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Ontonics Website update
Because we also have the Hydride Fuel Cell technology and the description of our Refillable Battery/Accumulator was too similar for showing the differences of both solutions, we extended the Hydride Fuel Cell with hydrides in slushy, jelly, or liquide form taken from the other technology.

Ontonics Further steps
We will describe the Refillable Battery more precisely.

Style of Speed Further steps
As one of the world's first we have begun to convert (our) motor- cycle engines, so that they can by fueled by oxyhydrogen and hydrogen in a fuel mixing configuration as well. And as the world's first we are going on to adapt our related GTron technology for motorcycle engines as well.

We made a note about the Government of the B.R.D. in relation with an exhibition of arts in Italy on our webpage of true Culture and not of political nonsense and nastiness.

Ontonics Website update
As announced yesterday in the Further steps, we have partly re- written the description of our Refillable Battery.

Style of Speed Website update
Our conversion Gallardo SuperVeloce is now based on the model LP 560-4 Super Trofeo Stradale by the factory and features the new front hood of the model LP 570-4 Super Trofeo 2013 with the relat- ed air channels. Potentially, the next update of this SuperVeloce converison will have the related front fenders of the model LP 570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale.
We also publicated images of the missing rear view of this Gallardo SuperVeloce conversion.

Style of Speed Gallardo SuperVeloceStyle of Speed Gallardo SuperVeloce
© Dirk de Jager and Style of Speed

Ontonics Website update
Because some researchers thought to be very clever by copying our technologies, we added to the descriptions of our Ray-Field Emitter and Ray-Field Sensor technologies, that they could be used "also [for] kinetic user interfaces, like our technologies TouchWave and KineticField", which is only implicit information given in other de- scriptions before that we made explicit now.
We have also mentioned the Wave-Field Computing explicitly in the description of our TouchWave concept.


  • University of Washington: Researchers of the university presented an "interaction interface that leverages ongoing wireless transmiss- ions in the environment (e.g., WiFi) to enable whole-home sensing and recognition of human gestures. Since wireless signals do not require line-of-sight and can traverse through walls, [the wireless system] can enable whole-home gesture recognition using few wire- less sources (e.g., a Wi-Fi router and a few mobile devices in the living room). [The system] is the first wireless system that can id- entify gestures in line-of-sight, non-line-of-sight, and through-the- wall scenarios. Unlike other gesture recognition systems like [kinetic systems, the wireless system] requires neither an infrastructure of cameras nor user instrumentation of devices." and "[The wireless system] takes advantage of the technology trend of [Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (]MIMO[)], the fact that wireless devices today carry multiple antennas (which are primarily used to improve capaci- ty)." Obviously, its kinetic user interface technology is only one of these shameless copies, because it is based on parts of our Kinetic- field and our TouchWave technologies, and their application as our SpaceWave solution by applying a device that uses electromagnetic waves like a combination of our Ray-Field Projector and Ray-Field Camera respectively a combination of our Ray-Field Emitter and Ray-Field Sensor with some kind of time-of-flight technique (see also our Time-of-Flight 2.0" and Structured Time-of-Light-Flight, as well as the case of the company Sony in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 21st of February 2013).
    Btw.: We see that the researchers came around 1 year too late after our leading OntoLab.
  • British Broadcasting Corporation: The media company has reported about a university that presented a user interface based on specific electromagnetic waves well knowing again that it is based on our inventions (see the case of the University of Washington above, that is similar like for example the case of the University of Glasgow in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 17th of May 2013 and was reported by the media company as well like another case in the In- vestigations::Multimedia of the 27th of May 2013, and its many oth- er cases that we are documenting nearly every month since around 2 years or longer).


  • Google: The company has filed a patent for a facial password technique based on gestures. For enhancing the security a device could also "emit light beams having different colours or frequencies, that are expected to induce in the eyes of a user a reflection of light having a corresponding frequency content". For its realization the screen or the flash of a device could shine different coloured light into the user's face and then check for related glints in their eyes as he or she made the requested facial gestures. Obviously, such a solution for mobile devices is based on our MobileKinetic technology, which becomes even more evident with the further in- formation given by the company that a "3D-rangefinder" built into a phone or tablet might also use lasers to study the contours of the person's face as an additional check. Surely, in this case a Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI) for the device itself is also needed.
    Btw.: The general concept of the patent might be obsolete due to similar or equal inventions made before.

    Ontonics Website update
    We have developed the new solution:

  • Loudspeaker 2.0 22:22 CET.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added to the description of the AutoMapCloud the conditions of the road and the traffic.

    We added two new webpages called Integrated Data Architecture and Data Fusion, which contains informations already given on our websites and linked to vehicles of all kinds through our AutoSemantic extension packages of OntoLix and OntoLinux, and 3D Imaging Syst- ems.

    After we have remembered again in the last weeks that we wrote "inertial sensors" in the description of our MobileKinetic technology for linking it as well with the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), which is utilized in the robots and vehicles (see for example the Investigat- ions::Multimedia of the 8th of September 2009) and in this way showing a further time the connection between the field of robotics and our Ontoscope architecture on the one hand, but also how the different reflective and awareness features can be supported by the hardware of mobile devices on the other hand, specifically in relation with our Calibre/Caliber of our Ontologic System (OS) architecture. Said this, we would like to clarify that the MobileKinetic has to be seen from three perspectives:

  • The first view is related with the mobile device itself, which is the tangible object that can be moved as part of a (kinetic) user inter- face. For its realization (mobile) devices need two specific sensors only.
  • The second view is related with the possibility to move a mobile device in three dimensions and from one place to another, which can be used as part of an extended user interface by adding a third special inertial sensor, that is not needed at all for the user interface mentioned before, but for the construction of an IMU. The latter point is reflected by the fact that many smartphones added this third sensor and hence the IMU feature of our MobileKinetic tech- nology after we publicated its description. The advantage is that with an IMU a stand-alone navigation system can be made possible and together with our Calibre/Caliber a universal location awareness can be established, which again is the base for a universal self- awareness (see also the Feature-list of the world wide leading High-technology Operating System (HOS) OntoLinux #3 of the 29th of April 2008).
  • The third view is related with the user of a mobile device, who can move her/his body or single parts as part of a (kinetic) user inter- face.

    While the user interface function mentioned in the first view is not from us and hence not relevant for our licensing, the two other views are.

    Ontonics Announcement
    Accordingly to the Clarification of today (see above), we updated the license model of our MobileKinetic by adding the variant that has an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), but no optical sensor.

    Ontonics Website update
    In relation to the Clarification of today (see above) we added to the description of our MobileKinetic technology the detail information that the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) is used, as in the field of robotics for the motion tracking and the determination of the posit- ion of the device and the user, to reflect the informations given in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 8th of September 2009, for example. We also mentioned that the IMU can be used as part of positioning and navigation systems, like our Enhanced GPS (E-GPS) of our MultiGPS solution.

    Comment of the Day
    "The Internet 2.0 is over."

    Comment of the Day #1
    "We are selling turth and trust as well as solutions.", [C.S., Today]
    Our business is open.

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Work all day, as men who know,
    Wheels must turn to keep, to keep the flow,

    Build on up, don't break the chain,
    Sparks will fly, when the whistle blows,

    Never stop the action,
    Keep it up, keep it up,

    Work to the rhythm,
    Live to the rhythm,
    Love to the rhythm,
    Slave to the rhythm,

    Axe to wood, in ancient time,
    Man machine, power line,

    Fires burn, heart beats strong,
    Sing out loud, the chain gang song,

    Never stop the action,
    Keep it up, keep it up,

    Breath to the rhythm,
    Dance to the rhythm,
    Work to the rhythm,
    Live to the rhythm,
    Love to the rhythm,
    Slave to the rhythm.", [Grace Jones, aka. May Day, "Slave To The Rhythm", 28th of October 1985]

    Comment of the Day #3
    "By the way: Do keep art scenes clean as well.", [C.S., Today]

    Style of Speed
    Congratulation to Victor Uribe Chacon (and SOS; see the webpage of the model F7X). Indeed, you can say a big "Thank You!!", if you grasped the fact completely.
    We also congratulate Alan Derosier for his 911 Turbo. Yes, it is true: You (and SOS) have inspired.

    Comment of the Day
    Active odor™

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added the term "n-dimensional" to the description of our service called MapCloud, though this feature was already described on the webpage of our AutoMapCloud service and in the related messages of the past years.

    We also publicated the first official version of the webpage for our Holodeck@Car.

    Style of Speed Further steps
    While working out what differentiates our versions of the Knight In- telligent Transport Totality (K.I.T.T.) and the Knight Auto-cybernet- ic Roving Robotics (K.A.R.R.) platforms from the versions of the ad- venture TV series "Knight Rider", we saw that the Knight Industries Three Thousand (K.I.3000) and the related Knight Auto-cybernetic Roving Robotic-exoskeleton (K.A.R.R.-exoskeleton) are based in parts on our technologies, like the e-door with touch functionality as the hood of the K.I.3000 and our Car•E platform with robotic Trans- uspension for the K.A.R.R.-exoskeleton, and that we have no Active Odor Sensor.

    Also, we realized that we have no own webpage for our Active Screen and Active Display@Car solution.


