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News 2012 April

OntoLinux Website update
In the last days we have written, publicated the actual versions of, and now finallized the section that describes the terms Free Determ- inism versus Deterministic Will on the webpage of the Terms of the 21st Century as announced in the OntoLinux Further steps of the 28th of March 2012.

Furthermore, we have added to the webpage Links to Hardware the section:

  • Computer.

    In this new section Computer we have added now our:

  • Ontonics and OntoLab: Wireless Supercomputer (WiSer).

    On the same webpage we also listed in the section Mobile Device our:

  • Ontonics and OntoLab: cBook and
  • Ontonics and OntoLab: Smart Digital Assistant with optional Bending User Interface by the University of Arizona.

    We also added the image of our electronic time management system, (personal) organizer and Filofax® with printed flexible plastic elec- tronics prototyp, which is also known as Smart Digital Assistant, and the thinnest mobile device, and electronic time management system, (personal) organizer and Filofax® with printed flexible plastic elec- tronics mechanism for bundling e-paper/flexible monitor sheets and further add-ons made as a paperphone prototyp by the University of Arizona, which we have shown in the Original vs. Inspiration of the 21st of March 2012.

    Because some babblers came up again with that utter nonsense that Düsseldorf, B.R.D., is the capital city of culture in North-Rhine West- falia, we made notes about the photographers Peter Brodbeck alias Peter Lindbergh, who collaborated with the company Henkel, and Thomas Ruff on our superb Culture webpage, where true culture has its home.

    Comment of the Day
    Laser arc™ Arc laser™
    Beam arc™ Arc beam™

    The concept of the Galactical Positioning System (GPS) for guiding space- crafts, like our Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift by Style of Speed, that works in the same way as the Global Positioning System (GPS) by using the signals of pulsars is like the galactic int- ernet in fact a decades old hat, a part of our old project Universal Positioning System (UPS) conducted in our OntoLab around the year 1998, and also the actual project X-ray of pulsar TIMe and position (XTIM) by the DARPA. Recently we have revived our UPS project in conjunction with some concepts that are based on the other type of dead stars called black holes.

    Ontonics Website update
    After we took a quick look on the other projects listed in our Innov- ation-Pipeline we have found out that we sorted the project Digital Light Computing into the wrong subsection Hardware-Technology of the section Core Informatics. But in fact, we also have already the top secret project LiCo, so that today we revealed what was behind it by making it a subsection of the subsection Hardware-Technology in the section Informatics - New Paradigms, renaming it by writing its name Light Computing out in full and adding /Optical/Photonic to it, and then sorting the project Digital Light Computing into this new subsection. Some of our projects are just too old, though we still have known that we started the related research in our OntoLab, the Lab of Visions, in the year 1998. Hopefully, none of our readers has been confused too much now.

    Moreover, we created the new subsection Soft- and Hardware-Tech- nology in the section Informatics - New Paradigms, and sorted our project Wireless Supercomputing (WiSer) into this new subsection.

    *** Work in progress ***
    Also, we have added to the description of our HyperCycle/Stroet- mann-Cycle the information that shows its universal nature and its advantages in more detail by also discussing the alternative applic- ation of hydrocarbons as source material and energy carrier.

    Furthermore, we also created the new subsection Manufacturing in the section Methods, Materials and Technologies, and added our two new projects:

  • Beam Arc Layering (22:00 CET) and
  • Beam Arc Coating (14:30 CET)

    to this new subsection.

    Besides this, we added to the description of our project NanoBe the information that different solutions in 2D and 3D are applied, that also includes the techniques of the electric arc spraying, our Beam Arc Layering, and our Beam Arc Coating.

    And last but not least, we have shifted the project Self-Healing Materials 200x from the subsection Technology to the subsection Material of the section Methods, Materials and Technologies. The classification of this project was always a subject of internal dis- cussions here at our place.

    Ontonics Website update
    We have added to the description of our Carbon Bamboo Fiber the information about its unrivalled capacity to absorb carbon dioxide.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    Since several months we are thinking about a new name for our Apollo models, because we have chosen it only to annoy Gumpert a little bit for his jumps on our bandwagons, especially those that are related with the term speed.

    Comment of the Day
    Active Laser™
    Active Rear-view Mirror™

    Clarification #1
    Due to the fact that companies are still infringing our copyright we would like to give a further example: The explanation "The [...] battery [...] can be recharged in an extremely short space of time [...]", [Bayerische Motorenwerke, 31st of March 2012], is describing our Quickcharger technology. As far as we do know, no other company has thought about this simple solution before us.

    Manufacturers of electric vehicels must get a license from us, if they offer a fast/quick recharging technology with a description that uses terms with a temporal meaning of being fast/quick or faster/quicker, or/and relative values, and not absolute values. An example: The statement 'recharging of the battery needs X time unites' is correct, but the statement 'recharging of the battery needs only X time units' is not due to the word only that has in this context the meaning of a fast process.

    Clarification #2
    In conjunction with our Active Light and Laser Lamp@Car we would like to clarify as well that strictly speaking by following the linguistics a LASER diode is a Light-Emitting Diode (LED).

    Said this, the same as for our other solutions holds for our Active Light technologies and our kind of Laser Lamp@Car system, that is used for e.g. headlasers™ or front lasers™ aka. laser headlights, and further lights of a vehicle (see for example the Clarification #1 above).

    We demand all media not to report about any person or company that presents a concept that is related with our Active Light technologies that apply LASER diodes, and our kind of Laser Lamp@Car systems, as well as for example our headlaser™/front laser™ aka. laser headlight, and taillaser™/back laser™/rear laser™ aka. laser taillight, and also our applications based on them, because they differ from the other existing solutions that are based on a monochromatic or/and converted beam of a LASER respectively a LASER diode in contrast to our solutions that are based on an optionally coloured or/and projected beam or matrix beam of one or more LASERs respectively LASER diodes, so that our copyright will be infringed in this way.

    Wir fordern alle Medien auf über keine Person oder Unternehmung zu berichten, die ein Konzept präsentiert, das mit unserer Active Light-Technologie, die LASER-Dioden verwendet, und unsere Art der Laser Lampe@Auto-Systeme sowie zum Beispiel unseren darauf basierenden Frontlaser™/Laserscheinwerfer™ aba. Laser Frontscheinwerfer und Rücklaser™ aba. Laser Rückleuchte als auch den Anwendungen in Verbindung steht, weil es sich von den anderen existierenden Lösungen unterscheidet, die auf einem monochromen oder/und konvertierten Licht eines LASER- beziehungsweise LASER-Diodenstrahls basieren im Gegensatz zu unseren Lösungen, die auf optional farbigen oder/und projezierten Strahl oder Strahlenmatrix eines oder mehreren LASER- beziehungsweise LASER-Diodenstrahlen basieren, sodass hierdurch unser Urheberrecht verletzt wird.
    Im Fall der Active Light-Technologien braucht sich die Berichterstattung eigentlich nur an den auch in der deutschen Sprache klar verständlichen Schlüsselwörtern und -phrasen zu orientieren, insbesondere LED, LASER, Beamer und Projecting als auch z. B. "separately activated LEDs", "band of LEDs" und "projecting optics of beamers", jedoch ist damit letzten Endes der wesentliche Gedanke schon beschrieben.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    As the first result for a new name of our Apollo model series, we have the following options: Electrica==electric, Elettrone==electron, Elettro==electrum, which is the natural alloy of gold and silver, El Toro, which is the name of a well-known manufacturer of an electric (mechanical) bull and related with the name of the Spanish fighting bull breed Toro Bravo, and the combination of Electrica, Elettrone, Elettro and El Toro, which results in our two favourites that are Elettrono or Elettoro.

    Furthermore if not mentioned before, we are also thinking about new hybrid drivetrain versions that consist either of a fuel cell and a hydrogen (gas) motor, or a fuel cell and a hydrogen turbine for weight reduction, of an integrated system of a fuel cell and a hydrogen turbine after the concept of our overloaded fuel cell, or in a further version of an accumulator and a hydrogen turbine as range extender, all versions for weight reduction as well. Other versions use (water-)diluted hydrogen peroxide instead of pure hydrogen.

    And we would like to show the steering mechanism of some of our normal and electric kick scooter/board variants called E-Carver, SpeedCarver, KickCarver, MiniCarver or iCarver based on the StreetCarver skateboard by the Bayerische Motorenwerke.

    Style of Speed Steering and Tilting Mechanism E-Scooter iCarver
    © Bayerische Motorenwerke

    For sure, the handlebar is missing, and the drivetrain, the optional disc brake system, and further features, as well as the deck, wheels, and further components made out of composite materials, like e.g. our carbon fibers, are not shown.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added a new webpage for our Active Rear-view Mirrors

    We also updated the webpage of our Active Lights by adding the new section Active Laser in the Lights, as announced in the Further steps of the 20th of March 2012.

    Comment of the Day
    E-Ski™ Electric Ski™
    HUD 1™ HUD 2™
    HUD I™ HUD II™
    HUD °™ HUD °°™
    HMD 1™ HMD 2™
    HMD I™ HMD II™
    HMD °™ HMD °°™
    VRD 1™ VRD 2™
    VRD I™ VRD II™
    VRD °™ VRD °°™
    Smart Eyewear™ Sm@rt Eyewear™
    Smart Glasses™ Sm@rt Glasses™
    Smart Goggle™ Sm@rt Goggle™
    Smart Shade™ Sm@rt Shade™
    SmartWayfarer™ Sm@rtWayfarer™ SmartW@yfarer™ SmartWayf@rer™
    OntoGoggle™ OntoGlasses™ OntoShade™
    FitGoggle™ FitGlasses™ FitShade™
    BeamGoggle™ BeamGlasses™ BeamShade™
    VibeGoggle™ VibeGlasses™ VibeShade™
    MultiGoggle™ MultiGlasses™ MultiShade™
    CloudGoggle™ CloudGlasses™ CloudShade™
    WebGoggle™ WebGlasses™ WebShade™
    SmartWebGoggle™ SmartWebGlasses™ SmartWebShade™
    MarkupGoggle™ MarkupGlasses™ MarkupShade™
    TagGoggle™ TagGlasses™ TagShade™
    HTMLGoggle™ HTMLGlasses™ HTMLShade™
    XMLGoggle™ XMLGlasses™ XMLShade™
    HapticGoggle™ HapticGlasses™ HapticShade™
    HapticGoggle™ HapticGlasses™ HapticShade™
    MuGoggle™ MuGlasses™ MuShade™
    μGoggle™ μGlasses™ μShade™
    3D Goggle™ 3D Glasses 3D Shade™
    Med!Goggle™ Med!Glasses™ Med!Shade™
    MeterGoggle™ MeterGlasses™ MeterShade™
    System goggle™ System smartgoggle™ Smart system goggle™
    System glasses™ System smartglasses™ Smart system glasses™
    System shade™ System smartshade™ Smart system shade™
    @goggle™ @glasses™ @shade™

    If not said before:
    We call the integration of a Virtual Image Display of the first gener- ation (VID I/VID 1.0) with a facial scanning technique (as it is prov- ided by our MobileKinetic technology in the case of mobile devices), specifically the technique of the eye tracking, for keeping the image in place by using motion compensation, as the VID II/VID 2.0. Our Retina Projection is a laser-based VID II/VID 2.0.
    We call the integration of a Virtual Retina/Retinal Display of the first generation (VRD I/VRD 1.0) with a sensor for facial scanning techni- ques, specifically the eye tracking technique, for keeping the image in place by using motion compensation, as the VRD II/VRD 2.0. Our Retina Projection is a VRD II/VRD 2.0.
    We call the integration of a Head-Mounted Display of the first gen- eration (HMD I/HMD 1.0) with a facial scanning technique (as it is provided by our MobileKinetic technology), specifically the eye tra- cking technique, for keeping the image in place by using motion compensation, as the HMD II/HMD 2.0. Our head-mounted, laser- based versions of the Virtual Image Displays of the second generat- ion (VIDs II/VIDs 2.0) and of the Retina/Retinal Displays of the second generation (VRDs II/VRDs 2.0) are HMDs II/HMDs 2.0.

    Ontonics Website update
    Following the subsection SmartWatch of our subsection iRaiment, we have added our new subsection SmartEyewear to the webpage Innovation-Pipeline, and added into the new section our new projects:

  • 3D Eyewear (17:30 CET),
  • MultiEyewear,
  • MarkupEyewear,
  • WebEyewear,
  • CloudEyewear,
  • VibeEyewear,
  • TouchEyewear,
  • KineticEyewear (17:30 CET),
  • BeamEyewear,
  • MuEyewea/μEyewear,
  • HeartEyewear/♥Eyewear,
  • VitaEyewear,
  • FitEyewear, and
  • MeterEyewear.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We are thinking about a new model that is conceptually following the design study Ferrari Xezri by Samir Sadikhov, and the design of our street legal models that inspired him (see his case in the Investigations::Car #340 Ferrari Design Special of the 9th of January 2012). Very sadly to say, for our attempt S. Sadikhov's beautiful design has to be totally overworked at the side, the rear, and at the roof, and some changes at the front are as well needed. On the one side the design could fit very well in its smoother style with our model M!, but also on the other side in a more edgy style with our conversions Murciélago II and III, specifically with our model series Jota, and with our conversion Aventador II that are based on the related models by the marque Volkswagen→Lamborghini→Audi, and would be ideal choices due to their chassis, and the mechanism of the scissor doors as well as the air intake behind the doors. The basic design would also fit with some of our conversions of models by the marque Volkswagen→Porsche, specifically the model 918, and for sure with conversions of models by the marque Fiat→Ferrari. It seems to be that we have a little decision problem.

    Samir Sadikhov Ferrari Xezri → Style of SpeedSamir Sadikhov Ferrari Xezri with opened Wings → Style of SpeedSamir Sadikhov Ferrari Xezri → Style of Speed
    © Samir Sadikhov

    We will add new webpages in our sections Sports for our new electric dirt/mountain roller skates/blades and our new electric skis/E-Skis with or without sticks, of which the latter is based on grass skis for the land version, and on little pump-jets of personal water crafts for the water version. Da Vinci would have much fun with the electric water skis.

    And we would like to show the next steering mechanism of some of our normal and electric kick scooter/board variants with 3 wheels called E-Carver, SpeedCarver, KickCarver, SmartCarver, MiniCarver or iCarver based on the Asphalt Ultimate Carving Machine Scooter by Fuzion.

