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Comment of the Day
"No legacy is so rich as honesty.", [William Shakespeare, 1564 - 1616]

Further steps
We are still investigating unfair competition and violation of moral principles done by companies of several industries but also research institutes like universities further. Furthermore, we reserve the right to take further legal actions. So, better be not to optimistic.

Comment of the Day

Ontonics Further steps
Since several months we are thinking about a special component and at first we thought that it would not be such a good idea. But after thinking again and again about it, we came to the point today that it can be realized easily and would give us a unique, superior position in the market, so that we are convinced now to use it for another Something respectively Smartthing by us.
And while we were already there, we developed a new variant of it as well.

We also came back to an older mobile device by adding some of our technologies.

Also, since quite some time we are thinking about a new generation of existing multimedia devices.

Furthermore, we developed one of our techniques further, so that it can be applied more easily.

Ontologics.info Further steps
We have decided for a price reduction of 33% for online advertise- ments in comparison to the pricing model of the company Google for example. For sure, early birds will not have to pay any advertising fees at all as long as we do not have to select advertisements in the first year due to a great crowd. How fascinating, isn't it?


  • Google: The company has bought a start-up that develops gesture-recognition software. It is rumoured that it wants to integrate the technology into mobile devices, which is our original MobileKinetic technology already copied by the company Samsung and others before.

    Question of the Day
    "Karl What?"

    Ontonics Further steps
    We have developed a slightly different variant of an older type of hardware component, which is focused on the features of instant production, power efficiency, and easy applicability.

    We have overworked a basic component and a general system architecture and, as it often happens while we were already there, we also developed a new general system architecture and a new generation of devices by applying the same approach. No doubts, this is very fascinating.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    Since quite some time we are working on different conversions for the model Gallardo by the marque Volkswagen→Audi→Lamborghini. So far, we have shown a side view of a speculative design of the successor of the model Gallardo (see the Further steps of the 15th of March 2012) and our model Elettoro, and some angled views painted by other designers on the webpage of our Gallardo III BB.
    Today, we would like to show a computer generated image of a car, that was presented as the successor of the model Murciélago, has been wrongly called Jota instead of Aventador at that time, and features interesting headlights, and a speculative image, that was presented as the successor of the model Gallardo and has an inter- esting front bonnet and bumper taken from the concept car Urus. Both images show already the Murciélago like blades behind the side windows like our Elettoro and Gallardo conversions (see also a relat- ed collage of our model Raptor SES).

    Computer Generated Image Murciélago Successor
    Gallardo with Urus Front Design
    © :( and CarPassion

    Most potentially, we will add a design of the side that has not the Murciélago like blades behind the side windows only, but also its lower air intakes in front of the rear wheels.

    We are also working on two further designs that might become the Jota and the Dragon conversions of our Gallardo III.

    In addition, we are working on a nice conversion kit for the model Aventador by the factory.

    Besides this, we are short before the finalization of the design of the model Caccia. Specifically the diffusor section has made us some problems at first, but now we think that we have found the right direction. Also, we are looking for an elegant way of its realization.

    And last but not least, we have developed our latest muscle car concept further that is in the model pipeline since around two years. Now, we are sure that we have found the right design on the one hand and that our fans in America, Asia, and Europe will be thrilled on the other hand. Honestly, both statements are highly understat- ed.

    Ontonics Further steps
    We worked on a highly progress approach further.

    OntoLab, OntoLix and OntoLinux Further steps
    Because our original documents The Proposal and The Prototype get more and more attention by the world wide scientific community, that have begun to understand and realize the absolutely outstand- ing work by C.S. recently, we have to start once again its translat- ion into other languages.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We missed to mention on the webpage of our Combined Combustion Engine (CCE) technology that it operates with up to 70% of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) already. We also added further variants, that are based on the integration of the CCE with our Gas Turbo engine (GTron) technology described before and work with fuel mixtures that also use natural gas or hydrogen besides common gasoline to- gether with diesel fuel. We also added the chapter Very Clean to the CCE webpage that lists the technologies, which make our engines the cleanest and most efficient combustion engines in the world.
    Accordingly, the webpage of the GTron technology was slightly up- dated.

    Due to the facts, that we were never satisfied with the redundance by our two conversion series Murciélago III and Aventador on the one hand and that the marque Volkswagen→Lamborghini has taken our conversion series Gallardo III and Murciélago III for the upcoming successor of the model Gallardo on the other hand, we thought that it was time to end the Murciélago III series and sort the different models into our conversion series Gallardo III and Aventador in the following way:
    The Murciélago GT was merged with the Aventador GT.
    The Murciélago BB and Dragon were merged with the Aventador Dragon.
    The Murciélago SuperDrago was merged with the Aventador Super- Drago and also became a new conversion of the Gallardo III.
    The Murciélago S 0 S and the Aventador S 0 S were merged into one model that became a street legal model of its own.
    The Murciélago ? and the Aventador ? were merged into one street legal model of its own.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    You also want to know how the rear of the successor model of the Gallardo looks like? It is a mix of the mitigated shape of the race track model Sesto Elemento based on the model Gallardo with design elements of the concept car Urus, specifically the LED band as tail- lights in the style of our SuperDrago that was taken for the model Veneno already (see the image below).