  • Rheinische Post: Der Zeitungsverlag berichtet wieder einmal in solch einer Art und Weise über unsere Technologien, sodass die Öf- fentlichkeit über die wahren Sachverhalte mit Absicht getäuscht wird. Der eigentliche Bericht handelte von der jährlichen Entwickler- konferenz des Unternehmens Apple auf dem insbesondere das neue Öberflächendesign des mobilen Betriebssystems und die Einführung eines Radiodienstes vorgestellt wurde, der auf dem sogenannten Streaming-Verfahren basiert. Bei letzterem ist auch hier schon abzu- sehen, dass man unser Hyper-Konnektivitätspaket nach der gleichen und bereits fehlgeschlagenen Strategie anderer Unternehmen kopie- ren will (siehe auch die Fälle der Unternehmen Harman und Rinspeed in den Investigations::Car #384 vom 13. Mai 2013 und die Clarifica- tion==Klarstellung vom 7. Januar 2013). Doch zusätzlich ließ man außerdem ältere Informationen mit in den Bericht einfließen, die sich exakt an unseren Web-Inhalten orientieren und auch unter der gene- rellen Aussage "Innovationen zu glänzen" als solche dargestellt wur- den. Wir zitieren aus dem heutigen Bericht zwei aufeinanderfolgende Abschnitte, die sehr auffällig verfasst wurden, da sie hochkonzen- triert so viele unserer Technologien und Fachbegriffe wie möglich be- nennen: "Ganz in der Apple-Tradition von vernetzten Geräten [...] Gleichzeitig versucht Apple, die Geräte immer stärker in das Auto zu integrieren: Eine Reihe von Autokonzernen wie auch Mercedes wollen schon 2014 in die Wagen Displays einbauen, die direkt mit Apple-Ge- räten verbunden sind - und Apples Informationssystem Siri gibt dann unterwegs Antworten auf mündliche Fragen - indirekt wird Apple so zu einem ähnlichen Suchmaschinenkonzern wie Google[, da man jetzt auch auf die Suchmaschine von Microsoft zugreift]."
    1. Es handelt sich hier eindeutig um unsere Distributed-Computing-Architecture==verteilte Rechnerarchitektur zur Integration von mo- bilen Endgeräten in Fahrzeugen, die wir dementsprechend auch Au- toSmartphone, AutoTablet und AutoPad nennen und jetzt sowohl die Hersteller der mobilen Endgeräte als auch der Fahrzeuge samt Be- triebssystemfunktionen und Anwendungsplattformen von uns adap- tieren (siehe noch einmal die zugehörige Klarstellung vom 7. Januar 2013).
    2. Da wir auch bereits sämtliche Displays==Anzeigen für Fahrzeuge der nächsten Generation entwickelt haben, insbesondere mit berüh- rungssensitiven 2D- und 3D-Bildschirmen, und diese selbstverständ- lich von Anfang an mit unserer verteilten Rechnerarchitektur und hierdurch auch mit unseren Hyper-Konnektivitätslösungen verbunden sind, wurde dies im Bericht natürlich auch anderen Unternehmen vor- sätzlich und fälschlicherweise angedichtet (siehe die entsprechenden Technologiebeschreibungen des Bereiches Computing and Multimedia auf dem Web-Auftritt von Style of Speed).
    3. Zusätzlich wird auch noch unsere Architektur eines (proaktiven) Intelligenten Persönlichen Assistenten (IPA) erwähnt, aber fälschli- cherweise als Informationssystem bezeichnet um auch so die Öffent- lichkeit in zweifacher Hinsicht in die Irre zu führen, nämlich einmal mit dem IPA und ein weiteres Mal mit unserem Konzepts des im Aufbau befindlichen Ontologischen Informationssystem Ontologics.info (siehe die Beschreibung unseres Erweiterungspaketes AutoSemantic und die entsprechenden Punkte auf der Web-Seite Ontologische Applikatio- nen des Web-Auftritts von OntoLix und OntoLinux, als auch zum Bei- spiel die Fall des Unternehmens Apple in den Investigations::Multime- dia vom 5. Oktober 2011 und insbesondere die Investigations::Mul- timedia vom 12. Juni 2012, des Weiteren den Fall des Unternehmens Google in den Investigations::Multimedia, AI and Knowledge management vom 30. April 2013, außerdem wegen der expliziten Bemerkung "Antworten auf mündliche Fragen" die Fälle der European Comission in den Investigations::Multimedia, AI and Knowledge management vom 3. Oktober 2012 und der projektführenden Univer- sität Leipzig im gleichen Bereich vom 20. Februar 2013 sowie die Clarification vom 20. Mai 2009, 28. Dezember 2011 und 4. Mai 2013 und wegen der Integration der Internetzsuchmaschine von Microsoft die dazugehörigen Fälle des Unternehmens Wolfram Research in den Investigations::AI and Knowledge management vom 28. April 2009, sowie der Unternehmen Wolfram Research und Microsoft in den In- vestigations::Multimedia vom 11. August 2010).
    4. Da sich zudem eindeutig herausgestellt hat, dass das Unterneh- men Google seinen (proaktiven) IPA auch von unserer Ontologischen Systemarchitektur auf der einen Seite mit einem IPA und auf der an- deren Seite im der Erweiterung der Internetzsuchmaschine abgeleitet hat und wir dies noch einmal explizit im Zusammenhang mit diesem Unternehmen klarstellten (siehe ein weiteres Mal den Fall des Unter- nehmens in den Investigations::Multimedia, AI and Knowledge management vom 30. April 2013 und unseren Kommentar vom 29. Mai 2013 sowie noch einmal die Klarstellung vom 4. Mai 2013), wurde auch dieser Fakt extra irreführend wie oben zitiert wiedergegeben.
  • Google: We have only waited for this step as well. The company has bought a company that offers a dynamic community based map service for vehicles that equals the OpenStreetMap project, which was extended with features of our Ontologic Applications of OntoLix, that was announced as a real-time version of our Ontologic Systems (OSs), and OntoLinux, as well as of their extension package Auto- Semantic::Car, like the real-time feature and the ability to learn the users' respectively the driver's and the passengers' habits, so that it is now our MapCloud. Furthermore, it is reported that the company Google wants to complement its map service with functions of the bought application on the one hand, and that the application will be extended with a search function on the other hand. Most potentially, both map services will be integrated and extended with the compa- ny's complete clone of our (proactive) Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) (see the case of the company in the Investigations::Multimed- ia, and AI and Knowledge management of the 30th of April 2013 and our comment of the 29th of May 2013 as well as the related Clarific- ation of the 4th of May 2013), and with the features of our Auto- MapCloud, that like the MapCloud is also based on our integration of mobile devices and automotive computing through our distributed computing architecture (see the OntoLinux Further steps of the 26th of November 2010, the related Clarification of the 1st of April 2011, and also the two cases of the company Nokia in the Investigations: :Multimedia and Investigations::Car #366 of the 20th of November 2012).
    With this case we can also see two general points: 1. The company tried again to apply this trick of buying a start-up, that has stolen our intellectual property, for circumventing our copyright. But in the end it assumed the liability for the infringement done by the bought company as well. 2. We can see a further time that the company is aware about our copyright and tried again to copy our solutions unsuccessfully this time in the field of automotive computing and multimedia by splitting again the functionality of a basic solution of us. Said this, the integration of the application into its map service infringes the copyright of projects like the OpenStreetMap, while the service of the bought company infringes our copyright, specifically in conjunction with the Ontologic Applications, the AutoSemantic::Car, and the distributed computing architecture for vehicles, as already explained above. Also suspicious in this case is the fact, that the bought application was an open source project, which was changed later in such a way that it became proprietary. Eventually, Google has to open its map service as well, if it integrates functionalities of its new application respectively service into its already existing map service. As we said in the past as well, practically there are no more legal loopholes and we will name the related license fees in the next future.
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Kaum haben wir einen anderen Fall formuliert (siehe oben), da vermeldet die ARD, dass das Unterneh- men Google eine "innovativen Navigations-App[likation]" gekauft hat "mit dem sich Nutzer gegenseitig über die Verkehrslage informieren". "Google kann damit seinen Kartendienst um eine soziale Komponente erweitern. Bei [der Anwendung] werden Routenpläne auch auf Basis von Informationen der Nutzer und deren Fortbewegung erstellt. Der Dienst funktioniert zugleich wie eine Art Online-Netzwerk für Auto- fahrer: Sie informieren sich untereinander über Staus, Unfälle oder Radarfallen. [...] Die Kartendienste von Google sollen nun mit Funk- tionen von [der zugekauften Anwendung] ergänzt werden, [...] Im Gegenzug werde [die Anwendung] mit einer Suchfunktion von Google verbessert." (siehe auch den Fall des Unternehmens oben). Selbst- verständlich handelt es sich um unseren Dienst MapCloud, der auf unserer verteilten Rechnerarchitektur für Fahrzeuge aufsitzt, die Google jetzt mit seiner Kopie von unserem (proaktiven) Intelligenten Persönlichen Agenten/Assistenten (IPA; siehe den Fall des Unterneh- mens in den Investigations::Multimedia, AI and Knowledge man- agement vom 30. April 2013 und unseren Kommentar vom 29. Mai 2013 sowie noch einmal die Klarstellung vom 4. Mai 2013) und unse- rem AutoMapCloud-Dienst erweitern will (siehe die OntoLinux Further steps vom 26. November 2010, die zugehörige Clarification vom 1. April 2011 und die zwei Fälle des Unternehmens Nokia in den Invest- igations::Multimedia und Investigations::Multimedia Investigations:: Car #366 vom 20. November 2012). Auch mag das Unternehmen zwar einem anderen Unternehmen das jetzt übernommene Unterneh- men weggeschnappt haben, aber genauso wie für die Mitbewerber in anderen Fällen ergibt sich dadurch keine bessere urheberrechtliche Position, sondern nur rechtliche Verpflichtung. Was das Unternehmen auf jeden Fall nicht vorweisen kann ist unsere OpenStreetView™-Applikation samt Sensordaten und unsere AutoMapCloud-Lösung, die durch die Nutzung von Bordsensorsystemen, insbesondere der Bord- kameras, als auch durch mobile Endgeräte ermöglicht werden, sowie unser MultiGPS und die grundlegenden Fahrzeugsystemintegrationen mit Bordcomputern und durch unsere Lösungen AutoSmartphone und AutoTablet sowie AutoCloud und CarCloud als auch unseren Roboter- plattformen Knight Intelligent Transport Totality (K.I.T.T.) und Knight Auto-cybernetic Roving Robotics (K.A.R.R.).

    Comment of the Day
    "Yes We Scan"

    Pictures of the Day
    George Orwell "Animal Farm" (1945) and "Nineteen Eighty-Four" (1949)

    George Orwell Animal Farm First EditionGeorge Orwell Nineteen Eighty-Four First Edition

    We would also like to mention "The Minority Report" collection of science fiction stories by Philip K. Dick.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added the feature of "proactive support, that predicts the future by utilizing autonomous Intelligent Personalizable Agent (IPA) syst- ems and Active Components" of our Distributed Computing architect- ure and the related feature of being "able to learn the habits of its driver and passengers" of our AutoSemantic::Car extension package to the description of our service called MapCloud to make clear that we were already there since years.

    We also added the information that the ability to sense humans can also be done in general by utilizing our different Active Sensors to the AutoSemantic::Car extension package.

    And the webpage of our Distributed Computing architecture was up- dated with the additional information that the intelligent navigation system IQNav brings together our basic positioning and navigation systems with our map services by utilizing our Intelligent Personal Agent/Assistant (IPA) systems, though this was also mentioned on other webpages.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "Pants down!"

    Comment of the Day #2
    "The PRISM scandal is by far much bigger then the Watergate scandal.", [C.S., Today]
    Even despite the pros balance the cons.

    Experts have seen it directly: Our Multi-Ray sensors belong to the field of spectral imaging, inclusive multispectral and hyperspectral imaging.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We publicated the very first version of the webpage for our K.A.R.R..

    Question of the Day
    "Are you 580 years old?",
    C.S. was asked this question by a responsible public relation manag- er of one of the worldwide leading metal suppliers after looking at the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics and the given explanation that the described inventions were mostly done by C.S. all alone with some very few exceptions, which were only listed in the sense of introductions into a specific field.

    Picture of the Day
    Abitur-Lego-Figures (2013)

    Abitur Lego-Figures
    © :I

    Very well done this 3 + 1 choreography. See also the Pictures of the Day of the 15th of December 2012. And we do need the names for confirmation.


