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Comment of the Day
Liquid solid™

"Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #5
We from the OntoLab and Style of Speed have invented the Leaf on Wheels, which is a surface vehicle concept that works by the use of multi-ray collectors and since recently of multi-wave collectors, artificial phototrophism by e.g. artificial photosyntheses, and artificial phototaxis, and in this way even cleans the air, but not Nissan!
"Wer hat's erfunden?"
Wir vom OntoLab und Style of Speed haben das Blatt auf Rädern==Leaf on Wheels erfunden, das ein Landfahrzeugkonzept ist, das durch die Nutzung von Multistrahlenkollektoren==Multi-Ray-Collectors und seit Kurzem von Multiwellenkollektoren==Multi-Wave-Collectors, künstlichen Phototrophie durch z. B. künstliche Photosynthese, und künstliche Phototaxis funktioniert und hierdurch sogar die Luft reinigt, aber nicht Nissan!

Picture of the Day
ZZ Top Afterburner 1985

ZZ Top Afterburner Album Cover 1985
© Warner Bros. Entertainment

Now, our readers do know a further inspiration besides Ferrari that brought us to our Hot Rods, HyperSoars, and Space Shuttle III/Big Star, and more important to go beyond borders. Indeed, the idea with the red aero(space)planes as well as the twister are interesting happenstances.

Ontonics Website update
For beautifying and clarifing we have added into the Innovation-Pipeline the new section Liquid Solid, and also the projects:

  • Multi-Wave Collector/Multi-Wave Panel and
  • 3D-Multi-Wave Collector/3D-Multi-Wave Panel, as well as
  • WaveTouch.

    Correspondingly, we have also updated the description of NanoSilicon.
    And we also added the text of our TouchWave approach, as announced in the Further steps of the 16th of November 2012.

    Ontonics Further steps
    We will add own descriptions for our Fuel Cells and Multi-Ray concept.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have updated the webpage of our bionic vehicle Ape ESP 3.0 by mentioning our Multi-Wave Collector as well.

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #6
    We from the Ontonics have invented Steviatella, SteviaKetchup, aka. Stroetmann Ketchup, SteviaBears, and SteviaGum that all contain stevioside (steviol glycoside) as sugar replacement, as well as VitaCola, Vitatella, VitaJam, VitaKetchup, VitaBears, and VitaGum that additionally are enriched with vitamins!
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir vom Ontonics haben Steviatella, SteviaKetchup, aba. Stroetmann Ketchup, SteviaBärchen und SteviaKaugummi erfunden, die alle Steviosid als Zuckerersatz enthalten sowie VitaCola, Vitatella, VitaMarmelade, VitaKetchup, VitaBärchen sowie VitaKaugummi, die zusätzlich mit Vitaminen angereichert sind!

    Picture of the Day

    ZZ Top Single Cover 1985 → Multiamun
    © Warner Bros. Entertainment

    The original picture is on the single cover of the song "Sleeping Bag" by the music band ZZ Top of the year 1985.

    Comment of the Day
    Active damper™
    Active shocker™
    Active antishocker™
    Active absorber™
    Active shocking™
    Active absorbing™

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #7
    We from the Ontonics, the OntoLab, and Ontologics have invented the Ontoscope hardware technology of the second generation and the OntoScope software technology for Object-Oriented (OO 1), Ontology-Orientierted (OO 2), and Ontologic-Oriented (OO 3) paradigms, visualizations, Multimodal Multimedia User Interfaces (M²UI), and Mixed Reality Environments (MRE) of our Ontologic System (OS), Hightech Operating System (HOS) and n-Dimensional Operating System (nDOS) architectures OntoLix and OntoLinux, and definitely not the fraudulent student and his referee of his illegal master work at the University Göttingen, B.R.D.!
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics, dem OntoLab und Ontologics haben die Ontoscope-Hardware-Technologie der zweiten Generation und die OntoScope Software-Technologie für das Arbeiten nach den Objektorientierten (OO 1), OntologieOrientierten (OO 2) und OntologikOrientierten (OO 3) Paradigmen, Visualisierungen, multimodale multimedia Benutzerschnittstellen==Multimodal Multimedia User Interfaces (M²UIs) und gemischte Realitätsumgebungen==Mixed Reality Environments (MREs) mit unserer Ontologischen System (OS)-, Hochtechnologischen BetriebsSystem (HBS)- und n-Dimensionalen BetriebsSystem (nDOS)-architekturen OntoLix und OntoLinux, und definitiv nicht der betrügerische Student und sein Gutachter seiner illegalen Masterarbeit an der Universität Göttingen!

    Fine Tuning™ mode
    Investigations::Car #369

  • Volkswagen→Porsche: We quote a press release related with the introduction of a new version of one of its models: "[...] third generation [...] third sports car model series [...] 30 kg [...] [It is still the 3³ Theme by C.S..]", "[...] equipment [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] extended wheelbase with shorter overhangs and 18- or 19-inch diameter wheels [...] [Following our models.]", "[...] styling [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] razor-sharp sculpted [...]", "[...] styling [...] strongly [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] rear boot-lid [...] [The design was copied from our conversion Cayman BB, like before the overall design was taken from our Boxster GT and Cayman GT.]", "At the upper edge of the rear window, an LED brake light spanning the entire width of the glass [...] [Take a look at the website of our Raptor SES to find the origin of this feature.]", "[...] engine rev range [...] high-revving concep [...] [This statement is at the edge of a marketing lie, because since around two decades 6.700 rpm or 7.400 rpm can not be called high-revving anymore, especially when compared to the performance of our conversion 550 V8 for example.]", "[...] the first [model] to break the magic 100 hp per litre displacement barrier for sports car engines [...] [This is even proving more that the marque is decades behind the other competitors and so we really do ask the question: What is that for a marketing nonsense?]", "[...] thermal management, electrical system recuperation [...] electrical system recuperation and map-controlled thermal management of engine cooling [...] [Do not be confused with the terms and the technologies of our webpage Thermal-mechanic/-electric Recovery and the linked webpags, which are the original text passages copied as well.]", "[...] electrical system recuperation, the battery is charged more intensively during braking [...] [In fact, it is not a Brake Energy Recovery System (BERS) or the Hy-KERS by the marque Fiat→Ferrari, but an attempt to mislead the public, because that system is only controlling the common electric power generator/alternator in a different way.]", "[...] its gear ratios are optimally chosen for the engine's unique characteristics. The double clutch PDK is also available as an option. It offers seven gears and shifting without any interruption in propulsive power, and it enables faster sprints and better fuel economy [...] [Take a look at our Active Transmission to see what is the top.]", "[...] sport-oriented tuning [...] tuning [...] precisely tuned [...] [Since we use the trademark Fine Tuning™ the car manufacturers are also. Before, the same persons said that it is a giant faux pas to take the word tuning into the mouth.]", "[...] electronic engine management system [...] [Before we said that we use our OS, HOS, and nDOS OntoLinux™ as an automotive management system it was called an Engine Control Unit (ECU) or an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) in the whole automotive industry.]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] chassis tuning [...]", "[...] fundamental geometry [...] [This is also related with our OS, HOS, and nDOS OntoLinux™, specifically with its Caliber/Calibre.]", "[...] tuning [...]", "[...] PASM active damping system [...] [No, no, no: Active Damping™!!!™ Again, that marque is deliberately damaging one of our trademarks. Besides this, that statement is redundant, because the PASM already stands for an active suspension management that is based on controllable dampers.]", "[...] finely tuned [...] [No, no, no: Fine Tuning™!!!™]", "[...] driving fun [...] [This was also said to damage our slogans "Fun to Drive™" and "Driven by Fun™", so that we have again a copyright infringement because we are not referenced.]", "[...] sporty style of driving [...] [compare with our slogan "Style of Sports™"]", "[...] Torque Vectoring [...] system [...] intelligent interaction [...] Stability Management [...] torque is activated [...] [We only say: Style of Speed's Active Torque Vectoring™ Electronic Torque Vectoring™ and Active Differential™ powered by OntoLinux™.]", "[...] the brake lights of all [...] models pulsate [...] [Is this allowed at all?]", "[...] bi-colour styling [...]", "[...] innovative lightweight body design [...] [In fact, this statement is also at the edge of a marketing lie, because to construct a body-in-white in such a way is common practice, definitely. If the reader wants to see a truly innovative lightweight body design, then she/he can take a look at our model ™, or wait for our Boxster GTron and Cayman GTron that are constructed like a ultra lightweight model TT RS by the marque Audi with a weight of at most 1000 kilograms.]", "The centre console that ascends towards the front with its motorsport-inspired high-set gear lever [... and ...] map display for the optional Porsche Communication Management system with satellite navigation module [...] [We thought this holds for the console of the model 918 Spyder (see also the webpage of our modern hot rod (mod rod) model X0). Besides this, terms like communication management system always point directly to our OntoLinux™ and in connection with geo information systems we are directly at our solutions in the most cases (see also the Clarification of the 1st of April 2011, the case of the company Nokia in the Investigations::Multimedia and ::Car #366 of the 20th of November 2012 for example).]", "[...] style of driving [...]", "[...] total acoustic power and sound quality [...] active [...] [We only say: Active Clang™. By the way: Do not confuse it with something that is related with our wave-field technologies, like for example the sound-field synthesizing (?).]", "Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) that includes the safety function Porsche Active Safe (PAS). ACC operation is based on a radar sensor located in the middle of the front body panel, which spots objects in the car's driving lane over a range of up to 200 metres. [This is a correct text, because our Active Suspension and Active Trac systems that utilize our Active Cam(era)™ and Active Sensor™ systems work in the same way but for accomplishing a different task. What we can see here is also the reason why we do know exactly that manufacturers like Tata (see the related case of its marque Land Rover in the Investigations::Car #336 of the 15th of September 2011) and Daimler (see the related the case of the North America division of its marque Mercedes-Benz in the Investigations::Car #367 LA Design Contest 2012 Special of the 28th of November 2012) do not have our system, because they were all developing this safety system at that time. We also invented our systems in such a way that we can simply take their anti collision systems as a base for our solutions.]",
  • Daimler→Mercedes-Benz→Smart: A special model designed by a pushed but untalented fashion designer was presented, who thinks he could steal or wings (see the related logo of Style of Speed of a winged visitor). We quote from the press release: "[...] electrifying [...]fascinating [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] ready for lift-off into a new era of mobility [...] [Obviously, the marque is talking about some of our air vehicles.]", "[...] wings light up like igniting rockets [...] [What is that for a marketing nonsense?]", "Both smart and the wings represent a bit of freedom on the crowded streets of major cities [...]", "[...] pioneering trendsetters [...] [No, not really. While the pioneering acting is discussible for the car marque the trendsetting is not for both.]", "Wings – the symbol for carefree driving fun [...] [We do not understand this, because we use wings for flying fun. Besides, this statement seems to be copied from a producer of sanitary napkins.]", "[... the marque] being the first car brand to permit a fashion designer to make changes to the vehicle's body [...] [No, that is not true, but utter nonsene only.]", "[...] visionary ideas [...] [No, not really, because most of the winged products have been created long before that defrauding designer were able to hold a pencil in his paper, like for example sweatshirts, sunglasses or shoes.]", "[...] lightness and space [...]", "The wheel rims are shaped like aeroplane propellers, giving the impression that the electric smart might take off at any minute. [Indeed, they are babbeling nonsense about our serious hybrid land and air vehicles.]", and "[...] jet engine [...]".
    That concept car is ideally fitted for a children's merry-go-round on a funfair and we missed Ronald McDonald jumping out of the car like Jack in a Box.
  • Bayerische Motorenwerke: "[...] world's first fully networked electric vehicle [... a range of technology to help with comfort, information, entertainment, and safety ...], operation of the navigation system as well as the information transfer between the vehicle, the outside world and the driver's smartphone has been geared towards the specific requirements of e-mobility [...] [Doubtlessly, this concept was stolen from the website of Style of Speed and is the next copyright infringement by that company.]", "[...] purely electric [...] [No, no, no: Purely Electric™. Stop infringing our copyright imidiately!!!™]", "[...] lithium-ion storage cells [...] [So, we have no fuel cell.]", "[...] strong [...] [Strong™]", "[...] harmoniously [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] styling smacks of fun [...] [This is more than a smart speech act stealing.]", "[...] harmonious [...]", "[...] electrifying [...] [In the context, this is more than a simple speech act stealing.]", "[...] pure driving pleasure [...] [For sure, this was written to damage our trademark Pure Pleasure™ and our Pure Theme.]", "[...] styling [...]", "[...] harmoniously styled [...]", "[...] harmoniously [...]", "[...] navigation system, meanwhile, is networked with the outside world [...]", "Information is visualised in the form of three-dimensional, high-resolution graphics [...] [So, we have 2D display technology and nothing else.]", "[...] the system has already connected to the drive's smartphone and is showing current calendar entries. Shortly afterwards the driver receives a text message with the agreed venue for his meeting. The address data are automatically used to generate a navigation destination [...] During the journey the driver can also find out about the restaurant he is heading for as well as listening to personal playlists. [No, no, no: It is definitely not that easy. What we have here is a connection of its automotive infotainment system with a Personal Information Management (PIM) system, which infringes our copyright related with the general application and software architecture by our Hightech Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux™ used in cars as well. Yes indeed, we have here an evidence of a copyright infringement (see also the case of the company Nokia in the Investigation::Multimedia and ::Car #366 of the 20th of November 2012).]", "[...] three driving modes [...] [It is still the 3³ Theme by C.S..]", "[...] therefore assumes the title of the world's first fully networked electric vehicle [...] [This is a criminal marketing lie, because we only need to build one car and have the title realized, because we have begun years before with exactly this automotive concept. It even does not matter at all if we present it the next decade. Even more interesting is the point that the presented features like the route guidance function for finding a (re)charging station is not needed at all by our vehicles, because our energy storage systems have a range that makes such a information service obsolete. In fact, we never understood why large companies come up with that nonsense.]", "[...] route's topography [...] [This could become critical with further developments of its system, especially if this information is used for the control of Active Components like an Active Suspension and Active Trac system.]", "[...] mobility planning: a smartphone app [...] [This is as well a problem with our copyright due to our HOS OntoLinux™ that features Total Quality Management (TQM), which begins with an idea and the step of planning the realization of the idea, our Ontoscope hardware technology, as well as our intelligent tablet and pad computers utilized in vehicles like automobiles.]", "[...] intelligent networking [...] [Again, our HOS OntoLinux™ is reflected.]", "[...] intermodal [...] [Do not confuse this with our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI).]".
    The shown car features design elements of the Electric City Speeders™ (ECS)/E-City™ cars Cup!™ and iCup!™ and the Electric Micro City Car™ (E=MC²™) model Inner City™ by Volkswagen and Style of Speed, specifically the head- and taillights, as well as the interior with its dashboard and the displays, so that we have to claim for a further infringement.
  • Tata→Jaguar: press release related with the introdaction of a new version of one of its models: "[...] 550 [...] [cheap trick related with the model label 550 by Porsche]", "[...] 300 km/h [...] 30% [...] [It is still the 3³ Theme by C.S..]", "Electronic active differential [...] [No, no, no: Active Differential™ with Electronic Torque Vectoring™. We do know about active differentials, but they were not electronically controlled, so that it is a copyright infringement. Bad luck for that massively stealing company, because this attempt failed as well.]", "[...] recalibrated [...] ", "[...] ultra-high performance R-S [...] [Here the Ultra, R, and S Themes by the marque Volkswagen→Audi has been copied.]", "Electrifying performance [...] [This is more than a speech act stealing.]", "[...] engine management system [...] [Before we said that we use our OS, HOS, and nDOS OntoLinux™ as an automotive management system it was called an Engine Control Unit (ECU) or an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) in the whole automotive industry.", "[...] active electronic differential [...] [No, no, no: Active Electric™ Differential™!!!™ With the quoted text passage "Electronic active differential" we have now a clear evidence that it has infringed our copyright in this way as well. Go away.]", "[...] harmonious [...] [speech act stealing]", "[...] tune [...] [Since we use the trademark Fine Tuning™ the car manufacturers are also. Before, the same persons said that it is a giant faux pas to take the word tuning into the mouth.]", "Corner Recognition senses [...] [This points to our Hightech Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux™ that powers our automotive components of the models and conversions by Style of Speed, especially the Active Components.]", "[...] 30 per cent [...]", "[...] electronic programmes controlling the Adaptive Dynamics, active electronic differential and Dynamic Stability Control systems [...] [No, no, no: Active™ Differential™ controlled by an electronic management system powered by OntoLinux™!!!™ There is no gap.]", "The system monitors driver inputs and the road conditions, adjusting damper rates in response up to 500 times a second to optimise stability and agility. [At this point we have to be more precise, because the phrase "the system monitors the road conditions" is a general description, which could mean that the system works like our Active Suspension and Active Trac systems by using sensors for . Said this, this is no free ticket.]", "[...] active electronic differential [...] [We simply repeat as well what we said several times before. No, no, no: Active™ Electric Differential™ with Electronic Torque Vectoring™ controlled by an electronic management system powered by OntoLinux™!!!™]", "[...] create a sound field [...] [This is also a clear copyright infringement due to our Space@Car technology that includes the MultiWave approach and the associated SpaceWave approach, which apply wave-field respectively sound-field technologies.]".
    In the same way that that marque is still using illegally our website contents in a way that can hardly be punished at the court, we still can see its copyright infringement, because it is deliberately done, so that the public should be misleaded about the true origin.

