this claim to leadership with innovative ideas and traditional [the marque] strengths in the areas of design, safety, comfort and performance." [We all do know that the part about the leadership is a lie, because we find more and more of our innovative ideas in their marketing and products.]", "[...] logical further development of the fuel cell drive system in combinat- ion with plug-in technology [...] [This sounds like our concept of the Looped Fuel Cell™ in a car. Its chief executive officer said in an int- erview about the concpet car the phrase "combination of fuel cell and battery", which undoubtedly gives the same impression.]", "[...] further development of the current lithium-ion battery and research into lithium-air technology [...] [So, at least we have once again the proof that the company is spying and copying us.]", "[...] study combines pioneering and highly efficient storage, drive and bodyshell technologies with unique control and display concepts [...] [As we have shown conceptually before with for example our models B!™ and j!™.]", "[...] superior performance [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] control and display concept based on touch, speech and hand- gestures makes the F 125! a true "companion" with whom the driver is able to interact [...] [This was stolen from e.g. the webpage of our model V!™.]", "Highly attractive displays using 3D and projector- beam technology to open up new visual possibilities. [This concept has been stolen as well from e.g. the webpage of the model j!™, and also in this way from the description of our e-dashboard™.]", "Next-generation, substantially networked telematics allow internet-based voice control, integration into social media and extensive remote control of vehicle settings and entertainment functions. [Doubtlessly, most or even all the named technologies have been described directly of indirectly by linking to webpages of other technologies on the related webpages on the website of Style of Speed™, especially on the website of our model j!™.]", "[...] Innovative assistance systems for lasting driver stress relief, e.g. Advanced Driving Assist for semi-autonomous driving. [Again, this was copied illegally from the webpage of our model j!™.]", "[...] recuperation rates in combination with the e4MATIC all-wheel drive [...] four powerful electric motors installed near the wheels, which ensure sporty, superior performance figures [...] modular e4MATIC system, which also uses improved drive components [...] [We all do know now that this is our Active Differential™ #2 that company has copied illegaly, and with this description once again infringed our copyright, because many of the essential elements and the of the functionalities have been named.]", "[...] hydrogen tank to be fully integrated into the bodyshell structure [...] integrated into the floor assembly [...] [This solution was shown several years ago by the company General Motors and again around two years ago by a small manufacturer from California, U.S.A..]", "[...] because to withstand a pressure of up to 700 bar, current tanks need to be cylindrical in shape [...] [No, this is wrong. This is even so wrong that we have to say to this statement: Total nonsense. That company has misinterpreted a strategic step we made in conjunction with our Space Plane XSS-3™/BigStar™ exactly in this same context of hydrogen tanks with which we solved the tank problem of the X-33 concept. Due to its incompetence we can only say: What a High-Ouch.]", "Combining the fuel cell drive system with the innovative lithium-sulphur battery makes a total operating range of up to 1000 km possible, of which up to 50 km can be under battery-electric power alone. [Besides the question for what a battery is needed at all, if the fuel cell has a capacity for a range of 950 kilometers, we also can see that our Looped Fuel Cell™ was only splitted into one fuel cell and one battery, but with the same goal in mind that is the combination of both technologies, especially for the application in vehicles, and with the nearly the same marketing story told. This makes it a clear copyright infringement.]", and "[...] peak output of 230 kW (313 hp) [...] [Do we have to laugh about this insider joke (3 Theme; SOS)?]".
    Taken all together, the company has deliberately presented once again, as it did all the years, large parts of our technologies to the public without naming us as the true origin. And in direct relation with our concept of combining the concepts of the fuel cell and the battery for vehicles we do ask the question how the next generation of its splitted version of this technology will look like. Both concepts integrated? Then we have again our Looped Fuel Cell™ as a whole.

    The company is showing again, like all the time through the last years, that it is misusing its market power. After the laws of the European Union it has to be splitted as well.

  • Toyota→Scion: "[...] Pure Balance [...]", "[...] fun-to-drive spirit [...]", and "[...] good reflection of its inner power [...]".
  • Ford: A concept car was presented on a large automotive exhibition. We do quote out of the related press release: "[...] Technology Vision [...]", "[...] new vision [...]", "[...] outstanding design, smart technologies and fuel economy leadership [...] [As with another company before we would call the part about the leadership as a lie.]", "[...] as visionary as the design [...]", "[...] area of connectivity, where the intent is not to convert the vehicle into a smartphone, but rather to provide personalised and safe connection to the outside world in an enriching manner designed totally for the vehicle context [...] [We will already mention at this point for example our models j!™, V!™ and iCup™ by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] build on the momentum of innovations like the SYNC in-car connectivity system [...] [So, here we mention again our models j!™ and V!™.]", "[...] car will be defined by the experience that it delivers to the driver and passengers [...]", "We see technology as more than just an impressive list of microprocessors, sensors and software; it’s about the application of that technology to create an experience that enhances the driver’s time behind the wheel. [So now the reader should come to the point where she/he understands why we again mention our models j!™ and V!™. This is because our intention is described by the text of the press release, only.]", "[...] concept’s technology experience embraces a new generation of driver interaction and awareness [...]", "Seamless connectivity between the vehicle and the driver’s ‘personal cloud’ of information is at the heart of the vision for its capabilities. [We think that this is finally the clear evidence of an infringement of the copyright we are claiming for by pointing to the section Contemporary of the webpage of our models iCup™ and j!™, as well as our models of Micro Electric City Cars™, the City :)™ (City Fun™) and Innercity™ as well as the, because it is in fact our solution called Hyper Connectivity™ and the solutions it comprises, which are the AutoCloud™/Car in the Cloud™ and iCloud.]", "[...] possibilities are fascinating when we explore how to enable a seamless lifestyle between home, office and car linked by access to the driver’s personal information [...] [Yes indeed, that is the reason why we in our OntoLab™, The Lab of Visions have invented this concept called Hyper Connectivity™ comprising the World Wide Web, AutoCloud™/Car in the Cloud™ and iCloud. As far as we do know it was not the company Ford. Said this, we repeat our claim for the copyright. In this conjunction we would like to point again to our already mentioned models (see some of the comments above).]", "[...] personalised, cloud-connected lifestyle [...]", "[...] cloud connectivity will enable future Ford vehicles to take the experience to the next level [...] [Again a clear evidence of the copyright infringement in conjunction with our AutoCloud™/Car in the Cloud™ invention.]", "[...] Concept combines this personal information with additional data from the cloud [...] [So what should we say?]", "The car gets to know you and can act as a personal assistant to handle some of the usual routines of a daily commute. [If the reader is in the mood she/he can guess why our iCup™ was the first car having this technology, and why it was added also to our Micro Electric City Cars™ City :)™ (City Fun™) and Innercity™, which are ideally suited for commutors in urban areas.]", "[...] play the same music [...] [This is a link to the iCloud that is part of our Hyper Connectivity™ solution.]", "[...] cloud-connected vision [...] [This phrase makes the true origin of this vision clear, because it is our OntoLab, The Lab of Visions™.]", "Learning driver habits and capabilities, the technology can overlay map and weather data sourced from the cloud to adjust powertrain, steering, suspension and braking systems for optimum enjoyment, comfort and safety. [This is another evidence for the copyright infringement, because this concept was copied illegally from the webpages of our Active Components™, especially for example the webpages of our Active Trac™ (compare the quote with the paragraph Proactivity) and Active Suspension™, and the linked webpages in their descriptions.]", "[...] offers an overall driving range of more than 500 miles (800 kilometres) using the battery and engine – more than any other plug-in or extended-range electric vehicle [...] [This is a criminal marketing lie. Take a look for example at one of our Electric Sport Utility Vehicle (E-SUV™) and Transporter (E-SUT™), the Amarok-E™.]", "[...] vision for greener, smarter [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] fun to drive [...] [The issue won't become better for that stealing company:"Fun to drive™" Go away.]", "[...] smart technology [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] contemporary [...]", "[...] bold evolution [...]", "[...] fun-to-drive spirit [...] [This is a combination of our slogans "Fun to drive™" and "Spirit of Driving#153;", which makes it an evidence of the copyright infringement we are documenting here.]", "Reflecting the fun-to-drive spirit [...] [And again. A right for something does not emerge by doing an illegal act again and again. Said this, the situation stays the same: "Fun to drive™" and "Spirit of Driving#153;".]", "[...] stylish [...]", and "[...] vision of unprecedented driver interaction via an advanced driver interface [...] [This sounds very familiar.]".
    Resumee: The only stealing company Ford.
  • Peugeot: The manufacturer has as well presented a concept car on a large automotive exhibition. We document its case by also quoting out of the related press release: "[...] illustrating its ability to learn how to evolve and to reinvent itself constantly [...] [This sounds familiar.]", "[...] strong styling [...] [In this context this phrase is doubtlessly damaging our trademarks Strong™ and Style of Speed™, which makes it a typical evidence of a copyright infringement.]", "[...] architecture, aerodynamics, modularity, equipment, interior materials and environment [...] [So, this was collected from the webpage of Style of Speed™.]", "[...] Metamorphosis [...] [See the chapter ... of The Proposal.]", "[...] apability to adapt itself to its environment, to life conditions, driving conditions [...] [This points again to some of our models, e.g. the j!™, and our Active Components™, especially to our technologies Active Trac™ and Active Suspension™, and the linked webpages in their descriptions, for example.]", "[...] pure, elegant and sleek lines [...] [So indeed, that company is knowing the website of our business division Rim as well, where it took this contents from. This is again an evidence the our copyright for the website of Style of Speed™ has been infringed again.]", "All of these aerodynamic devices have evolved as a consequence of the free rein given to the immense creativity of the stylists. [Honestly, our impression is that this points to the webpage of our Active Wings™, only.]", "Futuristic exterior styling, sculpted through aerodynamics [see the our range of Street Legal™ automobiles, like the B!™ and the 9ii™]", "[...] pure in style [...] [This is more than a simple speech act stealing, and points to a copyright infringement again, because an essential part of the story of Style of Speed™ was copied illegally.]", "[...] Motion & Emotion [...] [This is a copyright infringement, because the Motion and Emotion story has been told and established by us before on the website of Style of Speed™ by the application of our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™, and was later plagiarized by that company.]", "[...] existing equipment (digital displays, touch-sensitive screens, etc.) [...] [copyright infringement]", "[...] vision [...]", "[...] reflects [...]", "[...] modular architecture [...]", "[...] position as environmental leader [...] [Oh please, stop this leader and leadership nonsense, because none of you really is. "Vision - Innovation - Leadership™", "Leadership by Technology", and "Leadership in Innovations" are signatures of "The Real #1™", us.]", "[...] modernity and a unique capacity for transformation [...] [This sounds familiar]", and "[...] collaboration [...]".
  • Arrinera: "[...] fun car [...] single- or two seat car, fully open without luggage space, weighing less than 500 kg and power in the range of 200-300 HP [..] [How bold is that. These little punks stroll along and explain everywhere that they are already stealing our models Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun)™ and by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] night vision camera option [...] [This feature was stolen from the webpage of our Active Cam™ component ("capable of processing one or many different types of physical waves"). We didn't knew that Poland is behind the Moon.]".
    The presented car is only a clone of the model Murciélago by the company Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini.