  • Newcastle University: A researcher of the faculty Educational Technology at the School of Education, Communication and Lang- uage Sciences at the university and visiting professor at the Mass- achusetts Institute of Technology has stolen our School in the Cloud™ concept and is marketing his specific approach based on self-organized chaos by using our trademark and the practically equal term "school cloud", as it could be seen easily with the follow- ing quote for example: "Help me build the school in the cloud, a learning lab in India [and other countries] where children can embark on intellectual adventures by engaging and connecting with inform- ation and mentoring online" (see also the last abstract of the case of the One Laptop per Child Foundation and Association or/and Sugarlabs in the Investigations::Multimedia XO Tablet Computer Special of the 11th of January 2013 and the case of the Sugar Labs in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 3rd of February 2013). He even has redefined the meaning of our School in the Cloud™ computing concept, which is always a clear sign of a fraudster (see the end of the section Award 2012 of the case of the HRM Research Institut below). Said this, Sugata Mitra can't be called a philanthro- pist anymore, because true philanthropists do not steal properties owned by others (see also the quotes in the case of the media com- pany British Broadcasting Corporation and the end of the related section beginning with Award 2012 of the case of the HRM Research Institute below). But this is not all. While we analyzed the case in more detail and remarked that it would be no wonder, if facts could prove that he has stolen the experiment called Hole in the Wall as well, we understood finally why that fraudster came up with the term self-organized learning: Indeed, his Hole in the Wall experiment is based on the preliminary work done for The Proposal in the years 1998 and 1999, which was added in The Prototyp, specifically the connection between the field of epistemology and the chaos theory, and which is also in accord with the book of the other fraudster, Stephen Wolfram, centered around chaos, order, and emergence (see the related case in the Investigations::AI and Knowledge man- agement of the 28th of April 2009). With this insight, we also under- stood as well that this stealing of our School in the Cloud computing concept should blur the traces a further time and play down The Proposal, which are also the reason why he got the award by a company, which is sponsored by the marque Volkswagen→Audi and supported by the government of the B.R.D. and the European Parlia- ment. By the way: Is the field of self-organized learning truly new? Also, does hole in the wall mean hole in the head, specifically when children, who did self-organized learning, become uncontrolled anti- social adults, as it could be seen in this case?
    By the way: We have ever seen grid computing as what is called service computing today (follow the links to Grid Computing Info Centre (GRID Infoware) and OpenStack on the webpage Links to Software to find the references).
  • British Broadcasting Corporation: Very well knowing that we have initiated a cloud computing based learning environment called School in the Cloud based on the essential features given with our Ontologic Systems OntoLix and OntoLinux the media company has tried to impute another entity with our concept (see also the case of the Newcastle University above). We quote to document this next nasty case: "Cloud schools offer new education", "[...] Sugata Mitra was outlining details of the first "school in the cloud".", "At the main TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference in [Los Angeles (]LA[), U.S.A.,] in February, Prof Sugata Mitra was awarded a [...] prize fund to set up a series of cloud schools.", and ""A school in the cloud is basically a school without physical teachers." [S. Mitra] said. [No, that is not the definition. Firstly, a School in the Cloud™, School Cloud, or Cloud School is what we define and definitely not that defrauding self-exposer. Secondly, School in the Cloud™ is a learning environment based on distributed computing, specifically service computing, inclusive cloud computing. Thirdly, School in the Cloud™ includes both variants with or without one or more physical teachers. It is always a very bad attitude in sciences, if a scientist takes a term from another scientist and redefines it. Obviously, he has only learned to copy by mirroring.]".
  • HRM Research Institute: In conjunction with the fraudster Sugata Mitra (see the case of the Newcastle University and the media company British Broadcasting Corporation above) we came to this institute for Human Resource Management (HRM) that awarded him and other persons with its so-called Leonardo – European Corporate Learning Award that exists since the year 2010 (see also the logo of Softbionics). We quote at first the webpages about its award itself, then the single webpages of the reviews of the awardings of the years 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 with the press releases of the award in 2012 in between, and some more very interesting informat- ions related with the award of the institute that document this in- vestigative case and also prove a further time our assertions made in many investigations of the last years.
    About the award itself: "Leonardo da Vinci provided a hitherto un- precedented example of how traditional and incoherent schools of art and science could refer to each other in such a way as to work in a highly professional manner and at the same time foster know- ledge, empathy and passion. [Why does this sound so familiar?]", "The [... a]ward is about the recognition of people who have been thinking with concentrated passion about learning, either in a com- pany, in an organization or in society in general and who have init- iated and implemented "Beacon-Projects", that are of great signific- ance and influence for others acting in connected fields in Europe.", "[...] unified by the Leonardo's holistic spirit [...] [See the webpage Overview, The Proposal, and the related unified techniques and technologies referenced on the webpage Links to Software of the websites of our Ontologic Systems OntoLix and OntoLinux.]", and "Leonardo, because he symbolizes a positive solution to defragment- ation in learning and knowing, that often has disastrous implications. He bridges knowledge and fantasy, business and engineering. [Why do we have the impression that we are imitated and meant on the one hand and that this award is introduced for provoking disastrous implications for the unknowing public on the other hand? By the way: Da Vinci had not much in common with making businesses. Quite contrary, he had to develop weapons instead of dedicating himself to more interesting activities for getting something to eat at all.]".
    Review of the award of the year 2010: "Without reflecting on cor- porate-, society-, and educational policy related issues, many of the new qualit- ative orientations of the organized learning processes in companies and institutions would be sacrificed to "continue as is". It was necessary to set a signal that would provide an integral, critical and val- idated learning process [For us it is obvious that the true objective for introducing the award was to react on the publication of the website of OntoLinux.]", "[...] who represents this orientation with his life's work, and a convincing integration of independent per- sonalities in locating future award winners who are familiar with the relevant international knowledge and learning scene [...]", "Kinder- garten [-] School [-] Higher education [...] [See the section Multi- media of the webpage Links to Hardware of the websites of our Ontologic Systems OntoLix and OntoLinux.]", ""Learning to be"– meaning that successfully combining these three dimensions of learning develops trust and self-confidence, good judgment and the ability to shape one's life. [This is again a pointer to our websites of OntoLinux and OntoLinux.]", "[...] vision of the four dimensions [...] visionary approach [...] [Our readers do already know what we say to this: OntoLab, The Lab of Visions.]", and "Lifelong learning [...] [It might be that the awarded persons has talked about it, but we also have it in the section Multimedia on the webpage Links to Hardware of the websites of OntoLix and OntoLinux.]".
    Review of the award of the year 2011: "This is a very special award because it addresses one of the most important issues of our con- temporary society: a mind shift in learning and knowing. [Obviously, this is marked by the official publication of the websites of OntoLix and OntoLinux on the 9th of November 2006, as we can see with this award.]", "That is why there were three Wikipedia education representatives from different European nations stepping up togeth- er to receive the [...] award [...]", "In his book "How to make clever use of Wikipedia in school and at work", he focuses on the pitfalls of Wikipedia; given that the project is particularly vulnerable to mani- pulation and clever PR, Stöcklin wants to improve users' information literacy skills so that they are better able to judge the quality of the articles contributed. [This researcher was selected due to the reas- on that his book reflects our critique of this internet project that we even do not call an online encyclopedia due to these problems.]", "Wikipedian [...] is also researching the multilingual nature of the online encyclopedia project [...] [The second person was selected, because our Multilingual Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M³UI) of OntoLix and OntoLinux and also our OntoWiki 1.0 are mentioned here implicitly and because it was planned at that time to steal our related intellectual properties with research projects of universities in the B.R.D. and the European Comission that are focused on the connection of ontologies, linked data, and Natural Language Proc- essing (NLP) as we found out in the last past (see also the related cases of the University of Leipzig in the Investigations::Multimedia, AI and Knowledge management 20th of February 2013 and the Clarification #1 of the 11th of October 2012 as well as the case of the European Comission in the Investigations::Multimedia, AI and Knowledge management of the 3rd of October 2012). At this point, we can see once again why the award was given to this project and presented in this way, and how disastrous implications should be provoked and the public misled again.]", "[...] 21st century [...]", "[...] trans-disciplinary [...]", "[...] holistic view [...]", "[...] share ideas, share visions, share concerns, share knowledge [...]", "[...] knowledge sociologists, knowledge economists or knowledge entrepreneurs [...]", "[...] knowledge and rapid learning [...]", "[...] knowing space [...]", "[...] other dimensions of knowing, as well as higher speed of learning [...]", "[...] cultural heritage dimension. And perhaps it is a kind of holistic learning socio-ecosystem [...] [Obvi- ously, this is not the case. Quite contrary, learned skills and know- ledge are used primarily for inflating the existing anti-socio-ecosyst- ems even further, as it could be seen with this award as well.]", "[...] the motto of Leonardo da Vinci, meaning Knowing How to See [...] [So, all the quotes before and this quote point to the websites of OntoLix and OntoLinux and in the latter case specifically to the website of our Ontoscope.]", "[...] curiosity and desire to learn new aspects [...]", "[...] rapid tests or prototypes [...] sense-making [...]", "The imagination art dimension or the scientific logic [...]", "[...] thinking regarding body and mind [...]", "[A scientist] has dis- covered that the way we learn is by copying. And it is related to what he calls "mirroring neurons". These mirroring neurons are help- ing us to copy and to learn. This is a also an important dimension [...] [Firstly, this single aspect of learning has been seen by C.S. decades ago and is so trivial that we even have not publicated that point at all. Secondly, it is obvious that this is a very clear reference to the reflective feature of our Ontologic Systems OntoLix and Onto- Linux. Thirdly, said in this generalizing way this insight is not correct, because there are two kinds of mirroring in this context. On the one hand we have the internally oriented mirroring called reflecting and on the other hand we have the externally oriented mirroring, which is meant in the quote and indeed better called copying or imitating.]", "[...] cross cultural rapid prototyping [...]", "[...] Happy Future and Happy Futurizing [...] [and Happy Bull$hit]", "[...] we three are here, has three different kinds of use [...]", "[...] pure reading [...] pure writing [...]", "[...] a certain kind of consequence you can find in the existence [...]", "[...] quality management [...]", "Wikipedia means cheating, plagiarizing and passing yourself off as knowing more than you really do. [Yes indeed, this is one of the true reasons that made the internet project so large.]", and "Just as the process of calculat- ing can be done by pocket calculators, the process of summarizing information can be done [... by] using this yogurt called Wikipedia. [Indeed, but it is absolutely fatal to compare the Wikipedia with a computer, as some self-exposers do by claiming that the Wikipedia contains only facts to a very high degree as part of their strategy to steal our intellectual properties in the fields of Object-Oriented (OO 1), Ontology-Oriented (OO 2), and Ontologic or Ontologic-Oriented (OO 3) systems, like OntoWikis, OntoLix and OntoLinux, and Ontologics.info.]".
    Review of the award of the year 2012: "The category "Thought Leadership" places an emphasis on personalities that have inspired many imitators in companies and society, and have attached great importance to growth and employment in the spirit of "Europe 2020" in their innovative endeavours. [What a nonsense: The awarded persons is from a research institute that has been convicted by us many times for imitating and illegally copying our intellectual prop- erties.]", "[...] "intelligent, sustainable and integrative growth" [...] [Obviously, we have here our business and hightech office Ontonics and our OntoLab.]", "Examples of this are his research acti- vities or the introduction of new technologies for corporate learning and knowledge management – for example 3D applications or applic- ations for mobile learning. [And here we are again at our Ontologic Systems OntoLix and OntoLinux, doubtlessly]", "He untiringly advo- cates the combination of technical novelties in the art of engineering with social developments. [Here we are at C.S.' actings, which leads us back again to that award itself.]", "[...] shape the future in perfect Leonardo style [...] [And here we are not at C.S., because there a differencies.]", "[...] initiative ‘Morning City - The vision of a liveable, CO2-neutral city' [...] [As we said, this is only bandwagon jumping by imitators, self-exposers, and often even fraudsters.]", "[...] Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research of North-Rhine Westphalia [...] [How interesting that the other large political party of the B.R.D. is again on board, as we could see it some times ago with the support of a pseudo internet encyclopedia and some com- panies as well as the awarding of some specific entities.]", "He has become the symbol of innovation, innovation management and in- novation strategy. [Indeed, this proves again that we have here our business and hightech office Ontonics and our OntoLab, and what the true goal behind that nonsense award is.]", "[...] styled him 'Mr Innovation' [...] [And we have even a little bit of Style of Speed.]", "During your career, Professor Bullinger, you never stopped entering new avenues. For twenty years [...] [C.S. is in the field of innovation and innovation management since the age of 12 years or even earlier, that means more than 3 decades now.]", "[...] economy research in Germany [...], it failed to predict the current financial crisis. [No, as a matter of fact the financial crisis was exactly pro- phesied by some few others and C.S..]", "[...] we need a science and research sector that - becomes more open to society - has a cross-disciplinary and application-focussed approach and - puts people and their wellbeing in focus [Why do we have the impression that this reflects our actings again?]", "[...] agents of change. He is implementing this vision not only at [a research] Society but also in his capacity as chairman of the Forschungsunion, or 'research alli- ance', who advise the Federal Government on their high-tech policy. [So, obviously we have found again another specific person.]", "He follows the best tradition of what Leonardo da Vinci did: combining creativity, artistry and technological development. [But where is the creativity and artistry in relation with the person Hans-Jörg Bullinger? Said this, it has become very clear, how again the public was misled by setting somebody else in front of C.S..]", "[...] lifelong learning [...] [See again the section Multimedia of the webpage Links to Hardware of the websites of our Ontologic Systems OntoLix and OntoLinux, as we already mentioned in the comment to the quote "Kindergarten" above.]", "The artistic head of this year's Documenta [...] considers artists the most important producers of knowledge. Named after Leonardo da Vinci, the Award also reminds us of the artistic side of learning and knowledge. [Which raises once again the question why C.S. was not invited all the years, but instead some criminal plagiarists like this year. Oh, we forgot: It is the same stra- tegy to mislead the public away from C.S.' actings, which is obvious by the facts that both the company Volkswagen and its marques and the Government of the B.R.D. are sponsors of the Documenta and other so-called cultural events like that award as well. Hyper- Gotcha!!!]", "Creativity in a company means that one is able to think something unusual through with new relationship patterns and to implement it. [...]", "[...] Bionic Learning Network [...] [And again: HyperGotcha!!! See the logo of logo of Softbionics a further time.]", "We from Fraunhofer invented the MP3 standard, but could not find a company in Germany for two long years, which was prepared to bring it to market with us. [And we have documented many times with our investigations in different disciplines why this is the case: Research institutes like the Fraunhofer Institute together with the government and the industries are blocking highly innovative compa- nies like ours. Even that award of the company HRM Research Inst- itute is a part of that dirty game and shows how it is done as anoth- er evidence for our claim. By the way: The MP3 standard has been developed after we researched lossless compression algorithms and told at home about a classic hearing experiment done at the school in the subject biology. We were and still are not interested in lossy compression, because a higher quality was, is, and will ever be the future.]", "[...] innovation that is responsible in a sustainable sense [...]", "[...] 3D learning applications [...]", "The pure learning of facts will be forced back even more, as users have access to up-to-date information from a database at all times. [No, you have to learn the facts for being able to access, understand, and evaluate up-to-date informations correctly.]", "[...] management culture [...] [Isn't it a contradiction?]", "Of course politics cannot solve all of our problems, but Mrs. Schavan has done a good job with her team [...] [No, she has created a giant mess by even acting in serious criminal ways oftenly and it is only good to see that she is away, though the sit- uation has not become better due to the huge size and complexity of her scandal.]", "[...] holistic approach [...]", "[...] in an interplay of economic reason, excellence in engineering and visionary innov- ation [...]", "Festo Didactic was launched over 40 years ago [...] [But in the past the company did learning by mirroring respectively copying our actings, as it can be seen with the fields of bionics and robotics in the last decade (see its case in the Investigations::Ro- botics and more of the 5th of August 2009).]", "[...] Globalization of learning [...] Applications will be bundled in "Clouds" [...] Collaborat- ion will be the working style [...] [The question is what kind of mot- ivation leads to this collaboration. Actually, it is simple pack forming for stealing together in a larger group as a result of e.g. disastrous implications provoked by that award as well.]", "[...] Simulation [...] Mobile learning [...] Cloud computing [...] Learning apps [...]", "[...] Trailblazing innovations always start off with brave visions [...] [So again, we have here a reference to our OntoLab, the one and only Lab of Visions. By the way: The Trailblazer can be found on the Hyp- ersonic Engine webpage of the website of Style of Speed.]", "[...] holistic approach [...] Leonardo's holistic spirit [...] [Somehow, we see here the attempt to connect the term holistic with da Vinci for playing down C.S.' achievements in this way as well. But one of the problems of this nasty strategy is, that potentially da Vinci would not have been that ingenious person in this modern highly complex times in contrast to C.S.. Another problem is that da Vinci was not the only person at that time who was creative on this level. Quite contrary, it was contemporary (look for Taccola and Francesco di Giorgio for example).]", "[...] three major developments [...] that will determine 21st century learning [...]", "[...] self-organized technolo- gy-enhanced learning [...]", "Modern times is about overviews in- stead of depth, speed instead of reflection, sequence rather than analysis, surfing instead of deepening, communication instead of expression, multitasking instead of specialization and fun rather than effort [...], acting like swarms [or a packs ... and other] self-organ- ized systems. [So, quantity for quality? That carnival is extremely dangerous, as history and also the results of the related scientific disciplines proved always, because self-organized systems are di- rectly connected with the uncontrolled interplay of chaos and order. By the way: There is no free lunch in the universe. In this context we also would like to give our readers the note about the novel "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding, which is a classic in exactly this field of learning.]", "Letting it happen can be misinterpreted as Laissez-faire, or being lazy and not doing anything. That's absolutely not what I mean. [But this is what comes out besides other very nasty things if self-organization has no barriers, or otherwise the term self- organized learning is misused. And now we do understand why that fraudster came up with this term "self-organized learning" and why he was awarded: His Hole in the Wall experiment is based on prelim- inary work done for the The Proposal the led to The Prototyp (see again the case of the Newcastle University above).]", and "[...] another remarkable thing comes to my mind: Michelangelo's famous quotation: "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." I think this is a beautiful example of letting it happen rather than saying "I constructed an angel". [Then think an understand that constructing an angel is alright and much better than stealing an angel or a whole cloud, Sugata Mitra.]".
    In the press release we also found the following: "[...] decisive aspects of holistic education with the three new award categories [...] [While we do see here again the speech act stealing, we have also a clear reference to the 3³ Theme by C.S., because the award- ing was done the third time. How cheap is that?]" and "[...] Thought Leadership: Inspiring potential imitators [What an utter nonsense to promote defrauding imitators in this way.]".
    Review of the award of the year 2013: "[...] extraordinary interdisc- iplinary research and in-depth analysis [...]".
    The award has been introduced by the sponsors, like the marque Volkswagen→Audi, which has also positioned one of its employees as the head of the institute's management, so that we can see again how Volkswagen acts against our company and C.S. in this way, and by governmental institutions as patrons, like the European Parliam- ent, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, which was led at that time by the busted former minister Annette Schavan (CDU), which explains this case even better and why others togeth- er with us pushed her out of office (her plagiarism was only taken as the optional story for the public), the European Economic Senat, and the New Club of Paris for misleading the public about our achieve- ments. The whole endeavour fits perfectly with the actings and pro- jects of the European Comission and hence the company is: Convicted!!!™
    Btw.: They have learned nothing and only copied.

