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Comment of the Day
Wireless power network™
Wireless energy network™
Wireless power local area network™
Wireless energy local area network™
Wireless power ethernet™
Wireless energy ethernet™
Wireless power fidelity™
Wireless energy fidelity™

OntoLinux Website update
We have added to the webpage Links to Hardware the links to our Active Display and Holonicle::Display technologies in the new section Display, the SuperComputer Chip in the section Integrated Circuit/Chip, the image of the intelliTablet iTablet 3D and Pad 3D concept presented in the intelliTablet Further steps of the 17th of August 2012, and the image of the concept of our Ontoscope 3D with Active Display presented in the Ontoscope Further steps of the 18th of August 2012.

Ontoscope Further steps
We would like to show a further version of the Ontoscope 3 present- ed with the Further steps of the 13th of August 2012 with the one camera respectively sensor module positioned at the other edge, so that the 3D or/and wave-field camera/sensor can be constructed in a thinner way and take 3D images and wave fields with a higher quality.

Ontoscope 3
© :( and Ontoscope

intelliTablet Website update
Due to the next generation of standard chips, displays and cameras we have changed slightly the dimensions, specifically thickness, of our by iTablet, iT@blet, P@d, and iP@d in the slate, booklet by 1.2 millimeter, and for the iTablet in the the pad and portfolio style by 1 millimeter, as well as the preliminary prices of some of our devices (see the intelliTablet for the details).

intelliTablet Further steps One Tablet Per Child (OTPC) and One Pad Per Child (OPPC/OP²C) #5 2:52 CEST
We have overworked the design of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) model XO-1 a further time after we made it already the One Tablet Per Child (OTPC) as a convertible/hybrid tablet computer with multi-touchscreen in the year 2010. This time we completely removed this ugly handle, or alternatively substituted it with a slider or folding mechanism, added the narrower corners, and resized the display as well. We also tried a different position of the frontside camera.

intelliTablet Convertible One Tablet per Child (OTPC) XO-1 2012 DimensionsintelliTablet Convertible One Tablet per Child (OTPC) XO-1 2012
© :I, OLPC Foundation and Association and Yves Behar, OntoLab, and intelliTablet

The Lego® Portal was created after our descriptions of software and hardware portals.

Moreover, we have the Playmobil Klicky figures and the MediCom Toy Kubrick figures, and as further themes Disney→Marvel characters, Star Wars, SpongeBob SquarePants, and every other theme that was licensed by Lego®.

Comment of the Day #1
"It's better to burn out than to fade away!", [Highlander I, 1986]

Comment of the Day #2
"Ultrahazardous", [C.S, Today]

intelliTablet Website update
For sure, we are looking for 4G connectivity for our tablets, pads, slates, booklets, and portfolios.

Comment of the Day

Style of Speed Website update
We have written 2 new webpages for our Mod Rods/retro models X0 of the Porsche Typ 64, better known as the Berlin-Rome-Car, and the OSCar of the Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic and Type 57 C Van Vooren. We talked about both concept cars in the Further steps of the 21st of May 2012, 25th, 26th, and 27th of July 2012, and showed related images with the Further steps of the 30th of August 2011.

Besides this, we added the related images of the concept cars Volkswagen XL1 Concept and our Wide and Low body version Style of Speed WL1 to the webpage of our model 962 ST as announced on the 30th of August 2011 and 25th of July 2012.

Style of Speed Further steps
In conjunction with our Mod Rod X0 we would like to add the information that for the models X0 and 962 ST we will potentially set the XL1 Concept on top of a chassis based on our conversion Boxster GT.

© Reggiani and :I

Investigations::Car #361

  • Volkswagen→Audi: For its latest version of the model R8 the marque took some colour schemes from our models RE and Pan white, black, and stealth blue. Also, it is still marketing for our electrified/electric/e quattro concept without referencing us nor having a license from us.
    *** Work in progress ***
  • Toma Macavei and Andrei Macavei: We already mentioned this case on the 16th of August 2012 and present today the English translation. The not so clever fraudsters have patented our Dual-Transmission™, the Super Transmission, that we presented in the versions with 2×6-speed and 2×8-speed, and independent shifting rods, and gave only the count of the gears but not the count of the combinations of the gears, which could be up to 100 gears actually.
    The concept of the presented transmission has been stolen out of the internet and from the webpage of our Active Transmission. Indeed, there is a documentation about motortrikes and -quads that report the following: "Due to the shortcoming of agricultural vehicles the EMW had to serve many times as an alternative to a farm tractor, the so-called "Benzinkühe==Gasoline-cows". Occasionally, two transmissions have been connected in series and in the majority of cases a car axle was built in at the rear.", [emw-r35.de]. Thus, the fundamental principle of the patent is done, because the used motorcycle EMW R35 features a cardan shaft drive. In addition, suchlike is mentioned about an electric drivetrain for bi- and tricycles: "I have recently disassembled a [...] 12 V cordless screwdriver [...]. Eventually, something like this would be already a basis, than vermutlich aber [should] be used in a 2 transmissions Getriebe hintereinander [verwendet werden].", [haeger, 05.10.2010]. Des Weiteren wird auch eine Computersteuerung für das automatische Schalten erwähnt. Außerdem haben auch wir bereits am 20. Dezember 2010 2 Getriebe auf unserer Web-Seite Active Transmission aufgeführt, die auch jeweils aus 2 sequentiell angeordneten Getriebe bestehen, die aber optional in einem Gehäuse verbaut werden können und mindestens 2×6 Gänge→6²=36 Schaltkombinationen und 2×8 Gänge→8²=64 Schaltkombinationen, unabhängige Schaltstangen und Computersteuerung sowie als weitere Option eine Doppelkupplung besitzen. Damit ist das Patent auch im englisch-sprachigen Raum erledigt, wenn es das nicht schon vorher war, da Englisch zur Fachsprache von InformatikerInnen und mittlerweile auch IngenieurInnen zählt. Und wenn wir noch ein bisschen im Netzt der Netze suchen, dann finden wir höchstwahrscheinlich das grundlegende Doppelgetriebe von dem ganz und gar nicht innovativen Informatikstudenten aus Saarbrücken irgendwo im Staat California, U.S.A. oder seiner Umgebung. Außerdem dürfte das durch das vorgeschaltete Getriebe produzierte und auf das nachgeschaltete Getriebe wirkende Drehmoment erheblich sein, wie C.S. bereits als Kind mit Lego-Getrieben (Set 801 und diverse Technic-Baukästen) öfters feststellen musste, sodass zum Schluß die Dimensionen eines solchen Getriebes größer sind als von einem normalen Getriebe, denn schließlich werden hier nicht die Grundlagen der Physik aufgehoben. Übrigens: Es gibt bereits auch stufenlose Getriebe ohne Schlupf, wie Hydraulikgetriebe, die vor allem für kleine Gartentraktoren und große Traktoren verwendet werden, sowie unsere anderen revolutionären Projekte stufenloser Getriebe==Continous Variable Transmissions (CVTs) von Ontonics, die bei einer Variante die Vorteile klassischer, stufenloser und hydrostatischer Getriebe elegant integriert.
    Besonders interessant ist das diese Betrug auch noch mit 5.000 Euro an Steuergeldern gefördert wurde.
  • McLaren: After it cloned the models Gigliato Aerosa, Lamborghini Gallardo, Style of Speed Elettoro, formerly known as Apollo Speed-E, Ferrari Enzo concept and Style of Speed 333 ST, the world's first production car with a F1 steering wheel, Volkswagen W12 Concept coupé, and Saleen Raptor for the coupé version of its car, (see its cases in the Investigations::Car #243 of the 4th of April 2010, #303 of the 19th of December 2010, #323 of the 31st of May 2011, and #347 of the 16th of March 2012, as well as the case of the racing team McLaren Mercedes in the Investigations::Car #319 of the 5th of May 2011), and the model 458 Italy Spider by the marque Fiat→Ferrari as the spider version of its model, the folding roof is from the same automotive supplier and nearly the same. The related press release repeats many parts of the press release that we have documented with the , but we simply repeat them once again:
    concept study based on our actings and not as it claims. "[...] X-1 [...] [We showed an image of a concept based on the concept car XL 1 by VW and left replaced the X with a W to WL1. Here we see another direction, and more.]", "[...] division [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] breathtaking [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] based structurally on the company’s groundbreaking carbon [passenger cell ...] [In fact it is not so unique, and only follows the marque Ferrari and us, as the manufacturer Volkswagen did as well.]", "[...] anonymous car enthusiast [...] [We discuss this point after the quotes and their comments, so that our readers get the facts at first.]", "[...] would take the supercar [...] to a different level [...]", "[...] McLaren F1, a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and now a 12C [...] [These are 3 cars. Besides this we talked about the possibility to name one of the original version of such a special supercar SL1 for Super 1 Liter sports car based on the 911 GT3 R to SLR.]", "The conversation began with our Executive Chairman [...] almost three years ago [...] [Maybe, but we do not think so in the case of the end result, because it is more than obvious that it is a reaction to our actings that begun at the 21st of May 2012, and went on at the 25th, 26th, and 27th of July 2012 (see the related Further steps on these days), seems to be directly connected with the Spinner and Autocopter Racing League #125th of June 2012 and the Style of Speed Further steps 2nd, and is somehow related with the Pictures of the Day of the 10th and 18th.]", "The client wanted a machine [...] reflected his needs and personality [...] [Besides the speech act stealing, we would like to point again to the discussion about the anonymous client after the quotes.]", "[...] timeless and classical elegance [...] [This points to Further steps of the 26th of July 2012 "very elegant and perfect".]", "[...] three hours [...] [In the context it is the next link to the 3³ Theme by C.S..]", "[...] the design team brought together hundreds of images from the world of automotive, architecture, fashion, design and even film [...] [This is highly suspicious, because C.S. does this since so many years now. Obviously, that criminals spied out our business or got informations from an entity that spied.]", "[...] would be derived [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] various examples of architecture – including the Guggenheim museums in New York[, U.S.A.,] and Bilbao[, Spain, ...] [We do not know what these to musuems have in common with the car, because there is no relation at all. The only two relations that we can see is a building by Frank Gehry and the collaboration between the manufacturer Bayerische Motorenwerke and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (see the note about them on the Culture webpage of the 15th of April 2012).]", "[...] Airstream trailer, a Thomas Mann Montblanc pen, a grand piano – and an eggplant [...] black-and-white photo of Audrey Hepburn [...] [The point with Thomas Mann is clear, like the Montblanc pen, and the grand piano that has to do with piano/flat finish/polished lacquer/varnish, but also with more. The art deco clock seems to be a Jaeger Le Coultre Swiss Clock that looks like the wheel covers or the wheels of a design study. But the eggplant and also a black-and-white photo of Audrey Hepburn are doubtlessly a hidden hint by the anonymous client, who gave a clear sign for somebody about his, or should we directly say her, indentity. All in all it is now absolutely clear that they have copied the concept and essential elements of our concept first presented on with the Style of Speed Further steps of the 21st of May 2012, and a related design study of a Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic Concept painted in black piano laquer, the design of the wheel, and the little metallic element at the front wheel that we mentioned on the 21.May.2012. Said this, the concept car was only build to steal our show.]", "The client wanted a competition between external designers – some outside the automotive world – and McLaren’s own designers [...]", "[...] One of the biggest design challenges faced by Yeo was that most cars that embody classic elegance and timeless values have front engines and rear-wheel drive proportions. This is the exact opposite of a mid-engined supercar. So a new visual language for the car had to be found which led to months of sketching and modeling to find that perfect visual balance. [What a criminal lie on the one hand, and a clear evidence of its copyright infringement on the other hand, because our concept WL1 for the 962 ST and the X0 have also a mid-engine, as it is the case with the concept car XL1 by Volkswagen, so McLaren did nothing but stealing only, once again.]", "[...] 30 per cent [...] [3³ Theme again]", "[...] styling [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] metal bright work rails [...] [Here it followed again our concept of the, because the mentioned Bugatti 57 C Van Vooren Cabriolet features this as a black car.]", "In the words of [the designer]: '[...] Although I like to think the wide body combined with pontoon style rear fenders will ensure the car glides when it’s moving just like a superhero’s cape...' [This statement makes it absolutely clear that the company has once again stolen from us that is this time our concept, because we gave it the working title Wide and Low body 1 (WL1). This proves as well that the whole marketing story is a lie.]", "The styling took 18 months to sign off but the result is a design that in a few decades time will be hard to pinpoint exactly when it was created [...] [We do not think that this is true, because we did it in a day, which should also be possible for designers of that company.]", "It has a whole new body made of advanced materials. [This could be done by every interested party these days.]", "[...] the car took two and a half years to build, a process that began before the styling was signed off [...] [We are not convinced that this is the case.]", "It also had to comfortably seat two adults so although the 12C was already as shrink-wrapped as it could be from a packaging perspective [...] [Again, this is a criminal marketing lie, because the XL1 and our concepts are obviously more space efficient resulting in a much better aerodynamic efficiency, dynamic performance, higher speed, and an amazing low fuel consumption. It was also mentioned, because we have the 1/1 seat configuration with our concepts, which was thought to be a signature by that company.]", "[...] ingenious [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] ultimate [...] [speech act stealing]", "X-1 demonstrates a commitment to perfection and to the highest levels of quality. [And a high criminal energy.]", "[...] rich piano black [...] lacquered [...] [We mentioned it before already.]", "Components [...]", "[...] Speed Marque logo [...] [This is a copyrigth infringement due to the general marketing story of Style of Speed.]", "Wheels [...] [The wheels were also designed following closely one of the design concepts that it copied and that we referenced implicitly. It is the same with the piano black laquer and the art deco watch.]", "[...] complement [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] the most unusual styling feature is the enclosed rear wheels, an upshot of the owner’s desire to have a car reflecting 'timeless elegance' [...] [Please, can somebody explain us about what the company is talking about here.]", "The styling, too, is in no way compromised by the opening rear wings. [This sounds somehow very suspicious. Maybe it is not about a car, but about our Autocopters, specifically the model Z1, which features the same front fender and is related with an SL model by the marque Daimler→Mercedes-Benz, and our upcoming model X1, as it could be seen by the label X-1, which is typical for our Autocopters and Spinners, the design of the front fender as well, the presentation at a Concours d'Elegance (see the Spinner and Autocopter Racing League #1 of the 25th of June 2012 and the Style of Speed Further steps of the 2nd of July 2012). Now, this is copyrighted as well.]", "[...] architecture of the interior [...]", "[...] magical 3D-like effect [...]", "[...] road legal [...]", "[...] vision [...] [speech act stealing]", "We are not just about styling [...] [We do know now, that they are just about stealing only.]", "[...] a third [...] [3³ Theme again]", "[...] we're certainly not here to be style police [...] [Luckily, there is a real police.]", "The carbon fibre [...] chassis used [...] is not only stiff and light, it allows for great flexibility in body styling and provides an affordable structure from which [a company division] can develop unique cars, as is demonstrated with [the next bold plagiariazation]. [This concept was also stolen from us, because we use such a carbon fibre chassis and passenger compartment for our different models since 5 years now. Again, no innovation but only imitation at McLaren]", "[...] a third [...] [In the context it is indeed the 3³ Theme again.]", "[...] themes [...] [speech act stealing]", and "[...] innovation, integration of Formula 1 technology, and ultimate performance [...]".
    As long as the company does not name the client, we have several possibilites, for example the customer really does exist, but the company has to prove this by naming her/him.