    Style of Speed Steering and Tilting Mechanism SmartCarverStyle of Speed Steering and Tilting Mechanism SmartCarver
    © :(

    For sure, the electric drivetrain and the optional disc brake system, and further features, as well as the deck, handlebar, and wheels, and further components made out of composite materials, like e.g. our carbon fibers, are not shown.


  • Apple: The company has filed a patent application in the end of Q3 of the year 2006 for a "Binocular [and Monocular] Near Eye Display System", that is described as follows: "The head mounted display system includes a remote laser light engine that generates laser light associated with a display signal. The head mounted display system additionally includes a head mounted display apparatus that is separated from the laser light engine and comprising a display unit that displays laser images. The head mounted display system further includes an imaging device coupled between the remote laser light engine and the head mounted display apparatus. The imaging device creates laser images from the laser light transmitted through an optical cable in accordance with the display signal. The laser images are delivered to the display unit in order to create display images that can be viewed by a user of the head mounted display apparatus.". What we can say is that the described display system is totally different from our innovation of the Retina Projection and even not be based on some kind of a Virtual Retina/Retinal Display (VRD) system, so that we are free to use our solution in parts or as a whole with eyewear of all kinds despite its patent. But we can also extent our Retina Projection system by constructing it in the same way as this display system by the company Apple.
  • Microsoft: The company filed a patent application in the Q3 of the year 2010 for a "Laser-scanning Virtual Image Display" that is about a projector technology as part of an eye display system respectively eyewear. Its patent includes the description of the basic components of a (Virtual) Retinal/Retina Display (VRD) technology of the first generation (VRD I/VRD 1.0) that is based on a red, a blue and a green beam of laser diodes, laser-scanners, a driver/controller, and related optics, though it is not a VRD (see the Original vs. Inspiration of the 6th of December 2010), but also claims that a VRD does not succesfully and healthy work in practice, and that its invention would solve this problem: "[0016] A display image may be formed by sweeping a laser beam over a two-dimensional area while modulating the beam to illuminate selected points in the area. When the area includes a reflective or scattering surface at an appropriate depth for focusing, a direct display image may be formed on the surface. Alternatively, a virtual display image may be formed, even when no such surface is available. The virtual display image may be constructed, for instance, so that light from a given locus of the image travels in parallel rays through an observer's pupil. When brought into focus, this image appears to the observer to be that of a far-away object. In principle, narrow beam [...] could be used directly to form such an image. However, that would entail focusing a relatively intense laser emission on relatively few receptors in the observer's eye. By contrast, the systems and devices described herein use dilation optics to expand the narrow beam so that it fills or overfills the observer's pupil, while preserving the collimated orientation of the beam.". And what we can say here as well is that it is also different from our innovation of the Retina Projection due to the application of our MobileKinetic technology, so that we are free to use our solution in parts or as a whole with eyewear of all kinds despite its patent. But we can also extent our Retina Projection system by constructing it in the same way as this display system by the company Microsoft by using only one of its simpler versions that uses only invisble light beams, as our MobileKinetic technology.
    Btw.: There is a high potential that the patent is not valid as a whole, because it is describing a specially constructed VRD only.
  • Google and Massachusetts Institute of Technology: The company has presented a Head-Mounted Display (HMD) with 1 screen and Augmented Reality (AR) applications that is nothing else than the old wearable technology of the research institute (see the related link in the section IRaiment, Wearable Computer of the webpage Links to Hardware on the website of our Hightech Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux), and looks exactly like the HMD of the first wearable computer by the company International Business Machines. Said this, it is now doubltessly clear that the company definitely is not that innovative company, as it was claimed by totally incompetent entities, like e.g. a British media corporation, but only making marketing. In relation with Wearable Computing (WC) and Augmented Reality (AR) we have heard since around 15 years from small to the largest entities in this field the same claims and marketing nonsense.

    Wir fordern ein weiteres Mal die Ministerin für Bildung und Forschung sowie alle anderen PolitikerInnen, denen die Sachverhalte bekannt sein müssen (wir haben Fakten und ein logisches Netzwerk mit diesen Fakten initiiert, die beweisen, dass es praktisch sämtliche Mitglieder aller Parteiführungen auf Bundes- und Landesebenen betroffen sind), insbesondere die Bundeskanzlerin, sofort ihre Ämter niederzulegen, da es in keinster Weise politische Argumente für dieses assoziale, verfassungs- und demokratiefeindliche sowie zum größten Teil auch schwerkriminelle Verhalten gibt.

    Investigations::Aviation and Space

  • Floris Kaayk: Under the assumed identity of Jarno Smeets that fraudster has stolen our show that is related with our project PackWing™/WingPack™ in a very nasty attack that lastet around 8 months (see also the Original vs. Inspiration of the 9th of April 2009 and Originals of the 28th of September 2009). From a technical point of view he had only replaced the Brain Computer Interface (BCI) of our PackWing™/WingPack™ with a haptic user interface based on controllers of a computer game console. What we directly saw as well was that the latest video was a fake due to the facts that the motors and batteries are much too small for such a personal air vehicle, the overall functioning with the human flapping is totally unconvincing, the shape of the wings while flapping was not correct, because there was no sign of load on them, as it was also mentioned by a pilot, as well as the unusual motion of the flight, and the lack of a convincing flight control respectively a sign of a controlled flight. Furthermore, we could see by the used devices and details, like e.g. the abstract compass rose with the letter S printed on one of the wings, the reference to Leonardo da Vinci, the term "Electric Speed Contro[l]lers (ESC)" on a technical drawing, or the phrase "Yes, I did it", that F. Kaayk worked out our website contents very precisely. We also got the explanation in mind that a company related with the company Google or/and the used devices could be behind the hoax, or one of the other usual entities that had manipulated the public for damaging our company and the competencies of C.S. all the last years through, which was also given as an explanation by an internet marketing expert.
  • Bertelsmann→Gruner und Jahr→Financial Times Deutschland: Despite of very well knowing our original project PackWing™/WingPack™, that economic oriented tab reported instead about the Dutch fraudster Floris Kaayk (see his case above).
  • Gizmag: Well knowing that the project was not by the fraudster Floris Kaayk (see his case above), but ours, that magazine refused to name our project PackWing™/WingPack™ and instead used our website contents like that fraudster as well to bust the hoax, as it can be clearly seen by the following quotes: "Evidence [...] [see the image "Evidence" by C.S.]", "[...] originally [speech act]", "[...] soaring [...] [(see our subsection Hypersoar]" "[...] rather ingenious combination of a large kite re-fashioned into a sort of over-sized hang glider, which is connected to a backpack harness and a central motor that actually flaps the wings. The motor takes its cue from Smeets himself [...] [Thank you very much for the flowers. See also the Original vs. Inspiration of the 9th of April 2009.], "[... the fraudster] has documented the process thoroughly in his blog [...] [That is what we do here.]", "[...] software-created prototype 3D model, the modeling software [...] "[...] if this was the engineering vid it claims to be they would be using a 3D modeling program more suited to physics based modeling." [...] [So, here we are at our Hightech Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux™ that is used for the Brain Computer Interface (BCI) of our PackWing™/WingPack™.]" and "[...] deliberate [...] [speech act].

    Comment of the Day
    Smartvisor™ Sm@rtvisor™
    Electric waterski™ E-Waterskis™

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We would like to show a miniature pump-jet drive of our new electric waterskis/E-WaterSkis with or without sticks, and our electric boards that can even be made out of our AeroAccu™ fibre, and in addition feature as options our Active Solar Panels on the deck as well as special SmartWatches as wireless controllers.

    Style of Speed Pump-Jet SurfboardStyle of Speed Water Jet Ski Drive E-Waterskis
    © Wavejet and Style of Speed

    Btw.: We always must laugh loudly, if a company claims for its intellectual properties inclusive copyright and what so ever, but has taken itself everything from others even without referencing them.

    Comment of the Day

    Ontonics Website update
    We have added the three new projects to the Innovation-Pipeline that are called:

  • Laser Image Display 2.0,
  • Head-Mounted Display 2.0, and
  • EyeTap 2.0 (23:59 CET).

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We are in the process of thinking about the possibility to take our new model called iSpyder into our program that we have developed in the last three days just for fun and because we can. The iSpyder is a New Energy Sports Car (NESC or NESCar) for the smaller budget based on a kit car overworked by us following the design of our model Apollo Speed-E (SE) aka. Elettoro, and in such a way that it is more comfortable, and fits on the chassis and drivetrains of the models Volt respectively Ampera by the manufacturer General Motors and its marque Opel (see also the image shown in the Further steps 20th of March 2012), as well as by our business division. The iSpyder could be available in 4 weeks. As a kit car for self construction, the price for our iSpyder without our Active Differential extension and further options is expected to be the same as of the model Volt by General Motors and Ampera by Opel. A fully built up iSpyder will cost around 20 to 25% more.
    Further models even by other entities, like e.g. interested hobbiests, freelancers, academies, and corporations, can be easily realized with full guarantee for the chassis and the drivetrain, and a worldwide service network, based on our modular chassis system.

    Style of Speed iSpyderStyle of Speed and General Motors Hybrid Sports Car Drivetrain PlatformStyle of Speed and General Motors Hybrid Sports Car Drivetrain Platform
    © :I, General Motors, and Style of Speed

    The left image and the car shown on it are not created by us but by a not so clever person, or again by a large manufacturer for manipul- ating the public by taking contents of our Style of Speed website, especially of the webpage of our El Toro breed Apollo Speed-E (SE)/ Elettoro, and our conversions Boxster GT and Cayman GT.
    The doodle in the middle will be corrected and beautified: The range extender and the charge port should be in front of the rear axle, for sure, and the cooler eventually at the sides and the tank in front of the steering (it seems to be that we even do not need to mirror the drivetrain).

    In the Further steps of the 4th of April 2012, we have missed to mention the pure hydrogen and (water-)diluted hydrogen peroxide based version that consists of an accumulator and hydrogen (gas) motor as range extender and for weight reduction. We also have missed to mention that in general this technical concept the can be realized with other propellants as well for the same and most potentially for more other reasons.

    Furthermore, we think about drivetrains with range extender based on two or four cylinder boxer engines with or without turbo charger, as they are used in motorcycles, for example, for better weight distribution or/and space utilization, because of their flat dimensions.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Smart eyetap™
    Cyber eye™
    More eyes™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Internet bubble 2.0", [C.S., Yesterday]
    In this conjunction we would like to publicate the quote: "Did I hear anybody say "technology bubble"?", [A British broadcaster, Today]. No, because we already said it yesterday.

    Ontonics Website update
    We will add the two new projects to the Innovation-Pipeline that are called:

  • Cyber Eye and
  • More Eyes.

    Fine Tuning™ mode
    Investigations::Car #350

  • Volkswagen: Following our models like the Cup and iCup, and their optional feature of the Active City Assist™ component, the basic model up! by the manufacturer features now as an option one such assist system for automatic breaking.
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: The manufacturer has copied our busi- ness division Style of Speed once again by presenting its concept car called i8 Spyder that was done by following our model Jota Speedster based on the Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster and the →Audi e-tron Spyder, which was following our Jota Speedster as well, and our Raptor Speedster based on the Volkswagen concept car W12 Roadster.
  • Tushek: Either the small manufacturer thought to be very clever, or again it is once again an attempt by a large manufacturer for mis- leading and manipulating the public. In detail, the car in question (see the image shown in the Style of Speed Further steps of the 7th of April 2012) is a kit car that resembles the model Gallardo by the marque Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini, and that company said that it has put the V8 engine by Audi into it, like for example the model Apollo by the company Gumpert and our conversions Boxster GT and Cayman GT based on the basic models by the manufacturer Volkswagen→Porsche. Design elements of its exterior was copied from our El Toro breed Apollo Speed-E (SE)/Elettoro, sppecifically the front bumper and air outlets in front of the front wheels, and the Murciélago like air intakes behind the side windows that are a unique feature of our model. This is a highly suspicious case, because it looks exactly like the case of the manufacturer Gumpert and the similar cases in the field of motorcycles (see the Investigations::Motorcycle #XYZ of the ... and ...), which is strengthened by facts that its car is called Renovatio, as the design of a design study of a future model by the motorbike company Confederate that we have planned to add in an overworked version as the model #5) (Sharp 5 Riot aka. Razor) or as one of our new motorbike series #6 or #7 since the end of January 2012, and we doubt massively that this is a happenstance, also we found a picture that shows a trader of the basic kit car wearing a winter jacket of the manufacturer Audi, though the kit car has had no Audi engine at that time, and that actually the basic kit car seems not to be available anymore, and that the kit car would not be suited to handle the V8 liter engine by the marque Volkswagen→Audi at all in contrast to our models Boxster GT and Cayman GT, because its chassis is not strong enough and the kit car is limited at the speed of 240 km/h. It truly seems to be that competitors are created artificially by industrial and large companies for damaging our business in this way.
    Btw.: None of these companies were sustainable and run out of money after around 4 or 5 years, like e.g. Gumpert. Furthermore, we have now the New Energy™ Sports Car (NESCar) model iSpyder with a vehicle platform with hybrid drivetrain that we created out of a platform by the manufacturer General Motors, so that every small, medium and large manufacturer got the right answer to this foul play.
  • Lambocars.com: We do not know why that managing editor is not excepting that he has lost the fight already in the year 2010 in rel- ation with the name of our model Jota and some other issues (see its cases in the Investigations::Car #244 of the 5th of April 2010 and #286 of the 18th of September 2010). So for our readers we do present the facts: There exists no Aventador Jota by the marque Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini. The car is the Aventador J. Point.
    In the same way we do not know FWIW that he tells the nonsense that not only the J Wheel but also all other wheels for Lamborghini models are not available with a single central locking mechanism (see the Style of Speed Further Steps of the 18th of March 2012). For sure, the central locking of rims based on the adapter for the models 911 Turbo, GT2 RS, and GT3 by the marque Volkswagen→Porsche can be delivered by us for all Lamborghini models as well after request, so that they get the extra superb style in comparison to a 5 hole rim. Point.
    And last but not least, the attempt to create the impression that our model Maestro based on the model Gallardo is not street-legal, because the special model Sesto Elemento by the factory is not, has failed as well: Our model Maestro is absolutely street legal, for sure. Point.

    Comment of the Day
    Smart earwear™
    Cyber ear™
    More ears™
    Smart finger,™
    Cyber finger™
    More fingers™
    Smart nose,™
    Cyber nose™
    More noses™

    Ontonics Website update
    We have updated the webpage Innovation-Pipeline by the following steps:
    Firstly, we renamed the project Cyber Eye to EyeTap 3.0.