    Computer Generated Image Gallardo Successor
    © Avarvarii

    After we do know now who provided the original voice of a Proact- ive/Predictive Intelligent Personal Assistant (PIPA) of the company Apple, it would be also interesting where the original PIPA comes from. Hint: Take a look at the webpages Ontologic Applications and Links to Software of our operating system platforms OntoLix and OntoLinux.

    Honestly, Zeng Fanzhi is totally overprized by 95% or more, because we can't see a new technique or a new message actually.

    Comment of the Day
    "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.", [HAL 9000, 2nd of April 1968]

    The penalty for vehicles with common combustion engines on the one hand and the subvention of vehicles with Purely Electric™ drive- trains on the other hand by the Kingdom of Norway is absolutely the wrong way.

    Ontonics Further steps
    In the Further steps of the 11th of September 2013 we already said that we might have solved a problem with a specific mobile device concept by using an existing display technology. Today, we looked again at this specific problem and saw that we could use another existing technology as well, so that we are sure now to truly solved the special problem. In comparison to the former solution envisioned last month, this new solution has as advantages a simpler manufact- uring and way of functioning.
    The new solution also led us directly to the overworks of three other mobile devices, that we will integrate to one device type with two variants most potentially. To be honest, we already have this "must have" or "must touch this" feeling, as it was the case with the palm/ pocket computer with multi-touchscreen, also known as smartphone, and our Pad Computer. You will love it, too.