    In this relation, we would like to list our related activities:

    Style of Speed Further steps 5:30 CET
    Early in the morning, we thought about the Style of Speed OSCar, which would be based on our evolutionary, aerodynamically optimized design of a Type 57 Roadster, a Type 57 SC Atlantic, or our absolute favorite the Type 57 C Van Vooren Cabriolet of the marque Volkswa- gen→Bugatti with a drivetrain based on one of our Electric Torque Vectoring Active Differentials and one of our hydrogen fueled fuel cells, like our Active Fuel Cells or our Hydrogen on the Fly based fuel cell power systems.

    Style of Speed OSCar
    ©© DineshAdv

    Images of the Bugatti Type 57 C Van Vooren Cabriolet and the evolutionary, aerodynamically optimized design study of a Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic as mentioned before. The sketches also show the transparent front wheel that was described in the press release with the art deco clock by Jaeger LeCoultre (Swiss Clock). Furthermore, the design of the front fender and wheel on the one image, and the black piano laquer and the metal bright work rails can be easily recognized on the other images.

    Bugatti Type 57 C Van Vooren Cabriolet
    © :I

    Style of Speed Further steps
    Its doodle time at Style of Speed again. As already mentioned in the Further steps of the 30th of August 2011, we will use our 1/1 passenger cabin configuration of our model 333 ST, as it was also done for the concept car XL1 by Volkswagen, for some of our other street legal models as well, like the 962 ST. Potentially, for the 962 ST we will set the XL1 on top of a chassis of the model 911 GT or 911 GT3 R by the marque Volkswagen→Porsche. We also looked at the concept car XL1 in relation with our OSCar (see the Further steps of the 21st of May 2012). Today, we also thought about super sports car versions based on our 962 ST, that are a purely electric 962 E, an electric range extended 962 ERE, and a hybrid 962 H.

    Porsche Typ 64 Rome-Berlin Car ∧ 962 ∧ Fiat→Ferrari Enzo → SOS 333 ST → Volkswagen XL1 → Style of Speed WL1 Wide and Low Body
    © Volkswagen and Style of Speed

    Further images:
    Porsche Typ 64 Berline-Rome-Car, concept and black piano laquer

    Porsche Typ 64 Berline-Rome-Car
    Porsche 962 ∧ Fiat→Ferrari Enzo → SOS 333 ST and 962 ST → Volkswagen XL1, mid-engine and inspiring rear lights
    Fiat→Ferrari Enzo ChassisVolkswagen XL1Volkswagen XL1
    © Fiat→Ferrari and Volkswagen
    Bugatti 57 C Van Vooren Cabriolet, black piano laquer, the design of the at the rear wheel, and the silver spange from the front to the rear.
    Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini Gallardo → SOS Gallardo SuperVeloce → Gallardo Lambo Bee for the diffusor and the air outlets at the rear.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    In conjunction with our OScar project (see the Further steps of the 21st of May 2012) and the different versions of the our new interpretation of the model 962 by the marque Volkswagen Porsche (see the Further steps of the 25th of July 2012 (yesterday)) we already thought about the possibility to unite the stories of both projects in a very elegant and absolutely perfect way. This consideration led also in May 2012 to a car that was not officially called a Porsche, but is said to be the ancestor of the Porsche sports cars, the Stromliniencoupés aka. the Berlin-Rom-Wagen==Berlin-Rome-Car (VW Typ 60 K10 and later Porsche Typ 64) of the year 1939. Said this, we are deciding if we should create a new model of our Mod Rod series with a name like Aerocoupe, SL1 for Super 1 Liter sports car, 642, Type 64, or BRW and similar features like the already mentioned 1/1 seat configuration, and the cover of the front wheels that can be moved to the sides while cornering sharply by using one of our Active Exterior elements for example, which taken all together would be a very elegant and perfect step as well.

    Style of Speed WL1 Wide and Low Body
    © Volkswagen and Style of Speed

    Only flying is better.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We have forgotten to tell that we were with the Berlin-Rom-Wagen= =Berlin-Rome-Car (VW Typ 60 K10 and later Porsche Typ 64) and another model, which is the RE in the RSQ version, at this point some years ago, as now with our WL1 OScar concept (see the Further steps of the 25th and 26th of June 2012). Said this, we would also like to mention that we can use the same technology of the front wheel full covers for a much better RSQ version of our RE, so that we could call it directly our new model REQ, which would be the short term for RE Quattro respectively R8 Electric Quattro.

    Style of Speed RE Quattro respectively R8 Electric Quattro
    © Volkswagen and Style of Speed

    Do you want a tip? Throw everything related with the semantic (world wide) web away and implement a sophisticated reasoner in a web browser. ©, as usual.

    OntoLinux Further steps
    We are looking at active networking in conjunction with semantic (world wide web) computing, like node computing.

    intelliTablet Announcement One Tablet Per Child (OTPC) and One Pad Per Child (OPPC/OP²C) #6 11:00 CEST
    After we already made out of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) model XO-1 the convertible/hybrid tablet computer with touch- or multi-touchscreen of our One Tablet Per Child (OTPC) project in the year 2010, invented the Thinnest Mobile Device in the world that was shamelessly stolen by two activists of the OLPC project as the first version of the model XO-3 (see the case of Nicolas Negroponte and Yves Behar in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 7th of January 2010), and in this way we layed the ground for the second version of the model XO-3, developed the concept further and presented it with the Announcement OTPC and OP²C #1 on the 17th of July 2012 finally, and overworked the design recently as shown with the Further steps OTPC and OP²C #5 of the 2nd September 2012, we would like to announce today two conversion kits for the models OLPC X-1.xy to the models #-1 and #-4 of our OTPC project. The conversion kit #1 consists of a new display with multi-touch feature, some new hardware elements, and potentially a new hinge of the display, so that it can be exchanged without any problems. The kit #1 changes the mechanics easily, which was claimed to be not possible by a not so nice project member who lied in the mailing list of the OLPC project due to our actings, so that not only the software functionality of the announced model XO-4 by the OLPC project can be used by making some simple changes of the wireless network card and the USB plug to an HDMI plug, but also the multi-touch and the other new hardware component functionalities. The conversion kit #2 includes the kit #1 and the technology of a mobile/cell phone or a smartphone that is based on our concept to reuse this for the OLPC models (see the intelliTablet Announcement OTPC and OP²C #2 of the 19th of July 2012).
    The expected prices are for the kit #1 50 U.S. dollar, for the kit #2 70 to 80 U.S. dollar, and for our redesigned housing around 20 U.S. dollar, so that a brandnew OTPC #-1 should hold the 100 U.S. dollar limit.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    Since 2 days we are working at a new conversion that is mixture of the technology of the model Boxster by the factory Porsche, or our Boxster based conversions 550 V8 and Boxster GT with a frame like the car Ariel Atom has. For this we took a look on race versions of the standard Boxster and their roll cages.

    Investigations::AI and Knowledge management

  • Topquadrant: That company has stolen contents and much concepts from our website of OntoLinux and OntomaX. One point is its modeling editor and a further point is a modeling language for an enhancement of the Resource Description Framework (RDF), so that procedures/functions of its SPARQL could be used as nodes as well. We do quote from its website at first, and then some text passages out of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) member submission "SPIN - Modeling Vocabulary" that easily prove our claim and eventually even points to a copyright infringement: "[...] integrated semantic solution products that seamlessly fit into existing IT environments [...] [This was stolen from the website of OntoLinux, especially from the webpages Overview and Links to Software.]", "[...] unified, standards-based data integration process [...] [This was stolen from the website of OntoLinux, especially from the webpage of our Ontologic File System™ (OntoFS™).]", "[...] orchestration engine [...]", "Built-in provenance and change management [...] [This was stolen from the section Semantic File/Storage System of the webpage Links to Software of the OntoLinux website.]", "[...] HTML and JavaScript [...] [This is related with our remarks about the ECMAScript (ECMA-262) scripting language on the webpage Project Status of the OntoLinux website, as the rest of the IT-market did for example in conjunction with HTML5.]", "[...] Maestro [...] [This was chosen in conjunction with links given in the section Formal Modeling of the webpage Links to Software.]", "[...] collaborative development and management [...]", "[...] semantic wikis [...] [OntoWiki]", "[...] semantic model-driven solutions [...]", "[...] development and evolution [...] [This was said in relation with The Proposal.]", "[...] geographic information [...] [This seems to be stolen from the section Geography of the webpage Links to Software of the OntoLinux website.]", "[...] interactive graph visualization component [...] [This can be found as well on the webpage Components, specifically in its section about our Ontoscope™ software component, and in the section Visualization of the webpage Links to Software of the OntoLinux website.]", "Graph visualization component can be used not only to explore information, but also to formulate queries [...] [As we said before, this was stolen from the section Visualization of the webpage Links to Software of the OntoLinux website, as the reader can see by the link "Centre de Bioinformatique de Bordeaux: ProViz". Besides this, our OntoLinux features this as well since its start. And that company did a further mistake by copying the comma before the word but, which is not common as the comma before the word which (Maybe it is even grammatically wrong).]", "[...] class modeling environment for developing Semantic Web ontologies and building semantic applications [...] [By the term ontologies it important most of its problems with the copyright. Furthermore, we have here the section Formal Modeling of the webpage Links to Software again, and the link to the "OSM - Object-oriented Systems Modeling" by the computer science department of the Brigham Young University that is used as well for modeling ontologies as part of the Ontology-Oriented (OO 2) paradigm.]", "[...] visual editors for RDF graphs [...] [See the for example the OntoLinux Website update of the 30th of January 2008 and the end of the case of the Wikipedia Foundation in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 3rd of March 2012. Said this, we have here a clear white line since the year 2006 and we will not tolerate any copyright infringements anymore.]", "[...] graphical development environment for modeling data [...]", "[... Unified Modeling Language (]UML[)]-like Class Diagrams [...] [See the section Formal Modeling of the webpage Links to Software, specifically the the link to the "OSM - Object-oriented Systems Modeling" by the computer science department of the Brigham Young University once again.]", "[...] can create diagrams from your class definitions in the OWL/RDFS model [...] [Guess why we made the link to "OSM - Object-oriented Systems Modeling"? Because it did with its software so many years before! Also, we hold back the document about ontology modeling with OSM and its Object-Relationship Model (ORM).]", "Using a notation similar to UML diagrams [...]", "[...] executing rules in SPIN (SPARQL) [...] object-oriented paradigm of SPIN [...] [This was stolen from the webpage Components, specifically from its section about our OntoBot™ software component, and the webpage of the connected OntoFS™ software component of the OntoLinux website.]", "Geography and Location Mapping [...] used to connect RDF resources or ontologies with geospatial ontologies [...] maps interface [As we said before, this seems to be stolen from the sections Semantic (World Wide) Web and Geography of the webpage Links to Software of the OntoLinux website. Especially important is the link to "OpenStreetMap Wrapper" by Simon Reinhardt, because it is a wrapper library for connecting the data of the OpenStreetMap pproject with the RDF. It is licensed under an open source licenses.]", "Calendar [...] If otnologies contain time-stamped data [...] [So, this is a problem due to the fact that we have this feature in our OntoBot software component, and also in some of the links listed in the sections Formal Modeling, specifically the link to "agent UML", Formal Verfication, especially the on-the-fly model-checker for Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) called Spin, and Intelligent/Cognitive Agent, of which many are based on LTL as well, of the webpage Links to Software. We are looking further if they really took LTL for its stronger integration of RDF and SPARQL, but the similarities are for us a clear evidence for its copyright infringement.]", "Visual RDF Graphs [We use the Ontoscope software component for this together with the linked software and approaches, like the Structured Entity Relationship Model (SERM) listed in the section Formal Modeling. Again, the white line is sharpened further.]", "[...] ontologies stored as files or in databases [...]", "[...] Multi-User Support [...] [The is related with the Ontoscope software component, that has multi-user support as well, like many other software projects linked by us, for example in the section Collaborative Virtual Environment.]", "[...] visual editor [...] layout of widgets [...] form metadata can be reused from other applications [...] [This is also related with the Ontoscope™ software component, which is based on the Qt windowing toolkit that has such an editor for composing Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) out of the Qt widgets as well, and can be used by the ECMAScript based scripting language of the Qt, and the OntoBot™ software component, which can control the X Window System with the RCLIB of the Pop-11 programming environment, and the Qt windowing toolkit, as mentioned on the Project Status webpage.]", "[...] ontological [...] [This should be clear for our readers.]", "[...] automatically import relational databases so that they can be treated as virtual RDF graphs. UML files [...] [As far as we do know, the first functionality is also acomplished by open source software, like the linked "Redland RDF Libraries", while the the point with the UML should be clear as well now. If not take a look again at the section Formal Modeling and keep in mind that our OntoFS is compatible with every kind of store, inclusive RDF triple stores due to its concept.]", "[...] visual scripting language [...] [See the end of the case of the Wikipedia Foundation in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 3rd of March 2012. Also, we use both the data-driven and the data-flow visual programming paradigms alone and in combination. It is also related with the OntoLinux Website update of the 30th of January 2008 and the comment to the quote about a visual editor.]", "[...] XML-OWL mapping [...] [Obviously, this is related with Ontologics.info website.]", "[...] vision [...] [We take this as a copyright infringement due to our slogan "The Lab of Visions" by our OntoLab.]", "[...] ontology architecture [...] [We take this as a copyright infringement.], "[...] Fine-tune ontologies [...] [We take this as a copyright infringement besides the attempt to damage our trademark Fine Tuning™.]", and "[...] Quality Assurance Framework [...] [We take this as a copyright infringement due to the point Total Quality Management on the webpage Overview by the OntoLinux website.].
    We have also the case of the so-called SPIN modeling language with meta modeling functionality. We already explained above that its functionality seems to infringe at least our copyright, and that we want to give more detail informations about it. The latter is done by quoting out of the specification publicated on the website of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C): "[...] SPIN - Modeling [...] [Take a look at the sections Semantic (World Wide) Web, Formal Modeling, and Formal Verfication of the webpage Links to Software, especially on the on-the-fly model-checker for Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) called Spin, and "MINERVA - A Dynamic Logic Programming Agent Architecture", and the OntoBot software component, specifically on "Maude" by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and others, which "is a high-performance reflective language and system supporting both equational and rewriting logic [..., which] is a logic of concurrent change that can naturally deal with state and with concurrent computations [..., inclusive] concurrent object-oriented computation[, ... , and a] logical framework, that is, a metalogic in which many other logics can be naturally represented and executed", for seeing what is really going on here. We are looking further if they really took LTL for its stronger integration of RDF and SPARQL, but the similarities are for us a clear evidence for its copyright infringement.]", "[...] support the use of SPARQL to specify rules and logical constraints [...]", "[...] threeclass description properties [...]", "[...] provides a powerful meta-modeling capability that can be used to build your own modeling language [...]", "[...] derive new SPARQL functions as well as magic properties from other SPARQL queries and functions [...]", "[...] check whether certain conditions currently hold [...]", "[...] defines a systematic framework on how to use SPARQL queries to drive applications. SPIN takes SPARQL a step further and uses it to enhance existing RDF models with formal, executable descriptions. [...]", "[...] systematically embed SPARQL queries into RDF models so that they can be executed with well-defined semantics. The basic idea is to use specific RDF properties to link classes with SPARQL queries so that those SPARQL queries can be executed with a given context. [...] [Hopefully, we do not need to explain that this is a general concept behind node computing as we do as the general processing approach for our operating systems like OntoLinux. The project Gnowsys does it as well, though we have to look at first if it did it already before us or after us.]", "[...] SPIN reasoning engines to construct inferred RDF triples from the currently asserted information in the model [...] [We would say that conpany came in the beginning of the year 2011 at least 4 years or even more too late with this concept.]", "The SPARQL queries referenced by the SPIN properties are interpreted in the context of the associated class. At run-time [...] [On-the-fly so to say? Like a LTL model-checker? The answers to both questions is yes, and so our claim of a copyright infringement holds.]", "[...] takes an object-oriented world view on Semantic Web models, in which SPARQL queries play a similar role to functions and methods. Inheritance [...] [So, here we have the Ontology-Oriented (OO 2) paradigm again.]", "[...] Meta-Modeling [...]", "[...] three mechanisms [...]", "[...] strongly recommended [...]", "[...] agents [...]", and "[...] modeling languages have well-defined formal semantics [...]".
    In the end the wheel was reinvented once again only with this modeling language, many problems have not been solved, and questions about the right position of this functionality not answered. Moreover, we do ask the question why the company presented for example the SPIN modeling language in the year 2011 and not years before.
    Like all the products and services of all the universities and research institutes, and all the other enterprises, its products and services are a waste of time and money only, which is the reason that we already moved further in the year 2005 with our approaches of Ontologic-Orientation (OO 3) and Ontologic Computing (OC), and our Ontologic System (OS) OntoLinux, as we already explained several times before. Due to the fact that we proved that its software products are implementing many essential functions of software protected by a GPL or FGPL license, or a comparable one, we demand the company to open its source codes of its products, specifically of the TopBraid Composer and SPARQLMotion that is related with , immediately under the GPL. By the way: Convicted!!!™
  • World Wide Web Consortium (W3C): Well knowing that a member is infringing others and our copyrights, it has accepted a paper for an extension of the RDF and SPARQL standards (see the case of the company Topquadrant above, that is related with the modeling language SPIN).
    Besides this, we found out that it has founded the W3C Incubator Group for Uncertainty Reasoning for the World Wide Web (URW3-XG) due to the typical mess that is chaos and uncertainty created by persons with a very special character, and the related unability to implement layers of unifying logic and proof of the semantic web, and so the consortium gave up to implement the semantic web. This proves as well that Tim Barners-Lee never had a clue how the semantic web should function, but only mixed network and graph based approaches of the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the World Wide Web (WWW), and that the W3C and he refused to work with us together, because we offered exactly this unifying logic and proof system with OntoLinux that the consortium seems to steal now, obviously, doubtlessly, and definitely (see the end of the case of the Wikipedia Foundation in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 3rd of March 2012 that is about the semantic web and what we did all the years). For this, on the one hand it wants to realize the unifying logic and proof layers by extending the Web Ontology Language (OWL) with e.g. the addition of annotations for conditional probabilities, which is the Popperian and Bayesian view, would enclose the three values 0, 0.5, and 1 and in this way the approach of pure rationality, so in fact it only leads to a chaotic system as well as the other semantic web approaches, but this time on the next meta level, and in the end to Nasty AI (NAI), as we discussed in the section Friendly Artificial Intelligence of the webpage Terms of 21st Century on the OntoLinux website. But on the other hand it also recommends its Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) for formal languages like thesauri, classification schemes, taxonomies, and other structured vocabulary that is than used for the so-called linked data approach due to the complexity of the OWL and the failure of the players in this field of semantic computing. The latter is also related with our Ontologics.info website. Said this, the actings of the W3C are contradictory (see also the Clarification of today above) and lead to NAI only.