    This case gave us the impression, after the company McLaren supported by the manufacturer Daimler has already stolen the design of our Apollo Speed-E™ which is based on a concept of the Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini Gallardo, and this other company with strong relations to persons from the U.K. that copies our Jota™, that we have to clarify that both cases only are an issue between the company Volkswagen and us, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, and definitely not an invitation for others to act in our ways.

  • Singer: In a press release about its latest conversion concept we found the following informations: "[...] transformation is complete, the newly born [...] [This sounds very familiar.]", "[...] recycling culture [...] [This is a stolen marketing story we have told before in conjunction with our space taxi X-3*™/Little Star™ and our spacecraft XSS-3™/BigStar™ (see also the Clarification of the ).]", and "The areas of the car that are replaced with carbon fiber parts are as follows: - Front fenders - Front bumper - Front hood (bonnet) - Rear fenders - Rear bumper - Rear engine deck lid/speed sensitive active rear spoiler - Roof (a carbon roof is not fitted if a sunroof is specified) [This concept was copied from our models 356 V8 and 911 V8. With this list we have here at least a copyright infringement.]".
  • British Broadcasting Corporation: In conjunction with a large exhibition in the B.R.D. the media company took our website contents of Style of Speed™ again and disinformed the public deliberately by linking the facts with the wrong company. We do quote out of the report: "Sneek preview [...]", "[...] futurism as "an artistic and social movement [... which] emphasised and glorified themes associated with contemporary concepts of the future, including speed, technology, youth and violence, and objects such as the car, the aeroplane and the industrial city".", "[...] futuristic vehicles that will reflect much of what the movement stood for [...] [In fact, C.S. with our business Style of Speed™ is the origin of this all. Most prominent for this are the B!™, D!™, and the 9ii™.]", "[...] contemporary concepts of what the German carmaker envisions the future will require [...] [We explained in the last three years so many times that in fact the carmaker Bayerische Motorenwerke has copied us only.]", "[...] built using new carbon fibre technology [...] [In fact, it was once again not the manufaturer Bayerische Motorenwerke, because the B! is based on the Fiat→Ferrari Enzo and its carbon fiber monocoque (see its image on the ...).]", "[...] carbon fibre products, which are not only affordable [...] [This reminds us of our Carbon Hemp Plastic.]", ""Carbon fibre technology will fundamentally change the car industry [...]"", "Mixed with its electric drive system technologies, developed inhouse [...] [And again, we explained so many times that the Bayerische Motorenwerke has copied illegally intellectual properties in this field as well from us.]", "[...] electric motoring division [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] city cars [...] [see in this context at our range of E City Cars™.]", "[...] two-seater electric city car [...] [copyright infringement due to E-City Cars™]", "[...] increasingly carbon fibre parts are being used to make more conventional models lighter to improve their weight to power ratio [...] [This was taken from our webpages of the models 356 V8 and 911 V8.]", "[...] sportier cars it means existing engines will have less weight to lug around so their speed and performance improve [...] [See again the webpage of the 911 V8.]", and "[...] hi-tech, light-weight components [...]".

    Once again for every manufacturer: We have described our Active Differentials™ for vehicles with drivetrains that have electric motors in such a way that makes it impossible to use other words to describe them due to the fact that still our concepts are described in whole or in part. Otherwise it is an infringement of our copyrights. Said this, a manufacturer has to get a license from us, if it wants to describe our technological concepts in relation with its products and we were not referenced by something like "© Christian Stroetmann GmbH" or simply only "© C. Stroetmann" following our disclaimer. Exactly the same holds for our Looped Fuel Cell™ as well as e-dashboard™, AutoCloud™/Car in the Cloud™, and all the rest. Simply compare the whole issue with a song that a radiostation wants to play or a music company wants to sell, but without naming the true composer or musician. At first it has to ask for, get a license or something comparable, or make a contract that clearifies and documents the condition under which it is allowed to use the song. And we, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, definitely are massively doubting that even one CEO of a larger automotive company or even a larger company does not know our company and that we are in the right.

    Style of Speed Website update
    Today, we are proud to present the next true super sports car that factories are unable to deliver, the Maestro.

