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Comment of the Day #1
Dry brick™
Dry masonry™

Comment of the Day #2
"Morons go home"

Comment of the Day #3
"Greece should dump the euro and adopt the yuan."
Oh, that would be very clever, and even Italy could do it as well. Maybe Portugal will adopt the U.S. dollar. Thank you very much blogger Exercitalis.

Question of the Day
"Adventure or euro ruinous expenditure?"
"Abenteuer oder Euro teuer?"

Ontonics Website update
On the webpage of the Innovation-Pipeline by Ontonics we've added to the description of our Raylev/Wavelev technology more details with the mentioning of the tractor beam that could be based on the concepts of the optical tweezer or the Bessel beam.

*** Beautifying mode ***
Besides this, we have added the new project called:

  • Dry Masonry.

    Comment of the Day
    Dry concrete™
    Ray brick™
    Ray masonry™
    Ray concrete™
    Solar brick™
    Solar masonry™
    Solar concrete™
    Sound brick™
    Sound masonry™
    Sound concrete™
    Acoustic brick™
    Acoustic masonry™
    Acoustic concrete™

    *** Fine tuning™ mode ***
    Ontonics Website update
    We have added the new projects called:

  • Light Ray Collector Building Material and
  • Sonic Collector Building Material.

    *** Fine tuning™ mode ***
    We made again notes about that person Tony Cragg and also the Ar- beitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, Öster- reichischer Rundfunk, and Schweizerische Radio- und Fernsehgesell- schaft→3sat on our Culture webpage that is free of the contempor- ary arts mafia.

    Comment of the Day
    "My sandbox is there, where no man has gone before.",
    [C.S., Today]

    Despite that we have explained the issue on the webpage of our spaceship X-3³/Drake before, and a further time with the case of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstal- ten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, and France Télévisions→Arte in the Investigations::AI and Knowled- ge management, Robotics, Avionics and Space of the 27th of Sept- ember 2011, and that many of the largest media companies and broadcaster are aware about our technology, the wrong information about the travel time is still given to the public in conjunction with a long-term simulation of an expedition to the Mars that has lasted 520 days. So we simply quote our statement: "[...] the shown ex- periments and projects are all based on the wrong and all the time repeated assumption that a journey to the Mars would last with the actually available technologies 1 ½ to 2 years. That is a total non- sense and was only said to misinform the public, and to pervert the facts about our spaceship X-3³/Drake, aka. Dragon X, which is bas- ed only on contemporary technology and makes the travel in around 11 days without the traditional stop at the Moon Rock Cafe™." But to be honest, we've not said the whole truth and gave only the in- formations about the first versions due to the only spying, defraud- ing, and stealing entities worldwide, because in fact some months ago our latest research, design and development efforts in the On- toLab, the Lab of Visions, together with our business division Style of Speed resulted in the subsequent spaceship versions which only need around 2 ½ days for the flight to Mars under the same cond- itions.

    Style of Speed Website update
    Due to the decision made by Ontonics, our business- and high-tech- nology office, to reveal our latest research and development results conducted by Style of Speed together with the OntoLab, the Lab of Visions, we have updated the webpage of our spaceship X-3³/Drake, especially in relation with the performance of our most powerful Mul- timode Plasma Engine.


  • Unknown: Today we have found out that the image "Space Shuttle #007e" of the subseries "Space Shuttle" of the series "Space (1st Steps into)" by C.S. published on this website on the 13th of March 2009 was stolen, printed on t-shirts and further textiles, and sold in this way. The thief has even chosen the very similar name "NASA Space Shuttle STS-007".

    Original Space Shuttle #007eSpace Shuttle #007e Copy NASA Space Shuttle STS-007

    We have demanded that the products will be removed from the store immediately, and the real name of the thief is given to us, so that we can conduct further actions against this nasty and shameless copyright infringement.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "The eurozone needs a Marshall Plan."

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Your euro or your life!", [European politicians and banksters, Since some time]
    "Euro oder Leben!", [Europäische PolitikerInnen und Bankster, Seit einige Zeit]

    Picture of the Day
    Ouch Weia (30.June.2011)

    Ouch Weia
    ©© with referencing King Smiley or C.S.

    We have made the image for the "Hall of Fame" of Corruption in the P.R.China, and presented it the first time as the Picture of the Day on the 30th of June 2011, which was the day we could convict that serious criminal fraudster finally by proving that our accusations are no fakes in stark contrast to many of his works, which from our point of view are indeed in some cases a subversion of state power and a misleading of the worldwide public. Said this, even if billions of peop- le support him, then the facts won't be changed (see also the notes about Ai "Ouch Weia" Weiwei in our Culture webpage, especially the one of the 30th of June 2011). Also, there is already the discussion going on about the point that supporting him with money, so that he can pay his bill, is again against the law of the P.R.C., because this acting could be seen as an illegal fundraising. Last but not least, we think that one of these contemporary fraudsters is even too much, because the world is already bad enough without him.
    Furthermore, we have started to think about the possibility to print the image on 3 million sheets of paper, fold them into small paper planes or little birds, and then send them all as the work "Vultures nest" or so to the gallery Tate Modern, London, and let them fly in the Turbine Hall. Moreover, the image could be printed on t-shirts or further textiles as well, and maybe it could also be used as the de- sign for a borrower's note or some kind of an anti-note so to say.