    We demand the worldwide media not to report about automobiles of the company Tata→Jaguar anymore, because the company refuses to respect our copyright, specifically related with our Active Components, like the Active Electric/Electronic Differential, the Active Suspension and the Active Trac systems, and the Active Cam and the Active Sensor systems, as well as the Space@Car technology.
    Wir fordern die weltweiten Medien auf nicht mehr über Automobile des Unternehmens Tata→Jaguar zu berichten, weil das Unternehmen sich weigert unser Urheberrecht zu respektieren, insbesondere im Zusammenhang mit unseren aktiven Komponenten, wie die das aktive elektrische/elektronische Differential, die Systeme der aktiven Federung und der aktiven Traktion und die Systems der aktiven Kamera und der aktiven Sensoren sowie die Space@Car-Technologie.

  • DMC Exotic Car Tuning Limited: Two weeks ago showed two images related with the criminal case of the company DMC Exotic Car Tuning Limited (see its case in the Investigations::Car #365 of the 11th of November 2012), so that even the last Lamborghini top speed enthusiast has to accept the facts.

    Fake image of DMC Limited buildingArea with real buildings at the Heerdter Lohweg 226a in Düsseldorf, B.R.D.

    We do know such buildings, as the one shown on the first image, that are used by for example research institutes, companies, and start-ups in close distance to universities, which would fit with the companies in the environment, but at the given adresse all buildings look different and have no curved roof. In fact, at the adresse in Düsseldorf is a company, which lets storage spaces for files, furniture and so on, and some other companies related with animal preparation and food. So, now we have a limited that is registered as a letterbox company in Hong Kong, V.R.China, with an office adresse that is owned by e.g. a company that lets storage space in Düsseldorf, B.R.D.?
    The responsible person also claims to represent German quality, but in reality it is a limited registered as a letterbox company in Hong Kong, V.R.China. and not a limited in the B.R.D.. This fact also related with another point that most of our readers do not know. The counterpart of the limited is the Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH)==limited liability company that has to follow specific laws. One law is to have a significant amount of money when founding, which in practice is not needed for a limited in the U.K. or Hong Kong, V.R.China. A further law says that an essential part of the balance has to be publicated as a statement of financial position each year. But with a foreign limited these laws are not valid, and in the case of that company it can't be seen how much cars were really sold, if at all.
    We are also sure that the trick with the few cars will be busted as well by us soon. Moreover, the next announced model should feature components made out of carbon fiber that were also presented by another company and further elements of a special model by the factory, which raises the question, if this copy is legitimated by the company Lamborghini or the owner of the special model, or if one of them or even both entities together are behind the fraud.
    Today, we found out that some of the pictures of its conversions were taken by a company most potentially located in Hong Kong, P.R.China, which has very strong ties to the marques Audi and Lamborghini by Volkswagen, as it is proved by pictures of the concept car Sesto Elemento by Lamborghini on the streets of Hong Kong, for which the photographer definitely needed the full support from the top of the marque's management, and of a black R8 GT with a red lucky dragon painted on it, which also was shown in a television report about racing leagues organized by both marques in the P.R.China at a race track near Hong Kong. Said this, we have the first evidences that point into the directions we are looking at, because they explain where the automobiles of the marque Lamborghini come from, and prove that the marque Audi is knowing exactly what is going on, at least, or even directly connected somehow to this as well, as it seems to be connected to other hoax companies in the field of automobiles and motorcycles. This would also give the answer to the question why the model J of Lamborghini and a soon to be presented version of the model Aventador called Super Veloce by that defrauding car tuner fit into this dirty game (see also our Style of Speed Further steps of the 9th of November 2012).

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #8
    We from Ontonics and the OntoLab have invented the Retina Projector/Retina Screen and the Retinascope, but not Microsoft.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics und vom OntoLab haben den Retinaprojektor/Retinabildschirm und das Retinaskop erfunden aber nicht Microsoft.

    *** Beautifying mode ***

  • Microsoft: Last year in May 2011, that only stealing and defrauding company has filed a patent for a smart pair of glasses with Augmented Reality (AR) and multimodal features. That patent is in so much parts not valid that the whole patent has to be rejected, and we have begun to truly wonder what the U.S. patent office is doing. Firstly, large amounts of the hard- and software of the described device by that company are already used in the fields of multimedia and military, which are the Head-Mounted Display technology of the first generation (HMD I) and its application with AR, and also are described in so many design concepts over the last decade, like e.g. the display technology and the interplay with other stationary and mobile devices, that there is no invention by that company to see at all. Secondly, the described headwear respectively digital and smart glasses technology is based on a wide range of sensors that would need to be built into the eyewear, including a microphone, so that a user might control it through voice-commands, video camera, gyroscope, eye gaze-trackers, infra-red detector, so that a user might control it through flicking with her/his eyes to a certain spot, and magnetometer, as well as wi-fi and/or bluetooth connectivity, to provide the functionality. But in fact, the basic construction is based on the HMD I and our MobileKinetic™ technology that is called by us Head-Mounted Display 2.0 (HMD II; see also the Clarification of the 5th of April 2012) and furthermore with a camera is called by us EyeTap 2.0, definitely, and the only inventions in this field are our MobileKinetic™ technology and our electronic Laminated (Safety/Security) Glass™ (eLSG™), so that the described solution by that company is in the end in large parts our HMD II or EyeTap 2.0 technology that integrate the mentioned components in different versions. The connectivity based on the network functionalities and the control based on our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface™ (M²UI™) are both features of our Ontologic System (OS), Hightech Operating System (HOS), and n-Dimensional Operating System (nDOS) OntoLinux™, which powers all of our devices. Furthermore, an important component to making this smart glasses work would be to have a spectacle lens with variable transparency, so that it would be "capable of generating display elements on various portions of a user's display, while remaining portions of the head mounted display are transparent to allow the user to continue to view events or occurrences within the live event," and "Other alternatives allow the display to become completely opaque [...]". Now, here we have a copyright infringement due to special versions of digital and smart glasses that are based on our electronic Laminated (Safety/Security) Glass™ (eLSG™), obviously, while the alternative display is already described by the said design concepts in the past. Thirdly, the presented glasses would be attached to a wrist-worn computer, that in fact is a wearable computer and could be used to operate the device, if the alternatives of the voice- and the eye-gaze-control would not be used by its wearer. This is a copyright infringement due to the said design concepts of the past and our general explanation that the overall architecture of our OS, HOS, and nDOS OntoLinux™ was designed in such a way, that all of the devices have a common set of components, like for example for their network and connectivity functionalities, and form together somekind of a large distributed computer (see also the webpage Links to Hardware, especially the section iRaiment™, Wearable Computer of the OntoLinux™ website). Fourthly, by suggesting on the application side that identifying people and other objects in view, and deciding what information to show about them could be carried out by remote computer servers, that patent for the described solution infringes our copyright related with the Mixed Reality (MR; includes AR) paradigm and the M²UI, the object recognition based on the OntoBot™ and OntoScope™ software components, as well as the distributed network functionalities that are all features of our OS, HOS and nDOS OntoLinux™.

    We demand the worldwide media not to report about so-called smart glasses with Aumgented Reality (AR) by the company Microsoft, because the device is not its invention and so otherwise the reporting infringes the rights of other entities, like our copyright related with general explanations given by us about our stationary and mobile devices powered by OntoLinux and their interplay, the MobileKinetic technology and in this way mobile devices that use it, inclusive Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs) like the Head-Mounted Display 2.0 and so-called eyetaps like the EyeTap 2.0, the electronic Laminated (Safety/Security) Glass (eLSG), as well as features of OntoLinux with its Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI), inclusive the gesture control and the Glassy application, the paradigma of the Mixed Reality (MR), which comprises the AR paradigma, and the object recognition.
    Wir fordern die weltweiten Medien auf nicht über sogenannte smarte Brillen mit Angereicherter Realität==Aumgented Reality (AR) des Unternehmens Microsoft zu berichten, da es nicht dessen Erfindung ist und weil sonst das Berichten die Rechte anderer Entitäten verletzt, wie unser Urheberrecht im Zusammenhang mit allgemeinen Erkläsungen, die wir über unsere stationären und mobilen Geräte, die durch OntoLinux betrieben sind, und ihrem Zusammenspiel gegeben haben, die MobileKinetic-Technologie und hierdurch mobile Endgeräte, inklusive am Kopf befestigte Anzeigen==Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs), wie die Head-Mounted Display 2.0 und sogenannte Augenanzapfungen==Eyetaps, wie die EyeTap 2.0, das elektronische Verbund(Sicherheits)Glas (eVSG) sowie Eigenschaften von OntoLinux mit seiner multimodalen multimedia Benutzerschnittstelle==Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI), inklusive der Gestensteuerung und der Glassy-Applikation, seinem Paradigma der gemischten Realtität==Mixed Reality (MR), das das AR-Paradigma umfasst, und der Objekterkennung.

    Once again, we demand the prosecutors and the market regulators in the U.S.A. and in other countries to take decisive actions against companies like Microsoft and also other entities like e.g. private persons or research institutes, that file patent applications for inventions made by others with the goal to mislead the public and manipulate the markets.

    Comment of the Day

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #9
    We from Ontonics and the OntoLab have invented the MobileKinetic technology, and the related techniques of the facial and body scanning and tracking, as well as applications like the gesture control of mobile devices, but not Microsoft, Asus, Samsung or any manufacturer of stationary solutions in these fields.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics und vom OntoLab haben die MobileKinetic-Technologie und die zugehörigen Techniken der Gesichts- und Körpererkennung und -verfolgung sowie Anwendungen, wie die Gestikkontrolle für mobile Geräte erfunden, aber nicht Microsoft, Asus, Samsung oder irgendein Hersteller von stationären Lösungen in diesen Bereichen.

    Comment of the Day
    Ready to fly
    Car to fly™
    Coffee to fly™

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #10
    We from Ontonics and the OntoLab have invented the electronic Laminated (Safety/Security) Glass (eLSG/eVSG), as well as related examples of utilization.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics und vom OntoLab haben das elektronische Verbund(Sicherheits)Glas (eVSG/eLSG) erfunden genauso wie zugehörige Anwendungsbeispiele.

    Ontonics Website update
    Because again a company thought to be clever with an attempted to misunderstand that our general concept of the MobileKinetic technology can be used with all kinds of mobile devices, we added as further terms tablet computer, wearable computing and piece of an intelligent raiment, and connected the already given example of the Sm@rtwatch and the new term Sm@rteyewear to them, though we already mentioned the utilizations of the technology in other descriptions already. The same was done with the description of our Mobile 4D Display with the exception of the tablet computer.

    For more clarity we gave the additional information to the descriptions of the Retina Projector/Retina Screen 2.0 and the Retinascope 2.0, that they are focused on the addtional sensors, like e.g. the torque/inertial sensors for the motion tracking of the devices, and not the systems for the registering, scanning, and motion tracking of the user, as well as the applications, which are given with the MobileKinetic mobile motion sensor technology. We do apologize for this confusion.

    We also begun to update the descriptions of our other devices with the MultiWave concept by renaming the former EyeTap 3.0 to EyeTap 4.0 and the former EarTap 3.0 to EarTap 4.0 in the first step, and by making the first update:

  • Mobile 4D Display,
    and adding the new projects:
  • Head-Mounted Display 3.0,
  • EyeTap 3.0,
  • Headphone 3.0, and
  • EarTap 3.0

    in the second step.

    A further not so new project is our:

  • 3D Recording-Based Rendering.

    Comment of the Day
    Pizza to fly™
    Burger to fly™

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #11
    We from Ontonics, the OntoLab, Style of Speed and Roboticle have invented the utilization of the Wireless Resonant Energy Link (WREL) and Wireless Resonant Power Link (WRPL) with vehicles, walking and swimming robots, just as the irail and the ipad based on them, and not Witricity, Intel, any other manufacturer, universities, or research institutes. Furthermore, as far as we can see, we were the first, who described the general utilization of a wireless power/energy transmission system for vehicles with a battery/accumulator in motion, which is also called dynamic charging, was inspired by the concept of the toy (slot) car racing track, specifically a system by the company Märklin, and by the way can only be realized without a dangerous field (electron) emission by our concepts based on specific couplings.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics, dem OntoLab, Style of Speed und Roboticle haben die Anwendung der Kabellosen Resonanten Energieverbindung (KRE)==Wireless Resonant Energy Link (WREL) und Wireless Resonant Power Link (WRPL) mit Vehikeln, laufenden und schwimmenden Robotern erfunden genauso wie die intelligente (Leit)Schiene irail und die intelligente Matte/Kontaktstelle ipad und nicht Witricity, Intel, irgendein anderer Hersteller, Universitäten oder Forschungsinstitute. Des Weiteren waren wir nach unseren Einschätzungen die ersten, die die generelle Anwendung eines kabellosen Energieübertragungssystems für Vehikel mit einer Batterie/Akkumulator in Bewegung beschrieben haben, das auch dynamisches Laden genannt wird, durch das Konzept der Spielzeugautorennbahn inspiriert wurde, insbesondere einem System der Firma Märklin, und übrigens nur ohne gefährliche (Elektronen)Feldemission durch unserer Konzepte realisiert werden kann, die auf speziellen Kopplungen basieren.

    Ontonics Website update
    In the description of the MultiKinetic technology we substituted the text passage "light-field and wave-field sensors as well as light-field and wave-field cameras" with "kinetic-field".

    Comment of the Day
    Beamed Resonant Energy Link™
    Beamed Resonant Power Link™
    Rim pad™
    Wheel pad™
    Pad rim™
    Pad wheel™
    Taxi to go™
    Taxi to fly™
    Taxi rent™
    Cabsharing (already used in conjunction with a report of a similar concept taxi)
    Cab to go™
    Cab to fly™
    Cab rent™

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #12
    We from Ontonics and the OntoLab have invented the concept of the ubiquitous displaying, which describes the ubiquitous availability and application of image giving devices, and the new science Visual Analytics or simply Visualytics, as some of the very few other pioneers in this area.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics und vom OntoLab haben das Konzept des allgegenwärtigen Anzeigens==ubiquitous Displaying, das die allgegenwärtige Verfügbarkeit und Benutzung von bildgebenden Geräten beschreibt, und als einige der sehr wenigen Pioniere in diesem Bereich die neue Wissensschaft der visuellen Analyse==Visual Analytics oder kurz Visualyse==Visualytics erfunden.