    Investigations::Car #393

  • Volkswagen: Piëch presented our 333 ST and 962 ST based model WL1 and our closely related model X-0 together with our concept of using motors by the marque Audi→Ducati, specifically of the model 1199 Panigale, as shown with our models GTA³ und Maestro, as his own concept of a sports car version of the model XL1. Again, it is one of his usual plagiarisms of C.S.' original actings that he does the whole time with the 1 liter car, inclusive the application of a carbon fiber monocoque for a production car with 1/1 seat configuration and butterfly doors.
  • Volkswagen→Porsche: The marque used our trademark Pure Elec- tric™ once again in a press release about a new model.
  • Volkswagen→Audi: At a large automotive exhibition the marque has presented two concept cars that feature several technologies of our business unit Style of Speed, as usual.
    At first, we quote from the press release about the concept car that should still tell the story of the so-called ur-quattro, that has mean- while become boring: "[... the marque]'s groundbreaking Matrix LED technology [...] The LED high-beam unit of the [marque's] Matrix LED headlights is comprised of numerous individual diodes. The indivi- dual LEDs, which work in tandem with upstream lenses and reflect- ors, always deliver excellent illumination. They are activated, deact- ivated or dimmed individually according to the situation. With the number of LEDs, their arrangement and the size and design of the headlights, the new technology offers many fascinating possibilities. [As it is very well known in the field of automobiles, this headlight technology is doubtlessly the matrix beam variant of our Active Light with its separately/individually controllable Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and LASER diodes, which we have presented the first time with our Emoticon Light and with our model j!. Since around one year now the marque presents at exhibitions our technology as its invent- ion as an attempt to mislead the public a further time despite the fact that the true origin of this light technology is also completely documented, like in the case of our model RE.", "[...] virtual 3D dis- plays [...] [Compare this with the webpage of our 3D imaging syst- ems. The marque is also trying to mislead the public about the true origin of the usage of 3D displays in vehicles.]", "[...] intelligent management system controls the interplay between the two drives as needed [...] [This was copied from the introducing text passage about our operating system platforms OntoLix and OntoLinux on the webpage Active Component.]", "[...] purely electric [...] [Purely Electric™]", "[...] electric motor is active [...] [Here it was tried to mislead the public, because this sounds similar to our Active Motor component.]", and [...] navigation is active [...] [And this is surely the same strategy to confuse the public about the true origin of our other Active Components, because this points to our Active Posit- ioning component.]".
    The related passages of the press release about the second concept car are the following ones: "The [adaptive suspension] system also controls the level of the body itself based on driving speed and the predictive route data supplied by the navigation system. [Obviously, this is our solution of the proactive/predictive interplay of our Active Positioning technology with our Active Suspension and Active Trac technologies based on the AutoSemantic extension package of the intelligent management system platforms OntoLix and OntoLinux that control our Active Components.]", "[...] supplemental steering for the rear wheels. Separate actuators activate the two active track rods. [Besides that our trademark Active Trac™ was used to confuse the public as well and as it was done for the same reason with the term supplement, because Style of Speed has the section Supplement, we also have here our Active Actuator component and our strongly connected Transsuspension technology, obviously, that is a main part of our K.A.R.R. architecture.]", "[...] the switch between the low beams and high beams made possible by the new [the marque] Matrix LED technology [...] [New is only the name of the marque in front of the term matrix. The technology itself is only our Active Light as the Matrix Beam Module (MBM), as we explained already before in conjunction with the other press release.]", "[...] interplay [...] [This is one of the usual speech act steeling.]", and "[...] the show car has a freely programmable instrument cluster [...] [This is nothing else than our totally customizable Car X-Window System.]".
  • Daimler→Mercedes-Benz and Nokia: The marque and the company joined and presented the concept of a so-called 3D smart map for autonomous cars, which without any doubts is our solution of the CarCloud with our MapCloud and our AutoMapCloud as we found out by the related informations in the media (see also the cases of the marque Mercedes-Benz in the Investigations::Car #371 of the 2nd of January 2013, #387 of the 31st of May 2013, and #389 of the 5th of August 2013, and the cases of the company Nokia in the Invest- igations::Multimedia and Investigations::Car #366 of the 20th of November 2012).
  • General Motors→Vauxhall: The marque presented a concept car at a large automotive exhibition that features technologies by Style of Speed and claimed that they would be inventions of its designers. As we will prove now, this is not the case. We quote from the press release to document the issue: "Connectivity is demonstrated by a trailblazing LED projection technology for instrument and infotain- ment displays. [...] completely new and unique world of instruments and infotainment [...] [Obviously, this is not true, as it can be easily seen with the interior of the model B! and the section Computing and Multimedia of the website of Style of Speed.]", "[...] innovating with state-of-the-art LED projection technology. Drivers no longer find the conventional individual, separate monitors that display different information; instead, they face a wide, sculpted dashboard that sweeps from door to door, and is used as a single projection surface. Information and decorative elements are displayed on the surface, which the driver can customise [...] [In fact, the dashboard is only a part of our multimedia interior environment approach for vehicles called Space@Car, which surely comprises a related variant of our e-dashboard and our Glass cockpit, which is a further development of the dashboard of the basic concept car of the model B!, that both are based on projection technologies. Also, we have here our totally customizable Car X-Window System.]", "[the marque] design- ers were first to think of implementing it in a passenger car. [As we already proved with the comment to the quote before, this state- ment is only one of the usual and we must say criminal marketing lies, because others and we have presented such an approach of a multimedia interior environment for vehicles already in the past, like e.g. our Space@Car and the said interior of the model B! by Style of Speed. Since quite some time the manufacturer with its marques is trying to mislead the public about the true origin of such projection technologies that in the end can be traced back to the websites of our business units Ontonics and Style of Speed at least (see also the case of the manufacturer General Motors in the Investigations:: Car #345 of the 6th of February 2012).]", "[...] 3D graphics [...] [Without any doubts, this was said in relation with our 3D imaging systems.]", "[...] comprehensive smartphone connectivity [...] [Take a look at the webpage Distributed Computing of the website of Style of Speed.]", "[...] three worlds of connectivity [...] [Here we have our Hyper Connectivity suite again, as the following quotes expressly underline as well (see the related case of its marque Opel in the Investigations::Car #336 of the 15th of September 2011 and of the manufacturer itself in the Investigations::Car #343 of the 16th of January 2012 and #365 of the 11th of November 2012) and also in the Investigations::Multimedia and Car #370 of the 19th of Decem- ber 2012.]", "[...] log-in to the car’s infotainment system with their own communication device and exchange information, music and images, chat and make appointments [...] Drivers can for example spontaneously share their planned route online over a tablet or smartphone [...] [See again the webpage Distributed Computing.]", "[... the] Concept [car] shows how far ahead [the marque]’s design- ers and engineers are thinking [...] [Due to such misleading criminal marketing lies we still call such an acting steeling and not copying.]", "The trendsetting sensor and connectivity technology in the [...] Concept [car] has even more to offer: it gives a preview of the ad- vancements in "Car-to-Car" and "Car-to-X" systems prerequisites for future autonomous driving and areas in which the research de- partment at [the marques] is already intensively working. By com- prehensively connecting road users, intercommunication can be enhanced, as can safety, because dangerous traffic situations are registered earlier and more accurately than before. [Obviously, we have here our Active Components and again our Hyper Connectivity suite, specifically the Car Cloud.]", "[...] engineers conceived an electric drive with a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) range extender. [...] With its visionary approach [...] [Let us laugh a round, because our business unit Style of Speed presented this kind of hybrid drive- train already around 5 years ago.]", and "We have a clear vision of how [the marque's] cars will be in the future, and we have a clear strategy of how we will achieve this goal. The [...] Concept gives this strategy an unmistakable identity [...] [We still call it stealing and an act of unfair competition, because it is our vision and our concepts and hence our identity, doubtlessly.]".