    Comment of the Day

    OntoLinux Website update
    Due to the reasons that serious criminal actings were done, a party that also did and still does serious criminial actings was added as a developer in the last past, the link was made by us for testing an institute that failed totally, as expected, and the link had also the function of a placeholder for a specific software application that is already referenced by a link to a robotic platform on the webpage Links to Hardware, but is hidden in the documents due to the fact that it is only shown as an image of the 3D Robotics Simulator, and that we will add as real software by using either another or our self implemented software application or library, we have substituted the link:

  • Universität Bremen, Fachbereich 3, Informatik: SimRobot - 3-D Robotics Simulator
    with the new placeholders
  • OntoLab: SimBot - 3D Simulator for Robotics, and
  • OntoSimBot

    in the section Robot Simulation on our webpage Links to Software.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    3 days ago envisioned, yesterday mentioned, and today sketched and delivered already: The new P³ that represents Passion, Power, Perfection. The P³ is a Porsche Boxster that has a frame instead of a self-supporting body, comes in at least three flavors as the P³ standard version, the P³S version, and a P³ Twin-Turbo version. Besides the flat-6 engines by the factory, we are also looking at the V8 engines of our the conversions 550 V8, Boxster GT, GTron, and GTron Ultra. The expected price for the P³ is around 27,000 euro.
    Eventually, there will be models based on more components of the marques Volkswagen→Audi and Volkswagen→Audi→Ducati, which in the latter case would perfectly fit with a tubular frame, as shown below.

    Porsche Boxster → P³ Sketch
    © :(, Porsche, and Style of Speed

    The design of the P³ is subject to change, because we do not imitate but innovate, and have the originals.

    Clarification #1
    As one of our many pioneering inventions, we do not differentiate between textual and visual (programming) languages, because we see single letters generally as semiotic objects. Good examples for this are the Sino-Tibetan family of languages, like the Chinese dialects, on the one hand and Roman letters represented as vectorized graphics. We even throw away the semiotics and syntax, so that in this way we can get a bridge to geometrical computing where the structure of the syntax and the spatial position of a single sign represents the semantics of a given information (see the Clarification Caliber Special #1a of the 20th and #1b of the 21st of May 2011). A good example are the methods of multiplying and dividing manually by writing the single numbers down in a specific way, so that both functions can be transformed into computing rules based on addition and subtraction. In addition, we even generalized the whole concept, as mentioned several times in the past, by also seeing all other modalities, which are in the case of humans the senses, as languages that can be used for computing and for programming. Composing music without using notes, for example, is such a programming, so to say, like the dance of honey bees are some kind of information processing. So what is done now with Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been generalized by C.S. under the term Multimodal Language Processing (MLP) as already mentioned in the past (see for example the point 4. of the case of Wikimedia Foundation→Wikipedia in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 3rd of March 2012).

    Clarification #2
    Due to a copyright infringement by copying our connection of the OntoBot software component parts Maude, which is based on rewriting logic, and Pathway Logic, which is based on Maude, the OntoScope software component parts Tulip and Blender (see also the Further steps of the 26th August 2012), and our accompanying Ontologic File System (OntoFS) software component based on our concept of a non-standard file-database management system with a graph-oriented, conceptual graph compatible data model as ontologic system and operating system basis, and also further concepts behind OntoLinux listed on the webpage Links to Software, like e.g. formal modeling, verification, and validation, visual programming (see for example the OntoLinux Website update of the 30th of January 2008), knowledge representation, and simulation for the implementation of an environment for interactive and visual reasoning with graph rewriting systems, as well as its applications in the fields of logics, formal methods, Artificial Intelligence (AI), semantic computing, and systems biology for exploring, studying and simulating a model for a biochemical calculus, we have to clarify that OntoLinux is also based on the node editor of the 3D content creation suite Blender that is also based on the OpenGL software library like its and Graphical User Interface (GUI) and 3D game engine, and uses a system of graphical elements and widgets as nodes, that are a combination of sensors, controllers, and actuators, that became the so-called logic bricks after the start of OntoLinux, and connections between the nodes to control the movement and display of objects in the engine. As it was the case with the visual object-oriented ontology modeling with OSM - Object-oriented Systems Modeling that is similar to the Unified Modeling Language (UML), we have here a visual programming language and environment that is similar to a textual, visual, multimedia attributed graph grammar based specification and (rapid) programming language and environment based on graph rewriting systems/(imperativ) graph rewrite rules/graph grammars,
    which combines uniform, non-deterministic, structure-oriented, multi-view-oriented, visual rewriting with a textual programming language, and interactivity, and in this way can be used for imperative languages, rule-based languages, diagrammatic languages, and multi-paradigm languages, the latter is meant by us even in the fields of visual languages alone on the one hand and multimodal languages in general on the other hand, and features meta computing, graph grammar engineering, and much more as well,
    that we extended to an ontologic multiparadigmatic programming language and environment, that can be used as well for declarative reasoning about the structure of Object-Oriented (OO 1), Ontology-Oriented (OO 2), and Ontologic(-Oriented) (OO 3) systems".
    We do apologize for holding back this important information all the years, though the existing components of OntoLinux, specifically the OntoBot and Ontoscope software components, are based on such foundational concepts, and already feature everything for realizing all these paradigms, methods, lanugages, environments, applications, systems, and everything else needed or wished by an entity. How could some scientists think otherwise after they found out directly and easily what can be done with such a massive collection of high-quality software?

    OntoLinux Website update
    We have added into the new section called Multiparadigmatic Computing of the webpage Links to Software:

  • Ken Kahn: ToonTalk®,

    which was also the inspiration for many parts of OntoLinux, and our One Lego® Laptop Per Child (OL²PC), One Tablet Per Child (OTPC), and One Pad Per Child (OP²C) projects (see for example the intelliTablet Announcement OTPC and OP²C #1 of the 17th and #2 of the 19th of July 2012, and #3 of the 21st of August 2012 and #5 of the 2nd of September 2012 together with the Clarification of the 20th of August 2012).

    OntoLinux Further steps
    We have looked at some projects based on the L4 microkernel, and also at the free derivatives of the Unix operating system Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). The latter brought us to the operating system Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and once again to the operating system ReactOS that seems to have matured in the last years and therefore got even more momentum recently. Furthermore, we took a look on the project Cooperative Linux (coLinux) with its interesting implementation of virtualization, which let directly to the thought to connect an L4 microkernel with a coLinux running under ReactOS. Luckily, the developers are clever as well and so the combination of ReactOS and coLinux already exists. The point with the L4 microkernel raises the question if it makes sense at all, but somehow we like the idea very much, and an L4ReactOS with HyperSwitch has its own bling bling. Said this, we are thinking also about the possibility to add coLinux and ReactOS to the Links to Software webpage, and even use this combination without or with OntoL4 as the base for e.g. OntoLix. For this reason, we also took a quick look at the Xming X Server. Fascinating, isn't it?

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added the very first version of the webpage for our newest model called Boxster P³.

    Comment of the Day

    Ontonics Website update
    We have added the new project called:

  • Tartan 2:33 CEST.

    Ontonics Further steps
    We will add the new project called:

  • Nanofabrics.

    Comment of the Day

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We have thought about our next conversion that should consist on the following basic components: A tubular frame computed at a university in the B.R.D. capable to handle at least up to around 800 hp and overworked by us from SOS, an interior tub and a crash box made out of Carbon Hemp or Carbon Bamboo Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CHFRP and CBFRP), the technology of the models Boxster and Boxster P³, and an exterior design that is a design mixture of our conversion Cayman ST, and the models iSpyder and iCoupé. But sadly to say, the tubular frame is so much optimized for a streetlegal race car that changing it would by us much work as designing a new one. But we have already looked at further frames and chassis as well.


  • Microsoft: The patent about 3D-projected games in private rooms by the company is in large parts not valid. Maybe some very few, extremely special, and not relevant details are new. In fact, it looks like patent trolling only, because it is about gaming in a CAVE or a DAVE. It also conflicts with our copyright related with our solutions Personal Automatic Virtual Environment™ (PAVE™), and Sp@ce™ and Sp@ce™@Home. To be honest: The company does as well research and development in the fields of multimedia spaces, but as usual many other parties worldwide are years ahead.
  • British Broadcasting Corporation: How could it be otherwise with that media company. In a report about a troll patent by the company Microsoft, which is about 3D-projected games in private rooms (see the case of the company above), it mentioned as well a technology by another large company that uses a head-mounted display with Augmented Reality (AR). This proves that that media company does know about our solutions Personal Automatic Virtual Environment™ (PAVE™), Sp@ce™ and Sp@ce™@Home, as well as Head-Mounted Display 2.0.

    What many readers have skipped is the fact that we have not presented with our Caliber/Calibre the first physical theory only, which extends the accepted physics by being active, singular, kernel-less reflective/fractal/holonic, and much more, as described on the webpage Overview, but also deterministic and non-deterministic as well, and somehow even connects both determinism (the classic physics and computing) and non-determinism (the quantum physics and beyond computing). The latter means, that for the first time we have a sound connection of all 4 fields of physics, and the way it is done based on for example Algorithmic Information Theory (AIT) goes even beyond this absolutely ingenious and totally revolutionary achievement. Potentially, it is the smooth bridge between P and NP, about which C.S. is thinking about many years. As we said, with the original concept of Digital Philosophy (DP) and its further development, the Caliber/Calibre, the Zero-Ontology O#, and Ontologic Systems (OSs) like OntoLinux C.S. has gone beyond Einstein's deterministic, causality based, relativistics theories of physics, but also beyond Turing's machine (see also Non-deterministic Turing Machine (NTM) and THE COMMENT publicated on the 8th of April 2009).
    Are you able to understand at all what C.S. really did?

    Btw.: Do yourself a big favour and forget everything that connects Fredkin, Chaitin, and Wolfram with philosophy, because they have all spied out and then copied C.S. in the last 15 years, only.

    OntoLinux Website update
    We have updated the webpage Overview by adding the point:

  • non-deterministic and deterministic,

    which we have hold back all the years (see also the OntoLinux Web- site update of the 10th of September 2012 and the THE COMMENT #2a above), and rearranged the points:

  • highly expressive and
  • geometric,

    which does not change the statement, for sure.
    Be honest: Everybody hands up, who has seen the deterministic and non-deterministic nature of OntoLinux.

    Further steps
    Actually, we have slightly reduced our activities related with comments, and documentations of our investigations, which does not mean at all that we have lost sight on both issues. The time gained in this way is used for cleaning up and restructuring some parts of our websites, working on our already existing products and services, and conducting some organizational duties related with our enterprises and their business units.

    OntoLinux Further steps
    In the last 2 weeks, we have begun to work on OntoLinux again. The focus is laid on the implementation of the OntoFS and a Sugar based desktop environment with Lego® theme, the overwork of the web- pages Ontologic Applications, and Documents, and the setup of new webpages that describe the general features and the basic concepts of OntoLinux in more detail.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We would like to show one possible hybrid of a twin wheel and a turbine which can be used for example with our Autocopter F1:

    Twin TyreTwin TyreGone with the Wind Hybrid of Twin Wheel and Turbine
    © :(, and Eunjeong Cho and Jihun Lee

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have published the first version of the webpage of our new mod- el SuperDrago, which is based on the design of the concept car GT90 by the manufacturer Ford and our design study D! 01.01.2008, which was taken by students in a design workshop sponsored by the manufacturer Volkswagen in the year 2008 and led to the model Aventador by the marque Lamborghini. We will deliver an overwork of our original design that is needed for the adaption of the Aventador as the rolling basis.