    Original and Picture of the Day
    Jules Verne "Les Voyages Extraordinaires"→No.4 "De la Terre à la Lune" (1865)

    Jules Verne The Extraordinary Voyages→#4 From the Earth to the Moon

    If Jules Verne would have had a look on our Raylev transport system with the Raylev train Transswift and our Raylev launch systems, then he would have run naked through Paris due to being totally beside himsef with joy. :D

    Ontonics Website update CET 05:50
    We have developed the new project called:

  • Raylev/Wavelev Launch.

    Accordingly, we also updated the description of our Raylev/Wavelev technology.

    Fascinating, isn't it?

    Ontonics Further steps
    Having our new Raylev transport and Raylev launch systems on hand now, we at our business and hightech office Ontonics have stepped up efforts for the management, inclusive planning, scheduling, and controlling, the implementation of the space frontier, especially about solar farms, operation centers, transport and logistics infrastructures, facilities for storage, construction, and manufacturing, lunar space ports, mining, settlement with related habitats, like L4 and L5 colonies, and between Earth and Mars, Mars forming, and so on (some of these listed items seem to be added to the graphic around 2009), as well as the redefinition of the new border.

    William Gaubatz Spaceways Servicing the Space Frontier around 2009
    © :(

    Ontonics Website update
    *** Fine tuning™ mode ***
    We have extended the Dry Masonry by adding the version that is based on the electro-osmosis/electro-osmotic flow.

    *** Fine tuning™ mode ***

  • University of Cambridge: The university is conducting a research project around emotion studies made by Darwin for his goal to develop an universal set of emotional expressions. It is reported that the goal of the project is "developing a bank of common human emotions which will be used to programme computer systems, such as teaching tools or satellite navigation, to recognise human expressions." (see also the case of the media company British Broadcasting Corporation below). By the way: It is very well known by a broader audience that Darwin has conducted research and related experiments in the field of psychology including emotions as well, and the question if emotions, gestures, and facial expressions are learned by an individual every time again, or are genetically inherited is discussed since decades or even centuries.
  • British Broadcasting Corporation: Obviously very well knowning that we officially started our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™ five years ago, that serious criminal media company reported about a research project of Darwin in the fields of emotions, and a related scientific project conducted by an university in the field of common sense and common emotion (see the case of the University of Cambridge above) saying that "They are developing a bank of common human emotions which will be used to programme computer systems - such as teaching tools or satellite navigation - to recognise human expressions.", but for sure it didn't named us and our HOS OntoLinux™, which could already be seen by other entities as a crime against humanity. If a reader wants to know the facts and the true origin of this all, then she/he should see the website of our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™, especially The Proposal, the webpages Introduction, Overview, Caliber, and Emotion Machine, as well as the webpage Links to Software with its sections Intelligent/Cognitive Agent, Intelligent/Cognitive Interface, Natural Language Processing, Natural Image Processing, Formal Modeling, Visualization, and Human Simulation/Holomer, but also all the other sections, like e.g. Collaborative Virtual Environment to find the link to teaching tools and a detail of how this highly complex integration is done, as at could be seen for example with M.U.P.P.E.T.S., Automation to find the link to spacecrafts, and Geography, Earth Simulation/Virtual Globe, Astronomy, and Space Simulation to get the connection to the field of navigation even of satellits, because OntoLinux™ integrates them all to a coherent one, as explained in the before named webpages.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We've added on our website in the section Space our Raylev tech- nology together with the Raylev launch systems, as well.

    We have also begun to name explicitly the techniques of the beamed thermal propulsion in the descriptions of our Raylev launch systems.

    Ontonics Website update
    We named explicitly the techniques of the beamed thermal propuls- ion as a further option for the propulsion of our Raylev technology

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have updated on our website in the section Space the webpage of our Raylev launch systems and added different versions of beam- ed thermal propulsion concepts.

    We have also updated in the section Air the webpage of our Raylev transport systems.