  • Mitsubishi and Nissan: The companies presented a clone of the first design variant of our model ETE derived from the concept cars Bulli II and eT! by the manufacturer Volkswagen, as it can be easily seen with the roof, the A-pillar, and the surrounding windows at the rear besides the smaller dimensions.
  • Intel and Carnegie Mellon University: The company and the univer- sity thought to be very clever and teamed up to present our Active Light in the laser variant and its interplay with our Active Camera technology. In this conjunction they claimed that their cloned solut- ion could control the headlights in such a way that rain and snow would not be seen by the driver, which on the one hand exactly follows the related exemplary application of our Active Windscreen, but on the other hand will not work as described by them. In fact, it was only presented as part of a criminal marketing hoax with the sole goal to steal our show, damage our reputation, and copy our technology.
  • Continental and International Business Machines: From two press releases we got the following informations: ""[The other company] is industry-leading in the fields of big data and cloud computing. Addit- ionally, the company has the required know-how with the in-depth analysis for the processing and analyzing of large amounts of data and making high frequence hochfrequente, fast and accurate pred- ictions on the basis of the results. The experience of [the other company] with cloud enabled platforms and embedded system dev- elopment capacities as well as our system competence in the auto- motive electronics complement each other idealy and create the foundation of a new generation of intelligent connected vehicles", said the [company] chairman [...]. The focus of the cooperation between [the one company] and [the other company] lies on the development of a cloud platform. In this way automobile manufact- urers are to get the opportunity to offer their customers a number of in-vehicle services. Hence the vehicles can obtain software updates and functions of the vehicle control device over the internet, by which the costs for workshop visits might be reduced. [...] "To these belongs the cloud based speech recognition, the real-time inter- change of traffic data and the predictive driving supported by online and navigation data.", [the chairman continued]. "The vehicle own- ers of today think over their mobility needs in a totally new way and expect from their vehicles the same comfort and the same functions as from other intelligent devices. This means that the drivers are not in the search of quality, safety and reliable performance only, but consider the car as a highly personalized extension of their digitally interconnected daily life", said [a clerk of one of the companies]. Be- sides solutions for the "traffic flow management", this would include "mobile multimedia services and infotainment" as well. With the inter- connection of cars [the one company] and [the other company] want to optimize the predictive driving. This would be a crucial step for realizing the autonomous driving. In the future automobiles shall not receive data by integrated sensors only, but also share informat- ions like position and velocity to the cloud. The data would be pro- cessed and analyzed there, and taken into account for potential measures. The companies aim at a real-time road map as the result, which will make it possible for the vehicles to look really "around the corner" (see also the case of Continental in the Investigations::Mul- timedia, Robotics and Car #372 Special of the 8th of January 2013, the case of the Technical University Braunschweig in the Investigat- ions::Car #390 of the 16th of August 2013 and the Investigations:: Car #391 of the 25th of August 2013).
    Obviously, both companies only want to steal our Hyper Connectivity suite with the MapCloud, the SpeechCloud, and the other related solutions like the AutoSemantic extension package of our operating system platforms OntoLix and OntoLinux. This raises serious doubts about their true competences, if they have to steal once again one of our concepts instead of developing own concepts. All in all, this is a clear case of unfair competition, because the companies deliber- ately infringed our copyright and presented our concept as their in- vention with the goal to mislead the public.
  • ADAC: Despite better knowlege, the club magazin also reported about the rumours around the company Google and our robotaxi variant of the model ETE (see the Investigations::Car #391 of the 25th of August 2013).
  • PPI Speed Design: Besides that it is now a new company, which raises the question if it was already insolvent, the company also proved with the slogan "Engineering in Style" that it wants to jump on the bandwagon of our business unit Style of Speed. By the way: We created the trademark In Style™ in the field of vehicles of all kind many years ago specifically due to those plagiarists.
  • Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich: The research inst- itute took a special variant of the integration of our Compressed Cumbustion Engine (CCE) with our Gas Turbo engine (GTron) techno- logy (see also the Style of Speed Web- site update of the 5th of October 2013 (yesterday)).
  • Fourtitude: The website for enthusiasts of the marque Volkswa- gen→Audi followed us and presented a timeline of the model R8 (see the related Clarification Style of Speed RE Special of the 10th of May 2013). We do quote some relevant text passages: "[... the mar- que] finally pulled the wraps off of [...] an all-electric Audi e-tron concept car that was clearly based on the R8 chassis. [...] the e-tron Concept was a pure styling exercise." Besides the fact that our trademark Pure Style™ was damaged somehow, which is the next proof for us that the author does know the website of our business unit Style of Speed (see also its case in the Investigat- ions::Car #380 of the 2nd of April 2013), it is also a documented fact that at that time the CEO of Audi clearly said several months long that the concept car e-tron is not based on the model R8, but a new automobile of its own (see again the Clarification Style of Speed RE Special of the 10th of May 2013). It is always a clear testimony about the mental health, if documented historical facts are rejected.
  • Motor Presse Stuttgart→auto motor und sport: The automotive magazine attempted to impute the marque Daimler→Mercedes-Benz with our activities in the field of Augmented Reality (AR). For this, it mentioned 4 cameras, one is our autostereoscopic camera of the Active Camera technology, and a 360° view based on the reflective feature of our operating system platforms OntoLix and OntoLinux (see the case of the manufacturer Bayerische Motorenwerke in the Investigations::Car #328 of the 17th of July 2011 and the case of the marque Mercedes-Benz in the Investigations::Car #371 of the 2nd of January 2013, #387 of the 31st of May 2013, and #389 of the 5th of August 2013). Besides the 360° view, the described system equals the system of Compaq with the difference that the arrows were projected onto the windshield while the marque Merce- des-Benz augment the road view on a display integrated into the dashboard (see also the point 1.4 of the Clarification of the 7th of January 2013).
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Warum die ARD das aktuelle Modell des Unternehmens Tesla Motors als konkurrenzfähig bezeichnet, ist nicht nur uns vollkommen unverständlich, denn selbst mit 15.000 verkauften Fahrzeugen in den U.S.A. handelt es sich ganz klar immer noch um ein reines Nischenprodukt. Auch wurde in dem gleichen Be- richt unterschlagen, dass man in Norwegen die erste Tranche von diesem Fahrzeug in einem Durchgang ausgeliefert hat um somit ab- sichtlich diesen höchstwahrscheinlich einmaligen Marketingeffekt zu erzeugen. Selbstverständlich hat die ARD dies ausgenutzt und dazu auch noch die alten Bilder von ihrem Bericht über die Internationalen Automobil Ausstellung 2013 ein weiteres Mal gezeigt. Da von den Inhalten der 27 gezeigten Bildern unsere Geschäftseinheit Style of Speed mindestens 13 Mal direkt betroffen ist, weil unsere technolo- gischen Errungenschaften und von anderen Unternehmen gestohle- nen intellektuellen Inhalte gezeigt werden, wir außerdem immer wie- der die Fakten über das Unternehmen Tesla Motors dokumentieren (siehe unter anderem die Kommentare vom 27. September 2013, 3. Oktober 2013 und 7. Oktober 2013) und in dieser Investigation die Fakten über 4 der in diesen Bildern gezeigten Fahrzeuge aufgezeigt haben (siehe die Fälle der Marken Audi, Mercedes-Benz und Vauxhall oben), ist somit vollkommen klar, warum man diesen total überflüssi- gen Bericht überhaupt veröffentlicht hat. Und wie es seit neuestem üblich ist, wurde auch bei diesem Bericht der Autor nicht genannt.