    Ontonics Website update
    We have updated the description of our solutions irail and ipad by adding the information that the power pad can be integrated in a rim and a tire/tyre or realized with an additional rim band/tape as well. 1:25 EST

    We also have the new projects:

  • Wheel Pad and Rim Pad 1:25 EST (general) and 2:15 EST (direct integration with drive motor),
  • Beamed Resonant Energy Link (BREL), and
  • Beamed Resonant Power Link (BRPL), as well as
  • Taxisharing 20:10 EST.

    Comment of the Day

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #13
    We from Ontonics and the OntoLab have invented the adaption of the Beamed Energy Link (BEL) technology for other utilizations than the concept to launch space vehicles with it, like for example in the fields of mobility with surface and air vehicles, the robotics, as well as the architecture with infrastructures and buildings.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics und vom OntoLab haben die Adaption der Technologie der Gestrahlten Energieverbindung (GE) für andere Nutzanwendungen als das Konzept Raumfahrzeuge damit zu starten, wie zum Beispiel in den Bereichen der Mobilität mit Land- und Luftfahrzeugen, der Robotik sowie der Architektur und Nutzung von Infrastruktur und Gebäuden.

    Ontonics Website update
    We have created the new project:

  • Votography 15:05 EST and
  • Scoot•E 15:51 EST.


  • Microsoft: That only stealing company has again taken illegally copyrighted contents from our website, this time of intelliTablet. The first issue is related with a commercial shown in the television of the B.R.D. that shows a tablet computer with a large display and a child painting on it. This is a copyright infringement due to the fact that exactly this application was decribed in relation with our tablet and pad computers in the (drawing) pad and portfolio styles in the intelliTablet Further steps of the 29th of May 2010. A second issue is related with the informations given in the media about a new device called Surface Book, which most potentially will feature the multi-touch functionality. If such a device will be really presented in the next future, then this is a copyright infringement due to our tablet and pad computers in the booklet and portfolio styles. In this conjunction it is important to note, that indeed we derived our styles booklet and portfolio from a design concept called Courier made by that company (see the Further steps of the 30th of April 2010), but the design concept by Microsoft does not feature multi-touch, which is our step of invention.

    We demand the worldwide media not to report about tablet computers by the company Microsoft and to show advertisements of these devices, if these are related with the utilization in the fields of arts on the one hand, because our copyright related with the description of such an application and the specifications of our tablet and pad computer in the (drawing) pad and portfolio styles will be infringed, and on the other hand if its tablet computers have the form of our tablet and pad computers in the booklet and portfolio styles, because our copyright will be infringed in this case as well.
    Wir fordern die weltweiten Medien auf nicht über und von Tablet-Computern des Unternehmens Microsoft zu berichten und zu zeigen, wenn diese auf der einen Seite mit der Anwendung im Bereich der Künste in verbunden sind, weil unser Urheberrecht mit der Beschreibung genau solche einer Anwendung und den Spezifikationen unserer Tablet- und Pad-Computer in den Pad- und Portfolio-Ausführungen==Styles in Zusammenhang stehen und wenn auf der anderen Seite dessen Tablet-Computer die Form unserer Tablet- und Pad-Computer in den Ausführungen Booklet und Portfolio haben, weil in diesem Fall unser Urheberrecht auch verletzt wird.

    We demand the governments and market regulators to take decisive actions against the company Microsoft, because the evidences prove that the company refuses to accept the valid laws in the U.S.A., in the member states of the European Union, and in many other countries since decades. Said this, such actions can't be some fines anymore, because this measure did not work in the past, obviously, so that now bans to take part in the competition have to be considered.

    We demand all governmental and institutional administrations, to enforce that their product and service providers are accepting and following the valid laws, and the section of the contracts, that regulates this, and eventually cancel contracts already signed in the past.

    Investigations::Motorcycle #17

  • Lit Motors: The company has stolen our invention of the touch display integrated in a steering wheel as we have described on the website of Style of Speed.

    Comment of the Day #1

    Comment of the Day #2
    "La Bunga Bunga Boum 2 - The party/fete goes on.", [C.S., Today]

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #14
    We from Ontonics, the OntoLab, and intelliTablet have invented the pad computer with our P@d 2.0 based on the surface of the multimedia table of the second generation as well as our approach of the ubiquitous displaying, and also with wireless energy/power transmission system. This was done at the time when the whole market, and all media, analysts and users either said that the device class of the tablet computer has no future, or have produced and used only tablet computers with a stylus/digital pen or/and a single-touch functionality, as well as mobile/cell phones and smartphones with multi-touchscreen. Interesting in this conjunction is the fact that some companies have patented tablet computers with multi-touch displays before, but this does not change our claim, because either the patents were filed for protecting the intellectual properties related with other mobile devices that have such a multi-touch display as well, specifically mobile/cell phones and smartphones, or were not meant seriously in conjunction with the tablet computer of the first generation, which is proved by the fact said before and substantiated by the further fact that indeed the patent holders have not wanted to produce a tablet computer at all respectively anymore, which features solely the multi-touch functionality as the input method. The latter means that the inventions described in the related patents were never intended as specific solutions to real problems, and so they have been rendered as invalid by the publicly voiced and documented statements of the patent holders themselves, because a patent is only valid, if the intention is to solve a real problem by the invention. Therefore, it was neither the company Apple nor the company Microsoft that both acted before as some kind of a so-called patent troll even in an illegal way, if at all, and came in 2 years after us with such a tablet computer. Ultimately, either Microsoft's licensing of the patent by Apple does not change the facts and its obligation to get a license for our P@d 2.0 description still persists, or two device classes exist with the tablet computer and the pad computer.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics, vom OntoLab und intelliTablet haben den Pad-Computer mit unserem P@d 2.0 basierend auf der Oberfläche==Surface des Multimedia-Tischs der zweiten Generation sowie unserem Ansatz des allgegenwärtigen Anzeigens==ubiquitous Displaying und außerdem mit kabellosem Energieübertragungssystem erfunden. Dies geschah zu einer Zeit als der gesamte Markt und alle Medien, Analysten und BenutzerInnen entweder sagten, dass die Geräteklasse des Tablet-Computers keine Zukunft hat oder nur Tablet-Computer mit einem Stylus/digitalen Eingabestift oder/und Einfingerberührungs-==Single-Touch-Funtkionalität sowie Mobiltelefone und Smartfone mit Mehrfingerberührungsbildschirm produzierten und nutzten. Bsonders interessant ist der Fakt, dass vorher einige Unternehmen Tablet-Computer mit Multi-Touch-Funktionalität patentiert hatten, jedoch ändert dies nichts an unserem Anspruch, weil entweder die Patente nur angemeldet wurden um die geistigen Eigentümer im Zusammenhang mit anderen mobilen Endgeräten zu schützen, die auch eine Multi-Touch-Anzeige besitzen, oder waren im Zusammenhang mit Tablet-Computern der ersten Generation nicht ernst gemeint, was durch den zuvor genannten Fakt bewiesen ist und durch den weiteren Fakt untermauert wird, dass in der Tat die Patenthalter gar nicht beziehungsweise nicht mehr solch ein Tablet-Computer produzieren wollten, der ausschließlich die Multi-Touch-Fähigkeit als Eingabemethode hat. Letzteres bedeutet, dass die in den Patenten beschriebenen Innovationen niemals als diese konkreten Lösungen von echten Problemen gemeint waren und somit wurden sie sogar durch die öffentlich geäußerten und dokumentierten Aussagen der Patenthalter selber ungültig gemacht, weil ein Patent nur gültig ist, wenn die Intention ist ein reales Problem durch die Neurung zu lösen. Es war also weder das Unternehmen Apple noch das Unternehmen Microsoft, die beide zuvor wie ein so-genannter Patenttroll sogar illegal handelten, wenn überhaupt, und erst 2 Jahre nach uns mit solch einem Tablet-Computer daherkamen. Letztendlich ändert entweder auch Microsofts Lizensierung des Patents von Apple nicht die Fakten und dessen weiterhin bestehende Pflicht eine Lizenz für unsere Beschreibung des P@d 2.0 zu erhalten oder es existieren mit dem Tablet-Computer und dem Pad-Computer zwei Geräteklassen.

    Style of Speed Website update
    On the webpage of our E-MPV ETE we have added in the section Multimedia and Connectivity the points Sp@ce@Car and Taxisharing.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    Since yesterday we are thinking about an off-road conversion of the model up! respectively the version cross up! respectively the concept version x up! by the manufacturer Volkswagen most potentially with the shorter front doors of the version with four doors, and the rear door and the interior of the versions Mii by the marque Seat and Citigo by the marque Skoda, 2-wheel and all-wheel drive and longer or long travel suspension eventually taken from an All/Universal Terrain Vehicle (ATV/UTV), a turbo diesel engine, and design elements of our off-road vehicle X! like the large wheels, wide fenders, and much more additional features, and eventually called accordingly Xup!.

    Comment of the Day
    Smart SUV™
    Smart SUT™
    Cross :)™
    Cross Fun™
    X :)™
    X Fun™
    X :D™
    at up™
    ut up™
    awd up™
    4wd up™
    Summer up™
    Sport up™
    Speed up™
    Style up™
    Smart up™

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #15
    We from Ontonics, the OntoLab, and Style of Speed have invented the Stroetmann-Compressor that is a class of thermal-mechanic and -electric solutions based on the Stirling-Engine, that transform the otherwise unused waste heat of an engine directly in mechanical or in electrical energy for reuse with a supercharger.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics, vom OntoLab und Style of Speed haben den Stroetmann Kompressor erfunden, der eine Klasse von thermisch-mechanischen und -elektrischen Lösungen ist, die auf der Stirling-Maschine basieren und die ansonsten ungenutzte Abwärme einer Maschine direkt in mechanische oder elektrische Energie für die Wiederverwendung mit einer Kompressionssteigerung/einem Lader umwandeln.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    In conjunction with the our all-terain vehicle conversion Xup! of the model up! by the manufacturer Volkswagen (see the Further steps of yesterday) we also looked at the concept versions buggy and sailing team, though we came to the conclusion that a mixture of the 4-door version with only the shorter front doors and eventually the cargo up!, with the wide fenders of the buggy in the style of the X! after the design study by Sperling, the bumpers of the x up! integrated with the ones of the buggy, the underbody protection panels of the x up!, and the load bed of the sailing team as the basis for our Xup! would be the right direction.
    Furthermore, we looked at the all-wheel drivetrain of the model Polo R WRC for the possibility of a downsizing.

    And while we were at the up! and the Polo R WRC we came directly to our conversion up! R WRC that is based on the concept and the design of the Polo R WRC.

    Based on the same thoughts made in conjunction with our Xup! we are thinking about a Micro-SUV based on our model Micro-City Car City :) (City Fun) that would be based on the chassis of an All/Universal Terrain Vehicle (ATV/UTV) with 2-wheel and all-wheel drive and longer or long travel suspension, and called correspondingly Cross :) (Cross Fun). A similar conversion of our other Micro-City Car Inner City could be based on a shortened version of our Xup!.


  • Wikimedia Foundation→Wikipedia: Again we found a webpage that this time describes a feature of the helmet mounted display technology in the following way: "Aviation HMD[(used as well as an acronym for helmet-mounted display and head-mounted display)] designs serve these purposes: using the pilot's eye (actually head angle) as a pointing device to direct [...] weapons seekers or other sensors (e.g., radar, [Forward Looking InfraRed (]FLIR[)]) to a target merely by pointing his head at the target and actuating a switch via [some specific] controls. [...] HMDs allow the pilot to simply point his head at a target, designate it to weapon and shoot.", which is copyright infringment, because the explanation was deliberately written in such a way, so that readers should think the system is controlled by "using the pilot's eye", but this is exactly the innovation described by us with our Head-Mounted Display 2.0 solution, because the former technology uses only head-tracking and not eye- or gaze-tracking based on our MobileKinetic™ technology.

    Comment of the Day

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #16
    We from Ontonics and the OntoLab have invented the Cool Chip technology that is the direct integration of a thermal protection and energy bypass system in an electronic integrated circuit like a 2D- or 3D-processor chip, and is based on the principles of the Peltier effect for the thermoelectric cooling and the Seebeck effect for thermoelectric generating, as well as with special versions on the resonant clock meshing.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics und vom OntoLab haben die Cool Chip Technologie erfunden, die die direkte Integration eines thermalen Protektions- und Energieüberbrückungssystems in einen elektronischen integrierten Schaltkreis wie einem 2D- und 3D-Prozessor und basiert auf den Prinzipien des thermoelektrischen Kühlers (Peltier-Effekt) und des thermoelektrischen Generators (Seebeck-Effekt) sowie bei bestimmten Versionen auf der resonanten Taktgebervernetzung.

    *** Copy mode ***
    Ontonics Website update
    We have created the new project:

  • Nano Raylev 7:07 EST.

    The Nano Raylev technology is a ray-/electromagnetdrive with unrivaled features and possibilities, as they can't be reached with e.g. magnet drives. Electromagnetic fields can move objects to desired positions up to a few billionth of millimeters. For this we adapted our ray levitation (short Raylev) based electromagnetically operated, wireless drive system Raylev Transport for other utilitzations than the mobility and the transport on the macro level. An electromagnetic field ensures, that a so-called levitator/3D-carriage is kept free-floating in space. The system is based on the principles of our Raylev technology and our wave-field synthesis, so that there is no contact of the moved object to the ground or to fixed parts. Concurrently, the electromagnetic radiation field enables the motion of the levitator in 3 dimensions and not only 2, as with systems that apply the magnetic levitation (short maglev). But the pathbreaking invention of our development is the precision of the integrated electromagnetic positioning system, which ensures the control of the floater up to few nanometers. With this, a special sensor, that has similarities with our wave-field sensors, always acquires the travelled path in the space and the actual angle of rotation of the carriage in 3D. In this way, the levitator can not only make linear, circular, and eliptical movements with high-precision, but any movements with desired velocities. Furthermore, our solution has an operating range that is practically almost unlimited. The electromagnetic field control makes possible that even smallest components can be brought accurately to their operating site or the production can be controlled exactly to the point, making it particularly suitable for the utilization in aggravating environments with vacuum or protective gas atmospheres. Not only the production- and inspection systems of the semiconductor industry and the manufacturers of medical equipment, the biotechnology and molecular biology, but practically all industries, but also the user side can profit from it. Also, the interplay with the parionics is fascinating.
    Die Technologie Nano Raylev ist ein Strahlen-/Elektromagnetantrieb mit unerreichter Eigenschaften und Möglichkeiten, wie sie zum Beispiel mit Magnetantrieben nicht zu erreichen sind. Elektromagnetische Felder können Objekte bis auf wenige Milliardstel Millimeter zu einer gewünschten Position bewegen. Dafür adaptierten wir unser auf der Strahlenlevitation==Ray-Levitation (kurz Raylev) basierende elektromagnetisch betriebene, kabellose Antriebssystem Raylev Transport für andere Anwendungen als der Mobilität und dem Transport auf der Makroebene. Ein Elektromagnetfeld sorgt dafür, dass ein sogenannter Levitator/3D-Läufer freischwebend im Raum gehalten wird. Das System beruht auf den Prinzipien unserer Raylev-Technologie und unserer Wellenfeldsynthese, so dass kein Kontakt des bewegten Objekts zum Boden oder zu festen Teilen besteht. Gleichzeitig ermöglicht das elektromagnetische Strahlenfeld die Bewegung des Schwebers in 3 Dimensionen und nicht nur in 2, wie bei Systemen, die die magnetische Levitation (kurz Maglev) anwenden. Die wegweisende Neuerung an unserer Entwicklung ist jedoch die Präzesion des integrierten elektromagnetischen Positionierungssystem, das für eine bis auf wenige Nanometern genaue Steuerung des Schwebers sorgt. Ein spezieller Sensor, der Ähnlichkeiten mit unseren Wellenfeldsensoren hat, erfasst dabei jederzeit die zurückgelegte Strecke im Raum und den aktuellen Drehwinkel des Transporters in 3D. Auf diese Weise kann der Schweber nicht nur hochpräzise lineare, kreisförmige und eliptische Bewegungen ausführen, sondern beliebige Bewegungen mit gewünschten Geschwindigkeiten. Auch die extrem hohe Beschleunigung von mehreren 10 Metern pro Sekunde und die maximale Geschwindigkeit von mehreren 100 Metern pro Sekunde sind bahnbrechend. Zudem besitzt unserer Lösung einen Einsatzradius, der praktisch fast unbegrenzt ist. Die Elektromagnetfeldsteuerung ermöglicht selbst kleinste Bauteile zielgenau zu ihrem Einsatzort zu bringen oder die Produktion exakt auf den Punkt genau zu steuern, wodurch sie besonders für die Anwendung in erschwerenden Umgebungen mit Vakuum oder Schutzgasatmosphären geeignet ist. Nicht nur die Fertigungs- und Inspektionssysteme der Halbleiterindustrie und Hersteller von medizinischen Geräten, die Biotechnik und die Molekularbiologie, sondern praktisch alle Industrien aber auch die Anwenderseite kann von dieser Präzision profitieren. Auch ist das Zusammenspiel der Lösung mit der Parionik faszinierend.