    Secondly, we added the information to this EyeTap 3.0 project that also the camera optics can be controlled with the servomotors or the servormechanisms as well.

    Thirdly, we've added the information to the description of our Smart Eyewear that it denotes EyeTaps of the first, second (EyeTap II) and third generation (EyeTap III) as well, because they are differentiated from Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs).

    Fourthly, we created again the new project:

  • Cyber Eye (12:55 CET),

    but this time in the section Human Enhancement and Cyborgs.

    Fifthly, we have added the new projects called:

  • Cyber Ear (14:10 CET) and
  • Cyber Finger (14:10 CET0).

    Sixthly, we have added the description of some possible applications related with electronic eyes mentioned before in the section Human Enhancement and Cyborgs of the webpage about the Terms of the 21st Century of the website of our Hightech Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux to the descriptions of our projects More Eyes and Cyber Eye. We keep promises™

    Ontonics Further steps
    We will add the new subsection called:

  • SmartEarwear (14:10 CET),

    and the new projects:

  • Med!Eyewear,
  • EarTap 1.0,
  • EarTap 2.0,
  • EarTap 3.0,
  • More Ears,
  • More Fingers,

    which is like the projects More Eyes and More Ears,

  • Smart Nose, Cyber Nose, or both (14:10 CET).

    Comment of the Day #1
    Smart handwear™
    Social web service™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Love Me Tender", [Elvis Presley, Movie and song title, 1956]
    The song was adapted from the tune of "Aura Lee".

    Comment of the Day #3
    "Your code will also fail when the cat pees on the computer [...].", [Alan Cox, Today]
    So take good care of your cat, and better "Don't Hassle the Hoff" as well.

    Ontonics Website update
    As announced in the Ontonics Further steps of yesterday, we have added the new subsection:

  • SmartEarwear

    and in this new subsection the new projects:

  • 3D Earwear,
  • MultiEarwear,
  • MarkupEarwear,
  • WebEarwear, and
  • CloudEarwear.

    Additionally and as announced yesterday as well, we also described the new projects:

  • Headphone 2.0,
  • EarTap 1.0,
  • EarTap 2.0,
  • EarTap 3.0, and
  • More Ears.

    Furthermore, we made a comment yesterday about adding social network services to a special version of the web browser Firefox by the Mozilla Foundation, but due to the fact that the foundation de- clared not to make this step, and in this way refused to become the honest social network broker, we jumped into the gap and created today the related projects:

  • Social Web Services and
  • Fireplace.

    Ontonics Further steps
    In relation with the Ontonics Further steps of yesterday we will add the following new projects that we developed yesterday but have to mention today due to the date change:

  • NoseTap 1.0,
  • NoseTap 2.0,

    which adds kinetic technologies for a better sensing of odors, and

  • NoseTap 3.0,

    which uses servomotors or whole servomechanisms for controlling the device component, and swiveling the sniffer device, as well as

  • FingerTap 1.0,
  • FingerTap 2.0, and
  • FingerTap 3.0.

    We will also add the missing SmartEarwear devices.

    Comment of the Day

    Ontonics Website update
    We have continued with the finalizing of the descriptions of our new projects:

  • VibeEarwear,
  • HapticEarwear,
  • TouchEarwear,
  • KineticEarwear,
  • BeamEarwear,
  • HeartEarwear™/♥Earwear,
  • VitaEarwear,
  • FitEarwear, and
  • MeterEarwear.

    And we also added the new projects:

  • Med!Eyewear,
  • Med!Earwear,
  • NoseTap 1.0,
  • NoseTap 2.0, and
  • NoseTap 3.0.

    Comment of the Day
    Cyber tongue™

    On our one of a kind Culture webpage we made notes about the museum Tate Modern again, the sponsors Bayerische Motorenwerke and Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, and Volkswagen→Audi, and also added notes about the singers Natalia "Kills" Noemi Keery-Fisher, Wouter "Wombat" De Backer alias Gotye and Kimbra Johnson, Jessica Ellen Cornish alias Jessi J, and Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone.

    *** Fine Tuning™ mode ***

  • Peter Jansen: He is a fraudster and plagiarist of the worst criminal kind, who thought to be very clever by stealing as much as possible from our websites of our hightech office Ontonics™, especially contents of the webpage Innovation-Pipeline, and of our Ontologic System®™ (OS) and Hightech Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux™ that are related with the Tricorder of the Star Trek Saga, developmental biology, epistemology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Knowledge Management (KM), cognitive science, robotics, rapid prototyping and High Performance Computing (HPC). This was even done in such a way that others should think, or if they are nasty like him, can argue that he was first. We do quote from his website that is about a Tricorder like device to show our readers what a special person we have here: "Open Source Hardware [To an open souce community belongs the behaviour of being honest, what he is not, obivously. We do think that he simulates only an open source hardware project until situation comes that is more advantageous for him.]", "the Tricorder project [We will come to his Mobile Devices™ later in more detail, but we can already tell our readers at this point that his devices have nothing else in common with a Tricorder than the case of his first version. In fact, he took our measuring-, steering, and controlling plug-in module for the handheld game console Gameboy and its functionality, which we have patented in the year 1997, later publicated under the name Gam•E™, and further developed and described by the subsequent project Med!Boy and Med!Girl as a Tricorder of the Star Trek Saga. The Gam•E™ and Med!Boy and Med!Girl can also be used with newer models of the handheld gaming console that have two displays and touch-functionality. See also for example the Clarification of the 13th of January 2012.]", "[...] Mark 1 [...] Mark 2 [...] [So it seems to be that he does know as well the webpage of our Space Launch System (SLS) and Space Transportation System (STS) with Single-Stage-To-Orbit (SSTO) Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) XSS-3™/BigStar™, that is also nicknamed as the Big Space Shuttle or Space Shuttle Mark 3, by Style of Speed™.]", "Sense and Visualize the World [This is a clear reference to our OS and HOS OntoLinux™, as it can be seen easily by the webpage Links to Software, for example.]", "[...] see and smell and taste [...] see and smell and feel [...] [Besides that the senses are meant in general, we have her also the 3 Theme.]", "[...] magnetism, pressure, or chemical structure [...]", "[...] light or colour [...] [This sounds very familiar.]", "[...] the Tricorder aims to provide intuitive ways of visualizing data - so you might see magnetic fields, temperature, or polarization as naturally as you see colour [...] [Doubtlessly, here the Ontoscope™ software component, another device of the Star Trek saga, the Visual Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacement (VISOR) of Geordi La Forge mentioned in the section Human Enhancement and Cyborgs of the webpage Terms of the 21st Century on the website of OntoLinux™, and our Ontoscope™ are meant only.]", "[...] handheld devices [...] [We designed it more generally by talking about and developing Mobile Devices™.]", "[...] accessibility [...] as inexpensive as possible [...] every household - and every child who wants one - might have access to a small device that can easily be kept close in a pocket or bag [...] [Tock, tock, tock. Hello, hello. Anybody home? Guess why we have developed our Gameboy based Gam•E™ in the year 1997?]", "It is my deep belief that knowledge brings about positive change [... and] if people could easily discover things about their worlds that were also important social topics, that they would then make positive social choices [...] [Obviously, that claim is wrong, as it can be seen by him having a doctorate degree.]", "[...] instrument that can show a child how much chlorophyll is in a leaf [...] [Compare this with one of the images shown in the intelliTablet Further steps of the 6th of January 2010.]", "The Tricorder project was founded by myself [...] while a graduate student studying neural computation and cognitive modelling at [a university]. I have been actively developing complete Tricorders from the development of the Science Tricorder Mark 1, starting in the Spring of 2007. [We do not really think that this statement says the truth. Firstly, we have here a clear link to OntoLinux™, the webpages Overview, Caliber, Roboverse, Terms of the 21st Centruy, and Components, and the sections Intelligent/Cognitive Agent and Intelligent/Cognitive Interface of the Links to Software webpage. And secondly, to mention the date 2007 seems more to be an attempt to jump before us seen from a temporal point. Sadly to say, we were already there in 1997.]", "[...] supplement [...] [As we always explain, we have taken this term for the related section on the website of our business division Style of Speed especially for differencing us from other entities. Said this, this is at least a clear speech act stealing.]", "[...] data visualization and interface design, or, especially, rapid prototyping [...] [So, here we also have the section Rapid Prototyping Machines of the webpage Links to Hardware, and again the Ontoscope software component and the section Intelligent/Cognitive Interface of the Links to Software webpage on the OntoLinux™ website, as well as our projects McNano, McNano Mobile and Beam Arc Layering listed in our Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™ and the OntoLab™, The Lab of Visions™. And the reason why he suddenly makes a connection between the Tricorder and rapid prototyping will be worked out by us for a better understanding by the following quotes.]", "Rapid prototyping, or 3D printing, is a process where one slowly additively constructs objects by depositing material layer by layer [...] [Bad luck for him that we already have the Beam Arc Layering technology that can also take away material. This point will be mentioned later again.]", "[...] printing out parts for the 3D printer itself [...] [If the reader has not seen the little detail implicitly contained in this statement, we would like to give the explanation that he also is trying to jump on the bandwagon of self-replication. Clever but not clever enough, because we have referenced the whole package by listing the document "Advanced Automation for Space Missions" by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the section Automation on the Links to Software.]", "[...] 3D-Printable Laser Cutter [...] [This is now a laser based machine and a machine that takes material away, which leads again to our much more elegant Beam Arc Layering technology.]", "One of our 3D printers, printing out a tiny rocket ship [This is the text of a caption of an image that shows a rocket which looks like the rocket of TinTin (see the Picture of the Day of the 19th of September 2008).]", "a simple and intuitive tool for a variety of scientific measurements [...] SD Card storage [As we said, simply explained it is nothing else than our Gameboy based Gam•E™. Also, in relation to the Tricorder of the Star Trek saga the feature of a Secure Digital (SD) card points directly to our solution Med!Mobile™, doubtlessly and obviously.]", "[...] Debian Linux [...] [Take a look at the webpage Components of OntoLinux™. If the reader is not convinced at this point we can't help her/him anymore.]", "[...] self-contained sensor boards with separate processors and the beginnings of an open sensor protocol [...] [We sorry about the next information by us, but we have to say: Good morning. What does he guess is our patented measuring-, steering, and controlling plug-in module for the handheld gaming console Gameboy, that we later publicated under the name Gam•E™? Besides this, a further open sensor protocol is not needed anymore since quite some years.]", "[...] experiment in dramatically reducing the cost of a Tricorder. Designed to interface with multiple easily swappable sensor boards [...] [So now it is absolutely clear that he has stolen the concept of our measuring-, steering, and controlling plug-in module for the handheld gaming console Gameboy called Gam•E™. So now we can do it together as loud as possible: SuperHyperTripleMega...Gotcha!!!™]", "I would also like to thank my Dad, who taught me how to make, create, design, build, program, and solder from a young age. [We do not thank his father that he left our to be honest and that he had not taught him that stealing is a crime.]", "[...] transformers [...] [No, no Autobots™ are meant but the electric power transforming devices.]", "Sensors [...] [If somebody wants to know why we have not produced our , then she/he should take a look at the website of our Ontoscopes™ and the project Sensor Swarm Robot™, for example.]", "[...] modalities [...]", "[...] three main categories [...] [Why three main categories and not another number?]", "Design Philosophy [...] Breadth [...] Tractability [...] Accessibility [...] Intuitiveness [...] [We only waited for the mentioning of some kind of philosophy and design. The single points are all linked with what? Yes indeed, with our Gam•E™.]", "[...] interdisciplinary background that includes a broad range of scientific disciplines [...] [Take a look at the webpage Vision of the OntoLab™ website.]", "[...] sketching [...] sketch out a bunch of different designs and ideas [...]", "[...] handheld multimodal sensing device [...] [So, here we are again at the webpages Caliber, Components and also Applications of the website of OntoLinux™ and our Ontoscopes™.]", "I have found one of the joys of working with embedded systems (like the Gameboy Advance) [...] [Convicted!!™]", "[...] Mark 2 was planned during Spring 2008 [...] [Again a failed attempt to jump before us in time.]", "[...] smart sensors [...] [What should we say?]", "It seems like a bunch of sensors [...] might be easily rolled into an existing small imaging sensor, like a cell phone camera [...] [Surprise, surprise (not really) we have here the Ontoscope Announcement of the 8th of September 2009, which by the way is only a summerization of informations given the years before on our related websites.]", "To compare it to a familiar device, it's a little faster than a Nintendo DSi [...] [Thank you very much, for proving our claims.]", "[...] linux filesystem [...]", "[...] Digital Blasphemy [...] [Thank you very much, for proving our claims. In this sense: Ontologics.]", "[...] metadata protocol [...]", "[...] contains two processors [...] one for the [operating system] and displays the graphical user interface, and a second for the [...] sensor co-processor that handles low-level sensor communication [...] [And again, we have here the design of our Gameboy based solution Gam•E™ only.]", "[On a background image we could see the following terms:] Cognitive Science[,] Artificial Intelligence[,] Self-organizing Neural Networks[,] Natural Language Processing[,] Distributed Computing[,] Tabula Ras Learning[,] Knowledge Representation[,] Computational Linguistics[,] Rapid Prototyping[,] Cognitve Robotics [For sure, that fraudster has copied them from the webpages of OntoLinux™, like for example the webpages Links to Software and Links to Hardware, as it can be clearly seen by our unusual collection, combination, or composition.]", "[...] Cognitive Artificial Intelligence [...] Developmental Knowledge Representation [...] interested in how people, but mostly babies, learn to represent things like concepts and language in their brains [...] try and make computers learn language like babies do [Here we have also the field of developmental biology, epistemology and Jean Piaget that directly leads to The Proposal.]", "[...] computer simulations that run on supercomputers [...] [Now we have the first attempt to come closer to the fields of simulations and High Performance Computing (HPC) as well.]", "[...] largely learn concepts and language by virtue of their exposure to the world, and to this end I'm also interested in how we can give robots infant-like perception [See again The Proposal and the webpages about the Caliber and the Roboverse.]", "[...] research projects involve adaptive spectral imaging as well as rapid prototyping for terahertz optics. I also provide high-performance computing expertise for a massively parallel gigapixel-scale imaging project [...] [Somehow, this sounds as if this statement talks implicitly about our projects and concepts of Digital Light/Optical/Photonic Computing and Wireless Supercomputing (WiSer), which was .]", "[...] my self-organizing neural network model of infant language learning is (to the best of my knowledge) the top performing model in terms of grammar learning and abstraction on infant-scale grammars consisting primarily of nouns and verbs [...] [Good morning. This is only a small fraction of the system that we have developed, and that led for better usage to our Reflective Resource Description Framework™ (Reflective RDF™ or RRDF) and our Ontologic File System™ OntoFS™ that is based on RRDF. Said this, we have here only a serious criminal, and it seems to be that he never developed something on his own. Also, we are several years ahead of this concept.]", "Selective Laser Sintering (or SLS) [...] constructs an object layer-by-layer [...] [We would like once again to mention our technology of the Beam Arc Layering.]", "[...] laser to be used both for SLS, as well as for cutting a small selection of materials [...] [We even do not cut the material away anymore with our Beam Arc Layering technology.]", and "The method [he claims to have] designed dynamically adjusts the focus of the laser [...] [We do not believe that he was the inventor of this solution.]".
    If we say 'Jump!', then does he jump as well? Besides this, most of the hardware designs we have seen before on other websites, so we would not be too surprised, if he has copied them as well. As we said before without any doubts, that criminal is: Convicted!!!™

    We would like to remind the worldwide media to take a look on our Clarification of the 13th of January 2012, eventually once again, because we also found out by a report that some entities still want to infringe our copyright.