    Comment of the Day

    Many NOSQL databases are just only simple storage and retrieval systems for e.g. the JSON format. Everything that already exists for a Relational DataBase Management System (RDBMS) has to be add- ed and most potentially some features can't be added at all. Besides this, some other important features have been thrown away for no- thing, inclusive progress made in relevant fields, to artificially create differences that do not exist. Speed is also not the problem, if mem- ory-mapping is applied, which most of the relevant DBMSs are al- ready capable of doing. Such NOSQL databases are not reinventing data management and powering big data with a fundamentally new database platform and architecture. In fact, they are only reinvent- ing the wheel, as a closer look reveals, and most of the arguments given why NOSQL is needed are rubbish and nonsense by the mark- eting only. In this relation the following statement is extra funny: "strong support for denormalization". As if the many developers of DBMSs and File Systems (FSs) were and still are totally stupid. In some way, it is exactly the same story as with distributed computing and cloud computing. We always thought that no serious entity would fall into that marketing hoax by some companies, investors, and strategic partners, especially those that want to steal essential features of our OntoFS.
    By the way, in the end trees with balancing techniques or/and hash- ing techniques have to be used always, and the latter are exactly the applied techniques in many cases to accelerate the processing of DBMS (see also the OntoLix and OntoLinux Further steps of the 12th of September 2013).

    Ontonics and OntoLab Further steps
    Today, we started to think about the new project called Sugarfox, that is the learning environment Sugar with its new web respectively HTML5, CSS, and JS based architecture on top of the Firefox OS.

    Comment of the Day
    <3³", [Two Chatters, 8th of October 2013]
    It is always very impressive for C.S. to see how well the deliberately conducted memetics do work, as it is the case with further artistic activities, themes, and series. In the next future we will present a related issue of our Original vs. Inspiration series.

    Ontonics Website update
    We added to the desctiction of our OntoGlobe/OntoEarth that our OntoMap is the 2D variant and our OntoGIS works with both geo information basis and together with Map & Globe. The latter was explained several times in the past.