  • Vtech: Finally, we could catch that company, that thinks it is allowed to copy everything for its cheap toys, which in fact is not the case, definitely. From one of its website we got the following informations: "Die erste Kinderkamera, die Fotos und Videos in 3D aufnimmt! Die 3D-Bilder und -Videos können in 3D-Optik (ohne 3D-Brille) direkt auf dem Display der Kamera betrachtet werden.==The first children camera, which records photos and videos in 3D! The 3D-photos and -videos can be viewed in 3D-look (without 3D-goggles) directly on the display of the camera.", and the features "Digitale 3D-Kamera==Digital 3D camera [-] "Nimmt 3D-Fotos und Videos auf==Records 3D-photos and -videos" [-] Doppel-Objektiv für echte 3D-Bilder==Double lens for real 3D-photos [-] 3D-Bilder (ohne 3D-Brille) direkt auf dem Bildschirm der Kamera betrachtbar==3D-photos (without 3D-goggles) directly viewable on the display of the camera [-] 3 Spiele in 3D Technik==3 games in 3D technique [-] Wechsel zwischen 2D- und 3D-Aufnahmen möglich==Change from 2D- and 3D-records possible [-] Bildbearbeitung direkt auf der Kamera möglich==Image editing directly on the camera possible [-] Mit Zusatz-Speicher erweiterbar (SD- oder SDHC Karte [...])==With auxiliary storage extendable (SD- or SDHC card [...])". Firstly, this is a clear copyright infringement related with our Ontoscope™ 3D hardware due to the fact that images show a 3D camera with a 3D display, which is exactly one of the more general innovations described and shown before by us on our websites (see the end of the case of the media company Rheinische Post in den Investigations::Multimedia of the 8th January 2010, the Ontoscope Further steps of the 27th of March 2010, the case of the company Sharp in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 17th of May 2010 , the case of the company Nintendo in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 4th of September 2010, and also the cases of the companies LG Electronics in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 13th and 28 of February 2011, and 16th of September 2011, and of the companies HTC and Sharp in the Investigations::Multimedia Ontoscope and intelliTablet Special vom 23rd of March 2011), and the matter that we have here two different languages does not change anything, because on the one hand english belongs to the technical language of companies that manufacture and sell digital devices, and on the other hand the specific terms are the same in both languages and also are so to say universally understandable at least in Europe, North America, Australia, and many other countries. Secondly, the claim of the first children camera that records and shows photos and videos in 3D is a criminal marketing lie due to our Ontoscope Jr/Junior™ 3D, Ontoboy™ 3D and Ontogirl™ 3D (see once again the Ontoscope Further steps of the 27th of March 2010 and the case of the company Nintendo in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 4th of September 2010). Thirdly, additional software applications, like for example for gaming and image editing, belong already to the set of software applications delivered with a common Unix® based distribution, like our Ontologic System™ (OS), Hightech Operating System™ (HOS), and n-Dimensional Operating System™ (nDOS) OntoLinux™. In detail, we think that a software like e.g. XPaint, which is even able to create 2D and 3D images, the GNU Image Manipulation Program GIMP, or in the case of OntoLinux the software suite Blender, are more than enough for such a work, so that there is no differentiation at all on the side of the software applications at all. Furthermore, there is no re-engineering gap related with the copyright laws. We, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, demand the company Vtech herewith to omit immediately this claim and the advertisement of our intellectual properties, the description of the Ontoscope and its different models and versions.
    Wir, die Christian Stroetmann GmbH, fordern das Unternehmen Vtech hiermit auf sofort diese Behauptung sowie diese Bewerbung unseres geistigen Eigentums, die Beschreibung des Ontoscope und seine verschiedenen Modelle und Versionen, zu unterlassen.

    We demand the worldwide media and corporations not to report about and to advertise 3D cameras with 3D display by the company Vtech, because our copyright in conjunction with our Ontoscope has been infringed already and will be infringed further on.
    Wir fordern die weltweiten Medien und Unternehmen auf nicht über die 3D-Kameras mit 3D-Display des Unternehmens Vtech zu berichten und zu bewerben, weil unser Urheberrecht im Zusammenhang mit unserem Ontoscope bereits verletzt wurde und weiterhin verletzt wird.

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #17
    We from Ontonics and Style of Speed have invented the supercharged/overloaded fuel cell that in addition to their normal functioning overload the applied fluids either electrostatic or/and hydrostatically. Others only supercharge at the pump that is used for the filling of the fuel cell tank, which is definitely not the solution we are talking about.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics und Style of Speed haben die überladene Brennstoffzelle erfunden, die zusätzlich zu ihrer normalen Arbeitsweise die verwendeten Flüssigkeiten entweder elektrostatisch oder/und hydrostatisch überladen. Andere überladen nur bei der Pumpe, die der Befüllung des Brennstoffzellentanks dient, was definitiv nicht die Lösung ist über die wir sprechen.


  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland→Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln: In einer Computersendung vom 13.12.2012 erklärte man, dass Stirlingmotoren nicht industriell genutzt werden und eine Beschäftigung mit ihnen nur zum Vergnügen einen Sinn macht, obwohl man sie schon seit etlicher Zeit anwendet um zum Beispiel Abwärme von Lastkraftwagen für die Versorgung von kleinen Kühlschränken in den FahrerInnenkabinen zu nutzen, die effizientesten Solargeneratoren aus einer Reflektorschüssel und einem Stirlinggenerator, den hochentwickelten Stirling-Radioistop-Generator==Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator (ASRG) und unseren HyperStirling/Stroetmann-Stirling-Motor und HyperKompressor/Stroetmann-Kompressor zu konstruieren, den sogar die handwerklich untalentierteste Autofahrerin nutzen kann, weil man ihn eigentlich nur auf einen Motor legen muss. Außerdem kann man Stirlingmotoren auch mit Eis oder einem Heißgetränk und nicht nur mit einem kleinen Brenner betreiben, weil praktisch nur die Temperaturdifferenz für das Funktionieren entscheidend ist, weshalb auch die vollkommen ungefährlich Anwendung durch Kinder problemlos möglich ist. Warum wird also in der Sendung dieser Schwachsinn behauptet und erst im Forum einige Tage später am 03.12.2012 aufgrund von Zuschauerreaktionen richtig gestellt, dann aber wiederum nur mit dem Hinweis auf einen angeblichen anderen Pionier? Die zwei Moderatoren sollen lieber zusehen, dass sie endlich mit Computern klar kommen und ihre ständigen Vorführeffekte verschwinden anstatt auch noch im Bereich des Ingenieurswesen Unfug zu verbreiten.

    *** Copy mode ***
    Ontonics Website update
    We have developed a new solution called:

  • Cool Engine 7:00 EST.

    The Cool Engine technology uses the thermoelectric techniques of the Peltier and Seeback effects for recovering energy from otherwise ununsed waste heat of engines of all kinds, inclusive combustion engines and electric motors. For the realization Peltier and Seeback elements are directly integrated into the blocks of the engines and in the case of an electric motor also into the electric power management/control unit.
    Die Technologie kühler Motor==Cool Engine nutzt thermoelektrische Techniken der Peltier- und Seeback-Effekte für die Wiedergewinnung von Energie von ansonsten ungenutzter Abwärme von Motoren aller Art, inklusive Verbrennungsmotoren und elektrische Motoren. Für die Realisierung werden Peltier- und Seeback-Elemente direkt in die Motorblöcke und im Fall von einem Elektromotor auch in die elektrische Stromsteuerungs-/kontroleinheit integriert.

    Eventually, this is redundant with a development by us of the past.

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #18
    We from Ontonics and the OntoLab have invented the so-called multi-layer/(multi-)stacked 3D display with more than 2 layers by having developed further the 3D displays with 2 monitors after the technique of the Computer Tomography (CT), and not the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the U.S.A..
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics und vom OntoLab haben den sogenannten mehrstufigen/vielschichtigen 3D-Bildschirm mit mehr als 2 Schichten erfunden, indem wir die 3D-Anzeigen mit 2 Monitore nach der Technik der ComputerTomographie (CT) weiterentwickelt haben, und nicht das Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the U.S.A..

    *** Copy mode ***
    Ontonics Website update
    We have developed new solutions called:

  • WRPL@Work 1:21 EST,
  • WREL/WRPL@Car,
  • BEL/BPL@Work 7:53 EST, and
  • BEL/BPL@Car 7:53 EST.

    BEL/BPL@Work like WREL/WRPL@Work, but with Beamed Energy/Power Link; includes BREL and BRPL, and BREL/BRPL@Work
    BEL/BPL@Work wie WREL/WRPL@Work, aber mit Gestrahlter Energieverbindung(GE)==Beamed Energy/Power Link; umfasst BREL und BRPL und BREL/BRPL@Work

    BEL/BPL@Car like WREL/WRPL@Car, but vehicle interior; includes BREL and BRPL (We are looking if and when we have mentioned it the first time.)
    BEL/BPL@Car wie WREL/WRPL@Car, aber Vehikelinterior; umfasst BREL und BRPL

    We have also give more examples in the description of our WREL/WRPL@Home, specifically more related with (interior) furnishings, specifically furniture, e.g. seats, sofas, beds, cupboards, carpets, and all kinds of tables, because in this case other companies thought to be very clever as well by their attempts to misunderstand that we have already invented the general concept.

    Pictures of the Day
    MythBusters Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman at the San Diego Comic-Con International 2008(?) and Kari Elizabeth Byron at the San Diego Comic-Con International 2010

    Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman with their Lego Minifigure Avatars at the San Diego Comic-Con International
    Kari Elizabeth Byron with her Lego Minifigure Avatar at the San Diego Comic-Con International 2010
    © Rahoul Ghose and Discovery Communications→Discovery Channel→MythBusters

    Not busted or plausible, but confirmed!!! Like our versions of the approaches of the second metabolism, self-symbiosis, and selfbiosis or reflective symbiosis are, which we have summarized in full length in the Clarification of the 20th of June 2012 (see also the images shown with the Roboticle Further steps of the 6th of October 2012, the OntoLinux Further steps of the 2nd of June 2012 and 15th of July 2012, and the Clarifications of the 2nd of June 2012 and 2nd of October 2012).
    Other experts like e.g. Tory Belleci and Grant Masaru Imahara, and also Buster can be found easily on the web.

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #19
    We from Ontonics and the OntoLab have invented the Memory Foil used for example like a aluminimum/tin/silver foil/wrap, but is made out of a memory metal and in this way has only to be layed into a stove or to another source of heat for some minutes, so that it returns to its original shape again.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics und vom OntoLab haben die Memoriefolie erfunden, die man wie zum Beispiel eine Aluminiumfolie/Silberpapier nutzt, aber aus einem Formgedächtnis-/Memory-Metall hergestellt wird und aufgrund dieser Eigenschaft lediglich in einen Ofen oder zu einer anderen Hitzequelle für einige Minuten gelegt werden muss, so dass sie wieder ihre ursprüngliche Form erhält.

    Comment of the Day
    Hybrid Wireless Energy Link™
    Hybrid Wireless Power Link™

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #20
    We from Ontonics and the OntoLab have invented the Piezo Fabrics, with which each of the single fibre of the fabrics is a piezoelectronic element, that generates power by being moved by for example the natural gestures of the human body.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics und vom OntoLab haben die Piezostoffe==Piezo Fabrics erfunden, bei denen jede einzelne Faser der Gewebe ein Energie generierendes piezoelektrisches Element ist, dass Energie erzeugt indem es zum Beispiel durch natürliche Gesten des menschlichen Körpers bewegt wird.

    *** Copy mode ***
    Ontonics Website update
    We have added the following old solutions to our Innovation-Pipeline called:

  • iWall 3:03 EST and
  • Hous•E::Robotwall 3:03 EST, as well as
  • WREL/WRPL@Plane,
  • WREL/WRPL@Ship,
  • BEL/BPL@Plane,
  • BEL/BPL@Ship, (
  • BREL/BRPL@Plane), (
  • BREL/BRPL@Ship), and also
  • Hybrid Wireless Energy/Power Link (HWEL/HWPL) 7:43 EST.

    Self-explanatorily, these solutions are connected with intelligent arichtecture (iarchitecture), specifically WREL/WRPL@Home, WREL/WRPL@Work, BEL@Home, and BEL@Work respectively BREL/BRPL@Home and BREL/BRPL@Work.

    iWall like iqarquet, but as wall (We look how much is included in irail.)
    iWall wie iqarquet, aber als Wand

    Hous•E::Robotwall like Hous•E::Robotfloor, but as wall (We look how much is included in irail.)

    Hous•E::Robotwall wie Hous•E::Robotfloor, aber als Wand

    WREL/WRPL@Plane like WREL/WRPL@Car, but on plane (We are looking if and when we have mentioned it the first time.)

    WREL/WRPL@Ship like WREL/WRPL@Car, but on ship

    BEL/BPL@Plane like BEL/BPL@Car, but on plane; includes BREL and BRPL (We are looking if and when we have mentioned it the first time.)

    BEL/BPL@Ship like BEL/BPL@Car, but on ship; umfasst BREL and BRPL

    Hybrid Wireless Energy Link (HWEL) and Hybrid Power Link (HWPL) integrate as needed wireless energy transmission systems based on magnetic waves, like e.g. traditional/classic inductive coupling based systems, WREL, and WRPL, and electormagnetic waves, like e.g. classic Beamed Energy Link (BEL) systems, BREL, and BRPL, .
    Hybrid Wireless Energy Link (HWEL) and Hybrid Power Link (HWPL) integrieren nach Bedürfnis kabellose Energieübertragungssysteme, die auf magnetischen Wellen (induktive Kopplung), wie etwa WREL und WRPL, und elektromagnetischen Wellen (gestrahlte Energie), wie BEL, BREL und BRPL, basieren.

    We also deleted the point that compares the efficiencies of our Wireless Resonant Power Link (WRPL) technology and the Wireless Resonant Energy Link (WREL) technology, and made in point 1. of the description of the WRPL the only implicitly given information explicit by adding that it "includes the approach of the loosely strongly coupled resonators that can be described as a WREL with the techniques of interference/overlay and multiplexing for flexibility, adaptability, and applicability". For sure, this is needed for utilizing WREL with for example our irail and ipad, as well as for some specific applications of our WREL@Home, as some competitors found out themselves much too late.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Padphone™ (Padfone by Asus)

    Comment of the Day #2
    "It is better not to call a painting gravitation, if it is in fact showing the magnetic field lines of a tokamak used for fusion.", [C.S., Today]

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #21
    We from Ontonics, the OntoLab, Style of Speed, and Roboticle have invented the wheel pad, rim pad, and rim band pad, which optimizes the wireless power/energy transmission for vehicles with wheels by reducing the distance between the contact points/pads (air gap) to some few centimeters/inches.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics, vom OntoLab, von Style of Speed und von Roboticle haben den Radkontakt==Wheel-Pad, den Felgenkontakt==Rim-Pad und den Felgenbandkontakt==Rim-Band-Pad erfunden, der die kabellose Energieübertragung für Vehikel mit Rädern optimiert indem der Abstand zwischen den Kontaktstellen/-punkten (Luftspaltweite) auf wenige Zentimeter/Inche reduziert wird.