    Wir fordern ein weiteres Mal die Ministerin für Bildung und Forschung sowie alle anderen PolitikerInnen, denen die Sachverhalte bekannt sein müssen (wir haben Fakten und ein logisches Netzwerk mit diesen Fakten initiiert, die beweisen, dass es praktisch sämtliche Mitglieder aller Parteiführungen auf Bundes- und Landesebenen betroffen sind), insbesondere die Bundeskanzlerin, sofort ihre Ämter niederzulegen, da es in keinster Weise politische Argumente für dieses assoziale, verfassungs- und demokratiefeindliche sowie zum größten Teil auch schwerkriminelle Verhalten gibt.


  • Fujitsu: As announced in the Investigations::Multimedia Preview of the 23rd of March 2012 we have investigated a marketing text that is about trends, implications, a vision, and realtionships between the trends, quote from the related webpages and give the already well-known links to our original contents for explaining and documenting the case: "Real-time Insight [...]", "Two new fundamental categories of technology are emerging. Where we once thought "client and server," we now think "physical world and digital world." The physical world is where we live – an environment now saturated with mobile devices and pervasive networks. That domain is backed by a digital world that holds vast resources of information and analytical power. These two worlds are now being synchronized and exploited to provide previously unimaginable potential by delivering data-driven insight at high speeds. [...] Many different types of technology – mobile, network, cloud, sensors, social media and consumer electronics – are aligning into connected architectures to deliver richer and deeper content. [...] Decision-making [...] Digital awareness of real life [...] Systems will "sense and respond" rather than merely process transactions, and the question "will humans or machines make the decision?" will arise with increasing frequency. [...] switched from reactive to proactive processes (medical treatment [...]) [Doubtlessly, this is a clear copyright infringement, because this is nothing else than what we talk about on the websites of our hightech office Ontonics™, specifically the webpage Innovation-Pipeline, and our Ontologic System®™ (OS) and Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™, as it can be clearly seen by the contents of e.g. the webpages Overview, Caliber, Terms of the 21st Century, Links to Software and Links to Hardware.]", "Many different types of technology – mobile, network, cloud, sensors, social media and consumer electronics – are aligning into connected architectures to deliver richer and deeper content. [Obviously, this was also stolen from our website, because e.g. cloud computing and sensor networks are mentioned in one sentence.]", "As a mega-trend, its impact will be as big as that of the Internet, the PC, or virtually any breakthrough technology you could name. [If all quotes and comments of this investigative case are taken together, then the company says implicitly that the decisive momentum of this revolution was doubtlessly given with the start of our OS and HOS OntoLinux™ in the year 2006, and not by the large companies that are trying now to claim for this, as it can be seen here.]", "Speed is will be everything, and everything will be speeding up. [Obviously, the website of our business unit Style of Speed™ is known as well very well.]", "[...] cloud-computing service model [...] [See our solution Castle in the Cloud™ listed in the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics™.]", "Business vocabulary will replace technology vocabulary [...] [Besides that we have here a reflection of the contents of our website Ontologics.info, our website also says clearly that this is not true, because both vocabularies are needed.]", "People First [...] Human-centric (or context-aware) computing [This was taken from the webpage Philosophie of the website of our Christian Stroetmann GmbH. We would also like to mention that human-centric is not directly connected with context-aware computing. Context-aware computing is more connected with the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics, so that we have here again the OntoLinux website, specifically its webpage Applications.]", "[... context-aware computing] capabilities serve as our interface to the digital world and provide greater leverage into the physical world [...] intelligent systems can enable people to interact with their environment [...] quality [...] [See the comment to the quote made before.]", "Human-centric (or context-aware) computing enables people to receive the services and content they want, even without asking.These capabilities serve as our interface to the digital world and provide greater leverage into the physical world. [The first statement was taken from the webpage Die Unternehmensphilosophie of the website by the Christian Stroetmann GmbH and also points directly to the "logo of Softbionics", while the second statement is again an illegally made copy of the contents of our webpage Caliber.]", "Human-centric approaches are providing technology immersion, new ways to interface, an optimized experience across multiple devices, and smart functions tailored to our situation. [Once again, we have here the point "augmented, mixed, mediated, virtual reality environments" of the webpage Overview, seen in the related context of the text. See also the comments to the quotes made before.]", "Technology adapting to our world [...] [The adaption by operating systems was mentioned in the chapter 2.6 Negative Eigenschaften von Betriebssystemen of The Proposal.]", "[...] will change the way we consume, behave and live our lives [...]", "Fundamentally, this set of capabilities sits at the interface between the digital and physical worlds. [This is a clear proof of its copyright infringement, because it reflects the contents of the webpage Overview and or the chapter Paving the Way by Bridging the Gap of the webpage about our Caliber.]", "People will exploit the digital world to avoid time-consuming, mundane activities in the physical world [...]", "Privacy is no longer the default – we have to opt out of services if we want to keep information private. [No, that claim is wrong, because it depends on the security measure and the laws, and because in general services can be used anonoumsly. The true problem is, that companies want to create the glassy customer.]", "Information Revolution [...] [This sounds very familiar.]", "[...] arrival of pervasive sensor technologies and Internet-connected objects [...] [So, where is the ubiquitous/pervasive computing revolution about which the companies like this one are talking now since decades?]", "[...] insight, knowledge and wisdom [...]", "[...] midst of a data explosion, with new types of data (providing details on presence, emotions, genetics), new sources of data (mobile, sensors, "things") and metadata (data about data) [...] [And again, this was copied from the website of our OS and HOS OntoLinux™, and the webpage Problembereiche.]", "Big Data is giving us the ability to automate routine decision making, glean new insights and trigger critical responses. [We do not think that this will really change something without giving up free will in the end.]", "We will find ourselves in the midst of an "information arms race." [Yes, indeed, and it will be interesting how that mentality of only stealing, as especially shown by the industries and larger companies, will bring down the system in the end. Fujitsu is not the only company that kicks at the fundamentals of ordered societies.]", "Every "Thing" Connected [...] A world of smart objects [So once again, where is the ubiquitous/pervasive computing revolution about which the companies like this one are talking now since decades?]", "The "Internet of Things" will transform society by leading to greater convenience and to a rich understanding of the world around us. [This claim might not be true, as real life is proving it since years, and it might be that we will see such a system much later as it is prophesized.]", "Crucially, this will provide advance warning of critical events. [Sadly to say, this claim might also be wrong. For example 50% of the stock markets are automated and this fact has led to some nasty tsunamis in this field as well that happened so fast that warnings would have come too late. The demand to limit computer controlled trading due to this reason will not come, as long as stock markets exist.]", "Our lifestyles will rely on a steady flow of information from machines. [See also the section Free Determinism versus Deterministic Will. The new problem is in fact that machines could take over the control over humans, which is one reason why we have already developed our OS and HOS OntoLinux™ many years ago, even for saving such copiers and the sauerkraut fans from danger.]", "[...] B2C service stores (or service marketplaces) are swiftly being developed to deliver a new wave of value to businesses. This development is changing the outsourcing equation for good, because it provides organizations with a simple mechanism to sell services they have created. For the first time, organizations can trade services with each other. That transaction model will lead to ever greater value and efficiency. [This is not new and also tried in essential parts since decades. In the end it has to be confessed once again that real life is different than clean room production.]", "The market will define both services and service quality. [This sounds very familiar due to the point "total quality management systems" of the webpage Overview. Besides this, this is common practice, and a change of this will not happen, because the same entities will still control the market and in this way both services and service quality.]", "Dynamic business relationships (rather than static alliances) will be the norm. [Actually, we see a totally different trend that is characterized by monopolists and oligarchies, so that there is no other choice, or as said here dynamic relationsship in the end at all.]", "Outside-in [...]", "[...] personal cloud services [...] Security models are becoming information-centric and user-centric rather than perimeter-centric [...] [First of all, as far as we do know, we have created the term Personal Cloud™ in relation to: My home is my Castle in the Cloud™. Said this, we have here indeed a copyright infringement.]", "Computing is increasingly about the relationship between people and information and less about the technology that manages information. [We do not think that this is correct, as it can be seen with brand loyalty and manufacturer fan communities.]", "Security models are becoming information-centric and user-centric rather than perimeter-centric [;] Initiatives are emerging to give people control over their personal data [;] Security will focus on people and information, not on ownership and control [Did we mention before our Castle in the Cloud™ solution, and also the link to Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) on the webpage Links to Software on the OntoLinux™ website?]", "Initiatives are emerging to give people control over their personal data [Obviously, the company does know our websites very well. See again our solutions called Castle in the Cloud™ and Fireplace.]", "Security will focus on people and information, not on ownership and control [See again our Castle in the Cloud™ and Fireplace solutions.]", "[...] organizations have managed this cost by restricting choice with one-size-fits-all solutions. But with the high levels of innovation currently transforming the marketplace, and with the pace of change accelerating, this concept is beginning to lose its business case [...] [This is an optimistic view on the subject, and so it is not a surprise that we thought this as well around a decade ago. But in the end it was found out now that all companies and with the introduction of the Web 2.0 services even everybody is trying to reflect the trends only, like e.g. the Kickboard, social networks, smartphones, and tablet and pad computers of some view manufacturers, the themes of 3, reflection, pure, performance and so on, green technology, and many more.]", "The range of options open to us is growing, not shrinking. [As we explained in relation with the quote before, this wider range of options is in the end not really existing in practive, or not so wide. The main point is that most people do not want to be so very different and individual than the others. In this sense: Everybody is an artist.]", "Organizations need to determine the best source for any given service at any given time [...] [In practice we can only see more clustering of organizations, which has nothing in common with a better source or service, but only with quantity. Stealing in a pack is easier.]", "Organizations will remove technology constraints, such as fat clients or high-touch/silo applications. [This is not true. Quite contrary, we have substituted now the fat clients by operating systems with closed application and content economy systems, and the cloud computing that is based on server farms.]", "Standardization will mean creating dynamic, not static, environments. [This is not proved.]", ""Information supply chains" will replace reference architectures. [This is nonsense, because it is a clear contradiction to the quoted point before, and in the end only some few architectures will be used, which even might not be standardized.]", "[...] social media [...] [Indeed, this is an actual trend, but the legal problems are worse, specifically in relation with copyrights and user data protection. For companies and many other entities the social media are pure marketing tools only.]", "Social media strategy is an absolutely crucial factor in the way organizations operate in the digital world. [This is true, but it was also true in Rome, Italy, 2,000 years ago, and so nothing has changed in general. We also think that this social networking hype will end in some months, and after this will be a common service used in the same way as or even fewer than the e-mail (see again our solution Castle in the Cloud™ and also the description of the very well known Pull E-Mail™ technology).]", "The line between customer and supplier will be blurred. [No, this is not true, because the mass sees business leaders now like for example rock stars.]", "Devices, applications and services will be enabled for social media and keep us online at all times. [Yes indeed, but in a different technical way as the company thinks.]", "Crowdsourcing [This concept is not really new, and the past clearly proved that negative and positive actions happened. This is and will be not different, if a further communication channel is used for coming together.]", "The disruptive changes that are taking place across the technology industry (through cloud computing, big data, mobile, and social media, for example) have significant potential to change the way businesses operate [...] [Good morning.]", "Access to technology no longer requires a high level of investment in expertise, capital or time. [This is not true, because it has also not changed.]", "Organizations will act as consumers and providers in vast digital ecosystems. [We can confirm this statement only for special cases.]", "[...] Mobile devices [...] It will be the personal cloud that unites our devices [...] [At this point it is enough in relation to the stealing of our website contents. Firstly, Mobile Devices™, and secondly, Personal Cloud™, so that we have thirdly, clear copyright infringement.]", "Personal cloud [No, no, no: Personal Cloud™!!!™]", "The concept of "mobile" will lose its relevance as the mobile device becomes the norm and users come to expect that they will be able to remain connected wherever they are. [Yes, indeed.]", "PCs and PC-based applications will become legacy. [This statement would only be true, if all devices are powered wirelessly. But we doubt that this will happen so soon.]", and "People will use many different computers in their daily lives. [Yes, but its not the ingenious thinking of that company, but the vision of the so-called ubiquitous computing by Mark Weiser and his group at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (Xerox PARC; see the Picture of the Day of the 27th of January 2010) that was later marketed by the company International Business Machines under the label pervasive computing.]".
    The following quotes are about the vision and relationships of the before quoted sections trends and implications: "[The company] has an ambitious vision. We call it Human Centric Intelligent Society. [In fact, this vision looks much more like ours presented in the October and the November of the year 2006 by e.g. the start of the website of our OS and HOS OntoLinux™.]", "Human Centric Intelligent Society is about bringing the physical and digital worlds into harmony, to deliver benefit to everybody. [In fact, we can see two issues that this is a marketing lie: Firstly, our website contents was copied illegally, so that disharmony is the result. Secondly, an evidence that the company also tries to outsmart the rest of the market in the same way, as for example the companies International Business Machines and Google, is the fact that it has build the K computer further, which is actually the world's fastest computing system, after other members of the related consortium stopped its funding. Sadly to say, we have busted them all.]", and "The physical world is the world we live in, the world we see and hear and feel around us. The digital world is a world we can’t touch, but which we travel into every day of our lives. [And once again we have to annoy our readers by referencing our webpages Overview and Caliber.]".