    Comment of the Day
    Flying transport network™
    Flying TN™

    Pictures of the Day
    Mail/Carrier/Message Pigeon 2.0 and Delivery Pigeon

    FlyingLAN wider interpreted as Mail/Carrier/Message Pigeon 2.0 and Delivery Pigeon PizzaFlyingLAN wider interpreted as Mail/Carrier/Message Pigeon 2.0 and Delivery Pigeon
    FlyingLAN wider interpretated as Mail/Carrier/Message Pigeon 2.0 and Delivery Pigeon SushiFlyingLAN wider interpreted as Mail/Carrier/Message Pigeon 2.0 and Delivery Pigeon Sushi, Hamburger, and French Fries
    © :I

    For each multirotor air vehicle we demand a license fee of 4 euro actually and a further license fee of 4 euro for using it in a flying swarm. For optimal support it would be best to obtain them directly from Roboticle. For the outdoor transport and delivery services we demand a fair share of the overall profit as license fee, because our Mail/Carrier/Message Pigeon 2.0 is meant as a general business process as well. Work with us, the true intellectual property owners, instead of paying twice.

    Ontonics Website update
    We added to the description of our McNano Mobile solution that our Mail/Carrier/Message Pigeon 2.0 is based on its general concept and the mentioned wider/broader defined interpretation of our FlyingLAN, that describes the transport of small portions of energy or/and matt- er, whole small object pieces, or/and objects over possibly different routes of a transport network and its eventual (re)construction at the destination.

    We added to the description of our FlyingLAN solution that it can be interpreted in a wider/broader sense and utilized for the building up of transport routes and networks, as mentioned before in the de- scription of our McNano Mobile concept, and also referenced our Mail/ Carrier/Message Pigeon 2.0.

    Accordingly, we added to the description of our Mail/Carrier/Message Pigeon 2.0 that it can be understood as an transport (area) network of unmanned aerial drones to move physical objects in small portions in the same way the internet carries small packets of information through various routes, and then puts all those single pieces togeth- er again at the end following the explanations about our FlyingLAN. We also referenced the McNano Mobile and the FlyingLAN to make clear that we were already there at that time, and also added med- icines to the description.

    Furthermore, we added hamburger, sushi, and ice cream to the description of our Delivery Pigeon.


  • One Laptop per Child Foundation and Association, and Sugar Labs: Some days ago some developers of the Sugar learning environment presented a possible solution for adapting Sugar on a Linux® kernel based operating system by using the Wayland protocol. Indeed, that looked as a clever way to bring that operating system again into play and to bother us again in this way, if there would not be this little problem that we already combined Wayland with Sugar before with our One Tablet Per Child (OTPC) project by intelliTablet.
    Understand the facts and reference us for the XO-4 (Multi-)Touch, the alternative learning environment of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project, the One (multi-touch) Tablet Per Child (OTPC) project running Sugar, the School in the Cloud concept, and for the Wayland Sugar mix, or otherwise your epistemological approach based on constructivism is worth nothing in the end. The related persons at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology played foul all the years (see also the case of the Newcastle University in the Investigations::Multimedia of the 14th of June 2013 (yesterday)).