    *** Fine tuning™ and Proof-reading mode ***
    Investigations::Car #335

  • Volkswagen→Audi: For sure, with our V8 engine as shown with our models 356 V8, 911 V8, and Maestro the marque has now nothing to present that is superior. In conjunction with this engine issue we also found the following text in a press release related with a new version of an older model: "[...] high-revving 4.2-liter V8 [...] [This will be quoted several times.]", "[...] high-revving V8 engine [...]", "[...] fine-tuning [...] [Fine-Tuning™]", "[...] is right at home even at high revs – almost like a race engine [...] 8,250 rpm [...] [So, now it should be clear why we repeated it on an on, because in fact it is our story we tell with the Haybusa V8 engine and its 13,000 rpms, which could be seen as well as a race engine. Here the marque Audi found its Maestro™ once again, as all the years.]", "[...] spontaneous responsiveness, the joyful high-revving, and the throaty, sonorous music: this V8 produced by hand at [the marque] stunningly combines the essence of power and emotion [...] [As we said, it has stolen the story we already tell with the Haybusa V8 engine and by using much fewer words on the webpage of our models 356 V8, 911 V8, and Maestro™ (see also the last quote and its comment of the case Daimler→Mercedes-Benz below). Said this, we came closer to the usual copyright infringements done by the whole Volkswagen company and its subsidiaries all the years.]", "[...] modular efficiency platform [...]", "[...] seven-speed [...] two clutches [...] [Compare this again with the contents of the 911 V8, for example.]", "[...] lightning speed [...]", "[...] specially reinforced to accommodate the high-revving V8 [...] [That's the reason why we took a 6 or 7 speed sequential race gearbox, which in the seven-speed version is the worlds first manual transmission for a series car.]", "[...] electronic torque vectoring [...] [No, no, no: Electronic Torque Vectoring™ is us since so long. This is again the application of the usual method by the company Volkswagen and its subsidiaries to damage our trademarks and to infringe our copyright. It also proves that the manufacturer is misusing its market power and has to be splitted by the laws of the European Union.]", "[...] perfect complement [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] actively distributes torque [...] electronic management of the [...] differential [In this context it points to a copyright infringement due to the context and our Active Differentials™.]", "[...] lightweight, strong [...]", "[...] optional component [...] [This is a speech act stealing due to the term Active component option in many specification of our vehicles by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] styling packages [...]", and "[...] 77,700 [...] [3 Theme by C.S.]".
    And Audi the second time: "[...] purely electric [...] [Pure Electric™ and in this way later Purely Electric™]", "[...] connect technologies provide an Internet connection [...] [This sounds like our Hyper Connectivity™ solution shown with the ... and ..., for example.]", "[...] purely electric [...] [Pure Electric™ and Purely Electric™ Stop damaging our trademarks, slogans, and copyrigths. After this we maybe can talk about the copyrights of the marque, but not the other way around.]", "[...] purely electric [...] [Steadily repeating won't change the facts: Pure Electric™ and Purely Electric™.]", "[...] entire bundle of small light-emitting diodes [(LEDs) ...] The LEDs can be switched on and off independently to illuminate the road perfectly in any situation. [The latter is an innovation by us that we have developed further to the Emoticon Light™ technology shown the first time with our model j!™.]", "[...] [...] [At least this are"unique inventions for the exterior to support intelligent traffic communication", as we described it on the webage of our model j!™. For our readers the information might be helpfull, that this technology is several years old, even in this context of traffic communication. Said this, we will analyse if we are free to list it as well on related webpages of us.]", "[...] reflects the philosophy [...] [This is a copyright infringement, because it was taken from the website of OntoLinux™.]", "[...] touch-sensitive surfaces [...]", "[...] touchpads are touched [...]", "[...] touchsurface [...]", "[...] two touchpads fold up [...] an additional touchpad [...] [Behind this the attempt is hidden to emulate our e-dashboard™ with our concept Qixel™.]", "[...] MMI touch [...] [This is as well no innovation by the company and its marque.]", "[...] connect technologies on board. The [short wireless network] online car phone connects it to the Internet via a UTMS module, a WLAN hotspot lets the passengers surf and e-mail from their mobile devices. The fast data connection delivers specially prepared news and information to the vehicle. The services currently offered by Audi are available for navigation: the map with images from [an internet service provider] Earth, [the marque] traffic information online, [an internet service provider] POI search via voice control and [an internet service provider] Street View. [...] [First of all, for that company it surely also rules as follows: Mobile Device™. Furthermore, this reminds us of our Hyper Connectivity™ concept. Besides this, this clearly shows its intentions even better.]", "[...] reveals a fixture for the fork of a special city bicycle [...] [That's not so innovative.]", "[...] impression [...]", "[...] purely electric [...] [As we said before: Pure Electric™ and Purely Electric™.]", "[...] concept is also designed for the new contactless charging technology (Audi Wireless Charging) [...] [So here we can see that our iPad solution should be stolen as well, because the applied wireless power technology will be most potentially a technology that copies our Wireless Resonant Power Link (WRPL) technology. It is also an evidence for the usual copyright infringement.]", "[...] hybrid multimaterial [...]", "[...] complemented [...]", and "[...] purely electric [...] [Respect immediately our intellecutal properties: Pure Electric™ and Purely Electric™.]".
    Indeed, there were no innovations to see with this concept car, but only a collection of solutions that are protected intellectual properties owned by foreign entities, like us.
  • Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini: One of the last versions for an outdating model was presented that is the long awaited attack on our conversion Gallardo SuperVeloce. Undoubtlessly, the related marketing text contains more contents from our website by Style of Speed™, so we deliver now the related quotes: "[...] bringing motor racing excitement directly to the road [...]", "[...] most extreme top model in the Gallardo lineup [...] [This is already maculatura with our new model Maestro™.]", "[...] fiercely [...]", "[...] 3 times [...] [3 Theme by C.S.]", "[...] extremely lightweight construction [...] [Take again a look on the webpage of the Maestro to see what most extreme lightweight construction means and why we called it Maestro™.]", "[...] stunning power-to-weight ratio of 2.35 kilograms per HP [...] [How boring, that car is even no bull, but a lame duck.]", "[...] breathtaking performance [...]", "[...] high-gloss [...] high gloss [...] gloss [...] [Glossy Effects™]", "Minimalist sporty [...]", "Black and red, the perfect combination of sporty minimalism [...] [This is a copyright infringement due to the contents of the webpages of our motorcycle models #1™ and #4™, the Class Defining Original.]", "[...] of which 3 Lamborghini has achieved [...] [How convicting that even mistakes in the text point to the 3 Theme by C.S..]", "[...] carbon fiber, such as the [...], the [...], the lower rim of the steering wheel [...] [At the first sight it looks correct, but it isn't, because the sentence was deliberately created following our webpages Rim and Steering Wheel where items made of carbon fibre can be found. This must be declared as an attempt to infringe our copyright, and not a clever done speech act stealing. It also proves its high criminal energy while trying to damage our business.]", "Phenomenal powerplant [...] 8000 rpm [Yes indeed, our Hayabusa V8 heart of Maestro truly is with up to 13,000 rpm. But where is the racing at Lamborghini?]", "Transmission "race tested" [...] [Here the story of our sequential race gearbox of the named 3 models is copied.]", "[...] equipment [...]", "[...] the only single-brand racing series in the world that features all-wheel drive race cars [...] [Maybe the management of the marque should give this fact something to thing off. Hint: Why is no other racing series featuring such cars? And what is with the big law of economy that says be a lemming?]", "[...] highly concentrated driving machine offering a truly stunning driving experience with breathtaking cornering speeds and fast, immediate response [...] [We recommend to take a seat in the Maestro.]", "No other model in the Gallardo line is as close to being a true race car. [So what? The Maestro is not named after a bull, because it even goes beyond many pure race cars.]", and "[...] optional equipment [...]".
  • Volkswagen→Seat: A concept car was presented to the public on a large automotive exhibition. We found in the press release several text passages that are clearly based on our intellectual properties. We have to document the case in the following way: "[...] clean, minimalist exterior with an innovative, premium interior that clearly conveys its quality and precision [...] [This is a copyright infringement due to contents of the webpages of the website by Style of Speed™, and partly due to our trademarks and slogans, like Minimalistic Modern™, Clean Drive™,Clear Clean™, "Clean and Blue™", "Quality of the next Generation™", "Synthesis of Precision and Perfection™".]", "[...] design philosophy [...] [stolen Philosophy Theme]", "[...] perfect representation [...] [:perfect™]", "[...] spirit of the [concept car] reflected [...] [This is more than only a speech act stealing.]", "[...] define the genetic design pool [...] [This sounds very familiar.]", "[...] electric sports coupé [...] [No, no, no: Electric Sports Coupé™, as it can be seen since years on the webpage of our Electric Sports Coupé™ Pan by Style of Speed™ and our webpage Disclaimer. This is also one of the usual clear evidence of the usual copyright infringement that we are documenting here with this case once again. By the way: A space or a hyphen doesn't count in relation with trademarks.]", "[...] clarity and quality, technological excellence and precision [...] [This sounds very familiar.]", "[...] pure forms [...] [:pure™]", "Genetic pool for the next generation [This is at least a speech act stealing.]", "[...] short overhangs front and rear, and enables powerful proportions – the essential basis of every good design [...] [This sounds very familiar. And thank you for the flowers. The reader might take a look on the webpage of the Raptor Speedster, aka. Boxster ESC or simply Boxster E, for example.]", "[...] minimalist approach [...] [stolen Minimalist Theme]", "[...] purest [...] [stolen Pure Theme]", "[...] sharp [...] [stolen Sharp Theme]", "[...] interior philosophy [...] [stolen Philosophy Theme]", "[...] one-piece, curved glass surface covers the complete instrument panel all the way to the secondary display in the centre of the cockpit [...] [Doubtlessly, this is pointing to our concept of the e-dashboard™, and the also stolen Glassy™ Theme.]", "[...] total harmony [...]", "It is definitely a place where you want to be, and to be seen. [This sounds very familiar.]", "[...] information hierarchy and colour choice can be selected from three programmes [...] [It seems to be again our concept of the e-dashboard™, and also the 3 Theme.]", "[...] driving fun [...] [It is not our slogan "Fun to drive™", but still the stolen Fun Theme.]", "The information systems are operated intuitively via two touch pads integrated into the steering wheel spokes. [This is our invention of the integration of a touch pad into a steering wheel, as it can be seen easily by the quote "three main features of our steering wheels [...] optional touch screen".]", "[...] passion [...] [stolen Passion Theme]".
    If the quotes are seen all togther and compared with our website contents, especially the website of Style of Speed, and the webpage of our Disclaimer, it becomes clear that indeed the thoughts that our contents describe have been copied illegally.
  • Daimler→Mercedes-Benz: A new version of an old model was presented. Its press release says the following: "[...] Torque Vectoring Brakes and 3-stage ESP [...] [compare with the description of our Active Differential™ #2]", "[...] complement [...]", "[...] tangible [...]", "[...] superior [...]", and "The world's most fuel-efficient V8 engine combines the lowest consumption figures with the superior power delivery and the typical sound experience which only a large-displacement eight-cylinder engine can provide. [First of all, the claim about the world's most fuel-efficient V8 engine is a criminal marketing lie, because the Hayabusa based V8 that we use is more fuel efficient, doubtlessly. Furthermore, the typical deep sound of an engine with a large discplacement reminds us only of a retrograde machine of the past that has seen its best days several decades ago, like these very old farm tractors. Besides this, we love the goosepimples making, screaming racing sound of our engine as well, especially because it combines high revolutions per minute like a formula race car with the V8 sound. But we are sure that that only stealing company will find some pensioners who need a grip to times long gone.]".
  • Daimler, Renault and Nissan: The only stealing manufacturer Daimler has announced to expand its cooperation with the joint venture of the manufacturers Renault and Nissan. If in the end all companies produce and sell our technologies, then we ask the question what they are really researching and developing for all the billions of euro as they claim. Said this, we also have now the first clear numbers about the financial damage to our company. Besides this, this joint venture is highly questionable due to laws of the European Union.
  • Volvo: That since several years only stealing company has again presented a concpet car that is filled up to the roof with technology that is protected intellectual properties, which has been stolen from us. We have to document this case as well by repeating and commenting the essential text passags out of its press release: "[...] evolution to the Concept Universe [...] [That company thinks it could even go one by copying our website contents, in this case the website of OntoLinux™ that is linked in the specifications on many webpages of Style of Speed.]", "[...] blend of contemporary [...] design [...] [This is more than only a speech act stealing.]", "[...] luxurious high-tech interior that keeps the driver in command via intuitive smart pad technology [...] [Doubtlessly, this is a copyright infringement, and the usual stealing by that company.]", "[...] strong trend [...]", "[...] reflects [...]", "[...] ingenious blend of elegant design, superior craftsmanship and smart technology [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] intuitive smart pad technology into the car, [the only stealing company] emphasises its ambition to lead the development of super-functional connectivity features in cars [...] [This is a copyright infringement, because our Hyper Connectivity™ concept was stolen, that we have shown before with our models, like the section Contemporary of the webpage of our models iCup™ and j!™, as well as our models of Micro Electric City Cars™, the City :)™ (City Fun™) and Innercity™ as well as the, because it is in fact our solution called Hyper Connectivity™ and the solutions it comprises, which are the AutoCloud™/Car in the Cloud™ and iCloud.]", "[...] pure joy [...] [stolen Pure Theme]", "[...] Touch-control cockpit and pure craftsmanship [This is more than a simple speech act stealing.]", "[...]ultimate intuitive car that makes the owners manual a thing of the past. Smart phones and smart pads have brought mobile infotainment into a new era. Here, we use a number of touch-screens to replace buttons and controls in order to make the driver totally connected, totally in control. [As we said before, this is a copyright infringement.]", "[...] steering wheel has [...] integrated touch-screens [...] [Without doubts, this concept has been stolen from our webpage Steering wheel. Said this, this is also a copyright infringement ]", "[...] touch-screen in the upper part of the centre console remains in sleep mode until the driver looks at it. A hidden infrared camera registers the eye movements and information is displayed on the screen [...] Another sensor registers hand movements and triggers the Infotainment system's control mode. [This is the next copyright infringement, because the descriptions of our solutions Active Interior™, MobileKinetic™ in conjunction with an e-dashboard™ and our P@d™ 4.0 were illegally copied.]", "[...] transforms [...]", "[...] pure comfort [...] [stolen Pure Theme]", "[...] liquid metal paint [...] [This sounds familiar.]", and "[...] design-driven customers [...; ...] partnered with several [...] brands [...; ...] designs from [...] fashion house [...; ...] designers [...; ...] specially designed [...; ...] design house [...] [And finally, this is the next copyright infringement, because this Contemporary Design Story was begun to be told by us on the website of Style of Speed, as it could be seen clearly with many models in the section Street Legal. Suprisingly, that all this manufacturers have found out this point recently and not in the years before, which is a clear prove who is leader, and who is definitely never.]"
    We doubt massively that that only stealing company has developed even one innovation and designed even one line that it has presented in the last years. Said this, we demand the European Comission to prohibit its market participation.
  • Kia: That massively stealing company has presented a concept sports car and a related press text. For sure, we do quote to document its case (all uncommented quotes are normally speech act stealing): "[...] inspired by the spirit of iconic 1970s GT cars [...] [Suddenly they were inspired. But why now and not earlier?]", "[...] style and at high speed [...]", "[...] aeronautical theme [...] [So, so, it has themes. This points to a copyright infringement.]", "[...] carbon-fibre wheels [...] [Now, the case become clear, if a look is taken on our Rim webpage.]", "[...] styles and themes [...]", "[...] contemporary and conceptual design [...]", "[...] tangible sense [...]", "[...] complex [...]", "[...] deliberately [...]", "[...] balanced [...]", "[...] strongly [...]", "[...] glass instrument panel [...] [Glassy™]", "[...] three layers [...]", "[...] three-dimensional depth [...]", "[...] rear-view cameras is displayed on a pair of compact and thin LED screens mounted on the doors [...] [As it is shown with our model B!, basiclly designed by Pininfarina for Fiat→Maserati.]", "[...] be a dream [...]", "[...] logical layout [...]" and "[...] strong statemen [...] [Strong™]".
    Obviously, Schreyer is a one hit wonder with the designs of the Volkswagen New Beetle and the Volkswagen→Audi TT.