  • Saab: That company has recently presented a technology for the task of rapid 3D mapping, for which it has taken informations from our websites, especially of our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™. We quote from its webpage: "Superior Awarness", "Im- mersive 3D [...] [see the sections Mixed Reality and Collaborative Virtual Environment of the webpage Links to Software]", "[...] swiftly [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] professional visualization systems [...] [see the section Visualization of the Links to Software web- page, and also compare the statement with the name of the listed software application ProViz]", "[...] aerial or satellite imagery sources [...] [see the sections Natural Image Processing, Mixed Reality, here especially the Blunder software package, and Earth Simulation/Virtu- al Globe of the webpage Links to Software]", "[...] set of images of the area [...] [see the comment to the quote before]", "[...] to plan, monitor, and manage [...] [see e.g. the points multi-agent systems and total quality management systems of the webpage Overview]", "[...] equipment or sensors [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] sensors (cameras) [...] [Here we can see that the company also calls cam- eras as sensors, like we do in the section Active Component™ of the website of Style of Speed™.]", "[...] various sensors [...] [see for example the section Active Component™ of the website of Style of Speed™ again]", "[...] detailed knowledge [...]", "[...] model of the world [...] reliable model [...] [This sounds very familiar, because as a matter of fact our OntoGlobe™/OntoEarth™ is meant.]", "Automat- ed [...]", "[...] earth viewer of your choice [...] [see the section Geography and again the section Earth Simulation/Virtual Globe of the Links to Software webpage]", "[...] right from the start, your 3D maps are geo-referenced [...] [see again the section Geography]", "[...] 3D map database [...] [So, here we have the link to data base management systems, as we mentioned as well on the webpage Ov- erview.]", "[...] database is designed for seamless integration with third-party applications [...] [see again the webpages Overview and Links to Software]", "[...] GPS [...] [So, here is the long awaited link to the Global Positioning System (GPS).]", "[...] resembling real life [...] [This sounds very familiar and is more than a speech act steal- ing.]", "[...] presenting the exact textures from the captured images on the modelled objects [...] [This is the technique Image-Based Rendering (IBR) that for example is done by the before mentioned software library Blunder, .]", "[...] produced 3D map consists of geo- referenced data, which means that data may easily be combined with data from other sources [...] [Here we are again at the section Earth Simulation/Virtual Globe, especially at our OntoGlobe™/Onto- Earth™.]", "[...] one obvious example is conventional map data with street names [...] [We have already talked before about this exemp- lary application in the OntoLinux Further steps of the 26th of Nov- ember 2010.]", "Interaction with simulation software and geographic information system (GIS) engines, is of course also supported and will open a whole world of possibilities. [No doubt, at this point we have documented more than enough evidences for proving the co- pyright infringement. See also again the sections Visualization and Geography of the webpage Links to Software, and recall the overall integration by our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™.]", "[...] situational awareness [...] [This statement points to agent systems, like e.g. robots, as well.]", "Dynamic Route planning [See the sect- ions Intelligent/Cognitive Agent and again Geography, as well as the project series AutoSemantic that features IQNav™ with IQRoute™ and MultiGPS™/ MultiGNS™ and is listed in the Innovation-Pipeline by Ontonics™, which again is also related with the informations given in the OntoLinux Further steps of the 26th of November 2010.]", "[...] geo-intelligence data [...] [see the comment to the quote before]", and "[...] suitable for use in many types of simulators, from flight simulators to ground combat training systems [...] [So, here we've the pointer to simulations, like we made on the webpage Links to Software many times with e.g. the section Machine Simulation, and also software applications like Delta3D, that we have listed in the section Ontoscope™ of the webpage Components.]". We found also an image with a title that contains "[...] Royal [...]". Obviously, if compared with the informations given on the webpage of OntoLinux™ and in the OntoLinux Further steps of the 26th of November 2010, then we have here a clear copyright infringement. Its strategy of stealing by sneaking has failed already just right from the start, so that the result of our investigation is: Convicted!!!™
    For getting more informations about OntoLinux™ see also the whole webpage Components.

    Style of Speed Website update
    For giving our section Space more tidiness, we have created in its subsection Engine a webpage called Beamed Energy Propulsion, and moved the section about the different versions of beamed thermal propulsion concepts of the webpage of our Raylev launch systems to the new webpage.