  • Yo! Sushi: The restaurant franchiser has presented our Delivery Pigeon solution for stealing the show. Convicted!!!
  • Domino's Pizza: The restaurant chain and franchise pizza delivery corporation has presented our Delivery Pigeon solution for stealing the show. Convicted!!!
  • Matternet: The company presented a concept that has to be seen as a rough copy of our McNano Mobile solution and the related Mail/ Carrier/Message Pigeon 2.0 inclusive the utilization of robot swarm-engineering after the founders have understood what we meant with our phrase "FlyingLAN (wider interpreted)", which are enough for claiming a clear copyright infringement. Furthermore, the name of that company proves already that it is after the whole concept.
    What make this case especially interesting is the fact that once again the Singularity University and the company Google belong to the supporters of a company that tries to steal our intellectual properties, so that the overall strategy and methode of both can also be seen clearly again. For sure, the company is: Convicted!!!
  • British Broadcasting Corporation: Is it a surprise that the media company reported about a start-up that has copied essential elem- ents of our McNano Mobile and the related Mail/Carrier/ Message Pigeon 2.0 technoloiges together with the robot swarm-engineering (see the case of the company Matternet above)?
  • Cable News Network: see the case of British Broadcasting Corpor- ation

    Comment of the Day

    Ontonics Announcement
    We have begun to calculate how high our share has to be as more and more features of our Ontologic System architecture are implem- ented with the internet search engines Google and Bing, and probab- ly later by more internet services like the ones of Yahoo and also Facebook, because these services are used with stationary devices as well and hence the implementations are not covered by our lic- ense model for stationary and mobile devices (see for example the Ontonics Announcement of the 22nd of May 2013). The assessment will be based on the profit per year for the full implementation, ex- clusive the 21st Century Calibre of course.

    Ontonics Further steps
    We are looking at the design of a flying robot platform with a vector- ed thrust combined propulsion and lift system in the style of the Harrier by Hawker Siddeley coined Odonata by us as an additional platform for our flying robotic solutions based on multirotor aerial vehicles (see also the Style of Speed Further steps of today below).

    Style of Speed Website update
    We publicated the very first version of the webpage for our K.I.T.T..

    Style of Speed Further steps
    Our VTOL (U(C))AV takes shape with elements of the project Speed Agile Powered Lift System Concept Demonstration, which fit ideally with our requirement specification and preliminary design (see also the Further steps of the 30th of May 2013) and which are perfectly reflected with its evolution to an own class of aerial vehicles called Odonata by us. We also incorporated the stealth technology already just while writing this message. The next design steps are focused on optimizing the VTOL and hover performances, if needed at all due to our smart design, followed by heightening the speed agility and maneuverability. But about the special gimmicks we will not talk here, because they are: Top Secret - Only for Partners.

    In addition, we are looking at a different flying robot platform, which also features a vectored thrust combined propulsion and lift system in the style of the Harrier by Hawker Siddeley, that enables it to have the hover capability of a helicopter, but with outstanding wind gust resistance and a small landing and take off footprint. The tech- nology actively resists lateral forces making it ideal for use as a powered lift aircraft, airspeeder, and as an additional platform for the flying robotic solutions by Ontonics.

    Ontonics, Roboticle, and Style of Speed Further steps
    In conjunction with the Ontonics and Style of Speed Further steps of the 16th of June 2013 (yesterday) we would like to show what we meant with a different flying robot platform that features a vectored thrust combined propulsion and lift system in the style of the Harrier by Hawker Siddeley. We have already overworked the design with some different versions: The first version has one or more radial fans/turbines mounted at much more appropriated places and if needed even transversal or upright, so that for example a common surveillance camera pod or a cockpit can be mounted at the front, an additional energy storage at the rear, or a load bed/cargo area for the transport of objects where suited. The second version has a nozzle at the rear like the F-35B Lightning II by Lockheed Martin. The third version has retractable wings, the fourth version has variable-sweep wings/swing-wings, while the fifth version has folding wings.

    Selex→Damselfly → Ontonics, Roboticle, and Style of SpeedSelex→Damselfly → Ontonics, Roboticle, and Style of SpeedSelex→Damselfly → Ontonics, Roboticle, and Style of Speed
    © McGraw Hill FinancialAviation Week

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have publicated the very first version of the webpage for our AutoBrain.

    Style of Speed Announcement
    We are pleased to announce that we have begun to develop a new series of civil aircrafts of the Odonata class (see the Further steps of the 16th of June 2013 (yesterday)) based on our BWB-1/White Eagle and called actually Agile Green Next Generation Carrier (A GreeN Gen). In this way, we can offer our customers an aircraft series with models that have 100, 200, and up to around 400 seats, Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) capability, lower pollutant and noise emissions, higher efficiency, and even longer range in compar- ison to common regional jets in the beginning and latter much more fascinating properties, which enables the airliners to start and land from regional airports with short runways and to serve short- to medium-haul more cost effective and environmental friendly as well. Definitely, this kind of airliners are the next revolution by us in the field of aircrafts and will become quickly the standard. Bus and train travel was yesterday.

    NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Style of Speed→ Green Aircrafts inclusive BWB-1/White Eagle (Image by NASA)
    Speed Agile Powered Lift System Concept Demonstration Lockheed Martin VariantSpeed Agile Powered Lift System Concept Demonstration Boeing Variant
    © Air Force Research Laboratory, NASA, and :?

    Ontonics, Roboticle, and Style of Speed Further steps
    We forgot to mention yesterday that we also have a sixth version that features our Air Multiplier.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We have uploaded a preliminary webpage of our new HWB-1/Agile Eagle, that we introduced yesterday.

    Investigations::Aeronautics and Space

  • European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company: In a TV report about a large aerospace exhibition, we saw at the ceiling of the booth of the aerial vehicle manufacturer a model that reminded us of our Raylev system at first. But a further recherche showed that it was its tropospheric airship that not surprisingly is conceptually like the catamaran airship of our X-3*/LittleStar and the nacells with the wings of our Star Trek Enterprise like hybrid Airships.
    Btw.: We have a homework for the engineers: Design a catamaran airship with a load capacity of 8 tons, which has to be carried at an altitude of around 18,000 meters, and that is more cost effective than taking a reconstructed airliner.

    For sure, we designed the highly interesting file system (indexing) of our Single Address Space Operating System for Fun (SASOS4Fun) for our Ontologic File System (OntoFS) of OntoLix and OntoLinux as well. The SASOS4Fun FS also seems to become already the suc- cessor of the foundations of the commonly used file and database systems (see also the Ontonics, OntoLab, and OntoLinux Further steps of the 8th of October 2012).

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added an image of our turbine engine Pegasus II to the webpage of the HWB-1/Agile Eagle.

    Style of Speed Further steps 4:04 CET
    We are pleased to present our adaptive versatile affordable advanc- ed highly efficient turbine engine with vectored thrust lift and con- trol systems Pegasus II.

    Rolls-Royce Pegasus (F402) with Vectored Thrust Lift and Control Systems Cut-out Rolls-Royce Pegasus ∧ Heete → Style of Speed Pegasus II Adaptive Versatile Affordable Advanced Highly Efficient Turbine Engine with Vectored Thrust Lift and Control Systems CoreAdvent → Style of Speed Pegasus II Adaptive Versatile Affordable Advanced Highly Efficient Turbine Engine with Vectored Thrust Lift and Control Systems Core
    Rolls-Royce Pegasus ∧ Lift System ∧ Advent → Style of Speed Pegasus II Adaptive Versatile Affordable Advanced Highly Efficient Turbine Engine with Vectored Thrust Lift and Control Systems
    Genx ∧ Rolls-Royce Pegasus ∧ Lift System ∧ Advent → Style of Speed Pegasus II Adaptive Versatile Affordable Advanced Highly Efficient Turbine Engine with Vectored Thrust Lift and Control Systems
    ©© BY-SA 3.0 Jaypee
    © :( and Style of Speed

    Interestingly, the original Rolls-Royce Pegasus turbine engine has al- ready the basic characteristics of a versatile affordable highly effic- ient turbine engine, though it needs a thorough overwork of course. Furthermore, we have to adjust the dimensions in accordance with the areas of deployment, for example in a U(C)AV or an airliner, and change some details at the by-pass sections and the duct. Said this, the basic concept is publicated.

    Comment of the Day

    Ontonics Website update
    After we have waited since the October of the year 2012 for this step it happend yesterday that a person presented the concept of a log-structured hash function-based file system of our Single Address Space Operating System for Fun (SASOS4Fun) as his invention and connected it with essential features of our Ontologic File System (OntoFS) (see also the Ontonics, OntoLab, and OntoLinux Further steps of the 8th of October 2012 and the related Clarification of 19th of June 2013 (yesterday)). Said this, we have extracted the description of the file system concept from the description of the SASOS4Fun and added it in the Innovation-Pipeline under its own new label:

  • Log-structured Hash-based File System (LogHashFS or LHFS).

    OntoLix and OntoLinux Website update
    We added to the section File System of the webpage Links to Software the link to our:

  • Log-structured Hash-based File System (LogHashFS or LHFS),

    though it was already referenced by the link to our Single Address Space Operating System for Fun (SASOS4Fun) in the section Exotic Operating System.