    Wir fordern ein weiteres Mal die Ministerin für Bildung und Forschung sowie alle anderen PolitikerInnen, denen die Sachverhalte bekannt sein müssen (wir haben Fakten und ein logisches Netzwerk mit diesen Fakten initiiert, die beweisen, dass es praktisch sämtliche Mitglieder aller Parteiführungen auf Bundes- und Landesebenen betroffen sind), insbesondere die Bundeskanzlerin, sofort ihre Ämter niederzulegen, da es in keinster Weise politische Argumente für dieses assoziale, verfassungs- und demokratiefeindliche sowie zum größten Teil auch schwerkriminelle Verhalten gibt.

  • Unknown: Is a large company secretly acting behind us against us again, this time in the field of smartwatches by simulating a start-up company? Or is it a company that produces e-paper displays? Surprisingly, this comes only 6 weeks after we presented an additional large fraction of our concepts of SmartWatches that are many years old (see the Ontonics Website update of the 1st of March 2012).

    We would like to inform all media that our copyright comprises smartwatches, which are based on the CS Watch (e-paper display for displaying coloured contents) in combination with all other models, as said in the general description of our SmartWatch system, and in this way please them not to report about persons, enterprises and entities that present such a mobile device, because our copyright will be infringed otherwise.

    Wir möchten alle Medien darüber informieren, dass unser Urheberrecht smarte Armbanduhren umfassen, die auf der CS Watch (E-Papier-Bildschirm für die Darstellung von (mehr)farbigen Inhalten) in Kombination mit allen anderen Modellen basieren, wie es in der allgemeinen Beschreibung unseres SmartWatch-Systems gesagt wurde, und sie deshalb bitten nicht über Personen, Unternehmen und Entitäten zu berichten, die solch ein mobiles Gerät präsentieren, da unser Urheberrecht sonst verletzt wird.

    Comment of the Day
    "Carnival license", [C.S., Today]

    Style of Speed Further steps
    Some weeks ago we have made several very quick doodles for our motorcycle range. Today, we would like to show two of them for a new model that, like the other 10 or more hand-selected top designs for our new models, we have not sorted into one of our existing series or the upcoming series #6 an #7, which creations we have revealed in an accessory sentence on the 10th of April 2012, though it would fit very well to the series #4.

    Daryl R. Tearne ∧ SOSDaryl Tearne ∧ SOS
    © Daryl Tearne and Style of Speed

    The 2 basic sketches of our doodles above were made by Daryl R. Tearne for a design study of a motorcycle that in the end looks totally different. But we find the initial designs much better.

    Investigations::Motorcycle #16

  • Volkswagen→Audi→Ducati: Before it came out officially that the company was taken over in the last days by the car manufacturer Volkswagen, we could not see the whole issue in the last quarter of the year 2011 due to the few images we had and the lack of interest to investigate the case at that time, but now it became clear: For its model 1199 Panigale the former motorcycle manufacturer has stolen massively contents, concepts and technologies from many websites and our website of Style of Speed™, specifically the webpages of our motorcycle models of the series #4™ and #5™. We have investigated the case by the press images and two reports publicated on two websites about motorcycling, and already can clarify some issue because the media is massively telling total nonsense about our and not Ducati's achievements by even stealing our contents. For example, the overall concept and the monocoque frame is not revolutionary, as claimed, but taken from e.g. Hondo's concept motorcycle New American Sports (NAS), Lazareth's well done imitation of this concept bike called Dokujya based on a Honda VTR 1000, and our #:D™ (Fierce Fun™) based on both before mentioned motorcycles. Revolutionary was Buell's frame as it is used with the conversion by the corporation Magpul Ronin and our related model #;>™ (Wild Riot™). Furthermore, it is not the first motorcycle with full-LED headlight. Before, there was at least one version of the model Wraith by the corporation Confederate and our models #;O™ (Feral Riot™), that features the Wraith fork with the full-LED headlight, and the #:P™ (Bold Fun™) as well. We have only mentioned the integration of the LED backlight into the seat, which could also comprise the further integration by the exhaust pipe, because this was new, but not the full-LED solutions, neither at the front nor the rear. Moreover, it is not the first sport bike with an electronically adjusted suspension, because this seems to be in fact our #;O™ (Feral Riot™) as well with our Active Suspension option, and as it should have become clear already in this investigative case that the concept was taken illegally from our related webpage, so that we have here a crystal clear copyright infringement. And the GPS-assisted data acquisition system is as well not new, and definitely not an invention of that marque, because it is at least also a feature of our Active Suspension that can be used together with our Active Trac™ system, which we do not have to list explicitly on a webpage as Active Component™ option due to the description of our Active Suspension system, and because ourActive Components™ are powered by our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™, which is strongly connected with GPS and much more geo-information based software. Said this, a traction control comes also as the standard with its model, so that it is our Active Suspension, doubtlessly. The rear suspension is nothing else than a combination of the push rod, rocker lever and shock absorber of the front swing arm of the models Tesi by the manufacturers Bimoto and Vyrus shown on the webpages of our series #4™, and of our models #:)™ (Sharp Fun™) and #:P™ (Bold Fun™), and the rear suspension of e.g. the model Fionda by the small company Ghezzi Brian, or partially of our model #;>™ (Wild Riot™). For our readers we would like to give the information that we made a statement about exactly this rear suspension solution many months before Ducati presented its clone that features our technical masterpieces, for testing out the spies further. There was also the information put out that an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and other features are available as optional equipment, which leads a further time to our model #;O™ (Feral Riot™), but also to our website contents of Style of Speed™ in general. And the case will become even more interesting, if we will find out that they did it in conjunction with the takeover by the marque Volkswagen→Audi as window dressing and due to the reason of stealing secretly our intellectual properties for Audi, as it can clearly be seen by its name 1199 and the taillights, for example, taken from the model 9ii™, because Volkswagen is under serious investigations due to the stealing of our intellectual properties and every new incident brings its strategy on the brink of official conviction. Several evidences for our claim, and also a proof that spied out informations were given to that company are already existent. So now our readers do know why we have not fully described our motorcycles, because the manufacturers Bayerische Motorenwerke as well as Volkswagen are copying as much and as long as possible. Finally, we also have the last puzzle stone who was behind the stealing of our model #2 and presented it at a large exhibition in the B.R.D. as well as the case of the fake company Tushek, its fake sports car with Audi V8 engine, and the model name Renovatio taken from a design study by Confederate (see the Investigations::Car #350 of the 10th of April 2012), because in the last months we were looking at the two car manufacturers based in Bavaria only.
    No, no checkmate. By the way, we play the Star Trek version of 3-dimensional chess called Tri-D Chess, and do know very well the so-called Spock opening move as well as the Spock Variant.

    Comment of the Day
    "Rude competence", [C.S., Today]

    Investigations::Car #351

  • Volkswagen→Audi: For the shameless clone of our model RE™ bas- ed on the model R8 by the marque, and even called now R8 e-tron by the media to mislead the public, the marque has now stolen our Active Clang™ feature as well.
  • Honda: In the November of 2011, the manufacturer presented a car with a hybrid drivetrain called "[(Hybrid)] Electric-powered [Sup- er Handling-All-Wheel Drive (]SH-AWD[)]". We do quote the essential text passages of the related press release for documenting its delib- erately conducted stealing our intellectual properties: "[...] Revolut- ionary Next-generation [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] fun of driv- ing [...] [This comes too close to our slogans "Fun to drive™" and "Driven by Fun™".]", "[...] electric SH-AWD [...] system which com- bines superior driving and environmental performance [...] compact, high efficiency electric powertrain for EVs [...] [We have here a tot- ally clear copyright infringement, because its adaption of its torque vectoring SH-AWD technology, which was presented only as a part of drivetrains for cars with combustion engines in the year 2004, as a part of drivetrains for hybrid or Pure Electric™ cars with electric motors resulted in nothing else than our Electric Torque Vectoring™ Active Differential™ #2, The Superarchitecture™ used at the rear axle in the case of the company Honda, inclusive the stealing of other features, like our concept of power regeneration by a Brake Energy Recovery System (BERS) while torque vectoring, so that for sure the regenerated power can be used in real-time/directly by one or more electric motors that are even involved in the torque vector- ing due to the laws of physics in the observable universe (see also the case of Schaeffler Technologies in the Investigations::Car #279 of the 5th of August 2010, and also one of the many cases of the manufacturer Volkswagen, like the one in the Investigations::Car #332 of the 2nd of September 2011), or an electric stability control system, as we will see later.]", "[...] driving styles [...]", "[...] fun of driving [...] [Once again, this was said due to our slogans "Fun to drive™" and "Driven by Fun™".]", "A new hybrid system, electric SH-AWD, was developed [...] electric 4WD system with independent [...] motors on both sides for the rear wheels [...] [Here the compa- ny gives once again the explanantion that our Active Differential™ #2 is used at the rear axle, as it is also proved by related graphics of this copy of our development. Besides, we would like to clarify a further time that it does not matter of what kind of drivetrain con- figuration our Active Differentials™ are part of.]", "[...] mounting two independent motors in the rear and employing a newly developed bilateral torque adjustable control system, incredibly tight cornering just like driving "on-the-rail" is realized [.... The company] strives to provide a stable ride for various driving environments. [Again, we have here an absolutely clear proof that the company has infringed our copyright in relation to the description of our Active Different- ial™ #2, even if it takes the most beautiful words and paints the dot of each 'i' in a different colour. We also can see by this quoted text passage that our integration of an electronic stability control system is mentioned as well, as we mentioned in a comment of a quote before, which also shows that the company decided to steal all.]", and "[...] a full charge takes less than 3 hours [...] [This is a point we also explained a further time in the Clarification #1 of the 4th of April 2012 and fits exactly with our given example: Said in the relat- ed context in this way this statement should transport the mean- ing/thought to the reader that it is a special solution for a faster/ quicker (re)charging system. But this is a copyright infringement due to the description of our Quickcharger™, even if our claim sounds ridiculous at first. Without the term "less than" this description would be correct in the related context.]".
    Said this, we have two copyright infringements and the company Honda is absolutely aware about this fact, because it has copied the whole description of our Active Differential™ #2, The Superarchi- tecture™ either directly of by reformulating our descriptions by calling for example Electric Torque Vectoring™ as "partial-throttle turning" in the context of drivetrains with electric motors. But the copying, and the reformulation of our descriptions by using other words only is not enough due to the fact that the thoughts are still the same as our original thoughts, or said in other words it has not described different technical solutions, and so the company Honda as well as its suppliers (in the same way like Magneti Marelli, Bosch, Schaeffler Technologies, Siemens, and every other company as well) either have not to give anymore technical descriptions of these kinds of drivetrain and recharging system, or need to ask for licens- ing the descriptions of our de facto standards to avoid a penalty at the court!!!™

    Btw.: And we do recall this as well: As longer a company refuses to respect our copyright, as stronger we will refuse to give a license, or as higher we will adjust the royalty, because it is then no discrimin- ation, but a compensation.

  • Fisker Automotive: The company still finds some investors who like to burn money. This led to the development and presentation of a further model by the unsustainable company and a related press re- lease that we do quote and comment: "[...] bold future [...] [speech act stealing]", "Uncompromised styling reinforcing commitment to ex- quisite design [...] [In fact, the essential styling elements were once again stolen from other models, like for example the prominent lines at the side, which were taken from for example the design of our models Apollo Speed-E™ (SE)/Elettoro™ of our El Toro™ conversion series and the related Gallardo III, and our Cayman ST, as well as the model Aventador by the marque Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini, besides some design studies, and the rear inclusive the sharp spoiler lip on the trunk, which was taken from concept cars of the marques Volkswage→Porsche and →Audi. There are more little design elem- ents copied from other cars.]", "[... the company's] advanced EVer powertrain technology: electric car with extended-range freedom [...] [The company started with the claim to produce a car with a Purely Electric™ drivetrain, but sometime we have stopped to follow its case and actually do not know if its first model exists now. So we guess that this standard hybrid powertrain doesn't exist at this time, and will be delivered by another company, if at all.]", "[...] next step in its transition from start-up automaker to mainstream American manufacturer [...] [How long should the public tolerate this market- ing nonsense?]", "[...] expanding line up of extended-range luxury el- ectric cars [...] high-end vehicle [...] [Despite that after more than 7 years we can not buy even its first model, the claim with the ex- panding line sounds somehow ridiculous. Besides this, by using the term luxury electric that company is infringing our copyright due to the terms E Luxury™, High Electric Luxury™, and Ultra Electric Lux- ury™, and due to our creation of this market segment under the label E Luxury™. Fisker is only one of the usual fraudsters.]", "[...] spider [...]", "[...] incredibly strong construction [...] high-tech approach [...] [This was taken from our webpages, like the one of our Raptor "extremely rigid chassis is made out of many different high-tech". And before we forget to mention it: Strong™.]", "[...] unique, exciting styling [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] signature design DNA [...]", "[...] inspired by nature [...] [We're very sure that this is related with our marketing story of the Bionic Vehicles™.]", "[...] strong [...] [Strong™]", "[...] strong [...] [Strong™]", "[...] strong [...] [Strong™]", "[...] extremely slim LED tail lamps use the latest technology [...] [No, this claim is wrong. In fact, since more than ten years we have laser-based headlights in stock.]", "[...] American-designed, engineered, and manufactured vehicle [...] [So guess where its first model is manufactured? We do not know the correct answer, but we do know for sure that Finland is not a state of the U.S.A.. And also guess where the components come from? Form all over the world. Said this, the claim that only the ink on the marketing prospects in the U.S.A. will be American-designed, made, and used for printing seems to be nearer to the truth.]".
  • Toyota→Scion: The marque created as well a small model called speedster that by its concept is similar to our conversions 550 V8 and Boxster GT, and our quick creation with the iSpyder (see the Style of Speed Further steps of the 7th of April 2012). In the related press release we found the following terms, phrases and statements: "[...] styled [...] [In former times it was called designed in the context, and then we came from Style of Speed™.]", "Race Inspired Design in Mind [...] [This story is not new and also only said in conjunction with our business division Style of Speed™, obviously.]", "[...] styled [...]", "[...] line defined [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] "Pure Balance" [...] [The marque does not need to think that it found a gap in our series of created trademarks, because it is a copyright infringement due to the jump on the bandwagon of our Pure Theme, which is strengthened by the fact that it has also used our trademark Brilliant Balance™. Said this, we only say: Pure and Brilliant Balance™.]", "[...] expanding [the marque] into a new dimension [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] fierce [...] [speech act stealing]" and "[...] reflection [...] [speech act stealing]".