    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): After the design of its Space Launch System (SLS) and the related announce- ment of the Integrated Design Contract (IDC) together with a draft request for a proposal (take a look on the cases of the NASA in the investigations of the 15th and 21st of September 2011), the admini- stration has not followed our disclaimer once again and copied fur- ther time our actings and website contents of our business division Style of Speed™ for a plan of another launch system architecture that like the SLS and IDS is also in many points only a copy of our Space Transportation System (STS) and Space Launch System (SLS) with Single-Stage-To-Orbit (SSTO) Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) and spaceship XSS-3™/BigStar™, aka. Big Space Shuttle and Space Shuttle Mark 3, as well as our STS and SLS with SSTO RLV of the Next Generation (NG) Space Shuttle NG X-3033™/MagicStar™. In detail, it was said some weeks ago in a presentation unsurprisingly called "Beyond Next Generation Access to Space" that "Driving down the price of taking people and cargo into space or to the other side of the world in two hours will depend on developing a system so re- liable and reusable that a thousand flights or more can take place in a year", "[...] price tag would fall dramatically if space agencies and companies model their research on developing launch systems on the commercial airline and air cargo industries [...]", "Getting the space transportation business down to that cost means building vehicles that are designed for operability – that is much less maintenance between flights with rapid turnaround to support much higher flight rates.", "[...] make aircraft-like operations for these kinds of vehic- les", "[...] new spacecraft [...] would have a large first stage boost- er with wings and landing gear so it could land on a runway. It would weigh about as much as today's jumbo jets[, which equals an oper- ating empty weight of around 383,000 lb/174,000 kg] but may be a bit smaller [than around 70 m/229.66 ft].", "[...] not necessarily an advantage to design a spacecraft that takes off from a runway like an airplane [...]", "The booster's main engines would operate on ex- isting fuels, either kerosene or liquid hydrogen and it might even make its own oxygen in flight. [take a look on our project Oxygen on the Fly™]", "The second stage would be either a similar winged boo- ster with a small cargo bay [...]", "Pulse[d] detonation engines pow- ering a Waverider-type craft made from carbon nanotubes would be a possible combination. [Without doubts, this statement points to our webpage Hypersonic Engine due to the fact that it shows an image of the NASA RLV concept Space Express, as the news about the presentation does as well, and an aircraft with Pulsed Detonat- ion Engine (PDE). Furthermore, in the Style of Speed Further Steps of the 3rd of October 2011 we gave related informations.]", "Design- ers also must focus on modular concepts that give operators flexibi- lity. But mostly, they need to come up with space-worthy craft[s] that operate like airplanes, with one kind designed for space oper- ations and another destined to fly in and out of the atmosphere without going into orbit for carrying passengers and cargo between destinations on earth. [HyperGotcha]", and ""It's going to be very challenging to build one vehicle to do both roles" [What a pure and highly disappointing nonsense.]". Doubtlessly, the study is a bold and not acceptable plagiarization that should misinform the public about the facts, and the related news does not really look better, as the reader can easily see it by our original actings and contents of the webpages of our spaceship XSS-3™/BigStar™ and its version of a Fly-back Booster Launcher (FBL) in a Two-Stage-To-Orbit (TSTO) configuration based on our Hypersonic AirLiner (HAL) HAL-1™/Hyper Star™ that have the same architecture, as well as the second pair of architecture equivalent aerospacecrafts consisting of our SSTO RLV Space Shuttle NG X-3033™/MagicStar™ and our Hypersonic Cruise Vehicle (HCV) HCV-1™/WhiteSwift™ that feature Rocket- Based Combined Cycle (RBCC) powertrains with air-breathing engines instead of aerospike engines, but belong to the same business plan. Why the presentation claims by its title that the described plan of our launch system by Style of Speed™ is "Beyond Next Generation", despite the fact that our spaceship XSS-3™/BigStar™ and logically our Hypersonic Air Liner (HAL) HAL-1™/Hyper Star™ have a Techno- logy Readiness Level of (TRL) of 9 for all system components and all high-tech construction processes of their integration, which means in other words today's generation, will maybe remain an enigma for the authors or even the whole NASA, as it is also the case with the answer to the question where the HAL is gone that was already an- nounced in the end of the year 2010, and the information about a master plan for "the overall development of the center for the next several decades" in the related news of a NASA center of the 2nd of September 2011. To be honest, this case also looks as if some cri- minal entities at the NASA are selling our intellectual properties und- er their own names, or that the aeronautics and space administrat- ion has made again one of its usual marketing hoaxes.
    Furthermore, we've found presentation slides with images of a joint system study conducted by the NASA and the United States Air Force (USAF) that is called Reusable Airbreathing Launch Vehicle - Iteration B ("RALV-B"), and further images showing designs of Reus- able Air-Breathing Launch Vehicles (RABLVs) that are based on the concepts of the National AeroSpace Plane (NASP) prototyp X-30 by the companies McDonnell Douglas and Rockwell, and the Hyper-X demonstrator vehicle series X-43, so that we have got the impress- ion that they followed us in the field of Hypersoars as well, because these concepts are named in the introductive paragraph of our web- page, which is also about successors of these two hypersonic jet programs.
    But nevertheless: Due the fact that vaporware looks different, we, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH with our business divisions, have written aerospace history once again.