    Investigations::Multimedia, AI and Knowledge management

  • Space Applications Services: And we catched the next imitating company. In detail the company claims to "develop innovative systems, solutions and products for the aerospace markets as well as related industries". But some of these products and services were stolen from our websites, specifically of OntoLix and OntoLinux, and to some extend of Ontonics. We quote from its website: "Novel space system concept development;", "Human-machine and human-robot interaction systems and products, including visualization systems;", "Range of knowledge management solutions.", "[...] Computer Aided Medical Diagnosis and Surgery System [...]", "[...] Mindwalker [...]", "[...] System Engineering [-] Software Engineering [-] Systems Integration [...]", "Earth Observation Systems: semantic access to distributed EO data.", "Data federation, fusion and access. [-] Knowledge capture, visualization and natural language interaction. [-] Decision support.", "Virtual Environments & HMI: wearable computing and computer aided medical diagnostic systems including 3D, Augmented and Virtual Reality audio and haptic applications.", "Robotic Systems: complete systems including exoskeleton and rover control systems as well as robot navigation, task and path planning.", "As a focal point for this we have established an avionics and robotics laboratory as well as a virtual environment and human machine interfaces laboratory. [We simply call it OntoLab.]", "[...] Robotics and Cognitive Systems & Technologies for Digital Content and Languages [...]", "[...] Cognitive Load Measurement [...] [The Cognitive Load Theory (CLT) is strongly connected with learning and schemata. See the chapter 4.3 Assimilation, Akkommodation und Equilibration of The Proposal.]", "[...] Cloud Computing and Advanced Software Engineering [...]", "Easier evolution of legacy software.", "Integration of learning and cognition.", "Intelligent Information Management", "Cognitive load measurement devices.", "Semantic modeling.", "Technology Enhanced Learning", "Natural language interaction and Question/Answering.", "Domain specific language development.", "Information systems, semantic technology, wearable devices for citizens observatories", "Multi domain ontology [...] development.", "Semantic access and interoperability.", "Automation, robotic and intelligent systems.", "Data fusion, data analysis and data access standardization.", "Situational awareness techniques.", "Wearable mobile platforms.", "Information integration.", "Development of unobtrusive wearable computer systems providing high accuracy geolocalisation, natural interfaces and multi-modal interaction.", "Semantic access to large volumes of data.", "Language technology.", "Autonomous and cognitive robots.", "Complex event processing in process control.", "Visual analytics [...] [See our field of Visualytics (Visual Analytics) in the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics.]", "Knowledge Management", "[The software] offers a natural language query mechanism using intuitive semantic technologies to look for information. It empowers users to query multimodal information streams and to retrieve fast accurate and relevant answers. [The software] combines several powerful techniques in a novel way to make sense of natural language queries and provides a flexible interaction environment through query visualization.", "Browser & Editor of Topic Maps ontologies", "[...] offers a natural web interface for browsing and authoring multidomain ontologies [...]", "[The knowledge management software] is integrated in [the browser and editor], allowing to access information by formulating informal queries in natural language.", "[...] team offers tailored solutions addressing specific business problems in various domains [...]", "Video Surveillance Applications: multimedia data - the video - is federated with other available data (e.g. train arrival and departure times, employees logs etc.) within a standard topic map. This topic map can be queried in natural language in order to access to specific video footages. [...]", "By federating this data in a topic map, the data is organized in a manner that is understandable and intuitive to the users. The ability to browse or query the data in natural language allows the users to analyze past events in straight forward manner.", "Topic Maps used to describe in a very concise and natural way relationship between entities, domains, products, currencies or events.", and "[...] Earth Observation Systems: semantic access to distributed EO data. [...]".
    We do not need to discuss this case, because the copyright infringement is absolutely evident due to the contents of the webpages Introduction and Overview, the referenced software on the webpage Links to Software, and also the referenced hardware on the webpage Links to Hardware of the websites of OntoLix and OntoLinux, as well as the website of Ontologics.info. Even more nasty and criminal is the point that the company has developed a strategy to take part on research and technology development projects that are focused on our intellectual properties and hence the company seems to live primarily from tax money given to steal our intellectual properties. Proven this, we give the company a doubtless: Convicted!!!™
    Btw.: Hiding behind the European Comission will not help.

    Investigations::Aeronautics and Space

  • Swiss Space Systems: And the next one. The company has not copied the content of the webpage of our X-3*/LittleStar and some contents of the webpages of our Space Shuttle III/BigStar and our Hypersoar, and taken some other contents from the website of Style of Speed only, but also thinks to be very clever by cloning our business division Style of Speed and telling the same related marketing story. Besides this, it selected its partners and sponsors by looking at the websites of OntoLix and OntoLinux, as it could be seen for example with the company Space Applications Services (see its case in the Investigations::Multimedia, AI and Knowledge management of today above). We quote from its website to document the facts: "Swiss Space Systems - S3 is shaping the future of commercial space and academic space research. [The label and its acronym and the rest were taken from the webpages of our X-3*/LittleStar and Space Shuttle III/BigStar, as it can be easily seen with the vehicle names and our Style of Speed Space System Standard (S5).]", "Our vision is to be the world leader in in-orbit delivery of small satellites. [Besides that it has a vision, which leads us directly to our OntoLab, The Lab of Visions, we have here again the webpage of our X-3*/LittleStar.]", "13.03.2013 [...] 13:13 [...] [How cheap to copy this as well.]", "[...] founder of S3, who was happy to share his vision of what his company stands for [...] [Obviously, it is not his vision and the company stands for the not so uncommon business strategy of copying other companies only.]", "[...] Developing Passenger Transport [...] Its goal is to develop, manufacture, certify and operate unmanned suborbital shuttles to launch small satellites up to 250 kg by 2018 [...] facilitating particularly science and in-orbit delivery [...] [So, what now?]", "Thanks to our innovative launching system based on assembling the best of proven technologies, we will be able to serve our clients with excellence at highly competitive costs. [See again the webpages of our X-3*/LittleStar and Space Shuttle III/BigStar.]", "Our aim is to democratize access to space [...] [And our aim here is to bust that company directly from its start as a usual copy and marketing booth for keeping up democracy and fighting anarchy.]", "[...] we rely on the support of a worldwide network of internationally renowned partners and advisors, who all support S3 and trust our vision [...] [Obviously, its partners and advisors do trust our vision and the competences of our U.S.American partners and us.]", "While [it is a] new company, [it] benefit[s] from decades of research, design, testing and implementation. Our partners and advisors will provide us with a know-how second to none and the best available technologies already developed and certified. [While we have here again the webpages of our X-3*/LittleStar and Space Shuttle III/BigStar, the latter is a bold marketing lie, obviously. ]", "We propose a sustainable system based and built on aeronautics experience and its developments. For instance, we will launch our spaceplane from a[n] airliner, and the spaceplane will use standard fuels, with no fuel required during landing after a suborbital flight. [Firstly, it is basically a concept shown by the U.S.American and Russian space agencies in the 1970s. Secondly, the specific concept is very similar to the Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) X-34 of the companies Orbital Sciences and Rockwell and their partners, which we have revived after the project was stopped. This is also proven by the fact that a graphics shown on the webpage of our X-3*/LittleStar was simply copied from the original graphics by the company Orbital Sciences with the only difference that we deleted the carrier aircraft. Thirdly, it will become interesting to see how the company wants to access the sub-orbit if it does not launch the second stage in the so-called "sweet-spot". Furthermore, we do think that the term "standard fuel" is misleading, because in the end it will be some kind of special rocket propellant.]", and "That way, we are building the most economic and ecological model available today. Nothing is lost on a flight. The main components used during the flight are re-usable and we intend to develop ground operations known from aviation such as inspection, repair and equipment replacement activities. [And a further time we have the contents of our X-3*/LittleStar and Space Shuttle III/BigStar.]".
    Its sub-orbital glider concept called Soar after others' and our Hyp- ersoar is either the Véhicule Suborbital Habité (VHS) concept by the Astronaute Club Européen (ACE) or the VEHRA concept both said to be built since years by one of its large partners, Dassault Aviation, which did marketing only as well. The space vehicles are said to be based on the Crew Return Vehicle (CRV) X-38 by the NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR), though the VHS concept is similar to the Hermes project started 1975 by the French Centre National d'Études Spatiales (CNES) and was later managed by the ESA. It is even rumoured that this investigated company is a so-called black program by Dassault Aviation for marketing again its spacevehicle and also said that Dassault's involvement in the program is linked to its earlier bid to sell Rafale fighters in Switzerland. So we simply wait and see, if it lifts off at all or, as we do think, goes down in the same way like around 15 companies in the last 10 years before, which did marketing only as well for starting the hidden Ponzi scheme.
    Btw.: If we have to be honest, then we would say that we can't hear that marketing story anymore.
    Furthermore, our X-3*/LittleStar is solely based on very carefully selected technologies, which are tried and tested since decades, and partly optimized and tested successfully again in the last years.

    For sure, our Ontoscopes, but also every other device powered with one of our Ontologic Systems (OSs), is already prepared by design for many more interesting applications besides (wirelessly) commun- icating in general, and with the user and other devices in particular, storing data, taking pictures and recording videos, and displaying them, recording and (re)producing sounds, and actuating whatever is possible due to their foundation concept to which belong an OS, the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics, so that they can exhibit embodied cognition(/intelligence), self-awareness (see also the Clarification of the 19th of September 2012), context aware- ness, location awareness, activity recognition, and situation aware- ness (see also the Clarification of the 8th of June 2013), and a Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI). For example, an Onto- scope is able to understand what it reads, sees, hears, or/and sen- ses otherwise in a different mode, and can communicate this with the user textually, visually, acoustically/verbally, or/and haptically. The latter can even be done in virtually every human language with our Multilingual Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M³UI).

    Ontonics and Style of Speed Further steps 22:05 CET
    We have invented an electric taxiing system based on our electric wheel hub/in-wheel motor and our electric as-wheel motor.

    Style of Speed Further steps 3:33 CET
    We are thinking (again) about the integration of our Gas Turbo en- gine (GTron) technology with post-, pre-, or/and oxyfuel combustion carbon (dioxide) capturing cycles/processes, so that the produced hydrogen is used to bind the carbon dioxide (CO2) contained in the exhaust gas and synthesize some kind of hydrocarbon gas, like for example natural gas or pure methan CH4 (see the webpage of our bionic vehicle APE ESP 3.0), the produced oxygen is mixed with the cooled exhaust gas and hence with the contained CO2 and burned again as part of an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), or even both possibilities are applied advantageously with a suitable process. In this way, only a specific amount of CO2 is needed at all all the time as some kind of carrier gas that is again and again enriched with hydrogen and burned with oxygen in a looped cycle. In the end this approach would mean for a (hydro)carbon based propellant burning combustion engine that virtually no CO2 emission occurs at all.
    Furthermore, by an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) technique the nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions can be reduced as well by burning the exhaust a second or more times.

    We are analyzing now if these specific solutions are already covered by our descriptions or how far this is one of the mentioned combin- ations of our Gas Turbo engine (GTron) technology with our Looped Combustion Engine in the semi-opened and opened variants and the related reforming, electrolyzing and catalyzing turbocharger and supercharger technologies or/and the related Regenerative Catalys- ator, though there might be some new details or variants created with the description above.

    Furthermore, we are thinking about how the Gas Turbo engine (GTron) technology could be integrated with turbines in the best way, which have not to be used for the propulsion of vehicles only, but can also be utilized with stationary machines like small and large turbo generators used for example at home or in power plants.

    Ultimately, somebody must be the best.

    Comment of the Day
    Synthesizing supercharger™
    Synthesizing turbocharger™
    Synthesizing catalyzing supercharger™
    Synthesizing catalyzing turbocharger™
    Synthesizing electrolyzing supercharger™
    Synthesizing electrolyzing turbocharger™
    Synthesizing manifold™
    Synthesizing exhaust system™

    Ontonics Website update
    In conjunction with our Style of Speed Further steps of the 22nd of June 2013 (yesterday) and the utilized technologies of our bionic vehicle APE ESP 3.0 we have developed the new technologies:

  • Synthesizing Supercharger 11:10 CET,
  • Synthesizing Turbocharger 11:10 CET,
  • Synthesizing Catalyzing Supercharger 11:17 CET,
  • Synthesizing Catalyzing Turbocharger 11:17 CET,
  • Synthesizing Electrolyzing Supercharger 11:17 CET, and
  • Synthesizing Electrolyzing Turbocharger 11:17 CET, as well as
  • Synthesizing Manifold and Exhaust System 11:19 CET.

    Style of Speed Further steps 6:06 CET
    Indeed, our fans waited only for this step: We are very pleased to announce that we have begun to develop a series hybrid drivetrain based on our Gas Turbo engine (GTron) and Active Differential tech- nologies that would be called HighTron, HyTron, or simply HTron.