  • Barclaycard: We do know that this case is somehow curious at first sight, as the issue with our Quickcharger™ concept (see also the Clarification #1 of the 4th of April 2012), but we define in this way imaginary lines, which should not be crossed. In detail, the cash card provider has presented a new product that is a credit card with one third of the size of a standard credit card, with a sticky side so that it can be attached on the back of mobile phones, and for contactless terminals for everyday purchases after the technological concept called wave-and-pay. At first, it seems to be that there is no problem in relation to our solution of the Cell Cash Card™, but our concept is a general one that integrates a cash card/ATM card/bank card/debit card/credit card and a disposable/one-way cell phone. Now comes the problem: Some versions of the cash/debit/credit card or/and some versions of the one-way mobile phone that are used by us are manufactured by laminating several layers on each other. But the uniting of two or more layers of material together, the act of laminating, is done by gluing, or simply said by sticking them together, and this is indeed with many disposable mobile phones the case. Said this, we have with both solutions as the result a cash/credit card seen as one layer sticked/glued to a mobile phone functionality of the other card, which even has a near-field radio frequency feature, and exactly at this intersection it becomes evident that the solution of the company Barclaycard is a special version of our solution of the more general Cell Cash Card™. This is a clear copyright infringement, and our further investigation doubtlessly proved that indeed our Cell Cash Card™ solution was illegally copied for describing and marketing the credit card stuck on a mobile phone with a stick-on strip at its back. For example, it is said in relation to the same mentioned problem in the description of the Cell Cash Card™ that "some users may worry that a card visibly stuck to the back of their phone makes it more attractive to thieves.", [A broadcaster, yesterday], and the reply is that if the card is used differently to the cardholder's normal habits, then the company will contact the customer to check there are no security issues. Besides that we do not believe this would work in practice, because such an analyzation of the cardholder's habits is only possible in special cases, our solution is still the most secure solution not only due to the fact that a second mobile or stationary device is needed in cases with payments of higher amounts of money, which also enables the use of our Cell Cash CardBritish Broadcasting Corporation: That serious criminal media company has again reported about a technical solution, as usual, that in the end is an illegally described object, so that our copyright is infringed. On the one side we have not mentioned every single of its nasty cases done in the last past, because in the meantime we have become known worldwide by more and more persons, and it is enough to investigate the cases directly without mentioning its reports, so that our readers can decide on their own who has truly invented what. But on the other side its reporting has also become a nice service for us, because we do know that its nasty behaviour has the goal to damage our business and trustworthiness, so that we can directly see in this way, if a technology was stolen from us, and immediately document the stealing of our intellectual properties, as for example today (see the case in relation with our Cell Cash Card™ above).

    Style of Speed Website update
    For sure, we use all of our Active Components for all of our surface vehicles, as they fit. Said this, we do not need to describe a feature explicitly on each single webpage of our models in general, or said the other way around, our motorcycles are featuring components like our Active Lights, which in the first case means not only full-LED head- and taillights, but as well the world's first full-LED head- or/and taillights with LEDs that are separately activated, and in the second case the world's first laser head- or/and taillights, aka. Laser Lamp@Bike, which is our Laser Lamp@Car system adapted for bicycles and motorcycles.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We are thinking about our final choice of the exterior design of our model RE and have some different options in this conjunction. One of this option is to rename the RE to the RA, keep its webpage for documenting the true history of the marque Audi, especially in conjunction with the R8 based RE and the electrified quattro® drivetrain based on our Active Differential #2 at the front and rear axles, and take one of the two other very surprising design options.

    Due to different influencies and being the best compromise, we have decided to overwork the design study Ferrari Xezri by Samir Sadikhov (see the Style of Speed Further steps of the 5th of April 2012) for a model based on our overworked chassis of the Murciélago III that stands for itself. But now we have the problem to call it a car of our streetlegal range or a conversion.

    Besides this, we are extending our range of motorcycles with a batch of beautiful designs that in some cases even do not need a major overwork. Our problems are that the model matrix has now more dimensions, which comprises 5 different design styles, 4 different types of engines, and 4 different types of suspensions at least, and that our considerations so far have as one result that we have to change some model names potentially.
    But what we can already say today is that we will have some similar models in comparison to the concept motorbikes Aprilia FV2 1200, Sachs Beast, and Bayerische Motorenwerke Lorider, and the design studies Confederate Motorcycles Renovatio, Honda sponsored Oree, Wahnsinn, and Nicolas Petit Bul-B, besides the design by Daryl R. Tearne shown on the 18th of April 2012, because they fit and should not become waste. For sure, the original designers get a fair reward for their work, if we are allowed to reuse their designs at all.
    Also, we are investigating, if we have to through out all motorcycle models with a motor of the manufacturer Bayerische Motorenwerke.

    Comment of the Day
    "La Boum est finis.", [C.S., Aujourd'hui]
    "La Boum, Die Fete, ist zu ende.", [C.S., Heute]
    "La Boum[, The Party,] is over.", [C.S., Today]

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We would like to mention and in this way also to clarify that we could use engines that are based on motorcycle motors by the marque Volkswagen→Audi→Ducati for our car conversions as well, like the most radical conversion of the smaller model by the marque Volkswagen→Audi;Lamborghini, our Maestro, which is somekind of the Sesto Elemento Stradale. For that we could use two V4 engines of the motorcycle model Desmosedici RR for creating a V8 engine, as it was proposed by A. Colard.

    Sometimes ago, we also found design sketches of a conversion that shows a design about at least one conversion of the model 911 by the marque Volkswagen→Porsche, which we have in mind since more than 6 years as a derivation of the superb design study by T. Shamen, which we have shown on the webpage of our model D!.
    A. Colard ∧ SOS
    A. Colard ∧ SOSA. Colard ∧ SOSA. Colard ∧ SOS
    © Anthony Colard and Style of Speed

    The designs have to be overworked by us. We showed the images here on our website as a compensation, because we could see that our website contents was, still is and will be an inspiration and a source of elements for some of his works being then presented with- out referencing us. Furthermore, it should also be clear now why we made at first two different steps (see the Further steps of the 18th of September 2011, 19th of September 2011 and 17th of December 2011), and then let all the tuners do their thing for Geneva.

    Ontonics Further steps
    In conjunction with our technology Digital Light/Optical/Photonic Computing we are looking at the sulfur lamp, because it is a full-spectrum electrodeless lighting system, and has a microwave-resonant wire-mesh cage and also a magnetron besides some other components. Said this, it might be that we have found cheap solutions for the clock of the Central Light-Processor Unit (CLPU) with at least 10^9 Hz up to 10^12 Hz as clock rate, and even an efficient energy consumption with clock power recovery, as well as a source of microwaves.
    Who needs that 4+ Ghz chip nonsense from Intel or AMD with Cyclos clock technology :D, if a christmas tree lightning system by us can calculate everything several times faster? McGiver, we do need your chewing gum. Light on!

    *** Work in progress ***
    Investigations::Car #352

  • Volkswagen→Audi: concept study based on smaller SUV called Jinlong Yufeng== golden dragon in the wind. while use of the sign dragon is questionable the marketing story is the dragon Theme of our business unit Style of Speed, more than obviously (see the SOS logo). two Kite-Boards made out of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic, which is like Bayerische Motorenwerke with the kick rollers for its i8 Spyder, and was stolen from the paragraph Carbon of our webpage of our Boards in the subsection Sports of the section Water of SOS.
  • Fiat→Ferrari: Special Edition with Lucky Dragon on the hood, while use of the sign dragon is questionable the marketing story is the dragon Theme of our business unit Style of Speed, more than obviously (see the SOS logo).
  • Aston Martin: After Daimler (see the Investigations::Car #xyz), Bayerische Motorenwerkerarr;Rolls Royce (see the case of the marque Investigations::Car #342 of the 11th of January 2012), Volkswagen→Audi (see its case above), and Fiat→Ferrari (see its case above), and also Space Exploration (see Investigations::Car #xyz) now special series Dragon 88. Quotes from the press release of its Chinese subsidiary: "[...] three hand crafted 'Year of the Dragon' special editions [...] [3 Theme]", "[...] mystical qualities of the dragon symbol, synonymous with power, strength and good luck [...] [While the use of the term dragon is questionable, the marketing story is not, so that we have here a clear copyright infringement due to the Lucky Dragon Theme of our business unit Style of Speed, doubtlessly (see the SOS logo)]", "[...] third [...] three special colours [...] [Obviously, we have here again our 3 Theme by C.S..]", "[...] automotive art [...] [It is not art what we can see here, but just only design.]", "[...] interior and exterior styling [...]", "[...] philosophy [...]", "[...] modular approach [...] [With the two quotes before we have here more than only speech act stealing.]", "[...] Ming-inspired seat embroidery [...] [This is a criminal marketing lie, because the inspiration was our business unit Style of Speed, the lucky dragon embroidery is exactly the same as shown with the embroidery that the marque Bayerische Motorenwerke→Rolls Royce made, and that massively stealing company took our investigations in the case of the marque Rolls Royce as a blueprint thinking it would be legal to do so, which is not, to jump on the bandwagon once again (see once again the case of the marque Bayerische Motorenwerke→Rolls Royce in the Investigations::Car #3xy). What we can see here is that the automotive and space industries are destroying our trademarks, like it was done with the trademark GTI by Volkswagen, but their problem is that the attacks are all copyright infringements.]".
  • Roding: We have investigated the first steps of the company 2 years ago the first time (see the case of Robert Maier in the Investigations::Car #164 of the 24th of September 2009) and found out that it was already transformed to a different company. In general the whole case is exactly like the case of the company Gumpert with the marque Volkswagen→Audi and the University Ingolstadt (see the cases of the manufacturer Gumpert in the Investigations::Car #72 of the 11th of January 2009, Fachhochschule Ingolstadt in the Investigations::Car #102 of the 25th of April 2009, Volkswagen→Audi, Gumpert, and University of Ingolstadt in the Investigations::Car 24th of September 2009, and Gumpert and University of Ingolstadt in the Investigations::Car #205 of the 9th of December 2009), but Bayerische Motorenwerke due to combustion engine and same service provider who is also responsible for the concept car i8 and the cloning of the concept car e-tron Detroit Concept by Audi with a rear that is taken from our model Jota based on the model Murciéago by the marque Lamborghini and filled with elements derived from our other model RE based on the model R8 by Audi, and the copy of our signature red-and-black/anthracite two-tone colour scheme. We made also the following quotes of its website contents: "Philosphy [speech act stealing]", "Carbon Light Construction [This is interesting, because a larger research project was started in the area of the B.R.D.. Eventually, the company is a fake of some more members than only the manufacturer Bayerische Motorenwerke, so that we can not say that only one entity is responsible for that acting.]", "Passion meets perfection [Compare this slogan with our slogan ""Synthesis of Passion and Perfection™".]", "[...] performance [...] high-performance [...]", "[...] art of German engineering [...] [Besides, that we can't see something that is related with art, the statement sounds familiar.]", "[...] modern production process and can be customized [...] [This sounds very familiar.]", "[...] passion for performance [...]", "[...] power to weight ratio of less than 3 kg/HP [...] [Oh, that is a high value and has nothing in common with what we call high-performance.]", "[...] road or race track [...] [This sounds very familiar, too.]", "It also includes factory installed racing components. [Sorry for asking, but which factory is meant here.]", "This weight reduced Roadster was designed for the racetrack, but is also completely suited for daily use. [How funny. We have heard this statement so many times by Gumpert before, that we have to smile about this repetition.]", "[...] modern material [...] [This term is familiar.]", "Equipment [...]", "[...] Two color exterior in red and carbon fiber look [...]", "[...] Sportster CS [...]", "Multimedia System [...] touchscreen [...] and iPad/iPhone [...] [Which ipad?]", "High-tech production plant:[...] engineering competence [...] [Do not confuse our trademark Hightech Competence™ with the attempt to damage it by this statement.]", "[...] most modern [...] [This term is familiar.]", "we will realize your dreams. [Honestly, its funny show is more than enough.]", "The home of car passion [We do not believe this statement due to the fact that we are not settled in the town Roding, B.R.D., so that this statement must be wrong, definitely.]", "[...] healthy Bavarian mixture of innovation and rationality [...] [Besides that the claim that something is healthy in the south-east of the B.R.D. is questionable, and that the only sweet thing from Bavaria is mustard, the rest of the statement is a clear speech act stealing.]", "[...] passionate team of engineering [This statement finally proves for us, that it has worked very precisely our webpage Disclaimer. On the one hand it has indeed avoided to infringe our copyright many times, but on the other hand it did it so often that we are coming very close to a copyright infringement by exactly this overall acting, beause it is obvious that it has copied our website contents in this way so extreme that the public could be confused who the original, we, and who is the copy, they.]", "[...] development of form at the department of industrial design [of a university] the first concept for a new type of automobile was developed [...] September 2009: the first appearance in the public eye The Roding is presented as a fully functional concept study [...] Especially the design is reworked fundamentally. [Firstly, we see a speech act stealing in the latter statement. Secondly, as we explained above, the new design/form language and the related concept car that was shown on exhibitions in 2009 were different than the clone of the concept car e-tron Detroit Concept by the marque Volkswagen→Audi with design elements of our models Jota and RE, The Original. But why is still the milestone given that the Technical University Munich created the new form/design language, if the design was fully exchanged? Mentioning this milestone would only make sense and not mislead the public in a deliberative way, if the same design department would have designed the e-tron Detroit and Spyder Concepts as well, which is not the case as we do know. Otherwise, this fact would have a strong effect in the case of the marque Audi.]".
    Honest as we are, we would like to mention that the prize of 150.000 Euro for its car is by far much too high, and in comparison to our Cayman GTR.
  • Rimac Automobili: The company claims to have created the first electric hypercar, which is only true if for example our El Toro breeds Apollo Speed-E (SE)/Elettoro and Jota will not be realized. When this happens is not relavant, because only the beginning of the process counts in this relation not the finishing. Besides this it is said in one of the latest press release: "[...] the world’s first electric hypercar [...]", "[...] tyre was designed by top Italian designer Giugiaro [...] [This is very interesting, because it was Volkswagen and its marque Audi→Lamborghini then, due to the fact that Giugiaro works at Italdesign Giugiaro which was bought in 2010 by Lamborghini. This means nothing else that Volkswagen has created a further fake company, like e.g. Gumpert, to damage our company, and so that it comes not to the surface that we make many decisive decisions and do create since more than 16 years all the hightech and fascinating solutions that the manufacturer is presenting. But what it also did is that in this way it has damaged its own business as well, because its e-tron series is also based on our Active Differential #2, the SuperArchitecture, which is used by that fake company Rimac. The latter fact makes this step by the responsible management a very stupid one, if it is not a hidden attempt by the marque Audi to sell our technology and our RE with another exterior design taken from the Raptor without any direct links to the marque, which might be launched to damage our model with combustion engine based on the design of the W12 Concept Coupé. Now our readers can see why we have revived the Raptor under our label Style of Speed, so that in fact we fully perverted that nasty strategy and acting to our own advantage. Busted once again. What is missing now, is the answer to the question what we have said and done, so that Piëch started the series of the so called 1 liter car.]", "The concept [car]’s revolutionary drive system, where each wheel is driven separately[...] [This is a correct description of our Active Differential #2, the SuperArchitecture by a company that has no license from us for our technical description (see its case in the Investigations::Car #3xy).]", "[...] 1088 HP and a torque of 1.600 Nm [...] 305 km/h [...] 92kWh of energy in the Battery Modules [...] for up to 600 km[=372.8 miles] of range. [...] [Okay, let us be honest. The data is plausible at first sight, and also misleading by being given in two consecutive sentences, because the car will have a range of perhaps 60 kilometers=37.2 miles driving with a velocity of 305 km/h, if at all, and the range of 600 kilometers has to be proved due to the weigth of the big accumulator. Said this, we are not really convinced, and also do not think that the car is able to achieve the given data without copying our accumulator technology as well. But then it would be again the first electric hypercar of us, even without assembling our components after our car concepts together.]".
    Take also a look at our model Raptor which is another original electric hypercar our partners and supporters, and us from Style of Speed. Last but not least, the company is misleading the public all the time by claiming that the car is a development by it. But this is not allowed by many laws, because we have here for example a malicious deception.