    Once again, we made a note about that serious criminal anarchist Ai "Ouch Weia" Weiwei on our webpage Culture.

    Comment of the Day
    Plasma turbine™
    Plasma turbo™

    Picture of the Day
    Dixi am Rhein II==Dixi at the Rhine II

    Dixi Toilet at Construction Site of the Museum K20, Düsseldorf at the Rhine, B.R.D.
    ©© :(

    This file and the other 1000 images of Dixi toilets are available for 99 cents or less each.

    Picture of the Day
    United States of America $100,000 dollars Bill Obverse Side

    United States of America $100,000 dollars Bill Obverse Side

    Comment of the Day
    Plasma aerospike™
    Plasma turbofan™
    Plasma ramjet™
    Plasma scramjet™

    Comment of the Day
    "No panic, the orchestra plays until the end.", [The Merkozys, Since quite some time]
    Luckily, we do have those captains on the Euronic.

    Comment of the Day
    "Some call it locomotive of growth, we call it black hole of wealth."
    In fact, some Krauts of the NSU (USC/UDC ←) said the first part for praising the role of the B.R.D. in the European Union.


  • Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe→Dekabank: Since quite some time this serious criminal financial syndicate and its subsidiaries are attacking C.S. and our business in their club magazines by reporting about fraudsters, who are stealing since many years now intellectual prop- erties, works and products of us. For example, around five and a half years ago it reported about a person, who has crafted furniture like tables out of the same materials and in the same style as C.S. did nearly 15 years before him, as well as about products invented by our company, or entrepreneurs, who have stolen some of our intel- lectual properties for founding their businesses, but in the end fail due to the absolute lack of competence (see also the case of its branch Sparkasse am Niederrhein in the Investigations of the 21st of April 2010). In the latest issue of the magazine by the subsidiary De- kabank this was done a further time now with a report about an au- thor who wrote a book about the question how the future would look like around the year 2050. But in fact, the authors of that report in the magazine ahve taken this book only as a reason for misleading the public, because both the report and nearly the whole book is on- ly about the actings of C.S. and the contents of our websites, while it was not missed out to remark how the different technologies are related to each other. The latter point is called by us holistic as well (see also the webpage Innovation-Pipeline by Ontonics™ the web- page Terms of the 21st Century on the website of OntoLinux™, and the OntoLinux Announcement of new webpage of the 27th of Janu- ary 2007, for example).
    The report begins for example with the mentioning of solar collectors (compare with the subsection Collector in the section Energy Gener- ation, Storage and Management of the Innovation-Pipeline of Onto- nics™) in conjunction with a vision of a physicist made by him in the year 1909, which gives us the connection to our OntoLab™, The Lab of Visions™, who also was awarded with the Nobel Prize (see for ex- ample the note about the sponsor Royal Swedish Academy of Scien- ces of the 4th, 5th and 6th of October 2011 on our webpage Cult- ure). Then follows a remark about the near-term technical revolut- ions, like cars with Pure Electric™ drivetrains and space tourism, for sure (see the sections Land and Space of our website of Style of Speed™, and also the Comment of the Day of the 8th of February 2008). The next reported field is architecture, especially the field of arcology with its construction of high skyscrapers (take a look on the Original Sketch presented on the 2nd of August 2008 to find the link to skyscrapers) that even could become economically self-suff- icient cities due to their large hyperstructures. As an example, one of these large skyscrapers is named Tower City 3 in the report, that doubtlessly was also written in this way for jumping on the band- wagon of the 3 Theme by C.S. and leading away its readers from our architecture projects (as a good start take a look on the notes on our Culture webpage about the persons Christoph Schaub and Mi- chael Schindhelm and that criminal plagiarist Ai Weiwei of the 17th of September 2009 and 30th of June 2011, and the team of architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron of the 10th of June 2008, the general note about persons of the 30th of June 2011, all notes of the 9th of October 2011 and our Clarification given on the 4th of September 2011) and space settlement projects, like the revived L5 colony called Island 3 (see the Ontonics Further steps of the 8th of November 2011). The point of self-sufficiency leads then to a fur- ther field of architecture that is vertical farming (see the Original vs. Inspiration of the 15th of April 2008). After this the focus changes to biotechnology and to specifically personalized pills, which points to our NanoPills covered by the Active Drugs project in the subsect- ion Pharma Next Generation (Pharma NG™) of the section Biotechno- logy again of the Innovation-Pipeline. This was also only done due to the reason to name the company of a founder of an internet search engine and the total ridiculous attempt to put his wife in front of other corporations, like ours, despite that she does nothing else then what the biotech industry does since more than the last two decades. And it is also no wonder that it is said that the resulting pills should heal diseases like example given cancer (see the section Biology of the webpage Links to Organizations of the OntoLinux™ website). After this the report tries to bridge to the theme of syn- thetic biology and especially mentions in this conjunction the field of tissue engineering, for sure, not without presenting the metaphor of children who play with Lego bricks (see the section Replicator #1 Molecular Assembler on the webpage Terms of the 21st Century on the website of OntoLinux™). These themes follows the reporting about that plagiarist and fraudster Michio Kaku (see the note about him of the 6th of July 2010 on our Culture webpage), who we could convict again of self-exposing in this context by his one claim that all visions that don't disturb the laws of nature have the prospect of being realized, like teleportation or invisibility (see the sections Tele- portation #1 Stellar and Teleportation #2 Interstellar on the web- page Terms of the 21st Century, and the Innovations, Innovations, Innovations presented on the 1st of April 2008), which on one side taken as an insight was definitely not recognized either by M. Kaku or someone else, but in fact has led to the creation of the Zero Ontology™ or Null Ontology™ O#™ and also the painting "Evidence" by C.S., and on the other side finally proves without any doubts that the actings and works by C.S. are meant by the authors of the report of that club magazine, M. Kaku, and the author of the book due to this unique combination and concentration of all these absolutely outstanding and revolutionary techniques and technologies. The other convicting claim by M. Kaku is that "We are standing at the beginning of a new physics", which in fact was also sketched before by C.S. and since then has as well created a momentum in this field again (see for example the Comment of the Day of the 24th of September 2011, the webpage Caliber of the OntoLinux™ website and the webpage of our extremely fast spaceship concept Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/ LightSwift™). After the classical fields of artificial intelligence and robotics inclusive robots that are able to learn (see website of OntoLinux™) and self-driving cars (see for example the paragraph K.I.T.T. and Force inside™ of the webpage of our Electric Muscle Car™ model Mustang-E™ on the website of Style of Speed™) the augmented reality technology is mentioned as well, and also in conjunction with historical sight-seeing in Rome, Italy (see the link to the software package Blunder in the section Mixed Reality of the webpage Links to Software of the OntoLinux™ website and the webpage of this software package that shows an image of the Colosseum in Rome made by image-based rendering). How could it be otherwise? In the same sense it is no surprise at all that a further theme is nanotechnology, inclusive nanobots (see e.g. the related projects in the sections Life Science and Earth Life Science), nanofactories (see the section Manufacturing of the Innovation-Pipeline) and the danger of grey goo.
    For sure, philosophy was also one of the named themes and also for sure with Nick Bostrom another fraudster presented (see the closing comment made in relation with the case of the defrauding company Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management of the 19th of August 2009) and as it was the case with that fraudster M. Kaku we could convict again N. Bostrom as well, because the report mentioned especially the term "existentielles Risiko==existential risk". This is no surprise, either in the case of the report in that club magazine as well as of that only bandwagon jumping and plagiarizing N. Bostrom, because C.S. founded the OntoLab™, The Lab of Visions™, the new science Ontonics™, as well as Ontologics®, for example, which obviously are all strongly intertwined with ontology, that is the branch of philosophy related with the nature of being, existence or reality as such, and also by our Ontonic™ approach with Logics and Technologies, and because both, M. Kaku and N. Bostrom, are acting in this criminal way all the time. The term existential risk used by N. Bostrom also points to many related issues we discussed in many sections of the webpage Terms of the 21st Century of the website of OntoLinux™, which is about works and actings by C.S.. By the way: N. Bostrom told again his typical nonsense, because the existential risk is always the same due to the low level of empathy as well as of technical and social competence of humans, as he proves himself everday, but not due to the highly developed technologies. In this conjunction we have to clarify that if the reader might find a similar webpage with a similar title, then this should be no surprise or reason to call C.S. a plagiarist for her/him, because as a matter of fact C.S. is acting in the described fields of science and work, but some sections of the webpage Terms of the 21st Century have also been intentionally written by an author for reporting about these actings without naming C.S. in conjunction with the defrauding done together with all those convicted criminals of the Singularity Institute for Nasty Artificial Intelligence (see also the remark about the also convicted fraudster Nova Spivack made in relation with the case of the company Radar Networks in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management of the 5th of May 2009).