  • British Broadcasting Corporation: The criminal journalist Leo Kelion of the British Broadcasting Corporation has found again a story about a technology that is based on our AutoSemantic extension package and our Active Sensor component, so that he could publish a report to mislead the public. By the way: Did we say Active Steering™? Yes, we did. As usual (see also the Investigation of the 22nd of August 2013), he worked out our website content very precisely for this, so that he could name all entities that we have already con- victed of taking our concepts and documented their cases in the related investigations. It is truly very embarrassing that the media company does not do anything against such mentally and socially deranged journalists with failed existences (Guess why?) Also, it is extra funny that he helps us to document the historical facts about our achievements implicitly, because there are no doubt that we have envisioned the related technologies and we have convicted him and his other criminal fellows of the British Broad- casting Corporation, so that neutral observers can connect our facts with the true part of such defrauding reports easily to get the whole picture.
    As an reaction to our again convicting investigation of today (see above), it publicated a report about a company that has copied one specific mobile variant of our foundational and original Kinetic-Field technology that in this case works with ultrasonic waves. As usual, that criminal media company confused the public even further once again with misleading statements about other companies, specifically in relation with our original, history writing MobileKinetic technology, for example by mixing gesture control by contact-free kinetic syst- ems and by touchscreens in the context of mobile devices. No, it was not Apple, Samsung, Microsoft or another company.

    Comment of the Day

    Ontonics and OntoLab Further steps
    In the last days we looked at several different platforms related with the JavaScript programming language and the Linux kernel, and their support in relation with multi-device development. But despite that very interesting solutions exist, for example our Boot to WebKit (B2W) and Boot to Rekonq (B2R), the Open webOS with Qt, WebKit, Enyo, and Node.js, the Qt application framework with Qt WebKit, QML, and support for different Linux kernel based operating systems, the Firefox OS with Gecko, Yahoo's developer multi-device solutions actually without a web browser engine and Linux kernel (coined as YahooOS, YahO³S, YO³S, or simply YOS by us), and so on, none of them fulfill our complete requirement specification. At least, we were able to confirm once again that a specific Linux kernel is not relevant anymore, because everything works together somehow with more or less work of adaption, but instead economical reasons, like e.g. the existence of an application store, and also political reasons, specif- ically illegal OEM and user guaranty contracts for devices delivered with Android for example, have become the most important points for the success of a platform.

    Ontonics Further steps
    Since several years, we are thinking about special variants of a mul- timedia device component. Today, we finallized the development of these new variants in simple and also elegant ways due to demands by the majority of potential customers (see also the Further steps of the 3rd of October 2013). It is a must have, definitely.

    Comment of the Day
    Inventor of the car 2.0™
    Inventor of the auto 2.0™
    Inventor of the automobile 2.0™
    Inventor of the mobility 2.0™
    Reinventor of the car™
    Reinventor of the auto™
    Reinventor of the mobility™
    Renventor of the automobile™
    Erfinder des Automobils 2.0™
    Erfinder der Mobilität 2.0™
    Neuerfinder des Automobils™
    Neuerfinder der Mobilität™

    Ontonics Further steps
    Anlässlich der Krönung des Königs von Südostdeutschland haben wir einige neue Rezepturen kreiert.
    Die erste Rezeptur ist ein blaues (Sauerkraut)Bier mit einer schnee- weißen Schaumkrone.
    Die zweite Rezeptur ist eine weiße Wurst mit Streifen aus Blauschim- melkäse, der natürlich von der Sorte Bavaria Blu ist.
    Die dritte Rezeptur ist eine weiße Mayonnaise mit Streifen aus blau- em Ketchup, die aus der Tube kommt.

    Ontonics Website update
    We have corrected a wrong translation in the description of our Neural Net LED Charge-Coupled Device (NN LED CCD), though the label of this integrated circuit is self-explanatory.

    Picture of the Day
    Public toilet

    Public Toilet

    © :(

    The architectural object inspired C.S. to our new concept developed yesterday and called "Reflective Dixi - A Place for Reflection" of the "Pit Latrine at the Rhine II==Plumpsklo am Rhein II" series to which already belongs the "Ghost Dixi - A Place for Sitting" made out of aerogel or polycarbonate. Also newly developed is our concept "Strong Dixi" made out of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP; see also the photo "Dixi am Rhein II==Dixi at the Rhine II" shown as the Picture of the Day of the 17th of November 2011 and the Dixi with Wheels).

    Ontonics Further steps
    We already said on the 11th of October 2013 that we have finallized the development of special variants of a multimedia device compon- ent, but today we could add an additional detailed solution, so that the component is even better now.

    Ontonics and OntoLab Further steps
    While others are sabotaging open source projects, we simply develop them further. Said this, we would like to present today the concept of the SugarTV that brings the learning environment to this kind of medium as well.