    Comment of the Day
    "We have the impression of hearing a pig whistling."

    Style of Speed Further steps
    After the information given by the NASA in conjunction with its adoption of our recycling strategy, which we have created and applied with our Single-Stage-to-Orbit (SSTO) Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) XSS-3/BigStar, aka. Big Space Shuttle and Space Shuttle Mark 3, and in this way has become the Style of Speed Space System Standard, or short S5 (see also the Investigations::Aviation and Space below), we came to the conclusion that the payload capacity and given possibilities of our spaceship have been totally underestimated by us. In the case of the payload it could be around several tens of percents higher than we have said in the specification, and our BigStar even offers the possibility to directly fly to the Mars with some preliminary work in the Low Earth Orbit (LEO), and after the traditional stop at the Moon Rock Cafe, which makes it a spaceship.

    Investigations::Car #336

  • General Motors→Opel: The marque is selling a special version with a connectivity concept of one of its smaller models inclusive a smartphone. In this way the company attempts to jump on the bandwagon of our concept that includes Pad Computers™ and the Hyper Connectivity™ with its featrues World Wide Web, AutoCloud™/Car in the Cloud™ and iCloud.
    We also can see a concept of a micro city car, that follows the design of our City :)™ (City Fun™).
  • General Motors→Chevrolet: If the reader looks a little bit more closer on our models :D™ (Big Fun™) and 356 V8, then she/he will find out that the Pure Speedster™ concept behind both cars has been copied by taking essential elements and lines of both cars for a concept car the marque presented on a large automotive exhibition. The latter can be seen best for example with the more aggressive overall design, the upper part with the windshield, the line below the side window and around the seats of the 356 V8, the line that is shown on the image of the side view of the 356 V8 that divides the side of the car in an unlighted and a highly reflective area together with the stronger design of the upper part of the rear fender, and the accentuated front fender of the :D™ (Big Fun™).
  • Tata→Land Rover: A concept car was presented that only points into the direction of our X!™, but is correctly done so far (see also the Original Sketch #1 of the 6th of August 2008). The solution that is described with the sentence "Wade Aid sonar technology to assess water depth and Land Rover Terrain Response System, which automatically optimises the car for any environment.", is nothing else than an application of our Active Camera™ component and further Active Components™, like for example the Active Suspension™, Active Trac™, as well as Active Transmission™ and Active Shift™, as elements of a network that was described clearly enough in the paragraph Functionalities on the webpage of the Active Camera™ before, so that we see a copyright infringement.

    *** Some few overwork is still needed ***
    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): The administration has revealed its final design of its Space Launch System (SLS) with the intention to lean on as much Space Shuttle heritage as possible following our recycling strategy, which we with our business division Style of Speed™ have developed as the general concept for our spaceship XSS-3™/BigStar™, aka. Big Space Shuttle and Space Shuttle Mark 3, and our Single-Stage-to-Orbit (SSTO) Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) of the Next Generation (NG), the Space Shuttle NG X-3033™/MagicStar™, for sure, proven by the fact that we were laughed down for this in the beginning (see also the News - Lunar X PRIZE of the 24th of February 2008, the Comment of the Day of the 27th of February 2008 and the administration's case in the Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 12th of July 2011). Due to the acession by the NASA we coined it now the Style of Speed Space Space System Standard (S5).
    In the case of the NASA this recycling strategy should be realized by using a central tank with the same width of 8.4 m as the Space Shuttle's famous orange tank, cryogenic hydrogen and oxygen as propellant, and three to five RS-25D/E engines, as used on the Space Shuttle orbiter and thus better known as Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME), for a core stage, while the upper stage will use the J-2X rocket engine that has been in development for some years.
    In the cases of our spaceship and SSTO Orbital SpacePlane (OSP) the life-support system is recycled as well, that in the case of the BigStar™ is capable of taking astronauts beyond LEO. In the beginning we also have listed in the specification of the XSS-3™/BigStar™ a version with a linear aerospike engine based on three SSME, or RS-25D/E, rocket engines, our SXME-2200 (estimated Isp 473 s and thrust 4.827.273 N, both in vaccuum). But we dropped this option due to the extremely high efficiency of the design of our spacecraft and a constructional difference of the SSME rocket engine in comparison to the J-2X, that reduces the short-term and long-term costs substantially (see also the Style of Speed Website update of the 7th of July 2011).
    We always knew that our concept is much too good, so that we have only waited for exactly such a step all the time. And that no official person would say something like "We build the BigStar™, the Big Space Shuttle™ Mark 3.", or "We have been convinced by the competence of C.S. and the business division Style of Speed™, and follow their concept.", was sure as well. But now our XSS-3™/BigStar™ is at least semi-officially the true origin of its SLS, and this can't be talked out of the world anymore (see also our Clarifications of the 8th of July 2011 and 12th of July 2011, as well as the Clarification and the whole Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 12th of July 2011). But on the other hand the whole issue says that we have now a Model T of aerospace with the Space Transportation System (STS) Space Shuttle Mark 1 and Mark 2, and a first Model B with our XSS-3/BigStar, the Space Shuttle Mark 3, or Big Space and a second Model B with the SLS launcher by the NASA, as well as in this way created a common technical base, the Style of Speed Space Space System Standard (S5), that is now officially supported by the NASA, and all the others have to follow.
    Honestly, it also looks like one of the usual marketing hoaxes by the NASA that have the same political roots and are done by applying the same nasty methods, and joining with the same entities that are participating in orchestrated actings, as they could be seen with the DARPA (take a look on its investigative case of the 8th of September 2011). In the case of the B.R.D. it is again the Clique around Merkel, especially the association Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e. V. (see also how that association did the crime once again together with the serious criminal media company Bertelsmann with their cases in the Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 21st of July 2011), but also the European Space Agency, which leads directly to the companies Airbus and then to Daimler, even the Vatican (see the case of the Vatican and Italian Space Agency in the Investigations::Multimedia, and Aviation and Aerospace of the 20th of February 2011), and so on.
  • British Broadcasting Corporation: As usual the serious criminal media company has misinformed the public once again in the case of the NASA Space Launch System by publicating again a report that was written in such a way that it should give readers the impression that we have copied from the NASA and not the NASA from our business division Style of Speed™ (see also the case of the NASA above).

    Comment of the Day
    Carcloud™ (due to copyright already in Autocloud™ and Car in the cloud™)

    intelliTablet (iTablet) Further steps
    As the reaction on a recent announcement of a joint venture by two large companies, the realization of the next step of our strategy, and the related clarification of the fact that the character string "intelli" in the name of intelliTablet comes from intelligence and not from the name of the chip manufacturer Intel we have decided to update all of our tablet and pad computers by substituting the chips made by Intel with our own chips, and changing the device labels accordingly in the today or the next days.


  • LG Electronics: In einer Fernsehwerbung erklärt das Unternehmen, dass unser Konzept des Ontoscope 3D™ (beschrieben zum Beispiel am Ende des Falls des Unternehmens Rheinische Post in den Inves- tigations::Multimedia vom 8. Januar 2010) "nur eine von vielen Smartphone-Innovationen von LG" ist. Das ist eine kriminelle und vorsätzlich verbreitete Lüge des Unternehmens (siehe auch den Fall der Unternehmen LG Electronics und Deutsche Telekom in den Inves- tigations::Multimedia vom 3. Februar 2011 und seine Fälle in den Investigations::Multimedia vom 13. Februar 2011 und 28. Februar 2011, aber auch den Fall des Unternehmens HTC in den Investigat- ions::Multimedia Ontoscope and intelliTablet Special vom 23. März 2011). Wir, die Christian Stroetmann GmbH, fordern das Unternehmen LG Electronics hiermit auf sofort diese Behauptung sowie diese Be- werbung unseres geistigen Eigentums, die Beschreibung des Onto- scope, zu unterlassen.
    Um Ausflüchten entgegen zu wirken halten wir hier noch einmal fest, dass einige Versionen des Ontoscope 3D auch Smartphones sind.
    In a commercial in the german television that company claims that our concept of the Ontoscopes 3D™ (described for example at the end of the case of the Rheinische Post in the Investigations::Mul- timedia of the 8th January 2010) "is only one of many smartphone innovations by LG". This is a criminal and deliberately disseminated lie of that company (see also the case of the companies LG Electronics and Deutsche Telekom in den Investigations::Multimedia vom 3. Feb- ruar 2011 and its cases in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 13. Februar 2011 and 28. Februar 2011, but also the case of the compa- ny HTC in the Investigations::Multimedia Ontoscope and intelliTablet Special of the 23. März 2011). We, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, demand the company LG Electronics herewith to omit immediately this claim and the advertisement of our intellectual properties, the description of the Ontoscope.
    To counteract prevarications we declare here once again, that some versions of the Ontoscope 3D are smartphones as well.
  • Bertelsmann: Trotz unserer Aufforderung die Urheberrechtsverlet- zung durch Unternehmen, die unser Ontoscope™ Konzept gestohlen haben, nicht zu unterstützen wurde heute zum Beispiel die Werbung des Unternehmens LG ELectronics ausgestrahlt (siehe auch den Fall des Unternehmens LG Electronics oben sowie den letzten Abschnitt der Investigations::Multimedia vom 28. Februar 2011 als auch der Investigations::Multimedia Ontoscope and intelliTablet Special vom 23. März 2011). Wir, die Christian Stroetmann, fordern das Unterneh- men Bertelsmann hiermit ein weiteres Mal auf die Ausstrahlung dieser Bewerbung unseres geistigen Eigentums, dem Ontoscope™, durch das Unternehmen LG Electronics sofort zu unterlassen.
    Es dürfte dem Unternehmen Bertelsmann praktisch unmöglich seine Unwissenheit über die Faktenlage zu beweisen.
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: Wir, die Christian Stroetmann, fordern das Unternehmen ProSiebenSat.1 Media hiermit ein weiteres Mal auf die Ausstrahlung dieser Bewerbung unseres geistigen Eigentums, dem Ontoscope, durch das Unternehmen LG Electronics sofort zu unter- lassen.
    Es dürfte dem Unternehmen ProSiebenSat.1 Media praktisch unmög- lich seine Unwissenheit über die Faktenlage zu beweisen (siehe auch den Fall Bertelsmann oben).