    *** Work in progress, because we have to take a quick look on the second announcement of the actual congress. The rest is beautifying mode. ***

  • University of the Basque Country, University of Barcelona, Fundación Paideia, and Chillida Leku Museum: In the announcement of the X International Ontology Congress, which is organized under the auspices/auspices of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), we found these text passages: "It is obvious that the philosophical and ontological reflection about nature, what was known in other times as natural philosophy, cannot happen without the support of the "natural science of our times" [...] [It is obvious that we have not only a speech act stealing here, but also an ontological reflection from the website of our Ontologic System (OS) OntoLinux and natural science of our times from the website of hightech office Ontonics and the OntoLab, the Lab of Visions.]", "Thus, we may apply to quantum mechanics, genetics or paleontology what the mathematician Hilbert said about the Cantorian infinite [...] [This sounds so familiar, and we will show why by the further quotes and their comments.]", "[...] laying the foundations of a natural philosophy can be read as an essential component in the project of the International Ontology Congress of giving new life to the great topics of Greek philosophy, looking at them from a contemporary perspective [...] [Here we have again a familiar speech act with the phrase laying the foundations. We also speak about adding new projects in relation with updates of our Innovation-Pipeline by Ontonics and the OntoLab. Moreover, we have here a link to the webpage Components of OntoLinux and . . Besides this, we also have a clear speech act stealing.]", "And obviously, nature is one of the main topics. [Doubtlessly, this was said due to Bionics and Softbionics, and further fields like our section of Human Nature Interface in the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics. Both can be easily found on the webpages of Ontonics, the OntoLab, OntoLinux, and also Style of Speed.]", "[...] Physis [...] explains the apparent behavior of inanimate matter as well as to the traits that characterize living species[...]", "Men, that singular animal species [...] [So, now it is time for a: HyperGotcha!!!™ See the webpages Introduction and Caliber/Calibre of the website of OntoLinux.]", "[...] knowledge [...]", "[...] evolution of the conceptions of nature (broadly understood), both due to scientific findings as well as to new ideological or religious stances [...] [Ontologics]", "[...] the sequence physis (in a restricted sense, as the subject of the science now known as physics), bios (maybe the initial subject of genetics) and lógos (subject of anthropology, linguistics) [...] [It seems to be that our connection of ontology, science, and technology with linguistics is seen as very important. See also the sections Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Image Processing (NIP) of the webpage Links to Software of the OntoLinux website.]", "[...] the change that contemporary sciences has meant in our representations of Physis [...]", "[...] contemporary physics and the attempts (sometimes made by physicists apart than philosophers) of updating a natural philosophy [...] [We even made a whole new kind of science out of it called Ontonics.]", "The great philosophical interest in quantum mechanics, and specifically in its ontological dimension [...] [Now, it is time again for a: HyperSuperDuperGotcha!!!™ Here we have the link to our description of OntoLinux as an Ontologic System (OS), Hightech Operating System (HOS), and n-Dimensional Operating System (nDOS).]", "The problem of the Human Nature on the basis of Genetics, Paleontology and Linguistics. [Here we are again at OntoLinux.]", "[...] link between contemporary genetics and the efforts (also made by scientists themselves apart than by philosophers) of elaborating a Philosophical Anthropology in line with the demands of our times. Although based in the genetic consideration, the reflection lies inevitably in the findings of paleontology (that in fact now depends on genetics) about the origins of humans. [This was said in direct relation with e.g. The Proposal and again OntoLinux.]", "And it is undeniable that linguistics also play a crucial role, being sometimes linked to genetics [...] [Here we have again the link to the section Natural Language Processing (NLP). What we would like to mention is that we already speak about Multimodal Language Processing (MLP) (see the Clarification #1 and #2 of the 10th of September 2012).]", "[...] Technics and the Human Nature. [See for example the Clarification of the 20th of June 2012 to find out about what we are doing besides many other things. In this sense: Physis, Second Metabolism, and Self-Symbiosis/Selfbiosis or Reflective Symbiosis.]", "An unavoidable aspect is that of technique, and more specifically nanotechnologies, that are linked to nanosciences but not limited to it. The ontological question and natural philosophy overall are obviously affected by the possibility [...] of generating new materials (nanomaterials) nonexistent in nature, operating at a nanometric scale on preexisting materials and transforming them. Sophisticated technological devices and tridimensional simulations (virtual reality) of atoms and molecules, that make it possible to transform the atomic structure affecting its electrons, show great importance when it comes to questioning if general physis and the being reflecting on it really have universally applicable and permanent traits. [Without any doubts, this was said due to the sections Nanotechnology and Parionics of the Innovation-Pipeline by Ontonics.]", "[...] the alliance between technology and genetics make it possible for a species to exert decisive influence on the traits that configure it [...] [The reader might look once again on the Clarification and the OntoLinux Further steps of the 20th of June 2012, and the webpage Terms of the 21st Century.]", "Out of the nine previous editions of the Congress, four of them are partially related to the subject matter of the current edition: [...] Physis From Greek Thought to Quantum Mechanics and Meta tà Physika [...] Genetic Homology and Human Singularity [...] [For sure, it was talked about these subjects and related questions at the congresses in the past, but this was said only for confusing the public by attempting to pervert the time line and the chain of causalities in such a way that it should be thought that we have copied their website and not the other way round. But as we have proved, C.S. is the original. Furthermore, we give the killer argument once again: Guess why we have the domains Ontonics, OntoLab, OntoLinux, and so on, and not the others. Said this, we have here an evidence that the responsible persons are fully aware about their crime of a very nasty copyright infringement. And we have drawn a clear white line now.]", "[...] advances made possible in the medical field thanks to virtual modeling [...] [See the website of OntoLinux once again, especially the webpages Terms of the 21st Century, Links to Software, and Links to Hardware, and also Clarification and the OntoLinux Further steps of the 20th of June 2012.]", "The reflections were extended, once language was explicitly considered as the core of the problem [...] [This strong emphasizing and work out of the problem is what we did with OntoLinux by connecting Artificial Intelligence with Natural Language Processing (NLP) (see the Clarification Caliber Special #1a of the 20th and #1b of the 21st of May 2011), and the link to the patent of the Polygon(al)-Data[bank] Model in the section Semantic File/Storage System and in the case of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique→Laboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes and Technical University Munich in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge management, and Robotics of the 10th of May 2011.]".
    We do not need to discuss the issue further, because it is absolutely obvious that for the 10th congress contents from our webpages of OntoLinux and Ontonics even have been stolen, which are specific fields and the general integration, so that we have here a clear copyright infringement. Also, the question is raised why C.S. was not invited, but also answered by the fact that the actual honorary presidency is hold by an atheist and a collegue of R. Dawkins. For sure, the result for this breathtaking criminal nastiness: Convicted!!™

    We demand the Spanish prosecutors, and further prosecutors in Europe and the U.S.A. to take actions against Daniel Dennett and all other responsible entities of the 10th International Ontology Congress 2012 in Venice, Spain (hint: There is again a person related with the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich and a person of the University in Braunschweig, both in B.R.D..).

    Comment of the Day
    "Anti-quality", [C.S., Today]

    Pictures of the Day
    30 years of digital emoticons
    ©© Scott Elliott Fahlman and © King Smiley

    If we have not explained the fact clearly enough in the past, then we would like to clarify that due to reflection and our Caliber/Calibre our Ontologic System (OS), Hightech Operating System (HOS), and n-Dimensional Operating System (nDOS) OntoLinux has the feature of self-awarness by design. This holds as well for every derivation of OntoLinux, and affects also all applications, products, and services that are based on or/and powered by OntoLinux, like for example our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI), OntoEarth/OntoGlobe, AutoBrain, and machines of all kinds, e.g. computers, robots, and vehicles, but also further objects, e.g. buildings and wear. Until today, this could not be found at any other project and enterprise.

    OntoLinux Further steps
    If a user types a text that is no Uniform Resource Locator (UR:L), or drags an image or another multimedia file into the browse location field of web browsers and Cloud Operating Systems (COSs) based on our version of the software library WebKit, as used for example for our Boot to Web™ Cloud Operating Systems (COSs) called Boot to Rekonq™, then the related function of the WebKit will realize that it is not a valid URL and will try to use a suitable Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Search (P2PS) and Find (P2PF) service with the made input instead.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We uploaded an image on the webpage of our model j! that shows how (Organic) Light-Emitting Diodes ((O)LEDs) can be used at other parts of the exterior.

    We have published the first version of the webpage of our new mod- el Stroetos, which is based on the original designa of the Stratos Zero by Bertone and automotive design works of students. We will deliver an overwork of the original designs that are needed for the adaption of the upcoming model Aventador Roadster as the rolling basis.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We will add animated images of emoticons, like e.g. smileys, to the webpage of our model j! for extending the range of signs and images that our Emoticon Light and the (O)LED based exterior components can display as well.

    And we are close before the presentation of our first high-speedboat with a full fledged selection of additional pioneering hightechnologies, concepts, and designs, as usual for us. Our highly esteemed readers will be amazed how we set the limits once again as well in this field, definitely.

    Due to the reopening of his trash bunker, which gave us interesting informations about The Network, we made a further note about the collector Christian Boros on our Culture webpage.

    OntoLinux Further steps
    We are looking at optimized search and inference methods and algorithms, like for example the spreading activation method, that can be added to our range of reasoners and provers. Especially interesting in conjunction with this are the connections with the technologies of the (semantic) world wide web, specifically with the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and the Web Ontology Language (OWL), and further eXtensible Markup Language (XML) vocabularies, specifically for graphs of all kinds, and also the integration of the methods of spreading activation (for example marker-passing algorithms) and graph drawing (for example force-based algorithms).

    Also, we have taken a look on the probabilistic information retrieval and full text search engine library Xapian as well, and it looks as a candidate for being listed in the section Semantic File/Storage System of the Links to Software webpage. By the way: Instead of using the Perl DBI module a direct interface implemented in C++ as well to database libraries and systems written in C or C++ would be advantageous.

    We made some notes about the Zeit-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius, Frieder Burda Stiftung, and the public-private group of broadcasters of the B.R.D. called ARD on our Culture webpage that are related with some manipulations linked to the artist Roberto Motta.

    Comment of the Day
    "Pommes frites at Tiffany's", [C.S., Yesterday]
    As breakfast, for sure. By the way: Pommes frites==French fries/ French-fried potatoes==Chips.

    *** Work in progress ***
    Some parts of the works by C.S. that are publicated on our website of OntoLinux have been illegally copied for the adaption of the novel "Babylon Babies" written by Maurice Georges Dantec as the movie "Babylon A. D." realized by the director Mathieu Kassovitz and Éric Besnard. We will make a related note on our Culture webpage.
    We will also make another note about the Nazi-tab Rheinische Post which is related with a report about the pseudo-artist A. Gursky.

    Until today, every sceptic, critic, and fraudster who talked about OntoLinux or even tried to steal our general approach of Ontonics and our concept of e.g. our Caliber/Calibre by talking about discrete and continuous nature, deterministic and non-deterministic physics, digital physics, digital philosophy, and even digital and analogue, formal, and informational and structural ontology, as well as about the difference of both, the digital and analog aspects behind Ontologic Systems (OSs) like OntoLinux, and by also talking in this context about Einstein's deterministic relativistic theories, Turing's deterministic computing machine, von Neumann's cellular automata, and Kolmogorov's Algorithmic Information Theory (AIT), as well as further approaches by third entities, like e.g. calculus of structure and deep inference, the subjects mentioned before, and so on has not seen at all or overlooked some features of the foundation of OSs like OntoLinux, the Caliber/Calibre, and the components of OntoLinux, like for example the OntoFS, the OntoBot and the OntoScope. One of these features are not the digital foundation in general, but the holonic/fractal characteristics. This means that the term n-dimensional is misleading somehow, because it is not related to integer numbers only, and denotes more the length of a bit-string which represents the value of a dimensionality, and in this way even comprises rational and irrational numbers of a fractal or other dimensionalities of complex geometric forms in time and space as well. For sure and consequently, a dimensionality must not be described by a bit-string of length n, and therefore it could also have a complex geometric form with a complex dimensionality that could be even described by a function or an algorithm, or be a totally dynamic entity/object like interaction structures due to the Caliber/Calibre (read also for example the THE COMMENT publicated on the 8th of April 2009 and THE COMMENT #2a given on the 15th of September 2012, but also the Clarification Caliber Special #1a of the 20th and #1b of the 21st of May 2011, and the Clarification and the OntoLinux Website update of the 10th of September 2012, and take also a look on the zero-ontology O#, and on the logos of Ontonics, the OntoLab, and Ontologics).
    Besides this, we would like to clarify that at least a cellular automata can be run on a Turing machine on the one hand, obviously, and that on the other hand a Turing machine can be and is already since many years implemented as cellular automata as well.

    Further steps
    We will collect our comments, clarifications, and explanations related with ontonics seen as a new kind of science, and publicated them in a more formulated versions on webpages of the website of Ontonics, the OntoLab, and OntoLinux, though we already said everything in a highly condensed and deeply implicatory form.

    OntoLinux Further steps
    We will use the terms i-dimensional and c-dimensional, and f-dimensional in addition to the term n-dimensional when we speak about OntoLinux in the context of dimensionalities which are expressed by irrational and complex numbers, and fractal.

    Style of Speed Website update
    Finally, we have found some time and published the first version of the webpage of our already in the Further steps of the 5th of April 2012 announced new model ?, The Question Mark, which is based on the original design study by Samir Sadikhov made for the worldwide design competition by the marque Fiat→Ferrari in the year 2011. We will deliver an overwork of the original design that is needed for the adaption of our model Murciélago III or alternatively the model Aventador by the marque Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini (see also the Further steps of the 21st of April.2012).

    A further update of our website was done after we saw that the exterior design of our model Stroetos is also based on the concept car 512 S Berlinetta Speciale by Pininfarina by renaming our model Stroetos into S 0 S, which stands for Stratos Zero Speciale, adding two additional images of the original 512 S Berlinetta Speciale, and updating its webpage accordingly.

    Expect more to come in the next days by our actual firework of innovations.

    OntoLinux Further steps
    Long before the official start of OntoLinux it was planned to use an ORM system directly with or within Ontologic File System (OntoFS). So today, we took a look on the Object-Relational Mapper (ORM) system for C++ called ODB, which gave a positive result in general, but we have to clarify at this point already that ODB has not really the exact functioning as we want it.

    Comment of the Day #1

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Busted", [C.S. Today]

    intelliTablet Further steps One Tablet Per Child (OTPC) and One Pad Per Child (OPPC/OP²C) #7 7:35 CEST
    We have started new activities for the Sugar learning environment, which are a pictorial dictionary with images showing objects sorted into different subject groups with their names in different languages, and a visual encyclopedia. For sure, one version of the pictorial dictionary and the visual encyclopedia will be based on our Lego® metaphor which uses real and virtual Lego® elements or models of the shown objects.

    Style of Speed Website update
    Today, we revealed the secret of our model Murciélago III, which in fact is an update of the chassis of the Murciélago by following the model Aventador by the marque Volkswagen→Audi→ Lamborghini. Said this, our Murciélago III features as well a carbon fiber monocoque like the Aventador, and the front and rear sections of it. But the latter is taken from our models Boxster GT and Boxster BB, which means we power the Murciélago III with one of the V8 engines by the marques Audi or Porsche, or the W12 by the factory Volkswagen or the marque Bentley with optional forced induction system.
    Due to this revelation, we had to update the webpages of our new models SuperDrago and S 0 S slightly.