    Comment of the Day

    Picture of the Day #1
    A model of the Big Bang after *<:o)

    © Printables for Kids

    For an explanation of the model in greater depth see the case of the Vatican and the Italian Space Agency in the Investigations::Multi- media, and Aviation and Aerospace of the 20th of February 2011. Furthermore, the image describes as well how research and develop- ment of models of the observable universe and of universal theories in the field of fundamental physics are conducted, represented by the numbered points which have to be connected. If they are connected in the right way, then the result shows a special model with more clearity and more similarity of the reality, but which is sometimes the wrong image, as it would be in this case in conjunction to the concepts of absolute time and space by Isaac Newton. May be some readers have now understood how crazy the whole universe really is (see also the Image of the Day of the 4th of October 2008). In this conjunction we would like to say that the statement "Ontology is a prerequisite for Physics, but not for Mathematics." is wrong, because Mathematics exists and is a part of the reality, because it is an entity or more precisely it is a language, curiously enough, as it is said in the paragraph before the wrong statement is made on the same webpage. At this point it does not matter at all if mathematics is this or that. Said this, we would say "Ontology is a prerequisite for Physics and for Mathematics.", which is strengthened by the fact that for thinking in the field of Ontology the language Mathematics with its order is not needed at all (webpages Physics section Fundamental Physics → Ontology → Entity on e.g. Wikipedia). In the same way we do not say that Logics is a part of Mathematics, by the way.
    But the best of all is, the image can be used to encourage children to start in this field as well.

    Picture of the Day #2

    Bassett vs. Connor MacLeod - Trrr
    © 20th Century Fox

    Oh, what a pity, checkmate/dead once again. Where should this lead to? Somehow, crucifixions and duels were different in former times, and also more efficient.

    A double negation is not a way to evade a copyright, as it is tried now for example in relation with our description of the Quickcharger technology (see also the Clarification of the 4th of April 2012). The reason for this is that the semantics of a thought has to be seen in relation with the closure of the propositional logic. A simple example: What can be heard if somebody plays a song in reverse that was before recorded when played in reverse? And exactly the same holds with pictures (in special cases) and texts.

    Ontonics Website update
    We have added the new projects called:

  • Cool Chip 2.0 (19:15 CET) and
  • Cool Chip 3.0 (19:55 CET)

    to our Innovation-Pipeline that are further developments of our Cool Chip technology.

    Style of Speed Further steps 19:25 CET
    We are thinking about a new car model line called GTron that comprises two models based on the concept car e-tron "Detroit", and one model based on the concept car e-tron Spyder, which at this time will all feature a rear drive configuration with a straight-4 engine with turbocharger or twin-turbocharger mounted transversely, a semi-automatic transmission with paddle-shifters, complex suspension, RS seats, besides full safety, comfort, and optimization options out of the stocks of the marque Audi and of Style of Speed. The expected prize is around 35.000 to 40.000 Euro for the basic version.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "Google? What is that? I don't know anything that is called Google.", [Karl L. or so, Undated]
    And as we all do know, if Karl L. doesn't know something, then it is not existing.

    Comment of the Day #2
    "What a freak show.", [C.S., Today]
    This thought came to mind in conjunction of the witness statements made at the court yesterday by Tim Lindholm, who is a responsible developer of a Linux® kernel based operating system: "We've been over a bunch of these [technical alternatives to Java for an operating system based on the Linux® kernel], and think they all suck.", "We conclude that we need to negotiate a license for Java under the terms we need.", and "It was not specifically a license from anybody". Firstly, we would like to mention that in the year 2006 the company Google was fully aware about the fact that in some cases related with the programming language Java by the company Sun Micro (now owned by the company Oracle since the year 2010) a license has to be aquired. Secondly, we would like to ask the following seriously meant question: Who gives the Java license in the end, Oracle→Sun Micro or the Man in the Moon? Thirdly, as a former manager of Sun Micro Eric Schmidt does know exactly how the licensing model for the Jave programming language, or explained more precisely for the deployment of Java on an embedded device looked like in the year 2006.

    Ontonics Website update
    We have changed the name of our project Cool Chip to Cool Chip 1.0 and then added a new subsection called Cool Chip. In this new subsection we have added the versions 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 of our Cool Chip technology. Hopefully, we were cool enough.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We are looking at the concept car named quattro concept by the marque Volkswagen→Audi in conjunction with the considerations mentioned in the Further steps of the 21st of April 2012 as a new model that would feature our invention of the electrified quattro® drivetrain, which is based on two Active Differentials #2, one at each axle, and accordingly would be called e-quattro for example.
    A different consideration is to take the integration of the concept car quattro concept with our GTron models as the basic model for the two coupés with combustion engine, mentioned in the Further steps of the yesterday.

    *** Fine Tuning mode ***
    Investigations::Car #353 Lucky Dragon Special

  • Volkswagen→Bugatti: The marque has presented the special model Wei Lung of its only model that features lucky dragon signs, and in this way reflects our marketing story based on our (Lucky) Dragon Theme.
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke→Rolls Royce: After the marque has offered special models by stealing our marketing story based on our (Lucky) Dragon Theme (see its case in the Investigations::Car #342 of the 11th of January 2012), it presented further special models of the same kind.
  • Fiat→Chrysler→Jeep: The marque has presented a special version of its classic 4WD model Jeep Wrangler, and in this way reflects also our marketing story based on our (Lucky) Dragon Theme.
  • Fiat→Ferrari: In an interview by a news media company (see the case of the company Cable News Network below) a representative of the marque said that the dragon is a symbol of China, "like the horse is" for Ferrari, while from another the obviously wrong explanation was given that the inspiration behind the livery came from the longma theme which is an old Chinese idiom which means "the vigor and spirit of the legendary dragon-horse". Both issues prove doubtlessly that indeed our logo of Style of Speed with our Lucky Dragon was the true source of inspiration and not the Year of the Dragon. Our readers might ask why we have not spoken so far about a copyright infringement in relation with these kinds of acting by the marque. The explanation is simple: We already have got compensations, so that a balance is kept up.
  • Cable News Network: The news media took our investigations related with the stolen marketing story based on our (Lucky) Dragon Theme (see the case of the manufacturer Bayerische Motorenwerke in the Investigations::Car #342 of the 11th of January 2012 and the related cases of the Investigations::Car #352 of the 23rd of April 2012) for a report about the "Dragon Theme" without asking us or naming us. In the report itself the special models of the marques Chrysler→Jeep and Ferrari by the manufacturer Fiat together with a short, extremely precisely hand-selected ausschnitt of the interview with a representative of the marque Ferrari were shown, and the special models of the marques Volkswagen→Bugatti and Bayerische Motorenwerke→Rolls Royce were mentioned. For confusing the public in relation with the more than clear results of our related investigations it connected the creation of all these special models with the actual Year of the Dragon in the P.R.C. and the astronomy, but it does not matter at all which path by the other companies was taken in the end, because they have all illegally copied our marketing story, like the media company did as well.

    The whole case raises once again the question why the news media company keeps its viewers stupid, like many others do as well. Is there a governmental ban, or a deal with that SED-breed?


  • Telefónica→O2: The company has presented as well a solution for a modern payment system, that unsurprisingly follows our Cell Cash Card™ solution (see also the case of the credit/debit/cash card provider Barclaycard in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 20th of April 2012). We do quote once again out of a report by a British media company that refuses to report about our superior solutions since years and instead presents nonsense, or stolen solutions: "[...] wallet app launches text message payments [...] [This is extremely risky, because it realizes exactly the two mayor problems, bringing both physical objects together, so that with one act of stealing both are away, and making it highly attackable due to software hacking, that we solved with our Cell Cash Card™. Good night, sleep tight.]", "[...] ability to load money onto the app from their debit cards [...] [Why is our Cell Cash Card™ not taken directly, if a debit/credit/cash card still exists?]", "The firm said it had held off introducing contactless payments as only a handful of retailers had installed the necessary systems. [Guess why we stayed with the credit/debit/cash/ATM card, and developed our Cell Cash Card™ based on this?]", "[...] "transaction history" that keeps track of what they have spent [...] [This is way we developed our Cell Cash Card™, so that the user keeps her/his data for protection. But with the mobile app(lication)-based solution hackers get it these data as well.]", "[...] security [... With the mobile app(lication)] all personal details, pin codes, passwords and other financial data were held on remote central servers rather than on the mobile device. So once again, why is our Cell Cash Card™ not taken directly, if the existing infrastructure of the debit/credit/cash card is still used but now a second time, and why should users give their data to a second service provider besides a bank without any reason?]", ""This is, we believe, the safest and most secure way to deliver mobile payment services."[[,Managing director at O2 Money]. This is, as we will prove, a criminal marketing lie, because our solution Cell Cash Card™ is the safest and most secure technology, definitely, and the manager does know our solution very well, as it can be seen by our following remarks and explanations. This statement was said in relation with the description of our Cell Cash Card™ "[...] the system enables in the interplay with a mobile device a before not reached protection against the theft of a plastic card or/and the associated Personal Identification Number (PIN), whereby all actually known kinds of misuse are eliminated", and our documentation of the case of the company Barclaycard "our solution is still the most secure solution [...]" (see again in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 20th of April 2012). We have around 20 years of experiences in this special field of ubiquitous computing and we do say: It is not possible to achieve our security level which by a different solution by taking a mobile phone or a credit card alone, bringing both objects physically together or/and by using software-based solutions. We have also the proof now that the company tried to steal our solution with its app(lication).]", and "[A consortium] had hoped to have [the new payment system] up and running in time for the London Olympics. [We were here all the years and still are.]".
    Beside this, we would like to clarify that in general our Cell Cash Card™ can still be used as a normal cash/credit/debit card with PIN, is able to work together with Near Field Communication (NCF) solutions, and can also easily run our same app(lication) as well, though for getting the additional security measures of our solution the interplay with a further mobile device is needed. Furthermore, the accumulator of the integrated and normally disposable/one-way cell phone is easily rechargable for several years, for sure. With this in mind we would like to clarify further that our Cell Cash Card™ is not a disposable/one-way mobile device and makes clear that we used the terms disposable and one-way in the sense that its original functions will not be recycled.

    Wir fordern ein weiteres Mal die Ministerin für Bildung und Forschung sowie alle anderen PolitikerInnen, denen die Sachverhalte bekannt sein müssen (wir haben Fakten und ein logisches Netzwerk mit diesen Fakten initiiert, die beweisen, dass es praktisch sämtliche Mitglieder aller Parteiführungen auf Bundes- und Landesebenen betroffen sind), insbesondere die Bundeskanzlerin, sofort ihre Ämter niederzulegen, da es in keinster Weise politische Argumente für dieses assoziale, verfassungs- und demokratiefeindliche sowie zum größten Teil auch schwerkriminelle Verhalten gibt.

    Comment of the Day
    "If the social, economical, and financial systems stay the same, as they are today, then in the year 2030 the whole world has nothing else to do than to print money only.", [C.S., Since some weeks]
    For sure, by saying "to print money" we also mean the corresponding resources that are needed, like e.g. power, paper, and ink, as well as printing presses, or giant server farms for a fully digitalized monetary system.

    Picture of the Day
    Battersea Power Station, London, U.K.

    Battersea Power Station, London, U.K.

    This would have been building #2. Building #1 was shown as the Image/Picture of the Day of the 27th of May 2009.

    In the case of the motorcycle manufacturer Volkswagen→Audi→ Ducati in the Investigations::Motorcycle #16 of the 18th of April 2012 we mentioned that the "rear suspension [of a discussed motorbike] is nothing else than a combination of the push rod, rocker lever and shock absorber of the front swing arm of the models Tesi" with a rear swing arm. We also gave to our readers the additional "information that we made a statement about exactly this rear suspension solution many months before the marque presented its clone [...] for testing out the spies further". Today we would like to continue at this point by giving a short explanation why we have not shown such a rear suspension before, which was not said in our office due to the spies test.
    The push rod suspension was developed for eliminating some issues related with other suspensions that have no push rod concept. One issue of these is that the shock absorber itself is unsprung mass by the weight of its components. A further issue is that that the geometry of a suspension is changing when the shock absorber work, so that specifically the angle between the shock absorber and the wishbone is changed in such a way that the whole suspension works in a more or less incalculable way. This effect is proportional to the range of spring. A third issue is the optimization of the space usage. For sure, the problems are the same for automobiles as for motorcycles, but the gains are not. We have the opinion that due to the fact that the suspension of a motorcycle works in smaller physical ranges than the suspension of a car for the same vehicle type, so that the gains by using a push rod system are so small in the end or even not given at all, so that the push rod suspension becomes the source of the same problems.
    In the special case of the model Tesi it makes sense to use a push rod suspension at the front swing arm, though it is no general rule of thumb, but in virtually all cases we have seen so far or are relevant for our models this is not the case at the rear swing arm. Said this, we will use a classic push rod suspension, if the reason is a design issue but not an attempt to optimize the handling.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have added to the webpage of our model 911 BB the unaltered original sketches of A. Colard shown with the Further steps of the 22nd of April 2012 before they will be forgotten, or get lost in the internet.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    In relation with the Further steps of the 24th of April 2012 and 25th of April 2012, and also with the model 2012 of our RE, we would like to show the basic sketch of our upcoming new models that event- ually will be called e-quattro and GTron BB.