  • Cornell University: The university presented a molecular assembler that seems to be our NanoFab concept (see also the case of the media company Cable News Network below and our Clarification of the 9th of January 2013).
  • Cable News Network: The media company has reported again about rapid prototyping and 3D printing. For sure, in relation to our research and development activities the Star Trek replicator, the 3D printing of food and biological tissues (see the section Replicator #1 Molecular Assembler of the webpage Terms of the 21st Century also of the websites of our Ontologic Systems OntoLix and OntoLinux), as well as the metaphor with Lego bricks were shown in the report besides the interview with a researcher who explained that with this kind of technology data respectively informations become objects (see also the section Parionics of the webpage Terms of the 21st Century) and his project of a related lab. Specifically the metaphor with Lego bricks, which is such a characteristical signature of us, but also the other consistencies prove doubtlessly that the report was based on the contents of our websites, though again we were not referenced. Instead, an animation of a university, that seems to have copied our NanoFab concept (see also the related McNano and McNano Mobile technologies in the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics), and a reference to a related lab by a research institute, which has been convicted by us many times in the past of copying approaches of us, were presented for imputing these entities with our inventions and misleading the public away from for example our OntoLab.

  • Panasonic: The company is advertising a television with a front camera that is able to recognize a viewer and to offer comfort/smart funtions accordingly like showing a personalized menu. The technolo- gy is integrated into the television itself and not in a set-top box, and we have described the basic technology of facial recognition as well as "supporting users [...] to present services exactly, like e.g. [...] activity and interactivity", so it is obvious that we have here our Image Display 2.0 solution.
    Btw.: Honestly, we have to mention that a television with an inte- grated front camera might be presented already in the past, though we are very critical about this possibility. Nevertheles, it is only the beginning of the problems. Firstly, more functions will be added to such a television, like a Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI) with speech, gesture, and more kinetic control, 3D displaying, or/and an integrated game console like we presented with our GameTV. Fur- thermore, we have already explained in conjunction with another manufacturer of smart televisions that a personalized menu, program guide, and other web based features will be programmed in the Hyp- erText Markup Language 5 (HTML5) in the end, which comprises the Resource Description Framework (RDF) that leads again to our Ontologic Systems OntoLix and OntoLinux again, like it is the case with the M²UI (see the related case of the company Samsung in the Invest- igations::Multimedia of the 9th of January 2013).

    Ontonics Website update
    In conjunction with our Style of Speed Further steps of the 22nd of June 2013 we added to the descriptions of our Catalyzing Super- charger, Catalyzing Turbocharger, Electrolyzing Supercharger, and Electrolyzing Turbocharger forced induction technologies the possib- ility to integrate an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system, which is ideally combined with the related variants of our carbon dioxide re- cycling, and hydrocarbons synthesizing and also hydrocarbons re- forming forced induction technologies together.

    Comment of the Day #1
    "Robin Hood is a thief.", [Sheriff of Nottingham]
    "Robin Hood ist ein Dieb.", [Sheriff von Nottingham]

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Quax steht nicht für den Bruchpiloten. Dann führt schon mal ganz schnell den Drohnenschein ein."

    For sure, we left no doubt all the years that our work is on such a high level and so far-sighted and at the same time exactly prophe- sying that it could not be handled as somekind of research, design, development, and engineering only anymore, so that we had chosen to present or works as arts as well. In this context, taking ideas, concepts, systems, and methods of operation from our websites has to be seen as an act of plagiarism of single pieces and also of the complete synthesis of arts in relation to the always addressed infringement of copyright as well. This artistic point of view could also be seen by the facts, that since our first presentation in the large in the year 2006 many corporations have adapted to describe a vision as part of their self-introduction on the one hand, and that larger companies together with governmental institutions have init- iated and supported events and awards in the combined field of arts and engineering on the other hand.
    In this conjunction, we would like to thank every entity very much for providing the vast quantities and high qualities of not copyright- ed facts and evidences in the last years.

    Ontonics Website update
    We have slightly updated the description of the Sensor Frame by giving the information that it can be utilized for the navigation of the user interface, but also for biometric functions and the taking of vital signs, which again are the foundations for further comfort and security functions, and also caring and health measures.
    We also mentioned the biometric functions and vital signs in the description of our Sensor Case.

    Style of Speed Further steps 14:00 CET
    We are developing electric motors and generators used in vehicles that are cooled with gaseous hydrogen instead of air. A further possibility, that is adapted as well from high-performance turbo generators, is to use stator windings, which are made of hollow tubes through which a cooling liquid is circulating.

    Investigations::Car #388

  • Volkswagen→Audi: The chief of the motorsports divison of the marque has explained in the online version of the magazine Stern on the 13th of Juni 2012 that the race car R18 TDI e-tron quattro has only a part-time All-Wheel Drive (AWD), so that it is conform with the rules of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) World Endurance Championship (WEC). Nevertheless, it is still based on our Active Differential™ #2 with Electric Torque Vectoring™ and much more, as used for our models with electric drivetrains, like our in- vention of the electronic quattro/e-quattro drivetrain.
    Furthermore, at first it was said that the plan to produce the e-tron clone of our model RE™ was stopped at the end of the year. But since then, the marque is presenting the car as somekind of a devel- opment platform for learning, and explaining that the knowledge gained about the technology will be used for future developments. The true reason is that we showed an image of a potential chassis of our RE some weeks ago that features our electronic quattro/e-quattro drivetrain based on one Active Differential #2 at the front and one at the rear axles. Then again it was written in a report that the R8 e-tron was not a flop, because the technology is used now for the hybrid drivetrain of another model in the g-tron™ version with turbocharged engine fueled by (compressed) natural gas and common gasoline, which again leads to one of our technologies that is our Gas Turbo engine (GTron™) and the related Hybrid electronic (Hytron) drivetrain architecture in this case. Even more bold, since around the same time it is said that the other RE clone called R8 F12 prototype with 4 electric motors (see the case of the joint venture of the entities Volkswagen→Audi, Audi Electronics Venture, Robert Bosch and Bosch Engineering, RWTH Aachen University, technical universities of Munich, Dresden and Ilmenau, Leibniz University Hannover, the Fraunhofer Institute, Forschungsgesellschaft Kraft- fahrwesen mbH Aachen, and the German Federal Ministry for Educ- ation and Research in the Investigations::Car #365 of the 11th of November 2012) will not become the production car, but a new clone R8 e-tron with 2 electric motors at the rear axle and rear-wheel drive only. So suddenly, it has even not the two electric motors at the front axle anymore with which the whole mess begun (see the Clarification Style of Speed RE Special of the 10th of May 2013) and the marque wants to mislead the public in this way now. But again, it is still our model RE™ that has 2 electric motors and 2 Active Differentials™ #1 or 1 Active Differential™ #2, or 4 electric motors and 2 Active Differentials™ #2. In addition, a further detail was assimilated from our Style of Speed website with the new wheels of the R8 e-clone that have discs for optimizing the air drag. In fact, the management of the marque as well as of the supporting media still do not want to understand that we have the original vehicle and that the public begins to laugh about that back and forth, and that cheap wriggling already.
  • Volkswagen→Porsche: We found out that the model 911 GT3 RSR (Type 991) features a double wishbone suspension at the front in- stead of the McPherson struts fitted on the standard car, that we have already presented with the former version of our 911 convers- ion Beast that was based on the Type 997. Furthermore, in order to reduce weight the car was completely stripped and many of the separate body panels like the doors were replaced with carbon fibre pieces, which is as well an option of our Beast.
    A further matter is that the company has begun to construct a clos- ed Le Mans Prototype (LMP) race car, which is definitely neither init- iated by its chief of the marque's research and development division and also not a clean sheet design, as he claimed both in an inter- view in a sports television (see the case of the media company TF1 Group→Eurosport below), but by our business unit Style of Speed. In fact, the marque Volkswagen→Porsche has assimilated our model P* (P Star) of our * Series (Star Series; see for example the Style of Speed Further steps of the 22nd of October 2012) as the foundation of its LMP race car for the event in 2014, as the first images of the prototyp prove, because the design of the front section and the canopy was taken from the Audi R18 TDI race car as well like we did. And we already do claim that most potentially much more of the superior and one of a kind highly innovative technologies by Style of Speed will be taken. By the way: After the implicit informations and related implications contained in the claims made in the interview by the chief of the research and development department an unknowing person has to draw the conclusion that he must be C.S. and that our business division Style of Speed is in Weissach and belongs to Porsche. But we can assure our readers that this is the third wrong point, definitely.
  • TF1 Group→Eurosport: While reporting about the 24 hours endur- ance race event at Le Mans, the public was misled in an arranged interview deliberately again, which were this time about some facts related with the marque Volkswagen→Porsche that are documented in its case above.

    Style of Speed Website update 23:33 CET
    Yes for sure, today we have as well something new for our readers and customers that is the new webpage of our Active Security System (ASS).

    Comment of the Day #1
    Active black box™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that work.", [C.S., Today]
    In opposition to Thomas A. Edison. And every way, which did not work, was a personal disaster.
    "Ich bin nicht gescheitert. Ich habe 10.000 Möglichkeiten gefunden, die funktionieren.", [C.S., Heute]
    Im Gegensatz zu Thomas A. Edison. Und jede Möglichkeit, die nicht funktionierte, war ein persönliches Disaster.

    Why do our ideas matter? Simply, because our publications make it impossible to file related patents, so that not the syntax and exact wording are the decisive basis in respect to legal issues, but indeed the semantics, the sense respectively the presented idea, concept, system, or method of operation included in the description is import- ant. We often had this fact compared with music, like melodies writ- ten as notes or songs written as lyrics. In both cases it does not matter at all on which instrument or in which vocal style the melody or song is played or sung. They always stay the same. By the way: To copy up to 8 bars/beats/tacts is allowed like it is the case with interfaces of software libraries. A further example is the story of a novel that is taken as a script of a movie. The copyrighted story stays the same even if another media is taken and if it is told in the movie from the point of view of the main prot- agonist, another actor, or a narrator not shown in the movie at all. In fact, a legal loophole never existed in reality and hence was only an illusion created by large companies.

    Style of Speed Website update
    We added to the description of our Active Security System (ASS) the Active Black Box and the Hyper Connectivity suite.


  • Boston University and University of Southern California: Scientist of the universities collaborated for an experiment, that demonstrat- ed that the transmission of the so-called twisted light through a fibre is possible. In the end, they proved only a basic technique of our spaceship concept Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift, which even integrates the technique of the phase conjugation that is used for canceling out/undoing noise in the transmission of light signals through a medium (see also the Ontonics Further steps of the 25th of June 2012, the Investigations of the 27th of May 2013 and the case of the media company British Broadcasting Corporation below).
  • British Broadcasting Corporation: Well knowing already that we have also described the concept of twisted light on the webpage of our spaceship concept Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift (see this conceptual graphic and its case and the case of in the Investig- ations of the 27th of May 2013) it reported about a collaboration of two universities that conducted a related experiment in a way that again misled the public away from our OntoLab (see the case of the Boston University and University of Southern California above, the Ontonics Further steps of the 25th of June 2012 and also the In- vestigations of the 3rd of June 2011).