    We made a note about the subsidiaries DekaBank and Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen of the finance syndicate Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe on our webpage Culture.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Mars Rock Cafe™
    McDonald's on the Mars™
    BurgerKing on the Mars™
    Mars Ritz™
    Mars Hilton™

    Style of Speed Website update
    Due to the fact that we were as well a little bit surprised about the high velocity of our spaceship class X-3³/Drake, aka. Dragon X, we missed to publicate the correct estimations of the travel durations from Earth to Mars. Said this, we remedied the mistake and public- ated the correct data on its webpage.


  • Google: That only stealing company is still imitating our business, specifically our business division Ontologics with our Hightech Oper- ating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™ and our internet services, with the totally ridiculous attempt to present itself now as a protector of privacy. We simply repeat the fact: That company will never protect the privacy of its users, because this equals its economical suicide. Furthermore, it has already begun with the stealing of genes (see our Comment of the Day #1 of the 18th of May 2011).

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    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • Charles Pellegrino: We already have proven that the producer J. Cameron is not that genius as it is claimed, but we only did this in the context of 3D technology and virtual reality (see the note about him we made on the 4th of February 2010 on our Culture webpage). What we haven't said at that time was the point that our result of investigation was even proven by issues related with the interstellar spaceship shown in the movie Avatar, which are its design that directly reminded us of the Podracers of the Star War® saga and the SRacers designed by C.S. for our business division Style of Speed, as well as by its name Venture Star that doubtlessly was taken from the project X-33/VentureStar by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and its partners to design a successor for the Space Shuttle Mark 1 and Mark 2, and that we revived with our XSS-3/BigStar, aka. Space Shuttle Mark 3 (see also the Style of Speed Announcement of the 27th of February 2008). To the latter point we will come back later while quoting his webpage about propulsion. If we see such similarities in such unique combinations, then we were always on the right track convicting a fraudster. Now, we found the scientific advisor of J. Cameron with C. Pellegrino, who we have not known until some days ago despite he is active in the field of science fiction and spaceship construction since quite some years, and seems also to be an expert about the ship Titanic. And a quick look on his website immediately proved that our impression with the spaceship of the movie Avator was right, because the reflecting with our actings and website contents can be found as well by the density of unique terms and their combinations. We quote only his webpage about propulsion for documenting some facts, at least : "[...] 'water pulse' engine [...] [maybe]", "[...] entity [...]", "[...] they were -all three together- cubed [...] [At first it looks like a happenstance, but not if such happenstances have such a high density in one document. Said this, we mention the 3 Theme by C.S. and the name of our spaceship class X-3³™/Drake™, also known as Dragon X™™.]", "[...] magical moments [...] [compare with our trademarks Magic Momentum™ and for sure MagicStar™]", "[...] core was simplified [...] [By comparison with reports about his engine this seems to be added later to sound even more like the engine of our spaceship concept Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/ LightSwift™. Said this, this strengthens our claim that he is applying the moving target strategy many times seen before, especially with defrauding entities.]", "[...] the Mark II and the Mark I [...] [We already mentioned above that we came to this issue and would also mention that we couldn't find more informations about its existence. Somehow, this looks like if it was added later following our Space Shuttle Mark 1 and Mark 2 labelling.]", "[...] ion propulsion [...] [So, this also might be a happenstance, but we think it was only said to mention something with ion drive, because this points to our spaceship concept Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift™.]", "[...] Pellegrino subsequently broke all the technical Valkyrie language down into a tribute to Star Trek's creator [...] Project Valkyrie: Making Star Trek Real [We have not found any links to this story, but istead found out that the term antimatter pod fits into this claim only, so that we again got the impression that it was done in relation to the webpage of our spaceship concept Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift™, on which we did it as well.]", "[...] Wagon Train in space [...] [Take a look on our Raylev™ Lauch System. At this point the density of extremely special terms and highly complex technologies is too high to talk further about happenstances. In fact, these are no happenstance, but an intentionally done attempt of plagiarism, as we already thought with the spaceship of the movie Avatar.]", "[...] Golden Rule [...] [see the chapter 2.1 Zahlentheorie of The Prototyp on the website of our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™]", "[...] visionary [...]", "[...] I gave some of the ship's components names that were already familiar to viewers of Star Trek. Hence, the antihydrogen containment units became 'antimatter pods'. [So, maybe this is again a happenstance or an infringement of our copyright, if compared with the webpage of our spaceship concept Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift. After the incident with J. Cameron and the spaceship Venture Star in the movie Avatar we are quite sure that it is the latter case.]", "[...] one-third [...]", "[...] lightspeed (the real-life equivalent of warp speed [...]) [...]", "[...] relativistic rockets – actual starships – can be built without having to climb over the hurdle of inventing a new physics [...] [Now, we are at our spaceship concept Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift, definitely, and the reader should have got a feeling for the case at this point.]", "[...] beam of light [...]", "[...] new generation of telescopes [...]", "[...] 