    Wir fordern die entsprechenden Institutionen ein weiteres Mal auf beiden Medienunternehmen sofort die Sendelizenzen zu entziehen, da sie gezeigt haben, dass sie kein geltendes Gesetz anerkennnen und so massive wie möglich gegen die Gesellschaft arbeiten. Beides sind charakteristische Eigenheiten einer terroristischen Gruppierung.
    Zudem sollte allen Bundesregierungen vollkommen bewußt sein, dass mit solchen Medien und einer Regierung die den Diebstahl geistigen Eigentums fördert die Strategie von Bildung und Forschung nicht realisierbar ist, wenn dies überhaupt möglich ist.

    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • Space Exploration Technologies: As not otherwise expected the company got in technical troubles some days ago after it was forced to work on its own. Extra nasty became the case after the first re- ports about a failed rocket engine were publicated and the publisher attacked by the company with the attempt to put the case on trial at the court. Said this, the NASA did the right step by taking on our recycling strategy and not to follow these fraudsters (see also its case in the Investigations::Aviation and Space of yesterday).
    Btw.: We have more and more the impression that its chief execut- ive officer is already living in Lalaland.

    Comment of the Day
    "Wir denken und reden weiter."

    Comment of the Day
    "Pope? :D No thanks"
    "Papst? :D Nein danke"

    Style of Speed Further steps CET 2:50
    Since the 15th of September 2011 we are looking for our conversion of the model 991 by the marque Volkswagen→Porsche, which com- prises a new rear section including a redesigned bonnet with diffusor and different versions of rear wings, and eventually new fenders and taillights.

    SOS 911 (991) Rear Bonnet, Diffusor and Low WingSOS 911 (991) Rear Bonnet, Diffusor and High WingSOS 911 (991) Rear Bonnet, Diffusor and GTE Wing

    And we were also doodling around (first three images CET 6:00 and the other three 10:00 pm):

    SOS 911 (991) Rear Bonnet and DiffusorSOS 911 (991) Rear Bonnet and DiffusorSOS 911 (991) Rear Bonnet and Diffusor
    SOS 911 (991) Rear Bonnet and DiffusorSOS 911 (991) Rear Bonnet and DiffusorSOS 911 (991) Rear Bonnet and Diffusor
    © Porsche and Style of Speed

    Style of Speed Further steps
    And more doodles:

    SOS 911 (991) Rear Bonnet and DiffusorSOS 911 (991) Rear Bonnet and Diffusor
    SOS 911 (991) GTE Rear Bonnet, Diffusor and Wing
    © Porsche and Style of Speed


  • Bertelsmann→N-TV: In einer Reportage über eine Modenschau wurde die Information gegeben, dass das Management eines Mode- unternehmens 60% seines Marketingbudgets für Werbemaßnahmen in digitalen Median verwendet. Dass im Satz zuvor wieder explizit zwei der bekannteren Internet-Dienstleister im Bereich der gesellschaftli- chen Netzwerke genannt wurden, weil auf ihnen die Modenschau in Echtzeit übertragen wurde, zeigt ein weiteres Mal eindeutig die ille- gale Dienstplazierung, denn auf der einen Seite benutzt man eine allgemeine Beschreibung, digitale Medien, aber auf der anderen Seite weigert man sich private Unternehmen mit allgemeinen Begriffen zu umschreiben, denn man hätte ohne Probleme und zudem legalerweise zum Beispiel auch berichten können, dass die Modenschau auf sozia- len/gesellschaftlichen Netzwerken live übertragen wurde. Damit ziegt das Medienunternehmen weiterhin ganz klar an, dass man geltende Gesetze vorsätzlich ignoriert und sich über sie hinwegsetzt. Solch ein Verhalten ist charakterischtische für Chaoten, Anarchisten und Ter- roristen.
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Wie bei Medienunternehmen konnte auch bei der Arbeitsgemeinschaft weiterhin eine ähnliche Strategie bei der illegalen Dienstplazierung festgestellt werden (siehe auch den Fall von Bertelsmann→N-TV oben). So wurde mehrnals im sogenann- ten Morgenmagazin erwähnt, dass sich Mitglieder einer Partei öffent- lich auf einem bestimmten gesellschaftlichen Netzwerk kritisieren. Diese Information hätte man auch ohne die Nennung eines bestimm- ten gesellschaftlichen Netzwerkes geben können und zwar so wie wir im Satz zuvor.

    In diesem Zusammenhang weisen wir noch einmal auf unseren Kom- mentar zum gleichen Thema von gestern hin.

    *** Very Fine-tuning™ ***
    Style of Speed Website update
    We have updated the webpage of our spaceship XSS-3/BigStar by adding the paragraphs Style of Speed Space System Standard (S5) and Integrated Design Concept (IDC), and changed the already existing description accordingly.

    *** Very Fine-tuning™ ***
    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): Two days ago on the 19th of September 2011, the administration outlined its further step of its acquisition strategy to procure transportation services from private industry to carry U.S. astronauts to Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) and the International Space Station (ISS), which is its announcement of the Integrated Design Contract (IDC). As it has been reported, "NASA's draft request for a proposal outlines a con- tract that will be awarded to multiple companies that provide a complete end-to-end design, including spacecraft, launch vehicles, launch services, ground and mission operations and recovery.". "This IDC effort will bring us through the critical design phase to fully incorporate our human spaceflight safety requirements and NASA's International Space Station mission needs", said a program manager by the NASA. This sounds like our Space Transportation System (STS) and Space Launch System (SLS) with Single-Stage-To-Orbit (SSTO) Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) XSS-3™/BigStar™, the Big Space Shuttle Mark 3, and a related image shows the ISS with two VentureStars Orbital SpacePlanes (OSPs) (see also its case in the Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 15th of September 2011 as a good starting point to get into the whole case). Somehow this step is also surprising (not really), because the administration said all the last years that these kind of human transportation services would be part of its Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) initiative.

    Yesterday (today in the U.S.A.), the administration has selected a large company for the composite cryotank technologies demonstration effort. Under the contract, the company will design, manufacture and test two lightweight composite cryogenic propellant tanks. The statement of a responsible person at the NASA explained that "The goal of this particular technology demonstration effort is to achieve a 30 percent weight savings and a 25 percent cost savings from traditional metallic tanks" and "This technology demonstration effort is different in the fact that we’re focused on affordability concurrently with performance. [...] Critical technology advances [...] will let us go well beyond the state-of-the-art.". Around four years ago, we have already adapted this technology from the lightweight composite cryogenic propellant tanks of vehicles with a drivetrain based on the fuel cell for our spacecrafts. Said this, it can be found since some years on our websites and the webpages of our spacecrafts, like our XSS-3/BigStar, and so it is included in our Style of Speed Space System Standard (S5) (see the Pictures of the Day X-33/VentureStar Special shown on this website on the 31st of January 2009, and also its case in the Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 15th of September 2011).

    Taken all the related steps of the NASA together, we, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH and our business division Style of Speed, are proud about our redefinition of the U.S.American space program in this area with our Style of Speed Space System Standard (S5) and our Integrated Design Concept (IDC), both shown with our XSS-3/BigStar, the Big Space Shuttle Mark 3. In this way we have once again written space history.

    In this conjunction, we would like to point to the legal information given at the bottom of every webpage of our websites, once again.

    Picture of the Day
    © Not Welcome

    Im Gegensatz zu dem Bündnis Not Welcome sind wir zumindestens nicht im Allgemeinen gegen Kirche, Staat und Kapitalismus, sondern gegen diese speziellen Ausprägungen und Auswüchse.

    As we've found out today again, the company Samsung has shown its smartphone SGH-F700, also named Qbowl, Glyde or SCH-U940, on a very large exhibition in the B.R.D. in the beginning of 2006 and started to sell it in the February of 2007, that features the modern minimalistic design like the mobile/cell phone iphone of the company Apple but not the multitouch feature. But as we explained all the time, a mobile phone is not a tablet computer or pad computer (see also the original design and more details about the concept of our P@ds in the intelliTablet Further steps of the 5th of September 2011 and 8th of September 2011, and the Clarification of the 9th of Sept- ember 2011).