  • Cable News Network: Well knowing that it is our MobileKinetic technology, the media company reported by referencing a report of a webpage that "Apple appears to be testing out motion control features that will let people control their [smart]Phones by moving their heads.", "It works by using the front-facing [smart]Phone or [...]Pad camera to detect head movements [...]", "When on, the system automatically runs through every option on the device screen until the user selects the one he or she wants by turning his or her head to one side. [So, we have here a mobile device with multi-touchscreen, speech/voice control, and now a further modality, so that we can say that it is our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI) of OntoLix and OntoLinux.]", "The left or right head movements can be assigned to different tasks, including returning to the main home screen, displaying notifications or activating voice assistant [..., which in fact is our proactive Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA), as the company Apple describes it itself on the related webpage].", "[...] being able to navigate the phone interface this way with head movements could potentially be useful for people with limited mobility or other disabilities that make touch or voice interfaces difficult to use [...] [Like with the IPA, we have here as well a description that should mislead the public away from the true origin, which are still our business divisions Ontonics, OntoLab, Ontoscope, and Ontologics with OntoLix and OntoLinux.], "The head-movement feature is meant as an accessibility option, but it's easy to imagine similar motion control features becoming more commonplace on devices in the future. [So, why are our devices not mentioned?]", "Motion detection technology that lets you control a computer interface [...] depth sensor cameras [...] The Kinect can detect a person's skeleton, face and even expressions. The [clone of our MobileKinetic technology] detects gestures such as finger movements. [See again the description of our MobileKinetic technology and the related points on the webpage Ontologic Applications on the website of OntoLix and OntoLinux.]", and "Motion control options are already popping up in smartphones. The [smartphone of another manufacturer] supports eye scrolling, moving a page when the user's eyes look up or down, and detecting when motion has stopped. If you look away from a video while it is playing, it can automatically pause. It also supports gestures, such as picking up calls when you wave a hand over the device. [We have documented this smartphone series of the company Samsung many times (see for example the cases in the Investigations::Multi- media of the 18th of July 2012 and 15th of March 2013, and the Investigations::Multimedia, AI and Knowledge management of the 30th of April 2013, specifically of the manufacturer) and could prove that it features our MobileKinetic technology and our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI) of OntoLix and OntoLinux besides other technologies.]".
    It is obvious that other manufacturers were referenced instead of the true origins to mislead the public away from our company with its business divisions intentionally once again and to undermine that our copyrighted descriptions are published by other media, though this is not needed at all as a proof for our publication and has been rendered already as absolutely unsuccessful. Furthermore, this information is not a big surprise for us at all, but only a proof of our assumption that sooner or later the company Apple must jump on our bandwagon as well, so that we do not need to discuss the case itself any further. What is more important is the point that obviously the company Apple is already after our Mobile 4D Image Display and our Retina Projection technologies, like the other manufacturers.

    Comment of the Day #1
    Twisted wave™
    Twisted ray™
    Twisted beam™

    Comment of the Day #2
    "Vergiss Geiz und Style, denn CO2 ist geil."

    Ontonics Announcement
    Many manufacturers are keen on the production of vehicles with our technogies. Said this, we have thought about some of the actually most important license fees for their descriptions that are primarily set as follows:

  • 4.00 euro for the Stroetmann compressor
  • 4.00 euro for the regenerative catalysator
  • 4.00 euro for the reforming or synthesizing manifold and exhaust system
  • 8.00 euro for a reforming, synthesizing, catalyzing, or electrolyzing supercharger or turbocharger, inclusive Hydrogen-on-the-Fly technology and basic GTron architecture, and exclusive Exhaust Gas Recirculation System (EGRS), MixFuel system, and additional technologies
  • 12.00 euro for a reforming, synthesizing, catalyzing, or electrolyzing supercharger or turbocharger, inclusive Hydrogen-on-the-Fly technology, basic GTron architecture, and Exhaust Gas Recirculation System (EGRS), and exclusive MixFuel system, and additional technologies
  • 0.00 euro for the basic Gas Turbo engine (GTron) architecture, exclusive a related Forced Injection and Induction System (may demand licenses for additional technologies)
  • 4.00 euro for the basic Hybrid gas Turbo electric engine (HyTron) architecture, inclusive the basic GTron architecture
  • 1.00 euro for the GTron or HyTron marketing story
  • 4.00 euro for an Active Differential, exclusive integration into the Active Component architecture
  • 6.00 euro for the integration of a Kinetic/Brake Energy Recovery System (KERS/BERS) and a supercharger or a turbocharger, exclusive specific forced induction system
  • 20 to 60 cents per kilowatt for our battery and fuel cell technolo- gies depending on their specific conceptual and constructional com- plexity, their energy storage density, and further specific features
  • 2.50 euro for the basic AutoCloud concept, exclusive semantic and ontologic techniques (demands additional negotiation about the specific service and a fair share of the profit)
  • 0.00 euro for the basic MapCloud concept, exclusive ontologic techniques
  • 2.50 euro for the basic CarCloud concept without robotics, exclusive semantic and ontologic techniques (demands additional negotiation about the specific service and a fair share of the profit)
  • 5.00 euro for the basic CarCloud concept with robotics, aka. RobotCloud, exclusive semantic and ontologic techniques (demands fair share of the profit)
  • 10.00 euro for the AutoMapCloud concept, inclusive Car-, Bike-, or PlaneCloud, exclusive semantic and ontologic techniques (demands fair share of the profit)
  • K.I.T.T. and K.A.R.R. are calculated on a customer base due to the many possibilities and the inherent complexity, though it can be calculated by interested parties alone after we have publicated the whole list of licenses for the related architectures and components.

    Also, we have further license fees that are of interest for manufact- urers of mobile devices:

  • 6.00 euro for the Retina Projection technology (demands licenses for the MobileKinetic technology (at least 6.00 euro) and the Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI) for mobile devices, and a fair share of the app and content stores)
  • 6.00 euro for the integration of the Retina Projection in a mobile device (demands licenses for the MobileKinetic technology and the Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI) for mobile devices, and a fair share of app and content stores)
  • 6.00 euro for the 3D Eyewear version of the SmartEyewear line respectively the integration of the Retina Projection in an eyewear (demands licenses for the MobileKinetic technology and the Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI) for mobile devices, and a fair share of app and content stores)
  • 6.00 euro for the Retinascope architecture (demands licenses for the Ontoscope architecture, the MobileKinetic technology, and the Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI) for mobile devices, and a fair share of app and content stores)

    Ontonics Website update 00:13 CET
    Based on the physical foundations, our research in relation with our spaceship concept Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift, and the notes made in the Investigations of the 28th of June 2013 (yester- day) we have made the related descriptions explicit and collected them in the description of our technique:

  • Twisted Wave.

    We also added to the description of our Mobile 4D Image Display technology the explanation that the screen, or said more precisely, the perspective of the presented 3D image can also be controlled by moving the device due to the inertial sensors of the MobileKinetic technology (see also the Clarification of the 8th of June 2013, spec- ifically the first and the second view on the kinetic user interface).

    And we have added to the description of our MobileKinetic techno- logy some more informations already given either implicitly or already explicitly in the Clarification of the 8th of June 2013.

    Investigations::Motorcycle #18 Preview

  • DRB-HICOM→Proton→Lotus Motorcycle and Daniel Simon: So, let us see what Daniel Simon and Lotus are stealing from us this time (see for example the case of Walt Disney Pictures in the Investig- ations::Car #137 of the 9th of August 2009).

    Investigations::Aeronautics and Space

  • N24: Der Nachrichtensender hat wieder einmal einen Reportage über interstellare Raumschiffe gezeigt. Dabei wurden neben den be- kannten Klassikern, wie dem Project Orion, dem Project Daedalus, einem Sonnensegler und dem interstellaren Bussard-Ramjet, ineinan- dergreifend auch der Warp-Antrieb nach Miguel Alcubierre sowie un- ser Antriebskonzept des Raumschiffkonzepts Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift und das zugehörige Konzept des Antimateriean- triebs vorgestellt. Im Wortlaut sprach man von einem künstlich er- zeugten schwarzen Loch, dass vor einem Raumschiff bewegt wird und dieses durch sein zeit- und raumverzerrendes Gravitationsfeld in einer Art Warp-Blase mit Überlichtgeschwindigkeit hinterherzieht. Da es nur ein handvoll Konzepte dieser Art gibt und unser grundlegendes Konzept so einmalig ist (nix NASA), können wir zweifelsfrei festhal- ten, dass es sich um unseren interstellaren Antrieb handelt, obwohl man ihn in einigen unwesentlichen Details falsch beschrieben hat, weil man entweder unseren Antrieb nicht ganz richtig verstanden hat oder die wahre Herkunft nicht zugeben wollte (siehe auch die Style of Speed Further steps vom 28. November 2011, die Clarification und Investigations::Aviation and Space vom 3. Mai 2012, die Investigat- ions::Aviation and Space vom 19. und vom 23. November 2012 sowie die Clarification #1 vom 10. Januar 2013). Natürlich wurden wir auch nicht referenziert, sodass hier eine weitere Urheberrechtsvorletzung vorliegt, denn trotz der Verfälschung ist das Original klar und deutlich zu erkennen.

    Comment of the Day
    "Drowned rats"
    "Begossene Pudel"


  • One Laptop per Child Foundation and Association: In the last months some informations leaked through e-mails that the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Foundation and Association have begun already to sell the XO-4 Touch computer and also secretly the XO Tablet. Furthermore, it surfaced that now the OLPC project wants to implement respectively integrate the Sugar learning environment into the XO learning environment on the XO Tablet, which proves again that it is our One Tablet Per Child (OTPC) concept (see for example the Investigations::Multimedia XO Tablet Computer Special of the 11th January 2013). A related question is now, how deep the Sugar project is involved in the end, because both projects are strongly connected with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    After we could prove doubtlessly that our intellectual properties respectively copyrighted ideas and concepts have been copied, we demand the compensation of the damages so far as follows:

  • for each laptop computer XO-4 Touch:
    • 3.00 euro for the convertible laptop architecture with multi-touchscreen,
  • for each XO Tablet:
    • 25.00 for OntoDroid M#2 (features a Proactive Intelligent Personal Assistant (PIPA) or a related application (e.g. Personal Information Manager (PIM)), a Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI) with at least multi-touch control, and a further modality like voice and touchless (gesture) control, and semantic web, web services, and app and content stores, and without 3D and mixed reality (web services might be for example search engine, map, and media streaming)),
    • 3.00 euro for the Dream User Interface concept without iconic figures and 3D,
    • 1.00 euro for the One Tablet Per Child (OTPC) marketing (story)

      that adds to 29.00 euro per device,

  • and additionally for each XO Tablet if factual:
    • 2.00 euro for the One Tablet Per Child concept respectively the XOX Tablet with the Sugar learning environment.

    In addition, we demand:

    • 100% of the license fee as penalty for lost accompanying items (public regard, marketing momentum, brand development, follow-on contract, etc.) and
    • an interest with a rate of 3% per year for the outstanding compensation beginning with the first month of sale and calculated after the monthly numbers of sold devices.

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    Christian Stroetmann GmbH