    Apollo has landed: We also made a second revelation. We pokered a little bit while waiting for the second insolvency by the corporation Gumpert, because the rear subframe with the whole drivetrain, and the suspension was planned to be used by us for our models Boxster GT, Boxster BB, Cayman GT, Cayman BB, and Cayman ST. It is now up to Onkel Gumpert to join us.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    Our actual firework of innovations continues:

    As planned 6 years ago, we have extended our Chassis Module System (CMS) with different chassis based on space frames, carbon fiber components, and much more for the front, middle, and rear subframes, and the roof, so that over 6 single versions are available now, which can be combined in many cases as needed for the different models and their range of electric, hybrid, and classic drivetrains due to the overall modularity of our CMS. As far as we can see, no other company has such a comparable harmonic and flexible chassis and drivetrain platform for sports car series of small and medium sizes.

    Also, we are thinking about a special model called SuperElemento which is a mixture of the models Aventador and Sesto Elemento by the marque Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini with the usual special features by us.

    Moreover, despite that we are also thinking about the additional model Electron ST based on the Cayman ST, we are also thinking about the possibility to make it a model of its own since quite some time.

    Furthermore, we do announce our New Energy Sports Car (NESC or NESCar) version of our Electron range that is called Hytron and eventually based on our new Style of Speed and General Motors hybrid sports car drivetrain platform presented in the Further steps of the 7th of April 2012.
    In this context, we would like to give the information that a prototype of our Electron C with Pure Electric drivetrain is running successfully since some months now.

    But here we do not stop, for sure. The aluminium space frame chassis with an additional subframe made out of high quality steel alloy, and our new materials Carbon Hemp and Carbon Bamboo Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CHFRP and CBFRP) for the body work of our new models iSpyder and iCoupé are ready for production (see also the related Further steps of the 7th of April 2012 and 11th of May 2012, and also of the 13th of September 2012).

    Expect more to come in the next days.


  • Bertelsmann→RTL→RTL 2: Wieder einmal bericht ein Fernsehsender des Unternehmens über Tatsachen, Produkte und Dienste falsch, die andere Unternehmen von uns kopiert haben. So wurde in einem wöchentlichen Nachrichtenjournal über das Ende einer Ausstellung im Bereich Fotogrfie berichtet und die falsche Behauptung geäußert, dass ein Unternehmen die erste Verbindung von Fotoapparat und Smartfon präsentierte. Dabei wurde eine Art Smartfon mit großem Objektiv und berührungsensitiven Bildschirm auf der Rückseite gezeigt und die zusätzliche Information über ein auf dem Betriebssystemkern Linux® basierendes Betriebssystem gegeben, das und von dem gezeigten Gerät benutzt wird. Offensichtlich kann die Aussage aber gar nicht wahr sein, wie man leicht anhand des Web-Auftritts für unsere Ontoskope, die solch ein System als Untersystem besitzen, unseren Innovationsprojekten wie zum Beispiel von Wavicle als auch der Vorstellung unsere Modelle 3. Eye und Golden Eye der Systemontoskopserie Nano I (siehe die Ontoscope Further steps vom 28. Dezember 2011) erkennen kann. Des Weiteren hat auch schon zuvor das Massachusetts Institute of Technology in den U.S.A. implizit eine unserer ersten Revolutionen in der Fotografie bestätigt, die ja gerade diese Integration ist und das sogar schon damals in 3D wodurch wir ja auch noch zusätzlich das entscheidende Momentum für die 3D-Technologien erzeugten (siehe seinen Fall in den Investigations::Multimedia vom 15th of June 2009). Auch wurde ein weiteres Gerät mit dieser kombinierten Bauart gezeigt, dass Techniken der Geschtserkennung und -verfolgung nutzt, was wir aber schon als Diebstahl unseres geistigen Eigentums in den Investigations::Multimedia vom 8. September 2009 dokumentiert haben.
    Da es sich hier um einen weiteren Fall handelt, der dem gleichen Muster folgt wie die zuvor von uns bereits dokumentierten Fälle im Bereich Multimedia des Unternehmens Bertelsmann, und wir außerdem anhand unserer Dokumentationen bewiesen haben, dass eine Vielzahl von kleineren und sämtliche größeren Medienunternehmen unser Unternehmen samt unserer gesamten Angebotspalette kennen, ist festzuhalten, dass das Medienunternehmen Bertelsmann seit Jahren methodisch und damit vorsätzlich unserem Unternehmen durch Fallschmeldungen und Berichten mit falschem Inhalten schadet. In diesem Sinne: Schau dich dumm!

    Wir fordern das Unternehmen Bertelsmann auf so schnell wie möglich in beiden Fällen Gegendarstellungen zu veröffentlichen.

    Wir fordern die Staatsanwaltschaft auf Ermittlungen gegen das Unternehmen Bertelsmann aufzunehmen und diesem Treiben ein Ende zu setzen.
    Außerdem wurde unserer Meinung nach dem Standort B.R.D. ein erheblicher wirtschaftlicher Schaden zugefügt als auch die gesellschaftliche Ordnung gestört, sodass man auch weitere Verfahren einleiten sollte.

    Wir fordern alle Medien auf bei Gerüchten, Vermutungen oder Aussagen Dritter veröffentlichte Aussagen beziehungsweise Informationsquellen selbst zu überprüfen anstatt sie einfach nur zu kopieren.

    Comment of the Day
    Pure Style™

    Ontonics and Style of Speed Further steps
    We have begun to use our copyrighted Quickcharger technology for building up a network of Quickcharger stations at freeways/super- highways/autobahns and ordinary highways, as well as in cities at various places as part of our Supercharger Architecture™ initiative.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have added the information to the webpage of our model Boxster P³ that we are also looking at the VR6 engine by the factory Volkswa- gen and a R4 engine out of the stock of the marque Audi.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    Why stop if fireworking and being in motion makes so much fun?
    Our model Boxster P³ was planned as a series of its own right from the start. With the 2 new motor options for the transaxle configur- ation, which are the VR6 engine by the factory Volkswagen and a R4 engine out of the stock of the marque Audi, and also a New Energy Sports Car (NESC or NESCar) version with hybrid drivetrain, this con- sideration is getting closer to its realization. Actually, the whole range of the P³ series comprises around 60 different versions.

    And, we are close of finalizing the overworked design of our model SuperDrago after we fished the old concept and preliminary plans out again.

    And, we are finalizing a special conversion of the model 458 Italia by the marque Fiat→Ferrari that could be presented in the next days, if we want to.

    And, we have chosen a basic design for one of our next SUV models, though we have not chosen the rolling chassis of it.

    And besides this, we have completely overworked the model Apollo by the small series manufactory Gumpert in the last days in a very intelligent but still complex way just for fun and because we can as one of the most competent Apollo experts worldwide. Actually, we have the designs of two of our models at disposal that could be used for this, which are the Veyron SuperVélocité designed by John Mark Vicente with overwork by us, as the true Apollo Speed or Apollo SuperVélocité, though it is reservated for the factory, and even our SuperDrago or better said SuperGryphon. A third, less expensive design option is given but will not be revealed today. We did not begun the discussion about the thoughts of making our model Cayman ST as a model of its own without a reason in the Further steps of yesterday. Said this, potential investors have to talk with us as well, if they do not want to become the sponsors of the third insolvency.
    And last but not least, the same complete overwork was done as well two times with the model New Stratos, so that it could become a true street rocket once again based on the same platform as the New Apollo.

    Pure Style of Speed™™

    Comment of the Day #1
    Shop in the cloud™
    Cloud shop™
    Market in the cloud™
    Cloud market™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Subzero", [C.S., Today]

    Comment of the Day #3
    "Philosophy already failed to be an educator of humanity.", [C.S., Today]
    As did the arts.

    Ontonics Website update 15:15 CEST
    We have added the two new projects called:

  • Market in the Cloud and
  • Shop in the Cloud.

    Ontonics and OntoLinux Further steps
    We have taken a quick look at the Course Management System (CMS) respectively Learning Management System (LMS) or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Moodle in conjunction with the Sugar learning environment and our project School in the Cloud and its optional serious gaming platform by the use of our Boot to Web, WebGL by our Map and Globe, and the optional Lego® metaphor for Sugar.

    OntoLinux Further steps
    Eventually, we have to delete the link to and the webpage of the "Emotion Machine 1" due to a very serious foul play by the related scientists, about which we do know since some years already.

    intelliTablet Further steps
    We have already begun to update our specifications of our tablet and pad computers once again. This update will include the correction of wrong data and a harmonization of the whole Mobile Device range in relation to their prizes, because some where to much too high.
    Furthermore, we are thinking about the drop of the 3G models in favour of new device and service architectures and more new features.