    OntoLinux Website update
    As announced in the Further steps of the 20th of June 2012, we have copied the text of the Clarification of the same day to the sections Self-Symbiosis, Second Metabolism, and Selfbiosis or Reflective Symbiosis of the webpage about the Terms of the 21 Century, and begun to add additional informations in form of explanations and links to other concepts, paradigms, and technologies, though at this point we are not fully confident if and how we should differentiate the terms, specifically the Self-Symbiosis and the Selfbiosis or Reflective Symbiosis.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Active resonance™
    Active resonator™
    Active wave™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "If you are young, you search someone with the same interests. If you are older, you search someone with the same wackiness.", [C.S., Today]

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #22
    We from Ontonics and the OntoLab have invented the McNano, which is a technology that comprises processes of the food production as well as products. The technology was inspired by the fields of experimental cookery and molecular gastronomy, especially by the styles of molecular cooking and experimental cuisine, which we extended and developed further by the three concepts nanotechnology, food component palette and automation, and in this way transformed the whole fields of food and cooking. Especially remarkable is, that we have succeeded to determine a broad palette of compositions, that makes a dangerless intake possible. Our unique approach becomes even more interesting by the integration with the rapid prototyping technologies/3D printing, like our technology NanoFab, because in this way the vision of the replicator best known from the science fiction series Star Trek will be realised at the end.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics und vom OntoLab haben McNano erfunden, die eine Technologie ist, die sowohl Prozesse zur Herstellung von Nahrungsmitteln als auch fertigen Produkte umfasst. Die Technologie wurde inspiriert durch die Bereiche Experimentelles Kochen und Molekulargastronomie, insbesondere durch die Stile Molekulares Kochen and Experimentelle Küche, welche wir durch die drei Konzepte Nanotechnologie, Nahrungsbestandteilpalette und Automatisation erweiterten und weiterentwickelten und hierdurch die gesamten Bereiche der Ernährung und des Kochens transformierten. Vor allem ist bemerkenswert, dass wir eine umfassende Palette an Kompositionen bestimmen, die eine gefahrlose Aufnahme ermöglicht. Umso interessanter wird unser einmaliger Ansatz durch die Integration mit den Rapid-Prototyping-Technologien/dem 3D-Drucken, wie unsere Technologie NanoFab, da so letztendlich die Vision des aus der Science Fiction Reihe Star Trek wohl bekannten Replikators realisiert wird.

    OntoLinux Website update
    On the webpage Terms of the 21 Century we have added the explanantion to the section Second Metabolism that the OntoBot software component already has the pathway logic, which was originally used exactly in the field of metabolic pathways as part of systems biology, which proves that we had always such concepts in mind as well when we designed OntoLix and OntoLinux.


  • Nikon: As part of its advertisement the company said "I am all in one", which was stolen from the webpage Overview of the website of our Ontologic System™ (OS), Hightech Operating System™ (HOS), and n-Dimensional Operating System™ (nDOS) OntoLinux™ that is connected with the philosophical subject ontology, which is about existency and being, and to our Ontoscopes™, which also proves that it must be a marketing lie. Somehow this points into the direction of a problem with our copyright.

    Comment of the Day
    Magnetic bearing motor™
    Magnetic bearing engine™
    Electrodynamic bearing motor™
    Electrodynamic bearing engine™
    Active bearing motor™
    Active bearing engine™
    Active bearing engine™
    First wave-field camera with Linux™
    First wave-field camera with Android™
    First wave-field camera with iOS™
    Erste Wellenfeldkamera mit Linux™
    Erste Wellenfeldkamera mit Android™
    Erste Wellenfeldkamera mit iOS™

    Picture of the Day
    Red Heart Blue Heart Invisible Heart (14.December.2008)

    © King Smiley

    The picture has many other titles that reflect its many meanings, like for examle "Abstraction of Heart", "Heart and Love", "Love is invisible", "3D Heart", "I love 3D", and so on, and in respect to 3D, as well as its relation to the colours of 3D goggles for watching 3D pictures and of the two cardiac chambers on the one hand (see also the Original Sketches of the 22nd of January 2008 and the the images shown in the Roboticle Further steps of the 6th of October 2012, especially the "Lego OntoLab (Skeleton) Minifigure"), and the logo of Yahoo!→Flickr on the other hand it is also called "Yahoo! Trap" and "Flickr Trap", because we knew that the company would illegally copy it.

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #23
    We from Ontonics and the OntoLab have invented the HyperCyle, which is an energy concept that on the basis of blends of Hydrogen (H) and Oxygen (O), specifically DiHydrogen Oxide (H2O; water) and DiHydrogen DiOxide (H2O2; hydrogen peroxide), unites the advantages of all four substances and thereby eliminates the disadvantages, so that a conversion to these absolute clean carriers of energy can be realized harmonically meaning socially, environmentally, technically, and economically reasonable.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics und vom OntoLab haben den HyperZyklus erfunden, der ein Energiekonzept ist, das auf Basis von Mischungen aus Wasserstoff (H) und Oxygenium (O; Sauerstoff), insbesondere DiWasserstoffOxid (H2O; Wasser) und DiWasserstoffDiOxid (H2O2; Wasserstoffperoxid), die Vorteil aller vier Stoffe vereint und dabei die Nachteile beseitigt, sodass eine Umstellung auf diese absolut sauberen Energieträger vollkommen harmonisch realisiert werden kann, das heißt gesellschaftlich, umweltverträglich, technisch und wirtschaftlich sinnvoll.

    Ontonics and Style of Speed Further steps
    We are thinking about using Maglev Bearings as active engine bearings for the crankshafts of combustion engines, which gives the additional possibility and advantage to integrate electric motors directly into the engine as part of a hybrid drivetrain.


  • Yahoo!→Flickr: The subsidiary has copied our logo or picture , which has many titles, like for example "Red Heart Blue Heart Invisible Heart", "Heart and Love", and "3D Heart" (see more meanings and titles in the text below the Picture of the Day of today), without referencing us. For sure, we did it after the 2 dots, one blue dot to the left of a red dot that are reflecting the classic white 3D goggles in a highly abstract way, which are the logo of Flickr for stopping directly in the year 2008 any further attempt to steal intellectual properties from us by the website owner, and the third heart even was done deliberately in white, because it is not relevant for the visual effect in this case at all due to the white background that makes it invisible, in fact the company Yahoo! stepped into the trap especially laid out for it :P:P:P, and its second and third additional artistic function that are the 3³ Theme. Nevertheless, the first meaning counts, so we have to call it a copyright infringement, and demand that the company either removes it again or get a license immediately. We also do see somekind of a garden and something called "Smile", which both are somehow concepts very familiar to us. More curious is the following impression, despite it was already expected: M. Mayer comes and the stealing decelerates at Google and accelerates at Yahoo!. We always knew that like in the failed attempt to steal our hospital respectively medical information system that she was as well responsible for the stealing of the painting "Pattern #0001 Coloured" presented as an Original on the 21st of October 2008 for an older Google logo (see the case in the Investigations/Inspired by Us™ of the 13th of January 2009), which as well has not referenced us, asked for a license, nor paid for the damage done to C.S. until today.
    By the way: The informations of the terms of service and the user privacy are only given in English, though they have to be translated to the correct language in the European Union.


  • Samsung: The latest actings by that only copying or stealing company in the fields of wireless energy/power transmission and cameras has proven that the business strategy of it is mainly based on copying others intellectual properties. While in the case of the wireless energy/power transmission the company claims that its system functions in the medium-field and far-field, as well as has the dynamic (re)charging feature, which infringes the intellectual properties of a spin-off by a U.S.American research institute, which holds the related patents, and of us, it has also stolen by the slogan "Camera Reborn" with the letter o explicitly written in a different style, so that our Ontologic System (OS), Hightech Operating System (HOS), and n-Dimensional Operating System OntoLinux, our Zero Ontology O#, as well as our marketing story of reinventing the camera are reflected. We already do see a copyright infringement in this acting, and that in fact the general acting constitutes a clear attack on the principle of the markets but also on the whole societies in North America and Europe.

    *** Proof-reading mode ***
    Investigations::Multimedia and Car #370

  • Volkswagen→Audi: A press release about a new generation of one of its models gave us the following informations: "[...] stronger performance [...] [speech act]", "[...] sporty tuning [...] [speech act]", "[...] more strongly [...] [speech act]", "Active engine bearings [...] [We would like to mention our trademarks Active Engine Bracket™ and Active Engine Mounting™ on the one hand, and the term Active Bearing on the other hand.]", "At the heart of the quattro permanent all-wheel drive system with torque vectoring is a self-locking center differential with an elevated locking value. [To use the term active differential for the center differential within this explanation would be correct, if we would not have connected the term Active Differential™ with the term Electric Torque Vectoring™ that is also called electrified quattro, electric quattro, or simply e-quattro before in conjunction with electrified and hybrid models by the marque that feature an permanent all-wheel drive with a range of force distribution between 0% and 100%.]", "The system combines the air suspension with controlled damping and takes into account the road conditions, the driving style [...] [(We have to look what we said in the past about this suspension in conjunction with the marque Rolls Royce, though this might be an active but not a proactive system like our combination of the Active Suspension and Active Trac.)]", "[...] singularly [...] [speech act]", "[...] custom driver-information system [...] [This could be a problem due to our description "fully customizable Graphical User Interface (GUI) for easy handling and individualization, optional Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™)".]", "[...] head-up display and the high-performance driver assistance systems [...] [This combination is problematic due to our solutions. Furthermore, the feature of the Head-Up Display (HUD) is only correct, as long as the projected information uses solely simple 2D symbols, while everything else infringes our copyright, specifically 3D graphics and images, and projections on the whole windshield or/and dashboard, as well as into the interior space or directly into the eyes of the passenger, to name just some of our inventive solutions not to mention our many 3D display technologies (see the cases of the marque in the Investigations::Car #343 of the 16th of January 2012 and #345 of the 6th of February 2012, as well as in the Investigations::Aviation and Space of the 4th of February 2012 and the Investigations::Car #364 of the 28th of October 2012, and eventually take also a look again at the cases of the companies Daimler in the Investigations::Car #343 of the 16th of January 2012 and Bayerische Motorenwerke in the Investigations::Car #342 of the 11th of January 2012). The same has to be said in relation to the high-performance assistance system, because if its features become too multifunctional and multimedial, then also our solution given with the interplay of our Active Components, the assistance systems by the factories, and our OntoLinux would be reproduced only.]", "[...] perfect complement [...] [speech act]", and "[...] delivers web-based [the marque] connect services to the car [...] [If this has also a relation to cloud computing, and we are sure that this is the case or at least is prepared, then our AutoCloud™ concept is copied (see the cases of the marque Audi and the company General Motors in the Investigations::Car #343 of the 16th of January 2012).]".
  • Fiat: Now, the manufacturer has stolen our City Speed-E™ concept completely together with massive copyright infringement, maximal aggression, and also marketing lies. The press release delivers the clear evidences for our claims: "[... the electric vehicle] Recharges the Electric Vehicle (EV) Segment with Italian Style and Performance [...] [No, no, no: Performance Style™!!!™]", "[...] electrifies [...]", "[...] innovation and style [...] [No, no, no: "Style is Innovation™", "Innovation. Style. Quality.™", and "Invention. Style. Quality.™"!!!™]", "[...] pure battery-electric [...] [No, no, no: Pure Electric™!!!™ Stop infringing our copyright. The company has alternatives like all battery-electric.]", "[...] intelligently integrated approach to battery-electric technology [...]", "[...] city driving [...] [We have seen this several times in this press release, so that it reflects our Car E-City™ concept, which is called an evidence for its copyright infringement.]", "[...] engaging driving dynamics [...] [As we said, our City Speed-E™ concept has been stolen completely.]", "[...] city-friendly [...]", "[...] fun-to-drive [...] [No, no, no: Fun to Drive™!!!™ Because it is written in this way and that in the context it is also damaging our trademark City Fun™, we have here the next evidence for a more than clear copyright infringement. Go away!]", "[...] fun-to-drive [...] [Repeating has no effect and does not change the fact: Fun to Drive™!!!™]", "The [small electric car] changes the paradigm in an electric vehicle market [...] [This statement is misleading the public, because the manufacturer comes more than 3 years after us.]", "[...] performance and range [...] [Because we are talking about electric vehicles, this seems to be derived from our trademark Electric Performance™.]", "[...] consistent performance [...] [This points into the direction of a speech act stealing. Somehow contents of our website is reflected for confusing the public.]", "[...] city driving range [...]", "[...] simplicity with innovation [...] [This is a speech act stealing and was taken from the website of Ontonics™.]", "[...] Nero (black) or exclusive Steam (white) [...] [As we said, it has stolen the concept of our City Speed-E™ completely, because this reflects the exterior versions mentioned on the webpage of our City SuperVeloce.]", and "Keeping passengers of the [electric vehicle] connected to vehicle information is an all-new [electric vehicle] Smartphone App [...] that enables real-time vehicle status, manages charging, tracks the driver's energy use, locates the vehicle and nearby charging stations, plans and sends routes to the vehicle and provides text-message alerts. [We already mentioned this kind of copyright infringement in the cases of the company Nissan and the marque General Motors→Opel in this investigation below, as well as in the case of the manufacturer Bayerische Motorenwerke in the Investigations::Car #369 of the 3rd of December 2012, so that we will not bother our readers with the repeating of the detailed explanation.]".
  • Peugeot: "[...] power of pure emotion [...] [This would be correct, if it would not damage our Pure Theme and our Emotion Theme once again, as well as our trademark Pure Power™ and our slogan "Powered by Emotion™", which taken together in this context makes the statement a copyright infringement.]", "[...] new style [...]", "[...] emotional power [...] [See the comment to the first quote.]", "[...] MOTION & EMOTION [...] [The marque can writte it even much larger, but it will not change the fact that it was derived illegally from the fact that our vehicles are powered by our OntoLinux related with the Emotion Arichtecture by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from the U.S.A., as we already explained some years ago now, and it is time for the company to accept this fact.]", "[...] expertise [...] 'Design Style' [...] 'High Quality' [This is an evidence of the copyright infringement, because our slogans "Innovation. Design. Quality.™", "Invention. Design. Quality.™", and "Idea. Design. Quality.™", but especially "Quality and Design™", "Quality by Design™", "HighQuality and Design™", and "HighQuality by Design™" have been reflected deliberately to damage our business.]", "[...] strong design [...] [Strong™]", "[...] strong [...]", "[...] emotional power [...] [See once again the comment to the first quote.]", "[...] style [...]", "[...] also aware of innovation [...]", "[...] fluid and powerful style [...]", "[...] style[...]", "[...] modern style [...] [Here we have Modern Motion™ and Modern EMotion™ together with our Style Theme.]", "[...] new synergy [...] [Do not confuse this with New Ennergy™.]", "[...] pure style [...] [No, no, no: Pure Style™!!! Go away!]", "[...] reflecting their personality and sensibility [...] [Again, this was said in relation with OntoLinux, in the same way as with motion and emotion.]", "[...] 3 arch colours [...] 3 new types [...] 3 colours [...] [For sure, it is still the 3³ Theme by C.S..]", "[...] innovative synthesis of performance [...] [And here we have phrase that is also derived from trademarks and slogans by us like the slogna "Synthesis of Intelligence and Performance™", and is also this overall copying that constitutes the copyright infringement.]", "[...] active rear aero spoiler [...] [Not the concept, but this specific description by using the term "active" in this context was copied from the webpage Active Wing™ of the Style of Speed™ website.]", "[...] controlled diaphragm that resonates [...]", "[...] equipment [...] ["Equipment is Everything™"]", "[...] intelligent traction control [...] [See also our Active Trac™ system by Style of Speed™.]", "[...] WIP [(World in Peugeot)] Com 3D is a top-of-the range multimedia system [...] [This multimedia system has only a 2D display.], and "[...] WIP Nav Plus, in addition to the WIP Sound and the WIP Com 3D [...] perspective view mode [...] [We have to be precise at this point, because navigation systems with 3D graphic representation, here called perspective view mode, is not the problem, but everything else could be and often is problematic, specifically if it is a complete multimedia system in the end. So this is a copyright infringement due to the application of our 3D operating system OntoLinux with its Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI™) in our vehicles with 2D and 3D imaging systems, definitely and an attempt like conducted by that marque by describing it as a navigating system is not legal.]".
  • General Motors: In a report of a serious criminal media company we found out that that manufacturer has also stolen our Active Cam™ and Active Sensor™ systems for its illegal clone of our Sp@ce@Car solution (see its case in the Investigations::Car #345 of the 6th of February 2012), that proves that it has the technologies also stolen for its connected vehicle platform (see its case in the Investigations #365 of the 11th of November 2012).
  • General Motors→Opel: For a smaller model that company has stolen the concept to connect a smartphone with the touch display. The latter is a copyright infringement due to the fact that the image of the interior of the model j!™ by Style of Speed™ shows exactly this concept with the smartphone placed above the larger touch display in the center console (original full description given by the subsidiary Volkswagen Brazil of the manufacturer Volkswagen). Not surprisingly, the link between the smartphone and the touch dispaly is called in a similar way beginning with the letters "intelli" like our business unit intelliTablet, that has extended this smartphone metaphor with further functions to which belong the application as an instrument panel and our related Car-X-Window™ System, that are also used with for example our multi-touch P@d™. Said this, there was never a gap, like in the case of the manufacturer Nissian related with the same issue (see its case below).