    *** Fine-tuning™, Translation and Proof-reading mode ***
    Investigations::Car #337

  • Volkswagen→Audi: Realizing that its serious criminal actings have been seen by more and more people, that marque started a further marketing offensive attempting again to pervert the facts. Due to the fact that in this way that marque has nearly copied most of the contents, concepts and technologies described in the subsection Land of the Style of Speed™ website, as seen from the practical point of view, we do quote from its website for documenting the historical facts, because the true fans of the marque are interested in this, and our readers are interested in the legal evidences. This documentation is done at first in german and then followed by the translation into English with the usual comments and links to the original sources on our websites: "[...] Die Zukunft automobilen Leichtbaus [...] Die Zukunft vernetzter Mobilität [...] Die Zukunft elektrischer Mobilität [Offensichtlich wurde hier dem Inhalt des Web-Auftritts unserer Geschäftseinheit Style of Speed™ gefolgt, wie man z. B. anhand der Web-Seiten unseres Modelle Just 4 :)™ (Just For Fun™) B!™ und RE™ leicht erkennen kann, indem zudem das 3 Theme von C.S. benutzt wurde.]", "[...] hochintegriertes Gesamtkonzept [...] innovativen Werkstoffen über intelligente Konstruktionsprinzipien [Dies klingt sehr bekannt.]", "[...] großen Displays und am Touchpad [...]", "[...] Hybridtechnologie [...] [Hier wurde der Begriff Hybrid nicht im Bereich von Antriebskonzepten, sondern mit der Konstruktion in Verbindung gebracht. Aus unserer Sicht wurde diese Art der Verwendung durch die NASA gemeinsam mit uns im Bereich der Mobilität eingeführt (siehe auch die Web-Seite Hybrid im Unterbereich Plane==Flugzeug im Bereich Air==Luft des Style of Speed™ Web-Auftritts).]", "[...] zwei Touchpads [...] ein weiteres Touchpad [Dahinter verbirgt sich der Versuch unser Konzept e-dashboard™ mit unserem Konzept Qixel™ nachzubilden (siehe auch den Fall der Marke in den Investigations::Car #335 vom 14. Septem- ber 2011).]", "[...] reines Elektrofahrzeug [...]", "[...] die neue Technik des kontaktlosen Ladens (Audi Wireless Charging) [...] [Hier haben wir die nicht so neue Technik, die wir ipad™ nennen.]", "[...] Multimaterialkonzepte [...] kohlenstofffaserverstärkte Kunststoffe, modernste Stahl-Legierungen [...] [Dies sehen wir als eine Anlehnung an unseren Bereich Material der Innovation-Pipeline von Ontonics™ und unseren darin aufgeführten Werkstoffen Karbon-Hanf™, Carbon Bamboo™/Karbon-Bambus™, Glassy Titan™, Glassy™ Metal Foam, and Aerometal→Aerominium™, als auch das allgemeine PolyMore™ Konzept.]", "Kunststoffe als High-Tech-Material", "[...] "Plastik" [...], ist heute ein hochwertiger Hightech-Werkstoff, der dem automobilen Leichtbau neue Dimensionen eröffnet [...] kohlenstofffaserverstärkte Kunststoffe (CFK) [...] [Offensichtlich wurde hier das allgemeine Konzept unserer Hightech-Kompositewerkstoffe Karbon-Hanf™ Plastik™ und Karbon-Bambus™ Plastik™ inklusive der zugehörigen Marketingstory abgebildet, da unsere kohlenstofffaserverstärkten Kunststoffe auf Hanfplastik beziehungsweise Bambusplastik basieren. Auch das generelle PolyMore™ Konzept ist hier ein weiteres Mal zu nennen. Nachdem Henry T. Ford den Ansatz des Hanfplastiks direkt wieder aufgegeben hatte brachten wir wieder Bewegung in diesen Werkstoffbereich indem wir als die wahren Pionierer begannen neue Hightech-Plastikvarianten zu beschreiben.]", "Ein Fahrzeugkonzept ohne Vorbild [...] [Wir haben das Konzeptfahrzeug urban concept bereits in der Investigations::Car #336 vom 15. September 2011 ausführlich dokumentiert und kommentiert. Hier findet die Leserin/der Leser auch unsere Modelle, die sehr wohl Vorbilder für das Konzept- auto waren, und somit auch die Beweise, dass die Aussage nicht wahr ist.]", "[...] connect Technologien vernetzen den Fahrer mit dem Internet, dem Fahrzeug und der Infrastruktur [...] [Wir sagen nur Hyper Connectivity™.]", "Am PC geplante Reiseziele können in my[die Marke] und [Internet-]Maps gespeichert und beim Fahrtan- tritt aufgerufen werden [...] spezielle Smartphone-Funktionen werden in Zukunft neue Softwarefunktionen im Auto ermöglichen [Hier wurde also bereits ansatzweise unsere Lösung AutoCloud™/Car in the Cloud™ beschrieben. Da hilft es auch nicht wenn man zur Zeit noch über "den Versand [der Benutzerdaten] an das Fahrzeug" spricht. Auch läßt die Information über neue Softwarefunktionen auf ein weiteres Vorgehen schließen, dass man dann ganz sicher illegales Kopieren nennen muss.]", "[...] bündelt alle Anwendungen und Entwicklungen, die heutige und künftige [die Marke] Modelle mit dem Internet, dem Besitzer und der Infrastruktur verbinden [...] [Das macht unsere Technologie Hyper Connectivity™ auch und integriert dazu zusätzlich den Ansatz des Cloud Computings, genannt AutoCloud™/Car in the Cloud™. Dieses Konzept konnte auf dem Web-Auftritt als auch in den Pressetexten der Marke nicht gefunden werden.]", "[...] Vision von der Zukunft [...] [Um klarzustellen warum wir hier auch wieder ein Indiz für eine Urheberrechtsverletzung vorliegen haben sagen wir nur wieder: OntoLab™ - Das Labor der Visionen™ von C.M.S.. Wem sonst?] "[...] arbeitet im Grenzbereich von Architektur und Kunst, Technologie und Design [...] [Na, so ein Zufall (nicht wirklich), dass wir nicht das Handeln der genannten Person, sondern von C.M.S. hier erkennen. Außerdem ist für uns nicht nachvollziehbar, dass man sich bei der Marke immer noch mit Zweit- und Drittklassigem sowie der Buschliga abgibt. Auf der anderen Seite sind die Arbeiten von C.S. natürlich für solch ein anscheinend immer noch zweitklassigem Unternehmen nicht auf einem legalen Weg erhältlich, so dass man sich lieber mit Plagiaten abgibt oder selbst unerlaubt Kopien anfertigt.]", "[...] ganzheitliches Konzept für das faszinierende Fahrerlebnis der Zukunft – ohne Kompromisse bei Fahrspaß, Design oder Komfort. In [dem Konzept] verbindet [die Marke] die Elektrifizierung des Automobils mit innovativer Leichtbautechnologie und vernetzten Assistenzsystemen. Und überträgt so die Ansprüche von heute in die Zukunft individueller Elektromobilität. [Da sagen wir nur eins: Urheberrechtsverletzung. Zudem verweisen wir auf die Web-Seiten der Modelle, wie dem B!™, D!™, j!™ und RE™, um nur einige wenige Fahrzeuge von Style of Speed™ zu nennen mit denen wir dieses ganzheitliche Konzept in Wirklichkeit Jahre vorher definiert haben.]", "Elektrisierender Fahrspaß [Das ist ein weiteres ganz eindeutiges Indiz für die Urheberrechts- verletzungen (siehe auch die Web-Seite des Modelle :D™ (Big Fun™) und E430™ RSR).]", "[...] R8 e-tron [...] [Wir wiederholen noch einmal die Geschichte von diesem Plagiat unseres Originals, dem RE™: Zuerst hat das Unternehmen Volkswagen ganz klar gesagt, dass es sich bei dem Konzeptfahrzeug e-tron um ein vollkommen neues Fahrzeug mit eigenem Chassis handelt, dass nicht mit dem Chassis des Modells R8 übereinstimmt, weil dies für den Umbau zum Elektrofahrzeug ungeeignet sei. Dann hat man zugegeben, dass es sich in der Tat um einen überarbeitenden R8 handelt, also implizit zugegeben, dass es in der Tat unser RE™ ist. Und nun wurde ein weiteres Mal unser Original kopiert indem man die RE™ RSR Version in Anlehnung an die 2012 Version unseres Modells RE™ als Vorlage genommen hat. Somit bleibt es bei der eindeutigen Urheberrechts- verletzung, die zudem offensichtlich weitergeführt wird, weil man immer noch glaubt durch simples Marketing und der illegalen Ausnutzung der Marktmacht die Tatsachen zu verdrehen.]", "Zwei E-Maschinen [...] wirken auf die Vorderachse [...] [Auch hier verweisen wir ein weiteres Mal auf unser Aktives Differential #2, die Superarchitektur und der einhergehenden Urheberrechtsverlet- zung.]", "Elektrische Antriebsmotoren in Fahrzeugen werden in der Regel mit Flüssigkeiten gekühlt. [Ist das nicht eher die Ausnahme und wurde nur gesagt um unsere Lösung zu stehlen? Soweit wir wissen hat niemand damals darüber nachgedacht einen Elektromotor in einem Automobil zu kühlen so wie wir es auf der Web-Seite von z. B. dem Modell Raptor RSR und Apollo Speed-E™ schon genannt haben.]", "Unter dem Begriff e-tron quattro versteht [die Marke] den quattro-Antrieb der nächsten Generation. Er verbindet die Vorteile des bewährten quattro-Antriebs mit den Potenzialen der Elektromobi- lität. Der ganz oder teilweise elektrisch realisierte quattro Antrieb bietet besonders effiziente Betriebsmodi und neue Möglichkeiten der quattro Fahrdynamik. Der Technikträger e-tron quattro wurde als Parallelhybrid mit Plug-in-Technik konzipiert. Ein zweiter Elektromotor treibt die Hinterachse an; seine Kräfte lassen sich zwischen beiden Rädern aufteilen. Beim Bremsen in der Kurve können über das torque vectoring[==die Drehmomentvektorisierung] die Rekuperations- momente zwischen den beiden Hinterrädern frei verteilt werden. So lässt sich die maximal mögliche Rekuperation weiter steigern und die Fahrsicherheit in kritischen Situationen spürbar verbessern. [Wir haben immer wieder darauf hingewiesen, dass das unsere Idee, unsere Innovation und auch unsere Marketinggeschichte ist, wie wir sie bereits vor Jahren mit unseren Modellen Apollo Speed-E™ und RE™ gezeigt und geschrieben haben. Ob man einen oder zwei Motoren an jeder Achse verbaut oder das ganze mit einem Hybridantrieb kombiniert spielt dabei im Allgemeinen keine Rolle, da wir extra zur Abwehr solcher billigen Versuche die wesentlichen Technologien größten Teils schon auf zum Beispiel der Web-Seite unserer Modelle Apollo Speed-E™ und RE™ als auch der zweifelsohne allradgetriebenen Modelle E-SUVsCan™, HE™ sowie dem S!™ Suvee in den sehr genau gewählten Formulierungen "Electric :Drivetrain with 2 to 4 electric Active Motors and Active Differential system" und "Electric Torque Vectoring™ Active Differential™ #1 in the 2 engines version or the 4 electric motors version of the Active Differential™ #2" beschrieben haben um es unter anderem dort so zu sagen aus dem Sichtbereich zu nehmen. Der Rest ergibt sich dann durch die extra plazierten Web-Seitenverknüpfungen. Anscheinend ist man nicht nur bei dem Unternehmen Volkswagen die ganze Zeit auf unseren kleinen Trick hereingefallen. Hier wurde übrigens eine der Versionen unseres Aktiven Differentials #1 an der Hinterachse ver- wendet (siehe auch den Abschnitt From #1 to #2 auf der gleichen Web-Seite), wie es eindeutig an der Verwendung des englischen Begriffs "torque vectoring" im Zusammenhang mit dem Begriff "Reku- peration==Recovery" im Kontext von Antriebskonzepten erkennbar ist.]", "In einem neuen Technikträger verbindet [die Marke] die Vor- teile des quattro Antriebs mit den Möglichkeiten der Elektromobilität. [Wie zuvor schon erwähnt wurde, ist das ganz klar unsere Innova- tion als auch Marketingstory und die Markenfans wollen immer nur die reine Wahrheit und nichts anderes als die Wahrheit über ihre Fahr- zeugmarke erfahren, aber eben nicht diese schon längst durchschau- ten Versuche die Markengeschichte zu manipulieren. Das Dingen war bereits von Anfang an zu unseren Gunsten entschieden worden, weil einfach zuviele Personen die Fakten kennen und selbst diejenigen, die persöhnliche Differenzen mit C.S. und unserem Unternehmen hegen, früher oder später schon gequatscht haben oder reden werden.]", "[...] quattro Sportlichkeit und Effizienz auf eine neue, faszinierende Weise zusammenbringen [...] ein zweiter Elektromotor an der Hinterachse macht den [die Marke] e-tron zum quattro [siehe die vorherigen Kommentare]", "Hybrid Fuel Cell (HFC) [...] Wasser- stoff-Brennstoffzellensystem [...] Lithium-Ionen-Batterie, die der Hybridisierung dient [...] zwei radnahe E-Motoren [...] [Hier wurde neben dem aufgeteilten Konzept unserer Kreislaufbasierten Brenn- stoffzelle™, bekannt auch als Active Fuel Cell™, auch noch die Kombination dieses von unseren innovativen Energiespeichern abgeleiteten Systems mit unserem Aktiven Differentiale #2 kopiert. Da es sich bei dieser Kombination/diesem Hybrid von Brennstoffzelle und Batterie eindeutig um eine Ableitung unseres Energiespeicher- systems handelt indem nämlich die Integration beider Technologien zurück gebaut und nachkonstruiert wurde, und wir zudem den Begriff Hybrid als als auch die Möglichkeit der Hybridisierung in dem Satz "For the construction of drivetrains they can be used alone or in combination with Purely Electric™ and hybrid components and tech- nologies.==Für die Konstruktion von Antrieben können sie auch alleine oder in Kombination mit rein elektrischen und hybriden Kompo- nenten und Technologien genutzt werden." genannt haben ist somit klar, dass Inhalte und die damit beschriebenen Gedanken von einer Web-Seite unseres Web-Auftritts von Style of Speed™ ohne Refe- renzierung genutzt wurde. Deshalb sehen wir auch in diesem Fall eine klare Urheberrechtsverletzung. Außerdem ist auch hier nicht die Frage wie die nächste Evolutionsstufe des Energiespeichers und des gesamten Antriebs aussieht, denn das ist ja dann unser Konzept der Kreislaufbasierten Brennstoffzelle sowie wieder unsere Kombination mit einem unserer Aktiven Differentiale.]", "[...] die Aufteilung der Momente und die Überblendung zwischen hydraulischer und elektri- scher Bremsung noch feiner regeln [...] [Im Kontext wird hier unter anderem die Integration der Energierückgewinnung und der Dreh- momentverteilung, also unsere elektronische Drehmomentvektorisie- rung==Electric Torque Vectoring™, umschrieben.]", "[...] per Elektrolyse Wasserstoff produzieren. Dieser Wasserstoff kann für HFC-Fahrzeuge genutzt werden oder in einem weiteren Schritt in Verbindung mit CO2 zu Methan [(CH4) ..., auch bekannt als] synthe- tisches Erdgas [...] [Das hörte sich zunächst wie der Hyper Cycle™/ Stroetmann Kreislauf™ an. In der Tat sind es aber die folgenden Punkte, die hier aus dem Originaltext der Web-Seite übersetzt wiedergegeben werden: 1.1. Einfangen von Kohlendioixid [(CO2)] aus der Atmosphere., 2.1. Auf-/Einfangen von Wasser durch das Sammeln von Regenwasser (Sammelmodus), Pumpen von Wasser (Autonom) aus einer [Wasser]Quelle (Trinkmodus), oder Annehmen von Wasser, das durch die/den BenutzerIn gegeben wird (Externer Wassermodus)., 2.2. Danach auch aus dem Wasser den Wasserstoff elektrolysieren., 3. Verwendung des gewonnen Kohlenstoffs und Wasserstoff durch die Schritte 1. und 2. für die Synthese von Treibstoff, z. B. Methanol [(CH3OH, CH4O oder MeOH, auch genannt Methylalkohol) oder ähnlichen wie Methan (CH4; siehe auch unsere Web-Seiten Propellant==Treibstoff und Propellant Transformation== Treibstoffumformung auf dem Web-Auftritt von Style of Speed™)]. und 4. Entweder den gewonnenen Wasserstoff direkt verwenden oder später den synthetischen Treibstoff [(synthetisches Gas)] in einer Brennstoffzelle oder in einer Turbine für die Produktion von elektrischem Strom." des Abschnitts How it works der Web-Seite unseres bionischen Fahrzeuges Ape ESP, das "Blatt mit Rädern== Leaf™ with Wheels™". Auch hier zeigt sich ein weiteres Mal die Urheberrechtsverletzung und die illegale Ausnutzung der Marktmacht, sowie die Intrigen der Bundes- und Landesregierungen, insbesondere der CDU/CSU geführten.]", "Wir wollten natürlich auch zeigen, wie viel Fahrspaß die Elektrifizierung unserer Fahrzeuge vermitteln kann. [Obwohl unsere Texte fast alle in der englischen Sprache verfasst sind, brauchen wir eigentlich hier auch nicht über die offensichtliche Urheberrechtsverletzung zu reden, da man die entscheidenden Schlüsselwörter auch im deutschen Sprachraum verwendet oder leicht verstehen kann.]", und "[...] kontaktlosen Laden per Induktion und am Schnellladen [...] [Hier haben wir unsere Lösungen irail™ und ipad™ sowie Quickcharger™.]".
    Man kann ein immer aggressiveres Auftreten erkennen, dass man bei Volkswagen gegenüber allen anderen Marktteilnehmern zeigt, da man der Meinung ist alles auch alleine machen zu können. Des Weiteren ist hier eindeutige, also zweifelsfrei klar zu erkennen, dass man vorsätzlich unsere Web-Auftritt von Style of Speed geplündert hat um so der die Öffentlichkeit falsche Tatsachen vorzugauckeln und sie zu Betrügen. Die Variante, dass wir den Web-Auftritt der Marke Audi oder einen anderen Web-Auftritt von Volkswagen kopiert haben ist direkt im Märchenland zu plazieren, weil man offensichtlich unseren Web-Auftritt nicht einmal eben so verfassen kann, denn dazu ist der gesamte Sachverhalt zu komplex und zu umfangreich. Auch ist unsere Glaubwürdigkeit aus hier nicht näher beschriebenen Gründen unantastbar. Des Weiteren haben wir die Entwicklungen unserer Web-Auftritte extra relative detailiert auf OntomaX™ öffentlich im World Wide Web dokumentiert, so dass durch dritte Personen, die zum größten Teil unabhängig von uns gehandelt haben, alle unsere Schritte beobachtet, der Wahrheitsgehalt in Echtzeit kontrolliert und die Inhalte archiviert werden konnte und weiterhin kann. Die Zirkusnummer, die das Unternehmen Volkswagen gemeinsam mit anderen Elementen der Gesellschaft, insbesondere der politischen Parteien CDU und CSU, versucht seit Jahren hier abzuziehen ist spätestens seit dem Web 2.0 nicht mehr möglich.