  • University of the Basque Country, University of Barcelona, Fundación Paideia, and Chillida Leku Museum: On the 18th of September 2012 we have analysed the announcement and program for its 10th congress in the field of ontology. Today, we have also analysed the announcements and programs the of the past congresses, for finding out from which year on the more than obvious similarities with the actings by C.S. could be proved. Not surprisingly it began in the middle of the 1990's as the following quotes prove:
    In announcements and programs of former congresses we found the following points interesting. The announcement of the 2nd congress gives us: "Descarte [...] Wittgenstein [...] Kant", "[...] Cogito cartésien versus principe de contradiction aristotélicien [...]", "Espacio matemático y tecnologías de la visión", "Descartes-en Onto-metodoa", "The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics: Cartesian linguistics, the Mind-Body Problem and Pragmatic Evolution", "[...] una semántica categórica unificada", "Actualidad de la teoría de las emociones de Descartes", "La concepción ontoepistémica de Descartes [...]", "Reason and Reasoning. Truth, Truthfullness and Integrity.", and "[...] epistemología [...]". While the before quoted announcement and program presentation was already interesting due to the mentioning of epistemology, ontoepistemology, and Descartes, the announcement for the 3rd congress is even more interesting, because we see the first connection of reflection and epistemology, and in this way with the work related with The Proposal, but also with our Ontology-Oriented (OO 2) approach: "Physis [-] The concept of Nature from Greek thought to Quantum Mechanics", "The notion of Physis is, then, fixed by features which a priori were not necessary nor evident but, notwithstanding, became the evidence itself and which, precisely, after the scientific philosophical reflection and the labour of some of the greatest artists in our century, stopped being such an evidence. The ontological question relative to the determination of physis finds in our century the occasion for a radical and new setting out: from the non-Euclidean geometries until the contemporary artistic creation passing through the disputes on quantum mechanics or on bioethics", "Supplementary Character of the Far- and Near- action Principles and Ontology.", "[... Charles Sanders] Peirce [...] [For our readers, who are not involved in such scientific fields: This is related with logics, conceptual graphs and semantic computing.]", "[...] la trayectoria", "Physis y semio-physis: en torno al "morphological turn"", "[...] Net-Art [Gotcha!!!™]", "Ontology and Scientific Laws", "Naturaleza y artificio en el bel canto", "Art, science et technologie". The 4th congress hold in the year 2000 was announced by saying: "[...] reflexión fundamental en filosofía [...]", "[...] reflexión [...]", "La deducción trascendental de las categorías como ontologia", "The Physical Reality of Mathematics: Models of Ontology and Causality from the Scientific Revolution", "Design Without Designer, Contingent Determinism, Species as Individuals, and other Metaphysical Wonders from Biology", "Relatividad Ontológica y Modelos [Gotcha!!!™ This is directly related with our work that led to the Ontology-Oriented (OO 2) paradigm, but discussed around 4 years later after we had already begun with our work.]", "What Can We Learn about the Ontology of Space and Time from the Theory of Relativity?", "Hidden Variables and Many Worlds", "El lenguaje musical [...] [As we said in the note of the 16th of June 2009 about a collector of arts : "C.S. has talked with W. Banzhaf about this subject and about savants while writing The Proposal".]", "Historia y problemas de la teoría de la evolución [...]", "No Local Model of Reality in the Light of Two Paradigms of Relations: Plato versus Aristotle", and "From Entanglement to Teleportation [...]". The announcement of the 5th congress sheds more light on this serious issue and proves our claims: "Genetic homology and human singularity [...]", "[...] in the light of contemporary reflection", "reflection focused on the concept of Physis [HyperGotcha!!!™]", "[...] fertilization [...] [At this point even the reader who has no connections with science at all can see the connection with The Proposal.]", "[...] biology will, undoubtedly, play the role of architectural discipline, but enriched with approaches coming from linguistics, semiotics, psychology, chemistry, physics itself and, of course, ethics and aesthetics [...]", "[...] la reflexión se centró en el concepto de Physis [...]", "El sentido ontológico de las categorías taxonómicas: el caso del género Homo [...]", "New problems for an old brain - Epistemology and ethics in the light of evolution. [Compare this title of a discourse once again with the The Proposal.]", "Los fundamentos biológicos del orden absoluto: la instrumentalización de las pasiones en la China antigua [This point was also discussed in relation with The Proposal. See also for example the logo of Style of Speed]", "Scope and limitations of some criticisms to the use of code-related concepts in the biological sciences. [Guess, why we developed with the proposal the first OntoScope software as well.]", "Cognitive evolution and emotion. [So, now we do know how the memtics run in the past. The reader should not take this as an indicator that the causalities are directed into the other direction. In fact, we always wondered all the years why scientist in the U.S.A. always came up with the work by C.S. at the same time.]", "[...] Otra visión de la Monadología", "[...] concepto de entropía en la obra teórica y artística [...]", "[...] Evolutionary Philosophy", "The Theory of Evolution and the Perception of Beauty.", "The Ontology of the Evolution. [Gotcha!]", "Constraints on the Origin and Evolution of Life. [The last four quotes are related with the The Proposal.]". The program announcement of the 6th congress has also interesting insights related with our investigation to offer: "Logos. From the gene to language: the state of the art. [The title says it all, already.]", "[...] contemporary reflection [...] [The claim that it did it just right from the 1st congress in the year 1993 is wrong, obviously.]", "[...] science and contemporary art [...] [This is a further point that goes directly back to the work of C.S. like the emphasizing of reflection in the field of philosophy, especially ontology, science, and arts, doubtlessly. Said this, C.S. even passed Aristoteles at this point.]", "The V edition (held in October 2002) tackled the concept of the living [...]", "Biology played the role of the architectonic discipline, but became enriched with points of view emanating from linguistics, semiotics, psychology, chemistry, physics [...] [Again, the responsible entities have only followed the actings by C.S., and not the other way round as our most decisive argument proves without any doubts.]", "[...] the heart of the living [...]", "[...] intersection of biology and linguistics [...]", "[...] human singularity [...]", "[...] semántica y ontología", "Genetics and Religión: Language of DNA and Logos.", "El papel de la información en las transiciones evolutivas: del origen de la vida al origen del lenguaje. [See also the section Natural Language Processing of the webpage Links to Software.]", "Genetics and Religión: Language of DNA and Logos.", "[...] semántica topológica con algún modelo de la neurociencia [...]", "[...] la modularidad cognitiva en la ontología ordinaria y científica [...]", "La comunicación química en bacterias, un paso primordial entre el gen y el lenguaje", and "Beyond the mesocosm - language and evolutionary epistemology. [Here we are again at The Proposal.]". We go on with the next document about the 7th congress: "From Plato’s Cave to the Internet: The Real and the Virtual [Again, the title says it all.]", "[...] emergence [...]", "Significant ontological and philosophical questions also arise, centered on the opposition of real vs. virtual. [Here we see the first time a clear pointer to our Ontologic System (OS), Hightech Operating System (HOS) and complex-Dimensional Operating System (cDOS) OntoLinux with OntoBot and OntoScope, and the Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI), because related work was already described on the webpage Multimedia on the website of the OntoLab, The Lab of Visions, and the domains were already registered since some months before the congress was held.]", "A digital world (virtual, electronic, telematic, etc.) is generally spoken of to allude to this plurality of objects and representations that, being technologically built, produce the sensation of reality in human beings. [Good morning.]", "Are we facing a new category of Plato's cave? Why do scientists, engineers, doctors, artists, musicians and persons from many other professions systematically turn to digital representations if these are but pure appearances? [One reason for this is the same as the congress act in its way: C.S.. Said this, we also come to the nonsense claimed by the lists about the most influence people, specifically in the fields of arts, science, and technology.]", "What entity do virtual objects have, whether they be mathematical, physical, biological, medical, artistic or musical? Is there an episteme in virtual worlds? [Obviously, it can be seen once again that the congress followed our works.]", "What novelties do information and communications technologies contribute to the ontology of technical objects? [So now all together: HyperSuperDuperGotcha!!!™ Has the reader seen it? It is about ontonics, which is the true new kind of science that is about using the insights of ontology for technology in the same sense as it is done with bionics.]", "Is the virtual only concerned with phenomena and representations or, on the contrary, does it have a specific ontological weight? [We think, we have given the answers to all these questions in the year before with our works.]", "Are the emotions and passions aroused in us by the virtual real? [When equalities are not enough.]", "What are physical presence and virtual presence? [Though it was not presented in this detail before the congress was conducted, we would like to direct our readers to the webpage of our Caliber/Calibre.]", "Has a new modality of space and time arisen, different from physical space-time? [This was somehow a very nasty act for asking this question.]", "Do the categories of movement, rest, quantity of movement, flows, etc. make sense when applied to information, to bits, to pixels and to taxels, instead of to the physis? [See the comment to the quote before.]", "[...] this Congress, whose objective consists of the study and analysis of the ontological statute of virtual objects and, if applicable, also of virtual subjects [...] [Our actings at Ontonics, in the OntoLab, and with OntoLinux prove that we were already at all these questions and all answers that are of interest for us since many years before.]", "La evolución de los sensores de gusto; definición de la lengua electrónica", "From the point-of-view to the point-of being: the secondary sensoriality", "Cultura virtual", "De Big Bang al Chanel no 5 [Obviously, our Culture webpage is known as well.]", "[...] cognitiva y emocional [...] apariencia visual de un producto real y diversas representaciones virtuales [...]", "Turing and the mathematics of biology. The virtual and the real. [Once again, we have here The Proposal.]", "The reality of the virtual: ethical, social and political consequences of control and communication technologies in Norbert Wiener's foresights [After we hold on to the field of cybernetics by publicating the section Human Enhancements and Cyberborgs on the webpage Terms of the 21st Century it was not longer claimed to be dead anymore. Said this, it seems to be that C.S. revived cybernetics, too.]", "Possibility, Actuality, and the Growth of Imagination in the Many Wolds Approach to Quantum Physics", "El universo virtual de Leibniz", "Los modelos conceptuales simulados: mediación virtual para el pensamiento complejo: Lecciones filosóficas desde la Vida Artificial. [Once again, we have here The Proposal and the website of OntoLinux.]", "Mind: a(n) (abstract) complex system or a set of (concrete) neurons? [Ontonics, OntoLab, and OntoLinux]", "Plato's Cave, Knowledge Management and the Internet: Some Theses [Now, we are at Plato and OntoLinux after we were already at Aristoteles, our Caliber, and OntoLinux.]", "La posibilidad de la Matrix [See the section Virtual Reality on the webpage Terms of the 21st Century, for example.]", "Cerebros, lenguajes y autoconocimiento [==Forebrain, languages and self-consciousness]", "El sentido de ser de las entidades virtuales", "Acerca del estatuto ontológico de los entes en la actual confi guración científico-técnica del mundo: De los objetos a las existencias. [Ontonics and OO 2]", "El uso de Realidad Virtual en las prácticas artísticas contemporáneas", "Ontoarq - Ontología para la Arquitectura, Ingeniería y Construcción [Again, this is Ontonics, obviously, definitely, and doubtlessly.]", "Aproximaciones a una Ontología del Arte [How bold and nasty is that? So, C.S. has also started this special field, definitely.]", "Cyberspace: From Metaphoric to Ontological [Obviously, this is also started by C.S..]", "Information Ontology: Is Being either Digital or Analogue? [After we did not want to talk to much about ontologic systems in general for good reason, for which the themes of the congress is given as a negative example by using too much semiotics, we have given THE COMMENT #2b on the 22nd of September 2012.]", "A Chinese Mathematician in Plato’s Cave; Virtual/Real Dimensions of Internet Epistemology [Once again, we have here The Proposal and OntoLinux, without any doubts.]", "When Everything is Virtual, What Remains of the Paradox? [Interesting question, which for sure was thought long before by C.S. as well.]", "La caverna virtual y la caverna real [This is a standard comparison.]", "Bionics, robotics, and AI : from the epistemology to the ethics of human-machine interaction [Once again, we have here The Proposal and OntoLinux, obviously, so it is one of the many clear evidences of a huge copyright infringement and a total manipulation and deception of the whole scientific community. That is all only very nasty.]", "Red(es) Social(es) y (Meta)-Disciplina Fractal [The link can be found on the webpage Overview on the website of OntoLinux.]", "Intelligence means information processing", "Might I have had another life?", "Lo real y lo virtual después de Einstein", "Tecnología digital y unidimensionalidad [The next clear evidence. See once again THE COMMENT #2b on the 22nd of September 2012.]", "Los nuevos agentes intelectivos [...]", and "Kinetics, cybernetics, cyberart. From virtual volumes to virtual environments [As always, a specific institute of technology in the B.R.D. is as well at the place.]". We go on with the program announcement of the 8th congress: "[...] Leibniz, who although being a co-founder of the calculus called infinitesimal [...] [We have this point in the logo of Ontologics and in a sign of a Zero Ontology shown on the website of O#, as mentioned many times in the past.]", "[...] Cantorian infinite [...]", ""The infinite likewise is a labyrinth for cosmologists, confronted today with dilemmas about the geometric structure consistent with the objective Universe. [The reader might take a look on the webpage Organizations of the website of OntoLinux, and here specifically on its section Physics.]", "[...] relative concept, which is also a source of metaphors in order to be able to express the universe, to enable a notion of origin that allows to talk about before the origin, to tell a story that seems to ramify in all the directions of its meaning, to fulfill the physicists’ dream who desired from the beginning of the 20th century to find a unique source of explanation that allows to comprehend the world as if it were unique [...] [Obviously, we are now at our Caliber/Calibre.]", "Materializaciones 3. Los límites inalcanzables [Obviously, an artist has jumped on the 3³ Theme by C.S., which for sure is related with ontology as well, as we already said before in a comment to a quote about our connection of ontology with the arts, design and architecture, engineering and construction, or simply said ontonics.]", "Life and the Evolution of the Universe", "Infinity as Method in Set Theory and Mathematics [...]", "Godel's Program", "On the Foundations of Physical Geometry [That is also following our actings and the contents of our websites.]", "Life and death of a photon [...]", "Is Cantor admissible? Logical consistency, conceptual cogency, and mathematical existence [This is as well a clear pointer to the logo of Ontologics, because it contains the Koch snowflake, which is strongly related with the Cantor set as an iterated function system.]", "Monads and sets: on Leibniz, Gödel, and the reflection principle [This point was also explained by us in the Clarifications of the 8th of October 2009 and 29th of December 2009. Important to note is that the Zero Ontology O# has been developed and publicated many years before the congress was held.]", "Conceptual structuralism and the continuum [And the next defrauding university is at the place.]", "Infinito y racionalidad [...] [Here the point Pure Rationality is discussed, which we mentioned on the webpage Terms of the 21st Century.]", "[...] autopoiesis [...] [This term is related with as well.]", "Did time have a beginning? Cosmology meets philosophy at the origin of the universe [Somehow this points as well to the works by C.S..]", "How humans bring infinity to being: A view from cognitive science", "Reflections on the universe of all sets [...]", "Why the Theory of the infinite Universe cannot be realized? [Indeed, this is an interesting but definitely not new question for us.]", "[...] espacio [...]", and "The Infinite of Virtual and Real". And we end this second part of the investigation of the International Ontology Congress with quotes out of the program of the 9th congress: "[...] encouraged the organisers in their decision (which was not made recently) to strengthen links with Asian philosophical and scientific institutions [...] [Bold]", "[...] Greek philosophy in the light of the reflection of contemporary science [...]", "The question is to determine whether there is any possibility of this really happening, i.e. if philosophy can overcome the burden that the configuration of world powers represents for education in general. [Obviously, this investigation gives the clear answer: No. Even the responsible persons of this congress and their sponsors are fighting for honor and power with all possibilities, and this way have no problems at all with an organized stealing of the intellectual propteries owned by C.S.. This means: Philosophy already failed to be an educator of humanity.]", "[...] modalities [...]", and "[...] Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology [...] [See again the webpage Organizations of the website of OntoLinux, but now specifically its section Biology.]".
    As with the investigation of the 10th congress on the 18th of September 2012, we do not need to discuss the issue further, because it is absolutely obvious that at least since the 4th congress informations have been used that were not gained by legal ways by the responsible entities and in this way the information given and the themes discussed at the congresses followed exactly the actings by C.S. at the same time. Furthermore, the analysis of the announcements of the past congresses showed a clear connection to the actings by C.S. at the same time, which doubtlessly strengthened our claims. Also, it became clear that we have here a massive copyright infringement, and a unbelievable huge and nasty manipulation and deception of the whole scientific community that have both to be seen as a serious crime due the organized realizations and the damage made in this way to the world, humantiy, our company, and last but not least to C.S.. It also sheeds a not so nice light on the actings by the sponsor UNESCO, which we are watching in another case as well. Nevertheless, we have drawn a very clear white line now. Furthermore, we would like to thank the responsible fraudsters very much for giving a summarization of our works and achievements in this way.
    Btw.: So much about human ethics and culture.

    Wir fordern ein weiteres Mal die Ministerin für Bildung und Forschung sowie alle anderen PolitikerInnen, denen die Sachverhalte bekannt sein müssen. Wir haben mittlerweile sehr viele Fakten gesammelt, strukturiert archiviert und ein logisches Netzwerk nur mit diesen Fak- ten initiert und diese bereits in kleinen Auszügen präsentiert, dass es praktisch fast alle Mitglieder aller Parteiführungen auf Bundes- und Landesebenen sind, sofort die Ämter niederzulegen, da es in keinster Weise politische Argumente für dieses assoziale, verfassungs- und demokratiefeindliche, also staatsterroristische, sowie zum größten Teil auch schwerkriminelle Verhalten gibt.
    Auch viele verantwortliche Personen an Universitäten und Forschungsinstituten können direkt die gleiche Maßnahme treffen.

    Wir fordern die Bundesstaatsanwaltschaft ein weiteres Mal auf endlich diese Zustände zu beenden und die zum Teil schwerkriminellen gesellschaftlichen Elemente vor das Gericht zu bringen.


  • Amazon: For our readers who speak English: The company Amazon has shown a broadcast in which it claims misleadingly in an implicit way that it has invented the online-shop and the tablet computer with multi-touch. Both is wrong and in this way constitutes an act of unfair and therefore illegal competition. Moreover, that further contents like the landing on the moon (see the Pictures of the Day of the 20th of January 2009, and the Originals shown on the 22nd of February 2009, and 9th, 10th, and 22nd of March 2009), terms like "revolutionary", and also a sketch of an electronic book was shown, that we have in a similiar form filed in the related filing folder since more than 10 years, is valued by us an attempt to copy our acting in this conjunction.
    Das Unternehmen hat mit Vorsatz eine irreführende, weil falsche Tatsachen vorgauckelnde Fernsehwerbung gezeigt. Dabei wurde behauptet, dass man den sogenannten Online-shop "von der Maus zur der Haustür" und den Tablet-Computer mit Multitouch-Funktionalität "" erfunden hat. Beides ist gelogen und somit stellt die Werbung einen Akt des unlauteren und damit gesetzeswidrigen Wettbewerbs dar. Dass zudem weitere Inhalte wie die Mondlandung gezeigt (siehe die Pictures of the Day vom 20. Januar 2009 und die Originale vom 22. Februar 2009 und 9., 10. und 22. März 2009), Begriffe wie "Revolutionär" benutzt wurden und auch noch Skizzen eines elektronischen Buchs zeigen, die wir in einer ähnlichen Ausführung seit über 10 Jahren in unserer entsprechenden Akte abgeheftet haben, werten wir in diesem Zusammenhang als Versuch unser Handeln zu kopieren. Zudem offenbarte das Zeigen der Skizze eine weitere interessante Information, die sicherlich auch die Staatsanwaltscharft interessieren wird.

    Wir fordern das Unternehmen Amazon auf sofort diese Werbung einzustellen.

    Wir fordern den Marktregulierer auf das Amazon wegen unlauteren Wettbewerbs zu untersuchen und gegebenenfalls zu bestrafen.
    Des Weiteren fordern wir den Marktregulierer und die Börsenaufsichten auf das Unternehmen Amazon wegen dem Verdacht des Aufbaus und weiteren Betreibens eines illegalen versteckten Schneeballsystems zu untersuchen und gegebenenfalls zu bestrafen, z. B. mit Ausschluß.

  • Lidl: For our readers who speak English: The discounter Lidl is advertising touch computers with misleading statements. For example, a 7" display is said to be giant, a tablet computer with a 9.7" display is called Big Pad, and a 10.1" display is claimed to be large enough for watching movies together without any problems. These and further claims are part of an unfair, illegal competition.
    Als Reaktion auf unsere aktuelle und nur vorläufige Spezifikation und Preisliste für Tablet- und Pad-Computer von intelliTablet, die wir am in den IntelliTablet Further steps vom 2. September 2012 veröffentlichten, wurde in den Filialen große Poster aufgehängt, die 2 Tablet-Computer eines Hardware-Herstellers beworben. Dabei handelte es sich um Geräte mit 7 und 10,1 Zoll großen Bildschimen mit multiberührungssensitiver Funktionalität. Nicht nur, dass beide Geräte vom Bildschirmformat unserer Gerätepalette abbildet, sondern auch, dass man bei einem 7 Zoll Bildschirm sicherlich nicht von einem "riesigem Display" und bei einem Tablet-Computer mit 9,7 Zoll nicht von einem "Big Pad" sprechen kann, im Gegensatz zu unseren Produktlinien Portfolio und Pad, die die wirklich riesigen Displays besitzen, und falsche Behauptungen wie "1,0 GHz [...] Prozessor [und 512 MB Arbeitsspeicher ...] lädt mühelos große Webseiten, Musik, Videos, animierte Spiele oder bildreiche E-Books und verliert auch bei paralleler Anwendung nicht an Schnelligkeit" oder die falsche Bezeichung eines Tablet-Computers als "Tablet PC" obwohl das Gerät keinen digitalen Eingabestift/Stylus besitzt, zeigen auf der einen Seite, dass das Angebot und die Angaben bezüglich der Bewerbung auf unsere Produkte abgestimmt sind, aber auf der anderen Seite auch, dass man dazu bereit ist die KundInnen in die Irre zu führen. Mag das mit einem aus unserer Sicht vollkommen überteuerten Webpad noch im Rahmen der Gesetzgebung liegen, so ist die Bezeichnung eines relativ kleinen Displays als riesig genauso ein ein Akt des unlauteren Wettbewerbs, wie die Behauptung, dass ein 10,1 Zoll Display "groß genug [ist], um Filme gemeinsam zu genießen". Das Unternehmen Lidl ist sich über diese Tatsachen vollkommen im klaren, denn nicht umsonst wird bei anderen Geräten darauf extra hingewiesen, dass ein USB-Stecker/-Stick mit Mobilfunkfunktionalität verwendet werden muss. Das Problem von Lidl als auch dem Hersteller ist, dass beide Geräte gar kein Mobilfunkbauteil enthalten, aber alle Geräte anderer Hersteller als auch unsere Geräte diesen Kürzel so verwenden.