    We demand the worldwide media not to report about the infotainment and navigation system of the model Adam by the marque Opel of the manufacturer General Motors, because copyright infringements will be conducted due to our application of smartphones, tablet and pad computer, and further mobile devices as well as other multimedia devices with (multi-)touch feature as instrument display and dashboard of vehicles.
    Wir fordern die weltweiten Medien auf nicht über das Infotainment- und Navigationssystem des Modells Adam der Marke Opel des Herstellers General Motors zu berichten, da unser Urheberrecht im Zusammenhang mit Anwendung von Smartfonen, Tablet- und Pad-Computern und weiteren mobilen Geräten sowie anderen multimedia Geräten mit (Mehr)Finger- beziehungsweise (Multi-)touch-Fähigkeiten als Armaturenanzeige und -brett von Vehikeln weitere Urheberrechtsverletzungen gemacht werden.

  • Nissan: In a commercial shown in the television in the B.R.D. that massively stealing company presented again its car called Leaf™, which still damages our trademark Leaf™, and also showed a smartphone with multi-touch display while asking the question: "Was wäre, wenn das [... und das ein Teil der Instrumententafel des Autos wäre ...] und das das Armaturenbrett?==How would it be, if this [... and this would be a part of the instrument panel of the car ... ] and this would be the dashboard?". The latter is a copyright infringement due to the fact that the image of the interior of the model j!™ by Style of Speed™ shows the same smartphone model (placed above the larger touch display in the center console; original full description given by the subsidiary Volkswagen Brazil of the manufacturer Volkswagen), and because we have extended this smartphone metaphor with further functions to which belong the application as an instrument panel and our related Car-X-Window™ System, that are also used with for example our multi-touch P@d™. Said this, there was never a gap even not by using a suggesting statement in the form of "How would it be, if this ...", because this was deliberately done to connect its car with others and our solution and mislead the public in such a way, they they should think it is a solution by that company.

    We demand the worldwide media not to show any advertisements of the model Leaf by the manufacturer Nissan anymore, because our copyright related with our trademark Leaf will be infringend, and because further copyright infringements will be conducted due to our application of smartphones, tablet and pad computer, and further mobile devices as well as other multimedia devices with (multi-)touch feature as instrument display and dashboard of vehicles.
    Wir fordern die weltweiten Medien auf keine Werbungen des Modells Leaf des Herstellers Nissan mehr zu zeigen, da unser Urheberrecht im Zusammenhang mit unserer Handelsmarke Leaf verletzt wird und weil wegen unsere Anwendung von Smartfonen, Tablet- und Pad-Computern und weiteren mobilen Geräten sowie anderen multimedia Geräten mit (Mehr)Finger- beziehungsweise (Multi-)touch-Fähigkeiten als Armaturenanzeige und -brett von Vehikeln weitere Urheberrechtsverletzungen gemacht werden.

  • TAC Motors: The actually only model of the company has many design cues of our model X!, specifically of the design study by Sperling, and the label Stark is the german word for Strong™, so that it is absolutely clear that it tries to copy us, which is proved by the fact that it also has a version with an electric drivetrain. Suspiciously, that model features design elements of the marque Smart by the marque Daimler→Mercedes-Benz as well, though the diesel engine seems to be manufactured by the subsidiary Fiat→FPT Industrial.

    Fine Tuning mode
    Due to a defrauding acting we made notes about the sponsor Volkswagen→Bugatti, the pseudo-artist Bernar Venet, and the collectors Rubell on our webpage of facts related with Culture.

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #24
    We from Ontonics, the OntoLab, Style of Speed, and Roboticle have invented the Autocopter, which is a hybrid vehicle of an automobile and a powered-lift aircraft, like for example a quadrocopter, which has not as a feature unmanned, assisted, and piloted drive and fly modes only, but also a whole range of previously unknown technical solutions in the areas of flight dynamics and safety, user friendliness, connectivity, and infotainment.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics, dem OntoLab, Style of Speed und Roboticle haben den Autokopter erfunden, der ein hybrides Vehikel eines Automobils und eines angetriebenen Auftriebsfluggerät==Powered-Lift-Aircraft ist, wie zum Beispiel einem Quadrokopter, und nicht nur unbemannte, assistierte und pilotierte Fahr- und Flugmodi als Eigenschaft besitzt, sondern auch ein ganzes Spektrum zuvor nicht gekannter technischer Lösungen in den Bereichen Flugdynamik und -sicherheit, Anwenderfreundlichkeit, Konnektivität und Infotainment.


  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Auch die ARD hat es weiterhin nicht unterlassen dem Standort B.R.D. erheblichen finanziellen aber auch gesellschaftlichen Schaden zuzufügen, indem man wie bei anderen Medienunternehmen auch anstatt über das Original, nämlich unserem Unternehmen und seinen Diensten und Produkten, ausschließlich über diejenigen Unternehmen berichtet, denen wir bereits in der Vergangenheit die Verletzung unserer Urheberrechte als auch marktmanipulierende Selbstdarstellungen nachgewiesen haben. So wurde auch heute wieder in einem Bericht über einen führenden Chiphersteller im Zusammenhang mit zentralen Prozessoreinheiten==Central Processor Units (CPUs) für Smartfone und anderen mobilen Endgeräten nicht nur unsere Ansätze der Tablet- und Pad-Computer aufgrund einer Oberfläche==Surface absichtlich einem sehr aggressiv kopierenden Unternehmen angedichtet, das sich bis heute geweigert hat genau diese textuelle Beschreibung bei uns zu lizensieren, und in unmittelbarer Nähe zu der Textpassage auf einmal auch ein weiterer Hersteller u.a. von (CPUs) genannt wird, weil wir diesen gemeinsam mit einem weiteren fast ausschließlich nur kopierenden Herstellter von z.B. Smartfonen und Tablet-Computern im Bereich der kabellosen Energieübertragung überführten, denn dieser in der jüngsten Vergangenheit auffälligerweise immer öfter genannte Chiphersteller produziert schon sehr lange eine im Bereich von eingebetteten Systemen und mobilen Endgeräten bekannte und weitverbreitete Prozessorline. Somit haben wir auf der einen Seite die wesentlichen Elemente unseres Pad-Computers und auf der anderen wieder einmal die ARD erwischt, da das ganze auch garantiert nichts mehr mit der freien Meinungsäußerung und schon gar nicht mit dem Auftrag der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten gemeinsam hat, sondern mit der vorsätzliche herbeigeführten Schädigung von legal handelnden Entitäten und außerdem einem fast schon unfassbar riesigen Abhörskandal in der B.R.D. mit internationalen Umfang, der sogar die Maßnahmen der Führung und der sogenannten Stasi der ehemaligen D.D.R. in den Schatten stellt.

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #5²
    We from Ontonics and the OntoLab have invented the Caliber/ Calibre, which is the first dynamic Universal Theory of Everything (UTE) for the oberservable universe and beyond in close alignment with accepted theories, specifically the theories of relativity about the spacetime and the information theory, is based on the Zero Ontology O#, and uses pure logics, mathematics, and simulations.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics und vom OntoLab haben das Caliber/Calibre erfunden, die die erste dynamische universale Theorie von Allem für das sichtbaren Universum und darüber hinaus in enger Übereinstimmung mit akzeptierten Theorien ist, insbesondere die Relativitätstheorien über die Raumzeit und die Informationstheorie, auf der Null-Ontologie O# basiert und reine Logik, Mathematik und Simulationen als Hilfsmittel nutzt.

    Comment of the Day
    First camera with 4G and Linux
    First camera with 4G and Android
    First camera with 4G and iOS
    Camera reloaded™
    Smartphone reloaded™
    Tablet reloaded™
    Pad reloaded™
    Smartphone reborn™
    Tablet reborn™
    Pad reborn™

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #26
    We from Ontonics, the OntoLab, and Style of Speed have invented the Multimode Plasma Engine (MPE), which does not need a vacuum for operation and in this way even works in the atmosphere and not in space only, delivers most outstanding performances for velocities never before reached, and can be realized with common contemporary components, and also eventually opens the way into the direction of the Warp Drive.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics, dem OntoLab und Style of Speed haben den Multimode PlasmaAntrieb (MPA) erfunden, der kein Vakuum für den Betrieb benötigt und heirdurch sogar in der Atmospäre und nicht nur im Weltraum funktioniert, herausragendste Leistungen für vorher nicht erreichte Geschwindigkeiten liefert und mit gewöhnlichen zeitgenössischen Komponenten realisiert werden kann und zudem letztendlich den Weg in die Richtung des Verkrümmungs-/Verziehungsantriebs==Warp-Drive öffnet.

    While designing the drivetrain of our spacevessel Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift by Style of Speed we thought for a short moment about the claim that an artificial quantum singularity or very tiny black hole could not be stopped, which would be a problem not only for the Romulans, who use it for generating energy that is needed for powering the warp core of some of their spaceships, but for us as well, because we have some kind of a hybrid engine based on matter-antimatter reaction for igniting an artificial quantum singularity. In fact, we never believed that an artificial quantum singularity can't be stopped in general, at least to a manageable level, which was explained by the Star Trek saga as well and could even be done by organic principles that create a different time frame respectively temporal aperture that breaches the spacetime continuum and could influence the flow of time (see episode "Timescape" of The Next Generation (TNG) series), and was also confirmed by the runs in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).


  • Google→Motorola: The subsidiary of the only stealing company has bought a company that has promoted itself and was reported as specialist in the field of face recognition technology of persons captured by the camera at the backside of a device until the end of the year 2011, but writes on its website now: "We enable people to see the world through computer vision with face, object, and gesture recognition technology products that realize the full potential of the many advanced consumer devices that are now on the market - smartphones, tablets, and other camera-enabled devices." Furthermore, we found the statement "to let smartphones "see" things the same way people do", which doubtlessly was stolen from our website contents that is about our Ontoscope™, which is even a much clearer evidence, because this is one of the general concepts of our Ontoscope hardware architecture, that sometimes was simply described by us as the head of a humanoid robot in form of a smart mobile device with 2D or 3D display and features of the so-called Tricorder of the Star Trek saga (see also the Clarification of the 13th of January 2012). The latter seems to be the case due to the working label "X phone" of a smartphone in development, which reminds us of our trademark X!Phone™, and the whole case also repeats the case of the company Samsung (see our Investigations::Multimedia Human Machine Interface Special vom 13th of July 2012 and the case of the company Samsung in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 3rd of May 2012 and 7th of June 2012, and specifically of the 18th of July 2012,), so that our answer is simple and clear: Copyright infringement. The only exception in the field of gesture recognition for mobile devices, inclusive mobile/cell phones and smartphone, tablet and pad computers, as well as other camera-enabled devices is a 3D display based on LCD-TFT technology, but obviously this exception seems to be not relevant in practice for us as well as for the subsidiary, because it wants to use displays based on the Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED). Further problems could become the technologies of Augmented Reality (AR) and recognition of all kinds of objects, as it is done in the fields of robotics and semantic computing for creating metadata by the so-called technic of tagging, specifically if it is connectd with the Resource Description Framework (RDF; has become a part of the HyperText Markup Language 5 (HTML5)), though the awaited copyright infringements have to be investigated and documented in details by us later. In the end we would like to mention once again that Google is attempting to reproduce our company exactly, which for sure is not allowed if done in such a precise way.
    Btw.: Google plays with up to 80% of its share in the field of the internet search market, and with the whole Android consortium.
    In relation with the latter point our warnings given to all of its consortium partners are materializing actually. At first the smaller companies were attacked, then large companies in Japan and the V.R.China, and now comes the rest.

    We demand the worldwide media to take care on correct reports about mobile/cell phones by the subsidiary Motorola of the company Google, which means at least that gesture recognition and semantic computing for mobile devices are already tabu, and special attention has to be taken if features like Augmented Reality (AR) and object recognition, inclusive face recognition, are focused, because our copyright related with our Ontoscope architecture as well as our Ontologic System (OS), Hightech Operating System (HOS), and n-Dimensional Operating System (nDOS) OntoLinux will be infringed.
    Wir fordern die weltweiten Medien auf korrekte Berichte über Mobiltelefone zu achten, die von dem Tochterunternehmen Motorola des Unternehmens Google entwickelt werden, das bedeutet, dass Gestikerkennung und semantisches Rechnen für mobile Endgeräte bereits tabu sind und besondere Aufmerksamkeit gegeben werden muss, wenn auf Eigenschaften wie Angereicherte Realität==Augmented Reality (AR) und Objekterkennung, inklusive Gesichtserkennung, fokusiert wird, da unser Urheberrecht im Zusammenhang mit unserer Ontoscope-Architektur genauso wie unser Ontologisches System (OS), Hightechnologie BetriebsSystem (HBS) und n-Dimensionales BetriebsSystem (nDBS) OntoLinux verletzt wird.

    We demand the prosecutors in the U.S.A. and the European Union to investigate the actings by the company Google due to massive attacks on valid laws in the sense of economic terrorism and resulting market manipulations. The company Google has not tried to contact us for getting a license for the descriptions about related concepts, architectures, and technologies.

    We demand the cartell officies in the U.S.A. and the European Union to take action against the company Google.
    We also demand the governments to decide if such a large internet search engine of the company Google could remain in the hand of only one company. We do not think that the company Google had the right to build it up in this way at all, which means by simply copying the intellectual properties of the whole world.

    And we demand the United Nations Organization (UNO) to publicate satellite images as well as a basic digital maps of the earth in 2D and 3D as open source respectively under a common copyright ©© for all humans.