    Genauso wie dem Unternehmen Volkswagen und allen seinen Geschaftspartnern fordern wir auch die Medien, die öffentlichen Institutionen, insbesondere alle technischen Universitäten, und nicht nur die Regierung der B.R.D., sondern auch alle Regierungen der Staaten, die hier mitgemacht haben, insbesondere die U.S.A. und die V.R.China, auf sich endlich bei C.S. und seiner Familie öffentlich zu entschuldigen und den in den letzten 15 Jahren entstandenen finanziellen Schaden endlich zu begleichen und Entschädigung eine zu entrichten, die beide von uns akzeptieren werden müssen (die von uns lächerlich geringe festgelegten Summen sind bekannt).

    (Here follows the translation into English, but it is simply said about the looting of our website of Style of Speed, the usual stealing of our intellectual properties, and the common attempt to pervert the facts and in this way the truth): "[...] [...]",

  • General Motors→Opel: In the Investigations::Car #336 of the 15th of September 2011 we already mentioned its concept of a micro city car, that follows the design of our City :)™ (City Fun™). Now we have also the related press release for quoting: "[...] lightweight-design philosophy [...]", ""This progressive concept is creating a new class of electric vehicle [...]" [Honestly, this is not true, because we did it before with models like our B!. What holds for the manufacturer Bayerische Motorenwerke (see also the case of the media company British Broadcasting Corporation in the Investigations::Car #334 of the 13th of September 2011) holds for this marque as well.]", "[...] reflected in its design [...]", and "[...] infotainment equipment [...]".
  • Rimac Automobili: That small company thought to be very clever and has massively stolen contents, concept and technologies from our website of Style of Speed. We show our readers how they did its crime by quoting out of a press release: "[...] world's first electric supercar [...] [This is a criminal marketing lie, because at least we have presented for example our Raptor RSR, the B!, and the D!.]", "[...] supercar with a new propulsion concept [...] [As we will see later this propulsion concept has been stolen from us.]", "[...] 92kWh of energy in the Battery Modules delivers enough juice for up to 600 km of range [...] [Maybe, but then only driving very slowly, if at all. We think that the battery is empty after around 250 km.]", "[...] developed a unique powertrain which is divided into four sub-systems, each consisting of one motor, inverter and reduction gearbox. Each of those systems drives one wheel, working completely independent one from the other. It's called All Wheel Torque Vectoring and it allows a new approach to vehicle dynamics. [...] [This is a clear copyright infringement, because nothing else than our Active Differential #2, The Superarchitecture, has been stolen. And it's not called All Wheel Torque Vectoring, but Electric Torque Vectoring™. Go away immediately, incompetent beginners.]", "[...] carbon-fibre body [...] [Again this is pointing to our models like the the B! and the D!.]", "[...] company which develops and produces high performance electric vehicles, drive trains and battery system [...] [Obviously, it is only stealing and copying technologies from other companies, especially our company and our business division Style of Speed™.]", "[...] next generation [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] world’s first electric hyper car [...] [Once again we have here the criminal marketing lie, because obviously it is our concept with our technologies, especially the drivetrain.]", "[...] something new and revolutionary [...] [No, this is wrong. We neither see something new nor revolutionary. What only can see the stealing of our intellectual properties.]", "[...] 3.3 lbs per hp [...] [This is an attempt to jump on the bandwagon of the 3 Theme.]", "[...] 373 [...] [And this is an attempt to irritate the public by presenting someting that sounds like the short version SOS of our label Style of Speed™.]".
    What we don't understand is how somebody can be so unbelievable incompetent and still tries to steal our intellectual properties after the facts have been made so clear since the last three years.

    Due to the fact that it is now the 20th or so company in the last three years that has stolen one of our Active Differentials, we demand the automotive magazines to stop reporting about such criminal companies.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "Pope Gaga", [C.S., Today]
    And as ever: Only commercial Pop, but not positive Rock.

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses.", [Based on Boethius, Solace of Philosophy]
    That was Latin.==Das war Lateinisch.
    "Wenn du geschwiegen hättest, wärest du ein [(Rechts)]Philosoph geblieben [(und keinem als Narr aufgefallen)].", [frei nach Boethius, Trost der Philosophie].

    Comment of the Day
    "The Universe is even more crazy.", [C.S., 28.November.2010]
    See also the THE COMMENT publicated on the 8th of April 2009, the Comment of the Day of the 9th of May 2009, the Clarification #1 of the 19th of June 2009, and the Clarification #1 and Clarification #2 of the 14th of July 2009.