30,000 million Earth-like planets [...]", "[...] 300 billion galaxies fill the visible universe [...]", "[...] chessboard [...]", "[...] equipment [...]", "[...] miniature self-replicating factories that draw building materials [...]", "[...] brains of ants [...]", "[...] first thirty machines [...]", "[...] antlike intelligence into its machines, mutations among their replicants and an evolutionary process far more rapid than anything the Earth has seen in biological organisms [...] [It is not really surprising that he is talking about ants, intelligence, automation, especially in conjunction with space exploration and settlement missions, evolution, genetic programming and so on now, if the reader might take a look on the webpage of OntoLinux™, especially the section Documents and the webpage Links to Software with its sections Exotic Operating System and Automation.]", "[...] ultralight of rockets [...]", "[...] naked magnetic coils and pods held together by tethers [...] [This sounds like a Podracer, but in fact it isn't, because it has only one magnetic coil in opposition to our design with its two interstellar ramjet engines and one pod at the tethers.]", "[...] it can best be summed up as a kite [...] [Now, our impression with our SRacers, as we mentioned in the beginning of this investigative case, has been proved and we don't need to hypothesize about happenstances anymore.]", "[... his rocket] becomes a low mass speedboat [...] [Curiously, this metapher is also given by us in relation with our Hypersoar Catamaran™.]", "[...] twin [...]", "The only storage method that has a hope of working is solid antihydrogen [...] [Obviously, that is not true. More funny is the point that the concept of his magnetic coil engine can be used easily for this task.]", "[...] and/or [...] [Surprise, surprise]", "[...] mixture [...]", "[...] visions of outward [...]", "[...] more complex [...] more complexity [...]", "[...] Salvadore Dali and Pablo Picasso [...] and Rembrandt cubed [So, we have here arts and Pablo Picasso, which is one point, but Salvadore Dali and Rembrandt together with the 3 Theme as well with the name of our spaceship class X-3³/Drake is somehow very suspicious. Isn't it?]", "[...] photons of light (massless units which, while traveling at lightspeed, manifest simultaneously and self contradictorily as both particles and waves) collided with photons of light, their power sufficient to spin photons off as electrons and positrons. The world's first absorbic reaction, the conversion of energy to matter [...] [And again the webpage of our spaceship concept Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift is here somehow. So now its clear what he wants.]", "[...] atoms are ionized [...]", "[...] finely tuned [...] [Somewhere else we read fine-tuned and we also point to the term Fine Tuning™.]", "[...] beams of light [...]", "[...] fusion ions [...] [Obviously, he wanted more and more to speak about ion engines.]", "[...] purely [...]", "[...] three varieties [...]", "[...] supplemental [...] [Finally we can say: Gotcha!!!™]", "[...] smart titanium composites [...]", "[...] droplets will ionize most of the atoms they encounter [in fornt of the spaceship ...]", "[...] rapid self-repair [...]", "[...] futuristic medical facilities [...] aging process [...] artificially boost human intelligence [...] [So, here we are suddenly at the content of the webpage Terms of the 21st Century of the website of OntoLinux™.]", "[...] flock of robot helicopters [...] [compare with the description of the project Robot Swarm-Engineering™ of the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™]", "[...] circulatory system [...]", "[...] multicellular life appears to have been pulled from a disarmingly simple bag of tricks [...] electrons coursing through our neural grids[Obviously, he has found as well the The Proposal on the OntoLinux™ website, especially the chapter 3 Entwicklung und Funktionsweise eines Gehirns.]", " [...] artificial brains [...]", "[...] Jesuit [...]", and "[...] multiple quantum dimensions [...] [Obviously, he does now the website OntoLinux™ even better.]".
    And last but not least we have some technical questions besides the point of the failing berilium windows: How does the magnetic coil function at all at 92% of the speed of light?, How does the used magnetic gun barrel of an atomic accelerator work at 92% of the speed of light?, How is the energy for the magnetic coil and the other parts of the rocket engine produced?, How is the energy produced for cooling the antimatter pods? How are the streams of hot droplets thrown out ahead of the ship as a shield in the cruise phase of a flight at the velocity of 92% of the speed of light? and How do the droplets exactly strip off the electrons of the atoms they encounter? To be honest, and despite C. Pellegrino seems to be highly skilled and that the case is somehow very curious by the many similarities, from our point of view and what we have experienced by the collaboration of J. Cameron and him we only can say as the result of our investigations a clear: Busted and convicted!!!