    Comment of the Day #1
    X brick™
    Television reborn™
    TV reborn™
    Television reloaded™
    TV reloaded™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "If there is a strong resistance against somebody, than she/he must be very important.", [Someone in the television]

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #27
    We from Ontonics and the OntoLab have invented the technologies of the Wireless Resonant Power Link (WRPL) based on loosely (strongly) coupled resonators, Beamed Resonant Energy Link (BREL) and Beamed Resonant Power Link (BRPL) based on the electromagnetic wave spectrum, and also Hybrid Wireless Energy Link (HWEL) and Hybrid Resonant Power Link (HWPL), as well as applications of these technologies, inclusive the utilization of the Wireless Resonant Energy Link (WREL) system and wireless power/energy transport systems based on the Beamed Energy Link (BEL) beyond the field of astronautics.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics und vom OntoLab haben die Technologien der kabellosen Energieübertragung==Wireless-Resonant-Power-Link (WRPL), die auf lose (eng/stark) gekoppleten Resonatoren basiert, gestrahlten resonanten Energieverbindung==Beamed-Resonant-Energy-Link (BREL) und Beamed Resonant Power Link (BRPL), die auf dem elektromagnetischen Wellenspektrum basieren, und zudem Hybrid Kabellose Energieübertragung==Hybrid-Wireless-Energy-Link (HWEL) und Hybrid-Resonant-Power-Link (HWPL) genauso wie Anwendungen dieser Technologien erfunden, inklusive der Nutzung des Wireless-Resonant-Energy-Link-Systems (WREL-System) und kabelloser Energieverbindungssysteme, die auf der Gestrahlten Energieübertragung (GE) basieren und über das Feld der Raumfahrt hinausgehend.

    Pictures of the Day

    Ontoscope 2 FrontsideOntoscope 2 3-D Digital BacksideOntoscope 2 2nd Version Frontside
    Ontoscope Junior/Jr Ontoboy/OntogirlOntoscope Junior/Jr Ontoboy/OntogirlOntoscope Junior/Jr Ontoboy XL
    Ontoscope 2.1 Retinascope with Retina Projection and MobileKinetic
    Ontoscope 3Ontoscope 3Ontoscope Pro with Beamer
    Ontoscope 4S Pro Concept
    Ontoscope Gbox Single- or Multi-touch Display with opened Gamepad
    Ontoscope 3D Active Display, Multi-Sensor, Sensor Touch, and Sense Touch ConceptintelliTablet 3D (iTablet 3D) and Pad 3D
    © CBS Interactive→ZDNet Australia, Ontoscope, OntoLab, and intelliTablet, and Sadly unknown :( and defrauding persons :I

    The images were shown as well with the Ontoscope Further steps of the and 13th, 16th, and 18th of August 2012, and the intelliTablet Further steps of the 17th of August 2012, which also give interest- ing informations about our devices. More informations about our applied approaches, concepts, architectures, technologies, and solutions can be found in the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics.

    Comment of the Day#1
    Monolith™ (only Hardware, exceptions loudspeakers by Grundig and Monolith Soft by Nintendo and others)
    Liquid Fin™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Where we're going, we don't need roads and rails.", [Marty McFly, "Doc" Brown, and C.S., Sometimes]

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #28
    We from Ontonics and the OntoLab have invented the Raylev technology, which works conceputally like the Magnetic Levitation (Maglev), but is based on wireless power/energy transport systems of the Beamed Energy Link (BEL) with electromagnetic waves/rays generated and directed by electroMagnetic Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (MASER) and Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER) units, so that roads and rails are not needed. The main differences to similar launch systems of space vehicles are, that it could utilize more than one power/energy unit positioned at more than one places along a line, several parallel Raylev lines can be established without construction, and the possible compatibility with the existing infrastructure, so that transport systems can be built up easily. Further exemplary fields of utilization are the architecture and the robotics.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics und vom OntoLab haben die Raylev Technologien erfunden, die wie die Magnetische Levitation (Maglev) funktioniert, aber auf kabelloser Energieverbindungssysteme der Gestrahlten Energieübertragung (GE) mit elektromagnetischen Wellen, die von Einheiten der elektroMagnetischen Amplifikation durch Stimulierte Emission von Radiation (MASER) und LichtAmplifikation durch Stimulierte Emission von Radiation (LASER) generiert und gesteuert werden, sodass Straßen und Schienen nicht benötigt werden. Die Hauptunterschiede zu ähnlichen Startsystemen von Raumfahrzeugen sind, dass es mehr als eine Energieeinheit nutzen kann, die an mehr als einem Ort entlang einer Trasse plaziert werden können, mehrere Raylev-Schienentrassen parallel ohne Konstruktion eingerichtet werden können und seine Möglichkeit kompatible mit der vorhandenen Infrastruktur zu sein, sodass Transportsysteme leicht aufgebaut werden können. Weitere exemplarische Einsatzfelder sind die Architektur und die Robotik.

    Picture of the Day

    © Dupuis and André Franquin

    Send the good picture via your short messaging and e-mail services.

    Ontonics Website update
    We have extended our range of utilization by applying our Liquid Solid approach with the new project:

  • Liquid Fin.

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #29
    We from Ontonics and the OntoLab have invented the WIreless SupercomputER (WISER) that in the purest version transfers the data and also the energy/power by wireless systems, applies for the data transmission MASER and LASER technologies that even might have a higher performance than a frequency of 60 GHz, and can also use interference due to the concept, which was seen before as one of the limiting problems.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics und vom OntoLab haben den kabellosen Supercomputer==WIreless SupercomputER (WISER) erfunden, der in seiner reinsten Ausprägung die Daten und auch die Energie durch kabellose Systeme überträgt, für die Datenübertragung MASER- und LASER-Technologien verwendet, die sogar eine höhere Leistung als eine Frequenz von 60 GHz besitzen können, und aufgrund des Konzepts auch Interferenze nutzen kann, die zuvor als eins der begrenzenden Probleme angesehen wurde.

    Pod and Swoop Racing League Further steps #20
    Conceded, in the last six months it was pretty quiet about our Pod and Swoop Racing League, but the reasons for this were neither a lack of interesting reports nor even an end of our endeavour. Indeed, quiet the contrary is the fact, as it can be seen with this new issue and will be seen with the upcoming issue #21, as well as with further reports related with some new informations that our supporters from Italy, France, and the U.K. sent us in the last months about secret preparations by one or two teams from Italy and France that seem to be in the business for a longer term already, and a further team from the U.K..
    After this preface we would like to begin directly with a truly big news, that hit us out of the race shoes. While working out further details of activities that have to be done for our events, like e.g. planning the course of races, correcting vague descriptions and loopholes in the regulations of the Pod and Swoop Racing League, the Spinner and Autocopter Racing League (see also its issue #1 of the 25th of June 2012), as well as the Hoverboard and -skates Championship (announced on the 22nd of July 2010), someone was knocking at our door and it was: Mary Poppins with companions. After we could calm down our surprise again and went to our old building for having the tea, we quickly got deeper into the matter with her and Mary announced to step into the association with an own team, that may be called the Mary Poppins Racing (MPR) Team and only by happenstance is our first pure lady racer team in the Pod racer and Swoop classes. In this respect, she said also that some candidates of racers besides herself were already sighted, though she refused to name them due to actual negotiations and unsigned contracts. Furthermore, she offered us her support to build up the lady racer representation, made some interesting suggestions about the architecture of the paddocks, our fans do know that we have a little problem with their interior architecture (see issue #8 of the 9th of August 2010 for the details), and also gave the first and exclusive insights about the technology of the MPR team's repulsorlift engine. For sure, she demonstrated it by using her famous parrot umbrella as well as her brandnew swooping pony making some impressively quick rounds around the building. Moreover, she declared that for the races the repulsorlift technology will be built into vehicles that are conform to the rulebooks. What should we say: Gentlewomen racers like Mary Poppins are always welcome, and if the final results are so amazing, like the paint job of her Swoop race pony, the first designs of the suits for the team members, and the team logo, then we can't await the things still to come in the future. By the way: We would like to give the additional informations to our readers, who do not know Mary Poppins, that she is already very experienced with levitation technologies and their applications, as well as racing and winning.

    Tea Time with Members and Fans of the Mary Poppins Racing Team
    Mary Poppins Repulsorlift Technology DemonstrationMary Poppins Racing Team Swoop with Stabilizer Testing
    Mary Poppins Racing Team Logo derived from the Poster of the Musical by Disney and Cameron Mackintosh
    © Walt Disney Company, Disney Theatrical Productions → Disney On Broadway, Mary Poppins, and Cameron Mackintosh

    Last but not least: All past issues are now listed on an own webpage correspondingly called Pod and Swoop Racing League.


  • Nokia: That massively stealing company has claimed in a commercial to have "Das innovativste Smartphone==The most innovative smartphone". Besides that such absolute statements are not allowed in advertisements at least in the B.R.D., it is either not true due to the facts that we already compared the Ontoscope with mobile/cell phones respectively smartphones and also described the essential technologies in the context of mobile devices and the related easy extension of mobile devices like a mobile/cell phone with our Ontoscope technology in general, which would also reflect the opionen by the subsidiary Google→Motorola (see its case in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 22nd of December 2012), or due to the fact that the Ontoscope is a new type of appliance. For sure, the latter opens no gap at all, as said before.

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #30
    We from Ontonics and the OntoLab have invented the MultiWave approach by the extension and the generalization of the decades old techniques of recording, slightly further processing, and generating of only a single light- or sound-field with the development of our Ontoscope hard- and software architectures towards our far beyond going developments of the Wave-Field Computing paradigm and the Wave-Field Synthesis/Rendering technique, and their integration with the multimedia approach, specifically with our versions of the Multi Reality (MR) paradigm and the Space approach to our SpaceWave approach, and also accompanying solutions developed, to which belong e.g. special extremely flat and sensitive sensors, very powerful and precise actuators with excellent ratios between force and size, highly performant integrated circuits, as well as highly intelligent and -creative applications for the processing and using of wave-fields, which finally make the real Holodeck of the Star Trek® saga possible.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics und vom OntoLab haben durch die Erweiterung und die Generalisierung der Jahrzehnte alten Techniken des Aufnehmens, geringfügigen Weiterverarbeitens und Generierens eines einzelnen Licht- oder Geräsuchfeldes mit der Entwicklung unseren Ontoskophard- und softwarearchitekturen hin zu unseren weit darüber hinausgehenden Entwicklungen des Wellenfeldrechnenpradigmas und der Wellenfeldsynthesetechnik und ihre Integration mit dem Multimediaansatz, insbesondere mit unseren Versionen des Paradigmas der MultiRealität (MR) und des Raumansatzes==Space-Ansatzes zu dem Raumwellenansatz, den Multiwellenansatz==MultiWave Approach erfunden, als auch zugehörige Lösungen entwickelt, zu denen z. B. spezielle extrem flache und empfindliche Sensoren, sehr leistungsstarke und präzise Aktuatoren mit exzellenten Verhältnissen von Kraft und Größe, hochperformante integrierte Schaltungen sowie hochintelligente und -kreative Anwendungen für die Verarbeitung und Nutzung von Wellenfeldern zählen, die letztendlich das echte Holodeck der Star Trek® Saga möglich machen.


  • Nokia: That massively stealing company is advertising one of its smartphone with a feature called "City-Kompass==City compass" and shows a picture of the said device with an Augmented Reality (AR) application on the display. This is a copyright infringement, because our description of such a kind of a knowledge compass connected with the Mixed Reality (MR) approach, as we already have with our Ontologic System™ (OS), Hightech Operating System™ (HOS), and n-Dimensional Operating System™ (nDOS) OntoLinux™, is illegally copied in this way, which can be seen easily as well with the connection of the "Golden Compass" and our Calibre/Claiber showed as an Original on the 12th of December 2007, and looking again at its case in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 20th of November 2012. If taken all together, then it is now doubtlessly clear that the company has stolen our related intellectual properties.
    Btw.: We do not see something that it does not see, but also know something that it does not know.

    Today we have to demand the prosecutors in the U.S.A. and the European Union to start with the fraud investigations due to copyright infringement and further illegal actings by the company Nokia, resulting manipulations of the public and the markets, and conducting massive attacks on valid laws in the sense of economic terrorism. The company Nokia has not tried to contact us for getting a license for the descriptions about related concepts, architectures, and technologies.
    We demand the cartell officies in the U.S.A. and the European Union to take action against the company Nokia.

    We also demand the governments to take decisive actions against the anarchic behaviour by larger companies.

    Comment of the Day
    "Tit for tat."

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #31
    We from Ontonics and the OntoLab have created the new science Parionics as a further development of the digital clay, and our Liquid Solid concept. For the realizations, OntoLix and OntoLinux were designed for management and control tasks in the fields of Nanotech, Liquid Solid, and Parionics just from the start.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics und vom OntoLab haben die neue Wissenschaft Parionik als eine Weiterentwicklung des digitalen Lehms/Tons kreiert und unser flüssiges Festkörperkonzept==Liquid-Solid-Konzept. Für die Realisation wurden OntoLix und OntoLinux direkt von Beginn an für das Management und Steuerungsaufgaben in den Bereichen der Nanotechnologie, Flüssigefestkörper und Parionik entworfen.

    Picture of the Day
    Portmeirion, North Wales, U.K.

    Portmeirion, North Wales, U.K.
    © Portmeirion

    This would have been building #3. As the Image/Picture of the Day were shown building #1 on the 27th of May 2009 and building #2 on the 27th of April 2012.
    For the younger readers: The little resort village was the exterior set of the famous television series "The Prisoner" first broadcasted in the years 1967 and 1968.

    Ontonics Website update
    We added to the description of our light-field cameras the informat- ions about further variants that feature "2D and 3D, and also touch display, and telescope mechanism or/and changing system with for example bayonet catch, as featured by so-called system cameras, as well as possibilities of integration with other mobile devices, like digital photo and video camera, mobile/cell phone and smartphone, tablet and pad computer, and also retina projector and retinascope among others". The same information was added implicitly to the descriptions of our ray-field cameras, sound-field microphones and wave-field microphones by referencing the other wave-field cameras.

    We also added the invention to use Maglev Bearings as active engine bearings for the crankshafts of combustion engines that we mentioned before in the Ontonics and Style of Speed Further steps of the 19th of December 2012.

    And we also beautyfied the descriptions of our range of Liquid Solids a bit.

    Comment of the Day
    Panorama view-based rendering™
    Panorama view-based synthesis™
    Panoramic view-based rendering™
    Panoramic view-based synthesis™
    Panorama recording-based rendering™
    Panorama recording-based synthesis™
    Panoramic recording-based rendering™
    Panoramic recording-based synthesis™

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #32
    We from Ontonics and the OntoLab have something done in the fields called Second Metabolism, Self-Symbiosis, and Selfbiosis or Reflective Symbiosis, which goes beyond the man-machine symbiosis by being based on the Caliber/Calibre, and managed and controlled by OntoLix and OntoLinux.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir von Ontonics und vom OntoLab haben was in den Bereichen getan, die zweiter Metabolismus, Selbstsymbiose und Selbstbiose oder reflektive Symbiose genannt werden, das weiter geht als die Mensch-Maschine-Symbiose indem es auf dem Caliber/Calibre basiert und von OntoLix und OntoLinux geführt und gesteuert wird.

    Ontonics Website update
    We added the new projects:

  • Panoramic View-based Rendering 21:20 EST and
  • Panoramic Recording-based Rendering 21:51 EST

    to the Innovation-Pipeline as well.

    Yesterday, we had not added to the description of our Maglev Bear- ing the informations that a maglev bearing could be extended to a generator and use electric power that is generated by itself or an- other maglev bearing for creating the magnetical forces, and that it can also be used in electric turbines and as active engine bearings of turbine shafts.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Active safety system™
    Active security system™
    "Wir erkennen die Zeichen der Zeit nicht, wir setzen sie"
    "We do not recognize the signs of the times, we set them"
    "Wir erkennen keine Zeichen der Zeit, wir setzen sie"
    "We recognize no signs of the times, we set them"

    Comment of the Day #2
    "We do not recognize the signs of the times, we set them.", [C.S., Today]
    "Wir erkennen nicht die Zeichen der Zeit, wir setzen sie.", [C.S., Heute]

    "Who has invented it?" Question of the Day #33
    We, the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, have invented a great number of own solutions, developed many others further, and did much more.
    "Wer hat's erfunden?"
    Wir, die Christian Stroetmann GmbH, haben eine große Anzahl an eigenen Lösungen erfunden, viele andere weiterentwickelt und noch vieles mehr getan.