    Ontonics Further steps
    When we developed one of our multimedia devices, we already have thought about a specific technique at first, but selected another variant of it and used the specific technique for another multimedia device. While this other variant has been developed further on the 5th of September 2013 with a related detailed solution and on the 20th of September 2013 with one part of the specific technique mentioned above, we have not remembered the other parts of it at first and later also overlooked this connection. In the last days, we looked again at this specific technique and today we finally under- stood its working completely. Said this, we have now the first var- iant of this multimedia device, which is highly interesting, because it takes away complexity of the technique. Fascinating.
    And while we were already there we used the newly gained insights for a related multimedia device.

    We also envisioned a new drivetrain for aerial vehicles, that is based on two different technologies and should be highly effective, if it works.

    Ontoscope Further steps
    We would like to show some images of an older design study of the Ontoscope SmartWorkbench. Both, the technology and the design have been developed further significantly.

    Ontoscope Workbench 1 eBay AdvertisementOntoscope Workbench 1 eBay Advertisement
    Ontoscope Workbench 1 eBay AdvertisementOntoscope Workbench 1 eBay Advertisement
    Ontoscope Workbench 1 eBay AdvertisementOntoscope Workbench 1 eBay Advertisement

    © eBay, OntoLab, and Ontoscope

    The images are screen shots taken from a TV advertisement of the company eBay, which took our SmartWorkbench concept for it, obviously. The whole TV advertisement can be found in the World Wide Web.


  • Apple: Since some days the usual defrauding media are telling the same fairy tale in relation with the company Apple and its recruit- ment of two managers, who worked for well known apparel compa- nies before. In fact, the reports are not about the rumoured smart- watch of the company only and in the meantime the true goal and the strategy of Apple's Chief Executive Officer has become totally transparent: Because he has no Steve Jobs anymore, who was not that creative genius by the way, definitely and as we proved several times with out investigations, he must find another way to copy and steal from C.S. and our company, so that we can only say in this case: iRaiment and MultiCouture.
    Obviously, with S. Jobs the company lost its artificially created myth and aura as well, as it could be seen with its latest smartphone models.

    Comment of the Day
    "More clicks are not possible."
    And the same holds for watching videos.
    "Mehr Klicks geht nicht."
    Und das gleiche gilt für das Ansehen von Videos.

    Ontonics Further steps
    We developed a new concept for a basic component, that is based on one of our related technologies and a technology developed by another company, that was inspired by our works in two general fields. Actually, we are not quite sure if this new concept makes sense at all due to alternatives, but its functional principle is abso- lutely sound.
    In this relation, we updated respectively renewed related compon- ents accordingly.

    We also developed a new type of system architecture based on two relatively new system architectures. The new system architecture is focused on the features of instant production, power efficiency, and easy applicability.

    We also continued to work on a relatively new technology with the focus laid on the realization by applying a specific technique.

    Ontonics Further steps
    We have developed a new type of chip with outstanding perform- ances and applicabilities. The new chip type is available in two different variants.

    Also, we have developed a new generation of chip.

    Moreover, we have developed a new generation of chip.

    Furthermore, we have developed two very elegant new variants of a basic component, that integrate one of our technologies, so that it can be produced and applied instantly.

    And we worked on an older chip design with the focus laid on prod- uction in the near future.
    In addition, we developed several new basic variants with fascinat- ing features.

    Ontonics Further steps
    We have developed further the two new variants of a basic compon- ent introduced with the Further steps of the 20th of October 2013. Indeed, the result is a game changer, as usual for our inventions.

    We also have begun to play around with a basic system and its var- iants, as well as related basic techniques and components. Actually, we have a clear requirement specification and also an idea already how the final system will look like on the one hand, but on the other hand made no selection of a specific system architecture so far.
    The intermediate result is so impressive that we had to develop a basic approach of us further that will become more and more import- ant for this and similar systems in the future.


  • Edeka→Netto Marken-Discount: Was soll diese Marketing-Schma- rotzerei ("Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft" usw.) sowie Pro- dukt- und Markenpiraterie (z. B. Einfach besser™, Vita Cola™) von dem Billiganbieter? Unser rechtlicher Hinweis, den es übrigens auch auf deutsch gibt, ist doch wohl mehr als eindeutig.

    Ontonics Further steps
    We have developed a new type of chip with outstanding perform- ances and interesting applicabilities. The new chip type is available in two different variants.

    We divided the functions of the two variants of the game changing basic component mentioned in the Further steps of the 21st of October 2013 and got an additional basic component that taken alone is game changing. Then we took the new component and integrated it with the basic component introduced with the Further steps of the 19th of October 2013. Now, the concept makes sense.

    Ontonics Further steps
    Most potentially, we have developed a new approach for an old technique that is very interesting and elegant.
    Accordingly, we developed a related new type of chip as well, which fits perfectly with components developed on the 21st of October 2013.