    We made a general note and the next note about the now convicted plagiarist Thomas Ruff, the museum Landscape Association West- phalia-Lippe-State Museum of Arts and Cultural History Münster, and the sponsors of a related exhibition, that are the bank Sparkasse Münsterland Ost, the government of the state North Rhine-Westfalia and its minister Hannelore Kraft, and the association Arts Foundation North Rhine-Westfalia on our Culture webpage.

    Comment of the Day
    "French Revolution 2.0", [C.S., Today]

    Comment of the Day
    "U-turn coalition", [C.S., Today]

    Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, Robotics, Avionics and Space
    *** Fine-tuning™ mode ***

  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, and France Télévisions→Arte: In a report that consists of several subreports about scientists in the U.S.A., especially Ray Kurzweil, the television channel tried to pervert a further time the facts about the actings and works of C.S.. The report was made in this year by persons of the so-called Programm 33, which by the way is a clear jump on the bandwagon of the 3 Theme by C.S..
    In the opening trailer a robot was shown by which the constructors implemented the concept of our "Crawlers or Ballerinas" invented by C.S. that are robots featuring a humanoid torso and the ability to stand and balance on its caterpillar drives, like a ballerina does on her toes (lower row, left sketch). The concept was presented the first time in the Original vs. Inspiration of the 9th of April 2008 on this website.
    The trailer was followed by a short introduction about the person R. Kurzweil and the nonsense marketing lie claimed by a film director, who has made one book of R. Kurzweil into a film, that R. Kurzweil would be the da Vinci of the the modern times and whatsoever else C.S. is. Taken his claim that R. Kurzweil is a philosopher as well in addition with the fact that we had him already convicted of having evolved from a very talented young man into a mentally disturbed serious criminal fraudster and thief makes the intention of the direct- or's statement and of that report absolutely clear, as the rest of this investigation also proves.
    The first subreport was about the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which C.S. reignited by making it a reality for the first time as the creator of our Ontologic System™ and Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™, which by the way goes even far beyond of this simple task (see for example the Clarification Caliber Special #1a of the 20th of May 2011 and #1b of the 21st of May 2011), after all others, inclusive Ray Kurzweil and all of his supporters and partners, have failed in doing so all the decades through and so the goal to implement AI was already said to be unachievable. In this relation and the before mentioned jump on the 3 Theme bandwagon one inspiration of C.S. for the creation of this 3 Theme was shown which are the movies of the Star Trek saga, in this case the movie Star Trek: The Motion Picture around the sentient being V'Ger.
    Next came the attempt to connect the term singularity with the person R. Kurzweil. But as a matter of fact the term singularity comes not only from the fields of mathematics, as it was explained correctly following our and other's explanations. But that the term comes also from the fields of physics and astrophysics, was also used before by Vernor Vinge, and that R. Kurzweil as well as his supporter and one of the biggest fraudster and criminal ever, William "Bill" Gates, used it after they spied out C.S. was not given as the true facts to the public, for sure and as usual.
    The subreport then changed the focus and was covering a small private university founded by R. Kurzweil and persons around him on the area of the Ames Research Center of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration with the support of the only stealing company Google, which made it doubtlessly clear that our business units OntoLab™, The Lab of Visions™ and Ontonics™, as well as their Innovation-Pipeline, and OntoLinux™ and Style of Speed™ with their actings and website contents have been taken as a template and in parts copied illegally for this endeavour. Said this, it came directly to light that in this way our actings have been plagiarized with the foundation of this small private university, because it is also teaching in the subjects of law, zero gravity, as well as 3D printing in general and in conjunction with nanotechnology (see also the section Rapid Prototyping Machine on the website Links to Hardware of the OntoLinux™ website, and the projects NanoFab™, aka. NanoRap and McNano™ in the Innovation-Pipeline), which in this extremely special constellation is definitely the acting of C.S. and nobody else in the U.S.A. or somewhere else on the planet Earth. Their is no doubt and all of this is documented and witnessed by many neutral persons worldwide.

    Another subreport was presented after R. Kurzweil said something about nanotechnology in conjunction with Robotics and Swarms, and advanced automation for space missions (see the section Automation of the website Links to Software of the OntoLinux™ website) that he has taken obviously from our websites. The report itself was about missions on the planet Mars. The report was interesting but simply said a joke as well, because the shown experiments and projects are all based on the wrong and all the time repeated assumption that a journey to the Mars would last with the actually available technologies 1 ½ to 2 years. That is a total nonsense and was only said to misinform the public, and to pervert the facts about our spaceship X-3³™/Drake™, aka. Dragon X™, which is based only on contemporary technology and makes the travel in around 55,700,000 kilometers / 216,000 km/h = 11 days without the traditional stop at the Moon Rock Cafe™.

    Furthermore, a biologist was shown who claims to find out about the interaction of the genes that are responsible for aging. Despite that that scientist in some parts tried to follow the works of C.S. we came at the end of this subreport to the conclusion that he has in fact no clue, but tries to steal intellectual properties from us only.

    A further subreport showed a group of biologists who meet on weekends and make interesting works in the field of biology. The group presented themself as anarchists in this field and in this relation was presented in the report as bio-hackers. We had directly the impression that by this subreport the actings of C.S. in the field of biology, especially genetics, as it is shown with The Proposal, was connected with the work "BitPirate" by C.S. with which C.S. revived the Pop Art movement and created the Pop Art 2.0 by adding especially the digitalization and in this way the internet, obviously. So it was no surprise that at the end of this subreport the word pirates was said.

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): By the foundation of a small private university together with the psychic fraudster R. Kurzweil and persons around him as well as the only stealing company Google on the area of the Ames Research Center we could convict the administration once again of acting in nasty and also criminal ways against us since more than at least 8 years now. That's very disappointing.
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, Ös- terreichischer Rundfunk, and Schweizerische Radio- und Fernsehge- sellschaft→3sat: In its (sub)cultural broadcast the case of the crazy results of an experiment conducted by the Opera collaboration of the Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (CERN; European Council for Nuclear Research and now European Organization for Nuclear Research) and Gran Sasso in the field of neutrinos, which suggest that subatomic particles have gone fa- ster than the speed of light, was taken and in relation to the act- ings by C.S., as they are documented for example on our webpage Culture, commented with the insight that this would also turn the culture upside down. This possible circumstance was then described in more detail with a slightly bitchy undertone by telling a fiction about a plagiarist who travelles into the past by taking a spaceship that moves faster than the light, and kills the original painter, and in this way made his plagiarizations to the originals, as well as pervert- ed the facts of the cultural history. The story was finished with the remark that this would not work as a trick for the plagiarist, because in the pasts of some hyperparallel universes the true painter would still exist. Indeed, the latter explanation is true, but it also means that in this universe and also in all other parallel universes it's doubtlessly evident that C.S. only told the truth as the original actor and creator. Said this, we would like to direct the reader's interest to the Comment of the Day of the 24th of September 2011, the webpage of our spaceship TIE R/LightSwift on the website of Style of Speed, and for example the cases of the Vatican and Italian Space Agency in the Investigations::Multimedia, and Avionics and Aerospace of the 20th of February 2011, and the media company British Broadcasting Corporation in the Investigations of the 24th of November 2010, 28th of November 2010, 2nd of December 2010, and 26th of Dec- ember 2010, and the Clarification of the 26th of July 2011, as well as the Clarification Caliber Special #1a of the 20th of May 2011.
    Übrigens: Nicht nur das kollektive Mobbing, sondern auch die Reali- tätsverweigerung ist ein nationalsozialistisches Prinzip.

    Comment of the Day
    Gelbatterie™ Gelakku™
    Natural Energy 2.0™

    Ontonics Website update
    As we have announced in the Ontonics Further steps of the 12th of September 2011, we have added to the Innovation-Pipeline the new project:

  • Jelly Fuel Cell.

    We also added the subsection Carbon Fiber to the section Material, as well as the subsections Collector, Power Fabric, Accumulator/ Battery, and Natural Energy 2.0 to the section Energieerzeugung, -speicherung und -management (Energy Generation, Storage and Management).


  • Amazon: It's new device is a webpad with some cloud computing features that are already common, and an exclusive connection to the app(lication) store of the company Amazon. The operating syst- em is not that in the media named obsolete operating system of the only stealing company Google, because most of the tablet and pad computer, and the smartphone functions are not implemented, but indeed an instant-on Linux® kernel with a common remote desktop and a web browser having a frontend based on the WebKit browser engine implemented as a trendy Cloud Operating Systems™ (COS) (see also for example the general case in the Investigations::Multi- media of the 9th of July 2009 and the intelliTablet Further steps of the 5th of September 2011 and 8th of September 2011). Said this, we have here also essential elements of our Boot to WebKit™ (B2W) solution. Due to these technological facts the situation looks as if the company Amazon has made an illegal arrangement with the only stealing company Google (see also the case of the company Google below).
    Moreover, some web-hosters are already giving away such devices, which are manufactured and sold by other companies since more than 7 years, for free with a new contract since several months. The price is at least 40% to high and we would offer the same dev- ice for around 100 euro. Last but not least, it was indeed more a marketing hoax and in no way a revolution (see also our comment of the 15th of September 2011).
  • Google: It all looks like that that only stealing company has made an illegal arrangement with the company Amazon (see also the case of the company Amazon above) that came to our mind due to the different technologies of their devices, and the resulting fields of application and related business models. Such a kind of acting could be seen before in the case of HTC vs. Apple (see also our related comment of the 8th of September 2011).

    Both companies are illegally misusing their market power at least after the European Union law and most potentially the laws in North America.

    Ontonics Website update
    A new project, which unites the NanoFluid and NanoGum projects, was added to the Innovation-Pipeline under the name:

  • NanoGel.

    We also added a new subsection Application==Anwendung in the section Nanotechnology==Nanotechnologie, and rearranged the projects so that they might fit in a better way.

    Comment of the Day #1

    Comment of the Day #2
    "All ideals were and are deviants."
    "Alle Vorbilder waren und sind Abweichler."

    Picture of the Day
    Merkel hat nicht die Absicht ...

    Merkel Ulbricht
    © SPD

    Ontonics Website update
    We have renamed the project NanoGel into NanoJelly.

    Furthermore, we have added the additional subsections Power Grid to the section Energieerzeugung, -speicherung und -management (Energy Generation, Storage and Management), and Self-Making to the section Technologie (Technology).

    And we finally described the NanoFibrin in more detail.

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    Christian Stroetmann GmbH