    Past issues:
    27th of November 2012 #1 Science Ontonics
    28th of November 2012 #2 Electric Torque Vectoring Drivetrains for Vehicles; electric quattro/e quattro
    29th of November 2012 #3 Software-Technology; Object-Oriented Software Engineering (OOSE or OO 1 SE), 2D and 3D visual Modeling and Ontology-based Developing Paradigms; Discpline Software-Architecture, Unified Modeling Language (UML), Model Driven Architecture (MDA), Unified Software Development Process, Ontology-Oriented (OO 2) and Ontologic-Oriented (OO 3) Paradigms; Unification by Integration of Hardware Development Processes
    30th of November 2012 #4 Ontologic System (OS), Hightech Operating System (HOS), and n-Dimensional Operating System (nDOS) Architectures OntoLix and OntoLinux; Integration of Multiparadigmatic Multimodal Multimedia, Functional, Logic, Semantic, Ontology-Based, Ontologic, Object-Oriented (OO 1), Ontology-Oriented (OO 2), Ontologic-Oriented (OO 3), n-Dimensional, Visual, Mixed Real, Wave-Field-Based, and many more Programming and Computing Paradigms
    1st of December 2012 #5 Leaf on Wheels Surface Vehicle Concept; Multi-Ray and Multi-Wave Collectors, Artificial Phototrophism, Artificial Photosyntheses, and Artificial Phototaxis
    2nd of December 2012 #6 Stevioside (Steviol Glycoside) as Sugar Replacement in SteviaCola, Steviatella, SteviaJam, SteviaKetchup, aka. Stroetmann Ketchup, SteviaBears, and SteviaGum, as well as with Vitamins in VitaCola, Vitatella, VitaJam, VitaKetchup, VitaBears, and VitaGum
    3rd of December 2012 #7 Ontoscope Hardware Technology 2.0 and OntoScope Software Technology for Object-Oriented (OO 1), Ontology-Orientierted (OO 2), and Ontologic-Oriented (OO 3) Paradigms, Visualizations, Multimodal Multimedia User Interfaces (M²UI), and Mixed Reality Environments (MRE) of Ontologic System (OS), Hightech Operating System (HOS) and n-Dimensional Operating System (nDOS) Architectures OntoLix and OntoLinux
    4th of December 2012 #8 Retina Projector/Retina Screen and Retinascope
    5th of December 2012 #9 MobileKinetic; Applications e.g. Gesture Control of Mobile Devices
    6th of December 2012 #10 electronic Laminated (Safety/Security) Glass (eLSG/eVSG); Examples of Utilization
    7th of December 2012 #11 Utilization of Wireless Resonant Energy Link (WREL) and Wireless Resonant Power Link (WRPL) with Vehicles, Walking and Swimming Robots, irail and the ipad; Dynamic Charging
    8th of December 2012 #12 Ubiquitous Displaying and Visual Analytics
    9th of December 2012 #13 Beamed Energy Link (BEL) Technology; Utilization for e.g. Mobility with Vehicles, Robotics, Architecture
    10th of December 2012 #14 Pad Computer Class; Ubiquitous Displaying Approach and Wireless Energy/Power Transmission System; P@d 2.0
    11th of December 2012 #15 Stroetmann-Compressor, Stirling-Engine for Waste Heat Recycling for Supercharging
    12th of December 2012 #16 Cool Chip Technology, Thermal Protection and Energy Bypass System for Electronic Integrated Circuit e.g. 2D- or 3D-Processor Chip, Peltier Effect and Seebeck Effect; Resonant Clock Meshing
    13th of December 2012 #17 Supercharged/Overloaded Fuel Cell
    14th of December 2012 #18 Multi-Layer/(Multi-)Stacked 3D Display with more than 2 Layers after Computer Tomography (CT)
    15th of December 2012 #19 Memory Foil out of Memory Metal
    16th of December 2012 #20 Piezo Fabrics
    17th of December 2012 #21 Wheel Pad, Rim Pad, and Rim Band Pad for Optimization by Reduction of Air Gap of Wireless Power/Energy Transmission for Wheeled Vehicles
    18th of December 2012 #22 McNano Technology for Food Production and Products; Nanotechnology, Food Component Palette and Compositions, and Automation; Rapid Prototyping Technologies/3D Printing, NanoFab Technology
    19th of December 2012 #23 HyperCyle Energy Concept; Based on Blends of Hydrogen (H) and Oxygen (O), DiHydrogen Oxide (H2O; Water) and DiHydrogen DiOxide (H2O2; Hydrogen Peroxide)
    20th of December 2012 #24 Autocopter; Hybride of Automobile and Powered-Lift Aircraft, Quadrocopter; Unmanned, Assisted, Piloted Drive and Fly Modes; Flight Dynamics and Safety, User Friendliness, Connectivity, and Infotainment
    21st of December 2012 #25 Caliber/Calibre; Dynamic Universal Theory of Everything for the Oberservable Universe and Beyond, Close Alignment with Accepted Theories, Based on the Zero Ontology O#, Uses Pure Logics, Mathematics, and Simulations
    22nd of December 2012 #26 Multimode Plasma Engine; Works in Atmosphere and Space; Potentialy Foundation for Warp Drive
    23rd of December 2012 #27 Beamed Energy Link beyond Space Applications; Resonant and Hybrid Versions
    24th of December 2012 #28 Raylev Technology; electroMagnetic Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (MASER) and Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER); Transport Systems
    25th of December 2012 #29 WIreless (Super) computER (WISER); Wireless Transmission of Data and optionally Energy/Power; electroMagnetic Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (MASER) and Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER); Faster than 60 GHz
    26th of December 2012 #30 MultiWave Approach; Extension and Generalization of older Techniques Based on Light- and Sound-Field with Development of Ontoscope Hard- and Software Architectures, Further Developments of Wave-Field Computing and Synthesis/ Rendering, Integration with Multimedia, Multi Reality (MR) and SpaceWave, Accompanying Solutions like Sensors, Actuators, Integrated Circuits, Applications for Wave-Fields, Real Holodeck
    27th of December 2012 #31 Parionics as Further Development of Digital Clay, and Liquid Solid Concept; OntoLix and OntoLinux for Management and Control of Nanotech, Liquid Solid, and Parionics
    27th of December 2012 #32 Second Metabolism, Self-Symbiosis, and Selfbiosis or Reflective Symbiosis; Beyond Man-Machine Symbiosis, Based on the Caliber/Calibre, and Managed and Controlled by OntoLix and OntoLinux

    Ontonics Website update 14:34 EST
    We added to the innovation pipeline the new project series:

  • @Book.

    Question of the Day
    "Freedom, order, democracy, and law, or only nonsense?"
    "Freiheit, Ordnung, Demokratie und Recht oder doch nur Blödsinn?"

    Original vs. Inspiration
    Texas Instruments Speak & Spell vs. One Laptop Per Child XO-1

    Texas Instruments Speak & Spell with Membrane Keypad 1980One Laptop per Child (OLPC) XO-1
    ©© Bill Bertram
    © OLPC Foundation

    Many of our readers do know the red Speak & Spell from the movie "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial", while some of them do know the clone shown in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, U.S.A.. There were also the Speak & Math, Speak & Read, and Speak & Music, the Super Speak & Spell, and many other educational toys/learn comp- uters. By the way: We from the OntoLab and intelliTablet thought that the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) XO-1 would already have a (multi-)touch display and so we called it wrongly a "Tablet Computer Convertible [...] Laptop" on the 7th of January 2010 on the one hand, but on the other hand also invented in this way the original OLPC XO-4 that will be presented again in the next future, which is a fact that has to be accepted even by specific persons of the OLPC foundation, though its teams are not responsible for anything releated with the XO-4 learning tablet computer, and the Sugarlabs organization, who still want to make the Earth a better place by misleading, lying, and stealing.

    Ontonics Website update 12:21 EST
    We added to the description of our @Book 1.0 the explicit informat- ion that the user interface can also be a multi-layer/stacked display, which for example could even consist of an e-paper and an Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) based display, or even an Active Screen /Display.


  • Apple: As we found out now, the company has filed a patent about a system in the field of the multimedia environment called by a pioneering U.S.American University, the company Microsoft, and us space since around 10 years. We have not looked at the patent itself, but reports in the media tell us that the patent is in large parts obsolete, and is even no troll patent, but only a measure to mislead judges in court cases in the sense of: Look, we have a patent.

    We demand the courts to throw such patents directly in the waste basket, if they will be presented in trials. Furthermore, we must once again demand the market regulators to take a look at defrauding actings related with obsolete patents, because a whole catalogue of laws are infringed in this way, like e.g. the manipulating effects at the markets.

  • Hubert Burda Media→Focus: Das Magazin berichtete über mehrere Patente des Unternehmens Apple von denen 2 konkrete Patente und 1 Märchenpatent für uns hier von besonderem Interesse sind. Bei dem ersten Patent handelt es sich um eine Schutzabdeckung für den Bildschirm eines Tablet-Computers, die unter anderem einen eingelassenen Solarkollektor, eine Tastatur oder/und eine flexible Anzeige besitzt und mit einem Tablet-Computer durch Magnete oder Scharniere verbunden werden kann. Dieses Patent hatten wir bereits in dem Fall des Unternehmens Apple in den Investigations::Multimedia vom 19. August 2012 dokumentiert und hielten fest, dass wir soweit zwar keine Überschneidungen mit den wahren Patentinhalten und unserem Konzept des Pad-Computers™ erkennen können, aber auch darauf hingewiesen, dass bei anderen Versionen der Schutzhaube eine klare weisse Linie vorliegt, insbesondere wenn sie einen Akkumulator besitzen, weil dann auf jeden Fall das Konzept der Trennung von Anzeige und Versorgung mit elektrischem Strom aus einem Stromspeicher gegeben ist. Gleiches gilt übrigens auch für mobile Geräte, die einen (Wiedergabe)Schirm besitzen und zum Beispiel nur durch einen Solarkollektor mit für den Betrieb ausreichender Energie versorgt werden. Genau diese weisse Linie wurde in dem Bericht des Magazins, wie schon in anderen Fällen zuvor, absichtlich überschritten, denn nicht das Patent von Apple, sondern die von uns im gleichen investigativen Fall von Apple angeführte Bildschirmabdeckung des Modells XO-3 der Stiftung One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), die wiederum zuvor schon ein krimineller Designer von unserem Pad-Computer gestohlen hatte indem man der Schutzhaube auch noch einen Energiespeicher hinzufügte (siehe z. B. auch den Fall von Y. Behar und der OLPC Stiftung in den Investigations::Multimedia vom 16. August 2012), wurde jetzt dem Unternehmen Apple angedichtet.
    Das zweite Patent handelt von einer Multimediaumgebung, die mittlerweile als Space-Umgebung bezeichnet wird und hauptsächlich aus bildgebenden Geräten, wie einem Monitor oder einem Projektor, kinetischen Sensorsystemen, die Bewegungen einer Benutzerin oder eines Benutzers zur Geräte- und Anwendungssteuerung nutzt, und bei unserer Variante auch aus haptischen Aktuatoren bestehen. Anhand des Berichtes konnten wir trotz seiner relativen Kürze schon von Weitem erkennen, dass das Patent größtenteils obsolet ist (siehe den Fall des Unternehmens Apple oben). Noch viel wichtiger ist aber, dass der Bericht "3D – 4D – 5D" genannt wurde und zudem mit mobilen Endgeräten durch den Satz "Die Technik könnte wichtig werden, wenn sich das [Smartfon] irgendwann vom Handy zur Datenbrille gewandelt hat." in Verbindung gebracht wurde, obwohl die Patentzeichnung eindeutig nur die stationäre Variante zeigt und somit nicht nur illegal unser Konzept von 2D über 3D und 4D zu nD abgebildet wurde, das vor allem durch unser 3D beziehungsweise nDimensionales Betriebssystem (nBS)==n-Dimensional Operating System (nDOS) OntoLinux™ repräsentiert wird, sondern auch von unseren Technologien Sp@ce™, MultiWave™, MultiKinetic™ und MultiHaptic™ sowie unsere am Kopf befestigte Anzeige==Head-Mounted Display 2.0 (HMD II/HMD 2.0) und unsere smarten Brillen und Kontaktlinsen==Smart Eyewear. Des Weiteren werden auch weitere Patente und Angaben in Patenten in einer solchen Art falsch dargestellt, dass sie in Bezug mit unseren Lösungen gesetzt werden, wie zum Beispiel die Erwähnung eines flexiblen Bildschirms, der angeblich nicht nur Geräusche erzeugen kann, sondern BenutzerInnen auch noch eine haptische Rückmeldung gibt. Dabei wird eine Patentzeichnung im Zusammenhang mit einer Tablet-Computerbildschirmschutzabdeckung gezeigt aber im Bericht über ein Smartfon geschrieben. Offensichtlich wird auch hier, dass der Verlag illegal einem anderen Unternehmen unsere haptischen Lösungen andichtet, insbesondere unser Hapticle™::Display und über unser Smartfon und Tablet- und Pad-Computer, die sogenannten Smartbricks oder Metabricks, auf Basis unserer Technologie der aktiven Anzeige==Active Display™ und des aktiven SchirmsActive Screen™ Bezug nimmt (siehe auch die Pictures of the Day vom 23. Dezember 2012 und insbesondere die referenzierten Ontoscope Further steps vom 13., 16. und 18. August 2012 sowie die intelliTablet Further steps vom 17. August 2012). Es wird aber auch klar, dass man überhaupt keine Kompetenzen besitzt um korrekt über die Technologien zu berichten. Insgesamt zeigt sich hierdurch ein weiteres Mal die methodische und damit vorsätzliche Vorgehensweise des Verlags Hubert Burda Media unser Urheberecht zu schädigen und anderen Unternehmen unseres Innovationen anzudichten um selbstverständlich unserem Unternehmen auch in diesem Bereich Schaden zuzufügen (siehe z. B. auch den letzten Fall des Verlags in den Investigations::Car #367 LA Design Contest 2012 Special vom 16. Oktober 2012 auf unserer Culture-Web-Seite) und destruktiv in die Marktwirtschaft einzugreifen.
    Des Weiteren behauptet das Magazin, dass man seine Erfindungen nur durch Patente schützen lassen könnte, was selbstverständlich totaler Blödsinn ist, weil das Urheberrecht dem Patentrecht sogar noch zuvor kommt.

    Wir fordern den Verlag Hubert Burda Media auf so schnell wie möglich in allen Fällen Gegendarstellungen zu veröffentlichen.

    Wir fordern die Staatsanwaltschaft auf Ermittlungen gegen das Unternehmen Hubert Burda Media sowie seinen PartnerInnen und EigentümerInnen als auch Großkunden aufzunehmen und diesem Treiben ein Ende zu setzen, da sich leicht mindestens 5 sehr massive Verstösse gegen geltende Gesetze mit erheblichem Schaden für unser Unternehmen als auch den Eigentümern unseres Unternehmens erkennen lassen, die zudem vorsätzlich und anzunehmenderweise auch in Absprache mit anderen Medienunternehmen durchgeführt wurden, da letztere exakt die gleichen Handlungen gezeigt haben, insbesondere der Axel Springer Verlag, die Bertelsmann Mediengruppe, sowie ProSiebenSat.1 Media, N24 und British Broadcasting Corporation.

    Comment of the Day #1

    Comment of the Day #2
    "The laws are already the compromise of a society and not the foundation for a new compromise."
    Otherwise laws would be useless and virtually not existent. But this does not mean at all that they should not be discussed, if they are wrongly made or have no use for a society anymore.

    Ontonics Website update
    We renamed the section Kinetics into Kineticle and added the project:

  • Haptic-Field

    to the Innovation-Pipeline, because its description was only given implicitly, for example in the description of our MultiHaptic technology. Now, the section Hapticle looks more consistent and more beautiful in respect to the section Kineticle.
    Accordingly, the term "wave-fields" has been substituted with haptic-fields in the description of our MultiHaptic technology, and the description of our MultiWave paradigma has been updated as well.

    © and/or ®
    Christian Stroetmann GmbH