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We are at the point where we have the scientific proofs of a rocket that should reach 92% of the speed of light after C. Pellegrino and J. Powell, and of our spaceship design Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift with its interstellar ramjet engine that in some aspects functions similarly to the rocket engine of C. Pellegrino and J. Powell, and should make the LightSwift move some percentage faster as the rocket at least, but is also based on the concept of the artificial kernel-less black hole-like singularity that warp the time-space by at least 92%, which functioning was after its design generally proved by the two now confirmed Einstein spacetime theories, the hypothesized geodetic effect, which is the warping of space and time around a gravitational body, and frame-dragging, which is the amount a spinning object pulls space and time with it as it rotates, and the conduct of the two-slit experiment in such a way, that both behaviours of photons were observed simultaneously by the weak measurements of the photons' momentum in the average. So, we are at the point where several questions and possible answers arise, like:
    What is the result of combining all concepts? At least the possibility to create 92% of some kind of a bubble drive, like e.g. warp drives of the Star Trek saga, and as described by M. Alcubierre with im- provements by C. Van Den Broeck and S. Krasnikov, that could be accelerated to at least 92% of the speed of light through the real space, has a geometry, which is in strict conformity with the Min- kowski space, and features an additional significant control of prob- ability/high percentage of knowledge about the position of a photon, in theory of each photon and also of all other gauge bosons, at least in the present and the past, and with some limitations also in the future, as it is needed e.g. for the infinite improbability drive describ- ed in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
    How large could the self-created spacetime, which is comparable with a warp bubble or an artificial hyperspace, be under realistic assumptions? We think that it depends on the very low mass of the kernel-less black hole-like core in the range of several kilograms and the extremely high rotating velocity of its spin in the range of mill- ions revolutions per second, or much more if needed to reach a velocity of at least 92% of the speed of light at the edge of the core, as well as the needed energy, for sure.
    Are we correct in saying that the two basic concepts are additive? We guess that this is true from the point of an observer outside of the spaceship.
    Can a bubble be created in a bubble? This is a new idea envisioned today. We guess that this not true, or at least only theoretically possible.
    And so on? Yes, this is true!

    Furthermore, we have begun to adapt essential elements of photonic propulsion concepts, like the laser-photon/photonic rocket engine and the photonic laser propulsion, and integrated them at different positions, like for example in our Multimode Plasma Engine (MPE), as used with our spaceship class X-3³/Drake, and our interstellar ramjet engine of the Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift. In relation with our interstellar ramjet we solved the problems with the electro- magnetic and electrostatic field generators/collectors for interstellar propellant, and its ionization in the laser-based version in a very el- egant, highly amplified as well as extremely lightweight/mass saving and nearly unbelievable effective way by creating an active reso- nant (optical) cavity between a real ionic ramscoop and one or more little satellites with high-reflectance cavity mirrors and prisms flying in front of the spaceship, and optionally in the case of the applicat- ion of several such satellites, by also creating active resonant (opt- ical) cavities between the little satellites themselves for their form- ation flight, and in this way forming a giant virtual ramscoop that could be even very much larger than the proposed ones with dia- meters of tens of thousands of kilometers, and additionally this even in the more optimized ionization version. The system can also work like an on the fly version of the pre-seeded trajectory version of the interstellar ramjet without having any of its disadvantages. This fin- ally means that interstellar ionized hydrogen, antimatter or/and other propellants are now available even in more amounts than needed, so that this problem has to be considered as solved as well. Moreover, the problem of creating a shield against space dust can also be solv- ed by our solution.

    Comment of the Day
    "Now, money is less of worth."
    How irrational is that?

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    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • Space Exploration: Surprise, surprise, not really. Suddenly, that only stealing company of chief fraudster E. Musk talks only about a mission to Mars that conceptually is discussed in exactly this from since the times of the Apollo missions in the 1970s. For this endevour its space capsule with the stolen name Dragon should be used, which makes this case absolutely clear: He wants to steal more of our business and the in this case the content of the webpage our spaceship class X-3³™/Drake™, also known as Dragon™ X™, and our Spacecrafter™/Space Dragon™with the Space Dragon™ laboratory module Space Dragon™ Lab (SDL). Also interesting is the point, that suddenly the launch costs for a tonne into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) should only be 500 U.S. dollar. That's no problem for us with our superior Space Transportation System (STS) and Space Launch System (SLS) with Single-Stage-To-Orbit (SSTO) Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) and spaceship XSS-3™/BigStar™, aka. Big Space Shuttle or Space Shuttle Mark 3, which is muchmore flexible than a Heavy-Lift Launch Vehicle (HLLV) and even the foundation for more opportunities. By the way: While we have already heard rumours coming out of this direction, we are still waiting that he comes up with an exact copy of the Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicle Application (NERVA) rocket engine NRX/XE. It seems to be that its space venture will collapse in the near future without the money of a specific investor that is acting secretly behind the scene.
  • Robert Zubrin: Suddenly, the president of the Mars society came up with a proposal about a space system that eventually could provide low-cost and regular access to space. One potential use of the so-called transorbital railroad would be a human mission to Mars that he presented a further time in more than 20 years and which is nothing else than a combination of two or three Mars missions proposed since the 1970s and 1980s inclusive the In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) to produce propellant for the return mission as well as the inflatable hab module. For sure, this is no surprise, because his particular preference is to use three spacecrafts for each of several mission phases of that company Space Exploration (see the investigative case about it above), which also explains his newly made attempt in the public. In this conjunction it is as well no surprise that he uses in talks terms like "space ventures" and "vision". And the point with the related name Transorbital Railroad of the proposed space system that was chosen with the intention to draw a parallel with the development of the transcontinental railroad in the United States in the 1860s was definitely derived from the contents of the webpage of our spaceship concept Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift™, as well as our Raylev™ Transport System and Raylev™ Launch System, which in fact is the true transorbital railroad and was developed at the same time as he presented again his Mars mission in the middle of the year 2011 and presented some weeks later. By the way: Why shouldn't the NASA conduct these services and missions only under its own management with its own cost-effective Shuttle-Derived Heavy-Lift Launch Vehicle (SDHLLV) compatible on the one side with the Space Launch System Architecture and its defining subset Style of Speed Space System Standard, and on the other side with crew capsules of the companies Lockheed Martin and Boeing, which makes the mission even more favorable instead of using that suspicious refinancing model of that company Space Exploration Technoloiges?
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