    Our readers do know it very well: Innovation happens™. This leads us directly to our latest creations. Since many years we looked at a specific technology and the related problems of how its realization and adaption by the market could be done in pratice. After thinking again about it in the context with a new basic component technolo- gy, we concluded today that we can integrate both technologies easily to solve many problems. The results of this are a new basic approach and a new basic component, a further basic component offering a wider range of applicability, as well as basic components for instant production, adaption respectively application, and inte- gration with the common technology. Invited persons do easily und- erstand that we have here the next game changers now.

    Ontonics Further steps
    We developed a new system architecture by integrating two related architectures. This work is related with a work done on the 19th and 21st of October 2013.

    We did not want to keep on mentioning such annoying persons and magazines on the one hand, but on the other hand the true historic- al facts have to be documented. Said this, we made the next notes about the several times convicted criminal plagiarist Ai "Ouch Weia" Weiwei and the foul playing magazine ArtReview on our Culture web- page.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We have developed a new drivetrain concept for a vehicle.

    We also worked on a chassis for a vehicle.

    Furthermore, the new muscle car materializes more and more, though we have no basic chassis actually that satisfies all of our requirements.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    We are pleased to present our latest coup with the private natural gas refueling station for a projected price of around 1,800 euro in the beginning. It can be easily mounted at the normal domestic gas connection, so that owners are able to fill up their vehicles easily with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) usually used for heating and cooking, and later with biogas/biomethane/synthetic methane or similar carbon-neutral gas produced from sustainable energy. Also, more robust gas refueling stations can be mounted in public areas like parking stations, as it was already presented in the past by third parties.
    In the case of CNG our private natural gas refueling station can also be integrated with other home mini power plants that for example are already based on gas powered combustion engines by the manu- facturer Volkswagen. And with our Gas Turbo engine™ (GTron™) technology water and water based mixtures can be used as a part of our bipropellant/dual MixFuel™ technology as well.

    Home Natural Gas RefuelingHome Natural Gas Refueling
    © :(

    Ontonics Further steps
    We have reviewed a newer concept and concluded that at least it could be realized already in parts with our existing techniques, tech- nologies, materials, and production facilities. And yes, it is another must have, truly amazing, totally game changing device out ot our Something respectively Smartthing series that will revolutionize the technological field of stationary and mobile devices, doubtlessly.

    Investigations Multimedia

  • University of Southampton and University College, London: Resear- chers of the universities developed a twin radar and claimed that they were inspired by the sonar of dolphins and that "Such techno- logy could also be extended to other radiations, such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) [...]", as the leading defrauding researcher of one of the two univer- sities said. It is more than obvious that the concept was stolen from the webpage of our Active Sensor technology of Style of Speed (see also the webpage of our related Active Camera technology).
  • British Broadcasting Corporation: Again a serious criminal journalist of that media company, who refused to tell the public her/his name, publicated a misleading report deliberately. This time it is about a radar system developed by two universities (see the case of the University of Southampton and University College, London, above). The exposing evidence of the report was not the general description of the radar system alone, which is reflected in our documentation of the case of the universities above, but also the following quoted statement said by a consultant "We continue to take inspiration from the many animal super-senses found in nature, whether from the so- phisticated echolocation techniques used by bats [...]", which gen- erally is a usual part of its criminal methode for misleading the public and in detail even is not quite true, because the results in this tech- nological field are always our Active Sensor or/and Active Camera technologies in the end. See as well for example the case of the joint venture of Volvo, Newcastle University, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and National Center of Microelectronics Spain in the In- vestigations::Car #378 of the 9th of March 2013 in conjunction with a twin visual sensor system that is also one of several technologies invented by us as part of our Active Components and then reported in a misleading way by that criminal media company (see also the latest related Investigations of the 22nd of August 2013, 23rd of September 2013, and 27th of September 2013).

    Ontonics Further steps
    We have developed one of our multimedia devices further by adding new basic features and components. While there were some tech- nical issues in the past, we can now focusing on completion and production.

    Ontonics Website update
    While beautifying the webpage of the Innovation Pipeline, we saw that we named the socket GU10 as an example for a bayonett mount in the description of the Smart Light, which it is not for sure. We have corrected this mistake.

    Ontonics Further steps
    We closed a gap in one of our device series, though the additional variant might not be too relevant in practice.

    While closing the gap, we found out that we invented a further basic electronic component on the 14th of September 2013 by happen- stance. Indeed, innovation happens.

    We have developed a stationary multimedia device further by using one of our newer basic components, which makes it more elegant in relation to the technology and the design possibilities now. In the next step we are focusing on a cost effective production.

    We also developed our own version of an older stationary multimedia device invented by others with a technology that we already used for further developments of devices on the 5th of September 2013 and that we used as well for the development of new variants of two of our other stationary multimedia devices today. In the next step we are focusing on a cost effective production.

    Furthermore, since several days we are working on the final design of a newer multimedia device and in this relation we thought about a specific variant, which has become a generation of its own now. Now, the question is if we should develop the first generation further or instead focus on the second generation of this device.

    © and/or ®
    Christian Stroetmann GmbH