    SOS RE ∧ Audi RS5 → quattro concept → SOS e-quattro
    © Audi

    Comment of the Day #1
    "The Napoleonic complex of Merkel is evident in the true sense of the word.", [C.S., Yesterday]
    Wake up and open your eyes. Her democratic understanding can be reduced to two statements: There is no alternative to what she wants, and there is no way to renegotiate her decisions.
    Comment of the Day #2
    "?___?___?___...", [C.S., Today]
    This was the silent comment in relation to the news that "Katie Price picked up her second celebrity mum of the year award earlier this year.", [British Broadcasting Corporation, Today].

    Investigations::Car #354

  • Volkswagen→Audi: The marque continued its strategy of making an exact copy of our website contents. In the last days, this could be seen best once again with the press releases in relation to two concept cars presented on a large automotive exhibition in Asia. While the issue related with the first concept car was of minor strength, but still enough for being documented by us (see its case in the Investigations::Car #352 of the 23rd of April 2012), the press release about the second concept car was not. So we do quote and document it: "[...] luxury-class e[lectric] concept car [...] [Besides that the concept car has a hybrid drivetrain, we have here also the jump on the bandwagon of the market segment E-Luxury™ created and coined by us from Style of Speed™.]", "[...] pure electric [...] [We can see now one aspect of its strategy very precisely, which has not truly worked so far. For damaging our trademarks the manufacturer Volkswagen with its marques attacks every trademark directly after we used it the first time, or after it was found out that some uniqueness has arisen, by using it as well in its press releases or in other marketing related contents. The goal is to achieve that the whole market follows it due to the normal competition and the guess that the other companies would not know that we were already there. If enough competitors would follow then our trademarks become common terms in this field, so that we can't claim anymore for some kind of protection. Now, we see that this is a longer lasting strategy, which means that if again another manufacturer does use a trademark claimed by us they begin again to use it as well for the same reason as explained above. In the case of our trademark Pure Electric™ it has even taken our investigation as a tool to watch for such an event, because the manufacturer General Motors still uses Pure Electric™ as well. Luckily, both companies do not count as much as they wished to and so they are not enough. Besides this, using permanently our trademarks is a further proof of the copyright infringement.]", "[...] New Energy [...] [Firstly, New Energy™ since at least the year 2001. Secondly, by this infringement attempt the strategy as described in the comment to the quote before can be seen at work, because it use the term the first time in a press release and this only after we used it in the Style of Speed Website update of the 19th of March 2012. But now the copyright infringement and the malicious deception can be seen as well very precisely.]", "[...] liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery [...] [At first, the whole industry laughed about us as we specified liquid-cooled electric drivetrain components. This proves once again the steady infringement of our copyright, at least.]", "[...] strong [...] [Firstly, Strong™ since many years now. Secondly, by this infringement attempt the strategy as described in the comments to the quotes about our trademarks Pure Electric™ and New Energy™ before can be seen at work. This als proves once again the steady infringement of our copyright, at least. But due to the fact that the pattern of the strategy can also be seen once again we have here as well a further proof of its abuse of market power, because this strategy can only be successfull, if it is conducted by a very large company.]", "[...] electrified drive systems [...; ...] hybrid quattro [...] can drive [...] on electric power [We comment the whole issue in a different way now: Electrified quattro© and e-quattro©.]", "The term Audi e-tron refers to technologies ranging from PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) to range extenders and finally vehicles powered purely by electric batteries or fuel cells. [This is not only a criminal marketing lie, because the e-tron concept was started with a concept car with a Purely Electric™ drivetrain, which was replaced after some months with a shameless copy of our our model RE™, The Original, and after we added range extenders to our E-SUVs™ and E-SUTs™, came as well hybrid versions. The lattest addition is the fuel cell based drivetrain, which again was added after we did it months before. Said this we have here once again a clear proof of its infringements of our copyright, abuses of market power and malicious deceptions.]", "In its first Audi e-tron concept car, Audi already showed how this future might look. And in the case of the R8 e-tron, this vision will be realized [...] [Firstly, we think a positive change of behaviour, which is given at this point, must be mentioned as well in an objective way: The marque Audi says that its two concept cars e-tron "Frankfurt" and R8 e-tron are indeed two different cars. For sure, this is by far not enough. Secondly, presenting alone without referencing the original, our model RE™, is already a misleading of the public and called malicious deception, so that selling the car would clearly show as well that all is deliberately done and with a high amount of energy. Thirdly, the second sentence is again a copyright infringement.]", "[...] New Energy [...] [New Energy™]", "[...] progressive [...] [This time we only mention Classic Progressive™ and give the information to our readers that this is a very critical term to which we come in a later investigation once again.]", "[...] elegant styling [...]", "[...] lightweight, rigid [...]", "[...] intelligently use new combinations of materials [...] [This sounds very familiar.]", "[...] ultra lightweight construction does not solely focus on one material, rather it seeks a flexible approach that utilizes a wide variety of materials [...] [We have read this focus on the intelligent material mix in press release of its subsidiary Lamborghini as well.]", "[...] fine-tuning [...] [Firstly, Fine Tuning™ since many years now. Secondly, by this attempt of infringement the strategy described in the comments to the quotes about our trademarks Pure Electric™ and New Energy™ before can be seen at work. This also proves once again the steady infringement of our copyright and eventually much more. Moreover, due to the fact that the pattern of the strategy can also be seen once again we have here as well a further proof of its abuse of market power, because this strategy can only be successfull, if it is conducted by a very large company.]", "[...] competence [...]", "At the limits of performance in driving through curves, the electronic transverse differential lock – a function of electronic stabilization control (ESC) – stabilizes the [marque's car] concept by making small interventions at the front wheel on the outside of the curve[, which is also called torque vectoring despite which wheel is accelerated or decelerated]. [Has the reader seen this (not really) clever attempt? In fact, this is at least a further copyright infringement, because it has copied the description of our Active Differential™ #1, or being more precisely the description of its version made for hybrid drivetrains that drive one axle only (see also the Style of Speed Further steps published on the 20th of March 2012). Until today the related hybrid drivetrains consisted of a combination of a drivetrain with a combustion engine driving one axle and one of our (electric) torque vectoring Active Differentials™ driving the other axle. Besides, a differential lock does not work for torque vectoring at all, because it is used for the exact opposite and in this way even worsens the driving dynamics in a curve, and was only said for having a link between something that is electronic at a differential and torque vectoring. At a previous position in the press release it was also explained that the drivetrain incorporates a Brake Energy Recovering System (BERS), too. It also proves that the manufacturer is fully aware that it has indeed infringed our copyright, because is has reformulated our text without changing the thought. Due to the fact that a reformulation of our text is not enought to avoid a license, because the thought of our descriptions is still the same, obviously, the marque has to ask for a license, if it wants to avoid a penalty at the court. We also do see here with the new case that the same strategy that all manufacturers have applied, apply, or will apply to damage our company in relation with our inventions, like for example the Active Differentials™, the Quickcharger™ concept, the irail™ and ipad™ technology based on the concept of the wireless resonant inductive power transmission, and so on: It has copied the hybrid drivetrain with Electric Torque Vectoring™ at one axle and now we will see that the other manufacturers do this as well, so that an industry standard is created once again, and we have to give every company a fair license for our intellectual properties. But despite the fact that nobody has asked for a license, every company is trying to reformulate our texts now very well knowing that their copyright infringements are still given. Said this, we have here the first evidence that indeed the automotive industry together with the media companies and the politics have made a covin against our company, even damaging fundamental democratical values (see also our Clarification above).]", "[...] which [...] components are currently active [...] [Compare this statement with our trademark Active Component™.]", "[...] active lane assist [...] [We think that this is damaging our trademark Active Assist™.]", and "[...] pre sense system can reduce the severity of accidents and their consequences in many cases. [This is related with our application of our Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™ for controlling our Active Components™, inclusive our Active Sensors™, and also with our concept of the Autosemantic™ "proactive-drive".]".
  • Volkswagen→Bugatti: We quote the press release in relation to the special model that is marketed by using our Dragon Theme and our marketing story based on it in an illegal way (see also its case in the Investigations::Car #353 of the 26th of April 2012): "We were instantly electrified [...] [This is at least a speech act stealing, but might be more due to our statement "Indeed, Enzo would have been electrified." on the webpage of our model E430™ RSR, which is not only the first electrified Ferrari model, but also the first with all-wheel drivetrain (see the webpage of the base model E430™).]", "[...] model equipped with unique porcelain dragon relief parts at the in- and outside paying homage to the year of the dragon [...] [As we will prove with this additional investigation in the same issue, this statement is a lie.]", "[...] Chinese "Dragon" character [...] [As we have proved several times now in the last day, it is indeed our Dragon Theme and the related marketing story developed by C.S. for the business division Style of Speed™. That our marketing story also fits with the Year of the Dragon is not relevant in conjunction with our copyright.]", and "[...] unique and artistic Chinese features together with the breathtaking speed [...] make the [special model] the dragon of the automotive industry [...] [No, that is wrong and also a criminal marketing lie, because the dragons of the automotive industry, so to say, are at least our related vehicles, like for example the model 333 ST and the even much more faster model 962 ST. So the reader might guess why the Lucky Dragon is our mascot. Besides this, it is obvious who is the artist and who is not. We would also like to thank the responsible manager very much that he delivered this very clear evidence.]".
    We would not drive a roadster faster than 300 km/h. So we do ask for what is such a roadster needed that has a maximal velocity of 410 km/h? Said this, the marque can keep its nonsense record, because our goal is not to build roadsters with such a high performance. If somebody really needs that kind of thrill we would like to give the friendly advice to take a highly tuned motorcycle and make some lines on a salt lake instead.

    Btw.: We would also like to remind our readers once again that the manufacturer Volkswagen and its marques present since years our contents, concepts and technologies in such a way, that the public should not be able to recognize the fact that these comes all from our business unit Style of Speed.
    Furthermore, designers in every field speak about a design language. This means in the end that if a larger group uses the same design for a product then the protection gets lost as well, because it is then a common design. This is even made more easier by the court judgments that a 3D-trademark can't be used for the protection of a special design, and that a protected design must be really different.

    Es ist nicht mehr vorstellbar, dass der Vorstand der Volkswagen AG als auch sämtliche obersten Ebenen des Managements sowie der Arbeitnehmervertretung des gesamten Konzerns und seiner Marken keine Kenntnis über unser Unternehmen besitzen sollten. Dies gilt auch natürlich auch für alle anderen großen Hersteller.

    Wir fordern ein weiteres Mal Merkel (CDU) zum sofortigen Rücktritt auf, weil sie sich seit Jahren schon weigert fundamentale demokratische Grundwerte, Recht und Ordnung sowie Stabilität durchzusetzen.
    We demand Obama (D) to resign immediately, because he refuses to establish fundamental democratical values, law and order, and stability since years. One proof is given by the deal with Merkel against C.S..

  • Fiat→Chrysler→Jeep: In this case we also wanted to quote the press release in relation to the special model that is marketed by using our Dragon Theme and our marketing story based on it in an illegal way (see also its case in the Investigations::Car #353 of the 26th of April 2012): "[...] "Dragon" Design Concept [...] [Dragon™ and stolen (Lucky) Dragon Theme]", "[...] Dragon [...] [Dragon™]", "[...] reflects presence in three core [...] [speech act stealing and 3 Theme]", "[...] Dragon [...] [Dragon™]", "[...] dragon [...] [Dragon™]", "[...] Year of the Dragon [...]", "The dragon symbolizes strength and power and is an aspirational character normally associated with royalty and good fortune. It was these characteristics that inspired the upscale design of the [marque's model] Dragon concept. [This is a proof for its copyright infringement, because it is our marketing story. Guess why we selected the Lucky Dragon as our mascot for Style of Speed™, even at a time when companies like that called it esoterics? The latter statement by the marque is a lie due to the proven copyright infringement.]", "[...] Dragon [...] [Dragon™]", "[...] Dragon [...] [Dragon™]", "[...] Dragon [...] [Dragon™]", "[...] dragon [...] [Dragon™]", "[...] dragon [...] [Dragon™]", "[...] dragon [...] [Dragon™]", "[...] dragon [...] [Dragon™]", "[...] dragon [...] [Dragon™]", "[...] Dragon [...] [Dragon™]", "[...] dragon [...] [Dragon™]", "[...] dragons [...] [Dragon™]", "[...] Dragons [...] [Dragon™]", and "[...] Dragon [...] [Dragon™]".
    No, we have not missed to document one of the 20 times the word dragon was written.

    Ontonics and OntoLab Further steps
    We expect that our first prototyp of our WiSer will have 2^3 Central Light-Processor Units (CLPUs) with a clock rate of 1 THz (10^12 Hz; infrared light), and a bus for the point-to-point interconnection between system components with a 2^20-bit link, which gives a bandwith of 1.048576 exabits/s (2^20*10^12 bits/s), and a packet format with 2^20-bit words. The specification is made very conservatively for a computing system that works in a parallel mode applying and simulating some aspects of a quantum computer. But a subsequent version of this prototyp will work in a quantum mode. Actually, we have to be honest and confess that we can't give more detailed data, because this is too uncommon, different, full of additional concepts and possibilities due to e.g. interferences everywhere, and the superposition of states of the information unit, and extremely fast, so that we have to play around in theory as well as in practice with this thing at first, and to bring the brains into the right vibes. But what we can already say is that three solvable problems have been sighted so far, which are the feeding of the system with data, the initialization of a computation, and the long-term data storage.

    Style of Speed Website update
    As already discussed in the Further steps of the 24th of April 2012, 25th of April 2012, and 27th of April 2012, we have presented today one of our new models, the:

  • GTron Ultra.

    Investigations::Culture Preview
    Interesting how much R. Scott has copied from our websites for the upcoming movie Prometheus, and in this way has got his ticket for a clarifying and most potentially longer note on our Culture webpage after the movie has been shown in cinemas. So, if he claims something in relation to his person, then take at least 50% away. By the way: He was already busted by the series Numb3rs, and we also do ask ourselves where he got the ideas for the movies Alien and Blade Runner from.

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