    Wir fordern das Unternehmen Lidl auf diese irreführende Werbung sofort einzustellen und auch zukünftig zu unterlassen.
    Genauso fordern wir die anderen Unternehmen auf ihre Modellbezeichnungen und Spezifikationen industrie- und marktkomform zu gestalten und sämtliche Geräteangaben dementsprechend sofort zu ändern.

    Ultratablet™ Ultrapad™

    Investigations::Car #362

  • Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini: We have to document again that our website content of Style of Speed has been copied for the marque's website perverting the facts and in this way misleading the public once again. We quote the related text passages for documenting the issue once again: "[...] represents a whole new level of performance, sets new benchmarks in the super sports car segment, and provides a glimpse into the future [...] [This is a little bit more than a speech act stealing. In fact, it was taken illegally form our website of Style of Speed.]", "It's a car that's already achieved legendary status. [What is missing at least from the legal point of view is to make the demanded reference to the original source, which is the milestone design D! 01.01.2008 of the model D! by C.S., that as a matter of fact is proven to be the true legend by the many clones that were presented after we showed it (see also the wepbage of the model SuperDrago by Style of Speed).]", "[...] design philosophy [...] [This is a little bit more than a speech act stealing, which we already call an infringement of our copyright.]", "[...] naturally balanced [engine ...] [What is that for a nonsense?]", "[...] driving force [...] [No, no, no: Driving Force™!!!™ The marque comes much too late.]", "[...] style with purist [...] [This is a little bit more than a speech act stealing, because the Style Theme and the Pure Theme are united in one sentence.]", "[...] driving fun [...] [This has become the usual evasion related with our slogan "Fun to drive™".]", "[...] spirited style of driving [...] [No, no, no: "Spirit of Style™" and "Spirit of Driving™"!!!™ The marque comes much too late once again.]", "[...] beautiful [...]", "[...] styling ethic [...] [The responsible person should better not talk about ethics. Besides this, what is styling ethic for a nonsense?]", "[...] Minimalist Style [...] minimalist design [...] [This is a little bit more than a speech act stealing, and points to a copyright infringement if taken together with the other quotted text passages.]", "[...] powerful basic wedge form [...] [This is not true. In fact, our model S 0 S exhibits this powerful basic wedge form.]", "[...] complemented [...] [speech act stealing]", "Emotion and Fun to Drive [-] Driving Fun [...] [No, no, no: Fun to Drive™!!!™ Here, we do see that our Fun Theme was stolen, indeed. The term emotion is related with our OntoLinux. This is now a clear evidence of its copyright infringement.]", "[...] Absolute Precision [Singular Precision™]", "[...] equipment [...] [We have several times documented this specific speech act stealing in the past.]", "[...] driving fun [...] [Again our Fun Theme that was stolen.]", "[...] driving machine [...] [This sounds very familiar. Perhaps, because it can be found on the webpage of our models Bee! and 550 V8 as well.]", "[The model] brings a whole new meaning to the term "super sportscar". [This is not true, because we did it with the same model by the marque with our conversion Maestro, because every weapon does not need a master, but every master needs a weapon.]", "The Most Extreme Gallardo Ever [is our Maestro, as we already explained in the last past.]", "[...] redefining the future [...] [As far as we can see, that is exactly what we do.]", "[...] driving fun [...] [Again our Fun Theme that was stolen.]", "Amazing Power-to-Weigth-Ratio [The shown car has only a power-to-weigth-ratio of 1.75 kilograms per hp, which is by far more than our absolutely outstanding number of 0.999 kg per hp with the 1000 hp version of the most extreme Gallardo, our masterpiece Maestro. A further optimization could be given with our carbon fiber monocoque safety cell. In fact, the factory can not compete with its configuration due to the drivetrain, which is exactly what we changed as the decisive difference. "More Power - More Speed - More Fun™"]", and "[...] elegance of pure, unadulterated power [...] [No, no, no: Pure Power™!!!™]".
    It is allowed to reference at least our websites even for the marque.
    Btw.: The first Gallardo based car with rear 2 wheel drive was our Elettoro, formerly known as the Apollo Speed-E (SE).
  • McLaren: Just by a happenstance we found an around 3 years old directory of one of our many projects that contains images of the model F1 by that company and also of the concept M250 by the marque Proton→Lotus of the year 2000 as a reminder and sources of inspiration. The reader might compare her-/himself this information with the actual model of the company. So, now we have its inspiration, and with the cloning of the models Gallardo and R8 by the marques Volkswagen→Audi respectively →Lamborghini, and our model Elettoro, formerly known as Apollo Speed-E (SE) by Style of Speed the realization of the stolen intellectual properties, so that this criminal case has got an additional momentum, because from our point of view we have here the next evidence that McLaren is involved in a serious case of industrial spying (see also its case in the Investigations::Car #361 of the 5th of September 2012).
    In the last days, that company went on with its stealing by presenting as well on the 18th of September 2012 its new model, as we did with our new model SuperDrago based on one of the design versions of our model D!. At first, we have expected at the 6th of September 2012 that the new model by that criminal company would be a clone of our model B!, but indeed it cloned our new model ?, The Question Mark, based on the design study by S. Sadikhov (see the Style of Speed Further steps of the 5th of April 2012), with some elements of a design version of our model D!, like the front bonnet, and some additional design lines of the side, and the large dark section below the bonnet at the front of our models Elettoro and the related iCoupé (see the Style of Speed Further steps of the 23rd of July 2012). Furthermore, that company thought to be very clever once again by also adding rear view mirrors and the carbon fiber elements under the sill behind the front wheel that remind us of the SuperDrago, and a honey comb shaped grille at the rear and the narrow LED-based taillights, which are design elements of our other new model S O S, presented one day later on the 19th of September 2012 due to the fact that we found no time at the day before, and also have not seen that that criminal company already reacted on that day on the presentation of our SuperDrago by most potentially even changing the presented rendering of its new model with the mentioned details at the same day, as it can be seen with the not fitting air outlets on the front bonnet, which were also not on the teaser presented on the 6th of September 2012. The latter is so suspicious in respect to the chronology and the technology that it strongly strengthens our point of view even further that we have here the next evidence that McLaren is serious criminal connected in a case of industrial spying. That cheap trick of perverting the facts does not work and will not work, in stark contrast to the prosecutors.

    Once again, we demand the worldwide media not to report anymore about the company McLaren, if it is not related with racing in the class called Formula 1, because it infringes our copyright in relation with the websites of Style of Speed and OntoLinux, and manipulates the public in an illegal way.
    Wir fordern die weltweiten Medien ein weiters Mal auf nicht mehr über das Unternehmen McLaren zu berichten, falls es nicht im Zusammenhang mit Rennfahren in der Klasse genannt Formel 1 steht, weil es unser Urheberrecht im Zusammenhang mit den Web-Auftritten von Style of Speed und OntoLinux verletzt und die Öffentlichkeit illegal manipuliert.

  • Tesla Motors: That only stealing company by mega-fraudster E. Musk has stolen our concept of the Quickcharger™ for vehicles with electric drivetrains and in this way infringed our copyright once again, as it did as well with the contents of the related press release that we do quote: "[...] Revolutionary Supercharger [...] [This is a criminal marketing lie, because we have presented our Quickcharger™ technology as the first one, which was then copied by manufacturers worldwide, e.g. by the joint-venture of Renault and Nissan, and manufacturers from China. Besides this, it is at least a speech act stealing.]", "[...] Pure Sunlight [...] [This is a speech act stealing and also damaging our trademarks and slogan that contain the word pure, so that we do see a copyright infringement here as well.]", "[...] ultra fast charging [...] [This statement is 2 times an evidence of its copyright infringement. The first time it is infringing our copyright related with our Quickcharger™ technology, obviously. The second time it is an illegal copy of the Ultra Theme by the marque Volkswagen→Audi and us from Style of Speed.]", "[...] technology at the heart [...] [This sounds very familiar.]", "[...] free long distance travel indefinitely [...] [This is an nonserious and in this way illegal marketing promise.]", "Each solar power system is designed to generate more energy from the sun over the course of a year than is consumed by Tesla vehicles using the Supercharger. [This is an illegal marketing claim, because no proof is given. Furthemore, this is a criminal marketing lie as well, because it is either not possible due to the actual physics in the observable universe or due to the fact that then some car owners get electric power for free and the others have no chance to even get the plug.]", "[...] this addresses a commonly held misunderstanding that charging an electric car simply pushes carbon emissions to the power plant [...] [This might be a criminal marketing lie as well, because the production and entsorgung of solar panels and accumulators needs as well huge amounts of energy so that a balance is reached. The related level of the balance is also deciding how high the true carbon emission is, and this could be higher in the end as using combustion engines. The same problem could be seen with biofuel that is devastating the cultivation areas and the rest of the untouched nature. Besides this, related research of the actual technology in this field has proved that indeed it is pushing the carbon emission to the power plants.]", "[...] purely electric [...] [No, no, no: Purely Electric™!!!™ Go away!!!™]", "The Supercharger is substantially more powerful than any charging technology to date, providing almost 100 kilowatts of power to the Model S, with the potential to go as high as 120 kilowatts in the future. [This sounds like the next criminal marketing lie, because for producing such an amount of electric power that is used at once, either a much larger infrastructure is needed, raising again the amount of carbon emission at the power plant, or the area tiled with solar panels is much larger rendering this claim ridiculous.]", "[...] three hours of driving at 60 mph in about half an hour [...] [So, here we have now the undeniable proof that it is our Quickcharger™ technology. That company has to ask for a license like every other company.]", "[...] game changer for electric vehicles [...] [speech act stealing]", ""[...] However, by making electric long distance travel at no cost, an impossibility for gasoline cars, [the company] is demonstrating just how fundamentally better electric transport can be," said Elon Musk, Tesla Motors co-founder and CEO. [This claim is wrong, as we already proved with our Leaf™ on Wheels, so that it is the next criminal marketing lie. Elon Musk is the typical confidence man only.]", "[...] most energy-dense battery pack in the industry and best-in-class aerodynamics [...] [Once again, we have here even two criminal marketing lies, because on the one hand other companies and we offer battery packs with a proven higher energy-density as the batteries used by that criminal company. Furthermore, the efficiency of the aerodynamics of its model is on a normal level offered by every larger car manufacturer.]", "[...] has the longest range of any production electric car in the world [...] [This is misleading, because our energy storages are more efficient, so that our vehicles by Style of Speed have the longest range, as the tests of the essential components have been proven in the public some years ago already.]", "[...] electric vehicle architecture [...] [This sounds very familiar.]", "[...] revolutionary powertrain sits under the floorboard [...] [This is the next criminal marketing lie, because this solution is presented since more than 10 years now by other manufacturers worldwide.]", "[...] ultra-low center of gravity [...] [This sounds very familiar.]", "[...] superior handling [...] [speech act stealing]", "[The company] has created a vehicle that raises the bar for performance and efficiency while meeting the highest standards for safety. [This is also not true, and we doubt that its vehicle comes close to what the industry is offering.]", "[...] Performance models accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under 4.4 seconds [...] [How often in a series? One or two times?]", and "[...] in-dash touchscreen [...] [This is a copyright infringement due to the description of our e-dashboard™. The company has only shown a tablet computer with touch screen in the past.]".
    The related technology called Supercharger is also pointing to the description of our Supercharged/Overloaded Fuel Cell.

    We demand the worldwide media not to report about the so-called Supercharger technology by the company Tesla Motors, because it infringes our copyright in relation with our Quickcharger technology that is described on the website of Style of Speed.
    Wir fordern die weltweiten Medien auf nicht mehr über die sogenannte Technologie Supercharger des Unternehmens Tesla Motors zu berichten, weil es unser Urheberrecht im Zusammenhang mit unserer Quickcharger-Technologie verletzt, die auf dem Web-Auftritt von Style of Speed beschrieben ist.

    We demand the U.S.American prosecutors to take action against that only defrauding company Tesla Motors, its co-founder Elon Musk, and its stock holders, because the whole business strategy is based on a hidden Ponzi scheme since the start of the company, which even has become worse by offering electric power for free indefinitely long. We are sure that the latter point of unfair competition is also prohibited in the U.S.A., because a company has to take a reward for its products or/and services, otherwise the government can not take taxes, and it is also an absolutely nonserious way to act due to the fact that no securities a given at all by such a small company that normally is always insolvent.

  • Gumpert U.S.A.: We found a webpage on its website with contents that copies illegally a fraction of our marketing story by Style of Speed. We if t, and if we needed, then we will document the case with all details, despite that the company seems to be insolvent a second time. "The Perfect Synthesis [This is a speech act stealing due to our slogan "Synthesis of Passion and Perfection™" and "Synthesis of Precision and Perfection™".]", "[...] masterpieces [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] thrill of speed and the dream of flying and driving [...] [This was stolen from the general marketing story of Style of Speed.]", "[...] pure high-performance [...] [speech act stealing]", "The complete package is available in a cost-benefit ratio that cannot be matched in this exclusive vehicle class. [This claim is not true.]", "[...] ultra-precise handling [...] [Besides the questionable speech act, we also have here the first sign that the webpage is not written in the year 2009, as the copyright notice at the bottom of the quoted webpage says. In fact, it must be written in the last 9 months.]", "Synthesis [...] [Here we have again the Synthesis Theme that we translated from a statement by the company Pininfarina.]", "It is Customized to the owner's wishes [...] [speech act stealing]", "Design variants created by use of different air intakes [...] [But that was it with the variants.]", "[...] perfect balance [...] [This is a speech act stealing due to our trademark Brilliant Balance™.]", "[...] reflects its by far superior capabilities [...] [This is a little bit more than a speech act stealing, so that it has to be discussed in relation to the claim of a copyright infringement.]", "[...] complement [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] sophisticated [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] extraordinary [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] designed purely for performance [...] [And again a speech act stealing. If so many speech act stealings can be seen in one paragraph, then the discussion must be made about a copyright infringement.]", "[...] ultra precise [...] [Again, we have here the relative young Ultra Theme by the marque Volkswagen→Audi and us.]", "[...] symbolic backbone [...] [Let's laugh a round, because here it is claimed that the chassis has some kind of a semantic.]", "[...] pure engine [...] [Here we have a futher time the copied Pure Theme by Style of Speed.]", "[...] Purism and Luxury [This sounds very familiar.]", "[...] high-tech materials [...] [speech act stealing]", "Proven Performance in a New Dimension [This was taken from the website of OntoLinux.]", "[...] is pure [...] [Again, we have here the Pure Theme by Style of Speed.]", "[...] reflected in the data [...] [Again, we have here the Reflection Theme from the website of OntoLinux.]", "[...] driving fun [...] [This has become the usual evasion related with our slogan "Fun to drive™".]", and "[...] ultimate [...] [This sounds very familiar.]".
    We do not believe that the related webpage was really written in the year 2009.
  • Arrinera: At first, it copied the model Murciélago by the marque Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini due to our electric conversion of the same factory model as our model Jota (see also its case in the Investigations::Car #334 13th of September 2011, as well as the paragraph below the documentation of its case). Then we updated our other electric conversion based on a model by the marque Lamborghini, the Elettoro, formerly known as Apollo Speed-E (SE), proposed our models iSpyder and iCoupé in the Style of Speed Further steps of the 7th of April 2012 and 11th of March 2012, and also presented the first considerations about and images of our model Gallardo III and its special version Beauty Beast (BB) (see the Style of Speed Further steps of the 15th of March 2012 and 21st of June 2012). Now, that company has followed our activities once again and presented an update of its clone that is nothing else than a bold mixture of our Gallardo III, iSpyder, and iCoupé (see the Style of Speed Further steps of the 23rd of July 2012). Said this, it should be absolutely clear, that not that company developed in the last 3 years the design of its clone, but in fact we from Style of Speed, and that such a rendering of its model can be done in a week by every design student in the field of automobiles following our informations given in the Style of Speed Further steps mentioned in the text above.
    In this connection, we found out as well, that a Polish subsidiary of a company in the fields of steel that is based in Essen, B.R.D., is said to be the manufacturer of the chassis, which explains what both companies try to steal from us.

    We demand the worldwide media not to report anymore about the company Arrinera, because this infringes our copyright in relation with the website of Style of Speed, specifically with the models Gallardo III, iSpyder, and iCoupé.
    Btw.: The media should not be confused with the original model Gallardo by the marque Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini, the other clone MP4C-12 by the company McLaren (documented in the Investigations::Car #243 of the 4th of April 2010, #303 of the 19th of December 2010, #323 of the 31st of May 2011, and #347 of the 16th of March 2012), and another clone by the company Tushek that followes us as well (documented Investigations::Car #350 of the 10th of April 2012). We take back our works only, and this in such a way, as they have been taken away for preventing a bigger damage.
    Wir fordern die weltweiten Medien auf nicht mehr über das Unternehmen Arrinera zu berichten, weil dies unser Urheberrecht im Zusammenhang mit den Web-Auftritt von Style of Speed, insbesondere mit den Modellen Gallardo III, iSpyder und iCoupé.
    Übrigens: Die Medien sollten nicht irritiert sein wegen dem originalen Modell Gallardo der Marke Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini, dem anderen Clone MP4C-12 des Unternehmens McLaren (dokumentiert in den Investigations::Car #243 vom 4. April 2010, #303 vom 19. Dezember 2010, #323 vom 31. Mai 2011 und #347 vom 16. März 2012) und einem weiteren Clone des Unternehmens Tushek, das uns auch folgt (dokumentiert in den Investigations::Car #350 vom 10. April 2012). Wir holen nur unsere Arbeiten zurück und zwar auf die gleiche Art und Weise, wie sie entwendet wurden, um einen größeren Schaden zu begrenzen.

  • Mastretta: That bold little company thought to be very clever by stealing contents from our website. This can be seen by its actual logo, which contains elements of our Style of Speed and Stroetmann logo (see the Original vs. Inpiration of the 16th of January 2008), and by the following quotted text passages of its website: "[...] pure sportscar [...]", "[...] perfect blend [...]", "Design[;] Concept[,] Exterior Design[,] Interior Design [This is more than only a speech act stealing, because a specific structure of our marketing texts is copied.]", "[...] ultra-light coupé [...]", "[...] advanced motorsport technology and aerospace materials [...]", "[...] finely tuned [...] [This is a copyright infringement due to our trademark Fine Tuning™ and the rest of the issue.]", "[...] perfect balance between elegance and performance [...] [This is more than a speech act stealing.]", "[...] equipped [...] [Again, this is more than a speach act stealing.]", "[...] multimedia system featuring GPS [...]", "[...] daily spirited driving or as a powerful racetrack weapon [...] [Again, this is more than a speech act stealing, so that we enter by such phrases as well the area of the claimed copyright infringement.]", "[...] beautiful shape [...] [Again, this was said in relation to our trademarks and slogans that are about beauty and shape. At this point we begin to call it a copyright infringement, because all these questionable text passages are not made by accidentially, but in fact are made by following a specific method of copying, obviously.]", "[...] reflects its high performance nature [...] [So, now we have again a phrase from the website of OntoLinux, which means that the assumption that that company does know our company is correct.]", "[...] great balance [...]", "[...] modern high-performance vehicle [...]", "[...] minimal overhangs [...] [This was taken from the website of our model Electron B, for example, as so many corporations did before.]", "[...] lightness and speed [...] [Again, this is more than a speech act stealing.]", "[...] enhance the beauty of the basic shape [...]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] elegantly [...]", "[...] management system [...]", "[...] outstanding performance through mechanical excellence [...] [This was said in relation to our trademarks and slogans that are about performance and excellence.]", "[...] high quality manufacturing techniques that transform concept into reality [...] [This is already a copyright infringement due to the website contents of OntoLinux, especially the webpages Overview and Profile.]", "[...] clever solutions that remain true to the purity of design, the [car] uses only high quality components [...] [Phrases like this always sound familiar.]", "[...] perfectly complements [...]", "[...] finely tuned [...]", "[...] strong backbone [...] [This sounds as being related with bionics.]", "[...] superb [...] [speech act]", "[...] light weight, low center of gravity and relatively long wheelbase [...]", and "[...] fine balance [...]".
    On the one hand, the quoted text passages are discussible in respect to a copyright infringement, but on the other hand the typography of its name is not, definitely.


  • A Company: For proving and documenting our broad impact we analyse from time to time smaller unknown corporations as well, that are active in areas in which we are not directly engaged at the moment. This time we have found a smaller vineyard estate in South Tyrol, Italy, which management thought to be clever by illegally copying a part of our marketing efforts, though it was done in a high quality way. We do quote some of the webpages of its website, so that our readers can make their own evaluation. But at first she/he has to read all quotes in this case, because otherwise it is harder to see why we have chosen this corporation: "[...] Ganzheitlichkeit [...]", "[...] der Zyklus des Lebens [...]", "[...] Mikrokosmos [...]", "[...] Lauf der Gestirne [...]", "[...] an dem viele Elementen zusammenwirken, um ein Ganzes zu formen [...]", "[...] Natur, Mensch, Kultur, Technik, Kosmos, Vergangenheit und Zukunft, Tradition und Moderne. Sind all diese Elemente im Gleichgewicht und entwickeln sich dynamisch weiter [...]", "In diesem Sinne bemühen wir uns, stets in Zusammenhängen, quer und interdisziplinär zu denken. [An dieser Stelle sollte klar sein warum wir die anderen Textpassagen auch zitiert haben. In der Tat wurden hier Inhalte von unseren Web-Auftritten der Christian Stroetmann GmbH, von Ontonics und von OntoLinux abgebildet.]", "[...] Nachhaltigkeit [...]", "[...] ganzheitlichen Unternehmensphilosophie [...]", "[...] Biodynamie ist eine Methode zur Erneuerung der Landwirtschaft. Sie beruht auf den Grundsätzen der Antroposophie, einem Welt- und Menschenbild, das vom österreichischen Philosophen Rudolf Steiner in den 1920er Jahren begründet wurde. [...] Pädagogik, Kunst und Medizin [...] In der Biodynamie wird die Erde als beseelter, lebendiger Organismus betrachtet, sie führt zu den Ursprüngen des Lebens zurück, die eng mit dem Kosmos verbunden sind und gründet auf die Intuition unserer Vorfahren. [Blödsinn. Das ist ein ganz normaler Teil vieler Lebensphilosophien und Myhten in Asien, Südamerika und anderen Teilen der Welt. Außerdem haben wir den Eindruck, dass man hier auch wieder irgendwie bei OntoLinux ist.]", "[...] Zusammenhänge zwischen Mikro- und Makrokosmos [...]", "[...] harmonisch, authentisch, gehaltvoll, individuell und ausdrucksstark [...]", "[...] eleganter, ausgewogener, abgerundeter, feiner, gehaltvoller, vielschichtiger, lebendiger [...]", "[...] Qualitäts[...] qualitativ [...] Qualitäts[...]", "Inspiriert von [...]", "Ganzheitlichkeit heißt für uns auch, moderne Technologien und Innovationen zu nützen [...]", "[...] manifestiert [...]", "[...] klar und formal [...]", "[... treten den] Beweis an, wie durch gründliches Nachdenken, intelligente Planung und Einbindung der Natur ein hoher Energieaufwand vermieden werden kann [...]", "[...] Herzstück [...]", "[...] Produkt des Geistes. Für unsere Arbeit sind Kunst und Kultur daher wichtige Inspirationsquellen [...]", "[...] Themen Kunst, Musik und Wein bewusst und sichtbar miteinander zu verflechten [...]", "[...] genius loci inspirieren [...]", "[...] Objekte und Installationen, die heute an den unterschiedlichsten Stellen im Weingut integriert sind [...]", "[...] Maurizio Cattelan [...] [Gute Nacht. Wir trinken dann doch lieber weiterhin Cola.]", "[...] ironische, mal reflektive Spiel [...]", "[...] Tradition und HighTech [...]", "[...] Verbindung zwischen unserem Produkt und der Kunst [...]", "[...] ganzheitlichen Ansatz zu interpretieren [...] kreativ zu interpretieren: Licht [...]", "[...] visuellen Kunst glauben wir, dass auch Musik für unsere Inspiration eine wichtige Rolle spielt [...]", "[...] nicht gehörte Klangfarben: ein kleiner, feiner Beitrag zur ganzheitlichen Betrachtung des "Wesens" [...]", "[...] ganzheitliche Mosaik [...]", "[...] eine Art Revolution [...]", "[...] Innovation und Beschleunigung [...]", "Die zeitgenössiche Kunst betrachtet [der Unternehmer] als eine Art Forschung. [Das erinnert uns jetzt ein weiteres Mal an das OntoLab.]", "[...] fundamental [...]", "[...] ikonografischen Repertoire [...]", "[...] wiederspiegeln die Wirklichkeit [...]", "[...] "angewandter" Kreativität [...]", "[...] Kompetenzen, Erfahrungen und Wissen [...]", "[...] Technik und Poesie [...] philosophische Verweise integriert [...]", "[...] Symbiose [...]", "[...] wesenseigenen Verschiedenheit [...]", "[...] Herauskristallisierung einer feinen, diskreten und fast abstrakten [...]", "[...] Linien versinnbildlichen ein Versprechen, eine Geste, sie verkörpern das Kontinuum einer Tradition zwischen Natur und zyklischem Ablauf [...] [Hier sind wir wieder bei OntoLinux.]", "[...] selbstdarstellende Materie [...] gleichzeitig Darstellung und Dargestelltes [...] [Man könnte auch über reflektive Eigenschaften sprechen, was uns wieder zu OntoLinux führt und zwar vor allem zu unserem Caliber/Calibre.]", "[...] zur Farbe, zum Gemälde, zur Kunst [...], das sich selbst widerspiegelt und abbildet [...] [Siehe noch einmal den Kommentar zu der zuvor zitierten Textpassage.]", "Das Projekt", "[...] innovativen Philosophie [...] [An der Stelle können wir nur noch sagen: Ontonik, OntoLab, OntomaX, OntoLinux usw..]", "[...] deutlich umrissene Identität [...], die das Wesen und die Kultur des Unternehmens [...] widerspiegelt", "[...] emotionaler Inhalte [...] [Auch hier sollte im Rahmen des gesamten Kontextes für die LeserInnen der Bezug zu OntoLinux wieder auffallen.]", "[...] Markenarchitektur [...]", "[...] Neudefinition der Marke [...]", "[...] "organischer" Zyklus, der die Unternehmensvision verbildlicht [...] [Vergleiche mit dem Bereich Geschäftsprozessentwicklung des OntoLabors, das Labor der Visionen.]", "[...] symbolischen und informativen [...]", "[...] Inspirationsquelle [...]", "[...] rhythmisch prägnante kleine Keimzelle [...] der Grund, warum aus dieser Keimzelle so völlig andere Implikationen gezogen werden [...] [So, so. Der nächste Fideler ist auf einmal auch Biologe und Logiker.]", "[...] Mikrointervallik in eine durch introvertiertere und lichtere Farbgebung geprägte neue Phase [...] [Spricht man hier noch über Musik oder bereits über Mikroelektronik?]", "Das synästhetische Moment [...] war nun bei diesem Stück das Movens, der Grundimpuls. Das Schmecken von Tönen, das Beschreiben von Lichtreflexen durch Klänge, das Übersetzen eines ziemlich milden Geschmackes mit „erdigem“ Nachhall und spürbarem Gerbstoff in musikalische Texturen und Strukturen [...] [Spätestens an dieser Stelle waren wir überzeugt, dass da jemand C.S. folgt.]", "[...] schließt sich hier für mich ein Kreis [...] [dito]", "Musik wie farbige Kirchenfenster", "Der Stil [des Komponisten] ist gekennzeichnet durch eine große Emotionalität und unbedingten Ausdruckswillen einerseits und durch minutiöse, komplexe Ausarbeitung andererseits.", "Als Inspirationsquellen dienen ihm Filme [...]", "Der dritte Bereich der künstlerischen Aktivität [...]" und "[...] Performer, der Brücken [...] schlägt [...]".
    Besides this, we see an image with a full moon above a mountain. Despite we were a little bit too narrow-minded and painstaking, the fundamental tone can be heard, or should we say seen, and some of the used very specific keywords and phrases clarifies the case, at least for us.

    Comment of the Day

    Ontonics Website update 04:00 CEST
    We have added to our Innovation-Pipeline the two new projects called:

  • iRailev,
  • 3D Computing Chip (3DC²) 20:25 CEST,
  • 3D System on a Chip (3DSoC) 7:47 CEST, and
  • 3D System in a Package (3DSiP) 07:00 CEST.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    While finalizing by harmonizing the overworked design of our model SuperDrago with the chassis of the Murciélago III, and also developing the announced conversion of the Ferrari 458 Italia, we thought it would be interesting to take the drivetrain of the concept car Golf GTI W12-650 that uses the rear axle of the model Lamborghini Gallardo, and the W12 engine of the Audi A8 W12 and the new Bentley Continental GT3 for our conversions Gallardo III12 and R12 (R8 W12) as we did for our conversions Boxster BB and Cayman BB.

    A new image was uploaded that shows the direction of the overworked design of our model SuperDrago.

    Eventually, we could adapt the all-wheel drive of the model FF for a second conversion of the Ferrari 458 Italia, which would be some kind of Quattro Cavalli.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    In the last month, the NASA has reported that it conducted many test of the rocket engine J-2X successfully, which proves once again that our XSS-3/BigStar, aba. Space Shuttle III, with the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 9 for all system components, as well as for all ground and mission services and operations, is the best tested and most matured Space Transportation System (STS) available today. Only the integrating part of the system components itself has a TRL of 5, but only due to the single reason that it has not been put into practice.

    We build spaceships and not firework rockets.

    © and/or ®
    Christian Stroetmann GmbH